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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #
Volume List: A = 1855-1881 | B = 1882-1894 | C = 1895-1904 | D = 1900-1908 | E = 1908-1914 | F = 1915-1915 | G = 1915-1932 | 1 = 1903-1924 |
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ABEL, H. H.                             IA-22-C-303
ADAMS, MILO                             IA-22-A-137
ADLER, FREDRICK                         IA-22-D-65
AHRENDES, ANNA MARIA                    IA-22-A-533
ALLAWAY, JANNELLA                       IA-22-D-295
ALLEN, ELLEN                            IA-22-B-230
ALLENSTEIN, FREDERICK                   IA-22-D-87
AMANN, JOHN                             IA-22-D-359
AMBROSE, JAMES CITY                     IA-22-A-54
AMLING, FREDERICK                       IA-22-B-57
ANDERSON, ANDREW B.                     IA-22-D-22
ANDERSON, JOHN                          IA-22-D-84
ANN, FRANZ                              IA-22-B-370
ANSTENSON, KNUD                         IA-22-A-181
ARNOLD, CHRISTINE                       IA-22-D-270
ARNOLD, FREDERICK                       IA-22-A-283
ARNOLD, THOMAS                          IA-22-B-259
ASTFALCK, PHILIPP                       IA-22-A-522
ATWOOD, C. N.                           IA-22-A-290
ATWOOD, SOLOMON                         IA-22-A-532
AUSTIN, CYNTHIA                         IA-22-D-256
AUSTIN, PHILANDER                       IA-22-A-358
AXTELL, AUGUSTUS E.                     IA-22-D-402
BABCOCK, EMMA ADELIA                    IA-22-C-219
BACKHAUS, CASPER HEINRICH               IA-22-A-382
BACKHAUS, HENRY                         IA-22-C-287
BAGLEY, LUCRETIA ATWOOD                 IA-22-B-10
BAHLKE, JOACHIM                         IA-22-B-3
BAILY, PRESLEY                          IA-22-A-474
BAIRD, JOHN A.                          IA-22-D-251
BAKER, HENRY                            IA-22-A-324
BAKER, LYDIA E.                         IA-22-B-355
BAKER, THOMAS                           IA-22-A-342
BALL, JAPETH                            IA-22-B-359
BALLUFF, JOSEPH                         IA-22-B-320
BALLUFF, VICTOR                         IA-22-C-104
BANKS, JAMES E.                         IA-22-A-418
BARKER, JOHN F.                         IA-22-B-422
BARNES, JOHN                            IA-22-A-246
BARNES, M. O.                           IA-22-B-94
BARNHEUSE, FRANCIS                      IA-22-B-325
BARR, GEORGE                            IA-22-A-231
BARRETT, MARGARET                       IA-22-C-24
BARRON, WILLIAM L.                      IA-22-A-500
BARTELS, JOHN                           IA-22-A-159
BARTHELT, JOHN                          IA-22-A-159
BARTLETT, WILLIAM H.                    IA-22-C-302
BASSETT, EMMA A.                        IA-22-C-174
BAUDEW, GOTTFRIED                       IA-22-C-12
BAUMANN, BLASSIUS                       IA-22-B-139
BAUMANN, CHRISTIAN                      IA-22-A-285
BAUMANN, MICHAEL                        IA-22-A-485
BAUZE, ANNA ELIZABETH                   IA-22-C-51
BEACOM, GEORGE                          IA-22-D-415
BEATY, JAMES                            IA-22-A-190
BECK, J. C.                             IA-22-D-278
BECK, SIMEON                            IA-22-B-132
BECKER, CASPER                          IA-22-C-176
BECKER, JOHN                            IA-22-C-306
BECKER, JOHN F.                         IA-22-C-208
BECKMANN, ANNA BARBARA                  IA-22-A-445
BECKMANN, WILLIAM                       IA-22-A-60
BEHM, DORA                              IA-22-D-120
BEHM, SOPHIE M.                         IA-22-D-107
BEHM, WILLHAM G. F.                     IA-22-A-454
BEHREN, MARTIN                          IA-22-B-199
BELL, COLIN F.                          IA-22-D-263
BENCKE, CARL                            IA-22-A-390
BENDSCHNEIDER, AUGUST                   IA-22-D-37
BENNINGTON, SAMUEL                      IA-22-D-323
BENSCHNEIDER, LUDWIG                    IA-22-A-212
BENSING, CONRAD                         IA-22-C-340
BENSON, BEN E.                          IA-22-C-158
BENTE, HENRY                            IA-22-A-129
BENTER, DIEDERICH                       IA-22-A-336
BENTLEY, SARAH J.                       IA-22-B-68
BERNHARD, GEORGE JOHN                   IA-22-B-167
BERNS, ANNA MARIE                       IA-22-C-379
BERNS, THEODOR                          IA-22-A-460
BERTCHINGER, WILHELMNA                  IA-22-C-167
BERTSCHINGER, CASPER                    IA-22-B-160
BERTSCHINGER, DAVID                     IA-22-B-277
BICKEL, DANIEL                          IA-22-C-349
BICKNELL, MARTHA M.                     IA-22-D-373
BIEDENBACH, HENRY                       IA-22-B-374
BIERBAUM, J. F.                         IA-22-D-275
BIHLMEYER, WILLIAM                      IA-22-B-365
BILLINGS, MONTGOMERY F.                 IA-22-D-166
BIRDSEY, ALMON P.                       IA-22-A-281
BISHOFF, CARL                           IA-22-A-58
BIXBY, S. N.                            IA-22-B-171
BLACKET, WILLIAM                        IA-22-A-553
BLAIR, JANE                             IA-22-B-378
BLAKE, NANCY JANE                       IA-22-D-71
BLANCHAR, CHARLES                       IA-22-A-153
BLOEDEL, CHRISTIAN                      IA-22-D-17
BLUME, JOACHIM                          IA-22-B-199
BOARDMAN, ELISHA                        IA-22-A-230
BODEN, CHRISTOPHER                      IA-22-C-21
BODEN, HENRY                            IA-22-A-104
BOLAND, JOHN L.                         IA-22-D-353
BOLAND, MARGARET                        IA-22-C-386
BOWMAN, ANNA B.                         IA-22-D-356
BOWMAN, JOHN H.                         IA-22-B-169
BRAKER, ANDREW                          IA-22-D-371
BRAKER, JOHN                            IA-22-B-416
BRAKER, PETER                           IA-22-C-157
BRANDENBERGER, LUDWIG                   IA-22-A-185
BRANDT, LOUISE                          IA-22-A-501
BRANNAN, PATRICK                        IA-22-A-295
BROCK, J. S.                            IA-22-C-239
BROWN, J. A.                            IA-22-B-130
BROWN, JOHN                             IA-22-A-171
BROWN, JOHN W.                          IA-22-D-74
BROWN, MARIA                            IA-22-D-24
BROWNSON, ASENATH                       IA-22-C-203
BROWNSON, DANIEL                        IA-22-B-464
BRUMMER, JOHN HENRY                     IA-22-A-14
BRUST, JACOB                            IA-22-B-446
BUCK, OLIVE E.                          IA-22-D-372
BUCK, OLIVER C.                         IA-22-C-343
BUCKLEY, DENNIS                         IA-22-A-247
BUCKLEY, MICHAEL                        IA-22-A-338
BUCKMANN, FRIANICH                      IA-22-B-351
BUDDE, E. F.                            IA-22-B-67
BUELL, JAMES                            IA-22-A-537
BUHLMANN, WILLIAM L.                    IA-22-A-30
BUNELE, JAMES                           IA-22-A-435
BUNKERS, HERMANN                        IA-22-A-310
BUNKERS, MARY                           IA-22-A-353
BUR, MATHIAS                            IA-22-B-440
BURKE, GEORGE                           IA-22-A-275
BURLINGAME, HENRY W.                    IA-22-B-226
BYRNES, JAMES                           IA-22-C-156
BYRNES, JOHN                            IA-22-C-22
CAIN, PATRICK                           IA-22-B-411
CALAGHAN, MICHAEL                       IA-22-B-304
CALAGHAN, TIMOTHY                       IA-22-B-333
CALLAGHAN, MICHAEL                      IA-22-A-12
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       IA-22-A-256
CARLEY, WILLIAM                         IA-22-A-383
CARNEY, LIZZIE                          IA-22-D-379
CARPENTER, M. L.                        IA-22-D-80
CARR, FRANCIS                           IA-22-A-327
CARR, JAMES H.                          IA-22-C-97
CARRIER, CATHARINE M.                   IA-22-C-111
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        IA-22-A-265
CARTER, E. V.                           IA-22-A-206
CARTER, JOHN                            IA-22-A-217
CARTER, MARY H.                         IA-22-C-310
CARTER, PATRICK                         IA-22-A-392
CASUTL, JOHN L.                         IA-22-C-357
CHAPMAN, FANNY B.                       IA-22-C-62
CHAPMAN, G. A.                          IA-22-D-70
CHAPMAN, INGLE                          IA-22-C-189
CHAPMAN, JULIA A.                       IA-22-D-285
CHAPMAN, LEWIS                          IA-22-A-272
CHASE, ALVEY                            IA-22-A-558
CHASE, SAMUEL G.                        IA-22-A-135
CHEAUVELT, MARGARET                     IA-22-A-163
CHEESEMAN, WILLIAM                      IA-22-D-56
CHILLSON, PHILLIP D.                    IA-22-A-56
CHOATE, FRANCIS                         IA-22-B-69
CHURCH, GILBERT                         IA-22-A-523
CLAPP, CONSTANT                         IA-22-A-262
CLARK, AMASA C.                         IA-22-A-364
CLARK, E. P.                            IA-22-A-462
CLARK, J. P. L.                         IA-22-B-181
CLARK, MILO P.                          IA-22-D-53
CLAUSON, CLAUS T.                       IA-22-D-218
CLOUDMAN, ANDREW G.                     IA-22-A-465
COLE, IRA L.                            IA-22-D-105
COLE, MARY                              IA-22-A-178
COLGATE, ANNE E.                        IA-22-B-38
COLLINS, MARY ANN                       IA-22-C-271
COMBER, WILLIAM                         IA-22-A-294
COMSON, ANTHONY                         IA-22-A-287
CONBOY, THOMAS                          IA-22-D-337
CONE, GORDON C.                         IA-22-B-37
CONLEY, THOMAS                          IA-22-A-169
CONNER, NELLIE E.                       IA-22-C-15
CONRAD, SAMUEL                          IA-22-B-124
CONWAY, PATRICK                         IA-22-C-289
COOK, AMBROSE P.                        IA-22-B-123
COOK, GEORGE N.                         IA-22-A-362
COOK, GEORGE W.                         IA-22-A-62
COOK, JACOB                             IA-22-A-505
COONEY, JOHN                            IA-22-A-260
COOPER, GEORGE                          IA-22-B-470
COPELAND, EDWARD                        IA-22-B-153
COPELAND, MARGARET                      IA-22-D-422
CORBETT, JAMES F.                       IA-22-B-278
CORBETT, JOHN                           IA-22-B-35
CORCORAN, PATRICK                       IA-22-C-27
CORLETT, CATHARINE A.                   IA-22-D-347
CORLIS, ANNA                            IA-22-B-414
CORLISS, DAVID                          IA-22-A-550
CORNELIUS, FREDERICK W.                 IA-22-C-151
CORTIS, A. M.                           IA-22-B-315
COSTIGAN, JOHN                          IA-22-B-110
COWLES, CHARLES W.                      IA-22-D-178
CRAM, WILLIAM                           IA-22-D-268
CROSS, LIZZIE CLAY                      IA-22-D-55
CROWLEY, MARGARET                       IA-22-C-90
CRR, HUGH                               IA-22-A-302
CUMMINGS, THOMAS                        IA-22-B-387
CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD M. CITY             IA-22-A-425
CURRAN, PHILLIP                         IA-22-A-311
CURTIS, JAMES                           IA-22-B-161
DAHL, PETER                             IA-22-B-44
DAHLSTROM, CARL                         IA-22-C-411
DANBENBERGER, JOSEPH                    IA-22-A-323
DANIELS, ELIZABETH P.                   IA-22-C-247
DARLING, MOSES                          IA-22-D-38
DARR, HENRY                             IA-22-A-384
DAVIES, LEWIS                           IA-22-A-437
DAVIS, A. M.                            IA-22-C-371
DAVIS, DANIEL T.                        IA-22-B-119
DAVIS, JAMES                            IA-22-A-82
DAVIS, JOHN H.                          IA-22-A-355
DAYNES, MARY A.                         IA-22-A-502
DEHN, JOHN                              IA-22-D-322
DEMO, ABRAHAM                           IA-22-D-300
DESOTELS, JOSEPH M.                     IA-22-D-368
DICKINSON, PORTER F.                    IA-22-A-482
DICKMAN, F. H.                          IA-22-C-286
DILLON, BARTHOLOMEW                     IA-22-D-13
DILLON, ROSANNA                         IA-22-D-14
DINAN, PATRICK                          IA-22-C-279
DINNING, CHAMBERS                       IA-22-A-376
DIREEN, JAMES                           IA-22-A-321
DITTMER, PETER                          IA-22-B-342
DONLOW, PATRICK                         IA-22-D-25
DORAN, JAMES H.                         IA-22-D-230
DORWEILER, PAUL SR.                     IA-22-D-303
DOTY, LEVI                              IA-22-B-444
DOTY, REBECCA                           IA-22-B-405
DOW, ALBERT G.                          IA-22-C-99
DOWNIE, LURA B.                         IA-22-A-175
DOWNING, HIRAM                          IA-22-A-219
DRIPSE, ANN                             IA-22-D-132
DUFF, ROBERT SR.                        IA-22-D-328
DUNE, HENRY                             IA-22-C-183
DUNN, JOHN                              IA-22-A-524
DUNN, JUDITH                            IA-22-D-339
DUNN, WILLIAM                           IA-22-A-379
DUNNE, PETER                            IA-22-A-439
DURKEE, LOUISA C.                       IA-22-B-413
DUWE, FRED                              IA-22-D-272
DUWE, LUDWIG                            IA-22-A-498
DYER, JONATHAN                          IA-22-C-20
EBERHARDT, RUDOLPH                      IA-22-C-341
EGBERT, ANNA                            IA-22-B-191
EGBERT, ELMER                           IA-22-B-188
EGGERT, HENRY                           IA-22-B-461
EILERS, BARNARD HENRY                   IA-22-A-444
EILERS, BERNARD HERMAN                  IA-22-D-179
EILERS, J. H.                           IA-22-B-182
ELY, JULIA A.                           IA-22-D-135
ENGEBRETSON, TURI                       IA-22-A-461
ENGELHARDT, CHARLES                     IA-22-D-341
ENGELHARDT, JOHANN                      IA-22-D-39
ENOS, A. P.                             IA-22-B-90
ERHARDT, JOHN C.                        IA-22-C-89
ERNST, JOHANNAH                         IA-22-A-369
ERNSTER, NICOLAS                        IA-22-A-450
ESMANN, DIETRICH                        IA-22-D-329
EVERALL, RICHARD                        IA-22-B-311
EVERALL, SOPHIA                         IA-22-C-23
EVEREST, GEORGE                         IA-22-A-346
EWING, MATHEW                           IA-22-D-223
FABEL, CASPAR                           IA-22-B-369
FABERT, AUGUST                          IA-22-B-443
FAHLING, HEINRICH                       IA-22-A-339
FALLEN, MICHAEL                         IA-22-B-190
FALLON, SARAH                           IA-22-D-301
FARLEY, ADAM                            IA-22-A-438
FARMER, NANCY                           IA-22-B-275
FELDER, JULIA                           IA-22-D-400
FISHEL, PHILIP                          IA-22-D-245
FLAEDDER, BERNHARD HERMAN               IA-22-A-102
FLAHERTY, THOMAS SR.                    IA-22-B-137
FLANDERS, GIDEON H.                     IA-22-B-58
FLECK, AUGUST                           IA-22-A-447
FLECK, MARITZ                           IA-22-A-447
FLEMMING, MICHAEL                       IA-22-D-319
FOOT, SETH                              IA-22-A-165
FOSTER, DAVID R.                        IA-22-B-154
FOWLER, SILAS S.                        IA-22-A-345
FRASER, J. W.                           IA-22-B-298
FREEMAN, JOHN                           IA-22-A-79
FREESE, JOHAN                           IA-22-A-141
FRESE, JOHN B.                          IA-22-A-271
FRESE, MARGARET                         IA-22-A-322
FRITCHE, ANDREAS                        IA-22-D-395
FRY, ELIZABETH                          IA-22-A-297
FRY, GEORGE                             IA-22-A-155
FUERSTE, WILHELM                        IA-22-B-39
FULLER, BEDA                            IA-22-A-125
FULLGRAF, FREDERICK                     IA-22-A-305
FUNK, LUDWIG                            IA-22-D-106
GAGER, JAMES P.                         IA-22-C-2
GAISER, GOTTLIEB                        IA-22-D-311
GALE, S. P.                             IA-22-D-377
GALLER, JOHN, CLAY, IA                  IA-22-A-133
GANO, ALVA                              IA-22-B-178
GARAGHTY, THOMAS                        IA-22-B-449
GARBER, MARY C.                         IA-22-B-273
GARDNER, DANIEL P.                      IA-22-B-379
GARDNER, ELEAZER                        IA-22-A-157
GARDNER, ELISHA B.                      IA-22-C-153
GARDNER, JOSEPH                         IA-22-D-237
GARMS, JOACHIM F. H.                    IA-22-C-292
GARRETSON, HANNAH                       IA-22-A-344
GEBHARDT, JOHN                          IA-22-B-279
GEIL, MARY ELIZABETH                    IA-22-B-229
GERBER, PETER                           IA-22-B-214
GERDES, ALBERT                          IA-22-D-225
GIFFORD, CLARINDA                       IA-22-C-244
GIFFORD, G. L.                          IA-22-C-168
GIFFORD, HENRY                          IA-22-A-560
GILBERT, EVER                           IA-22-D-51
GILBERT, LOVELL R.                      IA-22-A-443
GILCHRIST, WILLIAM I.                   IA-22-B-193
GILLMORE, CORNELIUS                     IA-22-A-78
GLASS, LORENZ                           IA-22-D-102
GLASS, RICHARD                          IA-22-A-375
GLEASON, DANIEL                         IA-22-D-136
GLENNON, TIMOTHY                        IA-22-D-4
GOEDICKE, JOACHIM FR.                   IA-22-B-312
GOERNER, LORENZ                         IA-22-C-314
GOETZ, ADAM                             IA-22-C-200
GOODIN, CHARLES                         IA-22-D-233
GOODING, MARY SOPHIA                    IA-22-B-452
GOODRICH, C. P.                         IA-22-B-353
GOTSCHALK, AUGUST                       IA-22-A-487
GRAHAM, HUGH HIGH PRAIRIE               IA-22-A-28
GRANNIS, ELIZABETH                      IA-22-A-416
GRANNIS, ERASTUS                        IA-22-A-270
GRANNIS, JOHN C.                        IA-22-A-48
GREELEY, ARTEMUS                        IA-22-B-436
GREEN, CORA E.                          IA-22-B-11
GREGG, REUBEN                           IA-22-A-301
GREIMANN, WILLIAM                       IA-22-D-360
GREVE, FRITZ                            IA-22-A-199
GRIESINGER, JACOB                       IA-22-B-156
GROESCH, KASPER                         IA-22-D-253
GROTEWOHL, H. C.                        IA-22-B-223
GROTH, JOHN J.                          IA-22-D-46
GROWNEY, JAMES                          IA-22-D-312
GRUBE, DAVID L.                         IA-22-B-5
GRUNWALD, HERMANN                       IA-22-A-20
GRUSCH, JOHN                            IA-22-A-370
GRUTZMACHER, HENRY                      IA-22-B-455
GRUVER, MARY ANN                        IA-22-D-224
GRUZ, HENRY                             IA-22-B-350
GUAEGI, URS                             IA-22-A-325
GUAGHTY, MICHAEL                        IA-22-D-358
GULSING, ENGEBRET E.                    IA-22-B-283
GUNNER, CHARLES                         IA-22-B-345
GUTHEIL, CAROLINE                       IA-22-D-384
GUTHEIL, JOHN                           IA-22-A-326
HABEL, JOSEPH                           IA-22-D-40
HAGEN, JOHN                             IA-22-D-100
HAGERTY, JEREMIAH                       IA-22-C-48
HALL, ELIAS                             IA-22-C-393
HALL, JAMES A.                          IA-22-C-246
HALVORSON, JOHN                         IA-22-C-376
HALVORSON, JOHN O.                      IA-22-C-108
HAMMANN, JOHN SR.                       IA-22-B-234
HAMMER, WENZEL                          IA-22-B-192
HANDKE, ELIZABETH                       IA-22-D-355
HANKS, G. W.                            IA-22-B-400
HANSEL, GEORGE                          IA-22-B-314
HANSEL, PHILIP                          IA-22-B-42
HANSEL, SARAH                           IA-22-A-89
HANSON, ERIK                            IA-22-B-344
HANSON, ULDRIK                          IA-22-A-426
HARDWICK, THOMAS P.                     IA-22-A-278
HARMS, MARTHA                           IA-22-C-293
HARRINGTON, CLARA F.                    IA-22-B-371
HARRIS, ELIZA                           IA-22-D-141
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          IA-22-B-179
HART, EPHRAIM                           IA-22-A-306
HARTGE, FREDERIC                        IA-22-A-470
HARTMANN, ANDREW                        IA-22-B-467
HARTUNG, JOHN                           IA-22-A-354
HARTWIG, L.                             IA-22-D-190
HASSLER, JACOB                          IA-22-A-458
HATCH, L. O.                            IA-22-B-456
HAUSCHEN, JOHN SR.                      IA-22-C-324
HAVENS, ISAAC                           IA-22-D-361
HAYES, BRIDGET                          IA-22-D-296
HAYES, JAMES                            IA-22-C-95
HAYES, THOMAS                           IA-22-C-250
HAYT, HENRY D.                          IA-22-A-491
HEALY, PATRICK                          IA-22-D-122
HEDDELSON, JACOB                        IA-22--294
HEFEL, JOSEPH                           IA-22-D-239
HEIMBRODT, EHRHARDT H.                  IA-22-C-375
HEINE, CONRAD                           IA-22-A-249
HEINE, LEONARD                          IA-22-B-73
HEITMAN, JOHN GERHARD                   IA-22-A-381
HEITMANN, KATHARINE MARIA               IA-22-B-45
HEMPELER, AUGUST                        IA-22-C-198
HENDERSON, SARAH L.                     IA-22-D-308
HENESEY, MICHAEL                        IA-22-B-146
HENKE, LUDWIG LOUIS                     IA-22-B-168
HENRY, FRANCIS                          IA-22-B-390
HERSEY, SAMUEL F.                       IA-22-C-71
HERTRICK, GEORGE                        IA-22-C-160
HESNER, ANDREW SR.                      IA-22-C-4
HESSE, AMANTIA                          IA-22-D-258
HESSE, AUGUST                           IA-22-B-196
HESSNER, JOHN                           IA-22-D-103
HETZMAN, HENRY W.                       IA-22-D-121
HEUER, HENRICH FRIEDRICH                IA-22-A-240
HEUER, WILHELM                          IA-22-B-410
HILDERBRANDT, SARAH A.                  IA-22-D-391
HILL, FRANCES                           IA-22-D-279
HILL, JOHN                              IA-22-A-267
HILLS, PHEBE B.                         IA-22-B-358
HINDLE, HENRY                           IA-22-A-44
HOCHHAUS, FREDRICK W.                   IA-22-C-187
HOCHLINE, PETER                         IA-22-A-6
HOFER, ADAM                             IA-22-B-383
HOFER, FRANK                            IA-22-D-333
HOFF, FREDERICK                         IA-22-A-268
HOFFMAN, D. B.                          IA-22-B-125
HOFFMAN, JANE                           IA-22-B-323
HOFFMAN, MATILDA                        IA-22-C-221
HOLBERT, HARRIET A.                     IA-22-D-289
HOPPOCK, HOWEL                          IA-22-A-508
HORN, KATHARINA                         IA-22-C-245
HOWARD, JACOB                           IA-22-A-303
HOWARD, RHONA                           IA-22-A-525
HUENE, AUGUST                           IA-22-D-380
HUENE, JOSEPH                           IA-22-C-362
HUENE, MARY                             IA-22-D-282
HULVERSON, OLEY                         IA-22-B-21
HUMMEL, SAMUEL                          IA-22-A-318
HUMPHREY, JAMES                         IA-22-D-363
HUNTEMANN, ANNA                         IA-22-D-6
HUNTTING, WILLIAM F.                    IA-22-B-391
HUSER, LARS NILSON                      IA-22-D-63
HYDE, AARON                             IA-22-B-471
INGEBRIGSEN, HELGE                      IA-22-B-426
INGRAHAM                                IA-22-A-333
INGRAHAM, GARDNER                       IA-22-A-75
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          IA-22-B-184
JANERT, CHRISTIAN                       IA-22-D-88
JARMS, LOUIS                            IA-22-C-338
JASTREM, JURGEN                         IA-22-C-315
JEFFERSON, CHARLES                      IA-22-B-198
JELLINGS, ELIZABETH                     IA-22-D-401
JEWETT, JOSEPH A.                       IA-22-B-88
JOHNSON, BEN                            IA-22-D-343
JOHNSON, GILBERT                        IA-22-C-358
JOHNSON, OLE                            IA-22-D-386
JOHNSON, OLE BJORNSRUD                  IA-22-C-234
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        IA-22-A-83
JOKEL, JOHN BAPTIST                     IA-22-B-92
JONES, CARLOS                           IA-22-A-76
JONES, DAVID                            IA-22-B-183
JONES, MORGAN                           IA-22-A-42
JORDAN, AMASA J.                        IA-22-A-396
JUDY, LAURA                             IA-22-C-8
JUNG, CARL                              IA-22-D-287
JUNGK, AUGUST                           IA-22-C-155
JUNK, PETER P.                          IA-22-D-411
KAHLE, AUGUST                           IA-22-B-93
KAISER, JOHN                            IA-22-C-317
KAISER, JOHN GERHARD                    IA-22-D-274
KAISER, LUDWIG                          IA-22-A-434
KALTENBACH, E.                          IA-22-B-386
KAMIN, JOHN                             IA-22-D-331
KAMPMEYER, JOHN                         IA-22-C-154
KANN, FREDERICK                         IA-22-B-313
KANN, J. HENRY                          IA-22-C-367
KANN, JACOB                             IA-22-B-397
KANN, JOHN                              IA-22-C-211
KANN, WILLIAM                           IA-22-D-382
KARWIN, MARY                            IA-22-C-241
KAUFMAN, SARAH                          IA-22-D-226
KEEHN, MICHAEL                          IA-22-A-197
KEELING, ARTHUR C.                      IA-22-D-42
KEELING, JOHN                           IA-22-C-17
KEELING, SUSAN S.                       IA-22-D-425
KEENAN, PHILIP                          IA-22-B-142
KEEPER, FRANCIS                         IA-22-A-22
KELEHER, THOMAS                         IA-22-D-280
KELLEHER, JOHN                          IA-22-C-47
KELLEHER, MARGARET                      IA-22-B-66
KELLEHER, MARY                          IA-22-B-189
KELLOGG, MINOR                          IA-22-A-456
KELLY, JAMES                            IA-22-D-366
KELLY, PATRICK                          IA-22-A-264
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                        IA-22-A-431
KENNEDY, REBECCA J.                     IA-22-A-464
KENNICKER, CHRISTIAN                    IA-22-D-414
KERN, LEWIS                             IA-22-A-314
KETELTAS, WILLIAM A.                    IA-22-B-172
KICHERER, CHRISTENE                     IA-22-D-243
KICHERER, DAVID                         IA-22-B-112
KIDNER, AMOS                            IA-22-C-149
KIERAN, JOHN V.                         IA-22-D-208
KIESEWETTER, ERNST                      IA-22-A-357
KIMBER, MALVINA                         IA-22-C-144
KING, JAMES                             IA-22-A-334
KIPP, JOHN                              IA-22-A-341
KIRCHER, JOSEPH                         IA-22-D-19
KISELER, JOSEPH A.                      IA-22-B-372
KLAS, SUSANNAH                          IA-22-A-526
KLAUS, JOHN HENRY                       IA-22-A-167
KLEBBE, LUDWIG                          IA-22-D-131
KLEIN, ANNA MARIE                       IA-22-D-15
KLINGE, FRIEDRICH                       IA-22-D-327
KLINGEMAN, FRITZ                        IA-22-C-65
KLOTZ, HENRY                            IA-22-D-416
KLOTZBACH, JOHN                         IA-22-D-375
KLUETSCH, GERTRUDE                      IA-22-C-102
KLUTH, CARL                             IA-22-C-408
KLUTH, MAY                              IA-22-D-164
KNECHT, LOUIS                           IA-22-A-173
KNIGHT, BETSEY S.                       IA-22-A-356
KNIGHT, MARGARET A.                     IA-22-C-257
KNIGHT, RALPH L.                        IA-22-C-10
KNIGHT, WILLIARD                        IA-22-A-480
KNODT, CARL                             IA-22-C-331
KOCH, GEORGE                            IA-22-B-144
KOCH, PETER                             IA-22-D-142
KOESTER, ALLIDA                         IA-22-C-348
KOHLER, IGNATZ                          IA-22-D-115
KOHLMANN, ANNA MARGARETT E.             IA-22-C-172
KORTE, WILHELMINA                       IA-22-D-330
KOSS, WILLIAM                           IA-22-D-315
KOTTMANN, JACOB                         IA-22-A-258
KRAPF, JOSEPH                           IA-22-B-429
KREGEL, WILHELM SR.                     IA-22-B-354
KREIMER, WILHELM                        IA-22-C-113
KRETZMEIER, FREDERICK                   IA-22-A-559
KREUMPEL, HERMAN                        IA-22-A-87
KRIEG, CHRISTINE                        IA-22-D-276
KRIEG, JOHN                             IA-22-C-402
KRIESE, BERNHARD                        IA-22-A-18
KRIEVITZ, HENRY                         IA-22-B-222
KUHLMANN, HERMAN D.                     IA-22-C-166
KUNDSON, GENI                           IA-22-B-322
KURDELMEIER, WILLIAM                    IA-22-C-297
KURMPEL, C. H.                          IA-22-C-389
KURZ, CATHARINE                         IA-22-A-484
KURZ, CATHARINE                         IA-22-B-293
KURZ, HENRY                             IA-22-A-484
KUYKENDALL, GEORGE L.                   IA-22-D-171
LAGING, MARGARETHA                      IA-22-C-19
LAMM, ARBOGAST                          IA-22-A-427
LAMPARTER, HENRY                        IA-22-D-184
LAMPHERE, PERY S.                       IA-22-B-134
LAMPHIEAR, NORMAN                       IA-22-A-561
LANE, JOHN S.                           IA-22-B-336
LANGE, HENRY                            IA-22-D-161
LANGENDORFER, CATHERINE                 IA-22-A-433
LARKIN, JEHU                            IA-22-B-435
LARSON, HENDRICK                        IA-22-C-258
LARSON, HOLGE                           IA-22-B-319
LARSON, PETER                           IA-22-A-274
LARSON, SARAH H.                        IA-22-D-154
LAVINS, JOHN                            IA-22-C-351
LAWRENCE, ALBERT E.                     IA-22-D-114
LAWRENCE, DANIEL T.                     IA-22-B-85
LAXSON, WILLIAM                         IA-22-A-476
LEAHY, TIMOTHY                          IA-22-B-81
LEDERMAN, CHRISTIAN                     IA-22-B-336
LEIBROCK, CHARLES                       IA-22-D-91
LEIBROCK, ELIZABETH                     IA-22-D-153
LEIGHTY, DAVID                          IA-22-A-483
LEITERMANN, ANNA BARBARA                IA-22-D-168
LEMBKE, HENRY                           IA-22-C-392
LEMCKE, JOHN                            IA-22-B-458
LENTH, FRITZ                            IA-22-D-76
LEONARD, MICHAEL                        IA-22-C-360
LEWIN, MARIA                            IA-22-D-367
LEWIS, AGNES                            IA-22-D-174
LEWIS, CATHARINE                        IA-22-B-193
LIDDY, J. J.                            IA-22-D-123
LIDDY, PATRICK                          IA-22-B-457
LINTON, JOHN                            IA-22-A-462
LLEWHELLIN, JANEB                       IA-22-B-84
LONG, ARNIE O.                          IA-22-C-50
LORNE, BRIDGET                          IA-22-C-360
LOSCH, MARTIN                           IA-22-C-66
LOVE, JAMES                             IA-22-A-488
LOVEJOY, LUND                           IA-22-A-487
LOVETT, MARK W.                         IA-22-C-355
LOWCOCK, JOHN                           IA-22-B-87
LOWE, JAMES SR.                         IA-22-A-478
LOWN, PETER M.                          IA-22-B-460
LUCKY, FRANCIS                          IA-22-A-374
LUECK, B. H.                            IA-22-D-165
LURRS, HERMAN                           IA-22-C-351
LUTHE, HENERY                           IA-22-C-321
LYNCH, CHARLES                          IA-22-C-409
LYNCH, JOHN                             IA-22-B-226

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