Chautauqua County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Chautauqua County New York, Supreme Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # Volume List |
| M = Mayville | J = Jamestown | F = Fredonia |
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ABBATA, ANGELINE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1282
ABBATE, FRANK                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-43
ABRAHAM, ANDY                          SYRIA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-60
ABRAM, ARTHUR                          CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1677
ABRAM, BETTY MAY                       CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1678
ABRAM, ERIKA MARIA                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1604
ABRANKO, GIZELLA                       HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1753
ABRANKO, JOSEF                         HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1694
ACQUAVIA, ANGELINE                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1200
ACUTO, JOHN                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1047
ADAMS, ELISABETH                       ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1507
ADELGREN, ALBERTINA                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-6
ADELGREN, GUSTAV ALBERT VICTOR         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-100
AHLGREN, OSCAR EDVAR                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-44
ALBAEZE, SALVATORE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-28
ALBANO, ANTONINO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-151
ALBERTSMA, DICK                        HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-68
ALBORG, ALFRED                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-93
ALBRECHT, CHARLES JOHN                 ONTAIRO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1387
ALBRECHT, FREED                        MECKELNBURG                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-10
ALERE, JOE                             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-9
ALESSI, ROWENA MARIE                   ALBERTA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1973
ALIOTTO, SAM                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-40
ALLZA, VINCENT                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-183
ALM, ALFRED HERBERT                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-8
ALM, OSCAR ANDERSON                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-47
ALONGE, PAULINE                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-988
ALTWEIS, HENRY                         LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-17
AMALFI, CARRIE SALAMONE                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1369
AMALONE, FRANCESCO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-45
AMORINO, GIUSEPPE ASCARO               SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-84
ANASTAS, ELIA                          TURKEY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-47
ANDERSEN, FRED CHRISTIAN               DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-54
ANDERSEN,C HRISTIAN JENUS              DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-21
ANDERSON, AARON                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-94
ANDERSON, ALFRED                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-13
ANDERSON, AMIL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-44
ANDERSON, ANDERS                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-55
ANDERSON, ANDERS EMIL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-50
ANDERSON, ANDERS JOEL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1324
ANDERSON, ANTON EMEL                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-171
ANDERSON, AUGUST                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-20
ANDERSON, AXEL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-12
ANDERSON, AXEL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-39
ANDERSON, AXEL EMANUEL                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-167
ANDERSON, BALTZAR GUSTAF RAGNAR        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-990
ANDERSON, C ARL WILHELM                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-180
ANDERSON, CARL ALFRED                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-19
ANDERSON, CARL ANTON                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-122
ANDERSON, CARL EMIL                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-33
ANDERSON, CARL HILMER                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-49
ANDERSON, CARL JOHN                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-53
ANDERSON, CHARLES EMIL                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-35
ANDERSON, CHARLES GOTTFRID             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-101
ANDERSON, CHARLES OSCAR                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-156
ANDERSON, EMIL ALFRED                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-25
ANDERSON, GRACE NORINE                 SASKATCHEWAN                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1310
ANDERSON, GUST ANTON                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-113
ANDERSON, GUSTAF FREDRICK              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-134
ANDERSON, HENNING REINHOLD             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-73
ANDERSON, HERBERT EMANUEL              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-56
ANDERSON, HERMAN                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-19
ANDERSON, ISAACK ALVIN                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-59
ANDERSON, JOHN                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-51
ANDERSON, JOHN                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-187
ANDERSON, JOHN                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-38
ANDERSON, JOHN AUGUST                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-23
ANDERSON, KARL OLOF                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-978
ANDERSON, LEKARD FINGEL                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-23
ANDERSON, LUDWIG                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-233
ANDERSON, MARTIN                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-141
ANDERSON, MARTIN ARNOLD                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-6
ANDERSON, MAY BRITT SOLVEIG            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1328
ANDERSON, MONICA ELIZABETH STARR       ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2049
ANDERSON, MORRIS                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-30
ANDERSON, NILS                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-77
ANDERSON, OSCAR                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-83
ANDERSON, OSCAR                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-205
ANDERSON, OSCAR ALEXANDER              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-136
ANDERSON, OSCAR CARL                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-32
ANDERSON, OTTO CARL                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1611
ANDERSON, OTTO SIGFRID                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-225
ANDERSON, PETER JOHN                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-35
ANDERSON, PETTER BIRGER                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-30
ANDERSON, SWAN AUGUST                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-56
ANDERSON, SWAN MORRIS                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-92
ANDERSON, THMOE FRITS                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1370
ANDERSON, WERNER                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-24
ANDERSON,C ARL AUGUST                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-3
ANDERSSON, EBBA ALICE LINNEA           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1728
ANDESON, JOHAN GUNNAR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-102
ANDOLINA, CHARLES COSIMO               SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-24
ANDOLINO, LIBORIO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-7
ANDONE, PANDELI PHILIPP                ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-105
ANDRE, GEORGES ALAIN                   FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2065
ANDRUKOWICZ, JANINA                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1861
ANESI, GINO LUIGI                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1420
ANGELI, ALBERTO                        FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1484
ANGELI, LUCIANA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2000
ANGELINO, MARINO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-214
ANGIOLINO, SALVATORE                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-75
ANISZEWSKI, CAMIL                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1236
ANISZEWSKI, LEO                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1233
ANTOINE, MALLARE                       FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-139
ANTONIO, ODETE                         PORTUGAL                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1918
ANTONUCCIO, JOSEPHINE                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1839
ANZALONE, ANTONIO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-42
ANZALONE, MARGRIET MARIA               NEDERLANDS                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2008
ANZALONE, MICHELANGELO                 SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-206
ANZALONE, SALVATORE                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-16
ANZALONE, VINCENZO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-205
ARCORACI, FERDINAND                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-80
ARCORACI, LUCIA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1020
ARDILLO, ROSARIO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1258
ARLOTTA, MARIA                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1782
ARNAS, VINCENT                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-8
ARRIGO, FILIPPO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-65
ARTHUR, HENRY                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-97
ARVIDSON, HELGE                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1462
ATHANOS, SAM                           GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-57
AURIA, SAM                             SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-50
AUTORE, GIUSEPPA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1798
AVEGNE, JAMES                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-34
AVERNA, JOSEPHINE ROSE PROVENNANO      CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1596
AXELSON, CONRAD                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-25
BAAR, CARL FREDRICK                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-10
BACHER, FRANZ MAX                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1186
BACHER, JOHANNA                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1187
BACKMAN, CARL ADOLF                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-90
BAERENTZEN, FRED                       DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1360
BAGLIA, BIAGIO                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-192
BAHL, MARTHA WALTRAUD                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1616
BAHL, OSWALD ERNST                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1615
BAJDO, PHILIP                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-41
BALDI, ROSE                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1720
BALIGIAN, EAGLIA                       ARMENIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1114
BALKITIS, JANIS ALBERTS                LATVIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1465
BALLTOIN, HARRY                        RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-66
BALZER, JOHN                           RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-72
BAN, FRANK                             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1657
BANACH, JAN                            POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-63
BANACH, WALTER                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-115
BARBARINO, ROSARIO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-31
BARBEAU, MALCOLM LOUIS                 ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-80
BARBER, PAUL                           SEE: LOBARERA, PAOLO
BARBUTO, BERNARDO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-179
BARNES, FRANK ANTHONY                  CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1251
BARNESE, SALVATORE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-70
BARONE, ANTONIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-227
BARONE, ANTONIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-40
BARONE, ORAZIO                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-22
BARRECA, GIOVANNI                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-81
BARRECA, JOHN                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-9
BARRESI, ANTONIO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-71
BARTHOLOMEW, ALEXANDER                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1113
BARTOLD, MARTIN                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-144
BASILE, ANTONINO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-63
BATORZYNSKI, MARY                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1085
BATTAGLIA, ANTONIO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-29
BATTAGLIA, JOHN                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-250
BATTAGLIA, SALVATORE                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-159
BAUER, SOLVEIG ANDREASSEN              NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1385
BAUERNFREUND, GRETE                    AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1243
BAUERNFREUND, PAUL                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1242
BAUMAN, EUGENE ERNEST                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-13
BEAUMONT, WILLIAM                      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-35
BEBAK, JACOB                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-210
BECK, FREDERICK NORMAN                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-19
BECK, PHILIP                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-53
BECK, WALTER ALFRED                    DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-27
BECKER, JOHN                           LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-56
BECKMAN, RUDOLPH                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-2
BELLANDO, MARIA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1080
BELLES, GEORGE SPOREA                  ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-61
BELLES, NIKLAS SPIRO                   TURKEY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-62
BELLOCCHI-CONTI, ANTONINA              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1865
BELLOMO, ANTONINO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1735
BELLOMO, MARIA ROSA                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1768
BENANTE, JOHN                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-38
BENEDETTO, SALVATORE JOSEPH            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1981
BENJAMINS, EDWIN FREDERIKA SWENS       INDONESIA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1897
BENJAMINS, GERRIT CHARLES              INDONESIA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1898
BENJAMINS, WILLIAM LODEWIJK            INDONESIA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1896
BENJAMINS, WILLIAM LOUIS               INDONESIA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1939
BENNETT, VINCENT                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-20
BENNICE, DOMENICO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1287
BENSON, ALFRED                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-95
BENSON, CARL JOHAN                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-57
BENSON, EMIL                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-22
BENSON, ERIC JOHAN                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-17
BENSON, OSCAR EDWARD                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-8
BENTHAM, WILLIAM STEWART               ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-46
BENTLEY, MYREL MAURICE                 NY/ALBERTA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-87
BERA, CATHERINE                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1073
BERDYCH, WIKTORIA                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1273
BERENS, FREDERICK BENTON               GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-50
BERES, GEORGE                          GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-12
BERG, CARL EDWARD                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-128
BERG, ERNEST WARNER                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-61
BERG, FRED                             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-44
BERGSTUE, ALFRED                       NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1646
BERNARD, BOLESLAW                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-120
BERNARD, JOZEF                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-59
BERNHARD, FRANS OSCAR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-133
BERNSTEIN, HARRY MAYER                 LATVIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1149
BERTOLETTI, ANGELO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1066
BESHGETOOR, EDWARD CHARLES             TURKEY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-51
BEST, WILLIAM                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-77
BEVACQUA, ANTONINO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1446
BEVACQUA, ROSARIA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1704
BEVACQUA, SANTO JAMES                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1844
BIE, ROBERT EDGAR                      ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-218
BIEBER, NANCY MAUD                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1603
BIELAT, JOHN                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-33
BIELAT, MARY                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1291
BIELEC, STANISLAUS                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-28
BIENKO, PIOTR                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-136
BIFARO, NADELINE JENNIE                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1165
BIONDOLILLO, AGUSTINO                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-50
BIRTWISTLE, HAROLD                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-171
BISCARO, JOSEPH                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-979
BIVONA, CHARLES                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-81
BJORK, CARL FREDRIK                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-98
BJORK, DAVID MARKUS                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-74
BJORK, JOHN ANTON                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-53
BLACKMAN, JACQUELINE LESLIE            ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2002
BLADYKAS, IWAN                         SEE: BLADYKAS, JOHN
BLADYKAS, JOHN                         LITHUANIA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1059
BLANDING, MARGARET                     IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1044
BLANEY, NORMA DAMER TONKIN             CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1557
BLASZAK, LUDVIG                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-39
BLATTA, RUDOLPH                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-11
BLAUBRUECK, GERDA                      ESTONIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1403
BLAUBRUECK, OSKAR                      ESTONIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1404
BLOMBERG, CARL JOHN                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-35
BLOMGREN, CARL JOHAN                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-36
BLOMGREN, GUSTAF ADOLF                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-35
BLOOR, GEORGIANA                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-975
BOGNO, WOJCIECH                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-220
BOHLIN, LEANDER                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-53
BOLEWICKI, IGNATIUS                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-37
BONDI, JOE                             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1342
BONERATO, ISIDORO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-983
BONGIORNO, JOSEPH                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-29
BONGIORNO, SIMONE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-99
BONK, JACOB                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-57
BONNE, JENS CHRISTIAN JANTZEN          DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-146
BONORA, ANNIBALE JOSEPH                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1584
BONORA, ANNIBALE JOSEPH                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1661
BONORATO, ISIDORO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1143
BOORADY, APPOUD MFRIDGE                SYRIA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-31
BOORADY, NAHIM MFRIDGE                 SYRIA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-64
BORDAS, JOHN                           HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-154
BORDEN, PINNY                          RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-237
BORDONARO, MICHELE                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-137
BORGESON, FRED ERIC                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-67
BORGESON, KARL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-95
BORGESON, MARTIN ENGELBERT             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-200
BORIA, TERRY DIMITRY                   TURKEY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-45
BOROWINSKI, CESLAUS                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-90
BORYCZKA, HELEN                        NY/ACT OF 1922                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1017
BORZILLIN, GIUSEPPE                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-18
BOTTICELLO, VITO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-68
BOTTOLO, ESTER                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1088
BOUCHARD, MARIE SUZANNE CLAIRE         CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1494
BOVA, ANGELINE LORETTA                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1529
BOVA, DOMENICK                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-95
BOVA, DONNA DARLENE                    CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2069
BOWEN, ROBERTA VIOLA                   CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1508
BOYLAND, THOMAS                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-37
BRANCKE, DAVID FRITLOF LEONARD         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-11
BRATT, HERMAN SIGFRED                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-22
BREDAHL, EMY KRISTINA                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1706
BREDAHL, GUSTAV HUGO                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1713
BRENTLEY, CYRIL                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1483
BRETT, CHARLES HOOVER                  ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-100
BRISKA, FRANK                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-39
BRISKY, EDWARD                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-51
BRISKY, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-152
BROEME, DEALIA                         NY/ACT OF 1922                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-94
BROEME, LUDWIG                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-93
BRONNEBERG, FRANCISCUS MARIA GERARDUS  NEDERLANDS                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1940
BROOKER, RICHARD                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-86
BRUCCULERI, MARIA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1745
BRUCCULERI, SALVATORE                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1744
BRUNENAVS, IMANTS                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2003
BRUNENAVS, LEONS                       LATVIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1826
BRUNENAVS, PATRICIA AUSMA              LATVIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1827
BRUNO, ANIELLO                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1256
BRZYSKI, ANDREW                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-62
BUCOLO, GIUSEPPE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-221
BUFFA, JOSEPHINE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1212
BUNKOWSKI, FRANK                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-69
BURDICK, ANGELA JOHANNA                AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2021
BURGETT, JUDITH MARGARET               ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2051
BURKE, JOHN FRANCIS                    IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1576
BURKIEWICZ, ANTHONY                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-135
BURKLAND, JOHN OSCAR WILHELM           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-118
BURLEY, SARAH BERNADETTE               IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1817
BURRI, ANNA VOGELI                     SWITZERLAND                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-10
BUSS, RICHARD                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-32
BUTCHER, CHARLES HENRY                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-181
BUTCHER, GEORGE WILLIAM                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-62
BUTERA, CARMELA ALAIMA                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1363
BUTLER, ARTHUR                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-33
BUTRYN, ANIELA                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1082
BYCZKO, ANTHONY ROMAN                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1470
BYCZKO, WALERIA                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1968
BYK, NIKOLAJ                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-90
CACCAMISE, CALOGERO                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-82
CADY, JUTTA HENRIETTE ILSE             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2042
CAESAR, FRIEDA                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1658
CAINARU, DUMITRU                       ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1715
CAINARU, MICEA                         WEST GERMANY                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1931
CALABRESE, MARY                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1140
CALABRESE, PETER                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-243
CALAMUNCI, ROSA ANTONINA               ARGENTINA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1775
CALARCO, CARMELO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-94
CALARCO, VIRGINIO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-21
CALI, AUGUST                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1489
CALI, CATERINA MARIA                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1887
CALI, DIEGA                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2036
CALI, GIANPIARA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1740
CALI, JOHN MICHAEL                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-91
CALI, MARIO                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1740
CALI, MARIO                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1908
CALI, MARY                             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1575
CALI, ROSARIO                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1740
CALI, SALVATORE                        NEWYORK/ITALY                           NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1740
CALI, THERESA                          ERITREA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1574
CALIMERI, ANGELINA ANTONINA            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1902
CALIMERI, ROSARIO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1687
CAMELLA, AUGUSTINO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-5
CAMERON, ELKE BARBARA                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1878
CAMERON, NORBERT SCHNEIDER             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1879
CAMPANA, HERMAN                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1913
CAMPANA, LISA                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1914
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD JOHN               SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1791
CANALE, HENRY                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-62
CANGELOSI, MARY                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1107
CANTALI, ALFIO                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1688
CAPESTRANI, BERARDINO                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1528
CAPPELLINO, ANTONIO CHARLES            SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-85
CAPPELLINO, COSIMO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-25
CAPPELLINO, JOE                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-36
CAPPELLINO, LUCIA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1026
CAPPELLINO, PETER CHARLES              SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-55
CAPRINO, ANTONINA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1816
CAPRINO, IGNAZIO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1624
CAPRINO, SERAFINA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1696
CAPRINO, TERESA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1625
CAPRINO, UMBERTO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1736
CARAMILA, GIUSEPPE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-94
CARDINALE, ROSARIO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-24
CARLIN, CARL OSCAR                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-217
CARLSON, ANDREW                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-53
CARLSON, ANDREW WILLIAM                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-163
CARLSON, ASTRID LINNEA                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1349
CARLSON, AXEL                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-68
CARLSON, AXEL EDVARD                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-143
CARLSON, AXEL HJALMAR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-32
CARLSON, CARL ALFRED                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-2
CARLSON, CARL AUGUST                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-90
CARLSON, CARL FREDRICK                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-164
CARLSON, CARL HILMAR                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-114
CARLSON, CARL HJALMAR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-172
CARLSON, CARL JOSEPH                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-68
CARLSON, CARL REINHOLD                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-38
CARLSON, CARL ROBERT LINDOR            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-230
CARLSON, CHARLES                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-47
CARLSON, CHARLES                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-239
CARLSON, CONRAD                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-72
CARLSON, DAVID                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-21
CARLSON, EMIL                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-20
CARLSON, ERICK GUNNAR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-52
CARLSON, ERICK LEONARD                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-57
CARLSON, FRANK                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-33
CARLSON, FRED FRANK                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-80
CARLSON, FRITZ RAGNAR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1041
CARLSON, GERHARD LEOPOLD               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-51
CARLSON, GUST JOSEPH                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-95
CARLSON, GUSTAF KNUT                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-16
CARLSON, HENRY NELS                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-42
CARLSON, HERBERT GUSTAF                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-11
CARLSON, JOHANNES AUGUST               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-162
CARLSON, JOHN LUDVIG                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-53
CARLSON, JUSTUS                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-65
CARLSON, KNUT                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-15
CARLSON, MARIA CHARLOTTA               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1512
CARLSON, MARTIN                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-44
CARLSON, MARTIN ALBERT                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-45
CARLSON, MARTIN HUGO                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1889
CARLSON, NELS PETER                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-108
CARLSON, OLGA ELISABET                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1380
CARLSON, OSCAR                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-7
CARLSON, OTTO                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-24
CARLSON, SOLVE                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1345
CARLSON, WARNER PETE                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1350
CARLSSON, HERMAN                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-146
CARMII, CARLOFETRICI                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-72
CARNEY, EVA                            AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1311
CARRETTE, JULES                        FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-74
CARSON, OSCAR                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-80
CARUSO, GIOACCHINO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2034
CARUSO, SALVATORE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-90
CARVER, ANNA                           AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1888
CASAMENTO, ROSARIO PIETRO              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-47
CASCIO, CHARLES                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-39
CASCIO, GIUSEPPE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-53
CASH, MARIA CONCETTA                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1499
CASTANTINO, FRANCESCO                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-146
CASTELLANA, THOMAS GAETANO             SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-69
CASTIGLIA, GIUSEPPE                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-13
CASTIGLIA, SALVATORE                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-64
CASTROGIOVANNI, GIUSEPPE               SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-93
CATALANO, ANGELO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-87
CATALANO, FRANCESCO                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-91
CATANIA, THEODORE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1008
CATERNIA, VICENZO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-97
CECI, MICHAEL                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1442
CELLINO, ANTHONY                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-188
CELLURA, GIUSEPPE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-88
CERESA, DOMINIC                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1388
CHADBOURNE, HORACE JOHN                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-100
CHASE, MARGARET ALICE                  ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1933
CHIMERA, JOE                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-10
CHMURA, JAN                            AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-82
CHODNOWSKY, NESTOR MICHAEL             UKRAINE                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1415
CHRISTENSEN, CHRIS                     DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-59
CHRISTENSEN, HANS PETER BANK           DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1630
CHRISTIE, AUDREY PHYLLIS               JAMAICA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1502
CHRISTIE, JAMES ALEXANDER              SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1485
CHWIEJ, KATHERINE                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1074
CHYLASZEK, ADALBERT                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-54
CIMASI, JOHN                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-8
CIUPAK, ANTONY                         RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-35
CIVILETTO, GEORGE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-14
CIVILETTO, JAMES                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-15
CLAUSON, AXEL HENNRY                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-33
CLAUSON, CARL EDVIN                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-34
CLAYDON, HARRY                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1013
CLELAND, VERA ROSEMARY                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2004
COCCANCELLI, BASILIO                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-42
COGLIANO, JOE                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-14
COLANERO, IGNAZIO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-1
COLBURN, NELLIE                        CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1445
COLEMAN, LOUISE MADELEINE              FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2068
COLERA, DANIELLE ANTOINETTE NADEGE     FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1970
COLUCCI, CATHERINE (SGRO)              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1583
COLUCCI, LEONARDO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1730
COMADA, JOSEPH PIOTR                   RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-4
CONDELLO, GIROLAMO SALVATORE           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-22
CONIGLIO, CARLO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-35
CONIGLIO, SALVAORE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-37
CONIGLIO,G IUSEPPE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-11
CONNELL, CHARLES BROWN                 SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1032
CONTI, ANTONIO                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-187
CONTI, CALOGERO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-30
CONTI, JOSEPH                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1368
CONTI, JOSEPHINE CARMELA               ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1308
CONTI, MARIA BELLOCCHI                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1932
CONTI, MARIA GALLENTI                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1669
CONTI, ROSALIA                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1136
CONTI, ROSARIO GALLENTI                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1594
CONTI, SALVATORE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-12
CONTI, SALVATORE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-36
CONTI, SALVATORE ANTHONY               ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1011
CONTI-GENNARO, FRANCESCA               ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1814
CONTI-GENNARO, GAETANO                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1967
CONTI-GENNARO, GIACOMO                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1749
CONTI-GENNARO, GIUSEPPE                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1812
CONTI-GENNARO, GIUSEPPINE              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1750
CONTI-GENNARO, MARIA                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1792
CONTI-GENNARO, ROSARIA                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1950
CONTI-GENNARO, SEBASTIANA              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1793
CONTINO, GIROLAMO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-213
CONWAY, HERBERT                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-70
COPE, GEORGE BROMFIELD                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-186
CORSARO, VINCENZO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1117
CORTESE, ANTONINO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-223
CORTESE, JOSEPH                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-223
COSTA, FILIPPO ANTHONY                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1877
COSTANTINO, ROSARIO                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-86
COSTANZA, THOMA                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-12
COSTANZO, ANNA                         NY/ACT OF 1922                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-75
COSTANZO, SAM                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-98
COSTANZO, SAM                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-67
COX, CARMEL FAYE HAYES                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2079
COX, EDWARD HENRY                      CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1681
COX, MYRTLE ARIMETTA                   CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1680
COZZA, EURICO GIUSEPPE                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-70
CRAIG, MARY TARPEY                     IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1389
CRANDALL, MARY ELIZABETH (CHILD)       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1464
CRAWFORD, CARMEN AGNES                 GUYANA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1863
CRINO, ANGELINE                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2078
CRINO, ANTONINO JOHN                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1723
CRINO, CONCETTA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2038
CRINO, FILIPPA                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2048
CRINO, GRACE CONCETTA                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1924
CRISCIONE, PIETRO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-93
CROCE, LUIS                            SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-83
CROSS, HAROLD                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-249
CUCCIA, ANTONIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-95
CUCCIA, JAMES                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-99
CUCCIA, STEFANO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-231
CUDNEY, NEALON                         CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-47
CUMMING, GEORGE MCMASTER               CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-25
CUNNINGHAM, CATHERINE IRENE            CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1439
CUPA, SAM                              SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-96
CURRIER, EDNA MACRAE                   ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1228
CUSIMANO, BRIGITTE                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1922
CUSIMANO, GIOVANNI                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-64
CUTLER, DAVID                          RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-27
CUTRONA, CHARLES                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1024
CUTRONA, THOMAS                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-69
CUTRONIO, GIORGIO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-3
CWIRZYK, CLARA                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1436
CYBART, JAKOB                          GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-43
CYZANOWSKI, JOSEF                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-145
CZANOWSKI, TADEUSZ                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-27
CZECHOWSKI, JOSEPH                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-126
CZYSZ, JOHN                            GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-52
CZYSZ, THOMAS                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-89
DAFTON, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-48
DAGTE, ANDREW                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-39
DAHL, NILS MARTINSON                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-81
DAHLGREN, MAX CELUES                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-56
DAHLIN, JOHN HALVARD EDVIN             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-148
DAHLQUIST, CARL ALFRED                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-115
DALAS, PAUL                            CROATIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-58
DALBON, LAWRENCE LOUIS (REV.)          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1249
DALRYMPLE, ELIZABETH ADA               ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1860
DAMON, DEXTER GRANT                    PHILIPPINES                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1845
DANGELO, RAFFAELA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1571
DANGIOLILLO, GIUSEPPE                  SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-61
DANIELSON, AUGUST ALBIN                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-86
DANIELSON, CARL FREDRICK               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-85
DANIELSON, FRANS ALBERT                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-84
DANIELSON, GUNNAR SIGFRED              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-83
DANIELSON, JOHN VICTOR                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-8
DARROW, MICHAEL                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-87
DASCENZO, GIOVANNI                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-208
DASZEWSKI, STANLEY ANDSO               POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-52
DATKA, PHILIP                          GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-246
DAVEY, JOHN ROBERT                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-155
DAVIDSON, ANDERS ALBIN                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-21
DAVIDSON, JOHN                         SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-6
DEAYALA, ANA MARIA                     CUBA                                    NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2060
DECARLO, DOMENICO F.                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-45
DECKNER, HERBERT OTTO                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1609
DECKNER, MARIA DMITRI                  ESTONIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1610
DEFRISCO, MARY                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1618
DEGIGLIO, GIASONE MARIO                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1595
DEHOOG, GYSBERT                        NETHERLANDS                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-51
DEJOHN, ANGELA                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1132
DELANO, MARIE ROSA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1148
DELITY, ADAM                           HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1560
DELITY, LUDWIG                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2077
DEMARCO, FRANCES BARONE                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1174
DEMARCO, PHILIP                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-49
DEMORAES, EMILIA FARIA                 BRAZIL                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1341
DENKA, JANE                            ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2050
DENNITO, JOHN KOACI                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-10
DESPASQUALE, JOSEPH                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-244
DESTRO, CATERINA                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2010
DEXTER, MARIE LUCIENNE                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1524
DEXTER, MARTHA                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1831
DIAMOFF, CHRIST JEAN                   TURKEY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-59
DIAMOND, SAM                           RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-17
DIATA, ONOFRIO                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-14
DICKSON, CARL GUSTAF                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-24
DICKSON, JOHN MATHEW                   CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-106
DICOSTANZO, ANTONIO                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-22
DIEDERICK, NICKOLAS                    LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-49
DIETZEN, GEORGINA                      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1028
DIFRANCESCO, ANTONINO                  SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-29
DIFRANCESCO, ANTONINO                  SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-193
DIFRANCESCO, GIUSEPPINA                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-23
DIGIUSEPPE, GIUSEPPE                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-58
DIGIUSEPPE, GIUSEPPE                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-34
DILIPPI, JOE                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-72
DILLE, ANNA MARIE                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1686
DIMARCO, GIUSEPPE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-22
DIMARCO, GIUSEPPE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-31
DIMARCO, GIUSEPPE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-215
DIODATO, SALVATORE                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-9
DIPASQUALE, LUIGI                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-72
DISALVO, CALOGERO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-25
DISPENZA, ROSOLINO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-94
DITOMMASO, FRANCESCO                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-18
DITONTO, EVA ROSS MARIE                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1803
DIVILIO, GIUSEPPINA (CHILD)            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1424
DIXON, FREDERICK GEORGE                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1152
DIXON, JENNIE COOLIN SHAW              NY/ACT OF 1922                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1150
DOBRZYNSKI, MARY                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1138
DOEDYNS, ANDREW GYSBERT                NETHERLANDS                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-50
DOELLING, OSCAR PAUL                   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-35
DOLCE, AETANO                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-86
DOLCE, ANNA                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1128
DOLCE, ASSUNTA                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1146
DOLILA, JACOB                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-77
DOMANSKI, MIKE                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-75
DOMENICI, FULVIO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1358
DOMENICI, MIDA                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1825
DOMINICO, ONOFRIO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-1
DOMRBOWSKI, ALEXANDER                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1173
DOPLER, JOHN                           HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-155
DORRETT, MARGUERITE MARIE              FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1451
DOUBEK, MARGUERITE ANN RITA REDDY      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1705
DRACHOWSKI, VALENTINE                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-135
DRAG, VERONIKA                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1213
DROZDZIEL, AGNES                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1103
DUBEJ, MYKOLA                          UKRAINE                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1947
DUDEK, GEORGE                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1690
DUDEK, JOSEPH                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-56
DUDEK, WALERIA ANNA                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1154
DUGNIST, GIUSEPPE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-125
DUL, MARYA SZOT                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1021
DUNHAM, FRANKLIN EVERETT               CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-76
DUNKER, ERWIN HERBERT                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1762
DUNKER, LOTTIE GERTRUD                 GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1763
DUNN, PERCY ALEXANDER                  ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1405
DWORAK, PETER                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-46
DYBOWSKI, SEBASTYAN                    AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-60
DYKAS, JACOB                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-57
DYKAS, JACOB                           AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-148
DYNES, JOSEPHINE                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1280
DZIDUCH, MICHAEL                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-985
DZIEDZIC, ANTHONY                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-65
EASTLAND, JUNKO                        JAPAN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1689
ECKMAN, HARRY GUSTAV                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1699
ECKSTROM, IVAR ALBANUS                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-18
ECKSTROM, SIGNE ALVIDA                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1402
EDEBORG, OSCAR                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-112
EDEN, PATRICIA MACRAE                  CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1181
EDVARDSON, EMANUEL                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-43
EDWARDS, ALFRED DEGARIS                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1542
EDWARDS, EVELYN                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1531
EDWARDS, PATRICIA                      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1868
EGANSKI, JOHN                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1537
EINSMANN, HERMANN KARL HEINRID OTTO    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1602
EINSMANN, RAINER HERMAN                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1621
EINSMANN, URSULA CHRISTEL              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1622
EINSMANN,DOROTHEA ELLEN                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1601
EK, CARL SIGFRID                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-47
EKBERG, CARL JHON                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-41
EKLUND, ANDERS JOHAN JANSON            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-32
EKSTROM, EDVARD HANS                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-95
ELANDER, ADOLPH HENNING                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-27
ELANDER, DANIEL                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-96
ELF, GUSTAF                            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-76
ELMEER, JOHN ALGOT                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-7
ELMER, VIOLET ETHEL                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1659
EMSLEY, RALPH                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-38
ENDRESS, HERMAN GEORG                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1514
ENDRESS, MARIA MARGARET                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1515
ENGBURG, GUSTAF                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-201
ENGQUIST, ROSEMARY MAUREEN             ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1961
ENLAND, RICHARD                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-94
EPOLITO, ARCHIE JOSEPH                 SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-12
EPOLITO, JOHN PETTER                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-13
ERDELIKE, MIKE                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-89
ERICKSON, AUGUST                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-221
ERICKSON, CARL AUGUST                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-33
ERICKSON, CARL JOHN                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1276
ERICKSON, CARL OSCAR                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-49
ERICKSON, CHARLES                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-25
ERICKSON, EDVARD MANFRED SEVERIN       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-92
ERICKSON, THEODOR                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-54
ERICKSON, VICTOR EMANUEL FLOREN        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-34
ERICSON, CHARLES OSCAR                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-147
ERIKSON, GUSTAF ADOLF                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-60
ERIKSON, JONAS                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-245
ESKRA, ANDREW                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-32
ESPERSEN, HANS PETER                   DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-28
ESPERSEN, HENRY NICOLAS                DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-29
ESPOSITO, CRUCIANO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1115
EVANCIK, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-97
FABICH, WOJCIECH                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-76
FABRITIUS, MICHAEL                     LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-55
FABUTIUS, JOHN PETER                   LUXEMBOURG                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-132
FADDEN, KEVIN MICHAEL                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1954
FAGERSTROM, CARL EMIL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-80
FAGERSTROM, SETH EMANUEL               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-141
FALCONE, ROSARIO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-91
FALIOURAS, THEODOSIOS                  GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1525
FALZONE, DOMINIO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-8
FALZONE, JOHN                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-7
FAMA, SAM                              SEE: FANIA, SAM
FANALE, GUIDO                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1411
FANARA, CALOGERO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-6
FANARA, CALOGERO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-81
FANIA, SAM                             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1037
FANTON, EDITH FLORENCE                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1662
FARNHAM, BRENDA ISABEL SUSANNE         CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2081
FARRAR, SAMUEL                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1299
FARRARA, SAM                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-73
FARTZI, DIAMANT COSTA                  TURKEY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-44
FASSO, JAMES                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-67
FAUST, GUSTAF ALFRED                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-95
FAUST, JONAS GOTTFRID                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-5
FAUST, OSCAR KONRAD                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-94
FAVATA, PASQUALE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-4
FAVATA, PHILLIP                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-98
FAVRO, JOHN                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-39
FAZIO, LAURA                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2012
FEATHER, RICHARD                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-51
FEDEROUS, JOSEPH OPDO                  SYRIA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-2
FEDESCO, GIACHINO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-248
FEENSTRA, CORNELIS JOHANNES            NEDERLANDS                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1737
FEENSTRA, MARIA                        NEDERLANDS                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1738
FEHER, HEDWIG                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1479
FEHER, ISTVAN                          HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1478
FELOG, LAWRENCE                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-34
FENAR, CHARLES JAKE                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-30
FERGUSON, DONALD                       ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-239
FERLAZZO, MICHILE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-83
FERM, JOSEPH                           AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-216
FERNEZA, JAN                           CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1145
FERNEZA, MARY                          CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1144
FERRALORO, ANTHONY                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1748
FERRALORO, CARMELO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1758
FERRALORO, CARMELO JR                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1517
FERRALORO, MARIA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1759
FERRALORO, ROSARIO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1747
FERRARA, GIOVANNI                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-190
FERRARA, GIOVANNI                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-217
FERRARA, SALVATORE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-2
FERRAU, FRANCESCO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1504
FERRO, FRANK                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-5
FICARRA, JOE                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-7
FIELD, INGRID RUTH                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1957
FIELDER, JOHN WILLIAM                  ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-52
FIELDHOUSE, JOSEPH                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-40
FILUTZE, JENNIE ST. GEORGE             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1250
FINDLEY, DOREEN WADDELL                IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1347
FIORENTINO, TERESA RIVELLI             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1921
FIRMANO, BRIGIDA VITTORIA              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1337
FIRMANO, JAMES                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-98
FIRMANO, MICHELE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-100
FISHER, CORNELIUS WILLIAM              ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-79
FISK, ANNA SOFIE                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1344
FLETCHER, THOMAS                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-61
FORBES, JOHN ALEXANDRA                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-980
FORMANOURCZ, JOHN                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-134
FORSGREN, NELS                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-142
FORSLIN, ARTHUR ANDREAS                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1218
FORSLUND, AXEL VALDE HILDINGKAND       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-41
FORT, JAMES BURGIN                     ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1805
FORTUIN, AGNES WINIFRED                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1693
FORTUIN, JOHN LESLIE                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1692
FOTI, ESTHER                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1901
FOTI, SALVATORE                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-3
FOTI, SAMUEL                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-2
FOTI, SEBASTIANO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1125
FRANCHINA, FRANCESCO                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-62
FRANCHINA, GIUSEPPE                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-64
FRANCKIEWICZ, ANTONI                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-99
FRANENKIEWICZ, ANTHONY                 POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-61
FRANGIONE, ALFREDO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1721
FRANGIONE, JOSEPH ORLANDO              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1722
FRANK, PAULA                           GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1317
FRANK, ROSEMARIE CHRISTINE             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1631
FRANSON, ASTRID MARIE                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1383
FRANUKIEWICZ, MATHEY                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-234
FRANZEN, CARL VICTOR                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-16
FRAZER, DORCAS BOYD                    IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1205
FREDRICKSON, ANDREW                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-21
FREEBURG, GEORGE CARL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-69
FREEBURG, KNUT WALDEMAR                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-203
FREEBURG, TURE HJALMAR EMANUEL         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-70
FREEMAN, LUCIE DORIS                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1930
FRICANO, RUSSELL                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-245
FRIEDMANN, MARTHA                      CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1354
FRITSCH, HEDWIG                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1452
FRYDRYSIAK, KATARZYNA                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1129
FUREY, ANTOINETTE IDALIO               FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1754
FURRITO, PIETER                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-88
FUSCO, JAMES                           ARGENTINA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1422

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