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RADIGAN, JOHN                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-61
RANDALL, NICHOLAS P.         MANLIUS                       NY-34-F-132
RANNEY, WILLIAM              ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-K-220
RATHBON, VALENTINE           MARCELLUS                     NY-34-B-107
RATHBONE, SAXTON             MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-356
RAULAIN, BARBARA             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-141
RAYMOND, ABRAHAM             POMPEY                        NY-34-B-74
RAYMOND, JOHN                MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-109
RAYMOND, THOMAS B.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-427
RAYNOR, DANIEL               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-28
RAYNOR, ELIZABETH            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-230
RAYNOR, HENRY                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-268
RAYNOR, JOHN                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-359
REALS, CHRISTIAN             MANLIUS                       NY-34-C-76
REALS, FREDRICK              MANLIUS                       NY-34-D-214
RECTOR, MARGARET             CICERO                        NY-34-L-311
REDFIELD, JAMES W.           ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-K-5
REDMAN, DAVID                ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-F-458
REDMAN, DAVID JR.            ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-E-490
REDMAN, JOHN                 CAMILLUS                      NY-34-D-241
REDMAN, JOHN                 ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-E-57
REDMAN, MICHAEL              ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-J-429
REDMAN, MICHEAL              ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-M-482
REED, ANDREW                 SKANEATELES                   NY-34-I-342
REED, ELIJAH                 LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-F-161
REED, HARRY                  LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-L-464
REED, ISAAC                  SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-187
REED, JONATHAN               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-345
REED, JONATHAN               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-E-448
REED, RHODA                  ONONDAGA                      NY-34-L-20
REED, SIBYL W.               VAN BUREN                     NY-34-M-527
REED, SOPHIA                 LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-M-520
REED, THOMAS                 SKANEATELES                   NY-34-I-22
REESE, JACOB                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-294
REESE, JOHN                  CLAY                          NY-34-M-349
REEVES, JOSHUA               NTL                           NY-34-A-9
RELYEA, MARGARET             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-206
RHINESMITH, ANTON            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-439
RHOADES, HERVEY              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-111
RHOADES, SAMUEL              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-I-294
RHUDE, WILLIAM P.            MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-173
RICE, CHRISTIAN              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-H-74
RICE, ELIJAH                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-F-385
RICE, ELISHA                 POMPEY                        NY-34-D-172
RICE, ISAIAH H.              DEWITT                        NY-34-J-242
RICH, WILLIAM                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-G-341
RICHARDS, CHARLES            MARCELLUS                     NY-34-C-117
RICHARDS, ELISHA F.          CLAY                          NY-34-I-426
RICHARDSON, REBECCA          MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-266
RICHMOND, LORING             VAN BUREN                     NY-34-L-3
RIEGEL, JACOB                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-60
RIGHTER, POLLY               CLAY                          NY-34-N-330
RIPLEY, JONATHAN             SPAFFORD                      NY-34-I-311
ROACH, JEREMIAH              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-405
ROBINSON, DAVID              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-439
ROBINSON, EMMA R. T.         ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-M-400
ROBINSON, GILES C.           ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-157
ROBINSON, HORATIO N.         ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-N-530
ROBINSON, PHEBE              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-B-44
ROFE, JOHN                   LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-G-332
ROFE, JOHN                   SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-18
ROGERS, MOSES                VAN BUREN                     NY-34-F-225
ROGERS, PETER H.             VAN BUREN                     NY-34-M-283
ROGERS, SUSAN                VAN BUREN                     NY-34-I-5
ROMME, LUKE                  FABIUS                        NY-34-E-459
ROS, DANIEL                  OTISCO                        NY-34-M-236
ROSE, GORDEN N.              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-L-197
ROSE, ISAAC                  LYSANDER                      NY-34-H-146
ROSE, JACOB DEWITT           MANLIUS                       NY-34-A-76
ROSE, MOSES D.               MANLIUS                       NY-34-C-14
ROSE, THOMAS                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-385
ROSENKRAUS, JOSEPH           ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-131
ROSS, EDWARD                 OTISCO                        NY-34-G-97
ROSS, TACY                   OTISCO                        NY-34-I-364
ROUND, COMFORT               LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-G-142
ROUNDY, ASAHEL M.            SPAFFORD                      NY-34-K-195
ROW, JOHN                    MANLIUS                       NY-34-E-35
ROWE, EBENEZER               MANLIUS                       NY-34-D-285
ROWELL, JAMES                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-193
ROWLAND, URIAH G.            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-L-2
ROWLEY, JONATHAN             ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-I-257
ROWLING, JOHN                MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-66
RUDE, LEVI                   SALINA                        NY-34-E-316
RUSS, RALPH                  LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-566
RUSSELL, WARREN              VAN BUREN                     NY-34-G-278
RUST, JEHIEL                 SPAFFORD                      NY-34-I-98
RYAN, JAMES                  SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-71
RYDER, HIRAM                 SALINA                        NY-34-I-26
SABIN, ELISHA                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-385
SABIN, JOHN                  SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-98
SABIN, WILLIAM H.            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-G-481
SACKETT, JAMES               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-E-389
SADLER, WILLIAM              CICERO                        NY-34-H-138
SADLER, ZELOTES              CICERO                        NY-34-K-379
SAFFORD, HENRY               VAN BUREN                     NY-34-N-129
SAFFORD, THOMAS D.           POMPEY                        NY-34-E-341
SALISBURY, GEORGE            TULLY                         NY-34-G-250
SAMSON, PROCTOR C.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-30
SANFORD, GEORGE              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-438
SANFORD, JOHN                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-L-527
SAVAGE, MARTIN               POMPEY                        NY-34-H-316
SAVAGE, MOSES                POMPEY                        NY-34-J-418
SAYLES, JOHN B.              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-M-364
SCANTLEBURY, EMELINE M.      CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-34-N-278
SCHEMEL, PETER               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-261
SCHOOLCRAFT, DANIEL          CLAY                          NY-34-N-248
SCHROEDER, WILLIAM           DEWITT                        NY-34-N-173
SCHUYLER, HENRY J.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-219
SCHUYLER, JAMES              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-331
SCOTT, STEWART               CLAY                          NY-34-J-283
SCOVEL, DAVID                POMPEY                        NY-34-D-194
SCOVILLE, JAMES              POMPEY                        NY-34-I-37
SEARS, ABRAM                 LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-53
SEARS, ADELAIDE              CLAY                          NY-34-K-307
SEARS, DANIEL D.             LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-269
SEARS, MARCUS                LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-478
SEARS, PRUDENCE M.           LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-52
SECOR, JAMES                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-67
SECOR, MARY                  BALDWINSVILLE                 NY-34-N-56
SECOY, PETER                 MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-62
SEELEY, WILLIAM              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-E-130
SEELY, GIDEON                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-H-208
SELLWOOD, GEORGE             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-I-345
SESSIONS, AMASA              SPAFFORD                      NY-34-F-448
SESSIONS, EBENZER            ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-K-11
SEYMOUR, HENRY               UTICA, ONEIDA, NY             NY-34-F-412
SEYMOUR, ZADOK               POMPEY                        NY-34-H-395
SHALLISH, HANNAH             SKANEATELES                   NY-34-N-230
SHARP, JACOB                 SKANEATELES                   NY-34-G-207
SHARP, MYNDERT               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-J-72
SHATTUCK, HRIAM              DEWITT                        NY-34-L-404
SHAUL, ESTHER                OTISCO                        NY-34-M-104
SHAUL, SEBASTIAN             OTISCO                        NY-34-L-446
SHAVER, PHILIP               MANLIUS                       NY-34-G-227
SHAW, JOHN                   LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-K-383
SHAW, MARY E.                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-L-366
SHEPARD, ANDREW              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-E-41
SHEPARD, ELIPHALET H.        SKANEATELES                   NY-34-I-56
SHEPARD, JOHN                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-436
SHERBURNE, SAMUEL D.         VAN BUREN                     NY-34-M-238
SHERMAN, BEZALEEL            LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-J-4
SHERMAN, HORACE W.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-47
SHERMAN, SAMUEL              MANLIUS                       NY-34-F-15
SHERWOOD, DAVID A.           DEWITT                        NY-34-M-468
SHERWOOD, JACOB L.           MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-49
SHERWOOD, MARY               MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-164
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL             POMPEY                        NY-34-B-29
SHERWOOD, THOMAS             DEWITT                        NY-34-J-403
SHIPMAN, JOHN O.             MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-432
SHIRLEY, CORNELIUS           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-376
SHIRLEY, MARY ANN            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-170
SHOEMAKER, RUDOLPH R.        MANLIUS                       NY-34-F-97
SHOLES, JULIA P.             MARCELLUS                     NY-34-L-79
SHUERT, JOSEPH               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-H-352
SIMMONS, JACOB               ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-N-580
SIMS, NATHAN                 OTISCO                        NY-34-K-134
SIPPERLY, GEORGE W.          SALINA                        NY-34-G-435
SISCO, WILLIAM               CAMILLUS                      NY-34-E-394
SKINNER, TRUMAN              VAN BUREN                     NY-34-I-451
SLAUSON, JAMES               LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-265
SLAYTON, RICHARD             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-145
SLOCUM, GEORGE               POMPEY                        NY-34-E-321
SLOCUM, PELEG R.             SKANEATELES                   NY-34-L-22
SMEDLY, ABIGAIL              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-K-87
SMITH, ABIJAH                LYSANDER                      NY-34-F-242
SMITH, ALFRED F.             TULLY                         NY-34-H-233
SMITH, ASA                   MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-271
SMITH, AZARIAH               MANLIUS                       NY-34-H-443
SMITH, CALEB                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-G-154
SMITH, CALVIN                CICERO                        NY-34-N-205
SMITH, DANIEL WATTLES        MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-90
SMITH, ELECTA E.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-I-347
SMITH, ELISHA                CICERO                        NY-34-M-108
SMITH, GEORGE                SALINA                        NY-34-H-231
SMITH, HARRIET E.            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-538
SMITH, HENRY A.              MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-561
SMITH, ISAAC S.              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-162
SMITH, JARAT                 SKANEATELES                   NY-34-N-100
SMITH, JESSE                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-397
SMITH, JOB                   MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-225
SMITH, JOHN                  ONONDAGA                      NY-34-G-101
SMITH, JOHN A.               POMPEY                        NY-34-L-506
SMITH, JOHN P.               LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-468
SMITH, JOSEPH                POMPEY                        NY-34-B-187
SMITH, JOSEPH H.             POMPEY                        NY-34-H-165
SMITH, MARY                  CICERO                        NY-34-L-190
SMITH, NEHEMIAH              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-K-474
SMITH, RICHARD               FABIUS                        NY-34-I-116
SMITH, RODERICK              POMPEY                        NY-34-J-126
SMITH, SARAH                 CLAY                          NY-34-I-222
SMITH, SARAH                 POMPEY                        NY-34-K-251
SMITH, SIDNEY                TULLY                         NY-34-M-493
SMITH, SPENCER               POMPEY                        NY-34-C-45
SMITH, STEPHEN               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-252
SNEATHEN, JOHN J.            LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-8
SNOOK, JOHN                  SKANEATELES                   NY-34-K-260
SNOUT, SENECA L.             FABIUS                        NY-34-I-95
SNOW, ISAIAH P.              CLAY                          NY-34-J-388
SNOW, ORRIN P.               VAN BUREN                     NY-34-L-188
SNYDER, JOSEPH               MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-402
SOMES, SAMUEL                VAN BUREN                     NY-34-M-214
SORG, PETER                  SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-534
SORNBORGER, STEPHEN          MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-180
SOULE, EPHRAIM               SALINA                        NY-34-K-116
SOULE, LATTAIN               CLAY                          NY-34-E-1
SOULE, NATHAN                CLAY                          NY-34-L-56
SOULE, STEPHEN H.            DEWITT                        NY-34-G-378
SOULE, W. IRVING             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-532
SOWLE, GIDEON W.             CAMILLUS                      NY-34-B-80
SPARKS, JEREMIAH             OTISCO                        NY-34-I-448
SPARKS, LEMUEL               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-C-22
SPARKS, PHINEAS              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-J-446
SPENCE, ROBERT               TULLY                         NY-34-J-191
SPENCER, JOHN                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-L-305
SPENCER, JOSEPH C.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-111
SPENCER, SETH                MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-293
SPIER, FREDERICK             MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-444
SPIRE, JAMES                 CLAY                          NY-34-M-353
SPRAGUE, ELISHA              FABIUS                        NY-34-L-495
SPRAGUE, JOHN                MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-288
SPRAGUE, OSCAR L.            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-123
SQUIER, ANSEL                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-F-94
STACYEY, RICHARD             ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-M-212
STANLEY, EMELIA              POMPEY                        NY-34-K-404
STANLEY, JONATHAN            FABIUS                        NY-34-B-99
STANTON, BENJAMIN            NTL                           NY-34-D-189
STARKS, CLARINDA             CAMILLUS                      NY-34-F-464
STARKWEATHER, ASA            POMPEY                        NY-34-A-132
STARR, ROBERT                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-J-244
STARR, THOMAS                MANLIUS                       NY-34-E-115
STEBBINS, SETH               TULLY                         NY-34-K-324
STETSON, RUBIN R.            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-12
STEVENS, HANNAH              ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-H-113
STEVENS, HENRY               FABIUS                        NY-34-F-417
STEVENS, HEZEKIAH W.         POMPEY                        NY-34-D-281
STEVENSON, DAVID C.          ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-J-189
STEVENSON, THOMAS            VAN BUREN                     NY-34-K-81
STEVES, JOHN W.              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-L-144
STEWARD, LESTER              FABIUS                        NY-34-J-384
STEWART, BETSEY              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-383
STEWART, SARAH               ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-H-263
STICKLES, CATHARINE          VAN BUREN                     NY-34-M-281
STILLWELL, HEMAN W.          SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-48
STILWELL, ELIAS              MANLIUS                       NY-34-H-309
STILWELL, LONSON             MANLIUS                       NY-34-G-262
STOCKHAM, ANNA               FABIUS                        NY-34-L-436
STOCKHAM, JOHN               FABIUS                        NY-34-D-125
STOCKING, BENJAMIN           FABIUS                        NY-34-I-85
STOKES, WILLIAM              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-K-455
STOLP, JOHN                  ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-112
STONE, ABEL B.               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-107
STORP, JOSEPH                MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-88
STOUBLIE, JOSEPH             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-252
STOVER, WILLIAM JR.          FABIUS                        NY-34-E-222
STOWELL, AVERY W.            SALINA                        NY-34-H-224
STRAIT, JAMES                CICERO                        NY-34-K-277
STRALE, HENRY JR.            LYSANDER                      NY-34-J-73
STREVER, WARD                CLAY                          NY-34-K-113
STREVER, WILLIAM             LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-451
STRONG, HEZEKIAH             ONONDAGA                      NY-34-H-15
STRONG, LOUISA E.            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-528
STRONG, WILLIAM L.           MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-35
SULLIFANT, JOHN              SALINA                        NY-34-G-171
SUMNER, EDWIN V.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-96
SUTHERLAND, REUBEN           POMPEY                        NY-34-J-124
SUTLIFF, JOHN                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-424
SUTTON, ROSWELL              POMPEY                        NY-34-E-21
SWEET, HORACE                POMPEY                        NY-34-K-366
SWEET, JAMES                 CAMILLUS                      NY-34-E-15
SWENEY, POLLY                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-A-22
SWIFT, JOHN                  FABIUS                        NY-34-L-102
SYDNAM, JAMES                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-L-423
TABER, ESEK                  CAMILLUS                      NY-34-B-115
TALBOT, MARY                 MARCELLUS                     NY-34-K-479
TALMAGE, ENOS                VAN BUREN                     NY-34-M-379
TAPPEN, THOMAS JEFFERSON     VAN BUREN                     NY-34-F-289
TARPENNY, JAMES              CICERO                        NY-34-H-484
TATTMAN, JOHN                SALINA                        NY-34-G-336
TAYLOR, ALANSON              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-471
TAYLOR, GEORGE               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-J-14
TAYLOR, HARRIET              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-75
TAYLOR, JAMES                VAN BUREN                     NY-34-J-380
TAYLOR, JOHN                 ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-M-393
TAYLOR, LEWIS                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-K-284
TAYLOR, LEWIS A.             VAN BUREN                     NY-34-I-336
TAYLOR, PHEBE                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-F-157
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-E-51
TEACHOUT, GEORGE W.          SALINA                        NY-34-J-29
TENBROECK, PETER             ONONDAGA                      NY-34-A-97
TENNY, DANIEL C.             TULLY                         NY-34-L-155
TERPENNY, DANIEL             CICERO                        NY-34-J-355
TERPENY, DAVID F.            CICERO                        NY-34-K-304
TESTER, WILLIAM              MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-321
THAYER, JAMES                CLAY                          NY-34-I-408
THAYER, RUFUS                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-M-325
THAYER, SOPHIA               LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-M-504
THOMAS, CHRISTOPHER          SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-188
THOMAS, DANIEL               POMPEY                        NY-34-I-361
THOMAS, EPHRAIM              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-E-335
THOMAS, JOSEPH               LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-N-49
THOMPSON, ADONIJAH           SKANEATELES                   NY-34-M-443
THOMPSON, AMANDA J.          LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-405
THOMPSON, ASA                MANLIUS                       NY-34-F-200
THOMPSON, HARRIET            MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-217
THOMPSON, HENRY              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-I-236
THOMPSON, PARDON             MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-46
THOMPSON, PHEBE JANE         PLAINVILLE                    NY-34-N-160
THOMPSON, REUBEN             SPAFFORD                      NY-34-F-441
THOMPSON, SAMUEL             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-288
THOMPSON, STEPHEN            CAMILLUS                      NY-34-F-66
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            CAMILLUS                      NY-34-M-165
THOMSON, JOSEPH              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-B-26
THORP, ALANSON               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-459
THORP, ANNA                  CAMILLUS                      NY-34-N-270
THORP, MOSES                 FABIUS                        NY-34-B-55
THORP, SAMUEL                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-L-482
TIGHE, TIMOTHY               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-450
TILLEY, JOHN L.              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-257
TILLOTSON, JOEL              LYSANDER                      NY-34-J-261
TITUS, HARVEY                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-162
TITUS, ZEBINA                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-G-346
TODD, JOHN                   MANLIUS                       NY-34-G-369
TOLES, EDMUND                SALINA                        NY-34-N-274
TOOMEY, JAMES JR.            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-127
TOPPING, CHARLES             FABIUS                        NY-34-E-344
TORREY, DAN                  DEWITT                        NY-34-J-451
TOUSLEY, SYLVANUS            SALINA                        NY-34-F-397
TOWN, ISAAC                  SPAFFORD                      NY-34-C-73
TOWN, SIMON                  LYSANDER                      NY-34-N-357
TOWNSEND, MARY               LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-228
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM            LYSANDER                      NY-34-J-113
TRACY, JAMES G.              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-I-370
TREMAIN, AUGUSTUS            MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-27
TRIPP, STEPHEN               FABIUS                        NY-34-L-93
TROWBRIDGE, BILLY            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-286
TROWBRIDGE, SEYMOUR          TULLY                         NY-34-K-253
TROWBRIDGE, WILLIAM          TULLY                         NY-34-F-361
TRUESDELL, JOHN              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-L-77
TRUMBULL, BENJAMIN           SPAFFORD                      NY-34-F-63
TRUMBULL, JANE A.            OTISCO                        NY-34-G-235
TRUMBULL, LYDIA              SPAFFORD                      NY-34-F-318
TRYON, WILLIAM               MANLIUS                       NY-34-G-60
TURNIER, MARY C.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-I-104
TUTTLE, JAMES                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-H-426
TUTTLE, MOSES                TULLY                         NY-34-F-303
TYLER, EDWARD                VAN BUREN                     NY-34-I-379
TYLER, ICHABOD S.            ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-M-445
UPHAM, ERASTUS               MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-160
VANAERMAN, JANE              CICERO                        NY-34-H-268
VANALSTINE, BARTHOLOMEW      LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-310
VANALSTINE, CORNELIUS        CICERO                        NY-34-K-128
VANALSTINE, JAMES            CICERO                        NY-34-N-145
VANALSTINE, MARY ANN         CAMILLUS                      NY-34-M-327
VANALSTYNE, CORNELIUS        MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-360
VANALSTYNE, HUNTER           MANLIUS                       NY-34-E-37
VANAUKEN, DANIEL             ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-I-174
VANAUKEN, ESTHER             SKANEATELES                   NY-34-F-186
VANBUREN, LYDIA              POMPEY                        NY-34-J-58
VANCORTLANDT, HANNAH H.      SALINA                        NY-34-H-288
VANDENBURGH, CORNELIUS H.    POMPEY                        NY-34-D-59
VANDENBURGH, CORNLEIUS       SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-298
VANDERVEER, WILLIAM          LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-419
VANDERWERKEN, ROLIF          CLAY                          NY-34-H-221
VANDERWERKER, MARGARET       CLAY                          NY-34-J-337
VANOLINDA, JOHN              CICERO                        NY-34-I-13
VANPATTER, JOHN              TULLY                         NY-34-D-136
VANTASSEL, JACOB             SALINA                        NY-34-D-1
VANTASSLE, CORNELIUS         MANLIUS                       NY-34-E-75
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN         DEWITT                        NY-34-H-365
VANVECHTEN, CORNELIUS        ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-F-365
VANVLECK, MATTHEW            DEWITT                        NY-34-H-422
VANWOERT, ABRAHAM            POMPEY                        NY-34-J-366
VANWORMER, JEREMIAH          SKANEATELES                   NY-34-E-362
VEDDER, AARON F.             LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-118
VINAL, COLOGUS               POMPEY                        NY-34-D-65
VIRGIL, JAMES                FABIUS                        NY-34-B-109
VIRGIL, WILLIAM              FABIUS                        NY-34-K-420
VOLLMER, HEINRICH            CICERO                        NY-34-N-14
VOORHEES, MARTHA             LYSANDER                      NY-34-N-148
VOSBURG, JAMES               CAMILLUS                      NY-34-J-214
VOWLES, WILLIAM              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-M-1
VREEDENBURGH, MARY           SKANEATELES                   NY-34-G-446
VROOMAN, ADAM                SALINA                        NY-34-G-420
WADSWORTH, ASAHEL            FABIUS                        NY-34-M-67
WADSWORTH, HORACE            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-100
WALES, JOHN                  TULLY                         NY-34-J-70
WALKEEP, GEORGE              CICERO                        NY-34-K-279
WALKER, DANIEL               FABIUS                        NY-34-K-374
WALKER, TIMOTHY              TULLY                         NY-34-F-169
WALL, JOHN                   LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-416
WALLACE, EPHRAIM             FABIUS                        NY-34-M-387
WALLACE, HARRIET B.          LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-391
WALLACE, SILAS               LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-309
WALLACE, WILLIAM             FABIUS                        NY-34-E-348
WALLER, JOHN                 CAMILLUS                      NY-34-E-71
WALLIS, ANDREW J.            POMPEY                        NY-34-N-59
WALLIS, ELIJAH               POMPEY                        NY-34-N-501
WALLIS, MARTHA               FABIUS                        NY-34-M-106
WALLIS, MATTHEW B.           FABIUS                        NY-34-G-78
WALROD, ANDREW               ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-M-260
WALSH, MATTHEW               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-259
WALTER, ELIHU                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-492
WALTER, JOHN                 CLAY                          NY-34-K-476
WALTON, POLLY                LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-556
WARD, RODERICK               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-257
WARD, WILLIAM                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-164
WARD, WILLIAM                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-286
WARD, WILLIAM                LYSANDER                      NY-34-N-16
WARDELL, FRANCIS             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-I-181
WARDEN, NINIAN               CAMILLUS                      NY-34-E-119
WARNER, EBENEZER             SKANEATELES                   NY-34-I-241
WARNER, EDMOND A.            CLAY                          NY-34-J-266
WARNER, ELIZABETH            VAN BUREN                     NY-34-K-368
WARNER, HEMAN                VAN BUREN                     NY-34-J-157
WARNER, JONATHAN S.          VAN BUREN                     NY-34-N-426
WARNER, SAMUEL               POMPEY                        NY-34-B-42
WARNER, SETH O.              CLAY                          NY-34-J-372
WATERMAN, CALVIN             VAN BUREN                     NY-34-G-217
WATERMAN, TRYPHENA           CAMILLUS                      NY-34-D-342
WATIER, ATHANASE             VAN BUREN                     NY-34-N-85
WATKINS, ELANSON             POMPEY                        NY-34-M-136
WATKINS, JOSIAH              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-562
WATKINS, SIMSON              POMPEY                        NY-34-F-300
WATSON, JAMES                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-C-136
WATSON, JOHN                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-398
WATSON, TEMPERANCE           POMPEY                        NY-34-I-389
WAY, IRA                     ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-536
WEATHERBY, ISAAC             SALINA                        NY-34-H-393
WEATHERSTONE, THOMAS         DEWITT                        NY-34-N-403
WEAVER, ERASTUS              LIBERTY, BEDFORD, VA          NY-34-G-458
WEBB, CHARLES L.             LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-N-489
WEBSTER, ABEL                FABIUS                        NY-34-K-271
WEBSTER, AMANDA R.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-514
WEBSTER, EPHRAIM             ONONDAGA                      NY-34-D-103
WEED, PALMER                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-C-1
WEEKS, REUBEN                ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-N-265
WEEKS, SARAH                 SKANEATELES                   NY-34-M-203
WEEKS, STEPHEN               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-K-322
WEILAND, JACOB               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-117
WELCH, SAMUEL                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-266
WELLER, ALPHEUS M.           SKANEATELES                   NY-34-L-91
WELLER, WILLIAM              OTISCO                        NY-34-K-184
WELLS, GEORGE S.             LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-325
WELLS, HENRY                 CAMILLUS                      NY-34-J-42
WELLS, JANE                  SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-74
WELLS, JOHN S.               POMPEY                        NY-34-J-368
WELLS, LEON L.               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-J-351
WEST, JAMES                  VAN BUREN                     NY-34-L-341
WESTON, HEZEKIAH             POMPEY                        NY-34-F-423
WESTON, NATHAN               POMPEY                        NY-34-D-350
WHEELER, DANIEL              OTISCO                        NY-34-L-107
WHEELER, LEWIS H.            POMPEY                        NY-34-K-358
WHEELER, SOPHIAH C.          SALINA                        NY-34-J-116
WHEELER, THOMAS              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-413
WHEELOCK, BRADSHAW           FABIUS                        NY-34-N-412
WHEELOCK, FESTUS F.          POMPEY                        NY-34-N-544
WHEELOCK, LUTHER             POMPEY                        NY-34-M-376
WHITE, AMOS                  ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-345
WHITE, ASA                   POMPEY                        NY-34-K-27
WHITE, AUGUSTUS K.           VAN BUREN                     NY-34-F-120
WHITE, EBENEZER              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-F-510
WHITE, ELI  JR.              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-I-179
WHITE, ELIJAH                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-F-194
WHITE, GEORGE                POMPEY                        NY-34-I-259
WHITE, GEORGE                LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-529
WHITE, HAMILTON              SYRASCUSE                     NY-34-N-150
WHITE, HARRY                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-H-38
WHITE, HORACE                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-149
WHITE, JOHN                  MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-465
WHITE, JOSEPH                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-E-251
WHITE, MARTIN M.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-479
WHITFORD, CALEB              MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-191
WHITMAN, ABIEL               LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-E-6
WHITMAN, ELECTA              LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-H-272
WHITMAN, ELECTA              LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-I-277
WHITMAN, GEORGE W.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-333
WHITMARSH, JESSEE            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-175
WHITMARSH, JOB               FABIUS                        NY-34-I-366
WHITMORE, WILLIAM B.         SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-279
WHITNEY, STEPHEN             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-491
WICKS, EDWARD                POMPEY                        NY-34-F-10
WICKS, MARVIN                POMPEY                        NY-34-G-472
WIDGER, JAMES                GEDDES                        NY-34-N-226
WILBUR, ALEXANDER B.         POMPEY                        NY-34-I-185
WILBUR, PAMELA               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-H-119
WILCOX, ASA                  ONONDAGA                      NY-34-G-222
WILCOX, GILES                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-N-26
WILCOX, LOAMMI               ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-F-173
WILCOX, SAMUEL G.            MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-228
WILDER, EDWARD B.            MARCELLUS                     NY-34-J-2
WILKIN, ABRAHAM              OTISCO                        NY-34-M-125
WILKINSON, JOHN              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-508
WILLARD, DAVID               OTISCO                        NY-34-K-34
WILLCOX, SAMUEL              MANLIUS                       NY-34-D-248
WILLETS, WILLIAM             SKANEATELES                   NY-34-G-451
WILLEY, JOSEPH W.            GEDDES                        NY-34-K-233
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN B.        SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-295
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN F.        SALINA                        NY-34-F-468
WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE W.       MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-451
WILLIAMS, DANIEL P.          POMPEY                        NY-34-I-1
WILLIAMS, DANIEL W.          POMPEY                        NY-34-F-285
WILLIAMS, DAVID              POMPEY                        NY-34-E-33
WILLIAMS, GURDON             , WAYNE, MI                   NY-34-J-485
WILLIAMS, GURDON             DETROIT, WAYNE, MI            NY-34-J-346
WILLIAMS, HEZEKIAH S. G.     NATCHEZ, ADAMS, MS            NY-34-N-383
WILLIAMS, JOB                MANLIUS                       NY-34-E-296
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH             MANLIUS                       NY-34-F-235
WILLIAMS, LEMUEL             POMPEY                        NY-34-A-42
WILLIAMS, MATILDA            MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-309
WILLIAMS, NATHAN             POMPEY                        NY-34-I-406
WILLIAMS, NATHAN             MANLIUS                       NY-34-F-72
WILLIAMS, NOYES              SALINA                        NY-34-N-158
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM H.         SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-218
WILLIAMSON, CORNELIUS        SPAFORD                       NY-34-K-409
WILLIAMSON, ELIZA            SPAFFORD                      NY-34-M-558
WILLIAMSON, HARRIET          OTISCO                        NY-34-L-323
WILSEY, ALONZO N.            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-103
WILSON, ASAD                 DEWITT                        NY-34-G-385
WILSON, AUSTIN W.            LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-287
WILSON, JAMES                SALINA                        NY-34-G-390
WILSON, JAMES A.             LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-294
WILSON, URIEL                POMPEY                        NY-34-H-252
WILTSE, JOHN                 MARCELLUS                     NY-34-J-102
WILTSIE, MARSH               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-M-191
WINCHELL, REUBEN             TULLY                         NY-34-I-274
WINCHESTER, SAMUEL           MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-44
WISWELL, OLIVER              SALINA                        NY-34-F-24
WOOD, AARON                  MANLIUS                       NY-34-B-102
WOOD, ENOS                   ONONDAGA                      NY-34-D-353
WOOD, JONAH                  MARCELLUS                     NY-34-J-268
WOOD, NATHANIEL G.           CAMILLUS                      NY-34-N-483
WOOD, THEODORE               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-F-473
WOODMANSIE, DAVID            TULLY                         NY-34-G-397
WOODRUFF, ASA                LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-388
WOODRUFF, GURDIN             FABIUS                        NY-34-E-217
WOODWARD, FLETCHER           CAMILLUS                      NY-34-H-78
WOODWARD, NATHANIEL          CLAY                          NY-34-M-133
WOOK, JOHN                   SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-234
WOOLSON, ALBINA              GEDDES                        NY-34-M-480
WOOLSON, GARDNER             GEDDES                        NY-34-M-244
WOOSTER, FRANK M.            TULLY                         NY-34-N-105
WORDEN, ANNA                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-383
WORDEN, JESSE                MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-120
WORDEN, JONATHAN             MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-200
WORDEN, JULIA (BREWSTER)     MANLIUS                       NY-34-G-292
WORDEN, WEED H.              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-F-250
WORMWOOD, SAMUEL L.          CLAY                          NY-34-H-200
WORTH, JOHN                  TULLY                         NY-34-M-575
WRIGHT, BRADLEY              SALINA                        NY-34-F-117
WRIGHT, CHARLOTTE            POMPEY                        NY-34-N-39
WRIGHT, ENOS                 POMPEY                        NY-34-A-65
WRIGHT, GARDINER             LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-J-135
WRIGHT, JUDAH                LYSANDER                      NY-34-F-389
WYER, PETER                  MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-125
WYMAN, SAMUEL                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-181
YATES, JONATHAN              SALINA                        NY-34-E-188
YELVERTON, JOHN              MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-28
YOUNG, CHLOE                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-444
YOUNG, CORNELIUS J.          CLAY                          NY-34-J-133
YOUNG, JAMES C.              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-J-16
YOUNG, JOSEPH                CLAY                          NY-34-J-301

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