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NAAN, ANN                    BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-2-259
NASH, DENISON                DICKINSON                     NY-4-26-529
NASH, HENRYETTA              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-16-199
NAYLON, FRANK                LISLE                         NY-4-30-409
NEEDHAM, RICHARD             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-19-269
NEER, LEVANTIA               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-23-67
NELSON, BENJAMIN H.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-31-523
NEMIRE, HENRY                UNION                         NY-4-11-535
NEWBERRY, DAVID S.           KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-29-559
NEWBERRY, JOSHUA             KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-O-377
NEWCOMB, SARAH E.            VESTALL                       NY-4-37-367
NEWELL, FRANCIS T.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-27-85
NEWELL, MANNA                MAINE                         NY-4-I-835
NEWELL, NATHANIEL            TRIANGLE                      NY-4-11-235
NEWLAND, FREDERICK M.        WINDSOR                       NY-4-23-325
NEWMAN, ELIAS                CHENANGO                      NY-4-14-391
NEWMAN, ISAAC                BAKRER                        NY-4-18-67
NEWMAN, OLIVE                CHENANGO                      NY-4-22-469
NEWMAN, PETER                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-13-211
NEWTON, CALEB                LISLE                         NY-4-3-229
NEWTON, ELIZABETH M.         BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-37-343
NEWTON, THOMAS               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-7-127
NICHOLS, WILLIAM G.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-12-181
NICHOLSON, ISRAEL P.         TRIANGLE                      NY-4-17-97
NICKLES, ELIHU               WINDSOR                       NY-4-18-289
NILES, BENJAMIN              CHENANGO POINT                NY-4-C-20
NILES, HUBBARD B.            QUINCEY, ADAMS, IL            NY-4-20-283
NILES, SANDS                 UION                          NY-4-#1-397
NIMMONS, BURWELL             CHENANGO                      NY-4-5-61
NIMMONS, WILLIAM R.          CHENANGO                      NY-4-8-175
NOLAN, ANNA                  BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-8-19
NOOSBICKEL, LUCINDA A.       MAINE                         NY-4-11-229
NORCUTT, MARY A.             UNION                         NY-4-32-49
NORMILE, WILLIAM             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-35-37
NORTH, ALBERT                WINDSOR                       NY-4-24-187
NORTH, GABRIEL S.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-37-505
NORTH, WILLIAM               MAINE                         NY-4-29-373
NORTHROP, MULFORD            LISLE                         NY-4-2-25
NORTHRUP, ALVIN              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-24-523
NORTHRUP, ANVINETT           TRIANGLE                      NY-4-8-445
NORTHRUP, HORTENSE M.        BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-22-19
NORTHRUP, JAMES E.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-36-283
NORTON, BENJAMIN             UNION                         NY-4-B-187
NORTON, ISAAC                MAINE                         NY-4-2-19
NORTON, LEONARD              COLESVILLE                    NY-4-3-133
NORTON, NATHAN               UNION                         NY-4-2-61
NORTON, WILLIAM              UNION                         NY-4-22-313
NORTON, WILLIAM H.           MAINE                         NY-4-23-133
NOTEWARE, FRANKLIN A.        KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-30-445
NOURSE, JULIA M.             VESTAL                        NY-4-34-529
NOYES, ELFAMES M.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-16-115
NOYES, HANNAH G.             OAKLAND, ALAMEDA, CA          NY-4-25-109
NOYES, JOSEPH P.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-30-25
NSELL, NETTIE F.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-37-469
NYE, THOMAS                  VESTAL                        NY-4-I-23
NYE, WILLIAM J.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-31-385
OBRIEN, BRIDGET              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-20-67
OBRIEN, BRIDGET              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-11-541
OBRIEN, CHARLES F.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-31-13
OBRIEN, DENNIS               LISLE                         NY-4-12-541
OBRIEN, ELIZABETH            SANFORD                       NY-4-23-13
OBRIEN, JAMES                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-19-583
OBRIEN, JOHN                 BINGHAM                       NY-4-15-241
OBRIEN, JOHN                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-4-1
OBRIEN, JOHN E.              MONTROSE, SUSQUEHANNA, PA     NY-4-33-571
OBRIEN, MARGARET             BARKER                        NY-4-25-19
OBRIEN, MICHAEL J.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-17-577
OBRIEN, PATRICK              VESTAL                        NY-4-36-301
OBRIEN, THOMAS               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-13-469
OBRIEN, TIMOTHY              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-29-37
OCKERMAN, POLLY              CHENANGO                      NY-4-19-55
OCONNOR, DAVID               CONKLIN                       NY-4-4-439
OCONNOR, EDMUND              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-27-277
OCONNOR, MARGARET            CONKLIN                       NY-4-4-445
OCONNOR, WILLIAM             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-12-463
ODAY, BRIDGET J.             KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-8-145
ODEA, JAMES                  SANFORD                       NY-4-19-355
ODELL, ENOS H.               COLESVILLE                    NY-4-34-211
ODONNELL, MARY E.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-37-529
OGDEN, AMBROSE W.            FENTON                        NY-4-16-193
OGDEN, ANN                   SANFORD                       NY-4-13-421
OGDEN, CHARLES               DICKINSON                     NY-4-29-97
OGDEN, JAMES S.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-145
OGDEN, JOSEPH                CHENANGO                      NY-4-I-692
OGDEN, JOSEPH                CHENANGO                      NY-4-B-351
OGDEN, LOUISA V.             DICKINSON                     NY-4-37-67
OHARA, JULIA                 VESTAL                        NY-4-27-493
OHARA, THOMAS                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-5-73
OLDS, ERASTUS H.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-31-283
OLDS, ETHLYN H.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-31-37
OLIVETT, LIZZIE              VESTAL                        NY-4-31-439
OLMSTEAD, CHANDLER           TRIANGLE                      NY-4-15-475
OLMSTEAD, LORENZO B.         BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-O-569
OLMSTED, EMILY L.            UNION                         NY-4-23-433
OLMSTED, SAMUEL J.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-23-421
OLOUGHLIN, CORNELIUS         BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-19-91
OLOUGHLIN, JOHN              KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-31-169
OLOUGHLIN, PATRICK           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-14-583
OLOUGHLIN, PATRICK           KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-13-121
OMANS, WILLIAM R.            MAINE                         NY-4-27-487
OMEARA, THOMAS               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-10-427
ONEIL, CATHERINE             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-27-253
ONEIL, ELIZA                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-34-463
ONEIL, JOHN                  BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-16-313
ONEIL, JULIA                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-11-169
ONEIL, MICHAEL               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-91
ONEILL, PATRICK              NANTICOKE                     NY-4-9-277
ORCUTT, EMELINE              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-25-295
ORCUTT, LEFE                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-3-25
ORFORD, DAVID                VESTAL                        NY-4-30-157
ORR, H. HAMILTON             SANFORD                       NY-4-18-229
ORTON, MINERVA               LISLE                         NY-4-13-343
OSBORN, ASHBEL               VESTAL                        NY-4-13-415
OSBORN, FREDERIC F.          WINDSOR                       NY-4-10-235
OSBORN, HANNAH               FENTON                        NY-4-4-235
OSBORN, JOHN W.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-33-37
OSBORN, LOT                  WINDSOR                       NY-4-B-342
OSBORN, NEHEMIAH L.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-27-163
OSBORN, ORRIS                COLESVILLE                    NY-4-11-13
OSBORN, PARTHENA             CONKLIN                       NY-4-D-623
OSBORN, ROSETTA              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-31-187
OSBORN, WILLIAM R.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-22-43
OSGOOD, WILLIAM              COLESVILLE                    NY-4-18-145
OSHEA, CATHERINE             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-20-145
OSHEA, JOHN                  BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-13
OSINCUP, ASBURY              VESTAL                        NY-4-8-223
OSTERHOUT, ABRAM             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-271
OSTRANDER, CAROLINE          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-15-427
OSTRANDER, LESTER            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-16-487
OWEN, GEORGE C.              LISLE                         NY-4-#1-372
OWEN, LAURA A.               CONKLIN                       NY-4-16-343
OWEN, ORRIN                  LISLE                         NY-4-#1-378
OWEN, SOLOMON                LISLE                         NY-4-N-442
OWEN, SYLVIA                 LISLE                         NY-4-#1-375
OWENS, LAURISTON S.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-21-499
PADDLEFORD, BURROWS          FENTON                        NY-4-17-187
PADDOCK, JULIA E.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-547
PADDOCK, ZACHARIAH           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-8-421
PAGE, ARTHUR W.              TRIANGLE                      NY-4-35-523
PAGE, CALVIN J.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-35-109
PAGE, CELESTIA               TRIANGLE                      NY-4-16-373
PAGE, CHAUNCEY C.            FENTON                        NY-4-27-67
PAGE, ENOS                   BARKER                        NY-4-34-547
PAGE, FRANCIS                SANFORD                       NY-4-3-253
PAGE, JARED                  *                             NY-4-B-104
PAGE, JEREMIAH               SANFORD                       NY-4-15-157
PAGE, JOHN                   CHENANGO                      NY-4-26-55
PAGE, JOHN                   TRIANGLE                      NY-4-N-165
PAGE, JOHN O.                TRIANGLE                      NY-4-20-457
PAGE, JULIUS                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-D-344
PAGE, LUTHER                 TRIANGLE                      NY-4-10-535
PAGE, RANSOM D.              TRIANGLE                      NY-4-14-79
PAGE, RUFUS                  TRIANGLE                      NY-4-I-606
PAGE, SHERMAN                TRIANGLE                      NY-4-10-331
PAHILLY, WINIFRED            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-19-385
PAISLEY, WILLIAM             MAINE                         NY-4-29-367
PALER, S. MARIA              UNION                         NY-4-20-571
PALMATIER, HENRY             FENTON                        NY-4-31-469
PALMER, ANNA M.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-19
PALMER, ASHBEL               CHENANGO                      NY-4-5-463
PALMER, CALEB                CHENANGO                      NY-4-13-133
PALMER, H. DELANEY           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-32-151
PALMER, HORATIO N.           CHENANGO                      NY-4-11-151
PALMER, IRA                  BARKER                        NY-4-31-415
PALMER, ISAAC S.             CHENANGO                      NY-4-15-541
PALMER, JAMES H.             BARKER                        NY-4-29-187
PALMER, LOIS W.              SANFORD                       NY-4-30-61
PALMER, MARTIN               CHENANGO                      NY-4-6-133
PALMER, POLLY                CHENANGO                      NY-4-13-109
PALMER, REUBEN               CHENANGO                      NY-4-4-601
PALMER, WILLIAM WESLEY       CHENANGO                      NY-4-21-31
PALMETER, MARILLA            LISLE                         NY-4-37-451
PANGBURN, WILLIAM E.         FENTON                        NY-4-36-115
PARCE, HENRIETTA             UNION                         NY-4-27-1
PARDEE, SAMUEL               KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-4-331
PARDER, JULINA H.            CONKLIN                       NY-4-19-289
PARISH, SAMUEL W.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-12-25
PARK, EDWARD                 KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-31-301
PARK, SMITH                  VESTAL                        NY-4-7-445
PARKBUN, CHRISTIAN           UNION                         NY-4-19-37
PARKER, LESTER               MAINE                         NY-4-20-313
PARKER, MARY                 LISLE                         NY-4-B-25
PARKER, THOMAS               TRIANGLE                      NY-4-21-97
PARKER, TRUMAN               TRIANGLE                      NY-4-21-103
PARKER, URIEL                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-157
PARMELEE, HARRIET E.         BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-2-61
PARMELEE, HARRIET E.         BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-61
PARMLEY, BROOKS              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-10-229
PARSONS, ALVAH B.            FENTON                        NY-4-4-67
PARSONS, AMANDA M.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-25-301
PARSONS, CHARLES             COLESVILLE                    NY-4-13-19
PARSONS, EMELINE J.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-32-253
PARSONS, EMMA L.             UNION                         NY-4-31-391
PARSONS, MARIA               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-8-427
PARSONS, MARIA M.            TRIANGLE                      NY-4-35-211
PARSONS, NANCY L.            CHENANGO                      NY-4-12-589
PARSONS, TIMOTHY             MAINE                         NY-4-6-499
PARSONS, ZINA A.             WINDSOR                       NY-4-33-31
PARTRIDGE, WILLIAM           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-N-423
PASONS, ELLA J.              TRIANGLE                      NY-4-13-569
PATERSON, HANNAH C.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-29-55
PATERSON, ROBERT A.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-35-73
PATTERSON, JOSEPH S.         TRIANGLE                      NY-4-34-343
PATTERSON, SOPHIA            UNION                         NY-4-N-44
PAULEY, LUCINDA              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-33-67
PAYNE, ABIGAIL               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-21-1
PAYNE, ALMON R.              UNION                         NY-4-13-373
PAYNE, MELISSA E.            UNION                         NY-4-36-595
PAYNE, MILO B.               UNION                         NY-4-29-115
PEABODY, HIRAM W.            VESTAL                        NY-4-24-241
PEABODY, IRA W.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-7-193
PEARSALL, OSCAR R.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-24-55
PEASE, LEWIS S.              BARKER                        NY-4-24-391
PEASE, MARY M.               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-33-145
PECK, FANNY L.               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-11-433
PECK, HIRAM HANSON           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-29-193
PEET, ANSON                  WINDSOR                       NY-4-O-61
PEIRCE, HENRY                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-3-439
PEIRCE, ROBERT               LISLE                         NY-4-I-69
PEIRCE, THOMAS               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-I-40
PENDELL, MARY D.             TRIANGLE                      NY-4-24-379
PENDER, DANIEL               MAINE                         NY-4-17-511
PENRIE, ELLA M.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-16-535
PENRIE, GEORGE W.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-20-7
PENRITH, ADELIA E.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-21-565
PERCE, DANIEL H.             LISLE                         NY-4-8-487
PERCE, MARTIN                LISLE                         NY-4-23-247
PERCE, RACHEL                LISLE                         NY-4-9-79
PERKINS, ALLEN               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-319
PERKINS, LEONARD             TRIANGLE                      NY-4-10-577
PERKINS, PAUL                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-#1-334
PERKINS, PERSIS              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-421
PERRY, GEORGE                TRIANGLE                      NY-4-9-373
PERRY, ISAAC G.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-35-145
PERRY, JOHN B.               SANFORD                       NY-4-21-13
PERRY, LUCRETIA G.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-36-223
PERRY, PAMELIA               LISLE                         NY-4-6-19
PERT, AMANDA                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-#1-140
PESAE, CHARLES               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-32-19
PETCHER, PHILIP              MAINE                         NY-4-21-85
PETERSON, PAMELIA W.         BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-12-265
PETERSON, PAMELIA W.         BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-12-265
PETERSON, SAMUEL             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-8-133
PETTICE, WILLARD             COLESVILLE                    NY-4-#1-198
PETTIS, STEPHEN              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-24-385
PHELPS, APOLLAS N.           CHENANGO                      NY-4-14-85
PHELPS, BRADFORD             COLESVILLE                    NY-4-11-469
PHELPS, CYRUS                LISLE                         NY-4-3-127
PHELPS, GIDEON S.            TRIANGLE                      NY-4-3-31
PHELPS, ROBERT S.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-10-355
PHELPS, SHERMAN D.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-8-193
PHILIPS, PETER W.            TRIANGLE                      NY-4-D-219
PHILLIPS, EBENEZER ROSS      LISLE                         NY-4-16-541
PHILLIPS, FRANCIS A.         WINDSOR                       NY-4-D-598
PHILLIPS, LEVI C.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-21-7
PHILLIPS, MINERVA            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-9-409
PHILLIPS, ZACHEUS            WINDSOR                       NY-4-#1-134
PHINNEY, POLLY               WINDSOR                       NY-4-I-758
PICKERING, JUSTUS            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-9-301
PIERCE, AMASA                KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-10-553
PIERCE, CHARLES              COLESVILLE                    NY-4-22-247
PIERCE, CORNELIUS M.         VESTAL                        NY-4-24-25
PIERCE, DELIA W.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-32-463
PIERCE, ELIZA A.             KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-10-187
PIERCE, ELKANAH              LISLE                         NY-4-28-97
PIERCE, GILBERT              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-2-181
PIERCE, HANNAH               LISLE                         NY-4-I-96
PIERCE, JAMES                LISLE                         NY-4-B-236
PIERCE, JANE M.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-9-415
PIERCE, JOHN R.              VESTAL                        NY-4-7-145
PIERCE, MARIA                VESTAL                        NY-4-20-331
PIERCE, MARINUS              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-O-32
PIERCE, MARY                 UNION                         NY-4-34-541
PIERCE, POLLY                OWEGO                         NY-4-B-134
PIERCE, REBECCA J.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-37-187
PIERCE, SARAH L.             VESTAL                        NY-4-17-535
PIERCY, DOLLY EMELINE        BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-25-121
PIERSON, ISAAC F.            VESTAL                        NY-4-3-565
PIERSON, JOHN K.             VESTAL                        NY-4-2-337
PIERSON, RHODA W.            VESTAL                        NY-4-15-277
PINCKNEY, JAMES H.           LISLE                         NY-4-19-541
PINCKNEY, PIERCE             LISLE                         NY-4-11-79
PINE, PETER                  COLESVILLE                    NY-4-12-487
PINK, GEORGE                 CONKLIN                       NY-4-13-547
PINKERTON, HENRY             *                             NY-4-A-7
PIPER, EUGENE                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-8-439
PISTOR, SAMARIA              UNION                         NY-4-31-319
PITCHER, CHRISTINA           MAINE                         NY-4-30-355
PITCHER, HANNAH M.           MAINE                         NY-4-16-409
PITCHER, JENNIE A.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-32-55
PITCHER, PETER W.            MAINE                         NY-4-10-523
PITKIN, ADDIE C.             UNION                         NY-4-31-103
PITKIN, CHESTER              UNION                         NY-4-5-583
PITKIN, NATHAN U.            UNION                         NY-4-29-199
PITTS, LEVI                  BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-18-109
PITTSLEY, FANNY              LISLE                         NY-4-9-163
PIXLEY, DAVID                TIOGA                         NY-4-A-15
PLACE, RICHARD               UNION                         NY-4-27-475
PLATT, ANN ELIZA             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-11-355
PLATT, ZENAS B.              VESTAL                        NY-4-3-211
PNY, FRED H.                 LISLE                         NY-4-10-421
POLALRD, BARTLET             LISLE                         NY-4-#1-260
POLLAD, SAMUEL               NANTICOKE                     NY-4-3-511
POLLARD, LYMAN               MAINE                         NY-4-6-103
POMROY, MARY A.              DICKINSON                     NY-4-25-25
POMROY, WRIGHT               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-12-373
POOL, WILLIAM                WINDSOR                       NY-4-20-511
POPE, CORNELIA E.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-22-307
POPE, SAMUEL                 MAINE                         NY-4-4-289
PORT, GEORGE                 CHENANGO                      NY-4-#1-358
PORT, GEORGE                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-21-25
PORT, JESSE                  CHENANGO                      NY-4-14-307
PORTER, JOHN                 COLESVILLE                    NY-4-I-820
PORTER, MARY J.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-18-217
PORTER, SALLY                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-O-511
PORTER, SARAH                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-22-25
PORTER, SIBYL                COLESVILLE                    NY-4-9-385
POST, MARY J.                SANFORD                       NY-4-36-523
POST, WILLIAM                VESTAL                        NY-4-23-151
POTTER, BENJAMIN A.          FENTON                        NY-4-15-37
POTTER, LYMAN                BARKER                        NY-4-2-253
POTTS, WILLIAM               VESTAL                        NY-4-4-397
POWERS, JULIA A.             UNION                         NY-4-5-445
POWERS, MARY A.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-34-43
POWERS, SAMUEL D.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-151
POWES, PRISCILLA             UNION                         NY-4-16-439
POYER, WILLIAM C.            COLESVILLE                    NY-4-13-427
PRATT, BARNABAS              MAINE                         NY-4-3-157
PRATT, ELI                   BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-14-517
PRATT, ELIZA D.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-18-295
PRATT, GEORGE                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-12-337
PRATT, LEVI                  COLESVILLE                    NY-4-9-127
PRATT, PERMELIA              FENTON                        NY-4-25-307
PRATT, WILLIAM H.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-19-493
PRENDERGAST, JAMES           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-343
PRENTICE, BETSEY ANN         CHENANGO                      NY-4-37-97
PRENTICE, ELISHA             CHENANGO                      NY-4-I-713
PRENTICE, HIRAM              FENTON                        NY-4-30-481
PRENTICE, JONAS              CHENANGO                      NY-4-15-535
PRENTICE, MOSES              FENTON                        NY-4-24-343
PRENTICE, NATHAN             CHENANGO                      NY-4-N-39
PRENTICE, WILLIAM            CHENANGO                      NY-4-23-493
PRESCOTT, CHESTER M.         UNION                         NY-4-37-541
PRESTON, CAMPBELL            UNION                         NY-4-19-121
PRESTON, WILLIAM Z.          SANFORD                       NY-4-8-205
PRICE, GEORGE S.             KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-22-289
PRICE, WILLIAM               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-18-589
PRINCE, DAVID                BARKER                        NY-4-29-445
PRINCE, EDWARD H.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-6-247
PRINCE, ELIZA C.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-27-505
PUFFER, CHLOE A.             BARKER                        NY-4-11-373
PUFFER, MARY ANN             FENTON                        NY-4-12-43
PUFFER, MOSES                CHENANGO                      NY-4-28-79
PUGSLEY, DAVID C.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-8-229
PUGSLEY, JAMES               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-5-547
PUGSLEY, WILLIAM             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-34-307
PURNELL, JACOB               TRIANGLE                      NY-4-32-187
PUTNAM, FRANCIS W.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-451
QUICK, ROXANNA A.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-16-91
QUICK, SEPTER P.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-22-463
QUILTY, JOHN                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-25-463
QUINK, PATRICK               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-6-169
QUINN, JOHN                  BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-35-331
QUINN, MARY                  MAINE                         NY-4-25-547
RACE, LUCY ANN               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-35-1
RAFF, JOSEPH C.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-21-439
RAGAN, MILES                 SANFORD                       NY-4-31-349
RAGAN, WILLIAM               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-25-67
RALYEA, BARBARA              UNION                         NY-4-9-19
RAMSBOTTOM, WILLIAM          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-3-445
RANDALL, ALLEN               LISLE                         NY-4-13-571
RANDALL, HIRAM               KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-9-427
RANDALL, JAMES L.            KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-5-1
RANDALL, JESE                LISLE                         NY-4-I-767
RANDALL, MARY E.             WINDSOR                       NY-4-35-241
RANDALL, RICHARD N.          WINDSOR                       NY-4-26-31
RANDALL, SAMUEL              VESTAL                        NY-4-I-816
RANDALL, SAMUEL A.           VESTAL                        NY-4-4-565
RANDALL, SARAH A.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-13-181
RANDALL, THEODORE            VESTAL                        NY-4-30-187
RANKIN, MARIE                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-8-457
RANNEY, DANIEL W.            CHENANGO                      NY-4-#1-249
RANSO, SARAH ANN             CHENAGO                       NY-4-10-343
RANSOM, POLLY                MAINE                         NY-4-36-553
RANUS, REBECCA C.            CONKLIN                       NY-4-29-589
RATH, ELIZABETH              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-37-145
RAWLINGS, JOHN H.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-32-571
RAY, WILLIAM S.              CONKLIN                       NY-4-I-775
RAYMOND, ALMA                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-36-145
READ, CHARLES F.             MONTROSE, SUSQUEHANNA, PA     NY-4-18-577
REARDON, MARY A.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-37-55
RECTOR, EDWARD A.            SANFORD                       NY-4-28-307
RED, MARIETTA                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-27-481
REED, ALMON                  LISLE                         NY-4-36-211
REED, REYNOLDS V.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-4-367
REGAN, JAMES J.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-583
REIDY, CATHERINE             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-29-421
REMMELE, HARRIET             NANTICOKE                     NY-4-8-469
RENNIE, ELIZABETH            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-30-277
REXFORD, ENOS B.             WINDSOR                       NY-4-N-306
REYNOLDS, CORA A.            COLESVILE                     NY-4-35-67
REYNOLDS, JESSE W.           NANTICOKE                     NY-4-5-475
REYNOLDS, LAURA M.           UNION                         NY-4-36-25
RHODES, GEORGE               MAINE                         NY-4-18-319
RICE, ABIGAIL D.             WINDSOR                       NY-4-11-583
RICE, JABEZ F.               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-13-91
RICE, JULIET E.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-12-295
RICE, STEPHEN                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-20-547
RICH, ESTHER                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-23-487
RICH, TRACY G.               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-22-169
RICHARDS, ANN A.             NANTICOKE                     NY-4-17-277
RICHARDS, DAN S.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-36-31
RICHARDS, HALSEY             FENTON                        NY-4-14-403
RICHARDS, HELEN M.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-487
RICHARDS, HIRAM D.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-29-379
RICHARDS, MARY               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-19-577
RICHARDS, MARY ANN           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-29-109
RICHARDS, NATHAN             NANTICOKE                     NY-4-4-475
RICHARDS, SARAH              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-3-301
RICHARDSON, GEORGE W.        BROOME                        NY-4-29-289
RICHARDSON, JAMES            TRIANGLE                      NY-4-5-295
RICHARDSON, LYSANDER         LISLE                         NY-4-13-247
RIDER, FANNIE E.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-33-577
RIDER, GAMBIA                KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-19-151
RIGBY, DANIEL                NANTICOKE                     NY-4-N-324
RILEY, ADELIA C.             NANTICOKE                     NY-4-12-439
RILEY, ANN                   BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-23-259
RILEY, GEORGE W.             MAINE                         NY-4-17-487
RILEY, THOMAS                MAINE                         NY-4-#1-538
RILEY, WILLIAM H.            NANTICOKE                     NY-4-36-559
RILEY, WILLIAM H.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-25-277
RIORDAN, PETER               LISLE                         NY-4-26-559
RITTER, ROBERT R.            KIRKWOOD                      NY-4-12-151
RIXSON, JANE                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-31-271
ROACH, PATRICK               CHENANGO                      NY-4-27-511
ROACH, PERRY                 VESTAL                        NY-4-11-565
ROBBINS, MARY                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-15-133
ROBERSON, ALONZO             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-2-373
ROBERTS, CONTENT E.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-34-259
ROBERTS, JAMES               TRIANGLE                      NY-4-2-109
ROBERTS, JOHN                SANFORD                       NY-4-3-217
ROBERTS, JOHN B.             UNION                         NY-4-29-499
ROBERTSON, ANGELINE C.       BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-4-79
ROBERTSON, JOHN              CHENANGO                      NY-4-10-145
ROBINSON, ALBERT B.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-O-90
ROBINSON, ALVIN T.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-35-349
ROBINSON, EMMA               SANFORD                       NY-4-22-553
ROBINSON, FRED J.            TRIANGLE                      NY-4-20-13
ROBINSON, GEORGE M.          UNION                         NY-4-36-55
ROBINSON, JOHN               MAINE                         NY-4-14-115
ROBINSON, JOHN C.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-43
ROBINSON, JOHN T.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-16-529
ROBINSON, LAKIE L. S.        BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-30-295
ROBINSON, PETER              CHENANGO                      NY-4-D-685
ROBINSON, SARAH M.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-61
ROBINSON, SIDNEY T.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-I-124
ROBRSON, ALONZO              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-373
ROCKWELL, ANDREW H.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-5-571
ROCKWELL, CELINDA            WINDSOR                       NY-4-5-31
ROCKWELL, DAVID H.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-34-559
ROCKWELL, ELLIS              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-5-559
ROCKWELL, ISAAC R.           VESTAL                        NY-4-11-43
ROCKWELL, OGDEN              WINDSOR                       NY-4-24-319
ROCKWELL, PETER              TRIANGLE                      NY-4-2-97
RODGERS, HARRIS G.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-23-547
ROE, JOHN C.                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-18-385
ROGERS, AZENIAH              TRIANGLE                      NY-4-10-409
ROGERS, BETSEY J.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-11-199
ROGERS, GEORGE W.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-14-589
ROGERS, HENRY A.             BARBER                        NY-4-6-151
ROGERS, HENRY D.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-2-103
ROGERS, HIRAM                UNION                         NY-4-2-277
ROGERS, LOUISE               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-26-481
ROGERS, PERRY P.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-23-49
ROGERS, RICHARD J.           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-23-505
ROGERS, SIMEON               UNION                         NY-4-10-481
ROGERS, SIMEON               BARKER                        NY-4-O-152
ROGERS, THEODORE S.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-37-169
ROGERS,HENRY D.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-103
ROLLINS, HUBBARD             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-37-523
ROLLO, DOCIA B.              LISLE                         NY-4-10-271
ROME, HANNAH M.              SANFORD                       NY-4-5-337
RONK, CAROLINE W.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-22-1
RONK, JOHN C.                CONKLIN                       NY-4-7-487
ROOD, JOSEPHINE E.           SAN DIEGO, SAN DIEGO, CA      NY-4-31-115
ROOD, LOTROOP                LISLE                         NY-4-3-307
ROOD, REUBEN                 LISLE                         NY-4-#1-480
ROOD, REUBEN                 LISLE                         NY-4-O-463
ROONEY, JOHN                 SANFORD                       NY-4-32-373
ROOS, WELLER                 BARKER                        NY-4-35-13
ROOT, ABBY J.                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-20-403
ROOT, ALMIRA                 COLESVILLE                    NY-4-12-565
ROOT, JARED M.               BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-N-55
RORKE, MICHAEL               WINDSOR                       NY-4-O-69
ROSE, CHARLES                WINDSOR                       NY-4-19-505
ROSE, EBER W.                LISLE                         NY-4-13-31
ROSE, EDWARD L.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-28-265
ROSE, GEORGE S.              WINDSOR                       NY-4-25-229
ROSE, JOHN                   COLESVILLE                    NY-4-32-175
ROSE, NANCY                  LISLE                         NY-4-12-199
ROSENKRANS, MARY M.          BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-20-559
ROSS, DAVID                  VESTAL                        NY-4-N-318
ROSS, HARMON M.              BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-O-552
ROSS, JANE PAIGE             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-35-325
ROSS, THOMAS J.              VESTAL                        NY-4-12-229
ROSS, WILLIAM                CHENANGO                      NY-4-31-277
ROUK, ERASTUS W.             CONKLIN                       NY-4-31-205
ROUND, ALFRED                VESTAL                        NY-4-I-640
ROUNDS, BENJAMIN             VESTAL                        NY-4-O-328
ROUNDS, JACOB                VESTAL                        NY-4-D-112
ROUNDS, JOHN D.              UNION                         NY-4-14-43
ROUNDS, MIMA                 VESTAL                        NY-4-6-343
ROWE, HENRY                  SANFORD                       NY-4-14-547
ROWE, JOHN                   BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-17-301
ROWE, ORLANDO J.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-21-181
ROYS, BIRDSALL C.            BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-14-499
ROZELL, CHARLES              UNION                         NY-4-20-499
ROZELL, SARAH                MAINE                         NY-4-19-283
RUGER, LAURA                 BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-4-247
RUGGLES, JOHN                WINDSOR                       NY-4-B-206
RUGGLES, SUSAN               COLESVILLE                    NY-4-15-85
RUGGLES, TIMOTHY             COLESVILLE                    NY-4-N-277
RUGIER, LYDIA A.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-10-373
RUMMER, BENNETT              CHENANGO                      NY-4-13-13
RUSSEL, LEVERETT             WINDSOR                       NY-4-N-289
RUSSELL, AARON S.            VESTAL                        NY-4-23-145
RUSSELL, DANA F.             VESTAL                        NY-4-2-475
RUSSELL, ELIZABETH           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-5-577
RUSSELL, ELLA                BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-35-127
RUSSELL, ELMORE              WINDSOR                       NY-4-D-144
RUSSELL, HULDAH              WINDSOR                       NY-4-2-493
RUSSELL, IRA                 COLESVILLE                    NY-4-20-73
RUSSELL, M ARTIN             COLESVILLE                    NY-4-#1-161
RUSSELL, MARY A.             BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-23-451
RUSSELL, MARY E.             WINDSOR                       NY-4-30-37
RUSSELL, OLIVER              UNION                         NY-4-#1-167
RUTHERFORD, JOSEPH           BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-6-439
RUTHERFORD, MARGARET E.      BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-17-205
RUTHERFORD, ROBERT E.        BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-18-349
RYAN, EDWARD                 LISLE                         NY-4-12-451
RYAN, ELLEN                  BINGHAMTON                    NY-4-19-571

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