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ACKER, ISAAC                            PA-3-4-514
ADAMS, ANNA M.                          PA-3-2-477
ADAMS, DEBORAH                          PA-3-7-272
ADAMS, HENRY                            PA-3-4-536
ADAMS, JAMES                            PA-3-7-95
ADAMS, JAMES F.                         PA-3-10-330
ADAMS, JOHN                             PA-3-6-489
ADAMS, M. S.                            PA-3-7-75
ADAMS, MARY                             PA-3-4-205
ADAMS, RACHEL                           PA-3-3-94
ADAMS, ROBERT                           PA-3-8-268
AIKENS, ESTHER                          PA-3-6-283
AKEY, AGNES J.                          PA-3-4-544
AKEY, JOHN                              PA-3-2-219
ALCORN, JOHN                            PA-3-3-110
ALCORN, LUCINDA                         PA-3-10-539
ALCORN, THOMAS                          PA-3-9-440
ALEXANDER, DAVID                        PA-3-9-167
ALEXANDER, MARGARET                     PA-3-10-257
ALKER, ANDREW                           PA-3-3-238
ALLEMONG, JACOB                         PA-3-1-43
ALLEN, ARCHIBALD                        PA-3-9-219
ALLEN, EDWARD HUGH                      PA-3-8-576
ALLEN, JOHN N.                          PA-3-3-150
ALLEN, THOMAS                           PA-3-3-472
ALLSHOUSE, ALBERT S.                    PA-3-4-475
ALLSHOUSE, CATHERINE                    PA-3-7-314
ALLSHOUSE, ISRAEL                       PA-3-2-109
ALLSHOUSE, JOHN                         PA-3-2-115
ALLSHOUSE, JOHN F.                      PA-3-10-598
ALLSHOUSE, MICHAEL                      PA-3-5-366
ALSHOUSE, HENRY SR.                     PA-3-2-38
ALTER, AMANDA B.                        PA-3-6-206
ALTER, DAVID                            PA-3-3-250
ALTER, JOSEPH R.                        PA-3-9-115
ALTIMUS, MARGARET E.                    PA-3-6-470
ALTMAN, BARBARA                         PA-3-6-549
ALTMAN, CASPER J.                       PA-3-7-358
ALTMAN, DELLA                           PA-3-9-583
ALTMAN, FREDERICK                       PA-3-2-93
ALTMAN, JACOB A.                        PA-3-5-420
ALTMAN, MARY ANN                        PA-3-5-417
ALTMAN, PETER                           PA-3-5-89
ALTMAN, S. B.                           PA-3-4-21
ALTMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-3-8-379
AMBROSE, ADELLA J.                      PA-3-7-217
AMBROSE, BENJAMIN                       PA-3-1-344
AMBROSE, DAVID HALL                     PA-3-8-301
AMBROSE, ELIZABETH                      PA-3-9-597
AMBROSE, J. H.                          PA-3-9-501
AMBROSE, JOHN                           PA-3-8-138
AMENT, JOHN                             PA-3-8-447
ANCHORS, LIZZIE JANE                    PA-3-6-325
ANCHORS, NATHANIEL                      PA-3-6-128
ANDERSON, ALBERT E.                     PA-3-4-588
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                     PA-3-3-360
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     PA-3-7-36
ANDERSON, HENRY S.                      PA-3-6-91
ANDERSON, JAMES                         PA-3-1-85
ANDERSON, JOHN B.                       PA-3-5-325
ANDERSON, M. T.                         PA-3-4-311
ANDERSON, MARGART                       PA-3-8-541
ANDERSON, MARY                          PA-3-4-345
ANDERSON, MARY E.                       PA-3-5-55
ANDERSON, N. A.                         PA-3-9-403
ANDERSON, ROBERT                        PA-3-5-318
ANDERSON, ROBERT T.                     PA-3-6-20
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                        PA-3-6-524
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                        PA-3-1-195
ANDREWS, JACOB                          PA-3-4-91
ANTHONY, JACOB                          PA-3-6-434
ANTHONY, MARY JANE                      PA-3-7-292
ANTHONY, ROBERT                         PA-3-9-360
ANTHONY, W. G.                          PA-3-10-385
ARMSTRONG, J. A.                        PA-3-8-542
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        PA-3-2-418
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         PA-3-4-248
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         PA-3-5-203
ARMSTRONG, JOHN D.                      PA-3-3-361
ARMSTRONG, QUINTIN                      PA-3-3-255
ARMSTRONG, RICHARD                      PA-3-2-178
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       PA-3-4-297
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       PA-3-2-14
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       PA-3-1-266
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      PA-3-8-450
ARNER, LEONARD                          PA-3-2-259
ARNOLD, ANDREW                          PA-3-10-481
ARNOLD, JOHN                            PA-3-2-140
ARTMAN, ANDREW                          PA-3-8-361
ARTMAN, CATHERINE E.                    PA-3-10-354
ARTMAN, DANIEL                          PA-3-3-232
ARTMAN, L. B.                           PA-3-7-6
ARTMAN, SARAH                           PA-3-7-560
ASH, CRESCENTIA (NANCY)                 PA-3-10-127
ASHBAUGH, A. W.                         PA-3-7-299
ASHBAUGH, ALEXANDER SR.                 PA-3-7-551
ASHBAUGH, CATHERINE                     PA-3-3-228
ASHBAUGH, JOHN L.                       PA-3-5-559
ASHBAUGH, SAMUEL                        PA-3-5-132
ASHBOUGH, ADAM                          PA-3-1-38
ASPEY, JACOB                            PA-3-2-170
ATKINS, JAMES C.                        PA-3-7-349
ATKINS, LOUISA                          PA-3-8-261
ATKINSON, FRANK                         PA-3-7-27
ATKINSON, GEORGE W.                     PA-3-7-204
ATKINSON, JAMES                         PA-3-2-196
ATKINSON, LYDIA                         PA-3-3-526
AUBURY, Q. VICTOR                       PA-3-8-456
AYERS, SAMUEL                           PA-3-6-152
AYLER, RUBEN                            PA-3-7-540
BACHOF, JENNETTE                        PA-3-5-73
BACKER, JOHN                            PA-3-5-492
BAILEY, E. S. H.                        PA-3-4-42
BAILEY, ELI                             PA-3-4-220
BAKER, CATHARINE                        PA-3-10-580
BAKER, GEORGE                           PA-3-2-78
BAKER, HENRY                            PA-3-10-31
BAKER, JACOB                            PA-3-2-557
BAKER, JACOB                            PA-3-6-545
BAKER, JACOB                            PA-3-3-66
BAKER, JACOB                            PA-3-9-73
BAKER, NANCY                            PA-3-2-423
BAKER, ROSANNAH                         PA-3-6-259
BAKER, SARAH                            PA-3-10-511
BAKER, WILLIAM                          PA-3-10-96
BALLENTINE, JOSHUA M.                   PA-3-5-227
BALSINGER, SAMUEL                       PA-3-5-32
BALUCH, MARIE                           PA-3-8-547
BANKS, ELIZA JANE                       PA-3-2-38
BANKS, MATTHEW                          PA-3-8-140
BANKS,ROBERT                            PA-3-4-198
BARBOUR, JOSEPH O.                      PA-3-3-239
BARBOUR, JOSEPH O.                      PA-3-3-252
BARCLAY, ISAAC M.                       PA-3-7-413
BARGER, JOHN                            PA-3-8-459
BARGERSTOCK, ANNIE M.                   PA-3-8-161
BARGERSTOCK, C. F.                      PA-3-9-252
BARGERSTOCK, HENRY                      PA-3-4-18
BARGERSTOCK, JOHN                       PA-3-4-179
BARGESTOCK, JOHN                        PA-3-2-171
BARK, PETER                             PA-3-4-395
BARKER, ISAAC                           PA-3-5-480
BARKER, JOHN                            PA-3-5-494
BARKER, JOSEPH                          PA-3-2-455
BARNES, HAMILTON R.                     PA-3-8-71
BARNETT, J. C.                          PA-3-9-545
BARNETT, WILLIAM SR.                    PA-3-1-198
BARNHART, JOHN                          PA-3-4-271
BARNS, JAMES                            PA-3-3-13
BARNS, JOSEPH                           PA-3-3-335
BARR, JAMES                             PA-3-2-372
BARR, JAMES                             PA-3-6-456
BARR, JOHN                              PA-3-1-293
BARR, NANCY                             PA-3-9-484
BARRETT, WILLIAM M.                     PA-3-9-196
BARRY, HANNAH                           PA-3-4-6
BARTLEY, ANNE CATHARINE                 PA-3-2-102
BASH, JOHN                              PA-3-6-397
BASH, JULIA ANN                         PA-3-6-450
BASH, SARAH M.                          PA-3-7-102
BASSINGER, MARY C.                      PA-3-8-75
BATMILLER, OTTO                         PA-3-5-565
BAUER,HENRY                             PA-3-5-445
BAUM, JACOB                             PA-3-4-219
BAUM, JACOB W.                          PA-3-9-138
BAUM, JOHN                              PA-3-4-506
BAUM, JOSEPH                            PA-3-4-309
BAUMGARDNER, L. E.                      PA-3-9-241
BAXTER, ARON R.                         PA-3-8-590
BAXTER, HARRIET M.                      PA-3-6-548
BAXTER, JOHN                            PA-3-6-356
BEALE, JOSEPH G.                        PA-3-9-500
BEAMER, JOHN                            PA-3-2-288
BEARD, JAMES                            PA-3-6-449
BEATTY, ALICE                           PA-3-5-404
BEATTY, DAVID                           PA-3-3-336
BEATTY, ELLA M.                         PA-3-8-416
BEATTY, JAMES                           PA-3-3-331
BEATTY, JOHN                            PA-3-1-204
BEATTY, NANCY                           PA-3-5-144
BEATTY, NANCY E.                        PA-3-9-533
BEATTY, SAMUEL                          PA-3-1-211
BEATTY, SAMUEL                          PA-3-1-1
BEATTY, WILLIAM                         PA-3-1-78
BEATY, JOHN                             PA-3-1-390
BEATY, MARTHA                           PA-3-1-430
BEATY, WILLIAM W.                       PA-3-2-570
BECK, BARBARA                           PA-3-2-143
BECK, DANIEL                            PA-3-3-32
BECK, FREDERICK                         PA-3-6-455
BECK, FREDERICK                         PA-3-3-144
BECK, JACOB                             PA-3-6-231
BECK, JACOB                             PA-3-2-96
BECK, JACOB P.                          PA-3-6-514
BECK, JOHN                              PA-3-7-274
BECK, LOUISA                            PA-3-5-97
BECK, MARY                              PA-3-3-185
BECK, MYRA L.                           PA-3-6-201
BECK, SIMON                             PA-3-6-92
BECKETT, MATTHEW                        PA-3-10-583
BEER, ABRAHAM                           PA-3-4-344
BEER, ANNA ELIZABETH                    PA-3-7-55
BEER, CHRISTINA                         PA-3-7-554
BEER, DANIEL                            PA-3-1-260
BEER, GEORGE S.                         PA-3-7-123
BEER, SAMUEL                            PA-3-2-329
BEER, SAMUEL SR.                        PA-3-1-338
BEIGHLEY, JACOB                         PA-3-9-200
BEIGHLEY, SAMUEL                        PA-3-3-91
BEILSTEIN, ADAM                         PA-3-5-442
BELL, ELIZABETH                         PA-3-5-580
BELLAS, GEORGE W.                       PA-3-5-605
BELLEFLEUR, P. H.                       PA-3-8-428
BENDER, CONRAD                          PA-3-9-180
BENDER, KATHARINE                       PA-3-8-455
BENJAMIN, DAVID                         PA-3-10-303
BENJAMIN, JOHN                          PA-3-5-39
BENNER, N. J.                           PA-3-7-142
BENSON, WILLIAM                         PA-3-2-174
BERCHMAN, JOHN                          PA-3-1-33
BERGMAN, FRANCIS HENRY                  PA-3-9-543
BERLINE, JOHN JR.                       PA-3-6-68
BESMER, ELIZABETH                       PA-3-1-377
BEST, JACOB                             PA-3-7-599
BEST, JOHN K.                           PA-3-2-348
BEST, NICHOLAS                          PA-3-2-20
BEST, NICHOLAS                          PA-3-1-292
BETTENBENDER, GEORGE                    PA-3-1-57
BICKET, WILLIAM                         PA-3-2-490
BIEHL, FREDERICK                        PA-3-3-346
BIER, HERMAN                            PA-3-6-351
BIERER, LUKE                            PA-3-4-396
BIGELOW,LORENZO D.                      PA-3-6-257
BINER, CHARLES                          PA-3-3-546
BINGMAN, D. H.                          PA-3-4-20
BINKARD, JOHN                           PA-3-2-176
BINKERD, SARAH E.                       PA-3-7-326
BISH, CATHERINE                         PA-3-5-29
BISH, JOHN                              PA-3-1-70
BISH, JOHN                              PA-3-4-260
BISH, JOHN H.                           PA-3-3-221
BISH, JOSEPH E.                         PA-3-9-192
BISH, SUSANNAH                          PA-3-4-422
BITNER, MARGARET ELIZABETH              PA-3-6-523
BITTINGER, CORNELIUS                    PA-3-6-178
BITTINGER, JAMES A.                     PA-3-10-321
BITTINGER, MARGARET E.                  PA-3-8-113
BITTS, MARY                             PA-3-1-423
BITZ, WILLIAM                           PA-3-1-371
BLACK, DANIEL                           PA-3-2-447
BLACK, DAVID                            PA-3-2-122
BLACK, DAVID                            PA-3-2-54
BLACK, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-7-137
BLACK, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-2-254
BLACK, MARY                             PA-3-5-211
BLACK, PAUL OSCAR                       PA-3-10-162
BLACKBURN, BENJAMIN                     PA-3-7-104
BLACKBURN, JOHN                         PA-3-6-290
BLADEN, THOMAS                          PA-3-6-103
BLAINE, JAMES                           PA-3-1-17
BLAIR, FLORENCE MAY                     PA-3-8-494
BLAIR, JAMES                            PA-3-3-191
BLAIR, MARTHA L.                        PA-3-7-375
BLAKE, WILLIAM H.                       PA-3-5-571
BLAKENEY, EDWARD                        PA-3-1-48
BLANEY, HUGH                            PA-3-1-194
BLANEY, J. A.                           PA-3-6-217
BLANEY, MINERVA                         PA-3-9-160
BLANEY, WILLIAM                         PA-3-1-252
BLATT, JOHN                             PA-3-8-126
BLAZEY, BARBRY                          PA-3-2-143
BLEAKNEY, ABRAHAM W.                    PA-3-7-468
BLEAKNEY, KATHARINE                     PA-3-1-183
BLEAKNEY, NELLIE                        PA-3-8-474
BLOSE, FLORA I.                         PA-3-6-404
BLOSE, GEORGE L.                        PA-3-7-544
BLYHOLDER, JHN G.                       PA-3-4-39
BLYMILLER, HERMAN                       PA-3-5-144
BLYSTINE, JOHN                          PA-3-3-597
BLYSTONE, JOHN                          PA-3-3-597
BOARTS, FREDERICK                       PA-3-4-594
BOARTS, WILLIAM                         PA-3-3-579
BOARTS, WILLIAM                         PA-3-3-579
BOBERT, ANDREW H.                       PA-3-6-422
BODEN, MARGARET                         PA-3-7-584
BODEN,JAMES B.                          PA-3-9-65
BODIN, JOHN C.                          PA-3-3-131
BOGGS, D. C.                            PA-3-8-410
BOGGS, DAVID                            PA-3-2-113
BOHN, P. R.                             PA-3-6-485
BOLE, ISAAC                             PA-3-2-539
BOLE, JAMES SR.                         PA-3-1-176
BOLE, SAMUEL R.                         PA-3-9-98
BOLE, SAREPTA                           PA-3-6-97
BOLLINGER, SAMUEL                       PA-3-5-578
BOLLMAN, MARTHA A.                      PA-3-8-504
BOLTS, HENRY                            PA-3-6-123
BOND, WILLIAM CLARK                     PA-3-9-154
BONEY, JAMES R.                         PA-3-5-441
BONNER, CHARLES                         PA-3-3-546
BONNER, JOHN                            PA-3-4-160
BONNER, ROBERT                          PA-3-7-480
BONNET, ALEXIS J.                       PA-3-2-211
BORLAND, D. M.                          PA-3-1-363
BORLAND, J. H.                          PA-3-10-460
BORLAND, JOHN                           PA-3-2-310
BORLAND, SAMUEL                         PA-3-4-432
BORLAND, WILLIAM                        PA-3-3-46
BORLAND, WILLIAM                        PA-3-5-47
BORTS, JOSEPH                           PA-3-4-379
BORTZ, LAURA                            PA-3-4-295
BOSSINGER, ABRAHAM                      PA-3-2-357
BOSSINGER, HENRY                        PA-3-2-513
BOUGH, G. R.                            PA-3-9-502
BOUGH, JOSEPH B.                        PA-3-8-22
BOVARD, CHARLES S.                      PA-3-9-122
BOVARD, GEORGE                          PA-3-5-123
BOVARD, GEORGE C.                       PA-3-2-17
BOVARD, MARY ANN                        PA-3-5-185
BOVARD, MARY W.                         PA-3-10-349
BOVARD, W. C.                           PA-3-6-33
BOWERS, DANIEL                          PA-3-5-217
BOWERS, HENRY                           PA-3-1-265
BOWERS, SEBASTIAN                       PA-3-1-85
BOWERS, WILLIAM C.                      PA-3-9-556
BOWMAN, GEORGE                          PA-3-5-168
BOWMAN, NANCY R.                        PA-3-3-55
BOWSER, ADAM                            PA-3-2-16
BOWSER, DANIEL                          PA-3-10-62
BOWSER, DAVID                           PA-3-2-326
BOWSER, DAVID R.                        PA-3-8-199
BOWSER, DAVID S.                        PA-3-8-120
BOWSER, ELIZABETH                       PA-3-6-83
BOWSER, EMANUEL B.                      PA-3-10-594
BOWSER, FREDERICK                       PA-3-8-1282
BOWSER, FREDERICK R.                    PA-3-3-35
BOWSER, GEORGE                          PA-3-8-300
BOWSER, H. D.                           PA-3-9-75
BOWSER, HARVEY                          PA-3-6-241
BOWSER, JACOB                           PA-3-5-122
BOWSER, JACOB                           PA-3-3-274
BOWSER, JOHN                            PA-3-2-123
BOWSER, JOHN M.                         PA-3-10-432
BOWSER, JONAS                           PA-3-4-571
BOWSER, JONAS SR.                       PA-3-1-360
BOWSER, JOSEPH                          PA-3-3-2
BOWSER, JOSEPH D.                       PA-3-1-296
BOWSER, L. B.                           PA-3-9-459
BOWSER, LAVINA                          PA-3-8-95
BOWSER, MARY                            PA-3-9-114
BOWSER, MOSES                           PA-3-2-287
BOWSER, PETER                           PA-3-3-356
BOWSER, PETER                           PA-3-3-301
BOWSER, POLLIE NOBLE                    PA-3-10-135
BOWSER, RACHEL                          PA-3-9-81
BOWSER, ROBERT D.                       PA-3-7-285
BOWSER, SAMUEL D.                       PA-3-4-185
BOWSER, SAMUEL H.                       PA-3-7-597
BOWSER, SARAH                           PA-3-8-248
BOWSER, VALENTINE                       PA-3-8-168
BOWSER, VALENTINE                       PA-3-3-26
BOWSER, VOLENTINE                       PA-3-2-20
BOWSER, VOLENTINE                       PA-3-1-174
BOWSER, WILLIAM                         PA-3-5-165
BOWSER, WILLIAM                         PA-3-5-514
BOWSER, WILSON                          PA-3-10-76
BOYD, A. C.                             PA-3-6-104
BOYD, ABRAHAM                           PA-3-4-225
BOYD, ABRAHAM C.                        PA-3-3-202
BOYD, ELIZA                             PA-3-8-1
BOYD, JAMES                             PA-3-2-194
BOYD, JANE J.                           PA-3-5-200
BOYD, JOHN C.                           PA-3-2-262
BOYD, JOSEPH B.                         PA-3-2-496
BOYD, JOSHUA                            PA-3-4-321
BOYD, M. H.                             PA-3-4-513
BOYD, MARY                              PA-3-8-521
BOYD, MARY C.                           PA-3-9-554
BOYD, ROBERT                            PA-3-1-13
BOYD, ROBERT SR.                        PA-3-4-209
BOYD, SARAH S.                          PA-3-3-581
BOYD, SARAH S.                          PA-3-3-581
BOYD, THOMAS                            PA-3-7-340
BOYD, W. M.                             PA-3-8-577
BOYER, GEORGE                           PA-3-3-333
BOYER, JACOB                            PA-3-2-265
BOYER, NOAH                             PA-3-3-294
BOYER, SLOAN                            PA-3-9-572
BOYER, WILLIAM                          PA-3-9-535
BOYERS, DAVID                           PA-3-2-351
BOYLE, DANIEL                           PA-3-5-380
BOYLE, EDWARD                           PA-3-4-486
BOYLE, JOHN                             PA-3-3-381
BOYLE, JOHN F.                          PA-3-8-595
BRADFORD, ABNER                         PA-3-1-230
BRANIFF, MATILDA                        PA-3-6-355
BRANTHOOVER, PETER                      PA-3-4-404
BRANTHOOVER,EMILY                       PA-3-5-458
BRAUN, JOSEPH                           PA-3-7-527
BREDIN, EZEKIEL                         PA-3-6-323
BREDIN, GEORGIANA                       PA-3-6-120
BREDIN, JAMES                           PA-3-8-109
BRENNEMAN, HENRY                        PA-3-7-594
BRICE, ALEXANDER                        PA-3-3-268
BRICE, JAMES                            PA-3-4-468
BRICE, PETER P.                         PA-3-4-284
BRICE, ROBERT                           PA-3-2-470
BRICKER, DAVID                          PA-3-2-542
BRICKER, DAVID J.                       PA-3-9-459
BRICKER, ELIZA                          PA-3-6-577
BRICKER, HIRAM A.                       PA-3-7-483
BRICKER, HIRAM C.                       PA-3-10-366
BRICKER, ISABELL                        PA-3-2-519
BRICKER, JACOB                          PA-3-3-30
BRICKER, SAMUEL H.                      PA-3-2-279
BRICKER, SUSANNAH                       PA-3-4-86
BRINEY, DANIEL                          PA-3-3-24
BRINEY, DAVID                           PA-3-7-193
BRINEY, MILLIE J.                       PA-3-4-76
BRINKLEY, RICHARD                       PA-3-9-50
BRINKLEY, ROSETTA                       PA-3-9-48
BRODHEAD, EDGAR A.                      PA-3-8-41
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         PA-3-3-51
BROTHERS, LAWRENCE                      PA-3-7-358
BROTHERS, MARY ANN                      PA-3-5-547
BROWN, ALEXANDER                        PA-3-2-376
BROWN, ALICE A.                         PA-3-5-603
BROWN, F. J.                            PA-3-9-366
BROWN, HUGH                             PA-3-1-42
BROWN, J. C.                            PA-3-8-68
BROWN, JAMES E.                         PA-3-3-428
BROWN, JAMES JR.                        PA-3-1-92
BROWN, JESSE J.                         PA-3-9-22
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-3-2-463
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-3-1-249
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-3-5-306
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-3-4-548
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-3-1-169
BROWN, JOHN EATON                       PA-3-2-388
BROWN, JOSEPH                           PA-3-1-317
BROWN, MARY B.                          PA-3-6-582
BROWN, PETER                            PA-3-7-245
BROWN, PETER SR.                        PA-3-2-591
BROWN, REUBEN                           PA-3-5-27
BROWN, ROBERT                           PA-3-2-148
BROWN, ROBERT SR.                       PA-3-2-150
BROWN, SAMUEL                           PA-3-8-57
BROWN, SIMON D.                         PA-3-3-213
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-3-4-477
BROWN, WILLIAM J.                       PA-3-7-311
BROWNFIELD, WILLIAM                     PA-3-1-13
BRUCE, JOHN                             PA-3-3-206
BRUCE, W. W.                            PA-3-10-145
BRUDI, JOHN G.                          PA-3-4-494
BRUDY, JOHAN JACOB                      PA-3-8-135
BRUGH, HENRY                            PA-3-1-12
BRUMBAUGH, FREDERICK                    PA-3-9-106
BRUNER, ANDREW J.                       PA-3-10-122
BRUNER, JAMES                           PA-3-3-16
BRUNER, JAMES                           PA-3-7-218
BRUNT, JAMES                            PA-3-5-308
BRYSON, SAMUEL                          PA-3-4-10
BUCKLEY, REBECCA                        PA-3-3-177
BUFFINGTON, E.                          PA-3-5-42
BUFFINGTON, ENOCH                       PA-3-4-190
BULLMAN, ANDREW                         PA-3-1-149
BUNKER, WILLIAM                         PA-3-1-51
BUNNER, SARAH                           PA-3-6-515
BURCHER, LYDIA                          PA-3-8-289
BURFORD, DAVID                          PA-3-4-48
BURFORD, GEORGE                         PA-3-5-391
BURFORD, J. R.                          PA-3-10-441
BURFORD, REUBEN SR.                     PA-3-2-33
BURFORD, RUBEN                          PA-3-4-500
BURLEIGH, JOHN                          PA-3-2-232
BURNS, ADAM D.                          PA-3-10-361
BURNS, JOHN                             PA-3-2-491
BURNS, JOHN                             PA-3-1-297
BURNS, MARY ELIZABETH                   PA-3-8-170
BURNS, PATRICK                          PA-3-7-511
BURNS, ROBERT                           PA-3-4-108
BURNS, S. S.                            PA-3-10-180
BURRETT, WILLIAM                        PA-3-3-243
BURTNER, JOHN                           PA-3-7-303
BUSH, ABRAHAM                           PA-3-2-192
BUSH, ANDREW                            PA-3-3-177
BUSH, C. D.                             PA-3-7-567
BUSH, ELIZABETH                         PA-3-5-67
BUSH, HENRY                             PA-3-5-219
BUSH, JACOB M.                          PA-3-6-26
BUSH, JERRY                             PA-3-6-86
BUSH, JOHN R.                           PA-3-9-375
BUSH, LEVI                              PA-3-8-290
BUSH, MICHAEL                           PA-3-8-451
BUTLER, C. E.                           PA-3-6-125
BUTLER, JAMES                           PA-3-8-240
BUTLER, JOSEPH C.                       PA-3-3-357
BUTLER, ROSE                            PA-3-7-442
BUTLER, THOMAS                          PA-3-4-231
BUZZARD, JANE                           PA-3-4-535
BUZZARD, THOMAS                         PA-3-5-136
BYERS, ADAM                             PA-3-4-536
BYERS, ASMUS                            PA-3-3-175
BYERS, DAVID                            PA-3-4-566
BYERS, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-3-550
BYERS, MARY                             PA-3-8-453
BYERS, MARY                             PA-3-9-571
BYERS, MARY ANN                         PA-3-7-528
CAIN, HANNAH                            PA-3-8-195
CALDWELL, JAMES                         PA-3-5-467
CALDWELL, ROBERT                        PA-3-2-76
CALDWELL, W. P.                         PA-3-2-308
CALHOUN, ALEXANDER                      PA-3-4-126
CALHOUN, D. W.                          PA-3-4-476
CALHOUN, HARRIET H.                     PA-3-4-340
CALHOUN, J. R.                          PA-3-6-583
CALHOUN, JOHN                           PA-3-3-30
CALHOUN, NOAH A.                        PA-3-4-428
CALHOUN, NOAH A.                        PA-3-2-397
CALLAHAN, HANNAH                        PA-3-10-130
CALLAHAN, MICHAEL                       PA-3-6-418
CALLEN, DAVID                           PA-3-1-402
CALLEN, JOHN H.                         PA-3-6-246
CALLEN, JOSIAH J.                       PA-3-10-40
CALLON, PATRICK                         PA-3-1-58
CAMP, JACOB                             PA-3-2-446
CAMPBEL, JOHN                           PA-3-1-429
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     PA-3-3-95
CAMPBELL, AMOS                          PA-3-6-562
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                        PA-3-9-472
CAMPBELL, GEORGE R.                     PA-3-8-368
CAMPBELL, ISABELL                       PA-3-8-156
CAMPBELL, ISABELLA                      PA-3-9-136
CAMPBELL, JAMES SR.                     PA-3-2-227
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          PA-3-1-81
CAMPBELL, JOHN N.                       PA-3-8-46
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH H.                     PA-3-8-358
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH I.                     PA-3-9-165
CAMPBELL, MARK                          PA-3-3-322
CAMPBELL, MARTHA                        PA-3-6-533
CAMPBELL, MARY                          PA-3-7-113
CAMPBELL, MICHAEL                       PA-3-5-159
CAMPBELL, RACHEL B.                     PA-3-10-340
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                        PA-3-2-599
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                        PA-3-3-37
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-3-2-444
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-3-8-436
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-3-3-509
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-3-2-183
CAMPBELL,ELLEN JANE                     PA-3-7-517
CAMPELL, MICHAEL                        PA-3-5-166
CANNON, DANIEL                          PA-3-5-329
CAPANO, GIUSEPPE                        PA-3-9-434
CAR, S. J.                              PA-3-5-139
CARGILLE, WARREN                        PA-3-7-434
CARMICHAEL, LOTTIE M.                   PA-3-10-57
CARMODY, MICHAEL                        PA-3-4-446
CARNAHAN, JOHN                          PA-3-5-181
CARNEY, PHILIP                          PA-3-7-69
CAROTHERS, WILLIAM FINDLEY              PA-3-2-580
CARROLL, ROEBRT B.                      PA-3-9-18
CARROLL, ROSANNA                        PA-3-9-223
CARSON, CATHERINE E.                    PA-3-4-546
CARSON, JOHN                            PA-3-6-9
CARSON, LAURA M.                        PA-3-8-12
CARTER, NANCY RALSTON                   PA-3-8-78
CARUTHERS, MARY H.                      PA-3-10-79
CARUTHERS, RICHARD E.                   PA-3-1-258
CARVER, JACOB                           PA-3-5-293
CARVER, JACOB                           PA-3-2-478
CASEDY, GEORGE S.                       PA-3-9-292
CASEY, WILLIAM F.                       PA-3-5-410
CASSERLY, THOMAS                        PA-3-5-126
CASSIDY, MARGARET P.                    PA-3-4-547
CASSIDY, SAMUEL C.                      PA-3-6-595
CATHCART, ALEXANDER                     PA-3-3-10
CATHCART, MARGARET JANE                 PA-3-7-184
CATHCART, ROBERT                        PA-3-1-342
CATHCART, SAMUEL                        PA-3-5-79
CAUFMAN, CASPER                         PA-3-5-81
CAYLOR, ELIZABETH HARMON                PA-3-7-530
CCOHRAN, L. G.                          PA-3-5-305
CHAMBERS, MARY ELIZABETH                PA-3-6-402
CHAPMAN, MELINDA                        PA-3-9-524
CHARLES, RICHARD                        PA-3-5-413
CHERRY, ROSANNA C.                      PA-3-7-415
CHESNUT, ROBERT                         PA-3-7-542
CHRISTMAN, FREDRICK                     PA-3-1-431
CHRISTMAN, HENRY                        PA-3-4-114
CHRISTMAN, JOHN                         PA-3-2-246
CHRISTMAN, MARGARET                     PA-3-6-558
CHRISTMAN, PHILIP                       PA-3-3-415
CHRISTMAN, SUSANNA                      PA-3-5-184
CHRISTY, JAMES                          PA-3-3-127
CHRISTY, JOHN                           PA-3-4-301
CHRISTY, SARAH                          PA-3-5-51
CLARK, ABSOLOM W.                       PA-3-2-36
CLARK, ALEXANDER                        PA-3-2-117
CLARK, GEORGE                           PA-3-6-555
CLARK, HENRY B.                         PA-3-4-235
CLARK, JACOB                            PA-3-4-118
CLARK, JAMES                            PA-3-1-22
CLARK, JAMES                            PA-3-1-60
CLARK, JANE                             PA-3-4-92
CLARK, JOHN                             PA-3-2-173
CLARK, JOHN C.                          PA-3-8-423
CLARK, JOHN E.                          PA-3-10-411
CLARK, JOSEPH                           PA-3-1-49
CLARK, NICHOLOS                         PA-3-8-469
CLARK, NOAH                             PA-3-4-346
CLARK, NOAH G.                          PA-3-9-260
CLARK, SAMUEL M.                        PA-3-8-440
CLARK, WILLIAM                          PA-3-6-32
CLARK, WILLIAM                          PA-3-1-45
CLARK, WILLIAM                          PA-3-7-201
CLAWSON, A. H.                          PA-3-9-419
CLAWSON, CATHERINE                      PA-3-10-267
CLAWSON, JOHN                           PA-3-7-405
CLAYPOLLE, SAMUEL J.                    PA-3-4-90
CLAYPOOL, ABRAHAM                       PA-3-3-251
CLAYPOOL, C. O.                         PA-3-7-580
CLAYPOOL, DAVID H.                      PA-3-6-118
CLAYPOOL, J. W.                         PA-3-7-222
CLAYPOOL, JAMES H.                      PA-3-3-248
CLAYPOOL, JOSEPH                        PA-3-4-526
CLAYPOOL, LEVI                          PA-3-2-315
CLAYPOOL, MARY ANN                      PA-3-8-260
CLAYPOOL, W. C.                         PA-3-7-258
CLAYPOOL, WILLIAM H.                    PA-3-7-448
CLAYPOOLE, JAMES E.                     PA-3-9-344
CLAYPOOLE, JOHN                         PA-3-3-227
CLAYPOOLE, SAMUEL                       PA-3-2-278
CLEMENS, JAMES                          PA-3-7-220
CLEVER, CATHERINE                       PA-3-4-585
CLEVER, ELMIRA A.                       PA-3-10-288
CLEVER, G. H.                           PA-3-10-133
CLEVER, JAMES T.                        PA-3-7-20
CLEVER, MARGARET                        PA-3-5-113
CLEVER, MICHAEL                         PA-3-2-459
CLEVER, ROBERT C.                       PA-3-8-360
CLINE, B.                               PA-3-2-538
CLINE, BARNEY                           PA-3-2-241
CLINE, ESTHER                           PA-3-6-342
CLINE, HENRY                            PA-3-3-96
CLOUSE, CATHERINE                       PA-3-3-1
CLOUSE, GEORGE                          PA-3-8-225
CLOUSE,MICHAEL                          PA-3-2-438
CLOVER, PHILIP                          PA-3-1-108
COCHRAN, EDWIN ERWIN                    PA-3-9-261
COCHRAN, JAMES S.                       PA-3-5-322
COCHRAN, JOHN                           PA-3-4-79
COCHRAN, JOHN G.                        PA-3-3-433
COCHRAN, JOHN G.                        PA-3-5-252
COCHRAN, MARY                           PA-3-8-556
COCHRAN, MARY E.                        PA-3-6-378
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                        PA-3-1-116
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                        PA-3-1-387
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                        PA-3-3-159
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                        PA-3-3-118
COCHRANE, ROBERT E.                     PA-3-9-222
COCHRANE, SAMUEL                        PA-3-6-350
COE, DANIEL L.                          PA-3-2-586
COFFMAN, ALEXANDER                      PA-3-7-534
COFFMAN, JOHN A.                        PA-3-7-430
COFFMAN, MARGARET A.                    PA-3-8-299
COGGON, WILLIAM H.                      PA-3-10-207
COGLEY, DANIEL                          PA-3-5-365
COLEMAN, CHARLES                        PA-3-2-404
COLEMAN, D. L.                          PA-3-9-389
COLEMAN, ELLA M.                        PA-3-10-269
COLEMAN, HENRY                          PA-3-8-387
COLEMAN, LANEY                          PA-3-2-419
COLEMAN, MARGARET                       PA-3-4-173
COLEMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-3-2-266
COLEMAN, THOMAS T.                      PA-3-9-449
COLEMAN, WILLIAM A.                     PA-3-6-363
COLL, JOHN                              PA-3-3-486
COLLEDGE, WILLIAM (V.D.M.)              PA-3-2-462
COLLER, JOHN                            PA-3-5-456
COLLIER, ELIZABTH                       PA-3-8-278
COLLINGWOOD, D. C.                      PA-3-4-135
COLMER, CONRAD                          PA-3-1-14
COLWELL, ALEXANDER                      PA-3-2-498
COLWELL, CHARLES                        PA-3-10-118
COLWELL, HENRY A.                       PA-3-10-1
COLWELL, JAMES                          PA-3-4-252
COLWELL, JOHN A.                        PA-3-6-334
COLWELL, MARGARET                       PA-3-4-96
COLWELL, MARK B.                        PA-3-7-261
COLWELL, MARY ANN                       PA-3-4-555, 567
COLWELL, REBECCA                        PA-3-6-55
COLWELL, SARAH E.                       PA-3-9-325
COLWELL, WILLIAM SR.                    PA-3-2-108
COMBS, SARAH                            PA-3-2-330
CONERTY, PATRICK                        PA-3-8-175
CONLEY, MICHAEL                         PA-3-2-380
CONN, R. O.                             PA-3-8-103
CONNER, ROBERT S.                       PA-3-6-511
CONNER, THOMAS                          PA-3-1-83
CONNERS, PATRICK                        PA-3-9-462
CONNOR, J. P.                           PA-3-3-203
CONNOR, MATTHEW                         PA-3-3-223
CONROD, ELIZABETH                       PA-3-3-45
CONROY, ALICE C.                        PA-3-6-329
CONSELMAN, MAGDALENA                    PA-3-1-313
COOK, CATHARINE                         PA-3-6-113
COOK, DELILAH                           PA-3-8-31
COOK, LEWIS                             PA-3-2-103
COOK, MARTIN LUTHER                     PA-3-9-346
COOK, MARY TORBETT                      PA-3-6-472
COOK, W. J.                             PA-3-4-196
COOPER, AGNES                           PA-3-7-128
COOPER, ANDREW                          PA-3-7-29
COOPER, GEORGE                          PA-3-4-475
COOPER, JAMES S.                        PA-3-9-395
COOPER, MARY                            PA-3-6-37
COOPER, WILLIAM                         PA-3-5-22
COPPERSMITH, JOHN E.                    PA-3-5-300
CORMMAN, GEORGE                         PA-3-2-424
CORNIF, THOMAS                          PA-3-3-67
COUCH, HANNAH G.                        PA-3-7-335
COULTER, ELIZA J.                       PA-3-5-504
COULTER, JAMES                          PA-3-1-102
COULTER, JOSEPH                         PA-3-3-270
COUNCELMAN, PHILIP                      PA-3-1-321
COURSON, JANE                           PA-3-5-176
COVER, ANDREW                           PA-3-4-192
COWAN, ANDREW J.                        PA-3-2-566
COWAN, DAVID                            PA-3-1-404
COWAN, EMILY                            A-3-10-296
COWAN, HENRY                            PA-3-5-455
COWAN, JOHN                             PA-3-1-240
COWAN, JOHN                             PA-3-2-425
COWAN, JOHN                             PA-3-3-505
COWAN, JOHN W.                          PA-3-8-584
COWAN, MARY                             PA-3-3-529
COWAN, ROSANNA                          PA-3-6-435
COWAN, WILLIAM                          PA-3-2-593
COWARD, ELIZABETH                       PA-3-5-337
COWARD, MICHAEL                         PA-3-5-310
COWEN, JOHN                             PA-3-4-101
COYLE, BERNARD                          PA-3-7-4
COYLE, DANIEL                           PA-3-6-597
COYLE, MARGARET                         PA-3-2-114
COYLE, THOMAS C.                        PA-3-3-466
COYLE, THOMAS M.                        PA-3-3-528
COYLE, WILLIAM F.                       PA-3-3-405
CRAFT, J. C.                            PA-3-7-398
CRAIG, ALEXANDER                        PA-3-6-279
CRAIG, ALEXANDER                        PA-3-8-270
CRAIG, ALEXANDER T.                     PA-3-7-288
CRAIG, ANN                              PA-3-8-515
CRAIG, GEORGE N.                        PA-3-4-306
CRAIG, GEORGE W.                        PA-3-8-264
CRAIG, HARVEY                           PA-3-3-562
CRAIG, ISAAC M.                         PA-3-9-368
CRAIG, JAMES                            PA-3-3-187
CRAIG, JAMES A.                         PA-3-5-419
CRAIG, JOHN                             PA-3-5-202
CRAIG, JOHN                             PA-3-1-406
CRAIG, JOHN A.                          PA-3-5-156
CRAIG, MARGARET J.                      PA-3-10-53
CRAIG, MARY                             PA-3-2-569
CRAIG, MARY A.                          PA-3-7-234
CRAIG, NANCY REED                       PA-3-8-108
CRAIG, POLLY                            PA-3-3-374
CRAIG, SAMUEL                           PA-3-2-383
CRAIG, SARAH J.                         PA-3-6-463
CRAIG, THOMAS G.                        PA-3-9-507
CRAIL, JOHN J.                          PA-3-10-313
CRAMER, MARTIN V.                       PA-3-8-372
CRANDALL, CHARLES M.                    PA-3-7-356
CRANE, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-3-446
CRANE, JOSEPH C.                        PA-3-4-146
CRATTY, MAUD                            PA-3-7-329
CRAVENEER, MARGARET                     PA-3-7-7
CRAVENER, GEORGE                        PA-3-5-214
CRAVENER, GEORGE W.                     PA-3-6-423
CRAVENER, JOHN                          PA-3-3-81
CRAVENOR, GEORGE                        PA-3-3-340
CRAWFORD, ALEXANDER                     PA-3-4-432
CRAWFORD, CAROLINE R.                   PA-3-8-397
CRAWFORD, CHAMBES M.                    PA-3-9-446
CRAWFORD, DAVID                         PA-3-1-248
CRAWFORD, EBENEZER                      PA-3-2-169
CRAWFORD, GEORGE T.                     PA-3-8-374
CRAWFORD, JOEL                          PA-3-8-259
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          PA-3-1-320
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          PA-3-2-560
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          PA-3-6-142
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          PA-3-6-155
CRAWFORD, JULIETTE                      PA-3-5-491
CRAWFORD, ROBERT L.                     PA-3-3-447
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        PA-3-9-76
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        PA-3-5-2
CRAWFORD, SARAH A.                      PA-3-8-488
CRAWFORD, THOMAS                        PA-3-6-171
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       PA-3-2-100
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       PA-3-5-243
CRAWSHAW, JOHN                          PA-3-3-19
CRESWELL, SETH                          PA-3-4-172
CRIBBS, BARBARA                         PA-3-8-530
CRIBBS, MICHAEL                         PA-3-8-444
CRIPS, LEWIS B.                         PA-3-3-189
CRISMAN, JANE                           PA-3-7-456
CRISSMAN, ABRAHAM                       PA-3-10-527
CRISSMAN, E. F.                         PA-3-9-471
CRISSMAN, ELIZABETH                     PA-3-4-251
CRISSMAN, MARY                          PA-3-8-507
CRISSMAN, R. J.                         PA-3-7-556
CRISSMAN, SUSIE                         PA-3-7-77
CRISSWELL, . B.                         PA-3-10-554
CRISWELL, JOHN R.                       PA-3-3-312
CRITZER, JOHN A. H.                     PA-3-8-425
CROLL, ANNIE E.                         PA-3-7-30
CROLL, JOHN SR.                         PA-3-3-215
CROLL, L. B.                            PA-3-9-373
CROOK, RUDOLPH                          PA-3-7-581
CROSBY, G. S.                           PA-3-4-214
CROSBY, S. M.                           PA-3-9-245
CROSS, ANNA                             PA-3-3-172
CROSSMAN, ELIZABETH                     PA-3-6-567
CROWNOVER, GEORGE W.                    PA-3-9-13
CROYLE, DAVID                           PA-3-7-62
CROYLE, JACOB                           PA-3-4-56
CROYLE, JOSEPH                          PA-3-3-77
CRUM, HENRY                             PA-3-3-423
CRUM, JONATHAN                          PA-3-5-255
CUDDY, JOHNSTON C.                      PA-3-9-128
CULBERTSON, GEORGE                      PA-3-7-223
CULP, JANE                              PA-3-3-263
CUMPSTY, CHARLES                        PA-3-2-394
CUNNINGHAM, A. J.                       PA-3-10-559
CUNNINGHAM, ALEXANDER                   PA-3-8-205
CUNNINGHAM, J. G. (DR.)                 PA-3-5-598
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        PA-3-2-92
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN B.                     PA-3-10-146
CUNNINGHAM, SARAH D.                    PA-3-9-168
CUNNINGHAM, WESLEY                      PA-3-10-445
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     PA-3-1-290
CUPS, MARY CATHERINE (SMITH)            PA-3-3-11
CUSICK, PATRICK                         PA-3-5-161
DALY, ATHALIA COOPER                    PA-3-6-105
DALY, WILLIAM HUDSON                    PA-3-6-286
DANDO, WILLIAM                          PA-3-6-309
DARBAKER, MARY M.                       PA-3-8-21
DARR, JACOB                             PA-3-7-229
DAUGHERTY, AGNES E.                     PA-3-10-142
DAUGHERTY, GEORG EB.                    PA-3-6-561
DAUGHERTY, HANNAH                       PA-3-10-507
DAUGHERTY, HARRIET                      PA-3-8-414
DAUGHERTY, HARVEY                       PA-3-5-263
DAUGHERTY, J. P.                        PA-3-7-345
DAUGHERTY, JAMES                        PA-3-1-35
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                         PA-3-2-350
DAUGHERTY, JSOEPH N.                    PA-3-7-50
DAUGHERTY, ROBERT                       PA-3-3-123
DAUGHERTY, SAMUEL                       PA-3-1-417
DAVIDSON, JOHN R.                       PA-3-6-30
DAVIS, ANCY                             PA-3-9-258
DAVIS, BIRDETTA E.                      PA-3-10-345
DAVIS, CLINTON                          PA-3-4-266
DAVIS, DANIEL                           PA-3-6-367
DAVIS, DAVID                            PA-3-7-100
DAVIS, EBENEZER                         PA-3-1-26
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-4-85
DAVIS, EVAN D.                          PA-3-2-193
DAVIS, GEORGE                           PA-3-5-174
DAVIS, H. V. U. (REV.)                  PA-3-10-429
DAVIS, JACKSON                          PA-3-8-266
DAVIS, JACOB                            PA-3-1-232
DAVIS, JACOB                            PA-3-2-407
DAVIS, JAMES                            PA-3-10-569
DAVIS, JAMES J.                         PA-3-8-458
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-3-6-333
DAVIS, JOHN R.                          PA-3-9-560
DAVIS, LEVI                             PA-3-8-167
DAVIS, MARY                             PA-3-5-294
DAVIS, MICHAEL                          PA-3-4-98
DAVIS, SAMUEL SR.                       PA-3-3-65
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-3-5-260
DAVISON, MARTHA L.                      PA-3-6-305
DEATERLY, BARBARA                       PA-3-4-72
DECKER, ALICE                           PA-3-9-418
DECKER, CHARLEY                         PA-3-10-27
DEEMER, A. B.                           PA-3-9-470
DEEMER, GEORGE W.                       PA-3-5-142
DEEMER, LEAH                            PA-3-7-373
DEEMER, PHILIP                          PA-3-2-451
DELANCEY, J. O.                         PA-3-10-403
DELANCY, W. H.                          PA-3-10-150
DELANEY, DANIEL                         PA-3-3-462
DELANEY, DAVID                          PA-3-5-205
DELANEY, JAMES                          PA-3-7-381
DELANEY, PETER                          PA-3-2-306
DELANOY, JOHN K.                        PA-3-3-399
DELECOUR, TERESA                        PA-3-8-319
DELP, LEWIS                             PA-3-1-178
DESHONG, JENNIE H.                      PA-3-8-596
DEVER, DAVID                            PA-3-6-537
DEVER, RACHEL                           PA-3-5-4
DEVER, SAMUEL                           PA-3-4-504
DEVERS, BERNARD                         PA-3-1-100
DEVERS, WILLIAM                         PA-3-4-330
DEVINE, BARBARA                         PA-3-10-154
DEVINE, JOHN                            PA-3-1-80
DEVINEY, DANIEL                         PA-3-4-40
DEVINNEY, WILLIAM                       PA-3-3-349
DEVRE, JOSEPH                           PA-3-8-411
DIAS, MARTHA J.                         PA-3-9-1
DIBLER, HENRY                           PA-3-1-259
DICE, PETER                             PA-3-7-21
DICK, JOHN                              PA-3-1-365
DICK, JOHN                              PA-3-5-170
DICKEY, JOHN (REV.)                     PA-3-1-415
DICKEY, MATILDA                         PA-3-4-474
DICKEY, SAMUEL                          PA-3-2-449
DICKEY, SAMUEL H.                       PA-3-3-487
DICKEY, SARAH                           PA-3-2-575
DICKEY, WILLIAM                         PA-3-2-600
DICKEY, WILLIAM S.                      PA-3-7-101
DICKEY,E MMA                            PA-3-6-4
DICKSON, ANNA H.                        PA-3-9-398
DILL, FRANCIS                           PA-3-2-395
DILL, MARGARY                           PA-3-7-268
DILL, MARTHA                            PA-3-5-218
DILL, MOSES                             PA-3-3-29
DILL, NANCY                             PA-3-6-117
DILL, WILLIAM                           PA-3-3-142
DIMIT, HENDERSON S.                     PA-3-7-242
DIMMICK, ANNIE                          PA-3-9-596
DIMOND, PHILIP                          PA-3-1-180
DINGER, JOHN                            PA-3-10-58
DINGER, MICHAEL                         PA-3-5-548
DINSMON, M. E. (MRS)                    PA-3-6-70
DINSMORE, FRANCIS                       PA-3-8-35
DISHER, JOHN                            PA-3-8-130
DIXON, G. T.                            PA-3-9-96
DIXON, GEORGE W.                        PA-3-8-552
DIXON, HANNAH                           PA-3-5-46
DIXON, JANE                             PA-3-4-162
DIXON, JANE                             PA-3-4-482
DODSON, WILLIAM                         PA-3-2-337
DONALDSON, JOHN                         PA-3-3-201
DONALDSON, JOHN SR.                     PA-3-1-369
DONNELL, JOHN                           PA-3-10-50
DONNELLY, HENRY                         PA-3-10-71
DONNELLY, JAMES                         PA-3-4-36
DONNELLY, JOHN                          PA-3-3-126
DONNELLY, STEPHEN                       PA-3-5-404
DONNELY, CATHARINE                      PA-3-4-357
DONNELY, DENNIS                         PA-3-4-400
DORAN, HUGH                             PA-3-3-155
DORAN, HUGH                             PA-3-2-400
DORMIRE, SARAH                          PA-3-3-179
DORMYER, ANDREW                         PA-3-2-50
DOSCH, ANN ELIZA                        PA-3-6-505
DOSCH, JOHN M. SR.                      PA-3-9-382
DOUGLASS, ANN ELIZA                     PA-3-7-290
DOUGLASS, JAMES B. B.                   PA-3-7-99
DOUTHETT, MARY                          PA-3-3-543
DOVERSPIKE, ADAM                        PA-3-10-422
DOVERSPIKE, ANTHONY                     PA-3-9-16
DOVERSPIKE, DANIEL                      PA-3-10-183
DOVERSPIKE, GEORGE W.                   PA-3-7-529
DOVERSPIKE, I. D.                       PA-3-8-380
DOVERSPIKE, JOHN                        PA-3-5-261
DOVERSPIKE, LEWIS                       PA-3-5-550
DOVERSPIKE, PHILIP                      PA-3-5-18
DOYLE, SARAH MARGARET                   PA-3-6-40
DOYLE, THOMAS W.                        PA-3-3-528
DOYLE, WILLIAM FRANCIS                  PA-3-10-520
DRAKE, JOHN T.                          PA-3-9-408
DRAKE, MARY                             PA-3-5-176
DROHN, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-7-533
DROHN, FREDERICK                        PA-3-6-117
DROHN, LEOPOLD JOHN                     PA-3-9-206
DROWESHOUSER, HENRIETTA                 PA-3-2-679
DUANE, JOHN                             PA-3-10-308
DUFF, D. K. (REV.)                      PA-3-4-374
DUFF, J. C.                             PA-3-9-25
DUFF, JOHN                              PA-3-5-370
DUFF, W. R.                             PA-3-5-109
DUFFEY, JAMES SR.                       PA-3-2-103
DUFFEY, JOHN                            PA-3-2-161
DUFFEY, PATRICK                         PA-3-1-201
DUFFY, DANIEL                           PA-3-8-151
DUFFY, JOHN                             PA-3-10-542
DUFFY, M.                               PA-3-4-337
DUFFY, PETER                            PA-3-10-192
DUGAN, HUGH                             PA-3-2-243
DULITY, JOHN                            PA-3-3-133
DUMM, JOHN                              PA-3-4-405
DUNBAR, MARGARET                        PA-3-4-336
DUNCAN, ALEXANDER                       PA-3-1-263
DUNCAN, DAVID                           PA-3-7-279
DUNCAN, JACOB C.                        PA-3-7-565
DUNCAN, ROBERT                          PA-3-1-3
DUNCAN, THOMAS                          PA-3-4-482
DUNIGAN, PHILIP                         PA-3-7-543
DUNLAP, EDWIN F.                        PA-3-10-9
DUNLOP, JAMES SR.                       PA-3-1-80
DUNMIR, WILLIAM JOSEPH                  PA-3-7-197
DUNMIRE, ANDREW                         PA-3-4-416
DUNMIRE, HENRY                          PA-3-5-440
DUNMIRE, ISAAC                          PA-3-10-99
DUNMIRE, JACOB                          PA-3-1-405
DUNMIRE, JOHN E.                        PA-3-9-158
DUNMIRE, JOHN FREDERICK                 PA-3-8-188
DUNMIRE, MAGDALENA                      PA-3-5-328
DUNMIRE, MARY                           PA-3-6-54
DUNMIRE, PHILIP SR.                     PA-3-3-194
DUNMIRE, SARAH                          PA-3-7-332
DUNMIRE, WILLIAM M.                     PA-3-7-352
DUNWIRE, JOSEPH                         PA-3-3-524
DUNWIRE, LAVINA T.                      PA-3-7-336
DUVIER, PETER                           PA-3-7-350
DYESS, MARTHA J.                        PA-3-9-1
EACKMAN, D. B.                          PA-3-7-317
EAKMAN, DEBORA                          PA-3-4-313
EAKMAN, JOHN                            PA-3-1-183
EARHART, CATHERINE                      PA-3-4-128
EARHART, HENRY                          PA-3-4-151
EARHART, JAEMS W.                       PA-3-7-519
EARLY, ANDREW                           PA-3-2-25
EARLY, GENEVIEVE                        PA-3-10-535
EASLEY, JOHN                            PA-3-1-221
EASLY, ANDREW                           PA-3-6-584
EASLY, JAMES                            PA-3-5-242
EASTLY, CSAPER                          PA-3-1-94
EATON, JAMES                            PA-3-8-227
EBELING,A NTHONY                        PA-3-3-272
ECKMAN, ANTHONY                         PA-3-8-430
ECKMAN, DEBORAH                         PA-3-3-587
ECKMAN, ELIZA J.                        PA-3-6-35
ECKMAN, EPHRAIM                         PA-3-3-587
ECKMAN, JOHN C.                         PA-3-1-277
EDDINGER, JOHN                          PA-3-4-184
EDWARDS, ADAM                           PA-3-9-428
EDWARDS, ALBERT                         PA-3-7-281
EDWARDS, DANIEL                         PA-3-1-208
EDWARDS, JAMES C.                       PA-3-7-56
EDWARDS, JOHN                           PA-3-2-554
EDWARDS, JONATHAN                       PA-3-5-61
EGGERT, ADA M.                          PA-3-5-601
EGGERT, G. L. G. (DR)                   PA-3-5-443
EGLY, JOHN N.                           PA-3-6-353
EGLY, LEONARD                           PA-3-9-162
EHENGER, PETER                          PA-3-1-364
EHINGER, ELIZA A.                       PA-3-5-172
EHINGER, WILLIAM                        PA-3-3-453
EHRENFELD, ELIZABETH                    PA-3-7-269
EICKMAN, LYDIA A.                       PA-3-3-131
EINSPORN, GOTTLIEB                      PA-3-6-480
ELDER, JAMES                            PA-3-2-32
ELDER, WILLIAM                          PA-3-8-118
ELGIN, ALEXANDER                        PA-3-2-162
ELGIN, ANNE                             PA-3-3-305
ELGIN, HUGH                             PA-3-2-189
ELGIN, ISABELLA                         PA-3-5-529
ELGIN, JAMES                            PA-3-4-518
ELGIN, JAMES                            PA-3-1-189
ELGIN, JEREMIAH                         PA-3-6-542
ELGIN, JOHN                             PA-3-4-182
ELGIN, JOSEPH                           PA-3-4-519
ELGIN, MARGARETTA                       PA-3-8-382
ELGIN, SAMUEL                           PA-3-3-145
ELKIN, WILLIAM                          PA-3-9-301
ELLENBERGER, GABRIEL S.                 PA-3-5-66
ELLENBERGER, GEORGE                     PA-3-2-82
ELLENBERGER, SIMON                      PA-3-5-396
ELLIOT, ANDREW J.                       PA-3-9-591
ELLIOTT, ISABELLA                       PA-3-4-211
ELLIOTT, JAMES                          PA-3-4-423
ELLIOTT, NANCY E.                       PA-3-7-570
ELLIOTT, RICHARD                        PA-3-4-593
ELLIS, JANE                             PA-3-4-529
ELSWICK, EMMA                           PA-3-6-207
ENDERS, JOSHUA                          PA-3-8-134
EPPLER, JOHN                            PA-3-2-347
ERFMANN, ANNA A.                        PA-3-4-490
ERWIN, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-8-187
ERWIN, ESTHER                           PA-3-5-237
ERWIN, KERNS                            PA-3-5-377
ESPEY, JACOB                            PA-3-7-41
EVANS, A. G. W.                         PA-3-6-48
EVANS, BENJAMIN                         PA-3-10-251
EVANS, CHARLES                          PA-3-3-464
EVANS, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-5-77
EVANS, JENNIE S.                        PA-3-4-539
EVANS, JOHN E.                          PA-3-2-97
EVANS, MARY                             PA-3-6-223
EVANS, SAVILLA                          PA-3-6-167
EVANS, W. T.                            PA-3-6-304
EVERHART, CYRUS A.                      PA-3-5-250
EVERHART, HENRY                         PA-3-4-407
EVERHART, SARAH                         PA-3-7-05
EWING, ANDEW W.                         PA-3-5-225
EWING, HARRIET MELINDA                  PA-3-6-247
EWING, LYNDA M.                         PA-3-10-282
EWING, SAMUEL                           PA-3-8-328
EWING, WILLIAM                          PA-3-3-479
EXLEY, SUSANNAH                         PA-3-6-52
EYLER, ANNA M.                          PA-3-8-146
EYLER, HENRY                            PA-3-2-284
EYNON, LAURA E.                         PA-3-10-351
EYNON, W. H.                            PA-3-10-138
FAAS, MARY A.                           PA-3-9-215
FAIR, ANNA MARGARET                     PA-3-8-255
FAIR, CHAMBERS                          PA-3-2-344
FAIR, ISAAC                             PA-3-5-275
FAIR, L. M.                             PA-3-9-579
FAIR, LEONARD                           PA-3-6-151
FAIR, MICHAEL SR.                       PA-3-2-242
FAIR, PHILIP                            PA-3-5-544
FAIR, PRICILLA L.                       PA-3-5-541
FAIRLIE, ELIZABETH                      PA-3-5-388
FARNSWORTH, RICHARD B.                  PA-3-6-148
FARSTER, CATHERINE                      PA-3-4-224
FARSTER, HENRY                          PA-3-8-524
FARSTER, JOSHUA                         PA-3-7-79
FARSTER, MARY A.                        PA-3-9-220
FAULK, PHILIP                           PA-3-5-221
FECKEL, ANNA MARIA                      PA-3-7-363
FEICHT, CHARLES                         PA-3-9-208
FENNEL, ABRAHAM                         PA-3-6-220
FENNELL, DANIEL                         PA-3-5-11
FENNELL, ELIZA J.                       PA-3-10-444
FENNELL, JACOB                          PA-3-5-480
FENNELL, MARY                           PA-3-6-504
FENNELL, PETER S.                       PA-3-9-157
FENNELL, SUSANNAH                       PA-3-6-405
FERGUESON, MARGARET                     PA-3-2-156
FERGUSON, SAMUEL                        PA-3-4-338
FERGUSON, THOMAS A.                     PA-3-8-273
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       PA-3-5-256
FERRY, HARRIET                          PA-3-7-252
FERRY, MOSES                            PA-3-2-464
FETTER, HENRY                           PA-3-5-436
FICHTHORN, LEWIS                        PA-3-5-434
FIGHTER, MICHAEL                        PA-3-7-107
FINDLEY, A. A.                          PA-3-10-467
FINDLEY, A. C.                          PA-3-5-4
FINDLEY, ABEL                           PA-3-1-401
FINDLEY, ARCHIBALD                      PA-3-5-400
FINDLEY, DAVID                          PA-3-4-1
FINDLEY, M. J. (MRS)                    PA-3-5-395
FINDLEY, MARGARET T.                    PA-3-9-130
FINDLEY, N. A.                          PA-3-8-309
FINDLEY, WILLIAM K.                     PA-3-9-575
FINLAY, JANE B.                         PA-3-3-511
FINNY, ROBERT                           PA-3-5-501
FISH, ROBERT                            PA-3-1-64
FISHER, JACOB                           PA-3-3-57
FISHER, LAWRENCE                        PA-3-6-551
FISHER, MARY M.                         PA-3-7-369
FITSGARALDS, ELIZA J.                   PA-3-7-396
FITZGARLES, STEWART                     PA-3-2-353
FITZGEALDS, JOHN                        PA-3-2-289
FITZGERALD, DANIEL                      PA-3-1-158
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                     PA-3-1-299
FITZGERALDS, S. E.                      PA-3-7-492
FITZGERALDS, THOMAS                     PA-3-2-56
FIX, GEORGE                             PA-3-5-485
FIX, MARGARET                           PA-3-5-452
FLANIGAN, BRIDGET                       PA-3-6-513
FLECK, FRANCIS M.                       PA-3-10-291
FLEMING, ALEXANDER M.                   PA-3-2-558
FLEMING, CLARK                          PA-3-6-119
FLEMING, I. MAGGIE                      PA-3-6-66
FLEMING, ROBERT R.                      PA-3-7-80
FLEMING, ROBERT R.                      PA-3-4-93
FLEMING, SAMUEL                         PA-3-4-258
FLEMING, W. A.                          PA-3-7-552
FLEMING, WILLIAM KING                   PA-3-8-194
FLEMING,HAMILTON                        PA-3-7-130
FLEMMING, MARTHA                        PA-3-4-165
FLICK, CASPER                           PA-3-4-87
FLICK, HENRY H.                         PA-3-8-441
FLICK, JAMES H.                         PA-3-9-416
FLICK, NIMROD                           PA-3-4-116
FLOWER, EMILY S.                        PA-3-5-407
FORD, HENRY                             PA-3-1-229
FORD, PETER                             PA-3-2-26
FOREMAN, JAMES                          PA-3-1-250
FOREMAN, WILLAM B.                      PA-3-4-234
FORINGER, DANIEL                        PA-3-3-347
FORINGER, JACOB                         PA-3-7-135
FORINGER, LEWIS                         PA-3-7-120
FORINGER, SARAH E.                      PA-3-7-154
FORMAN, ANDREW                          PA-3-4-155
FORQUER, CHARLES                        PA-3-5-169
FORQUER, ELIZABETH                      PA-3-9-437
FORRESTER, STEPHEN A.                   PA-3-5-20
FORRINGER, JOHN                         PA-3-10-175
FORRINGER, JOSEPH                       PA-3-5-37
FORSYTH, GEORGE                         PA-3-1-289
FOSTER, ALEXANDER                       PA-3-2-69
FOSTER, ALEXANDER                       PA-3-1-196
FOSTER, ALEXANDER                       PA-3-3-240
FOSTER, C. A.                           PA-3-5-75
FOSTER, ELIZABETH                       PA-3-3-515
FOSTER, J. C.                           PA-3-6-399
FOSTER, JOHN                            PA-3-2-12
FOSTER, MARGARET                        PA-3-4-353
FOSTER, SAMUEL                          PA-3-7-453
FOSTER, THOMAS                          PA-3-8-100
FOSTER, THOMAS                          PA-3-1-216
FOSTER, THOMAS H.                       PA-3-4-6
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         PA-3-1-403
FOSTER, WILLIAM A.                      PA-3-3-226
FOUCHE, EDWARD H.                       PA-3-7-215
FOULIS, JEANNETTE                       PA-3-5-274
FOWLER, JAMES                           PA-3-4-212
FOX, G. M.                              PA-3-6-546
FOX, JOHN B.                            PA-3-6-23
FOX, SAMUEL M.                          PA-3-2-550
FOY, LAVINA                             PA-3-6-598
FRAILEY, DANIEL                         PA-3-3-84
FRAILEY, GEORGE S.                      PA-3-4-11
FRAILEY, HENRY                          PA-3-10-393
FRAILEY, JOHN                           PA-3-2-193
FRANCIS, JOHN                           PA-3-1-89
FRANK, LEBIUS B.                        PA-3-10-376
FRANTZ, ABRAHAM                         PA-3-2-1
FRANTZ, AGNES                           PA-3-5-406
FRANTZ, ISAAC SR.                       PA-3-2-132
FRANTZ, JACOB                           PA-3-3-485
FRANTZ, JACOB                           PA-3-1-130
FRAZIER, MARGARET WIGHTMAN              PA-3-10-578
FREAS, WILLIAM                          PA-3-1-63
FREASE, CATHERINE                       PA-3-8-262
FREDERICK, JOHN                         PA-3-5-158
FREEMAN, MARY E.                        PA-3-5-253
FREETLY, F. M.                          PA-3-6-227
FREETLY, JACOB                          PA-3-6-540
FRICK, HENRY                            PA-3-1-231
FRICK, JACOB                            PA-3-1-201
FRICK, NANCY                            PA-3-4-233
FRICK, SIMON                            PA-3-9-124
FRIDAY, NANCY                           PA-3-2-579
FRIES, MATTHIAS                         PA-3-5-402
FRITZ, F. J.                            PA-3-6-464
FRY, B. F.                              PA-3-3-417
FRY, JOHN                               PA-3-6-175
FRY, JOHN                               PA-3-4-186
FRY, MARGARET JANE                      PA-3-2-546
FRYER, SAMUEL J.                        PA-3-9-586
FULLER, ALBERT C.                       PA-3-4-474
FULLERTON, HENRY                        PA-3-1-375A
FULLERTON, JAMES B.                     PA-3-2-514
FULLERTON, JANE                         PA-3-5-424
FULLERTON, MARGARET J.                  PA-3-7-353
FULLERTON, W. R.                        PA-3-10-420
FULTON, DAVID A.                        PA-3-5-160
FULTON, JAMES                           PA-3-1-332
FULTON, R. R.                           PA-3-4-303
FURGASON, ROBERT                        PA-3-6-419
FURGESON, SAMUEL                        PA-3-2-151
FURLONG,JOHN                            PA-3-2-596
GAISER, J. L.                           PA-3-8-593
GAISER, JOHN L.                         PA-3-7-558
GALBRAITH, JAMES                        PA-3-3-338
GALLAGHER, ANDREW                       PA-3-10-317
GALLAGHER, ANN                          PA-3-5-465
GALLAGHER, ANTHONY                      PA-3-2-104
GALLAGHER, ANTONY                       PA-3-2-81
GALLAGHER, DANIEL                       PA-3-5-274
GALLAGHER, DANIEL                       PA-3-7-330
GALLAGHER, JAMES                        PA-3-7-105
GALLAGHER, JAMES                        PA-3-2-62
GALLAGHER, JAMES                        PA-3-6-534
GALLAGHER, JAMES H.                     PA-3-7-523
GALLAGHER, JAMES SR.                    PA-3-2-585
GALLAGHER, JOHN                         PA-3-4-35
GALLAGHER, MARY A.                      PA-3-6-487
GALLAGHER, SUSAN A.                     PA-3-7-432
GALLAHER, ADA                           PA-3-8-508
GALLAHER, ALEXANDER                     PA-3-8-216
GALLAHER, ALWILDA                       PA-3-8-267
GALLAHER, ANN                           PA-3-7-458
GALLAHER, HUGH                          PA-3-8-568
GALLAHER, THOMAS                        PA-3-1-53
GALLIGHER, HUGH                         PA-3-1-303
GARDNER, ABRAHAM                        PA-3-1-25
GARDNER, FREDERICK                      PA-3-1-331
GARLAND, JACOB B.                       PA-3-8-94
GARNER, WILLIAM                         PA-3-9-397
GARVER, WILLIAM R.                      PA-3-2-375
GARVEY, PETER M.                        PA-3-3-507
GATES, WILLIAM                          PA-3-1-419
GATES, WILLIAM A.                       PA-3-9-303
GEAR, J. S.                             PA-3-7-502
GEARHART, JOHN F.                       PA-3-5-36
GEARY, JONATHAN                         PA-3-4-387
GEIGER, BENJAMIN D.                     PA-3-8-509
GEIGER, CALVIN H.                       PA-3-10-268
GEIGER, PHILIP                          PA-3-9-541
GEMBERT, PHILIP K.                      PA-3-10-278
GEORGE, CHRISTIAN                       PA-3-5-531
GEORGE, CHRISTIAN A.                    PA-3-2-244
GEORGE, GWIRLYM E.                      PA-3-7-283
GEORGE, IRWIN P.                        PA-3-8-471
GEORGE, JACOB F.                        PA-3-6-491
GEORGE, JOHN                            PA-3-5-80
GEORGE, JOHN                            PA-3-5-559
GEORGE, JOSIAH                          PA-3-10-33
GEORGE, MARGARET                        PA-3-5-546
GEORGE, MARY JANE                       PA-3-6-383
GEORGE, NANCY E.                        PA-3-9-28
GEORGE, PETER                           PA-3-8-363
GEORGE, PHILLIP                         PA-3-6-590
GEORGE, SAMUEL                          PA-3-6-56
GEORGE, SAMUEL                          PA-3-2-281
GEORGE, THOMAS MONTGOMERY               PA-3-3-264
GEORGE, W. M.                           PA-3-8-231
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         PA-3-2-517
GEORMAN, LEONARD                        PA-3-2-215
GERHOLD, ANNA MARGARETTA                PA-3-9-51
GERHOLD, MARY ELIZABETH                 PA-3-8-303
GERNER, ANDREW                          PA-3-5-592
GIBSON, ALBERT                          PA-3-10-84
GIBSON, ESTHER S.                       PA-3-4-601
GIBSON, GIDEON                          PA-3-1-257
GIBSON, HUSTON                          PA-3-3-78
GIBSON, JAMES SR.                       PA-3-2-40
GIBSON, JOHN                            PA-3-9-39
GIBSON, JOHN                            PA-3-7-65
GIBSON, JOHN L.                         PA-3-3-317
GIBSON, R. M.                           PA-3-4-400
GIBSON, S. M.                           PA-3-9-538
GIBSON, SIMON D.                        PA-3-2-188
GIBSON, WILDA J.                        PA-3-8-67
GIBSON, WILLIAM W.                      PA-3-1-214
GIGER, BENJAMIN                         PA-3-3-523
GILG, LENA                              PA-3-9-577
GILL, DAVID                             PA-3-8-124
GILLESPIE, ANNE                         PA-3-2-295
GILLESPIE, CHARLES B.                   PA-3-7-427
GILLESPIE, CORNWALL                     PA-3-2-53
GILLESPIE, JOHN                         PA-3-2-101
GILLIS, J. W.                           PA-3-10-167
GILPIN, JOHN                            PA-3-4-29
GILPIN, JOHN                            PA-3-6-369
GIRT, CATHARINE A.                      PA-3-8-189
GLAYZER, ALEXANDER                      PA-3-6-127
GLAZIER, JOHN                           PA-3-6-500
GLENN, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-5-17
GLENN, JOSEPH                           PA-3-2-21
GLENN, MARY JANE                        PA-3-8-162
GLYNN, CLARA                            PA-3-6-443
GODFREY, ELIZA B.                       PA-3-6-168
GOERMAN, LEONARD                        PA-3-6-527
GOLDBERG, GUSTAVE                       PA-3-9-514
GOLDINGER, WILSON                       PA-3-10-562
GOLSTROHM, HENRY                        PA-3-8-307
GOOD, A. C.                             PA-3-5-294
GOODHART, GEORGE                        PA-3-2-30
GOODSELL, GEORGE H.                     PA-3-5-212
GORDON, ALEXANDER                       PA-3-4-149
GORELY, GEORGE                          PA-3-1-395
GORMLEY, BENJAMIN F.                    PA-3-2-467
GOSS, HENRY                             PA-3-3-50
GOSSER, ALBERT M.                       PA-3-9-311
GOSSER, DANIEL                          PA-3-10-82
GOSSER, ELIZABETH                       PA-3-10-81
GOSSER, LUCY                            PA-3-5-435
GOULD, MARY M.                          PA-3-4-330
GOULD, SARAH                            PA-3-10-121
GOURLEY, BELINDA MARY                   PA-3-9-290
GOURLEY, GEORGE                         PA-3-5-490
GOURLEY, MALINDA                        PA-3-6-53
GOURLEY, SAMUEL H.                      PA-3-8-13
GRADEN, SAMUEL                          PA-3-3-69
GRAFF, CATHARINE                        PA-3-6-445
GRAFF, EDMUND S.                        PA-3-8-525
GRAFF, JANE R.                          PA-3-10-551
GRAFF, JOHN AUGUSTUS                    PA-3-2-432
GRAHAM, ANDREW                          PA-3-3-261
GRAHAM, ISABELLA                        PA-3-5-455
GRAHAM, J. D.                           PA-3-9-417
GRAHAM, JAMES                           PA-3-4-236
GRAHAM, JANE                            PA-3-9-474
GRAHAM, JOHN                            PA-3-5-110
GRAHAM, JOHN                            PA-3-9-522
GRAHAM, LUCY                            PA-3-5-513
GRAHAM, MARGARET B.                     PA-3-6-300
GRAHAM, MARY N.                         PA-3-3-344
GRAHAM, PATRICK                         PA-3-2-372
GRAHAM, PRUDENCE                        PA-3-3-308
GRAHAM, RICHARD                         PA-3-1-323
GRAHAM, THOMAS                          PA-3-4-32
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-3-3-580
GRANT, GEORGE                           PA-3-6-538
GRANTZ, GEORGE                          PA-3-3-170
GRANTZ, GEORGE                          PA-3-7-370
GRANTZ, HETTIE                          PA-3-7-551
GRANTZ, JOHN SR.                        PA-3-8-538
GRAVES, LEVI M.                         PA-3-3-434
GRAVES, SARAH                           PA-3-3-323
GRAY, AARON                             PA-3-7-429
GRAY, ANN                               PA-3-3-199
GRAY, HENRY                             PA-3-7-399
GRAY, J. S.                             PA-3-10-2
GRAY, JOHN                              PA-3-4-272
GRAY, JOHN T.                           PA-3-7-49
GRAY, OLIVER                            PA-3-2-291
GRAY, PETERSON                          PA-3-2-532
GRAY, SARAH M.                          PA-3-8-10
GRAY, THOMAS                            PA-3-3-106
GREEN, ABRAHAM                          PA-3-5-526
GREEN, ELIZABETH                        PA-3-2-466
GREEN, JAMES                            PA-3-2-48
GREEN, JAMES                            PA-3-3-540
GREEN, JOHN                             PA-3-1-420
GREEN, LEVI                             PA-3-3-43
GREEN, SAMUEL                           PA-3-9-394
GREEN, SARAH                            PA-3-2-305
GREENWALT, ALOYSIUS F.                  PA-3-8-394
GREGG, DAVID                            PA-3-9-330
GREGG, MARY MARGARET                    PA-3-9-334
GREGG, R. J.                            PA-3-4-52
GRESS, NICKOLAS                         PA-3-7-25
GRIEB, JOHN                             PA-3-4-12
GRIEB, LOUIS                            PA-3-7-585
GRIFFERO, ANTONIO                       PA-3-7-297
GRIFFIN, ANDREW                         PA-3-2-58
GRIFFIN, DANIEL                         PA-3-10-589
GRIFFIN, DAVID                          PA-3-2-167
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           PA-3-4-161
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           PA-3-1-248
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           PA-3-2-451
GRIFFIN, JOHN J.                        PA-3-4-296
GRIFFIN, PATRICK                        PA-3-2-573
GRIFFITHS, JABEZ                        PA-3-9-315
GRIM, ELIZABETH                         PA-3-2-377
GRIM, JOSEPH                            PA-3-2-235
GRIM, MARGARET                          PA-3-7-525
GRIMES, MARGARET                        PA-3-1-191
GRIMES, PATRICK                         PA-3-1-179
GRIMM, D. W.                            PA-3-7-503
GRINDER, ANDREW                         PA-3-5-358
GRINDER, ANDREW                         PA-3-3-60
GRINDER, JAMES H.                       PA-3-9-564
GUFFY, SARAH                            PA-3-4-456
GULD, JOHN                              PA-3-1-18
GUMBERT, MARIA                          PA-3-7-156
GUMP, SARAH                             PA-3-8-62
GUTHRIE, JAMES                          PA-3-4-33
GUTHRIE, JAMES                          PA-3-1-376
GUTHRIE, JAMS SR.                       PA-3-2-282
GUTHRIE, JOHN                           PA-3-2-398
GUTHRIE, JOHN P.                        PA-3-7-436
GUTHRIE, M. J.                          PA-3-9-242
GUTHRIE, MARGARET                       PA-3-4-107
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM                        PA-3-10-4

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