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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1798-1849 | 2=1846-1872 | 3=1872-1880 | 4=1881-1888 | 5-8=?? |
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KAIN, JOHN                   MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-460
KAIN, PATRICK                PRESTON                  PA-64-3-93
KAIN, PATRICK                PRESTON                  PA-64-3-107
KAST, WILLIAM                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-292
KELLER, MARGARET             TEXAS                    PA-64-4-218
KELLOGG, NATHAN SR.          NTL                      PA-64-1-92
KELLY, JAMES                 MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-4-227
KELLY, WILLIAM               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-312
KENNEDY, DAVID               NTL                      PA-64-1-340
KENNEDY, ROBERT              MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-108
KEYES, DANFORTH              DYBERRY                  PA-64-2-70
KILLAM, GEORGE               MANCHESTER               PA-64-2-168
KILLAM, RUSH K.              HAWLEY                   PA-64-3-291
KIMBLE, BENJAMIN F.          NTL                      PA-64-3-180
KIMBLE, DANIEL               TEXAS                    PA-64-2-4
KIMBLE, EPHRAIM B.           DYBERRY                  PA-64-3-479
KIMBLE, JANE                 PALMYRA                  PA-64-2-97
KIMBLE, SAMUEL               PALMYRA                  PA-64-2-248
KIMBLE, STEPHEN              TEXAS                    PA-64-2-7
KINGSBURY, EBENEZER ESQ.     HONESDALE                PA-64-1-190
KINGSBURY, JOSEPH            CLINTON                  PA-64-2-61
KIPLE, ROBERT W.             HONESDALE                PA-64-4-29
KIRTLAND, DANIEL P.          HONESDALE                PA-64-3-99
KNAPP, WILLIAM               PRESTON                  PA-64-3-23
KNIGHT, RICHARD              BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-4-89
KREIER, JOSEPH               NTL                      PA-64-2-153
KUHBACK, CASPAR              TEXAS                    PA-64-4-8
KUHLS, CHRISTOPHER           BERLIN                   PA-64-4-21
LAKE, DAVID                  MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-4-131
LAMSON, CURTIS E.            SALEM                    PA-64-3-318
LANCASTER, RICHARD           STELRING                 PA-64-2-396
LANDSEIL, JOHN P.            SALEM                    PA-64-3-323
LAVERY, THOMAS               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-15
LAVOS, EUNICE                BETHANY                  PA-64-3-247
LAWRENCE, JOHN               DYBERRY                  PA-64-3-119
LAWREY, JOHN                 DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-328
LEA, SARAH                   WILMINGTON, NEW CASTLE, DE    PA-64-1-149
LEA, WILLIAM                 WILMINGTON, NEW CASTLE, DE    PA-64-3-296
LEDYARD, LUTHER              NTL                      PA-64-3-259
LEE, DAWSON                  STERLING                 PA-64-2-312
LEE, DIANNA                  NTL                      PA-64-4-56
LEE, GEORGE W.               STERLING                 PA-64-3-282
LEE, POLLY                   CANAAN                   PA-64-2-96
LEE, VENE                    CANAAN                   PA-64-1-378
LEE, WILLIAM 2ND             PRESTON                  PA-64-3-221
LEHNERT, FRANCIS             TEXAS                    PA-64-3-155
LEONARD, HARRIET W.          WAYMART                  PA-64-3-255
LEONARD, LEWIS               CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-2-122
LESTENADER, FREDRICK         CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-2-337
LEWIS, ABRAHAM               CANAAN                   PA-64-2-258
LEWIS, CATHARINE             BETHANY                  PA-64-3-234
LIPPART, NICHOLAS            DYBERRY                  PA-64-4-60
LITTLE, CHARLOTTE B.         HAWLEY                   PA-64-2-405
LOCKWOOD, CHAUNCEY H.        TEXAS                    PA-64-2-386
LOERGEL, LAENHARD            TEXAS                    PA-64-2-281
LOEVEN, JOSEPH               BERLIN                   PA-64-2-268
LOHMAN, CHRISIAN             BERLIN                   PA-64-3-228
LONG, DANIEL K.              TEXAS                    PA-64-3-309
LOOMIS, AARON                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-149
LORD, JAMES                  MANCHESTER               PA-64-3-60
LORD, RUSSELL F.             HONESDALE                PA-64-2-274
LOSEY, EBENEZER              HONESDALE                PA-64-2-350
LOVELESS, WARREN             PALMYRA                  PA-64-4-146
LOWE, MICHAEL                DYBERRY                  PA-64-2-280
MADDEN, OWEN                 BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-2-457
MADIGAN, JAMES               PRESTON                  PA-64-4-154
MALLINGSFORD, EDWARD         STERLING                 PA-64-2-104
MALONEY, JAMES               TEXAS                    PA-64-1-399
MALQUINA, JULIA ANN          MOUNT PLESANT            PA-64-3-408
MANG, JOHN                   TEXAS                    PA-64-3-80
MANNING, JAMES               BETHANY                  PA-64-2-286
MARSHALL, EDWARD             BERLIN                   PA-64-3-194
MARSHALL, SAMUEL             SALEM                    PA-64-4-188
MARTWICK, MICHAEL            CLINTON                  PA-64-2-444
MATHEWS, THOMAS              TEXAS                    PA-64-3-204
MAXWELL, EDWARD              BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-4-207
MAY, MARY                    OREGON                   PA-64-3-114
MCAVOY, MARY                 MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-233
MCAVOY, PAUL                 MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-4-86
MCAVOY, WILLIAM              MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-387
MCBRIDE, PATRICK             PAUPACK                  PA-64-3-417
MCCABE, JAMES                BERLIN                   PA-64-3-356
MCCABE, ROSE                 MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-211
MCCARTY, MICHAEL             CLINTON                  PA-64-4-70
MCCOLLAM, ARCHIBALD          DAMASCUS                 PA-64-1-383
MCCOLLON, NEAL               DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-346
MCCONNON, LAWRENCE           SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-4-36
MCCORMICK, EDWIN             TEXAS                    PA-64-2-330
MCCORMICK, MICHAEL           MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-13
MCCUE, PATRICK               CLINTON                  PA-64-2-368
MCDERMONT, PATRICK           MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-15
MCDERMOTT, JAMES             PRESTON                  PA-64-3-420
MCDERMOTT, PHILIP            NTL                      PA-64-2-136
MCDERNOTT, ANDREW            MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-285
MCDONNELL, THOMAS            WAYMART                  PA-64-3-159
MCDOWELL, ELIZABETH          BERLIN                   PA-64-3-117
MCDUNNELL, ZEBULON           DYBERRY                  PA-64-2-86
MCGARY, GEORGE               BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-2-326
MCGIVAN, DANIEL              MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-405
MCINTOSH, SARAH              HONESDALE                PA-64-3-182
MCKEESLER, STEPHEN M.        LEBANON                  PA-64-3-369
MCKENNA, JAMES               TEXAS                    PA-64-2-325
MCKOWN, A. W.                PROMPTON                 PA-64-4-216
MCLAIN, JOHN                 SALEM                    PA-64-3-38
MCLANE, ISABELLA             STERLING                 PA-64-2-432
MCLAURY, WILLIAM R.          HONESDALE                PA-64-4-9
MCMILLAN, FRANCIS L.         KANSAS CITY, MO          PA-64-4-164
MCMULLEN, AMANDA A.          CLINTON                  PA-64-3-445
MCVAY, CHARLES               PRESOTN                  PA-64-2-458
MEAD, HATTIE A.              HONESDALE                PA-64-4-149
MEINENZER, ANNA MARIA        TEXAS                    PA-64-3-440
MENDENHALL, EDWIN            SALEM                    PA-64-2-175
MICHAEL, GEORGE              MIDDLE SMITHFIELD        PA-64-1-6
MIDDLETON, THOMAS            NTL                      PA-64-2-231
MILAN, DAVID                 CANAAN                   PA-64-2-101
MILAN, JOHN                  CANAAN                   PA-64-1-379
MILDASH, CHARLES             STERLING                 PA-64-2-234
MILES, JOHN                  PRESTON                  PA-64-2-443
MILLER, ANSON B.             HONESDALE                PA-64-2-191
MILLER, GABRIEL              DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-364
MILLER, HARVEY               WAYMART                  PA-64-2-139
MILLER, JESSE                SALEM                    PA-64-2-197
MILLER, JOHN                 CANAAN                   PA-64-1-210
MILLER, JOHN J.              LAKE                     PA-64-4-114
MILLER, JOSEPH               PALMYRA                  PA-64-1-401
MILLER, NANCY                WAYMART                  PA-64-3-404
MILLER, PETER                HONESDALE                PA-64-2-114
MINER, DANIEL                CLINTON                  PA-64-3-6
MITCHELL, AMOS T.            DAMASCUS                 PA-64-4-88
MITCHELL, JOHN               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-339
MITCHELL, STEPHEN            DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-204
MOASE, GEORGE                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-225
MOLE, RICHAD                 DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-57
MONINGTON, ISRAEL            DAMASCUS                 PA-64-1-22
MONNINGTON, JAMES            DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-363
MONNINGTON, JAMES            DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-12
MONROE, JOSEPH               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-179
MONROE, JOSEPH               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-437
MOONEY, PATRICK              BERLIN                   PA-64-2-79
MOORE, JAMES                 PRESTON                  PA-64-2-67
MOORE, LOREN R.              SALEM                    PA-64-3-111
MOORE, LUCIA                 BETHANY                  PA-64-4-28
MOORE, NEWTON                SALEM                    PA-64-3-308
MOORE, SUSAN                 BETHANY                  PA-64-1-415
MORAN, THOMAS                NTL                      PA-64-2-399
MORE, JAMES M.               NTL                      PA-64-2-239
MORE, ROBERT H.              HONESDALE                PA-64-1-375
MOREY, CATHARINE             HONESDALE                PA-64-3-410
MORGAN, AARON                SALEM                    PA-64-1-372
MORGAN, REBBECA              SALEM                    PA-64-3-124
MORGAN, SAMUEL               SALEM                    PA-64-2-155
MOSHER, SARAH                PRESTON                  PA-64-3-130
MOYLAN, JAMES                CANAAN                   PA-64-2-194
MULLEN, WILLIAM              BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY      PA-64-4-144
MULLIGAN, PATRICK            MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-4-108
MULRANEY, JAMES              BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-3-55
MUMFORD, HARRY               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-362
MUMFORD, JOHN                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-224
MUMFORD, JOSIAH              MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-46
MUMFORD, MINER               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-275
MUNSON, WILLIAM              CANAAN                   PA-64-3-435
MURPHY, DENNIS               LEBANON                  PA-64-3-329
MURPHY, PETER                HONESDALE                PA-64-3-268
MURRAY, EDWARD               CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-2-302
MURRAY, JAMES                CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-2-318
MURRAY, JAMES                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-219
MURTHA, JOHN                 TEXAS                    PA-64-3-137
MUZZY, PLINY                 CLINTON                  PA-64-1-216
MYERS, ABISHA                DYBERRY                  PA-64-1-30
NALLIN, JOHN                 HAWLEY                   PA-64-2-462
NASH, WILLIAM                NTL                      PA-64-3-81
NEAL,R ICHARD                BERLIN                   PA-64-4-39
NELSON, JOHN                 DYBERRY                  PA-64-4-233
NEWTON, HELLEN ELIZABETH     CANAAN                   PA-64-3-192
NEWTON, SORTEMUS             BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-2-210
NEYLON, THOMAS               TEXAS                    PA-64-3-62
NICHOLSON, FRANCIS G.        SALEM                    PA-64-3-172
NILES, STEPHEN V.            MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-391
NOBLE, JAMES M.              STERLING                 PA-64-3-457
NOBLE, JANE                  DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-456
NOBLE, MARTIN J.             ELDRED                   PA-64-3-277
NOON, PATRICK                PALMYRA                  PA-64-3-127
NORTH, SYLVESTER E.          CLINTON                  PA-64-4-133
NORTH, THOMAS                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-245
NORTHAM, ANSON               SALEM                    PA-64-1-90
NORTON, PAULINA              HONESDALE                PA-64-2-223
NORTON, SHELDON              CLINTON                  PA-64-1-135
NORTON, SIDNEY M.            CLINTON                  PA-64-3-154
NORTON, WARREN W.            CLINTON                  PA-64-1-380
NYE, MARY D.                 SALEM                    PA-64-3-205
OHARA, MICHAEL               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-213
OHMER, JOHN JACOB            TEXAS                    PA-64-3-78
OLMSTEAD, OSBORN             BETHANY                  PA-64-2-214
OMONSKY, HENRY               SALEM                    PA-64-3-322
ONEIL, JAMES                 MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-250
ONEIL, PAUL                  MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-400
ONEILL, ELLEN                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-493
ONEILL, JOHN                 HONESDALE                PA-64-3-185
ONEILL, MICHAEL              NTL                      PA-64-2-347
ONEILL, PATRICK              MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-4-7
OPPELT, ANNA CATHARINE       STERLING                 PA-64-1-335
ORR, JAMES                   DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-334
ORR, LOUISA                  SALEM                    PA-64-2-102
ORR, WILLIAM SR.             STERLING                 PA-64-1-368
OSGOOD, DANIEL               SALEM                    PA-64-2-59
OSGOOD, FRANCIS R.           SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-4-201
OSGOOD, JEREMIAH SR.         SALEM                    PA-64-2-100
OSGOOD, JEREMIAH             SALEM                    PA-64-2-369
OVERFIELD, PAUL              MIDDLE SMITHFIELD        PA-64-1-2
OVERHIMER, PETER             MIDDLE SMITHFIELD        PA-64-1-12
PALMER, JAMES                PRESTON                  PA-64-2-64
PARMINTER, JOHN              BERLIN                   PA-64-1-358
PARSONS, JOSEPH B.           DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-166
PARSONS, JOSEPH L.           DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-193
PASCOE, JOHN                 CANAAN                   PA-64-2-55
PATTERSON, WILLIAM D.        SALEM                    PA-64-2-321
PATTON, ESTHER               SALEM                    PA-64-1-218
PAUL, CHARLES                PAUPACK                  PA-64-4-220
PAUL, PETER                  HONESDALE                PA-64-2-102
PEARSE, JAMES                CLINTON                  PA-64-2-298
PECK, ADELAIDE A.            HONESDALE                PA-64-2-413
PECK, ELIJAH                 MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-413
PECK, LEWIS                  MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-4-207
PECK, SALLY ANN              CLINTON                  PA-64-3-174
PEET, A BIJAH                SALEM                    PA-64-2-406
PENNADEN, RICHARD            MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-92
PERKINS, NATHAN F.           CANAAN                   PA-64-3-145
PERRY, ELIZA M.              PUMPTON                  PA-64-4-1
PERRY, ESTHER                PROMPTON                 PA-64-3-101
PETHICK, HANNAH              PROMPTON                 PA-64-3-477
PETHICK, JOHN                DYBERRY                  PA-64-2-105
PETHICK, MARY                DYBERRY                  PA-64-2-295
PETT, BETSEY ANN             SALEM                    PA-64-3-51
PHEIFER, CATHARINE           NTL                      PA-64-3-289
PHILLIPS, JOHN               STERLING                 PA-64-4-14
PIPER, JAMES                 OREGON                   PA-64-2-309
PLUNKETT, THOMAS             MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-31
POHLE, EDWARD                TEXAS                    PA-64-4-122
POLLY, AMOS                  SALEM                    PA-64-2-115
POPE, THOMAS                 HONESDALE                PA-64-2-246
PORTER, LYDIA                SALEM                    PA-64-1-356
POTTER, DANIEL               NTL                      PA-64-2-173
PRESOTN, HENRIETTA M.        PRESTON                  PA-64-3-163
PRESTON, PAUL S.             BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-3-48
PROUDFOOT, THOMAS            BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-3-491
PULIS, EPHRAIM               LEBANON                  PA-64-3-214
PURDY, ALVIN                 TEXAS                    PA-64-2-288
PURDY, EPHRAIM               PALMYRA                  PA-64-1-31
PURDY, HARVEY                PALMYRA                  PA-64-1-232
PURDY, PETER                 PALMYRA                  PA-64-1-109
PURDY, REUBEN R.             PAUPACK                  PA-64-3-367
QUICK, ISABELLA              MANCHESTER               PA-64-2-306
QUICK, SAMUEL E.             MANCHESTER               PA-64-2-301
QUIRK, EDWARD                HAWLEY                   PA-64-2-257
RANDALL, EDWIN               CLINTON                  PA-64-4-115
RANSBURY, MARY JANE          STERLING                 PA-64-4-24
RANSOM, THOMAS               SCOTT                    PA-64-2-126
REED, EZEKIEL                HONESDALE                PA-64-3-10
REED, IRA                    NTL                      PA-64-3-485
REED, SARAH MARIA            HONESDALE                PA-64-3-472
REED, SARAH                  HONESDALE                PA-64-4-150
REED, WILLIAM                HONESDALE                PA-64-3-385
REEVE, MARY                  PROMPTON                 PA-64-2-33
REGAN, MICHAEL               CANAAN                   PA-64-2-345
REHFELD, CHARLES             DYBERRY                  PA-64-1-51
REHKOP, MARY M.              NTL                      PA-64-3-454
REIF, JOHN                   HONESDALE                PA-64-3-216
REIHER, GEORGE C.            TEXAS                    PA-64-4-186
REILLY, BERNARD              PRESTON                  PA-64-2-243
REILLY, CORNELIUS            HIGH LAKE                PA-64-3-415
REYNOLDS, DEVILLE            SCOTT                    PA-64-2-227
REYNOLDS, GEORGE             SCOTT                    PA-64-2-357
REYNOLDS, PATRICK            MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-187
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM            SALEM                    PA-64-4-44
REZAN, MARY                  BETHANY                  PA-64-2-177
RHORLACKER, CHRISTOPHER      STERLING                 PA-64-1-418
RICHENBAKER, GEORGE          TEXAS                    PA-64-2-316
RIDD, SUSANNA                OREGON                   PA-64-3-175
RIEHM, ANNA BARBARA          TEXAS                    PA-64-2-414
RILEY, THOMAS                HONESDALE                PA-64-2-26
RILEY, WILLIAM               CANAAN                   PA-64-3-250
RIX, GEORGE                  NTL                      PA-64-1-112
ROACH, OWEN                  CANAAN                   PA-64-1-388
ROBBINS, JOHN M.             BERLIN                   PA-64-3-258
ROBERTS, MEHITABLE           MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-275
ROBERTS, ROBERT              CLINTON                  PA-64-1-387
RODGERS, MATTHEW             NTL                      PA-64-4-235
RODGERS, PATRICK             LEBANON                  PA-64-3-326
ROE, JOHN                    DYBERRY                  PA-64-3-271
ROE, THOMAS                  CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-3-38
ROEMER, HENRY                NTL                      PA-64-2-344
ROESCHLAU, JOHN              NTL                      PA-64-3-382
ROOSA, ISAAC                 BETHANY                  PA-64-1-121
ROOT, CHAPMAN S.             BERLIN                   PA-64-3-483
ROSS, JOHN R.                DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-102
ROSS, PHILEMON               DYBERRY                  PA-64-2-95
ROW, WILLIAM                 TEXAS                    PA-64-2-233
ROWAN, JOHN                  PAUPACK                  PA-64-3-387
ROZEL, ISAAC                 DYBERRY                  PA-64-1-30
RUSSEL, EMILY                HONESDALE                PA-64-2-422
RUSSELL, GAYLORD             TEXAS                    PA-64-2-343
RUTLEDGE, ALEXANDER          DAMASCUS                 PA-64-1-225
RUTLEDGE, JOHN               DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-380
RUTLEGE, ALEXANDER           DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-230
RYAN, WILLIAM                SALEM                    PA-64-2-164
RYDER, MARY L.               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-425
RYHAN, TIMOTHY               CANAAN                   PA-64-4-198
SALMON, SUSAN                HONESDALE                PA-64-4-106
SAMPSON, BENJAMIN            STARRUCCA                PA-64-3-248
SAMPSON, JOHN W.             CANAAN                   PA-64-2-289
SANDERCOCK, GEORGE           CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-4-230
SANDERS, DAVID               CLINTON                  PA-64-2-401
SANDERS, SAMUEL T.           NTL                      PA-64-2-441
SAUNDERS, DAVID              CLINTON                  PA-64-3-397
SAYRE, HENRY                 SALEM                    PA-64-1-400
SCHAFFER, CHARLES W.         SALEM                    PA-64-2-253
SCHENECK, JOHN H.            CANAAN                   PA-64-1-199
SCHLLUND, WILLIAM            HONESDALE                PA-64-2-334
SCHOLDFIELD, ELIZABETH       DYBERRY                  PA-64-2-89
SCHOLL, WILLIAM              PALMYRA                  PA-64-4-153
SCHOONHOVER, THOMAS          DYBERRY                  PA-64-1-34
SCHOONOVER, MARGARET         BERLIN                   PA-64-1-229
SCHULLER, FRANCIS            HONESDALE                PA-64-4-147
SCOTT, GEORGE                DAMASCUS                 PA-64-1-27
SCOTT, JOHN                  HONESDALE                PA-64-3-153
SCOTT, MELINDA G.            HONESDALE                PA-64-4-141
SCUDDER, MARGARET            BETHANY                  PA-64-3-243
SEALLY, EDWARD               LEONARDSVILLE            PA-64-4-64
SEARLE, WILLIAM              CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-2-382
SEEFRIED, JOHN               DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-232
SEELY, BENJAMIN              HAWLEY                   PA-64-2-193
SEELY, JOHN                  DYBERRY                  PA-64-1-49
SEELY, SAMUEL SR.            CANAAN                   PA-64-1-133
SEELY, SILVANUS              DYBERRY                  PA-64-1-35
SEIFERT, SOLOMON             STERLING                 PA-64-2-172
SENENBERGER, KUNIGUNDA       HONESDALE                PA-64-3-184
SENNEBERGER, MICHAEL         HONESALE                 PA-64-3-110
SHAFFER, ABRAM               CANAAN                   PA-64-3-304
SHAFFER, ELI                 NTL                      PA-64-3-361
SHAFFER, MOSES               SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-3-157
SHAFFER, MOSES               SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-2-163
SHAFFER, PRISSLA             SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-3-476
SHAFFER, SAMUEL              NTL                      PA-64-2-221
SHANLEY, PATRICK             HONESALE                 PA-64-4-174
SHARP, JOHN                  SALEM                    PA-64-2-174
SHARP, SOLOMON S.            SALEM                    PA-64-2-252
SHEEHY, DENNIS               NTL                      PA-64-2-195
SHEEYE, MICHAEL              CANAAN                   PA-64-3-56
SHELDEN, JEREMY WILLIAM      PRESTON                  PA-64-1-344
SHERWOOD, CATHARINE          MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-75
SHERWOOD, DAVID              MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-441
SHERWOOD, JABEZ              MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-214
SHERWOOD, JOHN F.            MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-152
SILLYPHANT, JOHN             CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-2-176
SIMON, HENRY F.              STERLING                 PA-64-1-365
SIMONS, RICHARD              STELRING                 PA-64-2-144
SIMPSON, ELVIRA              MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-410
SIMPSON, JAMES               PRESTON                  PA-64-2-85
SIMPSON, WILLIAM             NTL                      PA-64-3-168
SKINNER, DANIEL              DAMASCUS                 PA-64-1-26
SKINNER, JOHN                DAMASCUS                 PA-64-4-27
SLAYTON, THOMAS              MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-263
SMITH, ASA                   MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-178
SMITH, BARBARA               NTL                      PA-64-3-129
SMITH, CHARLES W.            OREGON                   PA-64-1-348
SMITH, DOLVIS                MIDDLE SMITHFIELD        PA-64-1-22
SMITH, ELEANOR               BERLIN                   PA-64-3-465
SMITH, ELIZABETH             SALEM                    PA-64-3-219
SMITH, FREDRICK              TEXAS                    PA-64-2-332
SMITH, HENRY                 BERLIN                   PA-64-1-349
SMITH, JAMES                 DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-111
SMITH, JOHN                  sCOTT                    PA-64-1-93
SMITH, JOHN                  HONESDALE                PA-64-2-353
SMITH, JOHN                  DELAWARE                 PA-64-1-10
SMITH, JOHN                  BERLIN                   PA-64-1-382
SMITH, JOHN                  SCOTT                    PA-64-1-85
SMITH, MARTHA                SCOTT                    PA-64-3-196
SMITH, SAMUEL                BERLIN                   PA-64-1-208
SMITH, SOPHIA                BETHANY                  PA-64-2-430
SMITH, URIAH                 SCOTT                    PA-64-1-227
SMITH, WILLIAM               MIDDLE SMITHFIELD        PA-64-1-17
SNAVEL, ISAAC                CLINTON                  PA-64-4-160
SNELL, JOHN                  DYBERRY                  PA-64-2-421
SOETE, HAVEINS               HONESDALE                PA-64-3-198
SPANGENBERG, DANIEL E.       SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-3-448
SPANGENBERG, GEORGE          CLINTON                  PA-64-4-224
SPANGENBERG, JOHN            SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-4-37
SPANGENBERG, SAMUEL          SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-3-263
SPANGENBERG, THOMAS          BETHANY                  PA-64-2-229
SPANGERBURG, REAMER          SALEM                    PA-64-2-434
SPELLM AN, PATRICK           TEXAS                    PA-64-2-267
SPETTIGEN, JOHN              HONESDALE                PA-64-2-56
SPILLANE, JOHN               BERLIN                   PA-64-4-245
SPRATT, JOHN                 MANCHESTER               PA-64-4-59
SPRATT, PATRICK              MANCHESTER               PA-64-2-261
SQUIRES, HORACE C.           NTL                      PA-64-2-30
STAFF, MICHAEL               BERLIN                   PA-64-2-134
STANTON, ASA                 WAYMART                  PA-64-4-32
STEARNS, ASHBEL              CLINTON                  PA-64-4-78
STEARNS, JABEZ               DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-77
STEARNS, LYDIA C.            HAWLEY                   PA-64-2-383
STEPHENS, ANTHONY            MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-105
STEPHENS, HARRY              HONESDALE                PA-64-2-384
STEPHENS, JOHN               PRESTON                  PA-64-1-366
STEVENS, HENRY               STERLING                 PA-64-3-342
STEVENS, NICHOLAS            STERLING                 PA-64-3-467
STEVENS, ROBERT              STERLING                 PA-64-2-354
STEVENS, SILAS               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-184
STEVENS, VALENTINE           STERLING                 PA-64-2-324
STEWART, SAMUEL              NTL                      PA-64-1-87
STILES, ELIAS                DYBERRY                  PA-64-4-2
STILES, MARY                 CLINTON                  PA-64-2-358
STONE, ABNER                 PRESTON                  PA-64-3-36
STONE, HENRY W.              HONESDALE                PA-64-4-42
STONE, LEMUEL                CLINTON                  PA-64-3-432
STORK, ICHOBOD               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-412
STRUM, CHARLES B.            SCOTT                    PA-64-3-407
STRYKER, ABRAHAM J.          HONESDALE                PA-64-1-212
SWAGERT, ADAM                DAMASCUS                 PA-64-1-15
SWINGLE, CONRAD              SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-2-186
SWINGLE, CONRAD              SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-2-186
SWINGLE, FREDERICK           SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-2-157
SWINGLE, HENRY               CANAAN                   PA-64-1-385
SWINGLE, JACOB               SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-2-362
SWINGLE, JEREMIAH            CANAAN                   PA-64-2-48
SWINGLE, JOHN                CANAAN                   PA-64-1-86
SWINGLE, JOHN                SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-1-419
SWINGLE, OLIVER              NTL                      PA-64-3-246
SWITZER, HENRY               CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-3-17
TAFT, CHARLES V.             HAWLEY                   PA-64-3-73
TAMBLYN, WILLIAM             BERLIN                   PA-64-4-195
TAYLOR, GARED                SALEM                    PA-64-2-71
TAYLOR, ROBERT               BERLIN                   PA-64-2-385
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              NTL                      PA-64-2-319
TEEPLE, CHRISTOPHER          MANCHESTER               PA-64-2-31
TEETER, GEORGE H.            PALM YRA                 PA-64-2-277
TEGELER, WILILAM H.          DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-397
TERREL, SUSAN E.             HONESALE                 PA-64-4-112
THOMAS, ELIJAH               STERLING                 PA-64-2-83
THOMAS, MOSES                DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-84
THOMAS, MOSES                BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-2-317
THOMAS, PHILIP               DYBERRY                  PA-64-1-115
TIERNEY, PATRICK             TEXAS                    PA-64-2-242
TIFFANY, JOHN                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-45
TILLOW, DANIEL B.            HONESDALE                PA-64-2-62
TOBIN, WILLIAM               CANAAN                   PA-64-3-71
TORREY, JASON                HONESDALE                PA-64-1-346
TORREY, JOHN                 BETHANY                  PA-64-4-249
TRACY, HORACE                HONESDALE                PA-64-1-339
TRAVIS, JACOB W.             DAMASCUS                 PA-64-1-389
TRAVIS, THOMAS               BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-1-110
TREAT, LUCIUS                NORWICH                  PA-64-2-387
TREIS, ELIZABETH             HAWLEY                   PA-64-4-127
TULLY, JOHN                  PRESTON                  PA-64-3-42
TULLY, PATRICK               PRESTON                  PA-64-3-47
TYLER, AMOS                  DAMASCUS                 PA-64-1-373
TYLER, BENJAMIN              DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-151
TYLER, ISRAEL                DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-85
TYLER, MOSES                 DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-145
TYMESON, GEORGE W.           DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-165
VAIL, TIMOTHY N.             HONESDALE                PA-64-1-171
VANDEUSEN, GEORGE H.         DYBERRY                  PA-64-4-172
VANETTEN, JOHN I.            DELAWARE                 PA-64-1-28
VANETTEN, SIMEYON            NTL                      PA-64-1-9
VANFLEET, SARAH MARIA        SALEM                    PA-64-3-125
VANMETER, CHARLES            MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-265
VARCO, RICHARD               CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-1-357
VERY, CHLOE                  MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-219
WAGNER, JOHN                 CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-2-146
WAGNER, OTHO                 SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-2-388
WALDO, EZRA                  MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-1-343
WALFORD, CHARLES             NTL                      PA-64-3-52
WALKER, FRANCIS              DYBERRY                  PA-64-1-369
WALKER, SARAH JANE           SALEM                    PA-64-3-461
WALLER, HARRIET W.           HONESDALE                PA-64-4-209
WALSH, DENNIS                CANAAN                   PA-64-3-11
WALSH, WILLIAM               SOUTH CANAAN             PA-64-3-91
WALTER, CHARLES P.           HONESDALE                PA-64-4-97
WALTON, JOSEP B.             HONESDALE                PA-64-1-351
WARWICK, JOHN                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-273
WARWICK, JOHN H.             OREGON                   PA-64-2-428
WATROUS, JOSEPH              SALEM                    PA-64-3-120
WATSON, JOSEPH               PRESTON                  PA-64-3-355
WATSON, THOMAS J.            SALEM                    PA-64-3-441
WATTS, JOHN R.               HONESDALE                PA-64-3-82
WATTS, WILLIAM               OREGON                   PA-64-4-161
WEAVER, WILLIAM              HONESDALE                PA-64-3-58
WEBB, RICHARD                DYBERRY (ADMIN)          PA-64-4-19
WEBB, RICHARD                DYBERRY                  PA-64-3-95
WEBB, ROBERT                 DYBERRY                  PA-64-2-217
WEED, JOSEPH B.              PRESTON                  PA-64-3-359
WEED, SMITH                  CANAAN                   PA-64-3-217
WEIMAR, JOSEPH               CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-2-299
WELCH, MICHAEL J.            BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-2-419
WELLS, GEORGE                BERLIN                   PA-64-3-240
WELSH, EDWARD                CANAAN                   PA-64-3-229
WELSH, JACOB W.              MANCHESTER               PA-64-1-192
WEST, DAVID S.               CLINTON                  PA-64-2-290
WESTLAKE, ROBERT             TEXAS                    PA-64-3-63
WESTON, HORACE               HONESDALE                PA-64-3-147
WESTON, LUTHER               SALEM                    PA-64-2-426
WESTON, WILLIAM              BETHANY                  PA-64-3-35
WETHERELL, WILLIAM H.        SALEM                    PA-64-3-66
WHEELER, EARL                HONESDALE                PA-64-3-89
WHEELER, HERMAN J.           MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-315
WHITE, JAMES B.              WAYMART                  PA-64-3-287
WHITE, TIMOTHY               HONESDALE                PA-64-2-19
WHITNEY, JOHN                SCOTT                    PA-64-2-443
WHITNEY, RODERICK B.         WAYNE                    PA-64-2-338
WIKOFF, PETER                PHILADELPHIA, PHILA, PA  PA-64-1-355
WILBUR, ANNA                 MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-4-82
WILBUR, JON ATHAN            NTL                      PA-64-2-28
WILBUR, THOMAS C.            NTL                      PA-64-3-106
WILCOX, DANIEL B.            HONESDALE                PA-64-1-102
WILCOX, DARIUS               DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-270
WILCOX, ESAIAS               MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-3-241
WILDER, DAVID                BETHANY                  PA-64-1-195
WILLAIMS, JOHN               BERLIN                   PA-64-3-388
WILLIAMS, ABIGAIL K.         PAUPACK                  PA-64-4-173
WILLIAMS, JOANNA             TEXAS                    PA-64-3-231
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM            SALEM                    PA-64-2-339
WILLSON, JANE                CHERRY RIDGE             PA-64-3-2
WINNACOTT, MARY              DYBERRY                  PA-64-1-154
WINTON, ABIRAM               TEXAS                    PA-64-3-49
WOERNER, GOTTLOB F.          HONESDALE                PA-64-4-205
WOLF, CHARLES L. E.          TEXAS                    PA-64-2-148
WOLFRAM, CHRISTIAN           TEXAS                    PA-64-2-367
WOOD, ELIPHALET JR.          CANAAN                   PA-64-2-131
WOODBRIDGE, THEODORE         NTL                      PA-64-1-25
WOODMANSEE, JAMES            BUCKINGHAM               PA-64-2-258
WOODWARD, ABISHA             BETHANY                  PA-64-1-52
WOODWARD, AMENIA             PALMYRA                  PA-64-4-17
WRIGHT, URIAL                MOUNT PLEASANT           PA-64-2-260
WRITER, PHEBE                SALEM                    PA-64-3-273
YATES CHARLOTTE              SALEM                    PA-64-2-360
YERKES, ELIZABETH            DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-88
YOUNG, AAROM                 DAMASCUS                 PA-64-3-199
YOUNG, GEORGE S.             DAMASCUS                 PA-64-2-276
ZIMMERLE, JACOB              NTL                      PA-64-1-203

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