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ULYSES, MICHAEL S.                AUBURN                        NY-6-30-557
UNDERHILL, ABRAHAM                LEDYARD                       NY-6-O-143
UNDERHILL, PAMELIA                GENOA                         NY-6-Y-79
UNDERHILL, PHEBE S.               LEDYARD                       NY-6-J-257
UNDERHILL, SARAH O.               GENOA                         NY-6-30-297
UNDERWOOD, AMOS                   AUBURN                        NY-6-H-91
UNDERWOOD, CHARLES                AURELIUS                      NY-6-33C-489
UNDERWOOD, CHARLOTTE P.           AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-581
UNDERWOOD, ELIZA                  AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-473
UNDERWOOD, HENRY                  AUBURN                        NY-6-28-590
UPDIKE, MARY C.                   CLEVELAND, CUYAHOGA, OH       NY-6-31C-61
UPHAM, LEWIS S.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-621
UPHAM, SARAH J.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-145
UTT, GEORGE W.                    LEDYARD                       NY-6-37A-77
UTTER, ACKSAH                     VENICE                        NY-6-28-609
VADER, BISHOP                     AUBURN                        NY-6-29-606
VAIL, KENDRICK                    AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-305
VAIL, SMITH                       AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-251
VAIL, WILLIAM E.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-377
VALENTINE, BETSEY                 NILES                         NY-6-K-477
VALENTINE, HELEN P.               AUBURN                        NY-6-31-169
VALENTINE, JAMES                  AURELIUS                      NY-6-Y-570
VALENTINE, MARY                   NILES                         NY-6-33A-197
VALENTINE, PHOEBA                 AURELIUS                      NY-6-31B-503
VALENTINE, STEPHEN C.             NILES                         NY-6-35A-485
VANAKEN, JOSIAH C.                MENTZ                         NY-6-35E-341
VANALSTINE, JOHN H.               AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-51
VANANDEN, STEPHEN                 AUBURN                        NY-6-W-222
VANARSDAL, JOHN                   NILES                         NY-6-E-203
VANARSDALE, ABRAHAM               OWASCO                        NY-6-R-549
VANARSDALE, AGNES                 NILES                         NY-6-35B-441
VANARSDALE, JACOB                 OWASCO                        NY-6-Q-175
VANARSDALE, JOHN S.               MORAVIA                       NY-6-36B-169
VANARSDALE, KATY ANN              MORAVIA                       NY-6-32C-595
VANARSDALE, PHILIP                SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-K-343
VANARSDALE, WILLIAM               MORAVIA                       NY-6-34B-253
VANARSDOL, JACOB                  AURELIUS                      NY-6-B1-81B
VANAUKEN, CORNELIUS               OWASCO                        NY-6-C1-233
VANAUKEN, LEVI                    STERLING                      NY-6-31B-43
VANAUKEN, MOSES                   CATO                          NY-6-29-190
VANAUKEN, PETER                   IRA                           NY-6-29-308
VANAUKEN, SOLOMON                 VICTORY                       NY-6-O-40
VANBLARICUM, ARTHUR               CONQUEST                      NY-6-34A-5
VANBLARICUM, BERTHA               CONQUEST                      NY-6-34A-325
VANBLARICUM, JOHN                 CONQUEST                      NY-6-P-542
VANCIESON, LYDIA H.               AURELIUS                      NY-6-S-43
VANDEMARK, ANDREW J.              GENOA                         NY-6-35B-13
VANDENBERGH, STEPHEN              AUBURN                        NY-6-29-328
VANDERBECK, JOB                   NILES                         NY-6-E-29
VANDERBEEK, BENJAMIN              SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-A2-440
VANDERBILT, ANDREW                NILES                         NY-6-38A-381
VANDERBILT, HENRY                 NILES                         NY-6-H-27
VANDERHEYDEN, ALMIRA              AUBURN                        NY-6-U-446
VANDERHEYDEN, MATTHIAS            VICTORY                       NY-6-Y-471
VANDERHUFF, PHILIP                CONQUEST                      NY-6-27-527
VANDIKE, JAMES                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-B1-76A
VANDIKE, JANE                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-C1-67
VANDOREN, WILLIAM                 CATO                          NY-6-D-224
VANDORN, ISAAC                    CATO                          NY-6-S-203
VANDUSEN, KATE                    AUBURN                        NY-6-30-340
VANDUYNE, JOHN                    NILES                         NY-6-I-70
VANDUYNE, PETER                   NILES                         NY-6-28-302
VANDUZER, ISAAC                   STERLING                      NY-6-Z-97
VANDUZNE, HENRY                   NILES                         NY-6-L-148
VANETTEN, ABRAHAM                 NILES                         NY-6-29-570
VANETTEN, ANTHONY                 OWASCO                        NY-6-32-301
VANETTEN, ANTHONY                 OWASCO                        NY-6-B1-139B
VANETTEN, DANIEL                  OWASCO                        NY-6-Z-390
VANETTEN, DEBORAH                 NILES                         NY-6-Q-569
VANETTEN, GEORGE B.               AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-211
VANETTEN, LEVI                    OWASCO                        NY-6-32B-287
VANETTEN, LEVI W.                 MORAVIA                       NY-6-34A-529
VANETTEN, THOMAS                  OWASCO                        NY-6-32C-295
VANEVERA, ALMIRA                  AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-493
VANFLEET, GARRETT                 STERLING                      NY-6-31B-211
VANGAASBECK, DEBORAH              MORAVIA                       NY-6-36A-197
VANGEESEN, REGNIER                AURELIUS                      NY-6-A2-387
VANGORDER, JOHN                   NILES                         NY-6-K-187
VANHARLINGEN, MARY                OWASCO                        NY-6-G-294
VANHOESEN, JOHN                   VICTORY                       NY-6-35E-425
VANHOOSIER, ELLEN                 BRUTUS                        NY-6-31B-99
VANHOSER, JACOB                   VICTORY                       NY-6-T-262
VANKLEECK, NANCY                  AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-399
VANLIEW, CELINA                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-33B-449
VANLIEW, CORNELIUS                CATO                          NY-6-34B-559
VANLIEW, FREDERICK                SCIPIO                        NY-6-B2-346
VANLIEW, FREDERICK J.             CATO                          NY-6-33B-233
VANLIEW, IDA A.                   SEE: MORLEY, IDA A.           NY-6-29-644
VANMIDDLESWORTH, ANDREW           OWASCO                        NY-6-C2-457
VANMIDDLESWORTH, PETER J.         OWASCO                        NY-6-32-477
VANNAKEN, AMANDA                  MENTZ                         NY-6-36A-505
VANNESS, JOHN                     AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-431
VANNEST, GEORGE                   AUBURN                        NY-6-36B-259
VANNEST, GEORGE J.                FLEMING                       NY-6-O-133
VANNEST, HUGH                     FLEMING                       NY-6-T-323
VANNEST, JOHN                     FLEMING                       NY-6-S-217
VANNORSTRAND, PHILIP H.           CONQUEST                      NY-6-38A-309
VANNOSTRAND, ELIZABETH            CONQUEST                      NY-6-31B-455
VANNOSTRAND, FREDERICK            CONQUEST                      NY-6-O-23
VANNOTE, JOHN                     AUBURN                        NY-6-29-438
VANOMMEN, ALBERT B.               AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-313
VANPATTEN, CHRISTIAN              STERLING                      NY-6-34B-163
VANPATTEN, ELIZA B.               IRA                           NY-6-31B-383
VANPATTEN, JACOB                  STERLING                      NY-6-28-305
VANPATTEN, NICHOLAS               IRA                           NY-6-38A-257
VANPATTEN, NICHOLAS N.            STERLING                      NY-6-Y-493
VANPATTEN, NORMAN S.              IRA                           NY-6-27-544
VANPELT, PETER                    VICTORY                       NY-6-I-160
VANPETTEN, PETER                  STERLING                      NY-6-E-65
VANSANFORD, HENRY F.              STERLING                      NY-6-28-76
VANSCHAICK, LYDIA A.              SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-33A-377
VANSICKLE, JANE                   MENTZ                         NY-6-W-61
VANSICKLE, SARAH C.               AUBURN                        NY-6-32B-127
VANSICKLE, THOMAS                 AURELIUS                      NY-6-F-227
VANSLYK, PHILIP                   SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-Q-383
VANTINE, CHARLES                  SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-A1-154
VANTUYL, WILLIAM H.               AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-618
VANVALKENBURGH, BARTHOLOMEW J.    SENNETT                       NY-6-A2-314
VANVECHTEN, JACOB                 AUBURN                        NY-6-U-431
VANVECHTEN, WILLIAM C.            AUBURN                        NY-6-30-388
VANVECHTEN, WILLIAM PAGE          AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-353
VANVRANKEN, ERASTUS R.            IRA                           NY-6-33B-253
VANVRANKEN, JANE                  VICORY                        NY-6-27-163
VANWAGNER, ALABARTUS              CATO                          NY-6-P-175
VANWIE, ANDREW                    IRA                           NY-6-C1-201
VANWIE, HENRY                     IRA                           NY-6-Y-386
VANWIE, JOHN                      VICTORY                       NY-6-R-31
VARNEY, HANNAH                    STERLING                      NY-6-28-536
VELIE, MARY A.                    MENTZ                         NY-6-O-413
VENDERBOSCH, GERTRUDE             AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-319
VENN, ELIZABETH                   SENNETT                       NY-6-28-228
VENN, GEORGE M.                   **, MONTGOMERY, KS            NY-6-30-420
VERNOOY, ELIZA                    OWASCO                        NY-6-31B-95
VERPLANK, SARAH E.                AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-261
VICKERY, PALMYRA                  SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-32B-111
VORCE, HARRIS                     THROOP                        NY-6-W-269
VORHIS, NANCY R.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-389
VOSBURG, LAWRENCE                 LOCKE                         NY-6-W-580
VOSBURGH, ELIZA                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-32D-415
VOSBURGH, ISAAC                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-Q-104
VOSBURGH, JOHN                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-B2-419
VOSBURGH, LYDIA A.                LOCKE                         NY-6-35C-321
VOSLER, JOHN                      CONQUEST                      NY-6-O-472
VOSSELLER, GEORGE                 VICTORY                       NY-6-33C-557
WACKMAN, EZEKIEL                  CONQUEST                      NY-6-P-274
WADAMS, CALEB                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-B2-308
WADSWORTH, JOSEPH                 AURELIUS                      NY-6-L-6
WADSWORTH, SARAH A.               AUBURN                        NY-6-36B-19
WAGER, EZRA                       GENOA                         NY-6-31B-175
WAGER, LEWIS O.                   GENOA                         NY-6-38A-593
WAGGONER, JACOB M.                CATO                          NY-6-37A-433
WAGGONER, SARAH J.                THROOP                        NY-6-35A-601
WAINE, JOHN                       IRA                           NY-6-Q-338
WAKELY, ABNER                     LEDYARD                       NY-6-I-269
WAKELY, TRUMAN                    LEDYARD                       NY-6-28-313
WALCOTT, ZELENDA P.               AUBURN                        NY-6-R-249
WALDEN, WILLIAM                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-37A-313
WALDO, LYMAN M.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-Q-197
WALDRON, BENJAMIN                 VICTORY                       NY-6-35E-237
WALDRON, HENRY                    VICTORY                       NY-6-K-369
WALDRON, JOHN                     STERLING                      NY-6-Y-216
WALDRON, JOHN                     SENNETT                       NY-6-L-401
WALDRON, LYDIA                    AUBURN                        NY-6-27-392
WALDRON, MARGARET                 SENNETT                       NY-6-N-5
WALES, ELENOR                     SENNETT                       NY-6-S-49
WALES, GEORGE                     SENNETT                       NY-6-J-178
WALKER, AARON                     SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-34A-289
WALKER, COURTLAND                 CONQUEST                      NY-6-S-141
WALKER, JAMES C.                  CONQUEST                      NY-6-33C-537
WALKER, JEFFERSON                 MORAVIA                       NY-6-37A-461
WALKER, LEVI                      FLEMING                       NY-6-I-78
WALKER, LEWIS                     AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-81
WALKER, MARIA                     AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-645
WALKER, MARY                      SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-P-347
WALKER, NANCY                     AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-605
WALKER, PHILIPM.                  UNION SPRINGS                 NY-6-36A-189
WALL, JOHN P.                     SENNETT                       NY-6-27-8
WALLACE, ALEXANDER                VICTORY                       NY-6-S-438
WALLACE, CHARLES                  AUBURN                        NY-6-V-397
WALLACE, CHARLES S.               AUBURN                        NY-6-32-533
WALLACE, ELIZABETH L.             MORAVIA                       NY-6-34A-485
WALLACE, FANY                     VENICE                        NY-6-32C-343
WALLACE, HELLEN                   OWASCO                        NY-6-32C-1
WALLACE, MARTHA L.                AUBURN                        NY-6-27-625
WALLACE, SARAH                    AUBURN                        NY-6-32B-87
WALLEY, AMOS T.                   THROOP                        NY-6-S-182
WALLEY, MARY E.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-36B-187
WALLEY, NATHANIEL P.              AUBURN                        NY-6-36B-193
WALLING, ALBERT                   MONTEZUMA                     NY-6-37A-245
WALLING, COTTON M.                MONTEZUMA                     NY-6-33A-525
WALLING, DOROTHY                  MENTZ                         NY-6-J-31
WALLIS, DAVID                     IRA                           NY-6-A2-1
WALLIS, JOHN                      SCIPIO                        NY-6-H-445
WALLIS, THEODORE                  SCIPIO                        NY-6-32-253
WALSH, EDWARD                     AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-449
WALSH, ELLEN                      AUBURN                        NY-6-32D-589
WALSH, PATRICK                    AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-365
WALSH, PATRICK                    SCIPIO                        NY-6-33B-501
WALTON, ELISHU                    AURELIUS                      NY-6-B1-152B
WALTON, HANNAH S.                 SCIPIO                        NY-6-30-171
WANDS, JOHN B.                    VICTORY                       NY-6-35A-625
WANZER, EBENEZER L.               LEDYARD                       NY-6-X-283
WANZER, ELIZA B.                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-30-516
WARD, ABNER                       GENOA                         NY-6-N-365
WARD, CHARLES A.                  SCIPIO                        NY-6-33C-285
WARD, CLOE                        MENTZ                         NY-6-F-28
WARD, DRUSILLA                    CATO                          NY-6-29-324
WARD, EDWIN P.                    AUBURN                        NY-6-32-529
WARD, HENRY                       AUBURN                        NY-6-33A-53
WARD, JOHN                        BRUTUS                        NY-6-A1-177
WARD, JOHN                        AUBURN                        NY-6-A2-367
WARD, JONAS                       BRUTUS                        NY-6-A1-38
WARD, JONAS                       MENTZ                         NY-6-C1-189
WARD, NATHANIEL C.                IRA                           NY-6-R-399
WARD, OLIVE                       SCIPIO                        NY-6-33A-205
WARD, SAMUEL B.                   SENNETT                       NY-6-29-440
WARD, STEPHEN                     AURELIUS                      NY-6-A1-98
WARD, THOMAS C.                   BRUTUS                        NY-6-34A-149
WARDEN, CORNELIA R.               AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-381
WARDEN, ETHAN A.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-O-120
WARDEN, MARY E.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-25
WARDWELL, ISAAC                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-A1-362
WARDWELL, MORGAN T.               LEDYAR                        NY-6-31-379
WARING, CADWALLADER               FLEMING                       NY-6-F-298
WARN, JOHN                        SENNETT                       NY-6-S-320
WARN, JOHN                        AURELIUS                      NY-6-A1-56
WARN, RACHEL E.                   DEXTER, WASHTENAW, MI         NY-6-33B-433
WARNER, LUCENA                    MENTZ                         NY-6-L-193
WARNER, MARVIN                    SCIPIO                        NY-6-F-409
WARRICK, FANNY                    AURELIUS                      NY-6-Y-303
WARRICK, MARY A.                  CAYUGA                        NY-6-33C-485
WARRICK, PAMELIA T.               AURELIUS                      NY-6-37A-597
WARRICK, SARAH M.                 AURLEIUS                      NY-6-Q-574
WARRICK, WILLIAM                  AURELIUS                      NY-6-33C-329
WARRICK, WILLIAM M.               AURLEIUS                      NY-6-35E-209
WARRING, RAYMOND                  SCIPIO                        NY-6-V-86
WASHBURN, HELEN M.                AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-569
WASHINGTON, JOHN                  AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-473
WASSON, WILLIAM                   AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-517
WATERMAN, LEWIS                   CONQUEST                      NY-6-36A-141
WATERS, JOHN                      VENICE                        NY-6-32-425
WATERS, WILLIAM                   AURELIUS                      NY-6-N-141
WATKINS, JOHN C.                  BRUTUS                        NY-6-27-368
WATKINS, ROSWELL B.               SCIPIO                        NY-6-Z-25
WATKINS, SALLY A.                 LEDYARD                       NY-6-34B-271
WATKINS, SAMUEL                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-K-335
WATKINS, SARAH ANN                SCIPIO                        NY-6-32D-271
WATKINS, SUSAN S.                 BRUTUS                        NY-6-32C-379
WATROUS, JOHN L.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-O-358
WATSON, EBENEZER                  AUBURN                        NY-6-H-463
WATSON, HARRIET                   SENNETT                       NY-6-32D-73
WATSON, HUGH                      AUBURN                        NY-6-E-18
WATSON, THOMAS                    FLEMING                       NY-6-R-300
WATSON, WILLIAM                   BRUTUS                        NY-6-31-619
WATTLES, CALVIN H.                SCIPIO                        NY-6-38A-521
WATTLES, WILLIAM                  LOCKE                         NY-6-E-123
WAUZER, DANIEL                    VENICE                        NY-6-N-119
WAUZER, DANIEL H.                 VENIE                         NY-6-E-304
WAYNE, JOHN R.                    AURELIUS                      NY-6-35A-453
WAYNE, RHODA ANN                  AURELIUS                      NY-6-36A-169
WAYNE, THOMAS                     AURELIUS                      NY-6-I-90
WEATHERBEE, POLINA R.             OWASCO                        NY-6-36A-133
WEATHERBY, SILAS H.               VICTORY                       NY-6-P-601
WEATHERWAX, FRANCES               MENTZ                         NY-6-34A-541
WEAVER, GILBERT                   LEDYARD                       NY-6-36A-5
WEBB, SETH R.                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-35B-37
WEBB, STEPHEN                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-B1-110B
WEBBER, CHARLES                   SENNETT                       NY-6-28-324
WEBBER, GEORGE A.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-113
WEBBER, JULIUS S.                 THROOP                        NY-6-33C-121
WEBBER, MARY W.                   FLEMING                       NY-6-37A-349
WEBBER, WILLIAM                   SENNETT                       NY-6-29-63
WEBSTER, CHARLES J.               AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-535
WEBSTER, FLORA LONG               SENNETT                       NY-6-34B-493
WEBSTER, LANA                     SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-W-350
WEBSTER, MILO J.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-27-581
WEBSTER, NATHAN C.                AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-501
WEBSTER, NATHAN J.                SCIPIO                        NY-6-35A-501
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                  SENNETT                       NY-6-V-184
WEED, ANN WALLEY                  SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-31-601
WEED, EDWARD                      BRUTUS                        NY-6-A2-151
WEED, ELIHU                       BRUTUS                        NY-6-N-32
WEED, SETH                        SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-X-411
WEEKES, ELIZABETH                 AUBURN                        NY-6-I-146
WEEKS, ABRAHAM                    GENOA                         NY-6-D-306
WEEKS, ARTHUR E.                  LOCKE                         NY-6-35B-597
WEEKS, CORNELIUS                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-R-307
WEEKS, ELIJAH                     VENICE                        NY-6-B2-163
WEEKS, JOB                        SENNETT                       NY-6-36A-421
WEEKS, JOHN                       GENOA                         NY-6-E-146
WEEKS, PHOEBE P.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-17
WEEKS, STEPHEN                    LEDYARD                       NY-6-C1-146
WEEKS, SYLVESTER                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-33B-509
WEEKS, TAMER B.                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-33B-389
WEGMAN, HENRY                     AUBURN                        NY-6-35A-505
WELCH, DELONVILLE                 BRUTUS                        NY-6-U-376
WELCH, JOHN W.                    OWASCO                        NY-6-X-438
WELCH, JULIA E.                   BRUTUS                        NY-6-32-161
WELCH, LYDIA                      VENICE                        NY-6-32D-7
WELCH, OZRO                       VENICE                        NY-6-V-478
WELCH, POLLEY                     CATO                          NY-6-P-103
WELCH, THOMAS                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-31C-54
WELLER, CAROLINE                  THROOP                        NY-6-38A-509
WELLER, NATHANIEL                 THROOP                        NY-6-33A-429
WELLNER, ASAHEL M.                NEWPORT                       NY-6-34A-317
WELLNER, JAMES H.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-269
WELLS, ALMIRA                     AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-469
WELLS, BETSEY                     AUBURN                        NY-6-32C-289
WELLS, CHARLES H.                 SAN FRANCISCO, SAN FRAN., CA  NY-6-31C-163
WELLS, COUNT D. A.                MENTZ                         NY-6-M-140
WELLS, HENRY                      AURORA                        NY-6-27-280
WELLS, JAMES H.                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-6-V-559
WELLS, JULIA                      AUBURN                        NY-6-31-193
WELLS, MARIA                      AURORA                        NY-6-36B-337
WELLS, MINNIE S.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-441
WELLS, SANDFORD                   IRA                           NY-6-W-454
WELSH, RANSOM B.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-32B-271
WELTY, JOHN                       AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-333
WELTY, PHILLIP                    AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-562
WEMPLE, MYNDERT J.                VICTORY                       NY-6-K-436
WENDOVER, SALLY                   CONQUEST                      NY-6-32D-109
WENZEL, AUGUST                    AUBURN                        NY-6-U-626
WESCOTT, ABRAM                    LOCKE                         NY-6-29-104
WESCOTT, SAMUEL                   LOCKE                         NY-6-29-107
WESCOTT, STEPHEN                  LOCKE                         NY-6-S-192
WEST, ABEL                        CATO                          NY-6-29-296
WESTCOTT, EDWIN R.                AUBURN                        NY-6-35A-61
WESTFALL, CHAUNCEY                NILES                         NY-6-O-344
WESTFALL, DANIEL D.               MORAVIA                       NY-6-34B-103
WESTFALL, ELIZA                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-Z-129
WESTFALL, JOHN                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-33A-425
WESTFALL, JOHN V.                 MORAVIA                       NY-6-Z-320
WESTFALL, LEVI                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-V-623
WESTFALL, SUSAN H.                SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-32-633
WESTLAKE, GEORGE S.               AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-334
WESTON, CAROLINE E.               MONTEZUMA                     NY-6-X-346
WESTON, CATHARINE P.              THROOP                        NY-6-35E-77
WESTON, JAMES                     MENTZ                         NY-6-E-152
WESTON, JEHIAL                    MENTZ                         NY-6-32D-337
WESTON, NATHAN                    MONTEZUMA                     NY-6-U-113
WESTON, REUBEN                    AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-349
WESTOVER, BETSY                   AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-373
WETHERBEE, ALVIN E.               OWASCO                        NY-6-31B-23
WETHERBY, LYMAN                   VICTORY                       NY-6-U-420
WETHERBY, MARY E.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-O-32
WETHERBY, MILLARD H.              FLEMING                       NY-6-Y-90
WETHERBY, SAMUEL                  VICTORY                       NY-6-33A-217
WETHERILL, ENOS                   CONQUEST                      NY-6-P-566
WETHERLY, DAVID                   AUBURN                        NY-6-33A-385
WETHEY, AMY                       THROOP                        NY-6-30-21
WETHEY, BETTY                     MENTZ                         NY-6-Q-373
WETHEY, OCTAVIUS S.               AUBURN                        NY-6-V-155
WETHY, EPHRAIM                    MENTZ                         NY-6-A2-376
WETTY, ADAM                       OWASCO                        NY-6-E-313
WEYANT, GEORGE                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-35B-153
WHALEN, BRIDGET                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-193
WHEAT, HIRAM V.                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-33C-585
WHEAT, JOHN A.                    GENOA                         NY-6-H-330
WHEAT, WILLIAM                    VENICE                        NY-6-Q-504
WHEATON, ADALINE D. L.            AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-557
WHEATON, ASA                      AURELIUS                      NY-6-O-479
WHEATON, CELINDA                  FLEMING                       NY-6-R-121
WHEATON, CORDELIA                 AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-233
WHEATON, EXPERIENCE               AUBURN                        NY-6-32-57
WHEATON, JACOB                    FLEMING                       NY-6-D-121
WHEATON, SALLY C.                 FLEMING                       NY-6-27-552
WHEDON, EDMUND                    AUBURN                        NY-6-C2-337
WHEELER, BETSEY                   FLEMING                       NY-6-M-269
WHEELER, CYRENUS                  VENICE                        NY-6-32-525
WHEELER, CYRENUS JR.              AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-73
WHEELER, EBER O.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-32D-241
WHEELER, EDITH                    SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-Y-59
WHEELER, EDWARD                   FLEMING                       NY-6-D-361
WHEELER, ELIJAH                   AURELIUS                      NY-6-R-25
WHEELER, ELIZABETH                CLEMING                       NY-6-29-340
WHEELER, JANE BARKER              AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-489
WHEELER, JOHN                     NTL                           NY-6-A1-183
WHEELER, JOHN G.                  SENNETT                       NY-6-S-131
WHEELER, JOHN S.                  VICTORY                       NY-6-V-277
WHEELER, MICAJAH                  FLEMING                       NY-6-P-521
WHEELER, OLIVE                    FLEMING                       NY-6-31-301
WHEELER, REBECCA ANN              AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-109
WHEELER, THANKFUL                 AURELIUS                      NY-6-A1-133
WHEELOCK, NANCY                   AUBURN                        NY-6-27-414
WHELAN, THOMAS J.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-529
WHELPLEY, CHARLES F.              AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-125
WHIE, MATHA                       SENNETT                       NY-6-32-145
WHITBECK, FREDERICK G.            CONQUEST                      NY-6-Z-285
WHITBECK, HENRY                   AUBURN                        NY-6-31-505
WHITBECK, HENRY D.                AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-505
WHITBECK, THOMAS                  FLEMING                       NY-6-R-28
WHITE, ALANSON                    SENNETT                       NY-6-30-527
WHITE, ANN ELIZA                  GENOA                         NY-6-36B-31
WHITE, ANNAH J.                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-32C-493
WHITE, CHARLES W.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-580
WHITE, DAVID M.                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-R-449
WHITE, DEBORAH W.                 SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-34A-585
WHITE, DORA                       AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-433
WHITE, EDWARD                     MENTZ                         NY-6-L-432
WHITE, EDWIN L.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-581
WHITE, ELLEN L.                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-36A-213
WHITE, EMELINE M.                 CATO                          NY-6-32D-139
WHITE, JAMES V.                   MENTZ                         NY-6-34A-625
WHITE, JOHN                       LOCKE                         NY-6-R-414
WHITE, JOHN HARRIS                SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-L-264
WHITE, JOSEPH                     AUBURN                        NY-6-28-624
WHITE, LEONARD                    AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-618
WHITE, MARGARET                   SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-V-71
WHITE, MARTHA S.                  LOCKE                         NY-6-34B-565
WHITE, NANCY                      CATO                          NY-6-Q-308
WHITE, OTIS                       SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-G-132
WHITE, PEACE K.                   LEDYARD                       NY-6-J-359
WHITE, PELEG                      LEDYARD                       NY-6-D-147
WHITE, PELEG H.                   GENOA                         NY-6-28-496
WHITE, PORTER                     LOCKE                         NY-6-38A-85
WHITE, RACHEL                     SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-35E-289
WHITE, ROGER                      LEDYARD                       NY-6-C1-327
WHITE, ROGER                      LEDYARD                       NY-6-A2-256
WHITE, TILLINGHAST                AUBURN                        NY-6-28-66
WHITE, VALERIA L.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-28-30
WHITE, WILLIAM                    FLEMING                       NY-6-35B-57
WHITE, WILLIAM                    CATO                          NY-6-G-202
WHITENACK, JACOB                  NILES                         NY-6-B2-55
WHITENACK, RACHEL                 AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-610
WHITFIELD, WILLIAM H.             SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-28-521
WHITFORD, ALVIRA JANE             CATO                          NY-6-32D-247
WHITFORD, ELIAS                   CONQUEST                      NY-6-31-625
WHITFORD, SILAS                   CATO                          NY-6-29-554
WHITING, CORNELIUS                STERLING                      NY-6-36B-121
WHITLOCK, ALFRED                  STERLING                      NY-6-Y-41
WHITMAN, ABBY A.                  VENICE                        NY-6-28-621
WHITMAN, DANIEL                   ENOA                          NY-6-K-465
WHITMAN, MARIA                    GENOA                         NY-6-34A-497
WHITNEY, EDWIN H.                 AURELIUS                      NY-6-33B-481
WHITNEY, GEORGE W.                VENICE                        NY-6-O-444
WHITNEY, JONATHAN                 AURELIUS                      NY-6-J-8
WHITNEY, JOSHUA B.                AURLEIUS                      NY-6-B1-73B
WHITNEY, SANFORD B.               VENICE                        NY-6-33B-345
WHITTEN, BENJAMIN                 VENICE                        NY-6-28-214
WHITTEN, EZRA                     GENOA                         NY-6-27-180
WHITTLESEY, WATSON                GRAND RAPID, KENT, MI         NY-6-29-271
WICKS, JOHN W.                    IRA                           NY-6-30-281
WIGGINS, DON C.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-633
WIGGINS, FRANCIS C.               AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-625
WILBER, BENJAMIN                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-I-257
WILBER, ESECK                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-33A-457
WILBER, RUBY A.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-P-326
WILCOX, ANNA MARIA                LEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-M-70
WILCOX, CYRUS                     SENNETT                       NY-6-32C-337
WILCOX, JONATHAN H.               SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-I-163
WILCOX, JOSIAH                    SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-P-142
WILCOX, LYDIA                     AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-49
WILCOX, MARIA                     FLEMING                       NY-6-P-424
WILCOX, PHEBE                     SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-N-416
WILCOX, ROBERT E.                 CONQUEST                      NY-6-36B-283
WILCOX, WILLARD                   GENOA                         NY-6-U-138
WILDE, ABIJAH P.                  STERLING                      NY-6-36A-445
WILDE, HIRAM                      CATO                          NY-6-29-197
WILDE, REUBEN                     STERLING                      NY-6-31B-463
WILDER, JANE A.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-469
WILDER, LANSING D.                AUBURN                        NY-6-33A-13
WILKENSON, MINA                   STERLING                      NY-6-31-421
WILKINS, HENRY T.                 MONTEZUMA                     NY-6-R-571
WILKINSON, FREEMAN B.             VICTORY                       NY-6-Q-578
WILKINSON, ROBERT                 SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-Z-113
WILKS, MARY                       IRA                           NY-6-L-421
WILL, JOHN                        AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-177
WILLARD, JANE FRANCES             AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-241
WILLARD, LORING                   AURELIUS                      NY-6-G-357
WILLARD, LORING                   AURELIUS                      NY-6-G-335
WILLARD, SYLVESTER                AUBURN                        NY-6-31-469
WILLCOX, JEFFERY                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-J-363
WILLETS, ABRAHAM                  VENICE                        NY-6-M-98
WILLEY, ABRAHAM P.                STERLING                      NY-6-37A-81
WILLEY, SUSAN B.                  VICTORY                       NY-6-N-184
WILLIAMS, ALFONSO G.              AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-201
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN                AURELIUS                      NY-6-E-396
WILLIAMS, CHARLES P.              AUBURN                        NY-6-27-191
WILLIAMS, ELIJAH                  MONTEZUMA                     NY-6-W-387
WILLIAMS, JAMES P.                AURELIUS                      NY-6-Z-301
WILLIAMS, JEROME B.               BRUTUS                        NY-6-O-93
WILLIAMS, JOHN                    STERLING                      NY-6-31B-483
WILLIAMS, JOHN                    VICTORY                       NY-6-A2-201
WILLIAMS, JOHN E.                 LEDYARD                       NY-6-Y-410
WILLIAMS, LAURA                   AUBURN                        NY-6-27-603
WILLIAMS, LUCY                    AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-465
WILLIAMS, MALERNA                 AUBURN                        NY-6-31-109
WILLIAMS, MINERVA J.              MORAVIA                       NY-6-33A-669
WILLIAMS, NATHAN                  CONQUEST                      NY-6-30-501
WILLIAMS, OLIVER                  SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-U-319
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                  MORAVIA                       NY-6-36A-321
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                  NILES                         NY-6-O-28
WILLIAMS, SHERMAN S.              AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-569
WILLIS, JANE                      FLEMING                       NY-6-32D-25
WILLIS, SUSAN                     MENTZ                         NY-6-34A-561
WILLISON, WILLIAM                 GENOA                         NY-6-B2-451
WILLMAN, HENRIETTA                AUBURN                        NY-6-28-119
WILLMAN, WHITTAKER                AUBURN                        NY-6-W-193
WILLS, SARAH                      AUBURN                        NY-6-33-133
WILLSON, DANIEL                   NTL                           NY-6-A1-196
WILLSON, ISAAC                    LEDYARD                       NY-6-X-358
WILLSON, MARY                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-X-570
WILSON, COE                       MORAVIA                       NY-6-V-506
WILSON, DAVID                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-S-209
WILSON, DAVID                     MENTZ                         NY-6-P-472
WILSON, ELI                       MENTZ                         NY-6-35A-21
WILSON, GEORGE                    MENTZ                         NY-6-O-224
WILSON, HENRY                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-Y-62
WILSON, JAMES                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-B1-89B
WILSON, JOH J.                    MENTZ                         NY-6-R-651
WILSON, JOHN L.                   OWASCO                        NY-6-28-180
WILSON, JOSEPH                    SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-A1-116
WILSON, MARIA                     LEDYARD                       NY-6-27-379
WILSON, MARY ANN                  AUBURN                        NY-6-V-391
WILSON, PATRICK                   BRUTUS                        NY-6-Z-168
WILSON, PETER                     CATO                          NY-6-30-627
WILSON, PHINEAS F.                BRUTUS                        NY-6-S-451
WILSON, ROXANNA                   SENNETT                       NY-6-34A-1
WILSON, SAMUEL                    GENOA                         NY-6-28-446
WILSON, WILLIAM                   AUBURN                        NY-6-32-229
WINANS, CHESTER                   VENICE                        NY-6-Z-480
WINANT, JANE                      SCIPIO                        NY-6-S-543
WINEGAR, CALEB                    SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-T-533
WINEGAR, GEORGE W.                AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-49
WINEGAR, MARTHA E.                SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-27-266
WINEGAR, ORAN G.                  SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-Z-57
WING, SARAH A.                    LOCKE                         NY-6-Z-444
WINNIE, MARIAH                    LOCKE                         NY-6-28-93
WINSLOW, HANNAH                   UNION SPRINGS                 NY-6-35C-313
WINSLOW, JOHN                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-33B-629
WINSLOW, JOHN                     LEDYARD                       NY-6-I-1
WINSLOW, WILLIAM B.               SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-V-126
WINSLOW, ZEPHANIAH                FLEMING                       NY-6-J-197
WINSTONE, BETSEY M.               CATO                          NY-6-32D-367
WINTERS, BRIDGET                  AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-73
WINTERS, CATHERINE                AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-453
WINTERS, JEFFESON C.              LEDYARD                       NY-6-33A-637
WINTERS, JOHN S.                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-P-547
WINTERS, MARY                     AUBURN                        NY-6-X-316
WISE, DIANA LUCINA                FLEMING                       NY-6-36A-441
WISE, WILLIAM G.                  FLEMING                       NY-6-X-470
WISE, WILLIAM GRAY                AUBURN                        NY-6-31-541
WISNER, MOSES                     SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-E-74
WITBECK THOMAS J.                 SCIPIO                        NY-6-A1-70
WITHERELL, SAMUEL M.              THROOP                        NY-6-36A-21
WITHERILL, HANNAH E.              AURELIUS                      NY-6-J-472
WITHERILL, HARRIET                AURELIUS                      NY-6-K-15
WOLFORD, CATHARINE                BRUTUS                        NY-6-Y-275
WOLFORD, DANIEL                   CONQUEST                      NY-6-O-487
WOLLEY, NATHAN                    SENNETT                       NY-6-E-119
WOLLEY, STRATTON                  THROOP                        NY-6-Q-523
WOLLEY, XAFER                     MENTZ                         NY-6-N-399
WOLVIN, LYDIA                     AUBURN                        NY-6-T-243
WOOD, ABRAHAM F.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-E-401
WOOD, AMOS                        LEDYARD                       NY-6-T-15
WOOD, ANN ELIZA                   IRA                           NY-6-33A-257
WOOD, CHARLES G.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-D-463
WOOD, CHARLES P.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-27-97
WOOD, CHRISTIANA                  LOCKE                         NY-6-M-404
WOOD, DANIEL                      VENICE                        NY-6-B1-161A
WOOD, DAVID                       VENICE                        NY-6-M-366
WOOD, ELISHA                      MENTZ                         NY-6-B2-175
WOOD, ELIZABETH                   LEDYARD                       NY-6-E-384
WOOD, ESTEL                       UNION SPRINGS                 NY-6-34A-45
WOOD, EUNICE B.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-589
WOOD, FRANCES M.                  VENICE                        NY-6-28-564
WOOD, HENRY                       VICTORY                       NY-6-Q-154
WOOD, ISAAC                       SCIPIO                        NY-6-A1-173
WOOD, JAMES                       SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-X-524
WOOD, JAMES                       MORAVIA                       NY-6-D-28
WOOD, JAMES                       LEDYARD                       NY-6-A2-475
WOOD, JANE                        AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-189
WOOD, JETHRO                      LEDYARD                       NY-6-B2-181
WOOD, JOHN                        SCIPIO                        NY-6-A1-188
WOOD, JONAS                       VENICE                        NY-6-35A-281
WOOD, JONAS                       VENICE                        NY-6-C1-360
WOOD, LEDDRA                      LEDYARDH                      NY-6-H-396
WOOD, MABEL A.                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-35A-321
WOOD, MAUDE L.                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-38A-197
WOOD, MORGAN L.                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-33C-33
WOOD, PARMELIA                    CONQUEST                      NY-6-35E-49
WOOD, PERRY                       CONQUEST                      NY-6-33B-469
WOOD, PHEBE                       LEDYARD                       NY-6-28-86
WOOD, PHEBE ANN                   AUBURN                        NY-6-29-66
WOOD, TAMER                       LEDYARD                       NY-6-Z-212
WOOD, WALTER                      SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-A2-239
WOOD, WALTER                      SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-C1-240
WOOD, WATSON F.                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-V-615
WOOD, WILLIAM                     AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-607
WOODARD, SALLY MARIA              FLEMING                       NY-6-X-374
WOODBURN, JOHN                    FLEMING                       NY-6-35E-229
WOODEN, ABIGAIL                   LEDYARD                       NY-6-M-146
WOODEN, DAVID                     LEDYARD                       NY-6-B2-324
WOODEN, EDWIN A.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-587
WOODEN, HARMON                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-K-448
WOODEN, MARIA                     THROOP                        NY-6-29-56
WOODEN, MARY J.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-257
WOODEN, SARAH E.                  FLEMING                       NY-6-31B-179
WOODEN, WILLIAM D.                SCIPIO                        NY-6-28-196
WOODIN, PHEBE A.                  SCIPIO                        NY-6-T-68
WOODIN, SALLY                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-29-409
WOODIN, SMITH                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-X-444
WOODIN, WILLIAM B.                AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-345
WOODING, LEWIS G.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-281
WOODRUFF, FRANCES E.              AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-393
WOODRUFF, HARMON                  AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-603
WOODRUFF, ISAAC                   AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-473
WOODS, CATHERINE                  AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-353
WOODS, WILLIAM                    AUBURN                        NY-6-T-173
WOODWARD, WILLIAM                 AUBURN                        NY-6-M-85
WOODWORTH, AZUBAH                 MORAVIA                       NY-6-N-358
WOODWORTH, DANIEL                 AUBURN                        NY-6-32C-73
WOODWORTH, FRANK                  UNION SPRINGS                 NY-6-35B-93
WOODWORTH, JACOB                  BRUTUS                        NY-6-D-153
WOODWORTH, JONATHAN F.            SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-33B-285
WOODWORTH, JOSIAH                 MORAVIA                       NY-6-H-31
WOOLEY, CHARLES R.                MENTZ                         NY-6-F-164
WORDEN, HIRAM                     CONQUEST                      NY-6-Q-560
WORDEN, LAZETTE MARIA             AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-272
WORDEN, WARREN T.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-477
WORMER, AARON                     LOCKE                         NY-6-A1-286
WORMER, DANIEL L.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-32-257
WORMER, FANNY                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-37A-485
WORMER, JUDEA                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-28-491
WORMER, LAURANCE                  LOCKE                         NY-6-I-171
WORMER, SQUIRE M.                 MORAVIA                       NY-6-35C-489
WORMUTH, LEVI                     IRA                           NY-6-35A-573
WORMUTH, WILLIAM                  IRA                           NY-6-U-632
WREFORD, REBECCA                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-N-167
WRIGHT, ANSON                     AUBURN                        NY-6-W-7
WRIGHT, CALEB                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-P-303
WRIGHT, DAVID                     AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-185
WRIGHT, HARRIET                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-S-23
WRIGHT, JANE                      THROOP                        NY-6-37A-125
WRIGHT, SARAH                     LEDYARD                       NY-6-28-385
WRIGHT, SARAH                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-V-30
WRIGHT, SYLVESTER                 BRUTUS                        NY-6-32B-319
WRIGHT, THOMAS                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-A1-247
WRIGHT, WILSON                    LEDYARD                       NY-6-X-335
WYANT, JAMES                      SCIPIO                        NY-6-34A-381
WYCKOFF, ALONZO T.                FLEMING                       NY-6-37A-117
WYCKOFF, ANN                      MORAVIA                       NY-6-33B-589
WYCKOFF, ESTHER                   FLEMING                       NY-6-35C-97
WYCKOFF, HENRY V.                 FLEMING                       NY-6-T-225
WYCKOFF, PHEBE                    FLEMING                       NY-6-H-21
WYILE, JANE                       AUBURN                        NY-6-T-211
WYMAN, ISAAC S.                   STERLING                      NY-6-35A-589
WYNANS, MYRAH                     VENICE                        NY-6-U-372
WYNKOOP, JANE C.                  OWASCO                        NY-6-28-617
YALE, ASAHEL                      AURELIUS                      NY-6-B2-340
YATES, JACOB P.                   MENTZ                         NY-6-32B-23
YATES, PETER J.                   JANESVILLE, ROCK, WI          NY-6-J-89
YATES, WILLIAM                    AUBURN                        NY-6-W-202
YAUGER, DANIEL                    SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-S-462
YAUTSCH, FRANZ                    AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-165
YAWGER, AARON C.                  SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-35A-213
YAWGER, PETER                     SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-S-597
YAWGER, SARAH L.                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-38A-169
YAWQU, PHILIP                     SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-A2-139
YOUL, WILLIAM                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-H-141
YOUNG, BENJAMIN F.                AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-510
YOUNG, CORNELIA A.                VENICE                        NY-6-37A-633
YOUNG, DELMAR T.                  VENICE                        NY-6-35B-341
YOUNG, GEORGIA                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-Z-464
YOUNG, GILBERT                    VENICE                        NY-6-D-115
YOUNG, HANNAH                     VENIE                         NY-6-X-518
YOUNG, HIRAM                      GENOA                         NY-6-31B-155
YOUNG, IRA                        CONQUEST                      NY-6-U-646
YOUNG, JAMES                      BRUTUS                        NY-6-T-157
YOUNG, LYDIA                      MORAVIA                       NY-6-37A-221
YOUNG, PHILO S.                   GENOA                         NY-6-R-36
YOUNG, PHINEAS                    VENICE                        NY-6-T-637
YOUNG, PHINEAS B.                 GENOA                         NY-6-31B-255
YOUNG, THOMAS                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-28-395
ZEPP, WILLIAM H.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-489
ZIMMER, CARL                      BRUTUS                        NY-6-31-79

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