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GALAGLY, FRANCIS             MORIAH                        NY-16-F-117
GALLOWAY, AMANDA             MINERVA                       NY-16-E-189
GANNON, WILLIAM P.           TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-G-301
GARFIELD, SELUCIUS           SCHROON                       NY-16-G-62
GATES, FRANCIS M.            ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-G-312
GATES, ORRIN C.              MINERVA                       NY-16-B-390
GAY, L. D.                   CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-94
GIBBS, JOHN                  WESTPORT                      NY-16-C-272
GIBBS, ORANGE                WESTPORT                      NY-16-H-384
GIBSON, JOHN                 JAY                           NY-16-E-404
GILL, FRANCES F.             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-487
GILLETT, JULIA A.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-356
GILLIGAN, JOHN               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-G-487
GILMORE, JOHN                KEENE                         NY-16-E-122
GILSON, CORNELIUS            MORIAH                        NY-16-I-15
GLOVER, WILLIAM B.           FAIRFIELD                     NY-16-M-101
GOODALE, PHEBE S.            CROWN POINT                   NY-16-G-54
GORDON, CARL                 NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-468
GORMAN, THOMAS               WILMINGTON                    NY-16-H-416
GOSS, SURRY                  LEWIS                         NY-16-H-342
GOUCHER, ORMAN S.            JAY                           NY-16-M-425
GOUGH, JANETTE A.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-311
GOUGH, THERON S.             ADDISON, ADDISON, VT          NY-16-L-432
GOULD, JOHN                  ESSEX                         NY-16-D-516
GOWETT, MARY                 LEWIS                         NY-16-M-435
GRACEY, ROBERT               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-271
GRAHAM, HARRIET              LEWIS                         NY-16-K-387
GRAHAM, JOHN                 PORT HENRY                    NY-16-G-88
GRANT, GEORGE                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-G-71
GRAY, WILLIAM                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-255
GREELEY, JAMES M.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-58
GREELEY, MARTHA B.           WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-372
GREELY, JOHN                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-617
GREELY, SUSAN                WESTPORT                      NY-16-C-402
GREENE, ALMEDA A.            MORIAH                        NY-16-N-380
GRISWOLD, GEORGE             JAY                           NY-16-L-1
GROVER, ALLEN C.             MORIAH                        NY-16-N-82
GUNNISON, GEORGE             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-G-124
GUNNISON, MARGARET           CROWN POINT                   NY-16-K-373
HADAWAY, MARCIA A.           CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-232
HALE, ROBERT SAFFORD         ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-H-83
HALL, DAVID                  SCHROON                       NY-16-E-137
HALL, ELI                    KEENE                         NY-16-B-130
HALL, ESTHER                 LEWIS                         NY-16-E-145
HALL, HARTWELL E.            SCHROON                       NY-16-K-1
HALL, HENRY                  SCHROON                       NY-16-E-550
HALL, SAFFORD EDDY           ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-71
HALL, WILLIAM J.             SCHROON                       NY-16-N-460
HALLAHAN, MICHAEL A.         TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-412
HALSTEAD, PLATT R.           WESTPORT                      NY-16-D-7
HALSTED, MARIA               WESTPORT                      NY-16-A-403
HAMILTON, JOHN               MORIAH                        NY-16-N-151
HAMMOND, ASA P.              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-118
HAMMOND, JABEZ G.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-H-127
HAMMOND, JOHN                CROWN POINT                   NY-16-K-46
HAMMOND, MARY G.             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-95
HAMMOND, NANCY SMITH         CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-26
HAMMOND, ROBERT              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-D-74
HAND, AUGUSTUS C.            ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-G-102
HANNA, JOSEPH                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-230
HANNEBERRY, JAMES            MORIAH                        NY-16-H-131
HARDY, BENJAMIN              WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-222
HARNDEN, JOHN B.             MORIAH                        NY-16-H-264
HARRER, SARAH M.             SCHROON                       NY-16-I-489
HARRINGTON, JOHN             JAY                           NY-16-K-150
HARRISON, THOMAS             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-558
HARTWELL, ARTEMAS S.         WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-258
HASELTON, ABIGAIL J.         ESSEX                         NY-16-M-187
HASELTON, TIMOTHY            WILMINGTON                    NY-16-F-274
HASKINS, ELI                 ESSEX                         NY-16-E-203
HAUN, SAMUEL                 SHOREHAM, ADDISON, VT         NY-16-C-225
HAVENS, PALMER E.            ESSEX                         NY-16-I-153
HAVERN, ELIZA A.             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-75
HAWLEY, ISRAEL B.            WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-H-328
HAY, HENRY B.                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-D-42
HAYES, DAVID B.              WILMINGTON                    NY-16-N-168
HAYES, NATHAN S. C.          ST ARMAND                     NY-16-L-176
HAYES, OREN E.               ESSEX                         NY-16-M-306
HAYFORD, JAMES L.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-482
HAYFORD, KEZIAH              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-331
HAYNES, CHARLES              WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-354
HAYNES, ELIZA A.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-39
HAYWARD, DAVID S.            ESSEX                         NY-16-N-206
HEALD, ASA                   KEENE                         NY-16-A-315
HEDDING, ELIJAH B.           PORT HENRY                    NY-16-N-55
HELLER, HANNAH L.            CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-98
HELM, JOHN                   WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-F-329
HENDERSON, CHLOE             WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-634
HENDERSON, IRA               WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-277
HEWITT, JOSIAH               JAY                           NY-16-D-502
HEWITT, SAMUEL               JAY                           NY-16-D-18
HICKEY, CORNELIUS            MORIAH                        NY-16-N-291
HICKEY, THOMAS               MORIAH                        NY-16-G-206
HICKOK, AUSTIN               PORT HENRY                    NY-16-H-161
HICKOK, ROGERS               WILMINGTON                    NY-16-L-88
HIGBY, ELIHU                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-219
HIGBY, LEVI                  WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-H-172
HILDRETH, HARTWELL H.        CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-622
HINCKLEY, LEVI               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-E-180
HINDS, DAVID                 KEENE                         NY-16-M-142
HIOFFNAGLE, EDMUND           WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-F-180
HITCHCOCK, OBED              LEWIS                         NY-16-E-149
HOAG, JOSHUA                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-272
HOAG, RICHARD                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-46
HODSNIUS, BREWSTER M.        ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-275
HOFFNAGLE, CHARLOTTE C.      ESSEX                         NY-16-L-64
HOFFNAGLE, GIDEON W.         ESSEX                         NY-16-N-459
HOFFNAGLE, SAMUEL H.         ESSEX                         NY-16-H-209
HOGAN, ELIZABETH             MORIAH                        NY-16-M-107
HOGAN, WILLIAM               MORIAH                        NY-16-I-273
HOLCOMB, SARAH A.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-79
HOLT, ELIZA B.               MORIAH                        NY-16-G-351
HOLT, HARVEY                 KEENE                         NY-16-L-143
HOLT, JAMES S.               KEENE                         NY-16-G-166
HOLT, LUCY                   WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-184
HOOD, MARY O.                LEWIS                         NY-16-I-269
HOOPER, JANE ANN             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-211
HOOPER, WILLIAM              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-364
HOPKINS, OLIVER              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-256
HOSKINS, SOPHIA              ESSEX                         NY-16-H-166
HOSKINS, WESLEY J.           ESSEX                         NY-16-H-449
HOSLINS, LAURA P.            ESSEX                         NY-16-I-95
HOUGHTON, SETH               JAY                           NY-16-B-267
HOWARD, DANIEL M.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-241
HOWARD, FREDERICK B.         WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-361
HOWARD, JERUSHA              WESTPORT                      NY-16-N-255
HOWARD, ORRIN B.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-386
HOWARD, RELIEF M.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-415
HOWE, JUBA                   CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-370
HOWLAND, EARL WHITNEY        CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-374
HUBBARD, LUMAN F.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-5
HUBBURD, WILLIAM             MORIAH                        NY-16-N-218
HUDGSON, GEORGE              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-404
HUESTIS, JACOB               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-D-556
HUGHES, MICHAEL              MORIAH                        NY-16-N-159
HUL, WILLIAM H. H.           KEENE                         NY-16-M-489
HUNTER, MARY                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-C-88
HUNTER, WILLIAM GUY          WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-46
HURLBURT, MARY ANN           LEWIS                         NY-16-G-51
HURLY, WILLIAM               ESSEX                         NY-16-B-411
HUTCHINS, JOSEPH             WESTPORT                      NY-16-G-496
HUTCHINSON, LYDIA            WESTPORT                      NY-16-B-395
HUTCHINSON, MARTHA           CROWN POINT                   NY-16-G-198
HYDE, MARY ANN               LEWIS                         NY-16-L-347
INGALLS, REUBEN J.           WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-456
INGALLS, SABRINA             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-419
INGALLS, SAMUEL H.           CROWN POINT                   NY-16-C-354
IRISH, ALLEN                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-H-304
IVES, ANNIE G.               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-15
IVES, CLARK P.               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-G-30
IVES, EMMA L.                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-39
IVES, HANNAH M.              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-354
JACOBS, JOSEPH B.            WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-455
JACOBS, LUCY                 WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-H-111
JENKINS, MARY M.             LEWIS                         NY-16-N-88
JENKINS, ROLLIN L.           MORIAH                        NY-16-M-392
JENKINS, SALLY               LEWIS                         NY-16-H-465
JENKINS, SARAH EMELINE       LEWIS                         NY-16-L-471
JENKINS, SOPHRONIA L.        MORIAH                        NY-16-L-465
JENNE, NEHEMIAH              WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-416
JENNIE, GEORGE B. W.         WILMINGTON                    NY-16-M-416
JOHNSON, GEORGE              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-260
JOHNSON, HARRIETT            NEWCOMB                       NY-16-M-163
JOHNSON, MOSES               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-538
JOINER, ASAHEL W.            MOIRAH                        NY-16-F-124
JOINER, HENRY K.             MORIAH                        NY-16-N-118
JOINER, MARVIN K.            MORIAH                        NY-16-K-422
JOINER, NATHANIEL SMITH      WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-208
JONES, ALICE                 TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-194
JONES, BULAH B.              JAY                           NY-16-I-247
JONES, EDWIN L.              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-226
JONES, FESTUS                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-I-18
JONES, FREEMAN               MINERVA                       NY-16-K-238
JONES, GEORGE W.             WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-I-141
JONES, HIRAM                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-D-535
JONES, JOHN                  WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-E-636
JONES, JUDE                  KEENE                         NY-16-D-94
JONES, LEVI B.               MINERVA                       NY-16-G-195
JONES, LUCY L.               WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-H-21
JONES, NATHAN                WESTPORT                      NY-16-D-86
JONES, PIERPONT E.           JAY                           NY-16-K-494
JONES, THOMAS P.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-A-227
JUDD, DAVID                  ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-397
KATZENSTEIN, PHILIP          NORTH HUDSON                  NY-16-L-48
KAYS, MARY                   MINERVA                       NY-16-G-135
KEART, JOHN                  TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-395
KEELE, CAROLINE C.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-174
KEENAN, MICHAEL              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-D-538
KELLEY, JAMES                CROWN POINT                   NY-16-K-281
KELLEY, JOHN                 WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-L-129
KELLEY, PETER P.             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-417
KELLOGG, DEMMIS D.           PORT HENRY                    NY-16-N-50
KELLOGG, GERTRUDE            PORT KENT                     NY-16-N-428
KELLOGG, ISAAC               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-A-361
KELLOGG, SYLVESTER           CROWN POINT                   NY-16-B-54
KENDLAL, ANDREW E.           LEWIS                         NY-16-F-31
KENDRICK, ORLANDO W.         CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-120
KENDRICK, VIRGINIA W.        CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-298
KENNEDY, MICHAEL             PORT HENRY                    NY-16-F-176
KENT, DAN H.                 WESTPORT                      NY-16-C-243
KEYES, STEPHEN E.            MINERVA                       NY-16-G-380
KIDDER, EDWIN M.             MORIAH                        NY-16-K-328
KILE, CAROLINE P.            LEWIS                         NY-16-E-381
KILLMER, AARON               ESSEX                         NY-16-C-318
KILLMER, ADAM                ESSEX                         NY-16-C-343
KING, FRANCIS                NTL                           NY-16-A-416
KING, JONAS G.               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-430
KINGSLAND, DAVID             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-267
KINGSLEY, MALTIAH C.         CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-184
KINNEY, AARON                JAY                           NY-16-F-406
KIRBY, JOHN SR.              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-A-114
KIRBY, WILLIAM               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-B-232
KNAPP, CALVIN                ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-I-30
KNAPP, RHOBA                 CROWN POINT                   NY-16-G-229
KNOWLLON, ALFRED T.          CROWN POINT                   NY-16-L-135
KNOX, ANN                    SCHROON                       NY-16-M-422
LABARGE, SOPHIA              ESSEX                         NY-16-H-422
LACEY, PETER                 CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-G-389
LADOUX, PETER                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-D-70
LAFOUNTAIN, LAWRENCE         CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-223
LAFOUNTAIN, NANCY D.         CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-79
LALWITCH, JOHN               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-H-485
LAMBERT, GEORGE              LEWIS                         NY-16-N-1
LANE, GERSHOM                MORIAH                        NY-16-D-531
LANETO, JOSEPH HENRY         CROWN POINT                   NY-16-L-226
LANSING, HANNAH M.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-N-165
LANSING, WENDELL             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-263
LAPOINTE, ELLA C.            SCHROON                       NY-16-N-462
LARIMOR, WILLIAM J.          MINERVA                       NY-16-G-328
LASHER, ANGELINE             WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-437
LAWLER, JAMES                JAY                           NY-16-E-598
LAYHEE, MERCY                SCHROON                       NY-16-G-331
LEAHY, ANN                   PORT HENRY                    NY-16-L-367
LEE, FRANCIS L.              WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-125
LEE, JULIA A.                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-M-278
LEE, MARY C.                 MORIAH                        NY-16-M-138
LEHEGARAT, JOSEPH MARIE      ESSEX                         NY-16-N-425
LELAND, JAMES M.             SCHROON                       NY-16-L-391
LEONARD, LUCIUS              ESSEX                         NY-16-M-179
LETSON, THOMAS               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-330
LETSON, WILLIAM              SCHROON                       NY-16-H-359
LEWIS, ADIN K.               JAY                           NY-16-K-215
LEWIS, ELISHA                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-B-439
LEWIS, HENRY                 ELIAZABETHTOWN                NY-16-H-288
LEWIS, JAMES                 MORIAH                        NY-16-I-335
LEWIS, JOHN                  ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-219
LEWIS, NOBLE                 ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-G-340
LEWIS, SAMUEL                SCHROON                       NY-16-N-387
LEZOTT, REUBEN               MORIAH                        NY-16-N-457
LINCOLN, MARY JANE           SCHROON                       NY-16-G-138
LINDSAY, JAMES               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-L-45
LINDSEY, ROBERT              MINERVA                       NY-16-F-494
LINTON, ROBERT               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-D-511
LITTLE, JOHN W.              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-F-197
LIVINGSTON, POLLY            LEWIS                         NY-16-B-101
LOBDELL, JACOB               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-283
LOCKE, ELMORE D.             SCHROON                       NY-16-L-91
LOCKE, LORENZO R.            SCHROON                       NY-16-L-211
LOCKE, VALENTINE L.          CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-271
LOGAN, JEN                   TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-380
LONG, JAMES                  MORIAH                        NY-16-I-448
LOTT, ANDREW B.              ESSEX                         NY-16-D-573
LOTT, MARY L.                ESSEX                         NY-16-N-472
LOTT, WILLIAM                ESSEX                         NY-16-C-40
LOUGHRIN, JOHN               ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-407
LOW, JOHN HATCH              WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-601
LUCAS, JULIA                 MORIAH                        NY-16-K-314
LYNDE, DENNY T.              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-H-151
LYON, CHARLES                CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-K-85
LYON, GEORGE W.              WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-N-389
LYON, SARAH JANE             ESSEX                         NY-16-H-367
MACK, AARON B.               WESTPORT                      NY-16-F-105
MACK, JANE                   WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-422
MACOMBER, JOHN               CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-C-30
MACOMBER, SARAH A.           CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-484
MACOMBER, VIRGINIA C.        GREEN BAY, BROWN, WI          NY-16-N-108
MALBORN, CHARLES             WILMINGTON                    NY-16-F-481
MARKS, IRA                   ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-E-247
MARSHALL, CLEANDER           LEWIS                         NY-16-F-245
MARSHALL, MARY JANE          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-I-361
MARVIN, JAMES E.             CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-I-69
MARVIN, SUSAN T.             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-K-140
MASON, DAVID                 TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-200
MASON, SALLY                 ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-F-311
MAXHAM, LEMUEL P.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-G-232
MAYO, EMILY                  LEWIS                         NY-16-H-446
MCALLISTER, CYNTHIA L.       MORIAH                        NY-16-L-475
MCARDELL, THOMAS             MORIAH                        NY-16-I-298
MCCABE, AMELIA               MORIAH                        NY-16-N-162
MCCABE, PATRICK              MORIAH                        NY-16-M-264
MCCAUGHIN, ALEXANDER         TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-101
MCCAUGHIN, ARCHIBALD         TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-111
MCCAUGHIN, GRACE             TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-168
MCCOLLOM, ALMINA             LEWIS                         NY-16-M-338
MCCOLLOM, THOMAS C.          LEWIS                         NY-16-I-308
MCCOURT, MARGARET            MORIAH                        NY-16-K-459
MCDERMOTT, MATTHEW J.        MORIAH                        NY-16-L-192
MCDONALD, ADELINE            ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-H-297
MCDONALD, JOHN               WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-351
MCDONOUGH FRANCIS            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-E-536
MCDOUGAL, ADAM K.            ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-L-354
MCENANEY, MARY               MORIAH                        NY-16-M-206
MCFARLAND, ALLEN S.          KEENE                         NY-16-H-285
MCFARLAND, MICHAEL           ESSEX                         NY-16-I-136
MCFARLAND, TERRANCE          ESSEX                         NY-16-N-146
MCGINN, PETER F.             MORIAH                        NY-16-F-34
MCGOVERN, BRIDGET            PORT HENRY                    NY-16-L-32
MCGUIRE, THOMAS              MINERVA                       NY-16-H-186
MCGUIRE, THOMAS              CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-K-380
MCINTYRE, LOUISA             CROWN POINT                   NY-16-E-242
MCINTYRE, WILLIAM            WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-543
MCKEE, JAMES                 JAY                           NY-16-M-461
MCLAUGHLIN, HARRIET          MORIAH                        NY-16-E-326
MCLOUGHLIN, JOHN R.          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-L-262
MCMENTRY, ANDREW             LEWIS                         NY-16-M-181
MCNAMARA, JOHN               WILMINGTON                    NY-16-K-79
MCNAMARA, JOHN MORIAH        MORIAH                        NY-16-K-116
MCNAMARA, THOMAS             MORIAH                        NY-16-I-228
MCNEAL, ISAAC                CROWN POINT                   NY-16-G-278
MEEHAN, JOHN                 TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-408
MERRIAM, CHARLES HENRY       JAY                           NY-16-L-74
MERRIAM, MARY B.             JAY                           NY-16-I-374
MERRIAM, RHODA S.            ESSEX                         NY-16-M-332
MERRIAM, WILLIAM BELLAMY     ESSEX                         NY-16-E-118
MERRIAM, WILLIAM P.          WESTPORT                      NY-16-I-1
MERRILL, ELECTA M.           PORT HENRY                    NY-16-L-379
MERRILL, MILO                NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-E-303
MERRILL, WALTER              PORT HENRY                    NY-16-L-420
MHALE, LOVINA S.             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-154
MILES, JOHN                  WILMINGTON                    NY-16-G-451
MILLER, ELLEN J.             KEENE                         NY-16-N-465
MILLER, JOHN TOWNSEND        MINERVA                       NY-16-N-138
MILLER, MARTHA               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-157
MILLER, RACHEL               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-25
MILLER, RICHARD              MINERVA                       NY-16-E-236
MILLINGTON, LUCY A.          ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-N-95
MILLS, ASENATH E.            CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-K-185
MILLS, EDWARD                MINERVA                       NY-16-C-329
MINOTT, ARETHUSA D.          JAY                           NY-16-L-35
MITCHELL, DAVID              ESSEX                         NY-16-E-580
MITCHELL, ELIAB              ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-D-56
MITCHELL, JOHN               WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-378
MOIR, WILLIAM WILMERDING     NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-324
MOODY, HARVEY                NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-G-459
MOON, HANNAH G.              MORIAH                        NY-16-K-157
MOORE, ALEXANDER             LEWIS                         NY-16-E-4
MOORE, HARTING               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-I-207
MOORE, JONAS                 WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-265
MOORE, LUCINA                PRINCETON, GREEN LAKE, WI     NY-16-G-149
MOORE, SILAS J.              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-272
MOORE, WILLIAM HENRY         CHESTERFIELD                  NY-16-E-157
MORE, JAMES FERRE            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-32
MORE, LOUISA F.              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-37
MORHOUS, GEORGE F.           WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-K-108
MORRISON, WILLIAM E.         PORT HENRY                    NY-16-I-280
MORSE, ALEXANDER             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-D-522
MORSE, DE ETTA J.            ST ARMAND                     NY-16-N-58
MORSE, ISAAC                 TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-B-355
MORSE, JANE L.               MINERVA                       NY-16-K-483
MORSE, MALONE P.             MINERVA                       NY-16-G-17
MORSE, ZADOCK                TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-B-171
MOSES, SHUBAEL               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-A-307
MULLER, PETER DIEDRICH       SCHROON                       NY-16-E-18
MURDOCK, JAMES               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-C-67
MURDOCK, JAMES               CROWN POINT                   NY-16-L-78
MURDOCK, LAURA JANE          CROWN POINT                   NY-16-N-316
MURDOCK, SAMUEL F.           CROWN POINT                   NY-16-L-371
MURPHY, CORNELIUS            WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-450
MURPHY, CORNELIUS            WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-241
MURPHY, PETER E.             MINERVA                       NY-16-N-180
MURRAY, JOHN ***             PORT HENRY                    NY-16-K-188
MYRICK, OZRO E.              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-M-413
NASH, HARRIET C.             NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-N-296
NASH, JOSEPH V.              NORTH ELBA                    NY-16-H-348
NASH, JULIUS A.              TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-464
NASH, MARIA                  TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-F-262
NASH, MARY H.                WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-G-476
NAVIN, JOHN                  MORIAH                        NY-16-M-227
NEWELL, HARRIET B.           WESTPORT                      NY-16-E-595
NEWELL, LUTHER B.            WESTPORT                      NY-16-M-55
NEWILL, DANIEL B.            JAY                           NY-16-E-348
NICHOLS, AARON S.            WILLSBOROUGH                  NY-16-I-187
NICHOLS, ABRAHAM             LEWIS                         NY-16-B-215
NICHOLS, FRANCES C.          PORT HENRY                    NY-16-F-370
NICHOLS, IRA H.              CROWN POINT                   NY-16-H-144
NICHOLS, NATHAN              LEWIS                         NY-16-D-48
NICHOLS, SOPHRONIA           ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-G-404
NICHOLSON, GEORGE S.         ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-K-488
NICHOLSON, JAMES             LEWIS                         NY-16-C-335
NICKERSON, ABIJAH            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-H-90
NOBLE, BELDEN                WASHINGTON, D.C.              NY-16-I-290
NOEL, CHARLES EMILE          SCHROON                       NY-16-G-348
NORMAN, THOMAS               LEWIS                         NY-16-F-68
NORTHROP, SAMUEL             SHOREHAM, ADDISON, VT         NY-16-B-382
NORTHRUP, HANNAH             SHOREHAM, ADDISON, VT         NY-16-E-390
NORTHRUP, LEVI               MORIAH                        NY-16-E-131
OBRIEN, WILLIAM 2ND          TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-K-285
OCONNELL, JOSEPH             ELIZABETHTOWN                 NY-16-M-1
OCONNELL, JOSEPH             NEWCOMB                       NY-16-N-354
OCONNELL, MICHAEL            KEENE                         NY-16-I-203
OCONNER, PATRICK             MINERVA                       NY-16-F-225
OLCOTT, MARGERY              MORIAH                        NY-16-M-300
OLCOTT, TIMOTHY              MORIAH                        NY-16-G-202
OLDS, WILLIAM                WESTPORT                      NY-16-L-363
ONEAL, JAMES                 MORIAH                        NY-16-H-32
OPBRIEN, JEREMIAH            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-402
ORMSBEE, THOMAS              MORIAH                        NY-16-E-64
OSBORNE, JOHN C.             WESTPORT                      NY-16-K-19
OTIS, JOHN                   JAY                           NY-16-K-397
OWEN, ALICE R.               TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-N-194
OXIER, POLLY                 LEWIS                         NY-16-G-11
OZIER, JOSEPH SR.            TICONDEROGA                   NY-16-M-457

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