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TAFT, FREDERICK                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-2-97
TAFT, H.                          VILLENOVA                     NY-7-8-255
TAGGART, JAMES                    MINA                          NY-7-6-390
TAGWELL, WILLIAM                  SINCLAIRVILLE                 NY-7-10-182
TALLMAN, CONRAD                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-4-461
TALLMAN, JOHN                     HANOVER                       NY-7-10-177
TAMBLING, PRESTON G.              POMFRET                       NY-7-6-315
TANNER, AMOS                      HARMONY                       NY-7-5-465
TANNER, ELY JUDSON                VILLENOVA                     NY-7-3-218
TANNER, HARVEY                    VILLENOVA                     NY-7-7-110
TANNER, NATHAN P.                 FALCONER                      NY-7-9-356
TANNER, SAMUEL                    HARMONY                       NY-7-2-151
TARBELL, ANN                      SHERMAN                       NY-7-10-458
TARBELLS, GEORGE WILLIAM          SHERMAN                       NY-7-8-256
TARBOX, ALBERT                    ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-9-285
TARBOX, ERASTUS                   SHERIDAN                      NY-7-1-240
TARBOX, HARRY M.                  CASSADAGA                     NY-7-11-604
TARR, FREDERICK                   STOCKTON                      NY-7-12-209
TARR, HERBERT                     FREDONIA                      NY-7-9-529
TARRINGTON, MARAET H.             PORTLAND                      NY-7-10-88
TATE, ROBERT                      RIPLEY                        NY-7-8-524
TAYLOR, ABIJAH F.                 POMFRET                       NY-7-5-437
TAYLOR, B.                        POLADN                        NY-7-6-275
TAYLOR, DAVID                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-8-60
TAYLOR, GEORGE W.                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-11-518
TAYLOR, JOHN                      RIPLEY                        NY-7-7-326
TAYLOR, JOHN F.                   HARMONY                       NY-7-9-584
TAYLOR, JONATHAN H.               WESTFIELD                     NY-7-2-56
TAYLOR, MARY ANN                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-12-123
TAYLOR, NANCY                     FREDONIA                      NY-7-2-313
TAYLOR, REUBEN                    PORTLAND                      NY-7-1-63
TAYLOR, ROXANA S.                 POMFRET                       NY-7-8-213
TAYLOR, TOLIVER                   ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-1-192
TECRONEY, ELIZABETH               CLYMER                        NY-7-11-28
TECULVER, HENDRIK JOHN            SHERMAN                       NY-7-8-454
TEEMLEY, EDWARD                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-10-129
TEEMLY, EVA                       WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-398
TEFFT, JOHN H.                    RIPLEY                        NY-7-6-71
TEKRONIE, JOHN B.                 NTL                           NY-7-7-395
TEKULOE, H. M.                    CLYMER                        NY-7-8-78
TEKULOE, HENDRIKUS                CLYMER                        NY-7-6-256
TEKULVER, JOHN                    CLYMER                        NY-7-10-13
TELL, GEORGE                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-18
TEMPLE, GEORGE                    BUSTI                         NY-7-5-512
TENANT, HEPHSIBAH M.              CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-5-524
TENHAGEN, D. W.                   MINA                          NY-7-371
TENHOUSEN, JOHN                   CLYMER                        NY-7-9-42
TENHURLSON, WILLIAM               CLYMER                        NY-7-9-565
TENNANT, ALVIN J.                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-11-492
TENNANT, MOSES A.                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-6-88
TERRY, CHARLES SYLVESTER          HARMONY                       NY-7-7-547
TERRY, JENNIE                     JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-306
TERRY, SILAS                      CLYMER                        NY-7-8-27
TEW, CAROLINE                     JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-414
TEW, GEORGE W.                    SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-5-614
TEW, JOHN E.                      STOCKTON                      NY-7-6-561
TEW, MARY GURLEY                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-7-417
THACKER, CHARLES                  ELLINGTON                     NY-7-4-85
THARING, LUTHER                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-2-250
THAYER, ICHABOD                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-83
THAYER, JAMES                     NTL                           NY-7-9-119
THAYER, MARTHA J.                 ELLICOTT                      NY-7-11-54
THAYER, WILLIAM                   PORTLAND                      NY-7-8-100
THOMAS, ELIJAH A.                 BUSTI                         NY-7-8-392
THOMAS, FIDELIA                   HANOVER                       NY-7-10-531
THOMAS, FRANK A.                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-288
THOMAS, JAMES                     HARMONY                       NY-7-10-384
THOMAS, JULIA                     JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-566
THOMAS, LYDIA                     CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-5-400
THOMPSON, ABEL                    STOCKTON                      NY-7-1-22
THOMPSON, ABIGAIL                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-3-97
THOMPSON, ALPHEUS                 FREDONIA                      NY-7-11-619
THOMPSON, ASHER                   NTL                           NY-7-11-3
THOMPSON, CHARLES                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-565
THOMPSON, EBENEZER R.             DUNKIRK                       NY-7-7-215
THOMPSON, ENOS                    FREDONIA                      NY-7-8-536
THOMPSON, GEORGE A.               DETROIT, WAYNE, MI            NY-7-10-110
THOMPSON, JANE GOLDEN             WESTFIELD                     NY-7-8-269
THOMPSON, JOHN                    RANDOLPH                      NY-7-8-86
THOMPSON, JONATHAN                POMFRET                       NY-7-8-266
THOMPSON, LUCY                    CLYMER                        NY-7-9-442
THOMPSON, MARGARET M.             NTL                           NY-7-10-544
THOMPSON, MELVIN                  ELLERY                        NY-7-5-568
THOMPSON, NANCY                   STOCKTON                      NY-7-6-60
THOMPSON, NATHAN                  SHERIDAN                      NY-7-1-267
THOMPSON, NATHANIEL               CLYMER                        NY-7-4-19
THOMPSON, PHEBE                   FREDONIA                      NY-7-5-21
THOMPSON, PRISCILLA D.            ELLERY                        NY-7-7-631
THOMPSON, WALTER D.               DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-127
THOMPSON, WARREN H.               DUNKIRK                       NY-7-7-120
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                 FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-4-108
THORN, JOHN I.                    HANOVER                       NY-7-1-138
THORNE, JOHN                      CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-2-155
THORNTON, CATHARINE               HARMONY                       NY-7-5-574
THORNTON, ROSETTA C.              MAYVILLE                      NY-7-10-577
THORP, JAMES                      RIPLEY                        NY-7-10-555
THORP, JOHN                       RIPLEY                        NY-7-7-279
THROOP, ALBERT                    RIPLEY                        NY-7-10-503
THROOP, JAMES M.                  ELLINGTON                     NY-7-5-441
THROOP, SARAH S.                  ELLINGTON                     NY-7-6-331
THURN, ANNA                       ELLERY                        NY-7-4-400
TIBBALS, HIRAM                    SHERMAN                       NY-7-7-440
TIDEMAN, ANNA KATIE NEBULE        JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-467
TIDEMAN, LORENZO H.               JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-280
TIENPERLY, EDWIN                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-638
TIFFANY, ELIZA                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-5-20
TIFFANY, HIRAM                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-8-511
TIFFANY, JEHIAL                   ELLICOTT                      NY-7-4-96
TIFFANY, MARY JANE                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-612
TIFFANY, SERNA                    CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-7-597
TIFFANY, SILAS                    BUSTI                         NY-7-4-192
TIFFANY, WALLACE I.               ELLICOTT                      NY-7-4-109
TILLINGHAST, ANTIPAS              WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-363
TILLOTSON, JARED N.               SHERMAN                       NY-7-7-601
TIMMELL, JOHN                     PORTLAND                      NY-7-12-307
TINKCOM, HEZEKIAH                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-3-148
TINKER, JOSHUA                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-8-281
TINKHAM, MARY ANN                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-278
TISDALE, ABIGAIL                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-246
TITUS, CATHARINE                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-12-384
TITUS, LEWIS                      SHERMAN                       NY-7-9-368
TITUS, MOORE                      PORTLAND                      NY-7-3-44
TOBEY, JOB                        CARROLLTON                    NY-7-1-34
TOBY, JOB                         CARROLL                       NY-7-6-195
TOBY, JOB                         CARROLL                       NY-7-6-216
TODD, CALEB                       CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-1-371
TODD, TRUMAN                      STOCKTON                      NY-7-6-546
TOLMAN, HARVEY                    STOCKTON                      NY-7-8-366
TOMPKINS, AMASA L.                HANOVER                       NY-7-9-489
TOMPKINS, JOHN                    ELLERY                        NY-7-5-228
TOOHEY, JOHN                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-119
TOOLEY, JOSIAH                    BUSTI                         NY-7-2-361
TORREY, ISABEL I.                 CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-7-159
TORREY, JUSTUS                    CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-6-73
TOTMAN, DANIEL                    STOCKTON                      NY-7-7-171
TOTMAN, STEPHEN D.                STOCKTON                      NY-7-10-249
TOWER, HIRAM                      ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-3-215
TOWER, JOHN                       PORTLAND                      NY-7-2-357
TOWER, LYMAN                      FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-8-215
TOWLE, LYDA C.                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-8-294
TOWN, ALBERT M.                   VILLENOVA                     NY-7-11-397
TOWN, FRANCIS                     ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-8-440
TOWN, STEPHEN                     CARROLL                       NY-7-6-109
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL                  PORTLAND                      NY-7-1-278
TRACY, ELIAS                      POLAND                        NY-7-2-137
TRACY, ELIAS                      ELLICOTT                      NY-7-3-161
TRACY, EPHRAIM HATCH              KIANTONE                      NY-7-6-477
TRACY, JULIA                      JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-196
TRACY, KESTER                     RIPLEY                        NY-7-7-148
TRACY, WAYNE                      ELLICOTT                      NY-7-6-592
TRASK, FRANKLIN C.                FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-9-536
TRASK, LOUISA A.                  CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-11-503
TRASK, MARTHA JANE                POLAND                        NY-7-11-390
TRAVERSE, NANCY                   PORTLAND                      NY-7-6-131
TRAVIS, SALLY                     VILLENOVA                     NY-7-5-591
TREESE, PHILENA                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-636
TRIVELL, CHAUNCEY                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-10-116
TRONE, WILLIAM                    SHERIDAN                      NY-7-8-528
TRUE, BETSY                       VILLENOVA                     NY-7-2-229
TRUE, JOHN                        POLAND                        NY-7-5-626
TRUESDALE, SAMUEL                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-3-103
TRULL, JULIA C.                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-12-124
TRUNNITZ, FERDINAND               DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-594
TRUSHEL, ANN                      NTL                           NY-7-11-195
TRUSLER, JOSEPH                   GERRY                         NY-7-12-76
TRYON, ALANSON C.                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-9-630
TRYON, HIRAM                      MINA                          NY-7-8-53
TUCKER, CAROLINE                  RIPLEY                        NY-7-8-221
TUCKER, ELIPHALET L.              ELLICOTT                      NY-7-4-333
TUCKER, ELLEN L.                  LAKEWOOD, OCEAN, NJ           NY-7-8-183
TUCKER, SAMUEL                    RIPLEY                        NY-7-9-118
TUCKER, SARAH A.                  RIPLEY                        NY-7-8-308
TUCKER, SARAH P.                  HORTONIA, OUTAGAMIE, WI       NY-7-7-112
TUGWELL, MARIA E.                 SINCLAIRVILLE                 NY-7-11-639
TUNKEY, SALLY                     DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-46
TURNER, ABBY                      BUSTI                         NY-7-10-61
TURNER, HIRAM D.                  HANOVER                       NY-7-7-259
TURNER, NANCY                     JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-9-343
TURNER, RINUS D.                  STOCKTON                      NY-7-6-414
TURNER, SARAH J.                  POMFRET                       NY-7-5-26
TURNER, URSULA                    NTL                           NY-7-8-68
TURNER, WILLIAM P.                ELLICOTT                      NY-7-6-84
TURNWALL, LOUISA                  HARMONY                       NY-7-8-510
TUXFORD, CHARLES                  HANOVER                       NY-7-6-503
TWICHELL, BAILEY                  NTL                           NY-7-11-555
TWICHELL, HAZELTON                HARMONY                       NY-7-5-385
TWINING, WILLIAM                  CLYMER                        NY-7-10-547
TWITCHELL, ADAMS                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-600
TYLER, MELISSA L.                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-118
TYRER, WARREN                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-7-374
UHL, NICHOLAS                     PORTLAND                      NY-7-3-114
UNDERWOOD, EMELINE                CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-4-292
UNDERWOOD, LYMAN W.               JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-5-596
UPHAM, EBENEZER P.                MAYVILLE                      NY-7-1-369
UPHAM, EBENEZER P.                CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-7-12-109
UPTON, GEORGE W.                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-5-174
URCH, ESTHER                      RIPLEY                        NY-7-7-577
USBORN, WILLIAM HENRY             WESTFIELD                     NY-7-5-505
VALANCE, BENJAMIN                 HANOVER                       NY-7-1-136
VANARSDALE, PHILIP                CARROLL                       NY-7-11-553
VANBUREN, EVELYN                  CASSADAGA                     NY-7-12-456
VANBUREN, JAMES H.                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-396
VANBUREN, JOHN                    STOCKTON                      NY-7-5-74
VANBUREN, LYDIA COLEMAN           DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-510
VANBUREN, PETER                   STOCKTON                      NY-7-7-633
VANCISE, ANN                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-74
VANDENBERGE, CLARISSA             DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-188
VANDENBURG, JACOB                 NTL                           NY-7-9-57
VANDERBURGH, JOHN J.              JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-14
VANDEWARK, ADAM                   CARROLL                       NY-7-9-103
VANDEWARK, JAMES I.               BUSTI                         NY-7-10-561
VANDEWARK, JOHN                   ELLERY                        NY-7-5-631
VANDEWARKER, JOHN                 ELLERY                        NY-7-4-126
VANDRESEN, ISAAC                  PORTLAND                      NY-7-1-373
VANGAASBECK, VAN LUVEN            JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-130
VANGEEM, GARRET                   CLYMER                        NY-7-11-584
VANHAKEN, H. J.                   CLYMER                        NY-7-10-262
VANHOUSEN, JOHN                   CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-8-323
VANNAMEE, JULIA A.                CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-10-548
VANNESS, MARCUS                   SHERMAN                       NY-7-3-294
VANNESS, NELSON                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-11-334
VANSCHOONHOVEN, HENRY C.          HANOVER                       NY-7-12-108
VANSCHOONHOVEN, JAMES             HANOVER                       NY-7-4-24
VANSCOTER, RICHARD                FREDONIA                      NY-7-9-271
VANSYCKLE, GEORGE                 ELLINGTON                     NY-7-4-203
VANVAASBECK, MATTHEW P.           PORTLAND                      NY-7-3-271
VANVLECK, CALEB                   ELLICOTT                      NY-7-7-403
VANVLECK, LEVI                    ELLICOTT                      NY-7-5-42
VANVLECK, LOVISA                  POMFRET                       NY-7-5-71
VANVLECK, TUNIS V.                POMFRET                       NY-7-5-1
VANVLECK, VOLKERT                 ELLICOTT                      NY-7-3-49
VANWART, JOHN                     ELLERY                        NY-7-2-274
VANWERT, HARRIET C.               ELLERY                        NY-7-4-324
VANWERT, THOMAS                   ELLERY                        NY-7-7-200
VESTERBURG, PETER                 CARROLL                       NY-7-11-12
VESTRAND, ANDREW                  FREWSBURY                     NY-7-10-387
VIDETO, HIRAM                     HARBOR CREEK, ERIE, PA        NY-7-3-308
VILLER, MARY                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-157
VINCENT, ANN                      SHERMAN                       NY-7-10-373
VINCENT, BENJAMIN                 VILLENOVA                     NY-7-6-214
VINCENT, MARIA H.                 SHERMAN                       NY-7-4-60
VINCENT, MARY B.                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-9-28
VINCENT, SAMPSON                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-2-227
VINET, AUGUSTUS                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-613
VINTON, ANDREW                    VILLENOVA                     NY-7-11-92
VITTY, ROSE A.                    SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-9-545
VOGEL, JUSTINA                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-174
VOGT, GEORGE                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-189
VONGUNTEN, NANNETTE               DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-453
VOSE, MARY P.                     CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-7-535
VOSE, URIAH                       POLAND                        NY-7-5-566
VOSS, FREDERICK                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-4-462
VROOMAN, SARAH A.                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-10-278
WADE, EDWARD                      HARMONY                       NY-7-3-125
WADE, HIRAM                       HARMONY                       NY-7-2-15
WADE, KINGSLEY B.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-315
WADLEIGH, JOHN C.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-150
WAGGONER, DANIEL D.               FREDONIA                      NY-7-10-415
WAGONER, HANNAH CAMP              GERRY                         NY-7-6-564
WAIT, ADIN                        CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-2-118
WAIT, GEORGE E.                   CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-3-133
WAIT, NELSON                      NTL                           NY-7-5-7
WAIT, PHEBE ANN                   POMFRET                       NY-7-3-205
WAIT, WILLIAM                     GERRY                         NY-7-11-311
WAIT, WILLIAM D.                  CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-3-171
WALBRIDGE, KATHERINE              CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-2-113
WALCH, RICHARD                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-41
WALIN, CHARLES                    CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-10-519
WALKER, EUNICE                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-10-438
WALKER, HENRY                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-619
WALKER, JESSE                     GERRY                         NY-7-6-479
WALKER, JOHN                      NTL, WAYNE, MI                NY-7-2-245
WALKER, S. S.                     CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-8-623
WALLACE, CHLOE                    SHERMAN                       NY-7-7-559
WALLACE, EMILY                    CLYMER                        NY-7-12-82
WALLACE, PHEBE A.                 FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-10-128
WALLACE, ROBERT                   SHERMAN                       NY-7-10-161
WALLER, PHILIP                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-270
WALLIS, DANIEL E.                 MAYVILLE                      NY-7-8-519
WALLIS, LOUISA                    POLAND                        NY-7-10-221
WALLS, SUBMIT M.                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-415
WALRADT, HENRY R. B.              HARMONY                       NY-7-6-210
WALROD, MARY E.                   POLAND                        NY-7-8-584
WALSH, MICHAEL                    KENNEDY                       NY-7-12-229
WALTER, FREDERIC                  ELLICOTT                      NY-7-2-137
WALTERS, MOSES                    STOCKTON                      NY-7-4-37
WALTES, OBEDIAH                   VILLENOVA                     NY-7-10-302
WANSHOUSE, H. JOHN                CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-8-259
WARD, ALBERT P.                   SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-11-406
WARD, ANDREW J.                   ELLICOTT                      NY-7-2-273
WARD, ANNAR                       CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-10-599
WARD, ARVIN                       WATERFORD, ERIE, PA           NY-7-7-541
WARD, ELIZA P.                    SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-9-441
WARD, FENNER                      POMFRET                       NY-7-1-47
WARD, HARRIET N.                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-7-438
WARD, HELEN M.                    SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-12-300
WARD, IRENE                       WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-187
WARD, JOHN A.                     ELLICOTT                      NY-7-9-231
WARD, MARY A.                     FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-12-348
WARD, MARY JANE                   MAYVILLE                      NY-7-9-397
WARD, MATTHEW                     CLYMER                        NY-7-2-259
WARD, ORISSA                      ELLINGTON                     NY-7-11-255
WARD, RICHARD                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-165
WARD, ROBERT D.                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-3-89
WARD, SARAH                       ELLICOTT                      NY-7-10-465
WARD, SPENCER                     SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-5-492
WARD, SYLVANUS                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-6-574
WARD, SYLVANUS R.                 CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-9-553
WARD, WALTER S.                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-10-576
WARD, WILLIAM                     CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-8-608
WARD, WILLIAM                     BUSTI                         NY-7-9-573
WARD, ZAEL                        HARMONY                       NY-7-3-406
WARD,BENJAMIN                     ELLICOTT                      NY-7-10-23
WARE, LEVI                        CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-6-304
WARE, WILLIAM                     ELLINGTON                     NY-7-3-65
WARING, AGNES J.                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-7-344
WARNER, ALBERT                    ELLERY                        NY-7-12-304
WARNER, BETSEY                    GERRY                         NY-7-10-498
WARNER, CHLOE A.                  HANOVER                       NY-7-8-361
WARNER, GEORGE M.                 FREDONIA                      NY-7-8-285
WARNER, HARRIETT E.               ELLERY                        NY-7-5-48
WARNER, JEREMIAH                  FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-5-428
WARNER, JOSEPH M.                 FREDONIA                      NY-7-8-590
WARNER, LAURA                     VILLENOVA                     NY-7-12-37
WARNER, LEWIS                     ELLERY                        NY-7-3-349
WARNER, NATHANIEL                 VILLENOVA                     NY-7-2-81
WARNER, OBADIAH                   VILLENOVA                     NY-7-6-533
WARNER, WELLS C.                  PORTLAND                      NY-7-9-249
WARNSHUIS, JOHN H.                CLYMER                        NY-7-10-347
WARR, JOSEPH                      JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-547
WARREN, ALBERT                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-237
WARREN, AMOS K.                   CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-7-612
WARREN, CHARLES H.                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-343
WARREN, CHAUNCEY                  STOCKTON                      NY-7-6-443
WARREN, LOUISA                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-288
WARREN, MYRA A.                   STOCKTON                      NY-7-11-278
WARREN, PHILANDER D.              SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-11-156
WARREN, THOMAS                    FREDONIA                      NY-7-3-312
WARRING, ELLIOTT                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-4-340
WASHBURN, CHARLES ELLERY          FREDONIA                      NY-7-3-445
WASHBURN, CHARLES ELLERY          FREDONIA                      NY-7-4-56
WASHBURN, CHILION C.              ELLICOTT                      NY-7-4-410
WASHBURN, ELVIRA                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-74
WASHBURN, SABRA A.                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-5-628
WATERMAN, CYRUS                   ELLINGTON                     NY-7-9-190
WATERS, BETSEY                    VILLENOVA                     NY-7-12-181
WATERS, WILBUR F.                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-630
WATERTON, ROBERT CUTLER           JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-580
WATKINS, JOSIAH J.                ELLINGTON                     NY-7-10-364
WATROUS, ASHBOLL                  HANOVER                       NY-7-5-167
WATSON, JOHN                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-634
WATTLES, GORDON H.                RIPLEY                        NY-7-7-213
WATTS, BRIDGET                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-5-339
WAUTENPAUGH, JOHN                 HANOVER                       NY-7-4-342
WAYS, HARRIET G.                  RIPLEY                        NY-7-8-629
WEATHERLY, EDDY                   KIANTONE                      NY-7-9-500
WEATHORUP, JOHN                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-12-265
WEAVER, CALEB                     ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-2-359
WEAVER, DELOS M.                  ELLERY                        NY-7-5-72
WEAVER, ENIS J.                   SHERIDAN                      NY-7-3-53
WEAVER, HANNAH                    ELLERY                        NY-7-6-550
WEAVER, JENNIE                    VILLENOVA                     NY-7-12-423
WEAVER, JOHN                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-10-203
WEAVER, JOHN                      ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-4-3
WEAVER, MARYETTA                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-581
WEAVER, OLIVE L.                  ROANN, WABASH, IN             NY-7-8-545
WEBB, JAMES K.                    CARROLL                       NY-7-12-461
WEBB, SARAH                       HANOVER                       NY-7-6-18
WEBBER, EMILY A.                  CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-9-367
WEBER, ABRAM                      HARMONY                       NY-7-2-230
WEBSTER, CHARLES L.               FREDONIA                      NY-7-10-53
WEBSTER, ELIZUR                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-2-276
WEBSTER, ELIZUR                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-5-472
WEBSTER, ELLSWORTH                POMFRET                       NY-7-3-296
WEBSTER, EMILY                    GERRY                         NY-7-12-7
WEBSTER, GIDEON                   FREDONIA                      NY-7-11-262
WEBSTER, HAROLD                   GERRY                         NY-7-12-8
WEBSTER, HORACE                   POMFRET                       NY-7-4-276
WEBSTER, LUTHER                   POMFRET                       NY-7-10-533
WEBSTER, SALLIE M.                POMFRET                       NY-7-11-111
WEED, JOHN                        CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-10-539
WEED, SILACK                      CARROLLTON                    NY-7-4-256
WEEKS, CLARA KINGSBURY            JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-179
WEEKS, LISCOMB                    ELLERY                        NY-7-7-152
WEIBORG, CLAUS H.                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-3-273
WEIDMEIR, WILLIAM T.              POMFRET                       NY-7-8-525
WEIGEL, GEORGE                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-289
WEIMER, FRANK                     DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-610
WEIR, HIRAM                       CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-7-535
WELCH, DEBORAH A.                 POMFRET                       NY-7-5-526
WELCH, JOSEPH                     RIPLEY                        NY-7-11-183
WELLARD, WILLIAM                  RIPLEY                        NY-7-6-442
WELLMAN, ARDILLO                  ELLICOTT                      NY-7-11-554
WELLMAN, CAROLINE                 HARMONY                       NY-7-11-298
WELLMAN, LAURA                    HARMONY                       NY-7-10-521
WELLMAN, MERRITT                  BUSTI                         NY-7-4-460
WELLMAN, PAMELIE                  ASHVILLE                      NY-7-5-543
WELLNER, JOACHIM                  BUFFALO, ERIE, NY             NY-7-6-316
WELLS, JAMES D.                   POMFRET                       NY-7-6-495
WELLS, JULIA ANN                  HARMONY                       NY-7-8-122
WELLS, MARY F.                    CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-10-485
WELLS, WILLIAM                    CLYMER                        NY-7-6-44
WEMPLE, RIAL C.                   BUSTI                         NY-7-10-101
WENTWORTH, EUGENE                 VILLENOVA                     NY-7-10-279
WENTZ, ANNA                       DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-376
WENZ, ANTHONY                     NTL                           NY-7-3-458
WESSLINK, JOHN                    CLYMER                        NY-7-6-130
WEST, CLARA                       STOCKTON                      NY-7-12-21
WEST, FATIMA B.                   PORTLAND                      NY-7-6-17
WEST, JENNIE S.                   NTL                           NY-7-11-601
WEST, JOHN C.                     STOCKTON                      NY-7-12-414
WEST, MERCY L.                    VILLENOVA                     NY-7-8-267
WESTCOT, MARY POND                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-7-286
WESTCOT, SHELDON B.               JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-7-307
WETMORE, LANSING                  CONEWANGO, WARREN, PA         NY-7-5-28
WETMORE, SEAMAN                   CARROLL                       NY-7-7-250
WHALEY, SUSAN A.                  WARREN, WARREN, PA            NY-7-11-178
WHEAT, BENJAMIN A.                GERRY                         NY-7-4-213
WHEELER, ARAD                     VILLENOVA                     NY-7-8-84
WHEELER, EMILY                    CARROLLTON                    NY-7-5-79
WHEELER, HENRY                    CARROLL                       NY-7-12-213
WHEELER, JAMES                    CARROLLTON                    NY-7-3-333
WHEELER, JOSIAH                   CARROLLTON                    NY-7-4-404
WHEELER, NANCY                    CARROLLTON                    NY-7-5-282
WHEELER, POLLY                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-187
WHEELHOUSE, SAMUEL                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-392
WHEELOCK, ALONZO                  FREDONIA                      NY-7-5-354
WHEELOCK, ALVAN                   SHERIDAN                      NY-7-3-109
WHEELOCK, MARY                    POMFRET                       NY-7-8-405
WHIPPLE, ALFRED                   CLYMER                        NY-7-5-261
WHIPPLE, CHARLOTTE                CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-5-222
WHIPPLE, JAMES                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-3-22
WHIPPLE, JANE                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-10-598
WHITAKER, IRA                     KIANTONE                      NY-7-7-460
WHITAKER, NATHANIEL N.            SHIERIDAN                     NY-7-12-302
WHITAKER, STEPHANAS               SHERIDAN                      NY-7-10-312
WHITCOMB, LEWIS EDWARD            POMFRET                       NY-7-5-567
WHITE, ALFRED                     FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-2-80
WHITE, ANNIE ELIZABETH            CARROLL                       NY-7-8-614
WHITE, BETSEY                     HARMONY                       NY-7-7-223
WHITE, EVA A.                     LAINA                         NY-7-6-629
WHITE, GEORGE                     FREDONIA                      NY-7-3-355
WHITE, GEORGE E.                  FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-2-206
WHITE, HORACE                     POMFRET                       NY-7-6-560
WHITE, JAMES M.                   CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-8-231
WHITE, JAMES R.                   ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-12-610
WHITE, JANET M.                   MINA                          NY-7-8-509
WHITE, JOHN                       FREDONIA                      NY-7-9-348
WHITE, JOHN                       POLAND                        NY-7-10-95
WHITE, JOHN J.                    FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-12-503
WHITE, JOHN N                     ELLINGTON                     NY-7-8-148
WHITE, JOSEPH R.                  HARMONY                       NY-7-1-324
WHITE, LOREN                      HANOVER                       NY-7-4-66
WHITE, MINERVA                    FREDONIA                      NY-7-9-293
WHITE, REBECCA                    HANOVER                       NY-7-1-101
WHITE, TRYPHENA W.                FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-11-252
WHITFORD, DAVID A.                HARMONY                       NY-7-1-328
WHITFORD, ORISON                  HARMONY                       NY-7-6-353
WHITFORD, SARAH                   FREDONIA                      NY-7-11-260
WHITMAN, EUNICE                   CARROLL                       NY-7-8-91
WHITMORE, ELIAS                   SHERMAN                       NY-7-6-83
WHITNEY, AARON                    MINA                          NY-7-6-317
WHITNEY, LAURA P.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-9-219
WHITNEY, ORANGE                   SHERMAN                       NY-7-12-570
WHITNEY, RICHARD                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-7-321
WHITNEY, RICHARD                  CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-2-13
WHITNEY, STREATER                 SHERMAN                       NY-7-8-494
WHITNEY, TRUMAN                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-9-209
WHITTAKER, WILLIAM                CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-2-195
WHITTEMORE, SAMUEL                FLUVANNA                      NY-7-5-558
WHITTLESEY, THEODORE H.           DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-580
WHTIFORD, SARAH                   FREEHOLD                      NY-7-2-27
WICKING, JOHN                     FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-8-489
WICKS, ELIZA A.                   GERRY                         NY-7-8-170
WICKS, JAMES H.                   GERRY                         NY-7-10-99
WICKWIRE, ALFRED Y.               CLYMER                        NY-7-11-32
WICKWIRE, SAMUEL                  CLYMER                        NY-7-6-538
WIDMAN, CHARLES                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-413
WIDRIG, PAUL H.                   JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-320
WIETZEL, EMIL                     DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-591
WIGGINS, BYRON A.                 ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-3-347
WIGHT, MARTHA B.                  ELLINGTON                     NY-7-8-424
WILBUR, AARON                     PORTLAND                      NY-7-5-103
WILBUR, NATHAN                    ELLERY                        NY-7-3-249
WILBUR, SMITH S.                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-579
WILCOX, ALFRED J.                 VILLENOVA                     NY-7-9-510
WILCOX, AMANDA M.                 ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-12-619
WILCOX, EFFIE FAY                 PORTLAND                      NY-7-12-70
WILCOX, ELIAB                     CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-7-407
WILCOX, ELIPHALET W.              CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-6-261
WILCOX, ETHEN                     BUSTI                         NY-7-5-220
WILCOX, HAZARD H.                 SHERMAN                       NY-7-7-628
WILCOX, HEMAN                     POMFRET                       NY-7-6-572
WILCOX, JOHN C.                   SHERMAN                       NY-7-1-169
WILCOX, JOHN C.                   MINA                          NY-7-3-84
WILCOX, LEWIS E.                  KENNEDY                       NY-7-8-589
WILCOX, LYMAN                     SHERMAN                       NY-7-10-604
WILCOX, MARYELLE                  MAYVILLE                      NY-7-11-148
WILCOX, REMUS                     MINA                          NY-7-3-335
WILCOX, ROBERT                    CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-8-391
WILCOX, THOMAS W.                 CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-5-613
WILCOX, URSULA                    ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-2-174
WILCOX, WALTER R.                 FREDONIA                      NY-7-5-3
WILD, JOSEPH G.                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-6-263
WILDER, DANIEL V.                 CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-11-417
WILDER, JESSE T.                  HARMONY                       NY-7-9-195
WILEY, JAMES                      FREDONIA                      NY-7-4-358
WILL, CHARLES F.                  POMFRET                       NY-7-12-285
WILL, FREDRICK                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-74
WILLARD, AGNES S.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-566
WILLARD, CHARLES A.               MINA                          NY-7-7-443
WILLARD, ELIZA                    FREDONIA                      NY-7-11-544
WILLARD, ERIAL                    FREDONIA                      NY-7-10-273
WILLARD, ISAAC                    SHERMAN                       NY-7-6-593
WILLARD, JAMES G.                 MINA                          NY-7-7-617
WILLARD, JESSIE                   MINA                          NY-7-8-128
WILLARD, JULIUS                   CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-2-227
WILLCOX, SALLY                    ELLICOTT                      NY-7-5-552
WILLE, HENRY                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-160
WILLEY, HARRIET L.                FREDONIA                      NY-7-3-357
WILLIAMS, ANN ELIAZBETH           POLAND                        NY-7-11-144
WILLIAMS, DARIUS C.               NTL                           NY-7-8-317
WILLIAMS, EDMUND                  HARMONY                       NY-7-7-108
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-4-99
WILLIAMS, LINES D.                FREDONIA                      NY-7-7-586
WILLIAMS, LUCIUS                  ELLINGTON                     NY-7-4-50
WILLIAMS, MARTIN                  GERRY                         NY-7-7-388
WILLIAMS, MARY B.                 CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH       NY-7-11-628
WILLIAMS, OLIVE COOK              HARMONY                       NY-7-11-221
WILLIAMS, STELLA C.               POLAND                        NY-7-11-278
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                 STOCKTON                      NY-7-2-164
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN R.              HANOVER                       NY-7-1-363
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM J.              SHERIDAN                      NY-7-12-210
WILLIAMSON, DAVID                 CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-6-16
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE                CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-6-15
WILLING, JANE                     MINA                          NY-7-2-154
WILLING, RICHARD                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-8-237
WILLING, SAMUEL JR.               CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-2-6
WILLIS, JOHN P.                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-4-289
WILLIS, ROSWELL                   SHERMAN                       NY-7-6-390
WILLOUGHBY, BETHEL                SHERIDAN                      NY-7-2-98
WILLOUGHBY, SARAH C.              JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-624
WILLS, ANNA CHRISTINA             JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-90
WILLSON, JOHN                     ELLICOTT                      NY-7-4-205
WILMARTH, ORRIN                   HANOVER                       NY-7-3-453
WILSON, ADIN                      ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-10-243
WILSON, DAVID                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-11-38
WILSON, EDWARD                    HANOVER                       NY-7-8-507
WILSON, ELIZABETH                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-7-540
WILSON, GERTRUDE E.               JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-2
WILSON, JACOB                     HANOVER                       NY-7-4-208
WILSON, KEZIAH                    POLAND                        NY-7-12-112
WILSON, ODIN G.                   GERRY                         NY-7-11-235
WILSON, ROBERT                    POMFRET                       NY-7-3-396
WILSON, SAMUEL                    MAYVILLE                      NY-7-11-15
WILSON, THEOPHILUS T.             FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-6-291
WILSON, WILLIAM                   ELLICOTT                      NY-7-2-159
WILSON, WILLIAM L.                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-5-182
WILSON, WILLIAM W.                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-241
WILTSE, JOHN                      HARMONY                       NY-7-6-49
WILTSE, THOMAS                    HARMONY                       NY-7-4-396
WILTSEL, ELEAZER                  HARMONY                       NY-7-9-595
WILTSIE, AUGUSTUS E.              FENTONVILLE                   NY-7-12-207
WILTSIE, DAVID                    HARMONY                       NY-7-8-327
WILTSIE, DAVID                    CARROLL                       NY-7-8-189
WILTSIE, JAMES                    CLYMER                        NY-7-10-127
WILTSIE, JAMES                    CARROLL                       NY-7-11-33
WILTSIE, JOHN H.                  CARROLL                       NY-7-8-314
WILTSIE, MARY E.                  CLYMER                        NY-7-5-458
WINCHESTER, CHARLES J.            BUSTI                         NY-7-3-359
WINCHESTER, JANE D.               ELLERY                        NY-7-5-141
WING, ICHABOD                     CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-11-367
WINSLOW, ABIGAL                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-8-4
WINSLOW, HANNAH                   SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-10-252
WINTER, CHARLES                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-4-336
WINTERS, HIRAM                    SHERMAN                       NY-7-3-207
WIRTNER, WILLIAM R.               DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-475
WISE, JOHN                        MAYVILLE                      NY-7-7-299
WISNER, MARGARETT                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-7-625
WOLLASTON, THOMAS A.              CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-10-1
WOOD, CYRUS M.                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-3-303
WOOD, EZRA                        JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-6-377
WOOD, HARRIET A.                  HANOVER                       NY-7-3-366
WOOD, ISAAC                       HANOVER                       NY-7-4-172
WOOD, RALPH N.                    POMFRET                       NY-7-8-403
WOOD, SAMUEL                      JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-335
WOOD, SARAH M.                    ELLERY                        NY-7-11-27
WOOD, WILLARD                     CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-7-392
WOODARD, LEWIS                    POLAND                        NY-7-7-469
WOODBURY, AMBROSE B.              SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-11-565
WOODCOCK, ABIGAIL                 CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-5-240
WOODCOCK, BETSEY                  POMFRET                       NY-7-3-108
WOODCOCK, JOSEPH M.               FREDONIA                      NY-7-10-189
WOODFORD, MARY U.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-381
WOODIN, BELLE                     JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-75
WOODIN, ELMIRA                    ELLICOTT                      NY-7-8-322
WOODIN, SAMUEL P.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-4-290
WOODIN, STELLA R. F.              HARMONY                       NY-7-11-5
WOODMANSEE, BETSEY                HARMONY                       NY-7-6-7
WOODRUFF, ABRAHAM                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-2-1
WOODRUFF, GEORGE W.               DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-139
WOODS, ELIJAH                     STOCKTON                      NY-7-4-102
WOODS, SAMUEL                     GERRY                         NY-7-6-46
WOODWARD, CORNELIA L.             FREDONIA                      NY-7-5-109
WOODWARD, REUBEN                  ELLICOTT                      NY-7-5-84
WOODWORTH, ERASTUS C.             CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-4-53
WOODWORTH, LUCIUS L.              DUNKIRK                       NY-7-7-180
WOODWORTH, ROBERT                 ELLERY                        NY-7-2-61
WOODWORTH, SARAH JANE             POLAND                        NY-7-10-194
WOODWORTH, SQUIRE S.              DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-4
WOOLLEY, JARED                    VILLENOVA                     NY-7-4-391
WOOLLEY, LYDIA                    HANOVER                       NY-7-5-487
WORK, EDWARD                      ELLICOTT                      NY-7-3-80
WORK, PERMELIA                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-86
WORSTER, HIRAM                    RIPLEY                        NY-7-7-329
WRATTEN, MARY ANN                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-275
WRIGHT, ADONIRAM J.               FREDONIA                      NY-7-3-463
WRIGHT, ALEXIS                    GERRY                         NY-7-9-98
WRIGHT, EDMON R.                  VILLENOVA                     NY-7-3-203
WRIGHT, EDWIN                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-12-134
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH M.              WESTFIELD                     NY-7-11-468
WRIGHT, EMILY                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-84
WRIGHT, LEBBEUS B.                BUSTI                         NY-7-3-321
WRIGHT, ORSIN                     VILLENOVA                     NY-7-2-251
WRIGHT, WORTHINGTON               RIPLEY                        NY-7-5-439
WRIGHT, ZYLVENUS                  VILLENOVA                     NY-7-10-7
WYMAN, DARIUS                     POLAND                        NY-7-6-53
YARRS, ISAAC                      CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-7-193
YATES, SELINA J.                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-71
YAW, JOHN                         POLAND                        NY-7-5-258
YERGER, MATHIAS                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-556
YORK, ELI                         JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-26
YORK, GEORGE P.                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-192
YORK, STEPHEN H.                  HANOVER                       NY-7-12-212
YOUKER, ANTHONY                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-4-481
YOUKER, WILLIAM G.                ELLERY                        NY-7-5-498
YOUNG, ALEXANDER                  BUSTI                         NY-7-6-295
YOUNG, ALICE                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-591
YOUNG, ANN                        FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-5-414
YOUNG, CAROLINE                   SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-11-204
YOUNG, CHARLES E.                 MAYVILLE                      NY-7-8-240
YOUNG, CHARLES W.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-30
YOUNG, CLARA FRANCES              WESTFIELD                     NY-7-10-231
YOUNG, JONATHAN                   ELLICOTT                      NY-7-12-133
YOUNG, POLLY                      ELLERY                        NY-7-8-164
YOUNG, POLLY                      ELLERY                        NY-7-8-152
YOUNGS, PAMELIA                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-6-554
YOUNGS, THOMAS L.                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-3-438
ZENTZ, CARL                       DUNKIRK                       NY-7-6-66
ZIMMERMAN, ADOLPH W.              DUNKIRK                       NY-7-7-373

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