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QUARLES, JAMES BUCHANAN                 TN-33-6-703
QUEENER, MITCHELL                       TN-33-1-213
QUINN, MICHAEL                          TN-33-5-43
RABE, G. H.                             TN-33-4-131
RADER, JOHN W.                          TN-33-5-313
RAGAN, J. H.                            TN-33-5-652
RAGON, J. S.                            TN-33-4-619
RAGSDALE, A. C.                         TN-33-6-811
RAHT, ALICE E.                          TN-33-4-286
RAHT, C. A.                             TN-33-6-403
RAHT, KATE M.                           TN-33-3-659
RAINEY, ALICE                           TN-33-6-886
RAINS, J. P.                            TN-33-5-436
RAMP, JOSEPHINE                         TN-33-6-328
RAMSAY, ADELLA CLEVELAND                TN-33-1-437
RANSOM, ED                              TN-33-3-516
RAPE, W. E.                             TN-33-4-125
RATHBURN, KATHARINE D.                  TN-33-3-653
RATHMELL, JOHN R.                       TN-33-4-390
RAULS, JOSEPHINE H.                     TN-33-5-328
RAWLINGS, ALICE E.                      TN-33-6-194
RAWLINGS, DANIEL R.                     TN-33-1-111
RAWLINGS, ETTA B.                       TN-33-6-154
RAWLINGS, JOHN G.                       TN-33-6-54
RAWLINGS, MARTHA J.                     TN-33-1-123
RAWLSTON, B. C.                         TN-33-3-190
RAWLSTON, T. W.                         TN-33-3-545
RAWLSTON, WILLIAM J.                    TN-33-1-179
RAY, ALICE                              TN-33-6-397
RAY, ESTHER                             TN-33-6-254
RAY, JULIA V.                           TN-33-6-636
RAY, W. HENRY                           TN-33-6-343
RBEAIRD, WILSON L.                      TN-33-3-521
REA, BETTIE R.                          TN-33-6-993
REA, EMILY T.                           TN-33-5-439
READ, ABNER                             TN-33-6-771
READ, JOHN T.                           TN-33-3-162
READ, L. C.                             TN-33-3-281
REAM, DONALD K.                         TN-33-4-652
REDFIELD, H. V.                         TN-33-1-182
REED, CORDELIA A.                       TN-33-6-374
REED, D. A.                             TN-33-1-451
REED, ELIZABETH T.                      TN-33-6-83
REED, JAMES W.                          TN-33-3-178
REED, REUBEN J.                         TN-33-5-142
REED, WILLIAM D.                        TN-33-6-234
REED, WILLIAM M.                        TN-33-6-434
REEMELIN, LOUIS                         TN-33-4-117
REES, D. E.                             TN-33-3-94
REES, ELLIS D.                          TN-33-4-1
REES, FRANK                             TN-33-3-520
REES, MARY F.                           TN-33-3-527
REEVES, A. J.                           TN-33-6-26
REEVES, FRANCES M.                      TN-33-3-539
REEVES, JAMES E.                        TN-33-3-27
REID, MARTHA GRANGE                     TN-33-4-134
REIF, GEORGE SR.                        TN-33-3-159
REIF, LOUISA CLARA                      TN-33-3-527
REILLY, AMELIA L.                       TN-33-4-634
REILLY, IRVING                          TN-33-5-301
RELFE, M. S.                            TN-33-5-620
RENEAU, GEORGE E.                       TN-33-4-673
RENEAW, WILLIAM J.                      TN-33-5-673
RENFRO, HATTIE V.                       TN-33-5-68
RENO, JESSE TOM                         TN-33-6-334
RENSHAW, JOHN A.                        TN-33-4-45
RENWICK, GEORGE                         TN-33-1-227
RESTERHOLZ, PHIIP R.                    TN-33-6-937
RETTIG, NELLIE S.                       TN-33-6-550
REVINGTON, JOHN HAMILTON                TN-33-6-993
REYNOLD, FRANK DEAKINS                  TN-33-6-47
REYNOLDS, ANDERSON                      TN-33-1-41
REYNOLDS, CALEB                         TN-33-3-90
REYNOLDS, IDA G.                        TN-33-4-355
RHINEHART, H. T.                        TN-33-6-597
RICE, E. C.                             TN-33-1-33
RICE, SARAH E.                          TN-33-1-82
RICH, SAMUEL                            TN-33-6-39
RICHARDS, CATHERINE                     TN-33-5-48
RICHARDSON, J. G.                       TN-33-4-636
RICHARDSON, JOSEPHINE M.                TN-33-1-251
RICHARDSON, R. W.                       TN-33-4-181
RICHDSON, IVANONA H.                    TN-33-4-640
RICHEY, MARY E.                         TN-33-6-839
RICHI, E.                               TN-33-6-303
RICHMOND, CAROLINE E.                   TN-33-6-101
RICHMOND, EDW. DEAN                     TN-33-6-721
RICHMOND, EDWARD G.                     TN-33-3-346
RICHMOND, HARRIETT B.                   TN-33-4-461
RICHMOND, LUCINDA                       TN-33-6-495
RICHMOND,T HEODORE                      TN-33-4-439
RIDEN, MARY L.                          TN-33-4-568, 669
RIDER, ANNA                             TN-33-6-248
RIGGS, LEONARD C.                       TN-33-3-354
RINGEL, PHILLIP                         TN-33-6-397
RITCHEY, ALEX                           TN-33-3-184
ROBBS, J. W.                            TN-33-6-802
ROBERSON, HANNAH                        TN-33-6-116
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH A.                   TN-33-6-903
ROBERTS, G. C.                          TN-33-3-188
ROBERTS, J. P.                          TN-33-1-163
ROBERTS, JOHN C.                        TN-33-5-40
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         TN-33-1-140
ROBERTSON, FLORA                        TN-33-6-932
ROBERTSON, MYRA OCRA                    TN-33-6-109
ROBERTSON, R. K.                        TN-33-3-686
ROBINSON, FRED                          TN-33-6-833
ROBINSON, GERTRUDE WEBER                TN-33-4-417
ROBINSON, J. B.                         TN-33-5-249
ROBINSON, MARY                          TN-33-3-470
ROBINSON, MARY                          TN-33-3-461
ROBINSON, NELLIE M.                     TN-33-6-771
ROBINSON, PETER                         TN-33-3-93
ROBINSON, R. L.                         TN-33-6-603
ROBINSON, W. A.                         TN-33-5-502
ROBINSON, W. T.                         TN-33-4-184
ROBINSON, WILLIAM F.                    TN-33-4-372
RODDY, SIDNAH CAROLINE                  TN-33-4-522
RODDY, W. H.                            TN-33-6-847
ROESSLEIN, M. C.                        TN-33-6-274
ROGERS, A. H.                           TN-33-4-647
ROGERS, A. T.                           TN-33-6-751
ROGERS, CHARLES HENRY                   TN-33-6-406
ROGERS, ELLEN                           TN-33-6-138
ROGERS, EMALINE                         TN-33-5-115
ROGERS, JAMES                           TN-33-1-95
ROGERS, JAMES C.                        TN-33-3-316
ROGERS, JAMES E.                        TN-33-4-702
ROGERS, JOHN H.                         TN-33-4-138
ROGERS, LYDIA                           TN-33-6-243
ROGERS, LYDIA ANN                       TN-33-5-438
ROGERS, MARGARET                        TN-33-6-284
ROGERS, MARTHA PARKHUST                 TN-33-4-454
ROGERS, MARY A.                         TN-33-4-100
ROGERS, MARY S. ASHLEY                  TN-33-6-719
ROGERS, MAUDE                           TN-33-6-200
ROGERS, WILLIAM DAVID                   TN-33-5-411
ROGES, WILLIAM MCKINNEY                 TN-33-6-75
ROHR, MARIA HORTON                      TN-33-6-578
ROLLINS, JAMES VERNON                   TN-33-4-392
ROLSTON, CORNELIA H.                    TN-33-6-730
ROLSTON, EMMETT HINE                    TN-33-6-211
ROOF, MARY L.                           TN-33-4-192
ROOF,ELLEN M.                           TN-33-6-264
ROPER, THOMAS E.                        TN-33-3-324
ROSE, ALBERT A.                         TN-33-5-689
ROSE, FANNIE (IN GERMAN)                TN-33-3-505
ROSE, MINNIE LIVINGTON                  TN-33-5-697
ROSENHEIM, MORRIS                       TN-33-5-52
ROSENHEIN, LEWIS                        TN-33-4-92
ROSENTHAL, HATTIE                       TN-33-6-860
ROSS HATTIE                             TN-33-4-458
ROSS, LINDA B.                          TN-33-6-124
ROSS, T. KING                           TN-33-1-308
ROTH, VIOLA K.                          TN-33-5-636
ROUSH, MARTHA ADALAIDE                  TN-33-6-719
ROWDEN, CAROLINE E.                     TN-33-3-535
ROY, L. M.                              TN-33-6-239
RUMSEY, JAMES M.                        TN-33-5-228
RUMSEY, MARY                            TN-33-5-575
RUNYAN, WILLIAM                         TN-33-1-19
RUOFF, WILLIAM FREDERICK                TN-33-6-99
RUSSELL, DORCAS A.                      TN-33-1-167
RUSSELL, L. M.                          TN-33-6-532
RUSSELL, LILLIAN                        TN-33-6-331
RUSSELL, T. C.                          TN-33-6-362
RUSTON, GEORGE W. JR.                   TN-33-6-220
RYALL, T. C.                            TN-33-6-43
RYAN, ELIZABETH                         TN-33-4-380
RYAN, JAMES R.                          TN-33-5-702
RYAN, JOHN                              TN-33-3-23
RYAN, JOHN                              TN-33-1-192
RYDER, MARY S.                          TN-33-6-655
RYERSON, CHARLES A.                     TN-33-5-618
RYMAN, J. C.                            TN-33-6-659
RYMAN, SARAH                            TN-33-1-498
RYMER, W. D.                            TN-33-4-66
SAFFARANS, CHARLES H.                   TN-33-3-523
SAFFER, GEORGE                          TN-33-3-125
SAFFER, GEORGE J.                       TN-33-4-442
SAILLARD, FRED LEE                      TN-33-5-404
SANDERS, GEORGE L.                      TN-33-6-643
SANDERS, MATTIE P.                      TN-33-6-189
SANDERS, SHERMAN                        TN-33-6-93
SANDERS, W. T.                          TN-33-6-247
SANDES, W. B.                           TN-33-6-244
SANSON, MINNIE BROWN                    TN-33-5-687
SATTELWHITE, PENDER                     TN-33-1-253
SATTERWHITE, PENDER                     TN-33-1-264
SAUL, FRED (MRS.)                       TN-33-4-486
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM                       TN-33-3-72
SAWYER, MARGARET M.                     TN-33-3-449
SAWYER, MARY E.                         TN-33-4-336
SAWYERS, ELI T.                         TN-33-4-112
SAWYERS, GRANT                          TN-33-5-370
SAYWER, J. E.                           TN-33-3-431
SCAENTELMEIR, CRESENCIA                 TN-33-3-344
SCHACHTLER, MATTIE POST                 TN-33-4-384
SCHAPUS, JOHN SR.                       TN-33-6-65
SCHERRER, BARBARA                       TN-33-6-674
SCHLESINGER, J. N.                      TN-33-6-659
SCHMIDT, MARY                           TN-33-5-5
SCHNEE, MICHAEL                         TN-33-3-182
SCHOELLER, FREDARICKA                   TN-33-3-685
SCHOLGE, CAROLINE S.                    TN-33-5-659
SCHOLZE, CHARLES JULIUS                 TN-33-6-190
SCHOLZE, CHRISTIAN HERMAN               TN-33-4-383
SCHOLZE, E. W.                          TN-33-5-96
SCHOLZE, ROBERT                         TN-33-3-501
SCHOOLFIELD, W. A.                      TN-33-6-516
SCHOTT, J. E.                           TN-33-5-436
SCHREIBER, ANNIE N. B.                  TN-33-5-607
SCHULGEN, HERBERT                       TN-33-3-7
SCHULTE, WILLIAM B.                     TN-33-4-459
SCHWARTZ, HENRY                         TN-33-5-609
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                        TN-33-6-558
SCOTT, ELLEN J.                         TN-33-5-421
SCOTT, GEORGE P.                        TN-33-6-379
SCOTT, HARRIET                          TN-33-3-506
SCOTT, J. M.                            TN-33-6-613
SCOTT, ROBERT H.                        TN-33-5-307
SCOTT, SIDNEY B.                        TN-33-4-624
SCOVILLE, J. W. (MRS.)                  TN-33-5-337
SCRUGGS, DRURY                          TN-33-1-476
SCRUGGS, E. J. (MRS)                    TN-33-3-644
SCRUGGS, SOLOMON                        TN-33-6-120
SEAGLE, H. S.                           TN-33-4-677
SEAGLE, WILLIAM F.                      TN-33-6-215
SEAMAN, CLARA E.                        TN-33-5-368
SEARCY, CHARLES F.                      TN-33-5-270
SEARCY, OSCAR H.                        TN-33-6-422
SEARLE, L. B.                           TN-33-5-247
SECREST, ELLA M.                        TN-33-4-657
SEDMAN, WILLIAM                         TN-33-5-704
SEE, MARY JANE                          TN-33-3-138
SEEMAN, CLARA                           TN-33-5-393
SEEMAN, JACOB                           TN-33-4-185
SEITERS, WILLIAM                        TN-33-4-446
SELLERS, ANNA                           TN-33-3-421
SELLERS, FRANCIS MILLER                 TN-33-3-466
SELLERS, GEORGE ESCOL                   TN-33-3-107
SELLS, P. G.                            TN-33-6-72
SELRIDGE, ELIJAH B.                     TN-33-5-348
SEMMES, CELESTIA                        TN-33-1-112
SETTARI, MARIA                          TN-33-1-226
SEVIER, MARY BENTON                     TN-33-6-406
SHAFFER, SARAH E.                       TN-33-3-256
SHALER, JAMES R.                        TN-33-4-10
SHALER, VIRGINIA E.                     TN-33-3-562
SHAMOTULSKI, JOHN                       TN-33-3-618
SHANAHAN, ELIZABETH                     TN-33-5-585
SHARP, L. J.                            TN-33-4-559
SHARP, NELLIE                           TN-33-5-47
SHARP, SARAH E.                         TN-33-6-279
SHARP, SMITH                            TN-33-6-489
SHARP, WILLIAM A.                       TN-33-6-606
SHARPE, LILLIE KLINTWORTH               TN-33-3-435
SHATTUCK, AMANDA T.                     TN-33-6-53
SHATTUCK, RUTH AMELIA                   TN-33-1-489
SHAUF, DAVID F.                         TN-33-6-361
SHAW, C. A.                             TN-33-6-199
SHAW, WILL                              TN-33-5-284
SHAWHAN, CORA                           TN-33-5-604
SHEHAN, HANNAH                          TN-33-1-370
SHELDEN, LOIS A.                        TN-33-5-410
SHELTON, A. A.                          TN-33-3-581
SHELTON, C. E.                          TN-33-3-102
SHELTON, J. W.                          TN-33-5-379
SHELTON, W. CLAY                        TN-33-6-106
SHEPHERD, J. T.                         TN-33-4-283
SHEPHERD, LILAH                         TN-33-5-671
SHEPHERD, MARGARET                      TN-33-1-355
SHEPHERD, R. C.                         TN-33-3-269
SHEPHERD, REASON                        TN-33-3-1
SHERARD, WILLIAM C.                     TN-33-6-180
SHERIDAN, OWEN JAMES                    TN-33-3-259
SHIELDS, JOHANNA (MALONY)               TN-33-1-404
SHIELDS, LAFAYETTE                      TN-33-4-144
SHIELDS, MILES                          TN-33-1-313
SHIPLEY, J. P.                          TN-33-6-463
SHIPP, LILLIE E.                        TN-33-6-208
SHIRLEY, JAMES BROWN                    TN-33-2-86
SHIRLEY, MARGARET                       TN-33-6-648
SHIRLEY, THOMAS                         TN-33-2-1
SHOEMAKER, W. H.                        TN-33-5-455
SHOEUS, JOHN W.                         TN-33-5-88
SHOFF, JACOB STAUFFER                   TN-33-5-361
SHOWALTER, A. J.                        TN-33-5-461
SHOWALTER, ELEANOR G.                   TN-33-6-212
SHRINGS, G. W.                          TN-33-4-607
SHUGART, JAMES ALBERT                   TN-33-4-103
SHUGART, W. Y.                          TN-33-5-77
SHULL, JOHN HENRY                       TN-33-3-615
SHUMATE, JAMES F.                       TN-33-1-316
SIDEBOTTOM, A. W.                       TN-33-3-524
SIDEBOTTOM, JULIA A.                    TN-33-4-113
SIMMERT, PHILLIP O. W.                  TN-33-3-56
SIMMONS, GRACE                          TN-33-4-118
SIMPSON, CARRIE                         TN-33-5-255
SIMPSON, E. C. (MISS)                   TN-33-6-331
SIMPSON, JOE                            TN-33-3-119
SIMPSON, ROBERT                         TN-33-1-247
SIMPSON, SALLIE                         TN-33-5-287
SINES, THOMAS E.                        TN-33-5-495
SINGLETON, WILLAM G.                    TN-33-1-73
SIRLEY, L. B.                           TN-33-6-564
SIRLEY, W. L.                           TN-33-6-501
SISKIN,R. H.                            TN-33-6-10
SKIPPER, RETTIE                         TN-33-5-442
SLAUGHTER, MATTIE                       TN-33-1-466
SLOAN, A. N.                            TN-33-5-110
SLOAN, LARALETTE STEFFNER               TN-33-6-584
SLOAN, LARALETTE, STEFFNER              TN-33-6-584
SMALL, C. J.                            TN-33-6-415
SMALL, MARGARET MAGGIE                  TN-33-6-445
SMALLMAN, RHOBIE CALDWELL               TN-33-5- 653
SMART, J. P.                            TN-33-4-318
SMARTT, ROWENA K.                       TN-33-4-476
SMEDLEY, J. F.                          TN-33-4-280
SMILEY, LOUISA B.                       TN-33-1-435
SMIT, SARAH                             TN-33-5-691
SMITH, A. E.                            TN-33-5-182
SMITH, A. J.                            TN-33-4-89
SMITH, ALEXANDER P.                     TN-33-3-495
SMITH, AMANDA                           TN-33-5-529
SMITH, ANNIE M.                         TN-33-5-469
SMITH, ANNIE W.                         TN-33-5-466
SMITH, ANTHONY                          TN-33-6-515
SMITH, AUGUST P.                        TN-33-6-396
SMITH, BEN                              TN-33-5-397
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         TN-33-4-299
SMITH, CAROLINE                         TN-33-4-102
SMITH, CARRIE B.                        TN-33-6-594
SMITH, CHARLES T.                       TN-33-3-419
SMITH, CHRISTIANA (JONES)               TN-33-1-321
SMITH, DICKERSON T.                     TN-33-3-617
SMITH, DOVIE                            TN-33-5-292
SMITH, E. K.                            TN-33-4-172
SMITH, EDWARD L.                        TN-33-5-143
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        TN-33-4-197
SMITH, ELIZABETH A.                     TN-33-4-334
SMITH, ELLEN                            TN-33-1-544
SMITH, EMMA                             TN-33-1-292
SMITH, FRANK                            TN-33-5-111
SMITH, FRANK TRESTER                    TN-33-6-157
SMITH, HARRIE                           TN-33-6-673
SMITH, HARRISON N.                      TN-33-6-221
SMITH, HATTIE A.                        TN-33-6-528
SMITH, ISAAC W.                         TN-33-6-562
SMITH, J. B.                            TN-33-6-586
SMITH, J. B.                            TN-33-6-586
SMITH, J. M.                            TN-33-6-353
SMITH, J. N.                            TN-33-5-518
SMITH, J. W. W.                         TN-33-5-134
SMITH, JAMES P.                         TN-33-1-495
SMITH, JENNIE                           TN-33-4-61
SMITH, JOHN E.                          TN-33-5-9
SMITH, JOSEPH E.                        TN-33-4-512
SMITH, JOSEPH H.                        TN-33-4-436
SMITH, JUSTIN E.                        TN-33-4-382
SMITH, LEWIS J.                         TN-33-6-358
SMITH, MALVINA                          TN-33-1-243
SMITH, MARTIN G.                        TN-33-5-126
SMITH, MARY DUNCAN                      TN-33-5-456
SMITH, MOSES                            TN-33-4-546
SMITH, PATIENCE                         TN-33-4-24
SMITH, RAYMOND F.                       TN-33-5-660
SMITH, REBECCA M.                       TN-33-1-101
SMITH, SAMUEL BOSWORTH                  TN-33-6-425
SMITH, SYD                              TN-33-3-30
SMITH, THERESA A.                       TN-33-5-494
SMITH, W. A.                            TN-33-6-113
SMITH, WILLIAM P.                       TN-33-6-658
SMITHERMAN, M C.                        TN-33-4-515
SMOCK, A. F.                            TN-33-6-573
SMOCK, HATTIE L.                        TN-33-5-705
SNEED, GILBERT H.                       TN-33-4-162
SNODGRASS, JULIA                        TN-33-1-251
SNODGRASS, WILLIAM                      TN-33-3-85
SNOW, WILLIAM A.                        TN-33-6-456
SNYDER, ADRIAN M.                       TN-33-3-683
SNYDER, M. A. (MRS)                     TN-33-6-522
SNYDER, SABRA                           TN-33-1-318
SOWDER, HENRY H.                        TN-33-4-233
SPARKS, CHARLES                         TN-33-6-630
SPARM, J. J.                            TN-33-6-434
SPEARS, W. D.                           TN-33-6-221
SPEARS, W. D.                           TN-33-6-221
SPEER, DAVID A.                         TN-33-5-503
SPEER, ELIZA                            TN-33-5-106
SPEER, MOSES W.                         TN-33-3-235
SPENCE, GRACE G.                        TN-33-6-437
SPENCE, JOHN S.                         TN-33-6-469
SPENCE, L. JACK                         TN-33-6-599
SPENCE, STEWART J.                      TN-33-5-405
SPENCER, CATHERINE                      TN-33-3-516
SPENCER, COOPER                         TN-33-6-491
SPENCER, E. G.                          TN-33-4-593
SPENCER, HENRY H.                       TN-33-4-200
SPENCER, LUCY C.                        TN-33-1-131
SPENCER, WILLIAM ANSON                  TN-33-1-45
SPICER, THOMAS W.                       TN-33-1-21
SPOONER, ALANSON C.                     TN-33-1-209
SPRADLING, S. S.                        TN-33-6-213
SPRAGUE, CLAUDE E.                      TN-33-6-425
SPRAGUE, LOTTIE E.                      TN-33-4-303
SPRINGS, F. L.                          TN-33-5-458
SQUIRE, HOMER C.                        TN-33-1-279
STACY, WALTER CLARENCE                  TN-33-6-660
STAFFORD, F. M.                         TN-33-5-109
STAFFORD, L. A.                         TN-33-3-101
STAGE, W. E.                            TN-33-6-34
STAGMAIER, JOSEPH                       TN-33-1-278
STAINBACK, MARY MASNE                   TN-33-6-594
STANFIELD, JOSEPH HENRY                 TN-33-6-378
STANFORD, ELMER E.                      TN-33-3-358
STANFORD, HENRETTA                      TN-33-6-453
STANFORD, PETER J.                      TN-33-6-493
STANLEY, TIMOTHY R.                     TN-33-1-82
STANSELL, JEREMIAH                      TN-33-3-180
STAPP, DEWITT C.                        TN-33-5-62
STATEN, ROSA                            TN-33-1-311
STEELE, JOHN JR.                        TN-33-3-19
STEELE, MARIETTA                        TN-33-3-638
STEELE, NEWTON C.                       TN-33-4-666
STEELY, LENA                            TN-33-6-691
STEGALL, WALLACE E.                     TN-33-5-450
STEINAU, DARIUS                         TN-33-5-296
STEINAU, FANNY                          TN-33-3-461
STEINMAN, A. F.                         TN-33-6-340
STEPHENS, EMMA E.                       TN-33-3-526
STEPHENS, ESTHER                        TN-33-6-530
STEPHENS, GEORGE E.                     TN-33-1-463
STEPHENS, THES                          TN-33-4-40
STEPHENSON, GEORGE C.                   TN-33-6-304
STERCHI, CHRISTINA                      TN-33-1-357
STERCHI, FRED SR.                       TN-33-5-536
STEVENS, JAMES                          TN-33-1-86
STEVICK, DAVID A.                       TN-33-1-391
STEWARD, MARY A.                        TN-33-5-282
STEWART, AMELIA                         TN-33-6-662
STEWART, C. H.                          TN-33-3-525
STEWART, CECELIA M.                     TN-33-5-467
STEWART, ELIZA                          TN-33-6-487
STEWART, HENRIETTA H.                   TN-33-4-237
STEWART, JOHN                           TN-33-4-98
STEWART, OLIVER P.                      TN-33-5-58
STEWART, T. F.                          TN-33-4-227
STEWART, WILLIE CRAWFORD                TN-33-4-269
STIFF, MINNIE                           TN-33-6-337
STILLMAN, ELLA R.                       TN-33-6-508
STILLMAN, GEORGE R.                     TN-33-6-183
STIMMEL, FREDERICK CARL                 TN-33-5-488
STITH, JAMES C.                         TN-33-5-38
STIVERS, ARTHUR G.                      TN-33-6-248
STIVES, FRANCES                         TN-33-6-207
STOERMER, AUGUSTA                       TN-33-5-459
STOERMER, HERMAN G.                     TN-33-5-581
STOFLE, MATTIE                          TN-33-4-444
STOKES, FRANK                           TN-33-3-561
STOKES, WILL H.                         TN-33-5-301
STOKES, WILL H.                         TN-33-5-301
STONE, ELINOR O.                        TN-33-5-450
STONE, ISAAC R.                         TN-33-6-341
STONE, JAMES APPLETON                   TN-33-6-46
STONE, RALPH DELMAR                     TN-33-5-495
STONE, WILLIAM F.                       TN-33-6-665
STONER, J. B.                           TN-33-6-287
STONG, ALBERT A.                        TN-33-3-608
STONG, C. R.                            TN-33-5-335
STOOPS, CHARLES A.                      TN-33-4-487
STOOPS, EDWIN G.                        TN-33-5-479
STOOPS, GEORGE W.                       TN-33-6-480
STOPP, JENNIE B.                        TN-33-5-585
STOTTS, R. C.                           TN-33-5-59
STOUT, MARGARETTA E.                    TN-33-3-395
STOUTEMYER, MARY J.                     TN-33-1-314
STOVALL, R. E.                          TN-33-5-519
STOWE, LORENZO                          TN-33-5-617
STOWERS, TOLLIVER LEWIS                 TN-33-5-676
STRANG, SAMUEL B.                       TN-33-3-124
STRATTON, EDW. DAVID                    TN-33-6-661
STRATTON, HENRY H.                      TN-33-5-579
STRAYER, HIRAM                          TN-33-3-409
STREET, HENRY M.                        TN-33-5-367
STRELITZ, HENRY                         TN-33-4-92
STRICKLAND, DOLLIE MALLESA              TN-33-6-439
STRINGER, MARY C.                       TN-33-1-204
STROOP, CATHERINE                       TN-33-5-87
STROPS, HARRY EUGENE                    TN-33-5-271
STROPS, NANCY C.                        TN-33-5-276
STROPS, NANCY COX                       TN-33-5-276
STUART, GRACE DEARMOND                  TN-33-6-202
STUMP, ANNIE ROSE                       TN-33-6-135
STUTENWROTH, ALBERTA L.                 TN-33-1-451
STUTZ, JOHN A.                          TN-33-6-483
SUBLETT, D. L.                          TN-33-3-31
SULLIVAN, J. J.                         TN-33-6-383
SULLIVAN, MARGARET                      TN-33-1-552
SUMMEY, B. E. (MRS.)                    TN-33-4-483
SUMMEY, B. E. (MRS)                     TN-33-4-483
SWAN, RANSAM                            TN-33-1-78
SWART, MARIETTA                         TN-33-4-474
SYLER, AARON H.                         TN-33-3-187
SYMES, HENRY ARTHUR                     TN-33-6-611
TALBOT, NATHAN H.                       TN-33-3-108
TALIAFERRO, G. P.                       TN-33-4-315
TALIAFERRO, JENNIE G.                   TN-33-4-610
TALIAFERRO, W. F.                       TN-33-4-485
TALLANT, NORA B.                        TN-33-6-392
TALLEY, BERRY                           TN-33-3-576
TALLEY, VIRGINIA                        TN-33-4-662
TALLY, ALICE                            TN-33-6-62
TALTY, BRIDGET H.                       TN-33-3-540
TALTY, BRIDGET H.                       TN-33-4-53
TARDY, LIZZIE                           TN-33-4-591
TARTLE, JANIE                           TN-33-6-481
TARVER, B. M.                           TN-33-6-203
TARVER, ELIZA V.                        TN-33-5-184
TARVER, S. C.                           TN-33-5-684
TATE, J. H.                             TN-33-5-403
TATE, LUTHER L.                         TN-33-5-536
TATUM, HARRIET H. WHITESIDE             TN-33-4-247
TAYLOR, ELEANOR                         TN-33-3-670
TAYLOR, ESTHER H.                       TN-33-6-267
TAYLOR, EUGENE                          TN-33-6-447
TAYLOR FRANK B.                         TN-33-3-593
TAYLOR, HENRY ARMSTED                   TN-33-5-630
TAYLOR, J. R.                           TN-33-5-91
TAYLOR, JOHN E.                         TN-33-6-86
TAYLOR, S. ANNA                         TN-33-6-492
TAYLOR, SRAAH EMMA                      TN-33-5-69
TAYLOR, WILLIANNA                       TN-33-3-185
TEAGUE, CLARA S.                        TN-33-6-873
TEAGUE, MAGGIE                          TN-33-3-616
TEAS, W. C.                             TN-33-5-707
TEATSWORTH, MARY                        TN-33-5-624
TEICHFUSS, R. L.                        TN-33-4-608
TEMPLE, H. F.                           TN-33-5-551
TEMPLE, SARAH A.                        TN-33-4-688
TEMPLETON, FLORENCE E.                  TN-33-5-406
TEPPENPAW, J. H.                        TN-33-6-267, 389
TERMEULEN, H. A. (MRS)                  TN-33-6-289
TERRELL, MARGARET JANE                  TN-33-4-566
TERRELL, R. A.                          TN-33-6-390
TERRELL, W. A.                          TN-33-5-350
TERRY, ISHAM FARMER                     TN-33-5-635
TERRY, J. W.                            TN-33-6-116
TERTEPEN, CHRISTOS P.                   TN-33-5-563
TETER, JAMES G.                         TN-33-5-169
TETER, JULIA A.                         TN-33-6-456
THATCH, T. E.                           TN-33-5-505
THATCHER, S. S.                         TN-33-6-559
THAYER, LETITIA                         TN-33-5-480
THAYER, LUCY A.                         TN-33-1-215
THISTLE, ARCHIBALD                      TN-33-5-381
THMAS, DAVID N.                         TN-33-5-284
THOMAS, A. R.                           TN-33-6-965
THOMAS, ALLIE                           TN-33-6-77
THOMAS, B. F.                           TN-33-4-304
THOMAS, DAISY DRINNEN                   TN-33-6-927
THOMAS, DAVID J.                        TN-33-4-4
THOMAS, ELLA A.                         TN-33-3-534
THOMAS, ENNA L.                         TN-33-6-479
THOMAS, FRANK                           TN-33-6-345
THOMAS, G. F.                           TN-33-5-79
THOMAS, J. W.                           TN-33-6-958
THOMAS, JOHN A.                         TN-33-6-341
THOMAS, MARGARET G.                     TN-33-6-483
THOMAS, MARY E.                         TN-33-6-433
THOMAS, MINERVA N.                      TN-33-1-63
THOMAS, R. W.                           TN-33-5-77
THOMAS, W. F.                           TN-33-4-545
THOMAS, W. G. M.                        TN-33-6-446
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         TN-33-4-119
THOMASSON, SARAH A.                     TN-33-5-104
THOMPSON, ALONZO                        TN-33-4-201
THOMPSON, BOYD                          TN-33-3-682
THOMPSON, F. B.                         TN-33-3-327
THOMPSON, FRANK E.                      TN-33-5-334
THOMPSON, JOHN                          TN-33-5-223
THOMPSON, PERMELIA                      TN-33-1-71
THOMPSON, R. S.                         TN-33-5-617
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        TN-33-5-535
THOMPSON, W. B.                         TN-33-4-398
THOMSON, MARY                           TN-33-1-556
THORNE, P. C. (MRS.)                    TN-33-4-703
THORNTON, JAMES                         TN-33-3-504
THORNTON, NANNIE                        TN-33-6-266
THORPE, E.                              TN-33-5-469
THROGMARTIN, MARY E.                    TN-33-3-606
THULER, ANNA LENA                       TN-33-6-518
THULER, FRITZ                           TN-33-5-566
THURMAN, ADALINE T.                     TN-33-3-17
THURMAN, MARTHA E.                      TN-33-4-204
THURMAN, MARY E.                        TN-33-1-177
TIBBOLDS, WILLIAM                       TN-33-4-57
TIMOTHY, SADIE E.                       TN-33-6-655
TISCHER, JOSEPH                         TN-33-3-155
TOLLIVER, ISAIAH                        TN-33-6-406
TOMLINSON, J. G.                        TN-33-3-391
TOOMEY, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS                TN-33-6-400
TOWER, ALICE JANE                       TN-33-6-393
TOWER, HERBERT B.                       TN-33-4-640
TOWER, ISAAC H.                         TN-33-3-381
TOWER, SARAH                            TN-33-6-970
TOWNES, LAVINIA M.                      TN-33-4-493
TOWNES, LIZZIE G.                       TN-33-4-636
TOWNES, ROSE M.                         TN-33-6-289
TOWNSLEY, NANCY J.                      TN-33-6-207
TOZZER, HENRY                           TN-33-6-423
TRAVIS, BETTIE DUDDASER                 TN-33-6-413
TRAYNOR, LULA S.                        TN-33-6-856
TREUHITT, JENNIE                        TN-33-6-82
TREWHITT, D. C.                         TN-33-1-429
TRIGG, ANDREW K.                        TN-33-3-219
TRIGG, FANNY J.                         TN-33-5-656
TRIGG, MARY SMITH                       TN-33-4-366
TRIGG, S. G.                            TN-33-6-754
TRIMBLE, JAMES M.                       TN-33-5-310
TRIMBLE, JOHN F.                        TN-33-6-731
TROTTER, HANNAH                         TN-33-4-342
TROTTER, J. H.                          TN-33-6-757
TROTTER, JOHN M.                        TN-33-5-494
TROTTER, W. H.                          TN-33-6-448
TRUE, H. A.                             TN-33-6-377
TRUSDLE, CHARLOTTE                      TN-33-6-874
TUCKER, A. E.                           TN-33-4-449
TUCKER, ERASTUS C.                      TN-33-6-653
TUCKER, G. A. R.                        TN-33-4-40
TUCKER, JENNIE M.                       TN-33-6-90
TUCKER, JOE                             TN-33-4-165
TUCKER, JOSEPH G.                       TN-33-6-738
TULLOSS, EMMALINE                       TN-33-3-615
TURNER, JAMES H. (REV.)                 TN-33-6-696
TUTTLE, LAURA                           TN-33-6-954
TWADDLE, KATIE DUDDARER                 TN-33-6-702
TWELLA, ROBERT                          TN-33-5-581
TYLER, BELLE E.                         TN-33-6-454
TYLER, F. E.                            TN-33-4-623
TYLER, JESSIE P.                        TN-33-6-303, 342
TYLER, MARY E.                          TN-33-6-527
TYLER, MARY F.                          TN-33-4-31
TYLER, WILLIAM T.                       TN-33-4-648
TYSON, DAVID O. M.                      TN-33-6-702
ULBRICHT, R. E.                         TN-33-5-257
ULERY, JOHN C.                          TN-33-1-281
UMBARGER, SARA G.                       TN-33-6-646
UNDERHILL, H. Z.                        TN-33-6-14
UNDERHILL, W. D.                        TN-33-1-130
UNDERWOOD, GEORGE W.                    TN-33-3-509
UPTON, CORNELIA                         TN-33-6-944
UPTON, F. B.                            TN-33-5-546
VALE, ERNEST                            TN-33-4-116
VALENTINE, JANE                         TN-33-3-367
VANBUREN, ELLEN L.                      TN-33-3-437, 451
VANCE, D. B.                            TN-33-5-180
VANCE, EMILY R.                         TN-33-6-332
VANCE, JOHN C.                          TN-33-6-764
VANDEMAN, J. D.                         TN-33-5-135
VANDEMAN, J. H.                         TN-33-3-264
VANDEMAN, REBECCA M.                    TN-33-3-167
VANDERGRIFF, G. W.                      TN-33-4-115
VANDERGROFF, GILBERT                    TN-33-1-119
VANDUSEN, S. C.                         TN-33-3-432
VANDYKE, ANNIE CLIFTON                  TN-33-6-157
VANEPPS, KATIE                          TN-33-1-245
VANOSTRAND, SEYMOUR B.                  TN-33-4-654
VARNELL, C. VIRGINIA                    TN-33-6-2
VARNELL, T . B.                         TN-33-3-566
VARNELL, W. H.                          TN-33-4-213
VARNER, THOMAS M.                       TN-33-6-581
VAUGHN, WILLIAM B.                      TN-33-5-555
VAUGHN, WILLIS                          TN-33-4-414
VENABLE, JOSEPH G.                      TN-33-6-177
VETTER, J. W.                           TN-33-5-197
VETTER, JACOB                           TN-33-6-799
VETTER, ROBERT J.                       TN-33-6-269
VETTER, WILLIAM M.                      TN-33-3-186
VINCENT, MARY                           TN-33-5-273
VINEYARD, CAROLINE M.                   TN-33-1-149
VOIGHT, F. G.                           TN-33-5-610
VOIGT, FREDERICK                        TN-33-6-888
VOIGT, HENRY F. A.                      TN-33-6-307
VOIGT, JOSEPH F.                        TN-33-6-404
VONKETEL, MARY A.                       TN-33-3-574
WADE, JOHN M.                           TN-33-1-76
WADE, PROVIDENCE                        TN-33-6-444
WADSWORTH, SCOTT                        TN-33-5-615
WAGNER, M. M.                           TN-33-4-558
WAHL, F. F.                             TN-33-3-183
WAKEFIELD, H. K.                        TN-33-5-276
WAKEFIELD, H. K.                        TN-33-5-276
WAKEMAN, FRED H.                        TN-33-3-396
WALKER, ALFRED                          TN-33-6-682
WALKER, ELBERTA C.                      TN-33-5-425
WALKER, LINNIE S.                       TN-33-5-214
WALKER, MARGARET                        TN-33-6-79
WALKER, MARY ANN                        TN-33-5-188
WALKER, MILTON                          TN-33-1-330
WALKER, SETH M.                         TN-33-4-49
WALKER, W. T.                           TN-33-6-583
WALKER, WILLIAM T.                      TN-33-6-230
WALKLEY, GEORGE N.                      TN-33-4-55
WALL, JOHN                              TN-33-6-636
WALL, P. A.                             TN-33-5-534
WALLACE, FANNIE B. D.                   TN-33-5-151
WALLACE, FREDERICK S.                   TN-33-5-464
WALLACE, MARY A.                        TN-33-5-520
WALLACE, NANCY K.                       TN-33-4-601
WALLCE, CORA H.                         TN-33-3-574
WALLINE, SARAH D.                       TN-33-6-596
WALLING, MARTIN V.                      TN-33-3-629
WALSH, MARY AGNES                       TN-33-6-516
WALSH, W. F. (MRS)                      TN-33-4-560
WALSH, WILLIAM                          TN-33-1-486
WALTERS, IDA MAE                        TN-33-6-177
WALTON, LOISA H.                        TN-33-4-160
WANN, J. H.                             TN-33-4-661
WANN, PAUL H.                           TN-33-6-183
WARD, JENIE K.                          TN-33-5-316
WARD, JOHN JOSEPH                       TN-33-6-644
WARD, LOUISE                            TN-33-6-112
WARD, M. H.                             TN-33-4-345
WARD, MARY CATHARINE                    TN-33-5-653
WARD, ZELMA LOISE                       TN-33-6-477
WARDER, JAMES A.                        TN-33-1-475
WARDLAW, JAMES S.                       TN-33-4-618
WARDLEY, G. O.                          TN-33-6-441
WARE, J. H.                             TN-33-6-71
WARE, K. H.                             TN-33-4-245
WARE, MATTIE                            TN-33-6-571
WARLICK, NOAH FRANCIS                   TN-33-5-237
WARNE, ELIZABETH W.                     TN-33-1-540
WARNER, WILLARD                         TN-33-3-499
WARREN, DELLA                           TN-33-3-9
WARREN, HOUSTON                         TN-33-6-598
WARREN, JAMES J.                        TN-33-6-987
WARREN, MATILDA                         TN-33-5-294
WARREN, SARAH M.                        TN-33-3-92
WARREN, THOMAS C.                       TN-33-5-660
WARRENFELLS, CONSTANCE P.               TN-33-5-52
WASHINGTON, CLAUDINE P.                 TN-33-5-465
WASON, WILLIAM                          TN-33-6-792
WASSMAN, EMIL                           TN-33-5-484
WASSMAN, HORTENSE                       TN-33-6-712
WASSMAN, ISAAC                          TN-33-3-368
WASSMAN, JOSEPH                         TN-33-3-580
WASSMAN, LOUIS                          TN-33-6-270
WASSMER, JOSEPH                         TN-33-4-630
WATERHOUSE, CLEO SMARTT                 TN-33-4-616
WATERHOUSE, CORNELIA P.                 TN-33-3-335
WATERMAN, GEORGE C.                     TN-33-5-288
WATERS, ANDY R.                         TN-33-6-864
WATERS, ESTHER AMANDA                   TN-33-4-633
WATKINS, ARTHUR J.                      TN-33-6-788
WATKINS, B. L.                          TN-33-3-14
WATKINS, ELIZABETH                      TN-33-5-315
WATKINS, HELEN                          TN-33-6-123
WATKINS, LILLIE MAE                     TN-33-6-859
WATKINS, SIDNEY M.                      TN-33-5-329
WATKINS, T. J.                          TN-33-5-99
WATSON, HATTIE                          TN-33-6-509
WATSON, J. L.                           TN-33-5-500
WATSON, SARAH ANN                       TN-33-6-884
WATT, NONA M.                           TN-33-6-750
WATTS, G. N.                            TN-33-6-292
WAYT, ALBERT B.                         TN-33-3-587
WEATHERFORD, J. E.                      TN-33-5-538
WEATHERS, J. T.                         TN-33-6-437
WEAVER, A. L.                           TN-33-5-140
WEAVER, ANN LEONORA                     TN-33-1-464
WEAVER, CHARLES                         TN-33-6-466
WEAVER, FLORIDA G.                      TN-33-3-516
WEAVER, L. G.                           TN-33-3-20
WEAVER, LOLA M.                         TN-33-6-510
WEAVER, WILLIAM                         TN-33-5-402
WEAVER, WILLIAM A.                      TN-33-6-738
WEBSTER, GEORGE C.                      TN-33-5-364
WEBSTER, J. W.                          TN-33-4-584
WEBSTER, KATE                           TN-33-4-225
WEBSTER, OCTA                           TN-33-3-458
WEEKS, WILBUR R.                        TN-33-6-384
WEER, ELLEN H.                          TN-33-1-541
WEIDNER, JOSEPHINE                      TN-33-5-375
WEIDNER, MICHAEL G.                     TN-33-4-466
WEISER, A. M. (MRS)                     TN-33-6-510
WEITZELL, PHILIP                        TN-33-3-544
WELCH, J. J.                            TN-33-6-774
WELCKER, FRANLIN ALBERT                 TN-33-5-376
WELLER, GEORGE                          TN-33-5-294
WELLER, WILLIAM                         TN-33-5-127
WELLS, EDW. Q.                          TN-33-6-326
WELLS, JOHN W.                          TN-33-5-352
WELLS, M. E. (MRS0                      TN-33-4-154
WELLS, VICTGORIA                        TN-33-6-748
WELSH, KATE                             TN-33-1-132
WENNING, MOLLIE L. "MARY"               TN-33-6-736
WERNER, THERESA                         TN-33-4-511
WERTHEIMER, BERTHA R.                   TN-33-6-982
WERTHEIMER, LIGE B.                     TN-33-4-327
WESSNE, CICERO F.                       TN-33-6-626
WEST, E. E.                             TN-33-4-306
WEST, LYLE B.                           TN-33-6-352
WEST, MARY                              TN-33-3-103
WESTCOTT, R. L.                         TN-33-5-428
WESTER, R. B.                           TN-33-5-191
WESTER, W. C.                           TN-33-3-564
WHEATHERFORD, MARY LOGAN                TN-33-6-599
WHEATLEY, E. A.                         TN-33-6-427
WHEATLEY, EDWARD A.                     TN-33-6-427
WHEATLEY, ELIZABETH STARR               TN-33-5-221
WHEELER, SHELTON K.                     TN-33-6-80
WHEELER, XENOPHON W.                    TN-33-4-270
WHEELOCK, WILLIAM E.                    TN-33-6-20
WHELAND, GEORGE W.                      TN-33-6-229
WHIGHAM, JOSEPHINE                      TN-33-6-448
WHIKEY, T. D.                           TN-33-4-226
WHITAKER, E. L.                         TN-33-6-65
WHITE, ANNIE H.                         TN-33-6-886
WHITE, E. C. (MRS)                      TN-33-3-390
WHITE, GEORGE T.                        TN-33-6-168
WHITE, HENRY E.                         TN-33-5-658
WHITE, JESSIE ISABEL                    TN-33-6-211
WHITE, MINNIE CAROLINE                  TN-33-5-303
WHITE, WILLIAM P.                       TN-33-3-343
WHITESETTEN, SARAH J.                   TN-33-3-464
WHITESIDE, ALFRED T.                    TN-33-6-683
WHITESIDE, CHARLES                      TN-33-3-390
WHITESIDE, FLORENE                      TN-33-4-553
WHITESIDE, GERTRUDE H.                  TN-33-5-650
WHITESIDE, H. W.                        TN-33-3-31
WHITESIDE, HARRIETT L.                  TN-33-3-294
WHITESIDE, V. BURLEIGH                  TN-33-6-685
WHITING, MINNIE LENORA                  TN-33-4-330
WHITLAW, NANCY ANNA                     TN-33-6-249
WHITMAN, ELIZABETH                      TN-33-4-178
WHITNER, JOSEPH                         TN-33-4-191
WHITNEY, ABIAH K.                       TN-33-3-143
WHITNEY, GEORGE W.                      TN-33-3-110
WHITNEY, WILLIAM DUDLEY                 TN-33-5-681
WHITTEMORE, ALLEN                       TN-33-3-543
WIEHL, KATE F.                          TN-33-6-759
WIGGINS, CLARA Q.                       TN-33-4-365
WIGGS, JAMES H.                         TN-33-4-124
WIKLEY, JACOB                           TN-33-6-562
WIKSTROM, MARIA LOUISA                  TN-33-5-304
WILBUR, EVA A.                          TN-33-5-529
WILBUR, N. W.                           TN-33-6-808
WILCOX, T. S. SR.                       TN-33-6-948
WILD, THOMAS R.                         TN-33-6-133
WILDER, JOHN T.                         TN-33-4-562
WILEY, GEORGE                           TN-33-5-145
WILEY, NELL WAGNER                      TN-33-6-335
WILHELM, ANDREW JACKSON                 TN-33-3-517
WILKEY, LUELLA                          TN-33-3-122
WILKINS, LEWIS A.                       TN-33-6-500
WILKINS, WILLIAM A.                     TN-33-6-59
WILKINSON, COYLE J.                     TN-33-6-825
WILKINSON, J. P.                        TN-33-1-328
WILKINSON, MARY E.                      TN-33-3-526
WILLARD, MARY E.                        TN-33-5-638
WILLIAMS, ADALINE                       TN-33-5-647
WILLIAMS, CEMANDA                       TN-33-5-107
WILLIAMS, CHARLES E.                    TN-33-3-33
WILLIAMS, EDGAR P.                      TN-33-5-138
WILLIAMS, ELI                           TN-33-1-539
WILLIAMS, J. M.                         TN-33-6-911
WILLIAMS, J. R.                         TN-33-5-144
WILLIAMS, JAMES RUBY                    TN-33-6-150
WILLIAMS, JENNIE COWART                 TN-33-5-66
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          TN-33-5-448
WILLIAMS, JOHN A.                       TN-33-5-505
WILLIAMS, JOHN R.                       TN-33-6-271
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        TN-33-1-166
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH N.                     TN-33-5-668
WILLIAMS, LEONARD J.                    TN-33-6-246
WILLIAMS, LUTHER M.                     TN-33-6-104
WILLIAMS, MARY JANE                     TN-33-1-469
WILLIAMS, MILDRED W.                    TN-33-6-586
WILLIAMS, MILDRED W.                    TN-33-6-586
WILLIAMS, MOLLIE J. COOPER              TN-33-4-480
WILLIAMS, MOSES                         TN-33-3-179
WILLIAMS, S. Y. B.                      TN-33-3-523
WILLIAMS, TILLIE                        TN-33-6-674
WILLIAMSON, ANNA E.                     TN-33-4-664
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH T.                   TN-33-1-263
WILLIAMSON,R . W.                       TN-33-6-801
WILLINGHAM, ALICE                       TN-33-6-109
WILLINGHAM, EDWINA H.                   TN-33-6-994
WILSON, ANNIE M.                        TN-33-4-314
WILSON, FRED W.                         TN-33-6-443
WILSON, GEORGE                          TN-33-1-144
WILSON, JABEZ ALEXANDER                 TN-33-6-380
WILSON, JESSE CLYDE                     TN-33-6-46
WILSON, JOHN                            TN-33-4-328
WILSON, JOHN H.                         TN-33-6-963
WILSON, LIZZIE                          TN-33-6-841
WILSON, LIZZIE C.                       TN-33-1-531
WILSON, LOU E.                          TN-33-6-235
WILSON, LUCY A.                         TN-33-6-36
WILSON, M. J. (MRS.0                    TN-33-5-130
WILSON, M. L. (MRS)                     TN-33-4-64
WILSON, P. C.                           TN-33-5-49
WILSON, R. S.                           TN-33-6-22
WILSON, ROSANNAH A.                     TN-33-1-392
WILSON, T. T.                           TN-33-5-191
WILSON, THOMAS I.                       TN-33-4-351
WILTSE, EMMA F.                         TN-33-5-382
WILTSE, HENRY                           TN-33-6-2760
WILTSE, J. S.                           TN-33-1-88
WIMPEY, WILLIAM                         TN-33-5-665
WINGFIELD, LOUISA A.                    TN-33-1-203
WINTERS, LILLIE OUSBY                   TN-33-4-369
WINTERS, MARGURITE                      TN-33-3-13
WINTERS, W. S.                          TN-33-3-29
WINTES, H. A.                           TN-33-3-567
WIRZ, MAGDALENA                         TN-33-1-498
WISDOM, ABNER J.                        TN-33-3-62
WISDOM, PERLEMNA PAROLEE                TN-33-5-2
WISE, EDWARD B.                         TN-33-6-483
WOLF, F. M.                             TN-33-6-756
WOLFE, JAMES E.                         TN-33-5-696
WOLFE, MEREDITH                         TN-33-6-351
WOLFE, SALLIE E.                        TN-33-6-426
WOLFE, WILLIAM W.                       TN-33-6-924
WOMBLE, NORA L.                         TN-33-5-379
WOOD, MARTHA                            TN-33-3-283
WOOD, MARY ALICE                        TN-33-3-657
WOOD, WALTER A.                         TN-33-6-950
WOODARD, ADA B.                         TN-33-5-302
WOODEN, JOHN HOUSTON                    TN-33-5-157
WOODHEAD, LAURENCE JOHN                 TN-33-1-315
WOODS, THOMAS                           TN-33-4-498
WOODWARD, LOUISA E.                     TN-33-5-381
WOODWORTH, ADELAIDE E.                  TN-33-4-626
WOODWORTH, CLEMENT NORTH                TN-33-6-95
WOODWORTH, DAVID JR.                    TN-33-3-251
WOODWORTH, MARY N.                      TN-33-5-149
WOOLLEY, ALICE OGDEN                    TN-33-3-448
WOOLLORTON, ROBERT                      TN-33-4-470
WOOLNER, MAY WAITE                      TN-33-6-337
WOOLVER, A. B.                          TN-33-6-809
WOOTEN, M. E. (MRS.)                    TN-33-5-86
WOOTTEN, EVELYN W.                      TN-33-4-147
WORDS, IDA                              TN-33-6-688
WORDS, MARTHA H.                        TN-33-6-358
WORKMAN, J. P.                          TN-33-6-463
WORLEY, CHARLES W.                      TN-33-6-198
WORTHEY, MATTY (MRS)                    TN-33-1-160
WRIGHT, ALLMAN R.                       TN-33-5-302
WRIGHT, CLARA A.                        TN-33-6-54
WRIGHT, JOSEPH F.                       TN-33-3-533
WRIGHT, LILLIE M.                       TN-33-6-967
WRIGHT, MARY L.                         TN-33-4-14
WRIGHT, MAY M.                          TN-33-5-536
WRIGHT, OTTO C.                         TN-33-6-341
WRIGHT, SIDNEY B.                       TN-33-6-698
WRIGHT, T. CLINTON                      TN-33-6-862
WROE, SARAH C.                          TN-33-1-545
WUNSCHOW, GEORGE                        TN-33-3-63
WYATT, HENRY D.                         TN-33-4-536
WYATT, MAUDE L.                         TN-33-4-581
WYATT, ROSAMOND                         TN-33-6-239
YAGER, ADDIE A.                         TN-33-6-624
YARBROUGH, ELLA M.                      TN-33-3-434
YARNELL, ALMERA                         TN-33-6-532
YARNELL, NANCY L.                       TN-33-6-852
YARNELL, S. J.                          TN-33-6-387
YORK, ELIZABETH M.                      TN-33-1-406
YORK, OLIVE M.                          TN-33-4-635
YOTHER, GEORGE W.                       TN-33-6-748
YOUNG, WESLEY C.                        TN-33-1-238
YOUNGER, MARTIN L.                      TN-33-6-745
YOUNGER, WILLIAM                        TN-33-6-43
YZNAGZ, ELLEN M.                        TN-33-3-549
ZEGELBANN, CHARLES                      TN-33-6-860
ZEIGER, HERMAN                          TN-33-1-201
ZEIGLER, JOHN S.                        TN-33-6-367
ZEIGLER, LUCY A.                        TN-33-4-335

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