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GAGE, ADELBERT S.                 PREBLE                        NY-12-V-233
GAGER, EDWARD W.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Z-41
GAGER, JASON                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Z-33
GAGER, JULIA W.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-427
GAGLAY, MARY A.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-49
GALBRAITH, HUMPHREY               HOMER                         NY-12-O-13
GALE, ARTHUR J.                   HOMER                         NY-12-H-433
GALLAGHER, GEORGE                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-K-415
GALLAGHER, JOHN                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-13
GALLUP, GEORGE H.                 HOMER                         NY-12-M-493
GALLUSHA, NEWTON                  HOMER                         NY-12-E-104
GALUSHA, EZRA                     PREBLE                        NY-12-F-337
GALUSHA, KATURAH                  PREBLE                        NY-12-H-421
GALUSHA, MARY E.                  PREBLE                        NY-12-F-331
GALUSHA, ORMAN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-71
GARDINER, NATHAN A.               VIRGIL                        NY-12-Y-477
GARDNER, ABIAL                    FREETOWN                      NY-12-B-55
GARDNER, JOHN                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-67
GARDNER, LEVI                     SOLON                         NY-12-D-241
GARDNER, OSCAR N.                 FREETOWN                      NY-12-Y-521
GARDNER, PHILOTHA                 WILLET                        NY-12-D-207
GARDNER, WILLIAM                  MARATHON                      NY-12-M-501
GARMO, UPHAMY D.                  SOLON                         NY-12-A-281
GARNER, FREDERICK                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-W-209
GARRITY, MARY                     HOMER                         NY-12-V-261
GATES, ASA                        CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-537
GATES, FLOYD E.                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-529
GATES, HANNAH                     CUYLER                        NY-12-H-511
GATES, JOEL                       HOMER                         NY-12-S-593
GATES, JUSTIN                     HOMER                         NY-12-I-9
GATES, STEPHEN                    CUYLER                        NY-12-M-217
GATES, TYLER                      CUYLER                        NY-12-I-27
GAY, HARVEY                       TAYLOR                        NY-12-D-404
GAY, NATHANIEL                    PREBLE                        NY-12-A-41
GAYLORD, PHEBE                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-392
GAYLORD, WILLIAM S.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-153
GAZLAY, ALICE C.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-573
GAZLAY, CATHARINE M.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-151
GEE, HARVY                        CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-B-37
GERE, ABEL                        HOMER                         NY-12-S-729
GERRARD, CHARLES                  MARATHON                      NY-12-C-51
GIFFORD, ELIHU                    CUYLER                        NY-12-L-391
GILBERT, J. LEROY                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-V-617
GILBERT, POLLY E.                 TAYLOR                        NY-12-X-405
GILKERSON, GEORGE                 HOMER                         NY-12-O-93
GILKERSON, SARAH                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-321
GILL, SARAH                       PREBLE                        NY-12-C-339
GILL, SUSAN LUANA                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-407
GILLEN, JOHN W.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-533
GILLEN, LORIN D.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-G-229
GILLEN, THOMAS                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-R-165
GILLET, LUCINDA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-400
GILLETTE, CHARLES H.              SCOTT                         NY-12-U-337
GIVENS, ANN V.                    CUYLER                        NY-12-I-319
GIVENS, ANNA                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-265
GIVENS, ANNA E.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-449
GIVENS, HARRISON                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-435
GLAZIER, BENJAMIN                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-E-348
GLEASON, MARY                     CUYLER                        NY-12-V-281
GLENNEY, JOSEPH C.                SCOTT                         NY-12-S-649
GLOVER, DANIEL                    HOMER                         NY-12-K-7
GLOVER, JACOB                     MARATHON                      NY-12-T-289
GLOVER, JOHN                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-H-13
GODDARD, HANNAH                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-T-449
GODDARD, MARY                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-Y-481
GODDARD, ROSALIND HARRIET         CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-585
GODDARD, RUTH J.                  TAYLOR                        NY-12-S-505
GODDARD, SOLOMON                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-T-815
GOLUSHA, SARAH                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-605
GOODALE, MARY JANE                LAPEER                        NY-12-W-265
GOODELL, GURDEN                   PREBLE                        NY-12-C-25
GOODELL, SARAH                    HOMER                         NY-12-F-19
GOODRICH, HORACE P.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-317
GOODRICH, MARY E.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-485
GOODRICH, NANCY                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-29
GOODWIN, LUCY M.                  HOMER                         NY-12-R-377
GOODYEAR, MILES                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-291
GOODYEAR, POLLY                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-227
GORSLINE, GABRIEL                 SOLON                         NY-12-B-305
GRAHAM, ALEXANDER M.              HOMER                         NY-12-B-284
GRAHAM, ANNE LIZA                 HOMER                         NY-12-K-193
GRAHAM, ERASTUS                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-477
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                   HOMER                         NY-12-M-197
GRANT, IRA                        CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-5
GRANT, JOSEPH                     FREETOWN                      NY-12-E-496
GRANT, RACHEL                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-224
GRANT, WAKEMAN W.                 CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-O-513
GRAVES, EUNICE                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-633
GRAVES, RUFUS H.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-101
GRAY, HENRY C.                    HARFORD                       NY-12-X-397
GRAY, JESSE                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-597
GRAY, JOHN                        HOMER                         NY-12-H-427
GRAY, OGDEN                       LAPEER                        NY-12-H-319
GREEMAN, WILLIAM                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-530
GREEN, ARCHELAUS                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-290
GREEN, CALEB                      HOMER                         NY-12-V-61
GREEN, HARRIET                    HOMER                         NY-12-X-225
GREEN, JOHN                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-333
GREEN, LURY A.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-201
GREEN, TIMOTHY                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-L-235
GREEN, TIRZAH M.                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-J-107
GREENE, ALFRED                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-553
GREENE, GEORGE S.                 SCOTT                         NY-12-L-191
GREENE, JAMES                     WILLETT                       NY-12-F-31
GREENE, JOSEPH                    WILLETT                       NY-12-M-201
GREENMAN, HARVEY H.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-525
GREENMAN, JANE L.                 FREETOWN                      NY-12-K-241
GREENMAN, MARIA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-F-355
GREENWOOD, ISAAC K.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-77
GREENWOOD, JAMES K.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-541
GRIDLEY, LINN                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-R-69
GRIFFIN, BURDETTE H.              HOMER                         NY-12-Z-473
GRIFFITH, JOSHUA                  HOMER                         NY-12-N-55
GRIFFITH, MINERVA                 HOMER                         NY-12-T-17
GRIGGS, EVANS                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-131
GRIGGS, SARAH M.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-261
GRISWOLD, ELIZA                   CUYLER                        NY-12-L-95
GROSS, CLARISSA A.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-593
GROSS, FREEMAN                    MARATHON                      NY-12-A-260
GROSS, LORIN                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-617
GROW, PLATT F.                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-E-520
GURNEE, SAMUEL                    HOMER                         NY-12-I-415
GUTCHEUS, NANCY                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-25
GUTCHER, BEVELY                   HOMER                         NY-12-S-169
GUTCHES, MC KEEL                  HOMER                         NY-12-X-481
GUTCHESS, ESTHER                  HOMER                         NY-12-T-325
HABLE, CASPAR                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-H-445
HAIGHT, HANNAH                    SEE: HAIT, HANNAH             NY-12-G-232
HAIGHT, JAMES H.                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-F-289
HAIGHT, NATHANIEL                 HOMER                         NY-12-N-167
HAIT, HANNAH                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-G-232
HAKER, WILLIAM                    CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-A-176
HAKES, MARINOUS                   HOMER                         NY-12-R-105
HAKES, SARAH E.                   HOMER                         NY-12-R-417
HALBERT, HARRIET M.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-285
HALBERT, LEVI                     TAYLOR                        NY-12-C-240
HALE, DAVID D.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-438
HALL, ABNER                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-485
HALL, CALEB                       FREETOWN                      NY-12-C-1
HALL, EZRA RUSSELL                HOMER                         NY-12-X-81
HALL, GARDON                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-K-211
HALL, ISAAC C.                    FREETOWN                      NY-12-S-137
HALL, JAMES                       HOMER                         NY-12-F-175
HALL, JULIA ETTE                  SOLON                         NY-12-V-413
HALL, MARIA E.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-429
HALL, MARTHA                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-554
HALL, MARY E.                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-E-366
HALL, MIRANDA                     MARATHON                      NY-12-K-421
HALL, WILLIAM A.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-295
HALL, WILLIAM E.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-F-247
HALLENBECK, ABRAHAM               PREBLE                        NY-12-F-367
HALLOCK, JOHN W.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-X-585
HALSTED, JOSEPH B.                MARATHON                      NY-12-U-481
HAMMON, RILEY                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-V-433
HAMMON, SAMUEL C.                 HARFORD                       NY-12-S-237
HAMMOND, BETSEY C.                FREETOWN                      NY-12-T-129
HAMMOND, DELILAH J.               HARFORD                       NY-12-W-573
HAMMOND, GEORGE                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-205
HAMMOND, GEORGE W.                MARATHON                      NY-12-L-51
HAMMOND, POLLY                    HARFORD                       NY-12-X-193
HAMMOND, SAMUEL                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-413
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                  HARFORD                       NY-12-T-413
HANE, LESTER E.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-621
HANNUM, LEWIS                     CORTLAND                      NY-12-R-93
HANNUM, LOIS B.                   HOMER                         NY-12-M-325
HARDING, PHEBE                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-231
HARDING, ROSWELL                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-559
HARE, BETSEY                      HOMER                         NY-12-V-193
HARMON, ALVA                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-73
HARR, SARAH H.                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-U-505
HARRINGTON, ALDEN                 CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-S-241
HARRINGTON, CARY                  SCOTT                         NY-12-O-441
HARRINGTON, M. DEI ETTA           TAYLOR                        NY-12-L-31
HARRIS, ELISHA                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-248
HARRIS, LUCY M.                   PREBLE                        NY-12-L-483
HARRIS, NAOMI S.                  PREBLE                        NY-12-O-257
HART, AMANDA                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-35
HART, HANNAH                      CUYLER                        NY-12-D-265
HART, JOHN                        HOMER                         NY-12-I-439
HART, JOSIAH                      CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-505
HART, MARY A.                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-217
HARTMAN, CHARLES                  PREBLE                        NY-12-V-573
HARTMAN, PETER                    PREBLE                        NY-12-L-227
HARTRAUFT, WILLIAM H.             CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-589
HARVEY, ABAGAIL A.                SOLON                         NY-12-T-161
HARVEY, JAMES                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-U-361
HARVEY, THOMAS                    CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-Y-453
HASCALL, JOHN                     HARFORD                       NY-12-F-349
HASKELL, LYDIA                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-253
HASKELL, MOSES                    HOMER                         NY-12-C-456
HASKELL, SETH                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-G-312
HASKINS, ALANSON                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-I-239
HASKINS, ALBERT D.                CUYLER                        NY-12-W-77
HASKINS, CLARISSA                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-49
HASKINS, MILO                     PREBLE                        NY-12-T-775
HASKINS, MORGAN S.                PREBLE                        NY-12-X-173
HASKINS, WILLIAM                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-I-447
HASKINS, ZELOTES                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-B-65
HATCH, EDWARD                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-337
HATFIELD, SIMON                   HOMER                         NY-12-C-393
HATFIELD, WILLIAM HENRY           CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-545
HATFIELD, WILLIAM S.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-9
HATHAWAY, WILLIAM G.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-85
HATHEWAY, LAVINA MATILDA          SOLON                         NY-12-O-553
HAVILAND, HENRY                   PREBLE                        NY-12-U-305
HAVILAND, JOHN L.                 PREBLE                        NY-12-T-205
HAWKS, DANIEL                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-295
HAWLEY, EDMUND                    HOMER                         NY-12-H-235
HAWLEY, FRANCIS                   TAYLOR                        NY-12-N-459
HAWLEY, HENRIETTA C.              HOMER                         NY-12-T-477
HAWLY, HENRY                      SOLON                         NY-12-M-45
HAY, ANNA                         HARFORD                       NY-12-M-185
HAYES, EDWARD W.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-Z-553
HAYES, ELMIRA                     MARATHON                      NY-12-R-261
HAYES, LILLIAN E.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-281
HAYES, MARTIN                     SOLON                         NY-12-M-121
HAYES, OLIVER                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-577
HAYNES, GEORGE                    PREBLE                        NY-12-H-139
HAYNES, JACOB D.                  PREBLE                        NY-12-R-613
HAYS, JOHN B.                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-345
HAZARD, ALMIRA A.                 SCOTT                         NY-12-S-293
HAZARD, CATHARINE                 HOMER                         NY-12-M-297
HAZARD, EPPY                      WILLET                        NY-12-C-16
HAZARD, HELEN M.                  SCOTT                         NY-12-R-657
HAZARD, MARY ANN                  HOMER                         NY-12-W-445
HAZEN, LEWIS A.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-W-373
HAZEN, SARAH M.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-Z-393
HAZZARD, HARRY                    WILLETT                       NY-12-N-243
HEAD, ALPHONSO L.                 HOMER                         NY-12-U-425
HEART, FRANCIS A.                 CUYLER                        NY-12-W-549
HEATH, CHANDLER B.                TRUXTON                       NY-12-M-445
HEBERD, AUGUSTUS E.               HOMER                         NY-12-M-477
HEBERD, LUCYETTE                  HOMER                         NY-12-M-29
HEBERD, WILLIAM                   HOMER                         NY-12-A-167
HEMINGWAY, JACOB                  HARFORD                       NY-12-L-203
HEMINGWAY, LYDIA                  HARFORD                       NY-12-L-5
HEMMINGWAY, LYMAN                 HARFORD                       NY-12-I-463
HENRY, ABRAM                      HOMER                         NY-12-K-151
HENRY, JOHN B.                    HOMER                         NY-12-C-37
HENRY, POLLY                      HOMER                         NY-12-T-221
HERNON, THOMAS                    SOLON                         NY-12-L-155
HIBBARD, ADA                      CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-469
HIBBARD, ASHLEY M.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-527
HIBBARD, DAN                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-155
HIBBARD, JOHN L.                  HOMER                         NY-12-C-321
HIBBARD, WILLIAM                  HOMER                         NY-12-E-79
HIBBERD, DIANA                    HOMER                         NY-12-K-439
HICKNEY, EMMA                     CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-509
HICKS, GEORGE W.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-337
HICKS, SAMANTHA W.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-113
HICKS, TRIPHORA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-205
HICKS, ZEPHANIAH                  HOMER                         NY-12-W-229
HICOOX, BRADFORD                  TAYLOR                        NY-12-D-538
HIGBIE, MARY                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-327
HIGGINS, AMBROSE S.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-P-90
HIGGINS, CHARLES                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-S-381
HILE, THOMAS                      HARFORD                       NY-12-T-593
HILL, ALEXANDER                   SCOTT                         NY-12-B-7
HILL, JEFFERSON O.                CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-65
HILLIARD, ALBERT                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-K-325
HILLIGUS, JOHN                    PREBLE                        NY-12-R-321
HILSINGER, MARY A.                CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-225
HILSINGER, WILLIAM                MARATHON                      NY-12-D-5
HILSLINGER, CHANCEY B.            MARATHON                      NY-12-L-13
HINCKLEY, HENRY                   HOMER                         NY-12-D-534
HINDS, JOHN                       CORTLANDIVLLE                 NY-12-H-367
HINDS, JOSEPH                     CUYLER                        NY-12-O-389
HINMAN, WILLIAM                   MARATHON                      NY-12-T-201
HITCHCOCK, BELA P.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-163
HITCHCOCK, CAROLINE               HOMER                         NY-12-S-713
HITCHCOCK, COLEMAN                HOMER                         NY-12-Y-545
HITCHCOCK, JAMES P.               HOMER                         NY-12-Y-593
HITCHCOCK, LUCY                   HOMER                         NY-12-U-97
HITCHCOCK, NOAH                   HOMER                         NY-12-I-211
HITCHCOCK, OLIVER                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-B-207
HITCHCOCK, PATTY                  HOMER                         NY-12-K-97
HITCHCOCK, PROSPER                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-377
HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL B.              HOMER                         NY-12-C-181
HIX, ELIPHALET                    HOMER                         NY-12-A-275
HOAG, EDWIN E.                    CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-X-353
HOBART, ALANSON                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-697
HOBART, AMOS                      HOMER                         NY-12-S-337
HOBART, ASENATH                   HOMER                         NY-12-O-285
HOBART, DURAN C.                  HOMER                         NY-12-U-521
HOBART, MANLEY                    HOMER                         NY-12-M-469
HOBART, SARAH E. K.               HOMER                         NY-12-S-549
HOBART, SETH                      PREBLE                        NY-12-Y-449
HOBERT, ALPHEUS                   HOMER                         NY-12-E-430
HOBERT, MARIAH                    HOMER                         NY-12-R-245
HODGSON, JOHN                     CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-521
HOKER, BETSEY                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-A-279
HOLBROOK, PHINEAS                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-S-217
HOLCOMB, ISAAC H.                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-265
HOLDEN, BENJAMIN                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-239
HOLDEN, BENJAMIN                  HARFORD                       NY-12-L-103
HOLDEN, GEORGE L.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-255
HOLDEN, WALTER                    HARFORD                       NY-12-O-277
HOLDEN, WALTER                    HARFORD                       NY-12-P-188
HOLDRIDGE, JANE M.                HARFORD                       NY-12-S-613
HOLDRIDGE, THOMAS J.              HARFORD                       NY-12-T-321
HOLLENBECK, FREDERICK             VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-521
HOLLENBECK, JOHN                  PREBLE                        NY-12-I-431
HOLLENBECK, JOHN                  PREBLE                        NY-12-J-51
HOLLENBECK, KETURAH               PREBLE                        NY-12-V-457
HOLLENBECK, MATHIAS               PREBLE                        NY-12-N-91
HOLLENBECK, WILLIAM J.            CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-317
HOLLISTER, EZRA                   HOMER                         NY-12-X-185
HOLMES, ALBERT L.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-29
HOLMES, BENJAMIN                  HOMER                         NY-12-N-17
HOLMES, HARRIET S.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-137
HOLMES, JOHN P.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-F-181
HOLMES, JOSEPHINE R.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-711
HOLMES, KEZIAH                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-I-21
HOLMES, LEONARD                   TAYLOR                        NY-12-L-199
HOLMES, LEONARD                   TAYLOR                        NY-12-N-123
HOLMES, LUTHER                    CUYLER                        NY-12-W-561
HOLMES, PELEG                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-I-295
HOLMES, ROBERT                    MARATHON                      NY-12-H-373
HOLMES, WILLIAM                   HOMER                         NY-12-E-526
HOLTON, LESTER                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-120
HOLTON, MARCUS E.                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-405
HOMER, CAROLINE                   HOMER                         NY-12-K-61
HOMER, CORTLAND H.                VIRGIL                        NY-12-F-199
HOMER, EDWARD                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-341
HOMER, ELMER A.                   LAPEER                        NY-12-W-557
HOMER, SALLY                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-G-147
HOOKER, CULVER                    HOMER                         NY-12-O-61
HOOKER, LAURA J.                  HOMER                         NY-12-V-349
HOPKINS, ANCIL D.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-125
HOPKINS, ARNOLD                   LAPEER                        NY-12-T-671
HOPKINS, CATHERINE                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-199
HOPKINS, MARY J. N.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-49
HOPKINS, MIANDA                   LAPEER                        NY-12-X-517
HOPKINS, MORGAN L.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-128
HOPKINS, NATHAN                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-5
HORDENBURGH, PHILIP L.            HARFORD                       NY-12-S-149
HORTON, JAMES W.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-337
HOTCHKISS, AARON                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-92
HOTCHKISS, BETSY                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-101
HOTCHKISS, CHARLES A.             VIRGIL                        NY-12-S-485
HOTCHKISS, ELEVE                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-75
HOTCHKISS, ISAAC M.               HOMER                         NY-12-Q-233
HOTCHKISS, MICAH                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-75
HOTCHKISS, NANCY                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-397
HOTCHKISS, ZIBA A.                HOMER                         NY-12-T-529
HOUGH, EZRA                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-241
HOUGH, WALTER                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-81
HOUGHTON, ANTOINETTE              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-121
HOUGHTON, JOHN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-309
HOUGHTON, SUSAN AYRES             CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-513
HOUGHTON, WILLIAM                 HOMER                         NY-12-A-75
HOUSE, CALVIN P.                  CUYLER                        NY-12-R-257
HOUSE, CALVIN P.                  CUYLER                        NY-12-Q-130
HOUSE, CALVIN P.                  CUYLER                        NY-12-Q-134
HOWARD, BETSEY G.                 HOMER                         NY-12-O-325
HOWARD, CHARLES W.                PREBLE                        NY-12-V-557
HOWARD, ELIZABETH                 HOMER                         NY-12-M-341
HOWARD, FREDUS                    PREBLE                        NY-12-N-155
HOWARD, MARY L.                   PREBLE                        NY-12-T-357
HOWARD, MARY W.                   PREBLE                        NY-12-Z-49
HOWARD, SENECA                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-222
HOWARD, THOMAS J.                 PREBLE                        NY-12-K-391
HOWE, ALVAH                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-209
HOWE, LEVIN                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-345
HOWES, EVALINE                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-161
HOWLEY, ISAAC                     HOMER                         NY-12-T-561
HOYER, CATHARINE                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-A-194
HOYER, JOHN                       TRUXTON                       NY-12-A-269
HOYER, JOHN                       TRUXTON                       NY-12-A-26
HOYES, GEORGE W.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Q-171
HUBBARD, CELINDA E.               HOMER                         NY-12-M-109
HUBBARD, DAVID R.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-G-285
HUBBARD, HARMON                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-221
HUBBARD, HENRY C.                 SCOTT                         NY-12-H-523
HUBBARD, JAMES                    SCOTT                         NY-12-D-33
HUBBARD, JAMES                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-E-91
HUBBARD, LYMAN                    HOMER                         NY-12-L-495
HUBBARD, MARILLA                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-P-224
HUBBARD, MARILLA                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-679
HUBBARD, MARTHA A.                CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-385
HUBBARD, NORMAN                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-385
HUBBARD, RUFUS B.                 PREBLE                        NY-12-I-179
HUBBARD, SOLOMON                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-A-224
HUBBARD, WILLIAM V.               SCOTT                         NY-12-D-237
HULBERT, EMMA A.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-17
HULBERT, JEROME                   MARATHON                      NY-12-T-525
HULBERT, LOREN                    HOMER                         NY-12-L-219
HULBURT, MELVINA L.               TRUXTON                       NY-12-H-463
HULL, CAROLINE ADELIA             CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-641
HULL, FRANCES A.                  HOMER                         NY-12-Z-145
HULL, GEORGE N.                   HOMER                         NY-12-S-725
HULL, GEORGE WASHINGTON           CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-213
HULL, JEREMY                      HOMER                         NY-12-A-9
HULL, JOEL                        HOMER                         NY-12-S-617
HULL, MARTIN A.                   HOMER                         NY-12-R-517
HUMPHRIES, JOSEPH                 SOLON                         NY-12-T-361
HUNT, ANN M.                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-83
HUNT, ASA                         MARATHON                      NY-12-S-125
HUNT, CHARLOTTE J.                HOMER                         NY-12-K-397
HUNT, D. DELOS                    MARATHON                      NY-12-S-301
HUNT, EDWARD J.                   PREBLE                        NY-12-F-313
HUNT, MOSES                       MARATHON                      NY-12-O-545
HUNT, PATRICK                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-49
HUNT, SAMUEL M.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-M-161
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-A-19
HUNTINGTON, R. FRAZIER            CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-537
HUNTLEY, MARIA C.                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-169
HUNTLY, LOUISA                    MARATHON                      NY-12-I-243
HURLBURT, TIMOTHY                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-B-338
HUTCHINGS, AARON                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-S-413
HUTCHINGS, JACOB                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-163
HUTCHINGS, WESLEY                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-X-205
HUTCHINGS, WILLIAM                VIRGIL                        NY-12-E-384
HUTCHINS, PHINEAS                 SCOTT                         NY-12-N-455
HUTCHINS, THOMAS                  SCOTT                         NY-12-Q-46
HUTCHINSON, ANDREW                TAYLOR                        NY-12-R-545
HYATT, FARMINGTON O.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-53
HYDE, AUGUSTA                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-345
HYDE, EMELINE                     HARFORD                       NY-12-V-245
HYDE, SEMER                       HARFORD                       NY-12-S-733
INGERSOLL, BETSY E.               WILLET                        NY-12-U-433
INGRAHAM, LOUISA A.               HOMER                         NY-12-L-21
INGRAHAM, OLIN B.                 HOMER                         NY-12-L-1
IVES, PHILINA                     CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-489
JACKSON, PETER                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-45
JACKSON, SELAH S.                 HARFORD                       NY-12-O-381
JACOBS, JULIA M.                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-X-165
JACOBS, SALOMA                    FREETOWN                      NY-12-R-77
JAMES, JOHN W.                    CUYLER                        NY-12-R-489
JAMES, JOHN W.                    CUYLER                        NY-12-Q-180
JAMES, MILLYTIAH                  HOMER                         NY-12-H-247
JAMESON, ALEXANDER                VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-515
JARVIS, HORACE A.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-73
JEFFREY, JOHN                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-100
JENNINGS, BETSEY S.               HARFORD                       NY-12-S-453
JENNINGS, HANNAH                  HARFORD                       NY-12-M-13
JENNINGS, HARRIET M.              LAPEER                        NY-12-T-209
JENNINGS, HENRY                   HARFORD                       NY-12-E-67
JENNINGS, MASON W.                LAPEER                        NY-12-L-151
JENNINGS, RUFUS                   LAPEER                        NY-12-C-220
JENNINGS, RUFUS H.                MARATHON                      NY-12-L-431
JEWETT, HOMER O.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-537
JEWETT, WALTER                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-421
JIPSON, ELIJAH                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-R-449
JOHNSON, ABNER H.                 MARATHON                      NY-12-K-25
JOHNSON, ADELA N.                 MARATHON                      NY-12-W-233
JOHNSON, ALBERT D.                MARATHON                      NY-12-L-175
JOHNSON, ARDELIA R.               HOMER                         NY-12-T-369
JOHNSON, CHARLTOTE ANN            MARATHON                      NY-12-K-469
JOHNSON, CLARK M.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-271
JOHNSON, ELI MERRITT              VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-399
JOHNSON, ELIJAH                   WILLETT                       NY-12-J-430
JOHNSON, ELIJAH                   WILLETT                       NY-12-L-167
JOHNSON, HANNAH                   MARATHON                      NY-12-M-389
JOHNSON, JESSE T.                 MARATHON                      NY-12-B-265
JOHNSON, JOHN                     LAPEER                        NY-12-I-443
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-Q-5
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-P-76
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-427
JOHNSON, JUSTUS B.                MARATHON                      NY-12-M-449
JOHNSON, LEVI S.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-381
JOHNSON, LYDIA W.                 HARFORD                       NY-12-V-521
JOHNSON, NATHAN S.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-305
JOHNSON, PETER                    LAPEER                        NY-12-I-39
JOHNSON, PHINEAS                  WILLETT                       NY-12-K-487
JOHNSON, SALLY A.                 MARATHON                      NY-12-X-313
JOHNSON, THOMAS                   WILLET                        NY-12-Z-353
JOHNSON, WILLIAM B.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-357
JOHNSTON, DAVID                   CUYLER                        NY-12-V-197
JOHNSTON, FRANCIS                 HOMER                         NY-12-V-421
JOHNSTON, MARGARET                PREBLE                        NY-12-T-273
JONES, ABIGAIL P.                 HOMER                         NY-12-Z-369
JONES, CHARLES H.                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-33
JONES, ELIZA L.                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-101
JONES, ENOCH                      WILLETT                       NY-12-L-119
JONES, ERASTUS                    HOMER                         NY-12-Z-497
JONES, ERASTUS                    CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-Y-493
JONES, HENRY T.                   WILLETT                       NY-12-E-1
JONES, JAMES F.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-O-493
JONES, JOHN                       CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-C-436
JONES, JOHN C.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-741
JONES, JOSEPH                     HOMER                         NY-12-O-517
JONES, LYMAN                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-121
JONES, MARY M.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-191
JONES, PHILO                      HOMER                         NY-12-W-365
JONES, POLLY                      HOMER                         NY-12-R-129
JONES, POLLY                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-I-227
JONES, POLLY                      MARATHON                      NY-12-X-473
JONES, POLLY M.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-U-473
JONES, SARAH                      WILLETT                       NY-12-W-149
JONES, THOMAS                     WILLETT                       NY-12-T-317
JONES, WALTER                     HOMER                         NY-12-U-585
JONES, WALTER                     HOMER                         NY-12-Y-393
JONES, WILLIAM                    CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-I-303
JONES, WILLIAM A.                 HOMER                         NY-12-Y-333
JORDAN, PETER                     TAYLOR                        NY-12-Z-289
JOSLYN, DANIEL                    HOMER                         NY-12-I-135
JOSLYN, OREN N.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-377
JOSLYN, POLLY ANN                 HOMER                         NY-12-U-561
JOYNER, BENJAMIN                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-Y-597
JOYNER, JAMES                     HARFORD                       NY-12-R-437
JUDD, CHAUNCY L.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-377
JUDD, HANNAH M.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-N-435
KANE, JOHN                        CORTLAND                      NY-12-V-165
KANE, PATRICK                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-97
KEATER, CHAUNCEY                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-577
KEATOR, CHAUNCEY                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-125
KEATOR, DANIEL E.                 TAYLOR                        NY-12-T-109
KEATOR, THOMAS                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-367
KEECH, ELIZA                      HARFORD                       NY-12-Y-9
KEEF, CHAUNCEY                    HOMER                         NY-12-C-328
KEEF, JABEZ                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-119
KEEF, PRUDENCE                    HOMER                         NY-12-G-289
KEELER, JOSEPH                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-A-97
KEELER, MARTIN                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-A-7
KEELER, SARAH R.                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-U-489
KEELING, HENRY D.                 HOMER                         NY-12-W-273
KEELING, LOUISA                   HOMER                         NY-12-R-197
KEELING, MARY L.                  HOMER                         NY-12-R-505
KEELING, THOMAS                   HOMER                         NY-12-S-205
KEEP, JOHN                        CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-A-3
KEEP, MARY W.                     HOMER                         NY-12-O-289
KEESE, JOHN W.                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-P-252
KEIM, SAMUEL G.                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-R-41
KELLEY, EDMOND                    PREBLE                        NY-12-N-539
KELLEY, WALLACE                   MARATHON                      NY-12-L-351
KELLEY, WILLIAM                   CUYLER                        NY-12-E-478
KELLEY, WILLIAM                   SOLON                         NY-12-Y-473
KELLOGG, CYRUS S.                 HOMER                         NY-12-T-329
KELLOGG, WILBUR                   TAYLOR                        NY-12-U-89
KELLS, LETTESHA                   WILLETT                       NY-12-X-393
KELLY, EDWARD                     SOLON                         NY-12-P-194
KELLY, EDWARD                     CLINTON, LENAWEE, MI          NY-12-O-397
KELLY, JOHN H.                    MARATHON                      NY-12-A-272
KELSEY, PAMELIA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-41
KENFIELD, JOHN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-393
KENFIELD, MINERVA A.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-277
KENNEDY, ROBERT                   HOMER                         NY-12-Y-401
KENNEDY, RUFUS                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-573
KENNEDY, THOMAS                   HOMER                         NY-12-T-73
KENNEY, ALONZO J.                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-L-411
KENNEY, CHARLES L.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-777
KENNEY, JAMES                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-O-141
KENNEY, VYSULA A. (EASTMAN)       TRUXTON                       NY-12-M-329
KENYON, CHARLES                   SCOTT                         NY-12-F-13
KETCHUM, ASAHEL                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-253
KIFF, WILLIAM                     PREBLE                        NY-12-R-217
KINESHERN, EMILY S.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-281
KING, DAVID                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-597
KING, GEORGE                      SHARON, LITCHFIELD, CT        NY-12-A-24
KING, KEZIA                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-443
KINGMAN, HENRY M.                 CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-T-481
KINGMAN, JOHN                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-E-312
KINGMAN, JOHN W.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-61
KINGMAN, LUCRETIA                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-649
KINGMAN, MARY O.                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-V-185
KINGMAN, OLIVER                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-S-21
KINGMON, NORMAN                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-157
KINGSBURY, ELEAZER                HOMER                         NY-12-N-41
KINGSBURY, HARRIET M.             HOMER                         NY-12-Z-465
KINGSBURY, MARY C.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-419
KINGSBURY, SUSAN                  HOMER                         NY-12-N-127
KINNAMEY, DANIEL                  SOLON                         NY-12-T-69
KINNEY, ALLEN                     HOMER                         NY-12-E-454
KINNEY, ALMIRA                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-385
KINNEY, BUELL                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-513
KINNEY, CATHARINE                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-509
KINNEY, EDWIN R.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-257
KINNEY, ELIZABETH L.              HOMER                         NY-12-V-53
KINNEY, GILMORE                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-96
KINNEY, HOSEA                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-O-405
KINNEY, JOSEPH                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-335
KINNEY, LOAMMI                    HOMER                         NY-12-T-557
KINNEY, LYDIA                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-B-203
KINNEY, MOSES                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-M-209
KINNEY, NANCY ANN                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-403
KINNEY, NANCY E. L.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-461
KINNEY, NATHAN                    HOMER                         NY-12-R-293
KINNEY, ORSON A.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-361
KIRLY, JERRY                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-R-433
KLOCK, CATHARINE                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-E-25
KLOCK, PETER J.                   FREETOWN                      NY-12-D-80
KLOCK, STEPHEN                    HOMER                         NY-12-S-325
KNAPP, BETSEY                     SCOTT                         NY-12-K-283
KNAPP, JOHN H.                    HARFORD                       NY-12-R-65
KNAPP, LEVI                       HOMER                         NY-12-N-383
KNAPP, NOAH W.                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-V-157
KNAPP, PHOEBE A.                  SCOTT                         NY-12-T-1
KNEELAND, ADONIRAM J.             HOMER                         NY-12-O-541
KNEELAND, ESTHER G.               HOMER                         NY-12-Y-285
KNICKERBOCKER, HENRY              CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-K-67
KNIESKERN, JOSEPH                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-465
KNIGHT, FREDERICK E.              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-177
KNIGHT, JOAB                      SCOTT                         NY-12-M-361
KNIGHT, MARY                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-499
KNOWLES, DANIEL                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-F-301
KNOWLTON, LOVINA JANE             SCOTT                         NY-12-O-89
KNOWLTON, SARAH S.                PREBLE                        NY-12-I-31
KNOX, NANCY                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-621
KNOX, PHILLIP                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Q-14
LACY, FIDELIA                     HOMER                         NY-12-Q-188
LACY, FIDELIA                     HOMER                         NY-12-S-213
LACY, LE GRAND                    HOMER                         NY-12-D-37
LAKE, CLARISSA B.                 FREETOWN                      NY-12-Z-17
LAKIN, HANNAH E.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Z-193
LAMBERTSON, JAMES                 FREETOWN                      NY-12-I-271
LAMENT, HIRAM A.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-471
LAMONT, CHARLOTTE                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-37
LAMONT, PETER                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-L-111
LAMONT, STEWART                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-79
LAND, RICHARD                     HOMER                         NY-12-U-81
LANE, JANE E.                     HOMER                         NY-12-S-161
LANG, ROBERT                      CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-557
LANG, THOMAS                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-J-320
LANG, THOMAS                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-M-113
LANG, WILLIAM                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-351
LANPHER , DESCOM                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-L-127
LANPHER, LEONARD                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-M-425
LANPHIER, MARIUM S.               HOMER                         NY-12-Z-257
LATERIDGE, NELSON                 CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-L-147
LATHROP, HENRY                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-I-91
LATHROP, HORACE                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-629
LATIMER, GEORGE T.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-561
LAUTMAN, RUTH A.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-69
LEACH, CHRISTOPHER W.             MARATHON                      NY-12-W-109
LEACH, JONATHAN                   MARATHON                      NY-12-A-190
LEACH, REBECCA                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-M-165
LEARNED, WASHINGTON B.            HOMER                         NY-12-D-400
LEE, CHARLES                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-B-311
LEE, CORNELIA                     CUYLER                        NY-12-K-1
LEE, ELLEN                        TRUXTON                       NY-12-X-449
LEE, ELY                          CUYLER                        NY-12-H-313
LEEBER, JACOB                     FREETOWN                      NY-12-I-59
LEONARD, ORRIN                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-K-13
LESTER, JANE A.                   CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-37
LETTS, ABRAM                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-77
LETTS, AMMON McVEY                HOMER                         NY-12-S-209
LEWIS, CLARISSA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-395
LEWIS, EDWIN                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-V-517
LEWIS, EVI                        HOMER                         NY-12-B-246
LEWIS, ISAAC                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-21
LEWIS, MARIETT                    HOMER                         NY-12-O-293
LEWIS, NATHANIEL                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-V-277
LEWIS, NEHEMIAH                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-405
LEWIS, THOMAS G.                  VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-195
LILLIS, RICHARD                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-V-173
LILLY, ZENAS                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-E-282
LINCOLN, EDWIN B.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-501
LINCOLN, WAIT                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-Y-385
LINCOLN, WILLIAM                  HARFORD                       NY-12-I-375
LITTLE, LIVONIA A.                MARATHON                      NY-12-I-403
LITZ, ADOLPHUS                    HOMER                         NY-12-H-157
LIVIGNSTON, ALMIRA P.             CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-N-283
LIVIGNSTON, HATTIE E.             MARATHON                      NY-12-X-429
LIVINGSOTN, PERCY H.              CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-W-277
LIVINGSTON, HUGH G.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-325
LIVINGSTON, JOHN                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-S-757
LIVINGSTON, JOHN D.               CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-Y-573
LOCKE, ADULA                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-Y-69
LONG, PATRICK                     CUYLER                        NY-12-Q-222
LOOMIS, DANIEL                    HOMER                         NY-12-X-5
LOOMIS, DANIEL W.                 WILLETT                       NY-12-W-129
LOOMIS, MARTHA                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-W-529
LOOPE, JOHN FLETCHER              CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-313
LOOPER, NANCY                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-589
LORING, ASA                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-379
LORING, CHADDEUS MASON            CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-289
LOTMAN, DARWIN E.                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-581
LOUCKS, OZIAS                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-153
LOW, JANE                         VIRGIL                        NY-12-M-145
LOW, ZACHARIA                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-I-387
LUCAS, SIMEON                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-A-187
LUCE, MARTIN                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-M-453
LUCY, ANNA D.                     CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-233
LUDLOW, ELIZABETH                 LAPEER                        NY-12-I-171
LYMAN, DOLLY                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-64
LYMAN, HENRY F.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-92
LYMAN, THEODORE W.                HOMER                         NY-12-Y-361
LYNCH, PATRICK                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-V-137
LYNDE, ELIZA J.                   MARATHON                      NY-12-Z-417
LYNDE, IRA                        MARATHON                      NY-12-S-229
LYNDE, LILA                       MARATHON                      NY-12-W-337
LYNDE, LOVICY                     MARATHON                      NY-12-R-173
MACK, KATE A.                     HOMER                         NY-12-W-253
MADDEN, PETER                     TAYLOR                        NY-12-M-53
MADDEN, SAMUEL                    TAYLOR                        NY-12-D-147
MADDEN, WILLIAM                   SOLON                         NY-12-N-303
MAIN, BILLINGS                    WILLETT                       NY-12-L-115
MAIN, HENRY R.                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-N-235
MAIN, MARY E.                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-65
MAINE, SARAH M. R.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-233
MALENBERG, JOHN                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-403
MALLERY, JOHN H.                  MARATHON                      NY-12-Y-513
MALLERY, PATRICK                  MARATHON                      NY-12-A-125
MALLERY, PATRICK                  MARATHON                      NY-12-R-501
MALLERY, WILLIAM                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-A-103
MALLORY, DANIEL                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-A-2
MALMBERG, JOHANNA LOUISA          CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-601
MALTBIE, HIRAM                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-Z-209
MALTBIE, MARY A.                  HOMER                         NY-12-S-761
MANCHESTER, STEPHEN               PREBLE                        NY-12-N-179
MANROSE, DAVID H.                 FREETOWN                      NY-12-A-134
MANROSE, MELINDA                  FREETOWN                      NY-12-D-175
MANTANYE, BETSEY F.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-463
MARICK, JOHN                      CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-U-65
MARICK, SARAH                     HARFORD                       NY-12-V-545
MARK, JOHN                        CUYLER                        NY-12-R-21
MARKHAM, HIRAM                    HOMER                         NY-12-O-429
MARKHAM, JANE P.                  HOMER                         NY-12-R-365
MARKS, JOSEPH                     TRUXTON                       NY-12-I-279
MARSHALL, ELIZABETH               VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-425
MARSHALL, GUY                     MARATHON                      NY-12-U-57
MARSHALL, JOSIAH                  HARFORD                       NY-12-M-81
MARSHALL, LYDIA                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-363
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-G-166
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-I-331
MARTIN, ALFRED                    HOMER                         NY-12-S-669
MARTIN, GILES                     SOLON                         NY-12-V-209
MARTIN, JOSEPH                    MARATHON                      NY-12-R-637
MARTIN, LUCY                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-309
MARTIN, THOMAS V.                 HOMER                         NY-12-W-453
MARYOTT, JAMES                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-C-251
MASON, JESSE                      CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-31
MASON, MARCUNS J.                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-289
MATHER, JOHN                      SCOTT                         NY-12-J-12
MATHEWS, HIRAM                    HOMER                         NY-12-M-517
MATHEWSON, AUGUSTUS M.            CORTLAND                      NY-12-U-537
MATTESON, L. JEROME               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-G-509
MATTHEWS, ALFRED T.               FREETOWN                      NY-12-B-30
MATTISON, CHRISTOPHER L.          CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-H-469
MAXIM, ELIZA D.                   HOMER                         NY-12-Y-425
MAXON, NATHAN H.                  SCOTT                         NY-12-D-329
MAY, JOHN S.                      CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-541
MAYBURY, CELESTIA V.              MARATHON                      NY-12-V-513
MAYBURY, JOSIAH J.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-147
MAYBURY, MELVIN                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-63
MAYBURY, SAMUEL                   SOLON                         NY-12-L-159
MAYCUMBER, MATHEW                 HOMER                         NY-12-M-17
MAYCUMBER, WILLIAM S.             TRUXTON                       NY-12-M-153
MAYCUMBER, WILLIS                 HOMER                         NY-12-S-185
MCALLISTER, SARAH ANN             FREETOWN                      NY-12-I-483
MCCLURE, LEVI                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-Y-365
MCCONNELL, MICHAEL                HOMER                         NY-12-R-85
MCCONNELL, SILAS R.               SCOTT                         NY-12-S-753
MCCONNELL, EPHRAIM G.             HOMER                         NY-12-Z-249
MCCORMICK, ISABELLA               HOMER                         NY-12-Z-377
MCCUMBER, GEORGE                  PREBLE                        NY-12-N-543
MCCUMBER, HARRIET E.              PREBLE                        NY-12-T-791
MCDIARMID, ANGUS                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-H-277
MCDONNELL, MARTIN                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-669
MCDOWELL, MARTHA H.               FREETOWN                      NY-12-C-412
MCELHENY, BARNUM                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-337
MCFARLAN, FRANCES A.              CORTLAND                      NY-12-T-397
MCFARLAN, JOHN                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-433
MCGRAW, NANCY                     HOMER                         NY-12-M-509
MCINTYRE, MATTHEW                 LAPEER                        NY-12-O-121
MCKEE, THOMAS                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-B-15
MCKENZIE, BETSEY                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-609
MCKEVETT, ALEXANDER               TRUXTON                       NY-12-A-150
MCKEVITT, HENRY                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-V-609
MCKEVITT, OWEN                    TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-199
MCKNIGHT, CHARLES                 TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-566
MCMAHON, MICHAEL                  MARATHON                      NY-12-I-339
MCNISH, JAMES A.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-109
MCSWEENY, JOHN                    FREETOWN                      NY-12-S-129
MCVEAN, ALEXANDER                 VIRGIL                        NY-12-O-229
MCVEAN, PETER                     SOLON                         NY-12-N-223
MCWHORTER, JOHN                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-B-268
MEACHAM, DEXTER                   WILLETT                       NY-12-R-25
MEACHAM, ELEAZER H.               MARATHON                      NY-12-N-395
MEACHAM, LINUS D.                 WILLET                        NY-12-Z-521
MEACHAM, RANDALL S.               WILLETT                       NY-12-R-413
MEAD, ABRAHAM                     CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-C-66
MELDRIM, THOMAS                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-M-149
MELDRUN, MARY A.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Y-329
MELVIN, JENNIE L.                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-Z-449
MELVIN, MYRON J.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-505
MERCHANT, EBENEZER                TRUXTON                       NY-12-T-743
MERCHANT, ELISHA                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-187
MERCHANT, EVALINE                 CUYLER                        NY-12-T-149
MERICLE, DAVID                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-D-88
MERICLE, MICHAEL                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-D-116
MERIHEW, SAMUEL                   MARATHON                      NY-12-Z-73
MERRICK, LUCINDA                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-K-445
MERRICK, MINER                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-323
MERRIHEW, STEPHEN                 MARATHON                      NY-12-H-1
MERRILL, DAVID                    HOMER                         NY-12-C-145
MERRILL, HIRAM                    HOMER                         NY-12-L-187
MERRILL, MEAD                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-163
MERRILL, ORA                      CUYLER                        NY-12-R-17
MERRITT, MARY J.                  CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-133
MESSENGER, GIDEON C.              MARATHON                      NY-12-H-115
MESSINGER, LUANA L.               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-O-565
MIDDAUGH, MARY A.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-W-173
MILES, JOSEPH                     HOMER                         NY-12-V-125
MILES, SARAH                      HOMER                         NY-12-H-541
MILLER, ALONZO                    CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-125
MILLER, ALONZO S.                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-453
MILLER, AMANDA                    HARFORD                       NY-12-W-461
MILLER, ANN                       CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-V-181
MILLER, CHARLES C.                VIRGIL                        NY-12-Z-337
MILLER, EZEKIEL                   VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-427
MILLER, GEORGE                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-R-33
MILLER, GEORGE H.                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-76
MILLER, ISAAC                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-21
MILLER, JOHN                      HOMER                         NY-12-C-5
MILLER, JOHN                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-E-342
MILLER, JOHN                      WILLET                        NY-12-K-349
MILLER, JOSEPH                    VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-17
MILLER, M. OLINDA                 CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-S-625
MILLER, PARMELIA                  HOMER                         NY-12-M-21
MILLER, RICHARD                   TRUXTON                       NY-12-K-73
MILLER, SETH M.                   CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-L-259
MILLER, THOMAS                    HOMER                         NY-12-K-175
MILLER, WILLIAM                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-29
MILLS, ANDREW V. D.               CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-145
MILLS, JACOB K.                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-C-111
MIX, ELIHU                        PREBLE                        NY-12-C-302
MIX, HARRIET                      PREBLE                        NY-12-E-472
MOFFATT, ELIJAH                   LAPEER                        NY-12-H-391
MONROE, WILLIAM B.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-T-493
MONTAGNE, FRED L.                 CORTLAND                      NY-12-X-433
MONTGOMERY, MELISSA               CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-L-423
MOON, HARRIET S.                  HARFORD                       NY-12-S-737
MOON, JOHN L.                     MARATHON                      NY-12-O-37
MOORE, FIDELIA                    HOMER                         NY-12-Z-185
MOORE, JOHN                       MARATHON                      NY-12-T-257
MOORE, SAMUEL G.                  PREBLE                        NY-12-R-605
MOORE, WILLIAM                    MARATHON                      NY-12-X-9
MOORE, WILLIAM                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-Z-321
MORE, ELIZABETH                   MARATHON                      NY-12-D-341
MOREHOUSE, BURTON B.              CORTLAND                      NY-12-W-281
MORGAN, JOHN                      LAPEER                        NY-12-M-489
MORGAN, LYDIA                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-I-367
MORGAN, MANDANA L.                CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-N-21
MORGAN, ZIPPIAH                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-M-65
MORRIS, BRIDGET                   CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-X-289
MORRIS, WALTER                    CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-U-297
MORSE, DANIEL                     HOMER                         NY-12-I-199
MORSE, DAVID                      CUYLER                        NY-12-H-211
MORSE, JOSEPH                     CUYLER                        NY-12-K-31
MORSE, LEONARD D.                 HOMER                         NY-12-W-417
MORSE, POLLY                      CUYLER                        NY-12-M-273
MORTIMER, THOMAS                  CINCINNATUS                   NY-12-V-5
MORTON, LAWRENCE                  TRUXTON                       NY-12-V-549
MOSCHELL, BETSY A.                HOMER                         NY-12-T-719
MOSIER, ORREN                     CORTLAND                      NY-12-Y-461
MOTT, ESTHER M.                   SOLON                         NY-12-E-330
MOTT, JOSHUA                      VIRGIL                        NY-12-K-247
MOURIN, JOHN                      HOMER                         NY-12-H-475
MUNROE, JOHN                      TRUXTON                       NY-12-D-233
MUNSON, ISAAC                     VIRGIL                        NY-12-C-423
MURICK, FRANCIS A.                CORTLAND                      NY-12-T-193
MURRAY, GEORGE                    HOMER                         NY-12-W-141
MURRAY, JAMES                     CORTLANDVILLE                 NY-12-E-414
MURRAY, JOHN J.                   HOMER                         NY-12-W-161
MURRAY, MARY E.                   HOMER                         NY-12-W-17
MURRAY, ROSE                      LAPEER                        NY-12-Q-176
MURRAY, ROSE                      LAPEER                        NY-12-Q-140
MURRAY, ROSE                      LAPEER                        NY-12-Q-101
MUSGRAVE, HENRY                   HOMER                         NY-12-S-9
MUSGRAVE, JANE                    HOMER                         NY-12-R-565
MUTTON, JOHN                      HOMER                         NY-12-C-230
MYERS, JENNIE C.                  CORTLAND                      NY-12-V-273
MYNARD, MADISON B.                VIRGIL                        NY-12-D-281

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