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Column Two: Year of Record
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page #
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RACEY, WILLIAM                         VA-35-39-467
RAMEY, JOHN                            VA-35-11-303
RAMEY, JOHN                            VA-35-31-367
RAMEY, JOHN W.                         VA-35-39-392
RAMEY, PRESLEY                         VA-35-30-391
RANDALL, CHARLES W.                    VA-35-37-193
RANDALL, J. M.                         VA-35-40-90
RANDALL, REBECCA                       VA-35-17-352
RANDOLPH, ANNIS                        VA-35-26-331
RANKIN, DAVID                          VA-35-3-443
RANKIN, SAMUEL                         VA-35-SC2-138
RANSONE, PETER                         VA-35-11-307
RAYNOLDS, GEORGE                       VA-35-19-223
RAYNOLDS, JANE                         VA-35-15-273
REA, SAMUEL                            VA-35-25-466
READ, DANIEL                           VA-35-3-60
READ, JOHN                             VA-35-9-105
REAGAN, JOHN                           VA-35-3-408
REAGLE, ADAM                           VA-35-5-207
REATHER, ROBERT                        VA-35-34-101
REDD, ANDREW                           VA-35-10-411
REDD, JAMES H.                         VA-35-23-126
REDD, JOHN                             VA-35-23-332
REED, ANN                              VA-35-4-608
REED, CASPER                           VA-35-12-127
REED, EDWARD                           VA-35-4-350
REED, HANNAH                           VA-35-16-166
REED, JACOB                            VA-35-15-387
REED, JOHN                             VA-35-SC3-65
REED, JOHN                             VA-35-20-191
REED, MARY                             VA-35-5-448
REED, MARY                             VA-35-2-158
REES, HENRY                            VA-35-4-158
REES, MORRIS                           VA-35-3-457
REES, MORRIS SR                        VA-35-SC1-379
REES, THOMAS                           VA-35-5-65
REGAL, CATHERINE                       VA-35-10-87
REGAL, GEORGE                          VA-35-9-236
REID, CATHERINE A.                     VA-35-CC3-92
REILY, FERRILL                         VA-35-2-230
RELPH, THOMAS                          VA-35-9-344
REMY, WILLIAM                          VA-35-2-343
RENNER, GEORGE                         VA-35-6-510
RENNER, JOSEPH                         VA-35-CC3-99
REONALDS, THOMAS                       VA-35-20-552
REYNOLDS, HUGH                         VA-35-26-576
RHINEHART, MARY A.                     VA-35-CC3-2
RICE, EDWARD                           VA-35-6-281
RICE, ELIZABETH                        VA-35-9-535
RICE, GEORGE                           VA-35-9-277
RICE, GEORGE                           VA-35-SC1-287
RICE, JOHN                             VA-35-5-73
RICE, PATRICK                          VA-35-6-456
RICE, SIMEON                           VA-35-2-394
RICHARD, GUY                           VA-35-32-86
RICHARD, HENRY                         VA-35-22-183
RICHARD, ISAAC                         VA-35-35-167
RICHARD, JACOB                         VA-35-34-369
RICHARD, JAMES A.                      VA-35-26-226
RICHARDS, HENRY                        VA-35-5-432
RICHARDS, HENRY                        VA-35-23-508
RICHARDS, JOHN                         VA-35-26-289
RICHARDS, JOHN                         VA-35-2-254
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH                     VA-35-5-4
RICHARDSON, NAILOR W.                  VA-35-26-95
RICHEY, DAVID                          VA-35-33-393
RICHEY, DAVID                          VA-35-34-43
RICHEY, ROBERT                         VA-35-2-445
RIDGEWAY, JOSIAH                       VA-35-4-667
RIDGEWAY, RICHARD                      VA-35-9-91
RIDGWAY, RICHARD                       VA-35-5-113
RIDINGS, ELIZA                         VA-35-39-243
RIDINGS, JAMES                         VA-35-33-70
RIDINGS, PETER                         VA-35-21-167
RIELY, CATHERINE M.                    VA-35-28-30
RIELY, JOHN                            VA-35-19-27
RIGG, RICHARD                          VA-35-5-76
RILEY, MARTIN                          VA-35-5-333
RINKER, CASPER                         VA-35-39-402
RINKER, CASPER                         VA-35-7-215
RINKER, CASPER                         VA-35-26-484
RINKER, HENRY                          VA-35-6-243
RINKER, WILLIAM                        VA-35-27-172
RITENOUR, GEORGE                       VA-35-22=434
RITENOUR, MICHAEL                      VA-35-11-508
RITTER, ADAM                           VA-35-8-299
RITTER, JAMES                          VA-35-13-524
ROACH, GEORGE W.                       VA-35-39-145
ROBERDEAU, DANIEL                      VA-35-6-50
ROBERDEAU, JANE                        VA-35-19-108
ROBERT, FELIX                          VA-35-25-582
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-5-32
ROBERTS, JOHN                          VA-35-29-328
ROBERTS, THOMAS                        VA-35-7-155
ROBERTS, THOMAS                        VA-35-19-463
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                       VA-35-3-423
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                     VA-35-6-366
ROGERS, EVAN                           VA-35-8-148
ROGERS, MARGARET J.                    VA-35-39-105
ROMINE, JOHN                           VA-35-9-4
ROSE, JOHN G.                          VA-35-33-44
ROSENBERGER, ASA                       VA-35-25-362
ROSENBERGER, HENRY                     VA-35-39-480
ROWLAND, GORDON                        VA-35-7-26
ROYER, SAMUEL                          VA-35-30-332
RUBLE, JOHN                            VA-35-19-180
RUBLE, NANCY                           VA-35-19-221
RUDOLPH, ELIJAH                        VA-35-35-367
RUSSELL, DAVID                         VA-35-12-267
RUSSELL, ISAAC                         VA-35-25-144
RUSSELL, JAMES                         VA-35-11-218
RUSSELL, JOHN                          VA-35-18-476
RUSSELL, ROBERT                        VA-35-4-383
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                       VA-35-4-364
RUTTER, MATTHIAS                       VA-35-28-404
RUTTER, SARAH                          VA-35-29-222
RYAN, JOSEPH                           VA-35-27-96
SALTER, HELEACAL A.                    VA-35-CC3-86
SAMPLE, SAMUEL                         VA-35-5-198
SAMPSELL, ALETHA                       VA-35-27-156
SAMPSELL, DAVID                        VA-35-34-365
SAMSEL, ELIZABETH                      VA-35-13-524
SANGSTER, THOMAS S.                    VA-35-34-290
SANKS, ZACHARIAH                       VA-35-21-154
SANSBERRY, WILLIAM                     VA-35-7-78
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM                      VA-35-29-326
SAVAGE, HAMILTON B.                    VA-35-27-183
SAVAGE, LYCURGUS E.                    VA-35-38-440
SAYER, JAMES                           VA-35-3-19
SCARFF, JAMES                          VA-35-9-376
SCHULTZ, FREDERICK                     VA-35-29-196
SCHWARTZ, JOHN SR.                     VA-35-10-440
SEABERT, JACOB                         VA-35-6-666
SEABORN, JAMES                         VA-35-5-397
SEAMER, WILLIAM                        VA-35-23-370
SECRIST, HENRY                         VA-35-SC1-342
SEDWICK, BENJAMIN                      VA-35-4-672
SEDWICK, JAMES                         VA-35-5-284
SEEVER, JOHN                           VA-35-6-118
SEEVERS, ANN C.                        VA-35-36-334
SEEVERS, CASPER                        VA-35-11-241
SEEVERS, GEORGE W.                     VA-35-29-180
SEEVERS, HENRY                         VA-35-25-105
SEEVERS, JOHN P.                       VA-35-39-147
SEIBERT, JACOB F.                      VA-35-25-565
SELF, JOHN                             VA-35-13-252
SELLER, PHILIP                         VA-35-9-24
SELZER, MATTHIAS                       VA-35-3-141
SENCENEY, JOHN                         VA-35-10-438
SENCENEY, PETER                        VA-35-SC2-23
SENSENEY, GEORGE E.                    VA-35-29-293
SENSENEY, JACOB                        VA-35-26-448
SENSENEY, MARY                         VA-35-19-41
SETTLE, JOHN                           VA-35-586
SETTLEMYER, GEORGE                     VA-35-24-280
SHACKELFORD, EDMUND                    VA-35-20-165
SHACKELFORD, SAMUEL J.                 VA-35-19-26
SHADE, ADAM                            VA-35-36-22
SHADE, ADAM                            VA-35-33-87
SHADE, ELIZABETH A.                    VA-35-40-118
SHADE, JACOB                           VA-35-21-105
SHAFFNER, HENRY                        VA-35-11-206
SHANE, JOHN                            VA-35-27-244
SHARP, GEORGE                          VA-35-25-56
SHARP, THOMAS                          VA-35-3-37
SHAVER, CHRISTIAN                      VA-35-6-567
SHAVER, ELIZABETH                      VA-35-5-161
SHAVER, JOHN                           VA-35-3-204
SHEA, JEREMIAH                         VA-35-27-212
SHEASLER, GEORGE                       VA-35-1-285
SHELDON, ERASMUS D.                    VA-35-32-400
SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH                    VA-35-28-108
SHEPHERD, JOHN                         VA-35-1-76
SHEPHERD, MARY R.                      VA-35-26-151
SHERIFF, JOHN                          VA-35-6-244
SHERMAN, JAMES                         VA-35-34-384
SHERRARD, ROBERT                       VA-35-SC2-119
SHIBLEY, DANIEL                        VA-35-3-122
SHINER, ELIZABETH                      VA-35-10-514
SHIP, JAMES                            VA-35-SC4-85
SHIRELEY, WALTER                       VA-35-2-175
SHRECK, MARY F.                        VA-35-32-54
SHULL, JOSEPH                          VA-35-10-421
SHULL, MARGARET                        VA-35-21-541
SHULL, SALLIE H.                       VA-35-39-28
SHULLENBERG, HERMAN                    VA-35-30-194
SHULTZ, HENRY                          VA-35-11-156
SIDWELL, ANN                           VA-35-16-61
SIDWELL, BENJAMIN                      VA-35-14-10
SIDWELL, HUGH                          VA-35-29-27
SIDWELL, RICHARD                       VA-35-SC2-56
SIDWELL, RICHARD                       VA-35-28-571
SIDWELL, SARAH                         VA-35-20-206
SILVER, FRANCIS                        VA-35-23-350
SILVER, ZEPHENIAH                      VA-35-32-318
SIMPSON, THOMAS                        VA-35-6-224
SIMRALL, JAMES                         VA-35-6-395
SINGHASS, CHRISTIAN                    VA-35-24-21
SINGHASS, GEORGE M.                    VA-35-21-521
SINGHASS, SAMUEL                       VA-35-27-97
SITTLER, ISAAC                         VA-35-8-264
SKINNER, WILLIAM                       VA-35-CC3-89
SLEMMONS, THOMAS                       VA-35-SC3-37
SLOAT, HENRY                           VA-35-22-493
SMALL, JOHN                            VA-35-2-370
SMITH, ANN                             VA-35-30-121
SMITH, BARTHOLOMEW                     VA-35-10-372
SMITH, CHARLES                         VA-35-4-325
SMITH, CHRISTIAN                       VA-35-11-361
SMITH, DANIEL                          VA-35-3-420
SMITH, EDWARD                          VA-35-13-348
SMITH, GEORGE                          VA-35-21-421
SMITH, GEORGE                          VA-35-10-371
SMITH, GEORGE                          VA-35-4371
SMITH, ISAAC                           VA-35-18-10
SMITH, JAMES                           VA-35-8-535
SMITH, JEREMIAH                        VA-35-5-164
SMITH, JEREMIAH                        VA-35-5-517
SMITH, JOHN GROFF                      VA-35-28-298
SMITH, LEVI                            VA-35-20-110
SMITH, MARGARET                        VA-35-10-587
SMITH, MARY                            VA-35-30-261
SMITH, MARY H.                         VA-35-27-245
SMITH, MICHAEL                         VA-35-6-592
SMITH, PATRICK                         VA-35-27-11
SMITH, SAMUEL                          VA-35-31-313
SMITH, SAMUEL                          VA-35-SC2-10
SMITH, THOMAS                          VA-35-12-178
SMITH, WILLIAM                         VA-35-22-310
SMITH, WILLIAM                         VA-35-10-273
SMITH, WILLIAM                         VA-35-35-239
SMITHEY, RICHARD                       VA-35-40-156
SMOKE, JOHN                            VA-35-28-508
SMOKE, LUCY M.                         VA-35-35-425
SNAP, JOHN                             VA-35-3-35
SNAPP, ADAM                            VA-35-8-293
SNAPP, HENRY SR.                       VA-35-26-501
SNAPP, HENRY W.                        VA-35-40-487
SNAPP, JACOB                           VA-35-11-407
SNAPP, JOHN                            VA-35-29-128
SNAPP, JOHN                            VA-35-5-152
SNAPP, JOSEPH                          VA-35-13-7
SNDNOR, MARY A.                        VA-35-34-412
SNICKERS, EDWARD                       VA-35-5-296
SNYDER, ALEXIA                         VA-35-29-242
SNYDER, CHARLES                        VA-35-9-379
SNYDER, HENRY                          VA-35-9-464
SNYDER, JOHN                           VA-35-24-489
SNYDER, SUSANNAH                       VA-35-13-113
SOWERS, JACOB                          VA-35-5-84
SOWERS, JACOB                          VA-35-11-320
SOWERS, JON                            VA-35-9-337
SPEARY, HOMAS                          VA-35-3-332
SPENDER, MARY M.                       VA-35-8-363
SPENGLER, PHILIP C.                    VA-35-19-340
SPERRY, BARBARA                        VA-35-23-515
SPERRY, BENJAMIN W.                    VA-35-24-449
SPERRY, CAHERINE E.                    VA-35-24-318
SPERRY, JACOB                          VA-35-8-377
SPERRY, JACOB C.                       VA-35-17-131
SPERRY, JOHN                           VA-35-21-139
SPERRY, MARY                           VA-35-23-301
SPERRY, PETER                          VA-35-21-474
SPERRY, PETER G.                       VA-35-26-579
SPERRY, THOMAS C.                      VA-35-27-9
SPHEAR, JOHNULRICK                     VA-35-3-515
SPHORE, CATHERINE                      VA-35-11-452
SPRNGER, DENNIS                        VA-35-2-415
SPRRY, PETER                           VA-35-4-236
STADDEN, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-38-241
STAPLETON, ROBERT                      VA-35-2-159
STAUB, KATHARINE B.                    VA-35-39-155
STEEL, JOHN                            VA-35-10-203
STEEL, MAGER                           VA-35-27-64
STEEL, SAMUEL                          VA-35-11-519
STEEN, JAMES                           VA-35-5-109
STEER, JOSEPH                          VA-35-SC1-188
STEER, MARY                            VA-35-28-28
STEPHEN, ADAM                          VA-35-SC1-111
STEPHEN, ALEXANDER                     VA-35-3-452
STEPHENS, BRIAN M.                     VA-35-22-217
STEPHENS, ELIANOR                      VA-35-CC3-18
STEPHENS, GEORGE WILLIAM               VA-35-8-186
STEPHENS, HENRY                        VA-35-13-402
STEPHENS, JOSEPH                       VA-35-6-120
STEPHENS, LAWRENCE                     VA-35-4-338
STEPHENS, LEWIS                        VA-35-SC3-73
STEPHENS, LEWIS SR.                    VA-35-8-198
STEPHENS, MARY                         VA-35-17-183
STEPHENS, MARY                         VA-35-10-522
STEPHENS, PETER                        VA-35-2-266
STEPHENSON, JSOEPH                     VA-35-17-340
STEPHENSON, MARY B.                    VA-35-37-491
STEPHENSON, SAMUEL G.                  VA-35-34-158
STEPHENSON, WILLIAM                    VA-35-25-76
STEVENSON, GEORGE                      VA-35-39-33
STEWART, ALEXANDER                     VA-35-2-296
STICKLEY, ABRAHAM                      VA-35-28-354
STIGLER, DAVID                         VA-35-10-482
STIMMEL, ABRAHAM                       VA-35-22-332
STIMMEL, WILLIAM A.                    VA-35-39-284
STIPE, HENRY                           VA-35-21-197
STIRP, FREDERICK                       VA-35-4-136
STONE, JACOB                           VA-35-12-429
STONEBRIDGE, JOHN                      VA-35-8-125
STOTTLEMYER, GEORGE H.                 VA-35-40-108
STOUT, DANIEL                          VA-35-4-420
STRANGE, REUBEN                        VA-35-SC4-81
STRANGE, RICHARD                       VA-35-31-296
STREBLING, TALIAFERRO                  VA-35-4-295
STREIT, CHARLES                        VA-35-12-431
STREIT, HENRY B.                       VA-35-27-68
STREIT, JOHN W.                        VA-35-38-152
STRIBLING, FRANCIS SR.                 VA-35-11-490
STRIBLING, SARAH                       VA-35-17-86
STRIBLING, SIGISMUND                   VA-35-SC3-8
STRICKLY, JOHN                         VA-35-4-41
STROTHER, ALICE                        VA-35-36-169
STROTHER, JAMES                        VA-35-15-47
STROUP, WILLIAM                        VA-35-3-373
STROUP, WILLIAM                        VA-35-26-160
STUBBLEFIELD, GEORGE                   VA-35-SC1-409
STULTZ, DAVID                          VA-35-17-251
SUMMERS, MICHAEL                       VA-35-5-23
SWAFFER, MARY                          VA-35-3-18
SWANN, PHILIP                          VA-35-25-362
SWANN, PHILIP                          VA-35-5-226
SWARTZ, JAMES                          VA-35-35-235
SWARTZWELDER, L. E.                    VA-35-27-149
SWEARINGEN, THOMA                      VA-35-2-402
SWHIER, GEORGE                         VA-35-22-323
SWHIER, JACOB H.                       VA-35-26-329
SWIMLEY, ELLEN J.                      VA-35-36-242
SWORDS, WILLIAM                        VA-35-6-194
TABB, SARAH F.                         VA-35-34-510
TAGGART, DANIEL                        VA-35-19-152
TAIT, PETER                            VA-35-SC3-41
TALBOTT, EDWARD                        VA-35-5-426
TALBOTT,E LEANOR                       VA-35-6-520
TAYLOR, ABRAHAM                        VA-35-9-53
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                       VA-35-11-449
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                       VA-35-6-330
TAYLOR, BENNETT                        VA-35-9-433
TAYLOR, BUSHRO                         VA-35-22-218
TAYLOR, CATHERINE                      VA-35-28-70
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                      VA-35-35-42
TAYLOR, GEORGE                         VA-35-34-294
TAYLOR, GRIFFIN                        VA-35-10-324
TAYLOR, JACOB                          VA-35-2-439
TAYLOR, JAMES                          VA-35-19-254
TAYLOR, JOHN                           VA-35-8-92
TAYLOR, JOHN T.                        VA-35-28-29
TAYLOR, MARY                           VA-35-SC2-173
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                         VA-35-3-67
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        VA-35-10-6
TAYLOR, WILLIAM JR.                    VA-35-10-302
TEAWALT, JOHN                          VA-35-9-71
TEPHENSON, RICHARD                     VA-35-3-288
TEVALT, HENRY                          VA-35-33-426
TEVALT, ISAAC M.                       VA-35-32-350
TEVALT, SARAH                          VA-35-38-463
THARP, ISAAC                           VA-35-6-527
THARP, ZEBULON                         VA-35-4-535
THOMAS, ELLIS                          VA-35-3-139
THOMAS, ENOS                           VA-35-3-117
THOMAS, EVAN                           VA-35-SC2-14
THOMAS, EVAN                           VA-35-2-153
THOMAS, JOHN                           VA-35-5-143
THOMAS, NATHANIEL                      VA-35-3-103
THOMAS, WILLIAM                        VA-35-18-446
THOMPSON, JOHN                         VA-35-19-361
THOMPSON, JONAH                        VA-35-SC4-67
THOMPSON, MILFORD                      VA-35-38-231
THOMPSON, RALPH                        VA-35-4-69
THOMPSON, SARAH                        VA-35-6-585
THORNBURGH, HANNAH L.                  VA-35-23-64
THROCKMORTON, ALBION                   VA-35-6-103
THROCKMORTON, WILLIAM                  VA-35-9-94
THWAIT, JAMES                          VA-35-36-284
TIDBALL, ALEXANDER S.                  VA-35-22-277
TIDBALL, EDWARD M.                     VA-35-3394
TIDBALL, MILLICENT S.                  VA-35-26-502
TIDBALL, THOMAS A.                     VA-35-24-371
TIMBERLAKE, SUSAN H.                   VA-35-34-152
TIMBERLAKE, WILLIAM                    VA-35-33-150
TODD, JAMES                            VA-35-6-514
TODD, JANE                             VA-35-10-297
TOLIVER, NANCY                         VA-35-9-131
TOMSON, SAMUEL                         VA-35-1-14
TOUCHSTONE, CHRISTIANNA                VA-35-22-308
TOUCHSTONE, SAMPSON                    VA-35-32-338
TOUCHSTONE, WILLIAM                    VA-35-SC2-278
TRADAN, JOHN                           VA-35-1-361
TRASHER, RICHARD                       VA-35-3-425
TRIER, CHRISTIAN                       VA-35-33-225
TRIMBLE, JAMES W.                      VA-35-33-170
TRIMBLE, MARY A.                       VA-35-36-35
TRIPLETT, EDWIN                        VA-35-38-387
TRIPLETT, REUBEN                       VA-35-24-435
TROTTER, MATTHEW                       VA-35-5-502
TROUT, JACOB                           VA-35-5-276
TROUT, PHILIP                          VA-35-9-220
TROUTWINE, GEORGE JACOB                VA-35-5-5
TROWBRIDGE, SAMUEL                     VA-35-11-355
TUCKER, ANN E.                         VA-35-24-200
TULEY, JOSEPH                          VA-35-13-43
TURNER, ANTHONEY                       VA-35-3-44
TURNER, JOHN                           VA-35-16-126
TURNER, THOMAS                         VA-35-1-24
TURNER, WINNIE                         VA-35-36-304
TYERMAN, JOHN H.                       VA-35-37-437
TYLER, MARY                            VA-35-17-386
TYLER, WILLIAM                         VA-35-SC3-78
TYLER, WILLIAM                         VA-35-16-125
ULMAR, MARY                            VA-35-3-430
UPDEGRAFF, NATHAN                      VA-35-18-472
VANCE, ANDREW                          VA-35-2-114
VANCE, DAVID                           VA-35-3-422
VANCE, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-5-110
VANCE, JAMES                           VA-35-1-495
VANCE, JAMES                           VA-35-3-30
VANCE, JOHN                            VA-35-2-435
VANCE, ROBERT                          VA-35-18-402
VANCE, SAMUEL                          VA-35-SC2-65
VANCE, WILLIAM                         VA-35-5-392
VANDERVEER, JACOB                      VA-35-SC1-14
VANHORN, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-22-78
VANMETER, JOHN                         VA-35-1-52
VANMETER, SOLOMON                      VA-35-SC3-209, SC4-1
VANNOSDELN, ANN                        VA-35-18-243
VEITCH, ELDRIDGE R.                    VA-35-28-285
VONREISEN, JOHN                        VA-35-12-362
VOWELL, THOMAS                         VA-35-8-235
VOWELL,S ARAH                          VA-35-SC2-114
WAITE, OBED                            VA-35-21-479
WALKER, ABEL                           VA-35-11-506
WALKER, JOHN                           VA-35-2-185
WALKER, LEWIS                          VA-35-9-533
WALL, JOHN F.                          VA-35-35-169
WALLACE, LUCY VIRGINIA                 VA-35-26-45
WALLER, ELIJAH                         VA-35-20-362
WALLS, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-29-330
WALLS, J. WATKINS                      VA-35-30-30
WALLS, JAMES                           VA-35-23-355
WALLS, MARY                            VA-35-1-117
WALTER, THOMAS B.                      VA-35-8-536
WALTER, WILLIAM B.                     VA-35-27-157
WALTON, MOSES                          VA-35-4-581
WALTON, MOSES                          VA-35-3-176
WARD, SARAH                            VA-35-36-93
WARD, SIMEON                           VA-35-33-38
WARD, SIMEON                           VA-35-35-108
WARE, CHARLES A.                       VA-35-12-10
WARE, JAMES                            VA-35-11-183
WARE, JAMES WILLIAM                    VA-35-14-389
WARE, THOMAS M.                        VA-35-17-451
WARNER, ADAM                           VA-35-1-470
WASHINGTON, GEORGE F.                  VA-35-28-396
WASHINGTON, HANNAH                     VA-35-7-238
WASHINGTON, LAWRENCE                   VA-35-SC3-212
WASHINGTON, PEYTON                     VA-35-25-502
WASHINGTON, WARNER                     VA-35-16-20
WASHINGTON, WARNER SR.                 VA-35-SC1-104
WATKINS, EVAN                          VA-35-3-298
WATSON, DANIEL                         VA-35-24-249
WATSON, JAMES                          VA-35-16-78
WATTS, DAVID                           VA-35-4-292
WAY, EDWARD                            VA-35-SC3-9
WAY, PARNELLA                          VA-35-20-85
WEARE, JAMES                           VA-35-29-327
WEATHERS, WILLIAM                      VA-35-4-538
WEAVER, CHRISTIAN                      VA-35-12-359
WEBBER, GEORGE                         VA-35-33-130
WEER, JOSEPH                           VA-35-12-61
WEITRICK, DANIEL                       VA-35-2-204
WELCH, JONATHAN                        VA-35-5-216
WELLS, RICHARD                         VA-35-22-129
WETZEL, CHRISTOPHER                    VA-35-6-472
WETZEL, NANCY                          VA-35-22-278
WETZELL, MARTIN                        VA-35-2-458
WEVEBROUGHT, JACOB                     VA-35-1-472
WHETZELL, JOHN                         VA-35-17-387
WHITACRE, GEORGE                       VA-35-34-228
WHITACRE, GEORGE                       VA-35-23-472
WHITACRE, JOSHUA                       VA-35-9-309
WHITACRE, NIMROD                       VA-35-38-432
WHITACRE, ZEDWELL                      VA-35-38-111
WHITE, ALEXANEER                       VA-35-8-1
WHITE, BENJAMIN                        VA-35-2-425
WHITE, EDWARD                          VA-35-6-487
WHITE, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-29-156,326
WHITE, JACOB                           VA-35-6-663
WHITE, JANE                            VA-35-28-199
WHITE, JOHN                            VA-35-31-54
WHITE, JOHN                            VA-35-21-217
WHITE, JOSEPH                          VA-35-24-107
WHITE, MARY                            VA-35-6-209
WHITE, MARY                            VA-35-20-41
WHITE, MICHAEL                         VA-35-17-149
WHITE, MORDECAI                        VA-35-12-94
WHITE, NANCY                           VA-35-16-77
WHITE, NATHANIEL SR.                   VA-35-SC1-392
WHITE, ROBERT                          VA-35-16-383
WHITE, ROBERT                          VA-35-SC3-7
WHITE, THOMAS                          VA-35-4-465
WHITE, WARNER                          VA-35-10-117
WHITE, WILLIAM                         VA-35-11-2
WHITE, WILLIAM                         VA-35-3-335
WHITEMAN, BARBARA                      VA-35-11-500
WHITEMAN, HENRY                        VA-35-8-351
WHITING, HENRY                         VA-35-5-159
WHITINGTON, RICHARD                    VA-35-CC3-208
WHITMYER, CATHERINE                    VA-35-28-51
WHITMYER, JACOB                        VA-35-24-323
WHITRICK, DANIEL                       VA-35-2-204
WHITTINGTON, JOSEPH                    VA-35-20-84
WICKERSHAM, SAMUEL                     VA-35-5-115
WICKERSHAM, WILLIAM                    VA-35-8-57
WIGGINTON, SARAH                       VA-35-9-227
WILGER, HENRY                          VA-35-5-111
WILLEY, A. G.                          VA-35-35-368
WILLEY, JACOB                          VA-35-33-448
WILLEY, LAWSON                         VA-35-35-316
WILLEY, M. JANE                        VA-35-36-232
WILLEY, WILLIAM                        VA-35-33-351
WILLIAMS, ALFRED                       VA-35-36-470
WILLIAMS, BARNET                       VA-35-6-26
WILLIAMS, ELIZA G.                     VA-35-18-404
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        VA-35-14-140
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        VA-35-11-335
WILLIAMS, JANE E.                      VA-35-18-479
WILLIAMS, JARED                        VA-35-16-357
WILLIAMS, JOHN S.                      VA-35-9-373
WILLIAMS, PHILIP                       VA-35-28-497
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        VA-35-4-46
WILLIAMS, SUSANNAH                     VA-35-20-514
WILLIAMSON, MARY                       VA-35-21-88
WILLIAMSON, PHILIP D.                  VA-35-17-21
WILLSON, JOHN                          VA-35-3-40
WILSON, DAVID                          VA-35-10-606
WILSON, JAMES                          VA-35-4-348
WILSON, JANE MCC.                      VA-35-34-190
WILSON, MARY                           VA-35-21-206
WILSON, MARY B.                        VA-35-24-281
WILSON, ROBERT                         VA-35-4-444
WILSON, ROBERT                         VA-35-5-399
WINDLE, JOHN                           VA-35-22-125
WINGERTER, JOHN                        VA-35-40-394
WINGFIELD, JOHN                        VA-35-14-86
WISE, JACOB                            VA-35-3-441
WISECARBER, JOHN                       VA-35-SC2-410
WISECARVER, AMOS                       VA-35-30-405
WISECARVER, HENRY                      VA-35-25-465
WISECARVER, SAMUEL                     VA-35-26-47
WITHERS, RALPH                         VA-35-5-261
WITHROW, SAMUEL                        VA-35-SC2-111
WOLFE, CHRISTIAN                       VA-35-26-284
WOLFE, CHRISTOPHER                     VA-35-8-465
WOLFE, JACOB                           VA-35-SC3-195
WOLFE, JOHN W.                         VA-35-39-336
WOLFE, LEWIS                           VA-35-23-55
WOLFE, LEWIS                           VA-35-SC1-313
WOLFE, MARY                            VA-35-28-70
WOLFE, PETER                           VA-35-4-485
WOOD, CHARLES L.                       VA-35-CC3-55
WOOD, HARRIET                          VA-35-28-106
WOOD, ISAAC                            VA-35-24-227
WOOD, JAMES                            VA-35-2-496
WOOD, JOSEPH                           VA-35-9-389
WOOD, JULIA                            VA-35-35-488
WOOD, LYDIA                            VA-35-26-387
WOOD, MARGARET                         VA-35-25-351
WOOD, MARY                             VA-35-9-139
WOOD, MARY                             VA-35-28-301
WOOD, NATHAN                           VA-35-25-32, 26-386
WOOD, ROBERT W.                        VA-35-24-259
WOOD, THOMAS                           VA-35-5-147
WOOD, THOMAS                           VA-35-38-193
WOOD, TOBIAS                           VA-35-2-38
WOOD, WILLIAM                          VA-35-27-5
WOOD, WILLIAM                          VA-35-30-395
WOODCOCK, FRANCES                      VA-35-10-112
WOODCOCK, JOHN SHEARMAN                VA-35-SC2-141
WOODWARD, JOSIAH P.                    VA-35-37-365
WOOLF, MICHAEL                         VA-35-3-338
WORMELEY, JOHN                         VA-35-SC2-164
WRIGHT, DANIEL                         VA-35-33-172
WRIGHT, GEORGE                         VA-35-26-42
WRIGHT, GEORGE B.                      VA-35-28-322
WRIGHT, JAMES                          VA-35-2-372
WRIGHT, JOHN                           VA-35-10-300
WRIGHT, JONATHAN                       VA-35-10-408
WRIGHT, MARY                           VA-35-3-173
WRIGHT, MARY                           VA-35-38-151
WRIGHT, MARY                           VA-35-27-149
WRIGHT, MATTHEW                        VA-35-SC2-13
WRIGHT, SAMUEL B.                      VA-35-39-44
WROE, BENJAMIN                         VA-35-10-399
YEAKLE, JOHN W.                        VA-35-38-442
YEAKLEY, JOHN                          VA-35-21-364
YIDER, JOHN                            VA-35-CC3-1-A
YOUNG, HENRY                           VA-35-32-205
YOUNG, JAMES                           VA-35-1-291
YOUNG, PHILIP S.                       VA-35-29-180
ZANE, ISAAC                            VA-35-SC1-199
ZEILER, JACOB                          VA-35-38-26
ZEILOR, PETER                          VA-35-22-298
ZIRKLE, WILLIAM S.                     VA-35-31-312
ZOLL, HENRY                            VA-35-7-156
ZOMWALD, ANDREW                        VA-35-3-256

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