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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Volume = Years Covered)
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QUIGLEY, JOHN                           NY-10-H-163
QUILLLAN, PETER                         NY-10-H-262
QUINN, STEPHEN                          NY-10-Q-302
RANDAL, CHARLES J. S.                   NY-10-T-89
RANDALL, CYRUS                          NY-10-N-261
RANDALL, FRANCIS G.                     NY-10-B-273
RANDALL, MERRITT JAMES                  NY-10-E-257
RANSOM, EPAPHRODITUS                    NY-10-G-342
RANSOM, FERDINAND                       NY-10-N-321
RANSOM, HARRY S.                        NY-10-O-312
RANSOM, ICHABOD                         NY-10-B-258
RANSOM, JABEZ                           NY-10-A-73
RANSOM, RUSSELL                         NY-10-C-95
RANSOM, WILLS G.                        NY-10-C-45
RAY, MARY                               NY-10-M-93
RAYMOND, HARVEY                         NY-10-F-45
REA, WILLIAM                            NY-10-T-484
READ, ANNA F.                           NY-10-M-260
READ, JAMES                             NY-10-O-344
READ, RICHMOND                          NY-10-Q-455
READER, JOHN W.                         NY-10-S-495
REAR, EDWARD                            NY-10-Q-165
REED, CHARLES                           NY-10-I-251
REED, JAMES                             NY-10-K-68
REED, LURY ANN                          NY-10-T-131
REED, MYRON                             NY-10-F-439
REED, WILLIAM                           NY-10-T-114
REILLEY, EDWARD                         NY-10-R-418
REILLEY, LUKE                           NY-10-S-221
REILLY, PHILIP                          NY-10-J-472
REILLY, TERRENCE                        NY-10-G-21
REYNOLDS, EPHRAIM                       NY-10-A-58
REYNOLDS, HENRY                         NY-10-C-141
REYNOLDS, JACOB                         NY-10-I-8
REYNOLDS, LUCIAS                        NY-10-A-60
RICE, MARY                              NY-10-Q-161
RICHARDS, JACOB                         NY-10-O-199
RICHARDS, JOHN B.                       NY-10-T-466
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                        NY-10-Q-365
RICHARDSON, NATHAN                      NY-10-G-266
RICHEY, JACOB                           NY-10-O-199
RICKETSON, ABEDNEGO                     NY-10-A-148
RICKETSON, HOWLAND                      NY-10-F-149
RICKETSON, JAMES                        NY-10-J-502
RICKETSON, JOSEPH                       NY-10-N-5
RICORD, MARY A.                         NY-10-G-97
RIDER, SARAH E.                         NY-10-I-491
RIPLEY, SMITH                           NY-10-E-65
RITCHEY, JOSEPH JR.                     NY-10-N-265
ROBARE, CELESTE                         NY-10-R-450
ROBARE, FRANCIS                         NY-10-S-464
ROBARGE, PETER                          NY-10-T-270
ROBARGE, SARAH E.                       NY-10-I-544
ROBERTS, EUTHAINE                       NY-10-M-50
ROBERTS, JOHN B.                        NY-10-N-334
ROBERTS, JOHN E.                        NY-10-O-83
ROBERTS, JOSEPH                         NY-10-D-307
ROBERTS, PETER J.                       NY-10-B-255
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        NY-10-I-345
ROBERTSON, JAMES M.                     NY-10-P-456
ROBERTSON, NELSON                       NY-10-E-135
ROBINSON, CHARLOTTE                     NY-10-T-308
ROBINSON, ELEAZER W.                    NY-10-P-60
ROBINSON, LEWIS                         NY-10-L-59
ROBINSON, LUCY                          NY-10-T-438
ROGERS, BENJAMIN M.                     NY-10-D-194
ROGERS, EMMA                            NY-10-L-316
ROGERS, JAMES                           NY-10-K-432
ROGERS, JOHN                            NY-10-K-248
ROGERS, LIZZIE                          NY-10-O-94
ROGERS, LLOYD N.                        NY-10-M-300
ROGERS, PEACE                           NY-10-E-445
ROLAND, GEORGE                          NY-10-H-435
ROLLO, CHARLES                          NY-10-S-465
ROMEYN, JAMES R.                        NY-10-T-488
ROMEYN, MARY F.                         NY-10-P-383
ROOD, JOSIAH S.                         NY-10-K-470
ROOKEY, SALLY                           NY-10-O-191
ROONEY, JAMES                           NY-10-I-229
ROONEY, JOHN                            NY-10-F-279
ROONEY, MICHAEL                         NY-10-P-94
ROONEY, PATRICK                         NY-10-L-310
ROONEY, THOMAS                          NY-10-P-224
ROULSTONE, JOSEPH                       NY-10-Q-483
ROUSE, OLIVE                            NY-10-P-141
ROWLSON, IRA                            NY-10-G-357
RULE, JOSEPH                            NY-10-P-220
RUSSELL, MARY                           NY-10-J-11
RUTGERS, HENRY L.                       NY-10-R-263
RYAN, EDMOND                            NY-10-H-148
RYAN, EDWARD                            NY-10-T-348
RYAN, ELIZABETH                         NY-10-N-429
RYAN, JAMES                             NY-10-P-22
RYAN, MARGARET                          NY-10-O-36
RYAN, MARTIN                            NY-10-H-219
RYAN, MICHAEL                           NY-10-R-406
RYAN, PATRICK S.                        NY-10-P-304
RYAN, RICHARD                           NY-10-T-110
RYAN, RODY                              NY-10-L-452
RYAN, THOMAS                            NY-10-I-219
RYAN, THOMAS                            NY-10-H-223
SABOURIN, FERDINAND                     NY-10-R-402
SABOURIN, FREDERICK N.                  NY-10-Q-144
SAFFORD, WILLIAM H.                     NY-10-B-302
SAILLEY, ELIZABETH S. R.                NY-10-I-338
SAILLY, ANN ELIZA                       NY-10-K-1
SAILLY, PETER ESQ.                      NY-10-A-150
SALTUS, WILLIAM F.                      NY-10-D-453
SANCHAGRIN, MARY PAGE                   NY-10-T-486
SANDERS, THOMAS                         NY-10-P-435
SANDIFORD, ROSA                         NY-10-T-162
SANDS, WILLIAM J.                       NY-10-H-375
SANTINE, MARGARET                       NY-10-I-357
SARACHON, JOHN                          NY-10-T-80
SARUCHOW, MARY                          NY-10-O-129
SAVAGE, CYRUS                           NY-10-F-348
SAVAGE, FRANCIS                         NY-10-Q-118
SAVAGE, HASCALL D.                      NY-10-H-389
SAVAGE, JAMES                           NY-10-A-134
SAWYER, ASA                             NY-10-C-349
SAWYER, HORCE B.                        NY-10-E-69
SAX, WILLIAM H.                         NY-10-L-9
SAXE, GEORGE W.                         NY-10-K-154
SCARLETT, MARGARET                      NY-10-L-72
SCOVEL, HENRY N.                        NY-10-F-110
SCRIBNER, ELIJAH                        NY-10-H-317
SCRIBNER, JONATHAN                      NY-10-B-191
SCRIBNER, JONATHAN                      NY-10-L-110
SCRIBNER, LEVI                          NY-10-A-88
SCRIBNER, LUCIUS                        NY-10-I-259
SCRIBNER, SARAH C.                      NY-10-O-454
SCULLY, ELLEN                           NY-10-K-267
SELVEY, THOMAS A.                       NY-10-L-394
SEVERANCE, EBENEZER                     NY-10-L-167
SEWELL, TABOR J.                        NY-10-C-221
SHANKS, JAMES                           NY-10-I-100
SHARLOW, EDWARD                         NY-10-T-96
SHARP, SAMUEL M.                        NY-10-T-361
SHARROW, ELIZA                          NY-10-P-461
SHARROW, OLIVER SR.                     NY-10-Q-401
SHAUGHNESSY, PATRICK                    NY-10-Q-152
SHAW, ABRAHAM                           NY-10-E-226
SHAW, JAMES                             NY-10-T-457
SHAW, JOHN                              NY-10-G-226
SHEAHAN, JEREMIAH                       NY-10-G-216
SHEDDEN, BUSHROD W.                     NY-10-H-452
SHEEHAN, JAMES                          NY-10-N-99
SHELDON, AARON                          NY-10-N-249
SHELDON, JOHN J.                        NY-10-T-187
SHELDON, MOSES                          NY-10-I-540
SHELDON, NAOMI                          NY-10-K-157
SHELDON, ROBERT                         NY-10-H-66
SHELDON, SILAS W.                       NY-10-K-103
SHELDON, TRYPHENA                       NY-10-O-112
SHELTRES, HIRAM                         NY-10-L-51
SHERBURNE, MIRANDA                      NY-10-J-555
SHERMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-10-B-226
SHERMAN, BENTLEY R.                     NY-10-L-285
SHERMAN, HENRY H.                       NY-10-H-3
SHERMAN, THOMAS ELLWOOD                 NY-10-L-18
SHERRILL, EUNICE D.                     NY-10-T-83
SHERWOOD, ASAPH                         NY-10-R-299
SHIELDS, MICHAEL                        NY-10-S-273
SHILDEN, RUTH                           NY-10-H-8
SHORT, JAMES                            NY-10-Q-290
SHULOCK, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-10-I-377
SHUTE, HIRAM                            NY-10-T-97
SHUTTS, HENRY                           NY-10-T-82
SIDDON, SALLY                           NY-10-S-47
SIGNER, JOHN                            NY-10-B-180
SIGNOR, JOEL H.                         NY-10-T-448
SIMMONS, GEORGE A.                      NY-10-D-214
SIMONDS, BENJAMIN J.                    NY-10-M-447
SLATTERY, WINNIE                        NY-10-S-316
SLOSSON, GEORGE C.                      NY-10-S-300
SLOSSON, HORACE                         NY-10-P-202
SMART, IRA                              NY-10-G-107
SMITH, ALBERT H.                        NY-10-C-248
SMITH, AMANDA                           NY-10-S-27
SMITH, ANNA S. M.                       NY-10-H-299
SMITH, BUEL W.                          NY-10-L-339
SMITH, CHARLES                          NY-10-Q-157
SMITH, CHARLES HENRY                    NY-10-L-244
SMITH, CHAUCY                           NY-10-S-158
SMITH, EDWIN                            NY-10-T-246
SMITH, EVALINA A.                       NY-10-O-376
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        NY-10-M-428
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-10-H-356
SMITH, JOEL                             NY-10-J-115
SMITH, LOVISA                           NY-10-N-421
SMITH, LUCIUS H.                        NY-10-Q-310
SMITH, MARY P.                          NY-10-M-142
SMITH, OMRI                             NY-10-P-260
SMITH, PATRICK                          NY-10-G-276
SMITH, SABRINA W.                       NY-10-P-212
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-10-B-74
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-10-A-292
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-10-I-213
SMITH, THOMAS C.                        NY-10-E-438
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-10-P-257
SNOW, JOSEPH W.                         NY-10-G-424
SODEN, JOHN                             NY-10-T-374
SODEN, WILLIAM                          NY-10-H-323
SODIN, ROBERT                           NY-10-I-466
SOPER, CORNELIUS                        NY-10-O-498
SOPER, EDWARD                           NY-10-A-48
SOPERS, JOSEPH                          NY-10-D-339
SOUTHWICK, DAVID                        NY-10-B-195
SOUTHWICK, DAVID                        NY-10-A-305
SPALDING, LYDIA H.                      NY-10-T-445
SPALDING, WILLIAM H.                    NY-10-H-95
SPALDING, WRIGHT                        NY-10-A-220
SPALDING, WRIGHT                        NY-10-B-9
SPAULDING, AMELIA                       NY-10-S-329
SPAULDING, ARMON                        NY-10-S-389
SPEARMAN, BENJAMIN                      NY-10-E-12
SPEARMAN, MARGARET                      NY-10-T-333
SPICER, FRANK K.                        NY-10-L-170
SPRAGUE, HEMAN                          NY-10-F-40
SPRINGER, ANTON                         NY-10-T-394
STACIA, VICTORIA                        NY-10-L-204
STACY, ALEXANDER                        NY-10-R-64
STACY, HARRIET                          NY-10-O-386
STAFFORD, ANDREW                        NY-10-S-206
STAFFORD, CORNELIUS V.                  NY-10-R-248
STAFFORD, COURTLAND C.                  NY-10-Q-359
STAFFORD, JOHN WALTER T.                NY-10-S-143
STAFFORD, PELEG T.                      NY-10-E-178
STAFFORD, RUFUS                         NY-10-B-316
STANDISH, GEORGE A.                     NY-10-E-43
STANDISH, SMITH W.                      NY-10-P-227
STAPLETON, HANNAH                       NY-10-R-161
STARK, BENAJAH                          NY-10-A-129
STARKS, DELILA                          NY-10-Q-61
STAVE, CAROLINE C.                      NY-10-T-147
STAVE, JOSEPH                           NY-10-L-89
STAVE, RICHARD                          NY-10-P-296
STCLAIR, WALTER                         NY-10-F-289
STDENNIS, EMILY                         NY-10-T-150
STDENNIS, LEWIS                         NY-10-E-395
STDENNIS, LEWIS                         NY-10-K-24
STEARNS, ALEXANDER                      NY-10-S-198
STEARNS, CLARK                          NY-10-G-254
STEARNS, CLARK CHANDLER                 NY-10-O-145
STEARNS, PETER                          NY-10-C-72
STEPHENSON, JAMES                       NY-10-Q-370
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        NY-10-A-237
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        NY-10-B-24
STETSON, ELIAZ D.                       NY-10-T-350
STETSON, REUBEN                         NY-10-B-138
STETSON, SMITH M.                       NY-10-M-185
STEUT, ANNA M.                          NY-10-R-384
STEVENS, LAURA A.                       NY-10-T-178
STEVENS, PETER                          NY-10-T-373
STEVENSON, MILES                        NY-10-D-374
STEWARD, HUGH                           NY-10-I-302
STEWART, JOHN T.                        NY-10-S-473
STICKLE, JACOB                          NY-10-C-82
STICKLES, EDWARD                        NY-10-E-432
STICKLES, ESTHER E.                     NY-10-C-313
STICKLES, JAMES M.                      NY-10-C-293
STILES, ASA                             NY-10-E-450
STJOHNS, JOSEPH                         NY-10-T-182
STOCKMAN, MARY                          NY-10-G-75
STOCKWELL, DAVID                        NY-10-C-56
STODDARD, CHAUNCEY                      NY-10-K-181
STODDARD, CORNELIA E.                   NY-10-C-330
STODDARD, MATILDA                       NY-10-M-152
STONE, ELBRIDGE G.                      NY-10-H-236
STONE, JOHN S.                          NY-10-F-90
STONE, ROBY G.                          NY-10-H-283
STOUGHTON, ALANSING G.                  NY-10-T-200
STOUGHTON, MARTHA ANNA                  NY-10-T-166
STOWE, JEREMIAH                         NY-10-H-111
STRAIGHT, ABRAM                         NY-10-D-128
STRAIGHT, CHARLES W.                    NY-10-H-215
STRAIGHT, DANIEL                        NY-10-C-268
STRAIGHT, DAVID                         NY-10-T-443
STRATON, PHILANDER                      NY-10-S-468
STRATTON, ESTHER                        NY-10-A-100
STRATTON, JOHN                          NY-10-B-268
STRATTON, JOHN                          NY-10-A-102
STRATTON, MARY                          NY-10-L-186
STRATTON, WALTER                        NY-10-F-137
STUDSON, LYDIA                          NY-10-A-92
SULLIVAN, EUGENE                        NY-10-S-194
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-10-L-176
SUMNER, ELIZA                           NY-10-J-146
SUTHERLAND, ORVIN                       NY-10-L-462
SWARTWOUT, SOPHIA                       NY-10-M-78
SWEENEY, JAMES                          NY-10-T-100
SWEENEY, WILLIAM                        NY-10-L-458
SWEENOR, ELLEN                          NY-10-S-352
SWEET, ELEANOR                          NY-10-L-418
SWEET, PLATT                            NY-10-G-149
SWETLAND, HENRIETTA JULIA               NY-10-J-535
SWETLAND, WILLIAM                       NY-10-F-15
SWETT, CHARLES F.                       NY-10-P-399
SWINSTON, FRANK                         NY-10-N-413
TABOR, GEORGE H.                        NY-10-Q-231
TABOR, GIDEON S.                        NY-10-N-215
TAFT, GIDEON                            NY-10-M-292
TALFORD, EMMA                           NY-10-T-3
TALFORD, JONATHAN                       NY-10-E-130
TALFORD, POLLY                          NY-10-M-134
TALFORD, ROBERT                         NY-10-A-275
TALFORD, ROBERT                         NY-10-B-59
TALFORD, ROBERT                         NY-10-K-466
TALFORD, RUTH                           NY-10-F-220
TALFORD, SOPHIA                         NY-10-I-513
TALFORD, SOPHIA                         NY-10-I-354
TALFORD, WILLIAM                        NY-10-D-390
TALLON, DANIEL                          NY-10-I-158
TALLON, ROSE                            NY-10-L-68
TANKARD, ELIZABETH D.                   NY-10-J-275
TANKARD, MARTIN                         NY-10-J-354
TANNER, ISABELL                         NY-10-O-187
TANNER, JOSEPH                          NY-10-P-42
TANNER, NATHANIEL                       NY-10-L-1
TANNER, ROBERT                          NY-10-I-90
TAPPAN, GEORGE                          NY-10-S-164
TATES, JOHN B.                          NY-10-N-1
TAVERNIA, ROBERT SR.                    NY-10-S-496
TAYLER, STEPHEN                         NY-10-B-164
TAYLOR, CAROLINE                        NY-10-C-337
TAYLOR, HENRY B.                        NY-10-Q-447
TAYLOR, LAURA                           NY-10-M-160
TAYLOR, PETER                           NY-10-E-383
TAYLOR, SILAS M.                        NY-10-L-4
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-10-J-87
TEBO, ANGELINA                          NY-10-P-45
TEDFORD, THOMAS                         NY-10-O-55
TEMPLETON, CASTLE N.                    NY-10-I-146
TERRY, ALBEMARLE                        NY-10-C-296
TERRY, CHARLES H.                       NY-10-T-359
TERRY, JOSIAH                           NY-10-B-322
TERRY, ORVILLE                          NY-10-L-199
TERRY, ROXANA M.                        NY-10-S-416
THEW, ABRAM                             NY-10-J-142
THEW, CHARLES                           NY-10-S-150
THEW, DANIEL                            NY-10-H-137
THEW, GILBERT                           NY-10-A-280
THEW, GILBERT                           NY-10-B-63
THEW, JOHN S.                           NY-10-L-292
THEW, JOHN S.                           NY-10-L-301
THEW, RICHARD                           NY-10-Q-286
THEW, STEPHEN                           NY-10-L-123
THEW, WILLIAM                           NY-10-E-7
THOMAS, JAMES B.                        NY-10-E-353
THOMAS, MINERVA                         NY-10-I-444
THOMAS, RUSSELL F.                      NY-10-G-428
THOMPSON, IDA M.                        NY-10-S-391
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-10-I-177
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-10-L-48
THOMPSON, LYMAN                         NY-10-D-421
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        NY-10-G-144
THORN, WILLIAM                          NY-10-A-205
THORNTON, LAURENCE                      NY-10-T-282
THORNTON, PATRICK                       NY-10-T-108
THURBER, ANNA                           NY-10-M-476
THURBER, EZRA                           NY-10-B-221
THURBER, EZRA L.                        NY-10-N-41
TIMMONS, WILLIAM                        NY-10-J-235
TOBIN, NICHOLAS                         NY-10-J-493
TORMEY, DENNIS                          NY-10-I-1
TORRENCE, HEMAN H.                      NY-10-T-46
TORREY, CAROLINE P.                     NY-10-Q-427
TORREY, MARY                            NY-10-O-40
TOWNE, MARY M.                          NY-10-T-154
TRACY, DANIEL                           NY-10-A-139
TRACY, ERASTUS                          NY-10-M-406
TRAVIS, ELIZA B.                        NY-10-O-450
TREADWELL, CAROLINE ANN                 NY-10-E-123
TREDWELL, MARY PLATT                    NY-10-A-161
TREMBLAY, OLIVE                         NY-10-T-90
TRIPP, LUCY A.                          NY-10-M-366
TRIVETT, ELIZA B.                       NY-10-E-323
TROMBLY, ANTHONY                        NY-10-K-232
TROMBLY, BRUNO L.                       NY-10-K-428
TROMBLY, CAROLINE                       NY-10-H-152
TROVILLE, ADELINE                       NY-10-R-129
TRUDO, BARTHOLOMEW                      NY-10-J-406
TUCKER, EZRA                            NY-10-H-385
TUCKER, SILUS                           NY-10-A-163
TUCKERMAN, JACOB                        NY-10-C-164
TUHEE, MICHAEL                          NY-10-N-399
TURNER, AMZI                            NY-10-M-496
TURNER, WILLIAM                         NY-10-R-478
TUTTLE, JOSEPH W.                       NY-10-O-215
TWADDLE, GEORGE                         NY-10-A-70
UMBER, JAMES                            NY-10-A-119
VAIL, ERASTUS                           NY-10-M-182
VAIL, MOSES E.                          NY-10-A-44
VALENTINE, CRAMER                       NY-10-F-467
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN H.                     NY-10-S-450
VANDERVOORT, JOHN                       NY-10-A-10
VANTINE, DAVID                          NY-10-I-77
VANTINE, JOSEPH                         NY-10-K-241
VARIN, ALEXANDER                        NY-10-J-225
VARNO, LUCY                             NY-10-T-172
VAUGHAN, AMANDA M.                      NY-10-K-236
VAUGHAN, EZRA                           NY-10-Q-227
VAUGHAN, LEVI                           NY-10-A-180
VAUGHAN, LUMON                          NY-10-J-446
VAUGHAN, SARAH                          NY-10-I-125
VAUGHN, SIMEON                          NY-10-B-81
VILAS, HARRIETT H.                      NY-10-T-450
VINCENT, JAMES                          NY-10-K-45
VOODRE, AMOS                            NY-10-S-71
VREELAND, ROBERT H.                     NY-10-T-371
WAITE, CARLOS A. (GEN. U.S. ARMY)       NY-10-F-382
WAITE, MARY VAN WYCK                    NY-10-G-362
WAKEFIELD, REUBEN                       NY-10-B-219
WALKER, CYRENA                          NY-10-I-170
WALKER, EUNICE                          NY-10-P-271
WALKER, JESSE B.                        NY-10-F-128
WALKER, MINOR                           NY-10-Q-266
WALLIS, HAMMOND                         NY-10-D-200
WALSH, JAMES P.                         NY-10-N-340
WALSH, JOHN                             NY-10-L-439
WALSH, MARY JANE                        NY-10-Q-1
WALWORTH, DELIA A.                      NY-10-L-64
WALWORTH, GRAHAM                        NY-10-J-499
WALWORTH, HIRAM                         NY-10-D-224
WARD, JOHN Q.                           NY-10-F-418
WARDNER, NATHAN                         NY-10-T-6
WARFORD, MARY G.                        NY-10-T-209
WARREN, J. DRYDEN                       NY-10-L-281
WARTROUS, AUSTIN                        NY-10-A-168
WASDE, THOMAS                           NY-10-I-323
WASHER, FREDERICK E.                    NY-10-H-27
WASHER, JOSIAH T.                       NY-10-T-202
WATERMAN, CHARISA                       NY-10-A-25
WATERMAN, PIERCE                        NY-10-K-143
WATERS, LEVI R.                         NY-10-O-333
WATRISS, HENRY                          NY-10-G-271
WATSON, CHARLES S.                      NY-10-I-138
WATSON, ELECTA                          NY-10-H-178
WATSON, JOSEPH                          NY-10-A-267
WATT, ROBERT                            NY-10-A-301
WATTS, HANNAH                           NY-10-T-306
WEATHERWAX, DANIEL A.                   NY-10-T-384
WEATHERWAX, DAVID                       NY-10-A-231
WEAVER, FRANKLIN                        NY-10-G-310
WEAVER, FRANKLIN B.                     NY-10-G-298
WEAVER, PETER                           NY-10-R-39
WEAVER, SAMUEL                          NY-10-D-189
WEAVER, STEPHEN K.                      NY-10-S-239
WEAVER, THOMAS                          NY-10-B-37
WEAVER, THOMAS                          NY-10-A-248
WEAVER, THOMAS                          NY-10-C-254
WEBB, HORATIO N.                        NY-10-K-274
WEED, JONATHAN                          NY-10-H-446
WEEK, JOSEPH                            NY-10-B-339
WEEKS, AMY BERRY                        NY-10-N-269
WEEKS, GEORGE WESLEY                    NY-10-O-301
WEEKS, MANLY                            NY-10-L-98
WEEKS, SILAS LEWIS                      NY-10-O-381
WEIGHTMAN, THOMAS                       NY-10-Q-378
WEIR, JAMES                             NY-10-Q-177
WEIR, ROBERT                            NY-10-R-366
WELBURN, JOHN                           NY-10-M-46
WELCH, BRIDGET                          NY-10-P-180
WELCH, SIMON                            NY-10-I-167
WELCOME, ROCK                           NY-10-K-86
WELDEN, MAGDALANA                       NY-10-R-258
WELDEN, SHERMAN                         NY-10-R-278
WELLS, CHARLES W.                       NY-10-S-3
WELLS, EBENEZAR                         NY-10-H-230
WELLS, JOSHUA                           NY-10-D-40
WELLS, LOUISA                           NY-10-O-356
WELLS, LOUISA                           NY-10-O-352
WELLS, MARY A.                          NY-10-R-254
WELLS, MARY E.                          NY-10-M-353
WESCOTT, ANSON                          NY-10-K-52
WESCOTT, DANIEL                         NY-10-P-10
WESCOTT, JOSEPH B.                      NY-10-O-489
WEST, SAMUEL                            NY-10-A-240
WEST, SAMUEL                            NY-10-B-27
WESTON, ABNER                           NY-10-F-410
WESTON, ELIJAH                          NY-10-E-217
WESTON, HARVEY                          NY-10-L-127
WESTON, NETTIE A.                       NY-10-M-189
WESTON, SOPHIA M.                       NY-10-O-68
WESTON, ZACHEUS N.                      NY-10-D-264
WETHERWAX, JOHN                         NY-10-S-175
WHALON, JOHN                            NY-10-Q-295
WHEELER, EBENEZER                       NY-10-C-194
WHEELER, JOHN R.                        NY-10-J-26
WHEELER, NEWELL                         NY-10-H-431
WHITE, ABIGAIL E.                       NY-10-T-156
WHITE, ANDREW                           NY-10-I-308
WHITE, JOHN B.                          NY-10-T-402
WHITE, RUTH                             NY-10-Q-202
WHITE, SMYRNA                           NY-10-M-145
WHITE, WILLIAM B.                       NY-10-J-410
WHITESIDE, THOMAS J.                    NY-10-E-87
WHITMAN, ANSON                          NY-10-J-187
WHYTE, WILLIAM                          NY-10-F-369
WILBER, NICHOLAS                        NY-10-A-23
WILCOX, CHESTER                         NY-10-L-427
WILCOX, JOSEPHUS                        NY-10-B-334
WILEY, JAMES                            NY-10-E-331
WILEY, STEPHEN                          NY-10-K-424
WILLARD, JACOB P.                       NY-10-I-486
WILLARD, JOSIAH                         NY-10-C-34
WILLETT, AKIN                           NY-10-O-226
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        NY-10-A-183
WILLSON, JOHN                           NY-10-F-295
WILLSON, SARAH                          NY-10-J-247
WILSON, BARNY                           NY-10-S-331
WILSON, CAROLINE                        NY-10-S-66
WILSON, GEORGE                          NY-10-L-361
WILSON, JACOB                           NY-10-F-312
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-10-F-312
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-10-L-235
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-10-P-38
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-10-R-336
WILSON, ROSWELL                         NY-10-A-255
WILSON, ROSWELL                         NY-10-B-45
WILSON, THOMAS                          NY-10-L-102
WING, JENNIE A.                         NY-10-T-422
WINTERBOTTOM, MARGARET                  NY-10-Q-405
WINTERS, HENRY                          NY-10-S-220
WINTERS, HENRY                          NY-10-S-192
WITHERILL, DAVID                        NY-10-B-171
WITHERILL, DAVID J.                     NY-10-G-387
WOOD, AMASA                             NY-10-E-420
WOOD, BETSEY                            NY-10-N-105
WOOD, JA ANN                            NY-10-T-279
WOOD, JULIA C.                          NY-10-J-453
WOOD, LAURA M.                          NY-10-H-247
WOOD, LOUISE H.                         NY-10-J-289
WOOD, MARY H.                           NY-10-I-288
WOODLEY, SAMUEL                         NY-10-B-265
WOODRUFF, ELIAS                         NY-10-B-148
WOODWARD, WILLIAM V. S.                 NY-10-T-419
WOODWORTH, LYMAN                        NY-10-C-300
WOOL, LEWIS                             NY-10-S-166
WOOL, MITCHELL                          NY-10-E-346
WORDEN, HENRY                           NY-10-G-420
WRITER, STEPHEN C.                      NY-10-S-89
WYNNE, PATRICK                          NY-10-L-433
YARTAW, BRIDGET                         NY-10-L-331
YATAW, JOHN                             NY-10-O-410
YOUNG, ESTHER                           NY-10-K-264
YOUNG, LOUISA                           NY-10-S-365
YOUNG, MARY                             NY-10-B-233
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NY-10-A-283

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