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Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1798-1849 | 2=1846-1872 | 3=1872-1880 | 4=1881-1888 | 5-8=?? |
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ABBEY, ANSON                            PA-64-2-244
ABBOTT, HENRY                           PA-64-4-178
ABBOTT, SAMUEL                          PA-64-2-323
ABERT, GEORGE                           PA-64-2-98
ABRAMS, ALBERT CLARK                    PA-64-3-148
ADAMS, JAMES                            PA-64-2-359
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          PA-64-4-105
ALLEN, ASHBEL                           PA-64-2-171
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                        PA-64-2-247
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           PA-64-3-132
ALLEN, SARAH                            PA-64-1-174
ALLEN, WILLIAM R.                       PA-64-4-72
AMES, JAMES W.                          PA-64-3-316
ANDERSON, ANDREW                        PA-64-2-322
ANDREAS, JOHN WILLIAM                   PA-64-2-394
ANDREWS, ADNAL                          PA-64-3-480
ANDREWS, CHARLES                        PA-64-2-34
ANDREWS, CLEMENT A.                     PA-64-2-97
ANDREWS, DAVID                          PA-64-1-391
ANDREWS, JOHN                           PA-64-1-164
ANDREWS, SARAH                          PA-64-2-159
ANDRUS, NICHOLAS                        PA-64-2-232
APPEL, HENRY                            PA-64-4-170
APPLEY, LUTHER                          PA-64-2-14
ARNOLD, DANIEL                          PA-64-3-54
ARNOLD, PHINEAS                         PA-64-2-424
AUNGER, GEORGE                          PA-64-3-68
AVERY, HENRY                            PA-64-2-118
AVERY, JOHN                             PA-64-4-237
AYRES, JACOB                            PA-64-1-360
BAIRD, CORNELIUS                        PA-64-2-63
BANTING, DANIEL                         PA-64-1-168
BARRETT, MICHAEL                        PA-64-3-16
BARTHOLOMEW, RALZEMOND                  PA-64-4-137
BARTSON, SAMUEL                         PA-64-3-429
BASS, JOSEPH                            PA-64-1-183
BASSETT, ISAAC J.                       PA-64-2-42
BATE, BETSEY                            PA-64-4-246
BAUMAN, JOHN THOMAS                     PA-64-3-210
BEACH, ELI                              PA-64-3-418
BEARDSLEE, AUSTIN                       PA-64-3-128
BEARDSLEE, BUCKLEY                      PA-64-2-438
BEARDSLEE, ISAAC                        PA-64-2-170
BEARDSLEE, LEWIS                        PA-64-4-23
BEARDSLEE, LUCRETIA                     PA-64-4-156
BEARDSLEE, PHEBE                        PA-64-1-392
BEDELL, ADDISON E.                      PA-64-4-229
BEEHN, ADAM                             PA-64-3-69
BEEMER, MARY                            PA-64-2-340
BEERS, DAVID                            PA-64-3-430
BELKNAP, JOSEPH                         PA-64-1-410
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                      PA-64-2-374
BENNETT, JOHN                           PA-64-1-160
BENNETT, LEVI                           PA-64-3-313
BENNETT, MARY                           PA-64-2-297
BENNETT, MOSES B.                       PA-64-3-383
BENNEY, CAROLINE                        PA-64-3-27
BENNEY, HARRIET                         PA-64-4-51
BENNEY, JOHN                            PA-64-2-333
BENTLEY, GEORGE F.                      PA-64-4-41
BERGER, HIRAM                           PA-64-1-417
BERNSTEIN, EMELIE                       PA-64-3-411
BIDWELL, ASHBEL                         PA-64-3-251
BIDWELL, MARION                         PA-64-2-349
BIGELOW, JAMES H.                       PA-64-3-365
BIGELOW, JOHN                           PA-64-4-225
BINGHAM, HEZEKIAH                       PA-64-1-23
BISHOP, DAVID                           PA-64-2-90
BISSELL, HENRY                          PA-64-3-261
BLAIN, JOSEPH                           PA-64-4-6
BLAKE, ROBERT                           PA-64-2-212
BLANDIN, ALBERT C.                      PA-64-2-358
BLANDIN, DANIEL                         PA-64-2-356
BLESER, WILLIAM                         PA-64-3-4
BOLKCOM, JAMES                          PA-64-2-409
BONHAM, A. N.                           PA-64-3-396
BONHAM, JOHN                            PA-64-2-11
BONHORST, DEDERICK                      PA-64-3-209
BORNER, LEWIS                           PA-64-2-371
BOSTON, ROBERT SR.                      PA-64-1-204
BOTREE, JOHN                            PA-64-2-279
BOTREE, THOMAS                          PA-64-2-208
BOWNE, CATHREN                          PA-64-3-453
BRADLEY, ROBERT                         PA-64-3-92
BRADY, MARY                             PA-64-2-408
BRADY, PHILIP                           PA-64-2-431
BRADY, PHILIP                           PA-64-2-256
BRENHOEFER, JOSEPH                      PA-64-4-18
BRIER, CHRISTINE                        PA-64-2-308
BRODHEAD, DANIEL                        PA-64-1-21
BROGAN, EDWARD                          PA-64-4-129
BRONSON, LYMAN                          PA-64-3-40
BROOKS, COURTLAND                       PA-64-3-319
BROOKS, JOANNA                          PA-64-4-159
BROOKS, MAJOR E.                        PA-64-3-201
BROWN, ANN                              PA-64-3-351
BROWN, EDWARD                           PA-64-2-6
BROWN, GABRIEL                          PA-64-2-203
BROWN, HENRY                            PA-64-3-288
BROWN, JONATHAN                         PA-64-3-177
BROWN, MARTHA M.                        PA-64-4-43
BROWN, MARY                             PA-64-3-5
BROWN, MARY                             PA-64-3-393
BROWN, PEER P.                          PA-64-2-398
BROWN, RICHARD                          PA-64-1-383
BROWN, ROWLAND H.                       PA-64-3-443
BROWN, SAMUEL                           PA-64-2-375
BROWN, SUSAN                            PA-64-3-294
BROWN, THOMAS H.                        PA-64-3-340
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-64-2-150
BROWNSCOMBE, JOHN                       PA-64-2-198
BRUNSON, DANIEL                         PA-64-2-142
BRYANT, JOSEPH                          PA-64-2-140
BRYANT, JULIA A.                        PA-64-3-218
BRYANT, THOMAS                          PA-64-2-71
BUCK, THOMAS                            PA-64-1-234
BUCKINGHAM, AMBROSE                     PA-64-3-270
BUCKINGHAM, CORNELIUS Q.                PA-64-3-317
BUCKINGHAM, JOHN                        PA-64-1-395
BUEHLER, MICHAEL                        PA-64-1-104
BULLOCK, HENRY                          PA-64-4-85
BUNNELL, DARIA                          PA-64-2-44
BUNNELL, FLAVILLA                       PA-64-2-448
BUNTING, APOLLOS                        PA-64-1-201
BUNTING, BARUCH B.                      PA-64-2-327
BUNTING, DAVID D.                       PA-64-2-454
BURCHER, WILLIAM                        PA-64-1-147
BURKE, JOHN                             PA-64-3-178
BURNETT, JOHN                           PA-64-2-365
BURNS, GEORGE SR.                       PA-64-3-398
BURNS, JOHN                             PA-64-2-77
BUSCH, CONRAD                           PA-64-4-197
BUSH, SIMEON                            PA-64-1-105
BUSHNELL, POPE                          PA-64-4-3
BUTLER, FRANCIS                         PA-64-3-347
BUTLER, MAHALA J.                       PA-64-2-190
CAFFERY, RICHARD                        PA-64-3-104
CANAVAN, BARTHOLOMEW                    PA-64-2-113
CANFIELD, LYDIA M.                      PA-64-4-219
CARGILL, ANNA                           PA-64-2-128
CARGILL, ELISHA                         PA-64-3-332
CARMAN, LYDIA C.                        PA-64-3-474
CARR, ANN                               PA-64-2-379
CARR, EDARD                             PA-64-2-427
CARR, NUMAN                             PA-64-4-168
CARY, MINER                             PA-64-2-166
CASE, FISHER                            PA-64-1-205
CASE, RALPH                             PA-64-2-268
CASE, ROBERT W.                         PA-64-1-195
CASHMAN, JEREMIAH                       PA-64-2-403
CASHMAN, JOHN                           PA-64-1-194
CASSIDAY, DAVID                         PA-64-4-110
CATTERSON, ROBERT                       PA-64-3-109
CHAMBERLAIN, COLBAY                     PA-64-4-247
CHAPMAN, DANIEL                         PA-64-2-214
CHAPMAN, ISRAEL                         PA-64-2-36
CHUMARD, SAMUEL C.                      PA-64-4-200
CIPPERLY, HIRAM                         PA-64-3-171
CLAR, JOHN                              PA-64-4-93
CLARK, ANN                              PA-64-3-44
CLARK, ANN MARIA                        PA-64-2-232
CLARK, JAMES                            PA-64-3-462
CLARK, JANE S.                          PA-64-2-53
CLARK, JEREMIAH                         PA-64-2-329
CLARK, MARY                             PA-64-4-238
CLARK, PATRICK                          PA-64-2-156
CLARK, THOMAS                           PA-64-2-22
CLEMENTS, HIRAM                         PA-64-2-86
CLEMENTS, MARY ANN                      PA-64-2-440
CLIFF, CHARLES SR.                      PA-64-2-192
CLISSON, TERRESSA                       PA-64-2-465
CLUM, MARY                              PA-64-3-239
COBB, EBENEZER                          PA-64-2-93
COBB, JOHN                              PA-64-3-138
COGSWELL, SYLVIA                        PA-64-3-57
COLE, CORNELIUS                         PA-64-1-4
COLE, JAMES S.                          PA-64-2-411
COLE, JOSIAH                            PA-64-3-96
COLE, PETER                             PA-64-1-143
COLLINS, AUGUSTUS                       PA-64-1-50
COLLINS, CATHERINE                      PA-64-2-402
COMPTON, AVID                           PA-64-2-143
CONLY, WILLIAM                          PA-64-2-41
CONNELLY, CATHARINE                     PA-64-3-257
CONNOLLY, JUDITH                        PA-64-4-119
COOK, HARRIET S.                        PA-64-3-378
COOK, JOHN A.                           PA-64-2-224
COREY, SAMUEL                           PA-64-1-163
CORGILL, IRA                            PA-64-2-94
CORRELL, WILLIAM                        PA-64-3-253
CORTRIGHT, WILLIAM ENNIS                PA-64-1-414
CORWINE, PHILIP                         PA-64-3-348
COTTERSON, ROBERT                       PA-64-2-2
COURTRIGHT, WILLIAM ENNES               PA-64-1-9
COYNE, THOMAS                           PA-64-3-33
CRABY, PATRICK                          PA-64-3-490
CRAGO, THOMAS                           PA-64-2-103
CRAMER, EZRA                            PA-64-2-112
CRANE, FREDERICK M.                     PA-64-3-244
CROCKER, LEWIS                          PA-64-3-26
CROFT, HENRY F.                         PA-64-2-73
CRONKHITE, HENRY                        PA-64-1-14
CRONON, THOMAS                          PA-64-2-345
CROSS, EDWARD                           PA-64-2-35
CROSS, WILLIAM                          PA-64-3-223
CROW, WILLIAM                           PA-64-3-350
CUMMINGS, AARON                         PA-64-4-95
CURRAN, MARY                            PA-64-3-306
CURTIN, DANIEL                          PA-64-1-381
CURTIS, EDWARD                          PA-64-2-314
CURTIS, GEORGE B.                       PA-64-4-215
CURTIS, HENRY                           PA-64-2-278
CURTIS, JACOB S.                        PA-64-3-161
CURTIS, JOSIAH                          PA-64-1-123
CURTIS, MARILLA                         PA-64-2-124
CUSTARD, WILLIAM SR.                    PA-64-1-13
DALRYMPLE, SAMUEL B.                    PA-64-2-201
DAVEY, AMBROSE                          PA-64-2-110
DAVEY, BRICE JR.                        PA-64-3-190
DAVEY, JOHN                             PA-64-2-186
DAVEY, JOHN                             PA-64-2-186
DAVEY, JOHN                             PA-64-4-74
DAVEY, PETER                            PA-64-3-328
DAVEY, WILLIAM                          PA-64-3-458
DAY, WAREHAM                            PA-64-3-45
DEBOER, DORETTA                         PA-64-2-272
DEBORE, JOHNSON                         PA-64-2-271
DECKER, HENRY                           PA-64-1-1
DECKER, JOHANNES                        PA-64-1-3
DELAHANT, MARGARETT                     PA-64-3-188
DELANEY, OWEN                           PA-64-2-451
DENISON, JOSEPH B.                      PA-64-1-404
DENNEY, JACOB                           PA-64-3-354
DENNIS, BENJAMIN W.                     PA-64-3-151
DENTON, WILLIAM F.                      PA-64-2-130
DEWITT, CORNELIUS                       PA-64-1-8
DEWITT, JOHN                            PA-64-1-26
DEXTER, JONATHAN                        PA-64-2-291
DIBBLE, HIRAM                           PA-64-2-183
DIBBLE, HIRAM                           PA-64-2-183
DIGNAN, JANE F.                         PA-64-3-360
DIGNAN, OWEN                            PA-64-3-272
DILLON, ABRAM                           PA-64-2-75
DIMMICK, LAVINIA E.                     PA-64-4-190
DIMMICK, SAMUEL E.                      PA-64-3-169
DIMMICK, WALTER E.                      PA-64-4-76
DIMMICK, WILLIAM H.                     PA-64-2-160
DIMMICK, WILLIAM B.                     PA-64-4-34
DINGS, JOHN                             PA-64-2-79
DIX, BEN JAMIN                          PA-64-2-180
DIX, ELIJAH                             PA-64-1-47
DIX, JOHN                               PA-64-1-108
DOBELL, GEORGE                          PA-64-2-285
DOBSON, JOHN                            PA-64-4-91
DODGE, ALFRED J.                        PA-64-2-189
DOLEN, THOMAS                           PA-64-2-225
DONEY, SAMUEL                           PA-64-2-380
DONY, JOHN                              PA-64-3-143
DONY, JOHN                              PA-64-1-361
DOUGHTY, JAMES                          PA-64-1-29
DOUGLASS, ROBINS                        PA-64-3-206
DOW, LORENZO                            PA-64-3-345
DOWNS, DANIEL L.                        PA-64-3-460
DOWNS, JOHN                             PA-64-3-466
DRAKE, FRANCIS                          PA-64-2-129
DRAKE, HANNAH J.                        PA-64-2-246
DRAKE, JESSE                            PA-64-1-95
DRAKE, WEIGHTY                          PA-64-2-463
DUNLEAVY, CATHARINE                     PA-64-3-307
DUNN, PATRICK B.                        PA-64-4-176
DUNN, STEPHEN                           PA-64-2-182
DUNNING, SARAH                          PA-64-2-220
DURICK, ANDREW                          PA-64-4-20
EARLY, ABIGAIL                          PA-64-2-161
ECK, FREDERICK SR.                      PA-64-2-452
ELDRED, SARAH M.                        PA-64-2-352
ELMENDORF, JOHN S.                      PA-64-4-123
EMERY, CHARLOTTE                        PA-64-3-427
ENGHAM, THOMAS                          PA-64-2-238
ENGLE, REUBEN                           PA-64-4-223
ENGLEHARDT, ANNIE                       PA-64-2-284
ENSIGN, ORRIN                           PA-64-4-120
ENSLIN, GEORGE                          PA-64-2-433
ENSTIN, GEORGE SR.                      PA-64-1-117
ERK, FREDERICK                          PA-64-4-179
ESTABROOK, WILLIAM J.                   PA-64-2-226
FARRELL, WILLIAM                        PA-64-2-255
FEENEY, JOHN                            PA-64-3-469
FERGUSON, THOMAS                        PA-64-4-212
FERREN, MANASAS                         PA-64-2-249
FERRIS, JOHN                            PA-64-1-404
FINCH, JESSE                            PA-64-1-18
FINTON, SARAH                           PA-64-4-52
FINTON, TIMOTHY                         PA-64-4-12
FISHER, WILLIAM N.                      PA-64-2-187
FISHER, WILLIAM N.                      PA-64-2-187
FITZE, JOHN D.                          PA-64-2-237
FITZSIMMONS, JAMES                      PA-64-3-83
FIVES, JOHN                             PA-64-3-267
FIVES, PATRICK                          PA-64-2-107
FLEMING, WILLIAM                        PA-64-3-32
FLEMMING, MICHAEL                       PA-64-2-370
FLETCHER, SOLON S.                      PA-64-2-329
FLYNN, MARGARET                         PA-64-3-43
FOBES, JOHN                             PA-64-1-130
FOLEY, JOANNA                           PA-64-2-296
FOLEY, MICHAEL                          PA-64-2-282
FORBES, WILLIAM                         PA-64-2-16
FORTNAM, THOMAS                         PA-64-2-446
FOSTER, ISAAC P.                        PA-64-3-235
FOSTER, JOSIAH                          PA-64-3-416
FOSTER, ORLANDO                         PA-64-2-436
FOSTER, WILLIAM N.                      PA-64-3-438
FOWLER, CHARLES                         PA-64-2-283
FOWLER, HAMMOND                         PA-64-2-46
FRANK, HERMON                           PA-64-4-125
FRISBIE, OLIVE                          PA-64-1-222
FROEBELY, JOHN                          PA-64-2-373
FULLER, WILLIAM J.                      PA-64-4-214
FUREY, MICHAEL                          PA-64-4-80
GAINES, STANLEY                         PA-64-4-103
GALLAGHER, JAMES                        PA-64-4-58
GARRETT, JOHN                           PA-64-3-281
GATES, ALPEHUS W.                       PA-64-2-366
GAYLORD, GILES                          PA-64-3-371
GAYLORD, SARAH ELIZABETH P.             PA-64-2-420
GEER, RUFUS                             PA-64-2-377
GENUNG, EZRA M.                         PA-64-3-53
GENUNG, STEPHEN W.                      PA-64-2-199
GILBRIDE, JAMES                         PA-64-2-445
GILCHRIST, SAMUEL A.                    PA-64-3-1
GILES, WILLIAM                          PA-64-2-449
GILLETT, AARON                          PA-64-3-488
GILPIN, JOHN R.                         PA-64-4-25
GILPIN, WILLIAM                         PA-64-2-165
GLOSSINGER, JOHN                        PA-64-2-423
GLOSSINGER, MARY                        PA-64-4-47
GOEB, CONSTANTIN                        PA-64-4-68
GOODMAN, HIRAM                          PA-64-2-390
GOODRICH, ANSON                         PA-64-2-160
GOODRICH, CHARLES                       PA-64-2-99
GOODRICH, GEORGE L.                     PA-64-2-238
GOODRICH, JUDITH                        PA-64-3-394
GOODRICH, SETH                          PA-64-1-197
GOODRICK, ABIGAIL                       PA-64-4-31
GORDON, MARY                            PA-64-2-228
GORDON, PATRICK                         PA-64-2-137
GORMAN, DANIEL                          PA-64-3-8
GOULD, HERMAN D.                        PA-64-1-405
GOULD, JOHN H.                          PA-64-4-183
GRAHAM, MARY                            PA-64-2-343
GRAVES, LEONARD                         PA-64-1-172
GREDE, AUGUSTUS                         PA-64-1-185
GREDLEIN, DITTRICK                      PA-64-4-48
GREGG, WILLIAM                          PA-64-3-399
GREINER, WILLIAM                        PA-64-4-54
GRIMES, DAVID                           PA-64-4-222
GRINER, WILLIAM F.                      PA-64-3-195
GRINNELL, RUFUS                         PA-64-2-236
GRISWOLD, HORACE                        PA-64-3-450
GUCKENBERGER, LEONARD                   PA-64-3-237
GURTIN, SYLVIA                          PA-64-4-157
HACKER, JOHN                            PA-64-2-138
HACKER, THOMAS                          PA-64-3-134
HACKETT, ELIZA                          PA-64-1-158
HAGERTY, TIMOTHY                        PA-64-4-84
HAGGERTY, JAMES                         PA-64-3-357
HAGGERTY, JOHN                          PA-64-4-46
HALING, ALBERT                          PA-64-2-311
HALLIGAN, JOHN                          PA-64-2-304
HAM, ELIZABETH ANN                      PA-64-2-305
HAM, JOHN                               PA-64-3-390
HAMLIN, BUTLER                          PA-64-4-180
HAMLIN, HARRIS                          PA-64-2-40
HAMLIN, HERTON B.                       PA-64-3-487
HAMLIN, OLIVER                          PA-64-2-68
HANDIN, EPHRAIM W.                      PA-64-4-203
HARDENBERGH, GEORGE H.                  PA-64-3-377
HARDMAN, JOHN                           PA-64-4-151
HARFORD, WILLIAM                        PA-64-1-173
HARRINGTON, ELI B.                      PA-64-2-154
HART, THOMAS                            PA-64-3-309
HARTMAN, JOHANNES                       PA-64-3-463
HARTWELL, WILLIAM                       PA-64-4-62
HATHAWAY, JESSE                         PA-64-2-196
HATTEN, THOMAS                          PA-64-4-83
HAUGH, JOHN FREDERICK                   PA-64-4-182
HAYDEN, SETH                            PA-64-1-200
HAZELTON, SYDENHAM W.                   PA-64-4-117
HAZLETON, RICHARD                       PA-64-2-251
HAZLETON, SARAH                         PA-64-2-240
HEADLEY, JOSEPH                         PA-64-2-206
HEADLEY, WILLIAM L.                     PA-64-4-241
HECHRICH, CHRISTIANA                    PA-64-4-199
HEFLY, CHARLES                          PA-64-1-370
HENCEY, DANIEL                          PA-64-3-142
HERLRICH, SAMUEL                        PA-64-3-141
HERRMANN, MARGARETHA                    PA-64-3-376
HESSLER, JOHN                           PA-64-1-398
HICKS, ANDREW                           PA-64-2-110
HILL, WANTON                            PA-64-3-264
HISCOCK, NOAH                           PA-64-1-140
HIX, ELIZABETH                          PA-64-2-58
HOADLEY, JOHN P.                        PA-64-1-40
HOADLEY, SILAS                          PA-64-1-131
HOAGLAND, WILLIAM                       PA-64-2-211
HOAR, WILLIAM                           PA-64-3-29
HOBAN, PATRICK                          PA-64-2-310
HOBEN, PATRICK                          PA-64-3-310
HOEL, CORNELIA                          PA-64-2-336
HOEY, JOHN                              PA-64-2-113
HOLE, JACOB                             PA-64-2-51
HOLGATE, BENJAMIN N.                    PA-64-3-407
HOLLISTER, ALANSON                      PA-64-3-278
HOLLISTER, THOMAS                       PA-64-3-19
HOLMES, THOMAS S.                       PA-64-2-416
HOLP, ANNA                              PA-64-2-284
HOLT, THOMAS                            PA-64-3-353
HOPKINS, JOHN                           PA-64-4-97
HORN, BRIDGET                           PA-64-3-422
HORTON, DAVID                           PA-64-1-124
HORTON, HIRAM                           PA-64-2-331
HORTON, TIMOTHY                         PA-64-2-303
HOWE, A. R.                             PA-64-4-75
HOWE, PHINEAS SR.                       PA-64-1-178
HOWELL, THADEUS C.                      PA-64-3-453
HOYLE, HENRY H.                         PA-64-3-284
HOYT, DAVID W.                          PA-64-3-414
HUDSON, VINSON C.                       PA-64-1-194
HUFMAN, SEEBRINA                        PA-64-4-15
HUFTELN, HIRAM                          PA-64-3-22
HUGAS, JAMES                            PA-64-1-396
HUGHES, HENRY F.                        PA-64-2-376
HUGHES, J. S.                           PA-64-2-436
HUGUININ, LOUIS                         PA-64-3-336
HULL, WAKEMAN                           PA-64-1-94
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                       PA-64-3-176
HURD, WILLIAM H.                        PA-64-3-324
IGLER, HENRY W.                         PA-64-3-424
JAGGERS, ABRAHAM                        PA-64-2-147
JAGGERS, JOHN                           PA-64-2-141
JANES, JAMES                            PA-64-3-373
JAYNE, BENAIAH                          PA-64-2-27
JAYNE, ESQUIRE W.                       PA-64-2-303
JAYNE, ISAAC SR.                        PA-64-1-20
JENKINS, BENJAMIN                       PA-64-3-401
JENKINS, BENJAMIN                       PA-64-2-1
JENKINS, JOHN K.                        PA-64-3-338
JENKINS, POLLY                          PA-64-4-61
JESSUP, JOHN                            PA-64-1-403
JONES, AMASA                            PA-64-2-216
JONES, ASA                              PA-64-1-190
JONES, BETHUEL                          PA-64-2-83
JONES, ESTHER                           PA-64-2-395
JONES, RACHAEL                          PA-64-2-109
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-64-3-412
JORDAN, JAMES                           PA-64-2-307
JORDAN, MARY                            PA-64-2-257

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