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OATMAN, ELIZA M.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-674
OATMAN, JOHN                 CALDWELL                      NY-57-F-507
OATMAN, SOPHIA               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-486
OBRIAN, PATRICK              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-F-560
OBRIEN, OLIVE M.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-494
OBRIEN, RICHARD              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-430
OCALLAHAN, JOHN H.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-266
OCONNOR, JEREMIAH            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-706
OCONNOR, JOHN H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-401
OCONNOR, MICHAEL ROBERT      QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-74
OCONNOR, NANCY               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-144
OCONNOR, PATRICK             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-173
ODELL, ABIGAIL W.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-796
ODELL, BENJAMIN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-339
ODELL, JACOB                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-154
ODELL, LOUISA A.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-353
ODONNELL, JAMES              CHESTER                       NY-57-D-218
OGDEN, ELECTA                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-685
OGDEN, LYDIA A.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-615
OGDEN, MARIA                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-459
OGDEN, MARY                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-347
OGDEN, OBEDIAH               LUZERNE                       NY-57-C-483
OGDEN, SARAH J.              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-270
OGDEN, WILLIAM               RUTHERFORD, BERGEN, NJ        NY-57-F-222
OKEEFE, DANIEL H.            LUZERNE                       NY-57-#1-407
OKEEFFE, JEREMIAH J.         LUZERNE                       NY-57-H-317
OKEEFFE, PATRICK             LUZERNE                       NY-57-I-349
OLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL           THURMAN                       NY-57-H-795
OLEARY, DANIEL               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-128
OLEARY, JOHN                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-502
OLEARY, JOHN                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-740
OLEARY, JOHN                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-486
OLEARY, W. DANIEL JR.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-450
OLIVER, SALLY ANN L.         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-249
ONEIL, MARGARET              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-41
ORDWAY, CLARISSA             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-358
ORDWAY, EDGAR                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-J-692
ORDWAY, JONES                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-534
ORDWAY, WILLIAM              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-H-549
ORMSBY, LOUISA               STONY CREEK                   NY-57-E-47
ORTON, HARMON                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-504
OSBORN, CHARLES W.           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-D-472
OSULLIVAN, TIMOTHY D.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-421
OWEN, ROBERT DALE            LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-C-432
PAGE, SARAH M.               CALDWELL                      NY-57-H-99
PALLERAND, FELIX             JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-E-412
PALMER, AMANDA M.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-90
PALMER, DEIDAMIA S.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-155
PALMER, GEORGE E.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-9
PALMER, GEORGE N.            PASSAIC, PASSAIC, NJ          NY-57-E-496
PALMER, LEE J.               HAGUE                         NY-57-I-790
PALMETER, JAMES              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-A-393
PARDO, GEORGE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-160
PARKER, ASA                  THURMAN                       NY-57-G-541
PARKER, JAMES A.             CHESTER                       NY-57-I-265
PARKER, SIDNEY W.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-71
PARKS, FREDERICK H.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-660
PARKS, GEORGE H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-289
PARKS, JOSEPH                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-A-86
PARKS, MARTHA                CHESTER                       NY-57-J-141
PARKS, SOLOMON A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-459
PARKS, VIOLETTA A.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-351
PARMELEE, HELLEN LOUISA      CALDWELL                      NY-57-B-189
PARRETT, JOHN H.             CHESTER                       NY-57-H-732
PARSONS, CHARLES             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-357
PARSONS, CHARLES M.          LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-J-639
PARSONS, ELNATHAN            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-170
PASCO, LYDIA ANN             JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-269
PASKO, ADELINE               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-243
PASKO, NOAH H.               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-C-344
PATCHIN, FANNY E.            LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-F-640
PATTERSON, JAMES M.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-579
PATTERSON, ROBERT            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-360
PATTERSON, ROBERT            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-368
PATTERSON, SARAH J.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-693
PATTISON, JULIA              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-D-482
PATTISON, THOMAS             WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-B-278
PATTISON, WALTER A.          CHESTER                       NY-57-I-558
PEARSALL, SUSAN L.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-333
PEASE, PEMELIA               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-645
PECK, ABBY M.                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-587
PECK, BETHUEL                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-143
PECK, CHARLES                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-221
PECK, DANIEL                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-165
PECK, DANIEL E.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-671
PECK, HANNAH N.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-481
PECK, HARRIET                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-8
PECK, HARRY M.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-574
PECK, MARRIA L. B.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-272
PECK, MARY K.                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-282
PECK, NOBLE                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-137
PEDDIE, CHARLES B.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-698
PEER, GEORGE                 CALDWELL                      NY-57-C-324
PEER, LIZZIE M.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-526
PELLETIER, JOSEPH            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-E-118
PELOTTE, FELIX               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-409
PENDELL, ABIEL               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-C-475
PENDELL, AZUBA               THURMAN                       NY-57-E-96
PENDELL, ELISHA              THURMAN                       NY-57-C-68
PENOR, JULIA                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-393
PENOR, RICHARD               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-691
PENROSE, MARY E.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-104
PERRY, AGALINA               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-29
PERRY, MARY                  CHESTER                       NY-57-E-181
PERRY, MARY JANE             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-425
PERRY, NORMAN F.             CHESTER                       NY-57-G-494
PERRY, SANDERS               CHESTER                       NY-57-E-179
PERRY, WILLET S.             CHESTER                       NY-57-D-378
PETERSON, LOVINA             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-83
PETTEYS, ANDREW J.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-285
PETTEYS, ANNA                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-798
PETTEYS, LUCY                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-23
PETTYES, JOHN                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-B-268
PHELPS, MARTILLA             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-585
PHELPS, ROSA                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-432
PHELPS, STILES               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-285
PHILLIPS, AUSTIN             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-492
PHILLIPS, DEAN               BOLTON                        NY-57-E-791
PHILLIPS, EPHRAIM W.         HAGUE                         NY-57-D-315
PHILLIPS, HENRY              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-C-218
PHILO, EDNA S.               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-222
PHILO, HIRAM                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-29
PIERCE, ACHSAH               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-41
PIERSONS, CARRIE M.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-793
PIKE, ANN ELIZABETH          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-234
PIKE, DAVID                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-211
PIKE, ERMINA B.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-609
PIKE, MARIA                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-575
PIKE, MARY E.                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-44
PIKE, REUBEN                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-146
PIKE, SARAH                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-270
PITKIN, EDMUND H.            HORICON                       NY-57-B-166
PITT, ALEXANDER              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-141
PLATT, ANN M.                PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-57-G-165
PLATT, ELMORE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-85
PLATT, SARAH T.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-633
POOR, DAVID                  QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-216
POTTER, ALVAH A.             BOLTON                        NY-57-D-117
POTTER, BENJAMIN A.          WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-C-1
POTTER, CYNTHIA A.           BOLTON                        NY-57-J-179
POTTER, DELCOUR S.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-153
POTTER, ELECTA               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-447
POTTER, EPHRAIM B. W.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-448
POTTER, HANNAH JANE          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-32
POTTER, HIRAM                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-469
POTTER, JONATHAN W.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-198
POTTER, MADISON J.           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-11
POTTER, MARY O.              BOLTON                        NY-57-F-727
POTTER, OLIN S.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-275
POTTER, ORRA ANN             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-458
POTTER, ORVILLE C.           BOLTON                        NY-57-H-530
POTTER, ROYAL                HAGUE                         NY-57-H-237
POTTER, THOMAS               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-204
POTTER, THOMAS A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-351
POTTER, WARREN               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-F-292
POTTER, WARREN J.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-469
PRATT, ELIJAH                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-J-472
PRATT, NOAH                  HORICON                       NY-57-I-633
PRATT, STEPHEN MARINUS       BOLTON                        NY-57-J-391
PRESTON, MARGARET            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-278
PRICE, ELIZABETH H.          LUZERNE                       NY-57-I-580
PRICE, W. W.                 LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-C-362
PRITCHARD, ISAIAH G.         CALDWELL                      NY-57-J-629
PRITCHARD, RICHARD S.        CHESTER                       NY-57-G-441
PRITCHARD, SAMUEL G.         CHESTER                       NY-57-G-793
PROSSER, EMILY               CALDWELL                      NY-57-G-698
PROUTY, ELIAS H.             HORICON                       NY-57-C-182
PROUTY, LUCIUS               HORICON                       NY-57-H-569
PRUYN, FREDERICK F.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-618
PRUYN, SAMUEL                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-225
PULVER, MYRON H.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-746
PULVER, PETER H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-525
PULVER, PETER H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-511
PURSE, MARGARET              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-520
PURTON, EUPHEMIA C.          LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-I-49
PURVEE, DAYTON               CHESTER                       NY-57-J-388
PUTNAM, ENOS O.              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-J-194
PUTNAM, THOMAS               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-164
PUTNEY, DAVID T.             BOLTON                        NY-57-#1-660
QUINLAN, CHARLES E.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-500
QUINLAN, TIMOTHY B.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-515
QUINN, ELIZA J.              THURMAN                       NY-57-G-112
RACE, JAMES M.               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-405
RAINVILLE, ALARIC P.         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-280
RALPH, ALMIRA                LUZERNE                       NY-57-E-322
RAMSEY, MALONA A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-674
RAMSEY, ROBERT               LUZERNE                       NY-57-F-68
RANDALL, ABEL                BOLTON                        NY-57-B-51
RANDALL, ISAAC               LUZERNE                       NY-57-F-244
RANDALL, SALLY A.            BOLTON                        NY-57-J-346
RANGER, FRED E.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-315
RANSOM, LORIN                CALDWELL                      NY-57-D-208
RAPPE, WILLIAM               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-18
RAWLINS, ELIZA N.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-788
RAWLINS, JOHN                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-418
RAWLINS, RICHARD             CHESTER                       NY-57-D-43
RAY, ELEANOR C.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-559
RAY, SALOME                  WASHINGTON, D.C.              NY-57-D-285
RAYMOND, ANDREW J.           JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-F-453
RAYMOND, HANNAH              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-H-145
RAYMOND, JOHN B.             JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-H-746
READ, JOSEPH                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-300
REARDON, JEREMIAH            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-285
REARDON, JOHN                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-349
REARDON, MICHAEL             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-711
REARDON, TIMOTHY             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-513
REED, EDWARD                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-777
REED, SUSAN                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-721
REILLY, THOMAS               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-406
REXFORD, AMBROSE B.          WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-D-335
REXFORD, R. LOUISE           JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-I-275
REXFORD, SAMUEL              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-E-767
REXFORD, SUSAN J.            JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-180
REYNOLDS, ASHER B.           SOUTH GLENS FALLS             NY-57-#1-687
REYNOLDS, DAVID              CHESTER                       NY-57-B-451
REYNOLDS, ELI                CALDWELL                      NY-57-H-188
REYNOLDS, ELLA R.            SOUTH GLENS FALLS             NY-57-G-189
REYNOLDS, FRANCES            BOLTON                        NY-57-D-32
REYNOLDS, GEORGE B.          BOLTON                        NY-57-C-12
REYNOLDS, JAMES G.           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-A-322
REYNOLDS, THURSTON           THURMAN                       NY-57-I-141
RICE, ALICE M.               FORT ANN, WASHINGTON, NY      NY-57-I-508
RICE, ASA                    LUZERNE                       NY-57-A-167
RICE, EMMA W.                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-12
RICE, SARAH E.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-334
RICE, SMITH                  LUZERNE                       NY-57-H-126
RICE, WILLIAM H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-748
RICHARDS, EDWARD             JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-E-734
RICHARDS, HARRIET B.         CHESTER                       NY-57-G-384
RICHARDS, HUGH               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-C-234
RICHARDS, JOHN               CALDWELL                      NY-57-A-370
RICHARDS, MARY               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-123
RICHARDS, PELATIAH           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-B-463
RICHARDSON, DANIEL           LUZERNE                       NY-57-#1-107
RICHARDSON, JESSE L.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-101
RICKETTS, CHARLES            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-210
RILEY, JOHN                  STONEY CREEK                  NY-57-B-213
RILEY, JOHN WARREN           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-295
RILEY, PATRICK               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-160
RILEY, PERLINA               LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-436
RING, HUMPHREY               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-263
RIORDAN, JOHN                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-362
RIPLEY, JAMES                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-208
RIPLEY, REUBEN S.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-501
RISING, HEPSIE               CHESTER                       NY-57-#1-440
RISING, JOANNA               HAGUE                         NY-57-D-230
RISING, JOEL W.              CHESTER                       NY-57-F-11
RISING, RUFUS                HAGUE                         NY-57-J-190
ROACH, DAVID                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-328
ROACH, DAVID                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-287
ROACH, MARGARET              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-653
ROBBINS, BLANCHE E.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-270
ROBBINS, JOHN H.             HAGUE                         NY-57-I-187
ROBBINS, LOUISA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-395
ROBBINS, WILLIAM H.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-32
ROBERTS, ANTHA J.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-249
ROBERTS, AXEY                CHESTER                       NY-57-#1-311
ROBERTS, CLARA D.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-436
ROBERTS, CORDELIA C.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-728
ROBERTS, DAVID G.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-546
ROBERTS, EDWIN               BRANT LAKE                    NY-57-J-399
ROBERTS, HIRAM               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-202
ROBERTS, JAMES               LUZERNE                       NY-57-A-301
ROBERTS, MARTHA A.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-417
ROBERTS, MARY                ATHOL                         NY-57-B-14
ROBERTS, MARY JANE           BOLTON                        NY-57-#1-442
ROBERTS, WILLIAM H.          CHESTER                       NY-57-E-678
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-412
ROBERTSON, CATHERINA         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-184
ROBERTSON, JANE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-713
ROBERTSON, JESSIE            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-563
ROBILLARD, GUSTAVE I.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-337
ROBILLARD, LOUIS A.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-629
ROBINSON, HARVEY             BOLTON                        NY-57-E-18
ROBINSON, JOHN H.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-376
ROBINSON, LEONARD            STONY CREEK                   NY-57-C-159
ROBINSON, LEXIE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-62
ROBINSON, MARY ANN           BOLTON                        NY-57-F-450
ROBLEE, GEORGE B.            JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-F-779
ROBLEE, LUTHER               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-B-110
ROBLEE, THEORON              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-B-280
ROCKWELL, C. LEROY           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-767
ROCKWELL, GEORGE T.          LUZERNE                       NY-57-E-319
ROCKWELL, HARMON             HADLEY, SARATOGA, NY          NY-57-E-44
ROCKWELL, HELEN L.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-1
ROCKWELL, JEREMY             LUZERNE                       NY-57-C-253
ROCKWELL, MARY ANZOLETTA     GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-14
ROCKWELL, MARYETTA           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-577
ROCKWELL, WILLIAM W.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-312
ROGERS, GEORGE HENRY         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-313
ROGERS, HARRIET              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-208
ROGERS, HENRY                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-195
ROOSA, CHARLES B.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-344
ROOSA, SARAH M.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-113
ROOT, BETSEY E.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-219
ROOT, HARRIET J.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-662
ROOT, J. EDGAR               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-203
ROSS, GUY                    HORICON                       NY-57-J-188
ROSS, HOSEA L.               NORTH CANAAN, LITCHFIELD, CT  NY-57-#1-721
ROSSI, CAESAR                TORRINGTON, LITCHFIELD, CT    NY-57-#1-118
ROUNDS, JAMES P.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-18
RUSSELL, CORNELIUS A.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-71
RUSSELL, EMILY               BOLTON                        NY-57-J-684
RUSSELL, FLORENCE A.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-362
RUSSELL, HARLON              CHESTER                       NY-57-#1-623
RUSSELL, HARRY               CALDWELL                      NY-57-C-78
RUSSELL, JEREMIAH            LUZERNE                       NY-57-A-36
RUSSELL, JOSEPH              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-274
RUSSELL, KEZIAH              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-C-467
RUSSELL, LEILA B.            LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-I-365
RUSSELL, LOUISA M.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-410
RUSSELL, SARAH T.            TROY, RENSSELAER, NY          NY-57-E-186
RYAN, ANDREW                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-199
RYAN, ROBERT                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-738
SABLA, MATHILDE DE           SAN FRANCISCO, S.F., CA       NY-57-G-242
SAGE, WARREN B.              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-57-G-31
SAINTJOHN, ANNA E.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-783
SANDS, ELIZA                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-382
SANDS, GEORGE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-206
SANDS, NANCY J.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-313
SANDS, PHEBE ANN             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-106
SANFORD, CATHARINE           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-230
SANFORD, DAVID               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-3
SANFORD, DAVID B.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-19
SANFORD, GOOLD               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-29
SANSOUCI, ALFRED             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-657
SARTWELL, ABERIN L.          THURMAN                       NY-57-E-245
SAULT, JOHN                  QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-J-378
SAULT, ROSILA                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-97
SAWYER, JOSEPH E.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-649
SCHNEIDER, ANTHONY           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-371
SCHULZ, WALTER               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-635
SCOTT, CHARLES T.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-732
SCOTT, ISAAC N.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-445
SCOTT, MARION E.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-461
SCOTT, MARY                  QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-46
SCOTT, MARY JANE             POTTERSVILLE                  NY-57-#1-528
SCOTT, WILLIAM J.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-62
SCOVIL, PERRY C.             LUZERNE                       NY-57-E-328
SCOVILLE, GEORGE P.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-252
SCOVILLE, STEPHEN            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-432
SCRIBNER, JONATHAN           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-E-236
SCRIPTER, ABEL               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-E-367
SCRIPTER, NUEL               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-J-147
SCRIPTER, SALOMA             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-409
SCRIPTER, WARREN H.          THURMAN                       NY-57-#1-625
SCRIPTER, WILLIAM            JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-B-334
SEAMAN, ALLEN T.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-200
SEELYE, MARY P.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-613
SEELYE, REUBEN               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-297
SEELYE, REUBEN               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-260
SEELYE, WILLIAM A.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-254
SELLECK, ABIGAIL             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-257
SEXTON, WILDMAN H.           HAGUE                         NY-57-H-131
SHATTUCK, ALBERT M.          HAGUE                         NY-57-B-317
SHATTUCK, ALVIN              HAGUE                         NY-57-B-219
SHATTUCK, ELMER E.           HAGUE                         NY-57-#1-16
SHAVER, JOHN                 LUZERNE                       NY-57-G-634
SHAVER, LUCINA               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-322
SHAW, ALEXANDER              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-437
SHAW, BENJAMIN B.            CALDWELL                      NY-57-D-437
SHAW, CATHERINE H.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-53
SHAW, JANE                   CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-520
SHAW, NELSON                 CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-520
SHAY, JOHANNAH               CALDWELL                      NY-57-G-355
SHEDD, JENNIE M.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-321
SHEEHY, AGNES                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-59
SHEFFER, GEORGE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-261
SHEFFIELD, GILBERT           JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-F-456
SHELDON, ABIGAIL T.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-236
SHELDON, ALLEN               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-88
SHELDON, N. EDSON            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-173
SHEPARD, JOSEPH              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-584
SHERMAN, AUGUSTUS            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-442
SHERMAN, DARWIN W.           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-465
SHERMAN, JANE A.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-166
SHERMAN, LEANDER             BOLTON                        NY-57-E-518
SHERMAN, MARTIN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-244
SHERMAN, MERCY               HORICON                       NY-57-E-28
SHERMAN, ROSE ANN            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-786
SHERWOOD, ELIZA              THURMAN                       NY-57-C-317
SHIELD, WILLIAM              CHESTER                       NY-57-C-289
SHIELDS, JANE A.             CHESTER                       NY-57-E-317
SHULTZ, CONSTANTIN           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-658
SHURTLIFF, FRANCIS E.        QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-130
SIMMONS, EWING D.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-722
SIMMONS, JULIA E.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-643
SIMMONS, JULIA E.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-646
SIMPSON, ALANSON D.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-467
SIMPSON, ANN M.              BOLTON                        NY-57-E-256
SIMPSON, FANNY C.            BOLTON                        NY-57-#1-207
SIMPSON, JOHN                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-620
SINGLETON, MICHAEL J.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-166
SISSON, AMANDA M.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-319
SISSON, HELEN M.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-272
SISSON, JACOB A.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-328
SISSON, JULIA E.             LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-#1-287
SISSON, MARY A.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-729
SKIDDY, LAWRENCE             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-133
SKIFF, HARRIET A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-651
SKIFF, JAMES A.              CHESTER                       NY-57-I-110
SKIFF, JOHN                  BOLTON                        NY-57-A-19
SKINNER, ARCHIBALD A.        NORTH CREEK                   NY-57-H-275
SLADE, GEORGE P.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-591
SMITH, ARABUT F.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-404
SMITH, CARRIE H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-160
SMITH, CHARLES T.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-795
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-71
SMITH, CYRUS                 BOLTON                        NY-57-D-213
SMITH, EARL                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-360
SMITH, EDWARD                BOLTON                        NY-57-A-26
SMITH, EDWARD                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-223
SMITH, ELIZABETH             CHESTER                       NY-57-E-401
SMITH, HARRIET A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-555
SMITH, HIRAM T.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-172
SMITH, ISAAC                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-486
SMITH, ISAAC                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-121
SMITH, JOHN C.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-405
SMITH, JOHN H.               CALDWELL                      NY-57-C-81
SMITH, JOHN H.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-557
SMITH, JOSEPH A. J.          CHESTER                       NY-57-E-442
SMITH, JOSEPH F.             HORICON                       NY-57-B-131
SMITH, JUDSON                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-310
SMITH, JULIA                 BOLTON                        NY-57-H-755
SMITH, KATE                  WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-J-675
SMITH, MAJOR F.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-511
SMITH, MARY A.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-481
SMITH, MARY ELIZABETH        THURMAN                       NY-57-F-404
SMITH, MARY J.               CALDWELL                      NY-57-G-403
SMITH, OTHNIAL               HORICON                       NY-57-D-191
SMITH, PRUDENCE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-626
SMITH, ROYAL C.              WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-H-305
SMITH, SARAH                 WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-E-652
SMITH, SENECA B.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-409
SMITH, THOMAS F.             JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-E-274
SMITH, ZERVIAH               HORICON                       NY-57-C-351
SNYDER, SARAH J.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-474
SOMERVILLE, ARCHIBALD        JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-B-417
SOMERVILLE, JAMES M.         WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-227
SOMERVILLE, JENNIE           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-760
SOMERVILLE, THOMAS           SOMERVILLE                    NY-57-E-169
SOPER, ARTHUR L.             WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-571
SOPER, CHARLES P.            BOLTON                        NY-57-F-696
SPAIN, THOMAS                JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-24
SPELLACY, MARGARET           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-312
SPELLACY, MARGARET           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-303
SPELLACY, MARY               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-581
SPELLACY, MARY (MARGARET)    GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-310
SPENCER, HENRY               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-1
SPIER, HARRIET B.            NORTH AMPTON, FULTON, NY      NY-57-G-106
SPIER, WILLIAM E.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-598
SPOOR, HOWARD                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-647
SPRAGUE, COLVIN B.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-713
SPRATT, JAMES                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-713
SPRING, SARAH                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-356
STACKHOUSE, ABIEL H.         WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-251
STAFFORD, LUCY               CALDWELL                      NY-57-E-70
STAFFORD, THOMAS B.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-305
STANTON, ALMON PERKINS       BOLTON LANDING                NY-57-#1-662
STANTON, SAMUEL C.           BOLTON                        NY-57-B-192
STAPLES, ANSON R.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-116
STAPLES, LYDIA ANN           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-519
STARBUCK, GEORGE E.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-272
STARK, DELIGHT               HAGUE                         NY-57-E-794
STAY, WILLIAM H.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-435
STEARNS, GEOREG W.           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-G-777
STEBBINS, CLARA E.           CALDWELL                      NY-57-D-112
STEBBINS, DELIA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-189
STEVENS, BURR                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-228
STEVENS, CHESTER L.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-81
STEVENS, LUCINDA M.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-764
STEVENS, RANOSM              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-487
STEVENSON, ALLEN             GLEN FALLS                    NY-57-E-326
STEVENSON, WELLINGTON        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-150
STEWART, ALEXANDER           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-734
STEWART, ANDREW              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-A-136
STEWART, CHARLES             CALDWELL                      NY-57-C-397
STEWART, DANIEL              LUZERNE                       NY-57-D-162
STEWART, DAVID               LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-184
STEWART, FANNIE J.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-793
STEWART, FREEMAN D.          LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-56
STEWART, JOHN C.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-669
STEWART, LEVI                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-462
STEWART, LILLIAN TYE         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-370
STEWART, SOLOMON K.          QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-621
STEWART, THOMAS J.           CHESTER                       NY-57-J-144
STEWART, WILLIAM             JOHNSBURY                     NY-57-B-31
STEWART, WILLIAM             BOLTON                        NY-57-C-50
STIEGLITZ, EDWARD            CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-299
STILES, SARAH W.             HILL VIEW                     NY-57-H-67
STOCKTON, THOMAS             JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-479
STODDARD, HELEN A.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-700
STODDARD, SENECA R.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-282
STONE, JOHN                  WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-C-97
STOUGHTON, JOHN A.           HARTFORD, HARTFORD, CT        NY-57-J-749
STRAIGHT, CLARA B.           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-261
STRAIGHT, FRANCES M.         JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-F-262
STRAIGHT, LOVINA A.          JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-H-599
STRAIGHT, LYDIA A.           NORTH CREEK                   NY-57-#1-159
STRANG, DAVID P.             LUZERNE                       NY-57-#1-480
STREET, BENONI               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-53
STREETER, ANNA               BOLTON                        NY-57-D-154
STREETER, BUELL G.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-469
STREETER, ISAAC              BOLTON                        NY-57-F-378
STREETER, JONATHAN           BOLTON                        NY-57-B-105
STREETER, LIZANA D.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-475
STROPE, JOHN                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-166
STUPPLEBEEN, KATHERINE M.    GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-77
STURDIVAN, LEVI W.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-58
SULLIVAN, DANIEL             CHESTER                       NY-57-I-564
SULLIVAN, JOHN C.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-65
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-724
SULLIVAN, PATRICK            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-182
SULLIVAN, PATRICK P.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-307
SULLIVAN, ROGER              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-544
SULLIVAN, SYLVESTER D.       GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-622
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-351
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-223
SUPRENANT, ANTOINE           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-246
SWAN, BERTRAM W.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-344
SWAN, HENRY A.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-691
SWAN, PHEBE A.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-774
SWEARS, ALMON                STONY CREEK                   NY-57-#1-530
SWEENEY, PATRICK             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-399
SWEENEY, TIMOTHY A.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-364
SWEET, GEORGE M.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-615
SWEET, MAHALA                KINGSBURY, WASHINGTON, NY     NY-57-B-288
SWEET, NELSON                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-392
SWEET, WILLIAM               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-217
TABOR, HARLEY S.             CHESTER                       NY-57-H-406
TABOR, SILENCE W.            CHESTER                       NY-57-F-176
TANNER, ARTEMAS A.           BOLTON                        NY-57-G-437
TANNER, HARVEY D.            BOLTON                        NY-57-D-156
TARRANT, RICHARD             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-596
TAYLOR, ANDREW               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-203
TAYLOR, JANE                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-39
TAYLOR, LOUISA               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-566
TAYLOR, LUCY                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-730
TAYLOR, RACHELL VIRGINIA     GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-429
TAYLOR, SAMUEL               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-87
TAYLOR, SAMUEL J.            CALDWELL                      NY-57-I-767
TAYLOR, SARAH M.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-490
TAYLOR, SYLVANUS             CALDWELL                      NY-57-E-770
TAYLOR, THOMAS               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-D-92
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              BOLTON                        NY-57-G-55
TAYLOR, WILLIAM G.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-461
TEFFT, CALEB B.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-766
THEIRIOT, ALBERT             CHESTER                       NY-57-J-797
THEIRIOT, FERDINAND          BOLTON                        NY-57-D-307
THEIRIOT, MATHILDA           BOLTON                        NY-57-D-359
THOMAS, AMY                  QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-97
THOMAS, ELIZABETH            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-166
THOMAS, EWDIN K.             LUZERNE                       NY-57-G-716
THOMAS, HARRY JR.            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-G-489
THOMAS, JANETT               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-197
THOMAS, PAUL                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-90
THOMAS, STEPHEN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-566
THOMAS, SUSAN F.             LUZERNE                       NY-57-I-82
THOMAS, WARREN               BOLTON                        NY-57-D-182
THOMPSON, ALBERT W.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-103
THOMPSON, ANN                POTTERSVILLE                  NY-57-I-688
THOMPSON, ELIZA ANN          CHESTER                       NY-57-E-340
THOMPSON, JAMES E.           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-585
THOMPSON, SARAH E.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-408
THOMPSON, SOPHIA H.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-52
THOMSON, BENJAMIN L.         CHESTER                       NY-57-B-162
THOMSON, LEWIS               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-J-426
THREEHOUSE, PETER D.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-A-351
THURMAN, MARY LANE           CHESTER                       NY-57-G-770
THURMAN, RALPH               CHESTER                       NY-57-F-657
THURSTON, MARY C.            CHESTER                       NY-57-#1-231
TIFFANY, AVERY C.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-172
TINNY, ASA                   QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-J-702
TINSTMAN, LYDIA A.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-325
TITUS, ABRAHAM J. G.         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-122
TOOMEY, JULIA                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-727
TOOMEY, PATRICK              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-117
TOPPER, BURNHAM              HAGUE                         NY-57-C-123
TOWNSEND, JONAS P.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-422
TOWNSEND, NETTIE             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-771
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM J.         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-327
TOWSLEY, GIDEON              CHESTER                       NY-57-E-515
TOWSLEY, PHOEBE M.           CHESTER                       NY-57-F-93
TRACY, HARRIET J.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-517
TRAMBLEY, THOMAS R.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-139
TRAPHAGAN, JONATHAN          QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-403
TRAPHAGAN, MARY M.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-453
TRAPHAGAN, SARAH             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-223
TRAVER, ALBERT               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-J-423
TRAVER, GILBERT              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-272
TRAVER, JOHN H.              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-195
TRAVER, ZACHARIAH B.         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-16
TREMAIN, HENRY EDWIN         BOLTON                        NY-57-I-590
TRIMBLE, LEVI S.             THURMAN                       NY-57-C-496
TRIPP, ANDREW D.             WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-476
TRIPP, EDWIN B.              CHESTER                       NY-57-D-341
TRIPP, FRED A.               CHESTER                       NY-57-H-427
TRIPP, JESSE                 WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-B-198
TRIPP, MYRON                 CHESTER                       NY-57-G-19
TRIPP, PELEG                 WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-A-230
TRIPP, WILLIAM               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-D-381
TRUESDELL, SETH              BOLTON                        NY-57-C-136
TRUSDALL, LYDIA JANE         BOLTON                        NY-57-F-192
TUBBS, ALBERT FREDERICK      LUZERNE                       NY-57-J-736
TUBBS, ARCHIBALD             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-147
TUCKER, DANA                 STONY CREEK                   NY-57-E-743
TUCKER, EPHARIAM             THURMAN                       NY-57-H-686
TUCKER, MARY JANE            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-750
TURK, FREDERIC V. R.         NORTH CREEK                   NY-57-#1-233
TURNER, CHARLES F.           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-16
TURNER, EDWARD               JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-B-62
TURNER, ELIZA                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-228
TURNER, SAMUEL               NORTH CREEK                   NY-57-#1-114
TUTTLE, AMOS A. L.           HAGUE                         NY-57-E-137
TUTTLE, SARAH                BOLTON                        NY-57-I-694
TWISS, CYRUS L.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-412
TWISS, DEXTER W.             LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-#1-709
TWISS, GEORGE P.             WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-H-363
TWISS, MARIA L.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-343
TWISS, SARAH                 CALDWELL                      NY-57-B-331
TWOMBLY, LOUIS               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-444
TWOMEY, DENNIS M.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-134
TYREL, EMMA A.               CHESTER                       NY-57-#1-591
UNDERWOOD, LOIS HARRIET      GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-489
UNDERWOOD, SIDNEY            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-124
UPSON, ANSON J.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-13
UPSON, LYDIA FORTIN          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-94
VAIL, JACOB I.               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-290
VALENTINE, RAMON E.          CHESTER                       NY-57-#1-73
VANBENTHUYSEN, ANDREW        CHESTER                       NY-57-E-395
VANBENTHUYSEN, ANNA M.       GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-761
VANBENTHUYSEN, JOHN H.       CHESTER                       NY-57-B-73
VANBENTHYSEN, GARRETT        CHESTER                       NY-57-F-248
VANCLETTE, MARY              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-222
VANDENBURGH, JACOB           BOLTON                        NY-57-H-492
VANDERWERKER, RALPH          CHESTER                       NY-57-A-402
VANDUREN, JOHN               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-101
VANDUSEN, ABRAHAM 2ND        QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-365
VANDUSEN, ARCHIBALD          QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-225
VANDUSEN, BEECHER            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-691
VANDUSEN, BETHUEL B.         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-304
VANDUSEN, DE WITT C.         QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-163
VANDUSEN, HALSEY             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-435
VANDUSEN, HIRAM              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-433
VANDUSEN, JANE               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-423
VANDUSEN, JOHN R.            QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-G-307
VANDUSEN, ORIN               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-#1-515
VANDUSEN, RANSOM             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-I-290
VANDUSEN, ROBERT             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-268
VANDUSEN, SIDNEY             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-25
VANDUSEN, WALTER             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-389
VANDUSEN, WARREN             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-460
VANHEUSEN, VOLKERT           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-339
VANHYNING, CHARLES H.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-449
VANLIEW, CORNELIUS           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-D-296
VARNEY, DANIEL               LUZERNE                       NY-57-B-348
VARNEY, DAVID                LUZERNE                       NY-57-D-202
VARNEY, HARVEY               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-4
VARNEY, NATHANIEL            LUZERNE                       NY-57-A-272
VARNUM, BYRON                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-B-200
VARNUM, CALEB                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-J-365
VARNUM, DANIEL               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-177
VARNUM, REUBEN               BOLTON                        NY-57-H-479
VAUGHAN, JAMES               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-158
VAUGHAN, JANE E.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-171
VAUGHN, EVA L.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-533
VAUGHN, GEORGE               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-428
VAUGHN, SARAH J.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-544
VERMETTE, MARY M.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-146
VERMILLIA, ALBERT            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-619
VERNUM, AIDAIN               CALDWELL                      NY-57-G-669
VETTER, ELIZABETH            CHESTER                       NY-57-J-785
VIELE, ALPHEUS               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-570
VIELE, DELIA                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-737
VOSBURGH, CHARLES            CHESTER                       NY-57-F-447
VOURES, HIRAM                CALDWELL                      NY-57-E-144
VOWERS, ANDREW               THURMAN                       NY-57-A-1
VOWERS, MICHAEL              BOLTON                        NY-57-C-172
WADDELL, HUGH                JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-D-455
WADDELL, MARY JANE           WEAVERTOWN                    NY-57-#1-546
WADDELL, ROBERT              JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-C-452
WAGAR, SARAH E.              LUZERNE                       NY-57-J-614
WAGER, DANIEL                LUZERNE                       NY-57-A-314
WAGER, SARAH M.              LUZERNE                       NY-57-E-20
WAGMAN, LUCY E.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-31
WAGNER, CLARENCE L.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-116
WAIT, GEORGE P.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-141
WAIT, HENRY                  STONY CREEK                   NY-57-J-634
WAIT, JAMES WARREN           STONY CREEK                   NY-57-J-74
WAIT, WALLACE                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-615
WAIT, WILLIAM                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-470
WAIT, WILLIAM A.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-714
WAKLEY, JOHN                 JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-H-554
WALDORF, EUNICE A.           BOLTON                        NY-57-E-139
WALDRON, WILLIAM H.          JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-G-171
WALKER, ABEL                 BOLTON                        NY-57-F-269
WALKER, CORNELIUS            CHESTER                       NY-57-#1-137
WALKER, DAVID L.             HAGUE                         NY-57-F-517
WALKER, JOHN H.              CHESTER                       NY-57-C-85
WALLACE, CHARLES H.          CHESTER                       NY-57-H-684
WALLACE, HARRY E.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-3
WALLACE, JAMES               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-700
WALLACE, ROBERT              CHESTER                       NY-57-H-537
WALLACE, SARAH Q.            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-J-569
WALSH, JULIA                 GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-43
WARD, JOHN G.                HAGUE                         NY-57-D-149
WARD, SANFORD                JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-F-185
WARNER, EBENEZER C.          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-57-B-325
WARREN, ELVERETTA            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-347
WARREN, HELEN E.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-265
WARREN, JOHN                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-57-#1-538
WARREN, NATHANIEL D.         WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-I-567
WARREN, NELSON J.            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-E-160
WASHBURN, ROBERT             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-283
WATERS, RICHARD S.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-420
WATSON, GODFREY P.           WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-H-383
WATSON, MARIAH               BOLTON                        NY-57-C-359
WATSON, MARY A.              BOLTON                        NY-57-C-180
WATSON, PERRY                BOLTON                        NY-57-B-415
WATSON, WILLIAM W.           BOLTON                        NY-57-B-254
WELCH, BRIDGET               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-535
WELCH, ELIZA A.              CALDWELL                      NY-57-G-453
WELCH, WILLIAM               CALDWELL                      NY-57-E-171
WELLS, BENJAMIN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-89
WELLS, HIRAM                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-D-65
WELLS, JULIA G.              BOLTON                        NY-57-H-53
WELLS, LAYTON                BOLTON                        NY-57-C-128
WELLS, REBECCA               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-433
WELLS, WILLIAM W.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-538
WESCOTT, FREDERICK W.        QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-449
WESCOTT, HARRIET             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-509
WEST, CHARLES F.             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-C-56
WEST, DANIEL                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-333
WEST, EBENEZER               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-610
WEST, FREDERICK              FORT ANN, WASHINGTON, NY      NY-57-#1-91
WEST, MARIA                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-593
WEST, SUSAN M.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-1
WEST, THOMAS                 JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-#1-293
WESTON, JAMES D.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-A-358
WESTON, JOHN                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-33
WESTON, REBECCA J.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-526
WESTURN, CYNTHIA M.          HAGUE                         NY-57-D-184
WESTURN, SAMUEL              HAGUE                         NY-57-E-633
WESTURN, SAMUEL              **                            NY-57-F-129
WHIPPLE, CHARLES R.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-413
WHIPPLE, WRIGHT              CHESTER                       NY-57-I-272
WHITAKER, CHRISTIAN          JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-E-99
WHITE, EDWARD                KATTSKILL BAY                 NY-57-I-80
WHITE, EDWIN                 CALDWELL                      NY-57-E-94
WHITE, J. HUYLER             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-139
WHITE, JOHN B.               STONY CREEK                   NY-57-J-602
WHITE, MARY J.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-379
WHITE, TRUMAN                LUZERNE                       NY-57-J-139
WHITLOCK, JOHN H.            TROY, RENSSELAER, NY          NY-57-C-95
WHITNEY, LESTER M.           QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-J-688
WHITNEY, LOUISA B.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-479
WHITTING, CHRISTIAN          JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-H-689
WICKER, OLIVIA               TICONDEROGA, ESSEX, NY        NY-57-C-491
WICKES, W. LEWIS             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-629
WICKHAM, PERSIS              CHESTER                       NY-57-H-697
WICKHAM, WILLIAM             CHESTER                       NY-57-D-289
WIGHTMAN, NOEL               CHESTER                       NY-57-A-264
WIGLEY, JOSEPH J.            LUZERNE                       NY-57-I-719
WILCOX, ALLISON R.           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-320
WILCOX, BRAZILLA             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-34
WILCOX, EDGAR                LUZERNE                       NY-57-E-574
WILCOX, ELIZA                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-558
WILCOX, GILBERT              LUZERNE                       NY-57-D-426
WILCOX, JOB A.               LUZERNE                       NY-57-H-215
WILCOX, MARTHA J.            LUZERNE                       NY-57-I-542
WILCOX, RINDA                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-665
WILCOX, THOMAS               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-84
WILCOX, WALTER P.            LUZERNE                       NY-57-G-319
WILDE, MARY M.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-650
WILKIE, JACOB                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-168
WILKIE, MARY                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-700
WILLIAMS, LEWIS              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-598
WILLIAMS, MARGARET H.        GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-327
WILLIAMSON, CHARLES          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-686
WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-288
WILLSON, ELLA K.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-342
WILLSON, MARY                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-110
WILMARTH, MARTIN L.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-716
WILSON, DEBORAH              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-H-636
WILSON, FERNANDO C.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-775
WILSON, JOHN J.              SILVER BAY                    NY-57-#1-698
WINDELL, EZRA SAYRE          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-623
WING, ABRAHAM                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-161
WING, ANGIE C.               GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-389
WING, ANNA A.                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-372
WING, DANIEL WILLIAM         GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-491
WING, FRANCES A.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-706
WING, HALSEY R.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-441
WING, HARRIET N.             GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-206
WING, HENRY                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-C-170
WING, LEVI H.                FORT EDWARD, WASHINGTON, NY   NY-57-J-744
WINSHIP, ANSEL               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-368
WINSHIP, JOEL                QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-223
WINTER, ANSEL                BOLTON                        NY-57-B-454
WITHERELL, HENRY             QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-H-449
WITHERILL, BETHUEL           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-124
WITHERILL, MARTHA            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-#1-557
WITMORE, NANCY A.            GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-764
WOLMAN, MARIA                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-255
WOOD, AMOS                   QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-A-361
WOOD, CHARLES S.             JOHNSBURGH                    NY-57-#1-696
WOOD, ELAM G.                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-C-189
WOOD, HIRAM                  CALDWELL                      NY-57-D-178
WOOD, JOHN                   CHESTER                       NY-57-F-87
WOOD, LOUIS                  GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-318
WOOD, MARY E.                GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-401
WOOD, POLLY ANN              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-F-388
WOOD, POLLY W.               QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-318
WOOD, WALTER                 QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-B-156
WOODWARD, ANN ELIZA          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-G-484
WOODWARD, CHARLOTTE          WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-H-392
WOODWARD, JOHN               WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-G-472
WOODWARD, JOSIAH             WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-A-104
WOODWARD, LAURA              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-I-89
WOODWARD, LEANDER            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-F-723
WOOLEY, WILLIAM              QUEENSBURY                    NY-57-E-125
WORDEN, EUNICE C.            WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-E-26
WORDEN, ISAAC                LAKE GEORGE                   NY-57-J-753
WRIGHT, ETTA L.              BOLTON                        NY-57-#1-45
WRIGHT, FRANKLIN M.          GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-431
WRIGHT, JAMES                CHESTER                       NY-57-H-523
WRIGHT, JANE A.              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-588
WRIGHT, SIMON O.             BOLTON                        NY-57-G-195
WRIGHT, STEPHEN              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-E-333
WULSIN, LUCIEN               CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH      NY-57-J-260
WURTEMBERG, ARNOLD           GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-J-541
YANDELL, GEORGE              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-B-293
YOTT, ALEXANDER              GLENS FALLS                   NY-57-F-109
YOUNG, ALMOND                CALDWELL                      NY-57-F-64
YOUNG, HATTIE                WARRENSBURGH                  NY-57-#1-465
YOUNG, URI                   CHESTER                       NY-57-C-388

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