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ACKERMAN, GEORGE W.                     PA-56-10-7
ACKERMAN, GEORGE W. JR.                 PA-56-5-381
ACKERMAN, LEWIS C.                      PA-56-10-190
ACKERMAN, WILLIAM T.                    PA-56-11-194
ADAMS, ALBERT M.                        PA-56-10-280
ADAMS, DANIEL                           PA-56-8-331
ADAMS, FREDERICK                        PA-56-4-194
ADAMS, LEVI                             PA-56-5-236
ADAMS, MARTIN J.                        PA-56-11-260
ADAMS, W. J.                            PA-56-8-386
AIRESMAN, ISABELLA                      PA-56-10-350
ALBINE, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-9-282
ALBINE, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-9-292
ALBRIGHT, JOHN                          PA-56-4-146
ALBRIGHT, LYDIA A.                      PA-56-9-120
ALFATHER, ELI                           PA-56-6-178
ALTFATHER, JOHN                         PA-56-10-208
ALTMILLER, CAROLINE                     PA-56-7-121
ALTMILLER, GEORGE                       PA-56-10-303
ALWINE, JOSIAH                          PA-56-7-357
ANDERSON, G. ESPY                       PA-56-9-224
ANDERSON, ROBERT                        PA-56-5-22
ANKENY, CHRISTIAN                       PA-56-8-153
ANKENY, DAVID                           PA-56-7-243
ANKENY, GEORGE                          PA-56-4-486
ANKENY, JACOB                           PA-56-5-495
ANKENY, JOHN P.                         PA-56-9-359
ANKENY, JONAS I.                        PA-56-11-372
ANKENY, WILLIAM P.                      PA-56-6-130
ANKNEY, ISAAC                           PA-56-11-331
ANSELL, JOHN H.                         PA-56-9-12
APPEL, WILLIAM                          PA-56-8-317
ARISMAN, JACOB                          PA-56-10-173
ARMSTRONG, ANNE                         PA-56-3-284
ARNOLD, JOHN                            PA-56-4-495
ARNSBURST, RACHEL                       PA-56-7-374
ARTHUR, SAMUEL                          PA-56-9-10
ASH, WILMINE                            PA-56-10-191
ASHBROOK, JOHN                          PA-56-11-386
ATCHESON, EMANUEL                       PA-56-8-196
AUGUSTINE, DANIEL                       PA-56-8-274
AUGUSTINE, JOHN                         PA-56-6-361
AUGUSTINE, JULIA                        PA-56-11-401
AUGUSTINE, MARY                         PA-56-4-351
AULT, LOUISA                            PA-56-11-223
AUMAN, ELIZABETH M.                     PA-56-8-133
AUMAN, PETER                            PA-56-5-24
AUMAN, PETER                            PA-56-7-257
AUMAN, PHILIP                           PA-56-3-138
BACHTAL, JACOB                          PA-56-4-234
BACKER, PHILIP                          PA-56-1-150
BAER, ANNA MARIA                        PA-56-7-82
BAER, ANNIE F.                          PA-56-11-58
BAER, ANNIE SCHALL                      PA-56-11-10
BAER, BARBARA                           PA-56-9-168
BAER, DANIEL                            PA-56-6-330
BAER, NATHANIEL J.                      PA-56-9-203
BAER, SAMUEL                            PA-56-7-209
BAKER, CONRAD P.                        PA-56-9-306
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        PA-56-11-161
BAKER, HENRY M.                         PA-56-6-280
BAKER, JACOB J.                         PA-56-8-122
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-56-5-27
BAKER, LEAH                             PA-56-11-160
BAKER, MARTIN                           PA-56-9-372
BAKER, MICHAEL                          PA-56-7-11
BAKER, PETER A.                         PA-56-5-212
BAKER, PETER J.                         PA-56-7-188
BAKER, ROSE ANNE                        PA-56-6-256
BALDWIN, BENJAMIN                       PA-56-5-513
BALDWIN, JOSEPH                         PA-56-9-246
BALDWIN, MARY                           PA-56-10-278
BALDWIN, SOLOMON                        PA-56-5-139
BALDWIN, SOLOMON                        PA-56-8-151
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                        PA-56-3-482
BALTZER, GEORGE                         PA-56-6-76
BALTZER, MARY                           PA-56-8-311
BALTZER, MARYAN                         PA-56-5-388
BALTZER, SIMON G.                       PA-56-8-392
BANCORD, JOHN                           PA-56-6-114
BANGERT, HENRY                          PA-56-10-352
BANTLEY, T. P.                          PA-56-10-355
BARCKLY, MICHAEL                        PA-56-5-501
BARCLAY, DANIEL C.                      PA-56-9-378
BARCLAY, DSAVID                         PA-56-9-275
BARCLAY, EVA                            PA-56-10-54
BARCLAY, GEORGE                         PA-56-7-404
BARCLAY, SAMUEL                         PA-56-7-283
BARE, SALLY                             PA-56-9-78
BARFOS, FRANEY                          PA-56-6-45
BARKLEY, CHRISTIAN                      PA-56-5-181
BARKLEY, JONATHAN J.                    PA-56-9-128
BARKMAN, LAVINIA                        PA-56-8-17
BARKMAN, REGINA                         PA-56-6-238
BARLOTT, AMELIA JANE                    PA-56-11-118
BARNES, HAMILTON B.                     PA-56-9-8
BARNES, HIRAM                           PA-56-8-315
BARNET, PETER                           PA-56-2-595
BARNETT, JOHN                           PA-56-7-128
BARNETT, JOHN M.                        PA-56-10-37
BARNETT, MARY                           PA-56-10-312
BARNHART, JACOB                         PA-56-7-305
BARREN, ISAAC                           PA-56-7-24
BARRON, AARON                           PA-56-8-393
BARRON, CHAUNCEY P.                     PA-56-9-84
BARRON, HENRY F.                        PA-56-11-149
BARRON, JACOB A.                        PA-56-10-8
BARRON, JOHN                            PA-56-1-181
BARRON, JOHN                            PA-56-6-19
BARRON, JOSIAH                          PA-56-11-42
BARRON, MARY MCNEILL                    PA-56-10-58
BARRON, SIMON                           PA-56-11-137
BARRON, WILSON                          PA-56-9-230
BARRONE, GEORGE SR.                     PA-56-3-6
BARRONE, HENRY                          PA-56-4-461
BARROWMAN, DAVID                        PA-56-11-87
BAUCHER, URIAS D.                       PA-56-9-336
BAUERMASTER, ELIAS                      PA-56-11-318
BAUMAN, CATHARINE H.                    PA-56-11-133
BAUMAN, DANIEL                          PA-56-7-380
BAUMAN, MARILLA V.                      PA-56-10-380
BAUMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-56-9-252
BAUSER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-56-2-459
BAUSER, JOHN SR.                        PA-56-4-21
BAUSSER, JOHN                           PA-56-2-324
BAXTER, NEISBIT                         PA-56-9-366, 412
BEABES, LOUIS A.                        PA-56-11-155
BEACHLY, URIAS M.                       PA-56-8-237
BEACHY, A. P.                           PA-56-8-7
BEACHY, CHRISTIAN I.                    PA-56-8-1
BEACHY, JOHN W.                         PA-56-7-124
BEAL, HERMAN B.                         PA-56-11-355
BEAL, JESSE N.                          PA-56-4-484
BEAL, NICHOLAS                          PA-56-5-115
BEALL, NELSN                            PA-56-6-385
BEAM, ABRAHAM                           PA-56-7-313, 327
BEAM, ANNA M.                           PA-56-10-38
BEAM, C. J.                             PA-56-5-349
BEAM, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-56-2-509
BEAM, HENRY                             PA-56-1-190
BEAM, HIRAM                             PA-56-7-145
BEAM, J. H.                             PA-56-9-284
BEAR, BARBARA                           PA-56-3-362
BEARL, DANIEL                           PA-56-5-255
BEATTY, ELIZA ANDERSON                  PA-56-9-228
BECK, CATHARINE                         PA-56-8-326
BECK, NICHOLAS                          PA-56-6-49
BECK, NICOLAUS SR.                      PA-56-6-195
BEEGHLEY, JOHN                          PA-56-4-226
BEERITS, HENRY                          PA-56-6-233
BEESECKER, ANN MARIA                    PA-56-6-210
BEIGHLEY, JACOB                         PA-56-3-128
BEIGHLEY, JACOB K.                      PA-56-5-104
BEIGHLEY, MICHAEL                       PA-56-1-484
BEITZEL, GEORGE                         PA-56-9-30
BELL, DAVID                             PA-56-6-346
BELL, ISAIAH                            PA-56-9-178
BELL, SARAH                             PA-56-8-146
BELZ, GEORGE                            PA-56-5-370
BENDER, B. F.                           PA-56-8-93
BENDER, CATHARINE L.                    PA-56-10-84
BENDER, ELIZA E.                        PA-56-9-247
BENDER, ENOCH W.                        PA-56-11-392
BENDER, MICHAEL                         PA-56-5-91
BENFORD, ELIZABETH                      PA-56-5-426
BENFORD, EYTH CUSTER                    PA-56-10-206
BENFORD, GEORGE W.                      PA-56-7-344
BENFORD, HENRY                          PA-56-5-494
BENFORD, ISABELLA C.                    PA-56-8-292
BENFORD, JOHN H.                        PA-56-8-41
BENFORD, MARGARET C.                    PA-56-9-99
BENNER, HELENA                          PA-56-8-314
BENNET, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-9-205
BERCKLE, JACOB                          PA-56-2-305
BERCKLEY, SOLOMON                       PA-56-5-476
BERGEN, SUSANAH                         PA-56-11-250
BERKE, JOSEPH                           PA-56-1-82
BERKEBILE, ELMA E.                      PA-56-10-335
BERKEBILE, GIDEON                       PA-56-10-91
BERKEY, ANNIE                           PA-56-7-359
BERKEY, BENJAMIN                        PA-56-5-295
BERKEY, CATHARINE                       PA-56-8-145
BERKEY, DANIEL                          PA-56-7-250
BERKEY, ELIZA                           PA-56-10-347
BERKEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-7-40
BERKEY, HENRY                           PA-56-6-121
BERKEY, HENRY (REV.)                    PA-56-6-69
BERKEY, JACOB                           PA-56-5-489
BERKEY, JACOB                           PA-56-1-239
BERKEY, JOSEPH                          PA-56-10-121
BERKEY, PETER                           PA-56-6-356
BERKEY, SAMUEL                          PA-56-8-28
BERKEY, SARAH                           PA-56-10-324
BERKEY, WILLIAM                         PA-56-9-79
BERKEY, WILLIAM H.                      PA-56-10-272
BERKEYBILE, HARRIET                     PA-56-8-96
BERKEYBILE, JEREMIAH                    PA-56-9-299
BERKEYBILE, SAMUEL                      PA-56-6-314
BERKEYBILE, SUSANN                      PA-56-6-278
BERKLEY, JOEL L.                        PA-56-10-115
BERKLEY, JOHN                           PA-56-5-143
BERKLEY, JOHN                           PA-56-5-268
BERKLEY, MARY                           PA-56-8-75
BERKLEY, PETER                          PA-56-5-283
BERKSBILE, JACOB                        PA-56-7-178
BERTRAM, C. C. MRS.                     PA-56-11-271
BERTRAM, CHRISTIAN                      PA-56-7-13
BEVINS, EDWARD                          PA-56-6-105
BEYMER, CONRAD                          PA-56-1-148
BIDNER, PHILLIP                         PA-56-2-72
BIEBES, JOHN                            PA-56-5-390
BINGNER, FREDERICK                      PA-56-10-132
BIRD, BASIL                             NPA-56-8-336
BIRD, CAHARINE A.                       PA-56-10-187
BIRD, NOAH                              PA-56-11-96
BISBIN, KATHERINE                       PA-56-10-25
BISBING, JOHN                           PA-56-4-95
BISSELL, WILLIAM S.                     PA-56-9-101
BITNER, GEORGE G.                       PA-56-11-43
BITNER, JACOB                           PA-56-2-111
BITNER, WILLIAM                         PA-56-5-198
BITTNER, AARON F.                       PA-56-8-306
BITTNER, BENJAMIN                       PA-56-6-88
BITTNER, EDWARD                         PA-56-8-360
BITTNER, GEORGE J.                      PA-56-6-222
BITTNER, JACOB                          PA-56-11-322
BITTNER, JEREMIAH                       PA-56-8-169
BITTNER, JONATHAN                       PA-56-6-165
BITTNER, JULIA                          PA-56-11-193
BITTNER, LUCINDA                        PA-56-8-70
BITTNER, MOSES                          PA-56-7-396
BITTNER, REBECCA                        PA-56-8-360
BITTNER, REBECCA                        PA-56-9-389
BITTNER, WILLIAM F.                     PA-56-10-36
BLABAUGH, JEMIMA                        PA-56-3-20
BLACK, ALBERT G.                        PA-56-11-128
BLACK, CHARLES W. M.                    PA-56-9-49
BLACK, ESTHER B.                        PA-56-11-129
BLACK, JAMES                            PA-56-1-205
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH                       PA-56-5-350
BLACKBURN, SAMUEL O.                    PA-56-5-304
BLACKBURN, SARAH                        PA-56-7-365
BLAIR, MARIA C.                         PA-56-10-110
BLAIR, WILLIAM F.                       PA-56-11-162
BLAUCH, JOHN J.                         PA-56-11-104
BLAUSET, JOSEPH                         PA-56-6-35
BLEIBAUGH, SIMON                        PA-56-7-378
BLOUGH, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-7-181
BLOUGH, BENJAMIN                        PA-56-5-118
BLOUGH, DANIEL                          PA-56-5-230
BLOUGH, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-8-349
BLOUGH, EMANUEL J.                      PA-56-10-243
BLOUGH, HENRY                           PA-56-2-631
BLOUGH, HENRY                           PA-56-6-92
BLOUGH, JACOB                           PA-56-6-183
BLOUGH, JACOB                           PA-56-1-400
BLOUGH, JACOB                           PA-56-2-538
BLOUGH, JACOB                           PA-56-6-377
BLOUGH, JACOB SR.                       PA-56-4-477
BLOUGH, JOHN                            PA-56-3-374
BLOUGH, JOHN                            PA-56-9-86
BLOUGH, JOHN H.                         PA-56-11-287
BLOUGH, JONATHAN W.                     PA-56-10-40
BLOUGH, LEVI J.                         PA-56-10-275
BLOUGH, MARY                            PA-56-10-372
BLOUGH, MICHAEL J.                      PA-56-8-239
BLOUGH, PETER                           PA-56-3-252
BLOUGH, PETER P.                        PA-56-7-343
BLOUGH, SAMUEL                          PA-56-6-98
BLOUGH, SARAH                           PA-56-9-87
BLOUGH, TOBIAS                          PA-56-6-321
BLUBAUGH, ALEXANDER                     PA-56-10-149
BLUBAUGH, JOHN                          PA-56-6-267
BOARDMAN, JAMES                         PA-56-4-464
BOGER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-56-5-95
BOGER, HERMAN                           PA-56-9-249
BOITZ, HENRY                            PA-56-8-73
BOLLEN, PETER                           PA-56-3-312
BOOSE, ANDREW                           PA-56-2-215
BOOSE, RUDOLPH                          PA-56-5-418
BOUCHER, HENRY                          PA-56-5-138
BOUCHER, HENRY                          PA-56-3-145
BOUCHER, JOHN                           PA-56-6-227
BOUCHER, SOLOMAN                        PA-56-5-241
BOUSHINGER, HENRY                       PA-56-2-365
BOWLIN, JOHN R.                         PA-56-6-406
BOWLIN, PETER                           PA-56-6-189
BOWLIN, PETER                           PA-56-9-403
BOWLIN, SUSAN                           PA-56-7-146
BOWLIN, SUSANNA                         PA-56-5-229
BOWLIN, WILLIAM                         PA-56-6-239
BOWMAN, DANIEL                          PA-56-7-380
BOWMAN, DAVID                           PA-56-9-310
BOWMAN, HENRY                           PA-56-8-299
BOWMAN, JACOB D.                        PA-56-6-87
BOWMAN, JOHN                            PA-56-7-196, 409
BOWMAN, KATE H.                         PA-56-11-183
BOWMAN, SARAH                           PA-56-7-324
BOWMAN, STEPHEN                         PA-56-9-353
BOWMAN, URIAS                           PA-56-9-180
BOWSER, JACOB                           PA-56-10-216
BOWSER, JOHN                            PA-56-5-178
BOWSER, PETER                           PA-56-9-202
BOWSER, PETER                           PA-56-4-381
BOWSER, SAMUEL J.                       PA-56-9-215
BOYD, HESTER A.                         PA-56-8-388
BOYER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-56-4-132
BOYER, DANIEL                           PA-56-5-266
BOYER, GEORGE                           PA-56-3-494
BOYER, ISABEL                           PA-56-9-181
BOYER, JACOB                            PA-56-1-487
BOYER, JACOB                            PA-56-4-354
BOYER, JOHN                             PA-56-5-103
BOYER, JOSEPH                           PA-56-7-371
BOYER, PETER                            PA-56-7-350
BOYER, WILLIAM                          PA-56-3-56
BRACKEN, MARY                           PA-56-7-336
BRACKEN, PETER                          PA-56-7-328
BRALLIER, JOSIAH Y.                     PA-56-11-240
BRAND, ELIZABETH                        PA-56-5-497
BRANDT, ADAM                            PA-56-4-380
BRANDT, GEORGE                          PA-56-5-186
BRANT, AUGUST                           PA-56-7-220
BRANT, AUGUSTUS H.                      PA-56-6-399
BRANT, CHAUNCEY A.                      PA-56-10-12
BRANT, FRANCIS                          PA-56-10-305
BRANT, GEORGE D.                        PA-56-8-343
BRANT, JACOB J.                         PA-56-10-276
BRANT, JOHN                             PA-56-9-313
BRANT, JULIA                            PA-56-6-311
BRANT, MARY                             PA-56-11-274
BRANT, SARAH                            PA-56-10-145
BRANT, SARAH                            PA-56-11-376
BRANT, WILLIAM A.                       PA-56-9-300
BREIG, AMBROSE                          PA-56-6-344
BRENDLE, RACHEL                         PA-56-10-333
BRENISEN, JOHN                          PA-56-4-250
BRENISER, JACOB                         PA-56-5-38
BREWER, HENRY                           PA-56-5-459
BREWER, HENRY                           PA-56-5-454
BRICK, PETER                            PA-56-10-334
BRICKER, ISAAC                          PA-56-7-269
BRICKER, ISAAC                          PA-56-3-35
BRIDGE, MARGARET                        PA-56-7-201
BRIDGE, PETER                           PA-56-6-145
BRIGGS, GEORGE                          PA-56-4-28
BRINHAM, ANN M.                         PA-56-7-202
BROADWATER, EPHRAIM                     PA-56-11-21
BROLLIER, CATHARINE                     PA-56-6-158
BROMM, JOHN                             PA-56-6-65
BROOKE, SAMUEL H.                       PA-56-5-258
BROOKS, A. W.                           PA-56-10-94
BROOKS, JOHN                            PA-56-7-29
BROUGHER, JEREMIAH                      PA-56-8-342
BROUGHER, MARY ANN                      PA-56-10-256
BROWN, ABRAHAM                          PA-56-5-519
BROWN, ADLEY                            PA-56-3-231
BROWN, ALICE A.                         PA-56-11-47
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        PA-56-10-105
BROWN, JACOB                            PA-56-2-506
BROWN, JAMES W.                         PA-56-8-95
BROWN, MARY ANNE                        PA-56-9-13
BROWN, ROBET                            PA-56-1-436
BROWN, SAMUEL                           PA-56-11-321
BROWN, WILLIAM S.                       PA-56-11-91
BRUBAKER, BENJAMIN P.                   PA-56-5-449
BRUBAKER, CYRUS                         PA-56-6-6
BRUBAKER, D. J.                         PA-56-9-194
BRUBAKER, DANIEL A.                     PA-56-7-75
BRUBAKER, GEORGE                        PA-56-6-93
BRUBAKER, HENRY (M.D.)                  PA-56-7-94
BRUBAKER, HERMAN W.                     PA-56-10-15
BRUBAKER, JACOB                         PA-56-8-12
BRUBAKER, JOHN                          PA-56-5-45
BRUBAKER, JOSEPH                        PA-56-5-226
BRUBAKER, LEVI                          PA-56-7-138
BRUBAKER, MICHAEL                       PA-56-7-11
BRUBAKER, SAMUEL                        PA-56-8-295
BRUMABUGH, GEORGE W.                    PA-56-10-330
BRUMBAUGH, SUSAN W.                     PA-56-10-329
BRUNER, JOHN A.                         PA-56-10-185
BRUNNER, HENRY                          PA-56-9-106
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                       PA-56-4-55
BUCKMAN, MARY                           PA-56-11-394
BUCKMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-56-9-221
BUECHLY, ABRAHAM                        PA-56-5-286
BUECHLY, DANIEL                         PA-56-6-169
BUECHLY, WILLIAM M.                     PA-56-5-417
BUNGARD, LIZZIE A.                      PA-56-6-350
BUNN, ABALONIA FITZGERALD               PA-56-8-219
BUNN, SOLOMON M.                        PA-56-8-213
BURGESS, WILLIAM                        PA-56-5-201
BURKET, JACOB                           PA-56-3-502
BURKET, SAMUEL                          PA-56-5-85
BURKHOLDER, JAMES WESLEY                PA-56-11-284
BURKHOLDER, JOHN                        PA-56-6-10
BURKHOLDER, JOSIAH L                    PA-56-7-160
BURNS, JOHN                             PA-56-1-564
BURROUGHS, GEORGE F.                    PA-56-10-382
BUSSE, ANDRAS                           PA-56-2-215
CABLE, BEJAMIN                          PA-56-1-117
CABLE, ELIZABETH E.                     PA-56-8-195
CABLE, GODFREY                          PA-56-6-48
CABLE, SAMUEL                           PA-56-11-144
CABLE, SAMUEL                           PA-56-7-354
CALURESE, CATHRINE                      PA-56-5-146
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                        PA-56-3-490
CARROLL, JOHN W.                        PA-56-10-155
CARVER, JOHN                            PA-56-6-159
CASE, MATILDA                           PA-56-10-378
CASEBEER, ABRAHAM                       PA-56-5-61
CASEBEER, ESTHER                        PA-56-6-245
CASEBEER, HENRY                         PA-56-9-222
CAUFFIEL, DANIEL M.                     PA-56-8-224
CGREGOR, SAMUEL                         PA-56-11-154
CHABULL, FRANK                          PA-56-10-407
CHAMBERLIN, ALONZO                      PA-56-9-376
CHAMBERS, GILBERT                       PA-56-11-252
CHAPMAN, SOPHIA E.                      PA-56-9-192
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM H.                     PA-56-8-243
CHORPENING, GEORGE                      PA-56-5-110
CHORPENING, HENRY                       PA-56-5-250
CHORPENING, JOHN                        PA-56-5-301
CHORPENNING, CATHARINE                  PA-56-9-1
CHORPENNING, ELIZABETH                  PA-56-5-308
CHRICHFIELD, BENJAMIN                   PA-56-3-289
CHRISNER, HARRIET S.                    PA-56-8-337
CHRISNER, J. WILLIAM                    PA-56-11-94
CHRIST, BARBARA                         PA-56-5-163
CHRISTNER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-56-7-39
CHRISTNER, GABRIEL                      PA-56-6-388
CHRISTNER, JOHN                         PA-56-4-282
CHRISTNER, JOHN                         PA-56-10-34
CHRISTNER, JONAS                        PA-56-6-292
CHRISTNER, JOSEPH                       PA-56-8-82
CHRISTNER, S. A.                        PA-56-11-51
CLAPOLE, MARY                           PA-56-5-167
CLARK, DAVID                            PA-56-7-183
CLARK, JACOB G.                         PA-56-5-276
CLARK, JOHN                             PA-56-6-23
CLARK, JOHN A.                          PA-56-11-343
CLARK, LOUISA                           PA-56-11-254
CLARK, POLLY                            PA-56-5-203
CLARK, SAMUEL                           PA-56-3-240
CLAYCOMB, ANDREW                        PA-56-11-190
CLESTER, PETER                          PA-56-1-7
COBAUGH, GEORGE                         PA-56-8-401
COBAUGH, REBELLA                        PA-56-11-158
COBER, AARON J.                         PA-56-8-293
COBER, CORNELIUS                        PA-56-11-61
COBER, JACOB                            PA-56-6-71
COBER, JOHN P.                          PA-56-6-308
COBER, PETER                            PA-56-5-62
COBER, SAMUEL                           PA-56-6-391
COCHRANE, JAMES                         PA-56-7-111
COFFIN, FLORA E.                        PA-56-11-307
COFFIN, ISABELLA C.                     PA-56-10-164
COFFROTH, A. BRUCE                      PA-56-10-230
COFFROTH, ALEXANDER H. JR.              PA-56-10-302
COLBORN, ELENOR                         PA-56-5-137
COLBORN, ROBERT G.                      PA-56-11-237
COLE, JACOB                             PA-56-5-292
COLEMAN, CATHARINE                      PA-56-9-241
COLEMAN, DANIEL                         PA-56-7-285
COLEMAN, HENRY G.                       PA-56-7-55
COLEMAN, JOHN                           PA-56-3-218
COLEMAN, JOHN G.                        PA-56-8-164
COLEMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-56-6-80
COLEMAN, JOSEPH G.                      PA-56-6-255
COLEMAN, NICHOLAS                       PA-56-2-106
COLEMAN, NICHOLAS                       PA-56-5-93
COLEMAN, PHEBE                          PA-56-9-343
COLEMAN, PHILIP                         PA-56-6-251
COLEMAN, REBECCA                        PA-56-8-204
COLEMAN, SALLY K.                       PA-56-7-84
COLEMAN, SOLOMON                        PA-56-10-31
COLLIER, JOHN                           PA-56-5-121
COLLINS, B. B.                          PA-56-11-81
COLLINS, E. J.                          PA-56-6-303
COLLINS, EVALINE V.                     PA-56-9-395
COLLINS, JOHNSON                        PA-56-9-242
COLLINS, MILTON                         PA-56-4-471
COMP, ELLEN                             PA-56-11-148
COMP, SOLOMON                           PA-56-6-268
COMPTON, ARCHIBALD                      PA-56-7-79
CONAWAY, SAMUEL                         PA-56-10-113
CONNELLY, BERNARD                       PA-56-4-428
COOK, GEORGE                            PA-56-4-481
COOK, JESSE                             PA-56-7-264
COOK, SARAH                             PA-56-10-6
COOPER, CHARLES H.                      PA-56-2-520
COOPER, JOSHUA                          PA-56-3-376
COUNTRYMAN, BENJAMIN                    PA-56-6-213
COUNTRYMAN, FRANK B.                    PA-56-8-216
COUNTRYMAN, JOHN                        PA-56-5-482
COUNTRYMAN, LAURA                       PA-56-8-80
COUNTRYMAN, MARY A.                     PA-56-8-341
COUNTRYMAN, PETER                       PA-56-3-457
COVER, JACOB                            PA-56-7-30
COVER, JACOB JR.                        PA-56-6-54
COVER, PETER J.                         PA-56-11-342
CRAIG, HANNAH                           PA-56-2-370
CRAIL, MARY ANN                         PA-56-5-64
CRAMER, JOHN S.                         PA-56-7-2
CRAMER, MARY A.                         PA-56-11-353
CRAMER, NORMAN B.                       PA-56-9-330
CRAMER, SAMUEL J.                       PA-56-7-116
CRISSEY, ELIZA                          PA-56-7-312
CRISSEY, JACOB                          PA-56-5-515
CRIST, JOHN M.                          PA-56-8-113
CRIST, JOSEPH                           PA-56-5-63
CRIST, JOSEPH                           PA-56-2-254
CRITCHFIELD, TILLIE                     PA-56-11-180
CRONER, JOHN                            PA-56-4-456
CROWLEY, JOHN                           PA-56-9-85
CROYLE, JACOB                           PA-56-6-380
CROYLE, PETER                           PA-56-9-20
CROYLE, SAMUEL J.                       PA-56-6-31
CRYAN, ANICE                            PA-56-11-138
CUMMINS, ALEXANDER                      PA-56-4-264
CUMMINS, JOHN S.                        PA-56-9-218
CUMMINS, JOSEPH                         PA-56-6-270
CUNNINGHAM, JONATHAN                    PA-56-7-172
CUPP, ELI                               PA-56-9-346
CUPP, MARY                              PA-56-7-234
CUPP, P. F.                             PA-56-8-111
CUSTER, ANNIE L.                        PA-56-10-70
CUSTER, CATHARINE                       PA-56-5-406
CUSTER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-8-157
CUSTER, HARRIET                         PA-56-8-231
CUSTER, JACOB                           PA-56-6-400
CUSTER, JANE                            PA-56-6-112
CUSTER, JOHN                            PA-56-5-368
CUSTER, PETER L.                        PA-56-10-21
CUSTER, SAMUEL                          PA-56-9-62
CYNIES, STANISLAUS "STANY"              PA-56-11-24
DABERKOW, LAURA                         PA-56-7-227
DABERKOW, WILLIAM                       PA-56-11-410
DARR, ISAAC                             PA-56-11-211
DARRALL, J. S.                          PA-56-11-334
DAVIS, JOHN N.                          PA-56-11-63
DEAKMAN, BERNARD                        PA-56-7-335
DEAL, EDWIN                             PA-56-10-265
DEETER, JOHN                            PA-56-7-182
DEETER, JOHN                            PA-56-2-515
DEETER, SAMUEL                          PA-56-5-523
DEFENBAUGH, JOHN                        PA-56-2-133
DEHAVEN, CATHERINE                      PA-56-9-277
DEHAVEN, CATHERINE ANN                  PA-56-10-107
DEHAVEN, WILLIAM                        PA-56-7-389
DEITZ, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-56-11-208
DELL, CHRISTIAN                         PA-56-5-96
DEMPSEY, SAMUEL                         PA-56-10-237
DEMPSEY, WILLIAM                        PA-56-6-200
DENNIS, HENRY                           PA-56-5-310
DIA, AUGUSTUS                           PA-56-6-274
DIA, HANNAH                             PA-56-8-149
DIBERT, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-5-366
DIBERT, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-7-71
DIBERT, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-5-265
DICKEY, DANIEL                          PA-56-6-401
DICKEY, DAVID                           PA-56-7-361
DICKEY, GEORGE B.                       PA-56-8-383
DICKEY, GEORGE M.                       PA-56-11-408
DICKEY, SAMUEL                          PA-56-10-169
DICKEY, SARAH K.                        PA-56-11-402
DIETER, JONATHAN                        PA-56-5-184
DIETLE, JOHN                            PA-56-8-136
DIETZ, JACOB                            PA-56-6-253
DILLABACH, VALLENTIN                    PA-56-1-154
DILLEY, JOHN                            PA-56-2-128
DIVELEY, JOSEPH                         PA-56-7-57
DIVELEY, JOSIAH                         PA-56-6-288
DIVELEY, JULIANNA                       PA-56-5-49
DIVELEY, MICHAEL                        PA-56-3-493
DIVELY, MARTIN                          PA-56-2-327
DODDS, JACKSONM.                        PA-56-9-369
DODDS, MARGARET                         PA-56-7-330
DODDS, WILLIAM C.                       PA-56-9-187
DONMEYER, NANCY ANN                     PA-56-10-226
DOPSTADT, CATHRIN                       PA-56-5-8
DORN, L. F.                             PA-56-11-143
DORN, PHILIP                            PA-56-5-483
DORNER, JOHN                            PA-56-8-316
DOUGHERTY, CATHARINE                    PA-56-8-327
DRAKE, JONATHAN                         PA-56-5-40
DUCKWORTH, JOHN                         PA-56-6-224
DUECKER, WILLIAM                        PA-56-5-435
DULL, ANTHONY                           PA-56-8-6
DULL, DANIEL                            PA-56-5-425
DULL, FREDERICK                         PA-56-8-34
DULL, MARGARET                          PA-56-10-288
DULL, PETER                             PA-56-5-66
DUNCAN, H. S.                           PA-56-10-152
DUNCAN, SAMUEL                          PA-56-4-47
DUNLAP, JAMES A.                        PA-56-11-72
DUPPSTADT, HENRY                        PA-56-8-46
DURST, EMMA SUSAN                       PA-56-10-86
DWIRE, SHAPHET                          PA-56-3-390
DYBIRD, ISAAC                           PA-56-5-502
EASH, CHRISTIAN                         PA-56-4-11
EASH, CHRISTIAN                         PA-56-10-396
EASH, DANIEL                            PA-56-5-70
EASH, JACOB C.                          PA-56-10-349
EASH, JONATHAN                          PA-56-4-274
EASH, SUSANNAH                          PA-56-10-204
EBEL, CHRISTIAN                         PA-56-1-317
ECKERT, THOMAS                          PA-56-11-395
EDWARDS, LUCIE B.                       PA-56-10-392
EGOLF, WILLIAM                          PA-56-8-233
EICHER, WILLIAM                         PA-56-9-93
EIFORD, EARNEST                         PA-56-9-38
EIFORD, SARAH                           PA-56-9-38
ELDER, JOHN                             PA-56-2-507
ELLENBERGER, ULRICK                     PA-56-2-613
ELRICH, SAMUEL                          PA-56-2-388
EMEIGH, CHARLES                         PA-56-7-155
EMERICK, JOHN L.                        PA-56-9-390
EMERICK, JONATHAN                       PA-56-7-20
EMERICK, JOSEPH                         PA-56-7-27
EMERICK, JOSEPH                         PA-56-5-245
EMERICK, LEWIS A.                       PA-56-11-150
EMERICK, NATHAN                         PA-56-11-50
EMERT, HENRY ANANIAS                    PA-56-9-371
EMERY, SUSANNA                          PA-56-10-151
EMMERT, GEORGE SR.                      PA-56-2-439
EMMERT, WENDLE                          PA-56-1-43
EMRICK, ANDREW                          PA-56-8-116
EMRICK, ANDREW                          PA-56-3-397
EMRICK, JOHN J.                         PA-56-8-227
ENDSLEY, CATHERINE A.                   PA-56-10-264
ENDSLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-56-8-371
ENFIELD, JOHN                           PA-56-7-148
ENGBERT, FRANCIS H.                     PA-56-10-144
ENGBERT, HENRY J.                       PA-56-9-408
ENGELKA, FRANCIS                        PA-56-5-338
ENGLE, CLEMENTS                         PA-56-1-466
ENGLE, JEREMIAH                         PA-56-5-462
ENGLE, JOHN SR.                         PA-56-5-213
ENGLE, PETER SR.                        PA-56-5-54
ENGLEHART, MARTIN                       PA-56-5-332
ENOS, GEORGE                            PA-56-5-205
ERNEST, JACOB                           PA-56-6-9
ERNST, ANNA CATHARINE                   PA-56-7-294
ESKEW, CASPER                           PA-56-11-54
EVANS, ALFRED                           PA-56-8-273
EVANS, JOHN                             PA-56-10-342
EVERLINE, ANDREW                        PA-56-8-62
EVERLINE, DANIEL                        PA-56-11-23
FAHLINGER, JOHN                         PA-56-7-77
FAIR, JACOB                             PA-56-3-398
FAIR, JOHN                              PA-56-6-66
FARNER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-10-129
FAWNER, H. R.                           PA-56-11-309
FELIX, JOHN                             PA-56-11-366
FELKER, CONRAD                          PA-56-9-291
FELTEN, HENRY                           PA-56-7-337
FELTEN, SOLOMON                         PA-56-7-248
FENNER, RUDOLPH                         PA-56-7-405
FERNER, ELIAS C.                        PA-56-10-104
FERNER, JOSEPH                          PA-56-6-81
FERREL, CATHARINE                       PA-56-8-122
FERREL, LEONARD                         PA-56-10-289
FERRELL, JAMES B.                       PA-56-11-358
FERRELL, LEONARD L.                     PA-56-11-119
FICHTNER, ELIZABETH                     PA-56-5-329
FICHTNER, SUSANNA                       PA-56-5-270
FIEG, JOHN                              PA-56-7-208
FIEG, REBECCA                           PA-56-8-222
FIKE, JOHN                              PA-56-6-96
FIKE, JOSEPH                            PA-56-6-153
FILE, GEORGE                            PA-56-5-253
FILE, JOHN                              PA-56-5-84
FINDLAY, MARY                           PA-56-3-429
FINECY, JOHN                            PA-56-5-481
FINEGAN, EMMA E.                        PA-56-10-229
FINLEY, NANCY                           PA-56-6-18
FIRESTONE, GEORGE                       PA-56-6-393
FIRESTONE, JOHN                         PA-56-5-16
FIRESTONE, MARY                         PA-56-7-144
FISHER, CATHARINE                       PA-56-11-282
FISHER, CHARLES H.                      PA-56-11-301
FISHER, HENRY                           PA-56-9-380
FISHER, JOHN HENRY                      PA-56-5-448
FISHER, LUDWICK                         PA-56-5-419
FISHER, MARTIN                          PA-56-4-191
FISHER, WILLIAM                         PA-56-5-423
FISHMER, MARTIN                         PA-56-4-416
FLAM, ADAM                              PA-56-3-439
FLECK, BENJAMIN S.                      PA-56-9-214
FLECK, JACOB                            PA-56-5-382
FLECK, JONATHAN                         PA-56-6-337
FLEEGLE, ISAAC                          PA-56-10-202
FLEEGLE, MARY                           PA-56-11-115
FLEEGLE, SAMUEL                         PA-56-11-270
FLEEGLE, SAMUEL                         PA-56-10-235
FLEEGLE, SARAH                          PA-56-11-270
FLEISHAUER, EHRICH                      PA-56-8-248
FLEMING, JOHN                           PA-56-10-297
FLEMING, LUCY A.                        PA-56-10-134
FLETCHER, JOHN                          PA-56-3-381
FLETCHER, SUSANNA                       PA-56-4-335
FLICINGER, SAMUEL                       PA-56-5-509
FLICK, ADAM                             PA-56-1-559
FLICK, ANN M.                           PA-56-10-393
FLICK, ELISABETH                        PA-56-4-141
FLICK, GEORGE J.                        PA-56-7-375
FLICK, GEORGE J.                        PA-56-9-19
FLICK, HENRY A.                         PA-56-8-64
FLICK, JOHN                             PA-56-2-618
FLICK, SARAH                            PA-56-5-468
FLICK, SARAH (REDLINGER)                PA-56-6-59
FLICK, WILLIAM                          PA-56-8-238
FLICKINGER, ABRAHAM                     PA-56-4-56
FLICKINGER, JACOB                       PA-56-2-309
FLOTE, CHARLES                          PA-56-7-360
FLOTO, FREDERICK                        PA-56-5-42
FOGLE, GEORGE                           PA-56-5-211
FOLK, JACOB                             PA-56-5-129
FOLLMAR, SARAH                          PA-56-5-491
FOLLMAR, THEOBALD                       PA-56-4-358
FORD, CHARLES R.                        PA-56-9-140
FORESPRING, ELIZBAETH                   PA-56-9-209
FORESPRING, GEREHART                    PA-56-5-90
FORNEY, JOHN L.                         PA-56-5-469
FORNEY, SAMUEL                          PA-56-7-122
FOUST, ADAM                             PA-56-1-361
FOUST, BARBRA                           PA-56-2-73
FOUST, CATHARINE A.                     PA-56-9-331
FOUST, NICHOLAS                         PA-56-1-557
FOUST, SAMUEL                           PA-56-9-342
FOX, HENRY J.                           PA-56-7-101
FOX, JOHN H.                            PA-56-9-179
FOX, SAMUEL                             PA-56-7-270
FRANK, ELIZABETH                        PA-56-5-219
FRANK, HENRY                            PA-56-5-191
FRANKENSTEIN, MARY                      PA-56-10-1
FRANZ, MARGARET RODDY                   PA-56-9-332
FREAND, SMILEY                          PA-56-4-319
FREDLINE, HENRY                         PA-56-2-473
FREEL, HUGH A.                          PA-56-7-123
FREIDHOFF, HENRY                        PA-56-8-285
FREIDLINE, PETER                        PA-56-2-391
FREY, JOHN                              PA-56-3-40
FRICKEY, MARGARET                       PA-56-11-371
FRIDLINE, ANN CATHRINE                  PA-56-5-109
FRIEDLEIN, LUDWICK                      PA-56-1-398
FRIEDLINE, ADAM                         PA-56-5-187
FRIEDLINE, GEORGE                       PA-56-9-197
FRIEDLINE, GEORGE                       PA-56-5-7
FRIEDLINE, JACOB                        PA-56-3-91
FRIEDLINE, JOHN                         PA-56-3-233
FRIEDLINE, LEVI                         PA-56-9-81
FRIEDLINE, MARY A. E.                   PA-56-9-89
FRIEDLINE, MOSES                        PA-56-8-158
FRITZ, CHRISTIAN                        PA-56-1-61
FRITZ, DANIEL                           PA-56-6-282
FRITZ, GEORGE                           PA-56-6-43
FRITZ, GEORGE                           PA-56-8-277
FRITZ, H. P.                            PA-56-10-366
FRITZ, HENRY                            PA-56-4-312
FRITZ, J. HARRY                         PA-56-10-135
FRITZ, JONATHAN                         PA-56-6-216
FRITZ, WILLIAM                          PA-56-5-233
FRY, CATHARINE                          PA-56-10-52
FRY, GEORGE                             PA-56-2-584
FRY, JOHN H.                            PA-56-6-58
FRY, MARY                               PA-56-3-118
FRYE, ANNIE M.                          PA-56-11-299
FULLEM, LYDIA (WRIGHT)                  PA-56-11-88
FULLEM, MICHAEL                         PA-56-6-4
FURRY, JOHN                             PA-56-1-409
FYOCK, SAMUEL J.                        PA-56-7-282
GAHAGHEN, THOMAS S.                     PA-56-8-340
GAHRING, JOHN                           PA-56-10-141
GAITHER, SAMUEL                         PA-56-7-142
GALLAGHER, THOMAS                       PA-56-3-142
GANAWAY, ELIZABETH                      PA-56-6-122
GARDNER, ANNIE E.                       PA-56-7-25
GARDNER, GEORGE                         PA-56-1-201
GARDNER, GEORGE                         PA-56-1-424
GARDNER, GEORGE                         PA-56-4-499
GARDNER, GEORGE                         PA-56-9-193
GARDNER, HENRY H.                       PA-56-10-88
GARDNER, HIRAM                          PA-56-10-2
GARDNER, JOHN W.                        PA-56-8-35
GARDNER, JONATHAN  J.                   PA-56-9-132
GARDNER, LOUISA                         PA-56-10-386
GARDNER, LUDWICK                        PA-56-7-108
GARDNER, MARGARET L.                    PA-56-9-68
GARDNER, ROSANNA                        PA-56-11-320
GARLETS, JACOB                          PA-56-5-216
GARLETS, JESSE                          PA-56-10-103
GARLETS, LYDIA                          PA-56-10-194
GARRETSON, AARON                        PA-56-3-359
GARVER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-4-174
GARY, PETER                             PA-56-4-169
GARY, THOMAS                            PA-56-7-10
GASHW, MARY A.                          PA-56-8-400
GASTEIGER, JOHN E.                      PA-56-10-87
GATON, HUGH                             PA-56-9-35
GATTENS, JAMES                          PA-56-11-152
GAULD, ANNIE M.                         PA-56-5-420
GEARHARDT, CASPER                       PA-56-5-28
GEBHART, JOHN                           PA-56-2-500
GEESEY, HENRY                           PA-56-4-249
GEIGER, CHAUNCEY                        PA-56-9-17
GEIGER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-7-239
GEIGER, MARGARET A.                     PA-56-7-90
GEIGER, MARY H.                         PA-56-9-90
GEIGER, URIAS                           PA-56-9-234
GEISEL, HEINRICH                        PA-56-5-267
GEISEL, HENRY                           PA-56-7-87
GEISEL, RACHEL                          PA-56-8-334
GEORGE, ADAM                            PA-56-6-384
GERHARD, JACOB                          PA-56-9-126
GIBSON, JOHN                            PA-56-9-370
GILBERT, FREDERICK                      PA-56-6-318
GILBERT, WILLIAM N.                     PA-56-11-400
GILLESPIE, FRANCIS J.                   PA-56-8-223
GINDELSPERGER, CHRISTIAN                PA-56-3-140
GINDLESPARGER, JOHN                     PA-56-11-213
GINDLESPERGER, CHRISTIAN                PA-56-3-483
GINDLESPERGER, PETER                    PA-56-6-109
GINDLESPERGER, RACHEL                   PA-56-7-367
GLASS, LEVI                             PA-56-7-68
GLAUS, DINAH                            PA-56-8-394
GLESSNER, CATHARINE                     PA-56-1-308
GLESSNER, EDWARD                        PA-56-8-210
GLESSNER, ELIZABETH                     PA-56-10-147
GLESSNER, HESTER                        PA-56-7-151
GLESSNER, JACOB                         PA-56-8-74
GLESSNER, JACOB G.                      PA-56-5-405
GLESSNER, JOHN                          PA-56-4-469
GLESSNER, JOHN M.                       PA-56-7-280
GLESSNER, JOSIAH                        PA-56-8-66
GLESSNER, LEWIS                         PA-56-7-238
GLESSNER, LYDIA                         PA-56-9-258
GLESSNER, MARY                          PA-56-9-302
GLESSNER, SOLOMON                       PA-56-5-422
GLESSNER, TOBIAS                        PA-56-10-171
GLISAN, JOHN H.                         PA-56-7-165
GLISAN, THOMAS                          PA-56-6-294
GLITZ, JACOB                            PA-56-3-87
GLODFELTY, CASPER                       PA-56-4-164
GLOSS, BARBARA                          PA-56-5-13
GLOSS, GEORGE                           PA-56-3-361
GLOTFELTY, CATHERINE                    PA-56-8-134
GLOTFELTY, HENRY                        PA-56-3-308
GLOTFELTY, JOHN                         PA-56-6-306
GLOTFELTY, SAMUEL D.                    PA-56-9-94
GNAGEY, JOHN D.                         PA-56-10-287
GNAGEY, MOSES                           PA-56-8-332
GNAGY, CHRISTIAN C.                     PA-56-8-411
GNAGY, DANIEL D.                        PA-56-9-22
GOHN, DAVID                             PA-56-5-287
GOHN, GEORGE L.                         PA-56-9-340
GOHN, HARRISON                          PA-56-9-364
GOHN, JOHN                              PA-56-2-602
GOHN, JOSEPH                            PA-56-9-70
GONDER, FREDERICK                       PA-56-11-11
GONDER, MARTIN                          PA-56-2-320
GOOD, JACOB                             PA-56-5-412
GOOD, S. S.                             PA-56-8-59
GOOD, WILLIAM                           PA-56-10-33
GOUDER, FREDERICK                       PA-56-5-311
GOUGHMAN, JOSEPH                        PA-56-3-86
GRADY, JOHN P.                          PA-56-6-287
GRAEFF, JOHANNES PETER                  PA-56-1-140
GRAEFF, JOHN                            PA-56-6-395
GRAEFF, SEBASTIAN                       PA-56-2-325
GRAFF, FREDRICK                         PA-56-8-246
GRAFF, JOHN                             PA-56-5-6
GRAFF, SEBASTIAN                        PA-56-5-415
GRAHAM, GEORGE                          PA-56-3-442
GRASSER, CATHARINE                      PA-56-10-148
GRAVE, SEBASTIAN                        PA-56-2-325
GREDE, JOHN                             PA-56-7-86
GREEN, RICHARD                          PA-56-1-338
GRESS, CATHARINE                        PA-56-11-131
GRETING, HENRY                          PA-56-4-412
GRIER, THOMAS                           PA-56-4-273
GRIFFITH, ABMERLE                       PA-56-9-150
GRIFFITH, ABNER                         PA-56-3-62
GRIFFITH, CHARLES S.                    PA-56-7-348
GRIFFITH, DAVID                         PA-56-5-155
GRIFFITH, JESSE                         PA-56-5-55
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          PA-56-1-203
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          PA-56-5-23
GRIFFITH, LEVI                          PA-56-8-378
GRIFFITH, PETER                         PA-56-7-187
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-56-4-80
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM C.                    PA-56-8-160
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM W.                    PA-56-7-262
GRISSINGER, JACOB                       PA-56-7-256
GROFF, JOHN A.                          PA-56-9-46
GROFF, MAGGIE                           PA-56-11-272
GROSBY, JOHN                            PA-56-6-75
GROSCH, PETER                           PA-56-6-63
GROSS, CATHARINE                        PA-56-7-76
GROSS, HERMAN (DR.)                     PA-56-5-272
GROSS, WILLIAM C.                       PA-56-7-214
GROVE, HENRY                            PA-56-7-288
GROVE, JACOB                            PA-56-4-211
GROVE, JOHN                             PA-56-6-166
GROVE, LAVINA                           PA-56-10-395
GROVE, MICHAEL                          PA-56-4-238
GROWALL, ANTHONY                        PA-56-8-404
GROWALL, ELIZA A.                       PA-56-10-14
GRUSH, VERNA MAY                        PA-56-11-409
GUMBERT, JACOB                          PA-56-6-180
GUMBERT, JOHN J.                        PA-56-9-344
GUNDEL, MARY                            PA-56-6-230
GUNDLE, ADAM                            PA-56-2-313
GUTHRIE, ROBERT                         PA-56-7-364
GWINER, FREDERICK                       PA-56-11-1
GWINNER, FRED JR.                       PA-56-11-3

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