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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1795-1814 | 2 = 1814-1831 | 3 = 1831-1840 | 4 = 1840-1851 | 5 = 1851-1873 | 6 = 1867-1887 | 7 = 1887-1896 | 8 = 1896-1902 | 9 = 1902-1907 | 10 = 1907-1912 | 11 = 1912-1916 |
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HAGANS, ZER                             PA-56-3-3
HAHN, ADAM                              PA-56-10-391
HAHN, CIVILLA CATHERINE                 PA-56-11-8
HAINS, JACOB                            PA-56-2-401
HAIR, MARY                              PA-56-5-222
HALL, NICHOLAS                          PA-56-2-532
HALL, RICHARD                           PA-56-1-27
HAMER, JOHN                             PA-56-5-290
HAMER, LIZZIE                           PA-56-9-125
HAMMER, JOHN C.                         PA-56-11-66
HAMMER, SOLOMON N.                      PA-56-7-110
HAMMOND, MARY E.                        PA-56-10-266
HANDWICK, ADAM                          PA-56-7-17
HANDWICK, PETER                         PA-56-3-438
HANDWORK, MARY MAGDALENA                PA-56-5-81
HANGER, SIMON                           PA-56-6-84
HANINGER, SUSAN                         PA-56-5-189
HANLIN, JOSEPH                          PA-56-6-328
HANLIN, LEVI                            PA-56-11-102
HANLON, JAMES                           PA-56-4-94
HANNA, ANN                              PA-56-5-125
HANNA, JAMES                            PA-56-2-224
HANNA, MARTHA                           PA-56-9-223
HARAH, JOHN F.                          PA-56-10-375
HARBAUGH, LEONARD                       PA-56-5-326
HARBAUGH, MICHAEL                       PA-56-4-99
HARDEN, CATHRINE                        PA-56-5-73
HARDEN, GEORGE                          PA-56-2-441
HARDIN, GEORGE                          PA-56-6-176
HARE, ELISABETH                         PA-56-8-297
HARE, GEORGE                            PA-56-7-366
HARMAN, GEORGE A.                       PA-56-5-246
HARMON, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-8-242
HARNED, WILLIAM                         PA-56-6-142
HARNER, WILLIAM                         PA-56-4-347
HARRIS, JOHN T.                         PA-56-10-367
HARRY, JONATHAN                         PA-56-1-306
HARSH, FREDERICK                        PA-56-5-74
HARSH, SARAH                            PA-56-5-57
HARTGE, FREDERICK                       PA-56-9-113
HARTJE, CATHARINE (BECK)                PA-56-6-118
HARTMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-56-8-128
HARTZELL, CASSIUS M.                    PA-56-10-178
HARTZELL, GEORGE                        PA-56-4-315
HARTZELL, HIRAM A.                      PA-56-8-31
HATMAKER, JACOB                         PA-56-4-352
HAUGER, DANIEL H.                       PA-56-7-347
HAUGER, HANNAH                          PA-56-4-193
HAUGER, HENRY                           PA-56-5-29
HAUGER, JOHN                            PA-56-3-243
HAUGER, SIMON                           PA-56-5-156
HAUN, MINNIE                            PA-56-10-310
HAUSE, JACOB                            PA-56-6-154
HAWN, HEZEKIAH                          PA-56-9-53
HAY, ELIZA                              PA-56-8-142
HAY, GEORGE                             PA-56-4-206
HAY, HARRY                              PA-56-8-391
HAY, JOHN G.                            PA-56-8-344
HAY, JONATHAN                           PA-56-6-219
HAY, MICHAEL                            PA-56-3-499
HAY, PETER S.                           PA-56-9-63
HAY, SIMON                              PA-56-4-78
HAY, WILLIAM                            PA-56-7-370
HAYES, THOMAS                           PA-56-6-340
HECHLER, ELIAS                          PA-56-9-251
HECHLER, NANCY                          PA-56-11-280
HECHLER, S. W.                          PA-56-10-345
HECKLER, AARON                          PA-56-6-269
HECKMAN, HENRY                          PA-56-5-372
HECKMAN, JACOB                          PA-56-4-217
HEFFLEY, ALIZANNA M.                    PA-56-9-73
HEFFLEY, ELIZABETH                      PA-56-7-231
HEFFLEY, GEORGE                         PA-56-7-59
HEFFLEY, JACOB                          PA-56-7-279
HEFFLEY, JACOB                          PA-56-1-360
HEFFLEY, JOHN                           PA-56-5-511
HEFFLEY, JULIA ANN                      PA-56-6-339
HEFFLEY, SAMUEL                         PA-56-5-433
HEFFLEY, SARAH                          PA-56-6-50
HEFFLY, SAMUEL P.                       PA-56-10-260
HEFFORD, SAMUEL                         PA-56-4-559
HEFLEY, PETER                           PA-56-4-447
HEILMAN, CALVIN M.                      PA-56-8-287
HEINBAUGH, ELIZA                        PA-56-7-342
HEINBAUGH, JAMES                        PA-56-8-170
HEINBAUGH, ROSS                         PA-56-11-256
HEINING, AUGUSTUS                       PA-56-10-56
HEINSOHN, JOHN D.                       PA-56-6-411
HEIPLE, AARON                           PA-56-7-292
HEIPLE, CHRISTIAN                       PA-56-1-415
HEIPLE, DAVID                           PA-56-8-19
HEIPLE, ELIAS                           PA-56-9-350
HEIPLE, JACOB                           PA-56-5-337
HEIPLE, JOHN                            PA-56-3-150
HEIPLE, MARY                            PA-56-5-401
HELING, JOHN                            PA-56-9-18
HELM, JOHN                              PA-56-7-368
HELMAN, JACOB                           PA-56-7-303
HELWIG, MAGGIE                          PA-56-9-337
HEMINGER, JOSIAH                        PA-56-9-256
HEMMINGER, CYRUS                        PA-56-10-214
HENDERSON, RALPH                        PA-56-10-246
HENNINGER, JONAS                        PA-56-8-325
HENRY, JEREMIAH G.                      PA-56-11-182
HENRY, MATTHEW                          PA-56-8-217
HENRY, PETER                            PA-56-4-52
HENS, HENRY A.                          PA-56-6-179
HEPP, ADAM                              PA-56-3-131
HERMAN, PHILIP                          PA-56-1-134
HERRING, GARRET                         PA-56-9-123
HERRING, NANCY                          PA-56-9-319
HERSBERGER, ABRAHAM                     PA-56-2-322
HERSCHBERGER, CHRISTIAN                 PA-56-4-457
HERSH, JOHN                             PA-56-6-21
HERSHBERGER, DANIEL                     PA-56-8-284
HERSHBERGER, ELIAS                      PA-56-10-63
HERSHBERGER, JEREMIAH J.                PA-56-9-289
HERSHBERGER, JOSIAH                     PA-56-11-142
HERWIG, HENRY                           PA-56-10-383
HESLOP, JOSEPH                          PA-56-8-319
HESS, ELIA JANE                         PA-56-11-373
HESS, HENRY                             PA-56-2-603
HESS, ISAIAH B.                         PA-56-10-114
HETZEL, GEORGE                          PA-56-8-247
HEYER, C. F.                            PA-56-5-521
HEYMAN, CHRISTIAN                       PA-56-2-315
HICKS, JOHN                             PA-56-7-81
HICKS, LARUE M.                         PA-56-8-76
HILEMAN, MARTIN                         PA-56-2-331
HILEMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-56-9-191
HILL, JOHN B.                           PA-56-10-158
HILL, W. D.                             PA-56-8-4
HINER, MARY C.                          PA-56-7-117
HITE, CATHARINE                         PA-56-5-165
HOBLITZELL, JULIA K.                    PA-56-8-53
HOCHSTETLER, ADAM                       PA-56-6-366
HOCHSTETLER, CHRISTIAN                  PA-56-9-153
HOCHSTETLER, JACOB                      PA-56-3-387
HOCHSTETLER, JONATHAN                   PA-56-5-451
HOCHSTETLER, LAZARUS                    PA-56-6-284
HOCHSTETLER, LEAH (KESSLER)             PA-56-9-152
HOCHSTETLER, MOSES J.                   PA-56-9-129
HOCHSTETLER, PETER                      PA-56-4-136
HOCHSTETLER, URIAS S.                   PA-56-8-333
HOCKING, JOHN D.                        PA-56-11-181
HOFFMAN, ALEXANDER                      PA-56-9-283
HOFFMAN, BENA                           PA-56-10-253
HOFFMAN, DANIEL                         PA-56-7-369
HOFFMAN, ELIZA                          PA-56-7-381
HOFFMAN, HENRY                          PA-56-7-244
HOFFMAN, HIRAM                          PA-56-11-300
HOFFMAN, JACOB                          PA-56-7-16
HOFFMAN, JOHN                           PA-56-5-36
HOFFMAN, JOHN J.                        PA-56-10-183
HOFFMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-56-6-299
HOFFMAN, MORRIS L.                      PA-56-9-107
HOFFMAN, PHILIP                         PA-56-2-579
HOFFMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-56-9-401
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM H.                     PA-56-10-45
HOFFMAN, WOLFGANG                       PA-56-6-331
HOGSTADLER, JOHN                        PA-56-1-244
HOJECKI, LOUIS                          PA-56-11-93
HOKE, SIMON                             PA-56-1-314
HOLBROOK, ALBERT O.                     PA-56-9-265
HOLDERBAUM, DARL F.                     PA-56-11-191
HOLSAPPEL, SAMUEL                       PA-56-6-316
HOLSAPPLE, NOAH                         PA-56-11-222
HOLSOPPLE, DANIEL                       PA-56-7-377
HOLZSHU, ANNA                           PA-56-11-406
HOOVER, ABRAHAM D.                      PA-56-11-7
HOOVER, E. J.                           PA-56-7-236
HOOVER, EMMA                            PA-56-9-147
HOOVER, FRANCIS                         PA-56-10-298
HOOVER, HATTIE GRACE                    PA-56-9-239
HOOVER, JONAS                           PA-56-6-5
HOOVER, LEAH                            PA-56-11-296
HOOVER, MARY M.                         PA-56-9-411
HOOVER, REDERICK                        PA-56-5-327
HOOVER, RUDOLPH                         PA-56-9-219
HOOVER, SAMUEL D.                       PA-56-5-467
HOOVER, SUSAN                           PA-56-10-163
HOOVER, SUSANNA                         PA-56-3-152
HOOVER, WILLIAM L.                      PA-56-11-136
HORDER, BARBARA                         PA-56-7-51
HORNER, ANDREW                          PA-56-10-373
HORNER, CHRISTIAN ESQ.                  PA-56-5-161
HORNER, CYRUS                           PA-56-6-281
HORNER, DANIEL J.                       PA-56-9-375
HORNER, DAVID                           PA-56-4-476
HORNER, ELIAS                           PA-56-5-126
HORNER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-9-97
HORNER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-10-374
HORNER, JOHN                            PA-56-5-19
HORNER, JOSEPH                          PA-56-5-111
HORNER, JOSIAH                          PA-56-10-62
HORNER, MAGDALENA                       PA-56-5-59
HORNER, MICHAEL                         PA-56-4-444
HORNER, NANCY                           PA-56-10-46
HORNER, REUBEN                          PA-56-11-362
HORNER, SOLOMON                         PA-56-3-450
HORNER, WILLIAM S.                      PA-56-10-25
HORNSHELL, CATHERINE                    PA-56-9-152
HOSEBOATH, HENRY                        PA-56-5-271
HOSELRODS, HENRY                        PA-56-10-263
HOSS, SIMON                             PA-56-6-250
HOSTETLER, BENJAMIN                     PA-56-10-41
HOSTETLER, DANIEL                       PA-56-4-286
HOSTETLER, ISAAC                        PA-56-11-277
HOUGHMAN, PHILLIP                       PA-56-2-579
HOUGHSTATTER JOHN                       PA-56-1-543
HOUPT, ANDREW J.                        PA-56-7-48
HOUSEFELT, HENRY                        PA-56-11-5
HOUSEL, SOLOMON M.                      PA-56-11-189
HOWARD, ABRAHAM B.                      PA-56-11-275
HOYLE, BARBARA                          PA-56-11-167
HOYLE, LEVI                             PA-56-8-382
HRONER, WILLIAM M.                      PA-56-5-479
HUCHTHOUSE, FREDERICK                   PA-56-6-22
HUDSON, THOMAS                          PA-56-10-231
HUGUS, ELIZABETH                        PA-56-5-238
HUGUS, ELIZABETH R.                     PA-56-11-273
HULL, JOHN W.                           PA-56-8-407
HUMBERT, DAVID                          PA-56-8-20
HUMBERT, GEORGE                         PA-56-5-455
HUMMEL, HENRY                           PA-56-5-427
HUNSECKER, MINNIE                       PA-56-10-262
HUNSECKER, SAMUEL                       PA-56-8-26
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                       PA-56-2-408
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                       PA-56-5-428
HUNTER, ROBERT                          PA-56-6-46
HUNTER, ROBERT                          PA-56-11-12
HUNTON, ALEXANDER                       PA-56-4-71
HUNTZMAN, AMELIA                        PA-56-8-236
HUPPERT, CHARLES                        PA-56-7-384
HUSBAND, ELIZABETH                      PA-56-4-321
HUSBAND, SAMUEL W.                      PA-56-11-302
HUSBANDS, ISAAC                         PA-56-5-133
HUSTON, HENRY CLAY                      PA-56-9-121
HUSTON, JOHN H.                         PA-56-9-397
HUSTON, SAMUEL                          PA-56-5-88
HUTZEL, HANNAH                          PA-56-8-327
HUTZEL, JOHN P.                         PA-56-5-282
HUTZELL, NANCY                          PA-56-6-372
HUTZLE, CYRUS                           PA-56-11-212
HYATT, ALLEN A.                         PA-56-10-60
HYATT, CHARLES                          PA-56-6-304
HYATT, DAVID                            PA-56-10-311
HYATT, JOHN                             PA-56-3-424
HYATT, JOHN                             PA-56-4-490
IMHOFF, HENRY                           PA-56-3-96
IMHOFF, WILLIAM                         PA-56-5-488
INFIELD, JOHN                           PA-56-7-148
INGARD, JOHN S.                         PA-56-9-243
INSKEEP, KATE E.                        PA-56-11-373
INSKEEP, THEADORA                       PA-56-10-48
IRVIN, JARED F.                         PA-56-8-85
IRWIN, JOSEPH                           PA-56-7-171
JEFFERSY, MARY JANE                     PA-56-10-283
JENNINGS, THOMAS                        PA-56-5-478
JODER, LEVI J.                          PA-56-11-397
JOHNS, FRANEY                           PA-56-3-108
JOHNS, JOHN                             PA-56-10-6
JOHNS, MOSES K.                         PA-56-11-286
JOHNSON, AARON K.                       PA-56-11-48
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER                      PA-56-6-28
JOHNSON, AMANDA E.                      PA-56-7-356
JOHNSON, CATHARINE                      PA-56-7-184
JOHNSON, DANIEL                         PA-56-8-25
JOHNSON, DANIEL D.                      PA-56-8-280
JOHNSON, EDWIN HERBERT                  PA-56-7-252
JOHNSON, GEORGE                         PA-56-7-277
JOHNSON, HARRIET                        PA-56-9-360
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          PA-56-4-103
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-56-6-127
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        PA-56-5-524
JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH                     PA-56-4-424
JOHNSTON, GEORGE                        PA-56-3-318
JONAS, JACOB                            PA-56-4-497
JONES, JAMES A.                         PA-56-9-335
JONES, PRISCILLA H.                     PA-56-11-166
JONES, THOMAS                           PA-56-10-217
JORDAN, MICHAEL                         PA-56-7-322
JUDY, JOST                              PA-56-5-305
JUDY, SOLOMON                           PA-56-2-511
JUDY, SOLOMON                           PA-56-8-108
KAGY, JOHN                              PA-56-1-277
KALLENBAUGH, CHRISTIAN                  PA-56-5-316
KANN, HENRY                             PA-56-8-313
KANTNER, JOHN F.                        PA-56-6-196
KATON, JOHN                             PA-56-2-525
KAUFFMAN, JACOB                         PA-56-4-215
KAUFFMAN, JACOB                         PA-56-8-36
KAUFFMAN, SOLOMON                       PA-56-6-212
KAUFMAN, DAVID S.                       PA-56-10-323
KAUFMAN, HIRAM J.                       PA-56-9-175
KAUFMAN, ISAAC                          PA-56-6-389
KAUFMAN, JACOB                          PA-56-2-452
KAUFMAN, JACOB H.                       PA-56-5-410
KAUFMAN, JACOB I.                       PA-56-11-232
KAUFMAN, LEM                            PA-56-8-10
KAUTZ, EMMA M.                          PA-56-8-354
KECK, ELENORE                           PA-56-11-350
KEEFER, JOSEPH P.                       PA-56-10-195
KEFER, DANIEL J.                        PA-56-8-380
KEFER, MARY                             PA-56-8-79
KEIDEL, CASPER                          PA-56-8-266
KEIDEL, WILHELMINA                      PA-56-7-114
KEIM, AMELY                             PA-56-9-374
KEIM, BARBAA A.                         PA-56-7-44
KEIM, CHRISTIAN                         PA-56-8-330
KEIM, DAVID                             PA-56-11-354
KEIM, HENRY                             PA-56-8-395
KEIM, JOHN                              PA-56-5-218
KEIM, JONAS                             PA-56-5-278
KEIRNAN, ELIZABETH                      PA-56-6-60
KEISER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-6-355
KEISER, HERTZ                           PA-56-6-338
KELLER, CAROLINE E.                     PA-56-10-244
KELLER, CASPER                          PA-56-3-302
KELLER, ISABEL                          PA-56-8-308
KELLER, JOSIAH                          PA-56-10-111
KELLY, BARBARA                          PA-56-9-212
KELLY, JAMES                            PA-56-7-175
KELLY, JOHN                             PA-56-5-76
KELLY, MARIAH                           PA-56-8-270
KELLY, RICHARD                          PA-56-11-28
KELSO, JAMES                            PA-56-5-319
KEMP, EDWARD SR                         PA-56-2-335, 367
KEMP, MARY                              PA-56-7-56
KEMP, MOSES                             PA-56-11-202
KENNEL, CHRISTIAN SR.                   PA-56-5-41
KENNEL, JACOB                           PA-56-4-129
KENNEL, JOHN                            PA-56-4-470
KENNEL, SUSANNAH                        PA-56-5-67
KENNELL, CHRISTIAN JR.                  PA-56-5-175
KERL, AUGUSTUS                          PA-56-8-375
KERRIGAN, WILLIAM                       PA-56-10-405
KESLER, JOHN L.                         PA-56-6-271
KEYSER, JONATHAN                        PA-56-5-200
KIEFER, ADAM SR.                        PA-56-6-55
KIERNAN, EDMUND                         PA-56-6-254
KIME, KATIE                             PA-56-11-100
KIMMEL, BENJAMIN                        PA-56-5-447
KIMMEL, CATHERINE                       PA-56-6-298
KIMMEL, CHARLES W.                      PA-56-10-337
KIMMEL, JACOB                           PA-56-5-341
KIMMEL, JACOB O.                        PA-56-10-210
KIMMEL, JAMES                           PA-56-7-102
KIMMEL, JOHN M.                         PA-56-10-338
KIMMEL, JOSIAH                          PA-56-9-124
KIMMEL, L. E.                           PA-56-10-306
KIMMEL, MICHAEL                         PA-56-2-212
KIMMEL, P. Y.                           PA-56-9-139
KIMMEL, SARAH                           PA-56-6-313
KIMMEL, SOLOMON                         PA-56-8-89
KIMMELL, ANDREW                         PA-56-5-106
KIMMELL, LABINA                         PA-56-10-341
KIMMELL, MARIA                          PA-56-7-179
KIMMELL, MARY BELLE                     PA-56-7-176
KINCAID, CATHARINE A.                   PA-56-9-347
KING, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-56-5-352
KING, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-56-1-426
KING, DAVID                             PA-56-4-500
KING, ELIZABETH                         PA-56-10-174
KING, JOHN C. OF CHRISTOPHER            PA-56-4-104
KING, LEMUEL                            PA-56-6-129
KING, REBECCA                           PA-56-5-431
KING, ROSS R.                           PA-56-11-76
KING, SARAH                             PA-56-7-346
KING, THOMAS R. OF JOHN C.              PA-56-5-199
KING, W. SCOTT                          PA-56-11-367
KINSINGER, JACOB                        PA-56-7-325
KIPP, GEORGE W.                         PA-56-10-357
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN                       PA-56-4-178
KISTER, HENRY                           PA-56-9-285
KITTIE, HENRY                           PA-56-9-135
KLINE, JACOB                            PA-56-5-408
KLINE, JOHN                             PA-56-8-347
KLINGAMAN, URIAS                        PA-56-10-157
KLINGEMAN, GEORGE                       PA-56-2-308
KNABLE, HIRAM                           PA-56-8-377
KNABLE, MARY                            PA-56-8-23
KNAVEL, SAMUEL                          PA-56-10-286
KNEAGY, DANIEL                          PA-56-5-260
KNECHT, CATHARINE                       PA-56-10-353
KNEE, CHRISTIAN                         PA-56-2-564
KNEE, DANIEL S.                         PA-56-10-78
KNEPENBERGER, RUDOLPH                   PA-56-5-500
KNEPP, JPETER                           PA-56-5-402
KNEPP, SUSAN                            PA-56-11-338
KNEPPER, BENJAMIN                       PA-56-9-321
KNEPPER, GEORGE                         PA-56-6-235
KNEPPER, LEVI                           PA-56-6-375
KNEPPER, LEWIS                          PA-56-7-37
KNEPPER, LEWIS J.                       PA-56-7-42
KNEPPER, LOVINA                         PA-56-9-133
KNEPPER, NETTIE B.                      PA-56-11-331
KNEPPER, PETER                          PA-56-5-446
KNEPPER, SARAH A.                       PA-56-9-101
KNEPPER, SOLOMON M.                     PA-56-10-385
KNEPPER, WILLIAM G.                     PA-56-9-3
KNEREIM, ANNA CATHARINE                 PA-56-9-183
KNIGHT, JAMES                           PA-56-3-36
KNIGHT, NICHOLAS                        PA-56-2-431
KNISS, GEORGE                           PA-56-10-261
KNOPSNYDER, GEORGE                      PA-56-8-361
KNOX, THOMAS P.                         PA-56-10-200
KNUPP, MARY                             PA-56-10-232
KOCHER, CATHARINE                       PA-56-6-168
KOCHER, WILLIAM                         PA-56-6-125
KOEHLER, AUGUST                         PA-56-8-43
KOEPPE, ALBERT                          PA-56-11-214
KOOB, LUDWIG                            PA-56-7-93
KOONTZ, ANNA LAVINIA                    PA-56-11-156
KOONTZ, FRANK F.                        PA-56-10-369
KOONTZ, GILLIAN                         PA-56-9-196
KOONTZ, JOHN                            PA-56-8-348
KOONTZ, SARAH J.                        PA-56-11-387
KOONTZ, SUSANNAH                        PA-56-6-157
KOONTZ, WILLIAM                         PA-56-11-407
KOONTZ, WILLIAM H.                      PA-56-10-319
KOOSER, JACOB                           PA-56-1-17
KORN, DANIEL                            PA-56-5-195
KORNHOFF, CLARA                         PA-56-8-272
KORNS, ALEXANDER                        PA-56-8-110
KORNS, DANIEL                           PA-56-8-357
KORUS, MICHAEL                          PA-56-6-39
KOSSEL, LEAH                            PA-56-9-274
KOUGHER, PHILIP                         PA-56-5-17
KRAFT, CATHARINE                        PA-56-8-115
KRAFT, CONRAD                           PA-56-7-72
KRAFT, FREDERICK                        PA-56-1-176
KRAWCZYK, JOHN                          PA-56-11-269
KREBS, DAVID                            PA-56-10-176
KREGER, CHRISTAIN                       PA-56-8-355
KREGER, GEORGE                          PA-56-10-76
KREGER, HENRY                           PA-56-7-5
KREGER, HERMAN B.                       PA-56-10-32
KREGER, JOHN F.                         PA-56-11-62
KREGER, JOHN S.                         PA-56-7-363
KREGER, RUFINA                          PA-56-9-131
KREITZBURG, ADAM                        PA-56-9-142
KRETCHMAN, HENRY                        PA-56-2-622
KRETCHMAN, SAMUEL A.                    PA-56-11-192
KRISSENGER, BELL                        PA-56-10-17
KRONE, ANNA M.                          PA-56-7-58
KUEHNEMANN, GEORGE                      PA-56-6-378
KUFFERT, CHARLES                        PA-56-6-403
KUHLMAN, HENRY                          PA-56-5-460
KUHNS, ELISABETH                        PA-56-6-242
KUHNS, JACOB                            PA-56-6-41
KUHNS, JOHN B.                          PA-56-10-247
KUHS, JOHN H.                           PA-56-10-69
KUNKEL, ANDREW                          PA-56-6-181
KUNTZ, DANIEL                           PA-56-3-248
KUNTZ, JOHN BERNARD                     PA-56-1-69
KURTZ, AMOS                             PA-56-11-71
KURTZ, ANN MARY                         PA-56-2-329
KURTZ, GEORGE                           PA-56-2-20
KURTZ, JOHANNES                         PA-56-1-304
KUSTARD, JACOB                          PA-56-2-227
KYLE, ROBERT                            PA-56-2-445
LAMB, JOHN                              PA-56-2-76
LAMB, JONATHAN                          PA-56-2-492
LAMBERT, ABRAHAM                        PA-56-7-133
LAMBERT, CHRISTIANA                     PA-56-7-205
LAMBERT, ELIZABETH                      PA-56-4-45
LAMBERT, HENRY                          PA-56-7-403
LAMBERT, JACOB                          PA-56-3-226
LAMBERT, JOHN                           PA-56-5-520
LAMBERT, JOHN                           PA-56-4-205
LAMBERT, JOSEPH M.                      PA-56-10-339
LAMBERT, JOSIAH                         PA-56-6-244
LAMBERT, MOSES                          PA-56-6-111
LAMBERT, PETER                          PA-56-3-259
LAMPE, LEWIS T.                         PA-56-9-339
LANDIS, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-3-448
LANDIS, ABRAHAM G.                      PA-56-11-15
LANDIS, DAVID                           PA-56-6-67
LANDIS, HENRY                           PA-56-5-257
LANDIS, HENRY                           PA-56-6-261
LANDIS, JESSEE                          PA-56-7-126
LANDIS, JOHN                            PA-56-5-345
LANDIS, RUFUS C.                        PA-56-7-147
LANE, JACOB                             PA-56-10-64
LANE, SADIE C.                          PA-56-6-218
LANEY, EDGAR I.                         PA-56-11-82
LAPE, ANTHONY                           PA-56-6-232
LAPE, JOSEPH                            PA-56-9-231
LAPE, PETER                             PA-56-5-48
LAPE, WILLIAM                           PA-56-7-41
LARGENT, ALICE B.                       PA-56-11-105
LAUNTZ, FRANKLIN                        PA-56-7-97
LAVAN, DAVID                            PA-56-6-252
LAYMAN, DAVID                           PA-56-4-496
LEASE, MARY E.                          PA-56-9-253
LEE, CHRISTIAN F.                       PA-56-9-311
LEER, GARRET                            PA-56-6-317
LEESE, LEVI                             PA-56-9-51
LEFLEY, RACHEL J.                       PA-56-8-22
LEHMAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-11-121
LEHMAN, JOHN                            PA-56-4-93
LEHMAN, MARY A.                         PA-56-11-249
LEHMAN, PETER                           PA-56-3-370
LEHMAN, SUSANNAH                        PA-56-8-71
LEHMAN, TOBIAS                          PA-56-6-333
LEHMAN, TOBIAS                          PA-56-9-273
LEHMER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-4-161
LEHMER, JOHN                            PA-56-1-541
LEHR, JOHN                              PA-56-11-39
LEIBER, JOHN R.                         PA-56-7-212
LEICH, THOMAS                           PA-56-2-461
LEICHTY, JACOB                          PA-56-5-69
LEIDIG, STEPHEN                         PA-56-4-450
LEIGHTY, ELISHA                         PA-56-10-75
LENHART, HORACE                         PA-56-10-399
LENHART, JACOB                          PA-56-10-325
LENHART, PETER                          PA-56-10-156
LENHART, WILLIAM F.                     PA-56-5-277
LENT, JACOB                             PA-56-6-364
LENTZ, JOSEPH J.                        PA-56-7-352
LEONARD, SARAH                          PA-56-7-12
LESLIE, JAMES B.                        PA-56-11-337
LESLIE, JOHN                            PA-56-9-351
LEVINGSTON, DAVID                       PA-56-5-35
LEYDIG, JACOB                           PA-56-6-184
LIBERTY, ELLEN                          PA-56-8-398
LICHTY, CATHARINE                       PA-56-5-180
LICHTY, GEORGE C.                       PA-56-11-17
LICHTY, JACOB                           PA-56-5-215
LICHTY, JOHN                            PA-56-5-187
LICHTY, JOHN C.                         PA-56-6-149
LICHTY, JOSEPH                          PA-56-7-372
LICHTY, JOSEPH C.                       PA-56-6-86
LICHTY, NANCY                           PA-56-5-194
LICHTY, SILAS H.                        PA-56-8-125
LICHTY, THOMAS                          PA-56-9-136
LICHTY, WILLIAM J.                      PA-56-10-389
LINDEMANN, CHRISTINA                    PA-56-11-348
LING, ANTHONY                           PA-56-1-522
LING, JONATHAN                          PA-56-5-356
LING, PHILIP                            PA-56-6-397
LINT, DANIEL                            PA-56-7-386
LINT, HIRAM                             PA-56-10-370
LINT, NOAH                              PA-56-11-396
LINT, PHINEAS J.                        PA-56-11-18
LINTON, R. M.                           PA-56-8-217
LIPHART, JOHN                           PA-56-8-294
LIPHART, MOSES                          PA-56-10-53
LIVENGOOD, CATHARINE                    PA-56-9-391
LIVENGOOD, CHRISTIAN P.                 PA-56-9-200
LIVENGOOD, JACOB                        PA-56-6-325
LIVENGOOD, JACOB T.                     PA-56-8-141
LIVENGOOD, NANCY                        PA-56-8-173
LIVENGOOD, SAMUEL C.                    PA-56-8-353
LIVINGSTON, DAVID J.                    PA-56-5-358
LIVINGSTON, JACOB K.                    PA-56-11-70
LOEHR, JONATHAN D.                      PA-56-6-203
LOGSDON, JOHN                           PA-56-2-612
LOGUE, ANDREW                           PA-56-7-28
LOH, HARRISON T.                        PA-56-11-303
LOHNE, GEORGE                           PA-56-4-474
LOHR, CHARLES                           PA-56-10-318
LOHR, CYRUS                             PA-56-7-392
LOHR, DANIEL                            PA-56-10-29
LOHR, DAVID                             PA-56-6-197
LOHR, ELIZABETH                         PA-56-8-372
LOHR, JONATHAN J.                       PA-56-9-357, 412
LOHR, JOSEPH G.                         PA-56-9-288
LOHR, SOPHIA                            PA-56-7-340
LOHR, SOPHIA                            PA-56-11-84
LOHR, WILLIAM M.                        PA-56-10-170
LONG, AUGUST                            PA-56-7-1
LONG, CHAUNCEY                          PA-56-10-371
LONG, DANIEL B.                         PA-56-8-97
LONG, GEORGE T.                         PA-56-8-288
LONG, HENRY W.                          PA-56-11-38
LONG, JACOB                             PA-56-3-27
LONG, JOSIAH J.                         PA-56-9-278
LONG, MAGDALENA                         PA-56-6-26
LONGWELL, DAVID C.                      PA-56-11-169
LOTTIG, CATHERINE                       PA-56-6-163
LOUD, JACOB                             PA-56-1-478
LOUD, VALENTINE                         PA-56-2-77
LOUTHER, J. M. (M.D.)                   PA-56-10-309
LOVE, GEORGE H.                         PA-56-11-242
LOWE, HANNA                             PA-56-11-264
LOWERY, ESTHER                          PA-56-11-306
LOWRY, JOHN B.                          PA-56-9-109
LOWRY, MARGARET                         PA-56-11-141
LOWRY, MICHAEL C.                       PA-56-9-317
LOWRY, SAMUEL                           PA-56-10-252
LUCAS, HENRY                            PA-56-8-362
LUCAS, JOHN                             PA-56-6-164
LUCKEN, FRANCIS A.                      PA-56-7-154
LUDINGTON, HANNAH                       PA-56-6-20
LUDY, CHRISTIAN                         PA-56-5-474
LUKENS, ALAN W.                         PA-56-7-200
LUTHER, J. A.                           PA-56-10-381
LUTZ, JOHN                              PA-56-6-128
LUTZ, SARAH                             PA-56-8-201
LUYTIES, HENRY E. G.                    PA-56-9-354
LYBARGER, GEORGE W.                     PA-56-11-22
LYONS, REBECCA                          PA-56-10-356
LYTLE, HENRY M.                         PA-56-9-154
LYTLE, SARAH J.                         PA-56-11-19
MACHAN, JONATHAN                        PA-56-6-277
MACKEY, THOMAS                          PA-56-1-270
MAGHT, ROBEART                          PA-56-2-229
MAGNETT, JACOB                          PA-56-5-404
MAHAN, ELIZABETH                        PA-56-9-327
MAHAN, SARAH                            PA-56-9-213
MALCOLM, DAVID K.                       PA-56-11-86
MANGES, HENRY                           PA-56-4-482
MANGUS, SARAH B.                        PA-56-10-44
MANKEYMEYER, CHRISTIAN                  PA-56-11-215
MARKEL, ALEX                            PA-56-11-363
MARKER, FREDERICK                       PA-56-2-53
MARKER, HENRY                           PA-56-2-1
MARKER, HENRY                           PA-56-5-375
MARKER, JOHN                            PA-56-6-279
MARKLAY, JOHN                           PA-56-1-52
MARKLEY, EVE                            PA-56-1-516
MARSHALL, PHOEBE                        PA-56-6-259
MARTEENY, JACOB                         PA-56-6-229
MARTEENY, JOHN                          PA-56-4-465
MARTEENY, SADIE E.                      PA-56-11-114
MARTEENY, SAMUEL                        PA-56-10-82
MARTEENY, WILLIAM                       PA-56-10-188
MARTENEY, SIMON H.                      PA-56-11-398
MARTIN, FRANCIS                         PA-56-6-335
MARTIN, JOHN C.                         PA-56-11-170
MARTIN, JOHN J.                         PA-56-11-225
MARTZ, DANIEL                           PA-56-5-344
MARTZ, EMMA                             PA-56-11-112
MARTZ, GEORGE                           PA-56-8-309
MARTZ, ISAIAH L.                        PA-56-9-385
MARTZ, JACOB                            PA-56-4-242
MARTZ, JONATHAN                         PA-56-7-290
MARTZ, RICHARD                          PA-56-8-267
MARTZ, RUSSEL                           PA-56-8-221
MASER, HENRY                            PA-56-7-156
MASHOLDER, JOHN                         PA-56-4-491
MASON, FREEMAN W.                       PA-56-11-259
MAST, JOSEPH                            PA-56-4-307
MASTALLER, ELISABETH                    PA-56-2-336
MASTERS, EMANUEL                        PA-56-10-258
MAURER, ADAM                            PA-56-5-385
MAURER, JACOB                           PA-56-5-307
MAURER, PETER                           PA-56-5-80
MAURER, PETER                           PA-56-5-65
MAURER, PHILLIP                         PA-56-2-155
MAURER, WILLIAM                         PA-56-10-281
MAUST, ANNE                             PA-56-3-365
MAY, ELIZABETH                          PA-56-7-127
MAY, JACOB                              PA-56-6-307
MAY, JACOB                              PA-56-2-190
MAY, SUSANNAH                           PA-56-11-390
MAY, WILLIAM                            PA-56-6-32
MAZER, JOHN G.                          PA-56-9-362, 388
MCADAMS, JOHN                           PA-56-9-348
MCCLATCHY, JOHN                         PA-56-1-41
MCCLINTOCK, JOHN A.                     PA-56-7-213
MCCLINTOCK, JOHN K.                     PA-56-7-157
MCCLINTOCK, ROBERT                      PA-56-3-297
MCCLINTOCK, SARAH                       PA-56-7-99
MCCLOSKEY, NANCY                        PA-56-9-322
MCCLURE, QUINCY A.                      PA-56-10-19
MCCORMICK, HENRY                        PA-56-10-268
MCFADDIN, CAROLINE                      PA-56-7-166
MCFERRAN, MARY J.                       PA-56-10-314
MCGAIRY, MARIE                          PA-56-11-361
MCGILL, JAMES                           PA-56-8-63
MCGREGOR, ALEXANDER                     PA-56-6-348
MCKENDRICK, ELIZABETH                   PA-56-10-43
MCKENZIE, JOSEPH                        PA-56-6-140
MCKENZIE, MOSES H.                      PA-56-10-192
MCKENZIE, PATRICK                       PA-56-9-400
MCKIER, JAMES                           PA-56-5-3
MCKINLEY, ABNER                         PA-56-9-157
MCKINLEY, JANET O.                      PA-56-11-381
MCLEAN, ELENER                          PA-56-3-83
MCMILLEN, ELI                           PA-56-9-297
MCMILLEN, REUBEN                        PA-56-9-40
MCMILLEN, RUSH S.                       PA-56-11-132
MCNEAR, SAMUEL                          PA-56-6-85
MCNETT, ROBERT                          PA-56-2-229
MCNULL, JAMES                           PA-56-4-58
MCSPADDEN, MARGARET                     PA-56-6-234
MCVAUGH, D. JONES                       PA-56-10-198
MCVICKER, JESSE                         PA-56-9-382
MEAGER, CHARLOTTE                       PA-56-11-203
MEAGHER, JOHN                           PA-56-10-299
MEEK, CHRISTIAN                         PA-56-10-196
MEEYERS, JOSEPH                         PA-56-7-240
MENGES, JOHANN JACOB                    PA-56-2-479
MENGES, JOHN JACOB                      PA-56-2-505
MENSER, HENRY J.                        PA-56-11-328
MENSER, NOAH                            PA-56-11-219
MERTZ, WILLIAM                          PA-56-5-60
MESSABAUGH, JACOB                       PA-56-5-225
MESSABOUGH, JACOB                       PA-56-5-261
MESSERSMITH, HENRY                      PA-56-3-109
MEYER, ABRAHAM                          PA-56-4-189
MEYER, HENRY                            PA-56-6-117
MEYERS, ALEXANDER C.                    PA-56-5-275
MEYERS, BARBARA E.                      PA-56-9-315
MEYERS, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-10-143
MEYERS, HENRY                           PA-56-10-142
MEYERS, HENRY                           PA-56-6-237
MEYERS, JACOB D.                        PA-56-7-267
MEYERS, JACOB J.                        PA-56-6-24
MEYERS, JOHN S.                         PA-56-11-359
MEYERS, JOSIAH                          PA-56-11-283
MEYERS, JOSIAH E.                       PA-56-10-384
MEYERS, MAGDALENA                       PA-56-4-414
MEYERS, MAGGIE A.                       PA-56-10-254
MEYERS, PETER C.                        PA-56-7-169
MEYERS, RUDOLPH                         PA-56-6-29
MEYERS, WILLIAM                         PA-56-5-31
MEYERS, WILLIAM H.                      PA-56-10-255
MEYERS, WILLIAM H.                      PA-56-11-27
MEZAK, ANNIE                            PA-56-10-400
MICHAEL, LEWIS                          PA-56-5-10
MIDDLETON, MARY E.                      PA-56-9-226
MILELR, AUSTIN D.                       PA-56-10-313
MILES, ARTHUR                           PA-56-11-258
MILHOUSE, JOHN                          PA-56-5-353
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-3-119
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-1-448
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-4-493
MILLER, ADAM                            PA-56-5-119
MILLER, ALEXANDER                       PA-56-10-108
MILLER, ANDEW                           PA-56-5-300
MILLER, ANDREW                          PA-56-6-204
MILLER, BARBARA S.                      PA-56-3-79
MILLER, BENJAMIN F.                     PA-56-10-18
MILLER, BERNT                           PA-56-1-163
MILLER, CARRIE                          PA-56-9-402
MILLER, CATHARINE                       PA-56-9-301
MILLER, CHARLES                         PA-56-8-11
MILLER, CHARLES LLOYD                   PA-56-8-322
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-56-1-20
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-56-3-463
MILLER, DANIEL                          PA-56-3-171
MILLER, DAVID                           PA-56-5-97
MILLER, DAVID                           PA-56-5-30
MILLER, DAVID J.                        PA-56-8-373
MILLER, ELISABETH                       PA-56-10-346
MILLER, EPHRIAM                         PA-56-9-286
MILLER, FREDERICK                       PA-56-9-32
MILLER, GEORGE                          PA-56-7-320
MILLER, HEINRICH                        PA-56-6-211
MILLER, HENRY W.                        PA-56-11-279
MILLER, HIRAM L.                        PA-56-7-186
MILLER, ISAAC                           PA-56-8-37
MILLER, J.                              PA-56-8-98
MILLER, J. H.                           PA-56-7-104
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-56-6-77
MILLER, JACOB A.                        PA-56-5-383
MILLER, JACOB D.                        PA-56-6-78
MILLER, JACOB J.                        PA-56-6-266
MILLER, JACOB O.                        PA-56-8-249
MILLER, JACOB S.                        PA-56-11-384
MILLER, JOEL P.                         PA-56-9-326
MILLER, JOHANNES                        PA-56-1-188
MILLER, JOHN A.                         PA-56-6-146
MILLER, JOHN J.                         PA-56-9-173
MILLER, JOHN P.                         PA-56-5-391
MILLER, JONATHAN A.                     PA-56-8-300
MILLER, JONATHAN D.                     PA-56-7-230
MILLER, JOSEPH                          PA-56-6-36
MILLER, JOSEPH                          PA-56-5-176
MILLER, JOSEPH H.                       PA-56-9-407
MILLER, JOSEPH SR.                      PA-56-1-432
MILLER, MARY                            PA-56-5-398
MILLER, MARY                            PA-56-5-123
MILLER, MATILDA A.                      PA-56-10-83
MILLER, NATHANIEL                       PA-56-11-404
MILLER, PETER                           PA-56-5-15
MILLER, PETER                           PA-56-2-195
MILLER, PETER A.                        PA-56-6-14
MILLER, PETER D.                        PA-56-7-203
MILLER, SAMUEL J.                       PA-56-9-324
MILLER, SAMUEL J.                       PA-56-11-36
MILLER, SAMUEL J.                       PA-56-6-263
MILLER, SAMUEL M.                       PA-56-8-58
MILLER, SAMUEL P.                       PA-56-7-31
MILLER, SAMUEL S.                       PA-56-9-71
MILLER, SAMUEL S.                       PA-56-10-210
MILLER, SARAH                           PA-56-9-345
MILLER, SARAH D.                        PA-56-7-168
MILLER, THEODORE                        PA-56-10-250
MILLER, THOMAS B.                       PA-56-9-42
MILLER, TOBIAS                          PA-56-6-190
MILLER, TOBIAS A.                       PA-56-9-55
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-56-4-254
MILLER, WILLIAM J.                      PA-56-11-340
MILLHOUSE, RACHEL                       PA-56-9-91
MILTENBERGER, HENRY C.                  PA-56-9-328
MILTENBERGER, MARY A.                   PA-56-10-23
MINERD, JACOB                           PA-56-4-113
MITCHEL, JOHN                           PA-56-1-191
MITCHELL, JAMES                         PA-56-1-73
MITCHELL, JOHN                          PA-56-7-217
MITCHELL, JOHN                          PA-56-7-211
MITCHELL, JULIA A.                      PA-56-10-9
MITCHELL, LEWIS                         PA-56-4-120
MITCHELL, SARAH                         PA-56-10-321
MITCHELL, WILLIAM F.                    PA-56-11-135
MONG, JOHN                              PA-56-6-52
MOON, JACOB                             PA-56-5-166
MOON, JACOB H.                          PA-56-8-235
MOORE, ANN M.                           PA-56-5-470
MOORE, DANIEL SR.                       PA-56-3-160
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        PA-56-10-242
MOORE, JAMES H.                         PA-56-11-382
MOORE, WALTER F.                        PA-56-11-164
MORGAN, CHRISTINA                       PA-56-7-8
MORGAN, SYLVESTER                       PA-56-11-29
MORGAN, WILLIAM S.                      PA-56-7-89
MORRELL, LOREN                          PA-56-10-119
MORRISON, JAMES                         PA-56-3-39
MORRISON, JOHN                          PA-56-5-223
MORRISON, JOHN H.                       PA-56-9-259
MOSER, CATHARINE                        PA-56-9-261
MOSER, HENRY                            PA-56-11-80
MOSER, NATHANIEL                        PA-56-5-114
MOSGRAVE, JOHN                          PA-56-6-332
MOSHOLDER, DANIEL                       PA-56-7-192
MOSHOLDER, JOHN                         PA-56-9-233
MOSHOLDER, JONATHAN                     PA-56-9-405
MOSHOLDER, MARY E.                      PA-56-11-179
MOSHOLDER, NANCY                        PA-56-8-191
MOSHOLDER, ROSIE A.                     PA-56-10-93
MOSHOLDER, WILLIAM                      PA-56-6-123
MOSSHOLDER, JOHN                        PA-56-2-79
MOST, CHRISITAN                         PA-56-1-481
MOSTOLLAR, CATHARINE                    PA-56-5-56
MOSTOLLER, FREDERICK                    PA-56-2-74
MOSTOLLER, GEORGE                       PA-56-5-493
MOSTOLLER, JOHN                         PA-56-4-73
MOSTOLLER, NANCY E.                     PA-56-11-30
MOUNTAIN, CATHARINE                     PA-56-6-347
MOUNTAIN, DAVID                         PA-56-6-27
MOUNTAIN, HULDA                         PA-56-10-117
MOWRY, HARRY J.                         PA-56-9-149
MOWRY, JOHN                             PA-56-8-55
MOWRY, MICHAEL                          PA-56-5-484
MOWRY, SUSAN                            PA-56-5-75
MOYER, CONROD                           PA-56-4-404
MOYERS, DAVID C.                        PA-56-6-191
MOYERS, MARY                            PA-56-4-157
MOYERS, NANCY                           PA-56-4-142
MULL, ISSABELL                          PA-56-11-109
MULL, KATE                              PA-56-10-47
MULL, WILLIAM                           PA-56-8-156
MULLER, ANNA MARIA                      PA-56-10-27
MULLER, AUGUST                          PA-56-5-313
MULLER, GUSTAVUS ADOLPH                 PA-56-10-28
MULLER, VAL                             PA-56-7-50
MURPHY, JACOB                           PA-56-7-261
MUSSELMAN, HIRAM                        PA-56-8-323
MUSSER, CYRUS                           PA-56-11-65
MUSSER, HENRY                           PA-56-6-34
MUSSER, MARGARET                        PA-56-9-80
MUSSER, SAMUEL                          PA-56-7-92
MUSSER, TOBIAS                          PA-56-5-164
MYERS, CHRISTIAN R.                     PA-56-5-101
MYERS, JACOB                            PA-56-5-20
MYERS, WILLIAM HENRY                    PA-56-11-227

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