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Column One: Name of Heir
Column Two: Name of Deceased
Column Three: Court (Court of Appeals) Statewide #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1770s-1824 |
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BARLOW, ABIGAIL                         BARLOW, EBENEZER                        1-92
BARLOW, BENONI                          BARLOW, EBENEZER                        1-92
BARLOW, EBENEZER JR.                    BARLOW, EBENEZER                        1-92
BARLOW, ROLAND                          BARLOW, EBENEZER                        1-92
BARNUM, DOTHA                           STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
BASSETT, CINTHA                         BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, ELIZA                          BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, GEORGE                         BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, HIRAM                          BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, HIRAM                          BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, LAURA                          BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, LILLIS                         BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, MARY                           BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, NATHAN                         BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, OTIS                           BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, THOMA                          BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BASSETT, WILLIAM                        BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
BRUEN, AMZI                             ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
BRUEN, CATHARINE                        ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
CLARK, JERUSHA                          CLARK, ERASTUS                          1-39
CLARK, SOPHIA                           CLARK, ERASTUS                          1-39
CONSTABLE, ELIZA                        MCVICKAR, HENRY                         1-53
DELVIN, JAMES                           DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
DELVIN, JOHN                            DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
DELVIN, THOMAS                          DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
DELVIN, WILLIAM                         DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
DEVILLEHANT, ELIZA L.                   WALKER, BENJAMIN                        1-1
EDDY, LUCY ANN NORTHRUP                 NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
EDDY, OBED                              NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
FISHER, RHODA                           STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
FOOTE, AMY NORTHRUP                     NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
FOOTE, HARVY                            NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
GANSEVOORT, CONRAD                      ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
GANSEVOORT, ELIZABETH R.                ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
GITCHEL, ABIGAIL BARLOW                 BARLOW, EBENEZER                        1-92
GITCHEL, EZRA                           BARLOW, EBENEZER                        1-92
GOODELL, PHYLINDA                       MUIR, JOHN                              1-13
HALL, JACOB                             ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
HALL, JACOB B.                          ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
HALL, JOSEPH                            ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
HALL, MOSES                             ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
HALL, RACHAEL                           ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
HAWLEY, EBENEZER R.                     HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
HAWLEY, OLIVE                           HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
HIGBY, ASAHEL                           HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
HIGBY, CHARLES                          HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
HIGBY, ELISHA                           HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
HIGBY, ENOCH                            HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
HIGBY, JOSEPH                           HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
JAMES, ELIZABETH                        NORRIS, JOSEPH                          1-7
JAMES, WILLIAM                          NORRIS, JOSEPH                          1-7
JAY, HANNAH AUGUST                      MCVICKAR, HENRY                         1-53
JAY, WILLIAM                            MCVICKAR, HENRY                         1-53
KINSELLA, GEORGE                        DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
KINSELLA, MARGARET JANE                 DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
KINSELLA, REBECCA                       DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
KNOWLES, ESTHER NORTHRUP                NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
KNOWLES, JOHN                           NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
LYONS, JANE                             DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
MALTBIE, LYDIA                          STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
MARTIN, SARAH ANN                       DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
MCVICKAR, ARCHIBALD                     MCVICKAR, HENRY                         1-53
MCVICKAR, BENJAMIN                      MCVICKAR, HENRY                         1-53
MCVICKAR, EDWARD CORP                   MCVICKAR, HENRY                         1-53
MCVICKAR, JAMES                         MCVICKAR, HENRY                         1-53
MCVICKAR, JOHN                          MCVICKAR, HENRY                         1-53
MORRIS, DEBORAH                         WALKER, BENJAMIN                        1-1
MUIR, DAVID                             MUIR, JOHN                              1-13
MUIR, JAMES                             MUIR, JOHN                              1-13
MUIR, JOHN JR.                          MUIR, JOHN                              1-13
MUIR, MOLLY                             MUIR, JOHN                              1-13
MUIR, WILLIAM                           MUIR, JOHN                              1-13
MURPHY, CATHARINE                       DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
MURPHY, JAMES (REV)                     DELVIN, FRANCES MARION                  1-44
NANIS, ANN                              NORRIS, JOSEPH                          1-7
NANIS, JOSEPH                           NORRIS, JOSEPH                          1-7
NANIS, JOSEPH JR                        NORRIS, JOSEPH                          1-7
NORTHRUP, ANN G.                        NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, HANNAH                        NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, HARRIET                       NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, HARRIS                        NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, JANE                          NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, JOHN                          NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, MRS.                          NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, SARAH                         NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, STEPHEN                       NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
NORTHRUP, WILLIAM                       NORTHRUP, REMINGTON                     1-97
PAGE, LEMUEL                            NORRIS, JOSEPH                          1-7
PAGE, SARAH                             NORRIS, JOSEPH                          1-7
PAINE, LYMAN                            SWIFT, ELIJAH                           1-23
PAINE, POLLY                            SWIFT, ELIJAH                           1-23
REED, GILBERT                           SWIFT, ELIJAH                           1-23
REED, LOIS                              SWIFT, ELIJAH                           1-23
RICHARDSON, BETSY                       STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
RICHARDSON, JONATHAN                    HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
RICHARDSON, LEWIS                       HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
RICHARDSON, MARY                        HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
RICHARDSON, NATHAN                      STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
RICHARDSON, NATHAN                      HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
ROSEBOOM, ABRAHAM                       ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
ROSEBOOM, JOHN                          ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
SALTER, SARAH                           WALKER, BENJAMIN                        1-1
SALTER, WILLIAM                         WALKER, BENJAMIN                        1-1
SCOT, ANNA BARLOW                       BARLOW, EBENEZER                        1-92
SCOTT, ISAAC H.                         BARLOW, EBENEZER                        1-92
SIMMONS, MORRIS                         STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
SIMMONS, REUBEN                         STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STANLEY, ABIGAIL                        HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
STANLEY, SALMON                         HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
STOCKBRIDGE, COTLIN AKA MUIR            MUIR, JOHN                              1-13
STODDARD, JESSE                         STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STODDARD, RACHEL                        STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, AUGUSTA                          STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, BETSA                            STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, EZRA                             STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, HORACE                           STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, HORATIO                          STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, IRENE                            STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, JERVICE                          STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, LUCINDA                          STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, MARIER                           STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, MARY AN                          STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, RACHEL                           STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, RHODA                            STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, SALLY J.                         STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
STONE, THANKFUL                         STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
SWEITZER, ANNIS BASSETT                 BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
SWIFT, JARVIS                           SWIFT, ELIJAH                           1-23
SWIFT, REUBEN                           SWIFT, ELIJAH                           1-23
SWITZER, OSEA                           BASSETT, DAVID                          1-85
TILLOTSON, ASENATH                      HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
TILLOTSON, MATTHEW N.                   HIGBY, JOSEPH                           1-31
WEST, TIRZA                             STONE, WILLIAM                          1-78
WHITAKER, MARY                          ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57
WHITAKER, STEPHEN                       ROSEBOOM, JOHN J.                       1-57

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