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TABER, ANNA C.               CHENANGO                     NY-4-17-313
TABER, JOHN C.               CHENANGO                     NY-4-15-283
TABER, JONATHAN              WINDSOR                      NY-4-17-73
TAFFANY, ELLA                SANFORD                      NY-4-23-193
TAFT, ABRAHAM                TRIANGLE                     NY-4-I-746
TAFT, AMOS                   CHENANGO                     NY-4-22-253
TAFT, ASA                    TRIANGLE                     NY-4-D-283
TAFT, HENRY                  TRIANGLE                     NY-4-#1-515
TAFT, ISAAC                  TRIANGLE                     NY-4-20-247
TAFT, SEYMOUR S.             LISLE                        NY-4-32-283
TALLMAN, ELIZA A.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-17-157
TAMKINS, EDWARD C.           CONKLIN                      NY-4-35-367
TAMKINS, JOHN                CONKLIN                      NY-4-22-457
TAMKINS, JOHN H.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-2-451
TAYLOR, A. FRANK             CHENANGO                     NY-4-35-505
TAYLOR, AMBROSE              VESTAL                       NY-4-7-367
TAYLOR, ANNA L.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-23-265
TAYLOR, BRYANT               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-15-91
TAYLOR, CARRINGTON E.        TRIANGLE                     NY-4-15-583
TAYLOR, DARWIN S.            MAINE                        NY-4-2-415
TAYLOR, EDWARD               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-33-91
TAYLOR, ELIZA M.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-29-145
TAYLOR, GEORGE               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-25-133
TAYLOR, HANNAH               UNION                        NY-4-12-163
TAYLOR, HULDAH               TRIANGLE                     NY-4-21-319
TAYLOR, IMOGENE H.           MAINE                        NY-4-27-583
TAYLOR, JESSE H.             VESTAL                       NY-4-27-31
TAYLOR, JOSIAH               UNION                        NY-4-C-41
TAYLOR, ROBERT D.            MAINE                        NY-4-27-589
TAYLOR, ROBERT D.            UNION                        NY-4-D-674
TAYLOR, WILLIAM E.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-24-409
TEACHOUT, SUEL               WINDSOR                      NY-4-8-79
TEEL, SALLY                  CHENANGO                     NY-4-16-595
TENNEY, EPHRAIM B.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-9-391
TERRY, BETSEY A.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-35-97
TERWILLIGER, ANDREW          CHENANGO                     NY-4-O-253
TERWILLIGER, CHARLES         BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-31-583
TERWILLIGER, ELIZA E.        CHENANGO                     NY-4-2-127
TERWILLIGER, FREDRIC M.      FENTON                       NY-4-26-121
TERWILLIGER, GETTY ANN       BARKER                       NY-4-7-457
TERWILLIGER, HARMAN B.       BARKER                       NY-4-11-301
TERWILLIGER, POLLY           CHENANGO                     NY-4-15-61
TERWILLIGER, THOMAS H.       CHENANGO                     NY-4-5-25
TERWILLIGER, WILLIAM         BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-34-169
THAYER, GEORGE A.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-14-529
THAYER, HARRIET M.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-25-247
THAYER, MARY J.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-34-595
THELEMAN, HENRY F.           LISLE                        NY-4-2-151
THOMAS, BETSEY               CHENANGO                     NY-4-#1-294
THOMAS, CATHARINE A.         BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-24-403
THOMAS, JOHN                 BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-22-547
THOMAS, MARIA                CHENANGO                     NY-4-26-349
THOMAS, OLIVE B.             CHENANGO                     NY-4-27-103
THOMAS, WILLIAM M.           CHENANGO                     NY-4-N-448
THOMAS, WILLIAM W.           CHENANGO                     NY-4-7-475
THOMPSON, ADALINE            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-35-433
THOMPSON, CHARLES H.         BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-24-157
THOMPSON, HARRIET            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-14-193
THOMPSON, HUGH               UNION                        NY-4-14-541
THOMPSON, SAMUEL N. JR.      BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-33-151
THOMPSON, SYLVESTER          COLESVILLE                   NY-4-12-481
THOMSON, ARMINDA M.          WINDSOR                      NY-4-26-235
THOMSON, MAHLON M.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-30-31
THOMSON, WILLIAM             CONKLIN                      NY-4-D-631
THORNE, ELIAS S.             UNION                        NY-4-34-139
THORP, CURTISS               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-O-39
THORP, LUCY                  WINDSOR                      NY-4-2-49
THROOP, JOSEPH               COLESVILLE                   NY-4-6-193
THUMM, MARTIN                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-22-79
THURBER, E. AMANDA           COLESVILLE                   NY-4-12-79
THURSTON, ALFRED             BARKER                       NY-4-18-13
THURSTON, SILVA              BARKER                       NY-4-37-229
THURSTON, WILLIS S.          SANFORD                      NY-4-25-583
TICHNOR, SAMUEL              TRIANGLE                     NY-4-14-313
TICKNOR, CHRISTINA           TRIANGLE                     NY-4-4-103
TICKNOR, GEORGE S.           TRIANGLE                     NY-4-18-31
TICKNOR, MARYETTE            TRIANGLE                     NY-4-21-121
TILBURY, DAVID               UNION                        NY-4-N-204
TILBURY, JANE VAN            SEE: VANTILBURY, JANE        NY-4-B-257
TILBURY, SALLY               UNION                        NY-4-19-235
TILBURY, WILLIAM             UNION                        NY-4-20-445
TILLOTSON, EDWIN A.          UNION                        NY-4-3-187
TILLSON, STEPHEN             TRIANGLE                     NY-4-6-409
TITCHENER, HENRY             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-16-265
TITUS, JOHN C.               SANFORD                      NY-4-8-481
TITUS, JOHN E.               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-6-415
TITUS, SOPHRONIA             SANFORD                      NY-4-10-91
TOBEY, SARAH                 BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-O-423
TODD, HENRY                  LISLE                        NY-4-O-309
TODD, HIRAM                  TRIANGLE                     NY-4-29-355
TODD, JAMES                  BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-22-223
TOLTON, WALTER               MAINE                        NY-4-23-199
TOMB, GEORGE                 JERSEY SHORE, LYCOMING, PA   NY-4-30-439
TOMPKINS, GILBERT            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-N-457
TOMPKINS, LUCY A.            BARKER                       NY-4-34-571
TOMPKINS, MARIA              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-31-571
TOOHEY, MARGARET             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-35-49
TOWN, ERASTUS                NANTICOKE                    NY-4-23-529
TOWNLEY, AUGUSTUS            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-11-193
TOWNLEY, CAROLINE            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-29-523
TOWNSEND, JOHN P.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-17-517
TRACY, URETTA                FENTON                       NY-4-31-67
TRAVIS, ADA D.               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-31-253
TRAVIS, ANN                  VESTAL                       NY-4-24-355
TRAVIS, JOHN C.              VESTAL                       NY-4-25-55
TRAVIS, JOHN W.              FENTON                       NY-4-22-265
TREADWELL, CHARLES H.        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-28-91
TREADWELL, GORDON W.         BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-18-583
TREBBY, WILLIAM              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-21-529
TREMAIN, HARRIET B.          COLESVILLE                   NY-4-26-223
TRESTER, KATE J.             UNION                        NY-4-34-25
TRIPP, PHILIP                KIRKWOOD                     NY-4-13-157
TRUE, HIRAM R.               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-26-361
TRUESDALE, AMBROSE           UNION                        NY-4-22-571
TRUESDALE, MARION            UNION                        NY-4-34-85
TRUESDELL, DAVIS D.          UNION                        NY-4-18-409
TRUESDELL, HELEN V.          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-8-55
TRUESDELL, SAMUEL            VESTAL                       NY-4-4-595
TRUESDELL, SILAS P.          VESTAL                       NY-4-D-669
TRUMBULL, ANNA               COVENTRY, CHENANGO, NY       NY-4-I-647
TRYON, ANTHONY               UNION                        NY-4-30-181
TRYON, CALVIN                UNION                        NY-4-I-578
TUBBS, HANNAH M.             COLESVILLE                   NY-4-14-169
TUBBS, ORRIS S.              COLESVILLE                   NY-4-I-413
TUCKER, ESECK H.             LISLE                        NY-4-5-493
TUCKER, MALINDA              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-23-61
TUCKER, NATHAN               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-11-181
TUCKER, POLLY                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-5-553
TULLY, JOSEPH                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-36-319
TURNER, ALTAMA               LISLE                        NY-4-15-319
TURNER, JAMES J.             COLESVILLE                   NY-4-10-19
TURNING, THOMAS              UNION                        NY-4-N-126
TUTTLE, BETSEY A.            COLESVILLE                   NY-4-25-427
TUTTLE, LOIS                 SANFORD                      NY-4-17-457
TUTTLE, WILLIAM W.           SANFORD                      NY-4-9-319
TWICHELL, HOMER P.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-5-529
TWINING, WILLIAM             UNION                        NY-4-29-277
TWISS, FRED                  UNION                        NY-4-14-577
TWISS, JANE                  BARKER                       NY-4-I-151
TWISS, MELIA MARIA           MAINE                        NY-4-#1-267
TWISS, WILLIAM               UNION                        NY-4-7-139
TWITCHELL, MARY ANN          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-19-295
TYLER, ABRAHAM               UNION                        NY-4-4-271
TYLER, AUSTIN W.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-7-1
TYLER, HENRY W.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-30-271
TYLER, HULDAH                LISLE                        NY-4-#1-233
TYLER, LUCY                  CONKLIN                      NY-4-10-43
TYLER, SUSAN                 UNION                        NY-4-6-385
TYLER, WILLIAM A.            DICKINSON                    NY-4-32-481
TYRRELL, GEORGE M.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-29-25
TYRRELL, LEROY A.            COLESVILLE                   NY-4-13-595
UFFORD, MARY                 UNION                        NY-4-B-243
UFFORD, SAMUEL               UNION                        NY-4-O-1
ULSHOEFFER, CHRISTINA        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-16-307
UNDERWOOD, ASA               LISLE                        NY-4-6-13
UNDERWOOD, EDWARD            VESTAL                       NY-4-25-169
UNDERWOOD, JONAS             SANFORD                      NY-4-16-397
UNDERWOOD, PETER D.          SANFORD                      NY-4-6-379
UPHAM, NEWELL N.             LISLE                        NY-4-7-263
UTTER, LYDIA                 COLESVILLE                   NY-4-16-283
UTTER, MARTHA J.             BARKER                       NY-4-16-475
UTTER, STELLA M.             COLESVILLE                   NY-4-24-121
UTTER, STEPHEN               COLESVILLE                   NY-4-8-181
VAIL, CATHARINE M.           KIRKWOOD                     NY-4-19-589
VAIL, ELIZABETH              SANFORD                      NY-4-32-133
VAIL, MARY B.                VESTAL                       NY-4-36-427
VALENTINE, N. GILBERT G.     SANFORD                      NY-4-33-481
VANANTWERP, EMILY L.         WINDSOR                      NY-4-23-163
VANANTWERP, LUCINDA L.       WINDSOR                      NY-4-6-85
VANAUKEN, GIDEON             CHENANGO                     NY-4-#1-144
VANBARAGER, JOHN ELMER       WINDSOR                      NY-4-16-445
VANBENSCHOTEN, MARY J.       BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-12-547
VANCE, THOMAS C.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-26-547
VANDEBURGH, ACHSAH A.        MAINE                        NY-4-37-517
VANDEMARK, ISAAC             UNION                        NY-4-27-229
VANDUSEN, JAMES W.           SANFORD                      NY-4-31-487
VANEMBURGH, THOMAS           FENTON                       NY-4-2-505
VANKEUREN, BEULAH            SEE: KEUREN, BEULAH          NY-4-23-499
VANNAME, CORNELIUS           FENTON                       NY-4-#1-421
VANNAME, HATTIE A.           UNION                        NY-4-21-295
VANNAME, WILLIAM             CHENANGO                     NY-4-B-334
VANNESS, DIADAMA             CHENANGO                     NY-4-I-1
VANNESS, JOHN                COLESVILLE                   NY-4-O-525
VANNESS, S. B.               GREAT BEND, SUSQUEHANNA, PA  NY-4-36-97
VANNOY, ELIAS                UNION                        NY-4-17-415
VANTILBURY, GEORGE           UNION                        NY-4-D-168
VANTILBURY, JANE             UNION                        NY-4-B-257
VANWAGNER, JOHN              KIRKWOOD                     NY-4-21-409
VANWAGNER, SUSAN J.          KIRKWOOD                     NY-4-33-289
VANWAGONER, JOHN B.          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-26-391
VANWAGONER, WILLIAM          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-10-85
VANWINKLE, HENRY             KIRKWOOD                     NY-4-19-421
VANWORMER, AARON             CONKLIN                      NY-4-15-487
VANWORMER, HARRIET P.        COLESVILLE                   NY-4-34-199
VANWORMER, ISAAC             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-31-595
VANWORMER, MAGDALEN C.       BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-36-349
VELY, HESTER                 VESTAL                       NY-4-3-181
VINCENT, LYDIA               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-16-49
VINCENT, TIMOTHY             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-#1-401
VOSBURY, ELIZABETH           CONKLIN                      NY-4-18-541
VOSBURY, LELLIE              WINDSOR                      NY-4-#1-211
VOSBURY, ORSAMUS             COLESVILLE                   NY-4-3-265
VOSBURY, RICHARD             WINDSOR                      NY-4-N-399
WADE, THEODORE               LISLE                        NY-4-O-529
WADSWORTH, SAMUEL            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-21-259
WAGNER, JOHN H.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-17-403
WAGNER, WILHELMINA C.        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-26-571
WAGONER, CLARA A.            TRIANGLE                     NY-4-26-151
WAGONER, ELIZABETH           TRIANGLE                     NY-4-15-145
WAITE, HERMAN V.             FENTON                       NY-4-6-277
WAITE, JULIA ETTE            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-#1-522
WAKEFIELD, FANNY L.          MAINE                        NY-4-33-535
WAKEMAN, GEORGE              COLESVILLE                   NY-4-D-357
WAKEMAN, JOHN S.             COLESVILLE                   NY-4-20-241
WALDORF, NICHOLAS            COLESVILLE                   NY-4-13-379
WALDRON, JOHN V. A.          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-22-271
WALKER, DAVID                SANFORD                      NY-4-29-211
WALKER, WILLIAM              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-12-247
WALL, JOHN                   BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-30-121
WALLACE, SARAH W.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-21-427
WALLING, ELIZABETH C.        WINDSOR                      NY-4-12-31
WALLING, LYDIA H.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-26-403
WALSH, ADELINE M.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-30-199
WALSH, MARGARET              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-17-397
WALSH, MARY                  BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-28-511
WALSH, VIRGINIA A.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-12-301
WALTER, ASAPH B.             BARKER                       NY-4-22-595
WALTER, CHARLES J.           NANTICOKE                    NY-4-9-553
WALTER, HORACE               MAINE                        NY-4-2-271
WALTERS, WILLIAM H.          BARKER                       NY-4-I-663
WARD, ELIZA L.               ITASKA                       NY-4-31-463
WARD, LUKE                   UNION                        NY-4-36-361
WARD, PATRICK                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-5-535
WARDELL, MARY E.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-18-43
WARING, MARY                 BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-36-109
WARNER, BELA                 FENTON                       NY-4-25-499
WARNER, BENJAMIN             WINDSOR                      NY-4-N-7
WARNER, ISAAC                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-3-595
WARNER, JOHN                 COLESVILLE                   NY-4-27-361
WARNER, ROXIE P.             COLESVILLE                   NY-4-27-433
WARNER, SARAH E.             UNION                        NY-4-19-373
WARNER, SHELDON              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-20-271
WARREN, PHILANDER S.         NANTICOKE                    NY-4-26-49
WARRINGTON, SETH             SANFORD                      NY-4-#1-70
WARWICK, DANIEL              VESTAL                       NY-4-22-325
WASSON, JOHNATHAN T.         COLESVILLE                   NY-4-I-177
WATERMAN, CHAUNCEY B.        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-31-73
WATERMAN, CORNELIA S.        COLESVILLE                   NY-4-5-355
WATERMAN, ELLA H.            DETROIT, WAYNE, MI           NY-4-25-421
WATERMAN, JOHN               SANFORD                      NY-4-8-493
WATERMAN, MARY M.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-36-91
WATERMAN, THOMAS             CHENANGO                     NY-4-I-658
WATERMAN, WILLIAM J.         DETROIT, WAYNE, MI           NY-4-13-67
WATKINS, JOHN                BERKSHIRE                    NY-4-B-117
WATKINS, MORRILL             BERKSHIRE                    NY-4-B-185
WATROUS, ANSEL               CONKLIN                      NY-4-#1-226
WATROUS, ELI W.              KIRKWOOD                     NY-4-30-223
WATROUS, HERBERT             COLESVILLE                   NY-4-18-181
WATROUS, HULDAH A.           COLESVILLE                   NY-4-34-301
WATROUS, LOOMIS              COLESVILLE                   NY-4-35-475
WATROUS, LUCY                COLESVILLE                   NY-4-21-205
WATROUS, MAY O.              COLESVILLE                   NY-4-26-115
WATROUS, MINERVA             WINDSOR                      NY-4-31-445
WATROUS, RANSOM              COLESVILLE                   NY-4-N-154
WAY, HARVEY                  BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-29-181
WEBSTER, ELIAS               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-21-589
WEBSTER, MARY                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-4-91
WEDGE, DAVID                 WINDSOR                      NY-4-2-499
WEDGE, LUCY A.               COLESVILLE                   NY-4-27-265
WEED, EMELINE                WINDSOR                      NY-4-9-493
WEED, MARY P.                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-2-241
WEED, WILLIAM M.             FENTON                       NY-4-22-499
WEEKS, HIRAM                 COLESVILLE                   NY-4-34-391
WEEKS, MARY J.               SANFORD                      NY-4-12-535
WEEKS, PHILLIP               WINDSOR                      NY-4-I-567
WEIDMAN, ADRIAN              WINDSOR                      NY-4-32-25
WEISHEIMER, JOHN T.          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-25-355
WELCH, EMELINE               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-23-271
WELCH, EMMA                  BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-34-235
WELCH, MICHAEL               VESTAL                       NY-4-2-187
WELD, VARRANUS               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-22-451
WELDEN, GEORGE W.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-32-331
WELLS, JOSIAH D.             FENTON                       NY-4-19-301
WELLS, MARIA LOUISA          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-17-175
WELLS, MARY F.               PLAINFIELD, UNION, NJ        NY-4-15-559
WELSH, JANE                  SANFORD                      NY-4-4-535
WELTON, ABNER JONES          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-29-343
WELTON, CHAUNCEY             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-13-463
WELTON, JOEL                 COLESVILLE                   NY-4-#1-205
WELTON, LYMAN                WINDSOR                      NY-4-4-133
WELTON, SUSAN K.             COLESVILLE                   NY-4-5-403
WEMPLE, SARAH A.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-22-31
WENN, OBADIAH                DICKINSON                    NY-4-32-355
WENTZ, BEULAH W.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-18-25
WENTZ, MARY C.               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-35-499
WENTZ, PETER                 CHENANGO                     NY-4-D-94
WENTZ, WILLIAM               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-4-163
WENTZLER, SUSAN M.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-36-547
WESLAR, MARGARET             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-35-151
WEST, DAVID B.               VESTAL                       NY-4-18-337
WEST, DOLLY                  CHENANGO                     NY-4-3-379
WEST, GEORGE A.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-26-109
WEST, GEORGE JACOB           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-15-403
WEST, HIRAM                  CHENANGO                     NY-4-5-127
WEST, JOHN G.                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-23-91
WEST, SILAS                  BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-O-52
WESTCOTT, LUCIE K.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-25-157
WESTCOTT, NICHOLAS           MAINE                        NY-4-25-13
WESTFALL, AMELIA             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-37-313
WETMORE, CLARK, H.           WINDSOR                      NY-4-32-385
WETMORE, JAMES W.            WINDSOR                      NY-4-6-187
WHALEN, JOHN                 BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-35-313
WHEAT, MAHLON                MAINE                        NY-4-10-163
WHEATON, BETHUEL             CONKLIN                      NY-4-D-307
WHEATON, CALVIN              MAINE                        NY-4-13-511
WHEATON, CALVIN J.           LISLE                        NY-4-15-127
WHEATON, CYNTHIA             LISLE                        NY-4-O-358
WHEATON, JOHN C.             LISLE                        NY-4-13-557
WHEATON, JOSEPH              LISLE                        NY-4-O-64
WHEATON, WASHINGTON W.       BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-17-307
WHEELER, BENJAMIN            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-5-289
WHEELER, BENJAMIN F.         SANFORD                      NY-4-22-331
WHEELER, JARED               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-23-241
WHEELER, JOSHUA              BARKER                       NY-4-D-607
WHEELER, JOSHUA JR.          BARKER                       NY-4-D-70
WHEELER, KATE A.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-33-241
WHEELER, MILTON              MAINE                        NY-4-10-283
WHEELER, SAMANTHA A.         UNION                        NY-4-2-283
WHEELER, SARAH               UNION                        NY-4-B-318
WHEELER, SOPHRONIA           FENTON                       NY-4-15-139
WHIPPLE, CHARLES J.          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-22-115
WHITAKER, ELIAB R.           VESTAL                       NY-4-36-61
WHITAKER, JOHN               VESTAL                       NY-4-5-313
WHITAKER, SETH               COLESVILLE                   NY-4-19-247
WHITAKER, SYLVESTER S.       FENTON                       NY-4-27-109
WHITE, GEORGE                COLESVILLE                   NY-4-17-259
WHITE, LEWIS S.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-12-241
WHITE, LUCY                  BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-16-55
WHITE, LUCY C.               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-11-517
WHITE, MAMIE J.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-20-31
WHITE, MARY GEORGIANA        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-30-127
WHITE, NANCY E.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-32-535
WHITE, THOMAS                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-O-24
WHITEMORE, ELIAS             WINDSOR                      NY-4-I-840
WHITHAM, JOSEPH              COLESVILLE                   NY-4-O-447
WHITING, NANCY G.            LISLE                        NY-4-2-85
WHITMAN, MARSHAL E.          SANFORD                      NY-4-22-421
WHITMORE, THOMAS B.          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-I-91
WHITNEY, AMANDA              TRIANGLE                     NY-4-5-541
WHITNEY, CHARLOTTE           LISLE                        NY-4-15-397
WHITNEY, EDWARD B.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-15-499
WHITNEY, ELIJAH              SANFORD                      NY-4-3-145
WHITNEY, GEORGE              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-O-442
WHITNEY, HIRAM N.            LISLE                        NY-4-34-535
WHITNEY, JOHNSON             CHENANGO                     NY-4-N-49
WHITNEY, JOSHUA              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-19-145
WHITNEY, JULIA C.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-5-211
WHITNEY, MARY                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-7-79
WHITNEY, SARAH M.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-28-73
WHITNEY, SOPHIA S.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-14-103
WHITNEY, SUSAN E.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-4-469
WHITNEY, WILLIAM             *                            NY-4-A-43
WHITNEY, WILLIAM             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-21-457
WHITNEY, WILLIAM             TRIANGLE                     NY-4-I-666
WHITNEY, ZARA S.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-32-559
WHITTAKER, DORCAS            SANFORD                      NY-4-28-85
WHITTELSEY, EZRA             LISLE                        NY-4-B-4
WHITTEMORE, FRED             UNION                        NY-4-32-163
WHITTEMORE, HENRIETTA        UNION                        NY-4-4-505
WHITTEMORE, NATHAN           MAINE                        NY-4-14-295
WHITTEMORE, NATHAN           UNION                        NY-4-5-217
WICKHAM, AHIRA               TOWANDA, BRADFORD, PA        NY-4-19-97
WICKHAM, ALVAN               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-12-499
WICKWIRE, ANDREW E.          SANFORD                      NY-4-30-301
WIDERMAN, JAMES              VESTAL                       NY-4-4-217
WIGHT, GEORGE H.             WINDSOR                      NY-4-30-139
WILBER, HELEN L.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-24-529
WILBER, OLIVE                SEE: MAINE, OLIVE            NY-4-24-499
WILBUR, ABRAM T.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-13-563
WILBUR, ANN                  BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-14-19
WILBUR, JOSEPH H.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-32-457
WILCOX, AMOS                 CHENANGO                     NY-4-15-49
WILCOX, DARIUS B.            LISLE                        NY-4-34-427
WILCOX, GEORGE               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-11-277
WILCOX, PARINTHA             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-33-235
WILCOX, PHILO                KIRKWOOD                     NY-4-12-349
WILCOX, STEPHEN S.           UNION                        NY-4-32-523
WILDER, ADDISON S.           COLESVILLE                   NY-4-37-319
WILDEY, ALANSON              CONKLIN                      NY-4-12-73
WILES, DAVID                 MAINE                        NY-4-13-79
WILES, MARY ETT              MAINE                        NY-4-34-271
WILES, URSULA                COLESVILLE                   NY-4-29-535
WILLARD, SARAH A.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-24-169
WILLIAMS, ANGELINE C.        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-33-469
WILLIAMS, HENRY A.           WINDSOR                      NY-4-17-169
WILLIAMS, JESSE              TRIANGLE                     NY-4-N-367
WILLIAMS, JOHN               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-2-385
WILLIAMS, SALLY              COLESVILLE                   NY-4-8-547
WILLIAMSON, GARRET           PORT CRANE                   NY-4-O-362
WILLIS, BENJAMIN             VESTAL                       NY-4-27-127
WILLIS, ELIAS                VESTAL                       NY-4-D-569
WILLIS, JOHN P.              VESTAL                       NY-4-17-31
WILLIS, LAURA                UNION                        NY-4-21-73
WILLIS, RIASON               VESTAL                       NY-4-37-487
WILLMARTH, AMANDA            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-29-313
WILLSE, NANCY C.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-13-253
WILMOT, ABIJAH               WINDSOR                      NY-4-3-469
WILMOT, E. F. (M.D.)         GREAT BEND, SUSQUEHANNA, PA  NY-4-28-445
WILMOT, OSCAR B.             FENTON                       NY-4-29-553
WILMOT, RUTH A.              FENTON                       NY-4-36-205
WILSON, GEORGE W.            NANTICOKE                    NY-4-#1-32
WILSON, JANE                 CHENANGO                     NY-4-12-505
WILSON, JOHN                 MAINE                        NY-4-4-463
WILSON, JOHN B.              WINDSOR                      NY-4-32-445
WILSON, REBECCA J.           BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-14-121
WILSON, THOMAS               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-20-193
WINANS, BETSEY               VESTAL                       NY-4-6-487
WINANS, PETER                VESTAL                       NY-4-D-247
WINDHAM, HARRIET M.          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-15-469
WINFIELD, RACHEL             MAINE                        NY-4-13-1
WINNE, RICHARD COOLEY        CHENANGO                     NY-4-29-577
WINNER, JOHN                 BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-3-139
WINNER, JOSEPHINE            FENTON                       NY-4-3-475
WINSLOW, JAMES ANCRUM        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-20-475
WINSOR, DAVID B.             WINDSOR                      NY-4-3-361
WINSTON, CHAUNCEY            UNION                        NY-4-13-223
WINSTON, LOIS                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-25-535
WINTERGUST, ENGELBERT        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-33-109
WINTERS, JAMES               COLESVILLE                   NY-4-O-180
WISER, FRANCIS X.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-20-103
WISNELL, SAMUEL              TRIANGLE                     NY-4-7-37
WITHBECK, SEYMOUR            WINDSOR                      NY-4-2-139
WITHERALL, AMOS A.           UNION                        NY-4-O-148
WITLY, JOHN                  LISLE                        NY-4-4-589
WOLF, MARTIN                 BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-8-373
WOOD, ALVAH                  KIRKWOOD                     NY-4-15-115
WOOD, CAROLINE L.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-25-553
WOOD, DAVID                  LISLE                        NY-4-18-37
WOOD, ELIJAH                 CONKLIN                      NY-4-I-105
WOOD, GEORGE A.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-20-505
WOOD, HANNAH A.              UNION                        NY-4-16-565
WOOD, JOSEPH                 WINDSOR                      NY-4-D-178
WOOD, JOSEPH                 NANTICOKE                    NY-4-25-457
WOOD, RACHEL                 BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-10-529
WOODALL, ELLENA              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-32-493
WOODRUFF, CHARLES            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-22-433
WOODRUFF, CLARISSA D.        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-6-199
WOODRUFF, EMILY C. H.        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-35-223
WOODRUFF, FANNY              WINDSOR                      NY-4-D-16
WOODRUFF, JEHIEL             WINDSOR                      NY-4-10-175
WOODRUFF, JEHIEL             WINDSOR                      NY-4-B-89
WOODRUFF, JULIA              WINDSOR                      NY-4-12-67
WOODRUFF, LUCIAN             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-18-493
WOODRUFF, PHIMELIA R.        WINDSOR                      NY-4-13-73
WOODS, JAMES S.              BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-33-463
WOODS, KATE                  NANTICOKE                    NY-4-37-235
WOOLHART, ROSETTA            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-19-259
WOOLSEY, ASBURY              CHENANGO                     NY-4-I-86
WOOSTER, JASPER              MAINE                        NY-4-25-403
WORDEN, CATHERINE            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-32-307
WORDEN, JENNIE T.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-32-127
WORDEN, PETER S.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-17-295
WOUGHTER, JESSE              UNION                        NY-4-27-271
WOUGHTER, JOHN               UNION                        NY-4-I-169
WOUGHTER, MARTHA A.          UNION                        NY-4-27-235
WRIGHT, ADDISON              MAINE                        NY-4-18-79
WRIGHT, CORDELIA J.          BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-19-595
WRIGHT, DAVID                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-3-325
WRIGHT, GEORGE H.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-16-577
WRIGHT, HARNEY               MAINE                        NY-4-4-385
WRIGHT, JOHN                 VESTAL                       NY-4-6-265
WRIGHT, JOSEPH M.            UNION                        NY-4-4-277
WRIGHT, LYMAN                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-8-409
WRIGHT, MARIA P.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-6-205
WYLIE, JAMES                 COLESVILLE                   NY-4-D-663
WYLIE, MARY A.               COLESVILLE                   NY-4-37-277
YAGER, ADAM                  BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-17-127
YAGER, ADAM                  COLESVILLE                   NY-4-11-547
YALE, MARY JANE              TRIANGLE                     NY-4-21-217
YARRINGTON, JOHN H.          VESTAL                       NY-4-I-154
YATES, JANE                  MAINE                        NY-4-17-253
YATES, JOHN S.               UNION                        NY-4-26-499
YATES, JOHNSON E.            VESTAL                       NY-4-30-553
YOUMANS, CATHERINE M.        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-22-217
YOUMANS, CHARLOTTE A.        BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-34-319
YOUMANS, EDWARD C.           DICKINSON                    NY-4-34-325
YOUMANS, JOHN J.             BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-11-205
YOUNG, EMMA E.               BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-14-571
YOUNG, HUGH                  CHENANGO                     NY-4-16-331
YOUNG, JOHN                  WINDSOR                      NY-4-11-487
YOUNG, L. COE                BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-32-433
YOUNG, MARY M.               LISLE                        NY-4-22-439
YOUNG, WILLIAM F.            BINGHAMTON                   NY-4-27-289

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