Tioga, New York
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PADGETT, ALLEN W.                       NY-54-27-453
PAINE, BRINTON                          NY-54-4-139
PAINE, CHAUNCEY                         NY-54-13-133
PALMER, ELIZABETH                       NY-54-25-173
PALMER, HETTY C.                        NY-54-12-508
PALMER, JOHN HAWLEY                     NY-54-22-493
PALMER, LEWIS                           NY-54-20-37
PALMER, MARY                            NY-54-16-163
PALMER, WILLIAM                         NY-54-11-232
PARIS, FILEDIA S.                       NY-54-18-281
PARIS, JOHN                             NY-54-25-469
PARIS, LUCY                             NY-54-17-413
PARK, GEORGE W.                         NY-54-27-253
PARK, JAMES R.                          NY-54-26-85
PARK, JOSEPH                            NY-54-21-461
PARK, MATHIAS                           NY-54-11-212
PARKER, JOHN M.                         NY-54-13-73
PARKER, STELLA A.                       NY-54-20-355
PARSELS, EMILY ISABELLE                 NY-54-26-199
PARSHALL, ISRAEL                        NY-54-4-178
PARSHALL, RANSOM                        NY-54-20-319
PARSONS, CHAUNCEY                       NY-54-19-41
PARSONS, GEORGE                         NY-54-28-33
PARTRIDGE, CHARLOTTE M.                 NY-54-24-53
PATRICK, GEORGE W.                      NY-54-23-109
PAYNE, HENRY A.                         NY-54-25-229
PEARL, AUSTIN H.                        NY-54-12-65
PEARL, CYRIL                            NY-54-8-231
PEARL, DANIEL                           NY-54-20-31
PEARSALL, ELIZA                         NY-54-17-485
PEARSALL, JOHN C.                       NY-54-28-297
PEARSALL, L. BURR                       NY-54-24-545
PEARSALL, WILLIAM S.                    NY-54-12-379
PECK, CLARISSA                          NY-54-25-509
PECK, PHILETUS B.                       NY-54-11-269
PEIRONNET, JOHN S.                      NY-54-13-67
PELLETT, LOVINA                         NY-54-19-517
PEMBLETON, AMANDA                       NY-54-27-321
PEMBLETON, CHARLES                      NY-54-23-229
PEPPER, JOHNT .                         NY-54-28-37
PERKINS, MARIETTE                       NY-54-23-237
PERKINS, PHEBE A.                       NY-54-22-197
PERRIN, MICAH                           NY-54-12-130
PERRY, HIRAM                            NY-54-19-425
PERRY, MARTHA E.                        NY-54-28-457
PERRY, MARY                             NY-54-12-250
PERRY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-54-25-17
PERSONIUS, EPHRAIM                      NY-54-16-277
PERSONIUS, SOLOMON                      NY-54-16-331
PERT, MARY E.                           NY-54-26-91
PERY, BETSEY P.                         NY-54-13-351
PETERS, MARY                            NY-54-12-307
PETERS, SIMON                           NY-54-12-84
PETERS, WILLIAM                         NY-54-24-189
PETTIGROVE, SEWELL                      NY-54-23-553
PHELPS, EZEKIEL B.                      NY-54-18-335
PHILLIPS, DEBORAH C.                    NY-54-23-485
PICKERING, JOSIAH                       NY-54-22-117
PIERCE, AMELIA M.                       NY-54-27-57
PIERCE, HARRIET                         NY-54-22-425
PIERCE, HENRY G.                        NY-54-23-297
PIERCE, HIRAM CLARK                     NY-54-22-313
PIERCE, JOSIAH                          NY-54-18-274
PIERCE, MADELINE E.                     NY-54-16-7
PILCHER, HEMAN                          NY-54-19-409
PINNEY, EMMA J.                         NY-54-25-53
PITCHER, DANIEL M.                      NY-54-27-401
PITCHER, ELVIRA                         NY-54-24-217
PLACKENPOL, HANNAH                      NY-54-27-121
PLATT, EDWARD                           NY-54-15-271
PLATT, ELLEN LUCY                       NY-54-27-89
PLATT, EUNICE B.                        NY-54-17-301
PLATT, JONATHAN                         NY-54-4-132
PLATT, JONATHAN                         NY-54-12-153
PLATT, NANCY H.                         NY-54-27-245
PLATT, WILLIAM                          NY-54-12-60
POLLEY, HIRAM                           NY-54-24-309
POLLEY, LEMUEL D.                       NY-54-17-117
POMEROY, CHARLES R.                     NY-54-14-481
POOL, DANIEL                            NY-54-17-185
POOL, FRANKLIN M.                       NY-54-23-361
POOLE, EDWARD V.                        NY-54-21-133
POTTER, ASA N.                          NY-54-20-241
POTTER, LEROY H.                        NY-54-28-585
PRENTICE, JANE G.                       NY-54-19-589
PRICE, MARY A.                          NY-54-17-317
PRICE, SOPHIA M.                        NY-54-17-405
PRICHARD, ASAHEL                        NY-54-11-160
PRINDLE, JOSEPH A.                      NY-54-27-505
PRITCHARD, CALVIN                       NY-54-12-570
PRITCHARD, MARVIN M.                    NY-54-28-593
PRITCHARD, SYLVESTER H.                 NY-54-20-307
PRITCHARD, TRUMAN                       NY-54-28-169
PULIS, JOHN                             NY-54-11-95
PUMPELLY, CAROLINE A.                   NY-54-28-205
PUMPELLY, CHARLES                       NY-54-12-67
PUMPELLY, JAMES                         NY-54-11-145
PUMPELLY, MARY                          NY-54-11-300
PUMPELLY, MARY H. W.                    NY-54-17-5
PUMPELLY, SARAH A.                      NY-54-17-109
PUMPELLY, WILLIAM                       NY-54-12-429
PURDY, EMMA D.                          NY-54-27-397
PUTNAM, AARON                           NY-54-4-333
QUICK, JOSIAH C.                        NY-54-21-585
QUICK, LEWIS                            NY-54-11-176
QUICK, RHODA                            NY-54-16-289
RACE, WHEATON                           NY-54-14-277
RAGAN, THOMAS                           NY-54-19-461
RANDALL, AMELIA                         NY-54-18-115
RANDALL, HENRY                          NY-54-25-25
RANDALL, MARY L.                        NY-54-24-501
RANSOM, ANGSLINE M.                     NY-54-17-437
RANSOM, WILLIAM                         NY-54-18-55
RAWLEY, DANIEL T.                       NY-54-21-145
RAY, JOHN                               NY-54-4-31
RAYMOND, ISAAC L.                       NY-54-23-29
REED, ADALINE                           NY-54-24-493
REED, EZRA                              NY-54-19-401
REED, MARVIN E.                         NY-54-28-17
REED, TIMOTHY C.                        NY-54-17-293
REES, JACOB S.                          NY-54-19-149
REEVES, LORENZO                         NY-54-8-279
REEVES, SALLY                           NY-54-22-137
RELYEA, ANDREW                          NY-54-21-413
REWEY, OLIVER                           NY-54-17-445
REWY, LEWIS                             NY-54-11-40
REYNOLDS, ANN ELIZA                     NY-54-20-337
REYNOLDS, JOHNS .                       NY-54-28-393
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH                        NY-54-20-115
REYNOLDS, NELSON S.                     NY-54-22-41
REYNOLDS, STEPHEN                       NY-54-17-13
REZEAU, CATHERINE                       NY-54-23-417
RHINEVAULT, AMANDA                      NY-54-22-509
RICE, HENRY D.                          NY-54-12-194
RICE, MARY M.                           NY-54-14-463
RICH, CHAUNCEY L.                       NY-54-28-429
RICH, JANE M.                           NY-54-28-29
RICH, SIBYL                             NY-54-3-1
RICHARDSON, HENRY H.                    NY-54-25-153
RICHARDSON, SUSAN A.                    NY-54-25-545
RIDDLE, DAVID                           NY-54-4-370
RIDER, DAVID W.                         NY-54-12-175
RIDER, HIRAM                            NY-54-17-69
RIDER, JACOB                            NY-54-11-122
RIDER, STEPHEN                          NY-54-14-499
RIDER, STEPHEN J.                       NY-54-25-481
RIDGWAY, CARRIE A.                      NY-54-20-289
RIGHTMIRE, WILLIAM H.                   NY-54-17-65
RISING, MARY E.                         NY-54-13-181
ROACH, ELLEN                            NY-54-22-405
ROAT, REUBON                            NY-54-28-161
ROBBINS, HARLOW                         NY-54-17-389
ROBBINS, JOHN E.                        NY-54-28-305
ROBERTS, ELIZABTH                       NY-54-19-197
ROBERTS, NATHAN                         NY-54-3-123
ROBERTSON, EDWARD P.                    NY-54-16-253
ROBERTSON, PETER                        NY-54-21-117
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN B.                   NY-54-28-465
ROBINSON, JOHN                          NY-54-11-66
ROBINSON, NEWELL                        NY-54-27-481
ROBINSON, SABRINA                       NY-54-21-221
ROLFE, JONATHAN                         NY-54-16-283
ROMINE, HANNAH                          NY-54-25-205
ROOT, FRED                              NY-54-28-349
ROPER, ADELINE                          NY-54-23-273
ROSE, JANE E.                           NY-54-28-597
ROSS, JOHN                              NY-54-22-525
ROSS, OLIVER L.                         NY-54-24-5
ROULET, ALFRED                          NY-54-23-253
ROWEN, HIRAM                            NY-54-15-421
ROWLAND, MARY E.                        NY-54-24-141
ROYALL, EMILY J.                        NY-54-24-273
ROYCE, ASAHEL                           NY-54-11-239
ROYCE, DEODATUS                         NY-54-15-151
RUMMEL, ALMA L.                         NY-54-24-349
RUMSEY, ELIZA                           NY-54-14-457
RUMSEY, LUCY A.                         NY-54-22-481
RUSSELL, JACOB H.                       NY-54-13-49
RYAN, CHARLOTTE JANE                    NY-54-22-81
RYAN, ELLEN                             NY-54-25-301
RYAN, JOHN A.                           NY-54-28-57
RYAN, JOSEPH                            NY-54-15-55
SABIN, PHILO                            NY-54-15-259
SACKETT, RICHARD H.                     NY-54-12-416
SACKETT, SAMUEL H.                      NY-54-18-197
SADDLEMIRE, CHRISTIANA                  NY-54-24-533
SADDLEMIRE, ELIAS                       NY-54-27-273
SADDLEMIRE, FREDERICK                   NY-54-18-50
SADDLEMIRE, JOSEPH                      NY-54-17-121
SAGAR, SIMON                            NY-54-21-501
SAGER, CORNELIUS E.                     NY-54-28-521
SAGER, RACHEL D.                        NY-54-25-337
SALYER, ZACHEUS                         NY-54-3-174
SANDERS, EBENEZER                       NY-54-3-127
SANDERS, NATHAN                         NY-54-14-343
SANFORD, BARLOW                         NY-54-21-341
SANFORD, CHRISTINA                      NY-54-22-361
SANFORD, OLIVER                         NY-54-23-97
SARLES, RICHARD                         NY-54-11-349
SATTERLEE, ELIAS                        NY-54-3-129
SAUNDERS, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-54-13-369
SAWYER, CHARLES H.                      NY-54-22-413
SAWYER, JOHN W.                         NY-54-12-82
SAWYER, NANCY M.                        NY-54-25-421
SAWYER, WILLIAM                         NY-54-17-229
SAXTON, JAMES A.                        NY-54-17-505
SAYRE, JAMES                            NY-54-4-196
SCHOFIELD, THOMAS                       NY-54-4-308
SCHOOLCRAFT, ANGELINE                   NY-54-27-161
SCHOONMAKER, MOSES DEPUE                NY-54-3-160
SCHOONOVER, ALBERTINE                   NY-54-25-497
SCHOONOVER, AMBROSE L.                  NY-54-25-29
SCHOONOVER, MARY E.                     NY-54-21-213
SCHOONOVER, NICHOLAS                    NY-54-25-549
SCHOOONOVER, SAMUEL                     NY-54-15-103
SCHUYLER, PHILLIP C.                    NY-54-19-69
SCOTT, ANNA                             NY-54-28-5
SCOTT, CHARLES E.                       NY-54-27-313
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                        NY-54-23-265
SCOTT, FREDERICK                        NY-54-23-261
SCOTT, HARRIET L.                       NY-54-28-273
SCOTT, ROBERT H.                        NY-54-20-169
SCOTT, ROSALIE                          NY-54-24-81
SCRAFFORD, JAMES                        NY-54-21-217
SCUDDER, AUGUSTA N.                     NY-54-16-25
SCUDDER, FRANK T.                       NY-54-14-187
SEAMAN, JOEL                            NY-54-22-497
SEARLES, EMMANUEL                       NY-54-28-605
SEARLES, IRA                            NY-54-19-189
SEARLES, JOHN B.                        NY-54-17-502
SEARLES, LOUIE F.                       NY-54-22-17
SEARLES, NATHAN P.                      NY-54-27-425
SEARS, SOPHRONIA M.                     NY-54-27-269
SEBASTIAN, CATHARINE                    NY-54-22-329
SEELEY, LORENDA W.                      NY-54-25-241
SEELY, S. ALFRED                        NY-54-28-73
SETTLE, HENRY                           NY-54-11-54
SEVERN, GEORGE W.                       NY-54-21-273
SEVERN, MARIA M.                        NY-54-21-637
SEYMOUR, LOUISA L.                      NY-54-26-67
SEYMOUR, LOUISA L.                      NY-54-26-337
SHAFF, JOSEPH                           NY-54-25-181
SHAFFER, ABRAHAM                        NY-54-25-161
SHAUGHNESSY, MARY                       NY-54-12-633
SHAUGHNESSY, THOMAS                     NY-54-18-120
SHAW, CATHARINE A.                      NY-54-22-381
SHAW, DELINDA                           NY-54-23-465
SHAW, WALTER S.                         NY-54-12-566
SHAY, JOHN                              NY-54-20-163
SHAY, WILLIAM                           NY-54-25-505
SHAYS, HIRAM                            NY-54-19-445
SHEAHAN, MARY G.                        NY-54-28-137
SHELDON, HARLEY G.                      NY-54-27-441
SHELDON, HENRY M.                       NY-54-23-441
SHEPARD, CHARLES H.                     NY-54-26-103
SHEPARD, JOHN                           NY-54-25-125
SHEPARD, MARY                           NY-54-26-61
SHEPARD, MYRA A.                        NY-54-22-105
SHERMAN, ELIZA C.                       NY-54-19-429
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-54-28-105
SHERMAN, JAMES W.                       NY-54-25-193
SHERRY, HIRAM I.                        NY-54-24-577
SHERWOOD, CASPER I.                     NY-54-21-181
SHERWOOD, JOHN                          NY-54-25-133
SHERWOOD, LUCY A.                       NY-54-24-221
SHIPMAN, EVALINE                        NY-54-25-113
SHIPMAN, LEVI                           NY-54-13-339
SHIPMAN, SHULER                         NY-54-15-475
SHIRLEY, HANNAH                         NY-54-28-245
SHIRLEY, JONATHAN                       NY-54-25-145
SHIRLEY, RILEY                          NY-54-22-229
SHIRLEY, SAMUEL                         NY-54-24-469
SHOEMAKER, AARON                        NY-54-22-177
SHOEMAKER, HIRAM W.                     NY-54-15-253
SHOEMAKER, MARIA                        NY-54-14-355
SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM R.                   NY-54-22-385
SHOLTIS, PETER A.                       NY-54-12-190
SHOULTES, GEORGE J.                     NY-54-28-473
SHRIVER, CHRISTIANA                     NY-54-23-329
SHRIVER, HENRY                          NY-54-17-157
SHULTZ, ISAAC                           NY-54-17-253
SIGNER, ALBERT                          NY-54-21-477
SIMMONS, ALPHEUS                        NY-54-28-53
SIMMONS, JOSEPH                         NY-54-28-545
SIMONSON, HENRY                         NY-54-12-43
SINON, CATHERINE                        NY-54-27-573
SIZER, NATHANIEL                        NY-54-11-449
SKILLING, JOHN W.                       NY-54-21-553
SKILLING, JULIA M.                      NY-54-22-25
SLACK, ARTEMUS                          NY-54-11-72
SLAUGHTER, DEWITT                       NY-54-14-223
SLAWSON, ANGELINE                       NY-54-25-569
SLAWSON, EBENEZER                       NY-54-11-92
SLAWSON, MILTON                         NY-54-24-129
SLEEPER, THOMAS J.                      NY-54-22-245
SLOSSON, GEORGE W.                      NY-54-22-473
SLOSSON, PHEBE                          NY-54-17-329
SLY, MICHAEL                            NY-54-2-158
SMEAD, DAVID J.                         NY-54-25-461
SMITH, ALMYRA                           NY-54-20-247
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-54-2-75
SMITH, BENJAMIN ***                     NY-54-11-367
SMITH, CATHERINE E.                     NY-54-23-81
SMITH, CORNELIUS D.                     NY-54-26-217
SMITH, EDGAR M.                         NY-54-24-185
SMITH, EMILY S.                         NY-54-24-201
SMITH, FRANKLIN N.                      NY-54-22-277
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-54-13-363
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-54-8-297
SMITH, JAMES M.                         NY-54-19-449
SMITH, JAMES S.                         NY-54-19-385
SMITH, JARED                            NY-54-16-139
SMITH, JOEL                             NY-54-11-82
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-54-4-42
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-54-21-313
SMITH, JULIUS C.                        NY-54-22-181
SMITH, LABAN J.                         NY-54-24-205
SMITH, LEVI                             NY-54-8-271
SMITH, LUCY                             NY-54-4-171
SMITH, MARY                             NY-54-22-53
SMITH, MARY A.                          NY-54-23-549
SMITH, MARY E.                          NY-54-15-469
SMITH, MERYBEE                          NY-54-21-189
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NY-54-23-249
SMITH, NATHAN                           NY-54-12-233
SMITH, NELLIE                           NY-54-25-553
SMITH, ORVILLE J.                       NY-54-23-177
SMITH, SALLY                            NY-54-13-393
SMITH, SALLY M.                         NY-54-21-141
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-54-11-221
SMITH, SAMUEL B.                        NY-54-21-697
SMITH, STEPHEN W.                       NY-54-20-50
SMITH, TIMOTHY                          NY-54-3-6
SMITH, WARD                             NY-54-3-67
SMITH, WATERBURY                        NY-54-11-292
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-54-26-164
SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-54-18-117
SMITH, WILLIAMC .                       NY-54-23-41
SMITH, ELIZA A.                         NY-54-28-549
SMULL, ELLA                             NY-54-17-365
SMYTH, WILLIAM                          NY-54-26-332
SNAPP, GEORGE                           NY-54-17-417
SNAPP, JACOB                            NY-54-20-199
SNEDAKER, ADELIA L.                     NY-54-27-541
SNOW, PHEBE W.                          NY-54-21-533
SNOW, WALSTEIN                          NY-54-21-505
SNYDER, ELLEN S.                        NY-54-27-581
SNYDER, SAMUEL                          NY-54-11-229
SNYDER, SELY H.                         NY-54-25-317
SOLOMON, JOHN                           NY-54-15-85
SOMERS, MAURICE                         NY-54-28-581
SOPER, SALOMA                           NY-54-27-373
SOUTHWICK, AARON B.                     NY-54-27-385
SOUTHWICK, GEORGE W.                    NY-54-12-637
SOUTHWICK, OLIVE                        NY-54-17-205
SOUTHWORTH, LOIS                        NY-54-4-251
SPALDING, OWEN                          NY-54-18-33
SPARKS, JOHN                            NY-54-2-49
SPAULDING, FRANCES A.                   NY-54-27-381
SPAULDING, JULIUS H.                    NY-54-19-521
SPAULDING, LUCIUS W.                    NY-54-27-461
SPAULDING, LUTHE RG.                    NY-54-25-541
SPAULDING, MARCUS F.                    NY-54-28-401
SPENCER, ADONIRAN J.                    NY-54-24-149
SPENCER, ALVAH                          NY-54-27-417
SPENCER, BUNTON W.                      NY-54-17-41
SPENCER, DIADAMA                        NY-54-12-246
STAGE, JOHN                             NY-54-4-194
STANLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-54-4-417
STANTON, ABEL                           NY-54-16-19
STANTON, ASA                            NY-54-18-444
STANTON, DANIEL                         NY-54-12-86
STARKEY, JOHN C.                        NY-54-16-175
STARKWEATHER, JOEL                      NY-54-27-485
STARKWEATHER, SPALDING                  NY-54-12-80
STEBBINS, BENJAMIN                      NY-54-11-227
STEBBINS, LEMUEL                        NY-54-17-73
STEBBINS, SARAH                         NY-54-12-139
STEBBINS, SARAH E.                      NY-54-21-253
STEDMAN, AMZI                           NY-54-12-97
STEDMAN, EZRA                           NY-54-12-71
STEELE, AARON                           NY-54-27-249
STEELE, JOHN F.                         NY-54-27-437
STEPHENS, SAMUEL J.                     NY-54-25-261
STEPHENS, SHAW                          NY-54-4-49
STEVENS, ABIGAIL T.                     NY-54-25-493
STEVENS, CHARLES N.                     NY-54-23-133
STEVENS, DAVID                          NY-54-22-213
STEVENS, NANCY                          NY-54-22-337
STEVENS, THOMAS J.                      NY-54-22-153
STEVENSON, ANDREW                       NY-54-25-385
STEWARD, MARY                           NY-54-4-87
STEWARD, THADDEUS                       NY-54-28-45
STEWART, WILLIAM                        NY-54-18-160
STILES, BENJAMIN C.                     NY-54-17-209
STONE, CHARLES                          NY-54-25-89
STONE, FRANCES A.                       NY-54-13-139
STONE, JAMES R.                         NY-54-23-529
STONE, SQUIRE                           NY-54-12-164
STONE, SYBIL                            NY-54-26-345
STONE, WILLIAM P.                       NY-54-20-193
STONE, WILLIAM P.                       NY-54-27-349
STORM, ELIZABETH                        NY-54-27-209
STORRE, AARON P.                        NY-54-20-133
STORRS, FRANCES A.                      NY-54-20-235
STOWELL, CORNELL S.                     NY-54-27-129
STOWELL, HANNAH A.                      NY-54-21-329
STRAIT, EDWARD E.                       NY-54-27-169
STRAIT, SYLVESTER                       NY-54-25-85
STRATTON, IDA E.                        NY-54-15-361
STRONG, ISAAC BRUNSON                   NY-54-13-271
STRONG, JOEL C.                         NY-54-12-611
STURGES, JAMES                          NY-54-12-142
STURTEVANT, BETSY B.                    NY-54-23-53
STURTEVANT, DAVID M.                    NY-54-25-409
STYLES, JAMES                           NY-54-2-103
SUTTON, ELIZABETH O.                    NY-54-27-421
SUTTON, GEORGE BYRON                    NY-54-27-197
SWARTOUT, REBECCA                       NY-54-16-169
SWARTWOOD, EZEKIEL                      NY-54-21-457
SWARTWOOD, HANNAH S.                    NY-54-11-407
SWEENEY, JAMES                          NY-54-27-473
SWEENEY, MARGARET                       NY-54-22-169
SWEET, CHARLES H.                       NY-54-23-5
SWEET, WESLY                            NY-54-21-405
SYKES, GEORGE M.                        NY-54-12-600
SYKES, THEODORE P.                      NY-54-24-537
TABOX, LUCY                             NY-54-17-345
TALCOTT, EUNICE B.                      NY-54-22-401
TALCOTT, FANNY                          NY-54-22-345
TALCOTT, GEORGE                         NY-54-23-205
TALCOTT, GEORGE L.                      NY-54-13-91
TALCOTT, JERUSHA                        NY-54-11-335
TALCOTT, JOEL                           NY-54-18-17
TALCOTT, WILLIAM C.                     NY-54-14-427
TALCOTT, WILLIAM H.                     NY-54-21-657
TANNER, CATHERINE                       NY-54-18-112
TANNER, JAMES                           NY-54-19-65
TANNER, JOHN                            NY-54-4-301
TANNERY, WILLIAM S. H.                  NY-54-14-85
TAPPAN, RILEY A.                        NY-54-23-1
TARBOX, BENJAMIN                        NY-54-23-501
TAVICOOL, JACOB                         NY-54-4-81
TAYLOR, ABRAM                           NY-54-22-85
TAYLOR, CATHERINE                       NY-54-28-201
TAYLOR, CORNELIUS                       NY-54-4-318
TAYLOR, ELI                             NY-54-16-337
TAYLOR, ELLEN                           NY-54-15-73
TAYLOR, EMILY G.                        NY-54-16-187
TAYLOR, JOHN J.                         NY-54-18-320
TAYLOR, ORRIN                           NY-54-22-517
TAYLOR, RUTH L.                         NY-54-27-233
TAYLOR, SAMUEL E.                       NY-54-21-569
TERRELL, CHARITY                        NY-54-14-397
TEW, ELISHA P. W.                       NY-54-13-43
THATCHER, CHARLES                       NY-54-14-217
THATCHER, WALTER S.                     NY-54-19-529
THELEMAN, HIRAM W.                      NY-54-24-341
THOMAS, EUNCIE                          NY-54-17-297
THOMAS, FRANCES A.                      NY-54-21-245
THOMAS, HOLLY W.                        NY-54-18-497
THOMAS, MARILDA                         NY-54-25-105
THOMAS, MOSES H.                        NY-54-27-73
THOMAS, SYLVINA W.                      NY-54-27-81
THOMPSON, DORINDA E.                    NY-54-27-105
THOMPSON, HENRY                         NY-54-11-208
THOMPSON, MARY                          NY-54-21-205
THOMPSON, MOSES                         NY-54-12-52
THOMPSON, SARAH SABINA                  NY-54-13-303
THORN, STEPHEN                          NY-54-12-242
THORP, WILLIAM                          NY-54-11-466
THRILLARD, OLIVE B.                     NY-54-21-417
TILBURY, HERMAN M.                      NY-54-25-273
TILBURY, RICHARD                        NY-54-15-241
TINKHAM, JAMES H.                       NY-54-16-103
TINKHAM, LOIS W.                        NY-54-22-541
TINKHAM, SAMUEL STANDISH                NY-54-13-55
TOLES, RACHEL F.                        NY-54-26-139
TOMPKINS, JAMES                         NY-54-24-325
TOMPKINS, JOSHUA                        NY-54-22-221
TOMPKINS, SUSAN                         NY-54-28-289
TOOKER, FREDERICK D.                    NY-54-24-105
TORREY, BETSEY B.                       NY-54-21-597
TOUSAND, MICHAEL                        NY-54-17-305
TOWNER, LUCY                            NY-54-21-625
TOWNSEND, SELINA M.                     NY-54-14-337
TOZER, ALPHEUS H.                       NY-54-17-237
TOZER, JOEL H.                          NY-54-27-53
TRACY, ELLEN P.                         NY-54-24-109
TRACY, MAHETABLE                        NY-54-4-59
TRAVIS, JAMES                           NY-54-21-537
TREAR, LAURA                            NY-54-19-541
TRIBES, JOHN                            NY-54-13-79
TRIPP, SARAH E.                         NY-54-24-321
TROY, WILLIAM                           NY-54-17-97
TRREY, SOPHIA A.                        NY-54-14-79
TRUE, MARIA THURSEY                     NY-54-25-77
TRUESDELL, DAVID                        NY-54-21-641
TRUESDILL, MARTHA M.                    NY-54-12-494
TRUMAN, ASA H.                          NY-54-11-272
TRUMAN, CHARLES E.                      NY-54-26-7
TRUMAN, EMILY M.                        NY-54-23-189
TRUMAN, FRANCIS W.                      NY-54-18-361
TRUMAN, LYMAN                           NY-54-18-1
TRUMAN, ORIN ***                        NY-54-18-134
TUBBS, POLLY                            NY-54-19-537
TUCKER, WILLIAM                         NY-54-23-365
TURK, DAVID                             NY-54-22-241
TURNER, ABNER                           NY-54-4-424
TURNER, DAVID                           NY-54-11-57
TURNER, EDWIN B.                        NY-54-24-525
TURNER, JESSE                           NY-54-11-436
TURNER, JOSEPH                          NY-54-22-261
TUTHILL, DEMORE C.                      NY-54-24-165
TUTTLE, ELINDA                          NY-54-4-405
TUTTLE, JOEL                            NY-54-14-409
TWINING, ALMIRA                         NY-54-19-569
TYLER, EDWARD                           NY-54-21-685
TYLER, HIRAM W.                         NY-54-17-441
VAIL, DANIEL                            NY-54-22-317
VALENTINE, CALEB                        NY-54-12-78
VANATTA, JOHN M.                        NY-54-12-269
VANATTA, PETER                          NY-54-19-277
VANBRUNT, HENRY                         NY-54-25-441
VANDEMARK, CHARLES                      NY-54-25-585
VANDEMARK, GEORGE                       NY-54-19-505
VANDEMARK, JEMIMA                       NY-54-17-289
VANDEMARK, JOHN                         NY-54-27-141
VANDEMARK, POLLY                        NY-54-13-277
VANDUZER, HULDAH                        NY-54-16-301
VANESS, IRA F.                          NY-54-21-397
VANETTEN, ELISHA                        NY-54-20-217
VANETTEN, EMANUEL                       NY-54-4-119
VANETTEN, JAMES                         NY-54-2-114
VANGAASBECK, JOHN                       NY-54-19-497
VANGORDER, JONATHAN                     NY-54-21-289
VANGORDER, REUBEN                       NY-54-12-438
VANKLEECK, JANE                         NY-54-25-325
VANLUVEN, MARGARET J.                   NY-54-21-202
VANLUVEN, SIMON                         NY-54-28-413
VANMARTER, AARON                        NY-54-11-446
VANMARTER, EMMA E.                      NY-54-24-381
VANNATTA, JOHN                          NY-54-22-201
VANNETTEN, JAMES                        NY-54-2-114
VANNORSTRAN, MARY E.                    NY-54-24-97
VANNOSTRAN, MARY                        NY-54-28-181
VANPELT, SARAH                          NY-54-21-441
VANSCOY, ISAAC D.                       NY-54-23-405
VANSTEENBURG, LETTY                     NY-54-14-331
VANVALKENBURG, EDWARD                   NY-54-13-13
VANVALKNAR, JACOB ***                   NY-54-12-514
VANVELSOR, BENJAMIN                     NY-54-12-406
VANVELSOR, JANE                         NY-54-24-113
VANVLECK, GARRETT S.                    NY-54-17-193
VANVLECK, SUSAN JANE                    NY-54-27-493
VANVLEET, THEODORE                      NY-54-23-169
VANWOERT, LEWIS                         NY-54-16-157
VANWORMER, FREDERICK                    NY-54-15-307
VANZILE, JERUSHA                        NY-54-16-151
VASBINDER, ELIZA                        NY-54-14-25
VERGASON, SOLOMON                       NY-54-24-297
VERGASON, STEPHEN                       NY-54-28-285
VERMILYEA, ABRAM                        NY-54-27-19
VICKERY, JOHN                           NY-54-15-79
VINCENT, DELIA                          NY-54-22-209
VORCE, VOLNEY                           NY-54-20-343
VORHIS, STEPHEN                         NY-54-19-329
VORHIS, WILLIAM                         NY-54-11-198
VOSBURGH, HARRIET H.                    NY-54-19-253
VOSBURGH, MARY C.                       NY-54-20-7
VOSE, ALFRED                            NY-54-20-13
VOSE, LAVINA                            NY-54-24-237
VOSE, ROGER                             NY-54-11-75
VOUGHT, HANNAH                          NY-54-19-13
WADE, GEORGE N.                         NY-54-28-537
WADE, LOVISA                            NY-54-22-205
WADE, WILLIAM H.                        NY-54-20-379
WAIT, AUSTIN D.                         NY-54-21-309
WAIT, CHARLES B.                        NY-54-28-461
WAIT, HENRY                             NY-54-21-257
WAKE, JANE                              NY-54-21-545
WALDEN, THEODOCIA                       NY-54-25-333
WALDO, ANN BLISS                        NY-54-21-229
WALDO, DWIGHT                           NY-54-18-190
WALDO, JOSEPH                           NY-54-11-1
WALDO, JOSEPH TALCOTT                   NY-54-12-207
WALDO, JULIETTE                         NY-54-28-397
WALDO, ROBERT E.                        NY-54-24-121
WALKER, ELIAS                           NY-54-11-440
WALKER, GEORGE                          NY-54-3-37
WALKER, LEANDER                         NY-54-26-13
WALKER, LYMAN                           NY-54-15-391
WALKER, MARY SNIDER                     NY-54-27-165
WALKER, ORRIN                           NY-54-28-361
WALKER, RANSOM                          NY-54-24-373
WALKER, RIAL                            NY-54-27-137
WALKER, SAMUEL                          NY-54-11-314
WALKER, THADDEUS S.                     NY-54-24-229
WALLIS, DAVID                           NY-54-13-321
WALSH, JOHN                             NY-54-15-229
WALTER, ABIGAIL                         NY-54-13-217
WALTERS, MARGARET                       NY-54-20-385
WALTERS, MARY L.                        NY-54-28-269
WALWORTH, CLARK                         NY-54-25-189
WALWORTH, LORENZO D.                    NY-54-16-109
WALWORTH, NANCY SOPHIA                  NY-54-25-465
WARD, ABRAHAM B.                        NY-54-13-7
WARD, HARVEY H.                         NY-54-22-397
WARD, MINERVA E.                        NY-54-22-373
WARD, POLLY R.                          NY-54-20-145
WARD, STEPHEN                           NY-54-12-221
WARD, WILLIAM ARTHUR                    NY-54-19-141
WARING, CHARLOTTE A.                    NY-54-25-573
WARING, NORMAN K.                       NY-54-25-257
WARNER, WILLIAM F.                      NY-54-22-89
WARREN, ENOCH                           NY-54-4-112
WASHBURN, RACHEL                        NY-54-3-9
WATROUS, ADDISON                        NY-54-19-605
WATSON, JAMES                           NY-54-24-289
WATSON, JAMES L.                        NY-54-12-47
WATSON, JANE                            NY-54-27-217
WATSON, SETH                            NY-54-17-453
WATSON, SUSAN                           NY-54-22-1
WAUGH, ANDREW                           NY-54-16-121
WAUGH, WILLIAM                          NY-54-17-465
WAYMAN, SEMANTHA                        NY-54-19-457
WEATHERBY, LEANORA                      NY-54-22-217
WEAVER, MARVIN B.                       NY-54-16-145
WEBB, HARRIET L.                        NY-54-28-425
WEBSTER, CHARLES                        NY-54-18-163
WEBSTER, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-54-23-161
WEBSTER, PHEBE R.                       NY-54-17-129
WEEKS, JACOB P.                         NY-54-12-124
WEISEMANTEL, LORINDA                    NY-54-23-217
WEISS, SEBASTIAN                        NY-54-23-269
WELCH, THOMAS                           NY-54-14-289
WELLAR, JACOB                           NY-54-8-41
WELLER, BARBARA                         NY-54-26-115
WELLS, ABNER                            NY-54-4-322
WELLS, FREDERICK T.                     NY-54-12-339
WELLS, LUCY                             NY-54-26-121
WELTON, PHILOMELA                       NY-54-28-525
WENN, JOHN                              NY-54-19-245
WENN, JOHN                              NY-54-28-321
WENTZ, SARAH L.                         NY-54-20-325
WEST, ANDREW L.                         NY-54-27-33
WEST, NELLIE B.                         NY-54-18-241
WESTBROOK, BENJAMIN                     NY-54-8-303
WESTBROOK, SAMUEL                       NY-54-3-16
WESTCOTT, MATTHEW                       NY-54-24-393
WESTFALL, MERCENE                       NY-54-17-233
WESTLAKE, BENJAMIN                      NY-54-8-99
WHEAT, MARY E.                          NY-54-28-421
WHEATON, MASON S.                       NY-54-28-433
WHEELER, FANNIE C.                      NY-54-25-233
WHEELER, LEWIS                          NY-54-17-249
WHIPPLE, EBEN                           NY-54-15-109
WHITAKER, SQUIRE                        NY-54-19-581
WHITE, ABRAM                            NY-54-23-9
WHITE, AMOS GATES                       NY-54-4-361
WHITE, AUGUSTA G.                       NY-54-25-49
WHITE, ENOCH                            NY-54-17-85
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-54-28-69
WHITE, JOSEPH                           NY-54-14-145
WHITE, JOSEPH W.                        NY-54-24-413
WHITE, JOSHUA                           NY-54-4-408
WHITE, PERRY H.                         NY-54-27-477
WHITE, POLLY ANN                        NY-54-23-369
WHITING, SAMUEL                         NY-54-14-193
WHITLEY, AARON S.                       NY-54-18-23
WHITLEY, JOEL S.                        NY-54-19-417
WHITMARSH, ABRAM                        NY-54-22-357
WHITMARSH, EDWARD                       NY-54-21-581
WHITMARSH, ISABELL                      NY-54-21-237
WHITMARSH, LUTHER W.                    NY-54-19-397
WHITMARSH, RHODA A.                     NY-54-24-465
WHITMORE, HORACE L.                     NY-54-28-569
WHITMORE, MARTHA A.                     NY-54-24-513
WHITNEY, DAVID H.                       NY-54-20-301
WHITNEY, EMMA O.                        NY-54-24-433
WHITNEY, NATHAN R.                      NY-54-24-153
WHITNEY, SAMUEL C.                      NY-54-13-259
WHITNEY, SOPHIA                         NY-54-14-439
WHITON, WALTER N.                       NY-54-11-469
WHITTEMORE, ISAAC                       NY-54-19-61
WICKHAM, ELIZA                          NY-54-13-37
WICKHAM, JOSEPH D.                      NY-54-21-577
WIESMER, SARAH                          NY-54-24-461
WIGGINS, ELIZA                          NY-54-22-65
WIGHTMAN, ALFRED                        NY-54-25-449
WILBUR, DEBORAH                         NY-54-15-319
WILBUR, RACHEL                          NY-54-23-349
WILBUR, WILLAM H.                       NY-54-21-429
WILCOX, GARDNER                         NY-54-21-701
WILCOX, GEORGE S.                       NY-54-27-281
WILCOX, WHITMAN                         NY-54-19-101
WILCOXEN, ABRAM                         NY-54-14-133
WILKINSON, MARTHA                       NY-54-25-321
WILLEY, SARAH C.                        NY-54-27-277
WILLIAMS, ANN                           NY-54-21-337
WILLIAMS, BETSEY                        NY-54-19-345
WILLIAMS, CALPHURNIA                    NY-54-22-149
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         NY-54-14-498
WILLIAMS, HARRIET J.                    NY-54-17-285
WILLIAMS, HARVEY                        NY-54-17-21
WILLIAMS, LORETTA                       NY-54-23-257
WILLIAMS, OLIVE                         NY-54-11-114
WILLIAMS, OLIVER                        NY-54-11-98
WILLIAMS, SALOMA C.                     NY-54-25-313
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM T.                    NY-54-24-329
WILLIS, WILLIAM                         NY-54-21-357
WILLMOT, ANN J.                         NY-54-24-421
WILLSEY, GAYLORD                        NY-54-24-89
WILLSEY, MARGARET                       NY-54-25-377
WILLSON, LYDIA                          NY-54-11-201
WILLSON, PETER                          NY-54-11-119
WILSEY, OTIS                            NY-54-22-461
WILSON, GEORGE W.                       NY-54-24-145
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-54-18-309
WILSON, PHEBE                           NY-54-12-265
WINANS, CLARK                           NY-54-4-328
WINANS, SARAH G.                        NY-54-28-189
WINDFIELD, MARINDA                      NY-54-22-29
WINKLER, JOHN                           NY-54-4-108
WINNE, WALTER V.                        NY-54-19-373
WINSHIP, LUKE B.                        NY-54-16-205
WINSHIP, MINERVA P.                     NY-54-24-417
WINSHIP, WILLIAM                        NY-54-28-589
WINTERS, JOSEPH                         NY-54-21-153
WINTON, ESTHER                          NY-54-8-93
WISWELL, JEROME B.                      NY-54-28-149
WITTER, ASA                             NY-54-19-112
WITTER, GEORGE B.                       NY-54-25-389
WITTY, KATE                             NY-54-27-173
WOOD, ANDREW J.                         NY-54-23-21
WOOD, EDWARD                            NY-54-15-31
WOOD, GRIFFIN                           NY-54-18-90
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-54-19-289
WOOD, JOHN B.                           NY-54-21-653
WOOD, LAURA A.                          NY-54-19-193
WOOD, MARY                              NY-54-27-353
WOOD, NICHOLAS SR.                      NY-54-4-340
WOOD, OLIVER P.                         NY-54-14-307
WOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-54-17-189
WOODARD, JOSEPH                         NY-54-19-361
WOODBRIDGE, ELECTA H.                   NY-54-13-163
WOODFORD, CHAUNCEY T.                   NY-54-23-121
WOODFORD, DIADEMIA                      NY-54-19-305
WOODFORD, JULIA A.                      NY-54-13-298
WOODFORD, OZIAS                         NY-54-12-92
WOODFORD, ROMANTA                       NY-54-15-217
WOODFORD, ROMEO                         NY-54-12-146
WOODFORD, SYLVESTER                     NY-54-12-37
WOODFORD, SYLVESTER                     NY-54-24-565
WOODFORD, TRUEMAN                       NY-54-4-304
WOOLVERTON, ASA                         NY-54-11-61
WORKS, SOPHIA D.                        NY-54-23-113
WORRICK, JOSHUEAN J.                    NY-54-23-105
WOUGHT, CHESTER                         NY-54-19-593
WRIGHT, CALEB                           NY-54-4-20
WRIGHT, PHILOMELA C.                    NY-54-24-365
WRIGHT, SYLVENUS                        NY-54-19-333
WRIGLEY, ELENORA                        NY-54-15-37
YAPLES, JACOB                           NY-54-3-154
YATES, ELIZABETH B.                     NY-54-25-445
YATES, MARY A.                          NY-54-20-151
YOUNG, EDWARD W.                        NY-54-27-229
YOUNG, GEORGE                           NY-54-27-205
YOUNG, HENRY                            NY-54-26-361
YOUNGS, MORRIS                          NY-54-25-57
ZEH, ADALINE                            NY-54-27-189
ZIMMER, CHARLES                         NY-54-23-509
ZIMMER, EVA ANN                         NY-54-23-305
ZIMMER, HENRY                           NY-54-16-313

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