Greene County, New York
Declarations of Intent (post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Greene County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1 = 1906-1912 | 2 = 1912-1917 | 3 = 1917-1920 | 4 = 1920-1924 | 5 = 1924-1927 | 6 = 1927-1929 | 7 = 1929-1936 |
"see:" - alternative name listed

LABASH, MATO                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-14
LARIOTO, LENNO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-85
LARSON, JOHN FRED                      SWEDEN              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-90
LATTARULO, GIOVANNI                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-17
LAUKEITIS, WILLIAM                     LITHUANIA           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-607
LAVAZZELLI, TERESA                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-18
LAXGANG, MICHAEL                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-90
LEMMLI, SEVERIN                        SWITZERLAND         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-38
LENANDER, CHARLES                      SWEDEN              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-24
LENZEN, HERMAN                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-99
LERMAN, JACOB                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-34
LIBERTO, RAFFAELO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-90
LINN, MORRIS                           RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-8
LOPEZ, MANUEL RODIRUGEZ                CUBA                NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-77
LUBELLO, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-55
LUBELLO, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-51
LUBEROR, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-6
LUDMA, EGNAC                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-44
LUTZ, FRANK                            RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-C
LUTZ, FRIEDRIK                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-19
LYNCH, MICHAEL                         IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-65
MACHALEK, STEPHEN                      HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-65
MACKELE, LEOPOLD                       AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-61
MACKIEWIZ, TEODOR                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-63
MACKRIS, ELIAS PETER                   GREECE              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-99
MACKRLE, LEOPOLD                       AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-61
MACNAMARA, JOHN E.                     AUSTRALIA           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-56
MAGNUS, PAUL                           HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-77
MAKRIS, ARNAS P.                       GREECE              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-73
MALACKOWSKY, JOSEPH                    POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-43
MALONE, JOHN                           POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-33
MANCUSO, LEOPOLDO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-28
MANDELSTAM, MARCUS                     RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-49
MARAFIATI, CARMELO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-49
MARCHESANI, LOUIS J.                   ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-13
MARI, FROMUCO                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-44
MARTIN, ERNEST MONTAGUE                ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-34
MARTIN, JOSEPH                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-87
MARTIN, NICHOLAS                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-42
MARTINS, WILLIAM                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-96
MARTINUS, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-91
MASTIC, WILLIAM                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-25
MATTETINVICH, TONY                     AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-92
MATUTINOVICH, TONY                     JUGOSLAVIA          NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-15
MAXIMTCHIK, BORIS                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-47
MAZUZ, ALBERT                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-17
MCCORMACK, SAMUEL ARTHUR               IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-84
MCGIBBON, MARGARET                     IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-9
MCGIBBON, SELINA                       IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-8
MCGIBBON, WILFRED                      IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-7
MCHUGH, LIZZIE                         IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-17
MCKENZIE, JAMES                        ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-2
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                       IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-630
MCSORLEY, ROSE ANNE                    IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-565
MEHNER, EMIL OTTO                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-27
MEIER, CONRAD HERMANN                  GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-71
MEMMEN, ERNST                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-648
MENNUTI, AMEDEO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-21
MEO, NICHOLAS                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-93
MESTYANCK, MILOSLAV                    AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-50
MEYER, CARL                            GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-7
MEYER, ISRAEL                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-97
MEYER, LOUISE                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-92
MEYER, OLOF                            NORWAY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-91
MICARELLI, CONCEZIO                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-85
MICHAELSON, JOSEPH                     POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-32
MICKLISIN, STEPHAN                     AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-656
MIGONE, NICOLA                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-53
MILAS, HARRY                           POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-78
MILICEVIC, FRANS                       AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-90
MILJAK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-94
MILLER, JOE                            RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-69
MILLER, JOHN V.                        ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-69
MILLER, OTTO                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-13
MILLER, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-37
MILONE, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-10
MISASI, GAETANO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-75
MISASI, GAETANO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-23
MISASI, LUIGGI                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-81
MISURACA, DOMENICO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-69
MOKSZYCKI, WILLIAM                     POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-4
MONCHO, JUAN                           SPAIN               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-611
MORELLI, FRANK                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-19
MORSELLO, JACK                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-81
MOSKOWITZ, ISRAEL                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-83
MUELLER, ELSBETH                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-57
MUELLER, JOSEF                         BADEN               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-6
MUELLER, MATHEW HENRY                  GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-56
MULLER, ANNA                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-91
MULLER, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-15
MUSTONE, GENNARO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-87
MUSTONE, GENNERO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-70
NAGY, JOSEPH                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-31
NAGY, JULIUS                           HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-94
NARZYMSKI, WLADYSTAW                   POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-10
NASS, LILLIAN                          POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-5
NATARNICOLA, DONATO                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-578
NATARNICOLA, GIUSEPPE                  ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-44
NAZZARENO, ALBANESI                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-64
NECOLAY, FREDRIK                       (MISSING)           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-1
NEPSIC, ADOLF                          POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-52
NESBITT, A. HAMILTON                   IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-70
NEZICH, MARK                           JUGOSLAVIA          NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-84
NICHOLSON, GURINE                      NORWAY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-65
NICHOLSON, PETER                       NORWAY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-66
NICKOLICH, NICK                        DALMACIA            NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-586
NORTH, HILDA                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-55
NORTH, IGNATZ                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-56
NORTH, IGNAZ                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-13
NORVIG, JOHAN                          DENMARK             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-12
NOTARNICOLA, GIUSEPPE                  ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-38
NOTARNICOLA, MAGGIE                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-23
NOVAL, PETER                           SEE: NOVASHELSKY, PETER
NOVASHELSKY, IRVING                    POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-65
NOVASHELSKY, PETER                     POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-27
NOVASHELSKY, PHILIP                    POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-66
NOVASKELSKY, ABRAHAM                   RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-63
OCONNELL, JAMES J.                     IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-59
OETKEN, ALBERT                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-12
OGDEN, SAMUEL G.                       ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-637
OKO, JOHN                              POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-571
OLMSKY, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-86
OLTHOFF, BERNARD                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-28
OMALLEY, ALOYSIUS                      IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-1
ORDOY, ERNST                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-33
ORGANTINI, JOHN                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-7
ORNSTEIN, SAMUEL                       AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-38
ORSULIC, MATE                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-640
ORSULICH, STEVE                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-76
OSCHUKEWITZ, FRANK                     AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-J
PALLADINO, JAMES LIBRATO               ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-59
PALMA, GAETANO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-35
PANTAZI, TOM                           GREECE              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-100
PAOLIN, MARTIN                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-78
PARKER, JOHN ERNEST                    ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-33
PATRONIS, ANTONY                       RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-68
PAVLOVICH, LEO W.                      AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-47
PELLGIRNO, TONY                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-42
PEREIRA, JUVENTINO                     SPAIN               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-585
PERROTTA, FRANK                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-58
PERSKE, ANTHONY                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-72
PERTO, FRANCESCO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-76
PESCE, JOSEPH                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-15
PETER, FRIEDA                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-73
PETRAMALE, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-77
PETRUSICH, MARKO                       AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-2
PETTE, ANGELO                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-1
PETTRIANNO, JOHN                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-72
PFEIL, ADAM                            BADEN               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-59
PFEIL, GUIDO                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-654
PFEIL, MARTHA                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-659
PFLEGER, CLARA                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-35
PFLEGER, LEO                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-36
PHILIPPOFF, HELEN ARSEN                RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-20
PHILIPPOFF, PETER GABRIEL              RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-19
PICCOLO, DICK                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-64
PICCOLO, DIEGO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-582
PIERCE, MEDARD                         QUEBEC              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-24
PIETTE, LUDGER JOSEPH                  CANADA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-69
PINJUH, YURE                           HERCEGOVINA         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-615
PIZZUTI, JOSEPH                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-29
PIZZUTI, JOSEPH                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-100
PLATE, MARIA                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-100
PLATTNER, JOHANNA                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-658
POLD, LEO                              ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-86
PONKOS, THOMAS                         HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-37
POPLOCK, NATHAN                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-53
PORTO, FRANCESCO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-22
POTTER, FRIEDA                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-30
POULOS, MICHAEL A.                     TURKEY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-76
PREISNER, BERNHARD                     GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-649
PRESTIGIACOMO, SALVATORE               ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-53
PULICE, JOSEPH                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-631
PURCELL, RICHARD J.                    IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-91
PUTTLITZ, ADALBERT S. H.               GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-562
RABAZA, NICHOLAS BOZO                  AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-61
RABINOWITZ, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-4
RADICH, ANTHONY                        DALMATIA            NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-48
RAFFERTY, ELIZABETH                    IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-629
RAFFERTY, JAMES                        IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-581
RAICH, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-25
RAPOPORT, BERNARD                      LITHUANIA           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-567
RAPOPORT, HIRSH                        LITHUANIA           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-11
RAPOPORT, SONIA                        LITHUANIA           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-572
RAPOPORT, ZLATA                        LITHUANIA           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-12
RATSCH, OTTO                           GERMAY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-11
REICH, JULIA                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-579
REISS, JULIUS                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-646
REISS, LEOPOLD                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-647
REISS, SIMON                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-639
REUTER, HENRY                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-78
REUTER, MARGARETE                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-77
RIBAS, FRANCISCO                       CUBA                NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-633
RIDGE, WILLIAM FRANCIS                 ONTARIO             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-31
RIGGO, FRANK                           ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-71
RIZZI, DONATO                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-91
ROARKE, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-30
ROBERTI, TOMMASO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-30
ROBERTS, GEORGE                        ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-5
ROCCIO, CARLO                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-8
ROM, FERDINAND                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-80
ROM, FRANK                             AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-569
ROTKE, HELMUT                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-95
RUCKA, PETER                           MORAVIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-74
RUDZIONIS, PETER                       RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-38
SABO, ALEX                             HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-26
SALINOWICH, MARKO                      AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-15
SALL, ARVID                            SWEDEN              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-96
SAMANNA, TONY                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-4
SAPONE, JAMES                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-46
SARANDO, COSIMO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-41
SASSI, VINCENZO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-79
SAUL, JOSEPH M.                        LATVIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-53
SAUL, JOSEPH M.                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-661
SCENSA, VITO                           ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-3
SCHARFSTEIN, ISIDOR                    POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-97
SCHAUDER, CARL                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-56
SCHEDLE, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-652
SCHEIBLE, AUGUST                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-566
SCHERMER, NICKOLAS                     GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-595
SCHEUER, EUGENE E.                     GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-14
SCHILLACI, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-604
SCHMIDT, RICHARD                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-2
SCHNEIDER, GUSTAV                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-594
SCHNELL, CHARLES JOHN                  SWEDEN              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-77
SCHOWBERG, PAUL                        DENMARK             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-78
SCOTT, MIKE                            ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-35
SCOTT, TONY                            ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-36
SEGLKE, JOHN                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-95
SEIDERER, FRITZ                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-570
SELINGER, LOUIS                        ROMANIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-48
SERPILIPPI, ANTONIO                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-95
SHALLY, NORA                           IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-99
SHARPSTEIN, LOUIS                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-43
SHAULIS, MATTHEW                       RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-56
SHERMAN, JOE                           POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-614
SHMUKLER, ISAAC                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-51
SHURYN, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-102
SILICKI, STANISLAW                     RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-75
SIMMI, STEPHEN                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-68
SIMON, DAVID                           RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-42
SIMON, JACOB                           POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-67
SIMONI, ROMANO SIMONE                  ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-37
SIMONOVICH, ESEKIEL                    RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-66
SKURA, MIKE                            POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-57
SLEE, GEORGE HENRY                     ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-1
SLENZO, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-55
SMITH, JULIE                           ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-68
SMULKERL, MANUEL                       POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-64
SOBRADO, CAMILO                        SPAIN               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-35
SOBRADO, MARIA PARRET                  SPAIN               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-36
SOLOMON, LILLIAN                       ACT OF 1922/NEW YORK  NY-GREENE-SC-DOI  4-98
SOLTYS, MARTIN                         POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-602
SORANDO, COSIMO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-H
SORANNO, COSIMO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-32
SPENCER, HAROLD CHARLES                ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-56
SPENCER, JOSEPH EMERY                  ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-52
SPYRAPOULOS, NICKOLAS                  GREECE              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-48
STANDER, JOSEPH                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-93
STANKONVICH, TONY                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-28
STEFFENS, CHARLES                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-50
STEICE, HYMAN                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-7
STERN, RENE                            SWITZERLAND         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-632
STRAMEZAK, FELIX                       AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-653
STRBICH, GEORGE                        JUGOSLAVIA          NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-85
STROKA, TONY                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-4
STROZZO, ERASMO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-101
STROZZO, ERASMO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-597
STURGESS, ROSE M.                      ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-57
SUDENTIS, GEORGE                       LITHUANIA           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-16
SUDENTIS, JURGIS                       RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-9
SUDOWITZ, ISIDORE                      POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-650
SULC, FRANK                            CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-39
SURMANCEWICZ, BOLESLAW                 POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-9
SUTTER, BERTHA                         SWITZERLAND         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-67
SWEEK, LOUIS                           RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-35
TAIT, WILLIAM                          SCOTLAND            NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-47
TALLARINO, COSIMO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-22
TARALLO, BENJAMIN                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-596
TARALLO, COSMO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-74
TATA, FRED                             ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-1
THEDEUS, JOHN                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-6
THOMAS, ALBERT CHARLES                 ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-79
THOMSON, DANIEL                        SCOTLAND            NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-2
THOR, THEODOR                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-60
THOR, THEODORE ALFRE MAX               GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-3
TISCHLER, HARRY                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-642
TONKOWICZ, JAN                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-64
TRAYNOR, MARGARET                      IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-98
TRENTIN, LOUIS                         AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-88
TRENTINAGLIA, GIACINTO                 ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-16
TRPAASSO, VITALIANO                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-22
TRUSLOVE, HENRY WILLIAM                ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-7
TURINI, ANGELO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-32
UMLAUFT, PAUL CURT                     GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-2
URBANOWICZ, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-57
VAGER, VLATKO A.                       YUGOSLAVIA          NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-564
VALENTE, ANTHONY                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-41
VASILIOU, JOHN                         GREECE              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-3
VEGAR, VLATKO                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-34
VELTRI, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-605
VELTRI, GABRIELLE                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-25
VELTRI, GABRIELLE                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-588
VELTRI, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-26
VENEZIALE, CELESTINO                   ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-71
VENTURA, COSMO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-20
VENTURA, FRANK                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-19
VENTURO, COSMO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-20
VERDAASDONK, JACOBUS J.                HOLLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-628
VILENTINO, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-40
VIOLA, VINCENT                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-45
VIZZA, MICHELE                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-47
VIZZIE, RAFFAELLA S.                   ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-584
VORPAHL, OSKAR                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-624
VOSS, BERNHARD                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-601
VOTTA, MICHELE                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-43
WAGER, MATHIAS FREDERICK               GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-61
WAINE, JOSEPH                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-45
WAINE, SAMUEL                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-46
WARD, WILLIAM HENRY                    ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-31
WARNECKE, CARL                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-97
WARNECKE, EARNEST                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-16
WECKBARK, HENRY                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-23
WEGNER, KARL O.                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-636
WEISMAN, NATHAN                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-100
WEISSEL, CHARLES                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-39
WEITZ, SAMUEL                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-583
WELLINGTON, CHARLES H.                 CANADA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-100
WELZ, ALBERT                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-617
WENSTEN, NATHAN                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-43
WESTON, ALEXANDER                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-75
WESTON, MARIE ZORN                     AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-74
WHITE, ARTHUR                          ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-6
WIEJOREK, RUDOLF                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-80
WINK, PETER                            GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-32
WINKLER, IGNATZ                        HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-66
WISHKOWSKY, LEON                       RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-13
WISOTZKY, MORRIS                       POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-52
WITTIG, AGNES                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-41
WITTIG, ERNST RUDOLF                   GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-37
YELAVICH, JOE                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-40
YELOVICH, BOZO                         AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-28
YERKOVICH, ANTE                        JUGOSLAVIA          NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-563
YOGODRICK, MAX                         POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-87
YURKOVICH, LARRY                       AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-71
ZIMLULLIO, LOCTIO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-33
ZITO, GIUSEPPO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-27
ZUGMONTOWIC, ALEX                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-87
ZULLO, RALPH                           ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-14
ZWINKEL, KARL MAX ERICH                SAXONY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-626

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