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HABY, MARY JANE BEACH             SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-32-537
HACKER, ANN                       AUBURN                        NY-6-32-573
HACKER, CALISTA M. COOPE          AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-337
HACKLEY, ELIZABETH G.             AUBURN                        NY-6-D-126
HADDEN, JAMES                     THROOP                        NY-6-N-328
HADDEN, JOSEPH H.                 THROOP                        NY-6-35C-217
HADDON, ADAH E.                   MENTZ                         NY-6-36A-605
HADGER, PHINEAS S.                AUBURN                        NY-6-33A-353
HAGER, ABIJAH B.                  VICTORY                       NY-6-36A-597
HAGER, WILLIAM                    VICTORY                       NY-6-29-43
HAHN, MATHIAS                     AUBURN                        NY-6-28-388
HAIGH, ANN MARIA                  AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-205
HAIGHT, JOSHUA                    SCIPIO                        NY-6-B1-53A
HAILE, WILLIAM B.                 MORAVIA                       NY-6-33C-157
HAINES, CHARLES W.                LEDYARD                       NY-6-Z-9
HAINES, ELLWOOD                   VENICE                        NY-6-32-221
HAINES, ESTHER S.                 LEDYARD                       NY-6-27-357
HAINES, SAMUEL                    SCIPIO                        NY-6-B1-144B
HAINES, WILLIAM                   VENICE                        NY-6-28-382
HALBERT, HARRIET L.               VENICE                        NY-6-33A-37
HALE, ANN ELIZA                   FLEMING                       NY-6-28-474
HALE, AUSTIN B.                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-34B-505
HALE, CHARLES                     SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-31B-343
HALE, DAVID A.                    LEDYARD                       NY-6-34B-127
HALE, MARIA A.                    AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-425
HALE, NANCY D.                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-R-471
HALE, PHILEY A.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-611
HALE, THOMAS                      SCIPIO                        NY-6-J-261
HALEY, AMOS M.                    SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-X-479
HALEY, LYDMAN                     CONQUEST                      NY-6-T-422
HALL, ALBERT G.                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-33B-321
HALL, ALONZO C.                   OWASCO                        NY-6-33A-101
HALL, ASBURY                      AURELISU                      NY-6-27-251
HALL, BENJAMIN                    STERLING                      NY-6-U-184
HALL, CALEB                       FLEMING                       NY-6-C2-179
HALL, EDWARD                      AUBURN                        NY-6-T-403
HALL, EDWIN                       AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-473
HALL, EDWIN                       AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-268
HALL, EZEKIEL                     FLEMING                       NY-6-P-265
HALL, FANNY                       AUBURN                        NY-6-31-331
HALL, FREDERICK JEROME            AUBURN                        NY-6-32C-235
HALL, GEORGE S.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-K-103
HALL, HARRIET R.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-V-432
HALL, HENRY                       AURELIUS                      NY-6-R-156
HALL, HENRY A.                    AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-89
HALL, ISAAC                       SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-Y-1
HALL, JESSE                       SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-B2-284
HALL, JOHN                        MORAVIA                       NY-6-34A-341
HALL, MARGARET                    AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-561
HALL, MARGARY A.                  BRUTUS                        NY-6-31-25
HALL, MARY ELIZA                  FREEMONT, TUSCOLA, MI         NY-6-35A-185
HALL, NANCY                       LEDYARD                       NY-6-L-57
HALLADAY, THEODORE P.             AUBURN                        NY-6-32D-187
HALLET, GEORGE                    STERLING                      NY-6-S-254
HALLEY, POLLY A.                  VENICE                        NY-6-36A-533
HALLOCK, GEORGE B.                AURELIUS                      NY-6-Y-120
HALLOCK, JEREMIAH                 AURELIUS                      NY-6-K-155
HALLOCK, RUTH A.                  CAYUGA                        NY-6-37A-225
HALSEY, NANCY                     VICTORY                       NY-6-Y-101
HALSEY, WILLIAM A.                MENTZ                         NY-6-35A-289
HALSTEAD, ELIZABETH               MENTZ                         NY-6-33C-309
HALSTEAD, ELIZABETH               LEDYARD                       NY-6-O-514
HALSTEAD, HANNAH                  NTL                           NY-6-29-10
HALSTED, ANNA                     VENICE                        NY-6-E-215
HALSTED, DAVID                    VENICE                        NY-6-K-267
HALSTED, MARY M.                  VENICE                        NY-6-L-120
HALSTED, MOSES C.                 VENICE                        NY-6-E-166
HALSTED, PETER                    VENICE                        NY-6-C2-152
HAM, EUGENE M.                    AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-85
HAMBLIN, HALLETT                  AURELIUS                      NY-6-O-377
HAMBLIN, LAURANCE                 MENTZ                         NY-6-G-38
HAMILTON, DAVID H.                BRUTUS                        NY-6-27-372
HAMILTON, ELI                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-31B-439
HAMILTON, JANE                    SCIPIO                        NY-6-O-506
HAMILTON, JOHN                    CONQUEST                      NY-6-Y-500
HAMILTON, JOHN                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-A1-144
HAMILTON, JOHN                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-F-261
HAMILTON, JOSEPH                  MENTZ                         NY-6-B1-101B
HAMILTON, JOSIAH H.               BRUTUS                        NY-6-38A-421
HAMILTON, MARY                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-Y-255
HAMILTON, MELISSA                 AUBURN                        NY-6-29-81
HAMILTON, SARAH JANE              AURELIUS                      NY-6-35A-497
HAMILTON, SETH                    AUBURN                        NY-6-O-373
HAMILTON, SILAS                   VICTORY                       NY-6-H-235
HAMLIN, AMASA B.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-28-193
HAMLIN, FANNY S.                  THROOP                        NY-6-R-638
HAMLIN, SETH H.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-P-165
HAMLIN, STEPHEN                   AUBURN                        NY-6-O-103
HAMMOND, ELVIRA                   AUBURN                        NY-6-32D-49
HAMMOND, EPHRAIM                  FLEMING                       NY-6-B2-425
HAMMOND, HENRY C.                 SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-T-146
HAMMOND, LETITIA                  LOCKE                         NY-6-31-427
HAMMOND, LUTHAN                   AURELIUS                      NY-6-A1-151
HAMMOND, NATHAN H.                VENICE                        NY-6-N-64
HAMMOND, ROBERT                   CONQUEST                      NY-6-32B-7
HAND, HIRAM                       GENOA                         NY-6-32D-541
HANES, ELIZABETH                  GENOA                         NY-6-27-214
HANLON, THOMAS                    AUBURN                        NY-6-T-216
HANNUM, SPENCER                   WILLIAMSBURGH, , MA           NY-6-27-197
HARBOTTLE, GEORGE                 AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-602
HARBOTTLE, SARAH                  AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-605
HARDENBERGH, MARIA                AUBURN                        NY-6-C1-25
HARDWICK, CATHERINE J.            AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-553
HARDY, ANNETTE                    AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-69
HARGET, JOHN                      MORAVIA                       NY-6-38A-165
HARING, JOHN                      MENTZ                         NY-6-I-129
HARING, MARGARET                  MENTZ                         NY-6-M-210
HARLOW, LYDIA C.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-293
HARLOW, MARY M.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-473
HARLOW, NATHAN                    AUBURN                        NY-6-O-520
HARMON, MARY ELIZABETH            AUBURN                        NY-6-31-583
HARMON, PATRICK                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-373
HARMON, WINIFRED                  AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-205
HARPER, JOHN                      AUBURN                        NY-6-W-494
HARRING, HANNAH                   FLEMING                       NY-6-35E-33
HARRINGTON, LUCRETIA              BRUTUS                        NY-6-D-414
HARRIS, AMOS C.                   VICTORY                       NY-6-37A-153
HARRIS, ANNA                      VENICE                        NY-6-30-642
HARRIS, BREWSTER                  SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-H-254
HARRIS, CHRISTOPHER               STERLING                      NY-6-32-353
HARRIS, DANIEL                    SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-O-215
HARRIS, DAVID D.                  CONQUST                       NY-6-S-311
HARRIS, ENOCH                     AUBURN                        NY-6-U-426
HARRIS, ESTHER                    CONQUEST                      NY-6-32-9
HARRIS, FIDELIA M.                AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-325
HARRIS, FIDELIA M.                OSWEGO, OSWEGO, NY            NY-6-35A-233
HARRIS, HARVEY                    LOCKE                         NY-6-35A-105
HARRIS, JOSEPH                    VENICE                        NY-6-28-4
HARRIS, JULIA                     LOCKE                         NY-6-35A-109
HARRIS, LUMON                     CATO                          NY-6-Q-447
HARRIS, MARGARET L.               AUBURN                        NY-6-28-553
HARRIS, MARIA                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-Y-348
HARRIS, PETER C.                  STERLING                      NY-6-R-382
HARRIS, PHILLIP                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-N-381
HARRIS, SARAH                     STERLING                      NY-6-V-601
HARRIS, WILLIAM                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-Z-577
HARSHA, GEORGE C.                 STERLING                      NY-6-K-235
HART, IRA                         LOCKE                         NY-6-31B-1
HART, ISRAEL                      SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-O-206
HART, JAMES                       AUBURN                        NY-6-30-127
HARTMAN, MAGDALENA D.             AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-379
HARTNETT, ELIZABETH               MORAVIA                       NY-6-29-391
HARTNETT, JAMES                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-35E-81
HARTNETT, JAMES                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-35E-5
HARTWELL, RUFUS O.                STERLING                      NY-6-29-567
HASBROUCK, ABEL                   FLEMING                       NY-6-31B-15
HASKELL, HANNAH                   VENICE                        NY-6-33A-157
HASKIN, HANNAH                    GENOA                         NY-6-27-433
HATCH, ORRIN                      OWASCO                        NY-6-Z-83
HATFIELD, CYRUS                   SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-Q-519
HATFIELD, ELLEN J.                SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-37A-557
HATFIELD, GEORGE W.               SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-34A-21
HATFIELD, JANE GREEN              SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-34B-307
HATHAWAY, ELEAZER                 SCIPIO                        NY-6-H-79
HATHAWAY, ELIZABETH R.            SEPRONIUS                     NY-6-38A-577
HATHAWAY, PRSCILLA                SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-32-149
HAUCHETT, WADSWORTH               SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-Z-335
HAULENBECK, GITTY                 GENOA                         NY-6-Z-496
HAVENS, DEXTER E.                 WEEDSPORT                     NY-6-30-65
HAVENS, EDWIN A.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-621
HAWKE, VOLNEY                     SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-Q-321
HAWKINS, ROBERT S.                GENOA                         NY-6-33A-125
HAWLEY, JOHN                      SENNETT                       NY-6-36B-181
HAWLEY, JOHN                      AUBURN                        NY-6-31-517
HAWS, BENJAMIN                    CONQUEST                      NY-6-31-7
HAWS, JACOB Z.                    CONQUEST                      NY-6-Q-91
HAWS, MARTHA B.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-R-223
HAWS, SARAH S.                    IRA                           NY-6-35A-301
HAWS, SIMON                       CONQUEST                      NY-6-R-137
HAWS, ZACHARIAH                   IRA                           NY-6-C2-271
HAY, JANE                         AUBURN                        NY-6-C1-138
HAYDEN, CANDACIA                  MENTZ                         NY-6-Y-9
HAYDEN, EZRA B.                   MENTZ                         NY-6-33C-153
HAYDEN, JOEL E.                   SENNETT                       NY-6-36A-381
HAYDEN, RHODA W.                  MENTZ                         NY-6-33A-413
HAYDEN, WILLIAM                   MENTZ                         NY-6-R-207
HAYES, DENNISON                   AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-262
HAYES, GEORGE W.                  GENOA                         NY-6-31-73
HAYLETT, RICHARD                  GENOA                         NY-6-Y-297
HAYTON, AUGUSTA                   AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-275
HAYWARD, ELLEN                    STERLING                      NY-6-31B-623
HAZARD, WILLIAM R.                LEDYARD                       NY-6-33B-13
HAZEN, ELLEN J.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-257
HEALD, ABEL                       SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-O-494
HEALD, BENJAMIN C.                NILES                         NY-6-29-535
HEALD, DANIEL                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-35B-509
HEALD, ROSANNA                    VENCIE                        NY-6-31B-51
HEALEY, EBENEZER                  SENNETT                       NY-6-M-93
HEALEY, RUTH                      AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-273
HEALY, AMIA                       SENNETT                       NY-6-U-582
HEALY, JOHN M.                    SENNETT                       NY-6-Z-199
HEALY, PHILO W.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-569
HEALY, RUTH A.                    SENNETT                       NY-6-33A-249
HEANEY, JOHN                      AUBURN                        NY-6-28-199
HEATH, ALVAH                      LOCKE                         NY-6-X-139
HEATH, BENJAMIN                   LOCKE                         NY-6-H-265
HEATH, HARVEY                     LOCKE                         NY-6-30-186
HEATH, HULDAH                     IRA                           NY-6-P-537
HEATH, SALMON                     LOCKE                         NY-6-F-115
HEATON, AMOS P.                   VENICE                        NY-6-W-610
HEATON, JAMES                     GENOA                         NY-6-C2-234
HEAZLET, LEDIA                    SCIPIO                        NY-6-D-411
HEAZLIT, FRANCIS                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-C1-16
HEAZLIT, FRANCIS                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-A2-74
HEAZLIT, WILLIAM                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-A2-49
HEDGER, LOIS A.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-517
HEDGES, WILLIAM                   CATO                          NY-6-W-335
HEFFERNAN, JOANNA E.              AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-589
HEFFERNAN, MARY                   AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-257
HEHNER, MARY L.                   NILES                         NY-6-33C-389
HELFIELD, WILLIAM                 MENTZ                         NY-6-R-576
HELLEN, ELLEN                     LEDYARD                       NY-6-38A-245
HELM, SELAH                       SCIPIO                        NY-6-H-399
HELMER, JOSEPH                    NILES                         NY-6-35E-385
HEMLICK, ANTONE                   AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-3
HEMRICK, CAROLINE                 AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-189
HENDERSON, EDWIN M.               BRUTUS                        NY-6-34B-601
HENDERSON, JAMES                  AUBURN                        NY-6-29-443
HENDERSON, JULIUS                 WEEDSPORT                     NY-6-30-190
HENNESSY, MICHAEL E.              AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-241
HENNESY, JAMES                    AUBURN                        NY-6-29-122
HENNEY, HULDAH                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-E-406
HENNIS, THOMAS                    AUBURN                        NY-6-27-138
HENRY, CYNTHIA                    MENTZ                         NY-6-G-256
HENRY, GUSTAVE                    CATO                          NY-6-36A-613
HENRY, HARRIET                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-K-123
HENRY, JOHN                       STERLING                      NY-6-29-196
HENRY, JOHN                       STERLING                      NY-6-29-193
HENRY, MARY JANE                  FLEMING                       NY-6-37A-533
HENRY, SAMUEL                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-E-92
HENRY, THOMAS                     AURELIUS                      NY-6-33A-405
HENRY, WILLIAM                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-O-318
HENRY, WILLIAM                    MENTZ                         NY-6-A2-92
HENSON, PHEBE                     AUBURN                        NY-6-31-385
HENVY, BRIDGET                    AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-547
HEPBURNE, JANE                    AUBURN                        NY-6-L-239
HEPBURNE, JOHN                    AUBURN                        NY-6-H-426
HERBERT, THOMAS H.                AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-465
HERON, AMY                        SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-M-165
HERRICK, ELIZABETH                VICTORY                       NY-6-P-391
HERRIES, JAMES                    STERLING                      NY-6-34A-593
HERRIES, JOHN                     STERLING                      NY-6-K-261
HERRINGTON, PERRY                 STERLING                      NY-6-36A-57
HERRINGTON, PERRY                 STERLING                      NY-6-34B-613
HERRINGTON, SIMON                 STERLING                      NY-6-31B-359
HERRLING, WILLIAM F.              AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-453
HERRON, JAMES                     CATO                          NY-6-A1-391
HERVIEUX, EXILDA                  AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-261
HEUBERGER, JACOB                  AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-277
HEUSTIS, BENJAMIN                 SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-33C-85
HEVERIN, HUGH                     SENNETT                       NY-6-35B-365
HEWETT, ELISHA                    SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-H-282
HEWITT, ANN J.                    AUBURN                        NY-6-32C-259
HEWITT, ANSON                     SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-U-457
HEWITT, ARTHUR                    GENOA                         NY-6-C1-195
HEWITT, CHARLOTTE D.              MORAVIA                       NY-6-31C-30
HEWITT, EBENEZER                  GENOA                         NY-6-C1-159
HEWITT, HARRIET                   GENOA                         NY-6-33B-165
HEWITT, JEANNETE B.               AUBURN                        NY-6-35A-101
HEWITT, LEWIS                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-C2-173
HEWITT, OLIVER                    GENOA                         NY-6-G-122
HEWITT, STEPHEN S.                GENOA                         NY-6-32-261
HEWITT, WILLIAM                   GENOA                         NY-6-B2-477
HEWITT, WILLIAM                   GENOA                         NY-6-B1-118B
HEWS, CAROLINE                    GUNRA, ONTARIO, NY            NY-6-29-14
HEWS, RICHARD                     AUBURN                        NY-6-27-417
HEWSON, DANIEL                    AUBURN                        NY-6-29-78
HEWSON, W. EDGAR                  AUBURN                        NY-6-O-333
HIBBARD, SARAH J.                 SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-38A-53
HICKEY, AMANDA SANFORD            AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-283
HICKEY, JOHN                      STERLING                      NY-6-33B-461
HICKEY, JULIA                     AUBURN                        NY-6-35A-445
HICKOK, AUSTIS D.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-257
HICKOK, JAMES                     CATO                          NY-6-33A-453
HICKS, ARUTHUZA                   LEDYARD                       NY-6-28-508
HICKS, EDWARD W.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-581
HICKS, MANSON M.                  MENTZ                         NY-6-H-387
HICKS, ROBERT                     AUBURN                        NY-6-U-329
HIGBY, SAMPSON                    GENOA                         NY-6-M-248
HIGGINS, JANE                     CATO                          NY-6-35E-153
HIGLEY, MARY A.                   MENTZ                         NY-6-34B-499
HIGLEY, SETH                      MENTZ                         NY-6-A2-97
HIKE, AARON V.                    AUBURN                        NY-6-33A-201
HIKE, SAMUEL D.                   MORAVIA                       NY-6-32C-409
HILL, CHARLOTTE W.                VENICE                        NY-6-28-122
HILL, EDWIN                       SENNETT                       NY-6-32D-223
HILL, ELEAZER                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-B2-91
HILL, JESSE                       SENNETT                       NY-6-31-493
HILL, JOHN J.                     GENOA                         NY-6-V-356
HILL, JOSHUA                      SCIPIO                        NY-6-S-555
HILL, LEVI                        SENNETT                       NY-6-L-70
HILL, ORPHA                       SCIPIO                        NY-6-29-373
HILL, SAMUEL                      THROOP                        NY-6-35A-269
HILLEBRANT, JOHN                  CATO                          NY-6-N-377
HILLS, JANNAT S.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-569
HILLS, WILLIAM                    AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-55
HILLSMAN, SOPHIE M.               MORAVIA                       NY-6-V-530
HILTNER, MARY                     AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-293
HILTON, ROBERT                    STERLING                      NY-6-D-418
HINMAN, ALFRED B.                 GENOA                         NY-6-30-175
HINMAN, HANNAH                    AUBURN                        NY-6-30-228
HINMAN, PHEBE                     SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-30-620
HINTON, SARAH P.                  OWASCO                        NY-6-38A-9
HIPOLITE, VINCENT                 MILTON                        NY-6-A1-137
HISER, CLARRISSA                  AUBURN                        NY-6-W-575
HISER, JOHN H.                    AUBURN                        NY-6-U-324
HISERODS, JOHN J.                 VICTORY                       NY-6-27-584
HISTED, EDWARD                    SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-A1-120
HITCHCOCK, ELINA                  STERLING                      NY-6-35B-181
HITCHCOCK, JANE                   STERLING                      NY-6-P-395
HITCHCOCK, THOMAS                 SCIPIO                        NY-6-34B-31
HOAG, FRANKLIN E.                 LEDYARD                       NY-6-Q-258
HOAG, ISAAC G.                    LEDYARD                       NY-6-36A-157
HOAG, JARVIS                      LEDYARD                       NY-6-U-41
HOAG, SUSANNAH                    VENICE                        NY-6-27-592
HOAGLAND, HANNAH OCTAVIA          MORAVIA                       NY-6-33C-425
HOAGLAND, JOHN                    AURELIUS                      NY-6-J-188
HOAGLAND, MARY A.                 SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-33A-561
HODDER, ANN                       AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-297
HODDER, JOSEPH                    AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-121
HODGSON, THOMAS                   AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-13
HODSON, PETER                     VENICE                        NY-6-33C-297
HOEY, ANN                         AUBURN                        NY-6-32D-463
HOFF, EMILY L.                    MENTZ                         NY-6-33A-441
HOFF, WESSEL C.                   AUURN                         NY-6-K-358
HOFFMAN, EVE                      AUBURN                        NY-6-H-110
HOFFMAN, LEVI A.                  MORAVIA                       NY-6-28-574
HOFFMAN, MATTHIAS                 BRUTUS                        NY-6-33B-493
HOFFMAN, NANCY MATILDA            CONQUST                       NY-6-32-337
HOGAN, ANN                        AUBURN                        NY-6-27-313
HOGAN, BRIDGET                    BRUTUS                        NY-6-33C-293
HOGAN, JOHN                       AUBURN                        NY-6-33A-173
HOGAN, NANCY                      AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-73
HOGAN, THOMA                      IRA                           NY-6-W-354
HOLDEN, ANDREW J.                 LOCKE                         NY-6-35C-1
HOLDEN, GEORGE J.                 GENOA                         NY-6-38A-97
HOLDEN, HIRAM S.                  GENOA                         NY-6-36A-13
HOLDEN, MARIETTE                  MORAVIA                       NY-6-35B-69
HOLDEN, OLIVER PERRY              GENOA                         NY-6-31B-275
HOLDRIDGE, ENOCH S.               FLEMING                       NY-6-R-73
HOLESLEW, ALLEN                   CATO                          NY-6-30-306
HOLIDAY, JOHN                     STERLING                      NY-6-Y-240
HOLIDAY, LAWRENCE S.              SERLING                       NY-6-27-538
HOLIHAN, CATHERINE                AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-175
HOLIHAN, ESTHER                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-277
HOLIHAN, WILLIAM J.               AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-321
HOLLAND, CORNELIUS                AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-345
HOLLAND, GEORGE W.                AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-145
HOLLAND, MARY                     AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-349
HOLLEY, AMBROSE E.                AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-61
HOLLEY, DANIEL                    VENICE                        NY-6-C2-78
HOLLEY, GEORGE                    AUBURN                        NY-6-30-80
HOLLEY, JUSTICE                   VENICE                        NY-6-35A-389
HOLLEY, MANVILLE E.               VENICE                        NY-6-35E-69
HOLLEY, ORIN                      VENICE                        NY-6-29-183
HOLLEY, PALMER                    AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-291
HOLLISTER, FRANCIS                GENOA                         NY-6-E-133
HOLLISTER, WADSWORTH              AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-355
HOLMES, EDWARD G.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-I-379
HOLMES, FANNY P.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-29-483
HOLMES, HENRY                     AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-34
HOLMES, JESSE                     AUBURN                        NY-6-N-92
HOLMES, JOSEPH                    STERLING                      NY-6-34A-397
HOLMES, JULIA A.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-605
HOLMES, LUCRETIA                  VENICE                        NY-6-F-39
HOLMES, REUBEN                    VENICE                        NY-6-C2-289
HOLMES, ZEBULON                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-337
HOMER, CHRISTINA E.               AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-581
HOMMELL, MARY MALISSA             AUBURN                        NY-6-33A-9
HOMPE, PETRONELLA C.              AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-565
HONSICKER, JACOB                  SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-C1-41
HOOD, ROBERT                      ROMULUS                       NY-6-A1-26
HOOKER, CALVIN                    VICTORY                       NY-6-N-255
HOOKER, JOHN                      IRA                           NY-6-P-502
HOOKER, JOHN JR.                  VICTORY                       NY-6-32-141
HOOPER, BRAYTON W.                CATO                          NY-6-30-617
HOOPER, CLEMENT                   CATO                          NY-6-D-69
HOOPER, WILLIAM C.                NILES                         NY-6-Y-48
HOOPES, EDWIN                     PHILADELPHIA, PHILADELPHIA, PA     NY-6-35E-443
HOPE, TIMOTHY                     AURELIUS                      NY-6-E-299
HOPKINS, ANNER H.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-1
HOPKINS, DAVID L.                 THROOP                        NY-6-35A-245
HOPKINS, HARRISON                 SENNETT                       NY-6-P-269
HOPKINS, IRA                      AUBURN                        NY-6-P-136
HOPKINS, LEVI J.                  MENTZ                         NY-6-M-31
HOPKINS, LOUISA                   GENOA                         NY-6-H-59
HOPKINS, LYDIA                    SENNETT                       NY-6-T-63
HOPKINS, MARY                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-32-453
HOPKINS, MERRITT                  SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-35B-485
HOPKINS, MOSES D.                 BRUTUS                        NY-6-I-479
HOPKINS, NATHAN W.                BRUTUS                        NY-6-32-457
HOPKINS, ROBERT                   BRUTUS                        NY-6-I-355
HOPKINS, SAMUEL M.                AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-317
HOPKINS, SILAS                    AURELIUS                      NY-6-B1-128A
HOPPING, ANAXARITE                MENTZ                         NY-6-J-333
HOPPING, JOSEPH H.                MOUNTAIN COVE, FAYETTE, WV    NY-6-31C-229
HORIGAN, JOHN W.                  CATO                          NY-6-35A-369
HORLE, JOHN                       OWASCO                        NY-6-Q-126
HORTON, BENJAMIN                  BRUTUS                        NY-6-B1-59A
HORTON, JAMES H.                  MORAVIA                       NY-6-38A-133
HORTON, LOUISA J.                 OWASCO                        NY-6-31-433
HORTON, MELISSA                   WEEDSPORT                     NY-6-35E-97
HORTON, STEPHEN ST. JOHN          OWASCO                        NY-6-35B-273
HOSFORD, MORTON                   THROOP                        NY-6-36A-201
HOSFORD, SARAH                    THROOP                        NY-6-33A-401
HOSKINS, ALSON G.                 SCIPIO                        NY-6-37A-273
HOSKINS, BETSEY                   GENOA                         NY-6-S-445
HOSKINS, CARLTON                  GENOA                         NY-6-Q-359
HOSKINS, GEORGE                   CATO                          NY-6-R-295
HOSKINS, HENRY                    AUBURN                        NY-6-U-665
HOSKINS, JAMES H.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-529
HOSKINS, LABAN                    SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-P-306
HOSKINS, SAMUEL                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-C1-70
HOSKINS, THURBER J.               AURELIUS                      NY-6-30-319
HOSMER, WILLIAM                   AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-193
HOTALING, WILLIAM                 CONQUEST                      NY-6-28-570
HOTCHKISS, SARAH L.               AUBURN                        NY-6-32C-367
HOUGH, JOEL                       MORAVIA                       NY-6-33B-573
HOUGHTALING, ANN                  PORT BYRON                    NY-6-33B-625
HOUSE, EDA                        SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-33C-177
HOUSE, ELIZER                     SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-33B-517
HOW, CATHEIRNE V. R.              AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-493
HOW, EBENEZER                     GENOA                         NY-6-C1-271
HOW, SARAH H.                     AUBURN                        NY-6-R-327
HOWARD, ARMENIA                   OWASCO                        NY-6-F-233
HOWARD, ASENATH                   OWASCO                        NY-6-R-595
HOWARD, CALVIN                    LOCKE                         NY-6-S-231
HOWARD, CYRUS                     OWASCO                        NY-6-I-57
HOWARD, HELEN M.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-389
HOWARD, JOANNA                    AUBURN                        NY-6-J-329
HOWARD, MARK                      OWASCO                        NY-6-27-220
HOWARD, NARCISSA                  OWASCO                        NY-6-E-366
HOWARD, NATHAN                    NILES                         NY-6-G-261
HOWARD, PETER                     OWASCO                        NY-6-35A-149
HOWARD, PETER                     OWASCO                        NY-6-A1-251
HOWARD, RUSH M.                   MENTZ                         NY-6-35A-285
HOWARD, SAMUEL M.                 BRUTUS                        NY-6-32D-67
HOWARD, SUSAN B.                  OWASCO                        NY-6-32C-109
HOWARD, WILLIAM                   OWASCO                        NY-6-V-457
HOWARD, WILLIAM                   OWASCO                        NY-6-J-464
HOWE, BOWERS                      SENNETT                       NY-6-I-166
HOWE, CHAUNCEY                    SENNETT                       NY-6-T-603
HOWE, DARIUS A.                   SEMPRONUS                     NY-6-B1-104A
HOWE, OTIS                        LEDYARD                       NY-6-28-241
HOWELL, CHARLES STANLEY           CONQUEST                      NY-6-35A-533
HOWELL, DAVID                     LOCKE                         NY-6-W-525
HOWELL, ISAAC                     SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-L-310
HOWELL, JEREMIAH                  LOCKE                         NY-6-M-324
HOWELL, LEWIS B.                  STERLING                      NY-6-34B-421
HOWELL, PETER T.                  SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-28-585
HOWELL, THADDEUS                  CAYUGA                        NY-6-29-597
HOWLAND, ALEXANDER                ACUSHUET, BRISTOL, MA         NY-6-31C-17
HOWLAND, BENJAMIN                 LEDYARD                       NY-6-A2-402
HOWLAND, CARRIE L.                IRA                           NY-6-29-647
HOWLAND, CHARLES A.               LEDYARD                       NY-6-33B-437
HOWLAND, FANNY                    OWASCO                        NY-6-35E-65
HOWLAND, HARVEY N.                AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-93
HOWLAND, HORACE V.                AUBURN                        NY-6-32B-343
HOWLAND, HUMPHREY                 LEDYARD                       NY-6-O-551
HOWLAND, PERRY                    LEDYARD                       NY-6-Y-31
HOWLAND, PHEBE JANE               LEDYARD                       NY-6-V-573
HOWLAND, ROBERT H.                LEDYARD                       NY-6-33C-589
HOWLAND, SLOCUM                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-28-638
HOXIE, WILLIAM                    SCIPIO                        NY-6-33B-209
HOXIE, ZEBULON                    SCIPIO                        NY-6-34B-241
HOXSIE, ABEL A.                   SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-E-378
HOYT, ANN E.                      SENNETT                       NY-6-38A-313
HOYT, ANNA                        BRUTUS                        NY-6-33A-641
HOYT, CLARK                       CATO                          NY-6-W-545
HOYT, EDWARD S.                   SENNETT                       NY-6-32D-625
HOYT, EDWIN                       CATO                          NY-6-33C-385
HOYT, HANNAH P.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-589
HOYT, MATILDA B.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-165
HOYT, PHEBE                       BRUTUS                        NY-6-35E-373
HOYT, POLLY                       NILES                         NY-6-33A-469
HOYT, RACHEL H.                   SENNETT                       NY-6-27-478
HOYT, SAMUEL                      FLEMING                       NY-6-X-265
HOYT, SAMUEL                      LEDYARD                       NY-6-R-618
HOYT, SANFORD P.                  SENNETT                       NY-6-32C-247
HOYT, STEPHEN C.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-32D-379
HUBNER, EMIL                      AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-281
HUCHISON, ABRAM                   VENICE                        NY-6-K-380
HUDERHILL, ABEL                   LEDYARD                       NY-6-I-342
HUDERWOOD, GEORGE                 AUBURN                        NY-6-N-73
HUDSON, ELIZABETH J.              SCIPIO                        NY-6-35A-537
HUDSON, JOHN                      VENICE                        NY-6-F-420
HUDSON, RICHARD                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-B2-227
HUDSON, SARAH                     FLEMING                       NY-6-A2-4
HUESTED, PULVER A.                MENTZ                         NY-6-37A-489
HUFF, BRAGUYN                     ROMULUS                       NY-6-A1-13
HUFFMAN, JOSEPH                   CONQUEST                      NY-6-R-229
HUFMAN, JOHN                      CONQUEST                      NY-6-J-468
HUFMAN, MATTHIAS                  AUBURN                        NY-6-B2-64
HUGGINS, LYDIA                    AUBURN                        NY-6-28-398
HUGGINS, ZACHARIAH                AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-41
HUGHES, HARRY                     AURELIUS                      NY-6-O-311
HUGHES, HUGH                      AUBURN                        NY-6-32-93
HUGHES, HUGH                      AURELIUS                      NY-6-A1-208
HUGHES, JAMES                     AUBURN                        NY-6-29-175
HUGHES, JULIA                     AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-93
HUGHES, MICHAEL                   OWASCO                        NY-6-R-524
HUGHIT, WILLIAM                   GENOA                         NY-6-B1-120B
HUGHITT, RACHEL M.                AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-629
HULATT, SARAH                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-31B-267
HULBERT, ANGELICA V. R.           AUBURN                        NY-6-31C-343
HULETT, EVELINA                   GRANVILLE, WASHINGTON, NY     NY-6-31C-190
HULL, HENRY                       GENOA                         NY-6-Q-161
HULL, JOHN                        VENICE                        NY-6-Y-327
HULL, SARAH A.                    VENICE                        NY-6-34A-249
HULL, WILLIAM                     GENOA                         NY-6-E-411
HULL, WILLIAM H.                  CATO                          NY-6-37A-233
HULSE, GILBERT W.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-32B-1
HULSE, WILLIAM T.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-28-25
HULTS, HIRAM                      NILES                         NY-6-P-616
HULTS, JERUSHA F.                 NILES                         NY-6-M-409
HUME, CORNELIA M.                 STERLING                      NY-6-U-51
HUNSIKER, HENRY                   OWASCO                        NY-6-I-493
HUNSIKER, HOYT                    OWASCO                        NY-6-33C-181
HUNT, GARRY                       SCIPIO                        NY-6-K-191
HUNT, HANNAH M.                   SCIPIO                        NY-6-31B-147
HUNT, JEREMIAH                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-35C-369
HUNT, JEROME B.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-32C-199
HUNT, RANSOM                      IRA                           NY-6-F-72
HUNT, SAAH ANN                    SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-W-80
HUNT, THOMAS M.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-L-78
HUNT, WILLIAM                     AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-259
HUNTER, ANNA J.                   CONQUEST                      NY-6-P-562
HUNTER, DANIEL                    SCIPIO                        NY-6-33A-349
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                 SENNETT                       NY-6-34A-617
HUNTER, FLETCHER                  CATO                          NY-6-Y-585
HUNTER, FRANCIS                   AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-101
HUNTER, HUGH                      CATO                          NY-6-32B-151
HUNTER, JAMES C.                  STERLING                      NY-6-38A-73
HUNTER, JOHN                      STERLING                      NY-6-36B-175
HUNTER, JOHN                      BRUTUS                        NY-6-31-235
HUNTER, JOHN                      ULYSES                        NY-6-A1-74
HUNTER, SALMON M.                 SCIPIO                        NY-6-O-294
HUNTER, WILLIAM                   CONQUEST                      NY-6-H-354
HUNTING, ASA                      BRUTUS                        NY-6-34B-403
HUNTING, SARAH A.                 BRUTUS                        NY-6-28-72
HUNTINGTON, EZRA A.               AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-309
HUNTOON, JOSEPHINE M.             AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-269
HUPFIELD, THERESA                 MENTZ                         NY-6-Y-94
HURD, CARTER                      AURELIUS                      NY-6-27-394
HURD, MARION G.                   MENTZ                         NY-6-33B-313
HURD, NATHAN                      CATO                          NY-6-B1-62B
HURD, PHINEAS                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-R-519
HURLBERT, TRUMAN J.               MENTZ                         NY-6-M-190
HURLBURT, AMOS                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-30-1
HURLBURT, AMOS                    GENOA                         NY-6-A2-489
HURLBUT, DANIEL L.                AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-573
HURLBUT, SIMEON                   FLEMING                       NY-6-31B-475
HURLEY, CORNELIUS                 LEDYARD                       NY-6-36A-81
HURN, GEORGE                      AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-230
HURN, SOPHIA                      AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-553
HUSK, ABRAM                       NILES                         NY-6-Z-143
HUSK, THOMAS                      MENTZ                         NY-6-I-48
HUSSEY, JONATHAN                  MORAVIA                       NY-6-J-285
HUSSEY, PHEBE M.                  SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-X-557
HUSSEY, SYLVANUS                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-D-36
HUSTED, CORTLAND D.               MENTZ                         NY-6-29-27
HUSTED, DAVID                     VENICE                        NY-6-L-343
HUTCHINGS, AMOS                   STERLING                      NY-6-C2-145
HUTCHINS, BUEL                    CONQUEST                      NY-6-X-535
HUTCHINS, CHARLES S.              AUBURN                        NY-6-33A-505
HUTCHINS, JOHN                    CONQUEST                      NY-6-K-362
HUTCHINSON, CHARLES B.            AUBURN                        NY-6-T-131
HUTCHINSON, ELIZABETH B.          AURELIUS                      NY-6-Z-147
HUTCHINSON, HENRY C.              AURELIUS                      NY-6-27-122
HUTCHINSON, JULIUS C.             AUBURN                        NY-6-Q-208
HUTCHINSON, MARY A.               AUBURN                        NY-6-27-458
HUTCHINSON, MATHIAS               GENOA                         NY-6-35C-9
HUTCHINSON, MATHIAS               LEDYARD                       NY-6-32C-643
HUTCHINSON, SAMUEL W.             VENICE                        NY-6-33A-1
HUTCHINSON, THOMAS                GENOA                         NY-6-H-219
HUTCHISON, ADALINE M.             VENICE                        NY-6-33A-593
HUTCHISON, JOHN                   VENICE                        NY-6-L-125
HUTTS, DAVID                      SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-C1-320
HUTTS, EPHRAIM                    SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-C1-315
HYDE, ALANSON                     VICTORY                       NY-6-X-43
HYDE, DAN                         AURELIUS                      NY-6-A1-198
HYDE, DAVID                       AUBURN                        NY-6-A2-234
HYDE, DAVID                       AUBURN                        NY-6-B1-165B
HYDE, JAMES                       AUBURN                        NY-6-31-115
HYDE, MARY A.                     AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-381
HYZER, JACOB                      BRUTUS                        NY-6-O-50
IDE, ELECTA                       SCIPIO                        NY-6-W-366
IDEN, GEORGE                      LEDYARD                       NY-6-36A-17
INGALSBE, EBENEZER                SCIPIO                        NY-6-C1-286
INGERSOLL, JOHN                   STERLING                      NY-6-D-287
INGERSOLL, SUSAN                  MENTZ                         NY-6-34A-425
INGHAM, WILLIAM                   CATO                          NY-6-A2-469
INGRAHAM, D. HENRY                FLEMING                       NY-6-38A-237
INGRAHAM, HENRY W.                FLEMING                       NY-6-35B-369
INGRAM, EZRA                      SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-S-78
IRLAND, JOSEPH                    STERLING                      NY-6-C1-293
IRVIN, JACOB H.                   AURELIUS                      NY-6-31B-19
IRWIN, MARY ANN                   STERLING                      NY-6-33B-129
ISAACS, CYRENE                    GENOA                         NY-6-C1-72
ISHAM, DAVID                      VICTORY                       NY-6-Y-354
IVES, ENOS B.                     AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-157
IVES, NEWTON                      BRUTUS                        NY-6-M-89
IVISON, HARRIET M.                AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-193
IVORY, JAMES                      MORAVIA                       NY-6-38A-425
JACK, MINNIE                      AUBURN                        NY-6-Z-610
JACKSON, ASA                      AURELIUS                      NY-6-B1-57B
JACKSON, JOHN                     GENOA                         NY-6-31B-491
JACKSON, WILLIAM                  VENICE                        NY-6-33C-465
JACKSON, WILLIAM                  LOCKE                         NY-6-Z-345
JACOBS, ELIZA                     MONTEZUMA                     NY-6-31C-37
JACOBS, HORATIO N.                GENOA                         NY-6-T-622
JACOBS, JOSEPH                    VENIE                         NY-6-E-333
JACOBS, SOLOMON P.                MENTZ                         NY-6-J-498
JAGO, JOHN                        AUBURN                        NY-6-32-361
JAKEWAY, JOHN                     CATO                          NY-6-G-372
JAKWAY, ARCHBALD                  VICTORY                       NY-6-O-604
JAKWAY, ARCHIBALD                 VICTORY                       NY-6-P-27
JAKWAY, BENJAMIN                  VICTORY                       NY-6-27-467
JAKWAY, MARY ANN                  VICTORY                       NY-6-29-399
JAMES, ELIZABETH L.               SPRING PARK, MARION, FL       NY-6-31C-373
JAMES, RICHARD                    AUBURN                        NY-6-S-316
JANES, ELEAZER T.                 IRA                           NY-6-32-505
JANES, ERASTUS                    IRA                           NY-6-T-510
JARROD, CANFIELD                  AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-306
JARVIS, SOPHIA A.                 SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-31B-227
JAYNE, JOTHAM                     SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-B1-95A
JAYNE, MARY L.                    NILES                         NY-6-U-196
JAYNES, GERTRUDE                  IRA                           NY-6-35E-29
JENCKS, MARY EMELINE              AUBURN                        NY-6-28-275
JENKINS, ALEXANDER B.             CONQUST                       NY-6-33B-417
JENKINS, REUBEN                   VICTORY                       NY-6-M-228
JENKS, ANTHONY                    SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-C2-192
JENNE, NOAH                       VENICE                        NY-6-C1-348
JENNEY, SAMUEL                    SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-I-470
JENNEY, THOMAS                    SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-X-441
JENNINGS, BRADFORD                VENICE                        NY-6-O-439
JERALMAN, THOMAS                  OWASCO                        NY-6-Q-122
JERNEGAN, ALICE E.                CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-6-30-539
JEROME, JAMES B.                  MENTZ                         NY-6-Q-380
JESSUP, AMOS                      GENOA                         NY-6-J-185
JESSUP, RACHEL                    GENOA                         NY-6-O-398
JEWEL, JAMES                      CATO                          NY-6-D-460
JEWELL, JOHN                      CATO                          NY-6-K-55
JEWETT, GUERNSEY                  MORAVIA                       NY-6-34A-217
JOHNS, DAVID                      SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-B1-68A
JOHNS, HORACE                     THROOP                        NY-6-X-605
JOHNSON, ALONZO                   SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-37A-277
JOHNSON, ALVAH                    MENTZ                         NY-6-S-567
JOHNSON, ANDREW                   MENTZ                         NY-6-P-168
JOHNSON, ANDREW                   SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-C1-130
JOHNSON, ANDREW W.                AUBURN                        NY-6-32-541
JOHNSON, CALVIN C.                MORAVIA                       NY-6-35A-545
JOHNSON, CLARISSA                 SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-R-195
JOHNSON, CYRUS                    CONQUEST                      NY-6-M-414
JOHNSON, DAVID                    NILES                         NY-6-D-451
JOHNSON, DAVID P.                 SCIPIO                        NY-6-G-177
JOHNSON, JAMES                    AUBURN                        NY-6-R-559
JOHNSON, JAMES H.                 SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-P-46
JOHNSON, JANE ANN                 AUBURN                        NY-6-30-112
JOHNSON, JESSE                    SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-F-274
JOHNSON, JULIA A.                 LOCKE                         NY-6-X-364
JOHNSON, LEVI                     AUBURN                        NY-6-Q-409
JOHNSON, MARGARET                 SCIPIO                        NY-6-Z-260
JOHNSON, MARY ANN HOGLE           SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-38A-445
JOHNSON, MARY L.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-537
JOHNSON, ROBERT                   IRA                           NY-6-32-233
JOHNSON, SARAH A.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-33A-229
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  OWASCO                        NY-6-28-249
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-H-468
JOHNSTON, ISAAC                   GENOA                         NY-6-B1-4
JONES, EZRA                       LOCKE                         NY-6-A2-495
JONES, HARRIET E.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-33C-173
JONES, HENRY                      GENOA                         NY-6-X-111
JONES, JANE                       MENTZ                         NY-6-F-316
JONES, JOHN REV.                  LEDYARD                       NY-6-33B-409
JONES, LIBBIE                     MONTEZUMA                     NY-6-36A-537
JONES, NATHANIEL                  VICTORY                       NY-6-I-454
JONES, ORLANDO                    HASTINGS, OXFORD, ENGLAND     NY-6-J-290
JONES, REBECCA                    NILES                         NY-6-U-452
JONES, SAMUEL R.                  SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-37A-97
JONES, SARAH E.                   AURELIUS                      NY-6-38A-461
JONES, WILLIAM F.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-36B-331
JONES, WILLIAM V.                 CATO                          NY-6-32-601
JORALEMON, JOHN I.                CATO                          NY-6-W-1
JUDGE, ALICE                      AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-553
JUDGE, DANIEL                     AUBURN                        NY-6-28-612
JUDGE, ISAAC                      VENICE                        NY-6-35B-129
JUDSON, NORMAN                    CONQUEST                      NY-6-37A-473
JUDSON, POLLY M.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-31-271
JUMP, MARIA S.                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-38A-585
KALTENBORN, MARY A.               AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-601
KANALEY, JEREMIAH                 SENNETT                       NY-6-35A-465
KAVANAUGH, MICHAEL                AUBURN                        NY-6-27-333
KEATH, JAMES                      IRA                           NY-6-L-34
KEBLER, DANIEL                    GENOA                         NY-6-32-5
KEEFE, ANNE                       AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-169
KEELER, EDWIN R.                  STERLING                      NY-6-29-502
KEELER, JAMES S.                  SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-38A-281
KEELER, LEWIS                     MENTZ                         NY-6-N-163
KEELER, MICHAEL F.                AUBURN                        NY-6-32-313
KEELER, MORRIS                    MORAVIA                       NY-6-31C-114
KEENAN, PATRICK                   SUMMERHILL                    NY-6-28-566
KELLET, MARY                      SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-32B-135
KELLET, WILLIAM                   SENNETT                       NY-6-S-302
KELLEY, DANIEL                    AURELIUS                      NY-6-R-394
KELLEY, JOHN                      FLEMING                       NY-6-31B-187
KELLEY, PHEBE                     MENTZ                         NY-6-L-177
KELLOGG, ANN ELIZA                VENICE                        NY-6-34A-409
KELLOGG, SILAS                    IRA                           NY-6-O-465
KELLY, ALMIRA                     MORAVIA                       NY-6-36A-393
KELLY, MATTHEW                    OWASCO                        NY-6-35A-429
KELLY, PATRICK                    AUBURN                        NY-6-32-437
KELLY, PATRICK                    AURELIUS                      NY-6-Y-633
KELLY, SAMUEL                     VENICE                        NY-6-D-87
KELLY, WILLIAM P.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-243
KELSEY, JANE P.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-30-429
KELSEY, JOHN                      GENOA                         NY-6-A1-326
KELSEY, JOHN 2ND                  GENOA                         NY-6-A1-352
KELSEY, WILLIAM H.                AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-443
KENDALL, CHARLES E.               GENOA                         NY-6-31-577
KENDALL, MELISSA B.               VICTORY                       NY-6-33C-573
KENDALL, WILLIAM B.               LEDYARD                       NY-6-M-474
KENNEDY, DORCAS                   NILES                         NY-6-J-97
KENNEDY, JULIA A.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-T-151
KENNEDY, LAURA B.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-621
KENNEDY, MARY P.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-28-231
KENNEDY, SARAH                    CATO                          NY-6-33C-597
KENNEDY, SIDNEY R.                THROOP                        NY-6-Q-457
KENNEDY, TERANCE J.               AUBURN                        NY-6-30-532
KENT, EDWIN                       VICTORY                       NY-6-31-361
KENYON, CHRISTOPHER               LOCKE                         NY-6-O-107
KENYON, HENRY B.                  IRA                           NY-6-J-92
KENYON, JAMES                     NILES                         NY-6-Z-397
KENYON, JANE                      SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-U-383
KENYON, MARY                      GENOA                         NY-6-37A-305
KENYON, SARAH                     LOCKE                         NY-6-Q-178
KERR, JOHN                        FLEMING                       NY-6-G-236
KERR, MANSFIELD B.                AUBURN                        NY-6-36B-277
KERWIN, ELIZA                     AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-505
KETCHUM, MARY                     BRUTUS                        NY-6-29-505
KETTET, MARY                      SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-31B-259
KEVILL, WILLIAM                   STERLING                      NY-6-29-89
KIBBY, PAMALO S.                  NILES                         NY-6-N-349
KICK, JOHN                        MONTEZUMA                     NY-6-28-631
KIELEY, MICHAEL                   AUBURN                        NY-6-29-256
KIELY, PATRICK                    AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-105
KIES, JOSEPH                      NILES                         NY-6-B2-192
KILBORNE, LUCIUS F.               NILES                         NY-6-29-222
KILLAM, ELIZA H.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-R-39
KIMBALL, MARGARET                 VICTORY                       NY-6-28-556
KIMBALL, ROBERT G.                CATO                          NY-6-32D-577
KIMBALL, SUSAN C.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-333
KIMBELL, ELIZUR W.                MORAVIA                       NY-6-32D-385
KINCHLEY, JAMES                   AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-123
KING, ADDIE C.                    AUBURN                        NY-6-X-414
KING, ANDREW H.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-457
KING, ANNA                        STERLING                      NY-6-P-179
KING, BENJAMIN                    GENOA                         NY-6-C1-126
KING, BERIAH                      VENICE                        NY-6-I-52
KING, CALEB                       LOCKE                         NY-6-33B-337
KING, CALEB                       LOCKE                         NY-6-C1-109
KING, CHARLOTTE F.                AUBURN                        NY-6-P-517
KING, CHARRY                      GENOA                         NY-6-31B-39
KING, DANIEL K.                   MENTZ                         NY-6-Q-229
KING, DAVIS                       LOCKE                         NY-6-B2-379
KING, EDWARD P.                   GENOA                         NY-6-28-376
KING, EUGENE H.                   PORT BYRON                    NY-6-W-111
KING, GEORGE M.                   OWASCO                        NY-6-33A-653
KING, JAMES H.                    VENICE                        NY-6-33B-317
KING, JENKINSON                   SPRINGPORT                    NY-6-33B-153
KING, JEREMIAH B.                 MENTZ                         NY-6-B2-462
KING, JOHN                        LEDYARD                       NY-6-O-204
KING, JOHN M.                     GENOA                         NY-6-37A-325
KING, LEWIS                       SCIPIO                        NY-6-L-453
KING, LUMAN                       SCIPIO                        NY-6-H-214
KING, MARGARET A.                 GENOA                         NY-6-P-613
KING, MARGARET BANKS              AUBURN                        NY-6-34B-589
KING, MARQUIS D.                  GENOA                         NY-6-Y-549
KING, MARY                        GENOA                         NY-6-O-173
KING, MARY C.                     GENOA                         NY-6-35B-569
KING, RICHARD                     MENTZ                         NY-6-Z-163
KING, SAMUEL                      STERLING                      NY-6-N-102
KING, SAMUEL                      SCIPIO                        NY-6-A2-412
KING, WILLIAM                     LEDYARD                       NY-6-M-180
KINGSBURY, JOSEPH                 STERLING                      NY-6-U-176
KINGSBURY, JULIA A.               STERLING                      NY-6-J-319
KINGSLEY, ALVAN                   GENOA                         NY-6-29-149
KINNEY, CATHERINE                 AUBURN                        NY-6-37A-189
KINNEY, PAUL                      NILES                         NY-6-33C-517
KINNEY, SOPHIA A.                 , JACKSON, MO                 NY-6-32-450
KINSELLA, BRIDGET                 AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-73
KINSELLA, JOHN                    AUBURN                        NY-6-35A-325
KINSELLA, PATRICK                 AUBURN                        NY-6-29-575
KINSELLA, TERANCE                 AUBURN                        NY-6-29-31
KINYO, JOHN                       VENICE                        NY-6-M-442
KIPP, HENRY                       CONQUEST                      NY-6-J-278
KIRBY, JOSEPH                     UNION SPRINGS                 NY-6-V-499
KIRK, ANNIE FRANCES               STERLING                      NY-6-38A-485
KIRK, BRIDGET                     MENTZ                         NY-6-33A-629
KIRKPATRICK, ANDREW               SEMPRONIUS                    NY-6-B1-41B
KIRKPATRICK, LUCY                 AUBURN                        NY-6-Q-71
KIRKPATRICK, THOMAS               NILES                         NY-6-P-525
KIRWAN, BERNARD                   AUBURN                        NY-6-W-615
KIRWAN, BRIDGET                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35C-577
KIRWAN, PATRICK                   AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-489
KIRWIN, THOMAS H.                 AUBURN                        NY-6-Y-117
KITCHEN, JOHN H.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-137
KITNER, MATTHEW                   BRUTUS                        NY-6-36A-389
KLEISH, JOHN                      AUBURN                        NY-6-X-1
KLINBIEL, HENRY SR.               AUBURN                        NY-6-35A-169
KNAPP, AUGUSTUS T.                VENICE                        NY-6-R-343
KNAPP, CYRUS W.                   GENOA                         NY-6-D-190
KNAPP, DAVID M.                   THROOP                        NY-6-32-481
KNAPP, JEHU                       AUBURN                        NY-6-K-246
KNAPP, JOHN N.                    AUBURN                        NY-6-34A-441
KNAPP, M. ADELE                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-141
KNAPP, OSCAR F.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-36B-55
KNAPP, SOLOMON                    GENOA                         NY-6-C2-255
KNAPP, THEODA                     CATO                          NY-6-X-34
KNAPP, ZADOCK                     STERLING                      NY-6-O-510
KNEESHAW, GEORGE                  GENOA                         NY-6-P-386
KNIFFIN, BENJAMIN                 FLEMING                       NY-6-E-237
KNIGHT, ANNIE B.                  AUBURN                        NY-6-36A-37
KNOBLES, WILLIAM T.               AUBURN                        NY-6-32D-307
KNOWLTON, ELIZABETH               MORAVIA                       NY-6-38A-441
KNOWLTON, PHEBETH                 VICTORY                       NY-6-35B-425
KNOX, JOHN                        SCIPIO                        NY-6-38A-249
KOENIG, WILLIAM                   AUBURN                        NY-6-38A-473
KOON, ANNA K.                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-33C-201
KOON, CORNELIUS                   VICTORY                       NY-6-X-196
KOON, GEORGE S.                   IRA                           NY-6-L-22
KOON, JOSEPH B.                   FLEMING                       NY-6-32C-547
KORTWRIGHT, ABRAHAM               VENICE                        NY-6-B2-18
KOX, MANASSAH                     SCIPIO                        NY-6-G-156
KRAFT, BARBARA                    AUBURN                        NY-6-31B-283
KRAFT, HENRY                      AUBURN                        NY-6-W-313
KRAMER, EMIL J.                   AUBURN                        NY-6-35B-557
KRAUSE, ADAM                      AUBURN                        NY-6-35E-445
KRAUSE, FLORIAN                   AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-217
KRAUSE, FLORIAN                   *                             NY-6-31C-187
KRUSE, FRANK                      AUBURN                        NY-6-33B-617
KYLE, DAVID                       AURELIUS                      NY-6-U-201
KYLE, GEORGE H.                   AURELIUS                      NY-6-W-428
KYLE, MARY                        AURELIUS                      NY-6-Z-80
KYLE, WILLIAM S.                  STERLING                      NY-6-31B-247

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