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SACKET, NANCY                           PA-31-6-233
SAILHAMER, RACHEL JANE                  PA-31-18-250
SALLES, HANNAH JANE                     PA-31-16-328
SAMPLE, LEE                             PA-31-16-101
SAMPLE, MARY                            PA-31-17-60
SANER, ADAM                             PA-31-12-114
SANGREE, MARIA M.                       PA-31-11-221
SANKEY, WILLIAM                         PA-31-4-361
SASSAMAN, PETER                         PA-31-5-159
SASSMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-31-9-367
SAXTON, EMILY B.                        PA-31-7-225
SAYLOR, CORNELIUS                       PA-31-16-164
SAYLOR, MARY A. E.                      PA-31-14-151
SCHAEFFER, WILLIAM                      PA-31-5-130
SCHAFER, GEORGE                         PA-31-9-243
SCHANTER, STEPHEN                       PA-31-11-384
SCHELL, SAMUEL                          PA-31-18-168
SCHENBERGER, GEORGE                     PA-31-2-168
SCHNEIDER, FREDERICK                    PA-31-5-478
SCHNERR, PHILIP                         PA-31-3-274
SCHOENEFELT, FREDERICK                  PA-31-5-151
SCHOENFELT, JACOB                       PA-31-4-57
SCHOFIELD, CATHARINE                    PA-31-18-313
SCHOFIELD, WILLIAM                      PA-31-17-116
SCHUCKER, HENRY                         PA-31-16-341
SCHULTZ, HENRY                          PA-31-3-324
SCHULTZ, JOHN                           PA-31-5-147
SCHULTZ, MARTIN                         PA-31-1-224
SCHULTZ, SARAH                          PA-31-14-206
SCOTT, AGNES                            PA-31-8-309
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                        PA-31-8-159
SCOTT, DAVID                            PA-31-2-134
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-31-5-107
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-31-5-154
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-31-15-227
SCOTT, OLIVER G.                        PA-31-4-328
SCOTT, THOMAS                           PA-31-2-82
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          PA-31-4-79
SEARS, SAMUEL W.                        PA-31-14-323
SECHRIST, PETER                         PA-31-5-220
SECRIST, PETER                          PA-31-11-352
SEIBERT, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-17-143
SEIDLE, LEWIS                           PA-31-13-308
SELFRIDGE, MARTHA                       PA-31-5-224
SELL, ABRAHAM                           PA-31-3-95
SELL, ANTHONY                           PA-31-1-26
SEMPLE, ELIZABETH J.                    PA-31-6-39
SHADE, J. A. (DR)                       PA-31-8-185
SHADEAN, SUSANNAH                       PA-31-5-218
SHADLE, ABRAHAM                         PA-31-5-143
SHADLE, WILLIAM                         PA-31-13-101
SHAEFFER, JOHN                          PA-31-5-39
SHAFER, MARGARET M.                     PA-31-16-174
SHAFER, RUDOLPH                         PA-31-13-52
SHAFFER, JOHN                           PA-31-8-265
SHAFFER, PETER                          PA-31-7-386
SHAFFER, WILLIAM                        PA-31-15-288
SHAFFNER, JACOB                         PA-31-6-361
SHARER, JACOB                           PA-31-5-55
SHARER, SAMUEL                          PA-31-8-349
SHARP, JACOB                            PA-31-10-395
SHARP, MARTHA                           PA-31-16-297
SHARP, PETER                            PA-31-1-109
SHARP, SAMUEL                           PA-31-15-313
SHARP, SOLOMON                          PA-31-7-152
SHARRER, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-7-61
SHARRER, MARY ANN                       PA-31-18-373
SHAVER, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-5-38
SHAVER, JOHN                            PA-31-6-168
SHAVER, JOHN                            PA-31-3-305
SHAVER, JOHN                            PA-31-16-287
SHAVER, JOSEPH WHITE                    PA-31-16-330
SHAVER, PETER                           PA-31-2-290
SHAVER, PETER                           PA-31-9-353
SHAVER, PETER R.                        PA-31-14-4
SHAVER, SARAH J.                        PA-31-11-184
SHAW, ELIZABETH                         PA-31-5-14
SHAW, ELIZABETH                         PA-31-4-423
SHAW, HARVEY                            PA-31-14-135
SHAW, MARY D.                           PA-31-12-210
SHAW, WILLIAM                           PA-31-3-232
SHAW, WILLIAM D.                        PA-31-6-332
SHEARER, JACOB                          PA-31-5-381
SHEFFER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-31-2-190
SHELLABARGER, EDGAR                     PA-31-18-124
SHENEFELT, ABRAHAM B.                   PA-31-9-173
SHETRUMP, BALZER                        PA-31-15-275
SHEVER, JAMES                           PA-31-8-261
SHIPLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-31-4-237
SHIPTON, MARY P.                        PA-31-17-324
SHIVELY, MARTHA                         PA-31-13-257
SHIVELY, MARY                           PA-31-8-358
SHOCK, WILLIAM                          PA-31-18-108
SHOEMAKER, ELISHA                       PA-31-8-132
SHOENBERGER, GEORGE K.                  PA-31-16-205
SHOENBERGER, JOHN H.                    PA-31-17-1
SHOFF, SARAH L.                         PA-31-17-66
SHOMO, HENRY R.                         PA-31-4-185
SHOOP, PHILIP                           PA-31-4-225
SHOPE, BENJAMIN                         PA-31-15-159
SHORE, DAVID                            PA-31-17-214
SHORE, J. LINCOLN                       PA-31-15-110
SHORTHILL, JOHN                         PA-31-3-344
SHOWALTER, JOSEPH W.                    PA-31-16-1
SHOWALTER, PETER                        PA-31-5-109
SHRINER, DANIEL                         PA-31-3-361
SHRIVER, FREDERICK WILLIAM              PA-31-2-269
SHROM, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-31-3-323
SHUE, ANDREW                            PA-31-14-350
SHUE, REBECCA                           PA-31-13-239
SHUGART, RACHEL                         PA-31-6-208
SHULTS, MARY                            PA-31-2-1
SHULTZ, JACOB                           PA-31-3-463
SHULTZ, LAWRENCE                        PA-31-3-227
SHULTZ, PHILIP                          PA-31-5-68
SHWABLE, PAUL                           PA-31-4-380
SILKNITTER, PHILIP                      PA-31-5-489
SILLS, AGNES                            PA-31-13-39
SILVERTHORN, RICHARD                    PA-31-9-45
SIMONS, MARY                            PA-31-8-246
SIMPSON, ALEXANDER                      PA-31-3-33
SIMPSON, HARRIET N.                     PA-31-15-157
SIMPSON, J. MURRAY                      PA-31-18-196
SIMPSON, JAMES                          PA-31-5-507
SIMPSON, JOHN                           PA-31-7-255
SIMPSON, ROBERT                         PA-31-5-40
SIMS, A. W.                             PA-31-14-163
SIONIE, PETER                           PA-31-4-320
SIPES, ELIZABETH A.                     PA-31-12-162
SIPES, GEORGE                           PA-31-9-106
SKEES, JOHN                             PA-31-10-225
SKIPPER, ABRAHAM                        PA-31-17-277
SLACK, ELIZA C.                         PA-31-8-324
SLACK, EMELINE                          PA-31-16-380
SLACK, MARTHA                           PA-31-11-219
SLOAN, JAMES                            PA-31-11-249
SLUCK, JOB                              PA-31-9-162
SMART, JOHN                             PA-31-3-421
SMART, WILLIAM                          PA-31-2-119
SMELKER, THOMAS A.                      PA-31-8-368
SMILY, JOHN                             PA-31-5-315
SMITH,JAMES                             PA-31-14-198
SMITH, ADAM                             PA-31-3-346
SMITH, AMOS L.                          PA-31-17-176
SMITH, ANNA MARY                        PA-31-17-360
SMITH, CAROLINE                         PA-31-17-95
SMITH, ELISABETH                        PA-31-5-11
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-8-361
SMITH, FRANCIS                          PA-31-4-385
SMITH, HENRY                            PA-31-11-334
SMITH, HUGH                             PA-31-5-463
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-31-2-229
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-31-9-19
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-31-3-124
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-31-2-211
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-31-17-268
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-31-3-205
SMITH, JOHN B.                          PA-31-14-226
SMITH, JOHN P.                          PA-31-17-44
SMITH, L. W.                            PA-31-18-230
SMITH, MARGARET                         PA-31-18-197
SMITH, MICHAEL                          PA-31-1-99
SMITH, PAUL                             PA-31-11-90
SMITH, REBECCA                          PA-31-7-204
SMITH, RICHARD ESQ.                     PA-31-3-75
SMITH, S. S.                            PA-31-18-416
SMITH, SAMUEL                           PA-31-15-194
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-31-3-160
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-31-7-371
SMITH, WILLIAM E.                       PA-31-11-207
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       PA-31-12-220
SMOUSE, ELIZABETH M.                    PA-31-16-295
SMUCKER, AMOS                           PA-31-15-246
SNARE, CASPER                           PA-31-4-473
SNARE, CATHARINE                        PA-31-8-328
SNARE, CONRD                            PA-31-5-387
SNARE, SAXTON                           PA-31-16-217
SNARR, DAVID                            PA-31-7-36
SNEATH, CHARLES A.                      PA-31-16-54
SNIDER, DAVID                           PA-31-9-254
SNYDER, ANN                             PA-31-7-276
SNYDER, CHRISTIANA                      PA-31-17-310
SNYDER, DANIEL                          PA-31-9-96
SNYDER, DAVID                           PA-31-5-150
SNYDER, EVE                             PA-31-8-83
SNYDER, HENRY                           PA-31-6-349
SNYDER, J. PETER                        PA-31-17-306
SNYDER, JACOB (REV)                     PA-31-6-161
SNYDER, JOHN                            PA-31-8-81
SNYDER, JOHN C.                         PA-31-16-14
SNYDER, LEWIS                           PA-31-9-274
SNYDER, RACHEL                          PA-31-17-169
SOLLERS, ELIJAH                         PA-31-10-248
SOLLERS, MATILDA                        PA-31-12-62
SOLLERS, THOMAS                         PA-31-3-487
SOUR, CATHARINE                         PA-31-3-413
SOWER, PHILIP                           PA-31-3-64
SPANG, HENRY S.                         PA-31-4-417
SPANOGLE, JACOB                         PA-31-8-155
SPANOGLE, NORA                          PA-31-9-136
SPANOGLE, SAMUEL                        PA-31-4-259
SPARR, CHRISTIAN                        PA-31-4-28
SPEARS, ABRAM                           PA-31-16-168
SPECK, CATHARINA                        PA-31-7-214
SPECK, DAVID                            PA-31-10-384
SPECK, MARGARET E.                      PA-31-17-344
SPECK, MICHAEL                          PA-31-5-500
SPECK, MICHAEL                          PA-31-3-436
SPEER, GEORGE W.                        PA-31-6-61
SPEER, R. MILTON                        PA-31-12-79
SPENCER, JOHN                           PA-31-2-273
SPENCER, ROBERT                         PA-31-5-110
SPITZER, JOHN                           PA-31-6-63
SPRAGUE, JOHN                           PA-31-16-358
SPRANKLE, BENJAMIN                      PA-31-16-257
SPRANKLE, MICHAEL                       PA-31-9-327
SPRANKLE, MICHAEL                       PA-31-17-154
SPRANKLE, SAMUEL                        PA-31-7-149
SPRENKEL, JOHN                          PA-31-5-332
SPRENKLE, PETER                         PA-31-8-10
SPYKER, ALFRED W.                       PA-31-18-287
STAHLEY, ELEN                           PA-31-12-391
STAHLEY, JACOB                          PA-31-7-234
STAINS, JESSE                           PA-31-10-160
STAINS, THOMPSON                        PA-31-9-29
STALHMAN, DAVID                         PA-31-12-81
STAPLETON, WILLIAM                      PA-31-6-300
STARR, JACOB                            PA-31-17-351
STARR, JAMES                            PA-31-3-397
STARR, MICHAEL                          PA-31-11-302
STARR, PRESCILLA J.                     PA-31-12-238
STARR, SIMON P.                         PA-31-6-260
STATES, MARY F.                         PA-31-10-264
STATES, WILLIAM L.                      PA-31-8-60
STEEL, ALEXANDER                        PA-31-5-411
STEEL, ELIZA                            PA-31-8-215
STEEL, ELIZA ANN                        PA-31-8-238
STEEL, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-6-105
STEEL, GEORGE E.                        PA-31-15-112
STEEL, HETTY                            PA-31-7-89
STEEL, HETTY                            PA-31-7-162
STEEL, JANE                             PA-31-7-100
STEEL, JANE                             PA-31-14-106
STEEL, JOHN                             PA-31-2-237
STEEL, JOHN                             PA-31-7-62
STEEL, MARIA                            PA-31-7-132
STEEL, MARTHA                           PA-31-5-245
STEEL, REBECCA                          PA-31-6-192
STEEL, SAMUEL                           PA-31-5-86
STEEL, SAMUEL                           PA-31-18-430
STEEL, WILLIAM                          PA-31-6-354
STEELE, BARBARA                         PA-31-13-266
STEELE, ELIZA J.                        PA-31-14-358
STEELE, ELIZABETH J.                    PA-31-15-65
STEER, NICHOALS                         PA-31-3-9
STEFFEY, SAMUEL                         PA-31-13-241
STEFFY, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-9-346
STEFFY, PETER                           PA-31-4-173
STEPHENS, JAMES A.                      PA-31-8-138
STEUART, EDIE                           PA-31-4-308
STEUBER, CATHARINE                      PA-31-12-151
STEVENS, BENEDICT                       PA-31-5-250
STEVENS, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-2-181
STEVENS, GILES                          PA-31-4-40
STEVENS, JOSEPH M.                      PA-31-7-1
STEVENS, MARTIN                         PA-31-2-272
STEVENS, MARY ANN                       PA-31-8-239
STEVENS, MARY B.                        PA-31-8-291
STEVENS, PETER                          PA-31-1-258
STEVER, DAVID                           PA-31-7-268
STEVER, JACOB                           PA-31-9-211
STEVER, MARY                            PA-31-14-288
STEWARD, JAMES                          PA-31-10-217
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      PA-31-7-380
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      PA-31-11-101
STEWART, ANNA                           PA-31-5-313
STEWART, DAVID                          PA-31-6-356
STEWART, DAVID                          PA-31-10-57
STEWART, GAVIN H.                       PA-31-17-317
STEWART, GEORGE WASHINGTON              PA-31-13-132
STEWART, HARRIET                        PA-31-6-160
STEWART, J. SEWELL                      PA-31-7-125
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-31-6-27
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-31-3-108
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-31-11-94
STEWART, JAMES M.                       PA-31-8-27
STEWART, JANE                           PA-31-6-119
STEWART, JANE                           PA-31-8-317
STEWART, JOHN                           PA-31-5-469
STEWART, JOHN                           PA-31-4-52
STEWART, JOHN                           PA-31-4-432
STEWART, MARGARET                       PA-31-11-41
STEWART, RACHEL                         PA-31-8-19
STEWART, ROBERT                         PA-31-3-325
STEWART, ROBERT                         PA-31-3-295
STEWART, ROBERT G.                      PA-31-4-34
STEWART, ROSE C.                        PA-31-6-269
STEWART, SAMUEL                         PA-31-7-171
STEWART, SAMUEL                         PA-31-8-113
STEWART, SAMUEL C.                      PA-31-17-374
STEWART, SARAH                          PA-31-7-389
STEWART, SARAH                          PA-31-17-399
STEWART, THOMAS F.                      PA-31-6-82
STEWART, WILLIAM                        PA-31-2-340
STEWART, WILLIAM                        PA-31-3-114
STITT, ARCHIBALD                        PA-31-5-57
STITT, EDWARD                           PA-31-3-374
STITT, ISABELLA B.                      PA-31-5-348
STITT, MATILDA B.                       PA-31-15-75
STITT, SARAH L.                         PA-31-9-383
STOMBAUGH, W. F.                        PA-31-11-133
STONEBRAKER, JOHN                       PA-31-5-299
STOUFFER, CATHARINE                     PA-31-17-257
STOUFFER, DANIEL                        PA-31-7-391
STOUFFER, DANIEL                        PA-31-17-418
STOUFFER, ISAAC                         PA-31-10-137
STOUFFER, ISAAC M.                      PA-31-18-225
STOUFFER, SAMUEL                        PA-31-18-299
STOVER, GEORGE F.                       PA-31-4-323
STRAUSE, HENRY                          PA-31-7-226
STRONG, GEORGE                          PA-31-5-31
STROUP, DOROTHY                         PA-31-17-51
STROUP, EMANUEL                         PA-31-11-116
STROUP, LEAH                            PA-31-7-45
STRYKER, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-9-4
STRYKER, MARY M.                        PA-31-14-197
STUNKARD, JOHN                          PA-31-5-414
STUNKARD, ROBERT                        PA-31-4-496
STURTSMAN, HENRY                        PA-31-7-210
STURTZMAN, MARY MATILDA                 PA-31-12-84
SUMMERS, ABBIE A.                       PA-31-17-159
SWAN, JOHN                              PA-31-5-435
SWAN, JOHN J.                           PA-31-17-163
SWAN, WILLIAM                           PA-31-3-197
SWANGER, MARY                           PA-31-15-52
SWEANY, BERNARD                         PA-31-2-293
SWEED, THOMAS                           PA-31-9-348
SWEETWOOD, ELLEN                        PA-31-12-130
SWENY, BERNARD                          PA-31-2-293
SWINE, GEORGE                           PA-31-7-362
SWIVEL, MARGARET                        PA-31-10-309
SWOOPE, MARGARETTA                      PA-31-6-115
SWOOPE, PETER                           PA-31-4-149
SWOPE, DAVID                            PA-31-7-310
SWOPE, HANNAH B.                        PA-31-10-206
SWOPE, HENRY J.                         PA-31-10-49
SWOPE, MARIA C.                         PA-31-17-157
SWOPE, MOSES                            PA-31-10-77
SWOPE, PETER                            PA-31-9-171
SWOPE, SARAH J.                         PA-31-6-164
SWOPE, SUSAN                            PA-31-14-144
TANNER, MARGARET                        PA-31-2-339
TAYLOR, AMOS                            PA-31-11-157
TAYLOR, GEORGE                          PA-31-7-195
TAYLOR, ISABELLA                        PA-31-10-89
TAYLOR, JOHN                            PA-31-4-419
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          PA-31-16-182
TAYLOR, MATTHEW                         PA-31-4-58
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          PA-31-18-200
TEMPLE, THOMAS J.                       PA-31-16-245
TEMPLE, WILLIAM                         PA-31-5-259
TEMPLETON, JAMES                        PA-31-4-350
TEMPLETON, JOHN                         PA-31-4-183
TEMPLETON, JOHN JR.                     PA-31-4-73
TEMPLETON, MARY ANNE                    PA-31-4-102
TEMPLETON, SAMUEL                       PA-31-4-111
TERREL, HANNAH                          PA-31-14-11
THOMAS, CAROLINE                        PA-31-17-224
THOMAS, ELIZA                           PA-31-11-390
THOMAS, WARNER                          PA-31-17-249
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     PA-31-5-416
THOMPSON, EDWARD A.                     PA-31-16-307
THOMPSON, EPHRAIM                       PA-31-11-108
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        PA-31-4-257
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        PA-31-15-319
THOMPSON, ISAAC                         PA-31-4-299
THOMPSON, ISAAC                         PA-31-3-483
THOMPSON, ISAAC                         PA-31-9-165
THOMPSON, JAMES                         PA-31-3-239
THOMPSON, JAMES                         PA-31-9-250
THOMPSON, JOHN                          PA-31-6-259
THOMPSON, JOHN                          PA-31-11-362
THOMPSON, JOHN B.                       PA-31-11-320
THOMPSON, MAARY E.                      PA-31-15-244
THOMPSON, PETER                         PA-31-2-69
THOMPSON, PETER                         PA-31-16-189
THOMPSON, PETER                         PA-31-16-268
THOMPSON, S. H.                         PA-31-17-125
THOMPSON, SARAH                         PA-31-7-87
THOMPSON, SIDNEY (DR)                   PA-31-11-337
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-31-8-187
THOMPSON, WILLIAM B.                    PA-31-18-56
THOMPSON, WILLIAM M.                    PA-31-15-197
THORNBERRY, MARY                        PA-31-11-246
TICE, LECINDA                           PA-31-10-241
TOMLINSON, HARMON V.                    PA-31-10-62
TORBIT, HUGH                            PA-31-1-5
TRAUX, MISSOURI                         PA-31-11-88
TRAVERS, WILLIAM                        PA-31-1-70
TRAVIS, JOHN                            PA-31-3-283
TRAVIS, NANCY                           PA-31-7-136
TREWORTHEN, JOHN                        PA-31-18-349
TRIMBLE, ALEXANDER                      PA-31-17-192
TRIMBLE, MARY JANE                      PA-31-17-296
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM                        PA-31-5-47
TRIMER, FLORENCE                        PA-31-14-275
TRIMER, JOHN                            PA-31-11-242
TRUBY, JACOB                            PA-31-2-138
TULLY, JAMES                            PA-31-4-405
TULLY, WILLIAM                          PA-31-12-216
TUSSEY, DAVID                           PA-31-6-173
TUSSEY, MARGARETTA C.                   PA-31-13-364
TUSSEY, SARAH A.                        PA-31-18-113
TYHURST, ALFRED                         PA-31-10-33
ULLERY, JOHN                            PA-31-1-235
UMBENHOUR, JONAS                        PA-31-8-232
UTLEY, MATTHEW                          PA-31-3-478
UTTEBERGER, MICHAEL                     PA-31-5-264
VANCE, JANE B.                          PA-31-15-374
VANDEVENTER, PETER                      PA-31-2-312
VAUGHAN, JAMES                          PA-31-3-34
VAUGHN, GEORGE                          PA-31-18-425
WACHOB, ANDREW                          PA-31-4-89
WAGGONER, MARY                          PA-31-6-132
WAGNER, ABRAHAM G.                      PA-31-12-186
WAGNER, ISAAC                           PA-31-11-233
WAGNER, JACOB                           PA-31-3-354
WAGNER, SAMUEL                          PA-31-16-215
WAGNER, WILLIAM                         PA-31-18-404
WAGONER, MARY JANE                      PA-31-15-207
WAGONER, WILLIAM                        PA-31-6-49
WAGONER, WILLIAM                        PA-31-3-430
WAIFEL, HENRY                           PA-31-5-363
WAKEFIELD, ELI                          PA-31-6-220
WAKEFIELD, JOHN                         PA-31-5-254
WALKER, ANNA                            PA-31-5-329
WALKER, CATHARINE                       PA-31-10-350
WALKER, DAVID                           PA-31-3-97
WALKER, GEORGE                          PA-31-11-281
WALKER, JOHN                            PA-31-2-186
WALKER, JOHN JR.                        PA-31-4-88
WALKER, JOHN L.                         PA-31-7-337
WALKER, MARGARET                        PA-31-16-109
WALKER, MARTHA E.                       PA-31-14-39
WALKER, WILLIAM A.                      PA-31-13-232
WALKER, WILLIAM P.                      PA-31-14-289
WALL, CATHARINE                         PA-31-8-381
WALL, JOHN                              PA-31-8-73
WALLACE, MARY M.                        PA-31-5-333
WALLS, JOHN                             PA-31-5-33
WALTER, JACOB                           PA-31-3-450
WALTER, JACOB                           PA-31-16-270
WALTER, JOHN                            PA-31-5-289
WARD, ELIZABETH                         PA-31-5-271
WAREHAM, JOHN                           PA-31-2-33
WASSON, ROBERT                          PA-31-3-129
WASSON, THOMAS                          PA-31-7-258
WASSON, WILLIAM                         PA-31-3-302
WATERS, SAMUEL                          PA-31-17-414
WATKIN, ABIGAIL                         PA-31-13-289
WATKINS, ELIZA                          PA-31-14-45
WATSON, ELIZA                           PA-31-13-1
WATSON, ELIZA E.                        PA-31-13-295
WATSON, JOHN                            PA-31-7-168
WATSON, JOHN P.                         PA-31-12-308
WATSON, JOSEPH                          PA-31-10-255
WATSON, JOSEPH                          PA-31-13-387
WATSON, THOMAS                          PA-31-7-332
WATT, JOHN                              PA-31-4-155
WATT, JOHN                              PA-31-4-490
WAX, WILLIAM                            PA-31-15-283
WAYNE, JOHN                             PA-31-2-189
WEAVER, JAMES                           PA-31-7-48
WEAVER, JOHN                            PA-31-2-245
WEAVER, PHILIP E.                       PA-31-15-49
WEAVER, SARAH                           PA-31-13-85
WEAVER, SOLOMON                         PA-31-10-368
WEAVER, WILLIAM                         PA-31-16-200
WEBB, THOMAS                            PA-31-16-130
WEIGHT, HENRY                           PA-31-14-257
WEIGHT, NANCY                           PA-31-11-151
WELCH, ANN                              PA-31-10-152
WELCH, NICHOLAS                         PA-31-2-58
WELSH, ROBERT                           PA-31-3-112
WEST, WILLIAM                           PA-31-5-436
WESTBROOK, ELIZABETH                    PA-31-16-274
WESTBROOK, LEVI                         PA-31-18-422
WESTBROOK, MARY A.                      PA-31-18-356
WESTBROOK, MARY E.                      PA-31-17-261
WESTBROOK, MAY M.                       PA-31-15-100
WESTBROOK, THOMAS                       PA-31-15-292
WESTON, ELIJAH                          PA-31-7-360
WESTON, GEORGE W.                       PA-31-11-378
WESTON, JOHN                            PA-31-1-44
WESTON, MICHAEL R.                      PA-31-7-83
WESTON, THOMAS                          PA-31-2-270
WESTON, WILLIAM                         PA-31-5-85
WESTON, WILLIAM                         PA-31-4-130
WEYER, JOHN A.                          PA-31-5-484
WEYER, MICHAEL                          PA-31-10-55
WHARTON, SAMUEL                         PA-31-3-170
WHEELER, SARAH ANN                      PA-31-15-371
WHETSTINE, LUDWIG                       PA-31-18-308
WHIPPLE, O. M.                          PA-31-16-44
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-16-194
WHITE, HENRY                            PA-31-5-182
WHITE, JACOB                            PA-31-3-336
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-31-5-63
WHITE, MARY A.                          PA-31-18-256
WHITNEY, JOHN                           PA-31-14-19
WHITTAKER, ELIZABETH                    PA-31-9-259
WHITTAKER, GEORGE W.                    PA-31-13-215
WHITTAKER, JOHN                         PA-31-4-398
WHITTAKER, JOHN                         PA-31-8-234
WHITTAKER, MARIA D.                     PA-31-11-59
WIBLE, DAVID SR.                        PA-31-10-239
WIBLE, SUSAN                            PA-31-10-202
WIBLE, WILLIAM                          PA-31-9-270
WICKS, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-14-18
WIDENSALL, HENRY                        PA-31-3-147
WIESTLING, CORNELIA R.                  PA-31-15-238
WIESTLING, SALOME                       PA-31-7-229
WIGTON, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-31-6-94
WIGTON, ELIZA D.                        PA-31-9-258
WIKE, HANNAH (FERTIG)                   PA-31-3-434
WILCOX, ROSANNA                         PA-31-13-59
WILEY, ALEXANDER                        PA-31-1-279
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN J.                   PA-31-11-52
WILLIAMS, JOHN (ESQ.)                   PA-31-1-244
WILLIAMS, SARAH J.                      PA-31-18-264
WILLIAMSON, ELIZABETH                   PA-31-7-176
WILLIAMSON, HIRAM                       PA-31-5-460
WILLIAMSON, NANCY                       PA-31-6-327
WILLIAMSON, SUSANNA                     PA-31-17-16
WILLS, GEORGE W.                        PA-31-17-31
WILLSON, DAVID                          PA-31-1-31
WILLSON, WILLIAM                        PA-31-1-16
WILSON, DAVID                           PA-31-2-123
WILSON, DAVID                           PA-31-17-105
WILSON, EDWARD R.                       PA-31-14-119
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-18-71
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-31-5-426
WILSON, GEORGE                          PA-31-2-142
WILSON, HARRIET N.                      PA-31-16-397
WILSON, HILL                            PA-31-7-230
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-31-3-184
WILSON, JAMES H.                        PA-31-9-123
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-31-6-237
WILSON, JOHN A.                         PA-31-15-354
WILSON, LAVINA                          PA-31-11-293
WILSON, MARTIN                          PA-31-14-53
WILSON, MARY                            PA-31-17-359
WILSON, MARY A.                         PA-31-11-180
WILSON, MATILDA                         PA-31-14-376
WILSON, NICHOLAS                        PA-31-3-245
WILSON, RACHEL                          PA-31-6-24
WILSON, ROBERT                          PA-31-3-18
WILSON, ROBERT                          PA-31-13-163
WILSON, ROBERT B.                       PA-31-7-297
WILSON, SAMUEL                          PA-31-13-191
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-31-6-202
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-31-4-366
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-31-10-133
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-31-5-128
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-31-5-234
WILSON, WILLIAM E.                      PA-31-14-313
WILT, HENRY                             PA-31-10-183
WINGARD, VALENTINE                      PA-31-5-149
WISE, JOHN                              PA-31-2-328
WISER, BARBARA                          PA-31-6-172
WISOUR, JOHN HENRY                      PA-31-2-226
WITTERS, JACOB                          PA-31-6-340
WOODBURN, WILLIAM                       PA-31-1-105
WOODS, ADAZILLA                         PA-31-8-285
WOOLVERTON, WILLIAM                     PA-31-4-128
WORK, JOSEPH                            PA-31-5-211
WRIGHT, ABRAHAM                         PA-31-6-195
WRIGHT, ABRAM                           PA-31-18-213
WRIGHT, JESSE (DR)                      PA-31-5-171
WRIGHT, MARY A.                         PA-31-12-137
WRIGHT, MATHEW                          PA-31-3-224
WRIGHT, SIMEON                          PA-31-16-140
WRYE, JOHN                              PA-31-7-20
YAW, ELIZABETH                          PA-31-10-174
YERGER, JACOB                           PA-31-3-278
YERGER, PAUL                            PA-31-3-1
YETTER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-31-18-184
YOCUM, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-18-144
YOCUM, ISAAC                            PA-31-11-326
YOCUM, JESSE                            PA-31-8-55
YOCUM, JOHN                             PA-31-5-317
YOCUM, JOHN A.                          PA-31-11-231
YOCUM, MARTHA J.                        PA-31-16-326
YODER, JOSEPH                           PA-31-17-239
YONTZY, CATHARINE                       PA-31-8-286
YORTY, CHRISTIAN                        PA-31-2-20
YOUNG, CHRISTIAN                        PA-31-3-419
YOUNG, GEORGE B.                        PA-31-8-254
YOUNG, JOHN M. DR.                      PA-31-5-165
ZEIGLER, A. B.                          PA-31-14-241
ZEIGLER, DAVIS G.                       PA-31-17-384
ZEIGLER, WILLIAM B.                     PA-31-14-128
ZIMMERMAN, ABRAHAM                      PA-31-5-144
ZIMMERMAN, CHRISTIAN                    PA-31-1-289
ZIMMERMAN, LUDWICK                      PA-31-2-17
ZINN, ANDREW                            PA-31-18-194

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