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GALLAGHER, CHARLES           STONY POINT                   NY-44-S-345
GAMBLE, MARGARET ***         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-331
GARDENIER, JOHANNES          HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-188
GARDNER, SILAS D.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-1
GARNEE, JAMES                HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-50
GARRISON, ABRAHAM            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-127
GARRISON, ABRAHAM            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-245
GARRISON, DANIEL             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-U-265
GARRISON, JOSEPH             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-34
GARRISON, NELSON A.          STONY POINT                   NY-44-U-439
GART, JOHANES                HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-390
GEISLER, ANDREW              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-326
GERON, GERTRUDE              RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-543
GEROW, PETER                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-688
GEROW, RICHARD               RAMPO                         NY-44-P-222
GESNER, JAMES E.             UPPER NYACK                   NY-44-S-400
GESNER, JOHN N.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-526
GESNER, NICHOLAS             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-619
GESNER, WILLIAM H.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-400
GILBERT, WARREN              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-638
GILCHRIST, NORMAN            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-267
GILCHRIST, WILLIAM           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-135
GILDERSLEEVE, EDGAR          RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-155
GILDERSLEEVE, EMMA           RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-211
GILDERSLEEVE, ISAAC B.       RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-523
GIRAND, JOSEPH               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-579
GISNER, HENRY                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-325
GISNER, JOHN                 NYACK                         NY-44-C-120
GISNER, JOHN                 HARRINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-A-313
GIVEN, JOHN                  FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY        NY-44-U-606
GIVEN, MARGARET A.           STONY POINT                   NY-44-V-541
GLEN, OSWALD F.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-276
GOETSCHIUS, ABRAHAM          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-226
GOETSCHIUS, ADELINE          STONY POINT                   NY-44-U-344
GOETSCHIUS, DEBORAH F.       RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-14
GOETSCHIUS, FANNY            RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-238
GOETSCHIUS, GEORG ES.        RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-623
GOETSCHIUS, HARMIN           RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-105
GOETSCHIUS, JOSEPH           HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-79
GOETSCHIUS, PHEBE E.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-489
GOETSCHUIES, SAMUEL ESQ **** HAVERSTRAW (211)              NY-44-D-19
GOLDSCHMIDT, CHARLES         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-1
GOLDTRAP, MARGAET            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-50
GOLDTRAP, THOMAS             HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-336
GORNEE, JOHN                 HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-26
GRABER, MICHAEL              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-V-424
GRAFF, JOHN A.               ARLINGTON, PHELPS, MO         NY-44-S-139
GRAHAM, JOHN W.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-553
GRAHAM, MARGARET             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-408
GRATTAN, MARGARET            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-213
GRAWVESTINE, BENJAMIN        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-63
GRAY, MARY C.                RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-321
GRAY, WILLIAM                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-12
GRAY, WILLIAM                RAMPO                         NY-44-P-15
GREEN, ALFRED                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-490
GREEN, ELSIE                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-391
GREEN, FRANK B.              NYACK                         NY-44-R-158
GREEN, GARRET E.             NYACK                         NY-44-V-115
GREEN, GEORGE                UPPER NYACK                   NY-44-S-501
GREEN, JOHN                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-E-26
GREEN, JOHN                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-149
GREEN, NICHOLAS              NYACK                         NY-44-A-224
GREEN, SARAH MARIA           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-283
GREENIN, SAMSON              RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-98
GRIFFITHS, JOSEPH W.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-364
GRIMES, WILLIAM K.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-K-382
GRISWOLD, CECELIA S.         STONY POINT                   NY-44-N-166
GROSS, CHARLES               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-529
GROSS, CONRAD                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-388
GROSS, GEORGE D.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-397
GROUSTINE, RACHEL            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-476
GRUNENTHAL, THEODORE         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-473
GUERIN, JEANNE               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-17
GULEKE, CHARLES              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-323
GUNN, JOHN G.                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-458
GURDANEER, JOHN              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-564
GURNEE, ABIGAIL              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-S-361
GURNEE, ABIGAIL              RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-661
GURNEE, ABRAHAM B.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-493
GURNEE, ABRAM I.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-48
GURNEE, CATHARINE L.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-411
GURNEE, CLINTON              RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-531
GURNEE, COE                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-443
GURNEE, DANIEL C.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-428
GURNEE, EDWARD               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-309
GURNEE, ELI                  HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-175
GURNEE, ELI                  NYACK                         NY-44-Q-272
GURNEE, ELIAS                HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-445
GURNEE, ELIAS                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-190
GURNEE, ELIZA                RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-288
GURNEE, EMILY                RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-11
GURNEE, FRANCES J.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-B-230
GURNEE, FRANCIS              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-30
GURNEE, GEORGE               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-206
GURNEE, HANNAH M.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-157
GURNEE, IRVING               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-591
GURNEE, ISAAC                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-199
GURNEE, JOHN                 HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-128
GURNEE, JOHN B.              RAMPO                         NY-44-P-116
GURNEE, JOHN I.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-308
GURNEE, JOHN I.              HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-108
GURNEE, JOHN J.              HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-C-51
GURNEE, JOHN WILLIAM         RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-44
GURNEE, JONAS                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-34
GURNEE, LETITIA              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-J-236
GURNEE, MARGARET             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-189
GURNEE, MARY L.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-425
GURNEE, SARAH                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-H-554
GURNEE, SILKMAN              RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-329
GURNEE, STEPHEN              HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-338
GURNEE, STEPHEN S.           HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-67
GURNEE, WILLIAM              RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-398
GURNEE, WILLIAM F.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-78
GUY, ABRAHAM                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-324
HABICHT, HENRY               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-24
HACKER, MARY                 CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-97
HACKETT, CATHERINE           NTL                           NY-44-C-229
HADFIELD, JOHN               VERDRIDGER HOOK               NY-44-E-351
HAFF, CATHARINE B.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-122
HAFNER, MARY                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-291
HAGAN, MARY                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-586
HAGAN, STEPHEN               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-509
HAGEMAN, CHARLES S.          NYACK                         NY-44-Z-548
HAGEN, ARTHUR JOHN           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-119
HAGEN, GEORGE                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-424
HAGEN, MARY                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-380
HAGENKAMP, JOHN M.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-358
HAHN, FRANCES J.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-92
HAHN, HENRIETTA              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-324
HAIGHT, CATHERINE E.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-509
HAIGHT, JOHN F.              SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-V-553
HALL, JOHN                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-7
HALLOCK, MARY A.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-319
HALLSTEAD, CATHARINE         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-308
HALLSTED, JONAH              HEMPSTED                      NY-44-A-21
HALSTEAD, PHEBE              NTL                           NY-44-A-357
HAMILTON, HELENM.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-423
HAMILTON, LUCY               STONY POINT                   NY-44-X-274
HAMMOND, EMMA                RAMPO                         NY-44-P-107
HAMMOND, GERARD B.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-323
HANCOCK, JOHN                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-148
HAND, WILLIAM H.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-568
HANKING, WILLIAM             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-127
HARING, ABRAHAM A.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-D-399
HARING, ABRAHAM D.           HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-C-456
HARING, ABRAM G.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-388
HARING, CASPARUS             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-272
HARING, CORNELIUS J.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-371
HARING, DANIEL J.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-283
HARING, DAVID J.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-95
HARING, ISAAC                RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-429
HARING, ISAAC C.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Y-493
HARING, ISAAC J.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-226
HARING, JACOB C.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Y-248
HARING, JAMES P.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-291
HARING, JOHN                 ORANGE                        NY-44-A-240
HARING, JOHN D.              HANINGTON, BERGEN, NJ         NY-44-I-227
HARING, JOHN J.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-72
HARING, JOHN JR.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-12
HARING, JOHN JS.             ORANGE                        NY-44-D-337
HARING, JOHN P.              WASHINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-P-688
HARING, MARIA                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-63
HARING, NICHOLAS L.          HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-176
HARING, PETER                TAPPAN                        NY-44-U-295
HARING, PHEBE VERBRYCK       ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-512
HARING, SAMUEL               RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-253
HARING, SAMUEL A.            SPARKILL                      NY-44-T-613
HARPER, THOMAS               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-406
HARRING, GARRET A.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-530
HART, JOSEPH                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-523
HART, ROBERT                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-64
HARTWICK, GEORGE             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-99
HARTWICK, SARAH              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-337
HARTYE, HENRY                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-499
HASBROUCK, ELIZA A.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-194
HASBROUCK, MOSES C.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-731
HATT, THOMAS                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-403
HAUPTMAHN, JOHN F.           POMONA                        NY-44-Z-600
HAVERMEHL, HENRY             RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-500
HAZARD, CAROLINE             NYACK                         NY-44-Y-470
HAZARD, JOHN A.              CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-163
HEBARD, CATHERINE            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-207
HECK, GERHART                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-327
HECKMAN, JOSEPHINE           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-405
HEDGES, PHINEAS              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-318
HEGINSON, GARRET G.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-319
HELLRIEGEL, HENRY            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-505
HELMKE, HENRY                RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-469
HELMS, JOHN B. H.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-544
HEMION, ELIZABETH            RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-410
HEMION, JACOB                RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-388
HEMION, JOHN                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-662
HEMION, JOHN O.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-380
HEMMION, DAVID               RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-7
HEMONION, JACOB              RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-189
HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD         RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-226
HENDERSON, ROBERT J.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-678
HENKEN, JOHN N.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-574
HENNESSY, WILLIAM            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-S-483
HENNIGAR, SARAH V. A.        ORANGEBURG                    NY-44-Y-589
HENNION, GARRET              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-440
HENNION, HENRY               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-378
HENRY, JOHN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-30
HERBERT, MINERVA             STONY POINT                   NY-44-S-441
HERNANDEZ, MARGARET C.       SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-R-291
HERRIC, SUSAN                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-402
HERRICK, HELEN A.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-249
HESDRA, EDWARD D.            NYACK                         NY-44-R-241
HESLIN, THOMAS               RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-375
HEUPLER, JOHN W.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-32
HEYER, EDWARD F.             NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-T-378
HICK, GEORGE H.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-191
HICKERSON, ISAAC             RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-558
HIGGINSON, GARRET O.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-401
HIGINSON,D AVID G.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-470
HILL, CAROLINE               MONT MOOR                     NY-44-U-516
HILL, ELIZABETH              RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-411
HILL, GEORGE H.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-68
HILL, JOHN                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-259
HILL, JOHN W.                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-113
HILL, RACHEL                 RAMPO                         NY-44-P-347
HILLS, JESSE                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-435
HILTON, HENRY                STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-428
HOEFLER, FRIEDERIKE          RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-307
HOFFMAN, CARL                NYACK                         NY-44-X-405
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM             BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-44-T-576
HOGAN, MATILDA               RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-255
HOGENCAMP, GARRET            ORANGE                        NY-44-B-53
HOGENKAMP, ABRAHAM           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-567
HOGENKAMP, EDWIN             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-388
HOGENKAMP, ELIZABETH         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-365
HOGENKAMP, JOHN              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-363
HOGENKAMP, MARIA             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-165
HOGENKAMP, MARIA             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-144
HOLDRIDGE, ADELAIDE E.       ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-145
HOLDRUM, ELIZABETH           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-117
HOLLAND, MICHAEL             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-228
HOLMS, SAMUEL                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-220
HOLSTE, FREDERICK            RAMPO                         NY-44-P-612
HOLZHANSEN, JOHN             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-127
HOMBURG, FREDERICK           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-618
HOOK, ELIZA                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-1
HOPE, WILLIAM P.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-463
HOPKINS, MARY                SPRINGVALLEY                  NY-44-T-116
HOPPER, ALBERT T.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-90
HOPPER, PHEBE                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-43
HORAN, MICHAEL F.            NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-44-Y-269
HORN, ABRAHAM                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-525
HORN, JACOB                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-R-197
HORN, JOSEPH A.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-134
HORRY, CHARLES CONSTANT      RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-153
HOUSE, ANN ELIZABETH         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-559
HOUSE, ELIZABETH             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-488
HOUSE, JOHN                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-264
HOUSE, JOHN                  NTL                           NY-44-E-518
HOUSE, JOHN I.               NYACK                         NY-44-U-362
HOUSE, JOHN S.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-597
HOUSER, HENRY                HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-151
HOUSMAN, JAMES A.            STONY POINT                   NY-44-K-116
HOWARD, ANN                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-419
HOWARD, CORNELIUS            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-321
HOWARD, JOHN C.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-U-448
HOWELL, EBENEZER             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-159
HOWELL, THOMAS W.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-335
HUBBAR, BARBARA              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-45
HUFFMIRE, WILLIAM            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-641
HUGHES, JOHN J.              CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-276
HUJUS, DAGOBERT              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-363
HULL, JAMES H.               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-550
HULTS, JOHN                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-433
HUNESHAGEN, GEORGE           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-117
HUNT, EDWIN B.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-608
HUNT, FANNIE FAYE            NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ             NY-44-Z-573
HUNTER, ELIZA T.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-490
HUNTER, IRA J.               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-219
HUNTER, JOSEPH               RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-564
HUNTER, LUCINDA T.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-87
HUNTING, SARAH               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-360
HURD, FREMAN                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-451
HUSSMAN, WILLIAM             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-211
HUTCHINGS, JOSEPHINE T.      NYACK                         NY-44-T-97
HUTTON, JOHN                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-361
HUTTON, JOHN H.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-512
HUTTON, WILLIAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-33
HUTTON, WILLIAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-596
HUYLER, BURNEY N.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-391
HYNES, JACOB                 NYACK                         NY-44-T-157
ILLUME, DAVID                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-254
INGLIS, JAMES                RAMPO                         NY-44-P-173
INGLIS, MARGARET             RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-480
INSLEY, ANNA                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-343
ISEMAN, JOHN                 ORANGE                        NY-44-C-284
ISERMAN, ABRAM               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-349
ISERMAN, JAMES               RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-287
ISERMAN, JOSEPH              RAMAPO (MAP)                  NY-44-G-486
ISHAM, PIERREPONT            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-156
IVERS, JAMES A.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-216
JACKSON, JACK                ORANGE                        NY-44-H-95
JACKSON, THOMAS              ORANGEOTWN                    NY-44-V-446
JACKSON, THOMAS              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-534
JACOX, ELIZABETH             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-549
JAECKEL, EDWARD              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-22
JAMES, HENRY                 JERSEY CITY, HUDSON, NJ       NY-44-G-134
JAMES, MATTHEW               STONY POINT                   NY-44-K-376
JAMES, WILLIAM               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-456
JANES, MARY B.               HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-T-56
JERSEY, JAMES                CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-394
JERSEY, JOHN                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-62
JERSEY, JOHN                 HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-E-159
JERSEY, JOHN A.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-189
JERSEY, PETER                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-408
JEX, WILLIAM                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-546
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM A.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-271
JOHNSON, ALVIN               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-269
JOHNSON, ANN                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-35
JOHNSON, ARTHUR              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-227
JOHNSON, BENSON              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-342
JOHNSON, DANIEL              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-P-543
JOHNSON, DAVID               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-90
JOHNSON, DAVID               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-39
JOHNSON, EDWARD              STONY POINT                   NY-44-M-9
JOHNSON, ELENOR              RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-53
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH           RAMAPO                        NY-44-S-180
JOHNSON, GEORGE              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-356
JOHNSON, HARRIET H.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-292
JOHNSON, JOHANNES            HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-411
JOHNSON, JOHN                STONY POINT                   NY-44-L-418
JOHNSON, JOHN                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-278
JOHNSON, JOHN I.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-308
JOHNSON, MATTHEW             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-373
JOHNSON, OBADIAH M.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-427
JOHNSON, PARASINA M.         NYACK                         NY-44-U-307
JOHNSON, PETER V.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-126
JOHNSON, ROBERT              RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-421
JOHNSON, SAMUEL              RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-438
JOHNSON, SAMUEL G.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-156
JOHNSON, STEPHEN R.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-185
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-604
JONES, ABRAHAM               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-165
JONES, ABRAHAM E.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-301
JONES, ABRAM J.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-30
JONES, EPENETUS              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-J-613
JONES, HALSTEAD              NTL                           NY-44-C-197
JONES, HANNAH                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-X-103
JONES, JACOB JR.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-344
JONES, JOHN D.               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-115
JONES, JOHN R.               STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-244
JONES, JOSEPH                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-235
JONES, JOSEPH E.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-281
JONES, LAVEN P.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-210
JONES, REBEKAH               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-59
JONES, RICHARD               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-76
JONES, URIEL E.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-371
JUNE, CALEB                  STONY POINT                   NY-44-N-81
JUNE, ITHIEL                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-188
KAISER, MARGRETTA            STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-18
KANE, SARAH                  NYACK                         NY-44-S-372
KASTEN, HERMAN               NYACK                         NY-44-V-429
KATSELIDES, HARRIET          BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-44-U-483
KAUFF, JOHN                  SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-X-163
KEARNEY, PETER               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-494
KEENAN, JOHN                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-489
KEENAN, MARY ANN             STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-611
KEENAN, WILLIAM              STONY POINT                   NY-44-P-319
KEESLER, JOSHUA              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-151
KEESLER, SUSAN A.            NYACK                         NY-44-T-279
KEESLER, WILLIAM             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-376
KEISER, HENRY                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-455
KELLEY, JOHN                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-466
KELLY, HENRY                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-422
KELLY, MARY                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-1
KEMP, ANNE GOWIE             ROCKLAND LAKE                 NY-44-V-99
KENNEDY, CORNELIA HODGES     HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-X-23
KENT, LETTY                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-487
KENT, RICHARD                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-155
KENT, SALLY ANN              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-563
KENT, SARAH A.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-459
KEYS, WILLIAM                RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-532
KIERNAN, THOMAS              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-N 11
KIHM, EVA                    ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-140
KIHM, JOSEPH                 NYACK                         NY-44-V-56
KILE, EMMA M.                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-262
KILLEY, JAMES                ORANGE                        NY-44-B-13
KIMMEL, ALEXANDER H.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-352
KING, CHARLOTTE              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-254
KING, ELIZA ANTONIA          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-26
KING, JOHN                   ORANGE                        NY-44-B-16
KING, MARY J.                NYACK                         NY-44-U-610
KINGMAN, LYDIA               NYACK                         NY-44-Q-544
KINGSLAND, KATE M.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-705
KINNEY, JAMES                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-S-455
KIP, LETTY                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-456
KIPP, DAVID W.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-232
KIPP, SOPHIA                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-291
KNAP, CATHARINE              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-127
KNAP, JOHN                   HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-431
KNAPP, ABRAHAM               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-1
KNAPP, ABRAM                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-219
KNAPP, CHARLOTTE             STONY POINT                   NY-44-N-43
KNAPP, ELLEN                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-123
KNAPP, GEORGE                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-421
KNAPP, GEORGE A.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-399
KNAPP, JACOB                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-406
KNAPP, JOHN A.               MT PLEASANT, HENRY, IA        NY-44-P-669
KNAPP, JOHN A.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-133
KNAPP, JOSIAH                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-33
KNAPP, LEBEUS                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-222
KNAPP, MARGARET              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-345
KNAPP, MARY E.               STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-236
KNAPP, MATILDA               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-463
KNAPP, PETER K.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-V-534
KNAPP, ROBERT                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-38
KNAPP, SAMUEL                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-23
KNAPP, WILLIAM KNIGHT ****   STONY POINT (90)              NY-44-M-40
KNIENIM, HENRI               PIERMONT                      NY-44-S-432
KNIERIEN, KATHARINE          PIERMONT                      NY-44-X-12
KNIFFIN, JAMES S.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-342
KNIGHT, JOHN                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-I-321
KNIGHT, WILLIAM              STONY POINT                   NY-44-S-508
KOCH, CARL EDWARD            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-196
KOCH, JACOB F.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-215
KOHLER, ANTON                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-509
KOON, FERDINAND              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-57
KREBS, HENRY                 CONGERS                       NY-44-Z-99
KRENDER, AUGUSTE             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-584
KREUDER, CHARLES             NUNNET                        NY-44-S-245
KUBLANK, CHARLES             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-540
KUGELER, NICHOLAS            RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-496
KUNZE, JUSTUS                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-277
KUYPER, ABRAHAM              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-2
LABLANC, ANNA                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-208
LAKE, COURT                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-75
LAKE, DANIEL                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-529
LAKE, ELLEN A.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-225
LAKE, ISAAC V. S.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-121
LAKE, JOHN D.                RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-599
LAKE, RICHARD                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-362
LAKE, ROBERT                 MONSEY                        NY-44-Y-51
LAMBERT, HARRY               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-10
LAMON, MARY                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-23
LANE, JAMES                  HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-527
LANE, JOHN H.                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-N-70
LANE, LOUISE                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-586
LANE, WILLIAM R.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-S-271
LANKFORD, THOMAS A.          HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-335
LANSING, ELIZA A.            HACKENSACK, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-S-174
LANSING, NICHOLAS            ORANGE                        NY-44-C-254
LARKIN, BRIDGET              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-X-287
LARKIN, JOHN                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-167
LAROCHE, LUCRETIA B.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-359
LARY, JOSEPH                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-100
LAURENCE, JOHN               NTL                           NY-44-E-211
LAWRENCE, DAVID              STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-22
LAWRENCE, GEORGE A.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-194
LAWRENCE, JOHN J.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-455
LAWRENCE, JONATHAN JR.       ORANGE                        NY-44-A-196
LAWRENCE, MARGERY            RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-523
LAWRENCE, THOMAS SR.         ROCKLAND                      NY-44-A-37
LEACH, FRANCES W.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-592
LEDIGER, GEORGE M.           BLAUVELT                      NY-44-T-391
LEDIGER, REGINA H.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-329
LEE, JANE A.                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-G-111
LEE, MARY ELIZABETH          NYACK                         NY-44-Q-507
LEET, JAMES                  STONY POINT                   NY-44-Z-439
LEHLE, FREDERICK             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-400
LEITNER, JOHN                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-81
LENT, JAMES                  ORANGE                        NY-44-C-377
LENT, SARAH ANN              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-7
LENT, WILLIAM H.             STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-281
LETTS, JAMES C.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-351
LEVERICH, ADA                HILBURN                       NY-44-Z-353
LEWIS, HANNAH M.             SMITH NYACK                   NY-44-T-47
LEXOW, CAROLINE              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-576
LINDLAW, MARY                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-341
LINDSEY, ELEXANDER           HEMPSTED                      NY-44-A-101
LINKLETTER, CHARLES          RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-18
LIPPINCOTT, CATHERINE        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-329
LIPPINCOTT, THOMAS           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-653
LITCHOLT, ANTHONY M.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-311
LLOYD, MARGARET              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-198
LOGAN, HANNAH                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-71
LONG, LOUIS P.               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-Q-584
LOSEE, ELLEN                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-G-666
LOUDERBACK, EMMA E.          NYACK                         NY-44-W-374
LOWE, DELIA E.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-488
LUCKEY, DINAH                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-526
LUTH, HENRY                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-231
LUXFORD, ESTHER JANE         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-446
LYDACKER, JOHN JR.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-375
LYDECKER, ABRAHAM            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-319
LYDECKER, DEWITT             NYACK                         NY-44-G-125
LYDECKER, GARRET             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-492
LYDECKER, ISAAC S.           SEE: LYDECKER, RACHEL         NY-44-0-1
LYDECKER, JAMES I.           NYACK                         NY-44-0-458
LYDECKER, JOHN               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-371
LYDECKER, MARIA              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-422
LYDECKER, RACHEL             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-1
LYDECKER, REBECCA            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-380
LYETH, RICHARD J.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-208
LYLE, ALEXANDER              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-273
LYMAN, JAMES                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Y-182
LYNCH, JAMES                 STONY POINT                   NY-44-Q-204
LYNCH, KANN                  STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-352
LYNCH, MARY                  STONY POINT                   NY-44-V-280
MABIE, ABRAHAM               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-116
MABIE, ADOLPHUS L.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-551
MABIE, CASPARUS              ORANGE                        NY-44-C-129
MABIE, CORNELIS P.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-377
MABIE, JOHN                  ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-181
MABIE, JOST                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-B-29
MABIE, MARY                  NYACK                         NY-44-U-417
MABIE, PETER C.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-615
MACKENZIE, DANIEL            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-17
MACKIE, JOHN                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-16
MACODUSK, SAMUEL             RAMPO                         NY-44-P-354
MADISON, JOHN J.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-494
MAHRE, WILLIAM A.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-607
MAIBOHM, CHARLES F.          TAPPAN                        NY-44-Z-536
MAJORY, AMELIA               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-341
MALLEY, THOMAS               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-X-579
MALONEY, PETER               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-128
MALTBIE, ANNA MARIA          RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-144
MAN, GEORGE                  ORANGE                        NY-44-A-159
MANN, ANNA                   ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-374
MANN, DAVID                  ORANGE                        NY-44-F-507
MANN, DAVID D.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-1
MANN, GEORGE                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-444
MANN, GEORGE D.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-311
MANN, MARGARET               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-137
MANNAL, ELLECKSANDER         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-56
MANNEL, GEERTJE              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-73
MANNING, ELIZABETH           PIERMONT                      NY-44-I-27
MANNING, JOHN                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-141
MANSFIELD, JULIA F.          NYACK                         NY-44-X-186
MARKS, ABRAHAM               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-K-485
MARKS, ALFRED                STONY POINT                   NY-44-0-540
MARKS, ALFRED                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-389
MARKS, GEORGE                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-25
MARKS, SAMSON                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-339
MARONEY, MARGARET            PIERMONT                      NY-44-U-444
MARSH, HESTER                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-U-100
MARTENS, HERMAN              CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-182
MARTIN, JOSHUA               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-170
MARTIN, THOMAS MILLS         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-652
MARTINE, DANIEL              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-184
MARTINE, JERMEIAH            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-212
MARTLING, ISAAC              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-288
MASON, MARTHA S.             CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-317
MATHER, JAMES JR.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-19
MATTHEWS, MARIA              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-576
MAXWELL, JOHN S.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-567
MAY, JOHN                    RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-427
MCADAM, QUENTIN              NYACK                         NY-44-X-540
MCADAM, THOMAS               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-H-393
MCCARTY, LUKE                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-324
MCCLARY, WILLIAM             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-346
MCCOE, SAMUEL                NTL                           NY-44-B-77
MCDERMOTT, PATRICK           RAMPO                         NY-44-P-304
MCDONALD, RANDALL            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-323
MCELROY, BARTLEY             STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-389
MCELROY, GEORGE              RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-371
MCELROY, HANNAH MATILDA      ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-241
MCFARLAND, ANDREW            RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-41
MCFARLAND, MARY              RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-158
MCGEE, JOHN                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-486
MCGEE, MARY                  PIERMONT                      NY-44-S-476
MCGEORGE, WILLIAM            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-430
MCGINLEY, MARGARET           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-358
MCGOREM, JAMES               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-P-404
MCGOWAN, JOHN                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-276
MCGREGOR, JAMES              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-290
MCKINLEY, LETITIA M.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-501
MCLAUGHLIN, HENRY            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-N-261
MCLAUGHLIN, MARGARET         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-P-383
MCLAUGHLN, ELIZABETH         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-P-475
MCMAHAN, ELLEN MONTAGUE      STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-340
MCMILLAN, PETER              NYACK                         NY-44-M 1
MCNEFF, PHILIP               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-413
MCWHORTER, JOHN E.           NANNET                        NY-44-S-514
MEAD, EZRA                   HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-479
MEADNOR, SARAH               ORANGE                        NY-44-C-231
MEEKER, CLARA                SOUTH NYACK                   NY-44-T-214
MEEKER, MARGARET W.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-194
MEEKER, MARY C.              GRAND VIEW                    NY-44-S-392
MERRITT, JAMES F.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-626
MERRITT, MARY C.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-510
MERRITT, SIDNEY W.           SOUTH NYACK                   NY-44-V-405
MERTENS, HENRIETTA           PIERMONT                      NY-44-T-286
MERTINE, ISAAC               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-451
MESSENGER, ELIZABETH         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-402
MEYER, IDA                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-553
MEYER, JOHN                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-138
MEYER, JOHN D.               PIERMONT                      NY-44-G-394
MEYER, JOHN G.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-368
MEYERS, SARAH                PIERMONT                      NY-44-Z-604
MIKILE, HANNAH               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-232
MILBURN, SOPHIA              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-P-362
MILLER, AHRRY                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-158
MILLER, ANDREW               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-549
MILLER, ANN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-V-154
MILLER, CATHERINE            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-129
MILLER, ELIZABETH            NYACK                         NY-44-V-360
MILLER, JAMES                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-K-441
MILLER, MARIA                NYACK                         NY-44-K-559
MILLER, PHEBE C.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-60
MILLER, RACHEL R.            PIERMONT                      NY-44-Z-1
MILLER, WILLAM H.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-130
MINFORD, JACOB               NYACK                         NY-44-U-461
MOLL, FREDERICK              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-408
MONOHAN, MARY                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-270
MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER        ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-353
MOORE, CATHARINE             RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-284
MOORE, JOHN                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-624
MOORE, MARY C.               NYACK                         NY-44-Z-245
MOORE, WILLIAM C.            NYACK                         NY-44-Q-300
MORE, LUCINDA                RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-147
MORPHELT, THOMAS             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-334
MORPHETT, HANNAH             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-415
MORRELL, JULIA               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-709
MORRIS, NANCY M.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-679
MORRISON, IRA                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-45
MOTT, CHARLES                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-140
MOULTON, RODMAN G.           BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-44-U-550
MUELLER, FREDERICK           TAPPAN                        NY-44-W-418
MURPHY, BRIDGET              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-306
MURPHY, PATRICK              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-616
MURPHY, RICHARD              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-109
MURPHY, THOMAS               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-268
MUSER, RICHARD               SUFFERN                       NY-44-U-383
MYER, GARET                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-47
MYER, JOHN                   HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-1
MYERS, ELIZA A.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-508
MYERS, FREDERICK             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-350
MYERS, GEORGE                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-289
MYERS, JULIA ANN             NYACK                         NY-44-Z-564
MYERS, MARGARET              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-355
MYERS, MARTHA                RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-339
MYERS, STEPHEN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-72
MYLES, MARY B.               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-0-453
NAPP, WILLIAM                HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-B-38
NAUGLE, FREDERICK            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-189
NEALY, WILLIAM               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-541
NEIL, TERRANCE O.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-430
NELSON, JOHN W.              ISLIP, SUFFOLK, NY            NY-44-T-477
NERVALEN, GEDION             ORANGE                        NY-44-B-125
NEWCOMB, JOHN R.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-430
NEWCOMB, SARAH C.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-573
NEWMAN, STEPHEN G.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-248
NICHOLS, PETER               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-216
NICHOLSON, ESTHER            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-63
NICHOLSON, JOHN SR.          HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-579
NICKERSON, NATHAN R.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-45
NICKERSON, SARAH AMELIA      STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-520
NICKERSON, ZALMON            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-517
NOBLE, CAROLINE              ORANGE                        NY-44-G-15
NOLAN, ELIZA                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-106
NORRIS, JOHN D.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-148
NORRIS, JOHN S.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-375
NORTROP, LEWIS H.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-107
NOSELY, GEORGE               STONY POINT                   NY-44-R-398
NOSELY, WILLIAM              STONY POINT                   NY-44-R-393
NOYELLES, LAURANCE D.        HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-37
NOYELLES, PETER D.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-232
OAKLEY, SARAH EMELINE        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-359
OAKS, FREDERICK              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-387
OBLENIS, BERNARD             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-8
OBLENIS, GARRET              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-5
OBLENIS, HENDRICK            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-406
OBLENIS, PETER               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-42
OBLENIS, VROUTYE             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-433
OBRIEN, JOHN                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-146
OCONNOR, DOMINICK            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-347
OCONNOR, MARY A.             NANUET                        NY-44-Z-164
OCONNOR, THOMAS              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-552
ODELL, GILBERT               STONY POINT                   NY-44-K-157
ODELL, SARAH L.              TOMPKINS COVE                 NY-44-V-603
OGDEN, ALFRED B.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-237
OLIVER, GEORGE               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-133
OLIVER, JOSEPHAT H.          NYACK                         NY-44-G-548
OLIVER, THOMAS               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-630
OLSON, BETTY                 STONY POINT                   NY-44-X-563
OLTMAN, JOHN B.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-413
ONDERDONK, ABRAHAM           HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-126
ONDERDONK, ADRIAN            NIAC                          NY-44-A-453
ONDERDONK, ADRIAN            HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-9
ONDERDONK, ADRIAN S.         ORANGE                        NY-44-B-95
ONDERDONK, ALBERT H.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-450
ONDERDONK, ANDRIES           RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-219
ONDERDONK, ARYAUN R.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-325
ONDERDONK, CATHARINE         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-485
ONDERDONK, GARRET            WARWICK                       NY-44-C-381
ONDERDONK, GARRET            ORANGE                        NY-44-B-3
ONDERDONK, GARRET A.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-529
ONDERDONK, GARRET D.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-603
ONDERDONK, HAGAMAN           NYACK                         NY-44-U-33
ONDERDONK, ISAAC             RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-676
ONDERDONK, ISAAC             ORANGE                        NY-44-A-438
ONDERDONK, JACOB S.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-302
ONDERDONK, LAKE              RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-151
ONDERDONK, PHEBE             NYACK                         NY-44-A-204
ONDERDONK, RACHEL C.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-543
ONDERDONK, RUFUS             RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-452
ONDERDONK, SALLY             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-159
ONDERDONK, SARAH R.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-488
ONDERDONK, THOMAS            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-270
ONEIL, JOHN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-D-1
OSBORN, CATHERINE            RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-755
OSBORN, JACOB Y.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-87
OSBORN, MARY                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-547
OSBORN, RICHARD              NTL                           NY-44-A-321
OSBORN, SAMUEL               STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-227
OSBORNE, CATHARINE           STONY POINT                   NY-44-T-52
OSBORNE, JACOB               RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-472
OSBRONE, JOHN                HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-C-107
OSTROM, MARY V. A.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-499
OUDERDOUT, JANE C.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-185
OUTWATER, ELIZABETH          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-208
OUTWATER, FRANCES            NTL                           NY-44-C-247
OUTWATER, THOMAS             ORANGE                        NY-44-A-177
PACKARD, ADNEY D.            ORANGEOTWN                    NY-44-X-557
PALMER, BARBARA              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-84
PALMER, HANNAH C.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-520
PALMER, HENRY                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-145
PALMER, JAMES                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-253
PALMER, JOSEPH               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-46
PALMER, NATHANIEL            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-374
PALMER, WILLIAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-18
PARCELS, DAVID               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-104
PARSELLS, MARTIN             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-341
PARSELS, ABRAHAM             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-189
PARSONS, ELLEN               CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-600
PARTRIDGE, EVELINA M.        DINGMAN, PIKE, PA             NY-44-L-12
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH         RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-171
PAUL, GITTY                  CLARKSTON                     NY-44-J-436
PAUL, JAMES                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-460
PAUL, JOHN R.                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-239
PAUL, JOSEPH                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-662
PAULIN, WILLIAM              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-592
PECK, HENRY M.               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-P-663
PERRY, ABRAHAM               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-440
PERRY, CATHARINE             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-273
PERRY, ELLEN                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-559
PERRY, GILCHREST             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-156
PERRY, ISAAC                 ORANGE                        NY-44-A-326
PERRY, JACOB                 ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-D-218
PERRY, JACOBUS               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-417
PERRY, JAMES                 ORANGE                        NY-44-C-60
PERRY, JOHANNIS              ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-72
PERRY, JOHN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-340
PERRY, MARGARET              NYACK                         NY-44-S-201
PERRY, MARY                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-278
PERRY, MORRIS                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-247
PERRY, SARAH H.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-482
PERRY, WILLIAM               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-86
PERRY, WILLIAM H.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-372
PETERSON, RACHEL             RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-277
PETERSON, ROBERT             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-209
PHILIPS, WILLIAM             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-163
PHILLIPS, CHARLES B.         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-135
PHILLIPS, DANIEL             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-517
PHILLIPS, JAMES E.           STONY POINT                   NY-44-J-459
PHILLIPS, JOHN E.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-41
PIERSON, BESSIE CHAPIN       RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-402
PIERSON, CHARLES T.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-298
PIERSON, HENRY L.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-570
PIERSON, JEREMIAH HALSEY     RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-415
PITT, ABRAM                  UPPER NYACK                   NY-44-R-163
PITT, ELIZABETH              RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-42
PLATT, AMELIA C.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-86
POLHAMUS, GARRET             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-372
POLHAMUS, GARRET             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-94
POLHAMUS, MARY               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-506
POLHEMUS, AARON T.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-643
POLHEMUS, ABRAHAM            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-68
POLHEMUS, AURT               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-248
POLHEMUS, ELIZABETH E.       CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-162
POLHEMUS, FIDELIA            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-276
POLHEMUS, JOHN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-181
POLHEMUS, JOHN I.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-84
POLHEMUS, THEODORE           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-66
POOL, HENRY                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-468
POOL, WILLIAM                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-388
POPP, CAROLINE F.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-613
POPP, MARY ANN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-258
PORTER, THOMAS J.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-25
POST, ABRAHAM                ORANGE                        NY-44-B-121
POST, ABRAM P.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-112
POST, GEORGE C.              NTL                           NY-44-B-202
POST, JACOB                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-68
POST, JOHN                   RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-492
POST, JOHN                   HAMPSTED                      NY-44-A-111
POST, JOHN P.                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-1
POST, SUSANNA                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-536
POTTER, MILTON R.            SUFFERN                       NY-44-Z-504
POWLES, JOHN S.              SPARKILL                      NY-44-Q-46
PRALL, ANNA CHRISTINA        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-359
PRALL, HORATIO G.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-364
PROUT, JOHN                  RUTLAND, RUTLAND, VT          NY-44-T-71
PROUT, JOHN                  RUTLAND, RUTLAND, VT          NY-44-Z-186
PULIS, CORNELIUS             NYACK                         NY-44-F-90
PULISFELT, ANDREW            NEW HAMSTEAD                  NY-44-A-345
PURDY, JOSEPH                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-5
PURDY, SMITH                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-62
PYE, DAVID                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-87
PYE, DAVID D.                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-660
PYE, DSAVID                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-500
PYE, JOHND.                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-377
QUACKENBOS, NICHOLAS J.      ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-446
QUACKENBUSH, ABRAHAM         RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-366
QUACKENBUSH, ABRAM B.        RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-71
QUACKENBUSH, CORNELIUS       RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-12
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN ***        RAMAPO                        NY-44-D-251
QUACKENBUSH, MARIA           RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-320
QUACKENBUSH, RYNARD          RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-299
QUACKINBUSH, ANN E.          HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-K-638
QUACKINBUSH, JOHN C.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-618
QUICK, ELIZA ANN             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-381
QUIDOR, CHARLES S.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-484
QUINLAN, JOHN                STONY POINT                   NY-44-K-563
QUINN, JOHN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-291

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