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ABBOTT, STEPHEN                        NY-60-71-46
ABENDROTH, AUGUSTUS                    NY-60-92-482
ABRAMS, JACOB S.                       NY-60-43-333
ABRAMSE, ANTHONY                       NY-60-A-184
ACKER, ABRAHAM                         NY-60-K-476
ACKER, ABRAHAM                         NY-60-G-297
ACKER, ANNA                            NY-60-107-262
ACKER, BASILING                        NY-60-98-429
ACKER, CATHERINE                       NY-60-44-164
ACKER, DELIVERANCE                     NY-60-29-24
ACKER, HANNAH                          NY-60-106-298
ACKER, ISAAC S.                        NY-60-91-588
ACKER, JACOB                           NY-60-R-271
ACKER, JAMES                           NY-60-57-243
ACKER, JAMES ****                      NY-60-76-287
ACKER, JESSE                           NY-60-92-538
ACKER, PHEBE                           NY-60-103-471
ACKER, RICHARD M.                      NY-60-97-169
ACKER, ROBERT                          NY-60-U-271
ACKER, STEPHEN                         NY-60-B2-417
ACKER, WILLET                          NY-60-31-334
ACKER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-D-15
ACKERMAN, AMAN                         NY-60-U-45
ACKERMAN, BETSEY M.                    NY-60-51-424
ACKERMAN, ELIZA J.                     NY-60-72-20, 25
ACKERMAN, ELLIOT                       NY-60-46-169
ACKERMAN, JAMES                        NY-60-35-376
ACKERT, NELSON                         NY-60-78-378
ADAMS, DAVID                           NY-60-98-156
ADAMS, NATHAN                          NY-60-E-215
ADAMS, POLLY                           NY-60-96-209
ADAMS, STRATTON                        NY-60-105-191
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-60-106-419
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-60-K-404
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-60-N-299
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-60-K-300
ADAMSON, DANIEL                        NY-60-94-273
ADDAMS, HENRY                          NY-60-B2-6
ADEE, DANIEL                           NY-60-J-115
ADEE, JEMIMA                           NY-60-O-69
ADEE, WILLIAM                          NY-60-29-212
AGATE, EDWARD P.                       NY-60-69-79
AGATE, HANNAH                          NY-60-35-483
AGATE, JOHN                            NY-60-36-541
AGATE, JOSEPH                          NY-60-98-302
AGNEW, SARAH E.                        NY-60-70-388
AISLEBY, ANN                           NY-60-N-31
ALAR, CESAR                            NY-60-M-291
ALFORD, ANN                            NY-60-68-24
ALLAIRE, ALEXANDER B.                  NY-60-75-174
ALLAIRE, EDWARD C.                     NY-60-97-352
ALLAIRE, MARY                          NY-60-F-100
ALLAIRE, MARY                          NY-60-B2-368
ALLEN, MARY                            NY-60-U-634
ALLEN, PHILLIP                         NY-60-K-69
ALLEN, ROBERT                          NY-60-103-407
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          NY-60-91-391
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          NY-60-F-222
ALLING, CATHARINE A.                   NY-60-72-153
ALLISON, WILLIAM T.                    NY-60-U-361
ALSTYNE, JERONEMUS                     NY-60-D-20
ALSTYNE, JERONIMUS                     NY-60-E-50
ALVORD, CORNELIA JANE                  NY-60-104-307
AMBLER, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-G-426
AMBLER, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-L-101
AMBLER, ELECTA H.                      NY-60-33-125
AMBLER, ISAAC                          NY-60-K-463
AMBLER, JOSHUA                         NY-60-50-122
AMBLER, SARAH O.                       NY-60-35-27
AMBLER, SILAS                          NY-60-Y-295
AMERMAN, OLIVER V.                     NY-60-87-457
AMES, ACHSAH                           NY-60-94-311
AMES, CHARLOTTE M.                     NY-60-89-181
AMES, STEPHEN C.                       NY-60-87-121
AMMANN, LETITIA                        NY-60-99-334
ANDERSON, ALFRED                       NY-60-101-457
ANDERSON, CAROLINE M.                  NY-60-102-322
ANDERSON, ELIZA                        NY-60-96-1
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH C.                 NY-60-38-101
ANDERSON, ISAAC                        NY-60-51-593
ANDERSON, ISRAEL                       NY-60-O-6
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-60-C-26
ANDERSON, JAMES KIP                    NY-60-51-563
ANDERSON, JAMES W.                     NY-60-101-306
ANDERSON, JEREMIAH                     NY-60-44-158
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NY-60-94-159
ANDERSON, JOSEPH H.                    NY-60-65-432
ANDERSON, MARGARET                     NY-60-K-27
ANDERSON, NATHAN                       NY-60-31-23
ANDERSON, POLLY                        NY-60-O-36
ANDERSON, RACHEL A.                    NY-60-98-559
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-60-I-271
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-60-C-28
ANDREWS, CAROLINE                      NY-60-101-447
ANDREWS, GEORGE                        NY-60-62-144
ANDRUS, LURNAN                         NY-60-33-219
ANGEINE, JAMES                         NY-60-31-236
ANGELL, LAURA E. B.                    NY-60-70-296
ANGEVINE, ELI                          NY-60-B2-1
ANGEVINE, ELIJAH                       NY-60-50-117
ANGEVINE, LEWIS                        NY-60-P-336
ANGEVINE, MICHAEL                      NY-60-R-288
ANGEVINE, TAMAR                        NY-60-52-116
ANGEVINE, THOMAS                       NY-60-M-105
ANGEVINE, THOMAS                       NY-60-M-449
ANSER, ALBERT                          NY-60-49-480
ANSER, ELIZABETH T.                    NY-60-98-24
ANTHON, GEORGE C.                      NY-60-83-421
ANTHONY, RICHARD K.                    NY-60-103-259
ANTWERP, GARRET V.                     NY-60-52-475
APPELIUS, FREDERICK                    NY-60-81-187
APPLEBE, JOHN                          NY-60-M-640
APPLEBY, THOMAS                        NY-60-E-18
APPLETON, GEORGE S.                    NY-60-103-43
APPLETON, MALVINA W.                   NY-60-72-103
APPLETON, SAMUEL G.                    NY-60-72-1
ARCHAID, THOMAS                        NY-60-76-483
ARCHARD, HENRY                         NY-60-105-437
ARCHER, ALBERT S.                      NY-60-85-589
ARCHER, AMOS                           NY-60-L-238
ARCHER, ANDREW D.                      NY-60-73-536
ARCHER, ANTHONY                        NY-60-U-58
ARCHER, ANTHONY                        NY-60-57-327
ARCHER, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-F-280
ARCHER, CALEB JR.                      NY-60-M-211
ARCHER, CHARLES                        NY-60-66-593
ARCHER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-60-102-369
ARCHER, GABRIEL                        NY-60-40-292
ARCHER, GEORGE                         NY-60-53-86
ARCHER, JOHN                           NY-60-I-247
ARCHER, JOHN                           NY-60-41-40
ARCHER, JOHN                           NY-60-B2-3
ARCHER, MARY                           NY-60-106-303
ARCHER, MARY O.                        NY-60-58-497
ARCHER, ODELL                          NY-60-62-168
ARCHER, RICHARD                        NY-60-78-282
ARCHER, SAMUEL D.                      NY-60-62-340
ARCHER, SARAH                          NY-60-B2-7
ARCHER, STEVEN                         NY-60-84-168
ARCHER, SUSANNA                        NY-60-K-22
ARCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-60-Y-620
ARCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-60-51-472
ARD, THOMAS                            NY-60-41-328
ARDEN, ALISON                          NY-60-58-476
ARESON, HESTER JUNE                    NY-60-47-588
ARESON, WILLIAM                        NY-60-68-251
ARMOUR, SAMUEL                         NY-60-G-101
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       NY-60-57-313
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY-60-95-579
ARNOLD, BENJAMIN C.                    NY-60-105-426
ARNOLD, HANNAH                         NY-60-83-92
ARNOW, ANDREW ****                     NY-60-61-1
ARNOW, BETSEY A.                       NY-60-101-276
ARNOW, MATSON S.                       NY-60-86-571
ARTHUR, DORINDA H.                     NY-60-81-40
ARTHUR, JOSEPH                         NY-60-68-122
ARTHUR, LOUISA                         NY-60-68-127
ARTHUR, WILLIAM H.                     NY-60-92-128
ASH, THOMAS                            NY-60-35-334
ASHBY, PHEBE                           NY-60-99-425
ATKINS, JOSEPH A.                      NY-60-106-110
ATTWATER, NORMOND                      NY-60-41-288
ATWATER, PHINEAS                       NY-60-59-287
AUCHMERTY, HENRY J.                    NY-60-R-188
AUSER, JOSEPH                          NY-60-38-196
AUSER, PURDY A.                        NY-60-52-325
AUSER, SAMUEL S.                       NY-60-94-453
AUSTIN, EDWARD                         NY-60-78-325
AUSTIN, MARY ANN                       NY-60-92-401
AUSTIN, RICHARD                        NY-60-30-398
AUSTIN, WILSEY                         NY-60-L-228
AVERY, CHARLES                         NY-60-75-225
AVERY, ENOCH                           NY-60-N-411
AVERY, JOHN                            NY-60-98-145
AVERY, NEHEMIAH                        NY-60-65-130
AVERY, STEPHEN W.                      NY-60-55-44
AVERY, THADDEUS                        NY-60-T-517, 853
AVERY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-Z-1
AYLOR, MARGARET                        NY-60-87-232
AYMAR, LOUISA                          NY-60-98-36
AYME, HENRY                            NY-60-71-535
AYMER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-60-55-502
AYRES, REUBEN                          NY-60-27-298
AYRES, RHEUBEN                         NY-60-D-296
AYRES, RUFUS W.                        NY-60-94-219
AYRES, SAMUEL P.                       NY-60-47-392
AYRES, SARAH C.                        NY-60-43-326
BABER, JAMES T.                        NY-60-M-195
BACHEM, MATHIAS                        NY-60-67-54
BACHSTER, AUGUST                       NY-60-76-122
BACON, DANIEL P.                       NY-60-89-82
BACON, SUSAN B.                        NY-60-71-400
BADEAU, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-44-210
BADEAU, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-57-493
BADEAU, JONATHAN                       NY-60-41-113
BADEAU, MARY                           NY-60-77-511
BADOW, ELIAS                           NY-60-J-216
BAER, JACOB                            NY-60-64-341
BAEUCHLE, JOHN                         NY-60-55-551
BAILEY, ABRAM T.                       NY-60-46-519
BAILEY, ADAMS                          NY-60-84-352
BAILEY, DANIEL                         NY-60-75-526
BAILEY, ELIZABTEH                      NY-60-86-254
BAILEY, FANNY                          NY-60-102-260
BAILEY, GILBET                         NY-60-M-578
BAILEY, HANNAH E.                      NY-60-77-300
BAILEY, HENRY M.                       NY-60-71-408
BAILEY, HORACE                         NY-60-73-163
BAILEY, JAMES                          NY-60-101-234
BAILEY, JAMES                          NY-60-L-73
BAILEY, JANE                           NY-60-31-1
BAILEY, JANE                           NY-60-34-34
BAILEY, JOSEPH                         NY-60-39-399
BAILEY, JOSEPH B.                      NY-60-43-321
BAILEY, JOSHUA                         NY-60-57-79
BAILEY, RICHARD                        NY-60-D-4
BAILEY, RICHARD                        NY-60-B2-407
BAILEY, SARAH                          NY-60-104-563
BAILEY, THOMAS                         NY-60-J-106
BAILEY, THOMAS                         NY-60-64-352
BAILIE, DAVID                          NY-60-97-402
BAILY, ANNA                            NY-60-Q-447
BAILY, HACHALIAH                       NY-60-29-10
BAILY, IRA                             NY-60-40-187
BAILY, MARY                            NY-60-N-322
BAILY, THEODORUS                       NY-60-R-418
BAILY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-Y-668
BAIRD, JAMES A.                        NY-60-89-515
BAISLEY, JAMES B.                      NY-60-48-174
BAITY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-65-179
BAKER, BENJAMIN H.                     NY-60-78-359
BAKER, DANIEL                          NY-60-103-104
BAKER, HARRIET                         NY-60-101-579
BAKER, HENRY J. ***                    NY-60-85-208
BAKER, JEREMIAH S.                     NY-60-95-77
BAKER, JESSE                           NY-60-M-14
BAKER, JOHN P.                         NY-60-35-519
BAKER, JONATHAN                        NY-60-B2-9
BAKER, PHEBE AMELIA                    NY-60-46-562
BAKER, SAMUEL                          NY-60-O-214
BAKER, SAMUEL O.                       NY-60-53-571
BAKER, THOMAS                          NY-60-27-327
BALCOM, JOHN                           NY-60-41-74
BALDWIN, ABRAHAM C.                    NY-60-105-47
BALDWIN, ANN                           NY-60-84-327
BALDWIN, ANSON                         NY-60-83-39
BALDWIN, CHARLES A.                    NY-60-89-53
BALDWIN, CORNELIA A.                   NY-60-96-53
BALDWIN, EBENEZER                      NY-60-47-157
BALDWIN, EMILY W.                      NY-60-87-126
BALDWIN, LYDIA P.                      NY-60-44-193
BALDWIN, PHILO                         NY-60-97-207
BALDWIN, RICHARD                       NY-60-42-147
BALDWIN, THOMAS W.                     NY-60-83-513
BALL, RICHARD                          NY-60-36-26
BALL, WILLIAM                          NY-60-70-134
BANCALARI, PETER                       NY-60-59-229
BANCROFT, HARRIET                      NY-60-62-162
BANKER, DEBORAH                        NY-60-K-399
BANKER, ESTE                           NY-60-106-309
BANKER, JAMES H.                       NY-60-100-49
BANKER, JOHN                           NY-60-P-327
BANKER, THEODOCIA                      NY-60-51-538
BANKER, THOMAS                         NY-60-J-91
BANKS, ABIGAIL                         NY-60-29-229
BANKS, ALEXANDER                       NY-60-55-69
BANKS, ALVA C.                         NY-60-96-550
BANKS, EVA J.                          NY-60-97-82
BANKS, GEORGE                          NY-60-88-512
BANKS, GEORGE                          NY-60-43-351
BANKS, HARRIET L.                      NY-60-64-397
BANKS, JAMES                           NY-60-I-285
BANKS, JOHN                            NY-60-105-271
BANKS, JOHN                            NY-60-F-269
BANKS, MARY J.                         NY-60-95-241
BANKS, RACHEL                          NY-60-M-253
BANT, ANNOCHE                          NY-60-M-255
BANTA, HENRY                           NY-60-46-23
BAPTISTE, CAROLINE M.                  NY-60-74-268
BARCROFT, EMELINE                      NY-60-77-314
BARD, JAMES M.                         NY-60-74-1
BARETTO, NORAH M.                      NY-60-52-539
BARKER, ABBY C.                        NY-60-93-464
BARKER, DOROTHY ****                   NY-60-70-305
BARKER, ELIZA                          NY-60-81-100
BARKER, HENRY                          NY-60-K-447
BARKER, ISAAC                          NY-60-37-246
BARKER, JAMES                          NY-60-27-7
BARKER, JOHN                           NY-60-B2-33
BARKER, JOSEPH S.                      NY-60-101-510
BARKER, MARY                           NY-60-R-453
BARKER, MARY S.                        NY-60-57-238
BARKER, RALPH                          NY-60-52-75
BARKER, SARAH C.                       NY-60-88-526
BARKER, WILLIAM                        NY-60-41-55
BARKER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-60-102-57
BARLEY, LEVI                           NY-60-48-481
BARLOW, JOHN                           NY-60-68-220
BARNES, AARON                          NY-60-31-118
BARNES, DANIEL                         NY-60-46-73
BARNES, DAVID H.                       NY-60-91-557
BARNES, JOHN                           NY-60-29-98
BARNES, JOSEPH T.                      NY-60-85-421
BARNES, MARGARET                       NY-60-87-54
BARNES, SAMUEL                         NY-60-94-389
BARNES, SARAH A.                       NY-60-104-322
BARNES, STEPHEN                        NY-60-40-115
BARNES, STEPHEN                        NY-60-E-238
BARNES, WILLIAM                        NY-60-75-266
BARNES, WILLIAM C.                     NY-60-52-177
BARNEY, AZUBA F.                       NY-60-76-490
BARNUM, SAMUEL                         NY-60-E-284
BARRET, STEPHEN H.                     NY-60-90-88
BARRETT, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-38-214
BARRETT, HANNAH C.                     NY-60-96-85
BARRETT, JOHN                          NY-60-C-119
BARRETT, JOSEPH                        NY-60-46-255
BARRETT, PHINEHAS                      NY-60-39-425
BARRETT, WARREN                        NY-60-85-415
BARRETTO, FRANCIS                      NY-60-64-530
BARROW, MARY K.                        NY-60-98-106
BARRY, ANTOINETTE                      NY-60-103-542
BARRY, JOHN                            NY-60-72-470
BARRY, SAMUEL S.                       NY-60-54-535
BARTAIN, MARGRET                       NY-60-C-203
BARTINE, STEPHEN                       NY-60-U-385
BARTINE, STEPHEN                       NY-60-I-255
BARTLETT, PHINEAS                      NY-60-94-231
BARTNETT, JOHN                         NY-60-99-301
BARTON, ABBY JANE                      NY-60-92-523
BARTON, HANNAH R.                      NY-60-86-212
BARTON, JAMES                          NY-60-36-329
BARTON, JEREMIAH                       NY-60-H-150
BARTON, JOHN SR.                       NY-60-C-83
BARTON, SAMUEL                         NY-60-50-292
BARTON, SUSAN C.                       NY-60-81-515
BARTOW, ANTHONY                        NY-60-A-97
BARTOW, R. HEBER                       NY-60-107-72
BASHFORD, JAMES                        NY-60-89-353
BASHFORD, JOHN                         NY-60-G-11
BASSETT, BENJAMIN                      NY-60-40-26
BASSETT, JOHN A.                       NY-60-99-47
BASSETT, JULIET                        NY-60-41-571
BASSFORD, THOMAS                       NY-60-34-324
BATCHELOR, ALFRED                      NY-60-105-526
BATES, CATHARINE                       NY-60-G-278
BATES, GEORGE                          NY-60-70-284
BATES, JOHN                            NY-60-G-121
BATES, PETER                           NY-60-46-1
BATES, SARAH                           NY-60-Y-663
BATHGATE, CHARLES                      NY-60-29-311
BATHGATE, JAMES                        NY-60-40-270
BATT, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-B2-395
BATTAIS, JOHN                          NY-60-102-91
BATTELLE, AGNES S.                     NY-60-96-446
BAUDOUIN, APOTINE                      NY-60-106-121
BAXER, GEORGE                          NY-60-55-389
BAXTER, CORTLAND                       NY-60-98-486
BAXTER, FREDERICK                      NY-60-36-37
BAXTER, HANNAH                         NY-60-35-365
BAXTER, PETTET                         NY-60-G-94
BAXTER, RICHARD                        NY-60-31-310
BAXTER, SAMUEL B.                      NY-60-28-308
BAXTER, STEBBENS                       NY-60-J-19
BAYARD, NICHOLAS                       NY-60-I-21
BAYARD, REBECCA                        NY-60-G-90
BAYARD, WILLIAM                        NY-60-34-461
BAYARD, WILLIAM                        NY-60-35-1
BAYEUX, PHEBE                          NY-60-G-281
BAYLES, ANTHONY                        NY-60-87-176
BAYLES, DELIA                          NY-60-64-485
BAYLES, JAMES                          NY-60-47-15
BAYLES, JONATHAN                       NY-60-44-91
BAYLES, JULIA F.                       NY-60-52-402
BAYLES, MARY                           NY-60-41-175
BAYLES, NANCY                          NY-60-50-561
BAYLES, NATHANIEL                      NY-60-74-154
BAYLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-60-G-273
BEACH, SARAH M.                        NY-60-90-107
BEADLE, EPHRAIM P.                     NY-60-V-657
BEAKLEY, HENRY                         NY-60-85-398
BEAL, JANE C.                          NY-60-99-306
BEALE, JOSEPH                          NY-60-27-408
BEALE, JOSEPH H.                       NY-60-31-193
BEARE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-60-95-66
BEATTIE, MARY ANN                      NY-60-91-350
BEAVER, ELMINA L.                      NY-60-75-365, 486
BECK, ADAM                             NY-60-53-326
BECK, CATHARINE                        NY-60-95-96
BECK, EMANUEL C.                       NY-60-95-90
BECKER, CHRISTLIEF E.                  NY-60-101-363
BEDEL, DAVID                           NY-60-66-523
BEDEL, MARY                            NY-60-L-83
BEDEL, SAMUEL                          NY-60-L-132
BEDEL, WILLIAM                         NY-60-I-170
BEDELL, ABRAHAM                        NY-60-Z-114
BEDELL, ANN                            NY-60-55-313
BEDELL, DAVID                          NY-60-30-537
BEDELL, ISAAC                          NY-60-55-374
BEDELL, MARY                           NY-60-36-1
BEDELL, MARY                           NY-60-60-65
BEDELL, NANCY                          NY-60-76-13
BEDLE, EPHRAIM                         NY-60-G-321
BEDLE, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-70-44
BEDLE, WILLIAM                         NY-60-K-105
BEE, JACOB ***                         NY-60-56-133
BEEKMAN, ALONZO                        NY-60-91-483
BEEKMAN, CORNELIA                      NY-60-29-366
BEEKMAN, GERARD G.                     NY-60-31-105
BEEKMAN, GERARD G.                     NY-60-J-302
BEEKMAN, SARAH A.                      NY-60-105-37
BEEKMAN, STEPHEN D.                    NY-60-38-24
BEEKMAN, STEPHEN F.                    NY-60-98-509
BEEKMAN, THOMAS                        NY-60-40-180
BEERS, ABIGAIL                         NY-60-D-390
BEERS, DANIEL                          NY-60-L-57
BEESLEY, ELIZA                         NY-60-106-431
BEGELSPECKER, JOHN                     NY-60-52-280
BEHEN, LAWRENCE                        NY-60-107-66
BEHRMAN, HERMAN                        NY-60-98-266
BELDEN, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-C-92
BELKNAP, CHRISTOPHER M.                NY-60-99-258
BELKNAP, MARY J.                       NY-60-55-263
BELL, DANIEL B.                        NY-60-95-519
BELL, GEORGE                           NY-60-67-202
BELL, MOSES C.                         NY-60-48-547
BELLEFEUILLE, HENRY                    NY-60-68-335
BELLEY, NICHOLAS                       NY-60-A-49
BELL,LAVINIA E.                        NY-60-105-90
BELOW, FREDERICK                       NY-60-104-371
BELYEA, JOHN                           NY-60-F-281
BELZNER, FREDERICK                     NY-60-68-494
BENCKHART, JACOB                       NY-60-70-589
BENEDICT, AMOS                         NY-60-G-141
BENEDICT, CHARLOTTE                    NY-60-70-109
BENEDICT, DARIUS                       NY-60-94-561
BENEDICT, HOLLY                        NY-60-52-562
BENEDICT, ISAAC                        NY-60-39-456
BENEDICT, JAMES                        NY-60-Y-306
BENEDICT, JARED A.                     NY-60-72-405
BENEDICT, JESSE                        NY-60-84-574
BENEDICT, JOSEPH                       NY-60-B2-25
BENEDICT, LEWIS                        NY-60-37-411
BENEDICT, PETER                        NY-60-67-588
BENEDICT, PHEBE                        NY-60-28-276
BENEDICT, THEODORE H.                  NY-60-100-475
BENETT, DANIEL                         NY-60-D-305
BENJAMIN, WILLIAM W.                   NY-60-94-585
BENNETT, CHARLOTTE                     NY-60-107-188
BENNETT, DAVID                         NY-60-G-342
BENNETT, DEBORAH                       NY-60-84-238
BENNETT, MAROM                         NY-60-31-221
BENNETT, MARY                          NY-60-104-77
BENNETT, MARY A.                       NY-60-99-541
BENSON, JOHN                           NY-60-40-74
BENTLEY, JAMES H.                      NY-60-62-157
BERBIER, JOSEPH                        NY-60-36-440
BERGER, SEBASTIAN                      NY-60-105-71
BERIAN, JACOB                          NY-60-X-617
BERRIAN, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-68-214
BERRIAN, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-M-399
BERRIAN, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-33-95
BERRIAN, CHARLES (90)                  NY-60-54-46
BERRIAN, CORNELIUS                     NY-60-62-96
BERRIAN, MARY                          NY-60-54-17
BERRIAN, NICHOLAS                      NY-60-27-412
BERRIAN, SAMUEL                        NY-60-B2-35
BERRIEN, JOHN                          NY-60-R-313
BERRINGER, FRANK                       NY-60-74-93
BERRY, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-49-556
BERRY, JAMES                           NY-60-51-32
BERTINE, EDWIN R.                      NY-60-107-60
BERTINE, JOHN L.                       NY-60-77-467
BERTINE, PETER                         NY-60-75-53
BERTINE, WILLIAM                       NY-60-73-595
BERTINE, ZIPPORAH                      NY-60-95-147
BERTINE, ZIPPORAH                      NY-60-93-241
BESCHORMAN, FREDERICK C.               NY-60-88-260
BESHER, CORNELIA                       NY-60-47-165
BESLY, ISAAC                           NY-60-B2-14
BETTNER, JAMES E.                      NY-60-48-7
BETTS, JOHN                            NY-60-B2-10
BEYEA, IRA                             NY-60-107-397
BEYEA, JAMES                           NY-60-Q-191
BIBBY, AUGUSTA                         NY-60-84-401
BIBOU, ADAM                            NY-60-60-6
BICKER, AURELIA S.                     NY-60-39-412
BILLAR, SAMUEL P.                      NY-60-96-544
BIRCH, STEPHEN                         NY-60-94-103
BIRCHARD, JESSE                        NY-60-29-439
BIRD, ANN ELIZA                        NY-60-73-324
BIRD, EDMUND                           NY-60-88-337
BIRD, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-95-394
BIRD, HAVINA                           NY-60-35-200
BIRD, HENRY                            NY-60-B2-22
BIRD, HIRAM A.                         NY-60-60-412
BIRD, JOHN                             NY-60-60-145
BIRD, MATTHEW                          NY-60-37-240
BIRD, MERCY W.                         NY-60-66-452
BIRD, SARAH                            NY-60-88-272
BIRDSALL, ALMIRA F.                    NY-60-36-99
BIRDSALL, ANN ELIZA                    NY-60-44-204
BIRDSALL, BENJAMIN                     NY-60-43-197
BIRDSALL, DANIEL L.                    NY-60-96-361
BIRDSALL, DAVID                        NY-60-86-63
BIRDSALL, HENRY                        NY-60-L-341
BIRDSALL, JAMES                        NY-60-F-297
BIRDSALL, JOHN                         NY-60-31-258
BIRDSALL, JOHN                         NY-60-37-539
BIRDSALL, JOHN B.                      NY-60-58-538
BIRDSALL, JSOEPH                       NY-60-43-155
BIRDSALL, MARY JANE                    NY-60-105-431
BIRDSALL, PHEBE                        NY-60-41-339
BIRDSALL, REBECCA                      NY-60-29-45
BIRDSALL, SOLOMON                      NY-60-30-474
BIRDSALL, TAINOR                       NY-60-32-237
BIRDSALL, THOMAS W.                    NY-60-52-111
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM B.                   NY-60-31-285
BIRDSALL,JAMES F.                      NY-60-72-323
BIRDSELL, ZEPHANIAH                    NY-60-H-128
BISHOP, ANDREW                         NY-60-31-76
BISHOP, DEBORAH                        NY-60-36-523
BISHOP, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-59-51
BISHOP, ELSA                           NY-60-55-258
BISHOP, JOHN                           NY-60-K-101
BISHOP, JOHN                           NY-60-K-282
BISHOP, POLLY                          NY-60-58-433
BISHOP, THOMAS                         NY-60-B2-17
BISHOUP, NOAH                          NY-60-A-31
BLACKMORE, DAVID                       NY-60-106-46
BLACKSTOCK, ELEANOR                    NY-60-85-39
BLACKSTOCK, JAMES                      NY-60-74-314
BLACKWELL, JAMES H.                    NY-60-40-150
BLAIR, ALLAN                           NY-60-M-21
BLAKE, CAROLINE A.                     NY-60-48-136
BLAKE, THOMAS                          NY-60-92-259
BLANEY, ARCHIBALD                      NY-60-68-18
BLANKENBURGH, JOHN L.                  NY-60-70-261
BLEAKLEY, WILLIAM                      NY-60-58-561
BLINKER, JOHN                          NY-60-107-461
BLINKER, SARAH                         NY-60-88-475
BLODGETT, MARY L.                      NY-60-97-538
BLOOMER, ANNA                          NY-60-N-424
BLOOMER, ARNOLD                        NY-60-B2-387
BLOOMER, BETSEY                        NY-60-97-545
BLOOMER, DAVID                         NY-60-81-194
BLOOMER, DEBORAH                       NY-60-67-577
BLOOMER, ELISHA                        NY-60-88-563
BLOOMER, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-100-551
BLOOMER, HANNAH                        NY-60-B2-385
BLOOMER, JANE                          NY-60-67-582
BLOOMER, JOHN                          NY-60-100-545
BLOOMER, SUSANNAH                      NY-60-75-352
BLOOMER, WILLIAM                       NY-60-69-154
BODINE, JOHN                           NY-60-62-318
BODLY, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-53-42
BOGERT, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-103-298
BOGERT, ELIZA                          NY-60-67-150
BOGERT, NICHOLAS H.                    NY-60-F-20
BOHLMANN, HENRY                        NY-60-104-72
BOIES, SARAH E.                        NY-60-92-39
BOLEN, EDWARD J.                       NY-60-43-345
BOLEN, JOHN                            NY-60-47-316
BOLLWINKEL, CLAUS                      NY-60-52-248
BOLMER, JANE A.                        NY-60-97-557
BOLTON, ANN                            NY-60-95-336
BOLTON, ANN                            NY-60-99-172
BOLTON, ANN LAWRENCE                   NY-60-36-380
BOLTON, JAMES SR.                      NY-60-57-387
BOLTON, ROBERT                         NY-60-39-451
BOLTON, ROBERT                         NY-60-83-566
BOLTON, THOMAS SR.                     NY-60-87-355
BONNEAU, JOSEPH                        NY-60-102-118
BONNET, DANIEL                         NY-60-D-117
BONNET, ESTHER                         NY-60-V-221
BONNET, JOHN JR.                       NY-60-L-28
BONNET, PETER JR.                      NY-60-K-154
BONNET, ZALMON                         NY-60-104-416
BONNETT, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-48-575
BONNETT, CALEB                         NY-60-28-350
BONNETT, HANNAH                        NY-60-29-112
BONNETT, JANE                          NY-60-92-424
BONNETT, JANE                          NY-60-D-124
BONNETT, JOHN                          NY-60-P-168
BONNETT, JOHN                          NY-60-B2-19
BONNETT, PATIENCE                      NY-60-74-14
BONNETT, PETER                         NY-60-K-122
BONNETT, RICHARD M.                    NY-60-K-401
BONNETT, TIMOTHY                       NY-60-44-173
BONT, PETER                            NY-60-I-65
BOOT, THOMAS                           NY-60-46-470
BOOTH, ALFRED R.                       NY-60-46-403
BOOTH, ELIZA                           NY-60-86-75
BORDEN, GAIL                           NY-60-72-265
BOSS, LUDWIG                           NY-60-70-557
BOSTWICK, ANN                          NY-60-K-67
BOSTWICK, MARY                         NY-60-50-203
BOUGHTON, GOULD                        NY-60-B2-408
BOUGHTON, HARVEY M.                    NY-60-40-251
BOULGER, MARGARET                      NY-60-36-220
BOURKE, PATRICK                        NY-60-53-414
BOURNE, JESSE                          NY-60-51-56
BOURON, JOSHUA W.                      NY-60-38-173
BOUTON, ALMIRA                         NY-60-51-401
BOUTON, CHARLES                        NY-60-50-104
BOUTON, GOULD                          NY-60-D-149
BOUTON, JARED                          NY-60-40-91
BOUTON, JOHN                           NY-60-101-1
BOUTON, JOHN                           NY-60-G-237
BOUTON, MARIA                          NY-60-100-268
BOUTON, MATILDA                        NY-60-85-237
BOUTON, SEYMOUR                        NY-60-66-44
BOWEN, JAMES                           NY-60-103-114
BOWEN, MARIA J.                        NY-60-84-81
BOWEN, MARY                            NY-60-32-497
BOWERS, BELLE J.                       NY-60-97-249
BOWERS, JAMES                          NY-60-99-561
BOWMAN, JOHN                           NY-60-28-181
BOWN, PHEBE M.                         NY-60-47-266
BOWN, THOMAS                           NY-60-F-159
BOWNE, C. JACOB                        NY-60-L-25
BOWNE, ELIAS C.                        NY-60-92-550
BOWNE, JOHN                            NY-60-U-1
BOWNE, SIDNEY B.                       NY-60-51-236
BOWNE, THOMAS B.                       NY-60-102-549
BOWNE, WILLIAM                         NY-60-30-250
BOWNE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-60-96-159
BOWNING, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-50-38
BOYCE, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-C-110
BOYCE, JACOB                           NY-60-F-189
BOYCE, JOHN                            NY-60-P-449
BOYCE, THOMAS                          NY-60-L-45
BOYCE, THOMAS T.                       NY-60-46-272
BOYD, ALPHEUS S.                       NY-60-91-517
BOYD, MARIA                            NY-60-94-238
BOYD, MARIA H.                         NY-60-87-244
BOYD, RACHELL A.                       NY-60-104-105
BOYD, SARAH MATILDA                    NY-60-94-253
BOYE, LOUISA FRACNES                   NY-60-106-317
BRADEN, JOHN                           NY-60-51-522
BRADEN, JOHN                           NY-60-51-515
BRADEN, JOHN A.                        NY-60-68-155
BRADLEY, BETTY                         NY-60-106-436
BRADLEY, HENRY                         NY-60-87-90
BRADLEY, MARY A.                       NY-60-99-152
BRADY, DAVID                           NY-60-L-198
BRADY, ESTHER                          NY-60-P-107
BRADY, JESSE                           NY-60-K-454
BRADY, MARIA                           NY-60-56-439
BRADY, REUBEN                          NY-60-H-107
BRADY, SIMEON                          NY-60-F-273
BRADY, SIMEON                          NY-60-47-34
BRADY, VIRGINIA R.                     NY-60-105-348
BRADY, ZEBULON                         NY-60-E-10
BRAIDWOOD, ALICE                       NY-60-78-305
BRANDON, JOHN                          NY-60-97-271
BRANDRETH, BENJAMIN                    NY-60-89-227
BRANDRETH, CHARLES                     NY-60-102-480
BRANDRETH, VIRGINIA GADSBY             NY-60-66-562
BRANDT, FREDERICK                      NY-60-62-350
BRANNAN, CHARLS                        NY-60-103-380
BRANNEIS, ANTHONY                      NY-60-Y-518
BRAY, MICHAEL                          NY-60-60-96
BREHME, FRANZ                          NY-60-57-439
BREHME, TERESE                         NY-60-44-188
BRENNAN, CHARLES                       NY-60-103-380
BRENNAN, PATRICK                       NY-60-66-446
BRENNEN, PETER                         NY-60-62-137
BREWER, EUNICE S.                      NY-60-89-107
BREWER, HANNAH                         NY-60-E-138
BREWER, HANNAH                         NY-60-H-29
BREWER, LAVINIA                        NY-60-69-535
BREWER, MARY                           NY-60-53-135
BREWER, NAZARETH                       NY-60-A-199
BREWSTER, SUSAN                        NY-60-40-555
BRICKHOUT, STEPHEN C.                  NY-60-57-354
BRIDGER, EDWARD                        NY-60-51-443
BRIGGS, ALVAH                          NY-60-55-461
BRIGGS, BOADICEA                       NY-60-38-44
BRIGGS, CALEB                          NY-60-R-489
BRIGGS, CATHERINE                      NY-60-E-102
BRIGGS, EDWARD                         NY-60-K-337
BRIGGS, EDWARD B. (58)                 NY-60-44-101
BRIGGS, ELIZA JANE                     NY-60-89-76
BRIGGS, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-76-574
BRIGGS, GEORGE                         NY-60-Q-25
BRIGGS, GEORGE                         NY-60-B2-28
BRIGGS, GEORGE F.                      NY-60-81-587
BRIGGS, HIRAM JR.                      NY-60-47-28
BRIGGS, ISAAC                          NY-60-44-179
BRIGGS, JAMES                          NY-60-29-103
BRIGGS, JAMES                          NY-60-51-299
BRIGGS, JOHN                           NY-60-J-290
BRIGGS, JOSIAH                         NY-60-52-210
BRIGGS, LEWIS                          NY-60-105-421
BRIGGS, MARY                           NY-60-Z-122
BRIGGS, ORSON                          NY-60-34-60
BRIGGS, PIERRE                         NY-60-35-371
BRIGGS, SARAH ANN                      NY-60-84-338
BRIGGS, WALTER                         NY-60-A-143
BRIGGS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-60-91-174
BRIGHT, THOMAS TBL (248)               NY-60-54-142
BRIGS, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-31-281
BRINCKERHOFF, JOHN                     NY-60-48-406
BRINCKERHOFF, PETER R.                 NY-60-73-471
BRINE, JAMES O.                        NY-60-81-134
BRINNER, JOHN                          NY-60-102-239
BROADERICK, MICHAEL                    NY-60-99-265
BROMBACHER, CHARLES                    NY-60-103-586
BROMLY, JAMES                          NY-60-59-563
BRONK, LEONARD R.                      NY-60-95-310
BROOKS, DANIEL H.                      NY-60-98-282
BROOKS, DAVID                          NY-60-29-193
BROOKS, SARAH H.                       NY-60-37-551
BROTHERTON, ELISHA                     NY-60-36-74
BROUTY, FRANCIS                        NY-60-107-183
BROUWER, GEORGE W.                     NY-60-36-494
BROUWER, JACOB                         NY-60-27-369
BROWER, ISAAC                          NY-60-D-72
BROWER, MARGARET                       NY-60-70-400
BROWN, ABRAHAM                         NY-60-A-117
BROWN, ABRAHAM SR.                     NY-60-A-119
BROWN, ANN                             NY-60-74-391
BROWN, ANN                             NY-60-100-238
BROWN, ANN                             NY-60-48-143
BROWN, ANN H.                          NY-60-71-378
BROWN, ANN R.                          NY-60-55-16
BROWN, ANNA                            NY-60-35-508
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-58-439
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-U-231
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-G-415
BROWN, BENJAMIN M.                     NY-60-33-323
BROWN, BENJAMIN W.                     NY-60-95-121
BROWN, CAROLINE                        NY-60-99-275
BROWN, CATHARINE                       NY-60-96-291
BROWN, CATHARINE                       NY-60-97-58
BROWN, CATHARINE                       NY-60-73-330
BROWN, CHARLOTTE LEROY                 NY-60-97-190
BROWN, CHRISTINA                       NY-60-J-159
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER C.                  NY-60-75-274
BROWN, COFFIN S.                       NY-60-101-11
BROWN, CORNELIUS                       NY-60-N-239
BROWN, DANIEL                          NY-60-L-64
BROWN, DAVID                           NY-60-32-543
BROWN, EBENEZER                        NY-60-A-225
BROWN, EBER                            NY-60-J-38
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-I-77
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-U-451
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-72-110
BROWN, ERASMUS D.                      NY-60-99-337
BROWN, FAYETTE P.                      NY-60-100-337
BROWN, FRANCIS                         NY-60-102-166
BROWN, FREDERICK                       NY-60-Q-1
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-60-98-259
BROWN, GILBERT                         NY-60-J-52
BROWN, HACHALIAH                       NY-60-35-223
BROWN, HACKALIAH                       NY-60-D-190
BROWN, HARRIET                         NY-60-36-414
BROWN, HEZEKIAH                        NY-60-98-95
BROWN, ISAAC                           NY-60-U-302
BROWN, ISAAC                           NY-60-B2-380
BROWN, ISAAC                           NY-60-50-498
BROWN, ISAAC                           NY-60-59-335
BROWN, ISAAC                           NY-60-74-184
BROWN, ISAAC                           NY-60-V-262
BROWN, J. C. R.                        NY-60-47-282
BROWN, JACKSON O.                      NY-60-84-274
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-60-31-436
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-60-75-554
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-60-45-207
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-60-B2-30
BROWN, JAMES (100)                     NY-60-Z-245
BROWN, JAMES W.                        NY-60-77-429
BROWN, JANE                            NY-60-M-338
BROWN, JANE ANN                        NY-60-105-372
BROWN, JOANNA                          NY-60-B2-12
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-60-43-81
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-60-36-18
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-60-91-507
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-60-P-72
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-60-D-202
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-60-E-307
BROWN, JOHN C.                         NY-60-31-359
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-60-H-24
BROWN, JOSEPH                          NY-60-106-115
BROWN, JOSEPH                          NY-60-J-142
BROWN, JOSIAH                          NY-60-A-147
BROWN, JUSTUS                          NY-60-F-66
BROWN, LAURA                           NY-60-72-7
BROWN, LEWIS                           NY-60-M-235
BROWN, MARTHA                          NY-60-97-470
BROWN, MARY                            NY-60-42-583
BROWN, MARY                            NY-60-57-594
BROWN, MARY                            NY-60-75-495
BROWN, MARY                            NY-60-Q-67
BROWN, MARY C.                         NY-60-103-218
BROWN, MERRITT                         NY-60-33-389
BROWN, NATHAN                          NY-60-D-86
BROWN, NATHAN                          NY-60-Z-429
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-28-176
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-C-40
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-G-316
BROWN, NEHEMIAH                        NY-60-30-422
BROWN, NEHEMIAH                        NY-60-37-234
BROWN, PAMELIA                         NY-60-85-231
BROWN, PAUL R.                         NY-60-88-494
BROWN, PHEBE                           NY-60-76-255
BROWN, REUBEN                          NY-60-86-592
BROWN, ROBERT M.                       NY-60-55-195
BROWN, ROGER                           NY-60-K-159
BROWN, SALLY ANN                       NY-60-70-559
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-60-G-292
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-60-52-380
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-60-H-64
BROWN, SANFORD C.                      NY-60-34-432
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-60-106-426
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-60-42-159
BROWN, SOLOMAN                         NY-60-J-228
BROWN, STEPHEN                         NY-60-71-262
BROWN, STEPHEN                         NY-60-M-605
BROWN, STEPHEN                         NY-60-74-410
BROWN, THEODOSIA A.                    NY-60-91-186
BROWN, THOMAS                          NY-60-M-335
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-60-O-373
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-60-48-233
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-60-Z-54
BROWNE, GEORGE M.                      NY-60-97-513
BROWNE, WILHELMINE H.                  NY-60-44-217
BROWNE, WILLIAM F.                     NY-60-97-524
BRUCE, MARY                            NY-60-86-184
BRUCE, MARY                            NY-60-98-289
BRUEN, ALEXANDER M.                    NY-60-103-197
BRUNDAGE, ALLEN                        NY-60-57-232
BRUNDAGE, AVID                         NY-60-V-647
BRUNDAGE, FRANCES J.                   NY-60-89-220
BRUNDAGE, JOSEPH                       NY-60-34-305
BRUNDAGE, JOSEPH L.                    NY-60-65-439
BRUNDAGE, REUBEN                       NY-60-Y-556
BRUNDAGE, REUBEN JR.                   NY-60-M-102
BRUNDAGE, THOMAS H.                    NY-60-74-368
BRUNDGAGE, JOSIAH (36)                 NY-60-U-485
BRUNDIGE, CAROLINE A.                  NY-60-89-589
BRUNDIGE, EDWARD                       NY-60-U-400
BRUNDIGE, JOSEPH                       NY-60-Q-138
BRUNDIGE, THIRZA                       NY-60-72-366
BRUNT, ROBERT                          NY-60-62-261
BRUSH, JACOB                           NY-60-F-48
BRUSH, JESSE                           NY-60-L-97
BRUSH, WALTER F.                       NY-60-49-520
BRUSH, WILLIAM R.                      NY-60-44-198
BRYAN, ROBERT                          NY-60-105-521
BUCHANAN, COE S.                       NY-60-96-590
BUCKBE, JOHN                           NY-60-A-1
BUCKBEE, ELIJAH                        NY-60-G-108
BUCKBEE, ELIJAH                        NY-60-M-227
BUCKBEE, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-99-280
BUCKBEE, GILEAD                        NY-60-76-586
BUCKBEE, JOHN WESLEY                   NY-60-78-372
BUCKBEE, WILLIAM                       NY-60-29-93
BUCKELS, THOMAS                        NY-60-81-275
BUCKHOUT, BENJAMIN O.                  NY-60-106-208
BUCKHOUT, ISAAC C.                     NY-60-73-493
BUCKHOUT, JACOB                        NY-60-50-392
BUCKHOUT, JOHN J.                      NY-60-M-621
BUCKHOUT, MATTHIAS (31)                NY-60-W-252
BUCKHOUT, PHEBE                        NY-60-30-392
BUCKHOUT, PHEBE T.                     NY-60-88-205
BUCKHOUT, SUSANNA                      NY-60-U-159
BUCKHOUT, WILLIAM                      NY-60-101-174
BUCKLEY, GERSHOM                       NY-60-77-461
BUCKLEY, PETER ****                    NY-60-56-176
BUDD, GILBERT                          NY-60-F-202
BUDD, HENRY                            NY-60-D-250
BUDD, JOSEPH                           NY-60-K-58
BUDD, OPHELIA M.                       NY-60-78-112
BUDD, SUSANNA                          NY-60-L-86
BUFFLE, GERVAIS                        NY-60-88-125
BUGGS, AMOS W.                         NY-60-101-96
BUHRE, CONRAD                          NY-60-96-372
BULKLEY, ABBY                          NY-60-99-535
BULKLEY, GERSHOM                       NY-60-I-252
BULKLEY, JANE R.                       NY-60-69-40
BULKLEY, JOSIAH                        NY-60-51-271
BULL, ELIZA                            NY-60-59-349
BUNKER, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-60-43-340
BURD, SAMUEL                           NY-60-33-395
BURDICK, JAMES                         NY-60-50-76
BURGESS, ISAAC                         NY-60-32-241
BURGESS, JOHN                          NY-60-K-442
BURGESS, VALERIA                       NY-60-93-591
BURK, ELLEN                            NY-60-107-79
BURK, JOHN                             NY-60-93-44
BURKE, HONORA                          NY-60-72-311
BURKE, MARGARET                        NY-60-64-505
BURLIN, FRANCIS                        NY-60-45-576
BURLING, ADALINE                       NY-60-98-84
BURLING, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-60-33-61
BURLING, EBENEZER S.                   NY-60-N-66
BURLING, EDWARD                        NY-60-A-93
BURLING, ELIZABETH M.                  NY-60-99-211
BURLING, JAMES                         NY-60-W-544
BURLING, JOHN                          NY-60-D-325
BURLING, JOHN                          NY-60-60-323
BURLING, MARY                          NY-60-O-271
BURLING, PETER                         NY-60-L-225
BURLING, PHEBE                         NY-60-H-121
BURLING, PHILIP                        NY-60-O-144
BURLING, RICHARD                       NY-60-M-298
BURLING, RICHARD                       NY-60-Y-332
BURLING, SAMUEL                        NY-60-55-325
BURLING, SAMUEL                        NY-60-J-219
BURLING, STEPHEN                       NY-60-42-300
BURLING, THOMAS                        NY-60-J-76
BURLING, WALTER                        NY-60-42-343
BURLING, WILLIAM                       NY-60-O-113
BURLINGTON, LEMUEL                     NY-60-99-1
BURNETT, EMILY W.                      NY-60-93-415
BURNETT, JOHN                          NY-60-89-536
BURNS, ARTHUR                          NY-60-98-308
BURNS, JAMES                           NY-60-60-112
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-60-L-149
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-60-94-448
BURNS, MARGARET                        NY-60-40-69
BURNS, NICHOLAS                        NY-60-57-126
BURPO, ISAAC                           NY-60-33-109
BURR, JOSEPH T.                        NY-60-90-113
BURRINGTON, ELIZABETH                  NY-60-52-236
BURT, ETHELMOA M.                      NY-60-43-94
BURTIS, MARTHA                         NY-60-86-121
BURTIS, MATILDA A.                     NY-60-96-331
BURTIS, MORRELLA A.                    NY-60-88-240
BURTIS, PHEBE                          NY-60-76-502
BURTIS, RANSOM                         NY-60-32-201
BUSH, ELIZA                            NY-60-74-234
BUSH, GILBERT                          NY-60-M-478
BUSH, REBECCA                          NY-60-75-7
BUSH, WILLIAM                          NY-60-38-138
BUSSING, GEORGE H.                     NY-60-83-220
BUSSING, JOHN                          NY-60-50-50
BUSSING, JOHN ****                     NY-60-64-1
BUSSING, JOHN JR.                      NY-60-35-88
BUSSING, MARY                          NY-60-L-232
BUSSING, PETER                         NY-60-P-483
BUSSING, PETER                         NY-60-48-447
BUSSING, PETER                         NY-60-A-127
BUSSING, PETER                         NY-60-A-196
BUSSING, SARAH                         NY-60-60-159
BUSTEED, SIDNEY E.                     NY-60-104-124
BUTELR, THOMAS                         NY-60-29-56
BUTLER, ANN                            NY-60-105-66
BUTLER, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-60-99-374
BUTLER, BENJAMIN T.                    NY-60-68-573
BUTLER, ESTHER MARY                    NY-60-81-540
BUTLER, JAMES                          NY-60-89-273
BUTLER, SARAH A.                       NY-60-62-325
BUTTS, SUSAN U.                        NY-60-72-393
BUXTON, PETER K.                       NY-60-84-587
BUXTON, SOPHIA                         NY-60-89-320
BYARD, SAMUEL                          NY-60-A-275
BYRN, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-77-584
BYRNE, RICH                            NY-60-96-418
BYRNES, JOSEPH T.                      NY-60-W-348
BYRNES, THOMAS                         NY-60-70-425
BYRNS, JAMES                           NY-60-62-376

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