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ABBEY, JOHN                            MADISON                                 NY-27-1700
ABBOT, GEORGE                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2422
ABBOTT, ADOLPHUS                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1514
ABBOTT, CALEB JR.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2201
ABBOTT, EZRA                           DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1017
ABBOTT, THOMAS                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1781
ABBOTT, WILLARD                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-613
ABELL, HORATIO                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1524
ABELL, JABEZ                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-682
ACKLEY, ARTALISSA M.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-3177
ACKLEY, DANIEL C.                      LINCKLAEN                               NY-27-2489
ACKLEY, ELI                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-1087
ACKLEY, EMILY                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-2649
ACKLEY, JOHN W.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3315
ACKLEY, PHILO C.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3254
ACKLEY, RODNEY                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3092
ACKLEY, SARAH                          EATON                                   NY-27-1742
ACKLEY, THOMAS                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2073
ACKLEY, ZELOTUS                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3146
ACTON, ELIZABETH                       EATON                                   NY-27-2234
ACTON, WILLIAM                         EATON                                   NY-27-2129
ACTON, WILLIAM                         EATON                                   NY-27-928
ADAMS, ANN G.                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-3566
ADAMS, DAVID                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-2726
ADAMS, DAVID                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-170
ADAMS, DERRICK                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1317
ADAMS, EDGAR O.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2450
ADAMS, EUNICE W.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3443
ADAMS, FREDRICK M.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1690
ADAMS, GEORGE                          LENOX                                   NY-27-259
ADAMS, ISAAC                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2162
ADAMS, JAMES G.                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-2707
ADAMS, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2164
ADAMS, JOHN                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1817
ADAMS, JOHN D.                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-185
ADAMS, JOHN Q.                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2074
ADAMS, MINARD                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3353
ADAMS, MOSES E.                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-26-3182
ADAMS, NATHANIEL                       LENOX                                   NY-27-712
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         MADISON                                 NY-27-3627
ADLE, JOSEPH                           LENOX                                   NY-22-2864
ALBE, ALLEN                            MADISON                                 NY-27-3350
ALBE, ALLEN                            EATON                                   NY-27-890
ALBE, DANIEL                           EATON                                   NY-27-888
ALBE, DAVID                            EATON                                   NY-27-888
ALBEE, BESEY                           NTL                                     NY-27-1601
ALBEE, DANIEL                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1953
ALBEE, JOHN                            EATON                                   NY-27-1174
ALDEN, JOHN                            STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1393A
ALDEN, SAMUEL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1683
ALDRICH, JOSEPH W.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-806
ALDRICH, THOMAS                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-283
ALDRICH, URIAH                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1859
ALEXANDER, CALVIN                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2284A
ALGER, OLIVER                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1282
ALGER, ORRIN                           NELSON                                  NY-27-1363
ALLARD, HYRUM                          GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2419
ALLARD, LUCIAN B.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1284
ALLEN, CALEB S.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1646
ALLEN, CHARLES                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3141
ALLEN, EMILY H.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-26-3188
ALLEN, HARRIET                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-1278
ALLEN, J. MILTON                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2593
ALLEN, JAMES                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-229
ALLEN, JOHN S.                         EATON                                   NY-27-3115
ALLEN, JOHN W.                         LENOX                                   NY-26-3200
ALLEN, SINA                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-49
ALLEN, WALTER                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-676
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2552
ALLEN, WILMARTH                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-184
ALLIS, MARYETTE                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3543
ALLIS, VINAL                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2500
ALVERSON, ARNOLD                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2414
ALVORD, BENJAMIN                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-54
ALVORD, JOHN                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-215
ALVORD, SUSAN                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3062
ALVORD, WARREN I.                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-2762
ALWORTH, HANNAH                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-848
AMBLER, DAVID                          MADISON                                 NY-27-2446
AMBLER, RUTH                           MADISON                                 NY-27-2682
AMES, AMOS                             NTL                                     NY-27-1577
AMES, TEMPERANCE                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3352
AMIDON, ICHABOD                        EATON                                   NY-27-2042
AMSBRY, TRUMAN                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2739
ANDERSON, JAMES                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3567
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-627
ANDERSON, SYLVESTER                    DE RUYTER                               NY-27-785
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       EATON                                   NY-27-820
ANDREWS, ROSETTA                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1726
ANDRUS, HEZEKIAH                       MADISON                                 NY-27-542
ANGLER, JOHN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1487A
ANGUISH, HENRY                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2993
ANNAS, OLIVER                          FENNER                                  NY-27-691
ANTHONY, GEORGE                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1927
ANTHONY, GIDEON                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1020
ANTHONY, JOHN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-515
ANTHONY, JOHN                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-471
ANTHONY, JOSEPH                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1107
ANTHONY, JOSEPH JR.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1092
ANTONE, POLLY                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2423
ARITY, DAVID                           MADISON                                 NY-27-3507
ARMOUR, VOLNEY                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1393
ARMSTRONG, FARRAND                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2136
ARNOLD, BETSEY                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3361
ARNOLD, CHAUNCEY G.                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3542
ARNOLD, EPHRAIM                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-2163
ATHERLY, A. JUDSON                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3157
ATKINSON, PHEBE V.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3007
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3054
ATWELL, JAMES                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2116
ATWELL, JOSEPH                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-419
ATWELL, WILLIAM G.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1678
AUSMAN, CHRISTOPHER                    LENOX                                   NY-27-1313
AUSMAN, JOSIAH                         LENOX                                   NY-27-995
AVERILL, ICHABOD K.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-1291
AVERY, ABRAHAM                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1219
AVERY, CALVIN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2031
AVERY, CHARLES A.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1707
AVERY, CLARK                           FENNER                                  NY-27-2046
AVERY, DAVID                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-282
AVERY, DERUYTER                        EATON                                   NY-27-1367
AVERY, JOEL                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-593
AVERY, JOHN                            LENOX                                   NY-27-1793
AVERY, NELSON N.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2103
AVERY, OREN S.                         FENNER                                  NY-27-783
AVERY, ROBERT                          EATON                                   NY-27-67
AVERY, SHUMAN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3284
AVERY, WILLIAM                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2554
AVERY, ZIPPORAH                        EATON                                   NY-27-1361
AYER, ENOS                             NELSON                                  NY-27-2298
AYER, GEORGE W.                        EATON                                   NY-27-1559
AYER, RUSSEL                           EATON                                   NY-27-188
AYER, TEMPERANCE                       NELSON                                  NY-27-1853
AYER, WILLIAM W.                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2730
AYRES, ANNA                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1414
BABCOCK, CHARLES                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-702
BABCOCK, CHARLES                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-585
BABCOCK, DAVID                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1668
BABCOCK, DAVID                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2320
BABCOCK, GEORGE R.                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2018
BABCOCK, GIDEON                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-465A
BABCOCK, HENRY C.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3389
BABCOCK, HEZEKIAH                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2277
BABCOCK, JONATHAN                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2456
BABCOCK, JOSEPH                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-410
BABCOCK, JOSEPH                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-345A
BABCOCK, LEONARD                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1752
BABCOCK, NATHAN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2654
BABCOCK, PELEG                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-1910
BABCOCK, PHINEAS                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1890
BABCOCK, POLLY                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1091
BABCOCK, SAMUEL                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1644
BABCOCK, TACY                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-861
BACKUS, EBENEZER                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-579
BACKUS, TALCOTT                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1220
BACON, EZRA                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1199
BACON, ORPHIA                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1479
BACON, ORPHIA                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3095
BADGER, MEHETABLE                      GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1253
BAILEY, ANSON                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1737
BAILEY, BETSEY                         NELSON                                  NY-27-3392
BAILEY, ELI S.                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2459
BAILEY, EUNICE V.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-3548
BAILEY, JAMES                          NELSON                                  NY-27-2468
BAILEY, LYMAN D.                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2330
BAILEY, ROXANA                         EATON                                   NY-27-3520
BAIN, ALMIRA                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3056
BAIN, HUGH                             LENOX                                   NY-27-193
BAIN, PETER                            LENOX                                   NY-27-2676
BAIN, PETER B.                         LENOX                                   NY-27-802
BAITS, BENJAMIN H.                     EATON                                   NY-27-621
BAITS, JONATHAN                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-486
BAKER, BETSEY M.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2774
BAKER, CLARINDA E.                     WAUKEGAN, IL                            NY-27-2104
BAKER, ELLEN C.                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-3008
BAKER, FRANCIS M.                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-685
BAKER, HENRY R.                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1832
BAKER, JESSE                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-3562
BAKER, JUSTIN                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2307
BAKER, LYDIA                           MADISON                                 NY-27-3301
BAKER, NELSON                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2866
BAKER, SAMUEL                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-2694
BAKER, WALTER                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-837
BAKER, WILLIAM H.                      ONEIDA                                  NY-27-3159
BALDWIN, AARON                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-76
BALDWIN, BENJAMIN F.                   MADISON                                 NY-27-3630
BALDWIN, DAVID JR.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-799
BALDWIN, LEVERETT                      LENOX                                   NY-27-586
BALDWIN, PALMER                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1870
BALL, THADDEUS                         SALIANA, ONONDAGA, NY                   NY-27-178A
BALLARD, CALVIN                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-83
BALLARD, CHANDLER                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-2169
BALLOU, ARNOLD                         FENNER                                  NY-27-688
BALLOU, ARNOLD C.                      FENNER                                  NY-27-1513
BALLOU, BETSEY                         NTL                                     NY-27-2108
BALLOU, NANCY                          FENNER                                  NY-27-1911
BALLOU, QUINCY A.                      FENNER                                  NY-27-1943
BALLOU, RUSELL                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-2650
BALLOU, WELCOME                        FENNER                                  NY-27-449
BALLOU, WILLIAM                        FENNER                                  NY-27-1276
BARBER, ALMIRA                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2199
BARBER, AMASA                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-3120
BARBER, BENJAMIN F.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-2048
BARBER, CLARK                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-209
BARBER, ELI                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-659
BARBER, ELLERY                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-448
BARBER, EZEKIEL                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-22-2844
BARBER, HANNAH                         NELSON                                  NY-27-769
BARBER, JOHN                           FENNER                                  NY-27-2958
BARBER, LYMAN J.                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1822
BARBER, PETER                          NELSON                                  NY-27-730
BARBER, STERLING                       MADISON                                 NY-27-2415
BARDEEN, EDWARD N.                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2701
BARDEN, IRA                            NELSON                                  NY-27-3082
BARDIN, MARTHA                         NELSON                                  NY-27-2692
BARKER, DANIEL                         MADISON                                 NY-27-2555
BARKER, ELIZABETH                      MADISON                                 NY-27-1186
BARKER, LEVERETT W.                    MADISON                                 NY-27-1730
BARKER, MARYETTE                       MADISON                                 NY-27-2941
BARKER, RUSSELL                        MADISON                                 NY-27-171
BARKER, RUTHERFORD                     MADISON                                 NY-27-877
BARNARD, DAVID                         LENOX                                   NY-27-85
BARNARD, DAVID                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-35
BARNARD, ELY                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-30
BARNARD, PARDON                        LENOX                                   NY-27-983
BARNARD, REUBEN                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-439
BARNES, GEORGE W.                      DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1263
BARNES, HARRIET E.                     NELSON                                  NY-27-2613
BARNES, JOHN                           EATON                                   NY-27-621A
BARNES, SEYMOUR H.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3173
BARNETT, JAMES                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3429
BARNETT, SAMUEL W.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-3462
BARRETT, ANTHONY                       FENNER                                  NY-27-1310
BARRETT, BENONI                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-13
BARRETT, COLUMBUS                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2907
BARRETT, JAMES                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3373
BARRETT, MOSES                         NTL                                     NY-27-2342
BARRETT, PARKHURST A.                  FENNER                                  NY-27-1396
BARRETT, WILLIAM P.                    FENNER                                  NY-22-2836
BASCOM, EZEKIAL                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1067
BASCOM, SALLY                          ILLINOIS                                NY-27-1376A
BASCOM, SARAH                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1719
BASSETT, DENSEY                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1106A
BATEMAN, BENJAMIN                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2977
BATES, JEREMIAH                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3009
BATES, WILLIAM                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-839
BEACH, AARON                           MADISON                                 NY-27-314
BEACH, AMOS                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-440
BEACH, ANDREW B.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2231
BEACH, BETSEY                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2969
BEACH, CHAUNCEY                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2763
BEACH, ETHAN H.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3452
BEACH, JARED J.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1468
BEACH, JOHN                            DERUYTER                                NY-27-3545
BEACH, WILLIAM S.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2420
BEARDSLEY, LEVI                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2293
BECK, EPHRAIM                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2370
BECKER, JAMES H.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2687
BECKWIRTH, BALAK                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1195
BECKWITH, POLLY                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1712A
BECKWITH, ROSWELL                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2983
BECKWITH, SAMUEL M.                    HAMLTON                                 NY-27-1743
BEEBE, DAVID                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-843
BEEBE, DAVID                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1108
BEEBE, HENRY D.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2089
BEEBE, JAMES                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2591
BEEBE, JENETTE                         FENNER                                  NY-27-3330
BEEBE, JUSTIN                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-3506
BEEBE, SOLOMON                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-577
BEECHER, HEZEKIAH                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3123
BEECHER, JOSEPH                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-484
BEECHER, SALLY                         LENOX                                   NY-27-1359
BEECHER, SYLVESTER                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1340
BEECHER, WALTER                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-552
BELL, JANE P.                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3482
BELL, JANE P.                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3484
BELLINGER, JHN                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-345
BELLOWS, ABIGAIL S.                    EATON                                   NY-27-3414
BELTON, JOHN                           EATON                                   NY-27-511
BEMAN, HOMER                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3302
BEN, PETER B.                          LENOX                                   NY-27-802
BENEDICT, JAMES K.                     LEBANON                                 NY-27-2403
BENEDICT, NATHAN                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2638
BENEDICT, STEPHEN JR.                  LEBANON                                 NY-27-686
BENHAM, RUTH                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1866
BENHAM, TRUMAN                         LENOX                                   NY-27-1399
BENJAMIN, ELIAS P.                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-2816
BENJAMIN, GEORGE S.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-942
BENNET, ZEBULON                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-42
BENNETT, DAVID                         EATON                                   NY-27-1625
BENNETT, ELIJAH                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1863
BENNETT, HANNAH L.                     EATON                                   NY-27-2956
BENNETT, JAMES A.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3437
BENNETT, JOHN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3555
BENSON, ROYAL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1055
BENTLEY, DAVID B.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-3081
BENTLEY, GEORGE                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1663
BENTLEY, JONATHAN                      DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1022
BENTLEY, WILLIAM                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-174
BERRY, HANNAH M.                       EATON                                   NY-27-3299
BERRY, JOHN                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-991
BERRY, LOCKLERT                        MADISON                                 NY-27-445
BERRY, RICHARD                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1494
BERTHRONG, ABRAHAM                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-773
BERTHRONG, JAMES                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1424
BERTHRONG, LUCIUS W.                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2393
BETSINGER, DANIEL                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3048
BETSINGER, HENRY                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1154
BETSINGER, JOHN                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1280
BETTINGER, ISAAC                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3380
BETTINGER, LEONARD                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2339
BIBBLE, CHARLES O                      FENNER                                  NY-27-1388
BICKNELL, BENNETT                      EATON                                   NY-27-999
BICKNELL, DANIEL                       NELSON                                  NY-27-253
BICKNELL, HARRISON C.                  EATON                                   NY-27-1353
BICKNELL, MOSES                        EATON                                   NY-27-2874
BIDDLECOM, IRA                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-709
BILLING, TRUMAN                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-1679
BILLINGS, DAVID                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-963
BILLINGS, HENRY                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1670
BILLINGS, JABEZ                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-696
BILLINGTON, SAMUEL                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1376
BIRKIN, THOMAS W.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1862
BISBE, REUBEN                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-2631
BISHOP, JAMES                          SMITH                                   NY-27-735
BISHOP, THMAS P.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3320
BLACK, JOSEPH C.                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1432A
BLAIR, HARVEY                          MADISON                                 NY-27-3448
BLAIR, JASPER                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3622
BLAIR, JOHN D.                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-2792
BLAIR, SETH                            MADISON                                 NY-27-3105
BLAISDELL, SILAS R.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-1688
BLAKEMAN, EBEN                         NELSON                                  NY-27-959
BLAKESLEE, ASA                         FENNER                                  NY-27-2109
BLAKESLEE, CHARLES                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3574
BLAKESLEE, DAVID                       EATON                                   NY-27-2769
BLAKESLEE, LYMAN                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-465
BLAKESLEE, RHODA                       NTL                                     NY-27-1525
BLAKESLEE, RUTH W.                     EATON                                   NY-27-3249
BLAKSLEE, NOAH                         FENNER                                  NY-27-1181
BLANCHARD, LOUIS                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-977
BLANDING, WILLIAM                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-768
BLANK, GEORGE H.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2974
BLIGN, WILLIAM                         LENOX                                   NY-27-1840
BLINN, ISAAC                           EATON                                   NY-27-3231
BLISH, JOHN D.                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2279
BLISS, CALVIN                          GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1069
BLISS, LYMAN                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3564
BLODGETT, OZEN                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-923
BLOSSAM, LEVI                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1015
BLY, ASA                               EATON                                   NY-27-1888
BLY, JAMES                             DERUYTER                                NY-27-638
BOLLES, LORENZO JR.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-2902A
BOND, BITHIAH                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2875
BOND, DARIUS                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2564
BOND, ELIJAH                           EATON                                   NY-27-3325
BOND, MARBLE                           MADISON                                 NY-27-2416
BOND, SARAH                            MADISON                                 NY-27-3449
BOND, SARAH M.                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1711
BOND, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1592
BONNER,JAMES                           ONEIDA                                  NY-27-1916
BONNEY, BENJAMIN                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-835
BONNEY, ELON G.                        EATON                                   NY-27-1161
BONNEY, HANNAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1031
BONNEY, LEVI                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-401
BONNEY, MARSHALL                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-538
BONNEY, SARAH                          EATON                                   NY-27-2745
BONNEY, SIBYL                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1716
BONNEY, WILLIAM F.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-3551
BONNEY,HEMAN                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1682
BONNY, LEVI                            EATON                                   NY-27-1776
BOOTH, ABEL                            MADISON                                 NY-27-178
BOOTH, ISAIAH                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1575
BOOTH, WILLIS                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1301
BORDEN, SPENCER E.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3174
BORDWELL, ESTUS H.                     NELSON                                  NY-27-1062
BORDWELL, MARY F.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3457
BORDWELL, SAMUEL                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1561
BORT, SOPHRONIA                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1123
BORTLE, HENRY                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3029
BOSWORTH, STEPHEN                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-491
BOVEA, ABRAHAM                         LENOX                                   NY-27-898
BOYDEN, JUSTUS                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-925
BOYER, VALENTINE                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-86
BOYLE, DEBORAH                         NELSON                                  NY-27-681
BRADLEY, JONATHAN                      EATON                                   NY-27-2484
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                       NELSON                                  NY-27-134
BRADY, PATRICK C.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3536
BRAINARD, EPHRAIM                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2172
BRAINARD, EZRA                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1459
BRAINARD, JONATHAN                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-1807
BRAINARD, OLIVER D.                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-3599
BRAINARD, ORIN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2511
BRAINARD, WILLIAM G.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-2023
BRAINERD, OLIVE                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1758
BRAND, SAMUEL                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2316A
BRATLEY, BENJAMIN                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-925A
BRAYTON, JAMES                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-1190
BREED, AURELIUS                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-3628
BREED, JOSHUA                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1788
BREESE, SAMUEL                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3336
BRENNAN, PATRICK                       ONEIDA                                  NY-27-2902
BREWER, JAME                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1624
BRIANARD, SAMUEL A.                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-2498
BRIDGE, AMOS                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2656
BRIDGE, JESSE                          MADISON                                 NY-27-2329
BRIDGE, JONAS                          MADISON                                 NY-27-2308
BRIDGE, JULIA A.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2932
BRIDGE, WILLIAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2210
BRIGGS, JONATHAN M.                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-2376
BRIGGS, MARY                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1106
BRIGGS, MORRIS                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-3399
BRIGHAM, OLIVER S.                     MADISON                                 NY-27-2612
BRIGHAM, PHINEHAS                      EATON                                   NY-27-128
BRIGHAM, SAMUEL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1597
BRISTOL, DANIEL                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-87
BRISTOL, ISAAC                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-206
BRITT, ALPHEUS                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1128
BRONSON, JOHN                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-3613
BRONSON, WESTEL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2525
BROOKS, ANSON                          MADISON                                 NY-27-734
BROOKS, COLLIN                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2028
BROOKS, JAMES W.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3472
BROOKS, JOHN H.                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1622
BROOKS, LEVI A.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2065
BROWER, AARON                          SEE: BROWN, AARON                       NY-27-221
BROWER, CORNELIUS                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2916
BROWN, ADOLPHUS                        EATON                                   NY-27-900
BROWN, ADON                            NELSON                                  NY-27-1923
BROWN, ALMON                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-678
BROWN, ALPHA                           EATON                                   NY-27-3227
BROWN, ALPHEUS                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-423
BROWN, BENJAMIN JR                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-183
BROWN, CHAD                            EATON                                   NY-27-986
BROWN, CHARLES L.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2341
BROWN, DANIEL                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1051
BROWN, DUANE                           EATON                                   NY-27-1875
BROWN, ELEAZER                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-316
BROWN, ELMIRA                          EATON                                   NY-27-3317
BROWN, EMERSON                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1518
BROWN, EMERSON                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1240
BROWN, ESTHER                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-746
BROWN, GEORGE C.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3065
BROWN, HENRY                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1608
BROWN, HIRAM                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3587
BROWN, ISAAC                           STOCKRIDGE                              NY-27-2485
BROWN, JABISH                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1078
BROWN, JAMES                           MADISON                                 NY-27-1038
BROWN, JAMES                           MADISON                                 NY-27-3354
BROWN, JAMES                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1967
BROWN, JANE                            LENOX                                   NY-27-2381
BROWN, JESSE                           NELSON                                  NY-27-2462
BROWN, JOHN                            GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1702
BROWN, JOHN                            GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1982
BROWN, JOHN                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-296
BROWN, JOHN                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2382
BROWN, JOHN                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1589
BROWN, JOSEPH                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1665
BROWN, JUSTUS H.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-669
BROWN, LEVI                            NELSON                                  NY-27-952
BROWN, LUTHER F.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-724
BROWN, MURRAY                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1585
BROWN, MURRAY 2D                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-909
BROWN, NATHAN                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-17
BROWN, NICANOR                         MADISON                                 NY-27-358
BROWN, NOAH                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1698
BROWN, OLIVER                          EATON                                   NY-27-1541
BROWN, OLIVER                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2383
BROWN, PELEG                           EATON                                   NY-27-953
BROWN, POLLY                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-873
BROWN, REBECCA                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1432
BROWN, RUTH                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-782
BROWN, SALLY                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2514
BROWN, SIMEON                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-455
BROWN, TIMOTHY                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-870
BROWN, WALTER                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1355
BROWN, WILLIAM                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-949
BROWN, WILLIAM A.                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2240
BROWNELL, ALFRED                       MADISON                                 NY-27-2743
BROWNELL, ISRAEL                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2908
BROWNELL, JEREMIAH                     MADISON                                 NY-27-1222
BROWNELL, PHEBE                        MADISON                                 NY-27-968
BROWNELL, RUSSELL B.                   MADISON                                 NY-27-2232
BROWNELL, SAMUEL                       MADISON                                 NY-27-265
BROWNELL, SAMUEL                       MADISON                                 NY-27-2467
BROWNELL, SIDNEY                       SULLOIVAN                               NY-27-2406
BROWNSON, SIMEON                       FENNER                                  NY-27-1571
BRUSIE, ROBERT                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-22-2865
BRUTHERS, HARRISON                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2732
BRYAN, EZRA                            LENOX                                   NY-27-2011
BRYANT, WILLIAM                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-102
BUCKI, AGNES                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1311A
BUCKINGHAM, REUBEN                     GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-524
BUDICK, AMOS                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1244
BUEL, ELI                              HAMILTON                                NY-27-3011
BUELL, ANN C.                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-2614
BUELL, CHAUNCEY                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-2430
BUELL, ELIJAH                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1693
BUELL, JOSEPH                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-817
BUELL, PHILANDER C.                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-2575
BULGER, BRYANT                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2876
BULGER, ELLEN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3038
BULGER, JAMES                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-3093
BULLOCK, ISRAEL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-944
BULLOCK, JONATHAN                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-74
BUMP, ITHAMAR                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-220
BUMP, MARCUS                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-3097
BUMPUS, ASAHEL                         NELSON                                  NY-27-1731
BUMPUS, JAMES                          FENNER                                  NY-27-3070
BUMPUS, SETH                           NELSON                                  NY-27-106
BUNKER, FRANCIS                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-186
BURCH, DAMARIS                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2908A
BURCH, IRA                             LENOX                                   NY-27-2225
BURCH, JAMES H.                        ONEIDA                                  NY-27-3454
BURCH, LOUIS                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1655
BURCH, NATHAN                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1984
BURCH, NATHAN JR.                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1350
BURCHARD, JABISH                       EATON                                   NY-27-1089
BURCHARD, SENECA B.                    EATON                                   NY-27-2156
BURCHARD, SYLVESTER                    NTL                                     NY-27-1489
BURDEN, ABRAM                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3239
BURDEN, ANN T.                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3568
BURDEN, SYLVANUS                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-1935
BURDICK, ANSON                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1851
BURDICK, ASAEL                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-433
BURDICK, CATHARINE                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3233
BURDICK, GREEN                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-408
BURDICK, HELEN C.                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-3477
BURDICK, HENRY C.                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1422
BURDICK, JACOB                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1054
BURDICK, JAMES F.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3263
BURDICK, SAMUEL H.                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-470
BURDICK, SAMUEL H.                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-478
BURDICK, STEPHEN                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-91A
BURDICK, STEPHEN R.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2804
BURDICK, THOMPSON                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-1547
BURDICK, WAIT R.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1014
BURDICK, WELCOME S.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1584
BURDICK, WILLIAM                       DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1299
BURDWIN, JOHN R.                       EATON                                   NY-27-3219
BURDWIN, LOIS                          EATON                                   NY-27-1199A
BURGESS, BENJAMIN F.                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1697
BURGIS, DAVID                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-230
BURLESON, CHARLES S.                   STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3241
BURLESON, JOHN                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1311
BURLINGAME, NANCY                      EATON                                   NY-27-1973
BURN, THEOPHILUS                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1002
BURNELL, LUTHER                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-884
BURNETT, ROBERT                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1460
BURR, POLLY                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3064
BURR, WILLIAM G.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2113
BURR, WILLIAM M.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-22-2849
BURTIS, JOHN                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1186A
BURTON, CALVIN                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2148
BURTON, CHARLES                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1027
BURTON, MARY                           MADISON                                 NY-27-3271
BURTON, MARY                           MADISON                                 NY-27-2686
BURTON, PHOEBE                         NELSONV                                 NY-27-3328
BURTON, PRISCILLA                      NTL                                     NY-27-1533
BURTON, SMITH M.                       MADISON                                 NY-27-2954
BUSBY, HENRY                           ONEIDA                                  NY-27-2319
BUSHELL, ZENA                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2904
BUSHNELL, IRA                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3147
BUSHNELL, JOSHUA                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1642
BUSHNELL, MARTHA A.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-3509
BUSHNELL, SIBA                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2971
BUTLER, CAROLINE                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2972
BUTLER, DANIEL                         NELSON                                  NY-27-75
BUTLER, DANIEL N.                      EATON                                   NY-27-740
BUTLER, ELBERT E.                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3308
BUTLER, LORENZO                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2924
BUTLER, LUCY                           FENNER                                  NY-27-2592
BUTLER, LYDIA                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-3149
BUTTLES, DANIEL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-523
BUTTON, ALFRED                         MADISON                                 NY-27-2180
BUTTON, ELIAS                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-387
BUTTON, SAMUEL                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-228
BUYEA, DAVID                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1336
BUYEA, JOHN                            LENOX                                   NY-27-1009
BUYEA, JOHN                            LENOX                                   NY-27-840
BYER, NICHOLAS                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2317
BYRNS, HENRY                           EATON                                   NY-27-3296
CADOGAN, SARAH                         NELSON                                  NY-27-453A
CADY, AARON EZRA                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-348
CADY, ASA                              SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1979
CADY, JAMES                            NTL                                     NY-27-1538
CALESBROUGH, JOHN                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-216
CALKINS, ABNER                         HAILTON                                 NY-27-1806
CAMERON, JAMES                         FENNER                                  NY-27-475
CAMP, ABNER                            NELSON                                  NY-27-327
CAMPBELL, ABIGAIL J.                   LEBANON                                 NY-27-2437
CAMPBELL, ALLEN                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-1231
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-2326
CAMPBELL, ARZA                         NTL, ILLINOIS                           NY-27-881
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1170
CAMPBELL, CORNELIA M.                  LENOX                                   NY-27-2280
CAMPBELL, EUGENE                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3067
CAMPBELL, HENRY                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2905
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-496
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-347
CAMPBELL, JOHN G.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1972
CAMPBELL, PHEBE                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-2397
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL G.                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-2434
CAMPBELL, SUSAN N.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-2472
CANFIELD, ALONZO B.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1461
CARD, ABIGAIL R.                       NELSON                                  NY-27-2605
CARD, ALBERT                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-22-2828
CARD, JOSEPH                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-2025
CARD, RICHARD                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-597
CARD, WILLIAMS                         NELSON                                  NY-27-2486
CARDER, SARAH                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2517
CARPENTER, DELFORD                     DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1082
CARPENTER, ELIJAH                      NELSON                                  NY-27-1045
CARPENTER, ERASMUS F.                  DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1044
CARPENTER, GEORGE S.                   NELSON                                  NY-27-2946
CARPENTER, JOHN                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-2134
CARPENTER, MERRIT                      LENOX                                   NY-27-322
CARPENTER, NANCY                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3169
CARPENTER, ROBERT                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2478
CARPENTER, SAMUEL                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-596
CARPENTER, SILAS                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-612
CARPENTER, THEDY                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1894
CARPENTER, WALLACE                     MADISON                                 NY-27-2736
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                     NELSON                                  NY-27-3176
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                     NELSON                                  NY-27-2903A
CARR, THOMAS                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-1777
CARRUTH, CORTLAND                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2889
CARRUTH, MARY C.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2935
CARSKADDAN, DIANA                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2867
CARSON, ELEANOR                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2323A
CARSWELL, MARY B.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-3527
CARTER, ARCHIBALD                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-159
CARTER, E. SQUIRES                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3028
CARTER, JOHN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2238
CARVER, AUSTIN                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3365
CARVER, LUCINA                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2549
CASE, EMILY                            LENOX                                   NY-27-2569
CASE, GEORGE                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-462
CASE, GRANLEY                          NELSON                                  NY-27-3257
CASE, HORRIS                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2084
CASE, J. MILTON                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3537
CASE, LESTER M.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3445
CASE, PHILEMAN N.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1554
CASE, SALLY                            LENOX                                   NY-27-3624
CASE, WILLIAM                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-63
CASE, WILLIAM                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1961
CASS, NASON                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-798
CASWELL, WILILAM C.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2153
CAZIER, MATHIAS                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-823
CHADWICK, ISAAC                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2815
CHAFEE, GEORGE F.                      EATON                                   NY-27-1738
CHAFFEE, DAVID S.                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1428
CHAFFEE, EZRA                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2215
CHAMBERLAIN, ISAAC F.                  EATON                                   NY-27-1634
CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES F.                  EATON                                   NY-27-879
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM H.                   EATON                                   NY-22-2863
CHAMPLAIN, LYDIA                       NTL                                     NY-27-1754
CHAMPLIN, EDWARD                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3218
CHAMPLIN, GEORGE                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-2551
CHAMPLIN, JOEL L.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-3607
CHAMPLIN, RUTH                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3226
CHAMPNEY, NATHAN                       EATON                                   NY-27-502
CHANDLER, LURA                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1593
CHAPEL, PETER                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-143
CHAPHE, JOSEPH M.                      EATON                                   NY-22-2829
CHAPHE, LUCY                           NELSON                                  NY-27-3476
CHAPIN, AARON                          DEWITT, ONONDAGA, NY                    NY-27-2494
CHAPIN, ELIHU                          EATON                                   NY-27-191
CHAPIN, ELIZA                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-3576
CHAPIN, EPHRAIM JR.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-446
CHAPIN, LEROY                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3106
CHAPIN, NORMAN L.                      NELSON                                  NY-27-1968
CHAPIN, ROSWELL                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-326
CHAPMAN, CYRUS                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3235
CHAPMAN, CYRUS Y.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2611
CHAPMAN, ELIPHAS                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3634
CHAPMAN, EZEKIEL J.                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2716
CHAPMAN, GEORGE M.                     GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2615
CHAPMAN, JESSE                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-306
CHAPMAN, JOHN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-608
CHAPMAN, RICHARD                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3020
CHAPMAN, STEPHEN                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2253
CHAPMAN, TIMOTHY                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2082
CHAPMAN, WARHAM                        NELSON                                  NY-27-351
CHAPPELL, LEWIS                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2625
CHARLES, WILLIAM                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3495
CHASE, DEIDANIA                        EATON                                   NY-27-2879
CHASE, ISAAC                           MADISON                                 NY-27-169
CHASE, NATHANIEL                       NELSON                                  NY-27-1858
CHASE, SOLOMON                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1632
CHASE, SULLIVAN G.                     GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2175
CHAWGO, JACOB                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3121
CHEESBORO, ISAAC                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2167
CHEESBOROUGH, LOIS                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1134
CHEESEMAN, EMMA                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1856
CHENEY, REUBEN H.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-568
CHESEBRO, ESTELLA                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3049
CHESEBRO, HARRIS R.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3331
CHESEBRO, STILLMAN                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2537
CHESEBROUGH, HENRY                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1052
CHILDS, CORNELIA D. G.                 LENOX                                   NY-22-2845
CHILDS, EBENEZER                       SOUTHBRIDGE                             NY-27-3600
CHILDS, GEORGE M.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2216
CHILDS, NOAH W.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-437
CHILDS, PERRY G.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-744
CHUBBUCK, JEFFERSON                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2125
CHUBBUCK, JOHN                         EATON                                   NY-27-732
CHUBBUCK, SIMEON                       EATON                                   NY-27-2081
CHURCH, GEORGE F.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1457
CHURCH, ISRAEL                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1095
CHURCH, RICHARD                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1658
CLAPP, HENRY                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-93
CLARK, ALBERT                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2663
CLARK, ALBERT G.                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-3463
CLARK, ALEXANDER C.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-1775
CLARK, ALFRED                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2733
CLARK, ALMEDA                          EATON                                   NY-27-2325
CLARK, AMOS                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1475
CLARK, CHARLES                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3625
CLARK, CHLOE                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-706
CLARK, CORNELIUS                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2799
CLARK, DANIEL                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-1602
CLARK, DAVID                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-3348
CLARK, DAVID                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-99
CLARK, ETHAN                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2055
CLARK, EXPERIENCE                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-3043
CLARK, GEORGE N.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1651
CLARK, GRATIS                          DE RUYTER                               NY-27-667
CLARK, HARRY                           LENOX                                   NY-22-2860
CLARK, HENRY JR.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-385
CLARK, HENRY N.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2900
CLARK, IRA                             EATON                                   NY-27-810
CLARK, ISAAC                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1221
CLARK, JAMES                           NELSON                                  NY-27-160
CLARK, JAMES                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-988
CLARK, JOHN                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-1235
CLARK, JOSEPH                          SULLIVAN                                NY-22-2839
CLARK, JOSEPH                          LENOX                                   NY-27-73
CLARK, JOSEPH                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3303
CLARK, JOSEPH P.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-758
CLARK, LESTER M.                       ST. LOUIS, MO                           NY-27-2077
CLARK, LUKE                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-464
CLARK, MARTIN K.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2146
CLARK, MAXSON                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2287A
CLARK, NORMAN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2026
CLARK, OLIVER                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2110
CLARK, OLIVER C.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1823
CLARK, ORRA                            LENOX                                   NY-27-2967
CLARK, OTHNIEL                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1081
CLARK, PERKINS                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2756
CLARK, SAMUEL                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-576
CLARK, SAMUEL                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-139
CLARK, SILAS                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-2038
CLARK, STEPHEN                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-62
CLARK, THOMAS                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1097
CLARK, THOMAS                          NELSON                                  NY-27-233
CLARK, THOMAS JR                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-82
CLARKE, BENJAMIN T.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3570
CLARKE, DAVID                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3234
CLARKE, GEORGE R. I.                   BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-754
CLARKE, HENRY                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-604
CLARKE, HIRAM F.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2560
CLARKE, JOSHUA                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-337
CLARKE, LURANA                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2752
CLARKE, MAJOR                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-1948
CLARKE, THADDEUS                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-432
CLARK,JOHN                             LENOX                                   NY-27-2749
CLAY, JOSEPH S.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1125
CLAY, THOMAS                           FENNER                                  NY-27-1507
CLEMENT, WILLIAM                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3513
CLEMONS, MOSES                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-18
CLEVELAND, BENJAMIN F.                 MADISON                                 NY-27-1847
CLEVELAND, ERASTUS                     MADISON                                 NY-27-1942
CLEVELAND, GLEN E.                     STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2667
CLEVELAND, JOHN                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2906
CLEVELAND, WILLIAM P.                  EATON                                   NY-27-1096
CLOCK, ANNA                            NELSON                                  NY-27-3164
CLOCK, APALOON                         LENOX                                   NY-27-852
CLOCK, CHRISTIAN                       LENOX                                   NY-27-558
CLOCK, GEORGE                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2364
CLOCK, SIMEON                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3589
CLOUGH, EPHRAIM                        MADISON                                 NY-27-452
CLOUGH, JOHN                           NELSON                                  NY-27-474
CLOUGH, LUTHER                         NTL                                     NY-27-44
CLOUGH, WILLIAM W.                     FENNER                                  NY-27-1084
CLOVER, COLLINS                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1333
CLOW, FRANCIS                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2980
CLOYES, EZRA                           EATON                                   NY-27-914
CLOYES, HIRAM D.                       EATON                                   NY-27-3023
CLOYES, MICAJAH                        EATON                                   NY-27-1574
COAN, VINCENT                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3180
COATES, HARVEY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1090
COATES, SAMUEL                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-34
COBB, HARVEY                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3632
COBB, HARVEY J.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2981
COBB, MARY                             CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1526
COBB, PETER P.                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1985
COBB, SYLVANUS                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-931
COBB, SYLVANUS                         CZENOVIA                                NY-27-121
COBB, WILLIAM                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2522
COBURN, NOAH M.                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2120
COBURN, STEPHEN                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-572
COBURN, WILLIAM                        EATON                                   NY-27-3143
CODY, JAMES                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-2780
COE, DAVID                             LENOX                                   NY-27-1784
COE, SAMUEL                            MADISON                                 NY-27-617
COE, SAMUEL                            MADISON                                 NY-27-2407
COE, WILLIAM C.                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2041
COGER, ENOCH                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-500
COGGESHALL, JANE A.                    DERUYTER                                NY-27-2683
COLE, NATHANIEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-531
COLEGROVE, BENJAMIN                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-374
COLEGROVE, ESTHER                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-163
COLEGROVE, URI                         NELSON                                  NY-27-1138
COLEMA, HORATIO                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-1818
COLGROVE, AMOS                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-118
COLGROVE, THEODOCIA ANN                CAZENOVIA                               NY-22-2862A
COLLINS, CHESTER                       EATON                                   NY-27-692
COLLINS, CHLOTILA                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-947
COLLINS, HEZEKIAH                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-167
COLLINS, HOXIE                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3304
COLLINS, JOHN                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1131
COLLINS, JOSEPH                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-411
COLLINS, LUKE                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1233
COLLINS, NATHANIEL                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-340
COLLINS, SHEFFIELD                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-388
COLLINS, SOLOMON                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-742
COLLINS, SOLOMON                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-392
COLLINS, THOMAS                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2759
COLLISTER, SAMUEL                      MADISON                                 NY-27-201
COLLISTER, SAMUEL                      MADISON                                 NY-27-1180
COLLNS, MARY                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-645
COLSON, EBENEZER                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1816
COLSON, LUCY                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-2457
COLSON, SARAH                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1852
COLSON, WILLIAM                        HAMILTON                                NY-26-3208
COMAN, BENJAMIN                        EATON                                   NY-27-1509
COMAN, ELIJAH P.                       NLT                                     NY-27-2432
COMAN, ELIZABETH M.                    EATON                                   NY-27-3409
COMAN, STEPHEN                         EATON                                   NY-27-2949
COMAN, WINSER                          EATON                                   NY-27-2174
COMAN, ZIBA                            EATON                                   NY-27-22
COMPTON, ASHMAN                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2688
COMSTOCK, BENJAMIN L.                  HAMILTON                                NY-27-1836
COMSTOCK, FRANCIS A.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-1472
COMSTOCK, SAMUEL                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2309
CONGER, EBEL                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3237
CONINE, PETER                          LENOX                                   NY-27-714
CONKEY, BENJAMIN                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-1465
CONNICK, ROBERT                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-904
CONNOR, JAMES                          EATON                                   NY-27-815
CONVERSE, ELLIOT                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-722
COOK, CHAUNCEY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-786
COOK, DAVID                            FENNER                                  NY-27-1329
COOK, DAVID                            MADISON                                 NY-27-1787A
COOK, GEORGE W.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2962
COOK, JAMES                            STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3181
COOK, JAMES H.                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2985
COOK, MOSES H.                         LENOX                                   NY-27-434
COOK, ORANGE R.                        EATON                                   NY-27-1117
COOK, REUBEN C.                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2391
COOLIDGE, CORNELIA M.                  MADISON                                 NY-27-2188
COOLIDGE, FRANK                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2433
COOLIDGE, PATTY                        MADISON                                 NY-27-588
COOLIDGE, WILLIAM                      MADISON                                 NY-27-3539
COON, FRANKLIN                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1030
COON, GARDNER                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2966
COON, JONATHAN                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-1227
COON, SAMUEL H.                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-969
COON, WILLIAM                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-2062
COOPER, ISAAC                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3262
COOPER, JOHN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2035
COOPER, LUTHER                         NELSON                                  NY-27-389
COOPER, MARTIN                         LENOX                                   NY-27-684
COOPER, STEPHEN H.                     GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2588
CORBIN, BETSEY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2191
CORBIN, HENRY                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1484
CORBIN, SILAS                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-33
CORBIN, SORANNUS                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-443
CORELL, WILLIAM                        NELSON                                  NY-27-89
CORNELL, GEORGE                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3528
CORSON, AARON                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1000
COTES, SAMUEL R.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-506
COTTON, HARRY W.                       NTL                                     NY-27-1600
COTTON, WILLARD                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-545
COTTON, WILLARD                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3434
COURTNEY, PETER                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3162
COVELL, ALVIN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-365
COVEY, ABIGAIL                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2058
COVEY, ALEX M.                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1789
COVEY, AMOS                            FENNER                                  NY-27-1595
COVEY, AMOS H.                         FENNER                                  NY-27-1713
COVEY, ELISHA                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-333
COVEY, JANE                            LENOX                                   NY-27-2475
COVEY, SOLOMON                         FENNER                                  NY-27-1706
COVILL, MICAJAH                        DE RUYTER                               NY-27-642
COVILLE, ASA                           NELSON                                  NY-22-2840
COWL, CALVIN T.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1909
CRAFFORD, EZRA                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1471
CRAIN, EBENEZER                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2751
CRAIN, PHILIP                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1182
CRAIN, SILAS H.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3158
CRAMPHIN, ALEXANDER                    EATON                                   NY-27-3367
CRAMPHIN, JOHN H.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1177
CRANDALL, AUGUSTUS                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1256
CRANDALL, AUGUSTUS SR.                 BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-610
CRANDALL, CONSTANT                     MADISON                                 NY-27-2258
CRANDALL, EZRA                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-918
CRANDALL, HATLEY                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-866
CRANDALL, HENRY                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2039
CRANDALL, HENRY                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-658
CRANDALL, JAMES A.                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2066
CRANDALL, JOSEPH                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1998
CRANDALL, KENYON                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2658
CRANDALL, LYDIA                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-2091
CRANDALL, SAMUEL B.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1410
CRANDALL, TIMOTHY                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1920
CRANDALL, WILLIAM H.                   BROOKFIELD                              NY-26-3209
CRANDELL, LOT                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-1803
CRANE, CHARLES                         EATON                                   NY-27-444
CRANE, LUCAS                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1733
CRANE, MOSES                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3606
CRANE, SILAS H.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1921
CRANSON, ASA                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2326A
CRANSON, ASA                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1170A
CRANSON, DANIEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-80
CRANSTON, JAMES                        HAMILTON                                NY-26-3206
CRANSTON, MARTIN                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1058
CRANSTON, PHINEAS                      HAMILTON                                NY-26-3207
CRARY, AARON                           LENOX                                   NY-27-92
CRARY, ROBERT                          LENOX                                   NY-27-536
CRATER, SQUIRE                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3150
CRATOR, CONRAD                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3579
CRAW, DAVID                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-1105
CRAW, JUSTUS                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1881
CRAW, SEDELIA R.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2260
CRAWE, JENETTE M.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2259
CRESSON, MARINDA                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3148
CROCKER, AMOS                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1991
CROCKER, ASA                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-2708
CROCKER, JABEZ                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-497
CROSBY, HENRY J.                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2245
CROSBY, LEONARD                        FENNER                                  NY-27-1765
CROSBY, MARTHA E.                      FENNER                                  NY-27-2410
CROSS, ASAHEL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-671
CROSS, CALVIN                          EATON                                   NY-27-2800
CROSS, WILLIAM H.                      FENNER                                  NY-27-2447
CROWELL, JAMES                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2080
CROWELL, JAMES                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-723
CROWELL, JOSEPH                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2024
CROWNHART, GEORGE                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-975
CROWNHAT, JOHN                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-459
CRUMB, DANIEL                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2178
CRUMB, LOUISA JANE                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-3251
CRUMB, WAITE                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-2179
CULVER, ELIAS                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2033
CULVER, RICHARD                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3470
CUMMINGS, NICHOLAS                     STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2317A
CURREY, SAMUEL                         EATON                                   NY-27-1290
CURRIER, THOMAS J.                     GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3006
CURTIS, ELIZABETH                      NELSON                                  NY-27-1454
CURTIS, JERUSHA L.                     MADISON                                 NY-27-3000
CURTIS, JOEL                           MADISON                                 NY-27-780
CURTIS, JOHN G.                        EATON                                   NY-27-1544
CURTIS, JONATHAN W.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-381
CURTIS, JOSEPH                         MADISON                                 NY-27-943
CURTIS, NAOMI                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1212
CURTIS, OLIVER                         MADISON                                 NY-27-3285
CURTIS, SEYMOUR                        MADISON                                 NY-27-3080
CURTIS, SUSANNA                        NORWALK, OH                             NY-27-453
CURTIS, WELLS                          MADISON                                 NY-27-580
CURTISS, CHARLES T.                    STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1347
CUSHING, EOS                           FENNER                                  NY-27-2671
CUSHING, HAWKS                         FENNER                                  NY-27-1783
CUSHING, ORLANDO                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1462
CUTLER, CHARLES                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3358
CUTLER, JOSEPH                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-494
CUTTIN, HYLON LUMAN                    NELSON                                  NY-27-693
CUTTING, ZACHARIAH                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-31
CYPHER, ANDREW                         LENOX                                   NY-27-1913
DANA, ERASTUS                          FENNER                                  NY-27-1865
DANA, JOHN                             SULLOIVAN                               NY-27-7
DANA, SARDIS                           FENNER                                  NY-27-2138
DANFORTH, SIMON                        LENOX                                   NY-27-727
DANIEL, ALFRED                         NELSON                                  NY-27-110
DANIELS, ERASTUS                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-305
DARLING, ALPHEUS                       MADISON                                 NY-27-875
DARLING, JOEL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1720
DARROW, DAVID                          EATON                                   NY-27-3015
DARROW, JEDEDIAH                       EATON                                   NY-27-760
DAVENPORT, RICHARD S.                  EATON                                   NY-27-2226
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-598
DAVIDSON, SAMUEL                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2538
DAVIS, ABRAM                           FENNER                                  NY-27-2069
DAVIS, DAVID                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-503
DAVIS, EDMUND                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1727
DAVIS, EPHRAIM C.                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1203
DAVIS, EZRA                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1949
DAVIS, EZRA                            FENNER                                  NY-27-1147
DAVIS, ISAAC                           FENNER                                  NY-27-418
DAVIS, JABEZ                           LENOX                                   NY-27-199
DAVIS, JONATHAN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-636
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1906
DAVIS, MATTHEW B.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-955
DAVIS, MOSES                           FENNER                                  NY-27-1148
DAVIS, NATHAN                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-400
DAVIS, THOMAS F.                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3618
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2424
DAVISON, JOHN                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-117
DAWSON, JEREMIAH                       EATON                                   NY-27-2765
DAWSON, LYDIA                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1211
DAYGER, BENJAMIN                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3580
DEAN, ELISHA                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-254
DEAN, ELISHA A.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1983
DEAN, ISAIAH                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-292
DEAN, ISIAH                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3247
DEAN, JOHN                             EATON                                   NY-27-1260
DEAN, JOSHUA                           EATON                                   NY-27-770
DEAN,JOHN                              NTL                                     NY-27-1999
DEARBORN, ALEXANDER H.                 NTL, MOBILE, AL                         NY-27-1636
DECLERCQ, CHARLES A.                   GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2274
DECLERCQ, HENDRICK                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1423
DECLERCQ, PETER                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3339
DEFERRIERE, ANGEL                      LENOX                                   NY-27-654
DEFERRIERE, POLLY                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1596
DELAMATER, RICHARD                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-3431
DELAMATTER, JOHN                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-510
DELANCEY, HENRY                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1203A
DELANO, HENRY                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2009
DELONG, HENRY                          EATON                                   NY-27-1717
DEMMON, CLARK R.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2681
DEMMON, RICHMOND                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-2149
DENISON, EDWIN C.                      MADISON                                 NY-27-3133
DENISON, NATHANIEL                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2019
DENNIGAN, THOMAS                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2892A
DENNISON, DANIEL                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1247
DENNISON, GEORGE                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-743
DENNISON, JOSEPH                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-560
DENNY, JOHN                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-39
DEVAN, TRUMAN                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-22-2855
DEVERAUX, JOHN                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2998
DEVEREAUX, JOHN J.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3556
DEWEY, BENEDICT BENJAMIN               MARYSVILLE, CA                          NY-27-1787
DEWEY, BRADLEY S.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3260
DEWEY, CHAUNCEY                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1965
DEWEY, DAVID                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-828
DEWEY, FRANKLIN J.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1539
DEWEY, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-547
DEWEY, TIMOTHY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1388A
DEWITT, WILLIAM                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2090
DEXTER, DANIEL                         NELSON                                  NY-27-2888
DEXTER, SAMUEL                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1918
DEXTER, SARAH                          NELSON                                  NY-27-2810
DEXTER, WATERMAN                       NELSON                                  NY-27-268
DIABEL, MARTHA                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1715
DIBBLE, THOMAS                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1136
DIBEL, JOHN                            STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1490
DICK, THOMAS                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-9
DIKEMAN, CZAR                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-974
DIX, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     NY-27-743A
DOANE, REUBEN                          DE RUYTER                               NY-27-807
DOCKSTADER, JOHN                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2371
DODD, ELLA A.                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3371
DODGE, AMASA                           NELSON                                  NY-27-2798
DODGE, FRANCIS                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-978
DODGE, ISAAC                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3469
DODGE, RUFUS                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-513
DOLLY, SYLVANUS                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2229
DOOLITTLE, FRANCIS W.                  LENOX                                   NY-27-906
DOOLITTLE, SAMUEL                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-122
DORN, JOHN I.                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2899
DORRANCE, GEORGE                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-146
DOTY, MOSES                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-397
DOUGLASS, ALEXANDER F.                 FENNER                                  NY-27-2931
DOUGLASS, HORATIO GATES                SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1480
DOUGLASS, JAMES B.                     FENNER                                  NY-27-3519
DOUGLASS, SARAH P.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-2405
DOUGLASS, ZEBULON                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1354
DOWNER, ABNER P.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1848
DOWNER, GEORGE E.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2218
DOWNER, JOEL                           FENNER                                  NY-27-2493
DOWNER, N. MARION                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2304A
DOWNING, SARAH                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-573
DOXTADER, LEONARD                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-698
DOXTADER, LUCRETIA                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3137
DRYER, ALLEN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-140
DRYER, ALLEN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1047
DRYER, RUFUS                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1048
DUFFY, HELEN M.                        NELSON                                  NY-27-3290
DUM, SYLVESTER                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-541
DUNBAR, CALEB                          EATON                                   NY-27-88
DUNBAR, DAVID                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1861
DUNBAR, WILLIAM                        EATON                                   NY-27-3376
DUNCE, JAMES                           NELSON                                  NY-27-1648
DUNHAM, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     NY-27-2629
DUNHAM, SYLVANUS                       MADISON                                 NY-27-198
DUNLAP, JOHN                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1497
DUNN, JOHN                             BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2503
DUNN, SAMUEL                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-405
DUNTON, WILLIAM                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1988
DURANT, JAMES                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2052
DURFEE, ASA                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2580
DURFEE, JANE L.                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2807
DURFEE, JUDITH                         MADISON                                 NY-27-2398
DURFEE, NELSON                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1868
DURFEE, THOMAS S.                      MADISON                                 NY-27-2331
DURFEE, VERNON                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2914
DURHAM, JAMES                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3160
DURPHY, LEWIS                          GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3335
DUTCHER, ALONZO                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3036
DWENNELL, STEPHEN                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-926
DYE, JAMES                             LEBANON                                 NY-27-2222
DYE, LUCY                              BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1167
DYE, THOMAS                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-518
DYER, MILTON                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3058
DYGERT, HENRY                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3575
DYGERT, HENRY P.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2061
DYKEMAN, CORNELIUS                     LENOX                                   NY-27-450
DYKEMAN, CZAR                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-974
EAGAN, THOMAS                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3368
EAGER, GEORGE                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-534
EAMES, DANIEL F.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1413
EASTERBROOK, WILLIAM                   LENOX                                   NY-27-3220
EASTMAN, AMASA B.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2893
EASTWOOD, JOHN                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1035
EATON, JOSHUA                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1165
EATON, ORVILLE D.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2352
EATON, SAMUEL                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1116
EATON, STILLMAN                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2499
EDARDS, EDWIN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2369
EDDY, BENJAMIN                         NELSON                                  NY-27-414
EDDY, CHARLES                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-217
EDDY, EBENEZER                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3510
EDDY, HARVEY H.                        FENNER                                  NY-27-2165
EDDY, JOHN                             NELSON                                  NY-27-1620
EDDY, WARNER                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-2919
EDDY, WILLIAM                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1933
EDGARTON, JOHN                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1103
EDGARTON, JONATHAN                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-219
EDGERTON, EZEKIAL                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1374
EDGERTON, LEANDER                      HAMILTON                                N7-27-846
EDSON, CALVIN                          LENOX                                   NY-27-626
EDWARDS, WILLAM                        MADISON                                 NY-27-3178
EGGLESTON, LOYAL A.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2140
EGGLESTON, MARY ANN                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2314
EHLE, ANN                              SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2953
EHLE, DANIEL                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1073
EHLE, DAVID                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-887
EHLE, HENRY                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2947
EHLE, JOHN P.                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1043
EHLE, PETER H.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1262
EHLE, PETER I.                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-551
EHLE, PETER P.                         FENNER                                  NY-27-1239
ELDRED, BARTON B.                      MADISON                                 NY-27-2968
ELDRED, CHARLES                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3383
ELDRIDGE, WILLIS                       DRUYTER                                 NY-27-1645
ELLEN, GEORGE                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1487
ELLINGWOOD, SAMUEL C.                  SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1415
ELLINWOOD, GEORGE W.                   SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3100
ELLINWOOD, RALPH K.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-3094
ELLIS, ABNER                           EATON                                   NY-27-281
ELLIS, EDWARD T.                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-844
ELLIS, GEORGE                          EATON                                   NY-27-1872
ELLIS, JOSIAH                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-355
ELLIS, SOPHIA                          EATON                                   NY-27-2808
ELLISON, STEPHEN                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1049
ELMER, SOLLOMON                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1060
ELMORE, ELIPHALET                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1398
ELPHICK, MARY                          HAMILTON                                NY-22-2846
EMMONS, BRAINARD                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-425
ENGUISH, JOHN                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-70
ENSLEY, WILLIAM                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-3126
ERSKINE, AZUBA                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3441
ESTES, JAMES                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1464
EUTZBUGER, JOHN                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1352
EVANS, ELIZA                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3486
EVANS, RICHARD                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-1887
EVANS, WILLIAM                         EATON                                   NY-27-2547
EVERTS, ANDREW J.                      EATON                                   NY-27-2353
EVERTS, CALVIN                         NELSON                                  NY-27-791
EVERTS, HARVEY                         NELSON                                  NY-27-2200
EWERTS, HATTIE M.                      EATON                                   NY-27-2585
FAIRBAIM, MARY                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3523
FAIRBANK, JULIA A.                     DERUYTER (CON'T)                        NY-27-3116
FAIRBANK, JULIA A.                     DERUYTER                                NY-27-3116
FAIRCHILD, NEHEMIAH                    MADISON                                 NY-27-97
FANCHER, RUFUS                         CLOCKVILLE                              NY-27-2519
FAREWELL, JOHN                         EATON                                   NY-27-2772
FARLEY, KINDALL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-126
FARMER, ORLANDO                        EATON                                   NY-27-3499
FARNAM, DANIEL                         LENOX                                   NY-22-2857
FARNHAM, CALEB                         NELSON                                  NY-27-1502
FARNHAM, ELISHA                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1259
FARNHAM, JONATHAN                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1503
FARNHAM, PRESSON J.                    CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2017
FARNSWORTH, JAMES I.                   MADISON                                 NY-27-651
FARRELL, PATRICK                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2818
FARRELL, ROSA                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3012
FARRINGTON, SAMUEL                     STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-788
FARRINGTON,HENRY                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1891
FAULKNER, CHARLES                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2626
FAULKNER, SAMUEL                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2542
FAULKNER, SAMUEL                       FENNER                                  NY-27-420
FAULKNER, SARAH                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3274
FAVOR, LYDIA                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2955
FAY, DAVID                             FENNER                                  NY-27-477
FAY, ELIJAH                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-376
FAY, JAMES R.                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2002
FAY, MERCY                             HAMILTON                                NY-27-1120A
FAY, NATHAN                            LENOX                                   NY-27-1609
FEARON, ROBERT                         LENOX                                   NY-27-3583
FELT, DAVID                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-65
FELT, ELAM                             LEBANON (MAP)                           NY-27-1074
FELT, HARRY                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-2507
FELT, HORACE                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-1478
FELT, NORMAN                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-2660
FELT, WARREN T.                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-3117
FELTON, DAVID                          EATON                                   NY-27-2411
FENN, CHARLES                          EATON                                   NY-27-660A
FERGUSON, SAMUEL                       MADISON                                 NY-27-1343
FERGUSON, SAMUEL                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1248
FETTERLY, JOHN A.                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1922
FIELD, PINDAR                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-3594
FINK, JOHN                             SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1384
FINNEY, CYRUS                          EATON                                   NY-27-1063
FISH, FESTUS                           LENOX                                   NY-27-661
FISH, JOHN                             LENOX                                   NY-27-379
FISHER, ABNER                          GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-924
FISHER, LUTHER                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-28
FISKE, DANIEL                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-903
FISKE, MAHALA T.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2469
FISKE, WILLIAM E.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3342
FITCH, ERASTUS S.                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2912
FITCH, PATTEN                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2294
FITCH, STEPHEN                         EATON                                   NY-27-1375
FITZAMOYER, LUDAWICK                   SULLIVAN                                NY-27-26
FITZHUGH, ANNA CARROLL                 SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2925
FITZHUGH, WILLIAM A.                   SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3460
FLAHEY, ROBERT                         FENNER                                  NY-27-2950
FLANDERS, JOHN P.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-1238
FLEMING, THOMAS                        EATON                                   NY-27-1808
FLETCHER, ISAAC                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1408
FLINT, SALLY ANN                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1372
FOLAND, JEREMIAH                       SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2304
FOLLET, ABBEY A.                       EATON                                   NY-27-3086
FOLTS, WARREN                          FENNER                                  NY-27-2718
FOOT, ELIHU                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-1458
FOOT, EPHRADITUS                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1187
FOOT, NOAH B.                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1143
FOOTE, DAVID                           EATON                                   NY-27-1467
FOOTE, DAVID DAVID                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1469
FOOTE, J. WESTLEY                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1674
FOOTE, JESSE                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-276
FOOTE, JOSEPH                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1957
FOOTE, SARAH                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1987
FORBES, BARTHOLOMEW                    LENOX                                   NY-27-2107
FORBES, CHRISTIANA                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2272
FORBES, JOHN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2151
FORBES, NICHOLAS                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-479
FORBES, SARAH                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1118
FORD, HARRIET                          MADISON                                 NY-22-2824
FORD, JOSEPH                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-1191
FORTE, ALLEN H.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2940
FORWARDS, JONATHAN                     MADISON                                 NY-27-2431
FOSDICK, EDWARD                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1569
FOSTER, CHARLES                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1977
FOSTER, GEORGE B.                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2053
FOSTER, HINSDALE                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3524
FOSTER, LEONARD                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-356
FOSTER, MIRIAM                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3426
FOSTER, RACHAEL                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3194
FOSTER, SUSANNAH                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2944
FOSTER, WILLIAM                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3230
FOSTER, WILLIAM F.                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2324
FOWLER, DAVID                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1884
FOWLER, PHILISSA                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2630
FOWLER, SILAS C.                       FENNER                                  NY-27-1897
FOWLER, THOMAS                         EATON                                   NY-27-1070
FOX, WILLIAM                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2725
FRANCIS, ICHABOD                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2631
FRANCIS, JOHN                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-166
FRANK, ANDREW                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1975
FRANK, HARRISON                        NTL                                     NY-27-2451
FREEBORN, DAVID                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-8
FREEBORN, NOEL                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-202
FREEBORN, STEPHEN                      NELSON                                  NY-27-1535
FREEBORN, STEPHEN V. R.                CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3558
FREEMAN, CHARLES                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-336
FREEMAN, CHARLES                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-373
FREEMAN, CHARLES                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3424
FREEMAN, WILLIAM C.                    STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1829
FRENCH, CHARLES                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2729
FRENCH, EPHRAIM                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3140
FRENCH, HENRY                          EATON                                   NY-27-1120
FRENCH, HORACE                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2316
FRENCH, JACOB                          WELLS, IN                               NY-27-1963
FRENCH, JAIRUS                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2365
FRENCH, JOHN O.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-45
FRENCH, JOSEPH W.                      EATON                                   NY-27-3005
FRENCH, SAMUEL                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2793
FRINK, ASA                             BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-738
FRINK, BETSEY                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3283
FRINK, ENOCH                           EATON                                   NY-27-3191
FRINK, LOUIS                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2651
FRIZELL, SAMUEL                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1691
FROST, DANIEL                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1401
FROST, HARRIET                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1672
FROST, JACOB G.                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1938
FROST, JACOB G.                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3438
FROST, MARTHA A.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3155
FRY, ASA                               EATON                                   NY-27-2221
FRY, JOSEPH                            EATON                                   NY-27-922
FRYER, HUGH D.                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2395
FRYER, JAMES P.                        EATON                                   NY-27-1488
FULLER, BENJAMIN F.                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-3112
FULLER, DANIEL                         EATON                                   NY-27-3077
FULLER, ELISHA                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1156
FULLER, ERASTUS                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3272
FULLER, EZRA N.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-47
FULLER, FITCH E.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3540
FULLER, GEORGE K.                      NTL                                     NY-27-1976
FULLER, HARRIET                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3450
FULLER, JOSEPH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1980
FULLER, LOOMIS                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2562
FULLER, LORENZO                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-3050
FULLER, LYDIA                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2126
FULLER, SAMUEL                         EATON                                   NY-27-1073A
FULLER, SPARROW                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1305
FURNISS, DAVID                         MADISON                                 NY-27-571
GAGE, ARZA                             DERUYTER                                NY-27-2576
GAGE, ELIJAH D.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1192
GAGE, JEREMIAH                         DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1104
GAGE, SAMUEL                           EATON                                   NY-27-2111
GAGER, ANDREW                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-2463
GALLAGHER, FRANCIS                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-668
GALLAGHER, JOHN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3195
GALLAGHER, JOHN                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2873
GALLAGHER, PATRICK                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2695
GALLUP, JABISH                         LENOX                                   NY-27-956
GANT, WARREN W.                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2913
GARDINER, CHARLES B.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-3375A
GARDINER, DANIEL                       EATON                                   NY-27-271
GARDINER, JOHN                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-51
GARDINER, JOSEPH                       EATON                                   NY-27-570
GARDINER, MALACHI                      LENOX                                   NY-27-994
GARDINER, SAMUEL                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-1571
GARDINER, WILLIAM                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1296
GARDNER, HENRY                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-227
GARDNER, ISAAC W.                      MADISON                                 NY-27-1042
GARDNER, JOHN                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-431
GARDNER, MILES H.                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-2602
GARDNER, TIMOTHY                       DERUYTER                                NY-27-544
GARDNER, WILLIAM                       DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1312
GARLOCK, ISAAC                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3259
GARRATT, SUSAN                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2785
GARVIN, MARY                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3032
GARVIN, THOMAS                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2128
GASTON, JOHN                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3270
GASTON, ROBERT                         EATON                                   NY-27-567
GATES, AARON                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-461
GATES, DAVID                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3488
GATES, ELIAS                           LEBANON                                 NY-22-2853
GATES, EZRA                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-2198
GATES, JEREMIAH                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2363
GATES, JEREMIAH JR.                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2003
GATES, JOHN                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1629
GATES, POLLY                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-2642
GATES, SILAS A.                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-2504
GAUT, LEVERET                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1521
GAUT, WARREN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1732
GAUT, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-409
GAY, WILLIAM L.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3224
GEE, STEPHEN                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2143
GEER, NATHAN F.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1540
GETTY, ROBERT                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-380
GIBBONS, TIMOTHY                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3343
GIBBS, ISRAEL                          LENOX                                   NY-27-850
GIBBS, JACOB                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-382A
GIBBS, WILLIAM                         FENNER                                  NY-27-3333
GIBSON, ALONZO                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2997
GIFFORD, CAINAN                        MAIDSON                                 NY-27-505
GIFFORD, HELEN A.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3491
GIFFORD, JOSEPH S.                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3590
GILBERT, ELIJAH                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1960
GILBERT, LUCY                          MADISON                                 NY-27-3382
GILBERT, NATHANIEL                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-655
GILBERT, ORREN B.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-2013
GILBERT, ORSAMUS                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-1066
GILBERT, SALINA E.                     LEBANON                                 NY-27-2910
GILBERT, VINE B.                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-3273
GILES, THOMAS                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3559
GILLET, DANIEL M.                      FENNER                                  NY-27-1637
GILLET, JACOB                          FENNER                                  NY-27-382
GILLET, OLIVER                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-11
GILLET, REBECCAH                       EATON                                   NY-27-525
GILLET, TIMOTHY                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-53
GILLETT, OLIVER                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1552
GILLETTE, EUNICE                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2332
GILLSON, BENJAMIN                      MADISON                                 NY-27-3074
GILLSON, DWIGHT E.                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3377
GILLSON, SAMUEL H.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3205
GILMORE, ARUNAH                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1751
GLADWELL, PETER                        NTL                                     NY-27-2553
GLASS, ROSWELL                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-61
GLEASON, CLARK                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2290A
GLEASON, MARIA B.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3002
GLEASON, SAMARIA M.                    LENOX                                   NY-27-2970
GLIDDEN, SAMUEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-1225
GLOYER, LYDIA                          EATON                                   NY-27-1130
GLYNN, CHARLES A.                      DERUYTER                                NY-27-2508
GODORICH, HENRY C.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-1351
GOFF, LEONARD                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2312
GOFF, OLIVER                           LENOX                                   NY-27-3326
GOODALE, GEORGE W.                     NELSON                                  NY-27-213
GOODELL, JOHN JR.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1360
GOODELL, OLIVER                        MADISON                                 NY-27-566
GOODELL, WILLIAM W.                    ONEIDA                                  NY-27-3088
GOODRICH, ELIZA A.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3057
GOODRICH, JOB                          NELSON                                  NY-27-438
GOODWILL, WILLIAM                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-16
GOODWIN, HENRY C.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2142
GOODWIN, HENRY L. B.                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-2247
GORDON, FRANKLIN                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2271
GORDON, LEBARON                        DE RUYTER                               NY-27-874
GORSTON, JOSE                          LENOX                                   NY-27-853
GORTON, EDWARD W.                      EATON                                   NY-27-2963
GORTON, GERTRUDE                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2965
GORTON, HUGH L.                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1792
GORTON, SAMUEL                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-704
GORTON, SOLOMON                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1725
GORTON, TILLINGHAST                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3044
GORTON, VERNUM                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1895
GORTON, WANTON                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2099
GOSLEE, JAMES P.                       EATON                                   NY-27-1429
GRAHAM, ANN                            CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2214
GRAHAM, ASA                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1515
GRAHAM, JEMMEY                         LENOX                                   NY-27-318
GRAHAM, SIMEON                         EATON                                   NY-27-3019
GRANT, EBENEZER                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-304
GRANT, GEORGE                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3170
GRAVES, NATHAN                         NELSON                                  NY-27-2664
GRAY, AARON                            MADISON                                 NY-27-1659
GRAY, AARON JR.                        ARKANSAS                                NY-27-1345
GRAY, EPHRAIM                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-1443
GRAY, LUCY                             MADISON                                 NY-27-1970
GREEN, AMOS                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-891
GREEN, AMOS                            EATON                                   NY-27-1839
GREEN, CHARLES                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3184
GREEN, HIRAM H.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1928
GREEN, ROBERT                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-375
GREEN, RUSSEL                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-872
GREEN, RUSSELL JR                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-912
GREEN, SALLY                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-2518
GREEN, VARNUM G.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1536
GREEN, WILLIAM                         LEBANON                                 NY-27-1937
GREENE, FRANCIS                        MADISON                                 NY-27-3604
GREENE, NATHANIEL P.                   BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2713
GREENLAND, JOSEPH SR.                  CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1763
GREENLAND, WILLIAM                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3128
GREENLEAF, TILLY                       EATON                                   NY-27-1486
GREENLY, THOMAS                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-646
GREENMAN, GARDNER                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1945
GREENWOOD, GIBSON                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2702
GREGG, ABSALOM                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3061
GREGG, CHARLES O.                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2632
GREGG, DAVID                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3415
GREGG, NATHANIEL C.                    STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1654
GREGGG, THOMAS J.                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2783
GREGORY, BETY                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-822
GREGORY, TRUMAN M.                     NTL                                     NY-27-2610
GRIDLEY, ABEL                          CZENOVIA                                NY-27-736
GRIDLEY, ASHEL                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-176
GRIFFIN, ROBERT                        EATON                                   NY-27-3461
GRIFFIN, THOMAS                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1129
GRIFFITH, PAUL                         NELSON                                  NY-27-2945
GRIFFITHS, DAVID R.                    NELSON                                  NY-27-2705
GRIFFITHS, HUMPHRY H.                  NELSON                                  NY-27-3243
GRIFFITHS, OTIS                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2335A
GRIFFITHS, THOMAS D.                   NELSON                                  NY-27-3633
GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM E.                  SMITHFIELD                              NY-22-2827
GRIGGS, BRADFORD                       EATON                                   NY-27-2881
GRIGGS, ICHABOD                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-994A
GRIGGS, POLLY                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2886
GRIMSHAW, AMY Y.                       NTL                                     NY-27-2579
GRIMSHAW, JOHHN                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1830
GRINELL, RICHARD                       NTL                                     NY-27-544A
GROSEVENOR, SIDNEY A.                  LEBANON                                 NY-27-1667
GROSVENOR, MARGARET E.                 MADISON                                 NY-27-2517A
GROVES, JOHN                           STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2336
GROVES, JOHN                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-1192A
GRUMAN, SARAH                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2435
GURNSEY, SYLVANUS                      COLLINSVILLE, MADISON, IL               NY-27-699
GUSTIN, BENJAMIN                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-3321
GUTHRIE, HERVEY F.                     STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2655
GUTHRIE, MYRON                         LENOX                                   NY-27-1857
GUY, JAMES                             EATON                                   NY-27-2581
HACKLEY, MARY                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-907
HADCOCK, NANCY A.                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1618
HAGGART, JOHN                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1501
HAIGHT, JAMES                          FENNER                                  NY-27-899
HAIGHT, ORRILLA B.                     FENNER                                  NY-27-2657
HAIGHT, SETH                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3435
HALE, CHAUNCEY H.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3406
HALE, GEORGE                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2159
HALE, REUBEN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-105
HALE, TERRANCE                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-774
HALE, THOMAS                           SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1598
HALE, WILLIS                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2192
HALING, DELILAH                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2570
HALING, ISAAC W.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2337
HALING, NICHOLAS                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2436
HALL, EBENEZER                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2097
HALL, JESSE W.                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3381
HALL, JOHN                             LENOX                                   NY-27-441
HALL, JOHN E.                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2727
HALL, LYDIA                            LENOX                                   NY-27-1112
HALL, NATHANIEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2926
HALL, OLIVER                           LENOX                                   NY-27-287
HALL, RUSSELL                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2102
HALL, SALMON                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2105
HALL, SAMUEL                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-990
HALL, SOPHIA                           MORRISVILLE                             NY-27-3026
HALLET, STEPHEN                        AUGUSTA                                 NY-27-1141
HALLETT, JOHN                          EATON                                   NY-27-1126
HALSTEAD, NELSON                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2133
HAMBLET, BENJAMIN                      EATON                                   NY-27-3305
HAMBLET, PHINEAS                       NELSON                                  NY-27-1882
HAMBLIN, LEWIS                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1578
HAMBLIN, SOLOMON                       FENNER                                  NY-27-897
HAMILTON, BENJAMIN                     SULLIVAN                                NY-27-211
HAMILTON, DAVID                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2006
HAMILTON, LEVERETTE                    NELSON                                  NY-27-1379
HAMILTON, OTIS                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2986
HAMILTON, SARDIS K.                    NELSON                                  NY-27-2399
HAMILTON, VERRY                        GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2086
HAMLIN, HELEN M.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2639
HAMMOND, MARCUS R.                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1341
HAMMOND, PARDON                        FENNER                                  NY-27-1419
HAMMOND, SALMOND                       EATON                                   NY-27-2583
HANCOCK, ELIJAH                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-273
HAND, ELIZABETH                        LENOX                                   NY-27-3458
HARDEN, HENRY H.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-2131
HARDIN, DENNIS                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3294
HARDRICK, JESSE                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1843
HARDY, SELINUS                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2092
HARE, WILLIAM P.                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2754
HARGER, PHILO JR.                      SULLIVAN                                NY-27-522
HARKNESS, HANNAH                       EATON                                   NY-27-677
HARMON, RANSON HOWARD                  HAMILTON                                NY-27-3010
HARP, GEORGE                           LENOX                                   NY-27-222
HARP, GEORGE W.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3610
HARPHAM, B. FRANKLIN                   SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2666
HARPHAM, JANE                          SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2373
HARPHAM, STEPHEN                       NTL                                     NY-27-933
HARRINGTON, JOSHUA                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1421
HARRINGTON, NATHANIEL                  STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-3258
HARRIS, MARY                           NELSON                                  NY-27-1288A
HARRISON, ELENOR                       GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-447
HARRISON, JOSEPH P.                    DERUYTER                                NY-27-197
HART, ABRAHAM                          DERUYTER                                NY-27-2400
HART, ANNA                             CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1029
HART, CALVIN W.                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2995
HART, EDWARD                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1519
HART, JANE                             LENOX                                   NY-27-3402
HART, REUBEN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-1907
HART, SOLOMON                          EATON                                   NY-27-2920
HARTER, HENRY H.                       NTL                                     NY-27-1666
HARTSHORN, CHARLOTTE                   HAMILTON                                NY-27-3393
HARTSHORN, HANNAH                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-1241
HARTSHORN, JACOB                       LEBANON                                 NY-27-1362
HARTSHORN, OLIVER                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-2254
HARTSHORN, RYAL                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1941
HARWOOD, STEPHEN                       EATON                                   NY-27-3433
HASKELL, LOUISA L.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3525
HASKELL, MARY                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1288
HASKELL, NATHANIEL                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-1023
HATCH, BENJAMIN                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2470
HATCH, BENJAMIN                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-1653
HATCH, DANIEL                          EATON                                   NY-27-759
HATCH, HENRY                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1621
HATCH, JOSEPH L.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3480
HATCH, LUCRETIA                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-2911
HATCH, PETER                           EATON                                   NY-27-1560
HATCH, REUBEN                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-91
HATCH, SALLY                           MADISON                                 NY-27-2396
HATCH, ZENAS                           MADISON                                 NY-27-2145
HATHAWAY, WILLIAM                      FENNER                                  NY-27-1234
HAUGHTON, AMELIA B.                    EATON                                   NY-27-3502
HAUGHTON, AUGUSTUS                     EATON                                   NY-27-2548
HAVENS, PETER B.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2144
HAY, WILLIAM                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-1591
HAYDEN, JOHN                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2770
HAYES, SAMUEL S.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1257
HAYES, SARAH                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2530
HAYES, ZENAS                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-805
HAYS, LEVI                             EATON                                   NY-27-1217
HAYS, PHILIP                           CAZZENOVIA                              NY-27-721
HAYWARD, ARTEMAS                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-1178
HAYWARD, EDMUND                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2273
HAYWARD, THOMAS                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3362
HAZELTON, NATHANIEL                    FENNER                                  NY-27-795
HAZZARD, PAUL                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1508
HEAD, ELIZABETH                        MADISON                                 NY-27-1023A
HEAD, JOHN JR.                         MADISON                                 NY-27-2016
HEAD, LUCY ANN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3375
HEAD, OBED                             MADISON                                 NY-27-2241
HEAD, PARDON                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1179
HEAD, URIAH                            MADISON                                 NY-27-1121
HEAD, WILLARD                          MADISON                                 NY-27-1959
HEARD, MATILDA H.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-3530
HEARSEY, FANNY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3288
HEARSEY, JOHN                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1885
HEATH, JOHN                            (RUSSELL, WILLIAM)                      NY-27-1064
HEATH, JOHN                            SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1124
HEFFRON, ALVIN                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3372
HEFFRON, JOHN                          NELSON                                  NY-27-2190
HEMENWAY, ABRAHAM                      MADISON                                 NY-27-246
HEMINGWAY, ABRAHAM                     MADISON                                 NY-27-149
HEMINGWAY, NEWELL                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-591
HENDERSON, ALANSON                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-946
HENRY, ALVAH                           NELSON                                  NY-27-255
HENRY, FRANCIS                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1279
HENRY, JOHN                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-849A
HENRY, RUFUS                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-1265
HERBENER, MARTIN                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3204
HERRICK, DENNISON                      EATON                                   NY-27-1335
HERRICK, ELISHA                        MADISON                                 NY-27-363
HESLER, ADAM                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3496
HESLER, HENRY                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3089
HESLER, OLIN C.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2741
HESS, DAVID                            FENNER                                  NY-27-2633
HEWIT, JOSIAH                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-862
HEWIT, JOSIAH                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3156
HEWITT, JOHN                           DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1266A
HEWS, MOSES                            GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-3217
HIBBARD, ASAHEL B.                     BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3394
HICKOK, ASAHEL                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-620
HICKOK, HARRIS                         SULLIVAN                                NY-27-860
HIGGINS, FRANCIS D.                    EATON                                   NY-27-3329
HIGGINS, JAMES                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-498
HIGHGATES, F. DALLAS                   ONEIDA                                  NY-27-3109
HIGINBOTHAN, SANDS                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2820
HILL, ALBERT S.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1368
HILL, JAMES                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2356
HILL, JOHN                             DERUYTER                                NY-27-360
HILL, MALINDA                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-920
HILL, SAMUEL                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-472
HILL, TRUMAN                           LENOX                                   NY-27-620A
HILLS, ASA H.                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2315
HINCKLEY, DANIEL A.                    BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2811
HINCKLEY, DAVID                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1157
HINCKLEY, LUTHER                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2067
HINMAN, GROVE                          STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1951
HINMAN, IRA J.                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2209
HITCHCOCK, ALPHEUS                     MADISON                                 NY-27-21
HITCHCOCK, DEBORAH                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3039
HITCHCOCK, HORACE D.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-849
HITCHCOCK, JAMES J.                    MADISON                                 NY-27-1517
HITCHCOCK, LUKE                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2112
HITCHCOCK, MOSES                       MADISON                                 NY-27-3101
HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2527
HOARD, ENOS                            STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2368
HOBBS, THOMAS                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-2942
HOCKRIDGE, JOHN D.                     EATON                                   NY-27-2704
HODGE, DELIA                           LENOX                                   NY-27-2550
HODGE, DIANTHA                         MADISON                                 NY-22-2862
HODGE, MARIAM                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-829
HODSKINS, LEMUEL                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-343
HOFFMAN, CORNELIUS                     LENOX                                   NY-27-2464
HOFFMAN, FREDERICK                     SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3045
HOGEBOOM, ABRAHAM                      NELSON                                  NY-27-3561
HOLLENBECK, OSWIN A.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-2699
HOLLIDAY, SAMUEL                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1579
HOLLINGSWORTH, ESTHER                  EATON                                   NY-27-2321
HOLLINGSWORTH, JOHN                    STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2289
HOLMES, ALVA                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2535
HOLMES, ANNA                           MAIDSON                                 NY-27-341
HOLMES, APPLETON                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-537
HOLMES, ARZA                           DERUYTER                                NY-27-3244
HOLMES, CALVIN                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-278
HOLMES, CHRISTOPHER S.                 HAMILTON                                NY-27-2161
HOLMES, CLARK                          GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-1279A
HOLMES, ELIJAH                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-1348
HOLMES, ISRAEL                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-2533
HOLMES, JOSEPH                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-2072
HOLMES, ROSWELL                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1660
HOLMES, SARDIS D.                      CALIFORNIA, MO                          NY-27-2601
HOLMES, SETH                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1772
HOLMES, SETH B.                        DE RUYTER                               NY-27-1110
HOLMES, SOLOMON                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-148
HOLMES, WILLIAM B.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1176
HOLMES, WILLIAM M.                     LITCHFIELD, IL                          NY-27-2372
HOLT, BETSEY                           BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3122
HOLT, THOMAS C.                        EATON                                   NY-27-2187
HOOD, WILLIAM JR.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-790
HOPKINS, CHILLINGWORTH                 HAMILTON                                NY-27-1171
HOPKINS, DANIEL                        NELSON                                  NY-27-1804
HOPKINS, EUNICE                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2171
HOPKINS, JOSEPH                        LEBANON                                 NY-27-315
HOPKINS, LEIBEUS                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-480
HOPKINS, LORAIN B.                     EATON                                   NY-27-3001
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                       EATON                                   NY-27-1837
HOPPIN, CURTIS                         LEBANON                                 NY-22-2832A
HOPPIN, SOPHIA M.                      LEBANON                                 NY-27-2959
HORTON, CHAFFEE C.                     STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2984
HORTON, CHAUNCEY                       STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1285
HOSMER, ASHBEL                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-133
HOTCHKIN, GEORGE M.                    LEBANON                                 NY-27-2268
HOTCHKISS, ALVA                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3022
HOTCHKISS, WAITSTILL                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-672
HOUGH, ALFRED N.                       LENOX                                   NY-27-3615
HOUGHTON, JOHN                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-962
HOUSE, ELEAZER                         MADISON                                 NY-27-501
HOUSE, ELIPHALET                       MADISON                                 NY-27-257
HOUSE, HENRY C.                        STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1954
HOUSE, REBECCA                         MADISON                                 NY-27-1053
HOUSEMAN, JOHN                         SOUTHBRIDGE                             NY-27-3586
HOUSTON, THOMAS                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1183
HOVEY, DANIEL F.                       EATON                                   NY-27-3346
HOVEY, JOSIAH                          MADISON                                 NY-27-222A
HOWARD, ADIN                           MADISON                                 NY-27-342
HOWARD, ADIN                           MADISON                                 NY-27-2315A
HOWARD, ALBERT                         EATON                                   NY-27-2479
HOWARD, CYRUS                          EATON                                   NY-27-1626
HOWARD, EBENEZER                       EATON                                   NY-27-1453
HOWARD, JOHN                           ONEIDA                                  NY-27-3171
HOWARD, JOHN M.                        SHERBURNE, CHENANGO, NY                 NY-27-2556
HOWARD, MARY P.                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2408
HOWARD, NATHANIEL S.                   MADISON                                 NY-27-1729
HOWARD, SALMON                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-2773
HOWARD,ELIZA                           MADISON                                 NY-27-2990
HOWE, JOHN                             GLASTONBURY, CT                         NY-27-422
HOWES, HEMAN                           MADISON                                 NY-27-3119
HOWES, LEONARD                         HAMILTON                                NY-27-3327
HOWES, LORENZO                         EATON                                   NY-27-1505
HOWES, MARY                            FENNER                                  NY-27-3138
HOWES, ZOHAR                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-689
HOXIE, CLARK W.                        MADISON                                 NY-27-2014
HOXIE, GIDEON K.                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3456
HOXIE, JOHN                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2673
HOXIE, LUKE                            BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-594
HOXIE, MARY ANN                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2915
HOXIE, NELSON                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3059
HOXIE, SOLOMON                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2473
HOXIE, STEPHEN                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-919
HUBBARD, FANNY                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2394
HUBBARD, IRA                           HAMILTON                                NY-27-1150
HUBBARD, JOHN                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-37
HUBBARD, JOHN                          EATON                                   NY-27-303
HUBBARD, JOHN W.                       FENNER                                  NY-27-2044
HUBBARD, OLIVER                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1046
HUBBARD, OLIVER                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-2624
HUBBARD, THOMAS J.                     HAMILTON                                NY-27-2794
HUDSON, DENCY                          EATON                                   NY-27-3503
HUDSON, EDWARD                         EATON                                   NY-27-521
HUGHES, HUGH                           NELSON                                  NY-27-3337
HULBURT, JOHN A.                       SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2784
HULL, CHARLES W.                       EATON                                   NY-27-663
HULL, HENRY                            MADISON                                 NY-27-1158
HULL, HERMAN A.                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2911A
HULL, ROSWELL                          BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-1011
HUMASTON, ASAPH                        FENNER                                  NY-27-1643
HUMPHREY, FANNY                        NELSON                                  NY-27-2880
HUMPHREY, FLORA ANN                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1841
HUMPHREY, JOHN                         LENOX                                   NY-27-424
HUMPHREY, NORMAN                       NELSON                                  NY-27-1701
HUNGERFORD, SERAPH                     LENOX                                   NY-27-1395
HUNT, BENJAMIN F.                      STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-1324
HUNT, CELIA                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-2237
HUNT, CHARLES                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1850
HUNT, ELIAS                            HAMILTON                                NY-27-1867
HUNT, FRANCIS                          LENOX                                   NY-27-3370
HUNT, JOHN W.                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2348
HUNTINGTON, NEHEMIAH                   SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1722
HUNTLEY, OLIVER D.                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2635
HUNTLEY, RUFUS                         DERUYTER                                NY-27-460
HURD, BENJAMIN                         GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-2634
HURD, BETHEL                           GEORGETOWN                              NY-27-266
HURD, MARGARET E.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2594
HUTCHINSON, LORING                     FENNER                                  NY-27-2130
HUTCHINSON, MATTHIAS                   CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2050
HUTCHINSON, NANCY                      FENNER                                  NY-27-2595
HUTCHINSON, PHILO                      FENNER                                  NY-27-1833
HUYCK, JACOB P.                        NTL                                     NY-27-2796
HYATT, ABIJAH                          NELSON                                  NY-27-1879
HYATT, CHARLES B.                      CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2710
HYDE, GEORGE W.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-772
HYDE, JONATHAN                         EATON                                   NY-27-896
INGALLS, AMASA G.                      BOOKFIELD                               NY-27-882
INGALLS, JOHN W.                       HAMILTON                                NY-27-2000
INGERSOLL, ISAAC                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-800
INGHAM, ALANSON                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-2877
INGHAM, WILLIAM K.                     FENNER                                  NY-27-1657
INGLES, JAMES                          LENOX                                   NY-27-2685
INGRAHAM, ABEL                         STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2135
INGRAHAM, BENJAMIN                     CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2939
INMAN, ARTEMAS                         FENNER                                  NY-27-1252
INMAN, GILLETT                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3338
INMAN, SARAH B.                        FENNER                                  NY-27-2753
IRISH, CHARLOTTE C.                    DERUYTER                                NY-27-2185
IRISH, GEORGE                          NELSON                                  NY-27-2868
IRONS, JOHN F.                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1708
ISBELL, ELI                            EATON                                   NY-27-695
ITCHCOK, H. DEWITT                     LENOX                                   NY-27-3418
JACKMAN, WILLIAM P.                    SULLIVAN                                NY-27-3340
JACKSON, AARON                         LENOX                                   NY-27-581
JACKSON, ASAHEL                        NELSON                                  NY-27-487
JACKSON, ASAHEL                        NELSON                                  NY-27-233A
JACKSON, DANIEL                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2723
JACKSON, ELIJAH                        DERUYTER                                NY-27-1664
JACKSON, ELIPHALET S.                  CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1229
JACKSON, JEDEDIAH                      NELSON                                  NY-27-290
JACKSON, ORSON                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-390
JACKSON, WILLIAM                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3183
JACOBS, ELLIOTT                        LENOX                                   NY-27-2890
JAKEWAY, NATHANIEL W.                  STOCKBRIDGE                             NY-27-2095
JAMES, EDMUND                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-787
JAMES, THOMAS                          LENOX                                   NY-27-1463
JANES, ALMON                           LEBANON                                 NY-27-2989
JAQUAY, CHRISTOPHER                    HAMILTON                                NY-27-1573
JAQUAY, GEORGE H.                      HAMILTON                                NY-27-1831
JAQUAY, JONATHAN                       BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2255
JAQUINS, LOIS                          LEBANON                                 NY-22-2851
JARVIS, LANCELOT                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1677
JARVIS, SAMUEL                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2043
JENKINS, GILBERT                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1189
JENNINGS, CLINTON H.                   NELSON                                  NY-27-2987
JENNINGS, MOSES                        SULLIVAN                                NY-27-1198
JENNINGS, URIAH                        EATON                                   NY-27-633
JENNINGS, WILLIAM A.                   LENOX                                   NY-27-2301
JERIL, THOMAS                          LEBANON                                 NY-27-1416
JEWELL, OLIVER                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1854
JEWETT, GEORGE W.                      BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-3113
JOHNSON, ANN                           CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2813
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                      NTL                                     NY-27-2795
JOHNSON, ELISHA                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-200
JOHNSON, JOHN                          CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-2812
JOHNSON, MOSES                         BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2809
JOHNSON, NABBY                         LENOX                                   NY-27-2789
JOHNSON, NATHANIEL                     MADISON                                 NY-27-930
JOHNSON, SILAS B.                      LENOX                                   NY-27-2894
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-156
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER                    SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1403
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3102
JOHNSTON, MARSHALL B.                  SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-3356
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                       MADISON                                 NY-27-2999
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-1405
JONES, ABEL                            LENOX                                   NY-27-190
JONES, BAKER                           FENNER                                  NY-27-1193
JONES, DAVID W.                        BROOKFIELD                              NY-27-2943
JONES, EDWARD                          EATON                                   NY-27-2452
JONES, ITHAMER                         EATON                                   NY-27-329
JONES, JOHN                            LEBANON                                 NY-27-2029
JONES, JOHN JR.                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1734
JONES, SAMUEL                          NELSON                                  NY-27-653
JONES, SAMUEL B.                       CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-3185
JONES, THOMAS J.                       NELSON                                  NY-27-3344
JONES, TIZZY M.                        CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1828
JONES, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              NY-27-262
JOSLIN, BRADFORD                       LENOX                                   NY-27-1889
JOSLIN, CHARLES                        HAMILTON                                NY-27-1309
JOSLIN, LESTER                         EATON                                   NY-27-3436
JUDD, MARSHALL                         FENNER                                  NY-27-2460
JUDD, OBEDIAH                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-248
JUDSON, EMILY                          HAMILTON                                NY-27-1686
JUDSON, NATHAN                         CAZENOVIA                               NY-27-1908

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