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Column One: Name of Testator
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ADAIR, JAMES (DR.)                      PA-32-1-125
ADAIR, JOHN                             PA-32-5-23
ADAIR, JONATHAN A.                      PA-32-4-207
ADAIR, JOSEPH H.                        PA-32-2-189
ADAIR, NANCY                            PA-32-5-70
ADAIR, SUSANA                           PA-32-1-293
ADAMS, GAURIN                           PA-32-1-85
ADAMS, GAWN                             PA-32-1-281
ADAMS, JAMES                            PA-32-2-313
ADAMS, JOSEPH                           PA-32-5-27
ADAMS, MARGARET                         PA-32-5-268
ADAMS, MARGARET                         PA-32-5-151
ADAMS, NANCY                            PA-32-1-273
ADAMS, ROBERT                           PA-32-1-303
ADAMS, SAMUEL                           PA-32-3-516
ADAMS, SILAS                            PA-32-3-232
ADAMS, STEPHEN                          PA-32-3-283
ADAMS, WILLIAM W.                       PA-32-5-599
ADAMSON, JOHN                           PA-32-4-304
ADAMSON, THOMAS                         PA-32-4-223
ADLER, JEANNETTA                        PA-32-5-503
AGEY, JOHN                              PA-32-2-234
AIRGOD, MICHAL                          PA-32-5-416
AKE, JACOB G.                           PA-32-5-206
ALCORN, JOHN                            PA-32-1-61
ALCORN, JOHN                            PA-32-2-349
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      PA-32-5-34
ALLEBRAND, LEWIS                        PA-32-2-216
ALLEN, MARGARET C.                      PA-32-5-33
ALLEN, MARY                             PA-32-4-444
ALLER, ALEXANDER                        PA-32-4-70
ALLISON, ELIZABETH                      PA-32-3-460
ALLISON, JOHN                           PA-32-3-328
ALLISON, JOHN G.                        PA-32-1-512
ALLISON, MATILDA H.                     PA-32-2-163
ALLISON, ROBERT                         PA-32-5-16
ALLISON, SAMUEL ANDERSON                PA-32-3-449
ALTEMUS, DAVID                          PA-32-5-434
ALTEMUS, MARTHA                         PA-32-2-500
ALTIMUS, ADAM                           PA-32-3-69
ALTIMUS, MARY                           PA-32-5-135
ALTMAN, HENRY                           PA-32-3-92
ALTMAN, JACOB SR.                       PA-32-2-199
ALTMAN, LOISA                           PA-32-1-365
ALTMAN, PHILLIP                         PA-32-1-29
ANDERSON, DAVID                         PA-32-3-249
ANDERSON, JOHN                          PA-32-1-22
ANDERSON, JOHN                          PA-32-2-225
ANDERSON, THOMAS                        PA-32-1-307
ANDERSON, WILLIAM SR.                   PA-32-5-550
ANGUISH, DANIEL                         PA-32-1-505
ANTHONY, DAVID                          PA-32-2-17
ANTHONY, JACOB                          PA-32-1-19
ANTHONY, WILLIAM                        PA-32-2-272
ARCHIBALD, ELIZABETH                    PA-32-3-389
ARCHIBALD, ISAAC                        PA-32-5-391
ARCHIBALD, JOHN                         PA-32-3-355
ARENTZ, PETER                           PA-32-2-135
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER                    PA-32-1-270
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER H.                 PA-32-4-263
ARMSTRONG, ELENA                        PA-32-3-204
ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH                    PA-32-1-241
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        PA-32-1-238
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         PA-32-2-333
ARMSTRONG, MARTHA                       PA-32-4-557
ARMSTRONG, MARY                         PA-32-4-488
ARMSTRONG, NANCY                        PA-32-1-282
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      PA-32-1-258
ARTHURS, TEMPERANCE                     PA-32-4-120
ARTHURS, WILLIAM                        PA-32-4-530
ASKEW, JANE                             PA-32-4-439
ASKIN, JOSEPH                           PA-32-5-39
ASKIN, JOSEPH                           PA-32-1-284
ASKINS, THOMAS                          PA-32-4-35
ATCHISON, GEORGE                        PA-32-4-404
ATKIN, ELIZA                            PA-32-4-317
ATKINS, THOMAS JR.                      PA-32-2-76
ATKINSON, ANTHONY                       PA-32-3-365
AUCKERMAN, MARGARET                     PA-32-5-327
AULD, JOSIAS                            PA-32-1-462
AYERS, JONATHAN                         PA-32-1-166
AYERS, REBECCA                          PA-32-4-360
AYRES, JOHN                             PA-32-2-388
AYRES, SYLVANUS                         PA-32-1-506
BAINBRIDGE, GEORGE                      PA-32-2-53
BAIRD, JANE C.                          PA-32-5-430
BAKER, HENRY                            PA-32-5-524
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-32-2-176
BALER, GEORGE                           PA-32-5-181
BANKS, CHARLOTTE C.                     PA-32-5-446
BANKS, WILLIAM                          PA-32-3-573
BANNON, JANE                            PA-32-5-309
BAR, ROBERT                             PA-32-5-188
BARCLAY, ALEXANDER                      PA-32-1-83
BARCLAY, JOHN A.                        PA-32-5-520
BARINGER, MARY                          PA-32-4-430
BARKLEY, JAMES                          PA-32-3-153
BARKLEY, JOHN                           PA-32-4-590
BARKLEY, LOWRY                          PA-32-3-110
BARNET, LUKE                            PA-32-1-503
BARR, ALEXANDER                         PA-32-4-561
BARR, CHARLES                           PA-32-4-386
BARR, JAMES M.                          PA-32-5-281
BARR, JOHN                              PA-32-3-534
BARR, SAMUEL                            PA-32-1-573
BARR, THOMAS SR.                        PA-32-2-436
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                       PA-32-3-582
BARTHOLEMY, HARTMAN                     PA-32-5-339
BASH, JACOB                             PA-32-5-514
BATES, DANIEL                           PA-32-2-21
BAUN, HENRY                             PA-32-4-543
BAURES, HENRY                           PA-32-5-386
BAYLOR, J. C.                           PA-32-4-342
BEARD, JOHN                             PA-32-3-158
BECK, ISAAC                             PA-32-3-397
BECK, WILLIAM                           PA-32-4-388
BECK WILLIAM                            PA-32-1-72
BELL, COLUMBUS                          PA-32-4-195
BELL, JOHN                              PA-32-4-582
BELL, JOHN                              PA-32-3-483
BELL, THOMAS                            PA-32-1-547
BELL, WALTER                            PA-32-1-525
BELL, WILLIAM                           PA-32-4-166
BENNETT, JOHN                           PA-32-1-600
BENNETT, SAMUEL                         PA-32-5-136
BERINGER, JOHN SR.                      PA-32-3-371
BERRYHILL, SAMUEL G.                    PA-32-2-282
BICKER, JACOB                           PA-32-2-220
BIRBMAN, RICHARD M.                     PA-32-5-2
BIRCHAMYER, JOHN                        PA-32-5-11
BLACK, ALEXANDER                        PA-32-2-11
BLACK, JOSEPH F.                        PA-32-3-416
BLACK, MARTIN                           PA-32-4-402
BLACK, PORTER                           PA-32-4-435
BLACK, WILLIAM                          PA-32-4-150
BLACKLEY, MARGRET                       PA-32-1-568
BLAIR, ELIZABETH S.                     PA-32-5-396
BLAKENEY, FERGUS                        PA-32-1-141
BLAKLY, HUGH                            PA-32-4-463
BLUE, JOHN                              PA-32-3-281
BLYSTONE, SUSAN                         PA-32-4-449
BOALS, THOMAS                           PA-32-1-338
BOGLE, JAMES                            PA-32-1-144
BONER, DAVID                            PA-32-1-595
BONER, HANNAH                           PA-32-3-554
BOOKS, SAMUEL                           PA-32-3-596
BORELAND, JOHN C.                       PA-32-4-589
BORING, GABRIEL                         PA-32-5-508
BORLAND, ARCHIBALD                      PA-32-3-307
BORLAND, WILLIAM SR.                    PA-32-1-109
BOSSART, JOHN                           PA-32-4-46
BOTHEL, DAVID                           PA-32-1-103
BOTHEL, ELIZABETH                       PA-32-4-203
BOTHEL, JANE                            PA-32-4-292
BOTHEL, JOHN                            PA-32-2-528
BOUCHER, HENRY                          PA-32-3-251
BOUCHER, JACOB                          PA-32-2-514
BOUCHER, MARGARET                       PA-32-3-4
BOULER, JOHN                            PA-32-1-66
BOWERS, GEORGE                          PA-32-1-464
BOWERS, PETER                           PA-32-2-453
BOYER, MARY JANE                        PA-32-4-269
BOYLE, MARY S.                          PA-32-4-71
BOYLE, ROBERT                           PA-32-1-236
BRACKEN, JOHN                           PA-32-4-25
BRACKEN, SEDENA                         PA-32-4-504
BRACKEN, WILLIAM                        PA-32-4-594
BRACKIN, WILLIAM                        PA-32-1-98
BRADEN, HENRY B.                        PA-32-5-130
BRADENBACH, GEORGE                      PA-32-3-529
BRADY, ISRAEL O.                        PA-32-5-536
BRADY, JAEMS                            PA-32-1-50
BRADY, JAMES Y.                         PA-32-4-129
BRADY, JOSEPH                           PA-32-5-505
BRADY, JOSEPH                           PA-32-2-524
BRANDON, SAMUEL                         PA-32-3-221
BRANDON, THOMAS J.                      PA-32-4-61
BRATTON, WILLIAM                        PA-32-5-460
BRAUCHLER, DAVID                        PA-32-5-137
BRAUGHLER, SOLOMON                      PA-32-3-510
BRAUGHTER, MARY                         PA-32-4-238
BRAUHLER, ADAM                          PA-32-1-295
BREWER, PETER                           PA-32-2-149
BRICKER, JOHN                           PA-32-1-134
BRICKER, PHILIP                         PA-32-4-236
BRICKLEY, JOHN                          PA-32-4-52
BRIDER, TOBIAS                          PA-32-5-217
BRIGS, SAMUEL                           PA-32-3-287
BRINKMAN, HENRIETTA                     PA-32-4-363
BROOKS, SAMUEL                          PA-32-1-333
BROWN, ANDREW                           PA-32-5-405
BROWN, ARTHUR                           PA-32-2-448
BROWN, CATHARINE                        PA-32-4-419
BROWN, DANIEL                           PA-32-4-466
BROWN, DAVID                            PA-32-2-138
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        PA-32-3-157
BROWN, GEORGE                           PA-32-4-205
BROWN, JACOB                            PA-32-3-164
BROWN, JEREMIAH                         PA-32-1-143
BROWN, JOHN R.                          PA-32-4-146
BROWN, JOHN W.                          PA-32-4-115
BROWN, JOHN W.                          PA-32-5-571
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-32-1-564
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-32-3-199
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-32-1-524
BROWNSTON, JAMES                        PA-32-1-210
BRUCE, MARY PARKS                       PA-32-4-329
BRUCE, WILLIAM                          PA-32-3-210
BRUNER, SUSANNAH                        PA-32-4-44
BRYAN, JOHN M.                          PA-32-2-488
BRYAN, NATHANIEL                        PA-32-3-26
BUCHANAN, JOHN                          PA-32-4-96
BUCHANAN, JOHN                          PA-32-1-474
BUCHANON, J. G.                         PA-32-5-559
BURK, ELIZABETH                         PA-32-5-178
BURKE, EDMUND                           PA-32-1-531
BURLEY, WILLIAM                         PA-32-3-166
BURNS, ELIZABETH                        PA-32-3-250
BURNS, MARGARET                         PA-32-2-392
BURNS, THOMAS                           PA-32-1-186
BURNS, THOMAS                           PA-32-4-22
BYER, DAVID                             PA-32-5-482
BYERS, CATHARINE                        PA-32-5-169
CALDWELL, JAMES G.                      PA-32-5-411
CALHOON, WILLIAM                        PA-32-2-177
CALHOUN, DAVID                          PA-32-1-420
CALHOUN, SAMUEL                         PA-32-5-213
CAMERON, MARTHA                         PA-32-5-187
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                        PA-32-2-520
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                       PA-32-1-129
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                       PA-32-4-513
CAMPBELL, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-32-4-613
CAMPBELL, CHRISTOPHER J.                PA-32-5-619
CAMPBELL, CORNELIUS                     PA-32-1-351
CAMPBELL, ESTHER                        PA-32-5-41
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         PA-32-2-379
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          PA-32-4-410
CAMPBELL, JOHN R.                       PA-32-5-346
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH                        PA-32-4-565
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                      PA-32-5-455
CAMPBELL, MICHAEL                       PA-32-1-176
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                        PA-32-4-43
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-32-3-556
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-32-3-436
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM SR.                   PA-32-3-117
CANNON, MARY                            PA-32-4-283
CARELL, PATRICK                         PA-32-1-481
CAREY, THOMAS                           PA-32-1-61
CARNAHAN, HEZEKIAH                      PA-32-5-222
CARNAHAN, ISRAEL                        PA-32-3-213
CARNEY, CRAIG                           PA-32-4-58
CARNEY, JOHN                            PA-32-3-294
CAROTHERS, SOPHIA H.                    PA-32-3-182
CARPENTER, EPHRAIM                      PA-32-2-496
CARR, JOHN                              PA-32-3-313
CARRY, JOHN                             PA-32-1-324
CARSON, O. P.                           PA-32-4-567
CARTER, JAMES P.                        PA-32-4-201
CASSATT, SAMUEL                         PA-32-5-219
CHAMBERS, ELISHA                        PA-32-2-10
CHAMBERS, MOSES                         PA-32-1-14
CHAMBERS, SOLOMON                       PA-32-1-17
CHAMBERS, SOLOMON                       PA-32-1-7
CHAPMAN, SALVINA                        PA-32-5-48
CLARK, ANDREW                           PA-32-3-395
CLARK, ANN ELIZA                        PA-32-3-552
CLARK, SAMUEL                           PA-32-5-8
CLARK, THOMAS                           PA-32-2-208
CLARK, WILLIAM                          PA-32-1-80
CLARKE, GEORGE                          PA-32-1-125
CLARKE, RUTH                            PA-32-1-170
CLARKE, WILLIAM                         PA-32-1-164
CLARKE, WILLIAM                         PA-32-4-13
CLAUSON, BENJAMIN                       PA-32-3-198
CLAUSON, DANIEL                         PA-32-2-186
CLAUSON, RICHARD                        PA-32-2-395
CLAUSON, RICHARD S.                     PA-32-3-52
CLAWSON, JOHN                           PA-32-5-161
CLAWSON, JOSIAH                         PA-32-4-515
CLAWSON, RICHARD C.                     PA-32-4-272
CLAWSON, RICHARD R.                     PA-32-5-579
CLEMENT, MARGARET ANN                   PA-32-5-138
CLINGENBERGER, JACOB                    PA-32-5-258
CLYDE, JOHN                             PA-32-1-389
COAD, JAMES                             PA-32-2-552
COCHRAIN, ROBERT                        PA-32-3-408
COCHRAN, ALEXANDER                      PA-32-5-605
COCHRAN, JAMES                          PA-32-4-427
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                         PA-32-4-119
COE, PARSONS                            PA-32-5-252
COFFMAN, CHRISTIAN                      PA-32-3-241
COLDWELL, JAMES                         PA-32-1-14
COLEMAN, ELIJAH                         PA-32-2-497
COLEMAN, JAMES SR.                      PA-32-2-338
COLEMAN, JOHN                           PA-32-1-155
COLEMAN, JOHN                           PA-32-3-255
COLEMAN, JOHN                           PA-32-1-538
COLEMAN, NICHOLAS                       PA-32-1-60
COLEMAN, ROBERT                         PA-32-3-144
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-32-2-39
COLGEN, HUGH                            PA-32-2-159
COLHETT, JOHN                           PA-32-3-464
COLKETT, ROBERT                         PA-32-2-493
COLMER, WILLIAM                         PA-32-4-253
COLTEBAUGH, GEORGE                      PA-32-5-548
COMPTON, ANGELINA                       PA-32-5-189
COMPTON, JOHN                           PA-32-2-62
CONNER, WILLIAM                         PA-32-3-99
CONRAD, HENRY                           PA-32-3-305
CONRAD, SAMUEL                          PA-32-3-293
COOK, MARIAM                            PA-32-3-371
COOK, WILLIAM                           PA-32-3-475
COOPER, BENJAMIN B.                     PA-32-1-241
COST, FRANCIS                           PA-32-5-584
COULTER, JAMES                          PA-32-3-65
COULTER, ROBERT                         PA-32-3-187
COULTER, SAMUEL                         PA-32-1-71
COULTER, WILLIAM                        PA-32-2-73
COUP, PHILIP                            PA-32-1-412
COY, MICHAEL                            PA-32-5-250
COY, PETER                              PA-32-5-454
CRAIG, AGNESS                           PA-32-3-276
CRAIG, HUGH                             PA-32-4-330
CRAIG, JACOB                            PA-32-4-375
CRAIG, JACOB                            PA-32-2-475
CRAIG, JOHN                             PA-32-1-544
CRAIG, MARY                             PA-32-2-277
CRAIG, ROBERT                           PA-32-1-214
CRAIGE, WILLIAM                         PA-32-1-334
CRAMER, DANIEL                          PA-32-4-422
CRAVIN, REBECCA                         PA-32-4-264
CRAWFORD, ALICE                         PA-32-5-61
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       PA-32-1-36
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM SR.                   PA-32-1-364
CREERY, ROBERT M.                       PA-32-1-552
CREMER, JOHN                            PA-32-1-198
CREPS, SAMUEL                           PA-32-2-492
CRIBBS, CATHARINE                       PA-32-3-381
CRIBBS, JOSEPH                          PA-32-5-153
CRISMAN, FREDRICK                       PA-32-1-375
CRISSMAN, ENOCH                         PA-32-1-411
CRISSMAN, HEZEKIAH                      PA-32-4-284
CRISSMAN, NANCY                         PA-32-2-249
CRISWELL, JOHN                          PA-32-1-501
CRISWELL, ROBERT                        PA-32-3-169
CROASMAN, NATHAN                        PA-32-4-239
CROASMUN, ASA                           PA-32-3-131
CROOKS, ISABELLA                        PA-32-3-401
CROOKSHANK, RACHEL                      PA-32-5-125
CROOKSHANKS, JOHN                       PA-32-2-566
CROSS, JOHN                             PA-32-2-93
CROTZER, PETER                          PA-32-1-460
CROYLE, GEORGE                          PA-32-3-392
CULBERTSON, JANE                        PA-32-1-471
CULBERTSON, MOSES                       PA-32-1-465
CUMMINGS, ALEXANDER                     PA-32-1-328
CUMMINS, ALEXANDER                      PA-32-4-103
CUMMINS, JANETT                         PA-32-1-163
CUMMINS, JOHN                           PA-32-5-620
CUMMINS, JOHN                           PA-32-1-111
CUMMINS, WILLIAM                        PA-32-1-96
CUMPTON, REUBEN                         PA-32-1-303
CUNINGHAM, JAMES                        PA-32-3-91
CUNINGHAM, JOHN                         PA-32-3-205
CUNNING, WILLIAM L.                     PA-32-4-134
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID                       PA-32-1-146
CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE                      PA-32-1-59
CUNNINGHAM, HUGH                        PA-32-3-8
CUNNINGHAM, JANE                        PA-32-1-78
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        PA-32-2-513
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN H.                     PA-32-3-597
CUNNINGHAM, MARY P.                     PA-32-4-151
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT                      PA-32-1-340
CUNNINGHAM, SAMUEL                      PA-32-3-586
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     PA-32-4-553
CUTS, SAMUEL                            PA-32-5-103
CUTTS, JOHN                             PA-32-1-560
DAUGHERTY, HUGH                         PA-32-1-67
DAVID BLACK                             PA-32-2-192
DAVIS, ABRAHAM                          PA-32-3-456
DAVIS, ABRAHAM M.                       PA-32-4-31
DAVIS, CATHARINE                        PA-32-1-159
DAVIS, DAVID                            PA-32-2-218
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-32-2-16
DAVIS, JANE                             PA-32-4-277
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-32-1-82
DAVIS, JOSHUA                           PA-32-1-323
DAVIS, JOSHUA                           PA-32-1-300
DAVIS, MAGDALENE                        PA-32-4-329
DAVIS, NANCY                            PA-32-4-600
DAVIS, NANCY                            PA-32-3-57
DAVIS, ROBERT                           PA-32-1-27
DAVIS, SARAH                            PA-32-5-90
DAVIS, SIMON                            PA-32-1-156
DAVIS, STEWART                          PA-32-1-516
DAVIS, SYLUS                            PA-32-3-122
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-32-1-378
DAVIS, WILLIAM J.                       PA-32-4-101
DEARMINE, WILLIAM                       PA-32-5-383
DEARMY, HENRY                           PA-32-2-360
DEARMY, MARY ANN                        PA-32-5-220
DEARNY, SARAH                           PA-32-2-182
DECKER, JOHN                            PA-32-2-472
DELANCY, DAVID F.                       PA-32-3-506
DELANCY, JACOB F.                       PA-32-3-195
DEMSEY, MARY                            PA-32-1-38
DETAR, PHILIP                           PA-32-4-178
DETRICK, CATHARINE                      PA-32-4-571
DETRICK, JOHN                           PA-32-4-201
DEVANNEY, AARON                         PA-32-4-155
DEVENNY, ANDREW                         PA-32-1-40
DEVERS, JOHN                            PA-32-3-467
DEVINEY, WILLIAM                        PA-32-1-5
DEVLIN, RICHARD                         PA-32-3-412
DEYARMINE, JOHN                         PA-32-5-595
DIAS, ALEXANDER                         PA-32-5-335
DIAS, MARY                              PA-32-4-542
DIAS, THOMAS                            PA-32-5-22
DICK, JAMES                             PA-32-5-440
DICK, JOHN                              PA-32-1-371
DICK, JOHN                              PA-32-1-204
DICK, THOMAS                            PA-32-3-273
DICKEY, JOHN                            PA-32-1-499
DICKEY, WILLIAM                         PA-32-1-366
DICKIE, WILLIAM H.                      PA-32-3-322
DICKSON, ANDREW                         PA-32-4-50
DICKSON, JAMES                          PA-32-3-331
DICKSON, JOHN G.                        PA-32-3-147
DICKSON, SAMUEL                         PA-32-1-27
DIEL, JOHN                              PA-32-5-50
DIEL, ROBERT                            PA-32-5-209
DILL, MATHEW                            PA-32-1-479
DIVINNEY, JOHN                          PA-32-3-447
DIXON, ESTHER                           PA-32-3-360
DIXON, JANE                             PA-32-4-23
DIXON, JOSEPH                           PA-32-2-139
DIXON, MARY                             PA-32-2-499
DOAK, HARRIET W.                        PA-32-2-485
DOAK, WILLIAM R.                        PA-32-3-531
DOAKS, JOHN                             PA-32-1-286
DODSON, RICHARD                         PA-32-1-340
DOMB, PHILLIP                           PA-32-5-295
DONAHEY, ROBERT                         PA-32-3-252
DONAHEY, SUSAN                          PA-32-5-231
DONALDSON, M. S.                        PA-32-4-539
DONALY, JOHN                            PA-32-1-7
DORAN, WALTER                           PA-32-5-517
DORRAHEY, JAMES                         PA-32-5-166
DOTY, GEORGE                            PA-32-4-470
DOTY, GILLIS                            PA-32-3-546
DOTY, JONATHAN                          PA-32-2-209
DOTY, ZEBULON                           PA-32-1-316
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         PA-32-2-421
DOUGLASS, BARNABAS                      PA-32-4-291
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM                       PA-32-5-590
DOUGLASS, WOODROE                       PA-32-1-589
DOUTHET, MARTHA                         PA-32-2-90
DOUTHET, NATHAN                         PA-32-1-111
DOWNEY, ALEXANDER P.                    PA-32-5-76
DOWNEY, JAMES                           PA-32-5-307
DOWNEY, JAMES SR.                       PA-32-4-524
DOYLE, MICHAEL                          PA-32-4-119
DRENNING, WILLIAM SR.                   PA-32-3-473
DUFFIELD, SAMUEL DR.                    PA-32-1-172
DUNCAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-32-4-88
DUNCAN, JOHN                            PA-32-1-569
DUNCAN, THOMAS                          PA-32-3-378
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                         PA-32-4-92
DUNCAN, WILLIAM D.                      PA-32-2-251
DUNKIN, LUCINDA                         PA-32-3-353
DUNKLE, JOHN                            PA-32-3-304
DUNLAP, ROBERT                          PA-32-2-187
DUNN, JAMES                             PA-32-1-150
DUNN, MARTHA SALISSA                    PA-32-5-433
DUNWOODY, ROBERT                        PA-32-1-360
DWIN, JOSEPH                            PA-32-4-133
EARHART, ANTHONY                        PA-32-1-175
EARHART, ANTHONY                        PA-32-4-214
EARHART, DAVID                          PA-32-1-519
EARHART, ELIZABETH                      PA-32-1-299
EARHART, HENERY                         PA-32-2-337
EARHART, HENRY                          PA-32-5-353
EARHART, MARY ANN                       PA-32-5-480
EARHART, WILLIAM                        PA-32-3-357
EARL, WILLIAM                           PA-32-5-240
EBERHART, JOHN                          PA-32-2-479
EBERWINE, JACOB                         PA-32-4-78
EDWARDS, OWEN                           PA-32-4-74
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        PA-32-4-225
ELBEL, MARIA SUFFRA                     PA-32-5-83
ELDER, ANN                              PA-32-1-114
ELDER, HARRIET E. J.                    PA-32-4-164
ELDER, ISABELLA                         PA-32-5-47
ELDER, JAMES                            PA-32-1-29
ELDER, JAMES                            PA-32-4-381
ELDER, JANE                             PA-32-2-342
ELDER, MARY                             PA-32-2-367
ELDER, MARY                             PA-32-1-97
ELDER, REBECCA                          PA-32-2-428
ELDUX, JOHN                             PA-32-2-526
ELLIOT, THOMAS                          PA-32-3-108
ELLIOTT, ALEXANDER                      PA-32-3-444
ELLIOTT, JOHN SR.                       PA-32-1-235
ELLIS, EVAN                             PA-32-4-358
ELLIS, JOHN SR.                         PA-32-5-612
ELRICK, FREDRICK                        PA-32-3-384
ELWOOD, JAMES                           PA-32-3-463
ELWOOD, JOHN                            PA-32-5-573
ELWOOD, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-32-2-363
EMERSON, EDWARD P.                      PA-32-2-561
EMPFIELD, GEORGE                        PA-32-3-248
EMPFIELD, ISAAC                         PA-32-4-30
EVANS, ESTHER                           PA-32-3-277
EVANS, JOHN                             PA-32-4-127
EVANS, WILLIAM                          PA-32-2-345
EWING, ALEXANDER                        PA-32-1-295
EWING, ELIZABETH                        PA-32-5-106
EWING, JAMES                            PA-32-2-44
EWING, JOHN                             PA-32-1-310
EWING, MARTHA                           PA-32-5-413
EWING, MARTHA                           PA-32-2-181
EWING, MARY J.                          PA-32-4-471
EWING, ROBERT                           PA-32-1-255
FAIR, JOHN                              PA-32-3-302
FAIR, PETER                             PA-32-1-71
FAIR, SAMUEL                            PA-32-4-32
FAITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-32-5-512
FALOON, JAMES                           PA-32-4-251
FARRAN, ANDREW                          PA-32-2-417
FARREN, JAMES                           PA-32-2-449
FATH, JOHN                              PA-32-5-401
FEAK, ALEXANDER                         PA-32-1-197
FEE, ANDREW                             PA-32-1-146
FEE, THOMAS                             PA-32-4-33
FENTON, MARY JANE                       PA-32-3-227
FERGUSON, DANIEL                        PA-32-2-331
FERGUSON, DAVID                         PA-32-2-535
FERGUSON, ELLIOTT                       PA-32-2-109
FERGUSON, JAMES                         PA-32-1-28
FERGUSON, JAMES                         PA-32-1-435
FERGUSON, JENNET                        PA-32-1-35
FERGUSON, MARGARET                      PA-32-3-552
FERGUSON, MARGARET                      PA-32-3-1
FERGUSON, MARY ANN                      PA-32-2-572
FERGUSON, SAMUEL                        PA-32-1-352
FETTERHOFF, MARGARET                    PA-32-4-331
FETTERMAN, MICHAEL                      PA-32-1-528
FIGENSTAUFFER, JOHN                     PA-32-1-57
FINDLEY, ABEL                           PA-32-4-116
FINDLEY, JOHN                           PA-32-3-334
FINDLEY, MARGARET                       PA-32-1-63
FINDLEY, WILLIAM M.                     PA-32-3-282
FINDLEY,D AVID                          PA-32-3-309
FINDLY, NANCY A.                        PA-32-3-396
FINK, JOHN                              PA-32-2-88
FLECK, DAVID                            PA-32-3-513
FLEMING, ANN                            PA-32-3-545
FLEMING, BARTHOLOMEW                    PA-32-3-261
FLEMING, DAVID                          PA-32-3-550
FLEMING, FRANCIS J.                     PA-32-4-110
FLEMING, JAMES                          PA-32-3-80
FLEMING, JAMES                          PA-32-1-358
FLEMING, MARGARET                       PA-32-2-51
FLEMING, SAMUEL                         PA-32-2-502
FLEMING, WILLIAM                        PA-32-1-69
FLICKER, MAGGIE                         PA-32-4-598
FLICKINGER, ABRAM                       PA-32-5-489
FOLEY, MICHAEL                          PA-32-5-407
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         PA-32-4-459
FOX, HENRY                              PA-32-3-430
FRAUS, THOMAS                           PA-32-2-330
FREE, LEWIS E.                          PA-32-4-345
FRENCH, JANE                            PA-32-1-57
FRENCH, JONATHAN                        PA-32-1-34
FRENCH, MARY                            PA-32-1-15
FRIEDLY, JACOB                          PA-32-5-163
FRY, JACOB                              PA-32-4-140
FRY, PETER                              PA-32-1-161
FRYE, JOHN                              PA-32-4-296
FULLEM, MAGDALENE                       PA-32-2-152
FULLER, WILLIAM                         PA-32-3-501
FULTON, MOSES                           PA-32-4-481
FULTON, SILAS                           PA-32-5-381
GAILEY, JAMES                           PA-32-1-218
GAILY, ANDREW SR.                       PA-32-3-393
GALLAHER, JOHN                          PA-32-3-429
GAMBLE, GEORGE W.                       PA-32-4-564
GAMBLE, J. B.                           PA-32-5-35
GAMBLE, JACOB                           PA-32-5-409
GAMBLE, MARY                            PA-32-5-21
GARDNER, JOHN                           PA-32-1-291
GARLEY, SAMUEL                          PA-32-3-446
GARMAN, JOHN                            PA-32-4-89
GARN, JOHN                              PA-32-4-278
GARRIS, SOPHIA                          PA-32-4-220
GASTON, FREDERICK                       PA-32-4-351
GEER, REGER                             PA-32-1-421
GEMMILL, WILLIAM                        PA-32-2-381
GEORGE, JOHN                            PA-32-5-388
GEORGE, JOHN C.                         PA-32-1-396
GEORGE, MARY                            PA-32-5-205
GEORGE, SUSAN                           PA-32-2-257
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         PA-32-2-389
GETTY, ANDREW                           PA-32-1-107
GETTY, JAMES                            PA-32-1-214
GETTY, JOHN                             PA-32-4-554
GETTY, JOHN                             PA-32-1-149
GIBSON, ANDREW                          PA-32-2-286
GIBSON, ANN                             PA-32-4-438
GIBSON, ELIZABETH P.                    PA-32-5-224
GIBSON, HUGH                            PA-32-2-423
GIBSON, JAMES                           PA-32-4-76
GIBSON, JOHN                            PA-32-1-39
GIBSON, JOHN W.                         PA-32-4-8
GIBSON, JONATHAN W.                     PA-32-4-502
GIBSON, MARGARET                        PA-32-5-425
GIBSON, NANCY                           PA-32-1-213
GIBSON, SAMUEL                          PA-32-2-343
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         PA-32-2-12
GILBERT, JOSEPH                         PA-32-4-95
GILLASPIE, ELIZABETH                    PA-32-2-191
GILMON, SAMUEL                          PA-32-4-131
GILMOUR, JOHN                           PA-32-2-233
GILPIN, JOSEPH                          PA-32-1-205, 208
GITHONSEN, MARY                         PA-32-4-617
GLASS, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-32-2-548
GLASS, JANE                             PA-32-3-7
GLENN, CATHARINE                        PA-32-3-468
GLENN, JOSEPH SR.                       PA-32-3-335
GOMPERS, FRANCIS                        PA-32-2-376
GONTZ, JOSEPH                           PA-32-3-170
GORDON, JAMES                           PA-32-2-230
GORDON, JAMES                           PA-32-1-18
GOSS, GEORGE                            PA-32-3-343
GOURLEY, JAMES                          PA-32-3-333
GRAFF, JOHN                             PA-32-5-478
GRAHAM, ALLAN                           PA-32-1-232
GRAHAM, JANE                            PA-32-1-257
GRAHAM, JOHN                            PA-32-1-184
GRAHAM, JOHN                            PA-32-1-223
GRAHAM, JOSEPH                          PA-32-1-180
GRAHAM, MARGARET A.                     PA-32-3-469
GRAHAM, SAMUEL                          PA-32-2-518
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-32-2-156
GRANT, JOHN                             PA-32-2-120
GRAY, JOHN                              PA-32-1-309
GRAY, THOMAS                            PA-32-5-237
GREEN, ISAAC                            PA-32-1-467
GREIR, MARK                             PA-32-1-261
GRIER, ADORA                            PA-32-1-511
GRIFFITH, ABNER                         PA-32-5-572
GRIFFITH, DANIEL                        PA-32-5-297
GRIFFITH, EVAN                          PA-32-1-399
GRIFFITH, ISAAC                         PA-32-2-310
GRIFFITH, JESSE                         PA-32-1-160
GRIFFITH, SARAH                         PA-32-5-285
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-32-3-338
GRIMBLING, ADAM                         PA-32-2-1
GROFF, SAMUEL                           PA-32-4-424
GROFT, FREDRICK                         PA-32-3-54
GROW, JACOB                             PA-32-2-256
GRUMBLING, JACOB                        PA-32-3-269
GRUMBLING, MARY                         PA-32-2-226
HADDEN, JAMES                           PA-32-4-168
HADDEN, WILLIAM                         PA-32-4-255
HALL, GEORGE A.                         PA-32-4-302
HALL, WILLIAM                           PA-32-2-168
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER                     PA-32-3-438
HAMILTON, HUGH                          PA-32-4-288
HAMILTON, HUGH H.                       PA-32-4-327
HAMILTON, JANE                          PA-32-1-194
HAMILTON, JANE                          PA-32-2-490
HAMILTON, JOHN                          PA-32-1-66
HAMILTON, ROBERT A.                     PA-32-2-516
HAMILTON, ROBERT SR.                    PA-32-1-140
HAMPBELL, JACOB                         PA-32-4-374
HANNA, EZEKIEL                          PA-32-1-32
HANNAH, JAMES SR.                       PA-32-4-447
HANNAH, WILLIAM                         PA-32-5-493
HARBISON, JOSEPH                        PA-32-3-368
HARBISON, ROBERT                        PA-32-2-250
HARKINS, HENRY                          PA-32-5-207
HARMON, ANDREW                          PA-32-5-445
HAROLD, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-32-1-127
HARRISON, DAVID (DR.)                   PA-32-2-334
HARRISON, JAMES                         PA-32-1-291
HARROLD, JACOB                          PA-32-3-520
HARROLD, JANE                           PA-32-4-212
HARROLD, JOHN                           PA-32-1-224
HARROLD, WILLIAM                        PA-32-4-42
HART, JOHN                              PA-32-1-90
HART, JOHN H.                           PA-32-2-456
HART, JOHN SR.                          PA-32-4-123
HART, JOHN W.                           PA-32-5-363
HART, MARY                              PA-32-3-242
HART, MORRIS                            PA-32-3-174
HART, NATHAN                            PA-32-4-229
HART, REBECCA                           PA-32-4-480
HARTSOCK, JOHN                          PA-32-1-536
HARTSOCK, SUSANNAH                      PA-32-2-212
HASSON, JOHN                            PA-32-4-566
HASTINGS, JOHN                          PA-32-2-547
HASTINGS, REUBEN                        PA-32-4-270
HAYS, JOHN                              PA-32-2-20
HAYS, MARY A.                           PA-32-5-444
HAZLETT, PETER                          PA-32-5-86
HAZLETT, SAMUEL                         PA-32-2-202
HEALY, JOHN                             PA-32-5-624
HEATER, CONROD                          PA-32-1-4
HEFFEINGER, PETER                       PA-32-1-363
HEISER, REBECCA                         PA-32-2-304
HEITZENRATER, HARDMAN                   PA-32-3-427
HELLMAN, JACOB                          PA-32-3-344
HELMAN, PHOEBE                          PA-32-5-14
HENDERSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-32-1-385
HENDERSON, BRICE                        PA-32-1-231
HENDERSON, MARY                         PA-32-3-585
HENDERSON, NEWTON L.                    PA-32-5-109
HENDERSON, ROBERT                       PA-32-3-575
HENDERSON, THOMAS                       PA-32-2-239
HENDRICKSON, MARGARET                   PA-32-5-491
HENDRIXON, AMERIAH                      PA-32-1-514
HENN, IGNATIUS                          PA-32-5-59
HENRY, JOHN                             PA-32-1-540
HENRY, ROBERT                           PA-32-5-196
HENRY, ROBERT                           PA-32-1-386
HENRY, SARAH L.                         PA-32-4-198
HENVIG, JOHN                            PA-32-3-419
HERMAN, ADAM                            PA-32-1-315
HESS, LUCINDA                           PA-32-5-564
HESS, MICHAEL                           PA-32-4-361
HICE, GEORGE                            PA-32-1-188
HICE, HENRY                             PA-32-1-309
HICE, SAMUEL                            PA-32-1-226
HIGHLANDS, ANN                          PA-32-5-533
HIGHLANDS, NATHAN                       PA-32-5-423
HILANDS, SAMUEL                         PA-32-5-266
HILEMAN, GEORGE                         PA-32-3-219
HILL, BENJAMIN S.                       PA-32-4-349
HILL, ELIZABETH                         PA-32-5-387
HILL, JAMES W.                          PA-32-4-172
HILL, JANE                              PA-32-3-193
HILL, JOHN                              PA-32-1-571
HILLMAN, JOHN                           PA-32-4-455
HILLMAN, MARTHA                         PA-32-4-525
HIRE, WILLIAM                           PA-32-2-104
HIRGUS, JOHN M.                         PA-32-4-536
HOCKINGBERRY, THOMAS                    PA-32-1-512
HOFFMAN, CONRAD                         PA-32-4-547
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-32-5-233
HOGUE, THOMAS                           PA-32-3-537
HOLESBERRY, SAMUEL                      PA-32-4-535
HOLMES, GEORGE                          PA-32-3-418
HOLSTEIN, SAMUEL                        PA-32-1-380
HOMANS, MARY A.                         PA-32-4-424
HOOD, THOMAS                            PA-32-2-560
HOOVER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-32-2-126
HOOVER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-32-1-586
HOOVER, GEORGE                          PA-32-1-425
HOOVER, GEORGE                          PA-32-4-457
HOOVER, HANNAH JANE                     PA-32-4-275
HOOVER, SAMUEL                          PA-32-5-257
HOPKINS, JOHN                           PA-32-2-64
HOPKINS, ROBERT                         PA-32-2-387
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-32-1-81
HOPP, JOHN                              PA-32-5-458
HOPP, MARTIN                            PA-32-5-555
HOSACK, RACHEL                          PA-32-3-477
HOUSEHOLDER, JONATHAN                   PA-32-4-303
HOUSHOLDER, MARGARET                    PA-32-5-336
HOUSTON, WILLIAM                        PA-32-2-411
HOW, SAMUEL SR.                         PA-32-2-416
HOWARD, EDWARD ESQ.                     PA-32-1-86
HOWARD, JACOB                           PA-32-4-10
HOWARD, JACOB                           PA-32-2-102
HOWARD, PETER                           PA-32-3-62
HOWE, WILLIAM                           PA-32-5-587
HOWETH, JOHN                            PA-32-2-158
HULL, LUCIUS                            PA-32-1-404
HUNTER, JAMES                           PA-32-3-362
HUNTER, JANE                            PA-32-2-401
HUSTON, JAMES                           PA-32-1-304
HUSTON, JOHN                            PA-32-2-229
HUSTON, NANCY                           PA-32-4-204
HUSTON, ROBERT J.                       PA-32-5-214
HUSTON, WILLIAM                         PA-32-5-607
HUTCHERSON, DAVID                       PA-32-2-91
HUTCHINSON, JOHN                        PA-32-1-38
HUTCHINSON, MARY                        PA-32-3-50
HUTCHISON, GEORGE                       PA-32-1-12
IRWIN, ELIZA D.                         PA-32-4-210
IRWIN, SAMUEL                           PA-32-3-539
ISEMAN, PETER                           PA-32-4-505
JACK, ELIZA                             PA-32-4-357
JACK, HENRY ESQ.                        PA-32-1-397
JACK, JAMES                             PA-32-2-563
JACK, PATRICK                           PA-32-1-44
JAMISON, ARCHIBALD                      PA-32-1-43
JAMISON, SARAH ANN                      PA-32-4-617
JAY, JACOB                              PA-32-2-232
JEFFRIES, ALEXANDER                     PA-32-3-246
JENKINS, ELLEN                          PA-32-5-461
JENKINS, ENOCH                          PA-32-1-407
JENKINS, JOHN                           PA-32-4-569
JEWART, THOMAS                          PA-32-4-3
JEWELL, JANE                            PA-32-2-397
JOB, MICHAEL                            PA-32-5-112
JOHNSTON, ADAM                          PA-32-3-3
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER                     PA-32-4-227
JOHNSTON, ALICE R.                      PA-32-2-82
JOHNSTON, GEORGE                        PA-32-3-589
JOHNSTON, GEORGE W.                     PA-32-5-146
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         PA-32-1-348
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         PA-32-5-32
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         PA-32-4-585
JOHNSTON, JANE                          PA-32-1-591
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-32-1-296
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-32-1-179
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-32-4-496
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH W.                     PA-32-3-386
JOHNSTON, LEWIS                         PA-32-5-97
JOHNSTON, NANCY                         PA-32-2-270
JOHNSTON, PETER                         PA-32-3-380
JOHNSTON, REBEKAH                       PA-32-1-325
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        PA-32-2-113
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        PA-32-1-342
JOHNSTON, SAMUEL H.                     PA-32-3-435
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       PA-32-3-461
JONES, DAVID D.                         PA-32-2-173
JONES, SAMUEL                           PA-32-1-34
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-32-1-294
JORDAN, WILLIAM                         PA-32-3-7
JORDEN, ROBERT                          PA-32-1-209
JORDON, ROBERT G.                       PA-32-4-341
KARRAR, ANNA M.                         PA-32-5-56
KASTERCAMP, HERMAN                      PA-32-2-537
KATON, FRANCES                          PA-32-5-228
KATON, SAMUEL                           PA-32-3-521
KATON, SAMUEL SR.                       PA-32-1-292
KAUFFMAN, JACOB                         PA-32-4-584
KEARY, JOHN                             PA-32-1-324
KEBLER, LIBBY                           PA-32-5-331
KEEL, JACOB                             PA-32-5-73
KEELY, DANIEL                           PA-32-2-132
KEENER, JACOB                           PA-32-1-398
KEERS, THOMAS                           PA-32-1-70
KELLER, GEORGE                          PA-32-3-507
KELLY, ABNER                            PA-32-3-114
KELLY, ANNA W.                          PA-32-4-316
KELLY, ELIZABETH                        PA-32-5-235
KELLY, ELIZABETH                        PA-32-4-202
KELLY, JAMES M.                         PA-32-1-68
KELLY, JOHN                             PA-32-5-318
KELLY, JOHN                             PA-32-4-498
KELLY, MEEK ESQ.                        PA-32-1-334
KENNEDY, SAMUEL                         PA-32-4-465
KENNING, CHARLES                        PA-32-1-326
KENNING, REBECCA                        PA-32-1-339
KERR, CHARLES                           PA-32-4-243
KERR, JAMES                             PA-32-5-283
KERR, JOHN                              PA-32-5-3
KERR, JOHN L.                           PA-32-3-151
KERR, SAMUEL                            PA-32-3-470
KERR, THOMAS C.                         PA-32-5-255
KERR, WILLIAM K.                        PA-32-5-519
KESLAR, LAWRENCE                        PA-32-5-91
KESLAR, PETER                           PA-32-5-274
KIER, DAVID                             PA-32-2-142
KIERS, DAVID                            PA-32-1-267
KILLEN, ISAAC                           PA-32-5-179
KIMPLE, JOHN                            PA-32-4-319
KING, SARAH                             PA-32-5-96
KINGHORN, ROBERT                        PA-32-4-234
KINPORTS, MARY                          PA-32-4-557
KINTER, A. F.                           PA-32-1-449
KINTER, HENRY ESQ.                      PA-32-3-402
KINTER, JOHN                            PA-32-5-199
KINTER, JOHN SR.                        PA-32-1-221
KINTER, MARGRET                         PA-32-5-226
KINTER, PETER                           PA-32-1-37
KINTER, PETER                           PA-32-3-42
KINTER, PETER SR.                       PA-32-4-179
KINTER, WILLIAM                         PA-32-2-70
KIRKLAND, JAMES                         PA-32-4-230
KIRKPATRICK, JANE                       PA-32-4-250
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN H.                    PA-32-4-385
KIRKPATRICK, SAMUEL                     PA-32-1-41
KLINGINGBARGER, PHILIP                  PA-32-1-401
KNOUFF, JOHN                            PA-32-4-521
KNOX, HUGH                              PA-32-4-211
KNUPP, DANIEL                           PA-32-5-311
KUNER, ISAAC                            PA-32-4-420
KUNKLE, JOHN                            PA-32-4-185
KUNKLE, JOHN                            PA-32-1-581
LAIRD, ZACHARIAH                        PA-32-1-72
LANDIS, SAMUEL S.                       PA-32-2-167
LANGHAM, WILLIAM                        PA-32-2-165
LAPSLEY, JAMES                          PA-32-2-197
LAUGHLIN, JAMES W.                      PA-32-5-265
LAUGHLIN, JOSEPH                        PA-32-4-358
LAUGHLIN, MARIA                         PA-32-5-75
LAUGHLIN, RANDAL                        PA-32-1-58
LAUGHLIN, THOMAS                        PA-32-4-350
LAUGHREY, JAMES                         PA-32-2-27
LAWRENCE, AMOS                          PA-32-1-262
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       PA-32-5-227
LEANY, HUGH                             PA-32-1-116
LEARD, JUDITH                           PA-32-1-99
LEARD, WILLIAM                          PA-32-1-276
LEASURE, HENRY K.                       PA-32-4-117
LEASURE, JOHN SR.                       PA-32-1-392
LEASURE, MARY                           PA-32-4-249
LEASURE, SOLOMON                        PA-32-2-221
LEECH, JAMES                            PA-32-3-515
LEMON, JOHN                             PA-32-3-540
LEONARD, JOHN SR.                       PA-32-4-306
LEWIS, ELIZABETH P.                     PA-32-4-60
LEWIS, EVAN                             PA-32-4-97
LEWIS, JAMES                            PA-32-2-101
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-32-4-153
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-32-1-163
LEWIS, NATHAN                           PA-32-3-471
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           PA-32-5-277
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           PA-32-5-51
LEWIS, SARAH                            PA-32-1-485
LIGGAT, JOSEPHINE                       PA-32-4-541
LIGGETT, MARY                           PA-32-5-248
LIGHT, GEORGE                           PA-32-5-463
LIGHTCAP, ELIZABETH C.                  PA-32-4-372
LIGHTCAP, GODFREY                       PA-32-3-377
LIGHTCAP, SAMUEL                        PA-32-3-559
LIGIT, ROBERT                           PA-32-1-60
LINDSEY, WILLIAM                        PA-32-2-42
LINTNER, DAVID                          PA-32-4-83
LINTNER, JOHN                           PA-32-1-73
LINTNER, WILLIAM                        PA-32-3-177
LIONS, SAMUEL SR.                       PA-32-1-369
LITTLE, JAMES                           PA-32-3-391
LITTLE, WILLIAM                         PA-32-5-6
LLOYD, ANTHONY                          PA-32-1-213
LOCKARD, JOHN                           PA-32-5-114
LOCKARD, MARGARET                       PA-32-4-599
LOGAN, JOHN                             PA-32-1-453
LOGAN, SAMUEL                           PA-32-1-21
LONG, FRANCIS                           PA-32-3-345
LONG, MARY                              PA-32-4-208
LONG, THOMAS                            PA-32-1-361
LONG, TOBIAS                            PA-32-1-24
LONG, WILLIAM                           PA-32-5-44
LONGHREY, JOHN WILSON                   PA-32-4-265
LOOS, NICHOLAS                          PA-32-4-442
LOSE, MARGARET                          PA-32-1-563
LOTZ, JACOB                             PA-32-1-272
LOUCAS, PATRICK                         PA-32-1-317
LOUGHEY, SUSANNAH                       PA-32-1-266
LOUGHREY, JOHN W.                       PA-32-5-129
LOUGHRY, ELIZA W.                       PA-32-5-437
LOUGHRY, JOHN                           PA-32-3-560
LOUGHRY, WILLIAM                        PA-32-1-418
LOUGHRY, WILLIAM                        PA-32-1-1
LOUGHRY, WILLIAM                        PA-32-1-100
LOURY, WILLIAM                          PA-32-2-195
LOUTHER, ELISA JANE                     PA-32-3-68
LOW, JAMES                              PA-32-1-287
LOWE, BARNABAS                          PA-32-5-431
LOWER, SAMUEL                           PA-32-5-315
LOWMAN, ABRAHAM                         PA-32-1-459
LOWMAN, ABRAHAM                         PA-32-5-531
LOWMAN, ELIAS                           PA-32-3-217
LOWMAN, HARRY W.                        PA-32-5-557
LOWMAN, JOHN                            PA-32-4-559
LOWMAN, RACHEL                          PA-32-5-342
LOWMAN, SCOTT                           PA-32-5-556
LOWREY, ROBERT SR.                      PA-32-1-597
LOWRY, DANIEL                           PA-32-5-105
LOWRY, SAMUEL SR.                       PA-32-4-392
LUCAS, JOHN                             PA-32-1-368
LUCAS, JOHN                             PA-32-1-546
LUCAS, JOHN                             PA-32-5-488
LUCAS, SAMUEL                           PA-32-1-88
LUCAS, THOMAS                           PA-32-4-158
LUCAS, WILLIAM                          PA-32-1-275
LUKE, JAMES                             PA-32-1-172
LUTS, JOHN                              PA-32-3-137
LYDA, SAMUEL                            PA-32-4-87
LYDICK, ABRAHAM                         PA-32-4-311
LYDICK, ISAAC                           PA-32-1-251
LYDICK, JACOB                           PA-32-3-135
LYDICK, JAMES SR.                       PA-32-3-73
LYDICK, SAMUEL                          PA-32-4-580
LYDICK, SAMUEL JR.                      PA-32-1-434
LYDIE, PATRICK                          PA-32-5-212
LYDIEL, ELIZABETH                       PA-32-5-25
LYNN, ROBERT                            PA-32-2-368
LYONS, ALEXANDER                        PA-32-1-469
LYONS, JAMES                            PA-32-1-6
LYTLE, ALEXANDER                        PA-32-1-212
LYTLE, ANN                              PA-32-1-52
LYTLE, JAMES                            PA-32-1-322
LYTLE, JOHN                             PA-32-4-592
LYTLE, JOHN                             PA-32-4-124
LYTLE, NANCY C.                         PA-32-5-579
LYTLE, ROBERT                           PA-32-1-42
LYTLE, ROBERT                           PA-32-3-336

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