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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL=no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1807-1850 | 2=1850-1861 | 3=1861-1872 | 4=1872-1881 | 5=1881-1883 | 6-16=?? |
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MABON, FRANCIS B.            BLACKLICK                     PA-32-4-301
MABON, J. L.                 EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-5-463
MABON, JAMES                 SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-201
MABON, JOHN                  SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-254
MABON, WILLIAM               WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-254
MABON, WILLIAM               SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-154
MACK, JAMES                  WEST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-5-485
MACK, ROBERT JR.             NTL                           PA-32-2-193
MACK, ROBERT SR.             NTL                           PA-32-2-19
MACK, WILLIAM                NTL                           PA-32-4-383
MAHAN, PATRICK               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-3-568
MAHER, DANIEL                BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-2-491
MAHON, DAVID                 BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-1-440
MAHON, JOHN                  WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-422
MANNER, JOHN                 GREEN                         PA-32-4-412
MARLIN, JOSHUA SR.           NTL                           PA-32-1-121
MARLIN, JSOHUA               SALTSBURG                     PA-32-1-273
MARSHALL, ELEANOR            INDIANA                       PA-32-4-500
MARSHALL, JAMES              MAHONING                      PA-32-1-374
MARSHALL, JAMES              CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-3
MARSHALL, JAMES              CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-295
MARSHALL, JANE               CLARKSBURG                    PA-32-3-412
MARSHALL, JOHN               CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-95
MARSHALL, MARGARET           SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-4-139
MARSHALL, ROBERT             SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-546
MARSHALL, SAMUEL             CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-445
MARSHALL, SAMUEL             CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-3-557
MARSHALL, WILLIAM S.         POINT LOOK, ONTARIO           PA-32-3-34
MARTIN, JOHN                 CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-4-190
MARTIN, JOHN                 GREEN                         PA-32-5-393
MARTIN, OLIVER               CANOE                         PA-32-3-300
MARTIN, THOMAS               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-4-100
MARTIN, WILLIAM              CENTER                        PA-32-3-489
MATHEWS, ARCHIBALD           WHEELFIELD                    PA-32-2-36
MATHEWS, JOHN                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-8
MATHEWS, MARY                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-39
MAUL, JOHN                   NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-2-110
MCAFFEE, PATRICK             UNITY, WESTMORELAND, PA       PA-32-1-534
MCALISTER, JEREMIAH          GRANT                         PA-32-3-349
MCALLISTER, JAMES H.         COVODS                        PA-32-4-222
MCBETH, JAMES                CHERRY HILL                   PA-32-3-103
MCBRIDE, ARCHIBALD           MAHOMING                      PA-32-1-10
MCBRIDE, JOHN                JEFFERSON, PERRY, PA          PA-32-1-152
MCBRIDE, PATRICK             BURREL                        PA-32-4-136
MCBURNEY, WILLIAM            CENTERVILLE                   PA-32-4-181
MCCABE, RICHARD B.           BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-3-22
MCCABE, ROBERT ADAMS         WESTERN CREEKS, , (AR)        PA-32-1-278
MCCACHREN, JAMES             WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-2-484
MCCAFFERY, JAMES             GREEN                         PA-32-1-228
MCCAFFERY, PATRICK           PINE                          PA-32-3-75
MCCAFFREY, BAZIL R.          PINE                          PA-32-5-550
MCCALDON, ELEANOR            INDIANA                       PA-32-4-612
MCCANN, HUGH                 PINE                          PA-32-3-139
MCCARTNEY, ELIZABETH         BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-31
MCCARTNEY, GEORGE            NTL                           PA-32-4-267
MCCARTNEY, JOSEPH            WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-82
MCCAY, SARAH JANE            BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-4-19
MCCHESNEY, LEWIS             WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-4-575
MCCLANAHAN, ROBERT           CENTRE                        PA-32-1-343
MCCLAUGHEN, SAMUEL           BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-103
MCCLEARY, MARGARET           INDIANA                       PA-32-5-251
MCCLEISH, AGNESS             INDIANA                       PA-32-2-9
MCCLELLAND, FANNY            NTL                           PA-32-4-475
MCCLELLAND, JAMES            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-485
MCCLELLAND, JAMES            MAHONING                      PA-32-1-357
MCCLOSKEY, ROBERT            WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-44
MCCLUSKY, AGGIE D.           WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-5-308
MCCLUSKY, B. F.              WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-5-232
MCCOLLUM, FRANCIS            YOUNG                         PA-32-2-224
MCCOMB, ALLEN                NTL                           PA-32-1-151
MCCOMB, CHARLES              YOUNG                         PA-32-3-399
MCCOMB, DAVID                YOUNG                         PA-32-4-46
MCCOMB, JAMES                BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-33
MCCOMB, JAMES                NTL                           PA-32-3-204
MCCONAUGHY, JEAN             WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-269
MCCORMICK, SARAH E.          MECHANICSBURG                 PA-32-5-77
MCCOY, ALEXANDER             CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-4-163
MCCOY, MARY                  CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-4-587
MCCREA, JOHN                 ARMAGH                        PA-32-1-335
MCCREA, ROBERT R.            SALTSBURG                     PA-32-5-92
MCCREA, WILLIAM C.           BLACKLICK                     PA-32-4-161
MCCREADY, MARGARET           BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-155
MCCREERY, SAMUEL             CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-359
MCCREIGHT, JOHNSTON          ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-2-37
MCCREY, SUSANA               ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-2
MCCRURY, JAMES               EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-5-78
MCCULLOUGH, DAVID            ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-45
MCCULLOUGH, FRANCES          CANOE                         PA-32-4-26
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN             BANKS                         PA-32-5-267
MCCULLOUGH, MATHEW           *, WESTMORELAND, PA           PA-32-4-189
MCCUNE, JAMES                WHITE                         PA-32-5-617
MCCUNE, JOHN                 WASHINGTON                    PA-32-4-369
MCCUNE, MARTHA               BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-4-606
MCCUNE, MARY                 BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-141
MCCUNE, SAMUEL               BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-3-541
MCCURDY, ELEANOR             SALTSBURG                     PA-32-5-380
MCCURDY, JOHN                NTL                           PA-32-4-343
MCCURDY, ROBERT              YOUNG                         PA-32-2-427
MCCURDY, ROBERT K.           YOUNG                         PA-32-2-414
MCCURDY, SAMUEL              ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-5-62
MCCUTCHEN, WILLIAM           CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-2-311
MCDANIELS, PATRICK           EAST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-3-98
MCDONALD, JAMES              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-2-112
MCDONALD, JOHN               WHITE                         PA-32-3-13
MCDONALD, JOHN               YOUNG                         PA-32-1-165
MCDONALD, JOSEPH             WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-289
MCDONALD, SAMUEL             BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-5-360
MCDONNELL, ELIZABETH         GREEN                         PA-32-4-106
MCDOWELL, JAMES              CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-2-7
MCDOWELL, JANE               BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-1-262
MCDOWELL, JENNIE A.          NTL                           PA-32-5-286
MCELHANEY, GEORGE            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-3-337
MCELHANEY, JOHN R.           CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-5-134
MCELHASE, SAMUEL             PAYNE                         PA-32-2-238
MCELHOES, ELIZA              ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-5-507
MCELHORS, JAMES              NTL                           PA-32-4-537
MCELHOSE, JANE               NTL                           PA-32-2-351
MCELHOSE, THOMAS             ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-91
MCENTIRE, ALEXANDER          NTL                           PA-32-1-20
MCENTIRE, HUGH               BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-224
MCEWEN, CHRISTOPHER          MAHONING                      PA-32-1-344
MCFARLAND, JOHN              CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-138
MCFARLAND, MARY              BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-349
MCFARLAND, ROBERT            WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-130
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM           BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-279
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM           YOUNG                         PA-32-3-524
MCFEATERS, JOHN              NTL                           PA-32-1-312
MCFEETERS, JAMES S.          NTL                           PA-32-1-384
MCFEETERS, JOHN              GREEN                         PA-32-2-494
MCGARA, CLEMENCE             WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-192
MCGARA, JOHN                 EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-3-404
MCGARA, WILLIAM              SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-4-548
MCGAUGHEY, JAMES             CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-4-425
MCGAUGHEY, JOHN              MAHONING                      PA-32-1-343
MCGAUGHEY, NICHOLAS          ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-3-564
MCGAUGHEY, THOMAS            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-2-96
MCGEE, JAMES                 BLACKLICK                     PA-32-2-461
MCGEE, MARY                  BLACKLICK                     PA-32-5-427
MCGEE, PATRICK               BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-54
MCGEE, ROBERT                CENTRE                        PA-32-5-288
MCGINLEY, ALEXANDER          WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-4-113
MCGLAUGHLIN, GEORGE          GREEN                         PA-32-2-242
MCGLAUGHLIN, JOHN            CENTER                        PA-32-1-579
MCGLAUGHLIN, MARY            CENTER                        PA-32-4-177
MCHENRY, ISAAC               NTL                           PA-32-1-25
MCHENRY, SAMUEL              INDIANA                       PA-32-5-376
MCHENRY, WILLIAM W.          NTL                           PA-32-5-174
MCILWAIN, JOHN               SALEM, WESTMORELAND, PA       PA-32-4-187
MCILWAIN, ROBERT             SALTSBURY                     PA-32-2-60
MCILWAIN, WILLIAM            SALSBURG                      PA-32-5-372
MCINTIRE, MARY               BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-398
MCKAGUE, ROBERT              NTL                           PA-32-5-142
MCKAY, SAMUEL HENRY          BANKS                         PA-32-5-198
MCKEE, DARID                 WHEATFIELD                    3-326
MCKEE, JAMES                 WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-75
MCKEE, JAMES                 WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-261
MCKEE, WILLIAM               CENTER                        PA-32-1-135
MCKENNAN, JAMES              INDIANA                       PA-32-1-407
MCKENZEY, MARGRET            NTL                           PA-32-4-27
MCKESSICK, JAMES             YOUNG                         PA-32-1-252
MCKILLIP, HAMILTON           WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-467
MCKISSON, DANIEL             CENTER                        PA-32-1-132
MCKISSON, JAMES              YOUNG                         PA-32-2-295
MCKISSON, ROBERT             CENTRE                        PA-32-5-260
MCKNIGHT, ALEXANDER          WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-45
MCKNIGHT, JAMES              INDIANA                       PA-32-1-62
MCLAGAN, AGNES               NTL                           PA-32-4-307
MCLAIN, CHARLES              INDIANA                       PA-32-2-141
MCLAIN, JAMES                CENTER                        PA-32-1-215
MCLAIN, JAMES                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-40
MCLAIN, SARAH                INDIANA                       PA-32-2-511
MCLANAHAN, JOHN              CENTER                        PA-32-1-24
MCLARAN, WILLIAM JR.         INDIANA                       PA-32-1-487
MCLAUGHLIN, DANIEL           GREEN                         PA-32-3-491
MCLAUGHLIN, DANIEL           WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-167
MCLAUGHLIN, EVE              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-2-14
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES            YOUNG                         PA-32-2-365
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-36
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES            RAYNE                         PA-32-2-402
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES D.         CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-5-597
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES SR.        WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-219
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN             WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-173
MCLAUGHLIN, MILTON H.        BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-5-123
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM          RAYNE                         PA-32-1-487
MCMEANS, ROBERT              YOUNG                         PA-32-4-108
MCMEEL, CATHARINE            PINE                          PA-32-4-176
MCMELLEN, WILLIAM            SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-144
MCMILLEN, ELIZABETH          WEST LEBANON                  PA-32-4-112
MCMILLEN, SIMON              MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-5-138
MCNEILL, WILLIAM             WILLET                        PA-32-5-150
MCNUTT, JOHN                 BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-4-246
MCNUTT, JOSEPH               ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-426
MCNUTT, MARTHA J.            BROWNSTOWN                    PA-32-4-104
MCNUTT, ROBERT               ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-367
MCNUTT, SAMUEL               ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-251
MCNUTT, WILLIAM              ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-48
MCPHILAMY, WILLIAM           NTL                           PA-32-3-280
MCPHILENNY, ANN ELIZA        NTL                           PA-32-4-241
MCQUAID, MARY A. W.          CENTREVILLE                   PA-32-4-489
MCQUILKEN, JOHN              WASHINGTON                    PA-32-3-561
MCQUISTON, CLARANCE E.       NTL                           PA-32-3-591
MCQUISTON, WILLIAM           CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-5-527
MCSWEENY, MILES              WHITE                         PA-32-5-72
MEAKIN, JOHN                 BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-1-274
MEARS, DAVID                 CENTRE                        PA-32-5-484
MEARS, MARY                  HOMER CITY                    PA-32-4-603
MEGINITY, MARY               BLACKLICK                     PA-32-5-276
MEHAFFEY, WILLIAM            RAYNE                         PA-32-4-91
MEKIN, PETER                 BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-1-502
MELDREN, JACOB LORY          BLACKLICK                     PA-32-5-140
MELHOLLAM, JOHN              NTL                           PA-32-1-32
MEREDETH, STEWART            BELL, WESTMORELAND, PA        PA-32-3-330
MEREDITH, STEWART            NTL                           PA-32-3-163
MIDDLETON, CATHARINE         NTL                           PA-32-2-8
MIKESELL, ADAM               CENTER                        PA-32-4-451
MIKESELL, PHILIP             SMITH                         PA-32-3-2
MIKESELL, SARAH              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-4-82
MIKSEL, PETER                CENTRE                        PA-32-2-372
MILLEN, JAMES                YOUNG                         PA-32-1-183
MILLEN, JOSEPH               ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-117
MILLEN, WILLIAM SR.          YOUNG                         PA-32-3-387
MILLER, ALEXANDER H.         SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-538
MILLER, BARNABAS             WASHINGTON                    PA-32-5-15
MILLER, CHRISTIAN            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-101
MILLER, CHRISTIAN            MECHANICSBURG                 PA-32-3-285
MILLER, EMMA M.              BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-4-548
MILLER, HARMAN SR.           BUFFINGTON                    PA-32-3-583
MILLER, JAMES                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-3-361
MILLER, JAMES                WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-5-29
MILLER, JOHN                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-56
MILLER, JOSEPH               CANOE                         PA-32-3-38
MILLER, MOSES SR.            WASHINGTON                    PA-32-3-527
MILLER, ROBERT               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-26
MILLER, ROBERT               CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-153
MILLER, SAMUEL               MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-3-295
MILLER, SAMUEL G.            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-5-17
MILLS, JOHN                  PINE                          PA-32-2-455
MITCHELL, JAMES              NTL                           PA-32-1-174
MITCHELL, JOHN               NTL                           PA-32-5-195
MITCHELL, MARGARET           NTL                           PA-32-5-522
MITCHELL, ROBERT             CONROE                        PA-32-5-119
MITCHELL, SAMUEL H.          CENTREVILLE                   PA-32-3-275
MITCHELL, WILLIAM            EAST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-3-155
MOBLEY, DENTON               GREEN                         PA-32-2-279
MOCK, GEORGE                 CENTER                        PA-32-4-126
MOGLE, ADAM                  MAHONING                      PA-32-1-405
MONTGOMERY, DORCAS           BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-106
MONTGOMERY, JAMES            CENTER                        PA-32-1-151
MONTGOMERY, JEHU             RAYNE                         PA-32-4-206
MONTGOMERY, JOHN             NTL                           PA-32-1-288
MOONEY, HESTER               NTL                           PA-32-1-158
MOONSHOWER, JOHN             CENTER                        PA-32-1-256
MOORE, ABRAHAM               INDIANA                       PA-32-4-503
MOORE, ABRAHAM               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-558
MOORE, JAMES                 SALTSBURG                     PA-32-4-520
MOORE, THOMAS                EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-5-122
MOORHEAD, ALEXANDER T. SR.   INDIANA                       PA-32-5-420
MOORHEAD, JAMES              INDIANA                       PA-32-2-316
MOORHEAD, JAMES              CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-5-302
MOORHEAD, JAMES              WHITE                         PA-32-5-542
MOORHEAD, JANE               CENTER                        PA-32-1-92
MOORHEAD, JOSEPH             INDIANA                       PA-32-2-123
MOORHEAD, JOSEPH ESQ.        CENTER                        PA-32-1-388
MOORHEAD, NANCY              INDIANA                       PA-32-5-333
MOORHEEAD, FERGUS            CENTER                        PA-32-1-80
MOORLAND, JOHN               CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-63
MORGAN, THOMAS B.            WEST LEBANON                  PA-32-2-541
MORRIS, ROBERT               GREEN                         PA-32-4-334
MORRIS, WILLIAM              NTL                           PA-32-3-423
MORRISON, GOERGE             SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-409
MORRISON, ROBERT             NTL                           PA-32-1-136
MORROOW, ANDREW              SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-351
MORROW, DAVID ESQ.           NTL                           PA-32-2-95
MOYER, MARTIN                GREEN                         PA-32-1-196
MUIR, WALTER                 BURRELL                       PA-32-5-8
MULLEN, MICHAEL              CENTER                        PA-32-1-189
MULLIGAN, JOHN               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   PA-32-3-83
MULVEHILL, BARNARD           PINE                          PA-32-3-314
MULVEHILL, MICHAEL C.        PINE                          PA-32-3-413
MUNSHOWER, WILLIAM           CENTRE                        PA-32-4-492
MURPHY, GEORGE               BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-4-596
MURPHY, JOHN                 BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-1-233
MURPHY, WILLIAM              CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-5-398
MYERS, BENJAMIN              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-4-333
MYERS, DANIEL                GREEN                         PA-32-4-469
MYERS, ELIZABETH             WHITE                         PA-32-5-339
MYERS, JACOB                 WHITE                         PA-32-5-287
MYERS, PETER                 CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-5-264
MYRES, EDWARD                BURRELL                       PA-32-3-428
NAGLE, JOHN                  INDIANA                       PA-32-5-438
NEEL, OTH                    YOUNG                         PA-32-4-48
NELSON, MARTHA               WHITE                         PA-32-5-37
NESBIT, NATHANIEL            NTL                           PA-32-1-94
NESBITT, JOHN                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-230
NEVEL, PATRICK               BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-3-262
NIBERT, GASPER               RAYNE                         PA-32-5-120
NICEWONGER, JOHN SR.         CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-4-474
NICHOLSON, SAMUEL T.         NTL                           PA-32-4-354
NICKLE, WILLIAM              NTL                           PA-32-1-417
NIEL, ELIZA                  WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-3-207
NIEL, JOHN SR.               YOUNG                         PA-32-2-94
NISBET, NATHANIEL SR.        NTL                           PA-32-1-195
NIXON, GEORGE W.             INDIANA                       PA-32-2-553
NIXON, MARY                  INDIANA                       PA-32-2-45
NIXON, ROBERT                INDIANA                       PA-32-1-593
NOLLEY, ELIZABETH            MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-4-464
NORTH, JOHN                  MAHONING                      PA-32-1-353
NOTLEY, JOHN                 MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-3-19
NOURY, MARY                  CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-3-214
NOWRY, JAMES                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-3-290
OBER, DAVID                  CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-5-603
OBER, JACOB                  NTL                           PA-32-3-267
OBER, JOHN                   GREEN                         PA-32-2-77
OBER, JOHN JR.               CHERRY HILL                   PA-32-2-246
OBRIAN, MICHAEL              BURRELL                       PA-32-5-243
OCONNER, EDWARD              WASHINGTON                    PA-32-4-261
OHARA, JAMES                 NTL                           PA-32-1-8
OHARA, JAMES                 NTL                           PA-32-1-18
OIGHER, JOHN                 RAYNE                         PA-32-5-360
ONEAL, ISAAC                 WHITE                         PA-32-4-258
ONEIL, JOHN                  PINE                          PA-32-3-593
ONIEL, CATHARINE             GREEN                         PA-32-5-100
ONIEL, EDWARD SR.            GREEN                         PA-32-3-498
ORNDORFF, JACOB              BRUSH VALLEY                  PA-32-5-390
ORNER, GEORGE                PINE                          PA-32-5-375
ORR, BENJAMIN                BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-259
ORR, HENRY                   WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-4-378
ORR, HERMANUS                GREENE                        PA-32-2-549
ORR, JAMES                   CENTRE                        PA-32-4-293
ORR, JAMES                   WASHINGTON                    PA-32-3-518
ORR, MARIA                   WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-5-46
ORR, ROBERT                  NTL                           PA-32-2-26
OVERDORF, DANIEL             BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-2-421
OVERDORF, JOHN               MECHANICSBURG                 PA-32-3-496
OVERDORF, MARY               BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-4-344
OWENS, MORRIS                RAYNE                         PA-32-2-81
PAIGE, EDMUND SR.            BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-3-237
PALMER, CHARLES              BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-319
PATTERSON, ANDREW            WASHINGTON                    PA-32-3-127
PATTERSON, CARNS             WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-2-346
PATTERSON, THOMAS M.         NTL                           PA-32-3-142
PATTISON, JOHN SR.           ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-347
PATTISON, MARTHA             ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-2-355
PATTISON, ROBERT             WHITE                         PA-32-4-605
PATTISON, WILLIAM            WHITE                         PA-32-3-458
PATTON, MARY                 CENTER                        PA-32-1-67
PATTON, SAMUEL               SALTSBURG                     PA-32-5-329
PAUL, SAMUEL                 SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-171
PEARCE, ABRAHAM              RAYNE                         PA-32-3-485
PEARCE, JOSEPH               YOUNG                         PA-32-1-345
PEARCE, JOSHUA               NTL                           PA-32-1-115
PEDDICORD, JAMES             BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-4-232
PEDDICORD, JOHN SR.          CENTRE                        PA-32-2-501
PEDDICORD, MARY              CENTER                        PA-32-3-535
PEDDICORD, NICHOLAS          MECHANICSBURG                 PA-32-4-550
PEELER, JACOB                ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-4-62
PEELER, JOSEPH               ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-2-357
PEFFER, PETER                NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-4-522
PERRY, HUGH                  GREEN                         PA-32-5-291
PERSHING, MARY               BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-5-385
PETERS, JOHN                 BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-3-494
PETTIGREW, JOHN              ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-4-456
PFEIFFER, FREDERICK          EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-3-563
PHILIPS, ARMOUR              CENTER                        PA-32-1-211
PHILLIPS, JACOB              CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-4-383
PHILLIPS, JANE               INDIANA                       PA-32-1-555
PHILLIPS, JONATHAN           CENTRE                        PA-32-2-567
PHILLIPS, ROBERT             HOMER CITY                    PA-32-4-346
PIERCE, JOHN                 YOUNG                         PA-32-5-270
PIKE, MARGARET               WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-4-308
PILSON, ADAM                 WHITE                         PA-32-1-382
PILSON, JOHN                 CENTER                        PA-32-1-217
PILSON, ROBERT               NTL                           PA-32-1-41
PIPER, JACOB                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-2-130
PITTMAN, BENJAMIN            GREEN                         PA-32-4-394
PITTMAN, JOSEPH              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-2-391
PITTMAN, PHILIP              GREEN                         PA-32-5-43
PLATTSEAL, ELIZABETH         BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-5-545
POLLOCK, DAVID               GRANT                         PA-32-4-287
PORTER, JAMES R. SR.         SALTSBURG                     PA-32-3-543
PORTER, PATRICK              MAHONING                      PA-32-1-391
PORTSER, ISRAEL S.           SALTSBURG                     PA-32-5-560
POTTS, JACOB                 WASHINGTON                    PA-32-5-369
POTTS, JACOB SR.             WASHINGTON                    PA-32-3-442
POUNDS, ADONIJAH             CENTER                        PA-32-1-11
POWELL, ELIZABETH            NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-568
POWELL, LENNERD              NTL                           PA-32-4-21
PRICE, RICHARD               GREEN                         PA-32-3-184
PRINGLE, DAVID               SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-600
PURNELL, BENJAMIN            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-65
PUTER, JOSEPH                INDIANA                       PA-32-5-45
RAMSEY, JOHN                 NTL                           PA-32-3-406
RANK, SAMUEL                 MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-3-487
RANKIN, ELIZA                WASHINGTON                    PA-32-2-412
RANKIN, JAMES                BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-1-190
RANKIN, JANE MAY             CENTER                        PA-32-4-446
RANKIN, MATHEW               NTL                           PA-32-5-495
RANKIN, REBECCA              CENTER                        PA-32-1-292
RANKIN, WILLIAM              BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-87
RANKIN, WILLIAM              WASHINGTON                    PA-32-2-206
RANKIN, WILLIAM              ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-106
RANKIN, WILLIAM SR.          WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-5-468
RARIGH, SAMUEL               SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-4-462
RAY, HANNAH                  CHERRY HILL                   PA-32-5-13
RAY, JOHN                    ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-2-446
RAY, ROBERT I.               ARMAGH                        PA-32-5-417
RAY, SAMUEL                  ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-5-594
RAY, THOMAS                  CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-4-366
REA, MATHEW                  CENTER                        PA-32-1-44
REED, DAVID                  WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-3-64
REED, G. P.                  INDIANA                       PA-32-3-224
REED, GEORGE                 YOUNG                         PA-32-5-203
REED, JESSIE                 YOUNG                         PA-32-5-496
REED, JOHN                   YOUNG                         PA-32-3-388
REED, JOHN                   YOUNG                         PA-32-2-319
REED, JOHN (REV.)            INDIANA                       PA-32-1-284
REED, MARY K.                GREEN SPRING, *, WV           PA-32-5-477
REED, ROSANNAH               BLACKLICK                     PA-32-5-552
REED, THOMAS                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-222
REES, ELIZABETH              GREEN                         PA-32-1-165
REES, HUGH                   GREEN                         PA-32-1-113
REES, JOHN                   GREEN                         PA-32-1-137
REFENBARICK, WILLIAM         NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-96
REIHL, GEORGE                EAST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-4-450
REILLY, ANN                  WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-2-470
REILLY, JANE                 WEST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-3-228
REILLY, PATRICK              WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-313
REPINE, CATHARINE            NTL                           PA-32-1-142
REPINE, GEORGE               BLACKLICK                     PA-32-3-372
REPINE, ISRAEL               INDIANA                       PA-32-4-9
REPINE, JACOB                WASHINGTON                    PA-32-3-46
REPINE, JOHN                 BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-431
REPINE, JOHN                 BURRELL                       PA-32-4-443
REPINE, JOSEPH               BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-297
REPINE, JOSEPH B.            BLACKLICK                     PA-32-3-347
REVER, JACOB                 NTL                           PA-32-5-583
RHEA, HUGH                   CENTER                        PA-32-4-85
RHEA, JAMES                  CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-3-367
RHEA, JOSEPH                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-104
RHEA, NANCY                  SALTSBURGH                    PA-32-4-137
RHEA, SAMUEL                 CENTRE                        PA-32-2-150
RHOADS, MARGARET             CANOE                         PA-32-4-534
RHODES, ELIZABETH            INDIANA                       PA-32-3-121
RICE, CONRAD                 WHITE                         PA-32-4-68
RICE, DAVID                  GREEN                         PA-32-3-41
RICE, ELIZABETH              RAYNE                         PA-32-4-188
RICE, MARY                   NTL                           PA-32-5-530
RICE, PHILIP                 RAYNE                         PA-32-2-307
RICHARDS, MARTHA             CENTER                        PA-32-1-147
RICHARDSON, GEORGE           EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-41
RICHARDSON, JOHN             BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-5-204
RICHEY, GEORGE               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-160
RICHEY, HELLEN               EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-3-410
RICHEY, JAMES M.             CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-452
RIDDLE, JOHN B.              MARION                        PA-32-5-71
RIDDLE, POLLY                MAHONING                      PA-32-1-101
RIDDLE, WILLIAM              GRANT                         PA-32-4-184
RISHEL, GEORGE W.            CANOE                         PA-32-2-378
RISHEL, JOHN                 COVODE                        PA-32-3-588
RISINGER, MICHAEL            CENTRE                        PA-32-5-323
RITCHEY, JOHN                NTL                           PA-32-1-416
ROBBINS, DANIEL              WHITE                         PA-32-4-169
ROBBINS, JOHN                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-2-293
ROBBINS, NANCY               WHITE                         PA-32-4-370
ROBERTS, JOHN                NTL                           PA-32-4-94
ROBERTS, ROBERT              GREEN                         PA-32-3-374
ROBERTS, ROBERT              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-3-29
ROBINSON, IRWIN              NTL                           PA-32-2-133
ROBINSON, IRWIN              NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-343
ROBINSON, J.B.               SALTSBURG                     PA-32-4-445
ROBINSON, JAMES              SALEM, WESTMORELAND, PA       PA-32-3-426
ROBINSON, JAMES              INDIANA                       PA-32-2-481
ROBINSON, JANE               BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-5-356
ROBINSON, JOHN               ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-3-243
ROBINSON, JOHN               CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-2-275
ROBINSON, JOHN M.            SALTSBURG                     PA-32-5-486
ROBINSON, MARY G.            ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-5-148
ROBINSON, ROBERT S.          CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-187
ROBINSON, SARAH W.           SALTSBURG                     PA-32-4-563
ROBINSON, WILLIAM            ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-4-141
ROBISON, ELIZABETH           ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-509
ROBISON, JAMES               CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-4
ROBISON, JANE S.             NTL                           PA-32-3-587
ROBISON, ROBERT              NTL                           PA-32-1-74
ROBSON, HENRY                CENTER                        PA-32-5-42
RODGERS, ELIZA               WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-102
RODGERS, ISAAC               EAST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-4-483
RODGERS, ISAAC               WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-77
RODKEY, SIMON                CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-4-122
ROGES, SARAH                 EAST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-5-216
ROOL, JACOB SR.              MAHONING                      PA-32-1-311
ROSBOROUGH, ALEXANDER        CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-3-364
ROSBOROUGH, JAMES            YOUNG                         PA-32-4-298
ROSE, ALLEN                  CANOE                         PA-32-5-473
ROSE, ELENOR                 NTL                           PA-32-1-537
ROSS, JOHN                   CENTER                        PA-32-1-443
ROSS, NOAH                   WASHINGTON                    PA-32-5-368
ROSS, ROBERT                 INDIANA                       PA-32-4-507
ROUSH, HENRY                 WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-1-490
ROW, ADAM                    INDIANA                       PA-32-4-53
ROW, JONATHAN                INDIANA                       PA-32-3-271
ROWLAND, GRIFFITH J.         SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-548
ROWLEY, CHRISTOPHER          MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-2-289
ROWLEY, CORNELIUS            MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-4-80
RUFFNER, WILLIAM             GRANT                         PA-32-4-336
RUGG, JOSEPH A.              BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-5-238
RUGH, JACOB                  BURREL                        PA-32-4-142
RUGH, MICHAEL                BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-202
RUMMELL, HARMAN              SUSQUEHANNA, CAMBRIA, PA      PA-32-5-184
RUNYAN, BARTON               SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-2-568
RUTHERFORD, JOHN             NTL                           PA-32-1-191
RUTHERFORD, MARY A.          NTL                           PA-32-5-197
SALTSGIVER, JAMES            BANKS                         PA-32-5-248
SAMPLE, DANIEL               CENTER                        PA-32-1-81
SAMPLE, JAEMS                ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-318
SAMPLE, JANE                 CENTER                        PA-32-1-145
SAMPLE, REBECCA              CENTER                        PA-32-1-162
SAMPSON, JOHN S.             WHITE                         PA-32-5-110
SANDLES, WILLIAM             CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-5-499
SAWYER, JACOB                PINE                          PA-32-4-51
SCHAMBACH, CARL              INDIANA                       PA-32-4-518
SCHNIDER, BALSER             RAYNE                         PA-32-3-348
SCHOTT, JOHN                 WHEATFIELD                    3-323
SCHRECKENGOST, DANIEL        BUFFINGTON                    PA-32-5-601
SCOTT, ALEXANDER             ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-2-480
SCOTT, GEORGE                NTL                           PA-32-4-473
SCOTT, MARY                  ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-3-480
SCOTT, THOMAS                BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-257
SCULLY, GEORGE               BURRELL                       PA-32-3-197
SEBINS, NATHANIEL N.         BURRELL                       PA-32-3-380
SEGARSON, JOHN               NTL                           PA-32-2-273
SHAFFER, JACOB               NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-245
SHAFFER, MICHAEL             WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-5-126
SHAFFER, WILLIAMC .          WASHINGTON                    PA-32-3-308
SHANK, JACOB                 CHERRY HILL                   PA-32-3-289
SHANKLE, ANDREW              MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-2-441
SHARP, ANN                   ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-10
SHAUL, LEWIS                 CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-5-215
SHAUL, SARAH E.              CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-5-194
SHEARER, SARAH J.            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-540
SHEARER, THOMAS              WEST LEBANON                  PA-32-4-527
SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH          PINE                          PA-32-4-501
SHEPHERD, JOSHUA             WHITE                         PA-32-4-373
SHERRIDAN, JOHN              CENTER                        PA-32-1-372
SHIELDS, A. M.               BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-3-58
SHIELDS, CAROLINE            BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-5-332
SHIELDS, JOHN                RAYNE                         PA-32-4-5
SHIELDS, SARAH               CANOE                         PA-32-3-253
SHIFFER, GEORGE E.           WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-230
SHIPLEY, SAMUEL H.           BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-4-216
SHIRLEY, THOMAS SR.          CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-259
SHOCKEY, SUSANA              NTL                           PA-32-1-391
SHORT, JAMES                 RAYNE                         PA-32-4-244
SHRYOCK, HENRY               PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      PA-32-3-415
SHRYOCK, LEONARD             INDIANA                       PA-32-2-504
SHULTZ, HENRY                BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-1-227
SIDES, ADAM                  GREEN                         PA-32-5-395
SIDES, ANN                   WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-301
SIGLER, EVE CATHARINE        WEST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-4-219
SIMONS, DANIEL H.            SALTSBURG                     PA-32-3-394
SIMONS, ELIZABETH            SALTSBURG                     PA-32-5-609
SIMPSON, HUGH                NTL                           PA-32-3-408
SIMPSON, JAMES               CHERRY HILL                   PA-32-3-278
SIMPSON, JAMES               NTL                           PA-32-1-90
SIMPSON, JAMES S.            CENTER                        PA-32-4-396
SIMPSON, LEVI                NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-4-455
SIMPSON, MARTHA              BUFFINGTON                    PA-32-4-573
SIMPSON, NATHANIEL           MAHONING                      PA-32-1-182
SIMPSON, SOLOMON             BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-2-296
SIMS, WILLIAM N.             SWICKSBURG                    PA-32-4-15
SINGLEY, MATILDA             BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-4-407
SINK, GEORGE                 SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-2-13
SLEMON, PATRICK              BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-74
SLIPPY, ABRAHAM              PINE                          PA-32-3-211
SLOAN, THOMAS N.             NEWPORT                       PA-32-1-30
SMAIL, CATHARINE             WASHINGTON                    PA-32-5-294
SMEAD, WILLIAM               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-4-2
SMILEY, DAVID                WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-1-483
SMITH, CATHARINE ANN         YOUNG                         PA-32-5-173
SMITH, DANIEL                BLACKLICK                     PA-32-2-79
SMITH, DAVID                 BANKS                         PA-32-3-594
SMITH, EBENEZER W.           GREEN                         PA-32-4-377
SMITH, ELIZABETH             YOUNG                         PA-32-3-571
SMITH, HENRY                 WHITE                         PA-32-3-549
SMITH, JACOB                 NTL                           PA-32-4-257
SMITH, JAMES                 YOUNG                         PA-32-3-77
SMITH, JAMES                 BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-203
SMITH, JAMES                 ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-3-346
SMITH, JAMES                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-79
SMITH, JOHN                  ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-3-512
SMITH, JOHN B.               CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-602
SMITH, MARTHA                YOUNG                         PA-32-5-172
SMITH, MARY                  WEST LEBANON                  PA-32-4-187
SMITH, RICHARD W. SR.        GREEN                         PA-32-1-576
SMITH, ROBERT                BURRELL                       PA-32-3-525
SMITH, THOMAS                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-139
SMITH, THOMAS                BANKS                         PA-32-5-625
SMITH, WILLIAM               MAHONING                      PA-32-1-36
SMITH, WILLIAM               CENTER                        PA-32-1-79
SMITH, WILLIAM               NTL                           PA-32-3-452
SMITH, WILLIAM               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-5-118
SMITT, RICHARD W.            GREEN                         PA-32-5-516
SMITTEN, ARCHIBALD           NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-2-302
SMYTH, CASPER                CANOE                         PA-32-2-33
SNYDER, DANIEL               BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-4-570
SNYDER, GEORGE               RAYNE                         PA-32-3-403
SNYDER, HENRY C.             WHITE                         PA-32-5-525
SNYDER, JOSHUA               NTL                           PA-32-4-288
SNYDER, MARY B.              RAYNE                         PA-32-5-314
SNYDER, MICHAEL              CANOE                         PA-32-5-414
SOWERS, MICHAEL              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-1-277
SPEEDY, H. W.                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-610
SPEEDY, JAMES                WASHINGTON                    PA-32-3-311
SPEEDY, SAMUEL F.            RAYNE                         PA-32-5-589
SPEER, JAMES                 INDIANA                       PA-32-3-376
SPENCE, JAMES                WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-283
SPENCER, DANIEL              BANKS                         PA-32-4-512
SPENCER, JAMES               WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-237
SPENCER, JOHN                SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-4-323
SPENCER, THOMAS              BANKS                         PA-32-3-547
SPENCER, ZACHARIAH           SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-2-425
SPICHER, HENRY               GRANT                         PA-32-5-400
SPIRES, JOHN                 EAST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-4-182
SPYERS, JOSEPH               BLACKLICK                     PA-32-4-347
STADTMILLER, ANDREW          INDIANA                       PA-32-3-390
STADTMILLER, GEORGE          RAYNE                         PA-32-3-434
STAFF, JUSTIS                CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-5-159
STANARD, ANN E.              INDIANA                       PA-32-4-429
STANARD, DANIEL              INDIANA                       PA-32-3-326
STARBER, JACOB FREDERICK     (IN GERMAN)                   PA-32-2-339
STATES, ADAM                 CANOE                         PA-32-5-84
STATES, MATTHIAS             BANKS                         PA-32-5-177
STAUFFER, JONATHAN           WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-194
STCLAIR, SARAH               INDIANA                       PA-32-4-105
STEEL, GEORGE                CENTREVILLE                   PA-32-2-240
STEEL, MATTHEW               CENTRE                        PA-32-2-215
STEEL, NANCY R. M.           INDIANA                       PA-32-4-454
STEEL, REBECCA               BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-4-574
STEEL, SAMUEL                BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-1-305
STEER, JACOB                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-5-279
STEER, JOHN                  WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-3-258
STEER, JOHN                  WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-2-290
STEER, JOHN OF GEORGE        SWICKSBURGH                   PA-32-2-2
STEETLE, ANDREW              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-3-94
STEINMETZ, JOHN              INDIANA                       PA-32-4-545
STEPHENS, ABRAHAM            GREEN                         PA-32-1-285
STEPHENS, ROBERT G.          WHITE                         PA-32-5-65
STEPHENS, SHADRACH           NTL                           PA-32-2-222
STEPHENS, WILLIAM            NTL                           PA-32-1-574
STEUART, AHL                 INDIANA                       PA-32-5-292
STEUART, JAMES               BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-2-369
STEVISON, JOHN               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-5-510
STEWART, ANN                 NTL                           PA-32-3-569
STEWART, ARCHIBALD           ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-4-398
STEWART, ARCHIBALD           CENTER                        PA-32-1-157
STEWART, ELEANOR             NTL                           PA-32-4-546
STEWART, ELEANOR             CNETRE                        PA-32-1-174
STEWART, ELIZABETH           NTL                           PA-32-5-362
STEWART, JAMES M.            INDIANA                       PA-32-3-439
STEWART, JAMES SR.           BUFFINGTON                    PA-32-4-586
STEWART, JANE                CENTER                        PA-32-3-590
STEWART, JANE J.             SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-382
STEWART, JOHN K.             NTL                           PA-32-3-509
STEWART, JOSEPH F.           NTL                           PA-32-3-241
STEWART, MARGARET            NTL                           PA-32-1-234
STEWART, MARY                CENTRE                        PA-32-5-235
STEWART, MICHAEL             WASHINGTON                    PA-32-2-264
STEWART, SAMUEL              CENTRE                        PA-32-4-608
STEWART, SAMUEL F.           ARMAGH                        PA-32-2-356
STEWART, SUSAN               CENTRE                        PA-32-5-320
STEWART, WALLACE B.          ARMAGH                        PA-32-4-177
STIFFEY, MAGGIE              BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-3-505
STILLER, PETER               WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-2-5
STINEMAN, PHILLIP            NTL                           PA-32-1-47
STITT, A. G.                 BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-5-316
STOOPS, THOMAS               CANOE                         PA-32-4-79
STOUFFER, JACOB              WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-5-403
STRATTON, WILLIAM P.         BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-4-138
STREAMS, SAMUEL              SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-316
STRONG, JAMES                BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-1-231
STRONG, JOHN SR.             CHERRYHILL                    PA-32-4-551
STRONG, MICHAEL              PINE                          PA-32-3-31
STUCHAL, ABRAHAM             WHITE                         PA-32-1-554
STUCHEL, JESSE               SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-359
STUCHEL, MARY                YOUNG                         PA-32-4-339
STUCHELL, BARBARA            NTL                           PA-32-2-241
STUCHELL, CHRISTOPHER        EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-5-504
STUCHELL, JOHN               RAYNE                         PA-32-5-261
STUCHELL, MARGARET           MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-4-45
STUCHELL, WILLIAM D.         WHITE                         PA-32-5-322
STUCHELL, WILLIAM F.         NTL                           PA-32-5-361
STUMPF, ADAM                 RAYNE                         PA-32-2-235
STUMPP, MICHAEL              SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-1-533
STUNKARD, JAMES              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-4-6
STURKARD, JAMES SR.          CENTRE                        PA-32-2-301
SUMMERS, PATRICK             BEAVERSTOWN                   PA-32-3-138
SUTOR, JOHN SR.              EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-149
SUTOR, MARY                  EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-5-202
SUTTER, ELIZABETH            NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-503
SUTTER, JACOB                NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-1-545
SUTTON, GAWIN                BLACKLICK                     PA-32-2-86
SUTTON, JOHN                 INDIANA                       PA-32-4-415
SUTTON, MALACHIA             NTL                           PA-32-2-153
SUTTON, PETER                SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-523
SUTTON, REBECCA              INDIANA                       PA-32-4-173
SUTTON, ROBERT               WHEAFIELD                     PA-32-1-169
SUTTON, THOMAS               INDIANA                       PA-32-1-177
SUTTON, WILLIAM              BLACKLICK                     PA-32-2-476
SWAN, SAMUEL                 BURRELL                       PA-32-4-432
SWAN, THOMAS                 WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-395
SWANY, MICAHEL               INDIANA                       PA-32-4-614
SWARTZ, RACHEL J.            WEST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-5-82
SWEENY, EDWARD               CHERRY HILL                   PA-32-4-17
SWEENY, GEORGE               GREEN                         PA-32-1-438
SWESE, JOHN                  NTL                           PA-32-1-192
SYDICK, JOHN                 EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-2-231
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER            INDIANA                       PA-32-1-126
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER ESQ.       WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-35
TAYLOR, ANTHONY              WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-4-440
TAYLOR, ELIJAH               EAST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-4-528
TAYLOR, ELLEN                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-4-532
TAYLOR, HENRY SR.            WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-2-352
TAYLOR, ISABELLA             BLACKLICK                     PA-32-5-453
TAYLOR, JAMES                INDIANA                       PA-32-2-59
TAYLOR, JANE                 INDIANA                       PA-32-4-99
TAYLOR, JOHN SR.             BLACKLICK                     PA-32-3-218
TAYLOR, MARY                 SALTSBURG                     PA-32-1-515
TAYLOR, MARY                 BLACKLICK                     PA-32-3-490
TAYLOR, ROBERT C.            NTL                           PA-32-5-466
TEMPLETON, ALEXANDER         CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-2-50
TEMPLETON, JAMES             ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-388
TEMPLETON, SAMUEL            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-3-120
THOMAS, DUBRO                WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-5-18
THOMAS, HIRAM                PAYNE                         PA-32-2-525
THOMAS, ISRAEL               ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-265
THOMAS, JESSE                WASHINGTON                    PA-32-2-34
THOMAS, JOHN                 ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-4-49
THOMAS, MARGARET             ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-2-58
THOMAS, WILLIAM J.           PINE                          PA-32-5-428
THOMPSON, DAVID              BLACKLICK                     PA-32-3-369
THOMPSON, FLORA S.           RAYNE                         PA-32-3-440
THOMPSON, GEORGE             BLACKLICK                     PA-32-4-65
THOMPSON, GEORGE C.          CENTRE                        PA-32-2-507
THOMPSON, HARRIET N.         EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-3-334
THOMPSON, HUGH               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-136
THOMPSON, ISABELLA           PINE                          PA-32-3-351
THOMPSON, JAMES              NTL                           PA-32-1-25
THOMPSON, JAMES SR.          CENTER                        PA-32-1-123
THOMPSON, JOHN               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-376
THOMPSON, JOHN               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-249
THOMPSON, JOHN G.            INDIANA                       PA-32-5-344
THOMPSON, JOSEPH             INDIANA                       PA-32-5-156
THOMPSON, MARGARET           RAYNE                         PA-32-3-129
THOMPSON, MARIA              NTL                           PA-32-4-398
THOMPSON, MONTGOMERY R.      BLACKLICK                     PA-32-5-563
THOMPSON, MOSES              CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-2-174
THOMPSON, REYNOLDS           WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-4-395
THOMPSON, ROBERT             WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-13
THOMPSON, ROBERT             WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-36
THOMPSON, ROBERT SR.         RAYNE                         PA-32-2-299
THOMPSON, SAMUEL             MAHONING                      PA-32-1-216
THOMPSON, SAMUEL H.          RAYNE                         PA-32-3-231
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            NTL                           PA-32-2-287
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-53
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-4-587
THOMSON, JANE                CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-22
THOMSON, JOHN                RAYNE                         PA-32-2-444
THORN, JOHN                  YOUNG                         PA-32-3-32
TIGER, ADAM SR.              CANOE                         PA-32-5-501
TODD, JAMES                  INDIANA                       PA-32-4-38
TODD, SAMUEL                 CENTER                        PA-32-1-23
TODD, SARAH                  INDIANA                       PA-32-4-261
TOMB, DAVID                  WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-307
TOMB, ELIZABETH              NTL                           PA-32-3-478
TOMB, JOHN                   EAST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-4-69
TOMB, SAMUEL                 EAST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-4-517
TOY, JAMES                   CANOE                         PA-32-5-221
TREADENBAUGH, FRANK          INDIANA                       PA-32-5-577
TRIECE, HENRY                BURRELL                       PA-32-5-469
TRIMBLE, GEORGE              WASHINGTON                    PA-32-4-436
TRIMBLE, GEORGE              WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-16
TRIMBLE, JOHN                MAHONING                      PA-32-1-508
TRIMBLE, SAMUEL              WHITE                         PA-32-2-521
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM             WHITE                         PA-32-1-428
TRUBY, JAMES                 MECHANICSBURG                 PA-32-4-286
TRUSAL, MARY                 WASHINGTON                    PA-32-5-457
TRUSAL, ROBERT               WASHINGTON                    PA-32-5-80
TRUSELL, WILLIAM             SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-2-267
TURNER, EDWARD               GREEN                         PA-32-2-384
TURNER, GEORGE               NTL                           PA-32-1-123
TURNER, HANNAH               SALTSBURG                     PA-32-5-379
TURNER, JOSEPH               BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-489
TURNER, MARGARET             BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-601
UBER, SIMON SR.              BANKS                         PA-32-3-595
UNCAFAER, JOSEPH             ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-3-88
UNCAFER, MARY JANE           ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-2-512
UNCAFER, PHILLIP             GREEN                         PA-32-1-253
UNDERWOOD, WILLIAM SR.       NTL                           PA-32-3-89
VANHORN, ALEXANDER           WEST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-3-576
VANHORN, ISAIAH              MAHONING                      PA-32-1-381
VIRTUE, GEORGE               NTL                           PA-32-1-63
VIRTUE, JAMES                CENTRE                        PA-32-4-390
WADDLE, SAMUEL               GREEN                         PA-32-2-260
WAINWRIGHT, GEORGE           BLACKLICK                     PA-32-4-365
WAINWRIGHT, SAMUEL           BLACKLICK                     PA-32-2-161
WAKAB, JOHN                  ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-2
WAKEFIELD, ROBRT             BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-3-141
WAKER, SAMUEL                MONTGOMERY                    PA-32-4-375
WALKER, BENJAMIN             ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-350
WALKER, BENJAMIN             ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-5-31
WALKER, JOSHUA M.            ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-5-355
WALKER, ROBERT M.            ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-493
WALKER, THOMAS               CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-127
WALLACE, EPHRAIM             WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-46
WALLACE, SAMUEL              BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-5-60
WALLACE, SUSAN               BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-5-116
WALLER, JOHN                 ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-5-200
WARREN, BENAJAH              SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-2-533
WATKINS, WILLIAM             BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-4-248
WATSON, URIAH                NTL                           PA-32-1-38
WATTERSON, JOHN S.           BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-3-492
WEAMER, ANDREW               MAHONING                      PA-32-1-268
WEAMER, JACOB                SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-164
WEAMER, JOHN                 INDIANA                       PA-32-3-167
WEAVER, FREDERICK 2ND        MAHONING                      PA-32-1-482
WEINING, HENRY               NORTH MAHONING (IN GERMAN)    PA-32-2-373
WEIR, HUGH                   NTL                           PA-32-1-52
WEIR, JOSEPH                 BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-476
WEIR, SUSAN                  BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-4-143
WELLS, CHRISTOPHER           NTL                           PA-32-1-24
WELLS, CHRISTOPHER           SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-476
WELLS, JAMES SR.             SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-4-281
WELLS, JOHN                  SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-318
WELLS, LEVI                  SOUTH MAHONNG                 PA-32-5-561
WELSH, JAMES                 YOUNG                         PA-32-2-164
WESTON, ABRAHAM              WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-2-66
WHARRY, JAMES                NTL                           PA-32-1-423
WHITBY, GEORGE               NTL                           PA-32-1-119
WHITE, ALEXANDER             SALTSBURGH                    PA-32-1-314
WHITE, CATHARINE B. M.       NTL                           PA-32-5-1
WHITE, JAMES                 NTL                           PA-32-1-9
WHITE, JANE                  SALTSBURG                     PA-32-4-562
WHITE, JOHN                  NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-2-261
WHITE, JOSEPH S.             CENTRE                        PA-32-2-473
WHITE, MARY                  GRANT                         PA-32-4-493
WHITE, SAMUEL H.             CANOE                         PA-32-2-194
WHITE, THOMAS                NTL                           PA-32-3-303
WIDDOWSON, JOSEPH            NTL                           PA-32-3-592
WIDDOWSON, WILLIAM           CONROE                        PA-32-5-102
WIGGINS, ANDREW              ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-1-478
WIGGINS, ANDREW              GREENVILLE                    PA-32-5-191
WIGGINS, LENA ANN            NTL                           PA-32-5-12
WIGGINS, MARY                ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-4-153
WIGGINS, REBECCA             ARMSTRONG                     PA-32-2-434
WIGGINS, SAMUEL              WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-4-320
WIGGINS, THOMAS              WASHINGTON                    PA-32-1-54
WIKE, HENERY                 GREEN                         PA-32-1-403
WILEY, JOHN                  BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-237
WILEY, MARGARET              BLACK LICK                    PA-32-1-300
WILEY, ROBERT                HOMER                         PA-32-4-58
WILHELM, J. CHARLES          NTL                           PA-32-4-175
WILHELM, JACOB               BELL, WESTMORELAND, PA        PA-32-3-292
WILHELM, MOSES               WEST LEBANON                  PA-32-5-124
WILKINS, JAMES               CENTER                        PA-32-1-12
WILKINS, WILLIAM             CENTER                        PA-32-1-588
WILLETS, HANNAH              BURRELL                       PA-32-3-425
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE          CENTER                        PA-32-1-171
WILLIAMS, DANIEL             GREEN                         PA-32-3-215
WILLIAMS, JOHN SR.           CANOE                         PA-32-3-149
WILLIAMS, RICHARD W.         GREEN                         PA-32-4-338
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             GREEN                         PA-32-4-478
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM G.       WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-3-579
WILLIARD, ROBERT             WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-5-566
WILLSON, ROBERT              CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-419
WILSON, ALEXANDER            WHEATFIELD                    PA-32-1-201
WILSON, ANN E.               SALTSBURGH                    PA-32-4-326
WILSON, DANIEL               CENTRE                        PA-32-5-534
WILSON, ELIZA JANE           SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-3-363
WILSON, GEORGE               INDIANA                       PA-32-4-191
WILSON, JAMES                BURRELL                       PA-32-5-36
WILSON, JANE                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-496
WILSON, JOHN                 SALTSBURGH                    PA-32-4-309
WILSON, JOHN                 CENTER                        PA-32-1-450
WILSON, JOHN                 NTL                           PA-32-1-114
WILSON, JOSEPH               BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-5-442
WILSON, MARTHA A.            BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-3-16
WILSON, MATHEW               WEST WHEATFIELD               PA-32-5-537
WILSON, MATTHEW H.           YOUNG                         PA-32-3-47
WILSON, ROBERT               CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-48
WILSON, SARAH L.             INDIANA                       PA-32-4-461
WILSON, URSULA               CENTRE                        PA-32-3-324
WILSON, WILLAM               HOMER CITY                    PA-32-5-272
WILSON, WILLIAM              BLAIRSVILLE                   PA-32-3-235
WILSON, WILLIAM              BUFFINGTON                    PA-32-5-99
WILSON, WILLIAM              WASHINGTON                    PA-32-5-359
WINE, SUSANNA                WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-4-610
WINEBERK, WILLIAM            WEST MAHONING                 PA-32-3-315
WINECOOP, MARGRETTA          MARION                        PA-32-4-28
WINEMAN, JOHN P.             CENTRE                        PA-32-4-167
WINING, HENRY                NORTH MAHONING                PA-32-5-348
WOLF, GEORGE                 RAYNE                         PA-32-3-180
WOOD, HEZEKIAH               EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-3-296
WOOD, JANE E.                MARION                        PA-32-5-538
WOOD, MARY                   MARION                        PA-32-4-335
WOOD, W. H.                  WEST INDIANA                  PA-32-5-569
WOODS, MARY ALICE            BLACKLICK                     PA-32-2-396
WORK, ALEXANDER SCROGGS      EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-510
WORK, JOHN                   EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-12
WORK, MOSES T.               EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-5-598
WORK, ROBERT                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-168
WORK, SAMUEL                 EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-282
WORK, WILLIAM                EAST MAHONING                 PA-32-4-509
WRAY, DANIEL                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-32-1-148
WRAY, WILLIAM H.             BLACKLICK                     PA-32-3-420
WRIGHT, GEORGE W.            GRANT                         PA-32-5-481
WRIGHT, JOHN                 BURRELL                       PA-32-5-131
WYATT, SUSAN                 NTL                           PA-32-5-55
WYNKOOP, MATHEW              SOUTH MAHONING                PA-32-2-544
WYNKOOP, MATHEW              MAHONING                      PA-32-1-62
YOUNGKIN, HENRY              BRUSHVALLEY                   PA-32-2-457
ZACK, DANIEL                 HOMER CITY                    PA-32-5-185
ZIEGLER, WILLIAM             INDIANA                       PA-32-3-502
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN K.           PLUMVILLE                     PA-32-4-55

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