Tioga, New York
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ABBOTT, ANDREW                          NY-54-21-485
ABBOTT, THERESA M.                      NY-54-19-92
ADRIANCE, ALBERT R.                     NY-54-13-253
AGARD, HORACE                           NY-54-11-362
AHART, GEORGE                           NY-54-21-241
AKINS, EMILY A.                         NY-54-22-37
AKINS, GEORGE                           NY-54-19-33
AKINS, REBECCA                          NY-54-28-49
ALBERTSON, ANDREW W.                    NY-54-24-29
ALBERTSON, LEWIS                        NY-54-15-403
ALBRIGHT, JACOB                         NY-54-17-333
ALDRICH, CHARLES                        NY-54-13-333
ALDRICH, FREDERICK                      NY-54-25-525
ALDRICH, MINERVA H.                     NY-54-22-249
ALEN, ANN A.                            NY-54-22-409
ALEXANDER, IDA                          NY-54-27-97
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM J. B.                NY-54-26-211
ALLEN, ADOLPHUS G.                      NY-54-23-489
ALLEN, CAROLINE                         NY-54-27-589
ALLEN, CAROLINE W.                      NY-54-19-493
ALLEN, JERUSHA H. L.                    NY-54-28-9
ALLEN, LUCIUS H. ***                    NY-54-18-245
ALLEN, LUCY E.                          NY-54-27-37
ALLEN, MARY                             NY-54-21-281
ALLEN, MARY E.                          NY-54-28-253
ALLEN, MATHEW J.                        NY-54-28-241
ALLEN, SARAH S.                         NY-54-25-201
ALLEN, CHARLES W.                       NY-54-24-385
ALODEN, JOHN JAY                        NY-54-2-147
ALVORD, EMELINE J.                      NY-54-22-489
AMES, LAURA                             NY-54-28-93
ANDERSON, DANIEL                        NY-54-18-39
ANDERSON, JAMES M.                      NY-54-24-517
ANDERSON, JOHN                          NY-54-24-377
ANDERSON, MARSHALL                      NY-54-15-451
ANDREWS, CATHARINE                      NY-54-12-444
ANDREWS, CHESTER C.                     NY-54-19-301
ANDREWS, ELIHU                          NY-54-3-147
ANDREWS, GEORGE                         NY-54-14-259
ANDREWS, GEORGE W.                      NY-54-12-368
ANDREWS, LUTHER                         NY-54-19-545
ANDRUS, MARY D.                         NY-54-22-133
ANDRUS, RICHARD                         NY-54-24-573
ANGELL, CHARLES B.                      NY-54-21-561
ANGELL, EDWARD J.                       NY-54-27-157
ANNABLE, JARVIS B.                      NY-54-22-449
ANSON, MARY                             NY-54-22-453
ARCHIBALD, VALERIA A. B.                NY-54-25-37
ARMITAGE, ALFRED                        NY-54-14-265
ARMSTRONG, FRANCIS                      NY-54-17-181
ARMSTRONG, SARAH JANE                   NY-54-18-434
ARNOLD, ESTHER                          NY-54-17-149
ARNTS, HELEN                            NY-54-27-341
ASHLEY, WILLIAM H.                      NY-54-23-513
ATKINS, WILLIAM                         NY-54-22-445
ATWATER, DEWITT C.                      NY-54-23-573
ATWATER, WILLIAM V.                     NY-54-14-241
ATWOOD, BENJAMIN                        NY-54-4-255
ATWOOD, ELIZA JANE                      NY-54-15-193
AUSTIN, ALVAH                           NY-54-13-199
AUSTIN, CAROLINE H.                     NY-54-20-109
AUSTIN, SAMUEL                          NY-54-13-327
AVERY, JOHN H.                          NY-54-8-223
AYER, ISAAC                             NY-54-19-85
AYER, WARREN                            NY-54-22-93
BACON, ALBERT S.                        NY-54-4-224
BACON, DANIEL                           NY-54-20-85
BAILEY, DAVID                           NY-54-4-280
BAILEY, MARY L.                         NY-54-23-333
BAILEY, NANCY                           NY-54-12-592
BAILEY, THOMAS                          NY-54-28-165
BAILY, JOSEPH                           NY-54-2-136
BAIRD, FRANCES C.                       NY-54-19-109
BAKEMAN, PHILIP J.                      NY-54-24-529
BAKER, ISAAC                            NY-54-19-129
BAKER, JAMES H.                         NY-54-11-43
BAKER, JOHN D.                          NY-54-12-411
BAKER, MELVIN J.                        NY-54-28-277
BAKER, RUTH A.                          NY-54-19-153
BAKER, WILLIAM W.                       NY-54-16-37
BALDWIN, ELISHA                         NY-54-4-28
BALDWIN, PHILO A.                       NY-54-4-420
BALDWIN, THOMAS                         NY-54-3-30
BALL, ANSON                             NY-54-19-157
BALL, BETSEY ANN                        NY-54-17-497
BALL, FRANKLIN                          NY-54-17-221
BALL, JOHN M.                           NY-54-28-119
BALL, ROBERT HENRY                      NY-54-25-157
BALL, STEPHEN                           NY-54-12-186
BALLARD, MARIA L.                       NY-54-19-125
BALL, EUNICE                            NY-54-25-245
BANGS, ELBERT L.                        NY-54-15-415
BARBER, H. ELIZABETH                    NY-54-25-5
BARBER, STERLING J.                     NY-54-15-61
BARBOUR, ELDRIDGE L.                    NY-54-19-205
BARDEN, LAURA L.                        NY-54-22-69
BARKER, ABIGAIL                         NY-54-20-205
BARKER, HANNAH                          NY-54-11-224
BARKER, JOSEPH                          NY-54-4-228
BARNES, ANNIE                           NY-54-23-545
BARNES, GRANT W.                        NY-54-23-373
BARNES, LOIS L.                         NY-54-21-613
BARNEY, MARY                            NY-54-15-265
BARNUM, SAMUEL B.                       NY-54-15-175
BAROT, ELLEN                            NY-54-19-365
BARRETT, JOSEPHUS                       NY-54-11-332
BARRETT, MARGARET                       NY-54-25-269
BARRETT, MARY NESS                      NY-54-15-169
BARRETT, URSULA J.                      NY-54-23-101
BARROTT, DEBORAH                        NY-54-17-261
BARROTT, JOSEPHUS                       NY-54-28-490
BARROTT, JOSEPHUS                       NY-54-27-409
BARSTOW, FRANCES C.                     NY-54-16-229
BARSTOW, MARY L.                        NY-54-23-77
BARTON, FESTUS L.                       NY-54-19-233
BARTON, GEORGE W.                       NY-54-18-375
BARTON, ISAAC W.                        NY-54-26-367
BARTON, PHEBE                           NY-54-24-13
BASCOM, ASAPH                           NY-54-18-109
BASSETT, RACHEL                         NY-54-21-119
BASSETT, SALLY                          NY-54-13-235
BATES, GUILFORD                         NY-54-22-505
BATTERSBY, DIANA                        NY-54-25-61
BATTERSBY, JOSEPH                       NY-54-18-234
BATTESON, ABIJAH                        NY-54-8-28
BAXTER, ROBERT J.                       NY-54-28-333
BEACH, NATHAN                           NY-54-21-233
BEACH, R. BELLE                         NY-54-28-193
BEARD, CHARLES                          NY-54-14-415
BEARDSLEE, ELIAS                        NY-54-4-76
BEARDSLEE, WILLIAM L.                   NY-54-22-33
BEARDSLEY, LEWIS                        NY-54-2-145
BEDELL, BENTLEY F.                      NY-54-17-341
BEDELL, DEBORAH G.                      NY-54-23-313
BEDELL, WILLIAM H.                      NY-54-24-445
BEECHER, ISAAC S.                       NY-54-22-145
BEEKMAN, ISAAC                          NY-54-14-31
BEELY, JOHN                             NY-54-24-93
BEERS, ABNER                            NY-54-3-116
BEERS, CATHARINE                        NY-54-25-401
BEERS, CHARLES                          NY-54-22-185
BEERS, FRANK J.                         NY-54-25-341
BEERS, MARCUS A.                        NY-54-28-61
BEERS, MARIA                            NY-54-24-249
BELCHER, AARON P.                       NY-54-15-325
BELCHER, ELIJAH                         NY-54-11-338
BELCHER, ELIJAH                         NY-54-16-235
BELCHER, HARRIET                        NY-54-17-169
BELCHER, HENRY P.                       NY-54-15-397
BELCHER, MARY                           NY-54-14-271
BELCHER, SIDNEY                         NY-54-27-177
BELL, ANASTASIA                         NY-54-12-182
BELL, CHARLES T.                        NY-54-22-273
BELL, JOHN                              NY-54-17-473
BENNET, AARON                           NY-54-8-49
BENNETT, ELIJAH                         NY-54-14-157
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-54-22-417
BENNETT, MORRIS L.                      NY-54-22-161
BENNETT, STEPHEN                        NY-54-22-157
BENSLEY, DANIEL                         NY-54-18-76
BENSON, ANN                             NY-54-25-69
BENTLEY, EZEKIEL S.                     NY-54-4-344
BENTON, LYDIA J.                        NY-54-19-223
BERGEN, JAMES                           NY-54-19-421
BERLIN, DAVID                           NY-54-24-453
BERRY, NATHANIEL                        NY-54-24-305
BESELER, HELEN W.                       NY-54-17-29
BEST, MORRIS W.                         NY-54-19-209
BIDLACK, RANSOM                         NY-54-23-201
BIDWELL, HIRAM H.                       NY-54-14-487
BIDWELL, JOHN                           NY-54-11-412
BIDWELL, SAMUEL C.                      NY-54-13-61
BIEBER, HENRY                           NY-54-16-385
BILLINGS, CHARLES                       NY-54-21-261
BILLINGS, CLINTON                       NY-54-14-127
BILLINGS, HENRY                         NY-54-20-211
BILLINGS, HENRY W.                      NY-54-17-357
BILLINGS, MARY E.                       NY-54-26-158, 355
BILLINGS, NANCY                         NY-54-21-421
BILLS, WARREN A.                        NY-54-15-343
BIRCHARD, SEYMOUR                       NY-54-19-473
BISHOP, MARY E.                         NY-54-19-325
BLACKMAN, KEITH                         NY-54-17-377
BLAIR, ALONZO                           NY-54-19-219
BLAIR, MAHALA                           NY-54-15-289
BLAIR, RHODA                            NY-54-12-465
BLANCHARD, ARNOLD                       NY-54-23-89
BLINN, LEWIS                            NY-54-21-437
BLISS, FRANCIS A.                       NY-54-27-93
BLIVEN, MARY J.                         NY-54-28-249
BLIVEN, SAMUEL G.                       NY-54-21-321
BLIZARD, DANIEL A.                      NY-54-15-463
BODA, ALETHEA M.                        NY-54-24-425
BOGART, JANE H.                         NY-54-27-445
BOGART, M. LOWRY                        NY-54-27-345
BOGART, NANCY                           NY-54-22-365
BOGART, PETER V.                        NY-54-21-453
BONHAM, CHARLOTTE                       NY-54-13-127
BONHAM, MORRIS M.                       NY-54-27-565
BOOTH, ABEL H.                          NY-54-17-269
BOOTH, CATHERINE                        NY-54-25-73
BOOTH, EDWIN A.                         NY-54-27-293
BOOTH, LORIN                            NY-54-14-349
BOOTH, MARY H.                          NY-54-27-289
BOOTH, RANSOM                           NY-54-14-97
BOOTH, WAKEFIELD                        NY-54-21-621
BOSTWICK, CURTIS                        NY-54-27-201
BOSTWICK, OLIVER                        NY-54-21-493
BOSTWICK, THOMAS M.                     NY-54-23-301
BOWEN, GEORGE                           NY-54-23-457
BOWEN, MARTHA C.                        NY-54-15-133
BOWMAN, ABSALOM                         NY-54-15-493
BOYCE, OLIVE                            NY-54-12-453
BOYD, ANDREW                            NY-54-28-481
BOYER, JONATHAN                         NY-54-4-208
BRADLEY, ELISHA J.                      NY-54-17-137
BRADLEY, LYMAN                          NY-54-19-313
BRADLEY, MARY T.                        NY-54-14-325
BRADY, JOHN                             NY-54-21-605
BRAINARD, CHARLES E.                    NY-54-23-477
BRANCH, LEVI                            NY-54-11-48
BRANT, JULIA A.                         NY-54-24-437
BRANT, NELSON                           NY-54-27-545
BRAVO, EMMA O.                          NY-54-27-497
BREES, HOSEA                            NY-54-4-349
BRIGGS, DAVID                           NY-54-11-359
BRIGGS, GALEN                           NY-54-11-443
BRIGGS, JAMES E.                        NY-54-20-73
BRIGGS, LUCY M.                         NY-54-19-389
BRIGGS, OLIVER C.                       NY-54-17-197
BRIGHAM, ALFRED                         NY-54-23-213
BRINK, ANNA                             NY-54-17-273
BRINK, DAVID                            NY-54-4-141
BRINK, JAMES                            NY-54-4-62
BRINK, JAMES                            NY-54-16-295
BRINK, NELSON                           NY-54-15-121
BRINK, NICHOLAS                         NY-54-2-56
BRINK, PAULINE L.                       NY-54-28-369
BROADHEAD, SAMUEL                       NY-54-3-109
BROCK, ETHEAL                           NY-54-28-449
BROCK, JULIA                            NY-54-27-309
BRONW, RICHARD                          NY-54-16-223
BROOK, EMELINE                          NY-54-15-301
BROOKE, CHARLES C.                      NY-54-27-225
BROOKS, ALEXANDER                       NY-54-14-379
BROOKS, CORNELIUS                       NY-54-24-509
BROOKS, DANIEL                          NY-54-23-285
BROOKS, JESSE                           NY-54-17-173
BROOKS, MARGARET                        NY-54-24-45
BROOKS, RHODA B.                        NY-54-27-65
BROOKS, ROBERT                          NY-54-23-557
BROOKS, SAMUEL D.                       NY-54-16-271
BROOKS, SOPHRONIA                       NY-54-19-465
BROUGHAM, MARY C.                       NY-54-24-397
BROUGHHAM, ANTHONY                      NY-54-17-33
BROWN, AARON W.                         NY-54-15-187
BROWN, ABRAHAM                          NY-54-4-237
BROWN, ALICE                            NY-54-24-133
BROWN, CHAMPLIN                         NY-54-28-221
BROWN, CHARLES                          NY-54-27-149
BROWN, CURRY                            NY-54-22-289
BROWN, DAVID L.                         NY-54-19-349
BROWN, E. MANNING                       NY-54-19-37
BROWN, ETHAN                            NY-54-13-19
BROWN, EZRA                             NY-54-24-477
BROWN, FRANCES C.                       NY-54-21-373
BROWN, FRANCIS                          NY-54-23-325
BROWN, GEORGE                           NY-54-25-93
BROWN, GEORGE W.                        NY-54-18-383
BROWN, JONATHAN                         NY-54-4-122
BROWN, MARY A.                          NY-54-14-295
BROWN, PETER                            NY-54-16-415
BROWN, PHILO J.                         NY-54-12-641
BROWN, SHUBAEL C.                       NY-54-24-581
BROWNELL, GIDEON SR.                    NY-54-8-74
BROWNELL, SARA A.                       NY-54-23-469
BRUNDAGE, EMMETT R.                     NY-54-17-509
BRUSTER, JOHN E.                        NY-54-21-425
BRUSTER, OLIVER M.                      NY-54-25-533
BRUSTER, PHEBE A.                       NY-54-28-185
BRUTUS, STEPHEN                         NY-54-11-186
BRWER, ORRIN                            NY-54-12-150
BUCHANAN, JOHN H.                       NY-54-12-604
BUCK, ALONZO D.                         NY-54-23-141
BUCK, CHARLES W.                        NY-54-28-573
BUCK, THOMAS                            NY-54-4-357
BUCKBEE, EZRA S.                        NY-54-18-68
BUDD, KATE E.                           NY-54-23-453
BUFFUM, ELLEN E.                        NY-54-27-357
BUFFUM, ESTHE RE.                       NY-54-16-91
BUFFUM, GEORGE W.                       NY-54-19-341
BUNNELL, JOHN                           NY-54-8-407, 414
BURCHARD, NELSON                        NY-54-28-89
BURCHARD, WILLIAM                       NY-54-19-573
BURGETT, ROBERT                         NY-54-24-65
BURLEIGH, MARIA                         NY-54-21-365
BURLINGTON, JOSEPH                      NY-54-28-445
BURR, WILLIAM J.                        NY-54-28-261
BURT, DAVID                             NY-54-4-231
BURT, GEORGE                            NY-54-23-245
BURTON, NATHANIEL T.                    NY-54-23-137
BURTON, OBADIAH                         NY-54-15-355
BUSH, LAURA S.                          NY-54-26-229
BUSHNELL, CALVIN                        NY-54-20-265
BUSHNELL, HENRY T.                      NY-54-17-461
BUSHNELL, PHILO                         NY-54-25-305
BUSHNELL, ZINA H.                       NY-54-24-549
BUTTOLPH, SIBBEL                        NY-54-28-477
BUTTS, CHARLES E.                       NY-54-23-425
BUTTS, HYATT B.                         NY-54-18-154
BUYCE, HENRY                            NY-54-15-367
CABLE, SARAH E.                         NY-54-27-265
CADY, EVA D.                            NY-54-22-393
CADY, GEORGE M.                         NY-54-13-292
CADY, MARGARET J.                       NY-54-27-9
CADY, SUSAN PLATT                       NY-54-27-45
CAFFERTY, ASA                           NY-54-23-293
CAFFERTY, WILLIAM                       NY-54-11-103
CAHILL, JOHN                            NY-54-22-377
CAHILL, SUSAN                           NY-54-11-191
CAIN, JAMES D.                          NY-54-28-301
CALDWELL, CORNELIA L.                   NY-54-27-405
CAMERON, LA RUE J.                      NY-54-24-301
CAMERON, ROBERT                         NY-54-18-420
CAMP, ADALINE                           NY-54-28-213
CAMP, ANSON                             NY-54-8-249
CAMP, ASA                               NY-54-11-304
CAMP, GEORGE SIDNEY                     NY-54-18-205
CAMP, LUCY A.                           NY-54-25-589
CAMPBELL, SARAH A.                      NY-54-17-225
CANFIELD, AMOS                          NY-54-18-296
CANFIELD, ENOS                          NY-54-4-101
CANTINE, HENRY                          NY-54-3-133
CAREY, AUGUSTUS T.                      NY-54-19-105
CARGILL, HEMAN                          NY-54-23-13
CARLSON, OTTO M.                        NY-54-26-97
CARMAN, ANDREW                          NY-54-16-265
CARNER, ORSON                           NY-54-13-283
CARPENTER, DANIEL                       NY-54-12-75
CARPENTER, ELIZA A.                     NY-54-24-125
CARPENTER, JESSE                        NY-54-3-97
CARPENTER, JESSE C.                     NY-54-27-113
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                       NY-54-4-248
CARPENTER, JOSEPH S.                    NY-54-14-283
CARPENTER, JOSHUA L.                    NY-54-19-405
CARPENTER, NOAH                         NY-54-2-99
CARPENTER, WILLIAM B.                   NY-54-13-229
CARROLL, JAMES C.                       NY-54-22-477
CARTER, ANDREW                          NY-54-19-441
CARTER, SARAH E.                        NY-54-27-125
CARTRIGHT, LEVI                         NY-54-15-157
CARTWRIGHT, ELIZA M.                    NY-54-27-69
CARTRIGHT, MAHLON A.                    NY-54-24-233
CARY, ARMINDA                           NY-54-14-391
CASADA, JOHN H.                         NY-54-4-337
CASE, JOHN                              NY-54-16-97
CASE, PETTER                            NY-54-25-149
CASE, PHILIP                            NY-54-3-103
CASE, ZENAS                             NY-54-17-477
CASEY, MARGARET                         NY-54-21-601
CASHADY, HORACE                         NY-54-28-405
CASS, IDDO                              NY-54-4-266
CASSADA, ROBERT                         NY-54-3-165
CASSEL, FREDERICK                       NY-54-4-313
CASTLINE, MOSES J.                      NY-54-25-253
CATLIN, CHRISTINA                       NY-54-28-329
CATLIN, EXPERIENCE                      NY-54-13-115
CATLIN, LEWIS                           NY-54-13-109
CATLIN, PHINEAS                         NY-54-4-181
CHADBORNE, MARY L.                      NY-54-25-277
CHAFFEE, GEORGE W.                      NY-54-17-433
CHAMBERLAIN, LEE N.                     NY-54-18-287
CHAMBERLAIN, LYDIA                      NY-54-24-485
CHANDLER, EMILY                         NY-54-24-313
CHAPMAN, AARON C.                       NY-54-25-381
CHAPMAN, EDGAR E.                       NY-54-24-569
CHAPMAN, GEORGE M.                      NY-54-24-281
CHAPMAN, LYMAN F.                       NY-54-23-45
CHAPPUIS, MARY                          NY-54-19-9
CHASE, GIDEON O.                        NY-54-19-585
CHATFIELD, THOMAS J.                    NY-54-19-501
CHILLSON, HOPE                          NY-54-25-397
CHITR, MARY A.                          NY-54-27-261
CHUBBUCK, JULIA A.                      NY-54-16-259
CHURCH, MARIETT                         NY-54-17-217
CLARK, ABRAM                            NY-54-22-325
CLARK, AUSTIN                           NY-54-17-241
CLARK, BENJAMIN B.                      NY-54-24-497
CLARK, CHARLES A.                       NY-54-24-409
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        NY-54-21-617
CLARK, EXPERIENCE B.                    NY-54-19-565
CLARK, GERSHOM                          NY-54-12-160
CLARK, GOODRICH L.                      NY-54-15-427
CLARK, HARRIET                          NY-54-19-273
CLARK, HOWARD                           NY-54-24-85
CLARK, JANETT                           NY-54-21-661
CLARK, JEREMIAH                         NY-54-24-369
CLARK, LORENA                           NY-54-25-437
CLARK, LUCY P.                          NY-54-21-609
CLARK, WILLIAM H.                       NY-54-23-209
CLARKE, HIRAM J.                        NY-54-22-309
CLARKE, JOHN                            NY-54-16-67
CLEARWATER, ARMINDA                     NY-54-22-429
CLEVELAND, CLINTON                      NY-54-19-557
CLIFT, ELMIRA H.                        NY-54-14-67
CLINTON, GUILIAN S.                     NY-54-23-521
CLINTON, HENRY W.                       NY-54-27-369
CLINTON, LYDIA B.                       NY-54-21-681
CLINTON, ROYAL W.                       NY-54-18-402
CLISLE, IRA                             NY-54-11-30
CLUME, JAMES                            NY-54-28-21
COBURN, ANDREW                          NY-54-20-361
COBURN, EBENEZER                        NY-54-20-157
COBURN, ELIZA                           NY-54-24-173
COE, JESSE W.                           NY-54-27-117
COFFIN, HARVEY                          NY-54-28-353
COHAN, JERRY                            NY-54-12-629
COHAN, SARAH E.                         NY-54-27-585
COLBORN, MARY D.                        NY-54-25-357
COLE, EDWARD                            NY-54-19-177
COLE, HORACE                            NY-54-28-153
COLE, MARY J.                           NY-54-24-257
COLEMAN, ELIZA JANE                     NY-54-23-561
COLEMAN, FRANCES BAIRD                  NY-54-24-389
COLEMAN, JOSHUA                         NY-54-27-213
COLEMAN, MORRIS                         NY-54-24-193
COLLIER, HANNAH                         NY-54-21-369
COLLIER, ISAAC                          NY-54-17-113
COLLINS, AMBROSE H.                     NY-54-22-513
COLLINS, CANDACE                        NY-54-17-53
COLLINS, EMALINE                        NY-54-24-57
COLLINS, MARGARET                       NY-54-23-197
COMFORT, JACOB                          NY-54-3-43
COMFORT, RICHARD                        NY-54-4-110
COMPTON, DAVID                          NY-54-2-92
COMSON, JOHN                            NY-54-11-414
CONANT, EMERY                           NY-54-23-65
CONKLIN, JONATHAN STODDARD              NY-54-4-90
CONKLIN, JOSEPH                         NY-54-17-9
CONLON, MARY                            NY-54-19-525
CONSIDINE, MICHAEL                      NY-54-21-157
COOK, ABRAM                             NY-54-4-381
COOK, ARVILLA                           NY-54-15-49
COOK, FREELOVE A.                       NY-54-14-403
COOK, HIRAM ***                         NY-54-8-327
COOK, JULIA E. L.                       NY-54-27-237
COOLEY, HANAH                           NY-54-4-92
COOLEY, HARVEY L.                       NY-54-22-437
COOLEY, JOHN                            NY-54-22-389
COOLEY, MARY E.                         NY-54-23-385
COONS, ABRAM                            NY-54-11-457
COONS, JOHNSON E.                       NY-54-28-309
COOPER, ANNA R.                         NY-54-19-17
CORBETT, JAMES                          NY-54-14-43
COREY, WILLIAM A.                       NY-54-24-557
CORNELL, MARTHA E.                      NY-54-23-581
CORNELL, SOPHIA S.                      NY-54-14-163
CORTRIGHT, CORNELIUS V.                 NY-54-8-171
CORTRIGHT, JAMES                        NY-54-26-19
CORTRIGHT, JAMES F.                     NY-54-21-353
CORTRIGHT, SAMUEL                       NY-54-26-79
CORTWRIGHT, DANIEL                      NY-54-4-275
CORYELL, EDWARD C.                      NY-54-14-301
CORYELL, EMANUEL                        NY-54-8-14
CORYELL, FRANCES                        NY-54-11-88
CORYELL, FRANCES                        NY-54-11-423
CORYELL, HENRY P.                       NY-54-17-429
CORYELL, LOUISE E.                      NY-54-21-549
CORYELL, VINCENT M.                     NY-54-20-175
CORYELL, VINCENT M.                     NY-54-24-489
COURSEN, THOMAS H.                      NY-54-21-169
COURSON, JOHN                           NY-54-11-414
COURTRIGHT, RICHARD                     NY-54-25-177
COURTRIGHT, SARAH M.                    NY-54-25-453
COVERT, JANE                            NY-54-23-493
COVERT, MARY ANN                        NY-54-19-561
COWELL, CHARLES                         NY-54-23-145
COWELL, JOSHUA                          NY-54-11-295
COWELL, TRUMAN                          NY-54-12-10
COWLES, JOHN HARVEY                     NY-54-27-361
COYKENDALL, BENJAMIN                    NY-54-11-172
COYLE, SARAH J.                         NY-54-26-145
COYLE, WILLIAM                          NY-54-28-217
CRAM, HOSEA                             NY-54-11-352
CRANCE, MARY                            NY-54-25-293
CRANDALL, PHEBE                         NY-54-24-285
CRAUS, EGBERT J.                        NY-54-24-269
CRINE, ADELIA B.                        NY-54-28-561
CRINE, STEPHEN D.                       NY-54-26-109
CROFUT, HULDAH                          NY-54-16-349
CRONK, WELTHY                           NY-54-21-165
CROSBY, JOHN                            NY-54-2-95
CROSS, JAMES O.                         NY-54-23-241
CROTSLEY, LEWIS M.                      NY-54-28-101
CRUM, MC DONOUGH                        NY-54-21-465
CUATT, ROZILLAH                         NY-54-25-141
CULLEN, NILES                           NY-54-24-69
CULVER, JULIA A.                        NY-54-19-237
CUMMINGS, JOHN S.                       NY-54-13-145
CUNNINGHAM, DANIEL                      NY-54-24-473
CURTIS, ALLEN                           NY-54-12-622
CURTIS, ANNA M.                         NY-54-28-141
CURTIS, GEORGE RODNEY                   NY-54-18-194
CURTIS, JOSEPHINE                       NY-54-27-241
CURTIS, POLLY C.                        NY-54-17-385
CURTIS, ROBERT                          NY-54-14-469
CURTISS, GIDEON                         NY-54-11-247
CUYLER, MARGARET EMILY                  NY-54-18-96
DAILEY, DANIEL                          NY-54-27-333
DAILY, JOHN                             NY-54-8-195
DAILY, PATTY                            NY-54-17-361
DALRYMPLE, HARRIET                      NY-54-28-133
DANA, ELEAZAR                           NY-54-11-140
DANIELS, EZEKIEL                        NY-54-13-265
DARLING, MOSES                          NY-54-12-136
DAVENPORT, ANN                          NY-54-19-29
DAVENPORT, ELIZABETH                    NY-54-19-609
DAVIDGE, EUNICE                         NY-54-26-325
DAVIDGE, JOHN                           NY-54-17-49
DAVIDSON, JOHN                          NY-54-27-337
DAVIS, BURR J.                          NY-54-25-121
DAVIS, NATHANIEL W.                     NY-54-13-211
DAVISON, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-54-15-379
DAVISON, MOSES W.                       NY-54-14-73
DAWSON, NELSON                          NY-54-22-257
DAY, ELIZABETH C.                       NY-54-28-229
DAY, ITHANEAR                           NY-54-25-221
DAY, THOMAS                             NY-54-14-19
DEAN, ANNA M.                           NY-54-26-391
DEAN, CALVIN B.                         NY-54-27-529
DEAN, EVELINE C.                        NY-54-14-253
DEAN, MARY                              NY-54-25-577
DEAN, RANSOM B.                         NY-54-18-302
DEAN, SAMUEL H.                         NY-54-17-393
DEAN, REUBEN                            NY-54-16-217
DEBOLDER, LAWRENCE                      NY-54-28-341
DECKER, ANSON                           NY-54-17-77
DECKER, ESTHER                          NY-54-19-165
DECKER, JOHN W.                         NY-54-24-553
DECKER, MARY                            NY-54-11-356
DECKER, MORGAN                          NY-54-27-577
DECKER, PETER E. N.                     NY-54-20-19
DECKER, SIMEON                          NY-54-11-426
DECKER, TUNIS                           NY-54-8-408
DEFOREST, CHARLES                       NY-54-27-109
DEGARAMO, JAMES                         NY-54-22-121
DEGROAT, MARGARET                       NY-54-27-317
DELANY, JEMIMA C.                       NY-54-17-101
DENISON, FANNY E.                       NY-54-22-537
DENMAN, MARY                            NY-54-13-375
DENN, ALFRED                            NY-54-19-215
DENN, ALFRED W.                         NY-54-21-589
DENN, ALMIRA                            NY-54-25-237
DENN, EDWIN                             NY-54-19-5
DENNIS, ALBERT                          NY-54-17-265
DENNIS, GEORGE                          NY-54-15-91
DENNIS, HARRIET                         NY-54-19-117
DENSMORE, HIRAM                         NY-54-16-193
DEUEL, DAVID D.                         NY-54-14-445
DEUEL, GEORGE W.                        NY-54-12-617
DEVELLE, JEFFERSON C.                   NY-54-25-429
DEVINE, JAMES                           NY-54-19-89
DEWITT, ULYSSESS W.                     NY-54-27-365
DEXTER, FRANCIS B.                      NY-54-19-381
DEXTER, STEPHEN                         NY-54-14-361
DICKINSON, RUAH E.                      NY-54-27-305
DICKSON, GEORG EM.                      NY-54-18-202
DICKSON, JANE                           NY-54-21-393
DINGMAN, DINATHA                        NY-54-25-13
DOANE, SARAH                            NY-54-22-321
DODGE, ALVIN                            NY-54-21-565
DODGE, CLARISSA                         NY-54-24-345
DODGE, JOEL                             NY-54-13-25
DOHS, DANIEL                            NY-54-27-193
DOLAN, JOHN                             NY-54-15-439
DOLLASON, FRANCES H.                    NY-54-22-193
DOLSTON, TUNIS                          NY-54-2-19
DONAHUE, ANN                            NY-54-24-317
DONAHUE, JOHN P.                        NY-54-25-489
DONNELLY, JOHANNA                       NY-54-28-409
DOOLEY, JAMES                           NY-54-17-349
DOOLITTLE, ELLEN E.                     NY-54-22-433
DOOLITTLE, WILLIAM                      NY-54-23-337
DORN, J. ENSIGN                         NY-54-21-689
DOTY, ALMEDA                            NY-54-21-209
DOUD, AUGUSTUS                          NY-54-21-277
DOUGHERTY, MARY L.                      NY-54-24-21
DOUGLASS, GEORGE                        NY-54-11-344
DOWNING, STOUGHTON S.                   NY-54-26-181
DRAKE, BETSEY P.                        NY-54-28-129
DRAKE, ELI B.                           NY-54-26-193
DRAKE, JAMES                            NY-54-16-181
DRAKE, JEDEDIAH C.                      NY-54-12-558
DRAKE, JOHN R.                          NY-54-12-209
DRAKE, NOBLE                            NY-54-16-325
DRAKE, SARAH J.                         NY-54-26-127
DRANE, PHEBE                            NY-54-18-158
DRAPER, IRA                             NY-54-12-254
DRISCOLL, MICHAEL                       NY-54-18-28
DUBOIS, EZEKIEL                         NY-54-13-387
DUBOIS, GEORGE W.                       NY-54-11-341
DUFF, ANDREW                            NY-54-22-293
DUFF, THOMAS                            NY-54-28-1
DUGAN, HUGH                             NY-54-19-353
DUNCAN, GEORGE W.                       NY-54-14-1
DUNHAM, DAILY                           NY-54-19-269
DUNHAM, EBENEZER                        NY-54-23-85
DUNHAM, FANNY                           NY-54-17-489
DUNHAM, HENRY                           NY-54-11-421
DUNHAM, ISAAC                           NY-54-28-65
DUNHAM, MARY A.                         NY-54-23-565
DUNHAM, MARY E.                         NY-54-22-529
DUNHAM, NORMAN C.                       NY-54-19-97
DUNHAM, PHEBE                           NY-54-22-301
DUNHAM, SAMUEL                          NY-54-23-33
DUNHAM, WRIGHT                          NY-54-13-169
DUNN, JESSIE F.                         NY-54-22-349
DUNNING, JULIA C.                       NY-54-21-389
DUNNING, JULIA HORTON                   NY-54-15-487
DURFEE, HANNAH B.                       NY-54-17-165
DURKEE, CHARLES R.                      NY-54-28-501
DURKEE, LINDA                           NY-54-17-89
DURPHY, LYMAN D.                        NY-54-23-537
DURUSSEL, LOUIS F.                      NY-54-21-305
DURYEA, VIRGIL                          NY-54-12-89
DWIGHT, WALTON                          NY-54-12-474
DYE, ELIZA                              NY-54-16-127
EARSLEY, ELIZABETH P.                   NY-54-19-169
EASTHAM, NATHAN                         NY-54-23-461
EBERT, JOHN                             NY-54-18-277
ECCLESTON, ANSEL S.                     NY-54-25-345
ECKERT, ALEXANDER B.                    NY-54-19-21
ECKLER, PHILO                           NY-54-28-109
EDGCOMB, ARLETTE                        NY-54-27-449
EDGCOMB, LEROY                          NY-54-25-473
EDGCOMB, LUCINDA                        NY-54-23-445
EDSALL, HARRIET L.                      NY-54-21-665
EDSALL, JOHN R.                         NY-54-17-401
EDWARDS, ALBERTUS                       NY-54-21-629
EDWARDS, PHILO P.                       NY-54-16-361
EICHENBERG, JENNIE                      NY-54-27-517
ELLAS, SALLY P.                         NY-54-18-84
ELLIOTT, SARAH W.                       NY-54-15-409
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM B.                     NY-54-24-441
ELLIS, GEORGE                           NY-54-21-517
ELLIS, IRA D.                           NY-54-24-209
ELLIS, JOHN                             NY-54-25-81
ELLIS, SELA                             NY-54-23-93
ELLIS, WILLIAM T.                       NY-54-23-37
ELLSWORTH, AURELIA                      NY-54-23-589
ELLSWORTH, FRANCIS H.                   NY-54-17-381
ELMER, HOWARD                           NY-54-22-501
ELWELL, CATHERINE                       NY-54-28-265
ELWELL, MORRIS                          NY-54-24-333
ELWELL, WILLIAM                         NY-54-21-649
ELY, OLIVER                             NY-54-13-85
EMBODY, ABRAM                           NY-54-24-117
EMENS, JOHN                             NY-54-4-396
EMERSON, CHARITY                        NY-54-24-73
EMERSON, FRANK                          NY-54-25-433
EMERSON, JAMES                          NY-54-11-154
EMERSON, WILLIAM                        NY-54-25-369
EMMONS, L. EDWARD                       NY-54-25-501
ENNIS, EMANUEL                          NY-54-4-262
ESTIP, LOVINA                           NY-54-26-379
EVANS, ABBEY                            NY-54-15-145
EVANS, ANN                              NY-54-17-313
EVANS, CYRUS                            NY-54-20-277
EVANS, ERASTUS                          NY-54-17-153
EVANS, M. MANDANE                       NY-54-27-393
EVANS, MAGDALANAH                       NY-54-4-43
EVANS, MARY H.                          NY-54-28-533
EVANS, SARAH                            NY-54-22-305
EVANS, STEPHEN C.                       NY-54-27-569
EVELIEN, ESTELLA R.                     NY-54-25-521
EVELIEN, JOHN                           NY-54-25-405
EVELIN, SAMUEL                          NY-54-19-77
EVERITT, SARAH                          NY-54-13-381
EVLIEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-54-14-49
FAIRCHILD, DANIEL                       NY-54-12-336
FAIRCHILD, JANETT                       NY-54-21-249
FARNHAM, ENOS S.                        NY-54-23-117
FARNHAM, FREDERICK A.                   NY-54-20-103
FAY, CAROLINE R.                        NY-54-16-31
FAY, CELIA A.                           NY-54-18-473
FAY, FRANCES DELPHINE                   NY-54-24-541
FAY, FREDERICK J.                       NY-54-18-477
FELLOWS, EDWARD                         NY-54-17-421
FENDERSON, ELETHEARE                    NY-54-20-349
FERGUSON, JOHN C.                       NY-54-13-357
FERNAND, JOHN                           NY-54-11-180
FERRIS, DANIEL                          NY-54-14-433
FERRIS, JOHN                            NY-54-24-401
FERRIS, RICHARD                         NY-54-11-218
FERRIS, ROXY                            NY-54-13-223
FERRIS, SARAH A.                        NY-54-28-237
FESSENDEN, NELSON                       NY-54-22-109
FIELD, JOHN                             NY-54-8-413, 421
FIELD, NOAH                             NY-54-21-557
FINCH, BETSEY                           NY-54-25-329
FINCH, CHARLES                          NY-54-28-81
FINCH, EMILY                            NY-54-25-101
FINCH, JEHIAL S.                        NY-54-24-253
FITCH, ELIZABETH GILLETE                NY-54-27-145
FITCH, RHODA M.                         NY-54-12-179
FIVAZ, FANNY                            NY-54-19-45
FIVAZ, JULES                            NY-54-22-97
FIVAZ, MARC                             NY-54-14-367
FLAMER, JULIA A.                        NY-54-28-485
FLEMING, MARIA                          NY-54-27-553
FLOYD, ISABELLA                         NY-54-25-289
FLOYD, THOMAS                           NY-54-4-187
FOLLETT, SLUMAN                         NY-54-19-477
FOOTE, HOBART J.                        NY-54-17-309
FOOTE, JARED                            NY-54-14-91
FOOTE, MARY F.                          NY-54-27-185
FORD, CHARLES B.                        NY-54-15-139
FORD, EDGA A.                           NY-54-23-153
FORD, GEORGE D.                         NY-54-26-223
FORD, ICHABOD                           NY-54-11-236
FORESYTH, HENRY                         NY-54-22-49
FORMAN, EDMUND M.                       NY-54-25-281
FORMAN, MILES                           NY-54-8-286
FORSYTH, ELDRIDGE                       NY-54-22-13
FORSYTH, MARIA D.                       NY-54-17-125
FORSYTH, WEALTHY L.                     NY-54-14-319
FORSYTHE, HENRY E.                      NY-54-23-193
FOSTER, DANIEL R.                       NY-54-19-241
FOSTER, FANNY                           NY-54-12-225
FOWLER, MARY                            NY-54-12-289
FOX, CATHERINE                          NY-54-28-505
FOX, CHARLES                            NY-54-24-213
FOX, ELIZABETH                          NY-54-24-17
FOX, GEORGE                             NY-54-15-223
FOX, LODOSKY                            NY-54-28-85
FOX, OLIVA                              NY-54-22-5
FRALICK, ABRAM                          NY-54-21-513
FRAWLEY, MICHAEL                        NY-54-16-379
FREAR, HANNAH                           NY-54-21-113
FREAR, JOHN                             NY-54-14-13
FREAR, MELISSA C.                       NY-54-23-585
FREELAND, J. LYMAN                      NY-54-23-289
FREEMAN, ALONZO                         NY-54-11-244
FRELINGHUYSEN, HARRIET A.               NY-54-14-229
FRENCH, CHARLES                         NY-54-27-413
FRENCH, ISAAC                           NY-54-11-433
FRISBIE, LUCINDA                        NY-54-28-173
FRISBIE, SARAH E.                       NY-54-28-541
FRITCHER, ELSA M.                       NY-54-23-61
FROST, JOHN D.                          NY-54-25-309
FULCHER, JAMES                          NY-54-19-81
FULLER, CLARISSA                        NY-54-17-481
FULLER, ROBERT                          NY-54-19-293
FURMAN, HORACE                          NY-54-27-537

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