Greene County, New York
Declarations of Intent (post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Greene County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1 = 1906-1912 | 2 = 1912-1917 | 3 = 1917-1920 | 4 = 1920-1924 | 5 = 1924-1927 | 6 = 1927-1929 | 7 = 1929-1936 |
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ADAMS, JOHN                            RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-39
AGUILONE, AGOSTINO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-18
ALPINO, GINNI                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-73
AMBROSE, WILLIAM                       RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-42
ANDERSON, ABRAHAM                      NORWAY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-51
ANDERSON, OLGA MARIE                   NORWAY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-89
ANDERSON, OSCAR                        NORWAY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-24
ANDRIJIN, DONKO CURAC                  JUGOSLAVIA          NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-31
ANGELO, PATSY A.                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-51
ANGELO, PATSY ANTHONY                  ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-89
ANTETOMASO, SALVATORE                  ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-4
ANTONELLE, NICHOLAS                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-48
ANTONOPULOS, SOCRATES                  TURKEY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-30
APOLONE, MIKE                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-89
ARLT, ERNA                             GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-64
AUSIN, EDWARD                          LATVIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-85
AUSTERMANN, MARGARETE                  GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-568
AUSTERMANN, OSKAR                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-50
AVELLA, SABATO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-5
AXELSON, CHARLES F.                    SWEDEN              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-23
BABICH, NIKOLA                         HERZEGOVINIA        NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-660
BAIRD, SARAH                           ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-643
BALDI, LOUIS                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-31
BARBER, MATO                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-16
BARTKE, JOSEF                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-A
BARTKE, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-8
BARTOSEVICH, JOSEPH                    POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-104
BASILE, FRANCIS A.                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-3
BAUER, WOLFGANG                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-644
BAUMGART, ERNEST                       SWITZERLAND         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-29
BECK, HENRY                            GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-14
BELLI, CESARE GIOVANNI                 ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-8
BENINO, ANTHONY                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-57
BERGHAUS, OSCAR                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-17
BERGHAUS, WILLY                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-37
BERGIN, ANNA                           IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-54
BERLINSKY, MICHAEL                     AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-41
BERMAN, NEHTEN                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-608
BEST, CHARLES                          BARBADOES           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-84
BIANCHI, LUIGI                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-36
BIRMAN, KARL OTTO                      HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-93
BISCOGLIO, SALVATORE                   ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-24
BITTER, EWALD                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-587
BIZZI, FRANK                           ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-69
BLANEY, JOHN                           IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-618
BLIESKE, SIEGFRIED                     LITHUANIA           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-96
BLUM, BENJAMIN                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-98
BLUMENTHAL, DAVID                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-645
BOBONKO, MICHAEL                       HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-18
BOLTRUNIS, JOE                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-29
BONDY, SALVATOR                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-15
BORGEN, TONY                           RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-18
BORGIN, SIDNIN                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-36
BRANDONE, BONAVENTURA                  ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-70
BRAUNSTEIN, MAX                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-97
BRAUNSTEIN, MAX                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-E
BRAUNSTEIN, REBECCA                    ROMANIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-82
BRAUNSTEIN, REBECCA                    ROMANIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-8
BREDEHORST, DIETRICH                   GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-32
BRENKE, ALBERT                         EAST PRUSSIA        NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-47
BRIAND, PAUL                           FRANCE              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-14
BRODUSSA, CORNELIUS                    GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-42
BRONICO, CAROLINA                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-44
BRONICO, IGNAZIO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-45
BRUDSCHE, JOHANN                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-50
BRUNO, PATSY                           ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-22
BRYAN, HENRY A.                        JAMAICA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-73
BUBUL, JOHN PAUL                       RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-54
BUBULAS, STEPHEN C.                    RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-89
BURGHARDT, CARL                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-K
BURGHARDT, CARL                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-10
BURKE, MARIUS                          NORWAY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-67
BUSHKOWSKI, MICHAEL                    RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-26
BUZZANCA, SALVATORE                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-20
CALLISTO, TOMMASO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-40
CAMBRI, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-67
CAMPEAU JOSEPH HARVEY                  ONTARIO             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-25
CAMPEAU, OVILA                         CANADA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-94
CAMPOLI, SANTO                         (MISSING)           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-1
CANGER, FRANK                          POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-10
CANNARAN, WILLIAM                      ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-26
CAPOBIANCO, BIAGIO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-66
CAPOBIANCO, JOSEPH                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-58
CAPPUS, MAX                            GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-15
CARANGI, MICHELE                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-21
CAROLLO, CARLO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-7
CARR, JAMES                            IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-40
CARUSO, NATALE                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-25
CASSULO, ALESSANDRO                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-62
CAVIGHANO, DOMINIC                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-49
CHIAPINE, ELTERO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-68
CHIRISSICH, JOSEPH                     AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-17
CHRISTIANSEN, JOHAN AAGE               DENMARK             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-9
CICALE, ORASIO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-79
CIMORELLI, MICHAEL                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-55
CIOFFIO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-99
CLAY, CHARLS GEORGE                    ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-60
COCCIMIGLIO, CARMINE                   ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-24
COHEN, MAX                             RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-98
COMENT, AUGUST                         POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-86
COMENT, AUGUST                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-F
COMPOSITORE, LOUIS                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-55
CONLIN, CHARLES                        IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-G
CONTE, SALVATORO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-80
COOK, LEONARD LEWIS                    ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-45
CORRADO, ANGELO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-11
CORRADO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-13
CORRADO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-53
COTIC, MIKE                            AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-34
COTICH, PETER                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-634
CRYLNOCK, STEVE                        JUGOSLAVIA          NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-83
CURCIO, VINCENZO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-73
DALEY, CHARLES                         AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-29
DALFALLO, GIUSEPPE                     AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-47
DALFOL, PETER                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-79
DAMIANO, DOMENICO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-21
DARASZ, JOHN                           POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-95
DARASZ, STANISLAW                      POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-623
DARDANI, ALFRED                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-54
DARDANI, ETALO JOHN                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-577
DARDANI, MARTIN                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-10
DARDANI, THOMAS HUMBERT                ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-9
DAVIES, DAVID F.                       WALES               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-598
DAVIES, JANE MARY EVANS                WALES               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-599
DEBENEDICTIS, CAMILLA                  ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-50
DELUCA, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-43
DEMSON, WALTER                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-88
DESCE, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-40
DEUBEL, HUGO CHARLES                   GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-94
DEUBEL, KARL HUGO                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-19
DIBIASE, ANGELO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-39
DICAPRIO, LOUIS                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-29
DICAPRIO, PHILIP                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-60
DICESARE, JOHN                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-19
DIETZ, HERBERT E.                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-5
DIFALCO, GIVOANNI                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-35
DILOOKIS, JOSEP                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-52
DIMARTINI, LUIGI                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-620
DIPERNA, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-27
DIRRIGL, JACOB                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-627
DISTEFANO, GUIDO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-6
DISTEFANO, PETER                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-43
DITUCCI, DAMIANO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-36
DITUCCI, PETER                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-46
DOMBROWE, ERNST                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-60
DORRENBERG, WILLIAM OTTO               GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-573
DOVIGH, FRANK                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-84
DOWSETT, ARTHUR                        ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-23
DOWSETT, EDITH M.                      ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-625
DREVINSKI, STANISLAV                   RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-88
DREWES, AUGUST                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-622
DRUZZOVICH, STIPAN                     AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-90
DUNDESIAN, ROSE                        ARMENIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-25
DURAINDO, RAFFAEL                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-55
EBNETH, ANDREW                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-94
ECKL, RUDOLF                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-D
ECKLE, RUDOLPH                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-12
ECKLREITER, JOHANN                     GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-612
EDELMAN, JACOB                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-3
EGGENS, JAMES H.                       NETHERLANDS         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-83
EGGENS, JANNES H.                      NETHERLANDS         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-5
ENGELMANN, ALEXANDER                   HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-44
ENTWISLE, KATE ELIZABETH               ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-34
ERCEG, IVAN                            DALMATIA            NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-46
ERCEG, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-70
ERSIG, TONY                            AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-103
ESTEVEZ, ERNEST DOMINGUEZ              CUBA                NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-80
FAIOLA, JERRY                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-63
FALBO, ANTHONY                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-17
FALBO, BARNEY                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-23
FALLARINO, GIOVANNI                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-29
FARACE, DONATO ANTONIO                 ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-80
FARICCHIO, RAFFAELO                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-74
FARRINI, REGORIO JULIUS                ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-58
FAVICCHIO, RAFFAELE                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-20
FELD, BERTHA                           RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-86
FELDBIN, JACOB                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-38
FELDMANN, OTTO                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-12
FERRETTI, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-82
FICKEN, JOHN PETER                     GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-81
FINCKE, JOHN                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-3
FINE, JOHN                             ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-74
FISCHER, ANTON OTTO                    GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-10
FISCHER, OTTO                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-50
FISH, FRED                             ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-65
FLINN, THOMAS FISHER                   SCOTLAND            NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-641
FRANCESCHINE, GIOVANNI                 ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-46
FRANCESCO, ADELFIO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-40
FRERKING, AUGUSTA                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-30
FROEHLICH, LOUIS R.                    GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-96
FUESCO, ANTHONY                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-62
FUSCANO, MURIZIO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-52
GADACH, STANLEY                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-11
GAFFURI, LOUIS OTTAVIO                 ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-6
GAGO, JOSE POUSADA PERES               SPAIN               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-610
GALASSO, VINCENT                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-591
GALUTCH, JOSEPH                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-92
GAMBINE, JIMI                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-83
GAROFALA, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-82
GASBARRO, CARMINE                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-9
GASPARONI, SECONDO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-59
GATSINOS, HENRY                        GREECE              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-37
GEARY, JOHN                            IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-51
GENES, ANTHONY                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-38
GENTEEL, THOMAS                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-24
GENTILE, ENRICO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-12
GIAMMATTE, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-52
GIAMMATTI, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-63
GIBBONS, ELLEN                         SCOTLAND            NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-621
GILDE, ERNST ALFRED                    GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-638
GIORDANO, DOMENICO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-30
GNAM, ALFRED RUDOLPH                   SWITZERLAND         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-616
GOETZINGER, PAULA                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-92
GOLDENSTERN, LOUIS                     RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-67
GOLDSTEIN, DAVID                       POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-81
GOLEMBIOWSKI, KAZIMIERZ                AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-85
GORDON, ABRAM                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-99
GORGES, RAYMOND                        IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-98
GRABILLE, ROSARIO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-39
GRATHWOHL, FRANK                       WUERTTEMBURG        NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-87
GRBAVAC, MARTIN                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-576
GRBILLE, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-78
GRECCA, SALVATORE                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-72
GRECO, SALVATORE                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-49
GREEN, RICHARD H.                      ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-71
GREENSTEN, MAX                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-83
GREGORY, ALBERT E.                     CANADA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-619
GREGORY, REGINALD                      ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-11
GRGURINOVICH, IVAN                     DALMATIA            NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-86
GRONITZKI, HENRY                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-54
GUILDENSTERN, LOUIS                    POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-41
GULKIEVICZ, PETER                      AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-26
GUTIERREZ, MANUEL                      SPAIN               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-589
HALICKI, FRANK                         POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-575
HAMANN, CHARLES                        WUERTTEMBURG        NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-57
HARRIS, LEON W.                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-61
HARTZ, ERNST                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-603
HEIDTMANN, FRANK FREDERICK             GERMAN              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-574
HEILER, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-B
HEITMANN, FRITZ                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-609
HELLER, FRANK                          POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-88
HEMBERGER, JOSEF                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-22
HEMM, ANTON                            HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-4
HENKE, FRIEDA                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-31
HICKEY, NELLIE                         IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-51
HIGNERAS, PEDRO                        SPAIN               NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-590
HINRICHSEN, ALVIN                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-5
HOARE, JOSEPH AQUILLA                  ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-18
HOBERG, CHRISTIAN                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-54
HODAR, WOJCIECH                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-34
HODOR, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-45
HORNER, OTTO                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-46
HOROWITZ, MORRIS                       RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-96
HUBER, PETER                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-92
HUETTNER, WILHELM CARL                 GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-613
IMRIE, ELIZABETH                       CANADA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-580
IOKO, LOUIS                            AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-59
ISKRAUT, RUDOLF                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-62
JANSEN, MARTIN                         DENMARK             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-18
JARANCZYKI, MADYSLAW                   RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-16
JARANOWSKI, ALFRED FRANK               GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-81
JARANOWSKI, JOHN                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-82
JOHNSON, CARL                          SWEDEN              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-655
JOHNSTONE, THOMAS                      SCOTLAND            NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-16
JOST, CONRADINE                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-72
JULIUSBERG, HANS                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-27
JURGER, FREDERICK                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-49
JURS, THOMAS                           JUGOSLAVIA          NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-58
KALLIMANIS, JERRY A.                   GREECE              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-62
KALMAN, CSOTTO NAGY                    ROMANIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-79
KARASWITZ, GEORGE                      POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-600
KARDICK, NIKOLA                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-593
KARDUN, ANTON                          JUGOSLAVIA          NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-44
KARL, ENGIMANN                         SWITZERLAND         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-22
KARL, MAX                              RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-21
KARLANDER, ROLF                        NORWAY              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-606
KASIROSKI, JOHN                        POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-75
KASSIMER, EDWARD                       POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-68
KATSIMAGLIA, JOHN                      GREECE              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-21
KENNEDY, KATIE                         IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-53
KESSLER, BARNEY                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-82
KESSLER, SAMUEL                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    1-60
KIBARTS, ALEXANDER                     RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-11
KIENTOPF, JOHANNA                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-49
KINDLER, MARIE                         GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-13
KIRKLAUSKI, STANLEY                    LITHUANIA           NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-651
KISIC, GERGE                           LATVIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-89
KLAMMER, THEODORE                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-76
KLAUSNER, JACOB                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-75
KLEINBERG, SAU                         POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-63
KLUBA, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-97
KOLAR, WALLA                           HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-48
KOPEIK, EDWARD                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    2-39
KORNELL, STEVE G.                      HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-33
KOTEK, FRANTISEK                       CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-592
KOZACEK, JOSEPH                        MORAVIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-26
KOZACEK, JOSEPH                        CZECHOSLOAVKIA      NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-657
KOZLOSKI, FRANK                        POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-20
KOZLOSKI, FRANK                        POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-76
KRALLEVICH, JOE                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-41
KRALZEVICH, PETER                      HERCEGOVINA         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    6-42
KRAUCHUK, MIKE                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    7-635
KRONBORG, MARTIN                       DENMARK             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    3-58
KRONISCH, EDWARD                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-45
KUMMER, FRANZ                          SWITZERLAND         NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    4-88
KURZWQEG, ALFRED                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-DOI    5-33

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