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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List: A1 = 1792-1814 | A2 = 1792-1815 | B1 = 1815-1841 | B2 = 1815-1849 | C1 = 1841-1868 | C2 = 1849-1868 | D = 1868-1911 |
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PAGE, RICHARD                           SC-45-B1-41
PAGE, RICHARD                           SC-45-D1-93
PAIR, CLAIBURN                          SC-45-B1-175
PAIR, DARKY                             SC-45-C1-5
PAIR, JAMES                             SC-45-C1-317
PAIR, JAMES                             SC-45-C2-265
PALMER, DANIEL                          SC-45-C2-12
PALMER, DANIEL                          SC-45-C1-11
PALMER, JOHN                            SC-45-B1-133
PALMER, JOHN W.                         SC-45-C1-355
PALMER, T. H. H.                        SC-45-C2-57
PALMER, T. H. H.                        SC-45-C1-51
PALMER, T. K.                           SC-45-D1-616
PALMER, THOMAS                          SC-45-A1-2-20
PALMER, THOMAS                          SC-45-A1-2-66
PALMER, THOMAS                          SC-45-A2-177
PALMER, THOMAS                          SC-45-A2-126
PALMER, WILLIAM L.                      SC-45-D1-155
PARHAM, JOHN                            SC-45-B1-126
PARK, GEORGE                            SC-45-A2-192
PARK, JAMES                             SC-45-B1-156
PARKS, GEORGE SR.                       SC-45-A1-2-84
PARNELL, JAMES                          SC-45-A1-1-81
PARNELL, JAMES                          SC-45-A2-68
PARR, DARKY                             SC-45-C2-56
PATRICK, CHARLES                        SC-45-B1-178
PATRICK, GABRIEL                        SC-45-A1-2-185
PATRICK, GABRIEL                        SC-45-A2-271
PATRICK, JAMES                          SC-45-D1-220
PATTON, SAMUEL                          SC-45-A1-2-76
PATTON, SAMUEL                          SC-45-A2-185
PATTY, JESSE                            SC-45-A2-42
PAULK, PHEBE                            SC-45-C2-89
PAULTON, CHARLOTTE                      SC-45-D1-589
PEAK, DAVID D. (DR)                     SC-45-D1-19
PEAKE, GLENN D.                         SC-45-D1-586
PEARSON, BERRY                          SC-45-D1-162
PEARSON, ISAAC                          SC-45-B1-178
PEARSON, PERRY                          SC-45-D1-306
PEEK, JONATHAN                          SC-45-A1-2-18
PEEK, JONATHAN                          SC-45-A2-122
PETERSON, SARAH                         SC-45-A1-2-224
PETERSON, SARAH                         SC-45-A2-298
PETTY, ABSALOM                          SC-45-A1-2-41
PETTY, ABSALOM                          SC-45-A2-152
PETTY, JAMES                            SC-45-A2-228
PETTY, JOSHUA                           SC-45-B1-16
PHILLIPS, MARY                          SC-45-D1-39
PICKENS, JOHN                           SC-45-D1-578
PLEXICO, J. M.                          SC-45-D1-419
PLUMMER, WILLIAM                        SC-45-A1-1-3
PLUMMER, WILLIAM                        SC-45-A2-3
POLK, PHEBE                             SC-45-C1-82
POLLY, JAMES                            SC-45-A1-2-132
PORTER, EDWARD SANDERS                  SC-45-A1-1-6
PORTER, EDWARD SANDERS                  SC-45-A2-6
PORTER, HANCOCK                         SC-45-C2-50
PORTER, HANCOCK                         SC-45-C1-44
PORTER, J. P.                           SC-45-D1-68
PORTER, J. S.                           SC-45-D1-247
PORTER, JEDITHAN                        SC-45-A2-181
PORTER, JEDUTHAN                        SC-45-A1-2-71
PORTER, LUCY                            SC-45-C2-67
PORTER, LUCY                            SC-45-C1-6
PORTER, WILLIAM SR.                     SC-45-B1-45
POSAY, FARR                             SC-45-B1-19
POSEY, JOHN W.                          SC-45-D1-254
POTTER, ADAM                            SC-45-A1-2-24
POTTER, ADAM                            SC-45-A2-131
POTTS, GEORGE                           SC-45-A1-2-39
POTTS, GEORGE                           SC-45-A2-148
POWEL, RICHARD                          SC-45-A1-2-23
POWEL, RICHARD                          SC-45-A2-129
PREWIT, DAVID                           SC-45-B1-95
PREWIT, MARY                            SC-45-B1-131
PRINCE, DANIEL                          SC-45-A1-1-12
PRINCE, DANIEL                          SC-45-A2-11
PRINCE, DAVID                           SC-45-A1-2-128
PRINCE, DAVID                           SC-45-A2-225
PRINCE, YOUNG                           SC-45-D1-566
PRUITT, JOHN                            SC-45-C1-104
PRUITT, JOHN                            SC-45-C2-111
PUCKET, EPHRAIM                         SC-45-A1-2-3
PUCKET, EPHRIAM                         SC-45-A2-101
PUTMAN, JAMES                           SC-45-A1-2-183
PUTMAN, JAMES                           SC-45-A2-269
PUTMAN, JOHN                            SC-45-B1-65
QUAY, CATHERINE                         SC-45-C2-29
QUAY, CATHRINE                          SC-45-C1-27
QUINN, N. M.                            SC-45-D1-342
RAIM, MARY H.                           SC-45-C2-244
RAINS, MARY H.                          SC-45-C1-299
RAY, AMBROSE                            SC-45-A1-1-117
RAY, R. F.                              SC-45-D1-394
RAY, THOMAS (REV.0                      SC-45-C1-281
RAY, THOMAS SR.                         SC-45-C2-222
READER, JOSEPH                          SC-45-B1-163
REAY, AMBROSE                           SC-45-A2-95
REID, JUDITH                            SC-45-A1-2-140
REID, JUDITH                            SC-45-A2-235
RENWICK, J. ROGERS                      SC-45-D1-302
RHODES, MARY                            SC-45-B1-12
RICE, AGNES B.                          SC-45-D1-205
RICE, ANN E.                            SC-45-D1-568
RICE, B. H.                             SC-45-D1-293
RICE, ELIZABETH M.                      SC-45-D1-124
RICE, LARKIN M.                         SC-45-D1-495
RICE, S. M. SR.                         SC-45-D1-552
RICE, SARAH F.                          SC-45-C1-23
RICE, SARAH P.                          SC-45-C2-25
RICE, THOMAS                            SC-45-D1-90
RICHARD, HENRY                          SC-45-C1-378
RICHARDS, HENRY                         SC-45-C2-344
ROBINSON, HANNAH                        SC-45-C1-274
ROBINSON, HANNAH                        SC-45-C2-209
ROBINSON, ROBERT M.                     SC-45-D1-260
RODGER, JOHN                            SC-45-D1-307
ROGEN, LEDFORD                          SC-45-C2-291
ROGERS, ELIZABETH                       SC-45-C1-191
ROGERS, LEDFORD                         SC-45-C1-338
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         SC-45-B1-81
ROUNTREE, TURNER                        SC-45-A1-1-82, 97
ROUNTREE, TURNER                        SC-45-A2-69
ROZEN, ELIZABETH                        SC-45-C2-118
SANDAGE, NATHAN                         SC-45-B1-53
SANDERS, B. F. G.                       SC-45-C1-289
SANDERS, B. F. G.                       SC-45-C2-231
SANDERS, C. L.                          SC-45-A2-302
SANDERS, ELIZABETH                      SC-45-C2-280
SANDERS, WILLIAM                        SC-45-C2-257
SANDERS, WILLIAM                        SC-45-C1-311
SANDES, REUBEN                          SC-45-A1-2-227
SARTOR, JESSE W.                        SC-45-D1-234
SAULTER, WILLIAM                        SC-45-C1-301
SAVADGE, SARAH                          SC-45-C2-174
SAVAGE, JAMES                           SC-45-A1-2-55
SAVAGE, JAMES                           SC-45-A2-168
SAVAGE, JOHN                            SC-45-A2-277
SAVAGE, JOHN SR.                        SC-45-A1-2-192
SAVAGE, SARAH                           SC-45-C1-244
SAVAGE, WILLIAM S.                      SC-45-C2-82
SAVAGE, WILLIAM S.                      SC-45-C1-73
SCALES, JOHN                            SC-45-C2-307
SCALES, JOHN                            SC-45-C1-351
SCALES, MARTHA MATILDA                  SC-45-D1-343
SCALES, THOMAS                          SC-45-C2-292
SCALES, THOMAS                          SC-45-C1-340
SCOTT, DELIA                            SC-45-D1-498
SELBY, SAMUEL                           SC-45-B1-181
SERVICE, ROBERT                         SC-45-D1-186
SERVICE, THOMAS W.                      SC-45-D1-350
SHARP, E. H.                            SC-45-C2-203
SHARP, ELIZABETH                        SC-45-D1-160
SHARP, GILES                            SC-45-D1-77
SHARP, NIMROD                           SC-45-D1-197
SHARP, WILLIAM SR.                      SC-45-B1-135
SHARP, E. HOOKER                        SC-45-C1-366
SHELDON, D. H.                          SC-45-D1-244
SHELDON, FRANCES W.                     SC-45-D1-355
SHELTON, LUCY H.                        SC-45-D1-201
SHETTLESWORTH, J. C.                    SC-45-D1-582
SIMONSON, AGNUS                         SC-45-A1-1-48
SIMONSON, MAGNUS                        SC-45-A2-40
SIMS, B. F.                             SC-45-C2-170
SIMS, BENJAMIN F.                       SC-45-C1-241
SIMS, ELIZABETH                         SC-45-B1-60
SIMS, JAMES                             SC-45-A1-1-41
SIMS, JAMES                             SC-45-A2-34
SIMS, JANE E.                           SC-45-D1-266
SIMS, S. J.                             SC-45-D1-509
SINCLAIR, WILLIAM                       SC-45-D1-187
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          SC-45-A1-2-97
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          SC-45-A2-202
SMITH, ALICE B.                         SC-45-D1-313
SMITH, C. H.                            SC-45-D1-512
SMITH, CAROLINE                         SC-45-D1-308
SMITH, DAVID                            SC-45-A1-2-90
SMITH, DAVID                            SC-45-A1-2-94
SMITH, DAVID                            SC-45-A1-2-181
SMITH, DAVID                            SC-45-A2-196
SMITH, DAVID                            SC-45-A2-268
SMITH, DAVID                            SC-45-A2-200
SMITH, E. MILES                         SC-45-D1-579
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        SC-45-D1-612
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        SC-45-D1-592
SMITH, HENRY                            SC-45-C2-69
SMITH, JAMES B.                         SC-45-D1-4
SMITH, JENNIE                           SC-45-D1-284
SMITH, JOSIAH                           SC-45-D1-10
SMITH, NIMROD                           SC-45-D1-446
SMITH, OBEDIAH                          SC-45-D1-527
SMITH, PERMUNNAH F.                     SC-45-D1-615
SMITH, ROBERT P.                        SC-45-D1-26
SMITH, WILLIAM                          SC-45-D1-61
SORTER, WILLIAM SR.                     SC-45-B1-149
SOULTER, WILLIAM                        SC-45-C2-246
SOUTER, MARGARET                        SC-45-C2-1
SPARKS, J. N.                           SC-45-D1-470
SPARKS, JESSE                           SC-45-D1-88
SPARKS, JOSIAH                          SC-45-C1-50
SPARKS, JOSIAH                          SC-45-C2-56
SPARKS, LEVI                            SC-45-D1-407
SPARKS, MARY M.                         SC-45-D1-225
SPEARS, JAMES                           SC-45-C1-286
SPEARS, JAMES                           SC-45-C2-227
SPEARS, JEHU                            SC-45-D1-346
SPEARS, SIBBIE M.                       SC-45-D1-572
SPIVER, CHARLES                         SC-45-A1-2-201
SPIVER, CHARLES                         SC-45-A2-283
STAMER, AARON SR.                       SC-45-C2-103
STAONES, AARON                          SC-45-C1-96
STEEDMAN, JAMES B.                      SC-45-D1-238
STEEN, G.                               SC-45-C2-109
STEEN, GIDEON                           SC-45-C1-102
STEEN, WILLIAM                          SC-45-A1-2-11
STEEN, WILLIAM                          SC-45-A2-112
STEPHENS, CHARNER                       SC-45-C1-283
STEVENS, CHAMER                         SC-45-C2-224
STEVENS, HENRY                          SC-45-A1-2-159
STEVENS, HENRY                          SC-45-A2-250
STOCKTON, DAVID                         SC-45-A1-1-2
STOCKTON, DAVID                         SC-45-A2-2
STOKES, JOHN                            SC-45-B1-170
STOUTER, MARGARET                       SC-45-C1-1
STRIBLING                               SC-45-B1-183
SUMMER, ELIZA                           SC-45-C2-317
SUMNER, ELIZA                           SC-45-C1-359
SWINK, CATHARINE                        SC-45-C1-43
SWINK, CATHARINE                        SC-45-C2-48
TATE, ELIZABETH                         SC-45-C1-80
TATE, ELIZABETH                         SC-45-C2-87
TAYLOR, FRANCIS                         SC-45-D1-611
TAYLOR, JOHN                            SC-45-A1-1-37
TAYLOR, JOHN                            SC-45-A2-31
TAYLOR, LANGHORN                        SC-45-B1-83
THOMAS, JAMES                           SC-45-A1-1-45
THOMAS, JAMES                           SC-45-A2-38
THOMAS, JANIE S.                        SC-45-D1-565
THOMAS, M. C. G.                        SC-45-C1-274
THOMAS, M. C. G.                        SC-45-C2-213
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         SC-45-C1-214
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         SC-45-C2-141
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       SC-45-A1-2-4
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       SC-45-A2-102
THOMSON, A. W.                          SC-45-C2-336
THOMSON, A. W.                          SC-45-C1-377
THOMSON, J. WADDY                       SC-45-C2-339
THOMSON, J. WADDY                       SC-45-C1-383
THOMSON, MARGARET                       SC-45-D1-183
TINDLE, ROBERT                          SC-45-A1-2-122
TINDLE, ROBERT                          SC-45-A2-220
TOLLERSON, JAMES B.                     SC-45-D1-72
TORBERT, SAMUEL                         SC-45-A2-74
TOSH, JAMES                             SC-45-A1-2-101
TOSH, JAMES                             SC-45-A2-204
TOWNSEND, JAMES                         SC-45-A1-1-93
TOWNSEND, JAMES                         SC-45-A2-78
TOWNSEND, TABITHA                       SC-45-A1-2-161
TOWNSEND, TABITHA                       SC-45-A2-252
TRACY, G. BERRY                         SC-45-D1-193
TRAVILLA, HENRY                         SC-45-A1-2-148
TRAVILLA, HENRY                         SC-45-A2-241
TUCKER, GEORGE BENFORD                  SC-45-A2-175
TUCKER, JAMES A.                        SC-45-D1-236
TUCKER, JOSEPH                          SC-45-B1-124
TUCKER, LUCY                            SC-45-B1-66
TUCKER, MARY                            SC-45-B1-41
TUCKER, PENELOPE C.                     SC-45-D1-537
TUCKER, WILLIAM J.                      SC-45-D1-234
VAUGHAN, E. F.                          SC-45-D1-482
VAUGHAN, ISOM                           SC-45-D1-76
VAUGHAN, RANDOLPH                       SC-45-B1-164
VINSON, JAMES                           SC-45-C1-208
VINSON, JONAS                           SC-45-C2-134
WALKER, J. F.                           SC-45-C1-202
WALKER, J. F.                           SC-45-C2-129
WALKER, JANETT                          SC-45-B1-110
WALKER, JUDITH                          SC-45-C2-285
WALKER, JUDITH                          SC-45-C1-333
WALKER, S. S.                           SC-45-D1-293
WALLACE, D.                             SC-45-C2-165
WALLACE, DANIEL                         SC-45-C1-237
WALLACE, EDWIN B.                       SC-45-D1-329
WALLACE, JEFFREY                        SC-45-D1-617
WALLACE, MARY ANN                       SC-45-D1-249
WALLACE, ROBERT                         SC-45-A1-2-1
WALLACE, ROBERT                         SC-45-A2-99
WALLACE, W. H.                          SC-45-D1-441
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        SC-45-B1-138
WARD, ABSALOM                           SC-45-D1-144
WARD, NANCY                             SC-45-D1-128
WATERS, FRANCIS                         SC-45-B1-36
WATKINS, THOMAS                         SC-45-B1-40
WEER, ELIZABETH                         SC-45-A1-1-88
WELDON, MOSES                           SC-45-A1-1-90
WELDON, MOSES                           SC-45-A2-75
WEST, BENJAMIN                          SC-45-C1-2
WEST, JEPTHA W.                         SC-45-C2-248
WEST, JEPTHA W.                         SC-45-C1-303
WEST, JOHN L.                           SC-45-D1-510
WEST, MARGARET                          SC-45-D1-549
WEST, RACHEL                            SC-45-C1-26
WEST, RACHEL                            SC-45-C2-28
WHITE, A. C.                            SC-45-D1-487
WHITE, ISAAC                            SC-45-B1-121
WHITE, ISAAC                            SC-45-A1-2-22
WHITE, ISAAC                            SC-45-A2-128
WHITE, JOHN                             SC-45-A1-2-82
WHITE, JOHN                             SC-45-A2-191
WHITE, STEPHEN                          SC-45-A1-2-52
WHITE, STEPHEN                          SC-45-A2-164
WHITENER, SUSIE                         SC-45-D1-558
WHITLOCK, JOHN                          SC-45-C2-274
WHITLOCK, JOHN                          SC-45-C1-324
WHITLOCK, JOHN SR.                      SC-45-D1-575
WHITLOCK, MARY                          SC-45-A1-2-210
WHITLOCK, MARY                          SC-45-A2-289
WHITLOCK, R. A.                         SC-45-D1-557
WHITLOCK, ROBERT                        SC-45-A1-2-70
WHITLOCK, ROBERT                        SC-45-A2-180
WHITLOCK, WILLIAM                       SC-45-C2-322
WHITLOCK, WILLIAM                       SC-45-A1-2-74
WHITLOCK, WILLIAM                       SC-45-A2-184
WHITSON, SOLOMON                        SC-45-A1-1-91
WHITSON, SOLOMON                        SC-45-A2-76
WILBURN, DAVID N.                       SC-45-D1-478
WILLBURN, SALLY                         SC-45-D1-376
WILLIAMS, ELSIE                         SC-45-D1-491
WILLIAMS, JOHN SR.                      SC-45-B1-86
WILLIAMS, ULYSSES                       SC-45-C1-337
WILLIAMS, ULYSSES                       SC-45-C2-289
WILSON, JOHN                            SC-45-A1-1-29
WILSON, JOHN                            SC-45-A2-25
WOFFORD, L. J.                          SC-45-D1-217
WOOD, E.                                SC-45-D1-223
WOOD, JOHN H. L.                        SC-45-D1-310
WOODSON, BENJAMIN                       SC-45-A1-2-1
WOODSON, BENJAMIN                       SC-45-A2-98
WOODSON, JAMES                          SC-45-A2-87
WOODSON, JAMES JR.                      SC-45-A1-1-105
WOODSON, ROBERT                         SC-45-C1-323
WOODSON, ROBERT                         SC-45-C2-272
WRIGHT, RODERICK                        SC-45-A1-2-72
WRIGHT, RODERICK                        SC-45-A2-183
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          SC-45-A1-1-33
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          SC-45-A2-28
YOUNG, C. DR.                           SC-45-C1-13
YOUNG, CATHARINE                        SC-45-A1-2-231
YOUNG, CATHARINE                        SC-45-A2-305
YOUNG, CHRISTOPHER                      SC-45-C2-14
YOUNG, CONWAY S.                        SC-45-D1-411
YOUNG, JESSE                            SC-45-A2-221
YOUNG, JOHN B.                          SC-45-C2-232
YOUNG, JOHN B.                          SC-45-C1-290
YOUNG, JOHN L.                          SC-45-D1-471
YOUNG, JULIA V.                         SC-45-D1-610
YOUNG, MARGARET A.                      SC-45-D1-570
YOUNG, NANCY                            SC-45-C1-92
YOUNG, NANCY                            SC-45-C2-100
YOUNGE, JESSE                           SC-45-A1-2-124

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