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GABERT, SEBASTIAN                       PA-31-18-38
GAGE, GEORGE F.                         PA-31-16-142
GAHAGAN, MARY ANN                       PA-31-16-222
GAHAGAN, MARY ANN                       PA-31-16-161
GAHAGAN, WILLIAM                        PA-31-16-223
GALBRAITH, JAMES                        PA-31-1-202
GALBRAITH, ROBERT                       PA-31-1-233
GALLAHER, HUGH                          PA-31-10-376
GAMEROTH, VALENTINE                     PA-31-9-293
GANOE, GIDEON                           PA-31-17-287
GANOE, JAMES                            PA-31-7-58
GARBER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-31-4-396
GARMAN, JACOB                           PA-31-2-15
GARNER, MATHEW                          PA-31-5-53
GARNER, PHILIP                          PA-31-14-329
GARNER, SAMUEL B.                       PA-31-11-317
GAST, CHRISTIAN                         PA-31-4-348
GATES, WILLIAM                          PA-31-17-263
GEESEY, SALLY                           PA-31-4-364
GEHRETT, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-8-273
GEHRETT, JOHN                           PA-31-6-183
GEHRETT, JOHN S.                        PA-31-12-230
GEISSINGER, CHARLES S.                  PA-31-9-113
GEISSINGER, MARGARET                    PA-31-10-343
GEMMILL, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-3-59
GEMMILL, SUSAN E.                       PA-31-5-167
GENSAMER, WILLIAM                       PA-31-10-128
GENSIMER, JOHN                          PA-31-3-402
GENSIMER, JOHN                          PA-31-12-299
GERLACH, ADAM                           PA-31-18-344
GERLACH, FRANK                          PA-31-9-62
GERLACH, MARGARET                       PA-31-17-220
GETTIS, WILLIAM                         PA-31-18-28
GIBBINS, DAVID                          PA-31-1-76
GIBBONEY, JOSEPH                        PA-31-9-317
GIBBONY, MARY                           PA-31-6-98
GIBSON, GEORGE                          PA-31-3-388
GIFFORD, MARGARET                       PA-31-15-40
GIFFORD, NANCY                          PA-31-14-356
GIFFORD, NANCY AGNES                    PA-31-15-280
GIFFORD, REBECCA                        PA-31-15-41
GILLESPIE, JOHN                         PA-31-3-270
GILLILAND, ALEXANDER                    PA-31-7-202
GILLILAND, ELIZA J.                     PA-31-6-181
GILLILAND, HANNAH J.                    PA-31-15-392
GILLILAND, JOHN                         PA-31-4-44
GILLILAND, JOHN                         PA-31-14-186
GILLILAND, JOHN R.                      PA-31-12-197
GILLILAND, MARY                         PA-31-5-358
GILLILAND, MARY                         PA-31-8-388
GILLILAND, MARY                         PA-31-16-232
GILLILAND, MATTHEW                      PA-31-4-332
GILLILAND, WILLIAM SR.                  PA-31-11-201
GILLIS, GEORGE                          PA-31-3-332
GINTER, DANIEL                          PA-31-3-154
GINTER, WILLIAM                         PA-31-12-1
GINTER, WILLIAM                         PA-31-6-306
GIPPLE, J. OLIVER                       PA-31-12-305
GIVIN, ROBERT W.                        PA-31-12-28
GLASGLOW, JOHN                          PA-31-3-139
GLAZIER, ELIZABETH A.                   PA-31-11-261
GLAZIER, GEORGE W.                      PA-31-11-323
GLAZIER, JOHN                           PA-31-7-273
GLAZIER, JOHN H.                        PA-31-13-379
GLAZIER, MARGARET                       PA-31-16-10
GLEN, HUGH                              PA-31-2-255
GLOCK, JOHN G.                          PA-31-11-54
GLUNT, ADAM                             PA-31-3-253
GODARD, ANN REBECCA                     PA-31-10-221
GODARD, GEORGE                          PA-31-16-399
GOOD, HANNAH S.                         PA-31-9-27
GOODMAN, DANIEL                         PA-31-12-16
GOODMAN, MARY J.                        PA-31-8-157
GOODMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-31-5-219
GOODMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-31-11-130
GOODWIN, WILLIAM                        PA-31-5-70
GOOSHOIN, GEORGE                        PA-31-5-94
GOOSHORN, JACOB                         PA-31-3-412
GORDAN, JOHN                            PA-31-7-216
GORMAN, DENNIS                          PA-31-1-227
GORMAN, JAMES                           PA-31-16-50
GORMAN, JOHN                            PA-31-1-3
GORMAN, MICHAEL                         PA-31-16-93
GORSUCH, ELIJAH SR.                     PA-31-9-156
GORSUCH, ISAAC C.                       PA-31-14-177
GORSUCH, NATHAN                         PA-31-4-381
GORSUCH, REBECCA                        PA-31-17-280
GORSUCH, STEPHEN                        PA-31-12-338
GOSHORN, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-7-369
GOSHORN, ROBERT                         PA-31-10-14
GOSNELL, JOHN R.                        PA-31-5-503
GOSNELL, JOHN R.                        PA-31-10-358
GOSNELL, JOSHUA                         PA-31-18-103
GOSS, HENRY                             PA-31-3-284
GRABER, J. ELLEN                        PA-31-13-332
GRADEY, HIRAM                           PA-31-6-276
GRAFFIUS, ABRAHAM                       PA-31-17-112
GRAFFIUS, BENJAMIN                      PA-31-11-290
GRAFFIUS, EDMOND W.                     PA-31-16-299
GRAFFIUS, ISRAEL                        PA-31-9-119
GRAFFIUS, JOHN                          PA-31-16-21
GRAFFIUS, MARGARET                      PA-31-10-131
GRAFFIUS, MARTIN                        PA-31-4-484
GRAFFIUS, MINNIE E.                     PA-31-16-231
GRAFFIUS, SUSAN                         PA-31-18-280
GRAFFIUS, SUSAN                         PA-31-17-275
GRAFIUS, MARTIN                         PA-31-5-197
GRAFNES, NICHOLAS                       PA-31-3-15
GRATZ, ISABELLA                         PA-31-13-130
GRATZ, SIMON                            PA-31-6-149
GRAY, GEORGE (REV)                      PA-31-5-439
GRAY, JACOB                             PA-31-2-286
GRAY, JOHN                              PA-31-4-55
GRAZIER,HENRY                           PA-31-7-22
GRAZIER, DANIEL                         PA-31-15-72
GRAZIER, SAMUEL                         PA-31-17-82
GREASER, BARBARA                        PA-31-13-318
GREEN, ANDREW                           PA-31-9-381
GREEN, CHARLES                          PA-31-6-54
GREEN, ELISHA                           PA-31-4-389
GREEN, ELISHA                           PA-31-15-264
GREEN, ELISHA S.                        PA-31-5-125
GREEN, ELIZA JANE                       PA-31-10-48
GREEN, ISAAC                            PA-31-2-326
GREEN, JOSHUA                           PA-31-6-85
GREEN, MARGARET                         PA-31-8-364
GREEN, MICHAEL                          PA-31-5-444
GREEN, NATHAN                           PA-31-3-462
GREEN, PLEASANT                         PA-31-6-79
GREEN, ROBERT T.                        PA-31-15-13
GREEN, SAMUEL L.                        PA-31-3-267
GREEN, SARAH                            PA-31-4-393
GREEN, SUSANNAH F.                      PA-31-4-20
GREEN, THOMAS                           PA-31-5-98
GREEN, THOMAS                           PA-31-2-184
GREENAWALT, ELIZABETH                   PA-31-14-81
GREENE, AUGUSTUS K.                     PA-31-14-337
GREENE, HENRY S.                        PA-31-16-80
GREENE, KENZIE L.                       PA-31-15-125
GREENLAND, AMON L.                      PA-31-16-16
GREENLAND, JOSHUA                       PA-31-11-209
GREENLAND, MOSES                        PA-31-10-69
GREENLAND, MOSES                        PA-31-1-211
GREENLAND, NATHAN                       PA-31-5-229
GREENLAND, NATHAN                       PA-31-9-145
GREENLAND, STELLA BELLE                 PA-31-16-309
GREGORY, NANCY                          PA-31-5-113
GREGORY, SAMUEL                         PA-31-12-311
GREGORY, WESLEY                         PA-31-4-208
GRIER, LEMUEL G.                        PA-31-11-165
GRIER, SARAH B.                         PA-31-18-331
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          PA-31-12-294
GRIM, JACOB                             PA-31-3-191
GRIMISON, ELLA F.                       PA-31-17-203
GRIPE, JACOB                            PA-31-1-195
GROIN, PATRICK                          PA-31-4-146
GROVE, ANDREW                           PA-31-16-19
GROVE, ANNIE E.                         PA-31-16-387
GROVE, BENJAMIN SR.                     PA-31-7-5
GROVE, DANIEL                           PA-31-9-192
GROVE, DAVID                            PA-31-15-234
GROVE, FRANK P. (DR)                    PA-31-18-136
GROVE, JACOB                            PA-31-4-481
GROVE, JOHN                             PA-31-6-210
GROVE, JOHN                             PA-31-4-1
GROVE, JOHN H.                          PA-31-14-247
GROVE, NANCY JANE                       PA-31-13-261
GROVE, SAMUEL S.                        PA-31-17-70
GRUB, ABRAHAM                           PA-31-2-146
GRUBB, ABRAHAM                          PA-31-8-377
GRUBB, ABRAHAM                          PA-31-7-157
GRUBB, ANDREW                           PA-31-16-384
GRUBB, CATHARINE                        PA-31-10-203
GUTGESELL, JOSEPH                       PA-31-13-382
GUTSHALL, ABRAHAM                       PA-31-6-165
GUTSHALL, CONRAD                        PA-31-3-358
GUTSHALL, MORRIS                        PA-31-17-319
GUTSHALL, SUSAN                         PA-31-11-258
GUYER, GEORGE                           PA-31-12-266
GWIN, CATHARINE M.                      PA-31-5-346
GWIN, DAVID P.                          PA-31-13-374
GWIN, LOUISA W.                         PA-31-17-335
GWINN, THOMAS                           PA-31-4-442
HADDEN, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-4-65
HAGERMAN, MARY                          PA-31-3-3
HAGERTY, ELIZA A.                       PA-31-15-363
HAGERTY, HENRY                          PA-31-17-321
HAGERTY, JOSEPH                         PA-31-4-205
HAGERTY, SAMUEL                         PA-31-15-212
HAGEY, JOHN                             PA-31-15-344
HAINES, CHRISTIAN                       PA-31-14-352
HAINS, SAMUEL                           PA-31-6-343
HAINS, SUSANNAH                         PA-31-3-482
HALE, HENRY M.                          PA-31-18-20
HALL, H. M. MRS.                        PA-31-14-403
HALL, JOHN                              PA-31-11-44
HALL, JOHN (REV)                        PA-31-1-68
HALLMAN, ELIZABETH                      PA-31-7-247
HALLMAN, SOPHIA E.                      PA-31-18-396
HAMER, REBECCA                          PA-31-16-12
HAMER, WILLIAM                          PA-31-6-187
HAMMER, JOHN HENRY                      PA-31-3-331
HAMPSON, JAMES                          PA-31-3-468
HAMPSON, JOHN                           PA-31-6-157
HAMPSON, MARY A.                        PA-31-17-205
HAMPSON, SAMUEL                         PA-31-5-21
HAMPTON, SARAH                          PA-31-15-367
HAMSON, JAMES                           PA-31-1-50
HANAWALT, HENRY                         PA-31-3-302
HANNAH, SAMUEL M.                       PA-31-13-298
HARENCAME, EMANUEL B.                   PA-31-18-435
HARENCAME, JOHN                         PA-31-10-107
HARMON, KEZIAH                          PA-31-13-351
HARNISH, AUGUSTA M.                     PA-31-5-471
HARNISH, BLANCHE                        PA-31-15-385
HARNISH, CHRISTIAN                      PA-31-4-137
HARNISH, DAVID                          PA-31-5-302
HARNISH, JOHN                           PA-31-5-195
HARNISH, PETER                          PA-31-14-235
HARNISH, PETER K.                       PA-31-15-225
HARNISH, SAMUEL                         PA-31-4-167
HARNISH, SARAH                          PA-31-14-8
HARNISH, SUSANNAH                       PA-31-9-237
HARNISH, TOBIAS                         PA-31-5-288
HARNISH, TOBIAS (DR)                    PA-31-15-84
HARPER, AMOS                            PA-31-12-140
HARPER, ELIZA                           PA-31-12-208
HARPER, HACKET                          PA-31-5-335
HARPER, JAMES                           PA-31-12-7
HARPER, ROBERT                          PA-31-4-402
HARPER, WILLIAM                         PA-31-6-16
HARPER, WILLIAM                         PA-31-8-300
HARPER, WILLIAM G.                      PA-31-6-166
HARRIS, RACHEL                          PA-31-8-241
HARRIS, SUSAN                           PA-31-18-13
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         PA-31-16-4
HARRISON, ANDREW (ESQ.)                 PA-31-2-98
HARRISON, ELIZA                         PA-31-16-35
HARRISON, ESTHER                        PA-31-7-145
HARRISON, JOHN                          PA-31-3-166
HARRISON, MARGARET                      PA-31-3-353
HARTLEY, JANE P.                        PA-31-8-230
HARTLIN, LEONARD                        PA-31-2-281
HARTMAN, PETER                          PA-31-9-320
HARTZLER, JACOB                         PA-31-5-441
HARVEY, JOHN                            PA-31-5-20
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         PA-31-4-241
HASLETT, JOHN B.                        PA-31-5-239
HASLETT, ROBERT F.                      PA-31-13-89
HASTINGS, JOHN                          PA-31-5-270
HATFIELD, SAMUEL                        PA-31-14-84
HAUCK, ELISHA                           PA-31-17-43
HAUN, JULIAN                            PA-31-4-376
HAWN, DANIEL                            PA-31-13-211
HAWN, DAVID                             PA-31-6-41
HAWN, GEORGE                            PA-31-11-97
HAWN, GEORGE                            PA-31-7-376
HAWN, ISAAC                             PA-31-11-252
HAWN, JACOB                             PA-31-18-150
HAWN, JAMES                             PA-31-7-158
HAWN, JOHN                              PA-31-8-375
HAWN, LOUISA E.                         PA-31-18-419
HAWN, MERITS                            PA-31-6-141
HAWN, PETER                             PA-31-11-299
HAWN, PETER H.                          PA-31-12-47
HAYS, WILLIAM                           PA-31-5-305
HAZALL, JACOB                           PA-31-3-141
HAZARD, BARBARA                         PA-31-12-33
HAZZARD, GEORGE W. SR.                  PA-31-8-79
HEARN, WILLIAM                          PA-31-12-88
HEATON, GEORGE A.                       PA-31-8-102
HEATON, JOSEPH P.                       PA-31-8-59
HECK, DANIEL                            PA-31-2-187
HECK, MARY                              PA-31-13-214
HEDDING, SAMUEL                         PA-31-7-220
HEETER, JAMES                           PA-31-7-250
HEFFNER, ANDREW                         PA-31-7-262
HEFFNER, JOHN                           PA-31-9-288
HEFFNER, VALENTINE                      PA-31-5-80
HEFRIGHT, ELLEN                         PA-31-17-368
HEFRIGHT, FRANK                         PA-31-11-354
HEFRIGHT, GEORGE                        PA-31-18-266
HEFRIGHT, HENRY                         PA-31-14-133
HEGEE, ANNIE                            PA-31-6-243
HEGIE, ABRAHAM                          PA-31-5-279
HEGIE, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-17-272
HEGIE, JOSEPH                           PA-31-6-87
HEGIE, JULIANN                          PA-31-15-261
HEIFFNER, MARY JANE                     PA-31-17-152
HEISKEL, FREDERICK                      PA-31-5-352
HELFRIGHT, GEORGE                       PA-31-5-68
HEMPHILL, JAMES                         PA-31-5-374
HEMPHILL, SAMUEL                        PA-31-13-285
HENDERSON, DAVID                        PA-31-10-20
HENDERSON, ELEANOR                      PA-31-5-101
HENDERSON, JOHN                         PA-31-5-310
HENDERSON, JOSEPH R.                    PA-31-17-133
HENDERSON, SAMUEL C.                    PA-31-14-304
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-31-2-74
HENNEN, JAMES                           PA-31-2-315
HENNEN, MARTHA                          PA-31-9-44
HENNEN, WILLIAM                         PA-31-5-178
HENNINGER, ELIAS                        PA-31-15-187
HENNON, JAMES                           PA-31-2-208
HENRY, ABRAHAM                          PA-31-4-469
HENRY, CAROLINE                         PA-31-14-77
HENRY, MARY C.                          PA-31-18-369
HENRY, NANCY                            PA-31-4-377
HENRY, SAMUEL                           PA-31-3-469
HENRY, SAMUEL E.                        PA-31-15-346
HENRY, SARAH                            PA-31-7-394
HENRY, SUSANNAH                         PA-31-15-316
HERMON, FREDERIC                        PA-31-14-69
HERR, SARAH ANN                         PA-31-8-172
HERRON, FREDERICK                       PA-31-1-42
HESS, AUGUSTUS                          PA-31-2-282
HESS, JACOB                             PA-31-6-339
HESS, JOHN                              PA-31-5-166
HESS, JOHN                              PA-31-8-382
HESS, PETER                             PA-31-3-442
HESS, SAMUEL                            PA-31-17-90
HETRICK, GEORGE F.                      PA-31-12-249
HETRICK, NICHOLAS                       PA-31-4-336
HEWIT, NICHOLAS                         PA-31-3-481
HEWITT, JOHN                            PA-31-6-130
HICKER, MARGARET A.                     PA-31-16-220
HICKES, ANDREW H.                       PA-31-15-272
HICKS, JACOB                            PA-31-8-96
HIGHT, JOHN                             PA-31-7-221
HIGHT, WILLIAM C.                       PA-31-6-328
HILDEBRAND, ELIZA D.                    PA-31-10-118
HILDEBRAND, JOHN                        PA-31-8-250
HILEMAN, BARBARY                        PA-31-5-383
HILEMAN, DAVID                          PA-31-18-223
HILEMAN, JOHN                           PA-31-4-247
HILEMAN, LUTHER                         PA-31-13-103
HILL, JOHN                              PA-31-1-146
HILL, SAMUEL                            PA-31-3-395
HIMES, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-13-78
HIMES, JOHN C.                          PA-31-11-305
HINDMAN, ELENOR                         PA-31-3-44
HIRST, V. B.                            PA-31-12-293
HITE, SARAH                             PA-31-9-358
HITTLE, NICHOLAS                        PA-31-2-111
HOCK, ELIZABETH                         PA-31-4-290
HOFFER, MARY M.                         PA-31-8-331
HOFFMAN, ADAM                           PA-31-12-54
HOFFMAN, JOHN                           PA-31-11-347
HOFFMAN, LYDIA                          PA-31-16-285
HOFFMAN, SOPHIA ANN                     PA-31-5-13
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-31-5-431
HOGAN, JOHN                             PA-31-10-282
HOHMAN, ADAM                            PA-31-18-175
HOHMAN, HENRY                           PA-31-13-226
HOLLAR, ELIZABETH                       PA-31-11-238
HOLLERBAUGH, MARY                       PA-31-8-372
HOLLIDAY, ADAM                          PA-31-1-151
HOLLIDAY, WILILAM                       PA-31-4-230
HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM                       PA-31-2-266
HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM                       PA-31-1-101
HOLLINGSWORTH, JESSE                    PA-31-6-337
HOLMES, THOMAS                          PA-31-4-143
HOOK, SARAH C.                          PA-31-13-280
HOOPER, PHILIP                          PA-31-12-26
HOOPER, THOMAS                          PA-31-2-61
HOOVER, ADAM                            PA-31-2-144
HOOVER, DAVID                           PA-31-9-343
HOOVER, JACOB G.                        PA-31-18-408
HOOVER, JOHN                            PA-31-5-248
HOOVER, JOHN                            PA-31-4-177
HOOVER, LUDWICK                         PA-31-2-330
HOOVER, LUDWICK                         PA-31-11-141
HOOVER, MARTHA                          PA-31-7-165
HOOVER, THOMAS                          PA-31-4-75
HOPKINS, JAMES                          PA-31-3-266
HORN, DANIEL                            PA-31-3-428
HORNING, GILBERT                        PA-31-9-170
HORNING, JOHN                           PA-31-7-66
HORNING, MARGARET                       PA-31-13-15
HORTON, GEORGE W.                       PA-31-6-123
HORTON, JOSIAH                          PA-31-6-206
HORTON, MARY MARIA                      PA-31-16-251
HOUCK, JACOB                            PA-31-4-69
HOUCK, JOHN W.                          PA-31-11-367
HOUCK, SOLOMON                          PA-31-8-366
HOUK, JACOB                             PA-31-2-4
HOUPT, JACOB                            PA-31-11-172
HOUSEHOLDER, JACOB                      PA-31-15-114
HOUSEHOLDER, MARY A.                    PA-31-10-186
HOUSEHOLDER, WILLIAM                    PA-31-5-228
HOUSEHOLDER, WILLIAM J.                 PA-31-7-232
HOUTZ, D.                               PA-31-7-329
HOWE, ABRAHAM                           PA-31-2-206
HUBELL, HENRY                           PA-31-3-218
HUBER, HENRY                            PA-31-2-125
HUDSON, EMMA                            PA-31-14-211
HUDSON, GEORGE                          PA-31-2-299
HUDSON, GEORGE B.                       PA-31-7-154
HUDSON, GEORGE D.                       PA-31-8-180
HUDSON, JANE                            PA-31-11-242
HUEY, JAMES                             PA-31-17-315
HUEY, ROBERT                            PA-31-8-334
HUFFNER, ABRAHAM                        PA-31-9-1
HUGHESSEN, MARY A.                      PA-31-13-324
HUGHS, REBECCA A.                       PA-31-13-114
HUMES, EDWARD C.                        PA-31-17-74
HUMMEL, WILLIAM A.                      PA-31-18-91
HUMMER, HENRY                           PA-31-6-251
HUNT, JACOB S.                          PA-31-5-409
HUNT, MARY J.                           PA-31-15-216
HUNTER, DAVID W. (REV.)                 PA-31-14-158
HUNTSMAN, JAMES HENRY MARTIN            PA-31-10-325
HURMAN, CASPER                          PA-31-3-40
HUSTON, WILLIAM                         PA-31-1-38
HUTCHINS, WILLIAM                       PA-31-10-91
HUTCHINSON, A. P.                       PA-31-17-183
HUTCHINSON, ELIZABETH                   PA-31-14-97
HUTCHINSON, GEORGE                      PA-31-8-385
HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM                     PA-31-4-210
HUTCHISON, ARCHIBALD                    PA-31-5-137
HUTCHISON, JAMES                        PA-31-12-98
HUTSON, MATTHEW                         PA-31-1-287
HUYETT, ANNA C.                         PA-31-16-373
HUYETT, JACOB G.                        PA-31-5-18
HYLE, GEORGE                            PA-31-3-204
HYSOP, SAMUEL                           PA-31-2-52
INGRAM, JOHN                            PA-31-8-252
INGRAM, ROBERT O.                       PA-31-8-34
INGRAM, WILLIAM                         PA-31-3-464
INNES, LIZZIE                           PA-31-12-276
IRVIN, DAVID                            PA-31-16-104
IRVINE, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-31-5-462
IRVINE, JOHN                            PA-31-4-9
IRWIN, JAMES                            PA-31-2-342
IRWIN, JAMES                            PA-31-3-117
IRWIN, MARY                             PA-31-3-47
IRWIN, SAMUEL                           PA-31-5-32
ISENBERG, JOEL                          PA-31-14-33
ISENBERG, JOSEPH                        PA-31-9-178
ISENBERG, LAURA E.                      PA-31-18-398
ISENBERG, SAMUEL                        PA-31-11-269
ISENBERG, WILLIAM                       PA-31-9-80
ISENBURG, BENJAMIN                      PA-31-15-214
ISENBURG, DANIEL                        PA-31-13-342
ISENBURG, ENOCH                         PA-31-5-201
ISENBURG, JOSEPH                        PA-31-16-376
ISETT, JACOB H.                         PA-31-15-92
ISETT, JOHN S.                          PA-31-10-75
ISETT, MARY A.                          PA-31-12-118
JACKSON, ANNA                           PA-31-8-64
JACKSON, ELLEN                          PA-31-11-175
JACKSON, HUGH A.                        PA-31-17-122
JACKSON, JOHN                           PA-31-12-176
JACKSON, JOSEPH                         PA-31-4-119
JACKSON, PRUDENCE                       PA-31-12-122
JACKSON, THOMAS                         PA-31-10-276
JACKSON, WILLIAM (DR)                   PA-31-2-204
JACKSON, WILLIAM M. (DR)                PA-31-11-328
JACOB, BENJAMIN                         PA-31-11-68
JACOBS,JAMES M.                         PA-31-18-163
JAMISON, WILLIAM F.                     PA-31-4-266
JEFFERIES, RICHARD                      PA-31-2-236
JEFFERIS, JESSE                         PA-31-2-316
JEFFRIES, DAVID                         PA-31-5-323
JEFFRIES, GEORGE W.                     PA-31-15-190
JENKINS, IRA                            PA-31-15-149
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-31-3-300
JOHNS, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-10-298
JOHNSON, DAVID                          PA-31-5-470
JOHNSON, GEORGE W.                      PA-31-16-332
JOHNSON, MARY                           PA-31-11-167
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         PA-31-14-108
JOHNSTON, A. H.                         PA-31-15-15
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER (DR)                PA-31-8-76
JOHNSTON, ANDREW                        PA-31-10-246
JOHNSTON, ANTHONY                       PA-31-2-292
JOHNSTON, BENJAMIN                      PA-31-5-117
JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH                     PA-31-10-23
JOHNSTON, HARRIET                       PA-31-14-224
JOHNSTON, HUGH                          PA-31-5-361
JOHNSTON, IRWIN                         PA-31-9-7
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         PA-31-2-199
JOHNSTON, JOHN (REV.)                   PA-31-3-88
JOHNSTON, JONATHAN                      PA-31-5-17
JOHNSTON, MARGARET A.                   PA-31-18-181
JOHNSTON, MARTIN                        PA-31-18-37
JOHNSTON, MARY                          PA-31-3-393
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        PA-31-13-179
JOHNSTON, SAMUEL                        PA-31-7-143
JOHNSTON, SAMUEL                        PA-31-17-389
JOHNSTON, SARAH                         PA-31-8-344
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        PA-31-2-121
JOHNSTON, THOMAS M.                     PA-31-10-219
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       PA-31-2-106
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM BRUCE                 PA-31-11-76
JONES, ANN J.                           PA-31-15-278
JONES, EVAN J.                          PA-31-11-388
JONES, JAMES                            PA-31-5-371
JONES, JOHN                             PA-31-13-168
JONES, MARY R.                          PA-31-15-82
KAUFFMAN, JOEL                          PA-31-9-152
KAUFFMAN, MARY                          PA-31-14-301
KAUFFMAN, NANCY                         PA-31-18-66
KEAGY, ABRAHAM                          PA-31-2-310
KEISTER, ANNA                           PA-31-6-69
KEISTER, HENRY L.                       PA-31-5-105
KEISTER, WILLIAM                        PA-31-18-203
KEITH, ADAM                             PA-31-2-6
KEITH, ADAM                             PA-31-9-232
KEITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-10-141
KEITH, GEORGE                           PA-31-11-274
KEITH, ISAAC P.                         PA-31-18-173
KELLER, DANIEL                          PA-31-5-441
KELLER, HENRY                           PA-31-5-467
KELLER, JACOB                           PA-31-7-14
KELLER, JOHN                            PA-31-7-92
KELLER, JOHN                            PA-31-3-338
KELLER, SAMUEL                          PA-31-6-359
KELLEY, WILLIAM                         PA-31-4-407
KELLY, AARON                            PA-31-10-171
KELLY, ANN                              PA-31-18-132
KELLY, BERNARD                          PA-31-7-147
KELLY, JAMES                            PA-31-2-256
KELLY, JOHN                             PA-31-6-325
KELLY, JOHN                             PA-31-4-68
KELLY, JONATHAN                         PA-31-14-252
KELLY, LAURENCE O.                      PA-31-13-358
KELLY, REBECCA                          PA-31-9-188
KEMBERLING, J. FRANK                    PA-31-11-398
KEMP, HERCULES                          PA-31-3-235
KEMP, JOSEPH                            PA-31-5-295
KENARUM, CHRISTIAN                      PA-31-6-150
KENNEDY, JOHN H.                        PA-31-14-14
KENNEDY, WILHELMINA                     PA-31-15-2
KEPHART, JACOB R.                       PA-31-12-192
KEPHART, JONATHAN                       PA-31-3-168
KER, MARTHA                             PA-31-3-398
KER, MARY                               PA-31-3-220
KERNS, MICHAEL                          PA-31-10-307
KERR, FRANCIS                           PA-31-4-488
KERR, HENRY M.                          PA-31-5-343
KERR, JOHN                              PA-31-1-52
KERR, JOHN A.                           PA-31-10-146
KERR, JOSEPH                            PA-31-4-437
KERR, JOSHUA W.                         PA-31-5-342
KERR, MARTHA                            PA-31-15-290
KERR, MARY                              PA-31-5-394
KERR, MAY C.                            PA-31-6-228
KERR, THOMAS                            PA-31-2-78
KESSELRING, LEWIS                       PA-31-5-330
KETNER, HENRY                           PA-31-2-283
KIMBALL, ELBRIDGE G.                    PA-31-3-466
KIMBERLIN, GEORGE                       PA-31-11-385
KIMBERLIN, JULIA A.                     PA-31-13-42
KIME, CATHARINE                         PA-31-16-166
KIMMERLINE, LUDWICK                     PA-31-2-257
KING, GEORGE                            PA-31-3-418
KING, JAMES                             PA-31-5-186
KING, LOUISA C.                         PA-31-11-266
KINKEAD, NANCY                          PA-31-14-335
KINNEY, SARAH                           PA-31-8-107
KIPPERT, MARTIN                         PA-31-13-263
KIRKPATRICK, ELIZABETH C.               PA-31-7-378
KIRKPATRICK, ROSANNA                    PA-31-1-277
KISLING, MARTIN                         PA-31-3-27
KLINE, ENOCH                            PA-31-17-284
KLINE, JOHN                             PA-31-1-80
KLINE, JOSEPH                           PA-31-17-68
KLINE, KATE E.                          PA-31-18-400
KLINE, LUTHER B.                        PA-31-16-225
KNAOUR, JOHN                            PA-31-12-40
KNOBLOCK, GEORGE                        PA-31-3-265
KNODE, JACOB H.                         PA-31-5-440
KNODE, JOSEPH                           PA-31-14-67
KNODE, MARY ELLEN                       PA-31-18-291
KNOEPFLER, GEORGE                       PA-31-3-46
KNOLL, JACOB V.                         PA-31-10-25
KOCH, HENRY                             PA-31-8-225
KOLSTOCK, CHRISTIAN                     PA-31-3-240
KOONS, GEORGE                           PA-31-3-309
KORNMAN, PHILIP                         PA-31-4-463
KOTTERMANN, HANNAH                      PA-31-6-322
KOUGH, CATHARINE                        PA-31-14-208
KRAUS, GEORGE                           PA-31-5-397
KRAUSE, FREDERICK                       PA-31-9-63
KREIDER, JOSEPH                         PA-31-2-319
KRIDER, JOHN L.                         PA-31-17-63
KRIDER, JOSEPH M.                       PA-31-12-190
KRIDER, SARAH J.                        PA-31-16-310
KRIEGER, SAMUEL                         PA-31-6-257
KRUGH, ADAM                             PA-31-10-113
KRUGH, CATHARINE A.                     PA-31-15-339
KRUGH, JACOB M.                         PA-31-12-201
KRUGH, JOSEPH                           PA-31-17-129
KRYDER, MARY                            PA-31-18-258
KUHN, JACOB                             PA-31-4-273
KUNTZLEMAN, SARAH A.                    PA-31-16-163
KURFMAN, PHILIP                         PA-31-3-252
KURTZ, CATHARINE                        PA-31-9-114
KURTZ, FREDERICK                        PA-31-3-229
KURTZ, JACOB                            PA-31-5-161
KYLE, HUGH                              PA-31-17-425
KYLE, SAMUEL ESQ.                       PA-31-3-225
KYLER, D.                               PA-31-15-230
KYLER, JOHN                             PA-31-3-282
KYLER, MARTHA                           PA-31-16-185
KYPER, MARGARET                         PA-31-3-36
LAIRD, BRIDGET E.                       PA-31-16-394
LAIRD, ELIZABETH                        PA-31-16-247
LAIRD, H. S.                            PA-31-15-325
LAIRD, WILLIAM                          PA-31-5-162
LAMP, GEORGE                            PA-31-6-318
LANE, DUTTON                            PA-31-5-399
LANE, JACOB                             PA-31-17-98
LANE, JAMES                             PA-31-5-422
LANE, JAMES R.                          PA-31-17-172
LANE, SAMUEL                            PA-31-2-86
LANTZ, JACOB                            PA-31-2-193
LAUGHLIN, MARY                          PA-31-11-394
LAUTHERS, JAMES                         PA-31-4-477
LAW, THOMAS                             PA-31-1-189
LEAMER, HENRY                           PA-31-4-13
LEARY, MARY                             PA-31-17-283
LEAS, MARY G.                           PA-31-12-326
LEAS, WILLIAM B.                        PA-31-9-330
LEE, CATHARINE                          PA-31-9-350
LEE, CHRISTIAN                          PA-31-8-117
LEE, HENRY                              PA-31-6-345
LEE, JAMES                              PA-31-5-29
LEE, JAMES H.                           PA-31-18-130
LEE, JOHN                               PA-31-8-49
LEE, JOSEPH                             PA-31-6-184
LEE, ROBERT                             PA-31-1-216
LEE, ROBERT                             PA-31-2-268
LEEBIDDY, ROBERT                        PA-31-3-301
LEECH, JOHN H.                          PA-31-17-259
LEEDS, HUGH                             PA-31-7-212
LEEDS, MARTHA                           PA-31-6-288
LEFF, ANNA MARY                         PA-31-11-34
LEISTER, HARRY W.                       PA-31-18-402
LEISTER, JOHN                           PA-31-18-5
LEONHARD, JACOB                         PA-31-13-195
LETTERMAN, CATHARINE                    PA-31-17-209
LEVINGER, EMILY                         PA-31-12-246
LEVINGSTON, SARAH                       PA-31-5-400
LEVY, ABRAHAM                           PA-31-3-453
LEWIS, EVAN                             PA-31-1-301
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-31-5-367
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          PA-31-10-250
LIAS, DAVID                             PA-31-5-365
LIAS, HENRY                             PA-31-3-390
LIAS, MANASAH W.                        PA-31-3-106
LICHTENTHALER, JACOB                    PA-31-2-113
LIDSINGER, LEONARD                      PA-31-2-223
LIGHTNER, ADAM                          PA-31-5-27
LIGHTNER, JOHN H.                       PA-31-14-348
LIKELEY, HENRY SR.                      PA-31-3-163
LIKELY, WILLIAM                         PA-31-5-221
LINDSAY, HUGH                           PA-31-15-202
LINDSAY, JAMES                          PA-31-3-322
LINDSEY, DAVID                          PA-31-4-77
LININGER, GEORGE                        PA-31-15-140
LININGER, JACOB                         PA-31-12-73
LINNINGER, FREDERICK                    PA-31-7-183
LIST, FREDERICK                         PA-31-5-369
LITTLE, GEORGE E.                       PA-31-10-16
LITTLE, JOHN                            PA-31-2-79
LIVINGSTON, ALEXANDER                   PA-31-5-121
LIVINGSTON, MARTHA                      PA-31-12-361
LIVINGSTON, PETER                       PA-31-9-265
LLOYD, ELIEZER                          PA-31-5-268
LLOYD, HENRY                            PA-31-6-12
LLOYD, MARTHA                           PA-31-12-321
LLOYD, NANCY                            PA-31-5-464
LLOYD, NANCY                            PA-31-9-217
LLOYD, RACHEL D.                        PA-31-17-167
LOCK, THOMAS                            PA-31-3-293
LOCKARD, MARGARET                       PA-31-15-262
LOCKE, ANNA                             PA-31-18-363
LOCKE, SARAH                            PA-31-15-143
LOCKE, SIMON                            PA-31-17-148
LOGAN, DANIEL J.                        PA-31-6-282
LOGAN, HUGH                             PA-31-2-31
LOGAN, JOHN                             PA-31-4-190
LOGAN, JOHN B.                          PA-31-5-236
LOGAN, NANCY                            PA-31-5-207
LOGAN, ROBERT                           PA-31-4-487
LOGAN, ROGER                            PA-31-2-35
LOGAN, SARAH ELLEN                      PA-31-9-10
LOGAN, THOMAS                           PA-31-12-350
LOGUE, ANN                              PA-31-9-337
LONG, AQUILLA                           PA-31-8-28
LONG, DAVID                             PA-31-9-144
LONG, DAVID                             PA-31-12-355
LONG, EMMA J.                           PA-31-16-187
LONG, JEMIMA G.                         PA-31-11-212
LONG, JOHN                              PA-31-6-18
LONG, JOHN C.                           PA-31-9-17
LONG, JOSEPH                            PA-31-1-262
LONG, MARY                              PA-31-9-99
LONG, PETER                             PA-31-3-213
LONG, SAMUEL H.                         PA-31-5-455
LONGANACRE, CATHARINE                   PA-31-2-117
LONGENEKER, DAVID                       PA-31-4-17
LONGNECKER, NANCY                       PA-31-10-192
LOTZ, JOHN C.                           PA-31-17-127
LOVE, FREDERICK                         PA-31-3-143
LOVE, JAMES                             PA-31-12-159
LOVE, JANE M.                           PA-31-17-216
LOVE, SAMUEL                            PA-31-14-153
LOVE, WILLIAM                           PA-31-4-157
LOVEALL, MARY                           PA-31-3-400
LOVEALL, WILLIAM                        PA-31-4-182
LOW, KATY                               PA-31-11-223
LOW, MICHAEL                            PA-31-9-369
LOWER, ADAM                             PA-31-3-405
LOWER, DANIEL                           PA-31-4-357
LOWER, HENRY                            PA-31-8-44
LOWRIE, J. R.                           PA-31-10-378
LOWRIE, MARY L.                         PA-31-6-273
LOWRIE, SARAH H.                        PA-31-5-479
LOWRY, FLORA                            PA-31-11-80
LOWRY, SARAH A.                         PA-31-13-301
LUDEN, JOHN BERNHARD (DR)               PA-31-6-145
LUDEN, SARAH                            PA-31-7-335
LUTZ, DAVID                             PA-31-17-377
LUTZ, ENOCH M.                          PA-31-17-334
LUTZ, JERDEN E.                         PA-31-18-413
LUTZ, JOHN X.                           PA-31-17-86
LUTZ, SARAH                             PA-31-10-242
LUTZ, SARAH E.                          PA-31-17-298
LYNN, DAVID                             PA-31-15-311
LYNN, FELIX                             PA-31-5-396
LYNN, HENRY R.                          PA-31-11-215
LYNN, JOHN                              PA-31-10-262
LYTLE, GURIE B.                         PA-31-14-125
LYTLE, LYDIA J.                         PA-31-10-38
MACONNAUGHEY, SARAH                     PA-31-15-338
MACOOL, JOHN                            PA-31-6-188
MACOOL, SARAH A.                        PA-31-6-218
MADAUGH, SAMUEL                         PA-31-13-81
MADDEN, HUGH                            PA-31-5-172
MADDEN, JAMES                           PA-31-5-366
MADDEN, JOHN                            PA-31-7-345
MAFFET, JOHN                            PA-31-4-224
MAFFIT, WILLIAM                         PA-31-5-461
MAFFIT, WILLIAM                         PA-31-3-246
MAGEE, ALEXANDER                        PA-31-10-393
MAGILL, MARGARET                        PA-31-12-20
MAGILL, WILLIAM                         PA-31-5-308
MAGUIRE, JOHN                           PA-31-15-189
MAGUIRE, MICHAEL                        PA-31-5-284
MAIL, CHARLES                           PA-31-2-236
MALSEED, HENRY                          PA-31-10-53
MARCH, MARTHA                           PA-31-11-153
MARK, HENRY A.                          PA-31-16-342
MARKS, GEORGE W.                        PA-31-6-252
MARSHALL, JOHN                          PA-31-1-149
MARSHALL, ROBERT                        PA-31-3-384
MARTIN, ISAAC                           PA-31-6-248
MARTIN, ISAAC                           PA-31-11-20
MARTIN, JAMES                           PA-31-6-369
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-31-1-302
MARTIN, MARY ANN                        PA-31-11-3
MARTIN, MARY JANE                       PA-31-8-161
MARTIN, MICHAEL J.                      PA-31-11-16
MASH, JOHN                              PA-31-9-176
MASON, JAMES M. (REV)                   PA-31-15-305
MASSAMORE, LEWIS                        PA-31-18-206
MASSEY, CHRISTIANA                      PA-31-9-201
MASSEY, DANIEL                          PA-31-8-142
MASSEY, MARTHA                          PA-31-7-208
MASSEY, MORD B.                         PA-31-8-227
MASSEY, MORDECAI                        PA-31-5-209
MASSEY, MORDECAI                        PA-31-4-63
MASSEY, REUBEN J.                       PA-31-12-91
MASSEY, ROBERT                          PA-31-7-34
MATHIAS, CONRAD                         PA-31-7-50
MATHIAS, HENRY                          PA-31-6-71
MATTERN, ANNIE E.                       PA-31-16-240
MATTERN, GEORGE                         PA-31-2-54
MATTERN, GEORGE                         PA-31-3-439
MATTERN, GEORGE W.                      PA-31-16-136
MATTERN, HARRIET McCABE                 PA-31-14-74
MATTERN, JACOB                          PA-31-5-119
MATTERN, JOHN W.                        PA-31-15-117
MATTERN, SAMUEL                         PA-31-9-340

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