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NEFF, LUTHER                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-V-241
NEGAN, EDWARD                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-M-225
NEGUS, HARRIET                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-U-385
NELSON, HENRIETTA S.              TRUXTON                       NY-12-L-371
NELSON, JUDSON C.                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-T-445
NEWCOMB, JOHN A.                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-C-414
NEWCOMB, SAMUEL E.                WILLETT                       NY-12-M-457
NEWKIRK, WILLIAM                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-341
NEWTON, LEMUEL D.                 HOMER                         NY-12-F-325
NICHOLS, JOSEPH                   MARATHON                      NY-12-V-29
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-L-395
NILES, GEORGE N.                  PREBLE                        NY-12-K-163
NILES, JOHN E.                    SCOTT                         NY-12-C-281
NILES, REBECCA                    WILLETT                       NY-12-C-460
NILES, WELLS                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-149
NIVER, CHARLES S.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-5
NIVER, LYDIA                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-621
NIX, WILLIAM                      CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-537
NIXON, WILLIAM                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-13
NORTHRUP, CHARLES E.              FREETOWN                      NY-12-U-569
NORTHRUP, JOHN H.                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-239
NORTHRUP, LUCRETA                 HOMER                         NY-12-R-341
NORTHWAY, JARED H.                SCOTT                         NY-12-T-727
NORTHWAY, MARY Z.                 SCOTT                         NY-12-N-423
NORTON, ABEL                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-A-88
NORTON, EDWIN                     SCOTT                         NY-12-E-372
NORTON, WILLIAM H.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-457
NYE, GERMAN M.                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-X-609
NYE, OLIVER                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-185
NYE, SOPHIA                       HOMER                         NY-12-C-361
OAKLEY, JOHN                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-S-285
OAKS, DELAY                       VIRGIL                        NY-12-T-165
OCONNER, PATRICK                  HOMER                         NY-12-K-79
OCONNOR, HONORA                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-T-169
ODELL, JANE M.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-387
ODELL, MARTHA                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-149
ODONNELL, MARGARET                TRUXTON                       NY-12-R-393
OGDEN, JOHN L.                    LAPEER                        NY-12-K-343
OGDEN, LORETTA                    MARATHON                      NY-12-V-505
OGDEN, MARGARETTA A.              LAPEER                        NY-12-V-117
OGDEN, MERRICK                    LAPEER                        NY-12-S-173
OLEARY, TIMOTHY                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-337
OLMSTED, DAVID                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-B-1
OLMSTED, WILLIAM                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-353
OLMSTED, WILLIAM                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-333
ORCUTT, LYDIA M.                  HOMER                         NY-12-V-13
ORTON, NANCY                      PREBLE                        NY-12-S-749
OSBORN, ELIZA A.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-301
OSBORNE, JOHN                     HOMER                         NY-12-C-379
OSGOOD, GEORGE                    CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-W-585
OSTROM, EVA MAY                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-265
OUSBY, ISAAC                      CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-569
OUT, EVELINE                      PREBLE                        NY-12-R-145
OUTT, MATTHIAS M.                 PREBLE                        NY-12-X-33
OWEN, HENRY                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-533
OWEN, JONAS                       VIRGIL                        NY-12-L-287
OWEN, LEWIS T.                    HOMER                         NY-12-C-47
OWEN, MARINDA                     FREETOWN                      NY-12-N-59
OWEN, ROBERT C.                   BLOOMINGTON, MC LEAN, IL      NY-12-Q-1
OWEN, WILLIAM E.                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-U-369
PADDOCK, MARY LOUISE              HOMER                         NY-12-V-405
PAGE, AMELIA S.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-F-157
PALMER, BETSEY                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-84
PALMER, CLARISSA A.               VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-353
PALMER, EBENEZER                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-I-395
PALMER, EDGAR A.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-P-70
PALMER, ISAAC                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-345
PALMER, JOHN A.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-451
PALMER, LORENZO D.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-515
PALMER, LUCY B.                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-V-373
PALMER, MARGARET A.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-217
PALMER, PROSPER                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-377
PALMER, SOPHIA                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-157
PANDERFORD, CATHERINE             CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-D-309
PARK, THOMAS                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-341
PARKER, ALFRED D.                 CUYLER                        NY-12-N-135
PARKER, BETSEY                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-491
PARKER, CHARLES H.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-P-218
PARKER, CHARLES H.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-425
PARKER, J. HENRY                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-337
PARKER, JAMES                     LAPEER                        NY-12-K-385
PARKER, JAMES H.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-I-95
PARKER, JOHN                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-377
PARKER, WILLIAM                   MARATHON                      NY-12-A-252
PARKS, ABIJAH                     HOMER                         NY-12-D-380
PARMELY, FANNY                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-H-481
PARSONS, REUBEN                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-361
PATRICK, DEWITT M.                TRUXTON                       NY-12-Y-445
PATRICK, JOHN WESLEY              CUYLER                        NY-12-Z-593
PATRICK, NATHANIEL                TRUXTON                       NY-12-B-41
PATRICK, STEPHEN                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-T-53
PAYNE, BARNEY W.                  HOMER                         NY-12-S-333
PAYNE, LUCY A.                    HOMER                         NY-12-X-145
PEABODY, JIRAH                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-398
PEASE, ALVIN                      FREETOWN                      NY-12-W-21
PECK, ANDREW                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-317
PECK, BETSEY F.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-641
PECK, DAVID                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-355
PECK, HIRAM                       SOLON                         NY-12-H-91
PECK, JOHN                        SOLON                         NY-12-R-573
PECK, JOHN L.                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-C-139
PECK, LYMAN                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-487
PECK, LYMAN JR.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-305
PECK, NATHAN                      SOLON                         NY-12-H-97
PECK, NATHAN B.                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-T-663
PECK, STEPHEN N.                  SOLON                         NY-12-L-183
PECK, STEPHEN N.                  SOLON                         NY-12-L-179
PEEK, LEWIS                       HOMER                         NY-12-U-33
PENNOYER, GARRETT                 MARATHON                      NY-12-S-17
PENNOYER, LOUISA J.               MARATHON                      NY-12-Y-417
PERKINS, CHAPLIN V.               CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-C-124
PERKINS, CHARLOTTE                VIRGIL                        NY-12-L-75
PERKINS, E. LOVETT                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-357
PERKINS, JESSE                    WILLETT                       NY-12-H-259
PERKINS, JOHN C.                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-117
PERKINS, JOHN S.                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-384
PERRY, EBENEZER A.                HOMER                         NY-12-Y-437
PERRY, JONATHAN                   SOLON                         NY-12-I-475
PERRY, LOVINA                     HOMER                         NY-12-T-37
PERRY, LUCIA M.                   TAYLOR                        NY-12-R-125
PERRY, OLIVER                     TAYLOR                        NY-12-E-73
PERRY, OLIVER H.                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-F-43
PERSONS, CARNIE                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-365
PERSONS, CHAUNCEY D.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-25
PERSONS, SARAH N.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-93
PETERS, ABBIE                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-97
PETTIS, POLLY                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-39
PHELPS, CATHARINE                 TAYLOR                        NY-12-Z-25
PHELPS, HANNAH                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-F-163
PHELPS, HENRY                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-N-247
PHELPS, MARY ANN                  PREBLE                        NY-12-H-517
PHETTIPLACE, PHEBE C.             MARATHON                      NY-12-S-93
PHILLIPS, ABBY A.                 HOMER                         NY-12-W-81
PHILLIPS, ALPHRONUS               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-453
PHILLIPS, DELOSS                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-X-77
PHILLIPS, GEORGE W.               HOMER                         NY-12-X-605
PHILLIPS, HARRIET E.              TRUXTON                       NY-12-S-569
PHILLIPS, HORACE                  SCOTT                         NY-12-C-391
PHILLIPS, NATHANIEL N.            TRUXTON                       NY-12-R-529
PHILLIPS, ROMANZO M.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-G-361
PHILLIPS, SARAH                   HOMER                         NY-12-T-645
PICKET, MARY N.                   HOMER                         NY-12-P-80
PICKETT, BENJAMIN                 HOMER                         NY-12-D-277
PIERCE, ABIJAH T.                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-C-316
PIERCE, ALBERT L.                 MARATHON                      NY-12-I-255
PIERCE, AURORA O.                 HOMER                         NY-12-V-309
PIERCE, DANIEL A.                 MARATHON                      NY-12-X-169
PIERCE, HOEL C.                   HOMER                         NY-12-U-593
PIERCE, JUDAH                     HOMER                         NY-12-A-146
PIERCE, JUDAH                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-L-47
PIERCE, LEVI                      CORTLAND                      NY-12-L-131
PIERCE, LEVI                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-107
PIERCE, LEVI                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-J-135
PIERCE, LYMAN                     MARATHON                      NY-12-H-55
PIERCE, MARTIN                    HARFORD                       NY-12-K-127
PIERCE, MARY                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-C-363
PIERCE, SAMUEL                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-T-783
PIERCE, SARAH A.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-K-37
PIERCE, WILLIAM T.                TRUXTON                       NY-12-R-249
PIKE, JESSE                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-253
PIKE, MERCY E.                    WILLETT                       NY-12-L-303
PIPER, PETER                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-C-245
POLLARD, HARRIET                  LAPEER                        NY-12-R-181
POLLARD, WALLACE R.               MARATHON                      NY-12-X-21
POLLY, PLINY                      HOMER                         NY-12-C-191
POMEROY, OLIVE M.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-187
POND, LUCY H.                     HOMER                         NY-12-X-245
POOR, FREDERICK                   PREBLE                        NY-12-N-347
POPE, JANE                        CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-425
POTTER, AARON B.                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-N-175
POTTER, ALMIRA                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-517
POTTER, CHARLES                   CUYLER                        NY-12-M-281
POTTER, EZEKIEL G.                SCOTT                         NY-12-I-183
POTTER, PHYLANDER                 TAYLOR                        NY-12-X-549
POTTER, SAMUEL C.                 CUYLER                        NY-12-M-257
POTTER, SARAH                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-461
POTTER, SYRA                      TAYLOR                        NY-12-M-125
POWELL, MARY LOUIS                HOMER                         NY-12-A-172
POWERS, GEORGE                    CUYLER                        NY-12-I-115
PRATT, DAVID                      HOMER                         NY-12-F-217
PRATT, FRANKLIN                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-343
PRICE, DAVID R.                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-W-473
PRICE, ELECTA R.                  HOMER                         NY-12-V-237
PRICE, HARRIET                    HOMER                         NY-12-W-421
PRICE, IRVING                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Z-81
PRICE, JACOB D.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-441
PRICE, JOHN                       SCOTT                         NY-12-H-163
PRICE, JOHN P.                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-T-655
PRICE, JONATHAN                   HOMER                         NY-12-D-408
PRICE, JONATHAN                   HOMER                         NY-12-B-46
PRICE, JOSEPH P.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-129
PRICE, RICHARD P.                 HOMER                         NY-12-H-169
PRICE, ROSWELL M.                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-Q-192
PRICE, ROSWELL M.                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-T-839
PRICE, SOPHIA W.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-525
PRICE, THANKFUL A.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-297
PRICE, ZACHARIAH                  LAPEER                        NY-12-R-453
PRITCHARD, CHAUNCEY               CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-V-285
PRITCHARD, GARRET                 SOLON                         NY-12-L-143
PRITCHARD, HULDAH                 SOLON                         NY-12-S-545
PROVOST, ABRAHAM                  PREBLE                        NY-12-B-11
PUDNEY, AUSTIN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-473
PUDNEY, AUSTIN                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-U-273
PUDNEY, LUCINDA C.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-J-330
PUDNEY, LUCINDA C.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-411
PULLING, DANIEL                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-G-368
PULLING, DANIEL P.                VIRGIL                        NY-12-I-207
PUNDERFORD, JAMES B.              CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-H-217
PURVIS, ANDREW                    HARFORD                       NY-12-E-514
PURVIS, PHILINDA H.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-113
PURVIS, ROBERT                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-501
PURVIS, THOMAS O.                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-B-26
PUTNAM, CALVIN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-261
PUTNAM, WILLIAM W.                TRUXTON                       NY-12-X-25
QUAIL, LUCY A.                    LAPEER                        NY-12-O-233
QUAIL, WILLIAM B.                 LAPEER                        NY-12-M-357
QUIGLEY, WILLIAM J.               CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-413
QUINN, JOHN                       CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-217
QUIRY, ASA                        CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-H-295
QUIVEY, AMASA                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-N-563
QUIVEY, MARY L.                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-Y-189
RANDALL, HENRY P.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-55
RANDALL, HENRY S.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-291
RANDALL, JENNIE E.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-317
RANDALL, MARY T.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-437
RANDALL, WILHELMINA               CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-545
RANDALL, WILLIAM                  SOLON                         NY-12-I-407
RANDALL, WILLIAM R.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-701
RANDALL, WILLIAM R.               CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-237
RANNEY, ADDISON W.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-525
RANNEY, MARY E.                   HOMER                         NY-12-W-537
RANSOM, ELISHA D.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-41
RANSOM, THOMAS J.                 HOMER                         NY-12-H-553
RAYMOND, ALFRED B.                HOMER                         NY-12-Z-345
RAYMOND, AMY                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-V-469
RAYMOND, LUCIUS H.                MARATHON                      NY-12-E-436
READY, ANTHONY                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-89
REAS, JOHN                        VIRGIL                        NY-12-I-99
REASE, AMELIA M.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-439
REED, MARVIN                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-289
REED, MARY ANN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-389
REED, MARY D.                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-557
REED, MARY ELIZA                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-M-57
REILY, MINNIE L.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-133
REQUA, MARIAH                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-B-243
REYNOLDS, ISRAEL                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-195
REYNOLDS, JOHN                    PREBLE                        NY-12-W-297
REYNOLDS, MARY                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-H-307
REYNOLDS, ROSWELL G.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-150
RICE, ALBERT                      HOMER                         NY-12-L-43
RICE, ASA                         VIRGIL                        NY-12-V-201
RICE, BENAJAH                     HOMER                         NY-12-C-98
RICE, HIRAM                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-61
RICE, JASON                       CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-V-429
RICE, SALLY ANN                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-M-25
RICHARDSON, ARNOLD R.             SOLON                         NY-12-A-76
RICHARDSON, CHARLES               MARATHON                      NY-12-D-57
RICHARDSON, CHARLES S.            HOMER                         NY-12-E-420
RICHARDSON, CURTISS               FREETOWN (poor print)         NY-12-H-49
RICHARDSON, EDITH M.              FREETOWN                      NY-12-Y-429
RICHARDSON, ELIAS                 FREETOWN                      NY-12-M-137
RICHARDSON, NAOMI H.              MARATHON                      NY-12-E-544
RICKARD, BETSEY E.                HOMER                         NY-12-W-341
RICKARD, ISRAEL                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-321
RIDDELL, CHARLOTTE                CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-R-189
RIGGS, LEWIS                      HOMER                         NY-12-I-379
RILEY, DANIEL                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-537
RINDGE, ISAAC                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-A-12
RINDGE, MARY ELLA                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-305
RINDGE, SEPTY P.                  HOMER                         NY-12-D-136
RINDGE, TRUMAN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-133
RISLEY, ALVAH                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-R-153
RISLEY, REUBEN                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-C-186
ROBACHER, ELIZA M.                MARATHON                      NY-12-M-393
ROBBINS, GILES E.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-393
ROBBINS, JOSEPH                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-477
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                 HOMER                         NY-12-D-7
ROBERTS, CORNELIA                 HOMER                         NY-12-T-137
ROBERTS, SAMUEL JR.               CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-A-158
ROBERTSON, BETSEY                 TAYLOR                        NY-12-F-37
ROBINSON, ANNA G.                 HOMER                         NY-12-R-653
ROBINSON, ANNA S.                 HOMER                         NY-12-X-421
ROBINSON, CHARLES F.              MARATHON                      NY-12-H-19
ROBINSON, DAVID J.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-249
ROBINSON, ELIPHALET               VIRGIL                        NY-12-K-49
ROBINSON, GIDEON                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-F-361
ROBINSON, JAMES A.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-553
ROBINSON, JULIA A.                MARATHON                      NY-12-N-103
ROBINSON, JULIA A.                MARATHON                      NY-12-P-6
ROBINSON, LAURA S.                HOMER                         NY-12-M-521
ROBINSON, LESTER                  MARATHON                      NY-12-N-495
ROBINSON, SEMANTHA W.             HOMER                         NY-12-M-373
ROCKEFELLER, EGBERT               HARFORD                       NY-12-X-385
ROCKFELLER, HENRY                 HOMER                         NY-12-I-187
ROCKWELL, DANIEL                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-M-353
ROCKWELL, HIRAM                   SOLON                         NY-12-A-61
ROCKWELL, IRA                     TAYLOR                        NY-12-Y-193
ROCKWELL, LOIS J.                 CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-O-269
ROCKWELL, LOIS J.                 CINCINNATUS (cont from first) NY-12-P-177
ROCKWELL, LUELLA R.               TAYLOR                        NY-12-Y-45
ROCKWELL, PHEBE                   TAYLOR                        NY-12-D-293
ROE, LAURA                        CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-55
ROGERS, ADALENAH                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-605
ROGERS, ALMIRA                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-481
ROGERS, AMASA                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-233
ROGERS, AMOS                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-431
ROGERS, FRANCES M.                MARATHON                      NY-12-Z-433
ROGERS, HENRY                     CORTLAND                      NY-12-T-433
ROGERS, HIRAM                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-C-62
ROGERS, JONATHAN                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-F-145
ROGERS, JOSHUA R.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-361
ROGERS, LYMAN P.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-469
ROGERS, ROBERT C.                 CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-S-329
RONNEY, THOMAS S.                 HOMER                         NY-12-R-89
RONNEY, THOMAS S.                 HOMER                         NY-12-T-589
ROOD, EZRA                        CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-53
ROOD, JOSIAH W.                   HARFORD                       NY-12-N-475
ROOD, LEVI                        HOMER                         NY-12-T-565
ROOKS, ADOLPHIA O.                MARATHON                      NY-12-O-369
ROOKS, EDWARD L.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-385
ROOKS, PATTY                      MARATHON                      NY-12-U-129
ROOKS, WILLIAM                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-L-123
ROOKS, WILLIAM JR.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-229
ROOT, ELIAS                       HOMER                         NY-12-G-300
ROOT, HATTIE M.                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-Z-281
RORABACHER, JANE                  MARATHON                      NY-12-M-33
RORABACK, MARIA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-165
ROSE, ABIAL                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-203
ROSE, JEHIEL                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-133
ROSE, LUTHER R.                   HOOMER                        NY-12-O-17
ROSE, SCHUYLER J.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-601
ROSE, TIMOTHY A.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-305
ROSE, TOBIAS                      HOMER                         NY-12-C-276
ROSS, LOUISA S.                   HOMER                         NY-12-T-81
ROUNDS, BERTHA L.                 TAYLOR                        NY-12-U-249
ROUNDS, DANIEL P.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-167
ROUNDS, HEZEKIAH                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-I-139
ROUNDS, MARIA R.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-319
ROUNSEVILLE, WILLIAM              VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-138
ROUSE, SARAH E.                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-449
ROWE, ARVILLA                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-237
ROWE, CHESTER H.                  HOMER                         NY-12-F-61
ROWE, NELSON                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-557
ROWE, RUFUS                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-451
ROWLEY, CAROLINE S.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-421
ROWLEY, MOSES                     FREETOWN                      NY-12-F-139
ROWLEY, PHILEMON C.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-45
ROWLEY, PRUDENCE                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-5
ROYCE, EDWARD                     HOMER                         NY-12-X-477
ROYCE, NATHANIEL                  HARFORD                       NY-12-F-55
RUNDLES, JAMES                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-425
RUNYON, DAVID B.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-R-29
RUSSEL, THOMAS                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-34
RUSSELL, ALLEN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-209
RUSSELL, BLENDINA J.              TRUXTON                       NY-12-S-193
RUSSELL, LUCENA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-467
RUSSELL, OLIVER                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-U-353
RYAN, ANDREW                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-107
RYAN, CLARISSA M.                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-S-521
RYAN, DAVID                       VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-124
RYAN, ELIZA                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-221
RYAN, JOHN                        VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-295
RYAN, ROSA C.                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-145
RYAN, THOMAS                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-103
RYAN, THOMAS                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-415
RYAN, WINNFRED ANN                CUYLER                        NY-12-Y-541
RYDER, MARY L.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-105
RYON, ROBERT                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-113
SABIN, RHODA                      HOMER                         NY-12-A-11
SAFFORD, LYDIA L.                 HOMER                         NY-12-V-217
SALISBURY, ARTEMAS                SCOTT                         NY-12-R-233
SALISBURY, BENJAMIN               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-115
SALISBURY, EBENEZER               WILLETT                       NY-12-F-343
SALISBURY, ELISHA                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-33
SALISBURY, LOVINA M.              SCOTT                         NY-12-T-117
SALISBURY, LOVINIA M.             SCOTT                         NY-12-Q-194
SALISBURY, NATHAN                 SCOTT                         NY-12-X-437
SALISBURY, TRACY                  WILLETT                       NY-12-T-5
SALTER, ANNA                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-104
SAMSON, JANE R.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-57
SAMSON, JOHN S.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-225
SANDERS, JACOB                    HOMER                         NY-12-O-169
SANDS, TIMOTHY W.                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-33
SANFORD, JOANNA                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-41
SAWYER, RUSSELL                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-207
SCHELLINGER, ELIAS                TRUXTON                       NY-12-C-440
SCHERMERHORN, AARON               HOMER                         NY-12-A-38
SCHERMERHORN, ANDREW              HOMER                         NY-12-X-209
SCHERMERHORN, ELIZA               TRUXTON                       NY-12-S-557
SCHERMERHORN, JAMES M.            HOMER                         NY-12-S-249
SCHERMERHORN, JAMES N.            TRUXTON                       NY-12-E-306
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN D.             CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-97
SCHERMERHORN, LOUISA A.           HOMER                         NY-12-U-377
SCHERMERHORN, SILAS W.            CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-85
SCHERMERHORN, SIMON               HOMER                         NY-12-S-385
SCHOUTON, J. WARREN               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-365
SCOFIELD, AUGUSTUS L.             MARATHON                      NY-12-S-61
SCOTT, JOHN                       HOMER                         NY-12-S-69
SCOTT, JONATHAN                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-A-154
SCOTT, THOMAS                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Z-9
SCROUTON, HIRAM                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-401
SCUTT, E. AMELIA WILCOR           CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-585
SCUTT, ELIZA                      CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-613
SEAGER, SAMUEL                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-R-37
SEAGER, SAMUEL M.                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-W-377
SEAMAN, AVERY J.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-73
SEAMAN, FRANCIS F.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-105
SEAMANS, MARY                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-M-349
SEARL, JESSE                      HOMER                         NY-12-A-58
SEARS, ABRAHAM                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-211
SEARS, ALBERT                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-511
SEARS, MARY A.                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-137
SEEBER, ANNA M.                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-Z-113
SEEBER, HENRY                     WILLET                        NY-12-L-475
SEEBER, JACOB                     FREETOWN                      NY-12-S-233
SEEBER, MARY E.                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-293
SEELEY, CAROLINE E.               MARATHON                      NY-12-L-519
SESSIONS, ADAH                    HOMER                         NY-12-W-465
SESSIONS, EBENEZER                MARATHON                      NY-12-D-139
SESSIONS, HENRY                   HOMER                         NY-12-E-574
SESSIONS, HORACE                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-R-665
SESSIONS, URIEL                   LAPEER                        NY-12-B-239
SESSIONS, WATER L.                HARFORD                       NY-12-T-61
SEVERANCE, JOHN                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-I-159
SEVERANCE, OCTAVIA                HOMER                         NY-12-W-333
SEVERSON, ABRAM                   PREBLE                        NY-12-X-365
SEYGETT, JAMES                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-33
SHAFFER, HANNAH                   HARFORD                       NY-12-F-242
SHANKLAND, WILLIAM H.             CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-P-145
SHANKLAND, WILLIAM O.             CORTLANDIVLLE                 NY-12-O-101
SHAPLEY, ORSWIN                   MARATHON                      NY-12-X-129
SHAVER, JOHN W.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-M-177
SHAW, DANIEL J.                   **                            NY-12-J-150
SHAW, MELISSA                     CUYLER                        NY-12-W-61
SHEERAR, JOHN                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-M-269
SHEFFIELD, BENJAMIN H.            HOMER                         NY-12-M-105
SHEFFIELD, MARY A.                HOMER                         NY-12-S-517
SHELDON, SARAH                    HOMER                         NY-12-M-89
SHEPARD, HARRIET                  HOMER                         NY-12-W-349
SHEPARD, LORINDA                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-L-459
SHERALIER, JANE                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-X-1
SHERIDAN, JAMES                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-261
SHERMAN, ELI                      HOMER                         NY-12-H-223
SHERMAN, JAMES A.                 HOMER                         NY-12-W-69
SHERMAN, JOHN                     HOMER                         NY-12-I-307
SHERMAN, REUBEN                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-F-85
SHERMAN, STEPHEN                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-36
SHERWOOD, LYDIA B.                MARATHON                      NY-12-S-33
SHEVALIER, DELIA A.               MARATHON                      NY-12-O-153
SHEVALIN, ABNER                   HARFORD                       NY-12-C-349
SHIPMAN, RACHEL                   MARATHON                      NY-12-L-355
SHORT, CHESTER F.                 CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-F-73
SHORT, GLOVER                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-C-366
SHORT, JOSEPH                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-Y-205
SHORT, MANASSEH                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-299
SHORT, MIRIAM                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-105
SHULER, CORNELIA                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-183
SHULLER, RUNSON                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-73
SIDNEY, HARRIET M.                SCOTT                         NY-12-V-97
SIGNOR, EDSON                     HOMER                         NY-12-S-77
SIMMONS, GEORGE P.                HARFORD                       NY-12-C-403
SIMMONS, GIDEON H.                HOMER                         NY-12-L-447
SIMMONS, LAURA M.                 HOMER                         NY-12-Q-36
SIMONDS, SARAH D.                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-V-145
SIMONS, DELINDA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-253
SIMONS, HANNAH                    HOMER                         NY-12-H-409
SIMONS, HARRIET                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-191
SIMONS, JIRAH W.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-B-258
SIMONS, SARAH ANN                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-B-263
SINTON, BENJAMIN                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-45
SISSIONS, HENRY                   HOMER                         NY-12-R-469
SISSIONS, JOHN                    LAPEER                        NY-12-V-509
SITES, PETER                      FREETOWN                      NY-12-X-237
SIXTON, NELSON                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-J-401
SKELLIE, WILLIAM J.               SCOTT                         NY-12-E-97
SKINNER, GEORGE                   TAYLOR                        NY-12-F-121
SKINNER, WILLIAM S.               TAYLOR                        NY-12-U-417
SKULE, MARIA                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-355
SKULE, WILLIAM W.                 HOMER                         NY-12-N-287
SLAFTER, EDWIN P.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-237
SLOCUM, HARDING                   HOMER                         NY-12-E-502
SLOCUM, HENRY                     FREETOWN                      NY-12-T-577
SLOCUMB, CATHERINE M.             HOMER                         NY-12-V-381
SMITH, ABEL B.                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-R-73
SMITH, ABRAM P.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-485
SMITH, ALBERT F.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-M-473
SMITH, ALBERT R.                  HOMER                         NY-12-W-361
SMITH, ALFRED                     MC GRAWVILLE                  NY-12-Z-569
SMITH, ALFRED G.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-T-393
SMITH, ALLEN B.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-329
SMITH, BETSEY JANE                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-329
SMITH, CARRIE S.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-389
SMITH, CHARLES H.                 HOMER                         NY-12-X-489
SMITH, CORNELIA E.                SCOTT                         NY-12-K-289
SMITH, CORNELIUS                  HOMER                         NY-12-A-246
SMITH, DANIEL J.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-53
SMITH, DAVID                      COLRAINE, FRANKLIN, MA        NY-12-A-83
SMITH, DORR C.                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-225
SMITH, DUDLEY                     FREETOWN                      NY-12-K-481
SMITH, EDWARD                     FREETOWN                      NY-12-A-220
SMITH, ELI                        VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-109
SMITH, ELIZA C.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-T-241
SMITH, HAIT                       HARFORD                       NY-12-F-187
SMITH, HARRY C.                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-U-209
SMITH, HARRY H.                   WILLET                        NY-12-Y-341
SMITH, HENRY                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-H-529
SMITH, HORACE                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-407
SMITH, JACOB                      SCOTT                         NY-12-H-271
SMITH, JAMES                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-42
SMITH, JERRY                      MARATHON                      NY-12-H-79
SMITH, JOHN                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-72
SMITH, JOHN R.                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-214
SMITH, KYSE                       CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-O-297
SMITH, LAURA B.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-549
SMITH, LEANDER                    HOMER                         NY-12-X-109
SMITH, LEROY                      LAPEER                        NY-12-X-117
SMITH, LORENZO                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-421
SMITH, MARCELLUS R.               CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-257
SMITH, MARY                       LAPEER                        NY-12-O-65
SMITH, MARY A.                    HOMER                         NY-12-V-177
SMITH, MARY ANN                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-185
SMITH, MARY E. B.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-181
SMITH, NANCY M.                   FREETOWN                      NY-12-M-69
SMITH, NATHAN                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-513
SMITH, NATHAN                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-329
SMITH, ORSON H.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-S-541
SMITH, PELYA                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-405
SMITH, POLLY                      CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-513
SMITH, RUFUS                      FREETOWN                      NY-12-N-259
SMITH, SALLY                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-W-89
SMITH, SALLY M.                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-O-525
SMITH, SOLOMON                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-C-352
SMITH, SYLVANUS                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-533
SMITH, TIMOTHY                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-601
SMITH, WILLIAM                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-317
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                 HOMER                         NY-12-C-433
SMITH, WILLIAM R.                 HOMER                         NY-12-R-1
SMITH, WILLIAM T.                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-577
SNELL, SEBASTIAN                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-19
SNIDER, CHARLES P.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-389
SNOW, CALVIN                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-297
SNYDER, HENRY                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-451
SOUTHWICK, ANN                    HOMER                         NY-12-M-293
SOUTHWORTH, AMY L.                HOMER                         NY-12-U-617
SOUTHWORTH, CHARLES N.            CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-379
SOUTHWORTH, ELIZABETH             CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-317
SOUTHWORTH, LEONARD               HOMER                         NY-12-W-49
SOUTHWORTH, MELISSA               HOMER                         NY-12-H-343
SPENCER, ALBERT J.                MARATHON                      NY-12-H-325
SPENCER, AMOS C.                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-U-25
SPENCER, EPHRAIM K.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-379
SPENCER, EVALINE R.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-121
SPENCER, JAMES L.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-301
SPENCER, JOHN                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-327
SPENCER, MARANDA R.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-189
SPENCER, MARIA M.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-569
SPENCER, POLLY                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-457
SPERRY, AMBROSE                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-277
SPERRY, MARY B.                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-M-285
SPERRY, MEDAD                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-A-22
SPERRY, NATHAN                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-H-205
SPRAGUE, ANN H.                   HOMER                         NY-12-X-141
SPRAGUE, CHARLES                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-285
SPRAGUE, DUPORTALS.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-93
SPRAGUE, HOSEA                    HOMER                         NY-12-U-185
SPRINGER, ALONZO B.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-621
SQUIRES, JOHN S.                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-79
SQUIRES, SUSAN                    PREBLE                        NY-12-N-87
SQUIRES, SUSAN                    HOMER                         NY-12-X-201
SQUIRES, WILLIAM                  MARATHON                      NY-12-O-433
SQUIRES, ZACHARIAH                **                            NY-12-A-130
STAFFORD, HENRY                   HOMER                         NY-12-V-109
STAFFORD, HOPKINS                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-T-553
STAFFORD, JOSEPH                  **                            NY-12-D-416
STAFFORD, JOSIAH                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-207
STAFFORD, RUBY                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-681
STANLEY, CLARISSA                 MARATHON                      NY-12-R-533
STANTON, ELIJAH                   PREBLE                        NY-12-T-807
STANTON, ETHAN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-E-13
STANTON, LEVI                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-317
STANTON, SARAH B.                 FREETOWN                      NY-12-T-377
STEADMAN, SARAH                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-273
STEBBINS, ASENATH                 HOMER                         NY-12-E-336
STEBBINS, JAMES                   HOMER                         NY-12-I-147
STEBBINS, TITUS                   HOMER                         NY-12-A-296
STEDMAN, LAURA M.                 HOMER                         NY-12-R-581
STEELE, GEORGE G.                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-N-483
STEPHENS, CAROLINE                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-261
STEPHENS, ELIZA VENNETTE          CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-401
STEPHENS, HENRY                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-143
STEPHENS, HENRY                   FREETOWN                      NY-12-A-16
STERNBERGH, WILLIAM C.            WILLETT                       NY-12-Y-485
STERNBURGH, BENJAMIN              WILLETT                       NY-12-N-37
STERNS, MATILDA A.                HOMER                         NY-12-S-221
STEVENS, ASA                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-43
STEVENS, CATHARINE                MARATHON                      NY-12-W-165
STEVENS, EDMUND                   HOMER                         NY-12-T-265
STEVENS, JOSEPH                   SOLON                         NY-12-P-43
STEVENS, JOSEPH                   SOLON                         NY-12-N-291
STEVENS, SAMUEL                   HOMER                         NY-12-D-301
STEVENS, SILAS                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-213
STEVENS, WILBER                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-V-77
STEWART, CHILENA                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-401
STEWART, JANE                     HOMER                         NY-12-V-229
STEWART, MARGARET E.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-249
STEWART, MILTON B.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-E-408
STEWART, REUBEN R.                TRUXTON                       NY-12-F-133
STEWART, SOPHRONIA E.             HOMER                         NY-12-F-91
STILES, JONAH                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-A-197
STILES, OTIS                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-451
STILLMAN, LINUS                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-77
STILSON, EDWARD                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-87
STIMSON, ENOS                     HOMER                         NY-12-C-308
STIMSON, OREN                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-9
STOKER, JOHN H.                   SCOTT                         NY-12-Z-617
STONE, EMILY A.                   HOMER                         NY-12-Y-549
STONE, JACOB T.                   HOMER                         NY-12-T-549
STONE, THOMAS                     HOMER                         NY-12-A-244
STONE, VERNON T.                  HOMER                         NY-12-Y-217
STOWE, NATHAN                     HOMER                         NY-12-C-200
STREET, SARAH J.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-325
STREET, THOMAS                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-491
STUBBS, WILLIAM                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-13
STURTEVANT, JAMES W.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-403
STURTEVANT, SARAH R.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-261
SUGGETT, JANE                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-525
SULLIVAN, ALTHEDA                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-1
SUMMER, EPHRAIM P.                HOMER                         NY-12-A-263
SUMNER, EPHRIAM P.                TRUXTON                       NY-12-M-505
SUMNER, SAMUEL                    HOMER                         NY-12-E-300
SWAIN, JAMES                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-344
SWEET, AMANDA                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-85
SWEET, ANDREW J.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-601
SWEETORE, AMANDA M.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-417
SWETLAND, MILTON                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-B-4
SWETLAND, WALTON                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-H-385
SWETMAN, MARIA                    CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-F-271
SWIFT, ALMIRA S.                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-W-329
SWIFT, GEORGE L.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-Y-197
SWIFT, LUCIUS L.                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-T-541
SWIFT, WILLIAM A.                 MARATHON                      NY-12-K-433
SYKES, SAMUEL B.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-9
TAINTOR, HORACE M.                HARFORD                       NY-12-L-99
TALBERT, WILLIAM                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-B-59
TALLMAN, JERUSHA P.               PREBLE                        NY-12-X-249
TANNER, ABRAM T.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-157
TANNER, ERASTUS                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-B-197
TANNER, JAMES E.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-609
TANNER, JOHN H.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-493
TARBLE, DANIEL                    MARATHON                      NY-12-M-433
TARBLE, JULIA ANN                 MARATHON                      NY-12-N-439
TARBOX, WILLIAM N.                HARFORD                       NY-12-L-363
TAYLOR, CHARLES C.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-445
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                 MARATHON                      NY-12-M-73
TAYLOR, JOHN                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-337
TAYLOR, JOHN H.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-W-249
TAYLOR, JONATHAN                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-103
TAYLOR, JULIANA C.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-507
TAYLOR, LUKE                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-H-397
TAYLOR, LYDIA                     MARATHON                      NY-12-Y-5
TAYLOR, WILLIAM C.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-305
TERPENING, HENRY                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-311
TERPENING, MARENUS                VIRGIL                        NY-12-M-265
TERPENNING, ESTHER                HOMER                         NY-12-O-473
TERRELL, GUILES                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-V-605
TERWILLIGER, ABRAM                PREBLE                        NY-12-T-533
THAYER, ELLEN L.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-577
THOMAS, SARAH J.                  HOMER                         NY-12-W-397
THOMAS, WILLIAM                   LAPEER                        NY-12-C-375
THOMPSON, CHARLES                 CUYLER                        NY-12-L-247
THOMPSON, GUY C.                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-Y-253
THOMPSON, HAMMILL                 HOMER                         NY-12-T-521
THOMPSON, ISAAC F.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-305
THOMPSON, LUTHER                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-E-448
THOMPSON, PETER                   TAYLOR                        NY-12-C-334
THORINGTON, GIDEON                SOLON                         NY-12-I-371
THORINGTON, LATHEL                TRUXTON                       NY-12-Z-489
THORNTON, CATHERINE               MARATHON                      NY-12-M-37
TIFFANY, ADELAIDE                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-497
TILLINGHAST, BENJAMIN F.          CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-93
TILLINGHAST, THOMAS               CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-I-163
TILLOTSON, ASAHEL                 HARFORD                       NY-12-R-373
TINKER, JOHN                      FREETOWN                      NY-12-A-227
TINKHAM, LOOMIS                   SCOTT                         NY-12-W-245
TIRREL, JOB                       HOMER                         NY-12-A-123
TIRZE, MATTHIAS W.                HARFORD                       NY-12-X-49
TISDALE, JAMES A.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-349
TISDALE, LORING                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-105
TODD, ADALINE                     MARATHON                      NY-12-D-219
TODD, CHARLES                     HOMER                         NY-12-A-206
TODHUNTER, ANNA                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-M-333
TODHUNTER, WILLIAM                TRUXTON                       NY-12-L-27
TOGLER, HARRIET J.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-157
TOPPING, DANIEL                   HOMER                         NY-12-L-319
TORREY, FRANCES C.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-765
TORREY, JOHN EBER                 HOMER                         NY-12-V-297
TORREY, MARGARET                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-V-417
TORRY, AZARIAH C.                 HOMER                         NY-12-N-143
TOTMAN, DAVID S.                  HOMER                         NY-12-X-569
TOTMAN, HARRIET B.                HOMER                         NY-12-U-281
TOTMAN, MORDICA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Z-177
TOTMAN, PHEBE L.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-X-65
TOWER, SALLY M.                   HOMER                         NY-12-W-101
TOWLE, LOUISA                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-X-469
TOWNLEY, CHARLES E.               CORTLAND                      NY-12-U-553
TOWNLEY, MARY                     CORTLAND                      NY-12-Q-239
TOWNSEND, JOHN                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-C-263
TRACY, BOYINGTON, J.              CUYLER                        NY-12-F-67
TRACY, JULIA T.                   TRIANGLE, BROOME, NY          NY-12-Y-377
TRAPP, DAVID R.                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-363
TRAPP, EVA J.                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-567
TRAVER, LAVINA                    MARATHON                      NY-12-Z-305
TRIPP, DANIEL A.                  HARFORD                       NY-12-O-225
TRIPP, ELIZA A.                   HOMER                         NY-12-E-43
TRIPP, ELIZABETH C.               HARFORD                       NY-12-W-441
TRIPP, LYMAN                      CUYLER                        NY-12-S-53
TROWBRIDGE, SAMUEL                PREBLE                        NY-12-C-169
TRUAX, ISAAC                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-29
TRYON, STEPHEN                    LAPEER                        NY-12-N-467
TUD, JEFFREY                      HARFORD                       NY-12-S-153
TULLY, CATHARINE                  PREBLE                        NY-12-M-253
TULLY, CORNELIA                   PREBLE                        NY-12-X-281
TURNER, ALANSON                   PREBLE                        NY-12-W-213
TURNER, CHARLES                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-M-409
TURNER, ELIZA L. D.               MARATHON                      NY-12-S-721
TURNER, JAY E.                    MARATHON                      NY-12-X-285
TURNER, MARGARET                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-153
TURNER, SAMUEL RUSSEL             MARATHON                      NY-12-O-489
TWISS, WILLIAM H.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-569
TYLER, JEREMIAH G.                VIRGIL                        NY-12-V-409
TYLER, JOHN                       VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-256
TYLER, JULIA                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-R-269
TYLER, OLIVER                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-20
TYLER, STEPHEN W.                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-H-571
UFFORD, JULIA J.                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-V-265
UHLES, ISAAC                      FREETOWN                      NY-12-H-457
UNDERWOOD, HARLOW E.              SCOTT                         NY-12-Y-109
UNDERWOOD, PHILANDER              SOLON                         NY-12-D-273
UNDERWOOD, POLLY M.               LAPEER                        NY-12-S-769
UNDERWOOD, TIMOTHY W.             SCOTT                         NY-12-L-359
UPTEGROVE, LEWIS W.               MARATHON                      NY-12-R-617
VALENTINE, HIRAM K.               MARATHON                      NY-12-P-135
VALENTINE, HIRAM K.               MARATHON                      NY-12-O-97
VALENTINE, WILLIAM                MARATHON                      NY-12-S-309
VANATTA, DAVID                    PREBLE                        NY-12-A-254
VANBERGEN, ELIZA C.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-1
VANBUREN, MOSES                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-283
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN L.               PREBLE                        NY-12-N-351
VANCAMP, SAMUEL C.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-353
VANDENBURG, ABRAM H.              PREBLE                        NY-12-X-153
VANDENBURY, JOHN C.               HOMER                         NY-12-W-577
VANDEWARKER, ADAM                 CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-K-277
VANDULAN, JAMES                   HOMER                         NY-12-H-415
VANHOESEN, ALBERT G.              PREBLE                        NY-12-C-70
VANHOESEN, CATHERINE              VIRGIL                        NY-12-U-169
VANHOESEN, CLARK                  PREBLE                        NY-12-Z-89
VANHOESEN, CORNELIA B.            PREBLE                        NY-12-K-301
VANHOESEN, DANIEL                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-169
VANHOESEN, EUGENE M.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-417
VANHOESEN, JULIA M.               CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-441
VANHOESEN, MARGARET               PREBLE                        NY-12-Y-301
VANHOESEN, MATTHIAS               PREBLE                        NY-12-S-313
VANHOESEN, NICHOLAS               PREBLE                        NY-12-U-345
VANHOESEN, PLATT                  PREBLE                        NY-12-W-501
VANHOESEN, RICHARD S.             PREBLE                        NY-12-L-59
VANHOESEN, SARAH JANE             PREBLE                        NY-12-W-189
VANHOESEN, WANDELL                PREBLE                        NY-12-C-195
VANHOSEN, GARRETT                 PREBLE                        NY-12-D-550
VANHOSEN, THOMAS SPENCER          PREBLE                        NY-12-I-215
VANORSDALE, JOHN                  MARATHON                      NY-12-I-383
VANPATTEN, CAROLINE S.            PREBLE                        NY-12-V-437
VANVALIN, MARY                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-509
VIELE, JANE F.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-389
VINCENT, AMANDA F.                SCOTT                         NY-12-V-589
VINCENT, JOHN L.                  SCOTT                         NY-12-V-565
VINCENT, MICHAEL                  SCOTT                         NY-12-L-279
VINCENT, WILLIAM O.               TRUXTON                       NY-12-S-565
VONDENBURGH, CATHARINE            PREBLE                        NY-12-R-97
VOSBURGH, CALISTA                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-409
VOSBURGH, ISAAC                   SCOTT                         NY-12-A-208
VOSBURGH, JOHN                    SCOTT                         NY-12-E-85
VUNK, HENRY                       VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-129
VUNK, MARGARET                    **                            NY-12-G-287
VUNK, OLIVE                       HARFORD                       NY-12-I-267
VUNK, SERELIA O.                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-U-577
VUNK, WILLIAM H.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-Y-345
WAGNER, GEORGE WILLIAM            HARFORD                       NY-12-V-529
WAIT, SAMUEL                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-191
WAKEFIELD, RICHARD                SCOTT                         NY-12-O-497
WAKELEY, ELECTA J.                HOMER                         NY-12-P-77
WAKEMAN, EMELINE                  MARATHON                      NY-12-L-467
WAKEMAN, NETTIE V.                MARATHON                      NY-12-T-425
WALEFIELD, GEORGE                 HOMER                         NY-12-N-531
WALL, MICHAEL                     CUYLER                        NY-12-X-29
WALLACE, ELIZA                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-L-63
WALLACE, SARAH                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-521
WALLIS, ANNA                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-K-271
WALLIS, THOMAS F.                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-53
WALRAD, PHILO                     HOMER                         NY-12-F-319
WALSWORTH, RODOLPHUS W.           CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-189
WALTER, IRA M.                    HOMER                         NY-12-D-373
WARD, LEWIS F.                    MARATHON                      NY-12-Z-273
WARFIELD, THURBER                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-485
WARNER, AMASA H.                  HOMER                         NY-12-D-349
WARREN, CHARLES B.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-565
WARREN, IRA D.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-275
WARREN, SIMMONS                   SOLON                         NY-12-G-206
WATERS, ABAGAIL                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-219
WATERS, ABAGAIL                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-499
WATKINS, IRA W.                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-401
WATROUS, JOSEPH                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-213
WATROUS, LYMAN                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-433
WATSON, GEORGE W.                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-H-199
WATSON, JOHN                      HOMER                         NY-12-O-373
WATSON, JOSEPH                    HOMER                         NY-12-T-625
WATSON, MARTHA                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-L-511
WATSON, MARY                      HOMER                         NY-12-S-493
WATSON, ROBERT                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-D-388
WATTLES, HERBERT                  HARFORD                       NY-12-R-277
WAVLE, JANE L.                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-Z-529
WAVLE, LUCY                       FREETOWN                      NY-12-Z-561
WEBB, CURTISS                     HOMER                         NY-12-L-271
WEBB, CYNTHIA A.                  HOMER                         NY-12-S-693
WEBBER, AMASA                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-B-20
WEBSTER, ASAHEL                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-B-346
WEBSTER, OLIVE M.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-773
WEBSTER, PHEBE                    PREBLE                        NY-12-D-321
WEBSTER, SUSAN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-25
WEEKS, ALONZO                     HOMER                         NY-12-N-391
WEEKS, EBENEZER C.                CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-K-259
WEEKS, ELIZA                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-N-479
WEEKS, GEORGE H.                  TAYLOR                        NY-12-E-442
WEEKS, HIRAM                      PREBLE                        NY-12-D-229
WEEKS, LAURA T.                   TAYLOR                        NY-12-R-57
WELCH, ELIZA J.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-65
WELCH, HENRIETTA VAN NESS         CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-73
WELCH, MARCUS                     HOMER                         NY-12-K-85
WELCH, SAMUEL                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-139
WELCH, VINSON C.                  HOMER                         NY-12-I-411
WELLINGTON, NATHANIEL             HOMER                         NY-12-L-139
WENTWORTH, THOMAS H.              CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-N-219
WEST, LOUISA M.                   LAPEER                        NY-12-N-431
WEST, PUNDERSON                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-Y-53
WETHERELL, CORNELIA A.            CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-537
WEYANT, MINNIE B.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-25
WHALEN, MARY                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-X-113
WHEAT, SALOMA                     HOMER                         NY-12-O-205
WHEELER, ELIJAH                   SOLON                         NY-12-I-259
WHEELER, EMILY R.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-677
WHEELER, JOSEPH                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-416
WHILEY, SAMUEL JR.                HOMER                         NY-12-K-373
WHIPPLE, HARVEY                   HOMER                         NY-12-O-245
WHITBY, MADORA A.                 CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-O-465
WHITE, AARON                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-I-451
WHITE, ASA J.                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-57
WHITE, CHESTER                    CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-R-553
WHITE, EUPHEMIA                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-M-49
WHITE, ISAAC                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-O-105
WHITE, JOHN D.                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-V-301
WHITE, LYDIA H.                   HOMER                         NY-12-V-45
WHITE, LYSANDER T.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-101
WHITE, WILLIAM                    PREBLE                        NY-12-C-172
WHITING, HENRY L                  SCOTT                         NY-12-S-673
WHITMARSH, LOVILLA                CUYLER                        NY-12-T-213
WHITMORE, DANIEL E.               MARATHON                      NY-12-U-441
WHITNEY, MARY                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-445
WHITNEY, MARY C.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-V-141
WHITNEY, PUCELLA                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-277
WHITNEY, THADEUS S.               TAYLOR                        NY-12-T-121
WICKWIRE, RAYMOND                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-241
WIGGINS, JOHN                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-R-133
WIGHT, MARTHA A.                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-S-461
WIGHTMAN, LEONARD                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-37
WILBER, ISAAC                     PREBLE                        NY-12-U-225
WILBER, JONATHAN                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-497
WILCOX, ABAGAIL                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-151
WILCOX, ASHER                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-355
WILCOX, HEUSTON                   MARATHON                      NY-12-S-489
WILCOX, HIRAM                     HARFORD                       NY-12-T-421
WILCOX, HORACE                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-E-490
WILDMAN, JOSEPH                   FREETOWN                      NY-12-N-275
WILES, COONRAD                    FREETOWN                      NY-12-C-319
WILES, DORCAS                     MARATHON                      NY-12-L-71
WILES, HENRY                      WILLET                        NY-12-J-60
WILES, JOHN C.                    FREETOWN                      NY-12-C-331
WILES, WILLIAM                    MARATHON                      NY-12-I-55
WILLCOX, DAVID                    HARFORD                       NY-12-U-545
WILLETT, CHARLES A.               VIRGIL                        NY-12-V-369
WILLIAMS, E. C.                   FREETOWN                      NY-12-L-17
WILLIAMS, FREDERICK G.            HOMER                         NY-12-R-205
WILLIAMS, JONATHAN T.             CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-463
WILLIAMS, LUCINDA                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-X-581
WILLIAMS, ZEBINA                  HOMER                         NY-12-L-243
WILLMARTH, JAMES D.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-113
WILLS, CHARLES E.                 HOMER                         NY-12-W-205
WILMARTH, R. EMMET                HOMER                         NY-12-Y-73
WILSON, DANIEL B.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-493
WILSON, PHEBE L.                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-D-369
WILSON, SUSAN L.                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-M-441
WILSON, WILLIAM                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-215
WINNE, JAMES                      HOMER                         NY-12-H-535
WINNE, WYNANT                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-B-324
WINTERS, FRANCENA J.              MARATHON                      NY-12-T-249
WIRE, GARY                        TAYLOR                        NY-12-S-373
WIRE, JANE E.                     TAYLOR                        NY-12-I-479
WIRE, VERN E.                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-Z-137
WIRE, WARD                        TAYLOR                        NY-12-C-381
WITHEY, MYRON H.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-461
WITTER, CARY R.                   CUYLER                        NY-12-S-717
WOOD, HORACE B.                   HOMER                         NY-12-V-221
WOOD, JONAS                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-9
WOOD, MARTHA A.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-469
WOOD, TIMOTHY                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-216
WOODEN, ORREN                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-I-315
WOODFORD, HARRIET C.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-29
WOODIN, LUCINDA                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-107
WOODRUFF, CHARLES                 FREETOWN                      NY-12-R-561
WOODRUFF, LEONARD                 CUYLER                        NY-12-N-231
WOODS, PHOEBE J.                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-X-441
WOODS, SHERMAN L.                 FREETOWN                      NY-12-T-277
WOODS, SYLVESTER R.               MARATHON                      NY-12-R-237
WOODWARD, ALPHEUS G.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-383
WOODWARD, CHARLES N.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-P-232
WOODWARD, CHARLES N.              HOMER                         NY-12-S-141
WOODWARD, HANNAH A.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-617
WOODWARD, ISAAC D.                HOMER                         NY-12-L-399
WOODWARD, LETTIE M.               TRUXTON                       NY-12-V-533
WOODWARD, M. ELIZABETH            CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-161
WOODWARD, WILLIAM C.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-387
WOODWORTH, MARY E.                MEDFORD, WORCESTER, MA        NY-12-Q-226
WOOLSEY, LEWIS M.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-307
WOOLSTON, JOSEPH                  PREBLE                        NY-12-I-391
WRIGHT, WILLIAM W.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-447
YAGER, MARGARET L.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-541
YAGER, WILLIAM                    MC GRAWVILLE                  NY-12-Z-329
YALE, HELEN                       HOMER                         NY-12-X-521
YALE, JOHN                        HOMER                         NY-12-F-295
YALE, MOSES                       HOMER                         NY-12-R-13
YALE, MOSES                       HOMER                         NY-12-P-206
YATES, BENJAMIN                   HARFORD                       NY-12-N-119
YATES, LUCINDA                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-385
YATES, MARIA                      HARFORD                       NY-12-O-181
YORK, JOHN                        HOMER                         NY-12-S-5
YORK, MARGARET                    HOMER                         NY-12-S-1
YOUMONS, SALLY L.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-473
YOUNG, FREEBURN                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-D-269
YOUNG, JOHN                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-661
YOUNGS, ABRAM                     MARATHON                      NY-12-O-417

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