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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Volume = Years Covered)
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KEARNEY, PHILIP                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-Q-185
KEATING, NANCY                          AUSABLE                                 NY-10-H-34
KEENAN, MICHAEL SR.                     DANNEMORA                               NY-10-T-491
KEESE, HANNAH E.                        AUSABLE                                 NY-10-E-107
KEESE, OLIVER                           PERU                                    NY-10-C-75
KEESE, RICHARD                          NTL                                     NY-10-A-97
KEESE, WILLIAM                          PERU                                    NY-10-A-285
KEESE, WILLIAM                          PERU                                    NY-10-B-66
KEESE, WILLIAM A.                       PERU                                    NY-10-H-71
KEET, CYNTHIA P.                        SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-S-174
KELLOGG, GEORGE D.                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-10-G-199
KELLOGG, HARRIET A.                     PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-I-108
KELLOGG, LORENZO                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-L-414
KELLY, EDWARD                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-J-254
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        MOOERS                                  NY-10-K-348
KENT, MOSS                              PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-B-69
KEOUGH, MARTY                           AUSABLE                                 NY-10-G-291
KEOUGHY, JAMES                          BLACK BROOK                             NY-10-O-318
KETCH, SENECA                           CHAZY                                   NY-10-F-124
KETCHUM, AMASA                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-R-19
KETCHUM, WILLIAM SWETTLAND              PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-S-146
KIERNAN, WILLIAM                        MOOERS                                  NY-10-J-399
KILLROY, MARTHELLA                      BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-J-162
KIMBALL, BETSEY                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-C-77
KIMBALL, LEONARD                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-B-175
KING, ELIZA A.                          CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-R-444
KINGSBURY, ROBERT                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-I-386
KINGSLAND, ALFRED B.                    AUSABLE                                 NY-10-M-217
KINGSLAND, EDMUND                       AUSABLE                                 NY-10-M-341
KINGSLAND, NELSON                       AUSABLE                                 NY-10-M-221
KINNEY, JOHN S.                         AUSABLE                                 NY-10-N-461
KINNIFICK, JOHN                         AUSABLE                                 NY-10-L-388
KINSLEY, CEPHAS                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-J-21
KIRBY, JOHN S.                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-R-155
KIRBY, WILLIAM                          AUSABLE                                 NY-10-H-398
KIRK, JULIETTE A.                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-O-137
KIRK, PHOEBE MARIAH                     PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-300
KIRKS, JORDAN                           U.S. ARMY                               NY-10-A-55
KNAPEN, SAMUEL H.                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-D-297
KNAPP, ABEL                             MOOERS                                  NY-10-Q-324
KNOWLES, IRA D.                         PERU                                    NY-10-N-183
LaBARE, THEODORE                        ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-M-322
LABARGE, TUSANT                         ALTONA                                  NY-10-R-199
LABO, SARAH ANN                         AUSABLE                                 NY-10-J-436
LACLARE, LOWESEY                        CLINTON                                 NY-10-S-29
LADD, ELECTA                            BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-P-149
LADD, FANNY E.                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-L-157
LADD, HENRY                             CHAZY                                   NY-10-B-118
LADD, JONATHAN R.                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-I-499
LADUE, ABRAM D.                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-T-268
LADUE, JOSEPH                           SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-T-447
LaFAYETTE, HENRY                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-H-480
LAFLAM, MARY                            AUSABLE                                 NY-10-Q-32
LAFLEUR, MAXIM                          AUSABLE                                 NY-10-R-274
LAFLEUR, SUSANNA                        AUSABLE                                 NY-10-T-146
LAFONTAINE, MARK                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-S-394
LaFORCE, DAMIEN                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-R-483
LAFORCE, CLARISSA E.                    PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-406
LAFORTUNE, LEWIS                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-C-309
LAFOUNTAIN, JOSEPH                      AUSABLE                                 NY-10-N-450
LAFRAMBOIS, JAMES                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-A-252
LAFROMBOIS, JAMES                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-B-42
LAGIER, WILLIAM                         ALTONA                                  NY-10-R-143
LAMAIRE, FRANCIS                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-E-359
LAMB, HORACE                            GEORGIA, FRANKLIN, NY                   NY-10-B-215
LAMBERT, JOHN                           MOOERS                                  NY-10-J-197
LAMBERTON, ALEXANDER                    MOOERS                                  NY-10-K-390
LAMBERTON, ANNIE J.                     MOOERS                                  NY-10-P-145
LAMBERTON, JAMES                        MOOERS                                  NY-10-R-91
LAMONTAIN, ABRAHAM                      AUSABLE                                 NY-10-B-350
LAMOUREUX, LOUIS                        REDFORD                                 NY-10-T-464
LAMPMAN, LUCY F.                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-G-259
LAMPRON, JOHN                           CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-K-304
LANE, HANNAH C.                         SARANAC                                 NY-10-F-225
LANE, MATTHEW                           REDFORD                                 NY-10-H-250
LANG, ELSIE M.                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-E-212
LANGEVIN, JOSEPH                        SEE: LASHWAY, JOSEPH                    NY-10-Q-135
LANGLOIS, ISIDORE                       SARANAC                                 NY-10-P-498
LAPHAM, JOSEPH                          PERU                                    NY-10-C-147
LAPIE, LOUIS                            CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-I-80
LAPLANT, JACOB                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-Q-347
LAPLANTE, ELIZA W.                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-10-O-370
LAPOINT, EDWARD                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-L-146
LAPOINTE, JUDITH                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-O-44
LAPORTE, ALBERT E.                      MOOERS                                  NY-10-L-430
LAPPIN, BERNARD                         CLINTON                                 NY-10-M-74
LARAMY, JOSEPH                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-O-418
LARKIN, ELAM L.                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-R-53
LARKIN, ELEAZER J.                      PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-Q-55
LARKIN, GEORGE W.                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-N-289
LARKINS, ELAM                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-G-1
LARKINS, HIRAM                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-316
LARKINS, SARAH                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-F-341
LAROCQUE, ALBINA                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-O-116
LARRABEE, MARGARET                      PERU                                    NY-10-F-456
LARUSH, AMBROSE                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-L-455
LASHWAY, JOSEPH                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-Q-135
LAURENCE, WILLIAM H.                    BVEEKMANTOWN                            NY-10-S-213
LaVALLEY, JOHN                          MOOERS                                  NY-10-O-218
LAVALLY, JOSEPH                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-G-193
LAVANWAY, ANTOINE                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-L-131
LAVIN, CATHARINE                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-I-502
LAVIN, JAMES                            BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-G-154
LAWRENCE, JAMES P.                      MOOERS                                  NY-10-M-156
LAWRENCE, LUCINDA                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-Q-173
LAWRENCE, PUTNAM                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-N-150
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-B-229
LEACH, HENRY L.                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-K-380
LEE, MICHAEL                            AUSABLE                                 NY-10-E-206
LeFEBVRE, PHILIP JR.                    PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-K-324
LEGGETT, ROBERT                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-S-340
LEGIER, GEORGE                          ALTONA                                  NY-10-R-288
LEMIEUX, MARY LOUISE                    ALTONA                                  NY-10-S-320
LENGFELD, JOHN                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-N-170
LENGFELD, MARTHA A.                     CHAZY                                   NY-10-S-325
LENT, ROSWELL                           CHAZY                                   NY-10-A-131
LEONARD, ABRAHAM                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-E-195
LEONARD, JOHN                           SARANAC                                 NY-10-M-203
LEONARD, MICHAEL SR.                    BLACK BROOK                             NY-10-S-99
LESSLIE, LOUISA M.                      CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-C-151
LETSON, JOHN                            MOOERS                                  NY-10-F-175
LEVY, SIMON                             PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-Q-463
LEWIS, ELI                              PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-I-275
LEWIS, ELISABETH                        PERU                                    NY-10-Q-235
LEWIS, GEORG R.                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-T-304
LEWIS, GRIFFIN                          PERU                                    NY-10-J-509
LEWIS, JAMES                            PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-A-166
LEWIS, JAMES B.                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-T-78
LEWIS, MARY JANE                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-R-174
LEWIS, MINER                            PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-S-414
LEWIS, SAMUEL H.                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-D-57
LEWSTRAW, TUSAN                         CLINTON                                 NY-10-R-398
LEZOTT, CALVIN                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-O-305
LEZOTT, LEWIS                           NTL                                     NY-10-A-203
LINTON, JEREMIAH                        MOOERS                                  NY-10-I-419
LITTLE, MARY ANN                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-S-472
LIVELY, ANTHONY                         HEMMINGFORD, QUEBEC                     NY-10-O-425
LOBDELL, HENRY                          SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-G-315
LOBDELL, JARED                          PERU                                    NY-10-B-327
LOBDELL, JARED                          SARANAC                                 NY-10-C-231
LOBDELL, NATHAN S.                      SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-Q-494
LOCKWOOD, SALLY                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-A-84
LONG, CHARLOTTE                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-K-409
LONG, EDWARD J.                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-Q-423
LONG, JOHN                              BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-P-376
LONGHAW, WILLIAM                        BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-S-39
LOOBY, PATRICK                          CLINTON                                 NY-10-Q-474
LOOMIS, DAN                             CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-N-347
LOOMIS, EZRA S.                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-I-74
LOUGHAN, JOHN                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-R-496
LOVER, EMALINE                          MOOERS                                  NY-10-R-239
LOVER, EMALINE                          MOOERS                                  NY-10-R-262
LOW, LAURA                              CHAZY                                   NY-10-A-141
LOWELL, SAMUEL                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-C-121
LUCIA, JOSEPH                           CHAZY                                   NY-10-R-327
LUCIA, MATILDA                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-292
LUND, NOAH H.                           REDFORD                                 NY-10-H-306
LYMAN, ELISHA                           SUNDERLAND, FRANKLIN, MA                NY-10-B-281
LYMAN, WILLIAM                          CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-D-180
LYNCH, HANNAH                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-Q-108
LYNCH, RICHARD                          SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-L-324
LYNCH, THOMAS                           AUSABLE                                 NY-10-T-86
LYNDE, JOHN                             PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-B-32
LYNDE, JOHN                             PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-A-244
LYON, ARCHIBALD                         PERU                                    NY-10-P-287
LYON, CHARLOTTE S.                      PERU                                    NY-10-T-287
LYON, PERRY B.                          LACOLLE, IBERVILLE, QUEBEC              NY-10-S-178
LYON, PHEBE ELIZABETH                   SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-S-306
LYONS, MICHAEL                          SARANAC                                 NY-10-N-409
LYONS, PATRICK                          PERU                                    NY-10-N-235
MACE, JAMES                             AUSABLE                                 NY-10-S-243
MacNANA, EDWARD                         DANNEMORA                               NY-10-M-1
MACOMBER, EUNICE                        AUSABLE                                 NY-10-L-116
MADOLE, BENJAMIN                        SARANAC                                 NY-10-R-371
MAHIN, FRANCIS XAVIER                   PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-434
MAHONY, WILLIAM                         BLACK BROOK                             NY-10-I-518
MALONE, MARY                            BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-J-547
MANDIGO, DANIEL                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-J-165
MANDIGO, MARY                           CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-P-243
MANNING, EDGAR                          PERU                                    NY-10-S-61
MANNING, SALLY M.                       PERU                                    NY-10-Q-148
MANNING, SUSAN M.                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-175
MANNIX, JOHN                            PERU                                    NY-10-J-456
MANZ, XAFER                             NTL, GERMANY                            NY-10-T-48
MARSH, CHARLES                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-B-89
MARSH, ISAAC                            CHAZY                                   NY-10-I-232
MARSH, SILAS HOWE                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-B-146
MARSHALL, DELIA W.                      PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-71
MARSHALL, LEVI                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-E-231
MARSHALL, NATHANIEL                     BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-B-169
MARSHALL, PAUL                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-F-257
MARTIN, ALLEN                           CLINTON                                 NY-10-T-104
MARTIN, CALEB                           ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-B-200
MARTIN, JOHN                            SARANAC                                 NY-10-C-251
MASON, AARON                            BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-C-239
MASON, AARON B.                         PERU                                    NY-10-J-442
MASON, DEBORAH                          PERU                                    NY-10-R-87
MASON, MARGARET                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-K-288
MASON, ONDLEY                           PERU                                    NY-10-B-372
MASON, ONDLY                            NTL                                     NY-10-A-40
MASON, SILAS C.                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-O-478
MATTESON, JANE C.                       CANTON, ST LAWRENCE, NY                 NY-10-T-363
MATTESON, JOHN JAY                      CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-S-392
MATTOON, JEREMIAH                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-J-119
MATTOON, LAURA                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-S-186
MAURICE, JONAS                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-331
MAYO, ANTOIN B.                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-M-386
MAYO, EMELINE                           CHAZY                                   NY-10-L-406
MCALOON, JOHN                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-M-37
MCCABE, BRIDGET                         CLINTON                                 NY-10-T-473
MCCADDEN, FRANCIS                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-R-322
MCCANN, ARTHUR                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-7
MCCARTY, DANIEL                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-D-92
MCCASLAND, WILLIAM S.                   SARANAC                                 NY-10-T-126
MCCLUSKEY, MICHAEL                      SARANAC                                 NY-10-N-231
MCCOLLUM, ARCHIBALD                     CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-C-217
MCCRAEDY, THOMAS                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-B-308
MCCREA, JOSEPH                          CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-F-52
MCCREEDY, ALINA E.                      CHAZY                                   NY-10-Q-169
MCCREEDY, GAMALIEL                      BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-D-383
MCCREEDY, JAMES                         , SARATOGA, NY                          NY-10-A-90
MCCREEDY, JAMES                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-348
MCCREEDY, JAMES                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-I-235
MCELROY, DANIEL                         CLINTON                                 NY-10-S-354
MCFADDEN, GEORGE                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-C-361
MCFADDEN, GEORGE                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-R-440
MCFADDEN, JOHN                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-E-311
MCFADDEN, JOHN                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-I-432
MCFADDEN, LAVINA W.                     BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-I-173
MCFADDEN, LYDIA                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-N-45
MCFADDEN, THOMAS                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-N-49
MCGOUGH, JOHN                           ALTONA                                  NY-10-K-321
MCGREGOR, DUNCAN                        ALTONA                                  NY-10-I-143
MCINTYRE, HARRIET                       PERU                                    NY-10-S-284
MCINTYRE, HOSEA A.                      PERU                                    NY-10-P-186
MCINTYRE, JOSEPH                        ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-H-276
MCINTYRE, RHODA                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-T-496
MCINTYRE, RICHARD C.                    PERU                                    NY-10-P-165
MCINTYRE, STILLMAN                      PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-I-52
MCKALE, MARTIN                          BLACK BROOK                             NY-10-O-121
MCKEEFE, PATRICK                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-Q-214
MCKEEFE, THOMAS                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-I-44
MCKEEVER, MARY S.                       VERGENNES, ADDISON, VT                  NY-10-Q-299
MCKEEVER, PATRICK                       SARANAC                                 NY-10-E-380
MCKINNEY, JAMES                         SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-E-113
MCKINNEY, NATHAN                        ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-L-402
MCLEAN, PHILLIP V. N.                   AUSABLE                                 NY-10-S-315
MClERKIN, HUGH                          BLACK BROOK                             NY-10-I-331
MCMAMUS, ANN                            PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-4
MCMANNIS, JOHN                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-R-140
MCMASTERS, MARY ANN                     PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-O-264
MCMURRAY, MICHAEL                       SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-J-205
MCNANNA, EDWARD                         SARANAC                                 NY-10-S-232
MCQUILLAN, JOHN                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-O-63
MCRANDALL, PATRICK                      SARANAC                                 NY-10-F-189
MCSWEENY, PATRICK                       CLINTON                                 NY-10-M-232
MCWILLIAMS, BERNARD                     SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-G-118
MEAD, CYRENUS                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-E-271
MEAD, SMITH                             PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-J-323
MEADER, JAMES                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-H-371
MEEHAN, JOHN                            ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-K-59
MELTON, WILLIAM                         MOOERS                                  NY-10-L-180
MELVIN, FRANCIS                         MOOERS                                  NY-10-I-369
MENKLER, BARNABAS                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-A-214
MERCHANT, ELIZABETH                     SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-Q-490
MERCHANT, JOHN L.                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-10
MERRIHEW, HIRAM                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-M-34
MERRIHEW, JOSEPH                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-A-273
MERRIHEW, THOMAS                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-E-252
MERRILL, ARTHUR H.                      PERU                                    NY-10-D-67
MERRILL, ASAPH                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-M-124
MERRITT, NEHEMIAH                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-A-194
MEYER, ROBERT                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-S-75
MEYNERS, NICHOLAS                       DANNEMORA                               NY-10-Q-306
MILEAU, AURILLA                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-N-131
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-G-393
MILLER, ABRAM 2ND                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-433
MILLER, CHASTINA M. NORTON              BETHEL, HARTFORD, VT                    NY-10-S-486
MILLER, ELEAZER                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-C-322
MILLER, HUNTING                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-J-328
MILLER, LUCRETIA                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-A-67
MILLER, LUCRETIA                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-J-7
MILNE, JOSEPH                           MOOERS                                  NY-10-H-208
MINCKLER, BARNABAS                      CHAZY                                   NY-10-B-3
MINCKLER, JEREMIAH                      CHAZY                                   NY-10-A-39
MINCKLER, SIMEON                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-H-233
MINER, EDWARD                           BLACK BROOK                             NY-10-P-80
MINER, JOHN D.                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-R-170
MINER, WILLIAM HENRY                    AUSABLE FORKS                           NY-10-T-68
MINKLER, BERIAH                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-A-277
MINKLER, BERIAH                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-B-61
MINKLER, FRANCIS E.                     GRAND ISLE, GRAND ISLE, VT              NY-10-D-97
MINKLER, JOHN                           CHAZY                                   NY-10-I-526
MINKLER, PETER                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-J-339
MITCHELL, DELPHINE                      BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-L-221
MITCHELL, OLIVER                        AUSABLE                                 NY-10-M-410
MOFFATT, FELIX                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-E-54
MONTVILLE, THEODORE                     PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-S-73
MONTY, JOSEPH                           CHAZY                                   NY-10-C-326
MONTY, MARGARET                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-T-53
MOOERS, BENJAMIN                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-B-101
MOOERS, MARY                            PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-G-373
MOOERS, WILLIAM P.                      PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-R-126
MOON, ROBERT P.                         PERU                                    NY-10-S-290
MOONEY, ELIZABETH E.                    BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-T-66
MOONEY, MWARNER                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-S-369
MOONEY, NANCY                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-O-256
MOONEY, OBADIAH                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-H-49
MOORE, ALANSON                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-P-358
MOORE, ALEXANDER                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-S-196
MOORE, ALLEN M.                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-R-306
MOORE, ALONZO S.                        BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-R-331
MOORE, ANDREW                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-269
MOORE, ANN                              BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-J-1
MOORE, ANN MARIA                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-S-63
MOORE, ASA                              CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-O-366
MOORE, ASA D.                           AUSABLE                                 NY-10-K-113
MOORE, BENJAMIN                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-A-246
MOORE, BENJAMIN                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-B-35
MOORE, DANIEL                           CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-F-303
MOORE, ELIZA                            CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-K-462
MOORE, JOHN                             CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-B-343
MOORE, JOSHUA                           SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-F-133
MOORE, NOADIAH                          CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-D-367
MOORE, OLIVER P.                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-M-468
MOORE, PAMELA S.                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-J-105
MOORE, PETER A.                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-C-189
MOORE, PLINY                            CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-A-109
MOORE, PLINY                            CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-H-360
MOORE, PLINY N.                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-E-146
MOORE, REUBEN                           CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-D-105
MOORE, RICHARD R.                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-P-122
MOORE, ROYAL C.                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-G-113
MOORE, SAMUEL                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-115
MOORE, SARAH JANE                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-251
MOORE, SARAH M.                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-16
MOORE, SUSANNAH F.                      PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-102
MOORE, WILLIAM                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-N-109
MOORE, WILLIAM A.                       SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-G-46
MOORE, WYMAN C.                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-M-20
MOOSO, MARCELINE                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-N-362
MOREHEAD, MARGARET J.                   CHAZY                                   NY-10-S-227
MOREHOUSE, ELIZA E.                     CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-L-381
MOREY, SARAH                            PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-C-132
MORGAN, ASHBY                           PERU                                    NY-10-T-170
MORGAN, JONAS                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-E-16
MORGAN, MARY L.                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-J-573
MORGAN, WILLIAM H.                      PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-J-201
MORRAN, ENOS                            CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-N-368
MORRISON, MARY G.                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-P-190
MOSES, ARTEMAS                          CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-C-305
MOSES, FRANCIS                          CLINTON                                 NY-10-S-94
MOSS, PETER                             MOOERS                                  NY-10-H-427
MOTT, ABRAHAM                           MOOERS                                  NY-10-I-111
MOTT, JOHN                              CHAZY                                   NY-10-B-252
MOTT, SAMUEL H.                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-Q-191
MOTT, WILLIAM ALEXANDER                 PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-L-369
MOULD, PRUDENCE W.                      AUSABLE                                 NY-10-R-78
MOXLEY, JOHN                            SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-F-1
MULHOLLAND, HUGH                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-D-476
MULLEN, MARTIN                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-J-123
MULLER, CASSIMER                        CHAZY                                   NY-10-I-436
MURDICK, SAMUEL                         NEW HAVEN, ADDISON, VT                  NY-10-A-31
MURPHY, JOHN                            SARANAC                                 NY-10-C-342
MURPHY, JOHN                            BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-T-396
MURRAY, JEREMIAH                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-E-200
MURRY, AUGUSTUS                         CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-S-423
MURTHA, MATTHEW                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-G-35
MURTHA, PATRICK                         ALTONA                                  NY-10-J-169
MUZZY, ROSWELL C.                       SARANAC                                 NY-10-P-231
MYATT, AMOS H.                          ALTONA                                  NY-10-R-27
MYERS, CHARLOTTE E.                     PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-I-409
MYERS, JOHN                             CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-G-248
MYERS, JOHN HENRY                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-S-154
MYERS, MICHAEL P.                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-346
MYRITHA, JOHN                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-J-428
NASH, JOSEPH                            SARANAC                                 NY-10-L-321
NELSON, DANIEL                          PERU                                    NY-10-Q-451
NELSON, WILLIAM                         SARANAC                                 NY-10-F-159
NESBIT, FRANCES                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-K-150
NESBIT, FRANCES                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-K-168
NESBIT, WILLIAM                         PERU                                    NY-10-C-24
NEVART, JOHN                            CHAZY                                   NY-10-T-391
NEVEAU, BARTEMAS                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-A-218
NEVEAU, BARTEMUS                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-B-7
NEVERETT, JOSEPH                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-T-285
NEWCOMB, KINNER                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-B-159
NEWELL, AMELIA                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-R-137
NEWELL, ZEPHY                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-K-198
NICHOLS, BENJAMIN W.                    CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-Q-210
NICHOLS, CALEB                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-325
NICHOLS, DANIEL                         BRIDPORT, ADDISON, VT                   NY-10-K-220
NICHOLS, EDMUND B.                      CHAZY                                   NY-10-H-265
NICHOLS, ELEAZER                        PERU                                    NY-10-C-158
NICHOLS, MARY W.                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-R-1
NICHOLS, NATHAN                         PERU                                    NY-10-B-21
NICHOLS, NATHAN                         PERU                                    NY-10-A-234
NICHOLS, NATHANIEL                      CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-E-81
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                         CHURNBUSCO                              NY-10-T-299
NICHOLS, THOMAS B.                      PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-134
NICKER, MARY ABBIE                      WILLISTON, CHITTENDEN, VT               NY-10-K-474
NILES, NATHAN N.                        MOOERS                                  NY-10-K-367
NOEL, PETER H.                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-Q-351
NOONAN, JOHN                            BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-S-313
NORCROSS, STEPHEN                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-L-123
NORRICE, JOHN                           SARANAC                                 NY-10-I-299
NORRIS, ALBERT                          SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-I-132
NORTH, ALEXANDER A.                     CHAZY                                   NY-10-P-176
NORTH, CATHARINE H.                     CHAZY                                   NY-10-E-304
NORTH, EZEKIEL A.                       CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-H-142
NORTH, JOSEPHINE H.                     CHAZY                                   NY-10-I-305
NORTH, LAWRENCE                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-H-473
NORTH, MARY E.                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-Q-320
NORTHEDGE, ROBERT S.                    ROUSES POINT                            NY-10-T-88
NYE, BARTLETT                           CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-F-472
NYE, FREEMAN                            LA COLLE, QUEBEC                        NY-10-J-540
NYE, RUTH S.                            LACOLLE, QUEBEC                         NY-10-L-135
OAKLEY, CATHARINE F.                    NEW YORK CITY , NEW YORK, NY            NY-10-G-400
OBER, JORANTHUM                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-P-68
OBRIEN, JOHN                            BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-T-143
OBRIEN, MARTIN                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-E-26
OBRIEN, MARY                            PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-S-387
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         DANNEMORA                               NY-10-M-424
OBRIEN, THOMAS                          DANNEMORA                               NY-10-Q-129
OBRINE, DENNIS                          CLINTON                                 NY-10-P-346
OCONNELL, CATHERINE                     ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-S-304
OCONNOR, DAVID                          AUSABLE                                 NY-10-G-415
OCONNOR, KATHERINE                      AUSABLE                                 NY-10-Q-339
OCONNOR, KATHERINE                      AUSABLE                                 NY-10-S-68
OCONNOR, MICHAEL                        PERU                                    NY-10-T-410
ODONNELL, MARY                          ALTONA                                  NY-10-T-75
OHARRA, EZEKIEL                         U.S. ARMY                               NY-10-A-50
OLCOTT, CHANCELLOR                      PERU                                    NY-10-L-493
OLCOTT, SAMUEL                          AUSABLE                                 NY-10-H-204
OLEARY, JOHN                            CLINTON                                 NY-10-I-349
OLEARY, TIMOTHY                         CLINTON                                 NY-10-G-237
OLIVER, AARON S.                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-L-475
OLIVER, ABEL L.                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-P-248
OLIVER, ANDREW                          CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-B-305
OLIVER, GARDNER A.                      BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-I-401
OLIVER, LYSANDER                        BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-K-340
OLIVER, MARY B.                         CHAZY                                   NY-10-J-368
OLIVER, ROBERT                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-A-212
OLIVER, ROBERT                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-B-1
OLIVIE, LORANT                          CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-A-17
ONEIL, HONORA                           CLINTON                                 NY-10-J-176
ONEIL, JAMES                            CHAZY                                   NY-10-S-148
ONEIL, JOHN                             BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-F-285
ONEIL, TIMOTHY                          CLINTON                                 NY-10-H-272
ONEILL, MARGARET                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-L-270
ORMSBEE, PHEBE                          ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-P-309
ORMSBEE, STEPHEN                        ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-O-179
ORMSLEY, WATERMAN                       PERU                                    NY-10-S-203
ORR, MARY                               MOOERS                                  NY-10-H-314
OSBORN, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-10-A-143
OSTRANDER, ISRAEL N.                    PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-M-43
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM W.                   PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-367
OTIS, ISAAC                             PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-408
OUINETTE, ELIZA                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-T-92
OUTLAW, TIMOTHY                         U.S. ARMY                               NY-10-A-53
PACKET, MITCHAEL                        ALTONA                                  NY-10-S-117
PALMER, EMILY T.                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-N-96
PALMER, FRANCES L.                      PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-Q-330
PALMER, JAMES                           CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-S-476
PALMER, JOHN                            PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-B-187
PALMER, MARION S.                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-N-86
PALMER, PETER S.                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-P-316
PALMER, RUTH                            CHAZY                                   NY-10-I-150
PALMER, WILLIAM                         PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-F-267
PARDY, ORVILLE                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-239
PARDY, SOLOMON B.                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-N-299
PARDY, WILLIAM H.                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-52
PARKER, MARY ANN                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-H-227
PARKER, WILLIAM                         SARANAC                                 NY-10-F-210
PARO, JULIENNE                          PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-319
PARON, ELIZABETH                        AUSABLE                                 NY-10-Q-239
PAROUTO, JOSEPH                         BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-I-474
PARSONS, ABRAM                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-G-40
PARSONS, CATHERINE                      PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-E-297
PARSONS, CHARLES H.                     BILOXI, HARRISON, MS                    NY-10-S-432
PARSONS, DAVID R.                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-H-199
PARSONS, GEORGE                         SARANAC                                 NY-10-I-391
PARSONS, JEREMIAH                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-A-256
PARSONS, JEREMIAH                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-B-46
PARSONS, LEWIS                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-F-115
PARSONS, NATHAN M.                      BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-H-287
PATNODE, FRANCIS                        CLINTON                                 NY-10-T-106
PATNODE, HENRY                          CHAZY                                   NY-10-T-323
PATNODE, MITCHELL                       CLINTON                                 NY-10-I-272
PATNODE, NELSON                         CHURNBUSCO                              NY-10-S-431
PATTENT, MARY                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-G-50
PAYETTE, ODILE                          PERU                                    NY-10-L-465
PEABODY, OLIVER D.                      AUSABLE                                 NY-10-L-484
PEAKE, DANIEL                           AUSABLE                                 NY-10-B-379
PEARL, CHARLOTTE W.                     PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-T-189
PEARL, JEROME                           CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-T-493
PEARL, NORMAN                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-S-122
PECKHAM, JOHN                           BLACK BROOK                             NY-10-R-283
PEETS, ENOS                             ELLENBURG                               NY-10-P-472
PELKEY, ALEXANDER A.                    CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-Q-84
PELTIER, ANTOINE                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-P-412
PENROSE, JAMES W.                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-C-185
PERRY, GEORGE                           MOOERS                                  NY-10-D-355
PERRY, MORACE P.                        CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-E-279
PERRY, NATHAN                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-D-174
PETERS, DAVID                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-10
PETTENGER, WILLIAM                      CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-A-174
PFEIFFER, JOHN MICHAEL                  MOOERS                                  NY-10-J-390
PHELPS, MERRITT H.                      CLINTON                                 NY-10-G-129
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          ROUSES POINT                            NY-10-S-55
PHILLIPS, S. D.                         MOOERS                                  NY-10-S-216
PHILLIPS, SIGNOR                        PERU                                    NY-10-S-33
PHINNEY, TOUSEY                         MOOERS FORKS                            NY-10-T-389
PICKERING, GEORGE                       BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-D-459
PICKET, JOSEPH                          BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-L-445
PICKETSON, JAMES                        AUSABLE                                 NY-10-K-57
PICKLE, SAMUEL                          ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-J-449
PIERCE, AMOS                            BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-D-133
PIERCE, HULDAH ANN                      SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-Q-390
PIERCE, HULDAH ANN                      SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-Q-399
PIERCE, MERRIT L.                       SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-G-447
PIERCE, PERLEY H.                       PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-R-147
PIERCE, WASHINGTON B.                   ROUSES POINT                            NY-10-I-548
PIKE, CARLISLE                          ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-P-49
PIKE, HATTIE                            ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-Q-251
PILLING, JAMES                          AUSABLE                                 NY-10-F-193
PLATT, ELIZABETH S.                     PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-61
PLATT, JONAS                            PERU                                    NY-10-B-51
PLATT, JONAS                            NTL                                     NY-10-A-262
PLATT, LEVI                             PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-I-451
PLATT, MOSS KENT                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-J-126
PLATT, ROBERT                           PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-D-281
PLATT, ROBERT E.                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-C-40
PLATT, THEODORUS                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-O-162
PLATT, ZEPHANIAH                        PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-A-4
PLATT, ZEPHANIAH C.                     PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-M-404
PLATT, ZEPHANIAH C.                     PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-M-390
PLUMLEY, EVIT                           ELLENBURGH                              NY-10-Q-125
POMBRALE, EDWARD                        SCIOTA                                  NY-10-S-449
PORTER, MARGARET                        BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-M-350
POTTER, MITCHEL                         CLINTON                                 NY-10-K-64
POTTER, THOMAS                          MOOERS                                  NY-10-H-39
POWERS, JAMES                           BEEKMANTOWN                             NY-10-F-364
POWERS, MARY                            BLACK BROOK                             NY-10-S-236
POWERS, MATILDA A.                      CHAMPLAIN                               NY-10-R-133
POWERS, WILLIAM                         BLACK BROOK                             NY-10-T-432
PRATT, AURILLA                          SEE: MILEAU, AURILLA                    NY-10-N-131
PRATT, EMERSON                          MOOERS                                  NY-10-R-490
PRINDLE, DANIEL J.                      SCHUYLER FALLS                          NY-10-G-166
PRINGLE, ELLEN M.                       CHAZY                                   NY-10-P-439
PRINGLE, JANE J.                        WEST CHAZY                              NY-10-R-180
PROVO, JOHN                             PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-Q-247
PROVOST, FRANCIS                        PERU                                    NY-10-P-313
PURDY, HENRY                            PLATTSBURGH                             NY-10-B-243

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