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KANAER, JOHN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-549
KASSON, WILLIAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1122
KEARN, JOHN                            EATON                                   NY-27-998
KEELER, LEWIS                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1292
KEELER, LEWIS                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3631
KEELER, NATHANIEL                      FENNER                                  NY-27-1633
KEELER, PETER                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1319
KEITH, EBENEZER                        MADISON                                 NY-27-936
KEITH, JOHN                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1206
KELLER, MARY                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1826
KELLOGG, AARON                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2738
KELLOGG, DANIEL F.                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2366
KELLOGG, JAMES                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-623A
KELLOGG, JEREMIAH                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1662A
KELLY, JAMES A.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2482
KELLY, JOHN                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-3236
KELSEY, MERRITT                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1694
KENDRICK, NATHANIEL                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-1286
KENNEDY, DAVID                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1382
KENNEDY, JOHN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-623
KENNEDY, SAMUEL                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1320
KENNEDY, WILLIAM M                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1387
KENT, LORINDA                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-466
KENT, SIMON                            EATON                                   NY-27-549A
KENYON, GAYLORD                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3193
KENYON, HENRY J.                       EATON                                   NY-22-2825
KENYON, LUCINDA J.                     STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1864
KENYON, SIMEON                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1321
KERN, CAROLINE                         EATON                                   NY-27-2049
KERN, JOHN                             EATON                                   NY-27-3279
KERN, MICHAEL                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3021
KERN, NANCY                            EATON                                   NY-27-1971
KERSHAW, MARY                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-765
KERSHAW, THOMAS                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-764
KETCHINGMAN, MARY                      MADISON                                 NY-27-1137
KETCHUM, JONAS                         BULLIVAN                                NY-27-101
KETING, JAMES                          ONEIDA                                  NY-27-3395
KEYES, JOSIAH                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1068
KEYES, LORENZO D.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1947
KEYES, SHUBAEL                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2760
KIBBE, PHILIP                          MADISON                                 NY-27-826
KILBORN, REBECCA                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1109
KILES, ELIZABETH                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2930
KILTS, CHRISTIAN                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2659
KILTS, NICHOLAS                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2438
KILTS, PETER                           LENOX                                   NY-27-842
KILTS, PHILIP A.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3293
KIMBALL, BURDETTE E.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-3196
KING, CHARLES                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1093
KING, NATHANIEL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1297
KING, THOMPSON                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1013
KINGSBURY, ALLEN                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1635
KINGSLEY, AMOS G.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1251
KINGSLEY, THOMAS                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2490
KINNE, CLARISSA                        ONEIDA                                  NY-27-1952
KINNEY, AZUBAH B.                      EATON                                   NY-27-2305
KINNEY, ORRIN J.                       DE RUYTER                               NY-27-745
KINNEY, TRUMAN                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1994
KLOCK, CONRAD                          LENOX                                   NY-27-235
KLOCK, JOHN                            SEE: CLOCK, JOHN                        NY-27-249
KNAPP, AARON                           EATON                                   NY-27-1744
KNAPP, ISAAC                           MADISON                                 NY-27-2358
KNAPP, LEVI P.                         LENOX                                   NY-27-426
KNIGHT, OLIVIA                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2122
KNOWLES, CHARLES                       SULLIVA                                 NY-27-869
KNOWLES, JAMES                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3063
KNOWLES, PRUDENCE                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2059
KNOWLES, PRUDENCE                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3277
KNOWLTON, EBENEZER                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1019
KNOX, ALVIN W.                         NELSON                                  NY-27-1741
KNOX, CHARLES H.                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3168
KNOX, HANNAH                           NELSON                                  NY-27-2083
KNOX, JOHN                             NELSON                                  NY-27-2573
KNOX, LOUISA                           NELSON                                  NY-27-3110
KNOX, MILA                             NELSON                                  NY-27-3040
KNOX, WILLIAM                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1371
KOLFIES, NICHOLAS                      EATON                                   NY-27-2696
KRUMBHAAR, HELEN L.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3214
LADD, ORSON T.                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-2584
LAMB, ASA                              BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-889
LAMB, B. FRANKLIN                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1528
LAMB, JABISH                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-112
LAMB, JACOB                            MADISON                                 NY-27-1232
LAMB, MARTIN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1210
LAMB, NATHAN B.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1534
LAMB, PENDLETON                        EATON                                   NY-27-50
LAMPHEAR, ESTHER                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-965
LAMPHEAR, ETHAN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-857
LAMPHIER, JAMES                        FENNER                                  NY-27-1337A
LAMPMAN,ABRAHAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1995
LAMPSON, ABRAHAM                       SULLIVAN                                NY=27-2802
LAMUNION, THOMAS                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1430
LANDPHAIR, AARON                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-893
LANE, EBENEZER                         NELSON                                  NY-27-192
LANGWORTHY, CHRISTOPHER                BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2449
LANGWORTHY, DANIEL L.                  BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1764
LANGWORTHY, NATHANIEL                  BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2719
LANGWORTHY, PELEG                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1549
LANGWORTHY, SANDERS                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-832
LANSING, ABRAM G.                      FENNER                                  NY-27-1250
LANSING, ABRAM W.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1152
LANSING, ARMELIA K.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-3073
LANSING, ELVIRA C.                     FENNER                                  NY-27-1993
LANSING, GARRIT I.                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1588
LANSING, JACOB                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-113
LANSING, PETER                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1115
LARKIN, ABRAM                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2096
LARKIN, CHARITY                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2211
LARRABEE, HORACE B.                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2182
LASELL, JOSIAH                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-2819
LATHROP, DANIEL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1950
LATHROP, EBENEZER                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-488
LAUGHTON, JOHN                         LENOX                                   NY-27-1928
LAWRENCE, PITT                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-948
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                      LENOX                                   NY-27-607
LAWSON, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-36
LAWTON, ADAM                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-796
LAWTON, ANNA                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-733A
LAWTON, GEORGE                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1337
LAWTON, JOHN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1928
LAWTON, PELEG                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-527
LEACH, BACKUS                          EATON                                   NY-27-2440
LEACH, EPHRAIM                         EATON                                   NY-27-3295
LEACH, LUNA                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-3522
LEARNED, SAMUEL                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1873
LEARY, JAMES                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-718
LEARY, JOHN                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-298
LEDYARD, JONATHAN D.                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3359
LEE, ABRAHAM                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1302
LEE, ALONZO W.                         NTL                                     NY-22-2821
LEE, CHARLES                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2546
LEE, EBER                              SULLIVAN                                NY-27-108
LEE, JOSEPH M.                         LENOX                                   NY-27-1230
LEE, MARTHA                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2157
LEE, MARY ANN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-22-2843
LEE, PHILIP                            EATON                                   NY-27-803
LEE, SHERROLUAH                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1032A
LEEGH, HENRY                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-934
LEET, HARVEY H.                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-3341
LEET, HENRY A.                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-2168
LELAND, AMASA                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1083
LELAND, ISAAC                          EATON                                   NY-27-1366
LELAND, JOSHUA                         EATON                                   NY-27-64
LELAND, URIAH                          EATON                                   NY-27-1553
LENOX, ASA/ASEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1425
LEONARD, NOAH                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2239
LEONARD, RUFUS                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2689
LEWIS, ABRAM                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-2496
LEWIS, ALVIN A.                        DERUYTER                                NY-22-2848
LEWIS, BENJAMIN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-427
LEWIS, DANIEL                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3125
LEWIS, EDWARD                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1101
LEWIS, EDWIN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1385
LEWIS, ESTHER                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-2599
LEWIS, HERVEY                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1452
LEWIS, JOHN                            EATON                                   NY-27-1762
LEWIS, SAMUEL                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-1990
LEWIS, ZEPHONIA                        NTL                                     NY-27-1385A
LIGHT, DANIEL A.                       LENO                                    NY-27-2994
LIGHT, THOMAS                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3033
LIGHTHALL, ABRAHAM                     LENOX                                   NY-27-733
LIGHTHALL, WILLIAM                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3516
LILLIBRIDGE, JARAH                     LEBANON                                 NY-27-3398
LILLIE, LUTHER                         EATON                                   NY-27-2559
LILLIE, SAMUEL                         EATON                                   NY-27-1529
LIMEBOCK, GEORGE                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1580
LINCKLAEN, HELEN                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1318
LINCKLAEN, JOHN                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-350
LINCKLAEN, LEDYARD                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2374
LINCOLN, LEONARD                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1218
LINCOLN, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NY-27-1796
LINDSLEY, DAVID                        EATON                                   NY-27-1032
LINDSLEY, FANNY                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2351
LINDSLEY, SIMEON                       NELSON                                  NY-27-1306
LINTNER, GEORGE                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3216
LIPE, ABRAM                            ONEIDA                                  NY-27-2523
LIPE, DANIEL Y.                        NTL                                     NY-27-1531
LITCHFIELD, ELISHA                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2060
LITCHFIELD, MARY A.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3420
LIVERMORE, JOHN O.                     MADISON                                 NY-22-2832
LIVINGSTON, JOHN                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-298A
LOBDELL, DANIEL                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-996
LOBDELL, HENRY                         FENNER                                  NY-27-2648
LODER, SAMUEL                          LENOX                                   NY-27-797
LOFTIS, RUTH                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2505
LONG, JOSEPH                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-2480
LOOMIS, ALEXANDER                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1380
LOOMIS, AMY                            NELSON                                  NY-27-2327
LOOMIS, CALVIN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2040
LOOMIS, EARL                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-3172
LOOMIS, ERASTUS T.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1373
LOOMIS, HARRY H.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1160
LOOMIS, HEZEKIAH                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1974
LOOMIS, JOHN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2781
LOOMIS, JOSIAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1962
LOOMIS, LEVI                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-2094
LOOMIS, LEWIS T.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-720
LOOMIS, LOREN                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2262
LOOMIS, SOPHIA DEF.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-2379
LOOMIS, THOMAS T.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3111
LOOMIS,NAOMI                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3584
LORD, EZEKIAL                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-590
LORD, ISIAH                            GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3016
LORD, JOHN                             NELSON                                  NY-27-624
LORD, WILLIAM                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1795
LOUCKS, ABRAHAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2776
LOUNSBURY, WILLIAM P.                  FENNER                                  NY-27-3444
LOVEJOY, ABIJAH                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1647
LOVEJOY, MONTREVILLE                   MADISON                                 NY-27-3526
LOVEJOY, WILLIAM                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3427
LOVEJOY, WILLIAM C.                    STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1917
LOVEJY, WILLIAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1135
LOVELAND, JOEL                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1085
LOWE, THOMAS                           EATON                                   NY-27-3165
LOWER, RANDALL D.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2323
LOWNSBERRY, THOMAS                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-138
LUCAS, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-640
LUCAS, MARCY                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1010
LUCAS, PHINEAS                         CAZZENOVIA                              NY-27-2
LUCAS, ROBERT                          PALOS, COOK, IL                         NY-27-1631
LUCAS, SAMUEL                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1223
LUCAS, WILLIAM                         FENNER                                  NY-27-1061
LULL, TIMOTHY W.                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-1216
LUMBARD, ANNA                          EATON                                   NY-27-1504
LUMBARD, AUGUSTUS                      EATON                                   NY-27-3134
LUMBARD, JOHN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2176
LUMBARD, THOMAS                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-147
LUTOSE, PETER                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2417
LYMAN, JOSEPH W.                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2124
LYNCH, JOHN K.                         EATON                                   NY-27-2194
LYNCH, TEARNS                          EATON                                   NY-27-2189
LYNN, POLLY                            NELSON                                  NY-22-2859
LYON, CHLOE                            NELSON                                  NY-27-1318A
LYON, EBENEZER                         NELSON                                  NY-27-553
LYON, GARRET A.                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2056
LYON, HIRAM L.                         MADISON                                 NY-27-3412
MABLE, ALBERT                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3508
MACK, WARREN                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3459
MACKEY, SARAH A.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3014
MADDOCK, JAMES                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-152
MAGE, TERZAH M.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2653
MAIN, DANIEL                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-831
MAIN, DANIEL                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-729
MAIN, PAUL                             LENOX                                   NY-27-132
MAIN, THOMAS                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-555A
MAINE, ASA R.                          FENNER                                  NY-27-2291
MAINE, CLARISSA                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3051
MAINE, NATHANIEL                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-407
MAINE, STEPHEN                         LENOX                                   NY-27-855
MANCHESTER, ABBEY C.                   EATON                                   NY-27-2936
MANCHESTER, DANIEL                     MADISON                                 NY-27-299
MANCHESTER, ELIZABETH                  MADISON                                 NY-27-3221
MANCHESTER, GIDEON                     MADISON                                 NY-27-2236
MANCHESTER, HANNAH                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-2045
MANCHESTER, JOB                        MADISON                                 NY-27-458
MANCHESTER, JOSEPH                     MADISON                                 NY-27-973
MANCHESTER, SARAH                      MADISON                                 NY-27-1749
MANCHESTER, WILLIAM                    MADISON                                 NY-27-1883
MANN, CLINTON D.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3369
MANN, DANIEL                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-1370
MANN, ERASTUS                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3053
MANN, HUGH                             SULLIVAN                                NY-27-38
MANN, JOEL                             CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-94
MARBLE, NATHAN                         MADISON                                 NY-27-690
MARIKLE, MATHIAS                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3546
MARKHAM, ABIJAH                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-280
MARKHAM, ABIJAH                        MADISON                                 NY-27-142
MARKS, SAMUEL                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2603
MARKS, WILLIAM B.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3192
MARSH, ABIGAIL                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2487
MARSH, ABNER                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-239
MARSH, DAVID                           FENNER                                  NY-27-386
MARSH, ELLEN                           MADISON                                 NY-27-973A
MARSH, ISAAC                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2173
MARSH, LOVISA                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1869
MARSH, SARAH JANE                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2978
MARSH, SILAS                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2640
MARSHALL, CALEB                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1264
MARSHALL, GILBERT                      FENNER                                  NY-27-2193
MARSHALL, JOHN                         EATON                                   NY-27-1685
MARSHALL, SAMUEL                       EATON                                   NY-27-2183
MARSHALL, SIMEON                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-415
MARSHALL, SIMEON                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-867
MARSHALL, THOMAS                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2311
MARTIN, DARIUS                         MADISON                                 NY-27-2871
MARTIN, ELUNA                          EATON                                   NY-22-2847
MARYOTT, NATHAN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1687
MASON, ALVIN T.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3256
MASON, EZRA                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1576
MASON, HANNAH                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1746
MASON, HENRY                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2652
MASON, ISAAC                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-476
MASON, LURANA                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2897
MASTUS, ANN                            NEW HAVEN, CT                           NY-27-1896
MATHER, ELIJAH                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-155
MATHEWS, DAVID                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-29
MATHEWS, HENRY H. W.                   SULLIVAN                                NY-27-46
MATHEWS, JOHN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-20
MATHEWS, PATRICK                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2491
MATHEWSON, PHILIP                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-535
MATHEWSON, WINCHESTER                  SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2343
MATTERSON, JOHN W.                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-753
MATTERSON, SOLOMON                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-24
MATTESON, GEORGE H.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2313
MATTESON, NORMAN F.                    EATON                                   NY-27-905
MATTESON, ORLANDO                      GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-818
MATTESON, ROYAL J.                     NELSON                                  NY-27-1261
MATTHEWS, DANIEL                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-929
MATTISON, GEORGE                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1236
MAXSON, CLARK                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-6
MAXSON, ELEON                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2022
MAXSON, HANNAH                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-116
MAXSON, JOHN                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-212
MAXSON, JOSHUA                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1168
MAXSON, JUDITH                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-162
MAXSON, PAUL C.                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-435
MAXSON, PAUL C.                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-3493
MAXSON, PERRY                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-499
MAY, LINUS                             SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-207
MAY, LUKE                              CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2181
MAY, ROBERT                            DERUYTER                                NY-27-2992
MAY, RUFUS SR.                         FENNER                                  NY-27-680
MAY, SARAH                             CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1436
MAY, SYLVESTER                         FENNER                                  NY-27-457
MAYDOLE, JAMES H.                      EATON                                   NY-27-2805
MAYNARD, AMOS                          MADISON                                 NY-27-555
MAYNARD, MOSES                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1611
MAYO, ADONIRAM                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3379
MCCARTNEY, CHAUNCEY                    MADISON                                 NY-27-2347
MCCARTNEY, JAMES                       MADISON                                 NY-27-1237
MCCARTNEY, OTIS                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2898
MCCARTNEY, POLLY                       MADISON                                 NY-27-1334A
MCCLANATHAN, MARIA                     MADISON                                 NY-27-2251
MCCLEARY, THOMAS                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2005
MCCLENATHAN, ELMIRA                    MADISON                                 NY-27-2257
MCCLENATHAN, SAMUEL                    EATON                                   NY-27-3585
MCCLURE, SAMUEL                        MADISON                                 NY-27-245
MCCOY, JOHN                            GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-687
MCCUIM, MARY                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3099
MCCUMBER, JOSEPH                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2933
MCCURLEY, EDWIN                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2678
MCDONNELL, WILLIAM                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-3446
MCEVEN, EZRA                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1791
MCGINNITY, HENRY                       LENOX                                   NY-27-428
MCGREGOR, JOHN FORBES                  SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2700
MCGUIRK, JOHN                          EATON                                   NY-27-1641
MCHUGO, PATRICK                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3608
MCINTYRE, PETER                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-311
MCKENZIE, JAMES                        LENOX                                   NY-27-916
MCLANE, JANE                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-2054
MCLEAN, JOHN J.                        EATON                                   NY-27-2872
MCMILLAN, DAVID                        MADISON                                 NY-27-12
MCNAUGHTON, ANGUS                      FENNER                                  NY-27-632
MCPHERSON, DANIEL K.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-2790
MCQUEEN, JOHN                          EATON                                   NY-27-2512
MCQUEEN, SARAH E.                      EATON                                   NY-27-3511
MCQUIEN, NORMAN M.                     EATON                                   NY-27-2632
MCSTAY, PETER                          EATON                                   NY-27-528
MEAD, LIFFE                            LENOX                                   NY-27-3316
MEAD, POWERS R.                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2186
MEAD, SEBA                             LENO                                    NY-27-2465
MEDBERRY, ALFRED                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3222
MEDBURY, WILLIAM                       EATON                                   NY-27-960
MERCHANT, BENJAMIN                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-109
MERCHANT, HIRAM B.                     DE RUYTER                               NY-27-665
MERCHANT, HIRAM H.                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1914
MERITT, AZEL                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2184
MERRICK, CONSTANT                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-707
MERRICK, EXPERIENCE                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-694
MERRICK, THOMAS                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-107
MERRILL, LEWIS                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2901
MERRILL, MOSES V.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2909
MERRILL, WILLARD                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1466
MERRITT, LOISA                         FENNER                                  NY-27-2641
MERRITT, SARAH                         EATON                                   NY-27-1496
MILES, HENRY A.                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2746
MILES, NICHOLAS                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1293
MILES, SAMUEL                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-1739
MILKS, JOHN B.                         NELSON                                  NY-27-2572
MILLARD, LOUDON                        LENOX                                   NY-27-747
MILLEN, MELINDA                        MADISON                                 NY-22-2837
MILLEN, SAMUEL                         MADISON                                 NY-27-2252
MILLEN, THOMAS                         MADISON                                 NY-22-2838
MILLER, AARON A.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1404
MILLER, BETSEY                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1820
MILLER, DAVID                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2672
MILLER, GEORGE                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2299
MILLER, JOHN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2425
MILLER, JOHN R.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1689
MILLER, LINUS H.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3211
MILLER, MICHAEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2202
MILLER, SALLY                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2246
MILLER, WILLIAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2771
MILLERD, LUCIUS                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-589
MILLS, LUTHER                          EATON                                   NY-27-250
MILLS, WILLIAM                         EATON                                   NY-27-150
MINER, JOHN M.                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1520
MINER, MYRTILLA                        WASHINGTON, DC                          NY-27-3374
MINER, RUSSELL L.                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-2418
MINER, URANA P.                        EATON                                   NY-27-2152
MISE, WILLIAM                          MADISON                                 NY-27-548
MITCHEL, NASH                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-321
MITCHELL, ELIJAH                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2571
MITCHELL, JONATHAN                     EATON                                   NY-27-3300
MITCHELL, LYDIA                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-289
MITCHELL, NASH                         NTL                                     NY-27-1556
MITCHELL, REBECCA                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-2578
MIZE, EDMUND                           MAIDSON                                 NY-27-1056
MOFFETT, WILLIS                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1166
MOFFIT, MARY                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-784
MONTAGUE, OREB                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-637
MONTAGUE, RICHARD                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-177
MONTROSS, JEMIMA                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3024
MONTROSS, JOHN                         LENOX                                   NY-22-2861A
MOOCHER, JOHN                          FENNER                                  NY-27-2520
MOOCHLER, ANDREW                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2306
MOOCHLER, ANDREW                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2884
MOORE, ALFRED                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3072
MOORE, ANN                             GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-587
MOORE, AUSTIN A.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3060
MOORE, CHARLES                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2261
MOORE, ELI                             LENOX                                   NY-27-3422
MOORE, JAMES                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-242
MOORE, JAMES                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1550
MOORE, JAMES                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3410
MOORE, JOSIAH (MOON)                   BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1215
MOORE, LYMAN                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-614
MOORE, RUFUS                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-60
MOORE, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1630
MOOT, CONRAD                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1168A
MOOT, JOHN C.                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1246
MORDE, ELLIS                           EATON                                   NY-27-2922
MOREY, JOSIAH                          MADISON                                 NY-27-238
MOREY, NANCY                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-15
MORGAN, ABIJAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1370A
MORGAN, GRACE                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2717
MORGAN, JOHN                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1271
MORGAN, JOSHUA                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-509
MORGAN, PETER                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-574
MORGAN, STEPHEN                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-2891
MORGAN, WALTER                         MADISON                                 NY-27-352
MORGAN, WEALTHY                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1040A
MORISON, ROBERT                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1300
MORRIS, ELIZABETH                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2297
MORRIS, GRIFFITH E.                    NELSON                                  NY-27-3601
MORRIS, HARVEY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1040
MORRIS, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-180
MORRIS, ROBERT                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1450
MORRIS, THOMAS                         EATON                                   NY-27-399
MORRIS, THOMAS G.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1201
MORRISON, AGNESS                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1334
MORRISON, ALEXANDER                    LENOX                                   NY-27-1522
MORSE, ADALINE B.                      EATON                                   NY-27-3421
MORSE, ARUM H.                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2349
MORSE, BENJAMIN                        EATON                                   NY-27-801
MORSE, CAROLINE                        EATON                                   NY-27-2568
MORSE, DAVID C.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2448
MORSE, DEBORAH                         EATON                                   NY-27-954
MORSE, EDWARD P.                       EATON                                   NY-27-1915
MORSE, ELIJAH                          EATON                                   NY-27-1676
MORSE, ELIZABETH                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-309
MORSE, HENRY B.                        EATON                                   NY-27-3413
MORSE, ISAAC                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1989
MORSE, JARED                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1773
MORSE, JOHN                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1277
MORSE, JOSEPH                          EATON                                   NY-27-307
MORSE, JOSEPH C.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2068
MORSE, MARIETTA                        EATON                                   NY-27-1901
MORSE, PERSIS S.                       EATON                                   NY-27-777
MORSE, WILLIAM                         EATON                                   NY-27-543
MORTON, ROBERT                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-481
MORY, WILLIAM H.                       FENNER                                  NY-27-917
MOSELEY, JONATHAN                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-2350
MOSELEY, OSCAR C.                      EATON                                   NY-27-2345
MOSHER, ANGELINA                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3027
MOSSER, LUTHER                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2287
MOTT, JONATHAN                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-970
MOTT, SAMUEL                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1934
MOTT, STEPHEN G.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1876
MOWERS, JACOB                          LENOX                                   NY-27-650
MOWRY, LUCY                            NELSON                                  NY-27-834
MOWRY, RICHARD                         NELSON                                  NY-27-293
MOYER, ABRAHAM                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-294
MSITH, LEROY J.                        NTL                                     NY-27-2647
MUIR, DAVID                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-761
MUIR, DAVID                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-1669
MUIR, JAMES                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-2669
MUIR, JOHN                             HAMILTON                                NY-27-493
MUIR, WILLIAM                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-3031
MULLIGAN, MICHAEL                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-2577
MUNGER, CHARLES R.                     EATON                                   NY-27-1086
MUNGER, ELIEL                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1323
MUNGER, JONATHAN                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-27
MUNGER, LORENZO D.                     FENNER                                  NY-27-2318
MUNGER, TERAN                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-647
MUNROE, GEORGE J.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1037
MUNSON, HORACE S.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-507
MUNSON, SELAH                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2195
MURCH, JOHN                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3541
MURDOCK, ARIEL                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-463
MURDOCK, JOHN                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-935
MURDOCK, JOSHUA                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1801
MURDOCK, SOPHIA                        NTL                                     NY-27-865
MURRAY, HARRIET                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2703
MYERS, CHARLES H.`                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-3620
MYERS, FREDERICK                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2123
MYERS, SOLOMON                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2596
MYERS, WILLIAM N.                      EATON                                   NY-27-3563
NARE, GEORGE                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2235
NASH, ABNER                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-838
NASH, ELIJAH                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1283A
NASH, HORACE                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1619
NASH, JOHN                             EATON                                   NY-27-2895
NASH, LEWIS                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1605
NASH, NANCY                            STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3310
NASH, NORTON                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-2870
NASH, THOMAS                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1050
NEEDHAM, JOHN                          FENNER                                  NY-27-1681
NEEDHAM, JOHN                          RIGA, MONROE, NY                        NY-27-1051A
NEEDHAM, JOHN JR.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1516
NEGUS ABNER                            EATON                                   NY-27-3416
NEGUS, ROBERT                          EATON                                   NY-27-868
NELLIS, JOHN D.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1327
NELLIS, JOHN I. D.                     "IN OHIO"                               NY-27-1391
NELSON, ELISHA                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3440
NELSON, WILLIAM                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1346
NEMIRES, JOHN H.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3142
NEW, SIMON P.                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2088
NEWMAN, PETER                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3363
NEWTON, ARTEMAS L.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-3232
NEWTON, GEORGE G.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2973
NEWTON, JOHN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1438
NEWTON, RACHEL                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1771
NEWTON, STEPHEN                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2421
NICHOLS, ALEXANDER S.                  SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1445
NICHOLS, ASA C.                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3078
NICHOLS, DAVID                         NELSON                                  NY-27-226
NICHOLS, ELERY                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3577
NICHOLS, GEORGE W.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1283
NICHOLS, HANFORD                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1652
NICHOLS, LOUISA                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2806
NICHOLS, MALANCTHON S.                 CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2387
NICHOLS, MARY M.                       LENOX                                   NY-22-2841
NICHOLS, PIERCE C.                     GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2032
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                        FENNER                                  NY-27-3500
NICHOLS, SOLOMON                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3357
NICHOLS, SUSAN M.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1842
NICKERSON, ELIZABETH                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2711
NICKERSON, JAMES                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1759
NICOLLE, SIMON                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-485
NILES, CHLOE C.                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-3261
NILES, HARVEY                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-957
NILES, JOHN SR.                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-603
NILES, SAMUEL                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-813
NORTH, LUTHER S.                       EATON                                   NY-27-530
NORTH, STEPHEN                         EATON                                   NY-27-1328
NORTHRUP, BARZILLAI                    SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-338
NORTHRUP, IRA                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-467
NORTHRUP, RENSSELAER                   LENOX                                   NY-27-3423
NORTHRUP, SYLVSTER                     FENNER                                  NY-27-1638
NORTON, ANDREW                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-404
NORTON, FRANCIS                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1978
NORTON, JOEL                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-984
NORTON, SHUBAL D.                      NELSON                                  NY-27-1813
NORTRIP, CORNELIUS                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3425
NYE, EBENEZER                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2020
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3034
OLCOTT, GURDON J.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3571
OLCOTT, JOSEPH                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-546
OLCOTT, JOSEPH                         SULLIVAN                                NY-22-2826
OLDS, ZEBULON                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-320A
OLIN, GIDEON T.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-352A
OLIN, PATIENCE                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-631
OLMSTEAD, JONATHAN                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-1016
ONIEL, ANDREW                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3428
OROURKE, LUKE                          EATON                                   NY-27-3035
ORR, CHARLES                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3345
ORR, WILLIAM                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3407
OSBORNE, WILLIS                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1523
OSGOOD, DAVID                          EATON                                   NY-27-320
OSGOOD, DAVID                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2903
OSGOOD, DIANA                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-992
OSGOOD, ELLICE S.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-615
OSGOOD, ELMER H.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1175A
OSGOOD, HAWLEY S.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-3017
OSGOOD, JOSIAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-833
OSGOOD, JOSIAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-876
OSGOOD, LYMAN                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-295
OSGOOD, LYMAN C.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1072
OSGOOD, MARTHA                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-752
OSGOOD, POLLY                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1004
OSGOOD, SAMUEL                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-575
OSTRAN, JOHN                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-2453
OSTROM, STEPHEN                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-980
OTIS, CHARLES                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1175
OTIS, EPHRAIM                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-1394
OTIS, IRA                              LENOX                                   NY-27-662
OTTAWAY, JOHN                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3314
OWEN, EBENEZER                         LENOX                                   NY-27-263
OWEN, WILLIAM                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-778
PADDOCK, ARASPUS                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-2896A
PADDOCK, CHARLES                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-72
PAGE, DANIEL                           FENNER                                  NY-27-3481
PAGE, GEORGE                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1071
PAGE, MONTGOMERY H.                    STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1819
PAGE, TIMOTHY                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1268
PAGE, WILLIAM                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1966
PAGE, WILLIAM                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1900
PALMER, BENJAMIN                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2220
PALMER, BENJAMIN                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1012
PALMER, DANIEL                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-618
PALMER, DENNISON                       BROOKIFIELD                             NY-27-611
PALMER, ELIJAH                         LENOX                                   NY-27-812
PALMER, JESSE                          LENOX                                   NY-27-804
PALMER, JOSEPH                         LENOX                                   NY-27-559
PALMER, JOSEPH                         LENOX                                   NY-27-406
PALMER, JOSEPH S.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1377
PALMER, JUSTUS H.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2948
PALMER, LEVI                           MADISON                                 NY-22-2858
PALMER, NEWTON                         SULLIVAN                                NY-22-2834
PALMER, OLIVE                          LENOX                                   NY-27-951
PALMER, OREN                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-569
PALMER, PELEG                          LENOX                                   NY-27-264
PALMER, PHEBE                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2375
PALMER, PHEBE D.                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2203
PALMER, REUBEN                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3552
PALMER, THOMAS                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-703
PALMER, VOSE                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-232
PALMER, WHEELER                        LENOX                                   NY-27-224
PALMER, WILLIAM H.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2333
PALMETER, CHESTER                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-827
PALMETER, THOMAS                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-218
PALMITER, GEORGE                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1079
PALMITER, HORACE W.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2501
PALMITER, JESSE                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-300
PAMER, JOHN                            MADISON                                 NY-27-417
PARDY, JAMES                           ONEIDA                                  NY-27-2515
PARDY, MICHAEL                         ONEIDA                                  NY-27-2516
PARK, BELA                             SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2497
PARKER, ABIJAH                         MADISON                                 NY-27-158
PARKER, DAVID J.                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-384
PARKER, EDWARD                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1202
PARKER, GEOGE                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1114A
PARKER, JOEL                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1684
PARKER, LUCINDA J.                     GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1615
PARKER, MATTHIAS                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1824
PARKER, NATHANIEL                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1008
PARKER, ROSE                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3521
PARKER, ROSWELL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3278
PARKER, THOMAS M.                      LONDON, ONTARIO                         NY-27-2600
PARKER, ZADOCK                         MADISON                                 NY-27-243
PARKHURST, FRANCIS                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2524
PARKHURST, UZUAL                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3104
PARKIN, JOHN                           FENNER                                  NY-27-1811
PARKS, ORRIN                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-436
PARLIN, ABIJAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-737
PARMALE, CHARLES                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-883
PARMALEE, ASAHEL                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-958
PARMELEE, HARRIET D.                   GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1587
PARMELY, JOHN                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1747
PARSONS, HARRIET M.                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-3612
PARTELLO, ALFRED M.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2607
PARTELO, ASAHEL S.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-430
PARTRIDGE, JOSEPH                      GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1439
PATRICK, SARAH                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1996
PATTERSON, GEORGE L.                   EATON                                   NY-27-775
PATTISON, ROBERT K.                    EATON                                   NY-27-625
PATTISON, ROBERT R.                    EATON                                   NY-27-1905
PAYNE, BETSEY                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1433
PAYNE, BILDAH C.                       NELSON                                  NY-27-241
PAYNE, CHARLES B.                      GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1709
PAYNE, ELISHA                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1057
PAYNE, MANSFIELD                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2471
PAYNE, OLIVER                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3
PAYNE, RUGGLES                         NELSON                                  NY-27-1874
PAYNE, SAMUEL                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1088
PAYNE, TRUMAN                          EATON                                   NY-27-3573
PAYNE, WILLIAM                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1703
PEARCE, TIMOTHY                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1224
PEARL, MARCIA C.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3602
PEARL, RACHAEL                         MADISON                                 NY-27-3069
PEAS, JOHN B.                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3223
PEASE, MARY B.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3228
PEASE, MARY B.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3252
PEASLEY, PHOEBE                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-1228
PECK, ALBERT D.                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1243
PECK, JAMES                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1018
PECK, JOHN                             CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1364
PECK, JOHN K.                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1546
PECK, STURGES                          NELSON                                  NY-27-442
PECKHAM, CHARLES                       MADISON                                 NY-27-2071
PECKHAM, GEORGE                        MADISON                                 NY-27-127
PECKHAM, GEORGE                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1431
PECKHAM, GEORGE                        MADISON                                 NY-27-125
PECKHAM, GEORGE                        MADISON                                 NY-27-609
PECKHAM, IRA                           MADISON                                 NY-27-3311
PECKHAM, JOB                           MADISON                                 NY-27-364
PECKHAM, SAMUEL                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2483
PEEBLE, POOLY                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2574
PEEBLES, JOHN M.                       MADISON                                 NY-27-710
PEEK, JOSEPH                           NELSON                                  NY-27-1956
PEEK, JOSIAH                           EATON                                   NY-27-1606
PEET, ISAAC                            EATON                                   NY-27-880
PEET, LEWIS                            MADISON                                 NY-27-339
PENFIELD, DAVID                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1114
PENNELL, ARCHIBALD                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-378
PERKINS, ALMER                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2477
PERKINS, BYRAM                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2454
PERKINS, CALVIN G.                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1723
PERKINS, ETHAN                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2734
PERKINS, REUBEN S.                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2147
PERKINS, SHERLOCK W.                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2531
PERRY, ELIAS                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1295
PERRY, HIRAM                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2791
PERRY, JESSE                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2513
PETRIC, RUFUS                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2722
PETRIE, FREDERICK                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3553
PETRIE, JOSEPH L.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2093
PETTIT, SETH                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2030
PHELPS, ELIJAH                         EATON                                   NY-27-412
PHELPS, JACOB                          LENOX                                   NY-27-158A
PHELPS, JOHN                           EATON                                   NY-27-606
PHELPS, MARY                           EATON                                   NY-27-1433A
PHELPS, SAMUEL                         FENNER                                  NY-27-473
PHELPS, SAMUEL JR.                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-403
PHILBEAM, EDMUND                       MADISON                                 NY-27-3289
PHILLIPS, CAROLINE                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3167
PHILLIPS, GILBERT F.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-3240
PHILLIPS, JAMES H.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3592
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH A.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-1798
PHILLIPS, LEWIS                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-767
PHILLIPS, MARTIN                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2921
PHILLIPS, MELINDA                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2964
PHILLIPS, PETER                        FENNER                                  NY-27-1656
PHILLIPS, RALPH                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3297
PHILLIPS, SALLY                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3275
PHILPOT, GEORGE                        EATON                                   NY-27-2087
PHINNEY, SALMON                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-22-2830
PIERCE, BENJAMIN                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-270
PIERCE, JONATHAN O.                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-1289
PIERCE, LEVI                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-332
PIERCE, LUCINDA                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2558
PIERCE, MARY                           FENNER                                  NY-27-2674
PIERCE, NANCY                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3560
PIERCE, PHILANDER                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1326
PIERCE, WILLIAM                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-508
PIERSON, CLARISA                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2076
PIERSON, MARY A.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3190
PITTS, RUFUS                           EATON                                   NY-27-334
PLANK, WILLIAM H.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3616
PLATNER, JACOB JR.                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-361
PLATTO, FREDERICK                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1400
POMEROY, JAMES                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2918
POMEROY, NOAH                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1267
PON, TRUEMAN                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-354
POND, ALONSON P.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2543
POND, MUNSON                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3096
POOL, GIDEON R.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-504
POOL, JULIETT                          CLARKSTON, MI                           NY-27-1969
POOL, OLIVER                           NELSON                                  NY-27-1542
POOLE, SARAH                           NELSON                                  NY-27-1269
POPE, ARNOLD                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-2016
POPE, ASA                              HAMILTON                                NY-27-3103
POPE, HANNAH                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-2817
PORTER, ASAHEL                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-600
PORTER, EBENEZER                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2303
PORTER, ORRIN N.                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1845
POST, CYRUS H.                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2679
POST, JACOB                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1008A
POST, JOHN                             CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-367
POST, JOHN                             CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3018
POTTER, ELIZABETH                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1269A
POTTER, JONATHAN                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-330
POTTER, NOEL JR.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-210
POWELL, ELIZABETH                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1997
POWELL, JOHN                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-629
POWELL, THEODORUS C.                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3075
POWER, JOSIAH                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1770
POWERS, ABEL E.                        EATON                                   NY-27-1420
POWERS, BETSEY                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1721
POWERS, ELIJAH                         NELSON                                  NY-27-1675
POWERS, HERMON L.                      EATON                                   NY-27-1358
POWERS, MOSES                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2101
PRATT, BARDIN                          EATON                                   NY-27-2429
PRATT, COLLINS                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-827A
PRATT, DANIEL                          FENNER                                  NY-27-2466
PRATT, EZRA                            FENNER                                  NY-27-2269
PRATT, HANNAH                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1172
PRATT, JAMES                           NTL                                     NY-27-776
PRATT, JONATHAN                        MADISON                                 NY-27-911
PRATT, MARY                            MADISON                                 NY-27-2402
PRATT, POLLY                           EATON                                   NY-27-3629
PRATT, WARNER                          EATON                                   NY-27-175
PRENTICE, MANASSAH                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-204
PRICE, EDWARD W.                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-2928
PRICE, THOMAS                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2284
PRIDMORE, CATHARINE E.                 LENOX                                   NY-27-2721
PRIOR, ASAHEL                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1802
PRITCHARD, ASA                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3404
PROUT, JOHN H.                         LENOX                                   NY-27-1558
PURDY, ALBERT G.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3532
PUTMAN, HARVEY                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2544
PUTNAM, DANIEL                         EATON                                   NY-27-3090
PUTNAM, ELIJAH                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1537
PUTNAM, JAMES                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2545
PUTNAM, JUDSON A.                      EATON                                   NY-27-2787
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3578
RAMSAY, JOHN H.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1699
RAMSDALE, RANSOM                       MADISON                                 NY-27-3501
RAMSEY, EBENEZER                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2797
RANDAL, ASA                            LENOX                                   NY-27-317
RANDALL, EPHRAIM                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3471
RANDALL, JONAS T.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2747
RANDEL, JOHN S.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3197
RANKIN, JAIRUS                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-666
RANNEY, EBENEZER                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2170
RANSIER, ANN E.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3083
RANSOM, ROBERT                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1903
RANSOM, RUFUS S.                       FENNER                                  NY-27-1940
RANSON, REUBEN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-285
RATHBONE, ANNA                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1705
RATHBONE, IRA                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2063
RATHBUN, DANIEL                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2264
RATHBUN, DEULANNA                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2265
RATNOUR, GEORGE                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1127
RATNOUR, HENRY K.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3494
RATTISON, GEORGE                       MADISON                                 NY-27-1338
RAUSEN, JOHN J.                        NTL                                     NY-27-2001
RAWSON, SIMON                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-908
RAY, BETSEY                            DERUYTER                                NY-27-2991
RAY, NATHAN L.                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-2070
RAYMOND, CELINA D.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2047
RAYMOND, ESTHER                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1024A
RAYMOND, GIDEON                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3003
RAYMOND, ISAAC                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-237
READ, ANNA                             BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1142
READ, DANIEL                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1568
READ, SAMUEL                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-915A
RECORD, MARCIA                         EATON                                   NY-27-3538
RECORD, SAMUEL                         EATON                                   NY-27-2788
REED, CHARLES H.                       HAMILTON                                NY-22-2833A
REED, JOHN                             SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1261
REED, ROYAL W.                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2665
REED, WILLIAM                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1527
REED, WILLIAM H.                       EATON                                   NY-27-2386
REEDY, MARGARET                        MORRISVILLE                             NY-27-3490
REESE, SIMEON G.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3046
REEVE, HERMAN                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1272
REEVE, JAMES                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2242
REEVE, JAMES                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2282
REMINGTON, BENJAMIN F.                 SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3203
REVERSHON, JOHN PETER                  SULLIVAN                                NY-27-10
REYNOLDS, COLONEL                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2334
REYNOLDS, EPHRAIM R.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-1007
REYNOLDS, JONATHAN                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1025
RHOADES, BENJAMIN W.                   BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-641
RHOADES, F. CHRISTINA                  HAMILTON                                NY-27-3312
RHOADES, NAHUM                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-236
RHOADES, WILLIAM                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-56
RHOADES, WILLIAM                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1844
RHOADES, WILLIAM                       DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1021
RHODES, WALTER C.                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-2286
RICE, BENJAMIN F.                      LIBERTYVILLE, LAKE, IL                  NY-27-1640
RICE, FRANCIS                          MADISON                                 NY-27-3619
RICE, ISAAC                            NTL                                     NY-27-1491
RICE, JESSE                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2937
RICE, JOHN                             NELSON                                  NY-27-100
RICE, MINA (MINHER)                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-1273
RICE, MOSES JR                         LENOX                                   NY-27-182
RICE, PHINEAS                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-1098
RICE, RUTH A.                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3322
RICH, REUBEN                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1718
RICHARDS, EDWARD                       EATON                                   NY-27-2957
RICHARDS, JOHN B.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-841
RICHARDS, SAMUEL H.                    EATON                                   NY-27-2106
RICHARDS, SOLOMAN N.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-731
RICHARDSON, ABRAHAM                    LENOX                                   NY-27-359
RICHARDSON, ALBERT F.                  NELSON                                  NY-27-1794
RICHARDSON, HUMPHREY                   LENOX                                   NY-27-323
RICHARDSON, IRA                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2355
RICHARDSON, LEMUEL                     NELSON                                  NY-27-717
RICHARDSON, ORRIN                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3544
RICHMOND, DAVID                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2934
RICHMOND, IRENE D.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3144
RICHMOND, MARY                         MADISON                                 NY-27-3202
RICHMOND, ROSWELL W.                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3267
RICHMOND, SYLVESTER                    STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3478
RICTH, GEORGE W.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1303
RIDDLE, ROBERT                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2212
RIDDLE, ROBERT H.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2775
RIDER, ELIZABETH                       EATON                                   NY-27-1451
RIDER, NATHAN G.                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-1213A
RIDER, SIMEON                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-111
RIDER, SIMEON                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-2384
RIDER, ZENAS                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-1981
RIGGALL, JOHN                          GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2539
RIGHTMEYER, HENRY                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1586
RISLEY, ELIZUR                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3114
RISLEY, ELIZUR                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1001
RISLEY, GEORGE                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3153
RISLEY, HENRY                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1390
RISLEY, JAMES                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1294
RISLEY, JAMES MONROE                   BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2160
RISLEY, JONATHAN                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-131
RISLEY, STEPHEN                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-716
RISLEY, STEPHEN                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2197
RISLEY, SYLVESTER                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2617
RISLEY, WARD                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2196
RISLY, CHAUNCEY                        MADISON                                 NY-27-196
RITTER, JOSEPH                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3442
ROACH, PHILIP                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-825
ROBBINS, ELIJAH                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2354
ROBBINS, JOHN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-349
ROBBINS, LEWIS E.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2755
ROBE, CHARLES W.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1512
ROBERTS, ALVORY                        FENNER                                  NY-27-1315
ROBERTS, AMASA                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-78
ROBERTS, AMASAQ                        FENNER                                  NY-27-1322
ROBERTS, DANIEL                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-168
ROBERTS, ELIAKIM                       FENNER                                  NY-27-643
ROBERTS, GEORGE                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-851
ROBERTS, GILES                         MADISON                                 NY-27-269
ROBERTS, JESSE                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1
ROBERTS, JOHN C.                       EATON                                   NY-27-2961
ROBERTS, JOHN H.                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3055
ROBERTS, LAVINIA                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1955
ROBERTS, LURANCY                       FENNER                                  NY-27-1790
ROBERTS, NATHAN S.                     NTL                                     NY-27-1530
ROBERTS, NATHAN S.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1481
ROBERTS, NATHAN S.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2521
ROBERTS, SALLY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3266
ROBERTS, SETH                          FENNER                                  NY-27-1815
ROBERTS, SIMEON B.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-739
ROBERTSON, DANIEL                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1024
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1139
ROBERTSON, ROBERT                      FENNER                                  NY-27-1898
ROBIE, JOHN M.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3042
ROBIE, JONATHAN                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3281
ROBINSON, PETER P.                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2388
ROBINSON, RICHARD A.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-2322
ROBINSON, THEOPHILUS                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-2310
ROCKWELL, WILLIAM S.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-2627
ROGERS, DAVID                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2801
ROGERS, ETHAN C.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2443
ROGERS, JAMES                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-863
ROGERS, JOHN                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2278
ROGERS, JOSIAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1209
ROGERS, MULFORD                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3186
ROGERS, RUFUS                          EATON                                   NY-27-1099
ROGERS, THOMAS                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1226
ROGERS, THOMAS                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-203
ROGERS, THOMAS JR.                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-59
ROLLA, ALEXANDER                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-2644
ROLLER, EDITH                          OTTAWA, FRANKLIN, KS                    NY-27-3201
ROLLO, ALEXANDER                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-599
ROOT, CHARLES                          FENNER                                  NY-27-1846
ROOT, EDWARD                           FENNER                                  NY-27-1778
ROOT, EDWARD                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3498
ROOT, JAMES R.                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1005*
ROOT, JUSTUS                           EATON                                   NY-27-2662
ROOT, LYMAN N.                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1753
ROOT, MOSES                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-728
ROOT, REUBEN R.                        EATON                                   NY-27-2712
ROOT, RUFUS                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-673
ROOT, SOLOMON                          MADISON                                 NY-27-2008
ROSE, FRANKLIN                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2380
ROSE, JOHN H.                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2633
ROUSE, BENJAMIN                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-396
ROUSE, ELIJAH                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2556A
ROWE, GEORGE B.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1572
ROWELL, AMOS M.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3287
ROWLAND, HOWELL H.                     SAN FRANCISCA, CA                       NY-27-2597
ROYCE, HARVEY                          EATON                                   NY-27-2735
RUGG, HARVEY W.                        MADISON                                 NY-27-915
RUGGLES, ROYAL                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2034
RUNDELL, STEPHEN                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1213
RUNKEL, ADAM                           EATON                                   NY-27-2938
RUSSELL, BARNABAS                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-2320A
RUSSELL, GEORGE L.                     BRANFORD, CT                            NY-27-1163
RUSSELL, JAMES JR.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-2206
RUSSELL, JAMES P.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2728
RUSSELL, SARAH A.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1714
RUSSELL, SARAH M.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2114
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-985
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                       DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1064
RYAN, JAMES                            LENOX                                   NY-27-2243
RYAN, MATTHEW                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1800
RYAN, PATRICK                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3360
SABIN, CHESTER W.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1077
SABIN, ORRIN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-346
SABINE, EZRA P.                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3071
SABINS, JOSIAH D.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-137
SACKETT, CALVIN P.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1581
SAGE, HEEKIAH                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1786
SALISBURY, BARNHART                    NELSON                                  NY-27-564
SALISBURY, DANIEL                      NELSON                                  NY-27-1779
SALISBURY, SAMUEL                      NELSON                                  NY-27-749
SALISBURY, SYLVESTER                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-260
SALSBURY, CROMWELL                     NELSON                                  NY-27-1369
SANDERSON, AARON                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1159
SANDFORD, JOHN                         MADISON                                 NY-27-181
SANFORD, ANSON                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3349
SANFORD, BENJAMIN                      EATON                                   NY-27-3385
SANFORD, PATIENCE                      EATON                                   NY-27-3313
SANFORD, WILLIAM                       MADISON                                 NY-27-847
SAUNDERS, AUGUSTUS                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2779
SAUNDERS, REBECCA                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2390
SAVAGE, JOHN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3013
SAVAGE, W. EVANS                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2474
SAVAGE, WILLIAM                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2117
SAWDY, PELEG                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1555
SAYLES, CORNELIA G.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-3504
SCALIN, PATRICK                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1332
SCHNEIDER, MARTIN                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2565
SCHOFFIELD, ARNOLD                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-789
SCHOOLCRAFT, CHARLES L.                MARSEILLES, FRANCE                      NY-27-2021
SCHUYLER, JACOB                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-657A
SCOFIELD, NEWMAN                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1671
SCONTON, KATHARINE                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3047
SCOTT, BENJAMIN                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2979
SCOTT, BYRON                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1437
SCOTT, DANIEL                          MORRISTON, MN                           NY-27-3623
SCOTT, EDMUND                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-119
SCOTT, SAMUEL 2ND                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2100
SCOVEL, JUDAH                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-129
SEAMAN, EUNICE                         BURLINGTON, NJ                          NY-27-1927
SEAMANS, GEORGE                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-4
SEAMANS, SAMUEL                        EATON                                   NY-27-41
SEARL, WILLIAM N.                      (RUSSELL, WILLIAM)                      NY-27-1064
SEARL, WILLIAM W.                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1132
SEARLE, WILLIAM N.                     (RUSSELL, WILLIAM)                      NY-27-1064
SEARS, STEPHEN G.                      DERUYTER                                NY-22-2822
SEEBER, AUSTIN J.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1402
SEEBER, CATHERINE                      LENOX                                   NY-22-2850
SEEBER, GEORGE K.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1835
SEEBER, SYLVANUS                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1809
SEEBER, WILLIAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2646
SEELEY, TIMOTHY G.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2951
SEVER, HENRY                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-520
SEVERANCE, ELIHU                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-708
SEVERANCE, TRYPHENA                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1673
SEWARD, SILVANUS                       LEBAON                                  NY-27-1627
SEXTON, DYAR                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-2266
SEXTON, JOSEPH                         EATON                                   NY-27-3451
SEXTON, NORMAN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3432
SEXTON, PLINY                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-362
SEYMOUR, ISAAC                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3609
SEYMOUR, SALLY                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-1409
SEYMOUR, SILAS                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-1169
SHAFER, ABRAHAM                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2636
SHAFFER, COONROD                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2540
SHAFFER, MARY                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1287
SHAFT, OLIVE                           LENOX                                   NY-27-763
SHAKLAND, MARGARITTE                   MADISON                                 NY-27-1444
SHANKLAND, WILLIAM                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1838
SHAPLEY, DAVID                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-972
SHATTUCK, CALEB                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-141
SHATTUCK, JOEL                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3591
SHATTUCK, ROBERT                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-123
SHATTUCK, SMITH                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2917
SHAVE, JOHN W.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3474
SHAVER, BENJAMIN                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1902
SHAVER, CHRISTIAN                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1583
SHAVER, HENRY                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-335
SHAVER, JAMES H.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2976
SHAVER, JOHN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-154
SHED, JONATHAN                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1162
SHEFFIELD, BRAND                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-859
SHELDON, ANTHONY                       NELSON                                  NY-27-104
SHELDON, JOHN                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-492
SHELDON, JUSTUS                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3588
SHELDON, MARIAH                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-697
SHELDON, MARIAM                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-622
SHELDON, WILLIAM L.                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-1242
SHEPARD, LAURA                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3210
SHEPARDSON, LORENZO A.                 HAMILTON                                NY-27-2691
SHERMAN, DANIEL                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-2413
SHERMAN, HENRY                         EATON                                   NY-27-312
SHERMAN, KNOWLES                       NELSON                                  NY-27-715
SHERMAN, PALMER                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1766
SHERMAN, RICHARD                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3248
SHERMAN, SAMUEL                        EATON                                   NY-27-1662
SHERMAN, SAMUEL                        EATON                                   NY-27-1662
SHERMAN, SAMUEL H.                     LEBANON                                 NY-27-1184
SHERMAN, WILLIAM                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3581
SHERRILL, HORACE R.                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-2506
SHERRILL, RUTH KINGSBURY               EATON                                   NY-27-3419
SHETTERLY, CHRISTIAN                   LENOX                                   NY-27-3291
SHINDLER, WILLIAM F.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-1307
SHIPMAN, SILAS S.                      EATON                                   NY-27-2502
SHOALS, RICHARD                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-779
SHORT, LEWIS                           EASTON                                  NY-27-1245
SHUMWAY, LYMAN                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1411
SIKES, DANIEL                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1274
SILSBY, JONATHAN                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-605
SIMMONS, ELIPHALET                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1028
SIMMONS, EZEKIAL                       MADISON                                 NY-27-563
SIMMONS, GIDEON                        EATON                                   NY-27-845A
SIMMONS, LEANDR                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-845
SIMMONS, SUSANNAH                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2288
SIMMONS, ZARAH                         MADISON                                 NY-27-490
SIMPSON, ALEXANDER                     EATON                                   NY-27-939
SIMPSON, JOHN B.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2541
SIMS, ELMIRA S.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3405
SIMS, THOMAS                           MADISON                                 NY-27-3098
SIVER, JOSEPH JR.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2629
SKEEL, RUFUS                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-286
SKELDING, RHENA                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1562
SKELTON, JOSEPH R.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3487
SKIFF, ALMIRA                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3282
SKIFF, ARVIN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1381
SKIFF, CALEB                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-22-2835
SKIFF, JUSTUS                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-894
SKIFF, PRINCE                          MADISON                                 NY-27-719
SKINNER, ISAAC                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2923
SLATER, BENJAMIN                       EATON                                   NY-27-96
SLIPPERLEY, GEORGE                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1330
SLOAN, ANDREW S.                       EATON                                   NY-27-1075
SLOAN, LYMAN G.                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2444
SLOAN, WILLIAM                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2684
SLOAN, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-540
SMITH, ABIJAH                          EATON                                   NY-27-1477
SMITH, ANN B.                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2896
SMITH, ANN C.                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3497
SMITH, ARTEMUS G.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1964
SMITH, ASENATH S.                      NELSON                                  NY-27-2586
SMITH, AUGUSTA                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2814
SMITH, CALEB                           NELSON                                  NY-27-2606
SMITH, CALEB                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-1810
SMITH, CHARLES                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1314
SMITH, CHAUNCEY D.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-1033
SMITH, CLARISSA                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3430
SMITH, DANIEL                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-454
SMITH, DAVID                           EATON                                   NY-27-2362
SMITH, DAVID                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1153
SMITH, DAVID                           NELSON                                  NY-27-145
SMITH, DAVID                           FENNER                                  NY-27-3621
SMITH, DAVID D.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-679
SMITH, EDWARD                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-2509
SMITH, EDWIN F.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2740
SMITH, ELIAS                           LENOX                                   NY-27-814
SMITH, ELIZA M.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3401
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2267
SMITH, GEORGE                          EATON                                   NY-27-793
SMITH, GEORGE W.                       EATON                                   NY-27-3280
SMITH, GERRIT                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3479
SMITH, HYLEMAN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1944
SMITH, ISAAC                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1782
SMITH, JAMES                           NELSON                                  NY-27-1281
SMITH, JAMES                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-261
SMITH, JOHN W.                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3334
SMITH, JONATHAN                        CAZENOVIA (MAP)                         NY-27-713
SMITH, JONATHAN                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-14
SMITH, JONATHAN M.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2283
SMITH, JOSEPH                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-115
SMITH, JOSEPH                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3447
SMITH, JUSTUS B.                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-244
SMITH, LEVI                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2492
SMITH, LORINDA                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2737
SMITH, LOUISA                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2204
SMITH, LUCIUS                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1607
SMITH, MARIA                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2748
SMITH, MARY                            STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2275
SMITH, MIANDA M.                       EATON                                   NY-27-3483
SMITH, MOSES D. C.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2208
SMITH, NEHEMIAH                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2385
SMITH, NEHEMIAH                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2706
SMITH, NEHEMIAH GATES                  HAMILTON                                NY-27-3596
SMITH, PARKS                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3593
SMITH, ROBERT                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-578
SMITH, RUTH T.                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2720
SMITH, SAMUEL                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-114
SMITH, SOPHIA                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3390
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                      FENNER                                  NY-27-2426
SMITH, WILLIAM J.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3355
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                      NELSON                                  NY-27-2887
SMITH, WILLIAM S.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-251
SMITHFIELD, MARGARET                   LEBANON                                 NY-27-98
SMITZER, JOHN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3595
SNELL, FREDERICK                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3332
SNELL, FREDERICK T.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-711
SNOOK, JAMES W.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1476
SNOW, IRA                              CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3037
SNOW, JONATHAN                         GIRARD, ERIE, PA                        NY-27-987
SNYDER, ADAM R.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1204
SNYDER, PHILIP                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-557
SOPER, ORIN                            LENOX                                   NY-27-757
SOUL, NATHANIEL                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1386
SOULT, NATHAN A.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3582
SOUTHWELL, PHINEAS                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-533
SOUTHWICK, GIDEON B.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-3242
SOUTHWORTH, ARZELIA                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3572
SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-895
SOWTER, CATHARINE                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3319
SPAULDING, IRA                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-225
SPAULDING, JOHN                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3189
SPEAR, CHARLES                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-301
SPEAR, GEORGE W.                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-3265
SPEAR, TOWER                           DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1339
SPENCER, ANSON W.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1769
SPENCER, COLLINS M.                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2340
SPENCER, FREDERICK H.                  LENOX                                   NY-27-3514
SPENCER, HENRY L.                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2878
SPENCER, ICHABOD                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1936
SPENCER, JACOB H.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3408
SPENCER, JULIUS                        MADISON                                 NY-27-830
SPENCER, RODERICK                      MADISON                                 NY-27-223
SPENCER, RODMAN                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-81
SPENCER, SARAH H.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3198
SPOONER, PRINCE                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1185
SPRAGUE, DANFORD                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-302
SPRAGUE, PETER                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-55
SPRINGSTEAD, JAMES C.                  CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3603
SPURR, HULDAH A.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2528
SQUIRES, CLARISSA                      MADISON                                 NY-27-657
SQUIRES, OREN                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2121
SQUIRES, SAMUEL                        MADISON                                 NY-27-592
STACY, LEMUEL                          MADISON                                 NY-27-267
STAFFORD, TRUMAN                       MADISON                                 NY-27-421
STAM, ELI                              STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2290
STAM, JOSEPH                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1200
STANLEY, JAIRUS                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2295
STANLEY, LEWIS                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1912
STANLEY, NATHANIEL P.                  CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3118
STANNARD, LUCY S.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3466
STANTON, MERCY                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-357
STAPLES, ENOCH                         BALTIMORE, MD                           NY-27-173
STAPLETON, THOMAS                      HAMILTON                                NY-22-2852
STARR, POLLY                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1330A
STARR, SETH                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1255
STEARNS, EBENEZER                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1797
STEARNS, SIMEON                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-1316
STEBBINS, CHARLES SR.                  CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3268
STEBBINS, HARVEY                       MADISON                                 NY-27-1342
STEBBINS, ISAAC                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-398
STEBBINS, JOSEPHINE                    LENOX                                   NY-27-3225
STEBBINS, WILLIAM W.                   MADISON                                 NY-27-1080
STEERE, ESECK                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1196
STEERE, MARY                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-2529
STEPHENS, RICHARD                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1059
STEVENS, BENJAMIN                      MADISON                                 NY-27-1612
STEVENS, CHESTER                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-394
STEVENS, GAYLORD                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1298
STEVENS, HENRY J.                      SOUTHBRIDGE                             NY-27-3617
STEVENS, OREN                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1557
STEVENS, WILLIAM                       MADISON                                 NY-27-605A
STEWART, ALEXANDER                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2010
STEWART, AMZI L.                       FENNER                                  NY-27-3384
STEWART, CHARLES                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2563
STEWART, CORNELIUS D.                  SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-748
STEWART, DANIEL                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3245
STEWART, EDWARD B.                     SOUTHBRIDGE                             NY-27-3597
STEWART, JAMES J.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3215
STEWART, LEMUEL                        EATON                                   NY-27-1325
STEWART, LUCY                          FENNER                                  NY-27-989
STEWART, LYDIA                         EATON                                   NY-27-1740
STEWART, NATHAN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1397
STEWART, OLIVER                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2744
STEWART, ROBERT                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3238
STHILARIE, MARGARET DE                 KENNERTON, PA                           NY-27-383
STILES, LYMAN H.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1613
STILES, MELVIN                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2150
STILLMAN, EBENEZER                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-3139
STILLMAN, NATHAN                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-482
STILLWELL, WARREN                      EATON                                   NY-27-1113
STILWELL, HENRY                        EATON                                   NY-27-1599
STJOHN, THOMAS                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-179
STODDARD, PRESOTN M.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-3505
STONE, BENJAMIN                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-901
STONE, DAVID                           NELSON                                  NY-27-2346
STONE, ELIZABETH                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1755
STONE, GEORGE H.                       MADISON                                 NY-27-3378
STONE, HIRAM                           NELSON                                  NY-27-1661
STONE, JAMES R.                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2589
STONE, MARIA L.                        NTL                                     NY-27-2766
STONE, SAMSON                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2217
STONE, SEWELL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1692
STONER, JOHN G.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1498
STORE, JOSEPH                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2455
STORM, SYLVANUS                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-313
STORMS, MARY                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-656
STORRS, ASHBEL A.                      CHATTANOOGA, TN                         NY-27-1774
STOWEL, DANIEL                         MADISON                                 NY-27-3199
STOWEL, ENOCH                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-2036
STOWEL, PAUL                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-325
STOWEL, ROXANA                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-1392
STOWELL, CONTENT                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2377
STOWELL, SANFORD P.                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-1275
STOWELL, SEMANTHA C.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-2378
STOWER, BATHERICK                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-3307
STOWER, SAMUEL                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-331
STRADER, LOISA                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2675
STRANAHAN, SAMUEL                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-256
STREETER, CHALMER D.                   INDEPENDENCE, MO                        NY-27-2228
STREETER, JACOB F.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1893
STREETER, PHILANDA C.                  FENNER                                  NY-27-3246
STREETER, THOMAS                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-275
STRINGER, MARY ANN                     EATON                                   NY-27-2882
STRONG, ALVIN                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2645
STRONG, ELIJAH                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-519
STRONG, ERASTUS                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-701
STRONG, JAMES R.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1814
STRONG, PERSIS S.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3550
STURDEVANT, HORACE                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1427
STURGES, HANNAH                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2590
STURTEVANT, ELIZABETH                  LENOX                                   NY-22-2850A
STURTEVANT, WALLSTEIN B.               DERUYTER                                NY-27-1357
SUMMER, OLIVER                         EATON                                   NY-27-187
SUMNER, HENRY T.                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1623
SUMNER, WARREN S.                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2341
SUTTON, ABRAHAM                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-2604
SUTTON, GEORGE W.                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-1418
SUTTON, JAMES                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-3076
SUTTON, LINDLAY                        DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1065
SWEATMAN, ABRAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1827
SWEET, ALEXANDER                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-2004
SWEET, CHARLES                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-964
SWEET, JABEZ                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-366
SWEET, JONATHAN                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2495
SWEET, JOSHUA                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-670
SWEET, LOUISA G.                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2057
SWEET, ROYAL D.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1493
SWEET, SAMUEL G.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2616
SWEET, TRYPHOSA                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2677
SWEETLAND, HANNAH                      NTL                                     NY-27-1604
SWEETLAND, JERUSHA                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1304
SWEETLAND, LUCY                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-22-2861
SWEETLAND, LUCY                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2249
SWEETLAND, SAMUEL                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-391
SWIFT, AMANDA C.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3179
SWIFT, AMASA                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3626
SWIFT, E. PORTER                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3396
SWIFT, ELISHA                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1455
SWIFT, FREEMAN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2777
SWIFT, HEMAN                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-2139
SWIFT, SHERMAN                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-495
SYMONDS, SAMUEL                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-135
TABER, CLARK                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2230
TABOR, DAVID                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1151
TACKABURY, ANN                         EATON                                   NY-27-1728
TACKERBERRY, JAMES                     EATON                                   NY-27-993
TACKLABERRY, NATHANIEL                 NELSON                                  NY-27-2709
TAFT, JOHN                             SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-25
TAFT, MOSES                            EATON                                   NY-27-277
TAINTER, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-27-2428
TALCOTT, ELIZABETH                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-1434
TALCOTT, JAMES                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1102
TALCOTT, JOSEPH                        MADISON                                 NY-27-644
TALCOTT, SAMUEL                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3388
TALCOTT, WILLIAM                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2927
TANNER, MARVIN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1100
TARBELL, NORRIS                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2085
TAW, EDWARD                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1510
TAYLOR, ALMA                           LENOX                                   NY-27-726
TAYLOR, ASA                            LENOX                                   NY-27-561
TAYLOR, ELISHA                         EATON                                   NY-27-892
TAYLOR, HANNAH                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1446
TAYLOR, ISAAC                          MADISON                                 NY-27-554
TAYLOR, JONAH                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-819
TAYLOR, RICHARD                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-2250
TAYLOR, STEPEN W.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1805
TAYLOR, THOMAS                         FENNER                                  NY-27-2392
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2885
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-52
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-157
TAYNTOR, JOSEPH                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-1266
TAYNTOR, JOSEPH                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3091
TAYNTOR, ORSAMUS                       EATON                                   NY-27-3549
TEFFT, JOHN                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-565
TEGG, JAMES                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2409
TEGG, THOMAS                           CHATFIELD, MN                           NY-27-2367
TELLER, ISAAC F.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3417
TENBROCK, ABRAHAM                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1603
TENEYCK, GEEBY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-937
TENEYCK, JACOB                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1617
TERRY, EDWARD B.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1532
TERRY, LEANDER                         MADISON                                 NY-27-2256
TERRY, LINUS                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-858
TERRY, W. SCOTT                        EATON                                   NY-27-3276
THAYER, JONATHAN                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-582
THETGE, BENJAMIN                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2155
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-214
THOMAS, RICHARD                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1886
THOMAS, SAMUEL                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2166
THOMAS, SAMUEL                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2975
THOMPSON, AMOS                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1649
THOMPSON, ARNOLD P.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1821
THOMPSON, CALVIN                       EATON                                   NY-27-2608
THOMPSON, CLARISSA                     SOUTHBRIDGE                             NY-27-3492
THOMPSON, CYRUS                        NTL                                     NY-27-2693
THOMPSON, DAVID                        FENNER                                  NY-27-2731
THOMPSON, DAVID JR.                    STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2510
THOMPSON, ELI                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2285
THOMPSON, ELIJAH                       MADISON                                 NY-27-310
THOMPSON, ELIJAH                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1650
THOMPSON, HANNAH                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1111
THOMPSON, HELEN GERALDINE              EATON                                   NY-27-3403
THOMPSON, HENRY C.                     EATON                                   NY-27-2536
THOMPSON, HORACE                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2670
THOMPSON, ISAAC                        MADISON                                 NY-27-90
THOMPSON, ISRAEL                       LENOX                                   NY-27-393
THOMPSON, JOHN                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1548
THOMPSON, JOHN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-395
THOMPSON, JOHN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1871
THOMPSON, NEHEMIAH                     MADISON                                 NY-27-725
THOMPSON, PHINEAS                      EATON                                   NY-27-2263
THOMPSON, ROSWELL                      MORRISVILLE                             NY-27-1628
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1140
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-130
THOMPSON, STEPHEN                      MADISON                                 NY-27-436
THOMPSON, WILLIAM C.                   GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2929
THOMPSON, WILLIAM L.                   BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2205
THORN, WRIGHT                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1456
THORPE, JOSEPH O.                      GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3250
THROOP, LUCIUS D.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-3255
THURSTON, CHARLES                      SAN FRANCISCO, CA                       NY-27-1495
TICE, PETER P.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2037
TICKNOR, LUZERNE A.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2757
TIDD, EBENEZER G.                      EATON                                   NY-22-2831
TIDD, ELLRIDGE G.                      EATON                                   NY-27-3132
TIDD, JOHN R.                          EATON                                   NY-27-3318
TIFFANY, FLAVEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-602
TIFFANY, WILLIAM F.                    STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2079
TIFFT, JEREMIAH                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-413
TIFFT, JOSIAH                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-231
TILLINGHAST, DANIEL                    EATON                                   NY-27-1499
TILLINGHAST, DANIEL                    EATON                                   NY-27-910
TILLINGHAST, OTIS H.                   EATON                                   NY-27-2270
TILLOTSON, ABRAHAM                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-402
TILLOTSON, JAMES B.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3464
TILLSON, MARY E.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2051
TINKER, JOHN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3598
TINLAR, JAMES                          SEE: TINSLAER, JAMES                    NY-27-483
TINSLAER, JAMES                        NELSON                                  NY-27-483
TINSLAR, JAMES                         NELSON                                  NY-27-652
TIPPLE, WILLIAM H.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-971
TOBEY, EPHRAIM                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1133
TOMPKINS, GILBERT                      MADISON                                 NY-27-756
TOMPKINS, MAY                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1119
TOMS, DAVID B.                         CHARLESTON, SC                          NY-27-858A
TOOKE, FRANCIS                         EATON                                   NY-27-2227
TOOKE, MICHAEL SR.                     EATON                                   NY-27-3084
TOOKE, SARAH                           EATON                                   NY-27-3085
TORREY, BARNEY                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-821
TORREY, JAMES                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1407
TORREY, JOHN                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-451
TORREY, WILLAM N.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1349
TOUSLEY, WILLIAM                       EATON                                   NY-27-1447
TOWN, ABEL                             FENNER                                  NY-27-3187
TOWNS, ASA C.                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-164
TOWNS, WYMAN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-583
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL                       EATON                                   NY-27-66
TRACY, JOHN                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-2427
TRAINER, BETSEY                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2441
TREADWAY, EZEKIAL                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1197
TREADWAY, WILLAIM R. H.                HAMILTON                                NY-27-781
TREAT, ASAHEL P.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2714
TRIMBOCK, ISAAC                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-22-2854
TRIPP, JONATHAN                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-3512
TRIPP, JOSEPH                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-2007
TRIPP, RICHARD                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1760
TRUMAN, CLARISSA                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1946
TRUMBULL, NELSON                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2690
TRYON, ZABINA                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-584
TUCKER, ANDREW M.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2075
TUCKER, BISHOP                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-288
TUCKER, JOHN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2988
TUCKER, JULIUS                         MADISON                                 NY-27-2960
TUCKER, POLLY                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3030
TUCKER, THOMAS                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2598
TUCKER, TRYPHENA                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2618
TUCKER, WILLIAM W.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1812
TUCKERMAN, JACOB                       EATON                                   NY-27-2582
TUKE, FRANCIS B.                       EATON                                   NY-27-1039
TULLY, JAMES                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2335
TURNER, BENJAMIN                       EATON                                   NY-27-3467
TURNER, CATHARINE                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3079
TURNER, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-77
TURNER, MELINDA                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1349A
TURNER, SILAS                          GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1208A
TUTTLE, ABRAHAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-683
TUTTLE, BENJAMIN                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3391
TUTTLE, CARRIE                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2899A
TUTTLE, CORNELIUS                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1146
TUTTLE, DANIEL                         LENOX                                   NY-27-1878
TUTTLE, EPHRAIM                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2668
TUTTLE, JOHN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-595
TUTTLE, LAMBERT                        LENOX                                   NY-22-2823
TUTTLE, SAMUEL S.                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3129
TWIST, ALPHEUS                         FENNER                                  NY-27-1208
TWIST, DAVID                           FENNER                                  NY-27-539
TWOGOOD, DANIEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1470
TWOGOOD, DANIEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1470
TWOGOOD, ELIZABETH                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2680
TWOGOOD, JOSEPH                        FENNER                                  NY-27-3468
TYGERT, DAVID                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-22-2851A
TYLER, ABRAHAM                         MADISON                                 NY-27-700
TYLER, ELIAL                           MADISON                                 NY-27-674
TYLER, JULIA M.                        FOX LAKE, WI                            NY-27-2154
TYLER, LABAN S.                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2292
TYLER, NATHANIEL                       EATON                                   NY-27-3127
TYLER, NOAH                            MADISON                                 NY-27-3087
TYLER, PETER                           MADISON                                 NY-27-616
TYLER, RUFUS                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-755
TYLER, SAMUEL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-660
UNDERHILL, JONATHAN                    NTL                                     NY-27-808
UNDERWOOD, LEMUEL                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-885
UNDERWOOD, LENOX                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2892
UNDERWOOD, MARVEL                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-750
URDY, JEREMIAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1041
USBORNE, JOHN                          EATON                                   NY-27-1389
USHER, HEZEKIAH                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-43
USHER, MOSES C.                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-58
USHER, ROBERT                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1582
USHER, WILLIAM                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3269
UTLEY, SUSANNA                         AUGUSTA                                 NY-27-1145
UTTER, DANIEL                          GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3411
UTTER, ROBERT                          GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3292
VANALSTYNE, ANDREW W.                  LENOX                                   NY-27-902
VANALSTYNE, MARTIN I.                  LENOX                                   NY-27-252
VANDUSEN, JEREMIAH                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2344
VANDUSEN, RICHARD                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-2661
VANDYKE, JOHN                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-1570
VANEPPS, HARRIET                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2534
VANEPS, ABRAHAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1899
VANHOOSER, ASA D.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1924
VANHOWENBERGH, DEWITT                  GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2697
VANHUSEN, JOHN                         LANCASTER, PA                           NY-27-1448
VANLOVEN, SARAH                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-941
VANRIPER, AUSTIN W.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2064
VANRIPER, CATHARINE L.                 CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2761
VANSLYKE, SYLVANUS                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1992
VANVALKENBURG, PETER                   SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3253
VANVALKENBURGH, LAMBERT                LENOX                                   NY-27-2458
VANVALKINBURGH, NELSON L.              LENOX                                   NY-27-3547
VANVLECK, HARMANUS                     FENNER                                  NY-27-886
VEDDER, EMMA                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2742
VEDDER, JACOB H.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2357
VEDDER, JOHN B.                        MASSACHUSETTS                           NY-27-1448A
VEDDER, VOLKERT                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-2300
VINCENT, ELIZABETH                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3489
VOSBURGH, JOHN                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1780
VOSBURGH, MARGARET ANN                 SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2389
WADSWORTH, JOSEPH M.                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2557
WAGER, EUNICE M.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3124
WAGER, PHEBE ANN                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3107
WAGER, PHILIP                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1545
WAGONER, WILLIAM                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-1449
WAIT, MORRIS                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-308
WAKELEY, SAMUEL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-871
WALDEN, MARY JANE                      EATON                                   NY-27-1260
WALDLY, MARK                           EATON                                   NY-27-2461
WALES, EBENEZER                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-84
WALKER, ASA                            LENOX                                   NY-27-1173
WALKER, SARAH E.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2404
WALKER, WILLIAM W.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-2233
WALRAD, PETER N.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1155
WALRATH, ABRAHAM                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-619
WALRATH, DANIEL                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1834
WALRATH, DANIEL J.                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3465
WALRATH, JOHN J.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2532
WALRATH, JOSEPH H.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2901A
WALRATH, WILLIAM H.                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3135
WALSH, HENRY                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-2803
WALTERS, LAMBERTUS                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-938
WAMSLEY, JAMES                         NTL                                     NY-27-1704
WARD, GEORGE H.                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3131
WARD, JOHN                             BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-120
WARD, LUCY A.                          MARION, IA                              NY-27-1695
WARD, PETER                            STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3264
WARD, SAMUEL                           MADISON                                 NY-27-258
WARD, WILLIAM                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-809
WARREN, ABNER M.                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3439
WARREN, JAMES                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-40
WASHBURN, LEVERITT                     MADISON                                 NY-27-468
WASHBURN, NOAH                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1308
WASHBURN, WILLIAM                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1710
WASHBURNE, DAVID                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-194
WATERHOUSE, JOHN                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-976
WATERMAN, JOSEPH                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1214A
WATERS, RICHARD                        EATON                                   NY-27-2526
WATSON, JOHN R.                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1254
WAY, FREDERICK H.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2296
WAY, FREDERICK S.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2098
WAY, HARVEY M.                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3066
WEATERSTEIN, DANIEL                    LENOX                                   NY-22-2833
WEAVER, ALMIRA                         NELSON                                  NY-27-3386
WEAVER, BIDDY                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3557
WEAVER, JACOB J.                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3565
WEAVER, ZEBULON                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1919
WEBB, REUBEN JR.                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-195
WEBB, SUSAN                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1825
WEBBER, ALBERT C.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3455
WEBBER, CHARLEVIN                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-79
WEBBER, GRAFTON N.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3175
WEBBER, SAMUEL                         MADISON                                 NY-27-997
WEBLER, THOMAS                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1932
WEBSTER, ELDAD                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1483
WEBSTER, JOHN                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1440
WEBSTER, MARY                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2630
WEBSTER, PASCHAL                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1492
WEDGE, LYMAN P.                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-3309
WEDGE, MARVIN H.                       EATON                                   NY-27-1543
WEDGE, ZENAS                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-2141
WEDON, WANTON                          DE RUYTER                               NY-27-635
WEED, NEWTON                           FENNER                                  NY-27-1849
WEED, SILAS                            FENNER                                  NY-27-1482
WEEDEN, JEREMIAH                       MADISON                                 NY-27-932
WELCH, CHARLES                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1551
WELCH, CHARLES                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3298
WELCH, DAVID                           EATON                                   NY-27-2224
WELCH, RUSSEL                          FENNER                                  NY-27-1750
WELCH, SARAH D.                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3324
WELD, EZRA G.                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3453
WELLINGTON, CALVIN                     EATON                                   NY-27-2115
WELLS, ALONZO                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2244
WELLS, ASA G.                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2401
WELLS, D. DELOS                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-2439
WELLS, ELIZABETH H.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2698
WELLS, ENOS                            FENNER                                  NY-27-1506
WELLS, HENRY                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-816
WELLS, IRA R.                          EATON                                   NY-27-1149
WELLS, JOB                             SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1610
WELLS, JOHN                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-639
WELLS, JONATHAN                        EATON                                   NY-27-2724
WELLS, JOSHUA                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1259
WELLS, MARIETTA                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1435
WELLS, MARTHA                          NELSON                                  NY-27-2445
WELLS, MATTHEW                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-2078
WELLS, MAY                             NELSON                                  NY-27-2476
WELLS, RHOBY                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1365
WELLS, ROBERT                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1034
WELLS, SOPHIA                          FENNER                                  NY-27-2137
WELLS, WILLIAM                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-634
WELTON, WILLARD                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2637
WERMUTH, WILLIAM C.                    FENNER                                  NY-27-3161
WEST, JOHN                             SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1442
WEST, JONATHAN                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-675
WESTCOTT, JEREMIAH                     NELSON                                  NY-27-1590
WESTON, DAVID                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-3515
WEVER, DELOS J.                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1799
WEVER, JOHN D.                         NELSON                                  NY-27-1757
WEVER, RUFUS                           NELSON                                  NY-27-3306
WEVER, RUFUS JR.                       NELSON                                  NY-27-1904
WHALEY, JOHN H.                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3052
WHEAT, ELEAZER                         MADISON                                 NY-27-2758
WHEAT, JAMES D.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1412
WHEELER, AMOS                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-913
WHEELER, ANSON D. E.                   LEBANON                                 NY-27-3569
WHEELER, DANIEL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-6
WHEELER, ELISHA                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-811
WHEELER, ELISHA E.                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-353
WHEELER, GILBERT B.                    DERUYTER                                NY-27-3517
WHEELER, MANDA                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3607A
WHEELER, REBECCA L.                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-3151
WHEELER, SILAS G.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-950
WHIPPLE, ARMINDA                       FENNER                                  NY-27-1474
WHIPPLE, EUNICE                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2481
WHIPPLE, JEREMIAH                      NELSON                                  NY-27-961
WHIPPLE, JOHN                          FENNER                                  NY-27-1441
WHIPPLE, MICHAEL                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2974A
WHIPPLE, OLIVER                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1417
WHIPPLE, WILLIAM                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-416
WHITCHURCH, JOHN                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3611
WHITCOMB, FIDELIA A.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-3614
WHITCOMB, JUSTUS                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1270
WHITCOMB, JUSTUS                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-124
WHITE, ALVERSON B.                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-3387
WHITE, BENJAMIN                        EATON                                   NY-27-272
WHITE, DANIEL                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1006
WHITE, ELI                             NELSON                                  NY-27-2328
WHITE, HADEN                           NELSON                                  NY-27-854
WHITE, ISAAC                           EATON                                   NY-27-291
WHITE, ISAAC                           EATON                                   NY-27-3533
WHITE, ISRAEL                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1594
WHITE, JASON                           NELSON                                  NY-27-794
WHITE, JOEL                            CAZENOIA                                NY-27-1756
WHITE, JOHN                            MADISON                                 NY-27-1164
WHITE, JOSEPH                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-328
WHITE, KIRK                            MADISON                                 NY-27-2223
WHITE, LUTHER                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-526
WHITE, MARY                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1144
WHITE, NELSON                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1331
WHITE, OLIVER P.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3004
WHITE, PARKER                          MADISON                                 NY-27-982
WHITE, PERRY G.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1892
WHITE, SALLY                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1563
WHITE, SAMUEL                          MADISON                                 NY-27-3323
WHITE, SAMUEL                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1724
WHITE, SYBIL                           NELSON                                  NY-27-1925
WHITE, THOMAS                          MADISON                                 NY-27-372
WHITE, WILLIAM                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-189
WHITFORD, JOSHUA                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-469
WHITING, ABEL                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-32
WHITMAN, FRANKLIN M.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-3229
WHITMAN, JOHN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2219
WHITMAN, STEPHEN W.                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-456
WHITMORE, ABIGAIL                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3213
WHITMORE, EPAPHRODITUS                 GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1485
WHITMORE, EPAPHRODITUS                 GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3554
WHITMORE, FRANCES                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1473
WHITMORE, HANNAH                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3041
WHITNEY, EBENEZER                      NELSON                                  NY-27-1855
WHITNEY, JOHN                          BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-27-529
WHITNEY, JOHN JR.                      BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-27-297
WHITON, THOMAS                         EATON                                   NY-27-562
WICKWERE, ZADOCK                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-864
WICKWIRE, GLEASON                      EATON                                   NY-27-3068
WICKWIRE, HARVEY                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2213
WICKWIRE, JOSHUA                       EATON                                   NY-27-240
WICKWIRE, LEWIS                        NTL                                     NY-27-2782
WICKWIRE, LEWIS B.                     GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2952
WICKWIRE, SAMUEL                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1258
WICKWIRE, SIBYL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2027
WIER, NANCY                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-2587
WIGHTMAN, JONATHAN H.                  ONEIDA                                  NY-27-2302
WIGHTMAN, JOSEPH                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-550
WILBER, AHIMAN                         EATON                                   NY-27-2012
WILBER, ALVIN H.                       EATON                                   NY-27-1500
WILBER, JOHN                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-5
WILBER, MARY ANN                       ONEIDA                                  NY-27-3145
WILBER, WILLARD                        FENNER                                  NY-27-3351
WILBUR, GIDEON                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-136
WILBUR, OWEN                           MADISON                                 NY-27-344
WILCOX, ALANSON                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1356
WILCOX, AMOS                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3347
WILCOX, AMRI                           CANTON, CT                              NY-27-927
WILCOX, AMZI                           CANTON, CT                              NY-27-927
WILCOX, ELIZA                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2566
WILCOX, PELEG                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-1214
WILCOX, SALMON                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2767
WILDER, ABEL                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-705
WILES, GEORGE                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-165
WILLAIMS, THOMAS                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-284
WILLARD, JOSHUA                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2628
WILLARD, LEVI                          MADISON                                 NY-27-247
WILLCOX, CLARK S.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1696
WILLET, SIDNEY                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-824
WILLIAMS, ABIGAIL                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-517
WILLIAMS, ALARIC                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2715
WILLIAMS, ALVIN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2412
WILLIAMS, ARISTARCHUS                  HAMILTON                                NY-27-3163
WILLIAMS, CHESTER                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-921
WILLIAMS, DAVID                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-601
WILLIAMS, ELIJAH                       EATON                                   NY-27-1877
WILLIAMS, ERASTRUS                     STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1958
WILLIAMS, ERASTUS F.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-2276
WILLIAMS, ESTHER                       LENOX                                   NY-27-649
WILLIAMS, GEORGE A.                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-1094
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-940
WILLIAMS, JAMES L.                     EATON                                   NY-27-2786
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1616
WILLIAMS, JOHN (DR.)                   SULLIVAN                                NY-27-103
WILLIAMS, JOHN G.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2127
WILLIAMS, LAURA                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1188
WILLIAMS, LUTHER                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1761
WILLIAMS, MARY D.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1785
WILLIAMS, MATHEW W.                    DERUYTER                                NY-27-1986
WILLIAMS, RAYMOND H.                   LENOX                                   NY-22-2842
WILLIAMS, RUFUS G.                     EATON                                   NY-27-3518
WILLIAMS, SUMNER E.                    EATON                                   NY-27-1939
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1378
WILLIAMS, WARHAM                       MADISON                                 NY-27-172
WILLIAMS, WARREN                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3154
WILLIAMS, WHEATON H.                   BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-967
WILLINGTON, ABIJAH                     NELSON                                  NY-27-279
WILLINGTON, JONATHAN                   NELSON                                  NY-27-144
WILLIS, ELISHA                         EATON                                   NY-27-762
WILLOBY, RUTH                          BRIDGEPORT                              NY-27-1639
WILLOUGHBY, JOHN                       LENOX                                   NY-27-377
WILLSON, JOHN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-371
WILSE, JACOB                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-630
WILSON, EDWARD                         FENNER                                  NY-27-2118
WILSON, THEOPHILUS                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-205
WILSON, THOMAS                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-368
WILSON, THOMAS                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-22-2856
WIMPLE, MYNDERT                        LENOX                                   NY-27-856
WINN, DAVID                            NTL                                     NY-27-1931
WINN, JOSEPH J.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3534
WINN, NANCY R.                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-2488
WINN, SIMEON C.                        MADISON                                 NY-27-3473
WINSLOW, WILLIAM V.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-1735
WINTERS, ABRAHAM                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3136
WITTER, HANNAH                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1207
WITTER, SAMUEL                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-208
WITTER, WEDON                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-489
WOLCOTT, LUKE                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-161
WOLEVER, ABRAM                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3366
WOOD, ALLEN                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-369
WOOD, ALLEN                            LEBANON (CON'T)                         NY-27-370
WOOD, CYRUS                            DERUYTER                                NY-27-2750
WOOD, DAVID                            DERUYTER                                NY-27-2132
WOOD, DAVID                            LENOX                                   NY-27-2207
WOOD, JOB                              NELSON                                  NY-27-68
WOOD, JOB                              NELSON                                  NY-27-68
WOOD, JOHN                             NELSON                                  NY-27-234
WOOD, JOHN E.                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1748
WOOD, JOHN K.                          MADISON                                 NY-27-2643
WOOD, LEVI                             DERUYTER                                NY-27-3400
WOOD, RHODA                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1155A
WOODARD, ASA                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1614
WOODARD, CYRUS                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1712
WOODARD, JEDEDIAH                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1926
WOODHOUSE, ANTHONY                     MADISON                                 NY-27-2248
WOODMAN, ANN                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-3025
WOODMAN, BETSEY                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1076
WOODMAN, BROWNEL                       MADISON                                 NY-27-2177
WOODMAN, PHILIP                        MADISON                                 NY-27-69
WOODMAN, SYLVESTER                     MADISON                                 NY-27-751
WOODS, ABEL                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-1406
WOODS, EDWIN                           SOUTHBRIDGE                             NY-27-2996
WOODS, SAMUEL                          MADISON                                 NY-27-153A
WOODWARD, JONATHAN                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3485
WOODWORTH, ABEL                        FENNER                                  NY-27-3605
WOODWORTH, BARNABAS                    NELSON                                  NY-27-48
WOODWORTH, BATHSHEBA                   FENNER                                  NY-27-1249
WOODWORTH, BENJAMIN                    FENNER                                  NY-27-1036
WOODWORTH, BETSEY                      FENNER                                  NY-27-2561
WOODWORTH, DANIEL                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-274
WOODWORTH, ELIZABETH                   FENNER                                  NY-27-2281
WOODWORTH, ERASTUS                     FENNER                                  NY-27-1880
WOODWORTH, JOHN R.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-3535
WOODWORTH, LUTHER                      FENNER                                  NY-27-771
WOODWORTH, LUTHER G.                   FENNER                                  NY-27-981
WOODWORTH, POLLY                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2768
WOODWORTH, WILLIAM G.                  MADISON                                 NY-27-512
WOOLEY, JAMES T.                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-2338
WOOLLEY, SAMUEL A.                     ALBION, DANE, WI                        NY-27-1768
WORLOCK, ELIJAH B.                     FENNER                                  NY-27-3397
WORLOCK, STEPHEN                       FENNER                                  NY-27-3152
WORLOCK, THOMAS                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3166
WORMOUTH, ISAAC                        FENNER                                  NY-27-2119
WORMOUTH, JEREMIAH                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2609
WORTH, RICHARD                         DE RUYTER                               NY-27-766
WORTH, WALTER F.                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-2442
WRIGHT, CHAUNCEY                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3286
WRIGHT, GILBERT                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-1767
WRIGHT, JOSIAH                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-741
WRIGHT, NATHANIEL                      DE RUYTER                               NY-27-664
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-3531
WYLIE, MOSES                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-556
WYLIE, MOSES JR.                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-516
WYLIE, PETER                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-628
WYNN, DAVID                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-2778
YALE, JOEL                             LENOX                                   NY-27-836
YATES, JOHN B.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-792
YATES, JOHN G.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1860
YAW, DAVID                             MADISON                                 NY-27-1205
YORK, BELL                             BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1680
YORK, ICHABOD                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1194
YORK, JOHN                             BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2982
YORK, JOHN                             BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-319
YORK, JOHN JR.                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-95
YORK, WHEELER                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3529
YORKER, ABRAHAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-648
YORKER, JEREMIAH                       LENOX                                   NY-27-514
YORTON, PAUL N.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3475
YOUNG, DYER                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-1003
YOUNG, FREEMAN                         FENNER                                  NY-27-3130
YOUNG, JOHN                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2883
YOUNG, JOHN                            LENOX                                   NY-27-2764
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3108
YOUNGLOVE, JOHN                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-966
YOUNGS, JOHANNES C.                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1383

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