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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #
Volume List: A = 1855-1881 | B = 1882-1894 | C = 1895-1904 | D = 1900-1908 | E = 1908-1914 | F = 1915-1915 | G = 1915-1932 | 1 = 1903-1924 |
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MACGREGOR, ALEXANDER                    IA-22-A-70
MACGREGOR, JAMES JR.                    IA-22-A-227
MADDEN, ANN                             IA-22-A-414
MAGHER, BRIDGET                         IA-22-A-424
MAHNKE, JOACHIM                         IA-22-D-48
MANDELKOW, CAROLINE                     IA-22-D-181
MANDELKOW, FRITZ                        IA-22-D-95
MANN, JOHANNES                          IA-22-C-25
MANN, JOHN (REV.)                       IA-22-B-4
MARIEN, HENRY                           IA-22-B-33
MARKER, MARGARET                        IA-22-D-321
MARMANN, NICKOLAUS                      IA-22-B-332
MARSHALL, MICHAEL                       IA-22-B-316
MARSTON, JAMES C.                       IA-22-A-192
MARTENS, ANNA                           IA-22-D-222
MARTI, ELIZABETH                        IA-22-C-194
MARTIN, JACOB                           IA-22-B-185
MARTING, WILHELMINA                     IA-22-D-254
MASSEY, WILLIAM                         IA-22-B-140
MATHEWS, ANN                            IA-22-C-335
MATT, JOSEPHA                           IA-22-C-354
MATTHIS, JACOB                          IA-22-A-254
MATTISON, LOUIS                         IA-22-C-93
MAXWELL, LEAH                           IA-22-D-388
MAXWELL, WASHINGTON                     IA-22-C-205
MAY, S. N.                              IA-22-B-466
MC COY, GEORGE R.                       IA-22-A-503
MCANDREW, MARY ANN                      IA-22-D-261
MCANDREW, MICHAEL                       IA-22-B-162
MCAVOY, PATRICK                         IA-22-C-64
MCCABE, MARY                            IA-22-B-465
MCCARTY, JAMES                          IA-22-A-236
MCCARTY, THIMOTHY                       IA-22-A-395
MCCLELLAND, JULIET G.                   IA-22-A-26
MCCORMICK, CYRUS H.                     IA-22-B-96
MCCRANEY, THOMAS                        IA-22-A-1
MCCUE, PETER                            IA-22-D-99
MCCUNE, JOHN S.                         IA-22-A-405
MCGEE, PETER                            IA-22-D-199
MCGUIRE, JAMES                          IA-22-B-89
MCHOSE, JOSEPH                          IA-22-D-140
MCKELLER, HUGH                          IA-22-B-213
MCKINLEY, JAMES                         IA-22-B-335
MCLELLAND, W. H. S.                     IA-22-A-452
MCLEOND, WILLIAM                        IA-22-A-34
MCLOUGHLIN, JOHN                        IA-22-B-201
MCMASTER, MELVIN                        IA-22-A-371
MCMORROW, JOHN                          IA-22-A-200
MCNAMARA, PATRICK                       IA-22-A-422
MCNAMARA, THOMAS                        IA-22-A-99
MCSPERREN, JOSEPH                       IA-22-A-38
MEEHAN, RICHARD                         IA-22-D-259
MEEHAN, WILLIAM                         IA-22-D-408
MEHSER, GEORGE                          IA-22-B-120
MEIER, ANNA                             IA-22-D-234
MEIER, CLAUS                            IA-22-C-117
MEIER, FRITZ                            IA-22-D-58
MEIER, JOHN                             IA-22-D-344
MEINI, JOSEPH                           IA-22-B-419
MEISNER, FREDERICK                      IA-22-B-197
MELICK, JOHN                            IA-22-A-27
MENGE, AUGUST                           IA-22-D-262
MENGE, C. W.                            IA-22-C-275
MENKE, AUGUST                           IA-22-A-389
MENTZEL, CHARLES                        IA-22-C-27
MENTZEL, DINA                           IA-22-D-180
MERZ, BALTHASAR                         IA-22-D-334
METZ, JOHN                              IA-22-C-332
MEYER, ALEANDER                         IA-22-C-291
MEYER, ALEXANDER                        IA-22-A-531
MEYER, D. A. ERNST                      IA-22-A-151
MEYER, DEITRICH HEINRICH                IA-22-A-299
MEYER, FREDERICK                        IA-22-B-127
MEYER, GEORGE                           IA-22-A-188
MEYER, HEINERICH                        IA-22-B-347
MEYER, JOHN H. C.                       IA-22-A-298
MEYER, MARGARET A.                      IA-22-B-433
MEYER, MARIA ANNA                       IA-22-D-77
MEYER, NICHOLAS                         IA-22-A-280
MEYER, OTTO                             IA-22-A-419
MEYER, RENKE E.                         IA-22-C-345
MEYER, RENKO E. SR.                     IA-22-A-161
MICH, MACHTELENA                        IA-22-C-282
MICH,F RANZ                             IA-22-D-41
MILES, D. D.                            IA-22-A-380
MILES, HARRIET C.                       IA-22-B-219
MILLARD, SARAH J.                       IA-22-C-299
MILLER, CAROLINE                        IA-22-B-157
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       IA-22-D-173
MILLER, ELIZABETH ANN                   IA-22-D-44
MILLER, JOHN                            IA-22-D-336
MILLER, ROBERT                          IA-22-C-57
MILLS, EDWARD W.                        IA-22-A-421
MOELLERING, J. H.                       IA-22-B-427
MOESSNER, JACOB                         IA-22-B-6
MOIR, JOHN SR.                          IA-22-B-86
MOLUMBY, CATHARINE                      IA-22-A-145
MONCRIEF, WILLIAM N.                    IA-22-D-12
MOODY, EZEKIEL                          IA-22-D-177
MOODY, MAPLE                            IA-22-B-409
MOORE, EDWARD                           IA-22-A-349
MOORE, IDA M.                           IA-22-D-30
MORRIS, BARNEY                          IA-22-D-266
MORRIS, JOSEPH                          IA-22-B-180
MORRISON, MADGE                         IA-22-D-324
MORTON, LOUISE                          IA-22-C-153
MOSER, TOBIAS                           IA-22-C-238
MOUTON, LOUIS                           IA-22-C-153
MOYNA, OWEN                             IA-22-C-353
MOZENETZ, MARY                          IA-22-D-413
MUELLER, JOHANNES                       IA-22-B-152
MUELLER, JOHN                           IA-22-C-394
MUELLER, WILHELM                        IA-22-A-248
MUHLETHALER, FRIEDRICH                  IA-22-B-352
MULLEN, MARTIN                          IA-22-D-128
MULLER, CARL                            IA-22-B-420
MULLER, HENRY                           IA-22-A-448
MULLER, LOUIS                           IA-22-D-389
MULNIX, SOLOMON                         IA-22-A-261
MUNGER, CORDELIA                        IA-22-C-53
MUNGER, MILO E.                         IA-22-C-259
MURDOCK, SAMUEL                         IA-22-A-209
MURPHY, DANIEL                          IA-22-B-209
MURPHY, EDWARD                          IA-22-A-401
MURPHY, THOMAS                          IA-22-C-382
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                         IA-22-D-362
MUSFELD, FREDERICK                      IA-22-A-359
MUZZY, ANN                              IA-22-C-196
NADING, JOHN SR.                        IA-22-B-396
NAESCHER, JOSEPHINA                     IA-22-C-369
NAGEL, FREDERICK                        IA-22-D-412
NASS, GILBERT G.                        IA-22-D-175
NEEDHAM, MICHAEL                        IA-22-C-255
NEILL, JOSEPH                           IA-22-A-84
NEUBAUER, WILHELM                       IA-22-D-277
NEUMANN, AUGUST                         IA-22-C-98
NEVERMANN, AUGUST                       IA-22-D-110
NEVIN, JOHN                             IA-22-A-335
NEWMAN, LUKE M.                         IA-22-A-250
NEYLAN, MICHAEL                         IA-22-D-269
NICHOLS, JERUSHA                        IA-22-C-114
NICHOLS, MARVIN W.                      IA-22-D-383
NICHOLS, REUBEN                         IA-22-B-364
NIEDERMEIER, GODFRIED                   IA-22-D-18
NIEMANN, CHARLES                        IA-22-A-478
NIEMANN, HERMAN HEINRICH                IA-22-B-326
NIEMANN, WILLIAM                        IA-22-A-477
NIETERT, FREDERICK                      IA-22-A-530
NOLAN, ANTHONY                          IA-22-B-363
NUT, CHRISTIAN                          IA-22-A-468
NUT, KATHARINA                          IA-22-A-549
OATHUT, ELIZA                           IA-22-B-331
OBERMUELLER, PETER HENRY                IA-22-C-294
ODELL, ELIJAH                           IA-22-A-386
ODONNELL, JOHN                          IA-22-D-381
OEHLERT, SOPHIA                         IA-22-D-268
OELKERS, MARGARETHA                     IA-22-B-77
OELKS, JOHN HENRY                       IA-22-A-467
OGLESBEE, JAMES S.                      IA-22-A-259
OGLESBEE, MARY C.                       IA-22-B-176
OLEARY, DANIEL                          IA-22-B-284
OLEARY, DENNIS                          IA-22-C-387
OLESON, ANDREW                          IA-22-B-95
OLMSTED, POLLY E.                       IA-22-B-82
OLSEN, ASLAG                            IA-22-C-107
OLSEN, HALVOR                           IA-22-A-413
OLSON, HALVOR                           IA-22-D-338
OLSON, SARNEY                           IA-22-D-23
OPERMAN, CHRISTIAN                      IA-22-B-231
OPITZ, FREDERICK                        IA-22-D-397
OPITZ, LOUIS                            IA-22-C-368
OPPERMAN, HENRY SR.                     IA-22-D-93
ORNSBY, THOMAS                          IA-22-B-221
ORR, FREDERICK                          IA-22-D-350
OSULLIVAN, PATRICK                      IA-22-A-187
OSWALD, JAMES                           IA-22-A-225
OSWALD, JAMES                           IA-22-B-13
OSWALD, JANE                            IA-22-B-17
OVERBECK, WILLIAM                       IA-22-B-117
PACE, JOSEPH                            IA-22-A-277
PACKER, JOHN                            IA-22-A-66
PACKER, ORPHA                           IA-22-B-70
PADDLEFORD, ELIZABETH                   IA-22-C-134
PADDLEFORD, JOHN                        IA-22-C-124
PAGE, ANNA M.                           IA-22-C-109
PAHLAS, FREDEICK                        IA-22-D-137
PALAS, JOHN                             IA-22-D-147
PARDEE, SMITH                           IA-22-D-64
PARROT, SAMUEL                          IA-22-A-255
PARTCH, JAMES T.                        IA-22-C-320
PARTCH, LUCY                            IA-22-C-318
PATRICK, WILLIAM                        IA-22-D-299
PATTERSON, JOHN                         IA-22-A-397
PATTERSON, MARY                         IA-22-B-30
PAULSON, JAMES                          IA-22-C-278
PAYNE, AUGUSTUS L.                      IA-22-A-223
PEARSOLL, AMOS                          IA-22-C-170
PEET, ESTHER                            IA-22-D-292
PENFIELD, SARAH L.                      IA-22-A-237
PENHELLEN, RICHARD                      IA-22-B-378
PENKER, JOHN                            IA-22-D-393
PERRY, JANE                             IA-22-D-191
PERRY, JOHN                             IA-22-C-42
PERRY, MINERVA J.                       IA-22-B-317
PERRY, WILLIAM                          IA-22-A-40
PETER, JOHN                             IA-22-B-141
PETERS, MICHAEL                         IA-22-D-348
PETERSON, THRONE                        IA-22-D-305
PETRI, CHRIST                           IA-22-D-157
PETTIT, ELISHA                          IA-22-D-49
PFIFFNER, GUSTAVUS                      IA-22-A-479
PFIFFNER, MARTIN                        IA-22-B-310
PHELPS, A. H.                           IA-22-D-346
PHELPS, CHLOE P.                        IA-22-C-55
PHELPS, ELLEN M.                        IA-22-C-54
PHILLIPS, ISRAEL                        IA-22-A-331
PINS, PETER                             IA-22-D-220
PISCHKE, FRIEDRICH                      IA-22-B-397
PLATT, N. G.                            IA-22-B-468
PLEEY, ANNA E.                          IA-22-B-441
PLOOG, ANNA CHRISTENA                   IA-22-C-407
POETZ, GEORGE A.                        IA-22-C-3
PORTER, HELLEN                          IA-22-A-108
PORTER, JOHN                            IA-22-D-301
POWERS, WILLIAM J.                      IA-22-A-319
PRATT, ISAAC N.                         IA-22-A-469
PREDMORE, MOSES                         IA-22-A-100
PRESTON, ISAAC H.                       IA-22-A-350
PRIOR, ELIZABETH                        IA-22-B-217
PUPKEY, ANDREAS                         IA-22-B-321
QUIGLEY, JOSEPH B.                      IA-22-B-133
QUIGLEY, NANCY B.                       IA-22-C-192
QUIGLEY, SUE J.                         IA-22-C-116
QUIGLEY, WILLIAM J.                     IA-22-A-196
RADLOFF, CARL                           IA-22-C-316
RANDALL, JOSEPH                         IA-22-D-387
RANKIN, WILLIAM F.                      IA-22-C-395
RAWSON,C. H.                            IA-22-D-62
READ, ELIZABETH                         IA-22-A-244
READ, JOHN                              IA-22-A-121
READY, LIZZIE J.                        IA-22-B-346
RECHFUS, HENRY                          IA-22-C-36
REDDICK, DAVID                          IA-22-A-183
REDEMANN, WILHELM                       IA-22-D-302
REDENOUR, MARTHA K.                     IA-22-C-217
REECE, FRANCIS                          IA-22-A-24
REED, GEORGE                            IA-22-C-222
REGMAN, JOACHIM                         IA-22-B-443
REINHARDT, JOHN                         IA-22-D-186
REINHART, JOHN                          IA-22-D-192
REINKE, FERDINAND                       IA-22-D-403
RENZIEHAUSEN, LOUIS                     IA-22-C-251
RETWISCH, WILLIAM                       IA-22-C-213
REUTHER, LOUIS                          IA-22-A-486
REYNOLDS, JAMES                         IA-22-B-9
REYNOLDS, MARY E.                       IA-22-C-35
RICHARDS, ALVAH                         IA-22-C-25
RICHARDS, MARTIN B.                     IA-22-C-342
RICHARDS, WILLIAM H.                    IA-22-A-4
RICHARDSON, A. P.                       IA-22-A-296
RICHARDSON, RUFUS                       IA-22-B-398
RIENKE, JOHN CENTER                     IA-22-A-308
RININGER, ESTHER E.                     IA-22-A-455
RIZER, H. A.                            IA-22-B-159
ROACH, THOMAS                           IA-22-A-498
ROBERTS, NATHAN S.                      IA-22-A-202
ROBINSON, CHARLES                       IA-22-B-32
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       IA-22-C-365
RODEMEYER, JOSEPH                       IA-22-A-329
ROEDER, CONRAD                          IA-22-C-59
ROGERS, PATRICK                         IA-22-A-257
ROHN, CHRISTIAN                         IA-22-D-155
ROLLINSON, ROBERT                       IA-22-B-135
ROSEN, GERHARD HENRY                    IA-22-A-399
ROSENKRANS, BENJAMIN                    IA-22-B-216
ROSENKRANZ, MARTHA                      IA-22-D-167
ROSS, MICHAEL                           IA-22-A-64
ROTH, JOHN                              IA-22-B-46
ROUQUIST, JOHN                          IA-22-C-223
ROURKE, MORGAN                          IA-22-A-360
ROWE, THOMAS                            IA-22-D-227
RUBACH, FRIEDERICH                      IA-22-D-130
RUCHDACHEL, WILLIAM                     IA-22-A-293
RUEKAUP, FRED                           IA-22-D-148
RUFF, LYDIA                             IA-22-B-366
RUICKER, JACOB                          IA-22-B-404
RUKTASCHEL, MARGARET                    IA-22-B-155
RUKTASCHEL, WILLIAM                     IA-22-A-293
RUPP, J. SEBASTIAN                      IA-22-B-367
RUPPE, GEORGE                           IA-22-A-288
RUSSELL, JAMES                          IA-22-D-314
RUSSELL, LYMAN                          IA-22-D-354
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        IA-22-A-415
RUTHOP, KATHERINE                       IA-22-A-562
RYAN, CORNELIUS                         IA-22-B-368
RYAN, EDWARD                            IA-22-C-336
RYAN, PATRICK                           IA-22-B-356
SABBAUN, GUSTAV                         IA-22-B-399
SACKETT, BENJAMIN                       IA-22-B-210
SADAWASSER, PHILIP                      IA-22-D-283
SANDGANGER, ANNA M.                     IA-22-A-504
SANDGANGER, PETER                       IA-22-A-352
SANDUSKEY, JOSEPH H.                    IA-22-A-330
SARGENT, EBENEZER                       IA-22-A-8
SAWYER, JOHN B.                         IA-22-A-52
SAWYER, SUSANNAH A.                     IA-22-A-253
SCALLEY, PATRICK                        IA-22-A-252
SCEFFERT, JOHN                          IA-22-B-366
SCHAUB, THEOPHIL                        IA-22-C-192
SCHAULS, JOHN                           IA-22-B-147
SCHECKER, CHARLES                       IA-22-D-351
SCHELLHAGER, CHRISTIAN                  IA-22-D-417
SCHIERHOLZ, HERMAN H.                   IA-22-C-226
SCHLAKE, JOSEPH                         IA-22-C-188
SCHMEES, JOHN                           IA-22-A-110
SCHMELZER, WINDALL                      IA-22-A-466
SCHMID, FREDERICK W.                    IA-22-D-419
SCHMIDT, ADAM                           IA-22-B-228
SCHMIDT, CARL                           IA-22-C-370
SCHMIDT, DOROTHEA                       IA-22-B-459
SCHMIDT, J. B.                          IA-22-C-404
SCHMILL, MOLLIE                         IA-22-D-406
SCHMITBERGER, VERNER                    IA-22-A-106
SCHNEIDER, HENRY                        IA-22-D-370
SCHNEIDER, HENRY SR.                    IA-22-B-71
SCHNEIDER, HERMAN                       IA-22-C-11
SCHNEIDER, MARIA EVA                    IA-22-B-34
SCHNEIDER, MARY                         IA-22-D-188
SCHNEIDER, MATHIAS                      IA-22-B-431
SCHOCH, ROSA                            IA-22-C-115
SCHOCK, CHARLES SR.                     IA-22-B-404
SCHOLZ, CHARLES W.                      IA-22-C-60
SCHOTT, H. C.                           IA-22-C-412
SCHROEDER, DIEDRICK                     IA-22-D-3
SCHROEDER, J. F.                        IA-22-B-232
SCHROEDER, JAMES                        IA-22-D-410
SCHROEDER, JOHN HENRY                   IA-22-A-139
SCHROEDER, RUDOLPH                      IA-22-D-45
SCHROEDER, SOPHIA M.                    IA-22-B-8
SCHROEDER, WENDEL                       IA-22-C-398
SCHUCHMANN, GEORGE                      IA-22-D-241
SCHUETTE, ANNA                          IA-22-D-286
SCHULER, JOHN                           IA-22-A-343
SCHULTE, AMELIA L.                      IA-22-D-349
SCHULTE, J. H.                          IA-22-C-145
SCHULTE, WILHELM                        IA-22-A-449
SCHULTZ, CHARLES                        IA-22-D-20
SCHULTZ, CHARLES J.                     IA-22-C-322
SCHULTZ, ELIZABETH                      IA-22-D-21
SCHUMACHER, CONRAD                      IA-22-C-49
SCHUNCK, CARL                           IA-22-D-394
SCHURMANN, SOPHIA                       IA-22-C-323
SCHUTE, LUKAS                           IA-22-D-61
SCHUTTE, JOHAN GERHARD                  IA-22-A-112
SCHWEICKERT, JOHN                       IA-22-B-424
SCHWICHTENBERG, FREDRICH                IA-22-C-184
SCOTT, ALLEN D.                         IA-22-A-78
SCOTT, EMMA                             IA-22-D-109
SCOTT, G. S. C.                         IA-22-D-158
SCOTT, SOLOMON W.                       IA-22-C-148
SCOTT, WILLIAM S.                       IA-22-C-61
SCOVEL, B. F.                           IA-22-D-235
SCRANNELL, TIMOTHY                      IA-22-A-117
SCUDDER, AMMA                           IA-22-A-403
SEBASTIAN, PETER JOSEPH                 IA-22-C-92
SEIDEL, FREDERICK                       IA-22-B-138
SEIGLIN, DANIEL                         IA-22-D-59
SEIPPEL, KATHARINE                      IA-22-D-308
SELLES, JOHN                            IA-22-A-286
SETTLEMIRE,D AVID                       IA-22-D-52
SEUFFERLE, MARIE                        IA-22-D-160
SHANKY, MICHAEL                         IA-22-A-347
SHEA, JANE                              IA-22-B-324
SHEA, MARY                              IA-22-D-385
SHEILDS, PATRICK                        IA-22-A-529
SHELHAMER, J. B.                        IA-22-C-186
SHEPARD, C.                             IA-22-C-29
SHERMAN, ALONZO                         IA-22-A-521
SHERMAN, EDWIN                          IA-22-B-382
SHERMAN, F. W. SR.                      IA-22-B-200
SHERMAN, MARK B.                        IA-22-C-163
SHERMAN, S. MELISSA C.                  IA-22-D-149
SHERWOOD, JANE A.                       IA-22-C-147
SHERWOOD, MARY E.                       IA-22-B-348
SHURLBORN, DAVID                        IA-22-A-201
SIDOWAY, JOHN                           IA-22-A-194
SIELING, FRIEDRICH D. H.                IA-22-B-122
SIELING, HENRY                          IA-22-B-56
SILBER, JOHN                            IA-22-C-284
SIMENSEN, PETER                         IA-22-D-236
SKIPWORTH, JAMES P.                     IA-22-C-366
SLOAN, MARGARET                         IA-22-D-405
SLOAN, SAMUEL P.                        IA-22-A-292
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          IA-22-D-396
SMITH, ANDREW                           IA-22-A-420
SMITH, JACOB                            IA-22-C-112
SMITH, JOHN                             IA-22-A-412
SMITH, JOHN                             IA-22-D-216
SMITH, JOSHUA                           IA-22-A-77
SMYTH, THOMAS L.                        IA-22-A-385
SNEDIGER, FIELDING                      IA-22-B-261
SNELL, CHARLS                           IA-22-B-280
SOMMERS, FREDERICK                      IA-22-A-499
SPAHR, GEORGE                           IA-22-A-127
SPAHR, KATHERINA                        IA-22-A-149
SPANGLER, REUBEN                        IA-22-A-441
SPARKS, ALLEN                           IA-22-D-392
SPEED, GEORGE                           IA-22-B-2
SPENCE, MARY ANN                        IA-22-B-290
SPENCER, THOMAS                         IA-22-D-231
SPRINGER, LEVI                          IA-22-D-232
SQUIRES, JOHN P.                        IA-22-A-361
SQUIRES, LESTER                         IA-22-A-123
STABLER, AUGUSTIN                       IA-22-C-308
STALBAUM, P.                            IA-22-C-179
STALNAKER, JAMES                        IA-22-A-402
STAMM, AUGUST                           IA-22-D-189
STAMM, WILLIAM SR.                      IA-22-A-367
STAUER, PETER                           IA-22-D-211
STEARNS, CHARLES F.                     IA-22-C-112
STEARNS, JOSHUA                         IA-22-A-131
STEGLICH, CARL                          IA-22-D-376
STELZMUELLER, GEORGE                    IA-22-B-430
STETTER, MICHAEL                        IA-22-B-151
STEVENS, ELISABETH                      IA-22-B-214
STEWART, E. W.                          IA-22-C-119
STICH, GEORGE SR.                       IA-22-B-282
STICK, ANNA                             IA-22-B-417
STONE, AMOS                             IA-22-A-232
STONEMAN, JOHN T.                       IA-22-D-304
STOPEL, JOHN G.                         IA-22-D-163
STRUBE, CHRISTENA                       IA-22-C-374
STUDABAKER, H. W.                       IA-22-C-206
STURM, LEWIS                            IA-22-A-207
SUHR, MARY                              IA-22-C-401
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE                     IA-22-B-136
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE                     IA-22-C-67
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          IA-22-C-150
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                       IA-22-C-329
SUNDMACKER, HENRY                       IA-22-A-32
SUPPEL, MARTIN                          IA-22-B-425
TAAKE, C. F.                            IA-22-C-288
TAAKE, FRIEDRICH WILHELM                IA-22-A-457
TAAKE, JOHANNA                          IA-22-D-420
TAAKE, ROSA                             IA-22-A-348
TAAKE, WILLIAM                          IA-22-C-242
TAFT, GEORGE                            IA-22-B-31
TAIT, WILLIAM                           IA-22-C-381
TALLMAN, GEORGE C.                      IA-22-A-516
TANGEMAN, WILHELMINA                    IA-22-D-390
TAPPER, JAMES                           IA-22-B-143
TEESDALE, SAMUEL V.                     IA-22-C-214
TELZEMEIER, JOHN HENRY                  IA-22-A-10
THAMANN, ELIZABETH                      IA-22-D-374
THAMMANN, J. H.                         IA-22-A-547
THAYER, DAVID                           IA-22-A-291
THEISEN, MICHAEL                        IA-22-D-290
THILLEN, B.                             IA-22-D-124
THILLEN, NICK                           IA-22-B-399
THOMA, CATHARINE                        IA-22-D-111
THOMA, MARGARETHE                       IA-22-D-409
THOMA, MERY                             IA-22-B-389
THOMAS, ELI                             IA-22-A-95
THOMPSON, ANDREW                        IA-22-D-67
THOMPSON, HANNAH M.                     IA-22-A-473
THOMPSON, HIRAM                         IA-22-A-269
THOMPSON, JEAN                          IA-22-B-110
THOMPSON, JOHN                          IA-22-B-360
THOMPSON, MATHEW                        IA-22-B-40
THOMPSON, WILHELMNE                     IA-22-C-328
THORP, JOHN                             IA-22-A-332
THURBER, ABNER                          IA-22-A-143
THURBER, F. G.                          IA-22-B-432
TIEDE, HENRIETTE                        IA-22-D-126
TIEDEN, ANNA                            IA-22-D-378
TIKHAM, ELIZABETH                       IA-22-B-300
TINKER, ALBERT                          IA-22-B-158
TINKHAM, JOHN                           IA-22-A-528
TMAIR, CYRUS S.                         IA-22-A-214
TORKELSON, RENI (BAKKE)                 IA-22-B-439
TRACY, CLARISSA S.                      IA-22-B-218
TRACY, JAMES                            IA-22-A-400
TRAPPE, HENRY                           IA-22-D-8
TREMAN, LUCY                            IA-22-B-388
TREWIN, KATHERYN                        IA-22-D-352
TROESTER, ANNA                          IA-22-D-421
TROESTER, JOHN                          IA-22-B-272
TROESTER, KARL                          IA-22-B-462
TRUNKEY, FRANCIS                        IA-22-A-555
TSCHOLL, JOHN BAPTIST                   IA-22-B-92
TUCKE, FRIEDERICH                       IA-22-B-113
TUCKE, JOHN HENRY                       IA-22-A-50
TUCKER, W. N.                           IA-22-D-86
TUECKE, JOSEPH H.                       IA-22-D-11
TUJETSCH, ANDREW                        IA-22-C-43
TURNER, THOMAS                          IA-22-A-180
TWEEDY, JOHN                            IA-22-B-341
TWEEDY, JOSEPH                          IA-22-C-3
ULRICH, CONRAD                          IA-22-B-225
ULRICH, GOTTFRIED                       IA-22-D-423
UNCLE, JAMES                            IA-22-B-407
URIELL, JOHN                            IA-22-A-429
USCHALK, AUGUST                         IA-22-B-148
VANSICKLE, DEWITT C.                    IA-22-A-557
VARLEY, JAMES                           IA-22-B-448
VENUS, JOSEPH                           IA-22-A-489
VOELKER, FRIEDRICH                      IA-22-C-253
VOS, CHARLES FREDERICK                  IA-22-B-415
VOSS, DORA                              IA-22-D-284
VOSS, HENRY                             IA-22-D-345
WAGNER, JOSEPH                          IA-22-A-442
WAHLS, JOHN                             IA-22-D-246
WALBER, GERTRUDE                        IA-22-C-276
WALBER, PTER PAUL                       IA-22-C-359
WALCH, JOSEPH                           IA-22-B-114
WALCH, MARTHA                           IA-22-B-116
WALKE, GERHARD HENRY                    IA-22-B-75
WALKE, JOHN H.                          IA-22-C-146
WALKER, SIDNEY                          IA-22-B-164
WALLER, PHILLIP                         IA-22-B-408
WALLESER, MATHAUS                       IA-22-D-251
WALTENBAUGH, ALFRED                     IA-22-C-233
WALTER, FREDRIC                         IA-22-C-225
WALTER, PETER                           IA-22-D-357
WALTER, WILLIAM                         IA-22-D-326
WALTERS, AARON J.                       IA-22-D-426
WALTERS, SAMUEL                         IA-22-C-210
WANSKE, LUDWIG                          IA-22-D-340
WARD, GILES                             IA-22-C-390
WARD, LUCINDA                           IA-22-A-387
WARN, EUSEBIA                           IA-22-B-357
WARNER, AMOS                            IA-22-A-120
WARNER, FRANCES S.                      IA-22-C-120
WARNER, SAMUEL F.                       IA-22-A-556
WARREN, GABRIEL                         IA-22-A-328
WASHBURN, BETSEY                        IA-22-D-117
WATERMAN, CHARLES                       IA-22-D-273
WATERS, HANNAH E.                       IA-22-C-283
WATKINS, JAMES                          IA-22-B-381
WATT, WILLIAM                           IA-22-A-410
WEBER, DOROTHEA                         IA-22-D-90
WEBER, JUERGEN CHRISTIAN                IA-22-C-180
WEHMER, LOUIS                           IA-22-A-527
WEHRKAMP, JOHN H.                       IA-22-D-288
WEIR, ALEXANDER                         IA-22-A-276
WEIR, HUGH                              IA-22-A-46
WEISMILLER, JOSEPH                      IA-22-A-467
WELCH, E. D.                            IA-22-C-384
WELCH, JOHN D.                          IA-22-D-143
WELCH, PATRICK                          IA-22-B-423
WELSCH, KATHARINE                       IA-22-B-121
WELSH, MICHAEL                          IA-22-A-490
WELTER, PETER                           IA-22-C-91
WELTY, FREDRICK ANTON                   IA-22-D-152
WELTY, MARY A.                          IA-22-D-250
WENDT, WILLIAM                          IA-22-D-423
WESSELLS, BERNHARD                      IA-22-A-23
WEST, WILLIAM                           IA-22-D-418
WESTCOUTT, OLIVER P.                    IA-22-B-55
WESTFALL, ELIZA L.                      IA-22-B-186
WESTFALL, JOHN M.                       IA-22-B-149
WETLESON, LARS                          IA-22-D-332
WETTLESON, WETLE L.                     IA-22-C-63
WHEELER, EMELINE                        IA-22-D-185
WHEELER, HIRAM B.                       IA-22-C-105
WHEELER, JOSIAH                         IA-22-A-266
WHEELER, SARHA JANE                     IA-22-B-376
WHEMER, CARHARME H.                     IA-22-B-386
WHIE, HENRY                             IA-22-C-281
WHITE, CALVIN                           IA-22-D-172
WHITFORD, JAMES G.                      IA-22-D-7
WHITMAN, J. E.                          IA-22-D-183
WHITTLE, JOSEPH                         IA-22-B-150
WIECHMAN, GEORGE                        IA-22-D-187
WIEGAND, HENRY                          IA-22-C-364
WIES, BENJAMIN FREDERICK                IA-22-A-93
WIEST, G. F.                            IA-22-C-400
WIETHORN, CORD H.                       IA-22-A-394
WILEY, PATRICK                          IA-22-B-349
WILKER, G. H.                           IA-22-D-151
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       IA-22-B-48
WILLIAMS, EDWARD B.                     IA-22-C-215
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          IA-22-A-316
WILLIAMSON, CURTIS D.                   IA-22-A-114
WILLIAMSON, ELIZA A.                    IA-22-A-238
WILLMES, DOMINICK                       IA-22-C-201
WILLMES, NICHOLAS                       IA-22-D-313
WILSON, EMMA C.                         IA-22-D-320
WILTE, PHOEBE                           IA-22-B-220
WILTSE, PHILIP M.                       IA-22-A-147
WIMMER, AUGUST                          IA-22-A-210
WINDERMAN, MATTHAUS                     IA-22-D-306
WINGEN, ISABELLA                        IA-22-D-291
WINKELS, MARY                           IA-22-C-273
WINKLER, EDWARD                         IA-22-D-217
WINKLER, FRANCIS                        IA-22-A-251
WINKLEY, ALONZO                         IA-22-B-41
WINKLEY, ELIZABETH                      IA-22-D-369
WINSER, CLARINDA                        IA-22-B-385
WINTERLIN, JOHN A.                      IA-22-D-424
WINTERS, SARAH                          IA-22-A-80
WITTE, F.                               IA-22-C-94
WITTE, HELENA                           IA-22-C-152
WOERHEIDE, SOPHIA                       IA-22-A-373
WOLF, FRIEDRICH                         IA-22-A-453
WOLF, GEORGE                            IA-22-D-244
WOLF, GOTTLIEB                          IA-22-D-265
WOLF, JOHN                              IA-22-A-340
WOLFE, THOMAS L.                        IA-22-A-233
WOLTER, FRANZ                           IA-22-B-454
WOLTER, JOHN                            IA-22-D-342
WOOD, THOMAS W.                         IA-22-B-274
WOODS, CHARLES                          IA-22-D-240
WRELL, PATRICK                          IA-22-A-90
WYNNE, CLARISSA                         IA-22-C-236
YORK, JOHN                              IA-22-A-81
YOUNG, CHARLES F.                       IA-22-A-563
YOUNG, TRUMAN                           IA-22-B-318
YOUNGMAN, MARTHA                        IA-22-A-315
ZEIGLER, GEORGE SR.                     IA-22-B-115
ZIEGLER, MARIA E.                       IA-22-D-399
ZURCH, MINNIE                           IA-22-C-171

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