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To match cases to the heirs, "search and find" using the last 2 sets of numbers (volume and page)

Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: Court (Court of Appeals) Statewide #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1770s-1824 |
Volumes are not available online at all. Go to Family History Centers or contact me.

BARLOW, EBENEZER                        FLORENCE                                NYUCAP-67-1-92
BASSETT, DAVID                          KIRKLAND                                NYUCAP-67-1-85
CLARK, ERASTUS                          UTICA                                   NYUCAP-67-1-39
DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  UTICA                                   NYUCAP-67-1-44
HALL, JOHN                              BENTON, ONTARIO, NY                     NYUCAP-67-1-58
HIGBY, JOSEPH                           WHITESTOWN                              NYUCAP-67-1-31
MCVICKAR, HENRY                         NEW YORK CITY                           NYUCAP-67-1-53
MUIR, JOHN                              SHERBURNE, CHENANGO, NY                 NYUCAP-67-1-13
NORRIS, JOSEPH                          FRANKFORT, HERKIMER, NY                 NYUCAP-67-1-7
NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     DEERFIELD                               NYUCAP-67-1-97
ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       NTL                                     NYUCAP-67-1-57
STONE, WILLIAM                          WHIESTOWN                               NYUCAP-67-1-78
SWIFT, ELIJAH                           RIDEWAY, GENESEE, NY                    NYUCAP-67-1-23
WALKER, BENJAMIN                        NTL, ONEIDA, NY                         NYUCAP-67-1-1

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