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PAGE, ADELIA B.              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-191
PAIN, BENJAMIN               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-A-24
PAINE, GEORGE C.             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-K-218
PALMER, ALFRED S.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-G-268
PALMER, DANIEL H.            WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-480
PALMER, GEORGE H.            WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-15
PALMER, URIAH                ESSEX                         NY-16-B-86
PALMER, WALTER D.            ESSEX                         NY-16-L-317
PARKER, GEORGE W.            LEWIS                         NY-16-K-160
PARKHILL, EZRA               ESSEX                         NY-16-I-496
PARKHILL, HORACE W.          ESSEX                         NY-16-M-258
PARKILL, WILLIAM B.          CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-124
PARKS, JANE H.               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-372
PARSONS, JOSEPH              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-152
PARTRIDGE, SALLY L.          ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-358
PATNODE, MARGARET GARDNER    SCHROON                       NY-16-M-191
PAYNE, JOHN                  TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-453
PAYNTAR, MARY BOOSEE         WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-N-420
PEASE, LOUISA B.             NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-M-49
PECK, ADONIRAM               JAY                           NY-16-L-335
PECK, HIRAM                  NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-H-120
PEPPER, JOSEPH               NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-L-411
PERKINS, JOHN H.             MORIAH                        NY-16-I-403
PERMONTON, ROYAL             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-E-134
PERRY, ABIJAH                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-A-265
PERRY, ELIZA K.              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-234
PERRY, EVELYN S.             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-N-411
PERRY, NATHAN                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-I-320
PERSON, HARRY J.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-99
PERSON, LEWIS F.             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-N-405
PERSONS, JANE                MINERVA                       NY-16-H-345
PHELPS, TERRIMAN             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-H-194
PHILLIPS, ALMERON W.         WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-1
PHILLIPS, ASA S.             ESSEX                         NY-16-B-422
PIERCE, CURTIS W.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-12
PIERCE, HARVEY               WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-12
PIERCE, LEVI                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-300
PIERCE, MARY                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-282
PIKE, ELISHA                 PITTSFORD, RUTLAND, VT        NY-16-C-217
PITKIN, DAVID                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-457
PITKIN, DAVID F.             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-447
PLINNEY, ALMA L.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-187
POND, BENAJAH                NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-M-52
POND, MARGARET A.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-476
POOLER, WARREN               WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-407
POPE, LATHROP                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-C-68
PORTER, EMILY J.             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-66
PORTER, FRANCES E.           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-175
POST, ALMON                  ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-N-226
POTTER, ABEL                 **                            NY-16-A-234
POTTER, ERASTUS BOWE         NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-E-14
POTTER, HULDAH G.            SCHROON                       NY-16-F-342
POTTER, JESSE                JAY                           NY-16-D-566
POWELL, GEORGE W.            MORIAH                        NY-16-L-287
POWELL, WILLIAM              SCHEROON                      NY-16-B-350
PRATT, ABIJAH                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-E-115
PRATT, FAYETTE               SCHROON                       NY-16-N-264
PRAY, JOHN                   ESSEX                         NY-16-A-284
PRAY, THOMAS                 ESSEX                         NY-16-A-286
PRESBREY, JOHN B.            PORT HENRY                    NY-16-H-275
PRESBREY, MARY A.            MORIAH                        NY-16-L-358
PRESCOTT, FRANK A.           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-444
PRESCOTT, HELEN E.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-250
PRESCOTT, HENRY              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-332
PRESCOTT, RUFUS              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-235
PRIME, HENRY                 JAY                           NY-16-M-144
PROVO, LOUIS                 JAY                           NY-16-I-106
PUTNAM, ASA                  ESSEX                         NY-16-B-362
PUTNAM, BETSEY M.            ESSEX                         NY-16-L-258
PUTNAM, JAMES M.             MORIAH                        NY-16-M-5
RANNEY, NANCY D.             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-I-167
RAWSON, DUANE                SCHROON                       NY-16-H-229
RAWSON, HANNAH E.            SCHROON                       NY-16-N-308
RAY, WILLIAM P.              LEWIS                         NY-16-N-65
REARDON, JOHN                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-H-114
REED, CYHENIUS               WESTPORT                      NY-16-K-55
REED, LUCINDA S.             MORIAH                        NY-16-M-70
RENNE, J.                    CROWN POINT                   NY-16-B-314
REYNO, JOSEPHINE             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-5
REYNOLDS, ABNER              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-E-552
REYNOLDS, EDMUND             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-I-351
REYNOLDS, GEORGE B.          WESTPORT                      NY-16-C-244
REYNOLDS, JANE ANN           WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-275
REYNOLDS, NEWELL             KEENE                         NY-16-B-288
REYNOLDS, POLLY C.           ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-587
RICE, AMOS                   ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-C-381
RICE, ESTHER H.              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-H-260
RICE, GEORGE W.              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-I-370
RICE, HELEN A.               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-286
RICE, LUKE                   LEWIS                         NY-16-G-157
RICE, WILLIAM                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-A-328
RICH, LOYAL C.               NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-E-309
RICHARD, LOUISA              JAY                           NY-16-L-230
RICHARD, SHERMAN             JAY                           NY-16-H-55
RICHARDS, ALMINA A.          WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-255
RICHARDS, CHARLES A.         WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-418
RICHARDS, JOSHUA D.          LEWIS                         NY-16-M-389
RICHARDS, SILAS              LEWIS                         NY-16-K-181
RICHARDS, WILLIAM            WESTPORT                      NY-16-H-1
RICHARDSON, LOUISA H.        WESTPORT                      NY-16-H-61
RICHARDSON, NANCIE P.        ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-345
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM H.       WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-370
RICHMOND, FRANCIS            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-179
RICKERSON, ABEDNEGO          CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-216
RICKETSON, STEPHEN           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-250
RIVERS, PETER                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-128
ROBARE, WILLIAM              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-148
ROBARGE, FRANK               KEESEVILLE                    NY-16-N-91
ROBERTS, RALZA RODOLPH       LEWIS                         NY-16-G-58
ROBERTS, SAMUEL              LEWIS                         NY-16-G-42
ROCK, ELIZA                  CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-22
ROE, LEWIS H.                MORIAH                        NY-16-N-247
ROGERS, DAVID                WESTPORT                      NY-16-C-409
ROGERS, LOIS                 KEENE                         NY-16-I-426
ROGERS, RANSOM               MINERVA                       NY-16-C-9
ROGERS, THOMAS               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-C-295
ROOT, ASAHEL                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-D-564
ROOT, RUSSELL                NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-F-238
ROOT, WALTER                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-412
ROSCOE, JAMES                LEWIS                         NY-16-D-498
ROSS, ANTHONY J. B.          ESSEX                         NY-16-N-70
ROSS, HENRY HOWARD           ESSEX                         NY-16-E-44
ROSS, SUSANNAH BLANCHARD     ESSEX                         NY-16-G-35
ROT, SAMANTHA                SCHROON                       NY-16-M-109
ROUNDS, ELIJAH M.            SCHROON                       NY-16-K-301
ROWE, HANNAH                 ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-B-24
ROWE, LUTHER                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-B-229
ROWELL, ISAAC                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-348
ROWELL, NORMAN J.            ESSEX                         NY-16-F-455
ROWLEY, DANIEL               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-H-472
ROYCE, CALVIN                ESSEX                         NY-16-K-125
ROYCE, CALVIN                WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-479
ROYCE, ELISHA LOVELL         ESSEX                         NY-16-E-49
ROYCE, ORVILLE A.            ESSEX                         NY-16-I-343
RUBACK, CYNTHIA              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-C-13
RUBACK, FREDERICK B.         WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-B-400
RUDE, CHARLOTTE ADAMS        MORIAH                        NY-16-K-309
RUSCO, STEPHEN               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-A-84
RUSSEL, MARTIN               WILMINGTON                    NY-16-H-72
RUSSELL, HOLLIS              MORIAH                        NY-16-B-376
RYAN, ELLEN                  MORIAH                        NY-16-K-377
RYAN, JEREMIAH               MORIAH                        NY-16-N-305
RYAN, JOHN                   JAY                           NY-16-N-492
SAFFORD, EBENEZER            LEWIS                         NY-16-G-14
SAFFORD, LEMUEL W.           ESSEX                         NY-16-M-291
SAFFORD, THOMAS              LEWIS                         NY-16-C-291
SAFFORD, THOMAS              LEWIS                         NY-16-C-203
SAMPSON, HENRY               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-117
SAMSON, EPHRAIM              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-163
SANDERS, HAMILTON A.         WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-41
SANDERS, RANSOM              KEENE                         NY-16-K-491
SANDERS, WALTER              JAY                           NY-16-F-366
SANFORD, DAVID E.            MORIAH                        NY-16-F-491
SARGENT, RODNEY              WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-216
SARTELL, OLIVER              LEWIS                         NY-16-H-25
SAVARD, JOHN B.              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-L-468
SAWYER, CHAUNCEY P.          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-304
SCHNEIDER, GEORGE A.         SCHROON                       NY-16-K-325
SCOTT, ROBERT G.             NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-F-486
SEAMAN, ADELINE E.           SCHROON                       NY-16-N-445
SEAMAN, ASAHEL               SCHROON                       NY-16-B-254
SEAMANS, BARTLETT            SCHROON                       NY-16-E-177
SEAMONS, THOMAS D.           SCHROON                       NY-16-D-508
SEARLES, ALLEN R.            MORIAH                        NY-16-L-291
SELLINGHAM, LUCY J.          ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-N-493
SEVERANCE, CYRUS             LEWIS                         NY-16-N-448
SEVERANCE, WILLIAM           WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-N-382
SHATTUCK, BETSEY             ESSEX                         NY-16-D-617
SHATTUCK, FREDERICK          LEWIS                         NY-16-H-179
SHATTUCK, GEORGE H.          CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-463
SHATTUCK, JOSEPH W. M.       WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-502
SHATTUCK, MARTIN H.          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-391
SHAW, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN      KEENE                         NY-16-E-101
SHAW, SILAS                  KEENE                         NY-16-M-269
SHEARER, MATILDA             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-197
SHEARER, THOMAS              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-619
SHEARN, MARY A.              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-203
SHEDD, MARSHALL              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-F-114
SHEILS, JOHN                 ANAMOSA, JONES, IA            NY-16-G-209
SHELDEN, ISAAC               ESSEX                         NY-16-A-112
SHELDON, CHARLES             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-F-47
SHELDON, GIDEON              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-A-16
SHELDON, GLORIANNA           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-246
SHELDON, HORACE              JAY                           NY-16-M-42
SHELDON, OTIS                MORIAH                        NY-16-H-18
SHELDON, PLATT R.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-397
SHELDON, RENSSELAER          CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-363
SHELDON, WALTER              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-E-624
SHELDON, WALTER              WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-327
SHERBURN, BETSEY C.          ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-K-23
SHERMAN, CHRISTOPHER M.      SCHROON                       NY-16-K-100
SHERMAN, EDWIN               MORIAH                        NY-16-E-545
SHERMAN, GEORGE R.           PORT HENRY                    NY-16-L-480
SHERMAN, HIRAM JR.           WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-184
SHERMAN, JANE H.             MORIAH                        NY-16-M-318
SHERMAN, JESSE               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-275
SHERMAN, MARTHA H.           MORIAH                        NY-16-N-471
SHERMAN, WILLIAM             MORIAH                        NY-16-B-434
SHERRY, OWEN                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-121
SHEVLIN, FRANK               MINERVA                       NY-16-N-370
SHOCIA, JOSEPH               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-311
SHORT, ELIZA JANE            MORIAH                        NY-16-F-15
SIMONDS, LYNDE W.            ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-G-5
SIMPKINS, THOMAS             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-233
SISSON, JOHN                 SCHROON                       NY-16-D-505
SKINNER, LYDIA A.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-239
SLATER, SAMUEL H.            NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-140
SLATTERY, BRIDGET            KEENE                         NY-16-H-100
SLOAN, CORNELIUS             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-K-467
SMITH, ABIJAH                SCHROON                       NY-16-F-74
SMITH, AMASA                 SCHROON                       NY-16-C-258
SMITH, AMBROSE N.            ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-I-91
SMITH, CALISTA               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-261
SMITH, CATHERINE             SCHROON                       NY-16-F-479
SMITH, DAVID                 JAY                           NY-16-C-310
SMITH, ELIZA                 ST ARMAND                     NY-16-F-363
SMITH, ELIZA R.              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-344
SMITH, FANNY L.              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-283
SMITH, GALUSHA H.            JAY                           NY-16-H-58
SMITH, HARRIET               WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-324
SMITH, HARVEY                WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-570
SMITH, HENRY M.              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-11
SMITH, JOHN                  TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-564
SMITH, JOHN K.               ESSEX                         NY-16-M-453
SMITH, JUDSON NEWMAN         NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-M-440
SMITH, LOVINA                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-328
SMITH, NORMAND               KEENE                         NY-16-M-115
SMITH, PETER H.              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-I-243
SMITH, RUBACK                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-420
SMITH, SOPHRONIA             LEWIS                         NY-16-M-67
SMITH, STEWART W.            ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-F-265
SMITH, WILLIAM               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-112
SMITH, WILLIAM F.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-613
SOPER, SARAH JANE            WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-384
SOUTHARD, RUTH ANN           JAY                           NY-16-H-176
SOUTHWELL, JACOB             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-C-197
SPAULDING, LUCY              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-D-526
SPEAR, BYRON H.              MORIAH                        NY-16-N-486
SPELLMAN, DENNIS             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-100
SPENCER, JONATHAN BUCK       WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-336
SPENCER, MARY                WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-307
SPENCER, NANCY               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-401
SPICER, SOLOMON              JAY                           NY-16-A-277
SPRAGUE, BENJAMIN T.         ESSEX                         NY-16-N-105
SPRAGUE, MORRIS T.           MORIAH                        NY-16-M-112
SPRAGUE, NATHAN B.           CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-576
STAFFORD, ABEL J.            ESSEX                         NY-16-M-61
STAFFORD, ADAM K.            ESSEX                         NY-16-L-313
STAFFORD, ANNA M.            ESSEX                         NY-16-N-384
STAFFORD, EZRA K.            ESSEX                         NY-16-G-442
STAFFORD, JAMES SR.          ESSEX                         NY-16-H-478
STAFFORD, JORB               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-F-44
STAFFORD, MOSES              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-C-179
STAFFORD, NOAH               ESSEX                         NY-16-M-200
STAFFORD, THOMAS             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-A-13
STAFORD, AMOS                ESSEX                         NY-16-B-39
STALKER, ALEXANDER           NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-154
STALKER, MARY J.             NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-479
STANTON, JERUSHA V.          MORIAH                        NY-16-M-295
STANTON, JOHN S.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-384
STANTON, URIAH               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-69
STAVES, MARTHA M.            MORIAH                        NY-16-H-282
STEARNS, MARY A.             ST ARMAND                     NY-16-N-494
STEELE, ALEXANDER            LEWIS                         NY-16-C-1
STEELE, JAMES W.             SALEM, WASHINGTON, NY         NY-16-A-337
STEELE, SARAH E.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-352
STEVENS, GEORGE A.           LEWIS                         NY-16-F-470
STEVENS, REBECCA             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-H-458
STEVENSON, ALEXANDER         WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-142
STEVENSON, WILLIAM           WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-322
STEWART, SYLVANUS S.         TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-416
STICKNEY, ARCHIBALD F.       ESSEX                         NY-16-M-136
STICKNEY, DANIEL B.          JAY                           NY-16-I-430
STICKNEY, ELIAS              ESSEX                         NY-16-F-437
STICKNEY, ELIPHALET          JAY                           NY-16-D-492
STICKNEY, HELEN H.           JAY                           NY-16-M-18
STOEL, DAVID                 CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-1
STOLL, ASA                   CROWN POINT                   NY-16-C-188
STONE, ISAAC                 MORIAH                        NY-16-E-32
STONE, JAMES W.              BIRMINGHAM, CT                NY-16-H-5
STONE, JEREMIAH              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-334
STORRS, CLARISSA H.          WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-215
STOWER, MICHAEL H.           ESSEX                         NY-16-F-168
STOWER, SARAH A.             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-335
STRANAHAN, WILLIAM           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-D-583
STRATTON, AMOS               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-312
SULLIVAN, DENNIS             JAY                           NY-16-H-63
SULLIVAN, JOHN               MORIAH                        NY-16-F-172
SUMNER, ASA                  WILMINGTON                    NY-16-F-200
SUMNER, CLARK G.             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-N-257
SUMNER, EBENEZER             WILMINGTON                    NY-16-I-88
TABOR, CHARLES F.            CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-143
TAGGARD, JAMES WOODFORD      CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-320
TALBOT, CHARLES              MINERVA                       NY-16-I-357
TALBOT, EDWARD               MINERVA                       NY-16-E-67
TALBOT, LEONORA A.           MINERVA                       NY-16-K-234
TAPPAN, LORINDA              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-177
TART, JOHN                   MORIAH                        NY-16-K-426
TAYLOR, ALETHA               NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-K-119
TAYLOR, BETSEY               MORIAH                        NY-16-M-482
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH            SCHROON                       NY-16-K-418
TAYLOR, JESSE                SCHROON                       NY-16-G-80
TAYLOR, JOHNR .              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-413
TAYLOR, JOSEPH               MORIAH                        NY-16-H-481
TAYLOR, MATILDA              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-461
TAYLOR, NATHAN               JAY                           NY-16-L-444
TERRY, ANN                   WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-363
THAYER, ELIJAH               WILMINGTON                    NY-16-M-38
THOMAS, GEORGE E.            MORIAH                        NY-16-M-84
THOMAS, JAMES O.             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-H-331
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-141
THOMPSON, AMOS               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-B-437
THOMPSON, ANDREW             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-61
THOMPSON, ISAAC M.           ESSEX                         NY-16-N-467
THOMPSON, JAMES              LEWIS                         NY-16-B-281
THOMPSON, LEVI               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-A-373
THOMPSON, LEVI               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-G-308
THRALL, IRVIN H.             LEWIS                         NY-16-N-481
THROOP, CHARLES              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-492
TITUS, HERBERT R.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-417
TITUS, RUSSELL L.            MORIAH                        NY-16-H-434
TOBEY, FRANKLIN W.           PORT HENRY                    NY-16-G-129
TOBEY, JESSE                 JAY                           NY-16-C-371
TOBIN, THOMAS                MORIAH                        NY-16-K-430
TOMLINSON, RACHEL B.         KEESEVILLE                    NY-16-K-200
TORRANCE, LYDIA              MORIAH                        NY-16-E-98
TORRENCE, HEMAN H.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-364
TORRENCE, ORRIN              NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-M-75
TOWN, CHARLES C.             ST ARMAND                     NY-16-I-150
TOWNE, SETH                  CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-85
TOWNER, EPHRAIM              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-154
TOWNSEND, AARON F.           CROWN POINT                   NY-16-K-133
TOWSLEE, RUFUS               MINERVA                       NY-16-A-295
TRAIN, RICHARD F.            MORIAH                        NY-16-H-75
TREADWAY, HOSEA              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-64
TREADWAY, JANE A.            PORT HENRY                    NY-16-H-190
TRIMBLE, SARAH F.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-441
TROMBLEE, WILLIAM            ESSEX                         NY-16-N-252
TROMBLER, BRIDGET            MORIAH                        NY-16-F-120
TRUMBULL, IRA                JAY                           NY-16-L-414
TRUMBULL, THOMAS D.          JAY                           NY-16-N-334
TUCKER, FRANCES M.           ESSEX                         NY-16-L-424
TUCKER, JOHN                 ESSEX                         NY-16-I-113
TUNSTALL, EDWIN              MORIAH                        NY-16-K-289
TURNER, BELLE E.             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-444
TURNER, PAYNE                LEWIS                         NY-16-C-364
TURNER, SEPTEMUS             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-139
TUTTLE, CHAUNCEY D.          ESSEX                         NY-16-D-560
TUTTLE, LAURTIUS             ESSEX                         NY-16-E-104
TUTTLE, SAMUEL D.            ESSEX                         NY-16-I-49
TWA, GEORGE                  CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-345
VANORNAM, CLARISSA           LEWIS                         NY-16-H-155
VANORNAM, EDMUND             ESSEX                         NY-16-L-399
VAUGHAN, FRANKLIN            WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-32
VAUGHN, JULIUS               WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-85
VAUGHN, NANCY                WESTPORT                      NY-16-H-242
VAUGHN, SALLY                LEWIS                         NY-16-G-376
VIALL, SOPHRONIA B.          CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-134
VIDAL, ULYSSES B.            PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-16-G-217
WADHAMS, LUMAN               WESTPORT                      NY-16-B-244
WADHAMS, WILLIAM L.          WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-221
WAIT, JOHN S.                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-G-96
WAITE, SARAH E. N.           ESSEX                         NY-16-K-63
WAKEFIELD, DANA              NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-H-202
WAKEFIELD, JONATHAN          NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-E-590
WALDO, ARTEMAS B.            PORT HENRY                    NY-16-K-433
WALKER, ASAPH T.             ESSEX                         NY-16-E-290
WALKER, CAMILLA A.           ESSEX                         NY-16-N-173
WALKER, GARDNER J.           ESSEX                         NY-16-L-11
WALKER, HORACE W.            CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-531
WALKER, JONAS P.             ESSEX                         NY-16-D-547
WALKER, LUTHER               KEENE                         NY-16-B-430
WALL, WILLIAM HENRY          ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-296
WALMASLEY, JAMES             MINERVA                       NY-16-I-199
WALSH, EDMOND                MORIAH                        NY-16-N-426
WARDNER, JACOB               ESSEX                         NY-16-F-475
WARDNER, JOSHUA              LEWIS                         NY-16-F-206
WARE, ELIZA A. D.            KEENE                         NY-16-K-122
WARNER, SAMUEL               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-229
WARREN, AARON                SCHROON                       NY-16-C-114
WARREN, AMANDA               SCHROON                       NY-16-E-366
WARREN, BENJAMIN S.          SCHROON                       NY-16-G-434
WARREN, ERASTUS              SCHROON                       NY-16-F-280
WARREN, HENRY A.             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-F-135
WARREN, HESTER A.            SCHROON                       NY-16-I-72
WASBURN, MATILDA             JAY                           NY-16-M-133
WASHBOND, ALONZO             NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-F-441
WASSON, DAVID A.             MORIAH                        NY-16-M-214
WATSON, ABIAL E.             PORT KENT                     NY-16-I-54
WATSON, WINSLOW C.           PORT KENT                     NY-16-H-387
WEED, FREDERICK              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-491
WEED, GEORGE C.              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-274
WEED, MARION A.              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-562
WEEKS, WILLIAM               NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-F-19
WELDEN, SUSANNAH             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-68
WELDIN, GIDEON               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-H-455
WELLS, JOHN                  JAY                           NY-16-F-247
WELLS, SYLVANUS              JAY                           NY-16-G-282
WESCOTT, STUKELY             SCHROON                       NY-16-A-261
WEST, DAVID G.               MINERVA                       NY-16-D-28
WEST, LENOX T.               MINERVA                       NY-16-B-306
WEST, LEVI G.                MINERVA                       NY-16-E-556
WEST, NATHAN                 MINERVA                       NY-16-B-415
WESTON, ELIJAH               WILMINGTON                    NY-16-K-479
WESTON, WARREN F.            KEENE                         NY-16-L-51
WETHERBEE, ALMA LUCRETIA     MORIAH                        NY-16-L-340
WETHERBEE, JONATHAN G.       PORT HENRY                    NY-16-F-390
WETHERBEE, WILLIAM CULLEN    MORIAH                        NY-16-L-68
WHALLON, ELIZABETH           ESSEX                         NY-16-C-77
WHALLON, REUBEN              ESSEX                         NY-16-C-44
WHEELER, ABIJAH LEE          KEENE                         NY-16-E-183
WHEELER, NANCY               BRIDGPORT, ADDISON, VT        NY-16-C-234
WHEELER, STEPHEN L.          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-90
WHEELOCK, EUSEBIA            MORIAH                        NY-16-G-316
WHIPPLE, FRANCIS C.          ESSEX                         NY-16-N-311
WHITE, EMILY A.              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-467
WHITMORE, NANCY              JAY                           NY-16-G-401
WHITNEY, BENJAMIN F.         ESSEX                         NY-16-G-264
WHITNEY, GEORGE M.           SCHROON                       NY-16-N-203
WHITNEY, JOHN                WESTPOINT                     NY-16-B-445
WHITNEY, JOHN A.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-430
WHITNEY, LANSFORD            SCHROON                       NY-16-N-418
WHITNEY, PHINEHAS            ESSEX                         NY-16-E-409
WHITNEY, SOPHRONIA           WESTPORT                      NY-16-H-106
WHITNEY, WILLIAM             SCHROON                       NY-16-F-138
WICKER, GUSTAVUS N.          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-64
WICKER, LEMUEL               NTL                           NY-16-B-177
WILKIE, ANN B.               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-G-91
WILKINS, ALPHEUS             JAY                           NY-16-H-378
WILL, CHARLES                MORIAH                        NY-16-I-331
WILLIAMS, ALFRED E.          WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-414
WILLIAMS, MERIAH             NTL                           NY-16-A-386
WILLIAMS, RANSOM H.          LEWIS                         NY-16-M-151
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM          ESSEX                         NY-16-D-620
WILLIS, SUSAN M.             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-63
WILLIS, WARREN               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-607
WILLS, FRANCIS W.            CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-316
WILSON, EDWARD E.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-446
WILSON, ELIZA J.             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-125
WILSON, ISABEL               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-H-147
WILSON, JOSEPH               LEWIS                         NY-16-N-120
WILSON, LUELLA               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-269
WILSON, MELANCTHON W.        TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-340
WILSON, SAMUEL               MORIAH                        NY-16-L-200
WILSON, SARAH D.             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-F-451
WINCH, CAROLINE S.           KEENE                         NY-16-M-160
WINTER, CAROLINE D.          CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-439
WINTER, MARY                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-212
WINTER, NATHAN H.            CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-F-38
WISE, DANIEL                 ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-C-63
WITHERBEE, SOPHIE G.         MORIAH                        NY-16-L-266
WITHERSPOON, JAMES           JAY                           NY-16-I-25
WOLCOTT, ARIEL               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-640
WOLCOTT, RACHEL O.           MORIAH                        NY-16-I-231
WOLCOTT, SAMUEL              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-91
WOOD, GEORGE W.              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-272
WOODARD, JOHN                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-439
WOODARD, MARTHA J.           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-222
WOODRUFF, AUGUSTUS F.        ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-I-147
WOODRUFF, CELIA              MORIAH                        NY-16-H-398
WOODRUFF, JULIUS A.          LEWIS                         NY-16-F-144
WOODRUFF, WILLETT W.         LEWIS                         NY-16-I-366
WOODS, MARY                  MORIAH                        NY-16-F-250
WORSDELL, LENORA             WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-410
WRIGHT, GEORGE               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-H-488
WRIGHT, JOSEPH               PUTNAM                        NY-16-B-301
WRIGHTINGTON, GEORGE         CROWN POINT                   NY-16-B-337
WUSLEY, JAMES                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-454
WYMAN, DANIEL                CROWN POINT                   NY-16-L-163
YOUNG, IRA H.                MORIAH                        NY-16-L-495
YOUNG, SYLVESTER             WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-375

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