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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1805-1851 | 2 = 1851-1873 | 3 = 1873-1883 | 4 = 1883-1891 | 5 = 1892-1898 | 6 = 1899-1904 | 7 = 1904-1908 | 8 = 1909-1912 | 9 = 1912-1916 | 10 = 1916-1918 |
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NANGLE, SARAH                          FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-308
NAYSMITH, ROBERT                       NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-9-137
NEAL, MARTHA                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-395
NEAL, WILLIAM B. SR.                   RED BANK                                PA-3-3-459
NEALE, JAMES B.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-543
NEALE, PHEBE I.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-568
NEEDLE, FRANCIS L.                     PARKERS LANDING                         PA-3-9-309
NEEL, W. A.                            RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-7-219
NEELY, JAMES                           KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-7-389
NEESE, GEORGE                          RED BANK                                PA-3-8-285
NEESE, JACOB                           RED BANK                                PA-3-8-257
NEIL, WILLIAM B. SR.                   RED BANK                                PA-3-3-459
NELSON, ROBERT                         SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-77
NESBITT, WILLIAM                       FORD CITY                               PA-3-9-549
NEVILLE, JOHN                          DAYTON                                  PA-3-8-34
NEVINS, LOUIS H.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-43
NEYMAN, SUSAN                          BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-7-126
NICHOLSON, ELIZABETH S.                KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-41
NICKEL, ELIZABETH                      WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-6-377
NICKLE, JOSHUA                         WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-542
NICKOLAUS, JOSEPH FRANK                WICKBORO                                PA-3-8-457
NICKOLSON, A. J.                       EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-141
NOBLE, HORACE A.                       BUFFALO, NY                             PA-3-9-53
NOBLE, JAMES                           SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-568
NOBLE, JAMES                           EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-279
NOBLE, JOHN C.                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-348
NOBLE, W.                              EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-476
NOLDER, JOHN SR.                       PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-46
NOLF, ADAM                             MAHONING                                PA-3-5-606
NOLF, ANTHONY                          FREEPORT                                PA-3-8-330
NOLF, SIMON                            PUTNEYVILLE                             PA-3-5-248
NORR, CONRAD                           WEST KITTANNING                         PA-3-8-388
NORR, SOPHIA                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-150
NOWRY, ELIZABETH                       CONEMENAGH, INDIANA, PA                 PA-3-6-58
NUGENT, THOMAS                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-461
NULPH, CHARLES ADAM                    MAHONING                                PA-3-10-537
NULTON, GEORGE W.                      RAYBURN                                 PA-3-6-111
NULTON, MARGARET R.                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-572
NUNAMAKER, SAMUEL                      MANOR                                   PA-3-7-90
OAKS, EMMA                             RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-6-446
OHARRA, JOSEPH                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-28
OHLINGER, ADAM                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-95
OLINGER, DAVID                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-413
OLIVER, JOHN                           MADISON                                 PA-3-3-82
OLKUS, MATTHIAS                        BRADY BEND                              PA-3-3-456
OLOOLE, MICHAEL                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-323
OOP, JACOB                             WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-312
OPIE, AGNES                            KISIMINETAS                             PA-3-10-208
ORMAND, ALEXANDER P.                   SHARM                                   PA-3-8-350
ORMAND, THOMAS P.                      DAYTON                                  PA-3-3-595
ORMOND, MARTHA J.                      DAYTON                                  PA-3-7-318
ORMOND, SUSANNAH                       NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-5-271
ORR, CHAMBERS                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-683
ORR, GRIER C.                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-315
ORR, JOHN                              KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-177
ORR, KATURAH                           MAHONING                                PA-3-8-348
ORR, SARAH                             MAHONING                                PA-3-8-59
OSTERMAN, JACOB                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-543
OSTERMAN, SARAH                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-9-67
OSTERMAN, WILLIAM F.                   FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-497
OSWALD, MARSHALL B.                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-149
OSWALD, MARY J.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-148
OTTERMAN, GEORGE                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-6-172
OTTERMAN, JOHN W.                      FORD CITY                               PA-3-8-84
OTTO, MARY A.                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-174
OWEN, J. W. (DR)                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-157
OWENS, CATHERINE                       APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-24
OWENS, ELIZABETH                       KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-5-374
OWENS, JAMES M.                        APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-83
PAINTER, A. P. N.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-192
PAINTER, AGNES                         APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-11
PAINTER, ALBERT G.                     APOLLO                                  PA-3-8-566
PAINTER, ELIZA J. W.                   WEST KITTANNING                         PA-3-8-402
PAINTER, ELVIRAH W.                    WEST KITTANNING                         PA-3-9-426
PAINTER, GEORGE W.                     BOGGS                                   PA-3-5-213
PAINTER, HANNAH                        NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-4-218
PAINTER, JOHN                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-563
PAINTER, JOHN P.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-400
PAINTER, JOSEPH (REV. D.D.)            KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-688
PAINTER, MARY                          SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-9-179
PAINTER, MARY A.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-121
PAINTER, PURVIANCE                     WEST KITTANNING                         PA-3-7-414
PALMER, C. BLANCHE                     APOLLO                                  PA-3-8-58
PALMER, WILLIAM                        NTL, DELAWARE, PA                       PA-3-2-46
PARK, JAMES K.                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-453
PARKER, AMELIA                         PARKER                                  PA-3-5-505
PARKER, FULLERTON                      PARKER CITY                             PA-3-4-43
PARKER, MARGARET PHIPPS                PARKER CITY                             PA-3-9-509
PARKER, MARY JANE                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-324
PARKER, WILLIAM                        PERRY                                   PA-3-1-384
PARKER, WILLIAM                        SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-8
PARKER, WILLIAM                        PERRY                                   PA-3-1-389
PARKS, ELLEN B.                        LEECHBURG                               PA-3-8-409
PARKS, JAMES B.                        PARKS                                   PA-3-5-87
PARKS, JOHN                            PARKS                                   PA-3-4-193
PARKS, ROBERT SR.                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-2-157
PARKS, W. G.                           LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-191
PARSONS, JANE                          APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-437
PATRICK, GEORGE W.                     WICKBORO                                PA-3-8-454
PATRICK, JAMES                         VALLEY                                  PA-3-3-469
PATRICK, JOHN                          VALLEY                                  PA-3-2-570
PATRICK, ROBERT                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-122
PATRICK, ROBERT SR.                    PINE                                    PA-3-1-315
PATRICK, W. C.                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-344
PATTERSON, ANDREW SR.                  BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-141
PATTERSON, CATHERINE                   COWASHANNOCK                            PA-3-5-568
PATTERSON, ELGIE A.                    GILPIN                                  PA-3-7-18
PATTERSON, JAMES                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-385
PATTERSON, JAMES                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-383
PATTERSON, JAMES MURPHY                NTL, DELTA, CO                          PA-3-9-263
PATTERSON, JAMES MURPHY                NTL, DELTA, CO                          PA-3-10-476
PATTERSON, JOHN T.                     NTL                                     PA-3-4-288
PATTERSON, JOSEPH P.                   GILPIN                                  PA-3-9-140
PATTERSON, LINDSAY W.                  SOUTH BUFALO                            PA-3-7-593
PATTERSON, MARGARET                    MANOR                                   PA-3-2-80
PATTERSON, NANCY                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-10-498
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-602
PATTERSON, WILLIAM M.                  MANORVILLE                              PA-3-9-171
PATTON, A. H.                          BOGGS                                   PA-3-10-166
PATTON, J. A.                          EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-78
PATTON, JAMES                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-230
PATTON, JAMES                          FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-611
PATTON, JAMES SR.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-135
PATTON, JOHN                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-385
PATTON, JOHN R.                        BOGGS                                   PA-3-8-378
PATTON, JOHN S.                        BOGGS                                   PA-3-6-420
PATTON, LIZZIE L.                      BOGGS                                   PA-3-3-398
PATTON, M. D. (MRS)                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-506
PATTON, MONTGOMERY                     BOGGS                                   PA-3-3-506
PATTON, NANCY                          EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-410
PATTON, REBECCA                        BOGGS                                   PA-3-7-185
PATTON, SAMUEL H.                      EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-9-392
PATTON, W. D.                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-46
PATTON, WILLIAM                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-5-292
PAVLIK, STEPHEN SR.                    FORD CITY                               PA-3-8-183
PAYNE, AMANDA FLORENCE                 PITTSBURGH, PA                          PA-3-6-284
PEART, ESTHER C.                       BOGGS                                   PA-3-6-520
PEART, MARY A.                         ELDERTON                                PA-3-3-304
PEART, SAMUEL M.                       BOGGS                                   PA-3-5-206
PEART, WILLIAM                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-86
PEART, WILLIAM S.                      PINE                                    PA-3-1-397
PENCE, GEORGE W.                       WICKBORO                                PA-3-7-320
PENCE, PETER                           NTL                                     PA-3-1-12
PEOPLES, JOSEPH W.                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-533
PEOPLES, WILLIAM SR.                   WAYNE                                   PA-3-7-187
PEPPLER, JOHN                          PARKS                                   PA-3-6-294
PETERMAN, JACOB                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-457
PETERMAN, JANE                         OAKLAND                                 PA-3-4-469
PETERMAN, MARGARET ANN                 PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-142
PETERMAN, MICHAEL                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-483
PETERMAN, RUTH W.                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-602
PETERS, ELIZABETH                      QUEENSTOWN                              PA-3-4-522
PETERS, JACOB A.                       RAYBURN                                 PA-3-6-541
PETERS, JAMES S.                       COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-505
PETERS, SAMUEL                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-203
PETTIGREW, JOHN                        MADISON                                 PA-3-4-560
PETTIGREW, MATTHEW                     PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-254
PEW, ALBERT                            PARKERS LANDING                         PA-3-7-380
PEW, LYDIA S.                          PARKER CITY                             PA-3-9-562
PFAFF, ELIZABETH R.                    WEST KITTANNING                         PA-3-6-361
PFAFF, GEORGE                          MADISON                                 PA-3-5-593
PFAFF, HENRY                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-97
PFAFF, NICHOLAS                        WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-78
PFAFF, WILLIAM                         BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-7-136
PFEFFER, JOHN L.                       LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-262
PFEIL, MATTHIAS                        FORD CITY                               PA-3-10-375
PHETTY, WILLIAM                        CLARION                                 PA-3-1-163
PHILIPS, SAMUEL                        SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-2-374
PHILIPS, WILLIAM D.                    LEECHBURG                               PA-3-10-25
PICCHIELLO, GIUSEPPE                   RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-8-390
PICKLE, JOSEPH                         RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-8-390
PICKLES, JONATHAN                      ALEGHENY                                PA-3-1-302
PIFER, GEORGE W.                       SANDY, CLEARFIELD, PA                   PA-3-8-405
PIGON, CLARENCE                        LONDON, ENGLAND                         PA-3-4-81
PIPER, JOHN W.                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-326
PIPER, W. H. H.                        MANOR                                   PA-3-9-8
PODD, EVALINE                          WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-581
POLLOCK, ARABELLA                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-404
PONTIOUS, JOHN                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-1-178
PONTIUS, WESLEY                        DAYTON                                  PA-3-5-590
POPE, HENRY                            KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-612
PORTER, BYRON (REV.)                   ELDERTON                                PA-3-3-160
PORTER, S. H.                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-307
PORTER, W. D.                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-378
PORTER, WILLIAM                        PARKS                                   PA-3-7-254
PORTERFIELD, DAVID C.                  SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-4-195
PORTERFIELD, JAMES C.                  SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-188
PORTERFIELD, JOHN                      SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-9-531
POST, EMMA E.                          MANORVILLE                              PA-3-7-463
POTTS, GEORGE                          KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-1-272
POTTS, JOHN                            RED BANK                                PA-3-2-572
POWELL, ANDREW                         MAHONING                                PA-3-9-237
POWER, JOSEPH                          POINE                                   PA-3-1-381
POWERS, FRANCIS                        BOGGS                                   PA-3-4-572
POWERS, FRANK H.                       NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-3-10-547
POWERS, J. C.                          VALLEY                                  PA-3-4-304
POWERS, JAMES B.                       VALLEY                                  PA-3-7-213
POWERS, JOHN                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-368
POWERS, WILLIAM                        VALLEY                                  PA-3-2-581
PRAGER, JOHN                           FREEPORT                                PA-3-10-190
PRIESTER, CHARLES                      CLARION                                 PA-3-7-257
PRIESTER, ELIZABETH                    CLARION                                 PA-3-7-255
PRINTER, MARGARET                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-231
PRINTER, MARTHA B.                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-94
PROCIOUS, WILLIAM                      MAHONING                                PA-3-4-430
PRODY, MARY                            COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-10-488
PRUGH, ABNER                           ELDERTON                                PA-3-3-151
PRUGH, EVA BARNWELL                    ELDERTON                                PA-3-8-597
PRUGH, G. A.                           ELDERTON                                PA-3-8-562
PRUGH, MICHAEL T.                      ATWOOD                                  PA-3-8-296
PUTNEY, GEORGE S.                      PUTNEYVILLE                             PA-3-4-201
PUTNEY, L. MILES                       MAHONING                                PA-3-7-359
PUTNEY, SAMUEL B.                      PUTNEYVILLE                             PA-3-2-421
QUIGLEY, ESTHER                        FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-387
QUIGLEY, JANE R.                       FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-154
QUIGLEY, JOHN A.                       FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-452
QUIGLEY, R. ORR                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-7-418
QUIGLEY, SHARON M.                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-115
QUIGLEY, SUSAN R.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-48
QUINN, HENRY                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-2-613
QUINN, JAMES                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-2-471
RAIRIE, SOLOMON                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-238
RALSTON, DAVID                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-2-436
RALSTON, DAVID ALEXANDER               KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-515
RALSTON, DAVID SR.                     NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-247
RALSTON, ELIZA J.                      FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-132
RALSTON, EMMA B.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-9-193
RALSTON, HARRIET J.                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-101
RALSTON, JAMES                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-166
RALSTON, JAMES                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-3-450
RALSTON, JOHN                          ELDERTON                                PA-3-3-552
RALSTON, JOHN                          FREEPORT                                PA-3-1-256
RALSTON, JOHN                          SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-153
RALSTON, JOHN B.                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-532
RALSTON, JOHN D.                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-45
RALSTON, JOSEPH W.                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-7-538
RALSTON, MARY F.                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-381
RALSTON, R. G.                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-10-595
RALSTON, REBECCA                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-10-38
RALSTON, REBECCA JANE                  COWANSVILLE                             PA-3-7-200
RALSTON, ROBERT                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-153
RAMALE, R. N.                          BURRELL                                 PA-3-6-190
RAMBAUGH, SARAH CATHERINE              APOLLO                                  PA-3-10-479
RAMER, MARY M.                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-181
RAMER, ROBERT                          COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-74
RAMSEY, DAVID                          CLARION                                 PA-3-1-118
RANDOLPH, E. H.                        PARKER'S LANDING                        PA-3-7-493
RANKIN, DAVID                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-426
RANKIN, JOSEPH                         MADISON                                 PA-3-1-213
RANKIN, MARY                           ELDERTON                                PA-3-10-414
RANKIN, MATTHEW                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-340
RARICH, GEORGE                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-112
RARICK, PETER                          COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-5-447
RARIGH, WILLIAM                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-3-260
RAU, ELIZABETH                         MANOR                                   PA-3-7-2
RAU, J. N.                             MANOR                                   PA-3-7-384
RAY, JOHN                              BURRELL                                 PA-3-9-235
RAYBURN, BOYD                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-438
RAYBURN, CYRUS                         NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-6-153
RAYBURN, JAMES                         NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-273
RAYBURN, JAMES                         BUFFALO                                 PA-3-1-193
RAYBURN, MATHEW                        SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-502
RAYBURN, MATTHEW                       SOUTH BUFALO                            PA-3-4-347
RAZ, JOHN                              GILPIN                                  PA-3-3-409
REA, CATHERINE                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-94
REA, JAMES                             SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-370
REA, JOHN                              SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-1-358
REA, WILLIAM                           SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-5-8
REARICK, ELIAS                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-3-474
REARICK, ELIZABETH                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-4-368
REARICK, GEORGE                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-464
REARICK, GEORGE M.                     PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-316
REARICK, ISAAC                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-63
REARICK, JOHN G.                       APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-328
REARICK, RUBEN D.                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-152
REARIGH, JOHN                          RURAL VALLEY                            PA-3-8-76
REBOLT, GEORGE                         EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-532
RED, PATRICK                           SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-2-68
REDDINGER, SUSANNAH                    RED BANK                                PA-3-4-347
REDICK, JAMES C.                       SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-3-534
REDPATH, JOHN W.                       FREEPORT                                PA-3-8-2
REDPATH, MARY                          FREEPORT                                PA-3-6-271
REED, BARBARA ELLEN                    FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-383
REED, DANIEL W.                        WAYNE                                   PA-3-3-273
REED, DAVID SR.                        FRANKLIN                                PA-3-1-203
REED, GEORGETTA                        FREEPORT                                PA-3-9-38
REED, HANNAH                           FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-441
REED, HUGH                             FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-671
REED, JAMES J.                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-7-17
REED, JOHN                             FRANKLIN                                PA-3-3-302
REED, JONATHAN                         MADISON                                 PA-3-6-588
REED, MARY                             KITTANNING                              PA-3-2-605
REED, PRISCILLA A.                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-8-518
REED, R. H.                            MADISON                                 PA-3-5-107
REED, SARAH JANE                       VALLEY                                  PA-3-3-124
REED, THOMAS                           FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-559
REED, W. T.                            NTL, LAWRENCE, PA                       PA-3-5-475
REED, WILLIAM C.                       NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-8-81
REEDY, BARNABAS                        BOGGS                                   PA-3-3-558
REEDY, CLARK                           MADISON                                 PA-3-10-490
REEDY, DANIEL J.                       MADISON                                 PA-3-7-121
REEDY, ELIZABETH                       PINE                                    PA-3-2-101
REEDY, MARY A.                         NTL                                     PA-3-3-184
REEDY, ROBERT                          BOGGS                                   PA-3-5-431
REEFER, NICKOLAS                       PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-7-354
REESE, JACOB                           US ARMY                                 PA-3-2-407
REESE, JOHN                            MAHONING                                PA-3-2-547
REESEMAN, DAVID                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-3-33
REESEMAN, JOHN                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-6-24
REEVES, JANE                           LEECHBURG                               PA-3-5-439
REGIS, PHILIP                          SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-2-531
REICE, MARY                            MAHONING                                PA-3-4-559
REICHENBAUGH, JOSEPH                   LEECHBURG                               PA-3-8-287
REICHERT, G. A. (REV.)                 MANOR                                   PA-3-3-209
REICHERT, G. A. JR.                    MANOR                                   PA-3-3-451
REICHERT, JOHN HORN                    PHILADELPHIA, PA                        PA-3-3-58
REID, JAMES                            MADISON                                 PA-3-3-120
REIGH, JACOB SR.                       SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-2-649
REIGHARD, JOSEPH                       EAST BRADY                              PA-3-3-573
REILLY, JAMES                          NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-145
REILLY, PATRICK                        QUEENSTOWN                              PA-3-3-332
REITER, JOHN                           EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-307
REITER, MAGDALENA                      FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-133
REMALEY, ANTHONY                       KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-2-369
REMALEY, WILLIAM                       BURRELL                                 PA-3-2-655
RENSHAW, W. H.                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-9-69
RETTINGER, E. (DR.)                    RED BANK                                PA-3-4-278
RETTINGER, ISAAC                       RED BANK                                PA-3-4-461
RETTINGER, ISRAEL                      RED BANK                                PA-3-4-587
RETZER, HEINRICH                       FORD CITY                               PA-3-9-559
REUSCH, HENRY                          MANOR                                   PA-3-3-12
REYNODLS, DAVID                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-325
REYNOLDS, ABSALOM                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-442
REYNOLDS, ALEXANDER                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-491
REYNOLDS, FRANKLIN                     RAYBURN                                 PA-3-6-147
REYNOLDS, HARRIET H.                   KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-36
REYNOLDS, JOHN D.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-205
REYNOLDS, MARTHA D.                    KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-413
REYNOLDS, RICHARD                      MADISON                                 PA-3-2-42
REYNOLDS, ROSS                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-4-542
REYNOLDS, ROSS                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-559
REYNOLDS, SALLY                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-179
RHEA, DANIEL                           KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-2-525
RHEA, ISAAC                            VALLEY                                  PA-3-3-231
RHEA, JANE L.                          NTL                                     PA-3-4-109
RHOADS, ELIZABETH                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-3-603
RHODES, JOHN N.                        VALLEY                                  PA-3-9-454
RHODES, MARGARET                       ATWOOD                                  PA-3-10-186
RICHARDSON, JOHN FLEMMING              WEST KITTANNING                         PA-3-10-51
RICHERT, LYDIA                         MANOR                                   PA-3-4-200
RICHEY, MARY                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-304
RICKEL, ELIZABETH                      WASINGTON                               PA-3-8-557
RICKENBRODE, SUSAN                     COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-8-558
RICKLE, HENRY                          WASHINGTON                              PA-3-4-406
RIDDLE, CHARLES R.                     LEECHBURG                               PA-3-9-512
RIDDLE, JOHN                           SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-4-481
RIDDLE, SAMUEL L.                      OAKMONT, ALLEGHENY, PA                  PA-3-5-267
RIDENOUR, ANNA C.                      APOLLO                                  PA-3-6-36
RIFFER, DAVID                          BURRELL                                 PA-3-10-545
RIFFER, HENRY                          PARKS                                   PA-3-6-162
RIFFER, LIZZIE                         PARKS                                   PA-3-7-325
RIFFER, SAMUEL                         KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-7-495
RIGGLE, A. A.                          GILPIN                                  PA-3-4-434
RIGGLE, DANIEL                         BURREL                                  PA-3-4-265
RIGGLE, DAVID                          GILPIN                                  PA-3-4-263
RIGGLE, ELIZA J.                       LEECHBURG                               PA-3-10-397
RIGGLE, GEORGE                         BURRELL                                 PA-3-6-77
RIGGLE, HENRY                          LEECHBURG                               PA-3-9-503
RIGGLE, JOHN                           GILPIN                                  PA-3-4-444
RIGGLE, JOHN                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-3-1-334
RIGGLE, JOHN A.                        BURRELL                                 PA-3-10-95
RIGGLE, MARY C.                        LEECHBURG                               PA-3-9-565
RILEY, HENRY                           CLARION                                 PA-3-1-147
RIMER, ANNIE L.                        MADISON                                 PA-3-9-340
RIMER, ELIZA JANE                      MADISON                                 PA-3-8-545
RIMER, HENRY                           CLARION                                 PA-3-6-108
RIMER, JOHN SR.                        MADISON                                 PA-3-3-315
RIMER, MARGRET                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-7-66
RIMMEL, MARGARET JANE                  BETHEL                                  PA-3-7-192
RIMMEL, PTEER R.                       BOGGS                                   PA-3-6-42
RINGER, HENRY                          NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-5-5
RINGER, WILLIAM H.                     KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-5-578
RINGLE, ELIZABETH                      KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-4-417
RINGLE, MATILDA M.                     KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-8-477
RINGLE, WILLIAM                        KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-8-477
RIPPLE, JACOB                          COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-2-185
RISHER, PETER                          APOLLO                                  PA-3-2-497
RITCHEY, LEWIS                         KISKIMINETAS                            PA-3-7-266
RITTS, CORDELIA                        BURRELL                                 PA-3-5-76
RITTS, D. A.                           APOLLO                                  PA-3-7-392
ROBB, JACOB                            BURRELL                                 PA-3-7-227
ROBB, JOHN                             PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-143
ROBB, JOHN                             KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-156
ROBB, JOHN                             PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-119
ROBB, PATRICK                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-91
ROBERTS, JANE                          LEECHBURG                               PA-3-10-508
ROBERTS, LUCINDA                       BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-6-321
ROBERTS, THOMAS T.                     NTL, NORTHAMPTON, PA                    PA-3-5-369
ROBINS, JOHN                           MADISON                                 PA-3-5-286
ROBINSON, ALBERT                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-1115
ROBINSON, CAROLINE                     HOVEY                                   PA-3-10-248
ROBINSON, ELISHA                       HOVEY                                   PA-3-3-40
ROBINSON, ELISHA                       HOVEY                                   PA-3-8-496
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                    HOVEY                                   PA-3-3-488
ROBINSON, EMMA L.                      PARKER'S LANDING                        PA-3-10-105
ROBINSON, JOHN                         PERRY                                   PA-3-2-482
ROBINSON, MARY J.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-255
ROBINSON, MARY K.                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-6-49
ROBINSON, ROBERT                       KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-17
ROBINSON, S. M.                        HOVEY                                   PA-3-7-513
ROBINSON, SARAH E.                     SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-10-486
ROCKETT, THOMAS                        BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-3-132
RODGERS, JOSEPH SR.                    BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-5-196
RODGERS, MARGARET A.                   SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-8-418
RODGERS, RODY                          WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-134
ROGERS, ANDREW                         SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-1-148
ROGERS, MARY ANN                       LEECHBURG                               PA-3-9-423
ROGERS, ROBERT                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-555
ROGERS, ROBERT                         SOUTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-645
ROHERBACK, BARBARA                     BRADY'S BEND                            PA-3-10-409
ROHRER, FREDERICK                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-493
ROHRER, GEORGE STEVENSON               KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-260
ROHRER, JOHN W.                        KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-122
ROLAND, ROLAND                         KITTANNING                              PA-3-3-281
ROLL, JOHN                             NTL                                     PA-3-1-20
RONEIGH, ELIZBAETH                     FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-165
RONEY, THOMAS I.                       NORTH BUFFALO                           PA-3-2-636
ROOF, FREDERICK                        COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-1-418
ROOFNER, JAMES E.                      MADISON                                 PA-3-7-337
ROSBOROUGH, CHARLES                    ELDERTON                                PA-3-6-235
ROSBOROUGH, JOHN C.                    PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-527
ROSE, CHRISTOPHER                      GILPIN                                  PA-3-4-393
ROSENBEGER, NANCY                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-8-546
ROSENBERGER, DANIEL H.                 VALLEY                                  PA-3-8-466
ROSENBERGER, JOHN                      KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-396
ROSENBERGER, NANCY                     GILPIN                                  PA-3-4-11
ROSENSTEEL, D. L.                      YOUNG, INDIANA, PA                      PA-3-7-147
ROSS, ELIZABETH                        PARKS                                   PA-3-5-397
ROSS, GEORGE                           KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-394
ROSS, J. F.                            KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-557
ROSS, JOHN C.                          WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-3-473
ROSS, JOHN SR.                         FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-186
ROSS, MARGARET C.                      MANOR                                   PA-3-9-497
ROSS, MARY JANE                        WORTHINGTON                             PA-3-7-246
ROSS, MARY S.                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-5-64
ROSS, STEPHEN H.                       WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-62
ROSS, SUSANNAH                         FRANKLIN                                PA-3-2-316
ROSS, WASHINGTON                       MANOR                                   PA-3-8-329
ROTHROCK, MARY                         NTL                                     PA-3-2-56
ROTZLER, EMIL                          APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-3
ROULSTON, ANDREW                       NTL                                     PA-3-3-300
ROUNDYBUSH, JOHN                       BETHEL                                  PA-3-7-175
ROW, W. A.                             ELDERTON                                PA-3-4-378
ROWAN, ARAMINTA Z.                     GILPIN                                  PA-3-6-535
ROWAN, THOMAS                          NTL, WESTMORELAND, PA                   PA-3-10-519
ROWLAND, ALEXANDER                     KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-550
ROWLEY, ELEANOR                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-2-121
ROWLEY, JACOB                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-5-341
ROWLEY, JACOB SR.                      PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-343
ROWLEY, POLLY                          FREEPORT                                PA-3-2-409
ROWLEY, POLLY                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-3-522
RUBBERT, FREDERICK SR.                 PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-247
RUBBERT, GEORGE                        PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-2-141
RUBBERT, JACOB                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-2-228
RUBBERT, JOHN                          PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-279
RUBERT, FRANCIS M.                     SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-282
RUFFNER, JOHN                          EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-419
RUFFNER, SOLOMON                       EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-4-9
RUMBAUGH, ELIZABETH                    SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-4-46
RUMBAUGH, JACOB                        SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-3-64
RUMBAUGH, SIMON                        WAYNE                                   PA-3-8-492
RUMBAUGH, SOLOMON                      SUGARCREEK                              PA-3-3-590
RUMBERGER, WILLIAM F.                  WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-6-186
RUNYAN, ELIZABETH                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-6-519
RUNYAN, LAVINA                         COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-10-395
RUPARD, JOHN                           PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-1-279
RUPBERT, RACHEL ANN                    PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-2-408
RUPERT, ANDREW                         SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-147
RUPERT, CHARLES                        SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-3-38
RUPERT, CHRISTINA                      SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-49
RUPERT, DANIEL OF GEORGE               SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-3-366
RUPERT, G. W.                          SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-6-232
RUPERT, GEORGE                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-2-141
RUPERT, ISAAC                          SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-589
RUPERT, ISRAEL                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-10-163
RUPERT, JOSEPH                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-4-524
RUPERT, MARTHA                         SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-134
RUPERT, PHILIP                         SOUTH BEND                              PA-3-5-164
RUPERT, RACHEL                         NTL                                     PA-3-4-467
RUPET, JULIA                           NEW KENSINGTON                          PA-3-6-196
RUPP, ADAM                             WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-236
RUPP, CAROLINE                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-2-222
RUPP, CHRISTOPHER                      MADISON                                 PA-3-6-72
RUPP, FRANCIS                          KITTANNING                              PA-3-1-27
RUPP, FRANCIS                          WAYNE                                   PA-3-4-447
RUPP, JACOB                            MANOR                                   PA-3-6-398
RUPP, JACOB K.                         FREEPORT                                PA-3-4-59
RUPP, MARY                             KITTANNING                              PA-3-7-344
RUPP, MARY ANN                         WAYNE                                   PA-3-6-566
RUPP, MOTELENA                         MADISON                                 PA-3-7-357
RUPP, S. W.                            KITTANNING                              PA-3-10-292
RUPPRT, JACOB S.                       WAYNE                                   PA-3-6-393
RUSSELL, DAVID                         PLUMCREEK                               PA-3-2-90
RUSSELL, HUGH M.                       WAYNE                                   PA-3-5-270
RUSSELL, SUSANNAH                      COWANSHANNOCK                           PA-3-3-204
RUTH, F. S.                            WEST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-8-520
RUTH, IDA LAURA                        EAST FRANKLIN                           PA-3-10-152
RUTTER, JOHN                           VALLEY                                  PA-3-5-265
RYAN, MARY J.                          APOLLO                                  PA-3-5-386

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