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MARSH, FRED H.                          NH-1-22-440
MARSH, JEMIMA M.                        NH-1-16-148
MARSH, SARAH A.                         NH-1-22-282
MARSHALL, ANDREW                        NH-1-16-405
MARSTON, EMERSON S.                     NH-1-20-174
MARSTON, HAZEN                          NH-1-22-406
MARSTON, JAMES M.                       NH-1-20-252
MARSTON, JEREMIAH L.                    NH-1-8-468
MARSTON, JOSEPH D.                      NH-1-14-136
MARSTON, MARY F.                        NH-1-16-297
MARTIN, WILLIAM S.                      NH-1-14-13
MASON, BENJAMIN                         NH-1-2-147
MASON, DAVID B.                         NH-1-16-213
MASON, JOHN C.                          NH-1-22-144
MASON, JOSEPH                           NH-1-22-124
MASON, OLIVE A.                         NH-1-22-210
MASON, WILLIAM B.                       NH-1-22-249
MATHEWS, LYDIA J.                       NH-1-20-436
MAXFIELD, ADELIA G.                     NH-1-22-530
MAXFIELD, MARY J.                       NH-1-22-190
MCAWLY, MARGARET                        NH-1-20-97
MCCARTNEY, JOHN                         NH-1-14-58
MCDUFFEE, HENRY J.                      NH-1-22-359
MCDUFFEE, SALLY F.                      NH-1-14-182
MCINTIRE, HENRY H.                      NH-1-22-351
MCKEAN, WALTER L.                       NH-1-22-340
MCKENDRICK, SUSAN                       NH-1-22-314
MCLEOD, ISADORA                         NH-1-22-220
MEAD, HANNAH J.                         NH-1-16-145
MEAD, JOSEPH R.                         NH-1-8-233
MEAD, STEPHEN W.                        NH-1-16-202
MEAD, WILLIAM                           NH-1-14-391
MEAD, WILLIAM P.                        NH-1-20-524
MEEKER, MARY                            NH-1-22-568
MELCHER, WOODBURY                       NH-1-14-445
MELVIN, ABRAM S.                        NH-1-16-25
MELVIN, NANCY                           NH-1-14-357
MERRILL, ANNA P.                        NH-1-20-43
MERRILL, BENJAMIN                       NH-1-3-528
MERRILL, CALEB                          NH-1-8-258
MERRILL, ENOCH                          NH-1-14-365
MERRILL, ISAAC                          NH-1-14-433
MERRILL, JACOB L.                       NH-1-20-470
MERRILL, JOHN                           NH-1-8-393
MERRILL, JOSEPH W.                      NH-1-22-238
MERRILL, LUCY K.                        NH-1-20-198
MERRILL, MAHALA                         NH-1-14-437
MERRILL, MARGARET O.                    NH-1-22-119
MERRILL, MYRON M.                       NH-1-22-77
MERRILL, PAUL                           NH-1-3-25
MERRILL, WINTHROP                       NH-1-14-67
MESERVEY, LOANNA S.                     NH-1-16-227
MILLER, JOHN P.                         NH-1-22-178
MILLS, BETSEY                           NH-1-22-311
MITCHELL, CALISTA J.                    NH-1-22-482
MITCHELL, ROBERT                        NH-1-8-437
MOODY, BETSEY W.                        NH-1-20-348
MOODY, JOHN                             NH-1-14-192
MOODY, SARAH G.                         NH-1-8-552
MOODY, STEPHEN                          NH-1-1-218
MOON, LYDIA                             NH-1-8-341
MOONEY, CAROLINE                        NH-1-20-522
MOONEY, IRA                             NH-1-20-486
MOONEY, JOHN                            NH-1-14-239
MOONEY, JOHN H.                         NH-1-14-9
MOONEY, JOSEPH                          NH-1-14-293
MOORE, DANIEL                           NH-1-16-203
MOORE, DAVID F.                         NH-1-22-24
MOORE, JOHN A.                          NH-1-14-208
MOORE, JONATHAN                         NH-1-2-477
MOORE, JONATHAN                         NH-1-8-155
MORGAN, BENJAMIN                        NH-1-3-508
MORGAN, JEREMIAH                        NH-1-8-169
MORGAN, JOHN S.                         NH-1-3-536
MORGAN, JOHN T.                         NH-1-2-48
MORRILL, BARNARD                        NH-1-3-525
MORRILL, BENJAMIN                       NH-1-14-335
MORRILL, EUNICE B.                      NH-1-8-506
MORRILL, ISAIAH C.                      NH-1-22-308
MORRILL, JOHN D.                        NH-1-16-326
MORRILL, JONATHAN                       NH-1-22-366
MORRILL, JOSEPH                         NH-1-2-253
MORRILL, JOSEPH                         NH-1-14-210
MORRILL, LUCY P.                        NH-1-16-332
MORRILL, NATHANIEL                      NH-1-1-435
MORRILL, RUFUS G.                       NH-1-20-328
MORRILL, WILLIAM                        NH-1-22-30
MORRIS, MICHAEL                         NH-1-22-402
MORRISON, ABRAHAM L.                    NH-1-14-351
MORRISON, ABRAHAM L.                    NH-1-22-338
MORRISON, BRADBURY                      NH-1-16-357
MORRISON, CHARLOTTE M.                  NH-1-22-367
MORRISON, DAVID                         NH-1-8-112
MORRISON, JOHN                          NH-1-16-411
MORRISON, MARY                          NH-1-16-186
MORRISON, MARY                          NH-1-14-265
MORRISON, SALLY                         NH-1-20-66
MORRISON, URIAH                         NH-1-22-223
MORRISON, WILLIAM L. C.                 NH-1-16-237
MORRISON, WILLIAM R.                    NH-1-2-254
MORRRIL, DANIEL                         NH-1-20-7
MORSE, ABNER                            NH-1-26-170
MORSE, SARAH                            NH-1-16-397
MORSE, STEPHEN                          NH-1-3-389
MOSES, SARAH F.                         NH-1-22-166
MOULTON, CALEB                          NH-1-22-162
MOULTON, DAVID                          NH-1-20-121
MOULTON, EDWIN                          NH-1-22-357
MOULTON, ENOCH                          NH-1-14-401
MOULTON, JOHN C.                        NH-1-22-520
MOULTON, JOHN H.                        NH-1-20-150
MOULTON, SARAH A.                       NH-1-22-516
MOULTON, SUSAN S.                       NH-1-22-92
MOULTON, THOMAS J.                      NH-1-20-155
MOULTON, WILLIAM P.                     NH-1-22-332
MUDGETT, ALBERT                         NH-1-14-29
MUDGETT, BENJAMIN                       NH-1-2-397
MUDGETT, BENJAMIN                       NH-1-2-471
MUDGETT, EDWARD S.                      NH-1-22-107
MUDGETT, JAMES H.                       NH-1-22-333
MUDGETT, JOHN                           NH-1-14-353
MUDGETT, JOSEPH                         NH-1-2-169
MUDGETT, LEVI                           NH-1-14-381
MUDGETT, SALLY                          NH-1-16-251
MUDGETT, SAMUEL                         NH-1-16-179
MUNSEY, AMOS P.                         NH-1-22-108
MUNSEY, CHARLES W.                      NH-1-22-203
MUNSEY, DAVID H.                        NH-1-22-566
MUNSEY, EBENEZER                        NH-1-3-507
MUNSEY, GEORGE F.                       NH-1-14-18
MUNSEY, GEORGE W.                       NH-1-22-458
MUNSEY, JANE                            NH-1-8-236
MUNSEY, OLIVE                           NH-1-8-214
MURPHY, JOHN                            NH-1-20-56
MURPHY, MARY M.                         NH-1-22-514
NASH, JOHN                              NH-1-14-255
NASON, THOMAS D.                        NH-1-3-388
NEAL, JOHN                              NH-1-14-59
NEAL, JOSEPH                            NH-1-3-577
NEAL, JOSEPH                            NH-1-3-301
NEAL, LOIS M.                           NH-1-16-89
NEAL, RICHARD                           NH-1-14-451
NEAL, SMITH                             NH-1-22-8
NEAL, WILLIAM                           NH-1-22-318
NEALLY, ANDREW                          NH-1-14-295
NEALLY, ELIZABETH R.                    NH-1-22-25
NEALLY, JOHN                            NH-1-20-123
NELSON, DUDLEY                          NH-1-3-552
NELSON, ELIZABETH P.                    NH-1-20-11
NELSON, HANNAH                          NH-1-8-243
NELSON, HENRY N.                        NH-1-20-90
NELSON, JOHN                            NH-1-8-92
NELSON, JOHN F.                         NH-1-14-367
NELSON, MARTHA F.                       NH-1-14-493
NELSON, MARY F.                         NH-1-16-457
NELSON, STEPHEN S.                      NH-1-20-237
NEWELL, BETSEY                          NH-1-3-514
NEWELL, WILLIAM H.                      NH-1-22-320
NICHOLS, JOHN                           NH-1-22-504
NICHOLS, PARKER P.                      NH-1-20-304
NICHOLS, ROBERT M.                      NH-1-16-262
NORRIS, DANIEL                          NH-1-3-428
NORRIS, DAVID                           NH-1-2-487
NORRIS, HANNAH                          NH-1-14-259
NORRIS, JONATHAN P.                     NH-1-16-95
NORRIS, JOSEPH                          NH-1-3-1
NORRIS, JOSHUA                          NH-1-3-523
NORRIS, JOSIAH                          NH-1-16-4
NORRIS, MEHITABLE                       NH-1-16-263
NORRIS, NATHANIEL                       NH-1-14-189
NORRIS, SARAH B.                        NH-1-20-472
NOYES, ELLA M.                          NH-1-20-94
NUTE, BETSEY                            NH-1-16-296
NUTE, LEONARD S.                        NH-1-20-504
NUTE, SAMUEL                            NH-1-8-535
NUTE, SARAH                             NH-1-14-285
NUTTER, DOROTHY                         NH-1-16-255
NUTTER, EBENEZER                        NH-1-1-352
NUTTER, ELEANOR P.                      NH-1-16-68
NUTTER, ELIPHALET                       NH-1-8-64
NUTTER, EZRA S.                         NH-1-8-499
NUTTER, JAMES                           NH-1-14-128
NUTTER, JETHRO                          NH-1-3-529
NUTTER, JOHN                            NH-1-20-53
NUTTER, JOHN L.                         NH-1-20-482
NUTTER, JOSEPH P. JR.                   NH-1-1-454
NUTTER, LOVEY                           NH-1-8-441
NUTTER, NATHANIEL                       NH-1-3-81
NUTTER, SOPHRONIA                       NH-1-22-38
NUTTER, WILLIAM                         NH-1-14-349
NUTTER, WILLIAM JR.                     NH-1-14-397
OAKES, SUSAN A.                         NH-1-22-170
ODELL, ABBIE                            NH-1-22-298
ODELL, EBENEZER F.                      NH-1-16-226
ODELL, HANNAH                           NH-1-16-107
OLOUGHLIN, MARTIN                       NH-1-22-149
OSBORN, JAMES P.                        NH-1-22-576
OSBORN, JOHN S.                         NH-1-22-365
OSGOOD, DANIEL                          NH-1-8-144
OSGOOD, EBENEZER                        NH-1-20-222
OSGOOD, ELIZA C.                        NH-1-22-242
OSGOOD, GREENLEAF                       NH-1-16-375
OSGOOD, JOSEPH E.                       NH-1-22-161
OSGOOD, JOSIAH                          NH-1-20-336
OSGOOD, LEAH                            NH-1-2-73
OSGOOD, LYDIA                           NH-1-16-395
OSGOOD, POLLY                           NH-1-20-110
OSGOOD, SAMUEL                          NH-1-20-148
OSGOOD, THERINA                         NH-1-20-215
OSHEA, MARY                             NH-1-22-246
PAGE, ABIGAIL                           NH-1-14-92
PAGE, ANDEW                             NH-1-2-396
PAGE, ANDREW                            NH-1-16-367
PAGE, ANNA                              NH-1-8-80
PAGE, ASA                               NH-1-22-195
PAGE, BENJAMIN                          NH-1-14-90
PAGE, DOLLY R.                          NH-1-3-469
PAGE, EBENEZER                          NH-1-8-85
PAGE, EMILY A.                          NH-1-16-389
PAGE, HANNAH                            NH-1-14-25
PAGE, HANNAH S.                         NH-1-22-163
PAGE, HENRY                             NH-1-3-443
PAGE, JABEZ                             NH-1-3-378
PAGE, JOHN                              NH-1-3-412
PAGE, JOHN                              NH-1-16-353
PAGE, JOHN C.                           NH-1-16-206
PAGE, MARY                              NH-1-14-73
PAGE, MARY                              NH-1-2-660
PAGE, MOSES                             NH-1-8-20
PAGE, MOSES                             NH-1-14-311
PAGE, MOSES                             NH-1-8-405
PAGE, MOSES P.                          NH-1-20-332
PAGE, OLIVER M.                         NH-1-3-581
PAGE, PEGGY                             NH-1-16-439
PAGE, REBECCA M.                        NH-1-22-494
PAGE, REUBEN                            NH-1-20-180
PAGE, REUBEN W.                         NH-1-22-484
PAGE, SAMUEL                            NH-1-3-254
PAGE, SARAH                             NH-1-22-66
PAGE, SARAH A.                          NH-1-22-594
PAINE, CHARLES L.                       NH-1-20-338
PALMER, JOHN                            NH-1-8-422
PALMER, RANSOM C.                       NH-1-20-62
PARISH, RUFUS                           NH-1-3-485
PARKER, CHARLES W.                      NH-1-14-82
PARSLEY, DANIEL                         NH-1-20-264
PARSONS, ABRAHAM                        NH-1-3-398
PARSONS, HANNAH                         NH-1-1-142
PARSONS, JAMES B.                       NH-1-3-315
PARSONS, RACHEL                         NH-1-8-321
PARTRIDGE, JOHN H.                      NH-1-22-550
PATTERSON, GEORGE                       NH-1-16-489
PAYNE, WILLIAM                          NH-1-20-428
PEABODY, NOAH                           NH-1-16-126
PEABODY, SEMVLIN B.                     NH-1-22-79
PEARSON, ELIZABETH T.                   NH-1-22-39
PEARSON, HENRY M.                       NH-1-8-231
PEARSON, JOHN C.                        NH-1-22-156
PEARSON, JONATHAN                       NH-1-2-355
PEARSON, MARY                           NH-1-8-42
PEASE, JOHN S.                          NH-1-16-101
PEASE, JOSEPH                           NH-1-8-550
PEASE, NOAH                             NH-1-14-249
PEASE, SIMEON                           NH-1-1-380
PEASE, SIMEON D.                        NH-1-20-344
PEASLEE, HANNAH                         NH-1-14-383
PEASLEE, HENRY W.                       NH-1-20-206
PEASLEE, WILLIAM                        NH-1-3-353
PEAVEY, JAMES B.                        NH-1-3-395
PENDERGAST, JOSEPH                      NH-1-8-391
PENDERGAST, THOMAS                      NH-1-8-515
PERKINS, ANDREW H.                      NH-1-22-330
PERKINS, BENJAMIN                       NH-1-2-590
PERKINS, BENJAMIN                       NH-1-8-495
PERKINS, BETSEY                         NH-1-20-10
PERKINS, JOHN                           NH-1-22-301
PERKINS, JOHN S.                        NH-1-22-303
PERKINS, JONATHAN                       NH-1-1-487
PERKINS, JOSIAH                         NH-1-20-84
PERKINS, JOSIAH                         NH-1-3-390
PERKINS, LOIS                           NH-1-3-439
PERKINS, MARYETT                        NH-1-22-378
PERKINS, PHILBRICK                      NH-1-14-233
PERKINS, RUTH                           NH-1-26-5
PERKINS, SALLY                          NH-1-16-84
PERKINS, THOMAS                         NH-1-14-337
PERKINS, THOMAS P.                      NH-1-22-81
PERKINS, WILLIAM H.                     NH-1-14-33
PERKINS, Z. C.                          NH-1-22-91
PERLEY, DORA P.                         NH-1-22-388
PERLEY, DORATHY                         NH-1-14-237
PERLEY, JOSEPH                          NH-1-14-463
PERLEY, SARAH W.                        NH-1-16-267
PERLEY, STEPHEN                         NH-1-8-51
PERRY, ALFRED V.                        NH-1-14-132
PERRY, IRENE C.                         NH-1-16-11
PETTINGILL, FRANK B.                    NH-1-14-115
PHELPS, MARY E.                         NH-1-14-99
PHILBRICK, CHARLOTTE                    NH-1-20-79
PHILBRICK, ELIAS                        NH-1-14-26
PHILBRICK, JACOB B.                     NH-1-14-110
PHILBRICK, JOSIAH H.                    NH-1-22-544
PHILBRICK, NANCY                        NH-1-16-475
PHILBROOK, AVID                         NH-1-2-500
PHILBROOK, BETSEY                       NH-1-16-87
PHILBROOK, JOHN                         NH-1-16-210
PHILBROOK, JOSIAH                       NH-1-14-123
PHILBROOK, MERRIAM                      NH-1-14-10
PHILBROOK, SOPHIA M.                    NH-1-22-4
PHILLIPS, JOSEPHINE B.                  NH-1-22-7
PHILLIPS, MARY S.                       NH-1-22-324
PICKERING, ANDREW                       NH-1-22-174
PICKERING, CALEB S.                     NH-1-22-266
PICKERING, DANIEL                       NH-1-3-138
PICKERING, DANIEL N.                    NH-1-13-67
PICKERING, ELIZA                        NH-1-16-437
PICKERING, JOSEPH                       NH-1-14-253
PICKERING, LEVI                         NH-1-14-217
PICKERING, NATHANIEL                    NH-1-8-149
PICKERING, SAMUEL                       NH-1-14-146
PIERCE, POLLY G.                        NH-1-8-383
PIERCE, REBECCA H.                      NH-1-2-499
PIKE, EZEKIEL                           NH-1-20-72
PIPER, CHRISTOPHER S.                   NH-1-3-550
PIPER, HANNAH                           NH-1-3-252
PIPER, HANNAH                           NH-1-20-106
PIPER, HANNAH F.                        NH-1-8-312
PIPER, JOSIAH                           NH-1-20-124
PIPER, MARGARET B.                      NH-1-16-185
PIPER, MATILDA                          NH-1-22-189
PIPER, MOSES P.                         NH-1-14-30
PIPER, NATHAN                           NH-1-2-44
PIPER, NATHANIEL                        NH-1-14-199
PIPER, SALLY                            NH-1-8-464
PIPER, SARAH                            NH-1-22-28
PIPER, SARAH H.                         NH-1-16-183
PITMAN, ABIGAIL                         NH-1-22-2
PITMAN, CHARLOTTE A.                    NH-1-20-93
PITMAN, DOROTHY P.                      NH-1-22-196
PITMAN, EBEN                            NH-1-3-298
PITMAN, GEORGE T.                       NH-1-22-292
PITMAN, JOSEPH P.                       NH-1-20-288
PITMAN, JOSHUA                          NH-1-3-347
PLACE, JOSEPH                           NH-1-16-49
PLACE, JOSHUA                           NH-1-8-126
PLAISTED, SALLY                         NH-1-14-301
PLUMER, FREEMAN B.                      NH-1-14-83
PLUMER, LUCINDA                         NH-1-20-330
PLUMER, POLLY                           NH-1-14-60
PLUMER, RICHARD                         NH-1-8-418
PLUMER, SALLY                           NH-1-14-289
PLUMMER, HANNAH C.                      NH-1-22-293
PLUMMER, LANE                           NH-1-20-57
PLUMMER, MARY                           NH-1-20-19
PLUMMER, MOSES G.                       NH-1-20-188
PLUMMER, SARAH J.                       NH-1-3-450
PLUMMER, THOMAS                         NH-1-14-27
POLLARD, HANNAH P.                      NH-1-22-574
POTTER, DANIEL S.                       NH-1-8-461
POTTER, DAVID S.                        NH-1-16-88
POTTER, ELEANOR                         NH-1-8-497
POTTER, ELIZA L.                        NH-1-14-186
POTTER, ESTHER H.                       NH-1-20-520
POTTER, GEORGE H.                       NH-1-14-409
POTTER, JOSEPH                          NH-1-8-524
POTTER, SAMUEL                          NH-1-16-281
POTTER, THOMAS                          NH-1-20-216
PRESCOTT, ASA                           NH-1-8-462
PRESCOTT, JEREMIAH                      NH-1-8-388
PRESCOTT, JOHN O.                       NH-1-16-249
PRESCOTT, JONATHAN                      NH-1-16-507
PRESCOTT, LEWIS A.                      NH-1-16-449
PRESCOTT, PATIENCE                      NH-1-22-50
PRESCOTT, RACHEL                        NH-1-8-157
PRESCOTT, RUFUS                         NH-1-1-356
PRESCOTT, SARAH W.                      NH-1-20-142
PRESCOTT, SOLOMON D.                    NH-1-3-456
PRESTON, CHESTER                        NH-1-20-139
PRESTON, JUDITH                         NH-1-22-187
PRESTON, MARY                           NH-1-2-495
PRESTON, STEPHEN S.                     NH-1-2-68
PROCTOR, JOHN D.                        NH-1-20-310
PROCTOR, SAMUEL B.                      NH-1-3-414
PROCTOR, SELINA                         NH-1-20-225
PROCTOR, THOMAS                         NH-1-8-146
PULSIFER, ARIANNAH H.                   NH-1-20-63
PULSIFER, JOSHUA B.                     NH-1-16-39
QUIMBY, BENJAMIN B.                     NH-1-20-135
RAMSEY, JAMES                           NH-1-8-269
RAMSEY, SUSAN M.                        NH-1-22-334
RAND, HANNAH                            NH-1-1-507
RAND, MOSES H.                          NH-1-20-350
RANDALL, BURNELL R.                     NH-1-20-474
RANDALL, LYDIA                          NH-1-20-322
RANDALL, SAMUEL H.                      NH-1-14-461
RANDLET, RUTH                           NH-1-20-89
RANDLETT, JOHN JR.                      NH-1-3-522
RANDLETT, MOLLY                         NH-1-3-423
RANDLETT, OSGOOD                        NH-1-22-283
RANDLETT, WILLARD G.                    NH-1-22-141
RANLET, CHARLES A.                      NH-1-20-122
REEVES, FRANK W.                        NH-1-20-141
REYNOLDS, CHARLES H.                    NH-1-22-316
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        NH-1-22-182
RICKER, ROBBINS, ASA                    NH-1-14-74
ROBERTS, JOSEPH                         NH-1-14-75
ROBERTS, LOVEY                          NH-1-14-148
ROBERTS, RICHARD                        NH-1-14-313
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         NH-1-22-9
ROBERTS, WARREN                         NH-1-3-346
ROBIE, ANNA                             NH-1-2-60
ROBINSON, AARON                         NH-1-8-237
ROBINSON, BRADBURY                      NH-1-14-219
ROBINSON, CALVIN                        NH-1-14-196
ROBINSON, CHASE                         NH-1-16-485
ROBINSON, DANIEL                        NH-1-14-162
ROBINSON, EZEKIEL                       NH-1-8-543
ROBINSON, FINLEY W.                     NH-1-20-42
ROBINSON, GEORGE W.                     NH-1-20-514
ROBINSON, JOHN L.                       NH-1-22-379
ROBINSON, JOSEPH W.                     NH-1-20-183
ROBINSON, JOSHUA B.                     NH-1-20-80
ROBINSON, JOSIAH S.                     NH-1-8-470
ROBINSON, JUDITH                        NH-1-8-458
ROBINSON, LOUISA                        NH-1-16-160
ROBINSON, MARY C.                       NH-1-8-190
ROBINSON, NATHANIEL                     NH-1-8-191
ROBINSON, SALLY                         NH-1-16-6
ROBINSON, THOMAS J.                     NH-1-20-380
ROBINSON, THOMAS S.                     NH-1-16-236
ROGERS, JEMIMA A.                       NH-1-22-201
ROGERS, JOHN S.                         NH-1-16-146
ROGERS, LUCY                            NH-1-3-498
ROGERS, RICHARD                         NH-1-8-526
ROGERS, SOPHIA T.                       NH-1-22-355
ROGES, ABBY                             NH-1-20-462
ROGES, AUGUSTUS                         NH-1-22-197
ROHAN, JAMES                            NH-1-16-307
ROLLINS, AARON                          NH-1-8-210
ROLLINS, BENJAMIN B.                    NH-1-22-389
ROLLINS, CHASE                          NH-1-20-175
ROLLINS, JOSPEH B.                      NH-1-8-115
ROLLINS, NOAH                           NH-1-2-513
ROLLINS, SAMUEL                         NH-1-2-29
ROLLINS, SAMUEL W.                      NH-1-22-391
ROLLINS, STEPHEN                        NH-1-16-147
ROLLNS, MARY A.                         NH-1-20-362
ROSS, GEORGE W.                         NH-1-16-231
ROSS, JAMES                             NH-1-16-122
ROSS, JONATHAN                          NH-1-8-186
ROWE, BENJAMIN                          NH-1-20-109
ROWE, EZEKIEL                           NH-1-3-431
ROWE, EZEKIEL                           NH-1-8-340
ROWE, FANNY                             NH-1-14-65
ROWE, GEORE W.                          NH-1-8-301
ROWE, JAMES M.                          NH-1-22-347
ROWE, JANE A.                           NH-1-3-115
ROWE, JEREMIAH                          NH-1-14-19
ROWE, JEREMIAH                          NH-1-8-10
ROWE, JOSIAH                            NH-1-3-506
ROWE, JUDITH S.                         NH-1-14-49
ROWE, LEANDER S.                        NH-1-14-3
ROWE, LYDIA J.                          NH-1-14-78
ROWE, MOSES                             NH-1-1-9
ROWE, MOSES K.                          NH-1-14-175
ROWE, PRISCILLA S.                      NH-1-20-52
ROWE, RICHARD                           NH-1-2-104
ROWE, RICHARD                           NH-1-22-348
ROWE, RICHARD H.                        NH-1-3-321
ROWE, SAMUEL                            NH-1-8-276
ROWE, WILLIAM                           NH-1-3-53
ROWELL, BETSEY                          NH-1-2-629
ROWEN, FLORA A.                         NH-1-16-187
ROYS, NANCY                             NH-1-16-339
RUNDLETT, JAMES                         NH-1-8-328
RUNDLETT, JOHN                          NH-1-8-560
RUNDLETT, JONATHAN                      NH-1-3-20
RUNDLETT, JONATHAN                      NH-1-14-151
RUNDLETT, JOSIAH                        NH-1-1-144
RUNNELLS, LILLES                        NH-1-8-208
RUSSELL, ABIGAIL                        NH-1-20-191
RUSSELL, FRANCES                        NH-1-14-552
RUSSELL, JOHN                           NH-1-16-491
RUSSELL, JOHN M.                        NH-1-14-91
RUSSELL,ELEANOR                         NH-1-16-181
SALTMARSH, THOMAS                       NH-1-16-335
SANBORN, ABIJAH                         NH-1-16-72
SANBORN, ABRAHAM B.                     NH-1-16-158
SANBORN, ANDREW W.                      NH-1-8-382
SANBORN, ASAHEL                         NH-1-8-368
SANBORN, ASAHEL                         NH-1-20-402
SANBORN, BENAIAH                        NH-1-1-82
SANBORN, BENJAMIN M.                    NH-1-22-542
SANBORN, BENJAMIN T.                    NH-1-16-137
SANBORN, BETSEY                         NH-1-8-281
SANBORN, CALVIN                         NH-1-16-105
SANBORN, CHARLOTTE                      NH-1-20-326
SANBORN, CLARINDA B. P.                 NH-1-8-302
SANBORN, CLARISSA L.                    NH-1-16-511
SANBORN, COFFIN                         NH-1-1-48
SANBORN, DAVID                          NH-1-2-530
SANBORN, EBENEZER                       NH-1-3-501
SANBORN, EBENEZER                       NH-1-14-331
SANBORN, EBENEZER B.                    NH-1-14-104
SANBORN, EDWIN F.                       NH-1-16-32
SANBORN, EMILY B.                       NH-1-22-480
SANBORN, ESTHER                         NH-1-22-295
SANBORN, GEORGE (DR.)                   NH-1-20-452
SANBORN, GEORGE A.                      NH-1-14-159
SANBORN, NH-1-14-393
SANBORN, HANNAH                         NH-1-8-338
SANBORN, HANNAH                         NH-1-22-198
SANBORN, HARRIET                        NH-1-3-44
SANBORN, HIRAM                          NH-1-14-161
SANBORN, JACOB R.                       NH-1-2-626
SANBORN, JAMES                          NH-1-22-534
SANBORN, JAMES B.                       NH-1-22-84
SANBORN, JAMES G.                       NH-1-20-51
SANBORN, JEREMIAH                       NH-1-2-458
SANBORN, JEREMIAH P.                    NH-1-20-446
SANBORN, JOANNA E.                      NH-1-20-196
SANBORN, JOHN                           NH-1-16-184
SANBORN, JOHN                           NH-1-14-412
SANBORN, JOHN                           NH-1-14-373
SANBORN, JONATHAN                       NH-1-1-378
SANBORN, JONATHAN                       NH-1-3-361
SANBORN, JONATHAN                       NH-1-14-121
SANBORN, JONATHAN 3RD                   NH-1-3-41
SANBORN, JONATHAN P.                    NH-1-20-298
SANBORN, JONATHAN T.                    NH-1-3-363
SANBORN, JONATHANJR.                    NH-1-14-516
SANBORN, JOSEH                          NH-1-14-315
SANBORN, JOSIAH H.                      NH-1-3-520
SANBORN, JOSIAH JR.                     NH-1-8-86
SANBORN, LEVI M.                        NH-1-20-18
SANBORN, LOWELL                         NH-1-2-587
SANBORN, LOWELL                         NH-1-16-235
SANBORN, LOWELL                         NH-1-14-419
SANBORN, LUCY M.                        NH-1-22-432
SANBORN, LYDIA                          NH-1-20-114
SANBORN, MARTHA                         NH-1-14-127
SANBORN, MARY                           NH-1-2-192
SANBORN, MARY A.                        NH-1-20-131
SANBORN, MARY ANN                       NH-1-20-48
SANBORN, MIRIAM                         NH-1-8-488
SANBORN, NANCY J.                       NH-1-22-80
SANBORN, NANCY M.                       NH-1-14-205
SANBORN, NATHANIEL                      NH-1-16-271
SANBORN, NATHANIEL P.                   NH-1-16-209
SANBORN, OLIVE D.                       NH-1-22-490
SANBORN, POLLY                          NH-1-14-153
SANBORN, POLLY D.                       NH-1-14-183
SANBORN, REUBEN C.                      NH-1-16-180
SANBORN, RICHARD                        NH-1-3-133
SANBORN, RICHARD                        NH-1-8-323
SANBORN, RICHARD                        NH-1-16-168
SANBORN, RUFUS                          NH-1-14-449
SANBORN, SALLY                          NH-1-16-78
SANBORN, SALMON H.                      NH-1-14-179
SANBORN, SAMUEL                         NH-1-8-259
SANBORN, SAMUEL P.                      NH-1-22-136
SANBORN, SARAH                          NH-1-1-375
SANBORN, SARAH                          NH-1-8-267
SANBORN, SARAH S.                       NH-1-8-4
SANBORN, THOMAS J.                      NH-1-22-47
SANBORN, THOMAS J.                      NH-1-16-317
SANBORN, THOMAS M.                      NH-1-14-149
SANBORN, WARREN                         NH-1-16-197
SANBORN, WILLIAM H.                     NH-1-16-164
SANDERS, GEOGE W.                       NH-1-22-394
SANDERS, GEORGE                         NH-1-1-425
SANDERS, GEORGE F.                      NH-1-22-133
SANDERS, JOHN                           NH-1-1-462
SANDERS, SAMUEL W.                      NH-1-22-437
SANDERS, SARAH                          NH-1-22-252
SARGENT, CHELLIS                        NH-1-20-404
SARGENT, MOSES                          NH-1-20-229
SARGENT, POLLY                          NH-1-16-21
SARGENT, S. A.                          NH-1-16-228
SARGENT, SARAH T.                       NH-1-22-368
SAUNDERS, JACOB                         NH-1-3-384
SAVAGE, GEORGE F.                       NH-1-22-105
SAWYER, ALONZO H.                       NH-1-20-157
SAWYER, DANIEL                          NH-1-14-407
SAWYER, DAVID                           NH-1-22-5
SAWYER, ISRAEL                          NH-1-1-310
SAWYER, JOSEPH S.                       NH-1-8-23
SAWYER, LUCY C.                         NH-1-20-111
SAWYER, MARIBA                          NH-1-14-53
SAWYER, MARTHA                          NH-1-1-19
SAWYER, NANCY                           NH-1-8-527
SAWYER, NANCY                           NH-1-20-228
SAWYER, SUSAN                           NH-1-20-96
SAYWARD, GEORGE H.                      NH-1-22-450
SCHAKERS, JOHN L.                       NH-1-22-342
SCULLEY, MARY                           NH-1-22-240
SCULLEY, PATRICK                        NH-1-20-510
SEAVEY, ELIZA                           NH-1-22-188
SEAVEY, SARAH B.                        NH-1-20-37
SEAVEY, SARAH E.                        NH-1-22-227
SENTER, SAMUEL M.                       NH-1-8-116
SEVERANCE, ENOCH Q.                     NH-1-14-108
SEVERANCE, JACOB J.                     NH-1-22-327
SEVERANCE, JOHN                         NH-1-20-82
SEVERANCE, MARIA                        NH-1-20-91
SEWALL, THOMAS                          NH-1-14-369
SHACKFORD, JOSIAH                       NH-1-1-452
SHACKFORD, LYDIA                        NH-1-8-378
SHACKFORD, MARY A.                      NH-1-20-231
SHACKFORD, SETH                         NH-1-22-52
SHANNON, LAURA                          NH-1-16-175
SHANNON, LORRAIN T.                     NH-1-14-379
SHANNON, STEPHEN                        NH-1-16-22
SHAW, DAVID                             NH-1-3-420
SHAW, HENRY                             NH-1-8-298
SHAW, ISAAC                             NH-1-8-336
SHAW, JOHN                              NH-1-16-66
SHAW, JOHN JR.                          NH-1-8-548
SHAW, MARY                              NH-1-8-68
SHAW, PERSON C.                         NH-1-22-319
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NH-1-8-424
SHEPARD, WILLIAM H.                     NH-1-20-484
SHERBURNE, WILLIAM                      NH-1-8-31
SHERMAN, MOSES                          NH-1-16-221
SHORES, JOHN S.                         NH-1-3-442
SIBLEY, GEORGE L.                       NH-1-16-219
SIBLEY, HARRIET B.                      NH-1-16-75
SIDNEY, LUCY M.                         NH-1-16-152
SILVER, NATHANIEL R.                    NH-1-16-140
SIMPSON, HENRY Y.                       NH-1-8-106
SIMPSON, JAMES                          NH-1-14-443
SINCLAIR, JOHN L.                       NH-1-22-46
SINCLAIR, JOSEPH                        NH-1-2-418
SINCLAIR, RACHEL                        NH-1-3-397
SINCLAIR, THOMAS J.                     NH-1-22-598
SLEEPER, ELIZABETH                      NH-1-3-339
SLEEPER, HRIAM S.                       NH-1-14-107
SLEEPER, JAMES M.                       NH-1-14-137
SLEEPER, JONATHAN                       NH-1-22-231
SLEEPER, NEHEMIAH                       NH-1-16-169
SMALL, DARIUS                           NH-1-22-253
SMITH, ABIAH                            NH-1-16-27
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          NH-1-8-319
SMITH, AUGUSTUS W.                      NH-1-22-243
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NH-1-1-233
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NH-1-22-205
SMITH, BENJAMIN F.                      NH-1-16-465
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER                      NH-1-1-322
SMITH, COLLAMER J.                      NH-1-22-386
SMITH, DAVID                            NH-1-1-51
SMITH, DAVID                            NH-1-20-68
SMITH, DAVID Y.                         NH-1-20-47
SMITH, DUDLEY                           NH-1-8-229
SMITH, ELISHA                           NH-1-2-435
SMITH, ELIZA                            NH-1-16-425
SMITH, ELIZA                            NH-1-22-152
SMITH, ELIZA G.                         NH-1-20-16
SMITH, ELIZA M.                         NH-1-20-137
SMITH, ELLA M.                          NH-1-22-87
SMITH, GEORGE E.                        NH-1-22-548
SMITH, GILMAN                           NH-1-3-543
SMITH, HANNAH                           NH-1-3-403
SMITH, HANNAH                           NH-1-3-368
SMITH, HANNAH B.                        NH-1-1-216
SMITH, HANNAH E.                        NH-1-20-208
SMITH, HARRIET C.                       NH-1-20-163
SMITH, HARRISON C.                      NH-1-16-459
SMITH, HENRY                            NH-1-8-558
SMITH, ISAAC                            NH-1-20-15
SMITH, JOHN                             NH-1-1-231
SMITH, JOHN                             NH-1-14-323
SMITH, JOHN                             NH-1-8-193
SMITH, JOHN                             NH-1-20-438
SMITH, JOHN E.                          NH-1-22-199
SMITH, JOHNP.                           NH-1-16-303
SMITH, JOSEPH C.                        NH-1-8-239
SMITH, LEMUELE.                         NH-1-14-185
SMITH, LEVI W. F.                       NH-1-22-315
SMITH, LIVONA                           NH-1-22-22
SMITH, LOIS                             NH-1-14-118
SMITH, LOUISA F.                        NH-1-22-572
SMITH, LUCIAN G.                        NH-1-8-398
SMITH, MARTHA                           NH-1-16-359
SMITH, MARTHA A.                        NH-1-16-333
SMITH, MARY                             NH-1-22-148
SMITH, MARY G.                          NH-1-22-401
SMITH, MATILDA                          NH-1-16-30
SMITH, MERIBAH T.                       NH-1-20-64
SMITH, MILFORD                          NH-1-13-91
SMITH, NOAH W.                          NH-1-14-198
SMITH, POLLY                            NH-1-14-84
SMITH, POLLY                            NH-1-16-369
SMITH, REUBEN                           NH-1-20-414
SMITH, REUBEN P.                        NH-1-1-397
SMITH, REUBEN P.                        NH-1-14-375
SMITH, RUTH                             NH-1-13-181
SMITH, SAMUEL A.                        NH-1-16-349
SMITH, SARAH E.                         NH-1-8-168
SMITH, SARAH J.                         NH-1-14-447
SMITH, SARAH J.                         NH-1-22-412
SMITH, SUSAN                            NH-1-20-130
SMITH, THOMAS P.                        NH-1-22-116
SMITH, WARREN                           NH-1-22-221
SMITH, WASHINGTON                       NH-1-8-40
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NH-1-8-251
SMITH, ZEBULON                          NH-1-16-48
SMITH,NANCY F.                          NH-1-22-356
SMYTH, MARY J.                          NH-1-20-12
SPARKS, JARED J.                        NH-1-16-38
SPEAR, HIRAM A.                         NH-1-8-292
SPOKESFIELD, DANIEL                     NH-1-14-126
SPOONER, SOLON W.                       NH-1-8-518
STANTON, POLLY D.                       NH-1-14-7
STANWOOD, ALEXANDER D.                  NH-1-14-171
STANYAN, ELISHA                         NH-1-20-104
STCLAIR, BENJAMIN                       NH-1-16-241
STCLAIR, CHARLES P.                     NH-1-22-95
STEARNS, AMANDA M.                      NH-1-22-546
STEVENS, ABIGAIL                        NH-1-16-443
STEVENS, ABIGAIL S.                     NH-1-2-11
STEVENS, EUNICE R.                      NH-1-22-159
STEVENS, FANNY N.                       NH-1-20-424
STEVENS, HIRAM                          NH-1-16-218
STEVENS, JAMES                          NH-1-16-162
STEVENS, JAMES K.                       NH-1-22-219
STEVENS, JOHN                           NH-1-16-234
STEVENS, JOSEPH M.                      NH-1-8-75
STEVENS, NATHANIEL                      NH-1-22-14
STEVENS, SANBORN                        NH-1-22-97
STEVENS, SOPHRONIA                      NH-1-16-229
STEVENS, TIMOTHY E.                     NH-1-14-203
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        NH-1-16-381
STICKNEY, J. S.                         NH-1-8-275
STOCKBRIDGE, CHARLES O.                 NH-1-20-132
STOCKBRIDGE, HANNAH S.                  NH-1-22-251
STOCKBRIDGE, MESHICK                    NH-1-14-206
STRAW, SAMUEL                           NH-1-16-233
STRAW, SIMON                            NH-1-20-224
STURTEVANT, JOSEPH                      NH-1-8-220
STURTEVANT, WARD C.                     NH-1-16-195
SUMNER, MARTHA                          NH-1-14-143
SUMNER, MARY W.                         NH-1-22-291
SUTTON, ELIZA                           NH-1-13-128
SWAIN, ALVAH T.                         NH-1-22-400
SWAIN, DUDLEY                           NH-1-14-152
SWAIN, GEORGE W.                        NH-1-20-406
SWAIN, GEORGE W.                        NH-1-22-146
SWAIN, GORHAM                           NH-1-20-233
SWAIN, HENRY                            NH-1-8-185
SWAIN, HENRY H.                         NH-1-16-116
SWAIN, JEREMIAH                         NH-1-1-18
SWAIN, JOHN                             NH-1-16-36
SWAIN, NATHANIEL D.                     NH-1-20-466
SWAIN, RACHEL A.                        NH-1-22-125
SWAIN, STEPHEN                          NH-1-3-497
SWAIN, WILLIAM N.                       NH-1-22-209
SWASEY, ALICE                           NH-1-16-309
SWASEY, HANNAH P.                       NH-1-8-200
SWASEY, JEREMIAH                        NH-1-14-80
SWASEY, PAUL                            NH-1-2-470
SWEETSER, ANN M.                        NH-1-22-263
SWEETSER, ELIZABETH                     NH-1-8-162
SWEETSER, MEHITABLE                     NH-1-16-383
TASKER, GILBERT                         NH-1-14-556
TASKER, VIENNA                          NH-1-22-304
TAYLOR, ABIGAIL                         NH-1-8-128
TAYLOR, ANDREW J.                       NH-1-20-44
TAYLOR, BARTLETT K.                     NH-1-22-96
TAYLOR, CYRUS                           NH-1-22-158
TAYLOR, DEARBORN                        NH-1-16-63
TAYLOR, EDE                             NH-1-16-16
TAYLOR, FREDERICK P.                    NH-1-14-62
TAYLOR, HANNAH                          NH-1-22-322
TAYLOR, JAMES B.                        NH-1-16-41
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NH-1-3-572
TAYLOR, JONATHAN                        NH-1-16-18
TAYLOR, JONATHAN JR.                    NH-1-3-118
TAYLOR, LITTLEFIELD                     NH-1-3-5
TAYLOR, MILES                           NH-1-16-91
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NH-1-3-217
TAYLOR, THOMAS JR.                      NH-1-3-496
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NH-1-14-479
TEBBETTS, HENRY                         NH-1-16-363
TEBBETTS, JOANNA                        NH-1-14-111
TEBBETTS, JOHN                          NH-1-20-292
TEBBETTS, JOHN C.                       NH-1-16-549
TEBBETTS, MARY J.                       NH-1-20-518
TEBBETTS, ROBERT                        NH-1-1-158
THATCHER, ESTHER B.                     NH-1-22-498
THING, DUDLEY G.                        NH-1-14-413
THING, HEPHSIBAH                        NH-1-20-17
THING, JEREMIAH                         NH-1-3-148
THING, JOHN                             NH-1-8-420
THING, JOSEPH                           NH-1-8-353
THING, MARK P.                          NH-1-16-45
THING, MORRILL                          NH-1-20-240
THOMAS, ABRAM                           NH-1-16-451
THOMAS, CHARLES                         NH-1-20-101
THOMAS, JOSEPH                          NH-1-14-273
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         NH-1-20-202
THOMPSON, CATHERINE                     NH-1-16-541
THOMPSON, CHARLES P.                    NH-1-14-95
THOMPSON, CYRUS                         NH-1-3-79
THOMPSON, DEBORAH                       NH-1-3-155
THOMPSON, ISREAEL S.                    NH-1-22-442
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NH-1-3-216
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NH-1-22-277
THOMPSON, LUCY Y.                       NH-1-20-204
THOMPSON, MARTHA A.                     NH-1-22-59
THOMPSON, RACHEL                        NH-1-3-401
THOMPSON, SAMUEL M.                     NH-1-16-24
THOMPSON, SOPHIA F.                     NH-1-22-127
THOMPSON, SOPHRONIA C.                  NH-1-20-156
THOMPSON,D ANIEL F.                     NH-1-14-291
THURSTIN, ABIAH                         NH-1-14-54
THURSTIN, BENJAMIN E.                   NH-1-20-217
THURSTIN, ELEANOR                       NH-1-8-485
THURSTIN, HANNAH                        NH-1-14-170
THURSTIN, LYDIA                         NH-1-3-490
THURSTIN, MARTHA                        NH-1-2-330
THURSTIN, SUSAN S.                      NH-1-22-117
THYNG, ALBERT M.                        NH-1-22-128
THYNG, ISABELLE T.                      NH-1-20-384
THYNG, LUCY J.                          NH-1-22-222
TIBBETTS, EPHRAIM                       NH-1-8-308
TILTON, ABIGAIL B. B.                   NH-1-20-541
TILTON, ABIGAIL H.                      NH-1-14-96
TILTON, ALBERT K.                       NH-1-22-418
TILTON, ALEXANDER H.                    NH-1-16-171
TILTON, CHARLES E.                      NH-1-14-155
TILTON, DANIEL                          NH-1-1-111
TILTON, DANIEL A.                       NH-1-20-502
TILTON, EXELIA S.                       NH-1-14-297
TILTON, HANNAH                          NH-1-14-329
TILTON, JEMIMA                          NH-1-1-114
TILTON, JEREMIAH C.                     NH-1-16-3
TILTON, JOHN                            NH-1-14-178
TILTON, JOHN S.                         NH-1-22-88
TILTON, JOSEPH B.                       NH-1-16-161
TILTON, JOSEPH S.                       NH-1-22-169
TILTON, MARTHA J.                       NH-1-22-247
TILTON, MARY S.                         NH-1-22-99
TILTON, MEHITABLE                       NH-1-1-89
TILTON, SALLY                           NH-1-3-225
TILTON, SALLY                           NH-1-16-467
TILTON, SAMUEL                          NH-1-8-479
TILTON, TIMOTHY                         NH-1-22-103
TOWLE, CHARLES P.                       NH-1-16-323
TOWLE, ISAAC M.                         NH-1-14-299
TOWLE, JEREMIAH                         NH-1-3-72
TOWLE, JESSE S.                         NH-1-22-230
TOWLE, JOHN                             NH-1-8-181
TOWLE, LEVI                             NH-1-2-145
TOWLE, NANCY B.                         NH-1-20-266
TOWNE, JOSEPH                           NH-1-8-108
TRICKEY, THOMAS A.                      NH-1-14-100
TRIPP, FREDERICK W.                     NH-1-8-350
TRUE, ABRAHAM                           NH-1-20-165
TRUE, LUCY S.                           NH-1-20-372
TUCK, SAMUEL M.                         NH-1-16-232
TUCKER, BENJAMIN                        NH-1-14-403
TUCKER, DANIEL                          NH-1-2-627
TUCKER, PAYSON                          NH-1-3-461
TUCKER, RUTH                            NH-1-1-476
TUTTLE, BRADBURY C.                     NH-1-20-368
TUTTLE, CURTIS C.                       NH-1-16-2
TUTTLE, HANSON                          NH-1-20-92
TUTTLE, JACOB                           NH-1-22-202
TUTTLE, JOHN                            NH-1-8-8
TUTTLE, JOSEPH                          NH-1-3-376
TUTTLE, MARY E.                         NH-1-20-302
TUTTLE, RUTH A.                         NH-1-22-380
TUTTLE, SAMUEL M.                       NH-1-16-67
TUTTLE, THOMAS                          NH-1-20-561
TWOMBLY, AARON                          NH-1-8-240
TWOMBLY, ELIZA                          NH-1-3-400
TWOMBLY, MOSES                          NH-1-14-327
TWOMBLY, SAMUEL J.                      NH-1-16-200
VARNEY, CHARLES                         NH-1-22-71
VARNEY, IRA                             NH-1-14-188
VARNEY, JOHN H.                         NH-1-16-433
VARNEY, JONATHAN M.                     NH-1-22-67
VARNEY, PAUL                            NH-1-14-42
VARNEY, TIMOTHY D.                      NH-1-22-75
VEASEY, DANIEL                          NH-1-20-549
VEASEY, SIMEON                          NH-1-14-423
VEASEY, THOMAS D.                       NH-1-20-418
VITTUM, DAVID                           NH-1-8-520
WADLEIGH, BENJAMIN M.                   NH-1-16-127
WADLEIGH, CHARLES                       NH-1-22-43
WADLEIGH, CHARLES W.                    NH-1-16-138
WADLEIGH, DEARBORN                      NH-1-8-379
WADLEIGH, ELISHA                        NH-1-16-417
WADLEIGH, ELLEN E. S.                   NH-1-13-198
WADLEIGH, EMMA A. G.                    NH-1-20-86
WADLEIGH, HORACE                        NH-1-22-175
WADLEIGH, HULDAH                        NH-1-3-561
WADLEIGH, JACOB W.                      NH-1-14-20
WADLEIGH, JAMES C.                      NH-1-16-177
WADLEIGH, JOHN                          NH-1-3-234
WADLEIGH, JOHN                          NH-1-14-544
WADLEIGH, JOHN S.                       NH-1-22-321
WADLEIGH, MARY ANN                      NH-1-14-97
WADLEIGH, NANCY                         NH-1-14-487
WADLEIGH, SARAH                         NH-1-8-300
WADLEIGH, SARAH E.                      NH-1-20-49
WADLEIGH, SIMEON F.                     NH-1-22-296
WADLEIGH, STEPHEN G.                    NH-1-14-215
WADLEIGH, SUSANNA                       NH-1-3-47
WADLEIGH, WILLIAM P.                    NH-1-3-575
WALDRON, ELIZABETH                      NH-1-14-89
WALKER, HANNAH                          NH-1-14-167
WALKER, JOHN                            NH-1-22-438
WALKER, JOSEPH A.                       NH-1-14-508
WALKER, SAMUEL                          NH-1-1-316
WALKER, SETH                            NH-1-1-318
WALKER, THOMAS                          NH-1-8-452
WALLACE, GEORGE W.                      NH-1-22-185
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        NH-1-16-79
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        NH-1-8-343
WALLIS, ADA                             NH-1-22-596
WALLIS, SANBORN                         NH-1-22-86
WARD, AARON                             NH-1-20-58
WARD, BENJAMIN                          NH-1-8-176
WARD, JENNIE S.                         NH-1-20-116
WARD, LEVI                              NH-1-22-335
WARD, NOAH                              NH-1-2-369
WARE, CYRUS                             NH-1-3-297
WARNER, MARTHA E.                       NH-1-20-434
WATSON, BETSEY                          NH-1-20-125
WATSON, DANIEL                          NH-1-22-313
WATSON, IRENE C.                        NH-1-22-361
WATSON, JOSEPH H.                       NH-1-20-278
WATSON, WILLIAM P.                      NH-1-16-70
WEARE, WILLIAM H.                       NH-1-22-211
WEBBER, RHODA R.                        NH-1-8-544
WEBSTER, CHARLES H.                     NH-1-20-274
WEBSTER, HANNAH                         NH-1-22-518
WEBSTER, JOHN                           NH-1-8-415
WEBSTER, SAMUEL                         NH-1-8-44
WEDGEWOOD, JOHN                         NH-1-3-452
WEEKS, ALPHEUS E.                       NH-1-8-536
WEEKS, ASA                              NH-1-3-447
WEEKS, ASA                              NH-1-22-562
WEEKS, BESEY                            NH-1-3-544
WEEKS, BETSEY                           NH-1-16-479
WEEKS, CHARLES H.                       NH-1-22-69
WEEKS, COLE                             NH-1-3-537
WEEKS, CURTIS                           NH-1-14-435
WEEKS, GOERGE W.                        NH-1-14-454
WEEKS, HENRY M.                         NH-1-8-425
WEEKS, JEMIMA                           NH-1-8-453
WEEKS, JERE                             NH-1-20-238
WEEKS, JOHN                             NH-1-1-160
WEEKS, LAURA E.                         NH-1-16-136
WEEKS, LEVI R.                          NH-1-20-35
WEEKS, LORAIN T.                        NH-1-16-121
WEEKS, LUCINDA S.                       NH-1-14-141
WEEKS, MARK                             NH-1-3-379
WEEKS, MARY                             NH-1-20-342
WEEKS, MATTHIAS                         NH-1-2-460
WEEKS, NOAH                             NH-1-16-239
WEEKS, NOAH                             NH-1-22-328
WEEKS, STEPHEN                          NH-1-8-508
WEEKS, W. SCOTT                         NH-1-14-86
WEEKS, WILLIAM                          NH-1-16-409
WELCH, BENJAMIN                         NH-1-22-85
WELLS, DOLLY                            NH-1-8-344
WELLS, JAMES P.                         NH-1-20-3
WELLS, JOHN                             NH-1-1-504
WELLS, JOHN                             NH-1-8-399
WELLS, SARAH                            NH-1-8-187
WELLS, SUSAN                            NH-1-14-6
WENTWORTH, BENJAMIN F.                  NH-1-20-195
WENTWORTH, ELIZABETH A.                 NH-1-22-526
WENTWORTH, ICHABOD                      NH-1-20-296
WENTWORTH, JOHN T.                      NH-1-16-453
WEYMOUTH, JAMES                         NH-1-14-317
WHEELER, EZEKIEL H.                     NH-1-22-385
WHEELER, MEHITABLE                      NH-1-22-381
WHIDDEN, MARY P.                        NH-1-22-528
WHIPPLE, THOMAS J.                      NH-1-20-506
WHITCHER, CATHERINE                     NH-1-13-14
WHITCHER, HORACE                        NH-1-22-51
WHITE, AMELIA C.                        NH-1-20-218
WHITE, ELIZA M.                         NH-1-22-154
WHITE, HARRISON                         NH-1-22-344
WHITE, JOSIAH E.                        NH-1-22-262
WHITTER, MARY H.                        NH-1-14-147
WHITTIER, JONATHAN                      NH-1-8-232
WIDDER, GEORGE A.                       NH-1-16-165
WIGGIN, ANN                             NH-1-8-397
WIGGIN, CHARLES P.                      NH-1-20-199
WIGGIN, DANIEL                          NH-1-14-489
WIGGIN, HANNAH P.                       NH-1-13-245
WIGGIN, JOHN                            NH-1-14-257
WIGGIN, RICHARD R.                      NH-1-8-180
WIGHT, NAHUM                            NH-1-20-324
WILKINSON, SAMUEL B.                    NH-1-14-61
WILLEY, JACOB                           NH-1-16-435
WILLEY, PHEBE                           NH-1-14-134
WILLIAMS, DNAIEL O.                     NH-1-14-144
WILSON, ABIGAIL P.                      NH-1-3-562
WILSON, FANNY                           NH-1-8-204
WILSON, JEREMIAH                        NH-1-2-312
WILSON, NATHANIEL                       NH-1-1-543
WINKLEY, BENJAMIN                       NH-1-3-365
WINKLEY, FRANCIS                        NH-1-3-86
WOOD, JOSHUA                            NH-1-22-265
WOODBURN, CHARLES                       NH-1-22-250
WOODHOUSE, GEORGE W.                    NH-1-16-112
WOODMAN, ANDREW                         NH-1-3-120
WOODMAN, BETSEY J.                      NH-1-20-494
WOODMAN, JEREMIAH                       NH-1-1-50
WOODMAN, JOHN                           NH-1-14-287
WOODMAN, JOHN K.                        NH-1-16-361
WOODMAN, POLLY                          NH-1-14-8
WOODMAN, RUTH H.                        NH-1-20-577
WOODMAN, SALLY                          NH-1-3-85
WOODMAN, SAMUEL                         NH-1-14-43
WOODMAN, SAMUEL                         NH-1-14-491
WOODMAN, THOMAS                         NH-1-1-376
WOODWARD, HULDAH E.                     NH-1-22-410
WORTHLY, SAMUEL                         NH-1-16-57
WRIGHT, DANIEL S.                       NH-1-22-111
WYATT, CHARLES                          NH-1-2-314
WYATT, DEMORE                           NH-1-16-113
WYATT, NATHAN F.                        NH-1-22-395
YEATON, BETSEY                          NH-1-14-197
YEATON, CYNTHA                          NH-1-16-7
YOUNG, AARON G.                         NH-1-22-512
YOUNG, BAILEY                           NH-1-14-221
YOUNG, DORATHY                          NH-1-8-510
YOUNG, DUDLEY                           NH-1-14-235
YOUNG, ELIZABETH E.                     NH-1-20-105
YOUNG, IRA                              NH-1-20-69
YOUNG, ISAAC D.                         NH-1-14-16
YOUNG, JOHN K.                          NH-1-16-301
YOUNG, JOSEPH S.                        NH-1-22-312
YOUNG, KATHERINE J.                     NH-1-20-212
YOUNG, MARY W.                          NH-1-20-557
YOUNG, MOSES A.                         NH-1-22-100
YOUNG, NATHANIEL                        NH-1-22-183
YOUNG, PATIENCE L.                      NH-1-20-516
YOUNG, SAMUEL E.                        NH-1-22-256
YOUNG, SAMUEL S.                        NH-1-22-65
YOUNG, SARAH B.                         NH-1-22-329

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