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NAGEL, JACOB                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-509
NASH, SILAS                       HANOVER                       NY-7-2-212
NASON, NORTHRUP                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-3-401
NEFF, RUTH M.                     POMFRET                       NY-7-9-47
NEILL, JAMES                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-72
NELSON, CARL G.                   JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-325
NELSON, ELEAZER                   JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-9-436
NELSON, PETER                     JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-435
NEMOYER, CONRAD                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-281
NESSELL, POLLY                    MAYVILLE                      NY-7-9-642
NESSLE, SUSAN C.                  ELLINGTON                     NY-7-11-569
NESSLE, WILLIAM H.                ELLINGTON                     NY-7-8-565
NEVINS, ANSEL S.                  HANOVER                       NY-7-7-390
NEVINS, HENRIETTA                 HANOVER                       NY-7-9-147
NEVINS, MARY ANN                  EAST OTTO                     NY-7-616
NEVINS, WILLIAM P.                HANOVER                       NY-7-5-466
NEWBRE, JOHN                      STOCKTON                      NY-7-2-29
NEWBROOK, GEORGE                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-5-298
NEWELL, HARVEY C.                 SHERMAN                       NY-7-4-124
NEWELL, JESSE                     SHERMAN                       NY-7-7-195
NEWELL, JUSTIN                    SHERMAN                       NY-7-10-37
NEWELL, LAURA J.                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-12-418
NEWELL, NANCY                     FREDONIA                      NY-7-10-274
NEWELL, ORPHA D.                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-12-256
NEWELL, SAMUEL                    SHERIDAN                      NY-7-2-296
NEWELL, SAMUEL N.                 SHERIDAN                      NY-7-8-286
NEWELL, WARREN                    SHERIDAN                      NY-7-11-506
NEWHOUSE, HENRY                   MINA                          NY-7-8-441
NEWKIRK, HENRY B.                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-192
NEWLAND, EVELYN P.                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-9-8
NEWLAND, ROBERT                   JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-116
NEWMAN, JARED R.                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-603
NEWTON, ALMIRA L.                 POLAND                        NY-7-10-22
NEWTON, HENRY P.                  IRVING                        NY-7-5-280
NEWTON, JOHN W.                   POLAND                        NY-7-11-83
NEWTON, MILO                      HANOVER                       NY-7-8-543
NEWTON, PRUDENCE C.               JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-433
NEWTON, RUSSEL                    POLAND                        NY-7-11-309
NEWTON, STEPHEN M.                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-7-551
NEWTON, WILLIAM M.                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-625
NICHOLS, A. P.                    HARMONY                       NY-7-10-84
NICHOLS, ANDREW SR.               POLAND                        NY-7-12-177
NICHOLS, ELIZABETH B.             POMFRET                       NY-7-9-414
NICHOLS, FRANKLIN                 SHERMAN                       NY-7-5-523
NICHOLS, HABILA H.                CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-11-230
NICHOLS, LUCY A.                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-11-116
NICHOLS, PHILANDER A.             SHERMAN                       NY-7-7-437
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                  BUSTI                         NY-7-8-10
NICHOLS, WILLIAM S.               ELLINGTON                     NY-7-10-298
NICHOLSON, JARED                  ELLERY                        NY-7-1-31
NICHOLSON, JARED A.               CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-12-272
NICKERSON, SAMUEL M.              ELLICOTT                      NY-7-5-483
NIEMAN, CARL                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-473
NILES, MARY                       CARROLL                       NY-7-9-593
NIXON, MARY E.                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-12-169
NIXON, SAMUEL                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-6-100
NIXON, WILLIAM                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-5-394
NOBLE, HEZEKIAH                   POMFRET                       NY-7-8-203
NOBLE, WILLIAM                    POMFRET                       NY-7-12-39
NOBLES, HENRY                     VILLENOVA                     NY-7-9-564
NOLAN, MARY                       KIANTONE                      NY-7-9-113
NORFIELD, FRANK W.                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-432
NORMAND, SARAH                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-147
NORRIS, BETSEY .                  ELLINGTON                     NY-7-10-379
NORRIS, LYMAN                     ELLINGTON                     NY-7-3-381
NORRIS, MOSES                     CLYMER                        NY-7-2-332
NORTHAM, SOLOMON                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-3-115
NORTHAM, SOLOMON B.               RIPLEY                        NY-7-11-409
NORTHROP, JOSEPH                  BUSTI                         NY-7-11-356
NORTHROP, WILLIAM SR.             BUSTI                         NY-7-8-9
NORTHRUP, JOHN M.                 POMFRET                       NY-7-7-618
NORTHRUP, WALKER                  BUSTI                         NY-7-10-242
NORTHUP, EZRA B.                  CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-5-618
NORTON, ALICE M.                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-290
NORTON, ELIJAH C.                 CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-8-583
NORTON, GARDNER W.                HARMONY                       NY-7-5-383
NORTON, JAMES                     POMFRET                       NY-7-3-62
NORTON, LEVI                      ELLICOTT                      NY-7-5-44
NORTON, ORINDA                    CARROLL                       NY-7-6-394
NORTON, PERMELIA T.               CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-11-612
NORTON, THOMAS C.                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-2-168
NORTON, WILLIAM                   FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-7-131
NOWAK, MARTIN                     POMFRET                       NY-7-10-216
NOXSON, LODEMA                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-6-532
NUGENT, NICHOLAS                  VILLENOVA                     NY-7-6-494
NYENHUIS, G. J.                   FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-9-640
OBRIEN, MORGAN                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-88
OCONNELL, ANN                     DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-144
OCONNELL, JAMES                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-214
OCONNOR, JOHN                     DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-15
OCONNOR, THIMOTHY                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-286
ODAUGHADAY, CALEB                 RIPLEY                        NY-7-5-173
ODELL, CHARLES                    MINA                          NY-7-11-463
ODELL, GABRIEL                    MAYVILLE                      NY-7-8-264
ODELL, MARY ELVIRA                CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-10-238
ODELL, PETER                      CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-4-40
ODONNELL, JOHN F.                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-39
ODONNELL, MARY F.                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-6-378
OGDEN, H. M.                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-629
OGLE, ELIZA                       NELSON, HALTON, ONTARIO       NY-7-9-602
OGLE, WILLIAM                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-120
OLIN, ARVILLA                     SHERMAN                       NY-7-6-8
OLIN, ERASTUS                     SHERMAN                       NY-7-9-549
OLIVER, JANE                      NTL, JO DAVIESS, IL           NY-7-2-16
OLIVER, STEPHEN                   HARMONY                       NY-7-3-198
OLMSTEAD, JAMES                   ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-1-343
OLMSTED, JUSTUS W.                GERRY                         NY-7-6-94
OLOUGHLIN, MARY                   PORTLAND                      NY-7-10-35
OLSON, ANDREW                     JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-371
OLSON, ANDREW P.                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-432
OLSON, ELIZA J.                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-566
OLSON, JOHN A.                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-82
OLSON, MARY CHRISTINE             JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-36
ONEIL, BERNARD                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-4-463
ONEIL, JOHN                       WATTS FLATS                   NY-7-10-633
ONEIL, MARY                       DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-5
OONK, G. H.                       CLYMER                        NY-7-8-197
ORMES, CORNELIUS                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-460
ORSBORN, POLLY                    HANOVER                       NY-7-3-346
ORTON, CHARLES J.                 POMFRET                       NY-7-8-416
ORTON, HARRIET M.                 POMFRET                       NY-7-8-347
ORTON, HIRAM                      ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-1-161
ORTON, SUSAN H.                   ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-10-394
OSBORN, PLATT S.                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-7-257
OSBORNE, ABAGAIL G.               FREDONIA                      NY-7-4-492
OSBORNE, GEORGE C.                FREDONIA                      NY-7-6-118
OSBORNE, NELSON                   SINCLAIRVILLE                 NY-7-9-328
OSBORNE, SAMUEL                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-1-365
OSBORNE, THOMAS                   POMFRET                       NY-7-3-51
OSMER, ADELIA A.                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-6-19
OSMER, RICHARD A.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-7-201
OSTRANDER, DAVID                  GERRY                         NY-7-12-68
OSTRANDER, HARRY                  GERRY                         NY-7-4-166
OSTRANDER, JEROME                 SPENCER, TIOGA, NY            NY-7-9-135
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM                GERRY                         NY-7-12-35
OTTAWAY, JAMES                    SHERMAN                       NY-7-5-9
OTTAWAY, WILLIAM HORATIO          MINA                          NY-7-5-10
OUDHANK, WILLIAM D.               PORTLAND                      NY-7-8-388
OVEROCKER, JACOB M.               ELLERY                        NY-7-9-582
PACKARD, AUGUSTA B.               GREENVILLE, MERCER, PA        NY-7-11-550
PADDEN, EMILY C.                  POMFRET                       NY-7-11-17
PADDEN, THOMAS                    POMFRET                       NY-7-7-173
PADDOCK, ALFRED                   CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-2-179
PADDOCK, CHARLES C.               CLYMER                        NY-7-6-108
PADDOCK, ERIC J.                  CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-6-611
PADDOCK, FRED G.                  MAYVILLE                      NY-7-8-468
PADDOCK, LUCINDA                  MAYVILLE                      NY-7-10-100
PAGE, ADALINE B.                  POLAND                        NY-7-8-285
PAGE, DANIEL                      HANOVER                       NY-7-2-57
PAGE, THOMAS                      JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-5-541
PAIGE, JANE M.                    ELLINGTON                     NY-7-8-198
PAIGE, OTIS                       ELLINGTON                     NY-7-4-322
PALINSKEY, HENRY                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-40
PALLYSON, MALISSA                 LYNDON                        NY-7-9-542
PALMER, ALFRED                    RIPLEY                        NY-7-12-470
PALMER, AMOS                      BUSTI                         NY-7-9-620
PALMER, AMOS                      NTL                           NY-7-1-122
PALMER, DANIEL M.                 VILLENOVA                     NY-7-7-292
PALMER, ELSEY MARIA               POMFREY                       NY-7-2-309
PALMER, ISRAEL                    RIPLEY                        NY-7-10-332
PALMER, MARY                      ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-9-367
PALMER, NELSON                    POMFRET                       NY-7-6-430
PALMER, SIDNEY E.                 GERRY                         NY-7-11-381
PALMETER, ANN                     JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-9-289
PALMETER, MARY A.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-7-163
PALMITER, PHINEAS                 ELLICOTT                      NY-7-3-223
PANGBORN, SAMUEL                  CARROLL                       NY-7-11-44
PAQUIN, JOSEPH                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-205
PARDEE, MYRON W.                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-9-503
PARDEE, RUTH W.                   POLAND                        NY-7-10-259
PARK, THOMAS S.                   CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-12-72
PARKER, BENJAMIN                  ELLERY                        NY-7-2-107
PARKER, BENJAMIN                  PORTLAND                      NY-7-3-68
PARKER, BENJAMIN                  HARMONY                       NY-7-9-314
PARKER, CAROLINE                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-12-215
PARKER, CHARLES                   PANAMA                        NY-7-10-385
PARKER, CHESTER                   ELLERY                        NY-7-11-318
PARKER, ELIZA                     DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-98
PARKER, FRANCIS B.                FREDONIA                      NY-7-6-524
PARKER, GAMALIEL                  RIPLEY                        NY-7-3-73
PARKER, HAMILTON B.               VILLENOVA                     NY-7-12-113
PARKER, HIRAM                     SHEMAN                        NY-7-10-33
PARKER, JOEL                      CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-7-107
PARKER, JOHN                      ELLICOTT                      NY-7-6-408
PARKER, LYMAN                     ELLICOTT                      NY-7-7-510
PARKER, RENEWED                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-4-279
PARKER, SABIN A.                  TREWSBURY                     NY-7-11-416
PARKER, SOPHIA                    CARROLLTON                    NY-7-5-333
PARKER, TEMPLE A.                 CARROLL                       NY-7-6-448
PARKER, THOMAS                    ELLERY                        NY-7-7-139
PARKER, WILLIAM                   CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-10-63
PARKHURST, JAMES S.               STOCKTON                      NY-7-4-316
PARKHURST, NATHAN                 CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-1-60
PARKHURST, WILLIAM                CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-8-16
PARKHURST, WILLIAM S.             CLYMER                        NY-7-5-584
PARKS, SIMEON W.                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-7
PARMENT, STPEHEN                  MAYVILLE                      NY-7-10-150
PARR, AMOS JR.                    SHERIDAN                      NY-7-7-239
PARRISH, AVIS                     BUSTI                         NY-7-10-331
PARRISH, BURNHAM                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-3-134
PARSELL, MORANCY                  VILLENOVA                     NY-7-8-562
PARSONS, ALMIRA                   FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-10-510
PARSONS, CHATFIELD H.             POMFRET                       NY-7-7-224
PARSONS, DANIEL B.                CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-4-42
PARSONS, DANIEL W.                HANOVER                       NY-7-8-74
PARSONS, ELIZA A.                 HANOVER                       NY-7-11-623
PARSONS, LOIS ANN                 HANOVER                       NY-7-5-356
PARSONS, MARY ANN                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-443
PARTRIDGE, EDWARD T.              GERRY                         NY-7-9-137
PARTRIDGE, FLAVEL                 HARMONY                       NY-7-6-345
PARTRIDGE, FRANCIS C.             BUSTI                         NY-7-10-469
PARTRIDGE, JAMES N.               JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-624
PASHO, DAVID N.                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-277
PASONS, LEVI                      FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-8-596
PASONS, SAMUEL                    CLYMER                        NY-7-3-274
PATATIS, JULIA                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-10-470
PATCH, HENRY                      PORTLAND                      NY-7-8-541
PATCH, NATHAN W.                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-46
PATCH, POLLY                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-5-255
PATCH, REUBEN B.                  PORTLAND                      NY-7-2-232
PATCHEN, HUBBELL                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-141
PATERSON, VOLNEY                  GERRY                         NY-7-5--427
PATTERSON, ALANSON                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-4-31
PATTERSON, GEORGE                 KIANTONE                      NY-7-5-32
PATTERSON, GEORGE W.              WESTFIELD                     NY-7-6-567
PATTERSON, HANNAH W.              WESTFIELD                     NY-7-8-390
PATTERSON, HANNAH W.              WESTFIELD                     NY-7-11-57
PATTERSON, MARY S.                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-375
PATTERSON, SAMUEL A.              SHERIDAN                      NY-7-8-22
PATTERSON, SIDNEY                 SHERIDAN                      NY-7-2-60
PATTERSON, SUSAN                  CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-10-167
PATTISON, ALBERT H.               SHERIDAN                      NY-7-8-238
PATTISON, CHLOE                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-6-252
PATTISON, JONATHAN S.             SHERIDAN                      NY-7-6-597
PATTISON, JONATHAN STUART         SHERIDAN                      NY-7-7-397
PATTYSON, CYRUS                   SHERIDAN                      NY-7-7-502
PAULUS, JOHN                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-3-252
PAXTON, MARGARET                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-19
PAYNE, JOEL                       VILLENOVA                     NY-7-1-96
PEABODY, EZRA F.                  RIPLEY                        NY-7-10-505
PEACOCK, EVANS                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-6-504
PEACOCK, MARGARET                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-569
PEACOCK, THOMAS A.                WESTFIELD                     NY-7-10-626
PEACOCK, WLLIAM P.                MAYVILLE                      NY-7-7-111
PEARSALL, MATILDA                 HARMONY                       NY-7-5-634
PEARSON, JARED                    SHERMAN                       NY-7-2-2
PEASE, JAMES N.                   HARMONY                       NY-7-10-343
PEASE, LUCY ELLEN                 POLAND                        NY-7-10-145
PECK, ASAHEL                      PORTLAND                      NY-7-5-328
PECK, ELIAS                       PANAMA                        NY-7-11-113
PECK, EZEKIEL                     CARROLL                       NY-7-9-157
PECK, GIDEON                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-2-90
PECK, IRA                         WESTFIELD                     NY-7-2-222
PECK, JAMES H.                    CLYMER                        NY-7-5-46
PECK, LEWIS                       VILLENOVA                     NY-7-3-460
PECK, POLLY T.                    CLYMER                        NY-7-6-530
PECK, REBECCA                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-2-331
PECK, WILLIAM B.                  PORTLAND                      NY-7-9-214
PECOR, FRANK                      PORTLAND                      NY-7-12-168
PEGLER, GEORGE                    WESTFIELD                     NY-7-7-387
PEGLOW, LOUIS                     IRVING                        NY-7-10-421
PELLON, MARY                      MINA                          NY-7-12-234
PELTON, CHARLES                   SHERMAN                       NY-7-9-244
PELTON, ERMINA H.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-452
PELTON, ORIN B.                   MINA                          NY-7-10-39
PEMBER, JOSEPH S.                 HARMONY                       NY-7-1-89
PEMBERTON, PORTER                 CARROLL                       NY-7-12-44
PENDLETON, CALVIN                 NTL                           NY-7-9-449
PENDLETON, LAURA C.               ELLINGTON                     NY-7-3-456
PENDLETON, WILLIAM E.             CONEWANGO                     NY-7-9-435
PENFIELD, BURNHAM                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-229
PENHALLOW, NATHAN                 CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-3-417
PERDUE, WILLIAM                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-11-414
PERKINS, BETSEY ANN               SHERIDAN                      NY-7-12-23
PERKINS, CHARLOTTE                SHERIDAN                      NY-7-5-559
PERKINS, JARVIS W.                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-219
PERKINS, ZEPHANIAH                SHERIDAN                      NY-7-3-454
PERRING, JOHN                     ELLICOTT                      NY-7-7-175
PERRY, BENJAMIN                   ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-2-87
PERRY, EBENEZER                   GERRY                         NY-7-9-496
PERRY, HENRY V.                   ELLICOTT                      NY-7-11-551
PERRY, LUCINDA F.                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-521
PERRY, NANCY M.                   POMFRET                       NY-7-5-293
PERSHON, NICHOLAS                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-4-13
PERSONS, HENRY H.                 POMFRET                       NY-7-4-92
PERSONS, PAUL                     WESTFIELD                     NY-7-3-272
PETER, FRANCIS AUGUST             DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-629
PETERS, WILLIAM A.                GERRY                         NY-7-9-266
PETERSON, CANDACE ADELLE          JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-323
PETERSON, CHARLES F.              JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-88
PETERSON, CORNELL                 ELLERY                        NY-7-8-143
PETERSON, JACOB                   ELLERY                        NY-7-4-169
PETERSON, JOHN                    BUCKLINS CORNER               NY-7-11-84
PETERSON, MARY                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-332
PETERSON, NELSON P.               JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-456
PETERSON, SELINA C.               JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-228
PETESON, IDA C.                   JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-527
PETITT, JAMES                     FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-12-283
PETTIS, IRA                       CLYMER                        NY-7-3-99
PETTIT, EBER M.                   FREDONIA                      NY-7-8-304
PETTIT, JAMES                     POMFRET                       NY-7-2-138
PETTIT, RALPH                     CLYMER                        NY-7-8-409
PHELPS, ALONZO A.                 BUSTI                         NY-7-2-237
PHELPS, ANSON                     HARMONY                       NY-7-5-386
PHELPS, BARNEY                    GERRY                         NY-7-6-213
PHELPS, CATHARINE E.              ELLINGTON                     NY-7-12-125
PHELPS, CORNELIA M.               WESTFIELD                     NY-7-9-72
PHELPS, ELIHU                     ELLINGTON                     NY-7-10-558
PHELPS, JAMES H.                  FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-3-126
PHELPS, JAMES W.                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-236
PHELPS, JOHN                      HARMONY                       NY-7-4-145
PHELPS, JOHN F.                   MAYVILLE                      NY-7-6-351
PHELPS, JOHN H.                   SHERMAN                       NY-7-11-270
PHELPS, JOHN T.                   HARMONY                       NY-7-8-144
PHELPS, LUCINDA                   PANAMA                        NY-7-6-436
PHELPS, ROSETTA M.                SHERMAN                       NY-7-10-291
PHELPS, WEALTHY F.                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-567
PHETTIPLACE, HEZEKIAH             RIPLEY                        NY-7-10-66
PHILIPS, BEVERS                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-4-473
PHILIPS, NATHAN                   CARROLLTON                    NY-7-2-264
PHILIPS, NELSON                   POMFRET                       NY-7-4-91
PHILLIPS, ADAMS                   CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-8-379
PHILLIPS, ALBERT L.               KENNEDY                       NY-7-10-226
PHILLIPS, CERIZA                  VILLENOVA                     NY-7-12-404
PHILLIPS, EUGENIA                 KENNEDY                       NY-7-9-588
PHILLIPS, FIDELIA                 FREDONIA                      NY-7-12-100
PHILLIPS, FRANKLIN                CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-3-424
PHILLIPS, FREDERIC M.             ELLERY                        NY-7-9-495
PHILLIPS, FREDERICK               VILLENOVA                     NY-7-9-230
PHILLIPS, FREDERICK C.            VILLENOVA                     NY-7-9-220
PHILLIPS, GARDNER                 STOCKTON                      NY-7-8-631
PHILLIPS, ISAAC                   VILLENOVA                     NY-7-5-301
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH                  ELLERY                        NY-7-9-317
PHILLIPS, LEONARD                 GERRY                         NY-7-9-533
PHILLIPS, LOUIS                   RANDOLPH                      NY-7-10-184
PHILLIPS, MARCUS T.               VILENOVA                      NY-7-6-526
PHILLIPS, MORGAN                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-557
PHILLIPS, PALMER                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-3-282
PHILLIPS, PRUDENCE                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-7-607
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                  VILLENOVA                     NY-7-2-115
PHINNEY, HARVEY A.                CLYMER                        NY-7-2-271
PICKARD, ADAM                     ELLERY                        NY-7-5-344
PICKARD, ADAM V.                  ELLERY                        NY-7-12-31
PICKARD, BETSEY                   HARMONY                       NY-7-10-323
PICKARD, FRANK H.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-9-586
PICKARD, JAMES                    ELLERY                        NY-7-3-399
PICKARD, JARVIS                   ELLERY                        NY-7-8-386
PICKARD, JOSEPH                   CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-7-125
PICKARD, LAURA A.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-123
PICKARD, MALVINA A.               ELLERY                        NY-7-9-276
PICKARD, PETER                    BUSTI                         NY-7-5-325
PICKARD, SARAH                    BUSTI                         NY-7-5-611
PICKARD, SUSAN J.                 ELLICOTT                      NY-7-12-441
PICKET, JEREMY H.                 CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-5-357
PICKET, JOHN                      CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-6-286
PIER, ALMON                       BUSTI                         NY-7-7-103
PIER, AMELIA S.                   POMFRET                       NY-7-12-479
PIER, DANIEL                      POMFRET                       NY-7-1-158
PIER, MARY ANN                    BUSTI                         NY-7-7-396
PIERCE, AUSTIN                    VILLENOVA                     NY-7-3-222
PIERCE, CORDELIA M.               ELLICOTT                      NY-7-12-555
PIERCE, DAVID                     HARMONY                       NY-7-5-573
PIERCE, FRANCES A.                FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-12-458
PIERCE, JAMES                     CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-7-215
PILLING, RICHARD                  BUSTI                         NY-7-6-12
PILLS, WILLIAM T.                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-12-230
PINNEY, LAURA                     RIPLEY                        NY-7-6-46
PIPP, JOHN                        DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-51
PITT, NICHOLAS                    CLYMER                        NY-7-11-532
PLANK, WILLIAM                    CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-7-414
PLATE, DENNIS                     CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-3-82
PLATT, CHRISTIAN G.               DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-560
PLATT, FREDERICK                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-4-72
PLATTE, JOHN C.                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-470
PLOSS, CHARLES H.                 HARMONY                       NY-7-7-167
PLOSS, DAVID                      NTL                           NY-7-6-571
PLOSS, ELIZA H.                   NTL                           NY-7-7-513
PLOSS, FRANKLIN                   HARMONY                       NY-7-8-596
PLOSS, JAMES                      ELLICOTT                      NY-7-7-410
PLOSS, TRYFOSA                    BUSTI                         NY-7-8-566
PLOSS, WILLARD                    CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-11-539
PLUMB, ALVIN                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-6-254
PLUMB, MARY ANN                   WESTFIELD                     NY-7-7-612
POLDER, JACOB                     HARMONY                       NY-7-4-323
POLDER, WILLIAM                   PANAMA                        NY-7-12-138
POLINSKY, JULIUS                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-427
POLLEY, ELIJAH S.                 HARMONY                       NY-7-10-423
POLLY, HIRAM                      HARMONY                       NY-7-2-10
POND, CHARLES E.                  BUSTI                         NY-7-12-78
POND, CURTISS                     ELLICOTT                      NY-7-3-228
POND, MARY R.                     LILLY DALE                    NY-7-12-612
POPE, JOHN                        HANOVER                       NY-7-6-498
POPE, WILLIAM R.                  CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-6-417
POPPLE, PHOEBE ANNE               DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-488
PORTER, CHARLOTTE C.              FREDONIA                      NY-7-10-318
PORTER, CORNELIA S.               INDIANAPOLIS, MARION, IN      NY-7-8-393
PORTER, DANIEL                    ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-5-607
PORTER, GEROGE                    CHAUTAUTQUA                   NY-7-3-90
PORTER, IRA                       POMFRET                       NY-7-8-194
PORTER, ISAAC B.                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-6-497
PORTER, JOHN A. S.                NTL                           NY-7-7-133
PORTER, NANCY                     PORTLAND                      NY-7-10-547
PORTER, PHILENDA                  CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-5-567
PORTER, STEPHEN                   POMFRET                       NY-7-2-2
PORTER, WILLIAM                   POMFRET                       NY-7-5-196
POST, ALBERT H.                   POMFRET                       NY-7-7-586
POST, EMELINE                     DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-412
POST, JEDEDIAH                    POMFRET                       NY-7-3-237
POTTER, DELILAH G.                PORTLAND                      NY-7-5-384
POTTER, JENNIE O.                 CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-7-627
POTTER, SOLOMON                   CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-5-145
POWELL, LORENZO J.                PORTLAND                      NY-7-8-121
POWERS, DANIEL G.                 PANAMA                        NY-7-11-218
POWERS, HARRIET A.                PORTLAND                      NY-7-12-255
POWERS, JOEL                      HARMONY                       NY-7-8-457
POWERS, POLLY                     HARMONY                       NY-7-7-458
POWERS, WILLIAM                   SHERIDAN                      NY-7-3-166
PRATT, DAVID                      HARMONY                       NY-7-2-362
PRATT, HELEN J.                   NTL                           NY-7-12-570
PRATT, HIRAM A.                   FARIBAULT, RICE, MN           NY-7-8-496
PRATT, JAMES                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-7-565
PRATT, SPENCER B.                 PORTLAND                      NY-7-2-232
PRATT, STEPHEN                    ELLERY                        NY-7-4-193
PRAY, JOHN                        HARMON                        NY-7-2-18
PRAY, JOHN H.                     HARMONY                       NY-7-5-563
PRENDERGAST, ALEXANDER T.         JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-350
PRENDERGAST, JEDEDIAH             MAYVILLE                      NY-7-2-93
PRENDERGAST, JOHN J.              RIPLEY                        NY-7-12-279
PRENDERGAST, MARTIN               CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-10-596
PRENDERGAST, MARY A.              JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-9-469
PRENDERGAST, MATTHEW              **                            NY-7-1-233
PRENDERGAST, STEPHEN              WESTFIELD                     NY-7-5-94
PRENDERGAST, THOMAS M.            WESTFIELD                     NY-7-7-569
PRENTICE, S. M.                   SILVER CREEK                  NY-7-7-338
PRENTICE, SALMON M.               HANOVER                       NY-7-7-337
PRESCOTT, HENRIETTA E.            JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-80
PRESTON, ALVAH                    ELLINGTON                     NY-7-2-197
PRESTON, EARL C.                  SINCLAIRVILLE                 NY-7-10-162
PRESTON, ENOS                     ELLINGTON                     NY-7-6-431
PRESTON, JEROME                   JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-149
PRICE, JOHN                       CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-9-347
PRICE, JOSEPH L.                  CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-2-203
PRICE, SARAH S.                   JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-515
PRIESTER, GRIESBERT               FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-7-456
PRINGLE, CHARLES                  FREDONIA                      NY-7-5-454
PRINGLE, HOMER                    HARMONY                       NY-7-6-461
PUGH, SOPHIA                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-6-365
PUPENBROKE, WILLIAM               DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-541
PURCELL, STEPHEN                  HANOVER                       NY-7-12-402
PURDY, ALMIRA                     HARMONY                       NY-7-12-121
PURDY, BENJAMIN                   CLYMER                        NY-7-2-111
PURDY, SILAS                      HARMONY                       NY-7-3-120
PUTNAM, ALLEN                     STOCKTON                      NY-7-12-622
PUTNAM, ANDREW                    STOCKTON                      NY-7-8-296
PUTNAM, CLORINDA                  BUSTI                         NY-7-3-130
PUTNAM, EPHRON                    ELLERY                        NY-7-9-401
PUTNAM, GILBERT                   STOCKTON                      NY-7-3-131
PUTNAM, HARVEY                    NTL, POWESHIEK, IA            NY-7-9-461
PUTNAM, JOHN                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-3-121
PUTNAM, MARY                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-8-48
PUTNAM, NEWELL                    CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-9-513
PUTNAM, OBERON O.                 FREDONIA                      NY-7-11-357
PUTNAM, OLIVER                    STOCKTON                      NY-7-8-337
PUTNAM, OLVIN                     ELLINGTON                     NY-7-10-556
PUTNAM, ROYAL                     STOCKTON                      NY-7-7-306
PUTNAM, SALLIE CURTIS             STOCKTON                      NY-7-12-486
PUTNAM, THANKFUL                  STOCKTON                      NY-7-4-30
PUTNAM, WARREN                    ELLERY                        NY-7-9-338
PUTNAM, WILLIAM R.                STOCKTON                      NY-7-3-1
PUZEY, NATHANIEL                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-10-94
QUIGLEY, JAMES                    PORTLAND                      NY-7-2-208
QUIGLEY, MARY CALLAGHAN           DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-287
QUIGLEY, THOMAS                   POMFRET                       NY-7-11-109
QUILLIAM, JAMES                   CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-7-226
QUILLIAM,  JAMES                  CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-8-282
QUILLIAM, PHILIP S.               CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-11-150
QUILLIAM, SUSANNA M.              CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-11-49
QUINCY, WILLIAM                   FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-8-248
QUINLAN, BRIDGET                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-365
QUIRK, JOHN W.                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-447
QUIRK, THOMAS                     DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-621
RABIN, FREDERICKA                 NTL                           NY-7-7-550
RABIN, JOHN                       ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-12-639
RABIN, P. M.                      NTL                           NY-7-7-550
RAHN, FREDERICK                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-209
RAILER, HENRY                     RIPLEY                        NY-7-4-90
RAINARD, JOHN                     ELLERY                        NY-7-3-429
RALYEA, BYRON                     CLYMER                        NY-7-11-512
RAMSEY, OLIVE C.                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-11-429
RANDALL, ELIJAH                   HARMONY                       NY-7-3-397
RANDALL, ELIZA                    STOCKTON                      NY-7-10-38
RANDALL, GEORGE W.                STOCKTON                      NY-7-6-56
RANDALL, ISAAC                    POMFRET                       NY-7-3-154
RANDALL, JOSEPH E.                STOCKTON                      NY-7-10-112
RANDALL, LAURA                    POLAND                        NY-7-8-234
RANDALL, NATHAN                   HANOVER                       NY-7-11-165
RANDALL, RICHARD                  POMFRET                       NY-7-2-295
RANDALL, ROSAMOND B.              FREDONIA                      NY-7-3-340
RANDOLPH, JANE J.                 HARMONY                       NY-7-10-207
RANDOLPH, REUBEN F.               HARMONY                       NY-7-9-335
RANEY, ABNER                      SHERIDAN                      NY-7-3-397
RANSELLER, JACOB W.               HANOVER                       NY-7-2-238
RANSOM, DAVID                     ELLINGTON                     NY-7-6-323
RANSOM, DIANTHA                   HANOVER                       NY-7-3-315
RANSOM, GEORGE                    SHERMAN                       NY-7-5-519
RANSOM, OLIVER                    HANOVER                       NY-7-2-136
RANSOM, PHEBE                     ELLINGTON                     NY-7-7-188
RAPPALE, PHILADAS                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-236
RAPPALE, PHILATA                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-265
RASPAS, JOHN B.                   CLYMER                        NY-7-7-570
RATHBUN, DEMARCUS                 HANOVER                       NY-7-6-501
RATHBUN, LEVANT                   PANAMA                        NY-7-4-395
RATHBUN, THERON J.                HARMON                        NY-7-2-249
RATTARY, LYDIA MARIA              WESTFIELD                     NY-7-3-36
RATY, PELATIAH                    CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-2-272
RAWSON, NANCY T.                  RAWSON                        NY-7-11-276
RAY, DAVID F.                     FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-8-493
RAYMOND, ANAN R.                  FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-12-238
RAYNOR, JOHN                      CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-9-218
READ, ZACHEUS B.                  CLYMER                        NY-7-4-171
READER, JANE                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-12-174
RECORD, JOHN G.                   FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-11-280
REED, ESTHER                      SHERIDAN                      NY-7-8-369
REED, GEORGE W.                   BUSTI                         NY-7-6-537
REED, JESSE                       ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-5-431
REED, JOHN                        HANOVER                       NY-7-1-370
REED, JOHN                        CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-2-234
REED, LAURA BUSH                  NTL                           NY-7-5-498
REED, WILLIAM A.                  SHERIDAN                      NY-7-10-313
REEDY, ELIZA                      DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-450
REHN, ADOLPH                      JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-9-580
REHN, ANNA SOPHIA                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-565
REIFFER, IRENA                    NTL                           NY-7-12-485
REILER, DELOS J.                  HANOVER                       NY-7-12-208
REISS, JOSEPH                     STOCKTON                      NY-7-3-58
RELF, WILLIAM                     MINA                          NY-7-2-176
RENDOLL, SARAH ANN                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-7-584
RENONARD, WILLIAM H.              PORTLAND                      NY-7-10-98
REUSKERS, GERRIT JAN              CLYMER                        NY-7-10-541
REXFORD, AARON W.                 CARROLL                       NY-7-12-48
REXFORD, THOMAS E.                HARMONY                       NY-7-7-464
REYNOLDS, ABIATHA                 SHERMAN                       NY-7-2-193
REYNOLDS, ABRAHAM                 CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-2-256
REYNOLDS, ANGIE M.                PORTLAND                      NY-7-9-284
REYNOLDS, HELEN K.                SINCLAIRVILLE                 NY-7-10-586
REYNOLDS, HENRY                   PORTLAND                      NY-7-6-34
REYNOLDS, MARY JANE               SHERMAN                       NY-7-7-168
REYNOLDS, RANSOM H.               SHERMAN                       NY-7-8-254
REYNOLDS, RICHARD                 PORTLAND                      NY-7-11-138
REYNOLDS, SYLVESTER W.            FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-12-228
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                 ELLICOTT                      NY-7-2-112
RHINEHART, HENRY                  STOCKTON                      NY-7-6-391
RHODES, ELIZA W.                  CARROLL                       NY-7-9-402
RHODES, FANNY                     ELLERY                        NY-7-8-30
RHODES, HARRIET A.                FENTONVILLE                   NY-7-9-404
RICE, BETSEY B.                   HARMONY                       NY-7-9-293
RICE, CALVIN                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-466
RICE, CATHARINE E.                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-601
RICE, DWIGHT                      CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-12-183
RICE, FREDERICK B.                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-477
RICE, HORACE                      HARMONY                       NY-7-2-303
RICE, JANE P.                     FREWSBURG                     NY-7-12-198
RICE, MORGAN L.                   POMFRET                       NY-7-12-473
RICE, PHILIP A.                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-10-140
RICE, STPEHEN                     HARMONY                       NY-7-3-103
RICE, WILLIAM H.                  SHERMAN                       NY-7-12-419
RICH, JEDEDIAH                    CLYMER                        NY-7-11-304
RICHARD, JAMES                    ELLERY                        NY-7-4-36
RICHARDS, ALBERTUS                FORESTVILLE                   NY-7-11-562
RICHARDSON, BARZILLA              CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-3-137
RICHARDSON, ELIZABETH             FREDONIA                      NY-7-10-611
RICHARDSON, HUMPHREY B.           HARMONY                       NY-7-11-258
RICHARDSON, PALMER B.             HARMONY                       NY-7-9-430
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                DEWITTVILLE                   NY-7-9-74
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM M.            SHERIDAN                      NY-7-10-365
RICHMOND, ELIZA WOODWORTH         ELLERY                        NY-7-9-30
RICHTMEYER, PETER                 POMFRET                       NY-7-12-25
RICKARD, OLIVER F.                ELLERY                        NY-7-7-441
RIDDLE, HUGH                      WESTFIELD                     NY-7-2-85
RIDER, ALFRED                     GERRY                         NY-7-10-43
RIDER, JUSTIN H.                  CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-6-464
RIDER, NATHANIEL                  ELLINGTON                     NY-7-7-484
RIDER, SILAS                      ELLINGTON                     NY-7-1-354
RIDER, THERON A.                  ARKWRIGHT                     NY-7-5-522
RIDER, VICTOR                     DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-111
RIDOUT, LAURINDA                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-370
RIDOUT, SAMUEL R.                 WESTFIELD                     NY-7-4-138
RIGWAY, JAMES AUGUSTUS            PORTLAND                      NY-7-4-196
RING, MARY                        DUNKIRK                       NY-7-9-488
RISLEY, HENRIETTA H.              DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-508
RISLEY, IRA                       PORTLAND                      NY-7-10-214
RISLEY, JARED                     POMFRET                       NY-7-10-261
RISLEY, LAURENS G.                DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-328
RISLEY, SAMANTHA                  JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-246
RISLEY, SARAH A.                  BROCTON                       NY-7-10-406
RISLEY, WILLIAM                   ELLINGTON                     NY-7-9-116
ROBBINS, ARCHIBALD F.             CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-6-70
ROBBINS, LOUISA JANE              BUSTI                         NY-7-9-138
ROBBINS, ORRIN                    BUSTI                         NY-7-8-52
ROBBINS, SALLY                    BUSTI                         NY-7-9-559
ROBBINS, WILLIAM                  CARROLLTON                    NY-7-3-291
ROBBINS, WILLIAM                  BUSTI                         NY-7-2-161
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                 POMFRET                       NY-7-1-115
ROBERTS, DELLA A.                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-461
ROBERTS, MARY FINETT              DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-156
ROBERTSON, DAVID                  HARMONY                       NY-7-8-43
ROBERTSON, LUCRETIA L.            FINDLEYS LAKE                 NY-7-8-118
ROBERTSON, ROBERT P.              CHERRY CREEK                  NY-7-8-470
ROBERTSON,HARRIET                 CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-7-246
ROBINOSN, JOHN                    STOCKTON                      NY-7-6-633
ROBINSON, HANNAH                  CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-3-264
ROBINSON, HANNAH                  MAYVILLE                      NY-7-11-232
ROBINSON, POLLY                   HARMONY                       NY-7-12-33
ROBINSON, ROBERT CLARK            HARMONY                       NY-7-10-87
ROBINSON, RUID                    HARMONY                       NY-7-5-547
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                 HARMONY                       NY-7-4-63
ROBINSON, WILLIAM H.              HANOVER                       NY-7-10-585
ROCHMOND, ALBERT                  CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-6-452
ROCKWELL, ATHERTON                HANOVER                       NY-7-3-260
ROCKWELL, DANIEL                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-11-454
ROCKWELL, JOSEPH                  HANOVER                       NY-7-11-102
ROCKWOOD, ADELINE                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-8-380
RODGERS, JOHN                     NTL                           NY-7-7-445
ROESCH, PHILLIP                   POMFRET                       NY-7-10-412
ROGER, DAVID                      RIPLEY                        NY-7-2-100
ROGERS, ELIAS                     ELLERY                        NY-7-3-305
ROGERS, JOSEPH E.                 JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-236
ROGERS, RICHARD                   CHAUTAUQUA                    NY-7-7-327
ROLFE, JONATHAN                   ELLINGTON                     NY-7-3-107
ROLPH, AMELIA                     FREDONIA                      NY-7-11-602
ROLPH, JAMES                      GERRY                         NY-7-11-448
ROLPH, STEPHEN                    POMFRET                       NY-7-6-58
ROLPH, THOMAS                     STOCKTON                      NY-7-3-348
ROMANS, SARAH J.                  ELLERY                        NY-7-8-608
ROMER, NICHOLAS                   DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-638
RONALD, JAMES                     RIPLEY                        NY-7-9-332
RONALD, JANE                      RIPLEY                        NY-7-5-254
ROOD, GEORGE C.                   POMFRET                       NY-7-10-202
ROOKER, BENJAMIN                  ELLERY                        NY-7-5-577
ROOKER, FRANKLIN                  ELLERY                        NY-7-10-516
ROOKER, MELISSA C.                ELLERY                        NY-7-12-434
ROOKER, WILLIAM S.                ELLERY                        NY-7-6-347
ROOSA, JACOB                      MINA                          NY-7-5-34
ROOT, ABEL                        JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-374
ROOT, CHARLES                     VILLENOVA                     NY-7-5-297
ROSE, DAVID                       NTL                           NY-7-5-284
ROSE, JOHN                        CARROLL                       NY-7-5-263
ROSE, PETER                       CHARLOTTE                     NY-7-5-336
ROSIER, MATILDA A.                JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-11-344
ROSS, BENJAMIN                    SHERMAN                       NY-7-4-467
ROSS, CHARLES                     MINA                          NY-7-6-338
ROSS, MARY E.                     CLYMER                        NY-7-9-50
ROSSELER, ELISHA B.               POMFRET                       NY-7-7-508
ROSSITER, LYMAN S.                POMFRET                       NY-7-3-351
ROWLEY, MARTIN                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-12-247
ROYCE, JENNIE A.                  WESTFIELD                     NY-7-12-608
ROYCE, NEHEMIAH                   FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-12-371
ROYCE, WILLIS                     RIPLEY                        NY-7-6-11
RUBBLEE, ROLLI                    ELLINGTON                     NY-7-5-299
RUBBLEE, ROLLI                    ELLINGTON                     NY-7-5-319
RULOFF, FREDERICK                 DUNKIRK                       NY-7-11-368
RUNDEL, MAHALA                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-6-411
RUSCH, SEBASTIAN                  DUNKIRK                       NY-7-5-580
RUSH, GEORGE W.                   ELLERY                        NY-7-5-501
RUSH, ISRAEL                      ELLERY                        NY-7-9-321
RUSLINK, BERENT W.                CLYMER                        NY-7-12-102
RUSLINK, GRACE                    FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-12-464
RUSSELL, ALBERT                   POLAND                        NY-7-8-581
RUSSELL, AZARIAH                  ELLERY                        NY-7-3-146
RUSSELL, CHARLES                  KIANTONE                      NY-7-5-572
RUSSELL, ELIZA                    DUNKIRK                       NY-7-12-524
RUSSELL, ELIZA C.                 GERRY                         NY-7-6-462
RUSSELL, JOHN H.                  KIANTONE                      NY-7-8-127
RUSSELL, THOMAS                   RIPLEY                        NY-7-12-259
RUSSELL, THOMAS                   FRENCH CREEK                  NY-7-3-305
RUTTENBUR, DANIEL                 VILLENOVA                     NY-7-3-74
RUTTENBUR, DANIEL C.              VILLENOVA                     NY-7-9-27
RUTTENBUR, PORTER S.              VILLENOVA                     NY-7-11-466
RYAN, HANNAH                      NTL                           NY-7-9-612
RYAN, JAMES                       SHERIDAN                      NY-7-6-322
RYAN, JULIA                       DUNKIRK                       NY-7-10-215
RYAN, MARGARET                    JAMESTOWN                     NY-7-5-185
RYMAN, GEORGE                     FREDONIA                      NY-7-10-534

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