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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List: A1 = 1792-1814 | A2 = 1792-1815 | B1 = 1815-1841 | B2 = 1815-1849 | C1 = 1841-1868 | C2 = 1849-1868 | D = 1868-1911 |
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HAILE, JOHN                             SC-45-B1-121
HAILE, JOHN SR.                         SC-45-B1-27
HAIMES, FAITHY                          SC-45-A2-139
HALL, JOHN                              SC-45-B1-57
HALL, WILLIAM                           SC-45-B1-2
HAMES, CHARLES                          SC-45-A1-2-119
HAMES, CHARLES                          SC-45-A2-218
HAMES, JAMES                            SC-45-D1-8
HAMES, JOHN                             SC-45-A1-2-30
HAMES, JOHN                             SC-45-D1-84
HAMES, LEMUEL                           SC-45-C1-364
HAMES, LEMUEL                           SC-45-C2-320
HAMES, T. L.                            SC-45-D1-465
HAMES, W. B.                            SC-45-D1-57
HAMES, WILLIAM                          SC-45-B1-90
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH K.                  SC-45-D1-522
HAMILTON, JEREMIAH                      SC-45-A1-2-222
HAMILTON, JEREMIAH                      SC-45-C2-229
HAMILTON, JEREMIAH                      SC-45-C1-288
HAMILTON, JEREMIAH                      SC-45-A2-296
HAMILTON, M. JOSIE                      SC-45-D1-547
HAMPTON, BRE                            SC-45-D1-394
HANCOCK, ROBERT A.                      SC-45-D1-530
HANEY, HIRAM                            SC-45-A1-2-147
HANEY, HIRAM                            SC-45-A2-240
HANEY, JAMES F.                         SC-45-D1-347
HARDIN, J.                              SC-45-C2-173
HARDIN, JAMES S.                        SC-45-C1-243
HARDY, J. W.                            SC-45-D1-429
HARLAN, GEORGE                          SC-45-A1-2-219
HARLAN, GEORGE                          SC-45-A2-79
HARLAN, GEORGE                          SC-45-A2-295
HARLAND, GEORGE                         SC-45-A1-1-95
HARMON, ROSANAH P.                      SC-45-D1-192
HARRINGTON, JOHN                        SC-45-A1-1-14
HARRINGTON, JOHN                        SC-45-A2-13
HARRIS, GEORGE                          SC-45-D1-173
HARRIS, JAMES                           SC-45-B1-55
HARRIS, JOHN                            SC-45-D1-84
HARRIS, M. A. (MRS)                     SC-45-D1-488
HARRIS, MALVINA L.                      SC-45-D1-389
HARRIS, MARK                            SC-45-A1-2-25
HARRIS, MARK                            SC-45-A2-132
HARRIS, MOSES                           SC-45-A1-2-228
HARRIS, MOSES                           SC-45-A2-301
HARRIS, R. N.                           SC-45-D1-588
HARRIS, R. W.                           SC-45-D1-382
HARRIS, ROBERT                          SC-45-A1-2-142
HARRIS, ROBERT                          SC-45-A2-236
HARRIS, ROBERT V.                       SC-45-D1-218
HARRIS, S. P.                           SC-45-D1-165
HARRIS, SALLEY                          SC-45-A1-2-157
HARRIS, SALLY                           SC-45-A2-248
HARRIS, THOMAS                          SC-45-A1-1-54
HARRIS, THOMAS                          SC-45-B1-24
HARRIS, THOMAS                          SC-45-A2-46
HARVEY, HANNAH                          SC-45-B1-84
HASELWOOD, THOMAS                       SC-45-A1-1-110
HASELWOOD, THOMAS                       SC-45-A2-91
HAWKINS, CASEY B.                       SC-45-D1-195
HAWKINS, J. T.                          SC-45-D1-518
HAWKINS, JAMES                          SC-45-A1-1-9
HAWKINS, JAMES SR.                      SC-45-A2-8
HAWKINS, JONATHAN                       SC-45-C2-143
HAWKINS, JONATHAN                       SC-45-C1-215
HAWKINS, NATHAN                         SC-45-D1-100
HAWKINS, SARAH                          SC-45-D1-265
HAWKINS, WILLIAM                        SC-45-A1-2-113
HAWKINS, WILLIAM                        SC-45-A2-213
HENDERSON, JOHN                         SC-45-B1-96
HENDERSON, THOMAS                       SC-45-A1-1-31
HENDERSON, THOMAS                       SC-45-A2-26
HENDLEY, JOHN F.                        SC-45-A2-216
HENDLY, WILLIAM                         SC-45-A1-1-18
HENLEY, JOHN F.                         SC-45-A1-2-117
HENLEY, WILLIAM                         SC-45-A2-15
HERNDON, E. L.                          SC-45-D1-363
HICKS, B. F.                            SC-45-D1-390
HILL, JAMES                             SC-45-C2-92
HILL, JAMES                             SC-45-C1-85
HILL, LOT                               SC-45-D1-5535
HODGE, SAMUEL                           SC-45-C2-102
HODGES, SAMUEL                          SC-45-C1-94
HOLCOMB, BENJAMIN                       SC-45-A1-1-47
HOLCOMB, BENJAMIN                       SC-45-A2-40
HOLCOMBE, JESSE                         SC-45-D1-266
HOLIS, P. N.                            SC-45-D1-333
HOLLINGSWORTH, BENJAMIN                 SC-45-B1-18
HOLLINGSWORTH, ENOCH                    SC-45-A1-2-230
HOLLINGSWORTH, ENOCH                    SC-45-A2-305
HOLLINGSWORTH, ISAAC                    SC-45-B1-50
HOLLINGSWORTH, ISAAC                    SC-45-A1-2-199
HOLLINGSWORTH, ISAAC                    SC-45-A2-281
HOLLINGSWORTH, JACOB                    SC-45-B1-23
HOLLINGSWORTH, POSEY                    SC-45-C1-42
HOLLINGSWORTH, POSEY                    SC-45-C2-47
HOLLIS, THOMAS                          SC-45-C2-148
HOLLIS, THOMAS                          SC-45-C1-220
HOLSTON, ANNIE L.                       SC-45-D1-541
HOOKER, CABELLA                         SC-45-D1-391
HOPE, JANE                              SC-45-B1-40
HOPKINS, JOHN                           SC-45-A1-2-86
HOPKINS, JOHN                           SC-45-A2-194
HOWARD, THOMAS                          SC-45-C1-20
HOWARD, THOMAS                          SC-45-C2-21
HOWEL, DANIEL                           SC-45-A1-1-79
HOWEL, DANIEL                           SC-45-A2-67
HUDSPETH, PETER                         SC-45-A1-2-205
HUDSPETH, PETER                         SC-45-A2-286
HUEY, JOHN                              SC-45-A1-1-24
HUEY, JOHN                              SC-45-A2-20
HUGHES, JAMES                           SC-45-A2-92
HUGHES, JANE                            SC-45-D1-96
HUGHES, JOSEPH                          SC-45-A1-1-112
HUGHES, L. C.                           SC-45-D1-275
HUGHEY, JOSEPH                          SC-45-D1-114
HUMPHRIES, LOUISA                       SC-45-D1-421
HUMPHRIES, THOMAS                       SC-45-C2-159
HUMPHRIES, THOMAS                       SC-45-C1-231
HUNT, THOMAS B.                         SC-45-A1-2-167
HUNT, THOMAS B.                         SC-45-A2-257
HUNTER, JAMES W.                        SC-45-D1-563
HURLEY, EDWARD T.                       SC-45-B1-176
ISON, DAVID C.                          SC-45-C2-295
ISON, DAVID CROCKET                     SC-45-C1-343
IVY, MARGARET                           SC-45-D1-161
JACKSON, RALPH                          SC-45-B1-39
JAMESL, JOHN                            SC-45-C1-198
JASPER, JOHN                            SC-45-A1-1-119
JASPER, JOHN                            SC-45-A1-2-171
JASPER, JOHN                            SC-45-A2-261
JASPER, JOHN                            SC-45-A2-97
JASPER, SUSANNAH (AKA SOOKEY)           SC-45-B1-144
JEFFERIES, GOODMAN                      SC-45-D1-7
JEFFERIES, JAMES                        SC-45-C2-303
JEFFERIES, JAMES (COL.)                 SC-45-C1-348
JEFFRIES, JOHN SR.                      SC-45-C1-18
JENKINS, JESSE                          SC-45-B1-14
JENKINS, RANDOLPH                       SC-45-B1-97
JENKINS, WILLIAM C.                     SC-45-D1-31
JENNINGS, B. C.                         SC-45-C2-263
JENNINGS, B. C.                         SC-45-C1-316
JENNINGS, JOHN                          SC-45-C1-78
JENNINGS, JOHN                          SC-45-C2-85
JENTRIE, EDWARD                         SC-45-D1-489
JETER, A. V.                            SC-45-C2-8
JETER, ARGULUS V.                       SC-45-C1-7
JETER, CATHARINE E.                     SC-45-D1-337
JETER, DAVID S.                         SC-45-C1-312
JETER, DAVID S.                         SC-45-C2-259
JETER, EPHRIAM                          SC-45-D1-551
JETER, F. C.                            SC-45-D1-301
JETER, JAMES R.                         SC-45-C1-360
JETER, JAMES R.                         SC-45-C2-318
JETER, JERRY S.                         SC-45-D1-459
JETER, JOHN K.                          SC-45-D1-296
JETER, MARTHA N.                        SC-45-D1-514
JETER, N. C.                            SC-45-D1-445
JETER, S. A.                            SC-45-C2-254
JETER, SALLIE                           SC-45-D1-513
JETER, SINGLETON A.                     SC-45-C1-303
JETER, THOMAS C.                        SC-45-D1-142
JOHN, JOSIAS                            SC-45-B1-73
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       SC-45-A1-1-86
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       SC-45-A2-72
JOHNSON, JAMES                          SC-45-B1-132
JOHNSON, ZACHARIAH                      SC-45-B1-83
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         SC-45-A1-2-50
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         SC-45-A2-162
JOINER, JOHN                            SC-45-C2-125
JOINER, JULIA A.                        SC-45-D1-116
JONES, JESSE                            SC-45-C2-133
JONES, JESSEE                           SC-45-C1-206
JONES, JOHN                             SC-45-B1-34
JONES, JOSEPH                           SC-45-A1-2-180
JONES, JOSEPH                           SC-45-A2-267
JONES, TYRRIL J.                        SC-45-D1-263
KELLY, ARON                             SC-45-D1-456
KELLY, WILLIAM                          SC-45-C1-253
KELLY, WILLIAM                          SC-45-C2-186
KENDRICK, MARGARET                      SC-45-D1-54
KENEDY, JOHN                            SC-45-C2-154
KENEDY, JOHN                            SC-45-C1-226
KENNEDY, BENJAMIN                       SC-45-B1-70
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        SC-45-B1-57
KERBY, JOHN                             SC-45-A1-2-136
KILLIAN, G. W.                          SC-45-C2-42
KILLIAN, GEORGE W.                      SC-45-C1-37
KILLY, MELISSA                          SC-45-D1-158
KINGSBOROUGH, WILLIAM                   SC-45-B1-47
KIRBY, JAMES                            SC-45-C1-276
KIRBY, JAMES                            SC-45-C2-216
KIRBY, JOHN                             SC-45-A2-232
KIRBY, TERY                             SC-45-C2-256
KIRBY, TERY                             SC-45-C1-310
KNIGHT, MARY A.                         SC-45-D1-507
KNIGHT, ROBERT                          SC-45-D1-386
KNOX, JOHN W.                           SC-45-D1-432
KORN, HENRY                             SC-45-D1-227
LAMB, ROBERT                            SC-45-C1-222
LAMB, ROBERT                            SC-45-C2-149
LAMB, THOMAS                            SC-45-C1-256
LAMB, THOMAS                            SC-45-C2-191
LAMB, THOMAS                            SC-45-A1-2-19
LAMB, THOMAS                            SC-45-A2-124
LANCASTER, LARKIN                       SC-45-C2-71
LANGSTON, CALEB                         SC-45-A1-2-13
LANGSTON, CALEB                         SC-45-A2-115
LAWRENCE, JAMES                         SC-45-B1-174
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       SC-45-A1-2-197
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       SC-45-A2-280
LAWSON, MICHELL                         SC-45-C2-238
LAWSON, MITCHELL                        SC-45-C1-294
LAWSON, WILLIAM                         SC-45-B1-136
LAYTON, THOMAS                          SC-45-A1-1-46
LAYTON, THOMAS                          SC-45-A2-39
LEDBETTER, LEWIS                        SC-45-A1-2-40
LEDBETTER, LEWIS                        SC-45-A2-151
LEE, DRUSILLA                           SC-45-A1-2-229
LEE, DRUSILLA                           SC-45-A2-304
LEE, HORACE                             SC-45-C1-72
LEE, HORACE                             SC-45-C2-80
LEE, JOHN                               SC-45-B1-91
LEE, JOSEPH                             SC-45-A1-2-191
LEE, JOSEPH                             SC-45-A2-276
LEE, MICHAEL                            SC-45-A1-2-135
LEE, MICHAEL                            SC-45-A2-230
LEE, WILLIAM                            SC-45-A1-1-58
LEE, WILLIAM                            SC-45-A2-49
LEWIS, BALIO                            SC-45-A2-234
LINAM, CHARLES                          SC-45-A1-2-213
LINAM, CHARLES                          SC-45-A2-291
LINAND, GEORGE                          SC-45-B1-3
LINDSEY, JAMES                          SC-45-A1-2-225
LINDSEY, JANE                           SC-45-A2-298
LIPHAM, DANIEL                          SC-45-B1-146
LIPSEY, RICKERSON                       SC-45-C1-105
LIPSEY, RICKETSON                       SC-45-C2-112
LITTLE, JONAS                           SC-45-B1-68
LITTLEFIELD, LUCY                       SC-45-B1-154
LITTLEJOHN, SAMUEL                      SC-45-A1-2-207
LITTLEJOHN, SAMUEL                      SC-45-A2-287
LITTLEJOHN, WILLIAM                     SC-45-C1-352
LITTLEJOHN, WILLIAM SR.                 SC-45-C2-308
LOCKHART, JAMES                         SC-45-A2-173
LOCKHART, JAMES SR.                     SC-45-A1-2-61
LONG, WILLIAM                           SC-45-B1-13
LONG, WILLIAM                           SC-45-C1-330
LONG, WILLIAM                           SC-45-C2-281
LOVELL, DANIEL                          SC-45-A1-2-215
LOVELL, DANIEL                          SC-45-A2-292
LYLES, SUSANNA                          SC-45-B1-26
MACBETH, ALEXANDER                      SC-45-B1-54
MACBETH, ELIZA                          SC-45-D1-140
MALONE, JONES                           SC-45-B1-3
MALONE, T. W.                           SC-45-C2-313
MALONE, TIMOTHY W.                      SC-45-C1-356
MANNING, J. B.                          SC-45-C2-228
MANNING, JOSEPH B.                      SC-45-C1-287
MARDIS, MARY                            SC-45-D1-200
MARDIS, MOSES                           SC-45-C1-252
MARDIS, MOSES                           SC-45-C2-185, 193
MARPLY, ISAAC P.                        SC-45-D1-246
MARPLY, SYLVIA H.                       SC-45-D1-247
MARRS, HUGH                             SC-45-B1-107
MARTIN, WILLIAM F.                      SC-45-C1-369
MARTIN, WILLIAM F.                      SC-45-C2-327
MATHEWS, HARRIET E.                     SC-45-C1-305
MATHEWS, HARRIET E.                     SC-45-C2-250
MAY, GEORGE C.                          SC-45-D1-581
MAYES, DORCAS                           SC-45-D1-336
MAYES, SAMUEL J.                        SC-45-D1-326
MAYES, THOMAS                           SC-45-A1-2-31
MAYES, THOMAS                           SC-45-A2-140
MAYHEW, JAMES C.                        SC-45-B1-142
MCBRIDE, DANIEL                         SC-45-A1-2-6
MCBRIDE, DANIEL                         SC-45-A2-105
MCBRIDE, ISAAC                          SC-45-B1-68
MCCOLLAUGH, ELIZABETH                   SC-45-C1-376
MCCOLLOUGH, ELIZABETH                   SC-45-C2-334
MCCOOL, ADAM                            SC-45-A1-2-14
MCCOOL, ADAM                            SC-45-A2-116
MCCREIGHT, WILLIAM SR                   SC-45-B1-58
MCCULLOCH, ELIZBETH                     SC-45-C2-275
MCCULLOCH, W. F.                        SC-45-C2-241
MCCULLOCH, WILLIAM F.                   SC-45-C1-297
MCCULLOCK, JOHN                         SC-45-D1-80
MCDANIEL, R. S.                         SC-45-C2-220
MCDANIEL, ROBERT S.                     SC-45-C1-280
MCDONALD, J. E.                         SC-45-C2-249
MCDONALD, JAMES EDWARD                  SC-45-C1-303
MCDONALD, THOMAS                        SC-45-A1-2-7
MCDONALD, THOMAS                        SC-45-A2-106
MCELWAIN, ELIZABETH                     SC-45-D1-528
MCELWAIN, JAMES                         SC-45-A1-2-177
MCELWAIN, JAMES                         SC-45-A2-265
MCGARITY, CLEMONS                       SC-45-B1-78
MCGOWAN, A. C.                          SC-45-D1-334
MCGOWAN, FLORENCE                       SC-45-D1-497
MCGOWAN, JOHN                           SC-45-D1-146
MCJUNKEN, ABRAM                         SC-45-C1-233
MCJUNKIN, ABRAM                         SC-45-C2-162
MCJUNKIN, MARY                          SC-45-B1-59
MCJUNKIN, R. D.                         SC-45-C2-295
MCJUNKIN, WILLIAM                       SC-45-A1-1-106
MCJUNKIN, WILLIAM                       SC-45-A2-88
MCJUNKINS, ROBERT D.                    SC-45-C1-346
MCKISSICK, H. P.                        SC-45-D1-534
MCKISSICK, JAMES                        SC-45-D1-377
MCKISSICK, JOSEPH H.                    SC-45-D1-501
MCKONN, MARGARETT                       SC-45-C2-152
MCKOWN, MARGARETT                       SC-45-C1-225
MCLAUGHLIN, DANIEL                      SC-45-D1-424
MCLURE, JOHN                            SC-45-C2-72
MCLUZE, JOHN                            SC-45-C1-65
MCNEAN, JOHN                            SC-45-D1-480
MCPHERSON, STEPHEN                      SC-45-B1-184
MCWHIRTER, CHARLES                      SC-45-C1-374
MCWHIRTER, CHARLES                      SC-45-C2-331
MEADOR, ADDIE H.                        SC-45-D1-546
MEADOR, JOB                             SC-45-D1-213
MEADOR, L. E.                           SC-45-D1-309
MEANS, JOSEPH                           SC-45-B1-6
MEANS, SUE                              SC-45-D1-584
MENG, FRANK STAIR                       SC-45-D1-335
MENG, G. T.                             SC-45-D1-53
MENG, SUSANNAH A.                       SC-45-D1-311
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       SC-45-A1-1-40
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       SC-45-A2-33
MILLER, PERMELIA                        SC-45-D1-332
MILLER, REBECCA                         SC-45-B1-145
MILLER, THOMAS R.                       SC-45-D1-82
MINTON, THOMAS                          SC-45-A1-2-17
MINTON, THOMAS                          SC-45-A2-120
MITCHEL, DAVIDSON                       SC-45-C2-217
MITCHELL, D. E.                         SC-45-C2-240
MITCHELL, D. E.                         SC-45-C1-296
MITCHELL, DAVIDSON                      SC-45-C1-278
MITCHELL, J. M.                         SC-45-C2-301
MITCHELL, MERIMON                       SC-45-C1-347
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       SC-45-B1-128
MOBLEY, MARY                            SC-45-C1-33
MOORE, M. A.                            SC-45-D1-413
MOORHEAD, VIOLET P.                     SC-45-D1-184
MORGAN, SPENCER                         SC-45-A1-2-145
MORGAN, SPENCER                         SC-45-A2-238
MOSELY, BAXTER                          SC-45-B1-64
MULLINAX, ELIZABETH                     SC-45-D1-414
MUNRO, GEORGE                           SC-45-D1-475
MUNRO, WILLIAM                          SC-45-D1-423
MURPHY, BIRD                            SC-45-C2-44
MURPHY, BIRD                            SC-45-C1-39
MURPHY, MARK                            SC-45-B1-165
MURPHY, SUSANNA                         SC-45-C2-27
MURPHY, SUSANNA                         SC-45-C1-25
MURRELL, DANSY                          SC-45-A2-110
MURRELL, DAVID                          SC-45-B1-77
MURRILL, DRURY                          SC-45-A1-2-10
NANCE, J. C.                            SC-45-D1-440
NANCE, JOHN F.                          SC-45-D1-558
NANCE, ZACHARIAH                        SC-45-B1-140
NAUCE, J. D.                            SC-45-C2-269
NEDARMAN, JOHN                          SC-45-A1-2-56
NEDARMAN, JOHN                          SC-45-A2-169
NELSON, HUGH                            SC-45-A1-2-48
NELSON, HUGH                            SC-45-A2-159
NELSON, JOHN                            SC-45-A2-162
NELSON, SUSANAH                         SC-45-B1-118
NICHOLAS, DAVID                         SC-45-C2-151
NICHOLAS, DAVID                         SC-45-C1-223
NICHOLSON, W. A.                        SC-45-D1-373
NICKOLAS, SARAH S.                      SC-45-D1-271
NIX, JESSE                              SC-45-D1-559
NOGHER, DANIEL                          SC-45-A1-1-113
NOGHER, DANIEL                          SC-45-A2-92
NORMAN, GEORGE                          SC-45-A1-1-55
NORMAN, GEORGE                          SC-45-A2-47
NORMAN, JUDITH                          SC-45-C1-76
NORMAN, THOMAS                          SC-45-C2-31
NORMAN, THOMAS                          SC-45-C1-28
NORRIS, SARAH H.                        SC-45-D1-171
NOTT, ABRAHAM                           SC-45-B1-171
NUCKOLLS, W. S.                         SC-45-C1-189
NUCKOLLS, W. T.                         SC-45-C2-116
ONEIL, JOHN                             SC-45-A1-2-26
ONEILL, JOHN                            SC-45-A2-134
ORR, JAMES                              SC-45-D1-119
ORR, JAMES SR.                          SC-45-B1-100

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