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Column One: Name of Testator
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ABBOTT, ABBIE N.                        NH-1-16-463
ABBOTT, JAMES B.                        NH-1-14-180
ABBOTT, JOB                             NH-1-16-128
ABBOTT, JUDITH                          NH-1-16-513
ABBOTT, SARAH G.                        NH-1-22-500
ABBOTT, WILLIAM                         NH-1-2-151
ABRAMS, JOHN                            NH-1-1-90
ABRAMS, JOHN                            NH-1-3-500
ABRAMS, RUTH                            NH-1-14-168
ADAMS, ARNOLD                           NH-1-20-226
ADAMS, CHARLES                          NH-1-22-120
ADAMS, HORACE                           NH-1-13-61, 128
ADAMS, JOHN                             NH-1-16-176
ADAMS, MARY ANN                         NH-1-16-399
ADAMS, NATHAN                           NH-1-16-190
ADAMS, THOMAS                           NH-1-16-43
AIKENS, NATHANIEL                       NH-1-20-184
ALDRICH, LAURA                          NH-1-22-213
ALLEN, JOSEPH O.                        NH-1-20-378
ALLEN, MARY                             NH-1-14-68
AMES, DEBORAH                           NH-1-14-191
AMES, JAMES                             NH-1-20-11
AMES, RHODA A.                          NH-1-14-415
AMES, THOMPSON                          NH-1-22-233
ARNOLD, STILLMAN A.                     NH-1-22-446
ATHERTON, MARY C.                       NH-1-16-392
ATKINSON, JOSEPH P.                     NH-1-20-454
ATWOOD, ANNA M.                         NH-1-22-580
AVERY, CHARLES                          NH-1-3-571
AVERY, DAVID                            NH-1-16-192
AVERY, HELEN A.                         NH-1-20-537
AVERY, LUCINDA                          NH-1-22-225
AVERY, SARAH M.                         NH-1-13-194
AYERS, ABIGAIL                          NH-1-8-205
AYERS, ABIGAIL M.                       NH-1-8-7
AYERS, FRANCES M. D.                    NH-1-14-114
AYERS, FRANCES S.                       NH-1-22-285
AYERS, FRANCIS                          NH-1-16-92
AYERS, JOHN K.                          NH-1-20-34
AYERS, JOSEPH S.                        NH-1-3-300
AYERS, JOSHUA                           NH-1-16-501
AYERS, LEVI                             NH-1-14-184
AYERS, SAMUEL                           NH-1-14-459
AYERS, WILLIAM N.                       NH-1-2-456
BABB, SUSAN                             NH-1-8-387
BABB, THOMAS                            NH-1-3-526
BABCOCK, JOSHUA M.                      NH-1-20-14
BACHELER, JOHN                          NH-1-8-364
BACON, DAVID WILLIAM                    NH-1-13-146
BADGER, HANNAH P.                       NH-1-14-385
BADGER, TIMOTHY                         NH-1-14-71
BAILEY, MARY                            NH-1-16-133
BAILEY, SAMUEL                          NH-1-14-66
BAKER, AMOS M.                          NH-1-22-20
BAKER, GEORGE S.                        NH-1-20-286
BAKER, JOHN C.                          NH-1-22-337
BAKER, MARK                             NH-1-14-279
BAKER, THOMAS                           NH-1-1-5
BALLARD, SOPHIA W.                      NH-1-20-145
BARKER, DUDLEY                          NH-1-20-258
BARRON, JOHN V.                         NH-1-16-337
BARTLETT, EBENEZER                      NH-1-14-495
BARTLETT, JOSEPH                        NH-1-3-258
BARTLETT, SETH                          NH-1-14-11
BARTLETT, SUSAN F.                      NH-1-22-416
BATCHELDER, CALEB                       NH-1-14-138
BATCHELDER, DAVID C.                    NH-1-22-422
BATCHELDER, HORACE P.                   NH-1-22-466
BATCHELDER, JOHN                        NH-1-14-387
BATCHELDER, JOSIAH B.                   NH-1-20-312
BATCHELDER, LOUISA                      NH-1-22-346
BATCHELDER, MARY                        NH-1-14-163
BATCHELDER, MARY N.                     NH-1-16-188
BATCHELDER, NATHANIEL                   NH-1-14-105
BATCHELDER, WILLIAM                     NH-1-2-287
BATCHELDER, WILLIAM T.                  NH-1-22-31
BAXTER, FRANCIS S.                      NH-1-22-323
BAXTER, JOHN C.                         NH-1-22-396
BEAMAN, AUGUSTA A.                      NH-1-8-373
BEAMAN, DANIEL                          NH-1-22-362
BEAMAN, DAVID                           NH-1-14-72
BEAMAN, ELIJAH                          NH-1-8-407
BEAMAN, ELIJAH O.                       NH-1-22-177
BEAMAN, LEVI                            NH-1-14-241
BEAMAN, NANCY                           NH-1-14-139
BEAMAN, OTIS                            NH-1-16-205
BEAN, JOSEPH C.                         NH-1-3-394
BEAN, LYDIA                             NH-1-20-55
BEAN, MORRILL S.                        NH-1-14-17
BEAN, SAMUEL                            NH-1-14-16
BEEDE, CHARLOTTE H.                     NH-1-16-46
BELL, JAMES                             NH-1-8-213
BENITEZ, FRANCISCO                      NH-1-22-456
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                      NH-1-2-311
BENSON, ALMON                           NH-1-20-334
BENTON, LOIS                            NH-1-22-83
BENTON, MARIA O.                        NH-1-22-27
BERRY, ELIPHALET                        NH-1-8-375
BERRY, FREEMAN                          NH-1-16-259
BERRY, LYDIA                            NH-1-16-311
BERRY, MARY A.                          NH-1-20-39
BERRY, SAMUEL G.                        NH-1-16-315
BERRY, SARAH                            NH-1-22-64
BERRY, SARAH A.                         NH-1-3-404
BERRY, WILLIAM H.                       NH-1-14-15
BICKFORD, ABIGAIL C.                    NH-1-20-112
BICKFORD, ARTHUR                        NH-1-20-254
BICKFORD, DANIEL                        NH-1-16-118
BICKFORD, JAMES                         NH-1-20-450
BICKFORD, JANE                          NH-1-20-408
BICKFORD, OLIVE                         NH-1-3-513
BICKFORD, SAMUEL                        NH-1-16-503
BLAISDELL, JENNIE A.                    NH-1-22-390
BLAISDELL, LAVINIA                      NH-1-20-59
BLAISDELL, MARY                         NH-1-22-343
BLAISDELL, NATHANIEL                    NH-1-8-352
BLAISDELL, SAMUEL                       NH-1-8-503
BLAISDELL, SAMUEL S.                    NH-1-16-421
BLAISDELL, SOPHIA C.                    NH-1-14-119
BLAISDELL, SUSAN                        NH-1-14-157
BLAKE, EBENEZER T.                      NH-1-22-472
BLAKE, HENRY M.                         NH-1-2-582
BLAKE, ITHAMAR E.                       NH-1-8-310
BLAKE, JOHN                             NH-1-2?40
BLAKE, MIRIAM                           NH-1-20-232
BLAKE, THOMAS                           NH-1-1-493
BLOSS, ABBIE S.                         NH-1-20-220
BOARDMAN, STEPHEN                       NH-1-20-390
BODGE, BETSEY                           NH-1-16-60
BODGE, DANIEL                           NH-1-2-234
BODGE, JEREMIAH                         NH-1-14-79
BODWELL, ABRAHAM                        NH-1-14-223
BODWELL, CHARLOTTE E.                   NH-1-13-226
BODWELL, RUTH C.                        NH-1-20-370
BODWELL, SUSAN O.                       NH-1-14-34
BOODY, JACOB P.                         NH-1-16-212
BOODY, LOUISE M. D.                     NH-1-20-60
BOODY, MARY HELEN                       NH-1-16-216
BOSWELL, WILLIAM                        NH-1-16-129
BOUTWELL, JAMES                         NH-1-14-269
BOWEN, JOHN                             NH-1-14-475
BOWEN, LOIS S.                          NH-1-16-85
BOWERS, ELIZA H.                        NH-1-20-235
BOWMAN, DANIEL                          NH-1-16-40
BOYCE, WILLIAM                          NH-1-20-179
BOYLE, WILLIAM                          NH-1-22-350
BOYNTON, ANNA                           NH-1-1-437
BOYNTON, CHARLOTTE H.                   NH-1-16-82
BOYNTON, JOHN                           NH-1-8-346
BRAY, GEORGE                            NH-1-22-339
BRAY, SUSAN                             NH-1-13-24
BREWSTER, JOHN H.                       NH-1-20-314
BROWN, ABEL W.                          NH-1-16-120
BROWN, ANGELINE M.                      NH-1-20-172
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         NH-1-2-594
BROWN, CHASE W.                         NH-1-16-279
BROWN, CLARA S.                         NH-1-22-586
BROWN, ENOCH                            NH-1-14-194
BROWN, FRED H.                          NH-1-16-483
BROWN, GEORGE W.                        NH-1-20-102
BROWN, JOHN                             NH-1-3-157
BROWN, JONATHAN                         NH-1-22-584
BROWN, JONATHAN                         NH-1-8-430
BROWN, MARY                             NH-1-20-416
BROWN, REBECCA                          NH-1-2-374
BROWN, SALLY                            NH-1-16-163
BRYAN, HARRIET A.                       NH-1-14-40
BRYANT, ABRAM                           NH-1-16-131
BRYANT, MEHITABLE                       NH-1-14-55
BRYAR, REBECCA O.                       NH-1-16-208
BUGBEE, HORACE                          NH-1-16-291
BUGBEE, JONATHAN C.                     NH-1-16-54
BUGBEE, LOUISA B.                       NH-1-14-1
BUGBEE, MARION D.                       NH-1-22-207
BUGBEE, MIRIAM                          NH-1-16-319
BUNKER, ABRAHAM                         NH-1-8-472
BUNKER, CHARLES                         NH-1-14-21
BUNKER, ELIZA                           NH-1-20-508
BUNKER, GARDNER                         NH-1-16-10
BUNKER, POLLY F.                        NH-1-14-417
BUNKER, RHODA                           NH-1-20-127
BUNKER, SAMUEL                          NH-1-8-304
BUNTEN, JOHN                            NH-1-16-97
BURLEIGH, ALFRED                        NH-1-16-159
BURLEIGH, HARRIET G. K.                 NH-1-22-578
BURLEIGH, HULDAH P.                     NH-1-20-187
BURLEIGH, JACOB T.                      NH-1-14-275
BURLEIGH, JAMES M.                      NH-1-22-29
BURLEIGH, MOSES C.                      NH-1-20-149
BURLEIGH, NATHANIEL JR.                 NH-1-3-542
BURLEIGH, SUSAN                         NH-1-20-168
BURLEY, BARNARD H.                      NH-1-20-320
BURLEY, BETSEY                          NH-1-14-201
BURLEY, DANIEL J.                       NH-1-2-463
BURLEY, DAVID                           NH-1-1-372
BURLEY, DAVID                           NH-1-20-189
BURLEY, JAMES                           NH-1-14-45
BURLEY, WILLIAM                         NH-1-14-44
BURNS, DAVID G.                         NH-1-20-171
BURNS, JOHN H.                          NH-1-8-402
BURPEE, AUGUSTUS                        NH-1-20-167
BURPEE, MANLY C.                        NH-1-22-228
BUXTON, MARTHA                          NH-1-8-260
BUZZELL, ALBERT S.                      NH-1-20-478
BUZZELL, ELIAS S.                       NH-1-20-207
BUZZELL, HEZEKIAH D.                    NH-1-8-317
BUZZELL, JAMES                          NH-1-1-255
CALEF, JAMES                            NH-1-8-130
CALEF, OLIVER                           NH-1-16-415
CALEF, SAMUEL                           NH-1-16-19
CALEF, SAMUEL P.                        NH-1-20-162
CALEF, WILLIAM                          NH-1-2-617
CALLEY, OLIVE                           NH-1-3-24
CALLEY, SALLY M.                        NH-1-22-364
CAMPBELL, BETSEY                        NH-1-16-481
CANNEY, ABIGAIL                         NH-1-16-327
CANNEY, PAUL J.                         NH-1-22-26
CARLETON, ALBERT                        NH-1-16-143
CARR, BETSEY                            NH-1-20-88
CARR, EDMUND                            NH-1-8-476
CARR, JOHN                              NH-1-8-421
CARR, JOHN L.                           NH-1-3-317
CARR, MARY A.                           NH-1-22-138
CARR, PHEBE                             NH-1-22-110
CARR, RICHARD H.                        NH-1-22-428
CARR, RUTH                              NH-1-14-267
CARTER, DANIEL                          NH-1-20-21
CARTER, LEVI                            NH-1-20-356
CASE, SIMEON                            NH-1-16-445
CASS, BETSEY                            NH-1-20-276
CASS, DAVID M.                          NH-1-22-229
CASS, WILLIAM D.                        NH-1-14-361
CASWELL, ENOCH                          NH-1-22-76
CASWELL, SAMUEL                         NH-1-14-305
CATE, BENJAMIN B.                       NH-1-14-101
CATE, CHARLOTTE                         NH-1-20-316
CATE, EBENEZER F.                       NH-1-3-169
CATE, JERUSHA                           NH-1-22-40
CATE, JOHN JR.                          NH-1-2-466
CATE, MARY                              NH-1-22-13
CATE, SALLY                             NH-1-8-32
CAVERLY, ABIGAIL                        NH-1-16-125
CAWLEY, JONATHAN                        NH-1-14-172
CAWLEY, LWELL C.                        NH-1-22-399
CHAMBERLIN, ASA                         NH-1-20-118
CHAMBERLIN, JOSHUA P.                   NH-1-22-150
CHAMBERLIN, POLLY                       NH-1-16-403
CHAMBERLIN, SALLY                       NH-1-14-427
CHANDLER, NATHANIEL                     NH-1-16-9
CHAPMAN, ABIGAIL M.                     NH-1-20-203
CHAPMAN, ALONZO                         NH-1-16-193
CHAPMAN, AUGUSTUS L.                    NH-1-14-12
CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN W.                    NH-1-22-167
CHAPMAN, HORACE                         NH-1-20-358
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           NH-1-20-159
CHAPMAN, SARAH A.                       NH-1-22-232
CHAPMAN, SARAH P.                       NH-1-22-82
CHASE, CLARISA B.                       NH-1-14-164
CHASE, DANIEL                           NH-1-19-56
CHASE, ELEANOR B.                       NH-1-22-63
CHASE, ELIZABETH P.                     NH-1-22-424
CHASE, FREDERICK A.                     NH-1-22-470
CHASE, HANNAH E.                        NH-1-22-122
CHASE, JOHN                             NH-1-8-532
CHASE, JONATHAN                         NH-1-8-465
CHASE, LUTHER M.                        NH-1-22-372
CHASE, MYRA                             NH-1-22-349
CHASE, NATHAN                           NH-1-20-410
CHASE, NATHANIEL                        NH-1-8-442
CHASE, NICHOLAS T.                      NH-1-22-234
CHASE, NOAH D.                          NH-1-22-135
CHASE, POLLY                            NH-1-16-204
CHASE, ROXANNA                          NH-1-16-487
CHASE, WILLIAM                          NH-1-14-200
CHESLEY, CALVIN C.                      NH-1-20-490
CHESLEY, HENRY                          NH-1-20-244
CHESLEY, JEFFERSON                      NH-1-20-75
CHESLEY, SALLYT                         NH-1-16-247
CHILD, LUVIA L.                         NH-1-20-211
CILLEY, JAMES C.                        NH-1-20-95
CILLEY, MARY ANN                        NH-1-14-46
CLARK, AARON                            NH-1-20-33
CLARK, ABBIE D.                         NH-1-20-23
CLARK, ABNER C.                         NH-1-3-494
CLARK, DANIEL                           NH-1-2-75
CLARK, DAVID                            NH-1-22-276
CLARK, DAVID H.                         NH-1-2-624
CLARK, DAVID W.                         NH-1-16-245
CLARK, ENOCH                            NH-1-16-64
CLARK, EZEKIEL                          NH-1-20-496
CLARK, HANNAH G.                        NH-1-20-398
CLARK, ISAAC                            NH-1-16-69
CLARK, JAMES H.                         NH-1-20-512
CLARK, JEREMIAH                         NH-1-8-234
CLARK, JOEL                             NH-1-22-462
CLARK, JOHN                             NH-1-14-102
CLARK, JOHN                             NH-1-1-439
CLARK, JONATHAN                         NH-1-14-263
CLARK, JOSEPH                           NH-1-14-468
CLARK, JOSEPH                           NH-1-8-66
CLARK, JOSEPH S.                        NH-1-20-488
CLARK, LAURA A.                         NH-1-22-387
CLARK, LAURA W.                         NH-1-16-144
CLARK, LEWIS K.                         NH-1-20-152
CLARK, MARTHA                           NH-1-14-94
CLARK, MARY ANN                         NH-1-22-208
CLARK, MAYHEW                           NH-1-3-410
CLARK, MERCY                            NH-1-8-372
CLARK, MOSES                            NH-1-16-509
CLARK, MOSES                            NH-1-3-586
CLARK, NATHANIEL H.                     NH-1-14-281
CLARK, NICHOLAS                         NH-1-3-458
CLARK, NOAH S.                          NH-1-3-480
CLARK, PETER                            NH-1-14-321
CLARK, POLLY B.                         NH-1-16-111
CLARK, RUFUS                            NH-1-22-274
CLARK, SABRINA T.                       NH-1-20-464
CLARK, SAMUEL                           NH-1-20-396
CLARK, SAMUEL D.                        NH-1-16-351
CLARK, WILLIAM M.                       NH-1-20-340
CLAY, CORA M.                           NH-1-26-7
CLAY, DOROTHY                           NH-1-20-376
CLAY, JAMES                             NH-1-8-219
CLAY, LOVEJOY                           NH-1-8-486
CLAY, STEPHEN                           NH-1-9-349
CLEMENT, ENOCH                          NH-1-8-282
CLEMENT, RUTH                           NH-1-1-448
CLIFFORD, JACOB                         NH-1-2-33
CLIFFORD, JOSEPH                        NH-1-2-274
CLIFFORD, SARAH H.                      NH-1-22-172
CLIFFORD, TRISTRAM R.                   NH-1-20-81
CLIFORD, CLARISSA                       NH-1-16-77
CLIFTON, ELIZA                          NH-1-20-1076
CLOGSTON, HENRY N.                      NH-1-16-431
CLOGSTON, JAMES M.                      NH-1-16-224
CLOUGH, AARON                           NH-1-16-199
CLOUGH, ABBIE M.                        NH-1-20-412
CLOUGH, BETSEY T.                       NH-1-22-317
CLOUGH, CALEB                           NH-1-16-20
CLOUGH, DANIEL E.                       NH-1-14-88
CLOUGH, DAVID C.                        NH-1-22-21
CLOUGH, HIRAM                           NH-1-16-29
CLOUGH, JOHN P.                         NH-1-22-492
CLOUGH, JONATHAN                        NH-1-2-644
CLOUGH, JUDITH                          NH-1-20-444
CLOUGH, MARY                            NH-1-20-133
CLOUGH, MARY A.                         NH-1-14-431
CLOUGH, MARY P.                         NH-1-16-215
CLOUGH, MARY S.                         NH-1-16-223
CLOUGH, MERCY G.                        NH-1-20-50
CLOUGH, MOSES                           NH-1-8-546
CLOUGH, OLIVER                          NH-1-2-492
CLOUGH, PHILIP                          NH-1-20-448
CLOUGH, SALLY R.                        NH-1-14-261
CLOUGH, SIMEON                          NH-1-14-283
CLOUGH, STEPHEN                         NH-1-2-149
COE, JOHN                               NH-1-8-446
COE, LAVINIA T.                         NH-1-20-306
COFFIN, BENJAMIN                        NH-1-3-517
COFFIN, BENJAMIN                        NH-1-1-502
COFFIN, ISAAC P.                        NH-1-16-407
COFFIN, JOHN T.                         NH-1-8-404
COFFIN, JONATHAN                        NH-1-8-511
COFFIN, JOSEPH M.                       NH-1-20-230
COFFIN, LEVI T.                         NH-1-20-318
COFFIN, MARY                            NH-1-8-256
COFFIN, PHEBE R.                        NH-1-22-275
COFFIN, SAMUEL                          NH-1-3-582
COGSWELL, CYNTHIA P.                    NH-1-1-424
COGSWELL, RUTH                          NH-1-1-77
COGSWELL, THOMAS                        NH-1-14-525
COGSWELL, WILLIAM                       NH-1-3-203
COLBATH, JOHN                           NH-1-8-438
COLBATH, ROSAMOND                       NH-1-14-28
COLBY, AMY                              NH-1-16-99
COLBY, ANTHONY                          NH-1-20-136
COLBY, BENJAMIN M.                      NH-1-14-500
COLBY, CLARISSA                         NH-1-16-109
COLBY, CONVERSE                         NH-1-22-358
COLE, CARRIE B.                         NH-1-22-193
COLE, JOHN A.                           NH-1-14-307
COLE, MEHITABLE A.                      NH-1-22-479
COLEMAN, PHEBE                          NH-1-16-74
COLLINS, CHARLOTTE                      NH-1-22-3
COLLINS, DOROTHY A.                     NH-1-22-558
COLLINS, EBENEZER                       NH-1-20-201
COLLINS, JOHN B.                        NH-1-20-34
COLLINS, JONATHAN N.                    NH-1-16-419
COLLINS, LOIS                           NH-1-20-76
COLLINS, SAMUEL                         NH-1-16-191
COLONY, JUDITH A. F.                    NH-1-16-124
COLSON, GEORGE                          NH-1-14-140
CONNER, SAMUEL                          NH-1-1-278
CONNOR, JOSEPH                          NH-1-16-71
CONNOR, TRISTRAM S.                     NH-1-16-12
COOK, CHARLES SANFORD                   NH-1-26-2
COOK, JACOB M.                          NH-1-22-49
COOK, MOSES                             NH-1-16-243
COOK, SUSAN C.                          NH-1-20-458
COOPER, RICHARD                         NH-1-8-224
CORLISS, CLARISSA                       NH-1-20-103
CORLISS, DAVID                          NH-1-16-76
CORLISS, DAVID                          NH-1-20-19
CORLISS, MARY                           NH-1-22-142
CORLISS, SARAH JANE                     NH-1-22-460
CORLISS, SHERBURN                       NH-1-14-429
COTTON, ABIGAIL                         NH-1-22-237
COTTON, ALVAH                           NH-1-20-272
COTTON, HANNAH L.                       NH-1-20-192
COTTON, JOHN                            NH-1-1-76
COTTON, MORRIS                          NH-1-14-471
COURTNEY, JOHN F.                       NH-1-20-153
COX, MARY                               NH-1-22-269
CRAFT, MARIA E.                         NH-1-14-465
CRAM, HARRIET                           NH-1-20-181
CRITCHETT, IRENE                        NH-1-16-53
CROCKETT, DANIEL B.                     NH-1-14-227
CROCKETT, IVORY B.                      NH-1-16-117
CROCKETT, MARY                          NH-1-16-394
CROCKETT, SELDON                        NH-1-13-21
CROSBY, JAMES                           NH-1-8-173
CROSBY, MARY T.                         NH-1-22-552
CROSBY, SANBORN                         NH-1-14-87
CROSBY, STEPHEN                         NH-1-16-225
CROSS, HAZEN N.                         NH-1-20-13
CULVER, ALMIRA J.                       NH-1-16-505
CUMMINGS, ELIZABETH                     NH-1-22-259
CURRIER, CHARLES                        NH-1-8-542
CURRIER, ISAAC                          NH-1-3-511
CURRIER, LAURA J.                       NH-1-22-244
CURRIER, SALLY                          NH-1-20-61
CURRIER, SALLY                          NH-1-16-166
CURRY, JOHN                             NH-1-20-193
CURTICE, CORBAN                         NH-1-16-537
CURTLER, MARY B.                        NH-1-22-45
DALTON, JOHN                            NH-1-2-99
DALTON, NANCY L.                        NH-1-20-270
DALTON, TIMOTHY                         NH-1-3-294
DALTON, WILLIAM H.                      NH-1-14-439
DARNE, BETSEY                           NH-1-22-560
DARNE, SANBORN                          NH-1-16-5
DARNE, RICHARD                          NH-1-2-377
DAVIS, ABIGAIL R.                       NH-1-3-70
DAVIS, ALVIN                            NH-1-22-260
DAVIS, DAVID B.                         NH-1-22-216
DAVIS, ELEAZER                          NH-1-3-49
DAVIS, ELEAZER                          NH-1-20-194
DAVIS, ELIZA                            NH-1-16-413
DAVIS, EMILY W.                         NH-1-2-394
DAVIS, FANNY D.                         NH-1-20-98
DAVIS, FRANKLIN                         NH-1-14-130
DAVIS, HANNAH B.                        NH-1-16-365
DAVIS, HANNAH N.                        NH-1-16-305
DAVIS, HENRY                            NH-1-20-115
DAVIS, INCREASE W.                      NH-1-20-117
DAVIS, IRA                              NH-1-22-55
DAVIS, JENNIE M.                        NH-1-22-268
DAVIS, JOHN                             NH-1-16-283
DAVIS, JOHN C.                          NH-1-16-73
DAVIS, JOHN JR.                         NH-1-14-202
DAVIS, JOSEPH P.                        NH-1-22-374
DAVIS, MALACHI                          NH-1-2-362
DAVIS, MARK                             NH-1-16-477
DAVIS, MARY E.                          NH-1-22-280
DAVIS, NAHAN                            NH-1-16-269
DAVIS, NATHANIEL                        NH-1-8-201
DAVIS, PLUMMER M.                       NH-1-22-168
DAVIS, RHODA J.                         NH-1-22-510
DAVIS, RICHARD                          NH-1-3-568
DAVIS, SARAH                            NH-1-8-132
DAVIS, SILAS W.                         NH-1-20-460
DAVIS, SUSANNAH S.                      NH-1-20-476
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NH-1-16-110
DAY, HARTLEY W.                         NH-1-16-385
DEARBORN, HARRIET G.                    NH-1-22-288
DEARBORN, JONATHAN L.                   NH-1-22-271
DEARBORN, STEPHEN H.                    NH-1-22-373
DELAND, CHARLES E.                      NH-1-22-181
DEVINS, DAVID S.                        NH-1-8-172
DICEY, ALMIRA                           NH-1-8-172
DICEY, ANNA                             NH-1-20-41
DINSMOOR, DANIEL J.                     NH-1-22-58
DINSMORE, DANIEL S.                     NH-1-20-70
DIXON, SYLVESTER                        NH-1-22-106
DOCKHAM, ALMIRA                         NH-1-22-420
DOCKHAM, DARIUS                         NH-1-22-134
DOCKHAM, DAVID E.                       NH-1-20-177
DOCKHAM, HANNAH                         NH-1-16-14
DOCKHAM, JOHN JR.                       NH-1-14-81
DOCKHAM, MARY E.                        NH-1-20-205
DOCKHAM, MARY JANE                      NH-1-22-94
DOCKHAM, NATHANIEL                      NH-1-14-131
DOCKHAM, STEPHEN B.                     NH-1-20-100
DOCKHAM, STPEHEN B.                     NH-1-20-100
DOCKHAM, THEOPHLUS                      NH-1-8-285
DOE, AUGUSTUS                           NH-1-20-234
DOE, EZRA W.                            NH-1-20-290
DOE, MARY                               NH-1-8-403
DOLLEY, DEWITT D.                       NH-1-14-193
DOLLOFF, ALPHEUS                        NH-1-20-227
DOLLOFF, AMOS                           NH-1-14-135
DOLLOFF, DAVID                          NH-1-3-74
DOLLOFF, ELIZA J.                       NH-1-22-145
DOLLOFF, JESSE                          NH-1-16-96
DOLLOFF, LOVE S.                        NH-1-20-176
DOLLOFF, SUSAN P.                       NH-1-22-279
DOLLOFF, THOMAS                         NH-1-1-87
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY                        NH-1-22-255
DOW, BETSEY                             NH-1-1-52
DOW, ELIHU F.                           NH-1-8-396
DOW, JACOB                              NH-1-20-85
DOW, JOHN O.                            NH-1-22-294
DOW, JONATHAN G.                        NH-1-22-306
DOW, LEVI                               NH-1-3-40
DOW, LYDIA                              NH-1-14-421
DOW, MARY ANN                           NH-1-22-33
DOW, SALLY                              NH-1-16-217
DOW, TIMOTHY                            NH-1-8-454
DOWNING, ALVAH                          NH-1-16-275
DOWNS, ADELINE B.                       NH-1-22-440
DOWNS, DANIEL                           NH-1-16-37
DRAKE, DARIUS G.                        NH-1-16-373
DRAKE, DEMERITT N.                      NH-1-22-239
DRAKE, JOSEPH S.                        NH-1-22-109
DRAKE, MELINDA                          NH-1-26-6
DRAKE, SARAH C.                         NH-1-20-147
DREW, GEORGE                            NH-1-16-130
DREW, HELEN M.                          NH-1-20-5
DREW, JAMES                             NH-1-16-70
DREW, JOSEPH                            NH-1-2-226
DREW, LEAH                              NH-1-3-482
DREW, NATHAN                            NH-1-8-357
DUDLEY, JONATHAN                        NH-1-14-122
DUDLEY, NATHANIEL                       NH-1-14-173
DUDLEY, PETER                           NH-1-20-246
DUDLEY, SALLY                           NH-1-3-426
DUDLEY, SAMUEL                          NH-1-3-437
DUDLEY, STEPHEN                         NH-1-16-299
DUNCKLEE, HANNAH                        NH-1-20-346
DURGIN, ALMENA R.                       NH-1-22-184
DURRELL, LEWIS E.                       NH-1-22-61
DURRELL, THOMAS                         NH-1-20-294
DUSTEN, SAMUEL                          NH-1-3-215
DUSTIN, RACHEL                          NH-1-3-350
DYER, WILLIAM                           NH-1-26-1
EASTMAN, ABEL B.                        NH-1-20-280
EASTMAN, BARKER                         NH-1-14-176
EASTMAN, EBENEZER                       NH-1-20-468
EASTMAN, EZRA                           NH-1-14-166
EASTMAN, NANCY                          NH-1-8-134
EASTMAN, NATHANIEL                      NH-1-14-395
EASTMAN, OBADIAH                        NH-1-20-533
EASTMAN, THOMAS                         NH-1-8-331
EASTMAN, THOMAS                         NH-1-14-520
EATMAN, ARTEMA SS.                      NH-1-8-241
EATON, MARY P.                          NH-1-20-498
EATON, ROBERT P.                        NH-1-8-111
EATON, ZEPHANIAH P.                     NH-1-16-495
EDGERLY, DAVID                          NH-1-20-392
EDGERLY, ISAAC E.                       NH-1-14-57
EDGERLY, JONATHAN                       NH-1-16-341
EDGERLY, JOSEPH                         NH-1-3-58
EDGERLY, NANCY                          NH-1-3-39
EDGERLY, SAMUEL G.                      NH-1-16-157
EDGERLY, SUSAN                          NH-1-20-1
EDGERLY, TRUE                           NH-1-22-72
EDWARDS, SARAH                          NH-1-3-13
ELA, JOSEPH                             NH-1-20-573
ELKINS, DAVID                           NH-1-3-504
ELKINS, JEREMIAH                        NH-1-3-539
ELKINS, LYDIA ANN                       NH-1-8-152
ELKINS, MARTHA S.                       NH-1-22-160
ELKINS, MOSES R.                        NH-1-20-500
ELLIOTT, ELI H.                         NH-1-20-65
ELLIOTT, FRANCIS                        NH-1-8-37
ELLIOTT, PLOOMY L.                      NH-1-22-289
ELLIS, DAVID                            NH-1-22-15
ELLIS, HORACE D.                        NH-1-22-129
ELLSWORTH, DAVID                        NH-1-16-471
ELLSWORTH, JEREMIAH                     NH-1-3-3
EMERSON, JAMES C.                       NH-1-22-393
EMERSON, MOSES P.                       NH-1-16-343
EMERSON, SETH P.                        NH-1-22-121
EMERSON, SMITH                          NH-1-22-19
EMERY, IRA                              NH-1-22-448
EMERY, MICHAEL                          NH-1-1-295
EMERY, MOSES                            NH-1-3-242
EVANS, DEBORAH                          NH-1-20-113
EVANS, DUDLEY P.                        NH-1-22-191
EVANS, ELIZA F.                         NH-1-20-260
EVANS, ELIZABETH E.                     NH-1-16-273
EVANS, HANNAH                           NH-1-3-318
EVANS, JOSEPH B.                        NH-1-22-126
EVERETT, J. EDWARD                      NH-1-22-217
FARRAR, ALMON J.                        NH-1-22-284
FARRAR, BETSEY                          NH-1-22-60
FARRAR, COMFORT                         NH-1-1-323
FARRAR, HIRAM                           NH-1-22-113
FARRAR, IRA                             NH-1-20-426
FARRAR, ISAAC                           NH-1-8-325
FARRAR, JONATHAN                        NH-1-1-320
FARRAR, JOSIAH                          NH-1-2-70
FARRAR, MARY                            NH-1-2-543
FARRAR, SALLY                           NH-1-20-366
FARRAR, SARAH                           NH-1-3-577
FARRAR, STEPHEN                         NH-1-3-132
FARRELL, SARAH                          NH-1-13-239
FELLOWS, JOSEPH                         NH-1-1-20
FELLOWS, RUFUS                          NH-1-22-74
FERGUSON, WILBUR N.                     NH-1-16-156
FIELDS, LUCINDA                         NH-1-20-178
FIFIELD, BENJAMIN                       NH-1-16-196
FIFIELD, DANIEL E.                      NH-1-20-87
FIFIELD, JOSEPH                         NH-1-8-296
FISK, WALTER W.                         NH-1-16-50
FLACK, MARY ANN                         NH-1-22-452
FLANDERS, DANIEL                        NH-1-2-108
FLANDERS, EZEKIEL                       NH-1-8-514
FLANDERS, JAMES                         NH-1-3-510
FLANDERS, JOHN L.                       NH-1-14-476
FLANDERS, RUFUS L.                      NH-1-16-469
FLANDERS, SALLY S.                      NH-1-16-55
FLETCHER, ALVIN                         NH-1-20-190
FLETCHER, MARY T.                       NH-1-22-414
FOGG, EMILY P.                          NH-1-22-524
FOGG, LEVI                              NH-1-3-468
FOGG, LOUISA                            NH-1-20-456
FOGG, NATHAN T.                         NH-1-3-424
FOGG, NEWELL                            NH-1-3-569
FOGG, SALLY                             NH-1-14-35
FOGG, STEPHEN                           NH-1-1-293
FOLLETT, DANIEL S.                      NH-1-20-74
FOLLING, SALLEY                         NH-1-14-204
FOLSOM, DUDLEY                          NH-1-14-347
FOLSOM, ELBRIDGE G.                     NH-1-22-218
FOLSOM, ELIZABETH D.                    NH-1-20-221
FOLSOM, GEORGE L.                       NH-1-22-78
FOLSOM, HIRAM S.                        NH-1-2-407
FOLSOM, JOHN                            NH-1-14-247
FOLSOM, JONATHAN                        NH-1-8-167
FOLSOM, JONATHAN                        NH-1-8-491
FOLSOM, JOSEPH G.                       NH-1-20-374
FOLSOM, JOSIAH                          NH-1-16-15
FOLSOM, LEVI G.                         NH-1-8-434
FOLSOM, LYDIA A.                        NH-1-22-130
FOLSOM, MARY                            NH-1-1-411
FOLSOM, MIRIAM                          NH-1-20-545
FOLSOM, NANCY H.                        NH-1-22-375
FOLSOM, NATHANIEL                       NH-1-14-277
FOLSOM, NICHOLAS                        NH-1-2-472
FOLSOM, NICHOLAS                        NH-1-8-456
FOLSOM, SAMUEL D.                       NH-1-20-28
FORD, ELIZA A.                          NH-1-20-9
FORD, JOHN R.                           NH-1-16-141
FORD, MARY P.                           NH-1-20-569
FORREST, SALLY T.                       NH-1-22-245
FOSE, ANNA                              NH-1-1-399
FOSS, DEARBORN                          NH-1-14-343
FOSS, JAMES                             NH-1-14-2
FOSS, JOANNA                            NH-1-22-370
FOSS, JONATHAN                          NH-1-16-51
FOSS, OLIVE                             NH-1-8-411
FOSS, RALPH                             NH-1-8-374
FOSS, SIMON                             NH-1-22-41
FOSTER, JOHN                            NH-1-8-283
FOSTER, JOHN C.                         NH-1-16-58
FOSTER, PHEBE                           NH-1-16-461
FOX, BENJAMIN                           NH-1-8-295
FREESE, WILLIAM W                       NH-1-14-528
FRENCH, BENJAMIN F.                     NH-1-20-173
FRENCH, EZEKIEL                         NH-1-2-436
FRENCH, GEORGE S.                       NH-1-16-178
FRENCH, HIRAM                           NH-1-16-135
FRENCH, IRA                             NH-1-16-149
FRENCH, JOHN                            NH-1-14-536
FRENCH, LYDIA M.                        NH-1-20-78
FRENCH, MOSES D.                        NH-1-22-392
FRYE, STATIRA A.                        NH-1-22-54
FURBER, EDMUND                          NH-1-16-545
FURBER, JOHN F.                         NH-1-14-209
FURBER, MARY A.                         NH-1-20-120
FURBER, RICHARD                         NH-1-16-1
FURBER, RICHARD                         NH-1-14-181
GAGE, MOSES                             NH-1-3-367
GALE, ABRAHAM S.                        NH-1-14-85
GALE, ANDREW J.                         NH-1-14-251
GALE, BARTHOLOMEW                       NH-1-14-47
GALE, DANIEL                            NH-1-2-173
GALE, DANIEL M.                         NH-1-3-502
GALE, DANIEL S.                         NH-1-22-214
GALE, EZEKIEL H.                        NH-1-1-86
GALE, JOHN C.                           NH-1-8-395
GALE, JOSEPH                            NH-1-2-343
GALE, LOIS                              NH-1-3-326
GALE, NAPOLEON B.                       NH-1-22-538
GALE, POLLY                             NH-1-2-344
GALE, STEPHEN                           NH-1-14-38
GALE, THOMAS J.                         NH-1-16-56
GARLAND, CALVIN D.                      NH-1-22-588
GARLAND, DAVID                          NH-1-14-4
GARLAND, ISAAC                          NH-1-20-138
GARLAND, ISAAC                          NH-1-14-333
GARLAND, JOHN B.                        NH-1-22-590
GARLAND, LAVNIA W.                      NH-1-22-299
GARLAND, MOSES                          NH-1-22-6
GARLAND, RICHARD                        NH-1-14-371
GAULT, ELLEN M.                         NH-1-16-167
GAULT, GEORGE E.                        NH-1-22-287
GAUTHIER, MATILDA                       NH-1-22-212
GEORGE, JOSIAH                          NH-1-2-433
GEORGE, KING                            NH-1-20-209
GERRISH, SARAH C.                       NH-1-8-30
GETCHELL, NOAH                          NH-1-14-355
GILE, ASA C.                            NH-1-8-394
GILE, JOSEPH W.                         NH-1-22-16
GILES, AMELIA B.                        NH-1-16-222
GILES, DANIEL                           NH-1-8-17
GILES, MARY                             NH-1-14-174
GILES, REUBEN                           NH-1-8-263
GILMAN, ABBIE H.                        NH-1-22-310
GILMAN, ABIGAIL                         NH-1-3-445
GILMAN, ANDREW P.                       NH-1-20-400
GILMAN, BENJAMIN R.                     NH-1-16-473
GILMAN, BETSEY                          NH-1-14-195
GILMAN, BRADSTREET                      NH-1-2-531
GILMAN, CAROLINE                        NH-1-20-20
GILMAN, CLARA B.                        NH-1-22-17
GILMAN, DANIEL R.                       NH-1-22-397
GILMAN, DAVID                           NH-1-2-497
GILMAN, ELIZABETH                       NH-1-1-545
GILMAN, FRANK H.                        NH-1-14-154
GILMAN, HARRISON                        NH-1-14-51
GILMAN, HIRAM                           NH-1-22-302
GILMAN, JAMES                           NH-1-8-559
GILMAN, JAMES                           NH-1-20-422
GILMAN, JEREMIAH                        NH-1-8-377
GILMAN, JOHN                            NH-1-16-371
GILMAN, JOHN S.                         NH-1-16-170
GILMAN, JOSEPH                          NH-1-3-464
GILMAN, JOSIAH                          NH-1-14-190
GILMAN, LEVI                            NH-1-2-170
GILMAN, LEVI                            NH-1-20-169
GILMAN, LYDIA J.                        NH-1-22-176
GILMAN, LYMAN W.                        NH-1-22-98
GILMAN, MARY                            NH-1-14-69
GILMAN, MEHITABLE                       NH-1-3-259
GILMAN, MOLLY                           NH-1-3-166
GILMAN, MOSES                           NH-1-16-355
GILMAN, NICHOLAS S.                     NH-1-16-314
GILMAN, NOAH W.                         NH-1-22-155
GILMAN, REBEKAH                         NH-1-8-547
GILMAN, SARAH E.                        NH-1-22-258
GILMAN, STEPHEN S.                      NH-1-22-164
GILMAN, TIRZAH E.                       NH-1-8-370
GILMAN, WEALTHY C. B.                   NH-1-14-48
GILMAN, WILLIAM R.                      NH-1-3-488
GILMAN, WINTHROP                        NH-1-14-211
GLIDDEN, DANIEL                         NH-1-20-442
GLIDDEN, DAVID                          NH-1-1-350
GLIDDEN, ELIAS                          NH-1-8-435
GLIDDEN, GILMAN                         NH-1-16-114
GLIDDEN, HOSEA                          NH-1-20-154
GLIDDEN, JACOB K.                       NH-1-16-277
GLIDDEN, ROBERT                         NH-1-2-105
GORDON, ABNER K.                        NH-1-14-36
GORDON, ANNA P.                         NH-1-22-241
GORDON, BENJAMIN E.                     NH-1-22-352
GORDON, DANIEL S.                       NH-1-1-46
GORDON, ELIZA A.                        NH-1-22-151
GORDON, ESTHER                          NH-1-8-178
GORDON, HORACE W.                       NH-1-13-206
GORDON, IRA E.                          NH-1-16-86
GORDON, JAMES                           NH-1-14-497
GORDON, JOHN                            NH-1-3-470
GORDON, JOHN JR.                        NH-1-1-494
GORDON, LOIEL                           NH-1-16-62
GORDON, MARY A.                         NH-1-22-204
GORDON, SARAH                           NH-1-8-533
GORDON, STEPHEN                         NH-1-8-197
GORDON, STEPHEN L.                      NH-1-1-192
GORDON, TIMOTHY C.                      NH-1-22-592
GORTON, OLIVE P.                        NH-1-22-582
GOSS, ELIZA A.                          NH-1-3-121
GOSS, JOHN                              NH-1-2-371
GOSS, JOHN                              NH-1-8-222
GOSS, JOHN                              NH-1-8-489
GOSS, LEVI                              NH-1-1-55
GOSS, PHEBE A.                          NH-1-22-215
GOSS, RACHEL                            NH-1-14-142
GOVE, MARY ANN P.                       NH-1-16-28
GOVE, NANCY B.                          NH-1-16-132
GRACE, MOSES L.                         NH-1-14-169
GRANT, DANIEL F.                        NH-1-22-131
GRAY, JOHN                              NH-1-22-570
GRAY, MYRON                             NH-1-20-186
GRAY, ROBERT                            NH-1-14-345
GRAY, SUSANNA                           NH-1-16-379
GREELEY, STEPHEN S. N.                  NH-1-22-192
GREELY, LYMAN                           NH-1-8-467
GREELY, STEPHEN L.                      NH-1-16-329
GREEN, ADDIE S.                         NH-1-22-206
GREEN, AMELIA                           NH-1-16-35
GREEN, JOHN W.                          NH-1-20-108
GRIFFIN, OLIVER P.                      NH-1-22-300
GRIFFIN, RICHARD                        NH-1-14-483
GUY, NELLIE L.                          NH-1-22-309
HACKETT, ALLEN J.                       NH-1-20-565
HACKETT, CHARLES A.                     NH-1-22-496
HACKETT, WARREN                         NH-1-20-553
HADLEY, AMOS                            NH-1-8-386
HADLEY, ASRAH E.                        NH-1-22-53
HADLEY, BRADFORD                        NH-1-14-342
HADLEY, SAMUEL                          NH-1-16-497
HADLEY, URIAH                           NH-1-22-430
HAIN, EZRA                              NH-1-16-214
HAIN, HANNAH B.                         NH-1-8-492
HAIN, SAMUEL                            NH-1-8-471
HAINES, JAMES H.                        NH-1-22-278
HALEY, JOHN J.                          NH-1-22-353
HALL, ABIGAIL                           NH-1-16-257
HALL, EBENEZER                          NH-1-8-217
HALL, GEORGE                            NH-1-20-250
HALL, HARRIET G.                        NH-1-14-377
HALL, IRA                               NH-1-22-254
HALL, ISRAEL                            NH-1-14-441
HALL, JEREMIAH                          NH-1-3-338
HALL, JOSEPH                            NH-1-1-500
HALL, JOSEPH P.                         NH-1-20-146
HALL, KING S.                           NH-1-22-32
HALL, KINSLEY                           NH-1-20-185
HALL, NATHANIEL B.                      NH-1-20-24
HALL, SAMUEL                            NH-1-3-535
HALL, SAMUEL                            NH-1-8-401
HALL, WILLIAM                           NH-1-20-492
HALL,SOLOMON                            NH-1-3-434
HANAFORD, BRADLEY                       NH-1-14-405
HANAFORD, NANCY                         NH-1-14-485
HANAFORD, NANCY                         NH-1-8-385
HANCOCK, SUSAN M.                       NH-1-16-174
HANSON, CAVERNO                         NH-1-2-272
HANSON, JOHN                            NH-1-8-333
HARDY, DAVID                            NH-1-8-271
HARPER, SALLY                           NH-1-14-271
HARRIMAN, LUTHER H.                     NH-1-22-371
HART, JOSEPH S.                         NH-1-16-44
HART, THEODORE                          NH-1-1-434
HATCH, BETSEY E.                        NH-1-14-129
HATCH, ELIAB G.                         NH-1-8-297
HATCH, SIMEON                           NH-1-14-229
HAWKES, ABBIE A.                        NH-1-13-104
HAWKINS, TIMOTHY D.                     NH-1-16-515
HAWKINS, WILLIAM                        NH-1-14-177
HAWLEY, CARRIE A.                       NH-1-22-384
HAYES, BETSEY                           NH-1-16-80
HAYES, JOSEPH                           NH-1-16-265
HAYES, MILES                            NH-1-14-339
HAYES, NANCY R.                         NH-1-22-70
HAYES, REUBEN                           NH-1-14-504
HAYES, WILLIAM                          NH-1-14-512
HAYNES, HENRY F.                        NH-1-22-464
HEATH, JACOB                            NH-1-16-31
HEATH, NANCY S.                         NH-1-20-151
HENDLEY, NANCY A.                       NH-1-22-10
HERBERT, JOSEPH C.                      NH-1-16-173
HERSEY, AMOS K.                         NH-1-20-223
HERSEY, HANNAH                          NH-1-14-103
HERSEY, JOSIAH                          NH-1-14-481
HIBBARD, CHARLES                        NH-1-8-505
HIBBARD, CHARLOTTE                      NH-1-14-457
HIBBARD, DEBORAH J.                     NH-1-20-99
HICKS, HARRIET C.                       NH-1-22-267
HIDDEN, SAMUEL                          NH-1-8-436
HILL, AARON                             NH-1-16-34
HILL, ABIGAIL                           NH-1-20-126
HILL, JOHN                              NH-1-14-22
HILL, JOSEPH                            NH-1-22-89
HILL, SALLY P.                          NH-1-2-121
HILL, SAMUEL D.                         NH-1-22-35
HILL, TRUE W.                           NH-1-20-29
HILL, WILLIAM P.                        NH-1-22-426
HILTON, DANIEL                          NH-1-14-98
HILTON, OLIVE                           NH-1-16-123
HOBBS, LUCINDA                          NH-1-8-412
HODGDON, CHARLES                        NH-1-3-516
HODGDON, CHARLES                        NH-1-14-213
HODGDON, JOHN M.                        NH-1-1-157
HODGDON, POLLY                          NH-1-8-303
HODGDON, THOMAS P.                      NH-1-8-414
HODGKINS, MARIA                         NH-1-20-420
HOIT, ASENATH R.                        NH-1-20-140
HOIT, BETSEY                            NH-1-22-325
HOIT, CYNTHIA                           NH-1-22-73
HOIT, ENOCH                             NH-1-14-469
HOIT, FANNY                             NH-1-14-477
HOIT, JAMES S.                          NH-1-20-430
HOIT, JOHNN.                            NH-1-16-81
HOIT, STEWERT                           NH-1-3-463
HOLBROOK, EUNICE                        NH-1-22-153
HOLT, HANNAH                            NH-1-22-37
HOLTON, FANNY M.                        NH-1-22-377
HORN, AMASA                             NH-1-16-61
HORN, ENOCH                             NH-1-20-134
HORN, HENRY Y. S.                       NH-1-14-23
HORN, MARY P.                           NH-1-22-336
HOVEY, MARY E.                          NH-1-16-441
HOW, JOHN                               NH-1-20-54
HOW, JOSIAH S.                          NH-1-20-164
HOWE, EBENEZER                          NH-1-8-444
HOYT, ALMIRA A.                         NH-1-22-44
HOYT, HANNAH B.                         NH-1-22-140
HOYT, HULDAH                            NH-1-8-109
HOYT, MARY                              NH-1-16-94
HOYT, MERRIAM                           NH-1-16-493
HOYT, SARAH E.                          NH-1-22-305
HOYT, THOMAS B.                         NH-1-22-137
HUCKINS, ANDREW                         NH-1-22-272
HUCKINS, DANIEL                         NH-1-14-14
HUCKINS, JOHN D.                        NH-1-16-52
HUCKINS, JONATHAN D.                    NH-1-22-1
HUCKINS, LUCRETIA A.                    NH-1-22-383
HUCKINS, ORLANDO G.                     NH-1-16-217
HUCKINS, ROBERT                         NH-1-1-305
HULL, ALBERT G.                         NH-1-22-157
HUNKINS, BETSEY M.                      NH-1-22-502
HUNKINS, HEZEKIAH                       NH-1-14-116
HUNKINS, JACOB P.                       NH-1-20-308
HUNKINS, JOHN M.                        NH-1-3-553
HUNKINS, MARTHA                         NH-1-16-134
HUNKINS, SALLY                          NH-1-14-145
HUNKINS, STEPHEN                        NH-1-2-537
HUNKNS, GEORGE W.                       NH-1-16-98
HUNT, ABEL                              NH-1-8-88
HUNT, ABEL                              NH-1-1-112
HUNT, ARTHUR L.                         NH-1-20-129
HUNT, EBENEZER S.                       NH-1-22-200
HUNT, JOHN S.                           NH-1-16-93
HUNT, JULIA ANN                         NH-1-22-11
HUNT, MORRILL                           NH-1-16-119
HUNT, POLLY                             NH-1-14-389
HUNT, WILLIAM                           NH-1-14-117
HUNTOON, MARY                           NH-1-3-134
HURD, CALEB                             NH-1-22-56
HURD, EDWIN F.                          NH-1-8-179
HURD, HENRY                             NH-1-22-42
HURD, SOPHRONIA W.                      NH-1-20-160
HUSE, DANIEL                            NH-1-20-83
HUSE, JOHN B.                           NH-1-22-143
HUSE, JOHN C.                           NH-1-1-49
HUSE, SALLY D.                          NH-1-14-540
HUSSEY, REUBEN                          NH-1-14-112
HUTCHINS, ELIZA A.                      NH-1-22-376
HUTCHINSON, ELIJAH                      NH-1-2-10
HUTCHINSON, ELIZABETH                   NH-1-2-61
HUTCHINSON, JAMES B.                    NH-1-8-481
INGRAM, WILLIAM W.                      NH-1-22-345
JACKSON, ELIZA                          NH-1-26-4
JACKSON, JAMES                          NH-1-8-381
JACKSON, JAMES                          NH-1-22-393
JACOBS, BETSEY                          NH-1-14-120
JACQUES, NANCY                          NH-1-20-242
JAMES, ANNAS C.                         NH-1-22-468
JAMES, HANNAH                           NH-1-14-309
JAMES, IRA H.                           NH-1-20-6
JAMES, JABEZ                            NH-1-2-296
JAMES, WILLIAM H.                       NH-1-8-39
JAQUES, JEREMIAH S.                     NH-1-22-408
JAQUES, PASCAL P.                       NH-1-22-236
JAQUES, SIMEON                          NH-1-8-49
JAQUES, THOMAS M.                       NH-1-22-132
JARVIS, PAUL                            NH-1-20-4
JASPER, ORLANDI H.                      NH-1-22-297
JENKINS, GEORGE                         NH-1-8-493
JENKINS, JOSEPH                         NH-1-20-282
JENKINS, STEPHEN                        NH-1-16-401
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        NH-1-20-38
JENNESS, BETSEY                         NH-1-16-427
JENNESS, GILMAN                         NH-1-16-8
JENNESS, JEREMIAH                       NH-1-16-345
JENNESS, JOHN M.                        NH-1-20-200
JENNESS, LYDIA B.                       NH-1-22-101
JENNESS, WILLIAM                        NH-1-14-399
JENNESS, WILLIAM P.                     NH-1-22-115
JEWETT, BENJAMIN                        NH-1-2-432
JEWETT, BENJAMIN                        NH-1-22-118
JEWETT, BETSEY A.                       NH-1-22-290
JEWETT, JOHN                            NH-1-20-46
JEWETT, NANCY                           NH-1-14-187
JEWETT, SARAH                           NH-1-3-244
JEWETT, SMITH                           NH-1-14-125
JOHNSON, ALBERT E.                      NH-1-1-235
JOHNSON, DAVID F.                       NH-1-14-106
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH A.                   NH-1-22-360
JOHNSON, JANE G.                        NH-1-16-220
JOHNSON, NANCY                          NH-1-22-404
JOHNSON, NATHAN JR.                     NH-1-16-230
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NH-1-16-17
JOHNSON, WILLIAM F.                     NH-1-22-257
JONES, ALBERT D.                        NH-1-14-24
JONES, ELIZABETH                        NH-1-16-26
JONES, EZEKIEL                          NH-1-16-33
JONES, JAMES                            NH-1-3-468
JONES, JAMES                            NH-1-14-325
JONES, JOHN                             NH-1-22-36
JONES, SALLY R.                         NH-1-20-360
JONES, SARAH                            NH-1-1-22
JUDKINS, ABIGAIL                        NH-1-14-231
JUDKINS, JOSIAH                         NH-1-22-48
JUDKINS, MARY                           NH-1-14-319
KEASOR, EDMUND                          NH-1-20-143
KEASOR, JOHN L.                         NH-1-22-180
KELLEY, BENJAMIN                        NH-1-1-460
KELLEY, CHALES G.                       NH-1-20-352
KELLEY, DANIEL D.                       NH-1-13-74
KELLEY, HANNAH                          NH-1-8-555
KELLEY, JONATHAN D.                     NH-1-20-22
KELLEY, JONATHAN F.                     NH-1-16-154
KELLEY, JOSEPH S.                       NH-1-14-425
KELLEY, JULIA M. M.                     NH-1-22-331
KELLEY, MICAJAH                         NH-1-1-545
KELLEY, MICHAEL B.                      NH-1-2-372
KELLEY, POLLY C.                        NH-1-20-364
KELLEY, SAMUEL                          NH-1-8-290
KELLEY, SOPHRONIA D.                    NH-1-22-474
KENESON, RANDALL S.                     NH-1-22-114
KENISON, ISABELLE                       NH-1-22-179
KENISTON, BETSEY C.                     NH-1-20-581
KENISTON, EBENEZER                      NH-1-3-37
KENISTON, FURBER                        NH-1-22-506
KENNEY, ISAAC                           NH-1-8-262
KENNEY, MOSES                           NH-1-3-349
KIDDER, ALDEN A.                        NH-1-22-93
KIMBALL, ABNER                          NH-1-20-161
KIMBALL, DANIEL                         NH-1-1-231
KIMBALL, EUNICE F.                      NH-1-20-30
KIMBALL, JOHN                           NH-1-20-300
KIMBALL, JOSEPH M.                      NH-1-22-536
KIMBALL, LOUISA                         NH-1-20-262
KIMBALL, MARY D.                        NH-1-20-73
KIMBALL, MATTHIAS                       NH-1-16-499
KIMBALL, NANCY                          NH-1-16-198
KIMBALL, NEHEMIAH                       NH-1-2-514
KIMBALL, RACHEL                         NH-1-14-156
KIMBALL, SAMUEL B.                      NH-1-20-530
KIMBALL, SARAH                          NH-1-8-356
KIMBALL, SIMON B.                       NH-1-22-286
KITCHEN, MARCUS L.W.                    NH-1-13-221
KITCHEN, MARIA LOUISE                   NH-1-13-155
KLEASOR, ABIGAIL                        NH-1-16-172
KNOWLES, ANN E.                         NH-1-16-108
KNOWLES, JOSEPH                         NH-1-3-429
KNOWLTON, JOHN                          NH-1-20-166
KNOWLTON, KIRK                          NH-1-20-36
LADD, ELIZA L.                          NH-1-20-32
LADD, GOULD D.                          NH-1-16-322
LADD, JOHN O. M.                        NH-1-8-82
LADD, JULIA A.                          NH-1-13-183
LADD, MARY M. C.                        NH-1-22-90
LADD, RANSOM S.                         NH-1-20-182
LADD, RHODA C.                          NH-1-22-454
LADD, SAMUEL                            NH-1-22-147
LADD, TIMOTHY                           NH-1-3-560
LAIGHTON, ELLEN W.                      NH-1-22-382
LAKEMAN, NANCY                          NH-1-16-517
LAMPER, JAMES                           NH-1-8-483
LAMPREY, ANCIL                          NH-1-22-104
LAMPREY, JOHN                           NH-1-3-182
LAMPREY, OLIVER                         NH-1-22-102
LAMPREY, REUBEN                         NH-1-16-13
LAMPREY, SYLVESTER J.                   NH-1-22-307
LAMPREY, URIAH                          NH-1-20-67
LAMPREY, URIAH                          NH-1-22-224
LANCASTER, ELIZABETH                    NH-1-3-33
LANCUSTER, THOMAS                       NH-1-14-363
LANDERS, BETSEY P.                      NH-1-16-194
LANE, ELIZABETH                         NH-1-8-254
LANE, ELIZABETH M.                      NH-1-20-31
LANE, ELIZABETH R.                      NH-1-22-532
LANE, GEORGE W.                         NH-1-14-39
LANE, JOHN                              NH-1-16-47
LANE, JOSEPH C.                         NH-1-3-415
LANE, JOSEPH W.                         NH-1-20-388
LANE, JOSHUA                            NH-1-22-270
LANE, LOVEY A.                          NH-1-13-203
LANE, MARTHA A.                         NH-1-22-261
LANE, NANCY                             NH-1-20-210
LANE, STEPHEN                           NH-1-20-45
LANE, THOMAS E.                         NH-1-20-480
LANG, GEORGE W.                         NH-1-16-377
LANGLEY, ABIGAIL                        NH-1-3-440
LANGLEY, DAVID                          NH-1-8-198
LANGLEY, EPHRAIM                        NH-1-14-165
LANGLEY, JAMES                          NH-1-2-574
LANGLEY, JOHN H.                        NH-1-16-115
LANGLEY, RICHARD M.                     NH-1-20-8
LANGLEY, SALLY                          NH-1-16-83
LANGLEY, SAMUEL N.                      NH-1-22-62
LANGLEY, SUSAN                          NH-1-14-109
LAWRENCE, EZEKIEL B.                    NH-1-16-42
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL H.                     NH-1-20-27
LEACH, GILES                            NH-1-20-354
LEAVITT, AMANDA J.                      NH-1-16-153
LEAVITT, BETSEY P.                      NH-1-22-444
LEAVITT, DANIEL T.                      NH-1-22-326
LEAVITT, EBENEZER K.                    NH-1-22-363
LEAVITT, EDNA                           NH-1-3-483
LEAVITT, HARRIS J.                      NH-1-16-155
LEAVITT, ISAAC                          NH-1-20-256
LEAVITT, JEREMIAH                       NH-1-20-26
LEAVITT, JOHN                           NH-1-2-447
LEAVITT, JOHN                           NH-1-14-160
LEAVITT, JOHN D.                        NH-1-14-303
LEAVITT, JONATHAN                       NH-1-14-150
LEAVITT, JOSEPH                         NH-1-8-32
LEAVITT, MAHALA                         NH-1-22-369
LEAVITT, MARY                           NH-1-14-77
LEAVITT, MARY A.                        NH-1-16-90
LEAVITT, NANCY                          NH-1-8-327
LEAVITT, NOAH                           NH-1-1-221
LEAVITT, RUTH                           NH-1-20-77
LEAVITT, SALLY                          NH-1-8-367
LEAVITT, SALLY                          NH-1-20-268
LEAVITT, SAMUEL                         NH-1-3-454
LEAVITT, SAMUEL                         NH-1-8-390
LEAVITT, STEPHEN                        NH-1-16-201
LEE, JOSEPH M.                          NH-1-14-207
LEEDS, GEORGE T.                        NH-1-22-264
LEFLAM, HENRY                           NH-1-22-165
LEIGHTON, JAMES                         NH-1-20-25
LEIGHTON, JAMES C.                      NH-1-14-5
LEWIS, MARY C.                          NH-1-22-123
LEWIS, RUFUS G.                         NH-1-14-532
LEWIS, SALLY S.                         NH-1-16-423
LIBBY, ABRAM                            NH-1-22-186
LIBBY, BENJAMIN T.                      NH-1-8-553
LIBBY, BETSEY G.                        NH-1-20-432
LIBBY, JOSEPH                           NH-1-16-387
LIBBY, PHILBRICK R.                     NH-1-22-12
LITTLEFIELD, JOHN                       NH-1-16-65
LIZART, CHISTINE                        NH-1-20-219
LO0UGEE, ELISHA                         NH-1-1-433
LOCKE, DANIEL E.                        NH-1-16-23
LOCKE, ELBRIDGE G.                      NH-1-20-236
LOCKE, ELIPHALET                        NH-1-14-455
LOCKE, ENOCH B.                         NH-1-14-474
LOCKE, JAMES                            NH-1-16-207
LOCKE, JOHN W. F.                       NH-1-16-253
LOCKE, JULIA A.                         NH-1-20-248
LOCKE, SALLY                            NH-1-16-106
LOCKE, SAMSON B.                        NH-1-20-284
LOCKE, SAMUEL B.                        NH-1-16-151
LOUGEE, ABIGAIL P.                      NH-1-26-3
LOUGEE, ALFRED C.                       NH-1-14-41
LOUGEE, ANN W.                          NH-1-20-526
LOUGEE, CHARLES T.                      NH-1-14-212
LOUGEE, DANIEL                          NH-1-20-382
LOUGEE, ELISHA                          NH-1-20-386
LOUGEE, EMERSON                         NH-1-1-474
LOUGEE, EMERSON                         NH-1-14-113
LOUGEE, JONATHAN                        NH-1-14-225
LOUGEE, JOSEPH                          NH-1-22-68
LOUGEE, LYDIA                           NH-1-14-133
LOUGEE, SIMEON                          NH-1-8-119
LOVEJOY, ELIZA A.                       NH-1-22-248
LOVELL, WARREN                          NH-1-16-103
LOVETT, MARY A.                         NH-1-22-173
LOVETT, PHILBRICK R.                    NH-1-20-214
LUCAS, MOSES J.                         NH-1-14-1
LYFORD, JOHN                            NH-1-22-57
LYFORD, SUSAN G.                        NH-1-22-23

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