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HADLEY, JACOB                DEWITT                        NY-34-F-296
HAKES, SARAH A.              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-256
HALE, E. CHARLES             MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-416
HALE, MARTIN                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-156
HALE, POLLY                  ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-N-504
HALL, ABRAHAM                ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-M-29
HALL, ALLEN C.               CICERO                        NY-34-H-50
HALL, AZARIAH                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-E-267
HALL, DANIEL K.              LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-I-453
HALL, DANIEL W.              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-K-362
HALL, DAVID                  SKANEATELES                   NY-34-N-90
HALL, ELEANOR M.             TULLY                         NY-34-N-196
HALL, EPHRAIM                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-G-465
HALL, GEORGE                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-G-84
HALL, JAMES                  SKANEATELES                   NY-34-K-241
HALL, JOSEPH                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-H-495
HALL, JULIA L.               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-L-308
HALL, MARTHA                 LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-L-73
HALL, NOAH                   MANLIUS                       NY-34-D-275
HALL, PHILANDER W.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-340
HALL, SAMUEL                 FABIUS                        NY-34-F-27
HALL, SETH                   SKANEATELES                   NY-34-E-398
HALL, WILLIAM                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-J-342
HALLENBECK, MARY             LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-F-261
HALSTEAD, ABRAHAM            SALINA                        NY-34-H-261
HALSTEAD, ELIZABETH          ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-K-62
HALSTED, STEPHEN             ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-J-390
HAM, JOHN P.                 LYSANDER                      NY-34-H-371
HAMMOND, HENRY J.            MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-498
HANCHETT, JOSEPH T.          POMPEY                        NY-34-K-391
HANCOCK, BENJAMIN            CLAY                          NY-34-K-264
HANDY, EBENEZER              FABIUS                        NY-34-L-228
HANNON, MEDAD                ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-K-276
HARCOMBE, SAMUEL             MARCELLUS                     NY-34-I-414
HARE, CATHARINE              DEWITT                        NY-34-H-435
HARE, HENRY                  DEWITT                        NY-34-H-299
HARMON, REUBEN               ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-N-166
HARRINGOTN, AARON            MANLIUS                       NY-34-G-254
HARRIS, AUGUSTUS             VAN BUREN                     NY-34-K-179
HARRIS, JAMES                FABIUS                        NY-34-L-242
HARRIS, JOHN J.              SALINA                        NY-34-M-513
HARRIS, WILLIAM              FABIUS                        NY-34-N-355
HARRIS, WILLIAM B.           SALINA                        NY-34-N-459
HARVEY, PAUL                 SPAFFORD                      NY-34-J-76
HARVEY, WILLIAM              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-N-540
HASKINS, LEANDER             FABIUS                        NY-34-K-296
HATCH, JAMES                 FABIUS                        NY-34-M-206
HATCH, JOHN                  POMPEY                        NY-34-I-210
HAWKINS, MARY D.             SYRASCUSE                     NY-34-M-434
HAWLEY, ISAAC                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-D-217
HAWLEY, JOHN L.              SALINA                        NY-34-N-233
HAYDEN, ALLEN W.             POMPEY                        NY-34-K-309
HAYDEN, HENRY R.             LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-K-68
HAYLOR, HUGH                 MARCELLUS                     NY-34-H-401
HAYNES, HEPSEBETH            MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-400
HAYNES, ROBERT               LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-K-422
HAYNES, SAMUEL               MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-542
HAYNES, WILLIAM              LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-M-463
HEALEY, SAMUEL               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-321
HEALY, DOLLY                 ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-G-308
HEALY, POLLY                 ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-K-131
HEBBARD, DAVID               POMPEY                        NY-34-C-48
HEBERD, CYPRIAN              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-198
HECOX, WARREN                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-31
HEERMANUS, PHEBE ANN         SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-193
HEFFRON, JAMES               FABIUS                        NY-34-K-317
HELFER, IGNATUS              MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-92
HEMENWAY, NANCY              OTISCO                        NY-34-J-82
HENDERSON, JOHN              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-D-133
HENDERSON, PHINEAS           TULLY                         NY-34-D-106
HENNESSY, GARRETT            FABIUS                        NY-34-N-178
HENRY, ANDREW                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-N-551
HERON, JAMES E.              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-233
HERRING, ABSALOM             MARCELLUS                     NY-34-N-200
HERRINGTON, MOSES            CAMILLUS                      NY-34-K-175
HEVENER, JACOB               MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-6
HEWLETT, MARY                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-M-289
HEY, GEORGE                  SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-437
HIBBARD, JONATHAN SR.        POMPEY                        NY-34-D-50
HIBBARD, NATHAN              POMPEY                        NY-34-J-137
HIBBARD, RUSSELL             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-367
HIBBARD, SAMUEL              POMPEY                        NY-34-K-136
HICKS, JONATHAN P.           SALINA                        NY-34-N-525
HIGBEE, ISAAC                POMPEY                        NY-34-M-88
HIGBEE, MARIA                MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-536
HILL, EBENEZER               POMPEY                        NY-34-L-252
HILL, ENSIGN                 POMPEY                        NY-34-E-308
HILL, OLIVER                 MARCELLUS                     NY-34-I-244
HILL, WILLIAM                CICERO                        NY-34-G-127
HILLIBERT, JOHN C.           SPAFFORD                      NY-34-H-183
HILLS, RUSSEL                POMPEY                        NY-34-L-327
HILLYER, NATHANIEL           MARCELLUS                     NY-34-K-66
HINE, ELKANAH                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-K-214
HINMAN, STODDARD H.          SALINA                        NY-34-H-188
HINSDALE, CHAUNCEY           SKANEATELES                   NY-34-L-39
HINSDALE, DAVID              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-J-142
HINSDALE, IRA                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-I-228
HINSDELL, ELI B.             SALINA                        NY-34-K-72
HINSDELL, MOSES              POMPEY                        NY-34-K-165
HISCOCK, JOEL                NORTH PLAINS, MI              NY-34-J-480
HISSEY, CHARLES              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-J-96
HITCHCOCK, AMOS D.           CICERO                        NY-34-N-211
HITCHCOCK, SHADRACK          FABIUS                        NY-34-H-266
HOAGLAND, PETER              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-223
HOAGLAND, WILLIAM            SKANEATELES                   NY-34-H-1
HOAR, JACOB                  POMPEY                        NY-34-H-499
HOBART, CHARLES W.           FABIUS                        NY-34-N-497
HOBART, LEMAN                TULLY                         NY-34-M-516
HODGES, MARTIN               FABIUS                        NY-34-N-481
HODGMAN, DANIEL              MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-98
HODGSON, JAMES               FABIUS                        NY-34-H-55
HODGSON, JOHN JR.            LYSANDER                      NY-34-J-66
HOFFMAN, JOHN                CLAY                          NY-34-L-357
HOLBROOK, ADOLPHUS W.        POMPEY                        NY-34-H-20
HOLDEN, PHILIP               CAMILLUS                      NY-34-J-394
HOLLENBECK, AARON            TULLY                         NY-34-L-113
HOLMES, LYDIA                MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-38
HOLMES, SAMUEL H.            SALINA                        NY-34-E-405
HOLMES, STEPHEN              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-H-388
HOLSTEAD, TIMOTHY            MANLIUS                       NY-34-B-23
HOLYOKE, EDARD A.            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-9
HOPKINS, BENJAMIN            POMPEY                        NY-34-J-199
HOPKINS, CALEB               POMPEY                        NY-34-C-119
HOPKINS, ELIJAH              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-69
HOPKINS, NATHAN              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-E-111
HOPKINS, RACHEL              MANLIUS                       NY-34-D-310
HOPKINS, SAMUEL              CICERO                        NY-34-D-329
HOPKINS, SUSAN M.            POMPEY                        NY-34-G-461
HOPKINS, WILLIAM             CAMILLUS                      NY-34-H-123
HOPPER, JASPER               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-146
HORLON, ISAAC                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-434
HORTON, DAVID                FABIUS                        NY-34-B-85
HORTON, POLLY                ONNODAGA                      NY-34-M-551
HOTALING, EMILY              DEWITT                        NY-34-N-515
HOTCHKINS, HUBBARD           SALINA                        NY-34-H-461
HOTCHKISS, LADWICK           OTISCO                        NY-34-K-442
HOUGHTALING, JOHN            LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-G-296
HOUSE, RYNARD                LYSANDER                      NY-34-D-326
HOUSE, SYLVESTER             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-573
HOW, EBENEZER P.             POMPEY                        NY-34-J-131
HOW, MOSES                   VAN BUREN                     NY-34-I-202
HOWE, AMORY                  LYSANDER                      NY-34-N-511
HOWE, JABEZ                  POMPEY                        NY-34-N-486
HOWE, PHEOBE                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-160
HOWELL, PHINEAS              TULLY                         NY-34-A-116
HOWELL, PHINEAS              TULLY                         NY-34-F-293
HOWLETT, PARLEY              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-L-329
HOYT, CHARITY                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-523
HOYT, THOMAS B.              SALINA                        NY-34-H-487
HUBBARD, ABNER               FABIUS                        NY-34-E-164
HUBBARD, DANIEL              POMPEY                        NY-34-F-220
HUBBARD, THOMAS              POMPEY                        NY-34-F-128
HUGHES, DAVIS                POMPEY                        NY-34-H-245
HUGHES, FREEMAN              GEDDES                        NY-34-K-91
HULBERT, JOHN P.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-189
HULIN, JACOB                 SALINA                        NY-34-G-316
HULL, JAMES                  ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-261
HUMPHREY, SAMUEL             LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-I-326
HUMPHREYS, REUBEN            MARCELLUS                     NY-34-E-178
HUNGERFORD, JESSE            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-553
HUNT, DARIUS                 VAN BUREN                     NY-34-F-523
HUNT, JOHN                   ONONDAGA                      NY-34-D-334
HUNT, THOMAS                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-F-306
HUNTINGOTN, GEORGE C.        ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-J-201
HUNTINGTON, DIMMIS E.        SYRACUSE                      NY-34-I-442
HUNTINGTON, LEVI             ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-222
HUNTLEY, IRA                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-B-120
HUNTLEY, JASPER              MANLIUS                       NY-34-B-59
HURD, CURTISS J.             DEWITT                        NY-34-I-324
HURLBUT, DANIEL J.           OTISCO                        NY-34-K-7
HUTCHINGS, THOMAS            TULLY                         NY-34-M-42
HUTCHINGS, WILLIAM           CAMILLUS                      NY-34-H-489
HUTCHINSON, JAMES            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-D-159
HUTCHINSON, ROXEY            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-161
HUTCHINSON, SETH             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-24
HYDE, HIRAM                  SALINA                        NY-34-D-297
INGALSBEE, ZENVIAH           VAN BUREN                     NY-34-K-503
INGHAM, JONATHAN             SPAFFORD                      NY-34-L-272
IRISH, AMOS J.               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-G-424
IVES, AMANDA                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-323
JACKSON, INCREASE            POMPEY                        NY-34-J-86
JAMES, HENRY                 MARCELLUS                     NY-34-N-371
JAQUA, AARON                 SLAINA                        NY-34-H-405
JAY, JAMES                   MARCELLUS                     NY-34-H-304
JEROME, AARON                NTL                           NY-34-A-19
JEROME, IRA                  POMPEY                        NY-34-M-541
JEROME, LAURA G.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-440
JEROME, SAMUEL               NTL                           NY-34-A-1
JEWETT, FANNY                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-N-588
JEWETT, FREEBORN S.          SKANEATELES                   NY-34-K-247
JILSON, DAVID                ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-G-273
JOHNSON, ANTHONY             ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-I-464
JOHNSON, HAMILTON            MANLIUS                       NY-34-E-416
JOHNSON, ISAAC               (IN U.S. ARMY)                NY-34-C-56
JOHNSON, JACOB               NTL                           NY-34-C-30
JOHNSON, JOHN H.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-41
JOHNSON, JUSTUS              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-153
JOHNSON, SABRINA             MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-202
JOHNSON, WILLIAM J.          LYSANDER                      NY-34-I-69
JONES, AMOS                  SKANEATELES                   NY-34-G-269
JONES, BENJAMIN              VAN BUREN                     NY-34-I-393
JONES, DANIEL T.             LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-254
JONES, GEORGE                MANLIUS                       NY-34-D-289
JONES, JOHN                  MANLIUS                       NY-34-D-38
JONES, LEONARD               POMPEY                        NY-34-L-64
JONES, LYDIA WHITE           VAN BUREN                     NY-34-K-449
JONES, MARY ANN K.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-153
JONES, SMAUEL                POMPEY                        NY-34-I-47
JONES, WILLIAM               ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-H-235
JONES, ZEBULON               POMPEY                        NY-34-F-408
JONES, ZENAS                 POMPEY                        NY-34-H-433
JOSLIN, HELEN L.             MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-273
JUDD, AMBROSE                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-L-186
JUDD, DORCAS                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-D-302
JUDSON, HERMON               CAMILLUS                      NY-34-D-182
JUNE, HENRY D.               MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-411
KARKER, HENRY                MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-82
KASSON, HIRAM                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-E-138
KEELER, AARON B.             SKANEATELES                   NY-34-H-270
KEELER, CHARLES S.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-578
KEELER, ISAAC                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-K-150
KEELER, REVILLO              SALINA                        NY-34-G-352
KEIFERLE, WENDELIN           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-478
KEITH, BARAK                 POMPEY                        NY-34-E-351
KELLOGG, CYRUS               TULLY                         NY-34-M-358
KELLOGG, DANIEL ESQ.         SKANEATELES                   NY-34-F-176
KELLOGG, STEPHEN             MARCELLUS                     NY-34-F-231
KELLY, WILLIAM               LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-296
KELSEY, NATHAN               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-H-254
KENNEDY, DENNIS              LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-127
KENNEDY, GEORGE              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-305
KENT, JOSEPH V.              MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-192
KENYON, ENOCH                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-J-236
KENYON, EPHRAIM              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-E-19
KESTER, JOHN                 CAMILLUS                      NY-34-C-32
KESTER, TUNIS                ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-J-100
KETCHAM, ELI S.              LYSANDER                      NY-34-D-211
KETCHUM, ISAAC               POMPEY                        NY-34-C-131
KIBBE, GEORGE                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-B-176
KILL, GEORGE                 LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-216
KILLMAN, JERRY               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-360
KILLMAR, NATHAN              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-160
KIMBERLY, ISRAEL             ONONDAGA                      NY-34-D-231
KINCAID, JOHN                MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-73
KINCAID, LYMAN               MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-314
KING, ALBERT                 TULLY                         NY-34-L-498
KING, DAVID                  ONONDAGA                      NY-34-B-132
KING, DAVID                  POMPEY                        NY-34-M-45
KING, HENRY F.               TULLY                         NY-34-J-212
KING, HIRAM                  FABIUS                        NY-34-L-87
KING, JOHN P.                SALINA                        NY-34-H-446
KING, LUCIUS                 TULLY                         NY-34-J-330
KING, NOBLE                  ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-K-216
KING, PAUL                   POMPEY                        NY-34-A-105
KING, PAUL                   POMPEY                        NY-34-A-130
KINGSLEY, CHARLES            OTISCO                        NY-34-M-196
KINGSLEY, ORRIN              TULLY                         NY-34-L-226
KINION, LODOWICK             FABIUS                        NY-34-D-87
KINNE, ALLAS                 DEWITT                        NY-34-H-291
KINNE, CYRUS                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-A-89
KINNE, RITE                  DEWITT                        NY-34-N-136
KINNE, ZACHARIAH             MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-372
KINNE, ZEBULON               DEWITT                        NY-34-N-180
KINNEY, SILAS                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-E-332
KINYON, ASA                  CAMILLUS                      NY-34-F-138
KINYON, ISRAEL               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-130
KINYON, JOHN                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-H-249
KINYON, LEWIS                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-I-164
KIPPLEN, SABASTIAN           MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-432
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM         SPAFFORD                      NY-34-L-220
KLOSHEIN, JOHN               CICERO                        NY-34-M-316
KNAPP, ELIJAH                SPAFFORD                      NY-34-N-519
KNAPP, MOSES                 POMPEY                        NY-34-H-469
KNAPP, WALKER                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-L-345
KNEELAND, AMASA              SPAFFORD                      NY-34-H-312
KNIFFIN, DEBORAH             TULLY                         NY-34-I-225
KNIGHT, ASA                  DEWITT                        NY-34-N-215
KNOWLES, JULIA P.            SEE: SHOLES, JULIA J.         NY-34-L-79
KOENIG, FREDERICK            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-356
KORTRIGHT, MATTHEW           ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-548
LAMATTER, ISAAC D.           POMPEY                        NY-34-E-78
LAMBERSON, NICHOLAS          CAMILLUS                      NY-34-D-93
LAMERSON, JOHN S.            CAMILLUS                      NY-34-L-396
LAMESON, JACOB               SALINA                        NY-34-B-36
LAMSON, JOHN H.              LYSANDER                      NY-34-I-315
LANDERS, BENJAMIN            MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-466
LANKTON, JAMES B.            ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-K-83
LARKIN, SIMEON               LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-I-455
LATHROP, JOHN H.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-99
LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM            VAN BUREN                     NY-34-L-454
LAWRENCE, ARIEL JR.          NTL                           NY-34-A-81
LAWRENCE, BIGELOW            MARCELLUS                     NY-34-C-58
LAWRENCE, DORASTUS           SKANEATELES                   NY-34-L-409
LAWRENCE, GROVE              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-565
LAWRENCE, JANE               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-I-77
LAWRENCE, JOAB               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-E-383
LAWRENCE, JOAB               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-E-422
LAWRENCE, LUTHER C.          SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-80
LAWTON, ABNER                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-362
LEAVITT, ABIGAIL             POMPEY                        NY-34-G-238
LEAVITT, JOSEPH              POMPEY                        NY-34-F-76
LEE, AMOS                    OTISCO                        NY-34-G-7
LEE, BENJAMIN                NORWICH, NEW LONDON, CT       NY-34-D-313
LEE, CHLOE M.                OTISCO                        NY-34-N-241
LEE, LEVI                    MARCELLUS                     NY-34-L-98
LEFEVER, JOHN                MANILLUS                      NY-34-B-138
LEFEVER, TUNIS               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-I-356
LEONARD, ANN H.              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-I-338
LEONARD, JAMES               POMPEY                        NY-34-B-164
LEONARD, MERRITT             SPAFFORD                      NY-34-H-412
LEOPOLD, GEORGE              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-539
LESTER, JAMES                VAN BUREN                     NY-34-G-184
LEWIS, CHARLES               DEWITT                        NY-34-G-75
LEWIS, ELIHU                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-A-27
LEWIS, GEORGE W. A.          SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-392
LEWIS, THOMAS J.             POMPEY                        NY-34-I-288
LIDDLE, ELIZABETH            MANLIUS                       NY-34-E-23
LINTS, JACOB                 CLAY                          NY-34-M-208
LLOYD, WILLIAM               MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-486
LONG, EZRA D.                SALINA                        NY-34-H-403
LONGSTREET, CORNELIUS        ONONDAGA                      NY-34-B-128
LOOMIS, HARVEY               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-210
LOOMIS, JOSHUA A.            SALINA                        NY-34-H-459
LOOMIS, TIMOTHY              CICERO                        NY-34-K-267
LORD, THEODORE               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-H-424
LOSEY, MARTIN                MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-316
LOVELESS, CRANDALL           CAMILLUS                      NY-34-C-97
LOWER, JOHN                  MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-118
LOWNSBERY, JONATHAN          LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-I-313
LULL, ANSEL                  SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-94
LUSK, BETHUEL                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-E-122
LUSK, BETHUEL                CONONDAGA                     NY-34-E-279
LUSK, JAMES                  POMPEY                        NY-34-E-481
LUSK, POLLY                  LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-427
LUSK, RICHARD                LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-425
LYNCH, CORNELIUS             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-156
LYNCH, JOHN JR.              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-263
LYNCH, PATRICK D.            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-318
LYNN, JAMES                  CLAY                          NY-34-M-225
LYNN, JOHN                   CLAY                          NY-34-K-225
LYNN, SMITH                  CLAY                          NY-34-L-165
LYNN, WILLIAM S.             CLAY                          NY-34-L-178
LYTLE, DAVID C.              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-G-1
MABBETT, RICHARD             SKANEATELES                   NY-34-I-40
MABIE, ABRAHAM               MANLIUS                       NY-34-E-370
MABIE, DAVID                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-32
MACLURE, SAMUEL              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-11
MACOMBER, ELIHU              MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-16
MACOMBER, HANNAH             MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-167
MAIN, NORMAN                 CAMILLUS                      NY-34-K-141
MAKYES, STORES               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-218
MALCOLM, WILLIAM             SALINA                        NY-34-H-237
MALTBY, SARAH C.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-183
MANLY, ELIJAH                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-219
MANNING, JAMES               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-110
MARKHAM, ERASTUS             FABIUS                        NY-34-E-359
MARLETT, CORNELIUS           ONONDAGA                      NY-34-F-379
MARSH, CATHARINE             MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-336
MARSH, DAVID                 POMPEY                        NY-34-N-119
MARSH, GEORGE                POMPEY                        NY-34-K-490
MARSH, MOROVIA               POMPEY                        NY-34-L-84
MARSH, MOSES S.              SALINA                        NY-34-H-179
MARSH, NICHOLAS              MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-41
MARSH, PETER                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-D-35
MARSHALL, EDWARD G.          SKANEATELES                   NY-34-N-82
MARSHALL, NOADIAH            CLAY                          NY-34-L-335
MARTIN, LAURA                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-255
MARVIN, JOSEPH L.            LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-483
MASON, J. M.                 MARCELLUS                     NY-34-G-31
MASON, LEVI                  ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-H-107
MASTER, CHARITY              LYSANDER                      NY-34-F-47
MATHEWS, JOHN                SALINA                        NY-34-L-466
MATIE, ELISHA                MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-311
MAY, ELIJAH E.               MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-575
MAY, FRANKLIN                MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-77
MAY, LUCINA                  MARCELLUS                     NY-34-J-111
MAY, RICHARD                 MARCELLUS                     NY-34-H-69
MAYO, DENNIS                 SALINA                        NY-34-A-133
McCABE, FRANCIS              VAN BUREN                     NY-34-H-205
McCABE, STEPHEN              LYSANDER                      NY-34-M-305
McCALL, JOHN                 CICERO                        NY-34-K-3
McCALLION, WILLIAM D.        CAMILLUS                      NY-34-M-460
McCARTY, MARY                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-N-363
McCLURE, JAMES               POMPEY                        NY-34-J-84
McCLURE, JAMES               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-L-141
McCLURE, JOHN                POMPEY                        NY-34-K-96
McCOY, JOSEPH                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-53
McDOWELL, HENRY              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-E-175
McEWEN, DANIEL               SALINA                        NY-34-F-369
McGINNES, JOHN               SKANTEALES                    NY-34-J-182
McHARRIE, JOHN               VAN BUREN                     NY-34-E-485
McHURON, SETH                LYSANDER                      NY-34-G-71
McINTYRE, DUTY               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-H-103
McKINLEY, DUNCAN             CLAY                          NY-34-I-215
McMEEHAN, MARGARET           LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-68
McQUEEN, JOSEPH              SALINA                        NY-34-L-414
McVICCAR, JOHN               MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-313
McVICCAR, RHODA              MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-589
MEAD, SAMUEL                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-430
MEAD, SAMUEL                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-349
MEAD, STEPHEN                VAN BUREN                     NY-34-I-110
MEELVINE, LEONARD            SPAFFORD                      NY-34-M-487
MELLIN, ROBERT               VAN BUREN                     NY-34-N-185
MERRIAM, EBENEZER C.         ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-G-11
MERRICK, EBENEZER            VAN BUREN                     NY-34-K-298
MERRILL, BARZILLEA           FABIUS                        NY-34-I-319
MERRIMAN, TITUS              ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-M-366
MERRIMAN, ZEPHANEY           SALINA                        NY-34-M-301
MERRITT, JOHN                MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-396
MESSINGER, JAMES B.          MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-331
MESSINGER, PETER B.          NTL                           NY-34-C-140
MEURS, JACOBUS               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-428
MIDLER, JAMES                MANLIUS                       NY-34-I-233
MIKALVIVITZ, LEVI            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-102
MILES, EDWIN                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-568
MILES, ELIJAH                FABIUS                        NY-34-F-513
MILES, MARCUS M.             TULLY                         NY-34-K-412
MILLER, JOHN                 POMPEY                        NY-34-E-143
MILLER, LAURA                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-337
MILLIMAN, SAMUEL             LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-400
MILLIMAN, SYLVESTER          LYSANDER                      NY-34-J-185
MILLS, BRIGHAM               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-40
MILLS, EZEKIEL A.            FABIUS                        NY-34-I-53
MILLS, ISAAC                 MARCELLUS                     NY-34-M-86
MILLS, SAMUEL F.             ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-M-140
MILLS, WILLIAM               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-I-410
MINER, TURNER                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-G-158
MOFFIT, JOHN                 SKANEATELES                   NY-34-E-99
MONRO, SQUIRE                ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-F-36
MONROE, EDWARD               ST AUGUSTIN, ST JOHNS, FL     NY-34-J-1
MONTGOMERY, PORTER           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-140
MOONEY, EDMUND H.            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-F-257
MOORE, DANIEL JR.            MARCELLUS                     NY-34-C-42
MOORE, MARIA ABIGAIL         FABIUS                        NY-34-D-47
MOREHOUSE, ADALINE           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-261
MOREHOUSE, MORDICAI          POMPEY                        NY-34-E-125
MORELL, EDWARD               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-442
MORENUS, JEREMIAH            CLAY                          NY-34-I-9
MOREY, SOLOMON               POMPEY                        NY-34-B-184
MORGAN, LYMAN                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-314
MORLATT, GIDEON              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-C-138
MORLEY, GIDEON               POMPEY                        NY-34-G-440
MORLEY, JOHN                 VAN BUREN                     NY-34-I-352
MORSE, EDMUND                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-K-203
MORSE, LAURA L.              LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-M-53
MORSE, PRUDA JANE            DEWITT                        NY-34-N-54
MORSE, RACHEL                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-160
MORSEHOUSE, SHERMAN          FABIUS                        NY-34-M-404
MORTON, AMBROSE              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-M-173
MORTON, SALMON               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-19
MOSELY, DANIEL               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-J-6
MOSES, ZEBINA                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-H-170
MOSHER, ALFRED               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-190
MOSIER, JOHN                 ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-469
MOULTON, EMERY               CICERO                        NY-34-M-295
MOWRY, SOLOMON               POMPEY                        NY-34-E-304
MOYER, DAVID J.              CLAY                          NY-34-L-421
MUNRO, DAVID                 CAMILLUS                      NY-34-N-323
MUNRO, JOHN                  ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-L-134
MUNRO, NATHAN                ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-G-21
MUNSON, AARON                OTISCO                        NY-34-I-424
MURDOCK, ELISHA              OTISCO                        NY-34-E-408
MURPHY, EDWARD               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-I-462
MYERS, JOSEPH                SALINA                        NY-34-L-70
MYERS, SEXTUS                SALINA                        NY-34-N-517
NASH, HENRY                  CLAY                          NY-34-J-146
NEGUS, JOHN                  POMPEY                        NY-34-M-470
NEGUS, THADDEUS              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-164
NEGUS, WILLIAM               FABIUS                        NY-34-J-105
NETTLETON, JAMES             POMPEY                        NY-34-N-309
NEWMAN, JOHN                 POMPEY                        NY-34-I-122
NEWTON, ABRAHAM              POMPEY                        NY-34-C-133
NICHOLS, BROWNING            POMPEY                        NY-34-F-164
NICHOLS, FRANCES R.          VAN BUREN                     NY-34-N-183
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM           ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-K-262
NILES, ALBERT                OTISCO                        NY-34-K-223
NIMS, LEMUEL C.              MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-423
NIMS, PHYLINDA               MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-381
NORTH, JOSEPH                CAMILLUS                      NY-34-L-169
NORTH, THOMAS                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-E-67
NORTH, THOMAS                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-J-18
NORTHRUP, BULAH              DEWITT                        NY-34-N-318
NORTHRUP, CHARLES L.         SYRACUSE                      NY-34-I-377
NORTHRUP, DANIEL P.          DEWITT                        NY-34-L-213
NORTHRUP, HIRAM J.           POMPEY                        NY-34-N-421
NORTHRUP, WILLIAM C.         ONONDAGA                      NY-34-C-109
NORTHWAY, ZENAS              LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-H-176
NORTON, AUGUSTUS             ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-436
NORTON, JOHN D.              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-203
NORTON, JULIA ANN            WINONA, WINONA, MN            NY-34-M-583
NORTON, LYDIA                POMPEY                        NY-34-G-18
NYE, BENJAMIN                SPAFFORD                      NY-34-E-77
OFARRELL, WILLIAM            SPAFFORD                      NY-34-M-287
OLCOTT, JAMES                LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-K-186
OLCOTT, LEBBEUS              POMPEY                        NY-34-M-185
OLCOTT, MARY                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-F-1
OLIVER, FURFIELD             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-146
OLMSTED, DAVID               MANLIUS                       NY-34-B-68
OLNEY, WILLIAM B.            MARCELLUS                     NY-34-N-398
OSBORN, ALANSON              DEWITT                        NY-34-L-121
OSBORNE, PHEBE               CAMILLUS                      NY-34-G-493
OSTRANDER, GEORGE            POMPEY                        NY-34-L-263
OSTRANDER, HARMON            CLAY                          NY-34-F-517
OTIS, ISAAC                  ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-J-318
OWEN, DANIEL                 SPAFFORD                      NY-34-D-186
OWEN, JOEL                   SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-270
OWEN, THOMAS                 GEDDES                        NY-34-I-446
PADDOCK, NANCY               SALINA                        NY-34-I-213
PADDOCK, NATHAN              CAMILLUS                      NY-34-N-64
PADDOCK, SOLOMON             CAMILLUS                      NY-34-J-108
PAINTER, OLIVER              CLAY                          NY-34-D-324
PALISTED, WILLIAM            CLAY                          NY-34-K-119
PALMER, ALMON                ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-F-153
PALMER, CHARLES              MANLIUS                       NY-34-J-374
PALMER, DEBORAH              HASTINGS, OSWEGO, NY          NY-34-E-255
PALMER, JAMES                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-89
PALMER, JOEL                 SPAFFORD                      NY-34-G-304
PALMER, JOHN                 SKANEATELES                   NY-34-M-570
PALMER, NATHANIEL            CLAY                          NY-34-J-150
PALMER, NOAH                 POMPEY                        NY-34-F-54
PALMER, REUBEN               LYSANDER                      NY-34-F-371
PALMER, ROWLAND              LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-F-189
PALMER, SANFORD              MANLIUS                       NY-34-D-359
PALMER, SANFORD B.           MANLIUS                       NY-34-N-1
PALMERTER, AMOS              LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-I-20
PALMETER, JULIA A.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-584
PANGBURN, STEPHEN            POMPEY                        NY-34-H-110
PARDEE, CHARLES              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-F-123
PARKER, AMSA                 MANLIUS                       NY-34-L-59
PARKER, ANDRUS               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-580
PARKER, JARED H.             SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-285
PARKER, JOSEPHUS             OTISCO                        NY-34-F-432
PARKER, WILLIAM F.           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-50
PARMELEE, AMOS               SALINA                        NY-34-H-257
PARRY, JOHN                  POMPEY                        NY-34-F-87
PARSONS, AUSTIN              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-488
PARSONS, CALVIN D.           OTISCO                        NY-34-M-201
PARSONS, GUSTAVUS A.         OTISCO                        NY-34-K-183
PARSONS, SETH                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-K-414
PARTRIDGE, WILLIAM           ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-228
PASONS, WILLIAM              CICERO                        NY-34-H-115
PATCH, JOHN                  NTL                           NY-34-E-7
PATCHEN, JARED               MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-179
PATKIN, SILAS                MANLIUS                       NY-34-A-15
PATTERSON, CALVIN            SPAFFORD                      NY-34-N-464
PATTERSON, WILLIAM           ONONDAGA                      NY-34-B-136
PAUL, JACOB                  LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-338
PAUL, ROBERT G.              FABIUS                        NY-34-N-394
PEASE, ORVILLE P.            SALINA                        NY-34-J-370
PEASE, SEWELL                SALINA                        NY-34-K-240
PECK, ABIGAIL                OTISCO                        NY-34-H-11
PECK, DANIEL JR.             POMPEY                        NY-34-B-167
PECK, ELIHU                  VAN BUREN                     NY-34-G-213
PECK, ELVIRA C.              LYSANDER                      NY-34-L-82
PECK, ISAAC                  VAN BUREN                     NY-34-M-373
PECK, LIVA                   SKANEATELES                   NY-34-F-482
PECK, MOSES                  FABIUS                        NY-34-M-61
PENAGER, SILAS               FABIUS                        NY-34-L-32
PENDERGAST, NICHOLAS W.      LYSANDER                      NY-34-N-46
PERKINS, ARCHIBALD           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-279
PERKINS, BENJAMIN            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-313
PERKINS, DANIEL B.           MANLIUS                       NY-34-A-57
PERRY, SYLVANUS              SYRACUSE                      NY-34-L-442
PESE, CHARLES                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-394
PETTIBONE, JOHN              ONONDAGA                      NY-34-H-98
PETTIT, ANN                  LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-231
PHELPS, JONATHAN H.          CAMILLUS                      NY-34-N-71
PHELPS, WILLIAM D.           LAFAYETTE                     NY-34-M-587
PHILBURN, MARY               SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-586
PHILLIPS, BURROWS            SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-240
PHILLIPS, GEORGE             MARCELLUS                     NY-34-H-127
PHILLIPS, JANETTE            MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-338
PICKIT, CASTLE               TULLY                         NY-34-J-293
PIERCE, DANIEL               FABIUS                        NY-34-I-166
PIERCE, SAMUEL               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-I-328
PIERCE, SAMUEL               ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-L-104
PINCKNEY, GILBERT            ONONDAGA                      NY-34-F-314
PINCKNEY, JOHN               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-M-307
PINNEY, JOHN JR.             SALINA                        NY-34-G-117
PINNEY, PETER                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-B-77
PITS, NOBLE                  POMPEY                        NY-34-I-83
PLATT, DANIEL                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-N-446
PLATT, HENRY S.              MARCELLUS                     NY-34-E-39
PLATT, JOSEPH                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-I-468
PLENDL, JACOB                SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-171
PLUMB, HENRY                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-J-478
PLUMMER, JERUSHA A.          CLAY                          NY-34-N-327
POILE, HENRY                 POMPEY                        NY-34-N-379
POMEROY, LOVISA              SKANEATELES                   NY-34-L-223
POMEROY, RICHARD             ONONDAGA                      NY-34-N-263
POMEROY, THADDEUS            DEWITT                        NY-34-K-289
PORTER, BETSEY               POMPEY                        NY-34-H-321
PORTER, DAVID                FABIUS                        NY-34-I-301
PORTER, PLINY                POMPEY                        NY-34-G-179
PORTER, SAMUEL               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-H-93
PORTER, SAMUEL A.            SKANEATELES                   NY-34-G-202
PORTHOUSE, JOSEPH            SALINA                        NY-34-G-134
POTTER, CALEB N.             MARCELLUS                     NY-34-N-87
POTTER, FRANCIS M.           SKANEATELES                   NY-34-J-53
POTTER, HANNAH               MANLIUS                       NY-34-K-300
POWELL, DANIEL               ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-I-11
POWELL, THOMAS               SKANEATELES                   NY-34-L-246
POWERS, JOHN                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-M-546
POWERS, SAMUEL               ELBRIDGE                      NY-34-E-226
PRATT, FREDERICK JR.         MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-511
PRATT, FREDRICK              MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-303
PRATT, HARRIET W.            MANLIUS                       NY-34-M-275
PRATT, JACOB                 POMPEY                        NY-34-J-358
PRESLOW, ANN                 CAMILLUS                      NY-34-L-379
PRIEST, WILLIAM              LYSANDER                      NY-34-K-364
PRINDLE, MOSES               SPAFFORD                      NY-34-F-209
PRIOR, THOMAS                ONONDAGA                      NY-34-J-327
PRUDBON, DOMINIQUE           SYRACUSE                      NY-34-K-486
PULFORD, TRAVES              POMPEY                        NY-34-L-364
PULLMAN, HENRY               ONONDAGA                      NY-34-J-36
PUTNAM, PERLY                MARCELLUS                     NY-34-D-252
PUTNAM, POLLY                SKANEATELES                   NY-34-E-507
QUA, WILLIAM                 SYRACUSE                      NY-34-N-563

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