Chautauqua County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Chautauqua County New York, Supreme Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # Volume List |
| M = Mayville | J = Jamestown | F = Fredonia |
"see:" - alternative name listed

GADEWELTZ, JOHANNA ELSE                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1717
GADEWOLTZ, WILLIAM AUGUST              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-1
GAFVERT, OTTO BERNHARD                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-14
GAGLIANO, SAM                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-72
GALATI, VINCENZA ODDO                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1490
GALBIER, ANTONIO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1725
GALBIER, ANTONIO GIUSEPPE              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1511
GALBIER, LUIGINA GIUSEPPINA            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1510
GAMBINO, SARAH                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1176
GAMENO, FRANK                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-49
GAMMINO, GIACHINO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-101
GANGI, ANTONINO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-228
GANGI, ANTONINO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-2
GANGI, ANTONIO GEORGE                  SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-98
GANGI, SAMUEL                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-6
GANTE, ADOLF                           GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-110
GARBERO, ANDREW                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1481
GARLAND, MERWIN ANSLEY                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1539
GARLEY, FRANCES                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1463
GATES, ANNIE                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1161
GATTO, ANTHONY                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-178
GATTO, CALOGERO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-9
GATTO, GIUSEPPE                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-3
GATTUSO, FRANK                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1042
GAURA, ANTHONY                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-127
GAURA, BARNEY CONSTANCE                POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1214
GAURA, MARTHA                          IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1339
GAWTOUROZ, WLADYSLAW                   RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-113
GEDZ, STEFAN                           UKRAINE                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1649
GEIBEN, BAPTIST                        LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-19
GEIBEN, JOHN                           LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-18
GENCO, MICHELANGELO                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-87
GENNARO, CARMELO CONTI                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1945
GENNUSO, ROSE SARA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1105
GEORGANTAS, HARICLIA                   GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1505
GEORGIEW, ILIJA PETROV                 BULGARIA                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1852
GERGEL, MARY TERESA LOUISE             IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1948
GERGEL, NOEL FRANCIS                   IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1949
GERVASI, VINCENZO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-7
GESTWICKI, MARIE                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1079
GEZ, BASIL                             UKRAINE                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1450
GEZ, MARIA                             UKRAINE                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1651
GIAIA, GIUSEPPE                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-85
GIAMBELLUCA, ROSE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1476
GIAMBRONE, IGNAZIA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1545
GIANNAKOPOULOS, IOANNIS PETER          GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1578
GIBSON, ELIZABETH ETTA                 ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1201
GIDDY, JOSEPHINE TURPIN                NEWFOUNDLAND                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1335
GIGLIO, CALOGERO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-138
GILL, THOMAS                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-37
GILRAY, LEONARD FREDERICK              CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-37
GILRAY, MAYMAN TOM                     ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-36
GIOIA, MARIO                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1391
GIOIA, MARIO                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1853
GIORDON, EMILIE                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1776
GIORDONO, ROSA                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-14
GITZ, EUGENE                           RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1585
GITZ, OLGA                             POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1587
GIUFFRE, JOSEPHINE                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1068
GIUFFRE, ORAZIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-76
GIZZI, VINCENZO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-33
GLAPA, ANNA                            GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1185
GLAPA, ANNA BERNICE                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1207
GLAPA, VALENTINE                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1058
GLASS, EDWARD CHARLES                  ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-95
GLAUS, JOHN AUGUST                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-129
GLIGORA, JOSEPH                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1003
GLIWA, MARY                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1296
GLOOK, PETER                           HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-46
GLOWA, MARTHA LUISA                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1645
GNIRS, FRANCES                         SEE: MCGINON, FRANCES
GODDEN, LAWRENCE FREDERICK             ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-57
GOEBEL, GORDON ARNOLD                  CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1666
GOGUEN, ARTHUR JOSEPH                  NEW BRUNSWICK                           NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1372
GOGUEN, MARIE ROSALIE                  NEW BRUNSWICK                           NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1371
GOLDER, DOUGLAS FREDERICK              ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1712
GOOCHES, JOHANNA AUGUSTE               GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1752
GORANSON, GUST                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-36
GORITSCHAN, MARTIN                     AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-151
GOSTOMSKI, FRANK                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-198
GOSTOMSKI, JOHN                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-195
GOSTOMSKI, JOSEPH                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-199
GOSTOMSKI, MICHAEL                     POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-36
GOSZYNSKI, WALENTY                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-47
GOVETTE, PHILIP                        ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-30
GOY, ANNA                              AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1399
GOY, JOHN                              POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1398
GOY, MARIA MAGDALENA                   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1540
GOZDZIEWSKI, JOZEFA REGINA             POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1503
GRABOWSKI, STANISLAUS                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1122
GRANATA, JOHN                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-993
GRANDINETTI, MICHELE                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-73
GRANT, MARGARET MARY                   IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1275
GRANTA, ALFONZO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-185
GRANTO, MICHELE                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-80
GRASSO, ERRICO MATTEO                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1919
GRASSO, JOE                            SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-157
GRASSO, JOSEPHINE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1724
GRATZER, MARJORIE ANN                  CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1549
GRAY, ELLI                             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1544
GRAZIANO, ANGELO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-240
GRAZIANO, CRUCIANO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1067
GRECO, JOSEPHINE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1168
GRECO, VINCENT                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-166
GREEN, FRANCES ELIZABETH               ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2056
GREEN, NAMIKO                          JAPAN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1982
GREEN, NATHANIEL                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-33
GREEN, RICHARD                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-52
GREENFIELD, CHAUNCEY                   AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-60
GREENFIELD,CHAUNCEY                    AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-76
GRETZMIER, JOHANN                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1078
GRIFFIN, ELSIE LINNEA                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2016
GRIMALDI, ANTONINO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-25
GRIMM, GREGORY JOSEPH                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1946
GRISANTI, BIAGIO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-99
GRISANTI, COSIMO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-4
GRISANTI, SAM                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-96
GRIZZANTI, COSIMO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-96
GROCHOWSKI, JOHN HENRY                 POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1767
GRODECKI, FRANK                        HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-31
GROMALA, JOHN                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1558
GRONATA, SALVATORE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-5
GRONATO, ORAZIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-12
GRUNAU, ERNA MARIE                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1886
GRUNAU, KLAUS FRIEDRICH                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1885
GRUNWALD, OSKAR                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-15
GRUNWALD, OSKAR                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-40
GUALTIERI, GABRIELE                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-81
GUARCELLO, LUIGI                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-82
GUARINO, FRANK                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-15
GUARINO, GIUSEPPE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-14
GUAYASAMIN, CARMEN                     COLOMBIA                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1963
GUGINO, ANTONIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-40
GUGINO, ANTONIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-150
GUGINO, CHARLIE                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-90
GUGINO, FRANK                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-161
GUGINO, ROSE                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1167
GUGINO, VINCENZO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-230
GUGINO,NICHOLAS                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-11
GUIDO, GIUSEPPE                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-15
GULENO, JOE                            SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-109
GULLO, COSIMO                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-28
GULLOTTI, JOSEPH                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1685
GULLOTTI, JOSEPHINE                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1727
GULLOTTI, SEBASTIAN                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1700
GUNNARSON, ANDERS MARTIN               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-88
GUNNARSON, DAVID TEOFILUS              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-87
GUSTAFSON, ADOLF                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-64
GUSTAFSON, AUGUST HJALMAR              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-58
GUSTAFSON, CARL AUGUST                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-61
GUSTAFSON, JULIUS                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-75
GUSTAFSON,C ARL HUGO                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-11
GUSTAFSSON, CARL EMIL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-70
GUTA, JAN                              AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-17
GUTKA, JOHN                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-97
GUZETTA, ROSARIO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-26
GWEREK, STELLA CECELIA                 POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1929
GYARMATI, ELISABETH                    HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1904
GYARMATI, PAL                          HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1903
HAAS, MATHILDE                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1333
HAGER, ALEXANDER EMIL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-38
HAGGLUND, ARNE EUGEN                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1891
HAGGLUND, MAJ ALICE                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1892
HAGLUND, ANDREW EMANUEL                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-168
HAGOPIAN, DICKRAN                      TURKEY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1396
HALICKI, JOHN                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-984
HALLIN, ARNE                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1755
HALLIN, CARL GUSTAF                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-24
HALLIN, GLADYS NANCY                   NEW YORK/SWEDEN                         NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1756
HALLIN, GUNNAR VIKTOR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-115
HALWIG, INGEBURG MARGARETE LIELAFF     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1606
HAMEMIK, WALTER                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-186
HAMERNIK, ANDREW TONY                  POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-74
HAMERNIK, MIKE                         POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-73
HAMERNIK, STANLEY                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-66
HAMES, JOSEPH                          LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-201
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH                    SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-982
HAMMARSTROM, CARL OSCAR                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-166
HAMMER, CARL EMIL                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-145
HAMSCHKE, ALBERT FRIEDRICH             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1400
HANLEY, BRIDGET MARIE                  IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1036
HANNAH, ROBERT BRADLEY                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-24
HANSCHKE, JOSEFINE                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1455
HANSEN, ANNE BERTHE BUE                NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1573
HANSEN, ELLA KRISTINE                  DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1474
HANSEN, HANS ALBREHT                   DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-153
HANSEN, JENS ANDREW                    DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-52
HANSEN, KAJ GRONBORG                   DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1475
HANSEN, LORENZ                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1312
HANSEN, OLAF                           DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1473
HANSON, ALVAR                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-57
HANSON, ERNEST JULIUS                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-137
HANSON, GUSTAF SIGFRID                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-84
HANSON, JOHN                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-83
HANSSON, EVERT                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-989
HARASIEWICZ, JOHN                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-232
HARDWICK, ISAAC                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-20
HARFORD, JOHN HENRY                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-36
HARITO, HARRY HERCULES                 ALBANI                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-89
HARLING, ALFRED                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-78
HARLING, ALFRED WILLIAM                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-77
HARRISON, ARTHUR VANSTONE              ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-83
HARRISON, CHARLES                      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-87
HARRISON, CHARLES                      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-52
HARRISON, MAGGIE                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1294
HARSTEDT, AXEL FREDRIK                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-29
HARTENSTEIN, OSWALD FRIEDRICH          GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-54
HARTLEY, ARTHUR                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-50
HARTLEY, JAMES RICHARD GREENWOOD       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-42
HASENKAMP, MARIE CECILE                HAITI                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1976
HASSETT, STEPHEN                       IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-174
HASSETT, TIMTOHY                       IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-8
HEARBERG, ELSA AMELIA INGEBORG         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1343
HEDBERG, JOHN AUGUST                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-20
HEDIN, KARL                            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-15
HEGGARTY, ANNE MARIE                   SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1842
HEGGARTY, ANNIE                        SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1841
HEGGARTY, CHARLES GERARD               SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2016
HEGGARTY, JOHN                         IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1840
HEIDUK, URSULA                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1716
HEINEMANN, ALFRED DAVID                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1171
HEINEMANN, GRETE BABETTE               GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1261
HEINEMANN, HERBERT HOWARD              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1260
HEINEMANN, LISELOTTE CLAIRE SUSANNE    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1170
HEIYEN, MICHAEL                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-41
HELLBERG, NILS HANSON                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-37
HEMPHILL, NELSON                       CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-71
HEMPHILL, SAMUEL ERASTUS               CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-89
HENDRICKSON, ELLEN WILHELMINA          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1660
HENDRICKSON, JOHN                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-235
HENDRIKSSON, OLOF HENRIK ANDRE         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1395
HENK, CARL FREDRICK                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-15
HENNINGER, GEORG ANDREAS               GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-1
HERALD, ALEXANDER REGINALD             ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-160
HERD, HARRY CHARLES                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-5
HERMANSON, OSCAR HERMAN                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-248
HILDRED, ROBERT GEORGE                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-10
HIRST, RALPH                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-69
HJALAN, ANDREW EMIL                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-14
HJALM, ERIC JOHAN                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-39
HODGE, THERESE                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1743
HODOROWICZ, ANDREW                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1851
HODOROWICZ, MATTHEW                    FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1979
HODOROWICZ, MICHAEL JOSEPH             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1801
HODOROWICZ, SOPHIE                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1935
HOFER, HELEN ANNA                      NY/ACT OF 1922                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-997
HOFF, IGNATZ                           GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-168
HOFF, MATHIAS                          GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-170
HOFFMAN, ISABELLA BARBARA (SCHERLI)    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1588
HOGAN, DANIEL JOSEPH                   IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-158
HOLLAND, MUNG SUN                      KOREA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1983
HOLLANDER, MATTHEW JOSEPH              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-3
HOLLOWELL, ELSIE                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-992
HOLLOWELL, FREDERICK SIDNEY            ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1001
HOLLOWELL, JESSIE                      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1098
HOLM, ANTON HERMAN PERSON              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-117
HOLMQUIST, CARL FREDRICK               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-87
HOLMQUIST, OSCAR HENRY LEONARD         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-36
HOLTZ, PETER                           LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-169
HONG, TAM PO                           CHINA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1331
HORAN, TIMOTHY                         IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-102
HORLACHER, ELISE                       SWITZERLAND                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1708
HORLACHER, JOHN                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-28
HORLACHER, JOHN ALBERT                 LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-231
HORLACHER, RITA ERNA                   SWITZERLAND                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1707
HORN, ALFRED                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-98
HORTON, MARGOT ELFRIEDE                PERU                                    NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1676
HOSINSKI, BRONISLAW                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-4
HOUSER, GUDBJORG                       ICELAN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1322
HOWELLS, DAVID JOHN                    WALES                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-987
HUBBARD, VICTOR JOHN                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-105
HUBENETTE, CARL MAURITZ                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1564
HUFF, KENNETH PARRY                    CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1431
HUGHES, GEORGE ALFRED                  ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1824
HUGHES, JOAN VIOLET                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1823
HUGHES, NELLIE ROE                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1238
HUGHES, THOMAS                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-49
HULT, CARL ALBERT FEATHOR              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-91
HULTQUIST, HERMAN                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-45
HUMPHREY, MARIAN TELFORD               ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-20
HUMPHREYS, THOMAS ARTHUR               ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-976
HUNTER, GARNET LIVINGSTONE             CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-57
HURLEY, MARY ANN                       IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1031
HUTH, ARNOLD WILLIAM                   ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1783
HUTH,C ATHERINE                        MANITOBA                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1784
IANTORNO, RUBENS ALCESTE FERNANDO      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1532
IANUZZIO,ORAZIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-74
IDEMARK, SVEN EMANUEL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1790
IERARDI,ANTONIO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1292
IERRARDI, FRANCESCO                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1012
ILIEFF, LAZAR ANGELA                   YUGOSLAVIA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1787
ILIEFF, YORDANA                        GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1788
IMMORDINO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1521
IMMORDINO, JOSEPH                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1697
INGAVO, PETER                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-142
INGHAM, WILFRID                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-49
INTRAVARTOLO, SALVATORE                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1004
IPPOLITO, CARRIE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1290
IPSEN, JOHANNES FREDRICK               DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-47
IRELAND, JAMES HARRIS                  CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1672
ISIDORI, VICTORIA CECELIA (WOYNER)     CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1586
IUCULANO, CARMELA ERMINIA              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1964
IUCULANO, FRANCESCO                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1838
JACKSON, PATRICIA MARIE                BRITISH COLUMBIA                        NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1987
JACKSON, THOMAS ALBERT                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-91
JACOBSON, FRANK ISIDOR                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-240
JACOBSON, KNUTE WILLIAM                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1379
JACOBY, JEANNE                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1674
JAGODA, BLAZER                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-30
JAKUBIEC, FANNI ROSA                   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1567
JAKUBOWICZ, ALBERTINE GERMAINE         FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1305
JAKUBOWSKI, FRANCISZEK                 AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-3
JAKUBOWSKI, MIKE                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1060
JAKULIEC, ROMAN                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-72
JAMES, CLEMENTINE MARCELLE             FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1351
JAMES, CONSTANCE                       ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1952
JANEK, PETER                           CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1862
JANSON, CARL OTTO                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-11
JANUS, GEZA                            HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1772
JANUS, PIROSKA                         HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1773
JASKULSKI, DORIA MARIE                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1448
JEFFERS, CHARLES HENRY                 IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-11
JENSEN, CHRISTENSEN                    DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-88
JENSEN, VALDEMAR FREDERICK ENOK        DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-16
JESSE, JOSEF                           GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-40
JOHANSEN, ADOLF FREDRICK               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-17
JOHANSON, BROR PAUL                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-226
JOHANSON, CARL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-40
JOHANSON, SVEN OKE                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1435
JOHANSSON, KNUT RICKARD WILHELM        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1124
JOHANSSON, OLAF GUNNAR                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1043
JOHNOSN, AXEL                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-17
JOHNOSN, AXEL LUDVIG                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-20
JOHNOSN, CARL EMIL                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-178
JOHNOSN, NELS                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1553
JOHNOSN,A RVID ROBERT                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-10
JOHNSON, ALBERT                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-50
JOHNSON, ALFRED                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-10
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-89
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-25
JOHNSON, ANDREW LEONARD                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-75
JOHNSON, AUGUST                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-165
JOHNSON, AUGUST MARTIN                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-184
JOHNSON, CARL ALBIN                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-93
JOHNSON, CARL AUGUST EMIL              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-40
JOHNSON, CARL ENOCH                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-21
JOHNSON, CARL JOHAN                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-65
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-130
JOHNSON, CHARLEY                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-34
JOHNSON, CHARLY SEVERIN                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-108
JOHNSON, CLAS MATTIAS                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-195
JOHNSON, CONRAD THEODOR                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-73
JOHNSON, ELOF                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-67
JOHNSON, ERIK LEONARD                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-22
JOHNSON, ERNEST ENERMAN                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-46
JOHNSON, ERNEST ERNEMAN                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-91
JOHNSON, ESTHER                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1121
JOHNSON, FRED                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-97
JOHNSON, FREDRIK ALEXANDER             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-78
JOHNSON, GARDA MARIE                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1340
JOHNSON, GUST                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-129
JOHNSON, GUST ADOLPH                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-97
JOHNSON, GUST ELOF ALDOR               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-214
JOHNSON, GUSTAF WICTOR                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-207
JOHNSON, HERMAN                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-77
JOHNSON, JOHAN ALGOT                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-31
JOHNSON, JOHAN WOLFRIED                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-12
JOHNSON, JOHN                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-26
JOHNSON, JOHN                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-4
JOHNSON, JOHN ALFRED                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-159
JOHNSON, JOHN HJALMAR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-19
JOHNSON, JOHN VICTOR                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-66
JOHNSON, JOSEF GOTTFRID                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-30
JOHNSON, KLEMENS                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-3
JOHNSON, OLOF REYNOLD                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-161
JOHNSON, OSCAR LEONARD                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-63
JOHNSON, OTTO                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-117
JOHNSON, RICHARD                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-72
JOHNSON, SOPHIE                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1164
JOHNSON, SWAN ALBERT                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-8
JOHNSON, THURE EDWIN                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1632
JOHNSON,JOHAN PETER                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-18
JOHNSTON, ROBERT IVEN                  ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1268
JOHNSTON, ROSEMARIE ANNEMARIE MARIA    EAST GERMANY                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1928
JOHNSTON, VIVAN SNARRY                 ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1269
JONES, ADOLPH GUST                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-10
JONES, ALBIN ERNEST                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-116
JONES, DIXIE SANTILLAN                 PHILIPPINES                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2083
JONES, JOHN EMIL                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-85
JONES, KNUT LUDWIG                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1778
JONES, SVEN ALFRED                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-82
JONES,A DOLPH GUST                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-78
JOY, ANTHONY                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-23
JOZENS, AUGUST                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-229
JOZWIAK, FRANK                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-41
JOZWIAK, FRANK JOHN                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-218
JOZWIAK, MAXIMILLAN                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-42
JOZWIAK, STANLEY CAZIMIER              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-196
JOZWIAK, WALTER EDWARD                 GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-219
JUUL, OSCAR WILLIAM JENSEN             DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1995
KACZMAREK, ANNA                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1786
KAGHOFER, MICHAEL                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-153
KAHN, HARRY                            RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-67
KAISER, PIERRE                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-15
KALETA, JOHN                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-116
KALETA, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-224
KALETA, PETER                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-119
KAMBURY, DEMIS JOHN                    ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-60
KANAN, JIM HODO                        ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1325
KANIA, ALEXANDER                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-70
KANIA, ALEXANDER                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-5
KANICKI, HRYKORIJ                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2020
KANICKI, RAVANINA                      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1998
KANICKI, RAVANINA                      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1999
KANICKI, RAVANINA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1855
KANTOWICZ, MAGDALENA                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1191
KAPITZA, FRANK                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-236
KAPP, CHRISTIAN FREDERICK              BAYERN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1806
KARABIN, SYLVESTER                     AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-91
KARALUS, HELEN                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1083
KARCZEWSKI, WLADYSLAW                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-133
KARL, VINCENT                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-58
KARROW, ELIZABETH MARGARET             ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1327
KATTA, KASIMIR                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-79
KAUFMAN, LOIS CATHERINE                ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1298
KAY, AUDREY MARY OWEN                  ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1562
KAY, EDMUND FRANCIS                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1378
KAYES, MITSUKO SHINTANI                JAPAN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2001
KAZMIERCZAK, MARTIN                    POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-113
KEDDIE, ALEXANDER CHALMERS             SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-85
KEDDIE, MARIE ELLEN                    SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-999
KENDZINA, MICHAL                       POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-24
KENNEY, HELENA                         IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1094
KERRIN, JOHN TOAKLEY                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-69
KIEKIRAS, GEORGE                       GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1719
KIERSELMAN, HENDRIK                    HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-66
KIESSHAUER, LOUIS MAX                  SAXONY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-86
KILLOCK, HENRY DAVID                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1162
KIMELMAN, CHRISTINE                    AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2073
KIMELMAN, JOHANNES JULIAN              HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2074
KINNEY, CAROLE LESLEY                  ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1880
KINNICUTT, ETHEL ANNIE                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1559
KIRALY, CARL                           HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1627
KIRALY, MARIA                          HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1648
KISKIRA, PATROULA                      GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1978
KISKIRAS, NICOLITSA                    GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1994
KISKIRAS, THEODORA                     GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1923
KISKIRAS, VASSO                        GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1864
KLIMAN, IRENE                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1732
KLIMAN, PETER                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1731
KLINGA, BIRGIT MAJ ROSA                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1629
KLINGA, TAGE GUNNAR                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1628
KLINGINSMITH, DOROTHY MAY              ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2005
KLOCEK, STEPHEN                        CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1198
KLOIZCYNSKI, JOSEPH                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-70
KLUGE, DOROTHEA MARIA                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1401
KNASIAK, JOZEF                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-95
KOCH, LENA                             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-63
KOCZWARA, JOHN                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1063
KOFOED, CHRIS JR.                      DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-99
KOFOED, CHRIST JOHN                    DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-100
KOHL, ALBERT                           GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-65
KOHLER, ELBERT JAMES                   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1926
KOLASA, WOJCIECH                       AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-45
KOMADA, JOSEPH PIOTR                   RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-4
KOMADA, LAWRENCE                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-74
KOPER, MARTIN                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-16
KOPLINER, FRANK                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-173
KOPLINER, VINCENT                      POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-5
KOPROWSKI, ANDREW                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-238
KOPYSZKA, JACOB                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-68
KOSIDLO, MARY                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1240
KOSIERB, SOPHIE                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1257
KOTSETHOMAS, GEORGE                    ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1543
KOURELIS, MARIGO                       GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1130
KOUVATSOS, ALEXANDRA GEORGE            GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1711
KOUVATSOS, GEORGE THEODORE             GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1718
KOZLOWSKI, BRONISLAW                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-74
KOZLOWSKI, BRONISLAW                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-76
KOZLOWSKI, FRANCES WILKOSZ             POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1491
KOZLOWSKI, PAUL                        POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-15
KOZLOWSKI, WALENTY                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-77
KRAFT, ARVID                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-189
KRAFT, JOHN                            GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-173
KRASINSKI, FELIX                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-225
KROCHMAL, STELLA                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1670
KROLL, VINCENT                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-211
KRZYZANOWICZ, JOSEPH                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1097
KUBASIK, IGNAZY                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-21
KUBASIK, MARY                          GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1229
KUBIAK, ANDREW                         POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-1
KUBIAK, MICHAEL                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1065
KUCZEWSKI, PETER PORAY                 RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-57
KUHFUSS, CARL ADOLF                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-189
KULCZYNSKI, JOZEFA ANNA                POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1100
KULPA, JOHN                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-44
KUROPATWINSKI, ANNA                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1209
KUROS, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-6
KUSIOWSKI, KATHERINE                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2016
KUSIOWSKI, WLADSLAWA (CHILD)           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1647
KUSMIERZ, CHARLES                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-98
KUSY, ROSALIA RUTESKI                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1272
KUSZYNSKI, JOHN                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-209
KUTSCHKE, PIROCEKA JANUS               HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1789
KUTSCHKE, SIEGFRIED                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1675
KUTULAS, MARY                          GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1326
KUWIK, JOHN                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1015
KUWIK, ROSE                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1029
KUZARA, JOHN                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-122
KUZIORA, MARTIN                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1007
KUZNICKI, BERNICE WERONICA             POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1102
KUZNICKI, MARY                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1192
KUZNICKI, VICTORIA                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1077
KWASNIEWSKI, STEFANIA                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1190
LABARBERA, HELGARD                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2054
LABATO, JOSEPH                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-139
LABORDE, CHARLES                       FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1698
LACHER, HILDA LISETTE                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1546
LACHISSCA, ANGELO FORTUNATO            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-16
LACHIUSA, MARY                         BRAZIL                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1139
LACONO, ANGELA                         ARGENTINA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1856
LADUCA, CHARLES                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-241
LAGIUDICI, CONCETTO                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-64
LAGNAO, CATERINA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1274
LAING, SARAH JANE                      IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1352
LAJEWSKI, FRANK                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-124
LAJEWSKI, JADWIGA STELLA               POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1087
LAJEWSKI, JOZEF                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-84
LAKATOA, ANDRAS IMRE                   HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1757
LAKE, BENNETTO JAMES                   WISCONSIN/CANADA                        NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-44
LAKSER, SAMUEL                         ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-42
LAMBROS, JOHN DEMETRIOS                GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-130
LAMMERS, WILLIAM                       HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-43
LAMONICA, JENNIE FRANK                 PA/ACT OF 1922                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-4
LAMONICA, ORAZIO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-96
LANG, EMIL                             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-124
LANNI, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-73
LANSKI, STANISLAUS                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-114
LAPAGLIA, VINCENZO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-10
LAPORTO, LEOPARD                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-31
LAPORTO, SAM                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-92
LAPRIORE, LIBERANTONIO                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-158
LARSEN, MARGARETE WUENSCH              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1216
LARSON, BERGER                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-71
LARSON, CARL WILHELM                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-79
LARSON, IVAR                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-67
LARSON, JOHN                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-103
LARSON, JOHN                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-38
LARSON, OSCAR HJALMAR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-75
LARSSON, FRITZ REINHOLD                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-66
LASECKI, MARY                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1217
LATONA, JAMES                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-45
LATONA, PEGGY VICTORIA                 AUSTRALIA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1906
LAUDCA, CIRO                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-26
LAURITO, ANNA GIUGNETTI                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1048
LAURITO, GERARDO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1049
LAWRENCE, EDWARD CLEMENT               CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1054
LAWSON, ARVID G.                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-12
LAWSON, AXEL MALCOLM WENER             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-30
LAWSON, CARL                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-111
LAWSON, CARL EMIL                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-93
LAWSON, CARL HENNING                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-71
LAWSON, JOHN MITCHELL                  ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-99
LAWTON, MARIE ROSE                     CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1443
LAYCOCK, JAMES                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-62
LAYCOCK, THOMAS                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-70
LEE, URIAH                             ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-36
LEE, URIAH                             ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-52
LEMISZKO, MARY                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1104
LEMKE, GUST                            GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-69
LEONE, CALOGERO                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-85
LEONE, JOHN                            SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-60
LEONE, MARY                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1027
LEONE, ROSA MARIA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1313
LEPPIN, ANNEMARIE                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1958
LEPSESTY, KOSTAG KOLE                  ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-121
LEROY, ROSE                            ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1332
LESANDRO, FRANK                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-6
LEWANDOWSKI, JOSEPH                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-209
LEWANDOWSKI, JOSEPH                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-165
LEWIS, BERNADETTE                      IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1437
LIBERATI, MARIO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1600
LIBURG, CARL AUGUST                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-1
LIDEN, KNUT ALEXANDER                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-185
LIDEN, OLOF GABRIEL                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-56
LIFFNER, ANITA GUNNILLA                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1593
LIFFNER, ASTA INGEBORG                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1591
LIFFNER, FRANK LENNART                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1592
LIFFNER, KARI STURE VALDEMAR           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1590
LIND, JOHN AUGUST                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-114
LINDAHL, HENRY OSCAR                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1581
LINDAHL, RUTH AMELIA                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1434
LINDGREN, WATTMAN                      CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1617
LINDQUIST, ERNEST SAMUEL               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-183
LINDQUIST, JOHN                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-26
LINDQUIST, OLOF HJALMAR                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1038
LINDQUIST, THOR ERIC                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1794
LINDSTROM, EMIL                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-179
LINDVALL, RENIUS FABIAN                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-48
LINK, CONRAD                           GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-56
LINK, GEORGE                           GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-68
LIPKA, MATUSZ                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-141
LIPKA, TOMASZ                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-117
LIS, MARY                              POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1295
LISCIANDRO, JOSEPH JOHN                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1605
LISCIANDRO, SALVATORE JOSEPH           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1636
LISI, LUIGI                            SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-20
LITZEN, SWAN DANIEL                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-107
LIUZZO, GIUSEPPA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1619
LIUZZO, SALVATORE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1607
LIVECCHI, GIUSEPPE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-105
LIVELY, MARY                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1319
LLOGAN, WILLIAM ANGUS                  SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1127
LOBARERA, PAOLO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-94
LOBIANCO, GIOVANN                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-31
LODECO, TONY                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-38
LODICO, CALOGERO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-191
LODICO, CALOGERO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-24
LODICO, COLOGERO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-88
LODICO, SALVATORE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-15
LOFFEL, BENNO                          GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1277
LOFFREDO, ERNESTO GIOVANNI             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-181
LOFGREN, ANDREW                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-82
LOFGREN, GODFREY                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-55
LOFGREN, JOHN AUGUST                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-29
LOGANO, ANGELINE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1245
LOGANO, ANTHONY                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1215
LOIACONO, GIUSEPPA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1937
LOIACONO, SALVATORE                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-20
LOMBARDO, CARLO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1623
LOMBARDO, CARMELO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-55
LOMBARDO, DOMENICO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-1
LOMBARDO, FILIPPO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-54
LOMBARDO, FILIPPO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-1
LOMBARDO, FRANK                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-68
LOMBARDO, GIUSEPPE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-91
LOMBARDO, GIUSEPPE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-177
LOMBARDO, SALVATORE                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-74
LOMBARDO, SALVATORE                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-140
LOMIA, PETER                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-66
LOMYSCH, CHRISTINE                     UKRAINE                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1468
LONACIONE, FRANESCO                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-66
LONCZ, STANISLAW                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-129
LONDA, STANLEY                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-21
LOPRIERE, PALMIRA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1875
LOPRIORE, DOMINIC (CHILD)              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1650
LOPRIORE, MICHELE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-212
LORENTZON, CARL GOTTFRED               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-93
LOTEMPIO, CRUCIANO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-13
LOWES, RALPH ALFRED                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-92
LUBOCH, ANTHONY                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-70
LUCARINELLO,C ARMELA                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1286
LUMIA, PIETRO                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-216
LUMIA, SALVATORE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-19
LUND, ALFRED                           DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-41
LUND, AUGUST                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-19
LUND, SVEN THURE                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-124
LUNDBEG, CARL DAVID                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-106
LUNDBERG, GUSTAF ROBERT                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-69
LUNDBERG, OLOF HJALMAR                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-227
LUNDBORG, FRANK ALGODT                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-12
LUNDGREN, ERIC WILHELM                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1056
LUNDGREN, INGRID CHRISTINA             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1912
LUNDIN, HENRY EMANUEL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-174
LUNDQUIST, GUSTAF WILLIAM THEODOR      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-33
LUNDQUIST, RUTH ELSA                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1497
LUNDSCHOBER, JOHN                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-34
LUNDY, ESTHER JAKOBS                   NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1938
LUNN, CARL OSCAR ENOCH                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-16
LUPONE, PASQUALE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-19
LYCZKOWSKI, TERESA                     CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1110
LYKASCZYK, ANTHONY                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-4
LYNGBYE, RASMUS CHRIST RASMUSSEN       DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-224
MAARSEN, PIETER EVERT                  NEDERLANS                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1972
MACELROY, OWEN                         IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1126
MACER, JOSEPH                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-9
MACKINNON, DENNIS GERALD               NOVA SCOTIA                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1905
MADHAVAN, SIVADASAN A.                 INDIA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2006
MADSEN, KRISTIAN                       DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-140
MADURSKI, GRZEGOR                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-203
MAGGIO, JIM                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1822
MAGGIO, LIBORIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-35
MAGNUSON, ALYCE                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1357
MAHONEY, MARY KATE                     IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1095
MAIO, JOSEPH                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1682
MAIO, MANUEL                           PORTUGAL                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1284
MAIORANA, ANGELINE SALETTA             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1141
MAIORANA, CHARLES                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2028
MAIR, ROBERT                           SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-194
MAISANO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-67
MAJAK, JOHN                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1071
MAJKA, AGNES                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1235
MAJKA, JOHN                            AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-42
MAJKOWSKI, FRANK                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-73
MAJKUT, WALTER                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1267
MAKUCH, WLADYSLAW                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-147
MAKUCH, WLADYSLAW                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-59
MALENGO, VENANZIO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-73
MALIZIA, PAOLINO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1091
MALMBERG, HJALMAR                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-8
MANCUSO, EMANUELE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-977
MANCUSO, IGNAZIO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1208
MANCUSO, JOSEPHINE LOUISE              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1175
MANCUSO, LUIGI                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-149
MANCUSO, MICHELINA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1412
MANCUSO, ORAZIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-62
MANGAN, CHARLES                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1226
MANGANO, TONI                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-144
MANGUSO, JOHN                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-8
MANTIONE, GIUSEPPE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-25
MANUELE, JOSEPH                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-13
MANZELLA, MARY GRACE                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1101
MARCELLO, ANNA                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1614
MARCHEWKA, JOZEF                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-63
MARCHIANDO, THOMAS                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1460
MARCHINI, GEORGE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2072
MARCHINI, GEORGE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2064
MARCI, SALVATORE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-43
MARCINKIEWICZ, ALEXANDRA               POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1109
MARERI, ANNE OKELLY                    IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1996
MARGAGLIO, CARMELA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1702
MARGAGLIO, PETER SALVATORE             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1683
MARGAGLIO, SEBASTIAN                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1993
MARGAGLIO, SEBASTIANA                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2047
MARINO, DOMENIO ANTONIO                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1500
MARINO, GAETANA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1780
MARINO, GIUSEPPE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-26
MARINO, JOHN VINCENZO                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-27
MARINO, SALVATORE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-23
MARKELLO, ROSS                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-5
MARKER, LUDWIG JULIUS                  DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-81
MARKIEL, WINCENTY                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-98
MARKWICK, JAMES MARCUS                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-72
MARON, EDWARD                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-32
MARSALA, ANTONINO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-45
MARTENS, HAGEN                         NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-43
MARTENSON, OTTO                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-92
MARTIN, CHARLES WILLIAM                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1565
MARTIN, DORIS HILDA                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1566
MARTIN, GILBERT RUSSELL                ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-38
MARTIN, MYER                           RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-79
MARTINA, ANTONIO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-24
MARTINA, CALOGERO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-25
MARTINSON, KNUT AUGUST                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-27
MARTORELL, ANNA CHRISTINA FRANCISCA    NEDERLANDS                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2039
MASLANKA, FRANK LEO                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-61
MASLANKA, JOHN                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-136
MASTOROTASOU, KALIOPE                  GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1202
MASTROSIMONE, COSIMA PANZICA           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1810
MASTROSIMONE, JEAN GIOVANNA            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1809
MASTROSIMONE, MICHAEL                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1811
MASZCZAK, FRANCIS                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-44
MATERNOWSKI, JOHN                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1099
MATERNOWSKI, STANISLAUS                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-247
MATRYNCZUK, PAUL                       UKRAINE                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1899
MATTA, JOHN GEORGE                     CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1770
MATTSSON, BRITT                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1493
MATTSSON, ERIK BERTIL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1492
MAULUCCI, MICHELE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-162
MAULUCCI, MICHELE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-63
MAURER, JOZEF                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-58
MAURER, KATHARINE FRANCES              POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1482
MAURER, WLADYSLAW                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-97
MAXWELL, ROSEMARIE                     WUERTTEMBERG                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1876
MAYER, KEITH FRANCIS                   ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1951
MAYFIELD, EDWARD                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-53
MAZUREK, VERONICA                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1172
MAZZONE, GAETANO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-213
MAZZURCO, CARMELO MASI                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2059
MAZZURCO, CARMELOA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2035
MAZZURCO, ROSARIO MASI                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1893
MAZZURCO, SEBASTIAN                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1969
MCCONNELL, JOHN TERENCE SANDERSON      ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1266
MCDONALD, BLANCHE ROGES                WALES                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1990
MCDONNELL, JAMES TAYLOR                ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1053
MCEWEN, GEORGE GRATTAN                 ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-23
MCGINON, FRANCES                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-974
MCLAREN, JAMES DENNESTON               SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-169
MCLAUGHLIN, NORMAN ALLISON             ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-14
MCMASTERS, JEAN DODDS                  SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1988
MCMULLEN, RALPH IRVING                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1014
MCNESS, HENRY JAMES                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-4
MCPHEE, JAMES ROBERT                   KOREA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1920
MEADOWS, ANNA ROSE                     CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1239
MEDLAND, CECILE JOAN                   QUEBEC                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1834
MEHLBERG, HEINRICH PAUL                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1992
MEKUS, HELEN                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1090
MEMMER, MARIA EMMA                     EL SALVADOR                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1386
MENCZIGAR, STEFAN                      HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-5
MENDOLA, ORAZIO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-991
MENGES, ANGIE CARPENTER                NY/ACT OF 1922                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-92
MENGES, PHILIPP ALBERT                 GERMANY/FRANCE                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-91
MENNER, JOSEPH                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-75
MERCHANT, ELVIRA MARTHA                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1656
MERRIAM, CHARLES JESSE                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-2
MESSINA, WENDELINA                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1323
METS, MARIE                            GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1374
MEYER, HENRY AUGUST THEODOR            GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-47
MEYER, MARTHA THERESE                  QUEBEC                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1813
MEYERS, JACOB                          GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-33
MICCICHE, GINO LUIGI                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1390
MICCICHE, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1533
MICCICHE, ROSE                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1991
MICELI, CRUCIANO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-48
MICHALAK, MICHAEL                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1002
MIELE, GIAMPIERA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1829
MIELE, MATTIA                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1828
MIKOLAJCZAK, JAN                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-193
MILITELLO, GAETANO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-3
MILITELLO, GIUSEPPE                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-90
MILITELLO, IGNAZIO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-207
MILITELLO, SALVATORE FRANCISCO         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-163
MILLER, CARL JULIUS                    DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-85
MILLER, GEORGE JAMES                   ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-18
MILLER, LEONTINE                       CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1253
MILLONZI, CHARLES                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-96
MILLONZI, CRUCIANO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-84
MILONE, GIUSEPPE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-176
MILSTROM, KNUT CERELIUS                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-35
MINTON, PER JOHANSON                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-249
MIREK, ALBERT                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-67
MIRTH, JOHN                            AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-17
MISIUNAS, JUCZAS BERNARD               LITHUANIA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1397
MISKOW, ALEX                           AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1271
MITCHELL, ERNEST                       NEWFOUNDLAND                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1997
MITTI, WILLIAM                         ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-106
MLADENOV, PRVOLETKA                    BULGARIA                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1850
MLECZKO, JOSEPH                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-88
MLECZKO, KAROL                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-60
MLYNARSKI, LEOPOLD ANTHONY             POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1433
MLYNARSKI, STNISLAWA MARY              POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1425
MOCH, STANISLAW                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1093
MOCHE, SPERO                           TURKEY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-54
MODEN, ADA                             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1634
MODEN, LISBETH MONICA (CHILD)          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1673
MODEN, SVEN GUSTAF                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1633
MOFFAT, MARYANN                        IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1870
MOLLER, CARL EMIL                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-9
MONDO, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-143
MONROE, PEGGY DIANE                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2023
MONSEN, EINAR HJEMDAHL                 NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1364
MONSEN, RAGNA KAROLINE                 NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1366
MONTAGNA, GIOVANNI                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-182
MOOE, JOHN ALEXANDER                   NOVA SCOTIA                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1303
MOORE, MELVIN                          CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-25
MORELL, TONY                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-21
MORELLO, SALVATORE PIETRO              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1726
MORGAN, JOE                            SEE: MORGANTE, GIUSEPPE
MORGANTE, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1120
MORMILE, MARY                          SEE: MORMILE, PHILOMENA
MORMILE, PHILOMENA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1220
MORMILE, SOSSIO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1142
MORREALE, MARIA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2057
MORREALE, MICHELANGELO                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2058
MORRIS, RUTH STAFFORD                  ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1230
MORTON,C ECELIA ORAY                   CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1092
MORTSON, HARVEY                        CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-41
MOSCATO, VINCENZO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1169
MOTRYNCZUK, AGATHE                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1900
MOURZICIOS, NICOLAS PETER              GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-12
MOYERS, FRANK                          LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-219
MOZGAWA, WILLIAM BERNARD               POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1160
MUCHA, WOJCIECH                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-69
MUCIA, CALOGERO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-68
MUGAVRO, CALOGERO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-84
MULLER, CHARLES                        LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-31
MULLER, HENRY                          LUXEMBORUG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-204
MULLER, MICHEL                         LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-32
MUMULOS, ERNEST                        GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-61
MUMULOS, THEOPHANI                     GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1457
MUNELLA, ANGELO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-194
MUNZESHEIMER, FANNY                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1278
MURRAY, WILLIAM ROBERTSON              SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-12
MURTAUGH, JAMES MARK                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-156
MURTAUGH, MICHAEL                      IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-71
MUSALL, IRMA ALINA                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1520
MUSCARELLA, JOHN                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1895
MUSCARELLA, JOSEPH                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1977
MUSCARELLA, NINA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1392
MUSCARELLA, URSULA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2063
MUSCATO, JOSEPH                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-9
MUSSO, EDOARDO MICHELE                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-182
MUSSO, JOHN BATTIST                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-86
MUSSO, JOSEPH                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-85
MUSZALSKI, STANSILAUS                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-112
MYREGAARD, WILLIAM                     DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-157

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