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Column Two: Year of Record
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page #
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JACKSON, GRACE                         VA-35-20-356
JACKSON, HENRY                         VA-35-18-173
JACKSON, HUGH                          VA-35-3-380
JACKSON, J. FENTON                     VA-35-37-41
JACKSON, JOSEPH S.                     VA-35-40-230
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        VA-35-22-74
JACKSON, SARAH                         VA-35-8-436
JACKSON,JOSIAH                         VA-35-5-471
JACOBS, GEORGE                         VA-35-1-386
JAMES, JNKIN                           VA-35-3-157
JANES, HENRY                           VA-35-15-421
JARRETT, JAMES                         VA-35-33-314
JASPER, WILLIAM                        VA-35-1-118
JAYCOCK, DAVID                         VA-35-1-104
JENKINS, AARON                         VA-35-2-338
JENKINS, ABRAM                         VA-35-35-101
JENKINS, EDWARD                        VA-35-10-557
JENKINS, JOHN Z.                       VA-35-31-229
JENKINS, JONATHAN                      VA-35-37-39
JENKINS, REBECCA J.                    VA-35-40-348
JOB, HANNAH                            VA-35-1-240
JOBE, WILLIAM SR.                      VA-35-39-188
JOHN, (NEGRO)                          VA-35-8-315
JOHN, DANIEL                           VA-35-3-513
JOLIFFE, JAMES                         VA-35-4-134
JOLIFFE, WILLIAM                       VA-35-4-16
JOLLIFFE, AMOS                         VA-35-SC1-334
JOLLIFFE, ELIZABETH                    VA-35-4-668
JOLLIFFE, FRANCIS                      VA-35-31-56
JOLLIFFE, JOHN                         VA-35-4-355
JOLLIFFE, JOSEPH N.                    VA-35-39-207
JOLLIFFE, REBECCA                      VA-35-26-430
JONES, ANN C.                          VA-35-33-36
JONES, FANCIS B.                       VA-35-27-57
JONES, GORE                            VA-35-2-31
JONES, JAMES                           VA-35-4-58
JONES, JAMES                           VA-35-32-52
JONES, JOSEPH                          VA-35-5-422
JONES, MARY C.                         VA-35-39-70
JONES, RICHARD                         VA-35-33-313
JONES, SPENCER                         VA-35-1-221
JONES, WILLIAM S.                      VA-35-21-536
JORDAN, BRANCH                         VA-35-27-95
JORDAN, E. C.                          VA-35-CC3-207
JORDAN, SYLVESTER (COLORED)            VA-35-26-165
KCKLEY, SALLY                          VA-35-37-194
KEALCHNER, MICHAEL                     VA-35-2-221
KEAN, JOSEPH                           VA-35-27-14
KEARFOOT, MAGARET                      VA-35-10-110
KEARFOOT, WILLIAM                      VA-35-9-38
KEARNES, FREDRICK                      VA-35-27-175
KECKLEY, BENJAMIN                      VA-35-23-53
KECKLEY, ELIAS                         VA-35-10-436
KECKLEY, JACOB                         VA-35-5-227
KECKLEY, RACHEL                        VA-35-35-133
KEELING, PETER                         VA-35-23-291
KEENAN, RHODA A.                       VA-35-CC3-1
KEITER, JACOB                          VA-35-27-171
KELLER, GEORGE                         VA-35-21-325
KELLEY, JOHN                           VA-35-1-482
KELSO, JOHN                            VA-35-3-154
KEMP, JOHN                             VA-35-8-330
KENDRICK, ABRAHAM                      VA-35-6-515
KENDRICK, BENJAMIN                     VA-35-15-399
KENNADY, DANIEL                        VA-35-2-276
KENNAN, SARAH                          VA-35-26-162
KENNAN, SARAH                          VA-35-12-119
KENNAN, THOMAS                         VA-35-10-113
KENNEDY, HUGH                          VA-35-13-65
KENWARD, NICHOLAS                      VA-35-2-374
KERCHEVAL, JOHN                        VA-35-5-205
KERFOOT, ANN                           VA-35-15-215
KERFOTT, WILLIAM                       VA-35-4-495
KERIN, TIMOTHY T.                      VA-35-39-279
KERN, JOHN A.                          VA-35-39-113
KERN, MARGARET                         VA-35-29-154
KERNS, ELISHA                          VA-35-CC3-34
KERNS, GEORGE SR.                      VA-35-24-196
KERNS, JOSHUA                          VA-35-36-157
KERNS, NATHAN                          VA-35-23-254
KERNS, NICHOLAS                        VA-35-21-293
KERR, JOSEPH C.                        VA-35-23-480
KERR, WILLIAM                          VA-35-23-250
KEYES, GERSHOM                         VA-35-3-355
KIDD, RICHARD                          VA-35-22-65
KIGER, MARY                            VA-35-20-40
KILE, ISAAC                            VA-35-29-75
KILE, JAMES                            VA-35-SC2-62
KING, AQUILLA                          VA-35-9-315
KING, JOSEPH                           VA-35-8-139
KLINE, ANTHONY                         VA-35-15-133
KLINE, ANTHONY                         VA-35-26-76
KLINE, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-11-225
KLINE, JACOB                           VA-35-SC3-24
KLINE, WILLIAM R.                      VA-35-28-106
KNEFF, JOHN                            VA-35-13-111
KNIGHT, ELIZABETH                      VA-35-27-235
KNIGHT, JAMES                          VA-35-5-163
KOONTZ, GEORGE                         VA-35-11-340
KOUGHNAWER, JACOB                      VA-35-4-159
KRIDER, JOHN                           VA-35-14-401
KYNER, MARGARET                        VA-35-40-471
LAKENAN, THOMAS                        VA-35-10-568
LAMBERT, PERMELIA                      VA-35-30-440
LAMP, JOHN                             VA-35-20-28
LANGDON, JOSEPH                        VA-35-2-390
LANHAM, MOSES                          VA-35-18-404
LAREW, PETER                           VA-35-4-661
LARRIC, HENRY                          VA-35-27-84
LARRIC, JOHN                           VA-35-20-433
LARRICK, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-26-309
LARRICK, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-29-395
LARRICK, FREDERICK                     VA-35-26-489
LARRICK, GEORGE                        VA-35-SC4-165
LARRICK, JACOB B.                      VA-35-36-302
LARRICK, JOHN                          VA-35-7-214
LARRICK, JOHN SR.                      VA-35-4-603
LARRICK, MARY                          VA-35-28-68
LARRICK, NANCY                         VA-35-27-111
LARRICK, REBECCA                       VA-35-27-10
LARRICK, REBEKAH                       VA-35-23-269
LARRICK, SUSAN                         VA-35-21-358
LARUE, ISAAC                           VA-35-SC1-216
LARUE, JAMES                           VA-35-8-505
LAUBENGER, GEORGE MICHAEL              VA-35-4-670
LAUBINGER, BARBARA                     VA-35-8-523
LAUCK, MARY                            VA-35-25-485
LAUCK, PETER                           VA-35-20-378
LAUGHLIN, HENRY C.                     VA-35-37-191
LAURENCE, JOHN                         VA-35-4-436
LAVIN, THOMAS                          VA-35-33-251
LAWRENCE, MARGARET                     VA-35-10-191
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                      VA-35-SC3-196
LAWYER, MICHAEL                        VA-35-5-340
LAWYER, PHILIP                         VA-35-24-128
LAYARD, ABEL J.                        VA-35-CC3-209
LEACH, MARY ANN                        VA-35-29-135
LECKRON, GEORGE                        VA-35-SC4-179
LEE, DANIEL                            VA-35-18-53
LEETH, GEORGE                          VA-35-3-460
LEFEVER, ANN E.                        VA-35-39-395
LEHEW, JOHN                            VA-35-4-387
LEHEW, PETER                           VA-35-4-609
LEHEW, SPENCER                         VA-35-7-96
LEMEN, NICHOLAS                        VA-35-2-489
LEMLEY, GEORGE                         VA-35-19-30
LEMLEY, JOHN C.                        VA-35-28-158
LEMLY, JOHN                            VA-35-5-61
LEMON, JAMES                           VA-35-2-242
LEONBURGER, JOHN                       VA-35-2-227
LEWIS, JOHN                            VA-35-39-394
LEWIS, JOHN                            VA-35-16-265
LEWIS, MARGARET                        VA-35-33-271
LEYBURN, THOMAS                        VA-35-1-114
LIGHT, HENRY                           VA-35-20-491
LIGHT, SAMUEL S.                       VA-35-40-228
LIKENS, JONAS                          VA-35-SC2-20
LIKENS, JONAS                          VA-35-8-89
LIKENS, REBECCA                        VA-35-10-412
LILLBURN, ANN                          VA-35-1-219
LINDER, GEORGE                         VA-35-3-367
LINDSEY, JAMES                         VA-35-10-341
LINDSEY, THOMAS                        VA-35-3-502
LINE, ADAM                             VA-35-6-557
LINEBERG, SAMUEL                       VA-35-40-194
LINN, CATHARINE                        VA-35-23-101
LINN, ELIZABETH ANN                    VA-35-16-86
LINSAY, JAMES                          VA-35-6-17
LISTER, CORNELIUS                      VA-35-8-84
LITTLE, ADAM                           VA-35-9-117
LITTLE, JAMES                          VA-35-18-363
LITTLE, THOMAS                         VA-35-1-234
LITTLER, ELIJAH                        VA-35-SC2-347
LITTLER, JOHN                          VA-35-10-360
LITTLER, JOHN                          VA-35-1-212
LITTLER, LABAN                         VA-35-11-493
LITTLER, NATHAN                        VA-35-9-284
LITTLER, SAMUEL                        VA-35-4-381
LIVINGSTON, CORNELIUS                  VA-35-SC1-185
LLOYD, THOMAS                          VA-35-SC2-293
LOCK, GEORGE SR                        VA-35-11-499
LOCKE, GEORGE M.                       VA-35-33-440
LOCKE, JACOB L.                        VA-35-36-21
LOCKHART, JOSIAH                       VA-35-23-470
LOCKHART, MARGERY                      VA-35-20-3
LOCKHART, ROBERT                       VA-35-SC3-39
LOCKMILLER, VALENTINE                  VA-35-5-70
LODGE, CHRISTINA                       VA-35-20-470
LOFTEN, THOMAS                         VA-35-1-498
LONAS, GEORGE                          VA-35-18-286
LONG, CONROD                           VA-35-13-255
LONG, ELIJAH M.                        VA-35-14-387
LONGACRE, ANDREW                       VA-35-SC1-220
LONGACRE, JOSEPH                       VA-35-8-256
LOSH, GEORGE                           VA-35-SC1-141
LOVE, CHARLES I.                       VA-35-20-137
LOVETT, ANNIS (COLORED)                VA-35-26-331
LOVETT, JONATHAN                       VA-35-9-295
LOVETT, N. BYRON                       VA-35-30-471
LOVETT, NAHLON S.                      VA-35-25-506
LOW, NICHOLAS                          VA-35-19-221
LOWERY, ROBERT                         VA-35-8-420
LOY, CONRAD                            VA-35-25-364
LOY, JOHN                              VA-35-6-436
LUCAS, REBECCA                         VA-35-1-184
LUKE, PETER                            VA-35-8-283
LUKINS, JONATHAN                       VA-35-21-337
LUPTON, ANN                            VA-35-13-360
LUPTON, DAVID                          VA-35-11-315
LUPTON, DAVID                          VA-35-29-307
LUPTON, ESTHER                         VA-35-21-519
LUPTON, JOHN                           VA-35-34-486
LUPTON, JOHN                           VA-35-8-29
LUPTON, JONAH                          VA-35-25-491
LUPTON, JOSEPH                         VA-35-5-317
LUPTON, JOSEPH                         VA-35-2-308
LUPTON, JOSHUA                         VA-35-22-13
LUPTON, NATHANIEL C.                   VA-35-30-169
LUPTON, RACHEL                         VA-35-22-276
LUPTON, SAMUEL                         VA-35-15-172
LUPTON, WILLIAM                        VA-35-5-7
LUTTRELL, FIELDING                     VA-35-21-73
LYCANS, PETER                          VA-35-2-110
LYNDEMOOTH, GEORGE                     VA-35-4-26
LYNN, ANN W.                           VA-35-24-72
LYNN, DEBORAH J.                       VA-35-31-231
LYNN, GEORGE                           VA-35-7-92
LYNN, GEORGE                           VA-35-23-252
LYNN, JOSEPH S.                        VA-35-29-301
LYTLE, LYDIA P.                        VA-35-30-404
MACKOOLL, JAMES                        VA-35-1-441
MACKY, JOHN                            VA-35-13-15
MACKY, ROBERT                          VA-35-SC2-414
MACLAIN, WILLIAM                       VA-35-2-1222
MADDEN, JANE                           VA-35-11-70
MADDEN, MABRA                          VA-35-8-142
MADDEN, MARBRA                         VA-35-11-505
MAGILL, ARCHIBALD                      VA-35-11-105
MAGILL, ARCHIBALD                      VA-35-17-415
MAGILL, CHARLES                        VA-35-13-493
MAGILL, JOHN                           VA-35-SC3-216
MAGILL, MARY B.                        VA-35-23-30
MAGILL, MARY D.                        VA-35-28-369
MAGRUDER, ELEANOR                      VA-35-20-174
MAHANEY, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-21-218
MAHANEY, JOSEPH P.                     VA-35-27-93
MALIN, DAVID                           VA-35-2-475
MALIN, LYDIA                           VA-35-5-446
MALONEY, DANIEL                        VA-35-11-288
MALONEY, JAMES                         VA-35-11-456
MANN, ELIZA                            VA-35-SC2-61
MARBURGER, JOHN                        VA-35-6-465
MARCH, HENRY                           VA-35-25-211
MARCH, JAMES H.                        VA-35-36-6
MARGART, CHRISTIAN                     VA-35-3-95
MARKELL, JOHN                          VA-35-26-594
MARKER, CORNELIUS B.                   VA-35-26-367
MARKER, GEORGE                         VA-35-5-154
MARKER, JACOB                          VA-35-5-230
MARKER, JOHN                           VA-35-24-159
MARPLE, ENOCH                          VA-35-10-190
MARPOLE, THOMAS                        VA-35-23-180
MARQUIS, JOHN                          VA-35-5-519
MARSHALL, THOMAS                       VA-35-11-134
MARTENEY, NANCY                        VA-35-28-215
MARTIN, ANNA SUSANNA                   VA-35-21-259
MARTIN, FIENNES WYKEHAM                VA-35-21-242
MARTIN, FRANCES                        VA-35-21-254
MARTIN, GEORGE                         VA-35-2-73
MARTIN, JAMES LEE                      VA-35-9-350
MARTIN, PHLIP                          VA-35-21-301
MARTIN, SYBILLA                        VA-35-21-256
MARTIN, THOMAS                         VA-35-5-310
MARTIN, THOMAS BRYAN                   VA-35-SC1-320
MARVIN, WILLIAM                        VA-35-24-130
MASLIN, THOMAS JR.                     VA-35-36-466
MASON, ANDREW                          VA-35-21-513
MASON, GEORGE                          VA-35-31-124
MASON, SARAH                           VA-35-34-88
MASON, SETH                            VA-35-22-80
MASSIE, THOMAS W.                      VA-35-38-135
MASTIN, CHARLOTTE                      VA-35-8-156
MATHEWS, JOSEPH                        VA-35-2-354
MATTOX, ROBERT                         VA-35-14-378
MAUCK, FREDERICK                       VA-35-4-440
MAUCK, MICHAEL                         VA-35-16-67
MAUK, PETER                            VA-35-4-87
MCALISTER, JOHN                        VA-35-13-362
MCALLISTER, ALICE                      VA-35-14-477
MCCAN, DANIEL                          VA-35-6-475
MCCANDLESS, ROBERT                     VA-35-19-422
MCCARDELL, ELIZABETH                   VA-35-28-284
MCCAULEY, DANIEL                       VA-35-15-352
MCCHESNUT, ALEXANDER                   VA-35-1-416
MCCLEAY, ISABELLA                      VA-35-17-79
MCCLEAY, JANE                          VA-35-8-404
MCCLUN, JOHN                           VA-35-15-339
MCCLUN, SARAH                          VA-35-22-325
MCCLUN, THOMAS                         VA-35-8-63
MCCOOL, ELEANOR                        VA-35-12-183
MCCOOL, JAMES                          VA-35-1-441
MCCOOL, JOHN                           VA-35-9-338
MCCOOLE, JAMES                         VA-35-7-232
MCCORD, ARTHUR                         VA-35-5-197
MCCORD, GEORGE                         VA-35-26-588
MCCORMAC, JOHN B.                      VA-35-40-271
MCCORMAC, LEVI                         VA-35-23-452
MCCORMICK, ISAAC                       VA-35-10-189
MCCORMICK, JOHN                        VA-35-3-464
MCCORMICK, PROVINCE SR                 VA-35-13-148
MCCORMICK, SAMUEL                      VA-35-11-296
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM                     VA-35-39-163
MCCOWAN, ANTHONY                       VA-35-18-114
MCCOWEN, THOMAS                        VA-35-13-66
MCCOY, WILLIAM                         VA-35-39-42
MCCOY, WILLIAM                         VA-35-39-42
MCDONALD, ANGUS                        VA-35-4-419
MCDONALD, BENJAMIN                     VA-35-13-350
MCDONALD, JOHN                         VA-35-5-155
MCDONALD, MARY                         VA-35-5-206
MCDONALD, SAMUEL N.                    VA-35-33-86
MCDOUGALL, THOMAS                      VA-35-6-641
MCFARLAND, ELIZABETH                   VA-35-18-136
MCGUIRE, EDWARD                        VA-35-8-270
MCGUIRE, EDWARD                        VA-35-15-19
MCHENRY, BARNABY                       VA-35-1-357
MCILWEE, WILLIAM                       VA-35-39-490
MCINTIRE, WILLIAM                      VA-35-27-6
MCINTYRE, CHARLES                      VA-35-25-486
MCKAY, ANDREW                          VA-35-8-3
MCKEE, MARGARET                        VA-35-2-393
MCKEE, ROBERT                          VA-35-6-588
MCKEE, ROBERT                          VA-35-16-222A
MCKEE, WILLIAM SR.                     VA-35-20-8
MCKENDRICK, DAVID                      VA-35-32-337
MCLAIN, WILLIAM                        VA-35-2-122
MCLAUGHLIN, PARASADES                  VA-35-39-107
MCLUN, MARGART H.                      VA-35-23-453
MCMAHAN, TIMTHY                        VA-35-6-506
MCMECHAN, WILLIAM                      VA-35-1-293
MCMORRIS, DAVID                        VA-35-10-320
MCMURRAY, JAMES                        VA-35-8-19
MCMURRAY, PETER                        VA-35-12-482
MCNAMEE, BRYAN                         VA-35-1-1
MCVEIGH, JAMES                         VA-35-33-270
MCWHORTER, ROBERT                      VA-35-12-44
MCWHORTER, ROBERT                      VA-35-8-498
MEADE, LUCY F.                         VA-35-14-6
MEADE, MARY                            VA-35-9-251
MEADE, RICHARD K.                      VA-35-8-107
MEADE, SUSAN                           VA-35-14-5
MEAMER, ANN MARGARET                   VA-35-20-172
MEAMER, JACOB                          VA-35-24-197
MEAMER, JOHN                           VA-35-25-35
MELTON, JOHN                           VA-35-1-443
MERCER, EDWARD                         VA-35-3-146
MERCER, JOB                            VA-35-20-302
MERCER, JOHN                           VA-35-1-350
MERCER, MOSES                          VA-35-8-34
MERCHANT, RICHARD                      VA-35-2-62
MEREDITH, CHARLES B.                   VA-35-CC3-69
MESEMER, NICHOLAS                      VA-35-9-270
MESSAMORE, PETER                       VA-35-2-408
METZGER, DANIEL                        VA-35-23-403
METZGER, MARY                          VA-35-25-428
MIERS, MARY                            VA-35-19-179
MILLBURN, ELIZABETH                    VA-35-4-242
MILLBURN, JOHN                         VA-35-9-220
MILLBURN, JOHN                         VA-35-3-9
MILLBURN, JOHN SR.                     VA-35-SC1-162
MILLER, A. S.                          VA-35-40-192
MILLER, ABRAHAM                        VA-35-21-147
MILLER, ALEXANDER                      VA-35-19-63
MILLER, BENJAMIN                       VA-35-CC3-170
MILLER, ELLEN E.                       VA-35-24-488
MILLER, GODFRIED                       VA-35-7-188
MILLER, J. PETER                       VA-35-29-178
MILLER, JACOB                          VA-35-3-339
MILLER, JOHN                           VA-35-22-15
MILLER, JOHN M.                        VA-35-39-382
MILLER, JOSEPH                         VA-35-23-432
MILLER, MARGARET                       VA-35-24-341
MILLER, MARY                           VA-35-25-351
MILLER, MICHAEL                        VA-35-5-441
MILLER, ROBRT W.                       VA-35-38-316
MILLER, SARAH A.                       VA-35-32-340
MILLER, THOMAS C.                      VA-35-36-519
MILLER, THOMAS J.                      VA-35-34-291
MILLER, THOMAS M.                      VA-35-37-250
MILLER, VALENTINE                      VA-35-4-597
MILLER, WILLIAM                        VA-35-2-303
MILLER, WILLIAM                        VA-35-27-27
MILLER, WILLIAM B.                     VA-35-27-86
MILLS, MARY F.                         VA-35-39-360
MINOR, FRANCES C.                      VA-35-35-315
MINX, MARGARET                         VA-35-29-96
MITCHELL, JAMES C.                     VA-35-22-124
MITCHELL, THOMAS                       VA-35-18-507
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                      VA-35-SC4-87
MOCK, CHRISTOPHER                      VA-35-8-425
MOCK, GEORGE                           VA-35-SC2-145
MOLER, JOHN ADAM                       VA-35-3-353
MOLING, JOHN                           VA-35-34-189
MONTGOMERY, HENRY P.                   VA-35-33-426
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                     VA-35-35-278
MOON, SIMON                            VA-35-1-238
MOORE, CATHERINE                       VA-35-10-569
MOORE, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-2-457
MOORE, JAMES                           VA-35-13-257
MOORE, PETER                           VA-35-5-125
MOORE, RILEY                           VA-35-2-405
MORGAN, DANIEL                         VA-35-SC1-435
MORGAN, JOHN                           VA-35-17-257
MORGAN, JOSEPH                         VA-35-8-12
MORGAN, MICHAEL                        VA-35-30-63
MORGAN, RACHEL                         VA-35-11-228
MORGAN, REBECCA                        VA-35-20-173
MORGAN, RICHARD                        VA-35-3-159
MORGAN, WILLOUGHBY                     VA-35-17-409
MORRIS, ELIZABETH                      VA-35-2-457
MORRIS, SAMUEL                         VA-35-1-345
MORRISON, MARY                         VA-35-37-364
MORRISON, MARY                         VA-35-8-363
MORRISON, WILLIAM                      VA-35-15-420
MORROW, JAMES                          VA-35-21-156
MORROW, LUCINDA M.                     VA-35-31-42
MOSS, PRESLEY                          VA-35-25-560
MOUNT, RICHARD                         VA-35-2-398
MOUNT, SAMUEL                          VA-35-8-529
MOUNTZ, JOHN                           VA-35-26-462
MOYERS, JOHN                           VA-35-16-109
MOYRES, STEPHEN                        VA-35-6-257
MRCER, DINAH                           VA-35-8-507
MULLAN, THOMAS                         VA-35-9-349
MUMAW, JACOB M.                        VA-35-29-154
MUMAW, PETER                           VA-35-12-430
MURPHY, DARBEY                         VA-35-3-468
MURPHY, THOMAS                         VA-35-25-146
MURRAY, GEORG                          VA-35-5-516
MUSE, JOHN                             VA-35-9-182
MUSE, ROBERT                           VA-35-22-57
MUSE, SUSAN                            VA-35-13-294
MYER, GASPER                           VA-35-5-364
MYERS, JOANNA G.                       VA-35-24-256
MYERS, JOHN JACOB                      VA-35-24-132
MYERS, JOSEPH S.                       VA-35-34-27
MYERS, ROBERT                          VA-35-29-391
MYTINGER, ISAAC                        VA-35-9-29
NEFF, JOHN                             VA-35-13-111
NEFF, MARTIN                           VA-35-11-196
NEGRO, JOHN                            VA-35-8-315
NEILL, ABRAHAM                         VA-35-15-423
NEILL, ISAAC                           VA-35-SC2-219
NEILL, JOHN                            VA-35-6-285
NEILL, JOHN                            VA-35-1-455
NEILL, JOSEPH                          VA-35-27-21
NEILL, JOSEPH                          VA-35-6-151
NEILL, LEWIS                           VA-35-4-318
NEILL, LEWIS                           VA-35-21-33
NEILL, RACHEL                          VA-35-22-32
NEILL, REBECCA                         VA-35-19-4
NEILL, THOMAS                          VA-35-11-112
NEILL, WILLIAM                         VA-35-4-413
NELSON, JAMES                          VA-35-34-231
NELSON, MOSES                          VA-35-32-151
NEWBROUGH, JOSHUA                      VA-35-22-250
NEWBY, EDWARD                          VA-35-SC1-421
NEWCOMER, JACOB                        VA-35-30-31
NEWCOMER, JOHN                         VA-35-29-366
NEWCOMER, MARY                         VA-35-29-323
NEWKIRK, BARNARD                       VA-35-3-294
NICHOLS, EDWARD                        VA-35-14-406
NICHOLSON, GEORGE                      VA-35-6-31
NICKLIN, JACOB R.                      VA-35-26-594
NICKLIN, JOHN                          VA-35-1-446
NISEWANGER, JOHN                       VA-35-5-200
NOBLE, GEORGE                          VA-35-SC2-432
NOBLE, MARY ANN                        VA-35-SC2-431
NOLEN, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-20-2
NOLEN, JOHN                            VA-35-28-492
NOLEN, MARGARET                        VA-35-31-43
NORTHERN, MINTY                        VA-35-10-186
NORTON, JOHN HATLEY                    VA-35-6-283
NOSSETT, WILLIAM                       VA-35-22-424
NULTON, ANN MARIA                      VA-35-5-290
OAKS, JOHN (COLORED)                   VA-35-40-451
OFARRELL, DAVID                        VA-35-CC3-201
OGLESBY, ALEXANDER                     VA-35-5-522
OGULLION, DUNCAN                       VA-35-2-132
OLIVER, JAMES                          VA-35-6-27
OLIVER, NATHANIEL                      VA-35-16-181
ORENDORFF, JOHN                        VA-35-33-269
ORNDORFF, ISAAC                        VA-35-29-134
ORNDORFF, JOHN                         VA-35-6-454
ORNDORFF, PHINEAS                      VA-35-39-6
ORNDORFF, WILLIAM                      VA-35-14-140
ORNDUFF, JAMES H.                      VA-35-36-157
ORR, JOHN D.                           VA-35-10-62
OSBURN, GEORGE                         VA-35-24-319
OTTO, TOBIAS                           VA-35-3-274
OVERAKER, DANIEL                       VA-35-10-494
OVERAKER, SUSANNA                      VA-35-12-483
OWEN, JOHN W.                          VA-35-37-196
PACK, THOMAS R.                        VA-35-14-235
PAGE, CATHERINE                        VA-35-13-13
PAGE, JOHN TAYLOR                      VA-35-10-292
PAGE, JOHN W.                          VA-35-26-493
PAGE, MATTHEW                          VA-35-13-291
PAGE, SARAH C.                         VA-35-28-544
PAGE, WALKER Y.                        VA-35-9-505
PAGE, WILLIAM B.                       VA-35-14-485
PAGETT, EDMOND                         VA-35-21-157
PAINTER, ISAAC                         VA-35-8-130
PAINTER, JOHN                          VA-35-6-590
PAINTER, JOHN                          VA-35-4-65
PARKER, GILBERT                        VA-35-1-411
PARKER, JOSEPH                         VA-35-20-562
PARKER, SALLY                          VA-35-11-186
PARKER, THOMAS                         VA-35-10-537
PARKINS, ALFRED                        VA-35-CC3-26
PARKINS, ELISHA                        VA-35-2-358
PARKINS, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-8-331
PARKINS, ISAAC                         VA-35-15-152
PARKINS, ISAAC                         VA-35-4-269
PARKINS, JOHN                          VA-35-9-425
PARKINS, JONATHAN                      VA-35-8-9
PARKINS, JOSEPH                        VA-35-6-579
PARKINS, MARY                          VA-35-21-207
PARKINS, SYDNEY S.                     VA-35-25-33
PARKINS,JOSEPH                         VA-35-5-49
PARLETT, ELIZABETH                     VA-35-21-5
PARLETT, JOHN                          VA-35-19-469
PARLETT, JOSHUA                        VA-35-20-566
PARRELL, HUGH                          VA-35-1-195
PARRELL, HUGH                          VA-35-21-35
PARRELL, JOSEPH                        VA-35-9-340
PATTON, SAMUEL                         VA-35-2-212
PAULL, HUGH                            VA-35-1-306
PAYNE, ALLEN                           VA-35-30-398
PAYNE, AMOS                            VA-35-33-335
PAYNE, GEORGE                          VA-35-21-356
PAYNE, JOHN C.                         VA-35-29-308
PAYNE, SARAH                           VA-35-29-275
PEARIS, GEORGE                         VA-35-2-64
PELTER, GEORGE                         VA-35-22-238
PEMBERTON, GEORGE                      VA-35-2-258
PENDLETON, EDMUND                      VA-35-10-602
PENDLETON, EDWARD H.                   VA-35-26-562
PEPPER, JAMES                          VA-35-7-247
PEREGOY, HENRY                         VA-35-3-279
PERRY, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-35-168
PERRY, JOHN W.                         VA-35-37-320
PERRY, MARGERY                         VA-35-12-18
PERRY, NICHOLAS                        VA-35-33-171
PEYTON, HENRY JR.                      VA-35-4-340
PEYTON, WILLIAM                        VA-35-18-135
PHELPS, LUCY                           VA-35-18-230
PHILIPS, SOLOMON                       VA-35-5-148
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                      VA-35-19-444
PICKERING, JOHN                        VA-35-6-219
PICKERING, JONATHAN                    VA-35-17-145
PICKERING, SAMUEL                      VA-35-6-517
PICKERING, WILLIAM                     VA-35-5-222
PIERCE, AMOS                           VA-35-37-101
PIERCE, ELIZABETH M.                   VA-35-39-241
PIERCE, JOSEPH                         VA-35-10-358
PIERCE, LEWIS                          VA-35-3-57
PIERCE, MICHAEL                        VA-35-4-563
PIFER, DAVID W.                        VA-35-36-155
PIFER, ELIJAH                          VA-35-35-377
PIFER, ELIZABETH                       VA-35-28-42
PIFER, JOHN W.                         VA-35-38-242
PIFER, JOSEPH                          VA-35-3-504
PINE, CHARLES J.                       VA-35-38-12
PINE, ELIZABETH C.                     VA-35-38-314
PINE, GEORGE S.                        VA-35-37-428
PINE, JAMES                            VA-35-28-157
PINE, JAMES W.                         VA-35-34-245
PINGLEY, MIRIAM                        VA-35-38-293
PIPER, HARRIET                         VA-35-24-167
PITCOCK, CHRISTINA                     VA-35-40-107
PITMAN, ANDREW                         VA-35-CC3-113
PITMAN, ANTHONY                        VA-35-7-106
PITMAN, CATHERINE A.                   VA-35-26-488
PITZER, WOOLLERY                       VA-35-4-37
PLANK, ISAAC P.                        VA-35-35-379
PLUM, CASSIMER                         VA-35-8-361
POE, BALTZAR                           VA-35-6-619
POKER, JOHN WELDERICK                  VA-35-1-436
POLK, R. J. W.                         VA-35-27-3
POLLARD, JAMES                         VA-35-9-302
POLLARD, JOSEPH                        VA-35-7-153
POLLARD, JOSEPH                        VA-35-4-223
POOL, MARTIN                           VA-35-36-324
POWELL, ALFRED H.                      VA-35-16-512
POWELL, ELISHA                         VA-35-35-238
POWERS, DANIEL                         VA-35-23-515
POWRES, MARY                           VA-35-24-40
PRICE, ELIZA M.                        VA-35-29-283
PRICE, GEORGE                          VA-35-6-314
PRINCLER, NICHOLAS                     VA-35-4-10
PRINTZ, HENRY                          VA-35-10-603
PRITCHARD, HOUSEN K.                   VA-35-23-412
PRITCHARD, JUDITH K.                   VA-35-24-229
PRITCHARD, MARY S.                     VA-35-30-396
PRITCHARD, REES                        VA-35-2-314
PRITCHARD, STEPHEN                     VA-35-10-432
PRITCHARD, STEPHEN                     VA-35-25-504
PRITCHARD, WILLIAM                     VA-35-4-30
PRIVINCE, THOMAS                       VA-35-4-224
PUGH, ANN                              VA-35-6-609
PUGH, EDA ANN                          VA-35-36-385
PUGH, JOHN                             VA-35-SC4-182
PUGH, THOMAS                           VA-35-5-210
PURCELL, ELIAS H.                      VA-35-34-331
PURCELL, JOHN                          VA-35-39-192
PURCELL, JOHN SR.                      VA-35-32-381
PURCELL, MORDECAI                      VA-35-35-360
PURNALL, WILLIAM                       VA-35-2-375
PURVIS, CASSANDRA                      VA-35-10-444
PURVIS, JAMES                          VA-35-9-84
QUIGLEY, PATRICK                       VA-35-2-170

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