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GAIGE, ELIZABETH D.          CANDOR                        NY-54-24-585
GAIGE, HENRY                 CANDOR                        NY-54-24-353
GALLAGHER, PATRICK           CANDOR                        NY-54-8-117
GALLAGHER, THOMPSON W.       OWEGO                         NY-54-23-221
GALPIN, CATHERINE W.         CANDOR                        NY-54-22-77
GALPIN, JAMES                SPENCER                       NY-54-22-129
GALPIN, SAMUEL               CANDOR                        NY-54-14-313
GARATT, ELMORE               SPENCER                       NY-54-21-265
GARDNER, ELIZABETH B.        WAVERLY                       NY-54-20-181
GARRATT, CORINTH             SPENCER                       NY-54-12-580
GARRETT, AMASA               CANDOR                        NY-54-12-13
GARRISON, CHESTER            OWEGO                         NY-54-25-265
GASKILL, LEVI C.             NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-24-277
GASKILL, PAUL                OWGEO                         NY-54-21-645
GASKILL, URIAH               OWEGO                         NY-54-4-222
GASKILL, WILDER              OWEGO                         NY-54-4-158
GAVELLE, EDWARD              OWEGO                         NY-54-24-337
GAY, DANIEL                  BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-19-321
GENUNG, ABRAM C.             OWEGO                         NY-54-21-293
GERE, EMILY H.               OWEGO                         NY-54-21-269
GERE, EUGENE B.              BEALSTON, FAUQUIER, VA        NY-54-23-533
GIBBARD, ELIZABETH           RICHFORD                      NY-54-21-225
GIFFORD, JOHN H.             OWEGO                         NY-54-17-397
GILBERT, LAYTON              BARTON                        NY-54-28-509
GILDERSLEVE, ASA             ELMIRA                        NY-54-4-269
GILES, JOHN S.               OWEGO                         NY-54-26-349
GILKEY, ORIN T.              CANDOR                        NY-54-16-13
GILLSON, GEHIAL              TIOGA                         NY-54-19-369
GILTNER, JOHN                BARTON                        NY-54-13-97
GLANN, GEORGE H.             OWEGO                         NY-54-28-565
GLANN, REBECCA S.            OWEGO                         NY-54-19-173
GLEASON, SABRINA             NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-24-429
GLEAZEN, SARAH               RICHFORD                      NY-54-11-346
GLOVER, ANSON B.             OWEGO                         NY-54-21-541
GLOVER, LOIS M.              OWEGO                         NY-54-25-209
GOFF, ROSWELL                BIG FLATTS                    NY-54-4-151
GOODALE, ISAAC               BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-8-24
GOODALE, JAMES B.            RICHFORD                      NY-54-19-533
GOODALE, LORIN               OWEGO                         NY-54-15-67
GOODALE, SARAH C.            OWEGO                         NY-54-19-601
GOODENOW, CHAUNCEY           OWEGO                         NY-54-14-169
GOODMAN, JANE                OWEGO                         NY-54-11-288
GOODRICH, ALANSON            TIOGA                         NY-54-12-56
GOODRICH, ANDREW JACKSON     TIOGA                         NY-54-18-386
GOODRICH, CHARLES P.         OWEGO                         NY-54-24-357
GOODRICH, CLARA              OWEGO                         NY-54-17-141
GOODRICH, CLARISSA           SPENCER                       NY-54-17-321
GOODRICH, EPHRAIM            TIOGA                         NY-54-26-49
GOODRICH, ERASTUS            OWEGO                         NY-54-12-40
GOODRICH, FRANCES A.         OWEGO                         NY-54-22-333
GOODRICH, GEORGE B.          OWEGO                         NY-54-20-79
GOODRICH, GOERG EL.          TIOGA                         NY-54-23-377
GOODRICH, HANNAH B.          TIOGA                         NY-54-25-349
GOODRICH, HARRIET            OWEGO                         NY-54-25-285
GOODRICH, HIRAM              SPENCER                       NY-54-12-261
GOODRICH, JUDSON A.          OWEGO                         NY-54-25-417
GOODRICH, NOAH               TIOGA                         NY-54-4-429
GOODRICH, RALPH L.           LITTLE ROCK, PULASKI, AR      NY-54-18-466
GOODRICH, SUSAN M.           SPENCER                       NY-54-12-95
GOODRICH, WILLIAM B.         RICHFORD                      NY-54-23-125
GOODSPEED, NATHANIEL         OWEGO                         NY-54-14-7
GOODWIN, JOHN                ELMIRA                        NY-54-8-1
GORDON, MARTHA N.            OWEGO                         NY-54-20-223
GORSLINE, POMEROY            WYSOX, BRADFORD, PA           NY-54-18-500
GOSS, HARRIE TG.             OWEGO                         NY-54-21-633
GOSS, SEWARD                 OWEGO                         NY-54-27-13
GOULD, EVA S.                TIOGA                         NY-54-26-169
GOULD, JOEL S.               OWEGO                         NY-54-24-9
GOULD, WILIAM L.             OWEGO                         NY-54-23-353
GRAGG, FRANCES               TIOGA                         NY-54-12-21
GRANGER, FRANCIS             RICHFORD                      NY-54-18-428
GRAVES, MARGARET             BARTON                        NY-54-16-79
GRAY, L. D.                  OWEGO                         NY-54-25-297
GREEN, EBENEZER              CHENANGO                      NY-54-3-21
GREEN, ESTHER G.             BARTON                        NY-54-28-293
GREEN, JAMES J.              TIOGA                         NY-54-21-333
GREEN, LEVI                  OWEGO                         NY-54-11-169
GREGORY, HEZEKIAH            NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-17-493
GRIDLEY, HARRIETT N.         BARTON                        NY-54-28-257
GRIDLEY, SELAH               CANDOR                        NY-54-4-129
GRIDLEY, THOMAS              CANDA                         NY-54-11-215
GRIDLEY, WILLIAM C.          CANDOR                        NY-54-14-103
GRIFFIN, ALVAH               OWEGO                         NY-54-17-409
GRIFFIN, LEWIS               CANDOR                        NY-54-25-457
GRIFFING, LUCY M.            OWEGO                         NY-54-27-101
GRIFFITH, JOHN HERBERT       OWEGO                         NY-54-23-157
GRISWOLD, CHARLES E.         RICHFORD                      NY-54-21-469
GRISWOLD, ELIJAH             ELMIRA                        NY-54-3-57
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM            RICHFORD                      NY-54-18-126
GROAT, ABRAM W.              OWEGO                         NY-54-24-25
GUILES, CATHARINE            OWEGO                         NY-54-23-321
GUILES, LEONARD              TIOGA                         NY-54-25-393
GUILES, MARTHA               TIOGA                         NY-54-22-341
HADY, JOHN H.                TIOGA                         NY-54-19-357
HAKES, HANNAH                OWEGO                         NY-54-21-349
HALE, JOHN                   BARTON                        NY-54-22-421
HALE, JOHN L.                CANDOR                        NY-54-14-451
HALL, EDWARD                 CANDOR                        NY-54-16-133
HALL, LEWIS                  CANDOR                        NY-54-17-373
HALL, MARTHA                 CATHARINE                     NY-54-4-325
HALLET, JOSEPH E.            BARTON                        NY-54-22-269
HALLET, MARY ANN             BARTON                        NY-54-24-261
HALLETT, JOSEPH              BARTON                        NY-54-8-262
HALLOCK, JOHN                SPENCER                       NY-54-18-103
HALMER, GEORGE W.            CANDOR                        NY-54-21-497
HAMILTON, LUTHER B.          RICHFORD                      NY-54-25-9
HAMILTON, THOMAS A.          TIOGA                         NY-54-22-9
HAMMOND, ANSEL H.            NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-14-61
HAMMOND, LEBEUS              ELMIRA                        NY-54-4-166
HAND, JACOB                  OWEGO                         NY-54-13-175
HAND, POLLY                  OWEGO                         NY-54-14-151
HANFORD, HELEN ADELL         BARTON                        NY-54-15-385
HANNA, GEORGE E.             BARTON                        NY-54-12-387
HANNA, GEORGE W.             BARTON                        NY-54-15-337
HANNA, JOHN                  BARTON                        NY-54-11-125
HANNA, MARY A.               BARTON                        NY-54-17-277
HANNA, SELAH S.              BARTON                        NY-54-21-345
HANNA, WILLIAM               BARTON                        NY-54-12-320
HANREY, SUSANNA              OWEGO                         NY-54-23-173
HANVEY, HUGH                 OWEGO                         NY-54-22-73
HARDENDORF, DIADAMA          NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-13-103
HARDING, JOHN                BARTON                        NY-54-24-481
HARDMAN, JOHN                TIOGA                         NY-54-21-481
HARIGAN, DANIEL J.           OWEGO                         NY-54-25-561
HARLAND, HARRIET E.          OWEGO                         NY-54-20-259
HARLIN, SAMUEL               CANDOR                        NY-54-11-264
HARMON, JOHN                 NEWARK                        NY-54-11-460
HARRINGTON, RUSSELL          OWEGO                         NY-54-22-485
HARRIS, EMILINE              BARTON                        NY-54-27-25
HARRIS, EMILY                NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-21-377
HARRIS, ISRAEL               OWEGO                         NY-54-14-421
HARRIS, OLIVE RP.            NICHOLS                       NY-54-23-389
HARRIS, PHOEBE L.            OWEGO                         NY-54-27-489
HARRIS, SCOTT                OWEGO                         NY-54-27-61
HARRIS, WASHINGTON           NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-20-61
HARSH, CHARLES M.            BARTON                        NY-54-19-513
HART, DANIEL                 CANDOR                        NY-54-18-176
HART, LOUISA                 CANDOR                        NY-54-22-57
HART, MARY                   SEE: HART, DANIEL             NY-54-18-185
HART, MARY                   SEE: HART, DANIEL             NY-54-18-176
HARTNETT, MICHAEL            OWEGO                         NY-54-28-313
HARVEY, ABRAM                BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-14-199
HARVEY, JOHN D.              NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-17-26
HASKINS, EDWARD T.           OWEGO                         NY-54-28-177
HAUN, MARTIN                 TIOGA                         NY-54-16-43
HAWKINS, CHARLES W.          SPENCER                       NY-54-24-101
HAYDEN, LEVI                 TORRINGTON, LITCHFIELD, CT    NY-54-12-115
HAYDEN, WILLIAM              OWEGO                         NY-54-20-127
HAYNE, HENRY J.              NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-13-151
HAYWOOD, CHARLES M.          OWEGO                         NY-54-22-441
HAZEN, DANIEL                CANDOR                        NY-54-21-445
HEALD, OLIVER                OWEGO                         NY-54-27-329
HEATH, AMELIA S.             NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-17-353
HEATH, SALLY D.              CANDOR                        NY-54-23-309
HEATON, CARLTON R.           OWEGO                         NY-54-28-125
HECKART, JOHN                ELMIRA                        NY-54-3-54
HEDGES, CHRISTOPHER          BARTON                        NY-54-8-314
HEDGES, DANIEL A.            CANDOR                        NY-54-25-353
HEDGES, JOHN B.              BARTON                        NY-54-21-185
HEDGES, MILLA G.             SPENCER                       NY-54-19-285
HEPBURNE, PHEBE              BARTON                        NY-54-16-367
HERRICK, EDWARD P.           CANDOR                        NY-54-18-265
HERRICK, PERLEE              NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-28-453
HERRICK, SAMUEL              CANDOR                        NY-54-4-124
HERRICK, SARAH               NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-12-596
HERRICK, WALTER              CANDOR                        NY-54-11-428
HESS, MARY M.                BARTON                        NY-54-21-525
HEWITT, BENJAMIN F.          OWEGO                         NY-54-15-457
HEWITT, CHARLOTTE            OWEGO                         NY-54-18-12
HEWITT, GURDON JR.           OWEGO                         NY-54-28-13
HICKEY, MARY                 BARTON                        NY-54-25-557
HICKOK, LYDIA JANE           OWEGO                         NY-54-23-49
HICKS, BETSEY                SPENCER                       NY-54-17-57
HIGBE, CHARLES               NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-20-271
HIGBEE, AUGUSTA R.           TIOGA                         NY-54-21-593
HIGGINS, EDWARD M.           BARTON                        NY-54-25-65
HILES, GEORGE                OWEGO                         NY-54-24-589
HILL, ABIAL F.               BARTON                        NY-54-11-19
HILL, CHARLES F.             OWEGO                         NY-54-28-577
HILL, CHARLES O.             OWEGO                         NY-54-25-529
HILL, HARRIET M.             OWEGO                         NY-54-16-242
HILL, HARVEY M.              OWEGO                         NY-54-21-193
HILL, JAMES                  OWEGO                         NY-54-20-97
HILL, JOHN G.                BARTON                        NY-54-28-469
HILL, LESTER M.              OWEGO                         NY-54-28-497
HILL, PARMELIA               BARTON                        NY-54-24-181
HILL, SARAH                  BARTON                        NY-54-24-41
HILLMAN, JOHN                CHEMUNG                       NY-54-4-83
HILLS, ASEL                  OWEGO                         NY-54-15-19
HILLS, CHARLES S.            CANDOR                        NY-54-23-481
HINMAN, JOSIAH               CATHARINE                     NY-54-4-16
HITCHCOCK, CAROLINE          NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-28-345
HOAG, DAVID                  RICHFORD                      NY-54-19-181
HOAGLAND, PETER              TIOGA                         NY-54-21-489
HOAGLAND, WILLIAM            OWEGO                         NY-54-21-297
HOBART, EDMUND               OWEGO                         NY-54-2-175
HODGE, ANDREW C.             CANDOR                        NY-54-17-177
HOFF, ADNET                  NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-19-485
HOFFMAN, HENRY M.            CANDOR                        NY-54-17-1
HOLBERT, JOSEPH E.           BARTON                        NY-54-27-297
HOLCOMB, OLIVE C.            BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-27-429
HOLDEN, MARTHA               OWEGO                         NY-54-28-377
HOLDRIDGE, AMOS              SPENCER                       NY-54-20-313
HOLDRIDGE, FELIX             SPENCER                       NY-54-15-163
HOLLENBACK, CATHARINE        CANDOR                        NY-54-16-307
HOLLENBACK, GEOGE W.         OWEGO                         NY-54-12-486
HOLLENBACK, JOHN             OWEGO                         NY-54-11-255
HOLLENBECK, CHARLES E.       TIOGA                         NY-54-27-153
HOLLISTER, ELIZABETH D.      OWEGO                         NY-54-22-465
HOLLY, NOAH                  CANDOR                        NY-54-8-308
HOLMES, ASHER                OWEGO                         NY-54-20-139
HOLMES, JOHN                 OWEGO                         NY-54-23-393
HOLMES, RACHEL               OWEGO                         NY-54-21-521
HOLMES, SAMUEL               CANDOR                        NY-54-22-165
HOLMS, CHARLES               OWEGO                         NY-54-24-33
HOLT, WILLIAM H.             BARTON                        NY-54-27-29
HOOKER, JOHN J.              OWEGO                         NY-54-27-325
HOOKER, WARREN               OWEGO                         NY-54-22-225
HORTON, ANDREW               CANDOR                        NY-54-15-115
HORTON, GEORGE C.            TIOGA                         NY-54-12-291
HORTON, GURDON H.            TIOGA                         NY-54-27-457
HORTON, JOHN H.              OWEGO                         NY-54-11-319
HORTON, JOHN J.              OWEGO                         NY-54-28-25
HORTON, LUCIEN               BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-22-521
HORTON, SARAH                BARTON                        NY-54-21-137
HORTON, WILLIAM              OWEGO                         NY-54-16-199
HOSKINS, FRANCES A.          OWEGO                         NY-54-27-549
HOTCHKIN, MARY E.            NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-21-673
HOTCHKINS, MARSHAL           NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-13-157
HOTCHKISS, JOHN B.           BARTON                        NY-54-11-463
HOUGH, JOEL J.               BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-25-185
HOUGHTALING, WILLIAM M.      BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-24-293
HOUK, BENJAMIN               RICHFORD                      NY-54-19-281
HOUK, DANIEL                 OWEGO                         NY-54-25-513
HOUK, GEORGE E.              CANDOR                        NY-54-23-397
HOUK, JONATHAN S.            OWEGO                         NY-54-27-301
HOUSE, ALICE                 WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING, PA    NY-54-18-482
HOUSE, EPHRAIM H.            OWEGO                         NY-54-23-409
HOUSE, JULIA A.              SPENCER                       NY-54-17-213
HOUSE, KATE E.               OWEGO                         NY-54-18-454
HOVER, ELIJAH                CANDA                         NY-54-11-184
HOVER, HENRY                 CANDOR                        NY-54-21-173
HOVER, JANE                  CANDOR                        NY-54-28-209
HOVER, SOLOMON               CANDOR                        NY-54-4-388
HOWARD, CHARLES C.           CANDOR                        NY-54-20-67
HOWARD, LYDIA C.             OWEGO                         NY-54-27-509
HOWARD, PATRICK              OWEGO                         NY-54-21-285
HOWELL, ALMIRA A.            NICHOLS                       NY-54-22-173
HOWELL, JAMES                NICHOLS                       NY-54-8-239
HOWELL, ROBERT               NICHOLS                       NY-54-25-413
HOWLAND, CONSIDER            NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-16-115
HOWLAND, HARPER              BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-23-473
HOWLAND, MAY E.              NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-19-49
HOYT, JARED                  CATHARINE                     NY-54-4-161
HOYT, JOHN H.                BARTON                        NY-54-17-133
HUBBARD, DELILA              SPENCER                       NY-54-19-509
HUBBARD, HENRY N.            OWEGO                         NY-54-16-409
HUBBARD, JOHN R.             RICHFORD                      NY-54-15-181
HUBBARD, MIRANDA             RICHFORD                      NY-54-15-373
HUE, LUCETTA                 WAVERLY                       NY-54-17-17
HUFLATING, HANNAH            CANDOR                        NY-54-21-149
HUGG, ISAAC                  SPENCER                       NY-54-8-213
HULL, HANNAH                 BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-13-345
HULL, HUBBARD                CANDOR                        NY-54-12-238
HULL, PERMELIA F.            OWEGO                         NY-54-27-469
HULSE, AMY                   TIOGA                         NY-54-15-433
HUMPHREY, HIRAM              BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-15-235
HUMPHREY, JENNIE             NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-28-517
HUMPHREY, LUCIUS             OWEGO                         NY-54-15-313
HUNT, AMOS T.                OWEGO                         NY-54-16-85
HUNT, ANN ELIZA              CANDOR                        NY-54-21-301
HUNT, ANNA M.                NICHOLS                       NY-54-25-537
HUNT, EBENEZER               NICHOLS                       NY-54-12-170
HUNT, EBER                   NICHOLS                       NY-54-26-37
HUNT, HARVEY                 NICHOLS                       NY-54-19-481
HUNT, ISAIAH                 SPENCER                       NY-54-24-265
HUNT, JONATHAN               NICHOLS                       NY-54-8-58
HUNT, MELINDA                NICHOLS                       NY-54-24-157
HUNT, SAMUEL                 NICHOLS                       NY-54-25-41
HUNT, SETH                   NICHOLS                       NY-54-16-403
HUNT, WILLIAM WALTER         CANDOR                        NY-54-21-177
HUNT, WILLISTON              NICHOLS                       NY-54-20-373
HURLBURT, E. BURRITT         OWEGO                         NY-54-20-331
HUTCHINGS, ELI M.            SPENCER                       NY-54-23-233
HUTCHINSON, HARVEY           BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-19-25
HYATT, CELIA C.              SPENCER                       NY-54-20-295
HYATT, DORCAS                BARTON                        NY-54-16-373
HYDE, ROBERT                 CAROLINE                      NY-54-3-177
HYDEN, CHARLES               OWEGO                         NY-54-28-557
HYDEN, RACHEL                NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-19-249
IDE, JACOB A.                TIOGA                         NY-54-22-101
INGERSOLL, MOSES             OWEGO                         NY-54-14-205
ISENBURG, WILLIAM E.         OWEGO                         NY-54-28-41
JACKSON, ADELIA              OWEGO                         NY-54-25-137
JACKSON, AMOS                BARTON                        NY-54-24-61
JACKSON, ELIZABETH           BARTON                        NY-54-12-470
JACKSON, JOHN                CATHARINE                     NY-54-4-375
JAMES, RUSSEL                OWEGO                         NY-54-14-109
JAPHET, SARAH A.             NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-25-565
JARRETT, EDWARD              OWEGO                         NY-54-28-601
JAYNE, SAMUEL A.             RICHFORD                      NY-54-22-297
JAYNE, WILLIAM               RICHFORD                      NY-54-11-418
JENKS, CALVIN                BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-19-469
JENKS, CALVIN M.             NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-14-247
JENKS, ELIZA JANE            OWEGO                         NY-54-23-341
JESSUP, WILLIAM              CAYUTA                        NY-54-4-24
JEWETT, ESTHER F.            OWEGO                         NY-54-24-49
JEWETT, HARRIS               TIOGA                         NY-54-20-229
JEWETT, JOHN                 OWEGO                         NY-54-11-323
JEWETT, MAURICE W.           OWEGO                         NY-54-21-123
JOHNSON, ARRANGE             CANDOR                        NY-54-21-127
JOHNSON, CARLISLE R.         BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-16-1
JOHNSON, CAROLINE            BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-23-57
JOHNSON, CLARISSA            CANDOR                        NY-54-15-13
JOHNSON, CYRUS               NICHOLS                       NY-54-15-97
JOHNSON, FRANK H.            BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-21-317
JOHNSON, JEFFERSON J.        TIOGA                         NY-54-15-283
JOHNSON, JOHN S.             TIOGA                         NY-54-17-337
JOHNSON, MARGARET            NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-25-225
JOHNSON, OBADIAH             CANDOR                        NY-54-14-115
JOHNSON, PARMENAS A.         BARTON                        NY-54-28-317
JOHNSON, THOMAS D.           OWEGO                         NY-54-24-161
JOHNSTON, JOHN C.            SPENCER                       NY-54-17-469
JONES, ADELIA                BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-17-457
JONES, CHARLES T.            TIOGA                         NY-54-23-25
JONES, ELIZABETH             OWEGO                         NY-54-17-145
JONES, FRANK L.              OWEGO                         NY-54-16-397
JONES, PORTER B.             OWEGO                         NY-54-25-365
JONES, RACHEL A.             TIOGA                         NY-54-19-433
JORDAN, HANNAH               CANDOR                        NY-54-14-121
JORDAN, JOHN                 CANDOR                        NY-54-12-73
JOSLIN, HENRY B.             OWEGO                         NY-54-22-237
JOSLIN, JULIA A.             NICHOLS                       NY-54-25-217
JUDD, HENRY A.               CANDOR                        NY-54-21-109
JUDGE, THOMAS JR.            OWEGO                         NY-54-28-77
JULL, NINA P.                TIOGA                         NY-54-19-597
KEECH, STEPHEN               NICHOLS                       NY-54-19-72
KEELER, IRA                  CANDOR                        NY-54-13-205
KELLEHER, TIMOTHY            NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-24-457
KELLEY, JOSIAH               OWEGO                         NY-54-11-51
KELLOGG, CHARLES             OWEGO                         NY-54-19-553
KELLUM, AMBROSE              OWEGO                         NY-54-28-145
KELLY, JOHN                  SOUTHPORT                     NY-54-4-149
KELSEY, ABNER                ELMIRA                        NY-54-3-143
KELSEY, HORACE               BARTON                        NY-54-22-125
KENDALL, FRANKLIN B.         OWEGO                         NY-54-28-337
KENDALL, JOHN                RICHFORD                      NY-54-17-93
KENNEDY, ISAAC               SPENCER                       NY-54-11-207
KENNEDY, JAMES               BARTON                        NY-54-23-449
KENT, SIMEON                 CHEMUNG                       NY-54-4-219
KENYON, BENJAMIN             SOUTHPORT                     NY-54-4-241
KENYON, ENOCH                SOUTHPORT                     NY-54-4-299
KENYON, LORENZO              NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-28-417
KETCHUM, LA FAYETTE          OWEGO                         NY-54-24-225
KETCHUM, SENECA              NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-21-677
KILE, GEORG EO.              OWEGO                         NY-54-24-245
KIMBALL, JOHN F.             BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-23-429
KING, GEORGE                 BARTON                        NY-54-19-201
KING, SOLOMON D.             BARTON                        NY-54-20-367
KING, WILLIAM H.             OWEGO                         NY-54-25-45
KINGMAN, SEYMOUR R.          OWEGO                         NY-54-22-285
KINGSBURY, MATILDA M.        BARTON                        NY-54-27-181
KINGSBURY, PHILO             OWEGO                         NY-54-12-276
KINGSNORTH, LEONARD          BARTON                        NY-54-22-45
KINNEY, ISAAC                CANDOR                        NY-54-12-554
KINNEY, SIMON                WAVERLY                       NY-54-27-389
KIPP, CLINTON                OWEGO                         NY-54-27-21
KIRK, CHARLES                SPENCER                       NY-54-25-1
KIRK, HENRY                  SPENCER                       NY-54-19-161
KIRK, JOHN                   CANDOR                        NY-54-21-401
KISHPAUGH, HENRY             BARTON                        NY-54-12-258
KLINE, GODFREY               ELMIRA                        NY-54-4-117
KLINE, JOHN                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-54-4-54
KNAPP, AZEL                  BARTON                        NY-54-23-569
KNAPP, MARY E.               NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-28-365
KNAPP, RACHEL                OWEGO                         NY-54-23-277
KNAPP, ROSANNA               NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-12-577
KNIGHT, SARAH E.             SPENCER                       NY-54-28-197
KNIGHTS, WILLIAM G.          OWEGO                         NY-54-15-199
KORTRIGHT, SUSAN W.          CANDOR                        NY-54-21-573
KRESS, CHRISTIAN             CHENANGO                      NY-54-2-28
KUYKENDALL, PETER            NICHOLS                       NY-54-13-187
KUYKENDALL, WILLIAM          OWEGO                         NY-54-16-343
KYLE, THOMAS                 CANDOR                        NY-54-24-169
KYLE, THOMAS                 OWEGO                         NY-54-25-485
LACEY, CARRIE S.             RICHFORD                      NY-54-28-389
LACEY, JAMES                 RICHFORD                      NY-54-28-381
LACEY, LOUIS V.              RICHFORD                      NY-54-28-385
LADY, ELISABETH HODGDON      OWEGO                         NY-54-4-244
LAINHART, GEORGE             OWEGO                         NY-54-23-73
LAINHART, JOHN               NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-16-319
LAINHART, JOHN               OWEGO                         NY-54-17-105
LAKE, HARVEY                 SPENCER                       NY-54-12-546
LAKE, RUFUS E.               SPENCER                       NY-54-14-373
LAKE, WILLIAM A.             OWEGO                         NY-54-23-525
LAMB, ELIZABETH              NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-20-55
LAMB, IRA                    NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-19-261
LAMBERSON, CLYMENA           TIOGA                         NY-54-19-185
LAMONT, ELIZABETH E.         OWEGO                         NY-54-21-529
LAMONTE, SAMUEL M.           OWEGO                         NY-54-20-187
LANE, AMASA                  OWEGO                         NY-54-23-317
LANE, AMOS                   NICHOLS                       NY-54-17-45
LANE, ISAAC                  OWEGO                         NY-54-12-584
LANE, JOHN                   CANDOR                        NY-54-15-25
LANE, PETER                  NICHOLS                       NY-54-11-204
LANING, JULIETT              OWEGO                         NY-54-27-1
LANNING, CHARLES             BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-15-7
LANNING, MARY ANN            SEE: LANSING, MARY ANN        NY-54-12-16
LANSING, MARY ANN            OWEGO                         NY-54-12-16
LARKIN, CATHERINE            OWEGO                         NY-54-26-151
LARKIN, THOMAS               OWEGO                         NY-54-25-213
LAROW, BARTLEY               SPENCER                       NY-54-28-113
LAROW, PHILENA H.            SPENCER                       NY-54-28-437
LAWRENCE, IDA M.             OWEGO                         NY-54-27-5
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH             LAWRENCEVILLE                 NY-54-4-47
LAWRENCE, MARTHA             BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-19-121
LAWRENCE, NATHANIEL          SPENCER                       NY-54-19-1
LAWRENCE, TERESA M.          NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-17-61
LAYTON, THOMAS               OWEGO                         NY-54-2-122
LEACH, EPHRAIM               TIOGA                         NY-54-12-69
LEACH, JEANETTE              OWEGO                         NY-54-27-77
LEACH, STELLA A.             OWEGO                         NY-54-16-211
LEACH, STEPHEN W.            TIOGA                         NY-54-25-425
LEACH, WILLIAM H.            TIOGA                         NY-54-26-25
LEAHY, PATRICK               OWEGO                         NY-54-25-97
LEGG, LAYTON J.              BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-21-473
LEGG, LOUIS P.               BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-23-345
LEGRANGE, JOHN               UNION                         NY-54-2-17
LEONAD, EUNICE               BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-23-421
LEONARD, ASA                 BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-8-185
LEONARD, GEORGE F.           BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-19-437
LEONARD, JOSEPH WALDO        BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-25-109
LETT, JOHN                   BARTON                        NY-54-27-133
LEWIS, ELIZABETH             OWEGO                         NY-54-23-225
LEWIS, FREDERICK W.          OWEGO                         NY-54-28-233
LEWIS, JAMES                 GENOA                         NY-54-4-18
LEWIS, LUCAS                 CANDOR                        NY-54-14-475
LEWIS, SYBIL                 OWEGO                         NY-54-19-413
LICK, JOHN                   OWEGO                         NY-54-17-281
LIGHT, ELI S.                TIOGA                         NY-54-16-55
LIGHT, GEORGE L.             TIOGA                         NY-54-12-45
LILLIE, JARED                OWEGO                         NY-54-21-325
LINCOLN, GEORGE E.           OWEGO                         NY-54-12-402
LINDSEY, KATURAH             OWEGO                         NY-54-21-381
LINK, EMELINE R.             OWEGO                         NY-54-23-577
LINK, EUNICE B.              TIOGA                         NY-54-28-121
LINK, LEONORA                OWEGO                         NY-54-23-401
LIPE, JOHN A.                NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-23-517
LIVERMORE, AARON             BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-12-1
LIVERMORE, JANE D.           OWEGO                         NY-54-26-73
LIVERMORE, OTIS W.           OWEGO                         NY-54-24-449
LIVINGSTON, MICHAEL          OWEGO                         NY-54-23-181
LOCEY, ISAAC V.              CANDOR                        NY-54-24-1
LONG, HARRIET E.             OWEGO                         NY-54-14-385
LOOMIS, ANSON                NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-24-177
LORING, BENJAMIN W.          OWEGO                         NY-54-27-285
LORING, SALLY ANN            CANDOR                        NY-54-22-353
LORING, WILLIAM              SPENCER                       NY-54-11-15
LOTT, ISAAC                  SPENCER                       NY-54-12-103
LOTZ, CORDELIA               SPENCER                       NY-54-19-337
LOUNSBERRY, HARRIET          NICHOLS                       NY-54-28-225
LOUNSBERRY, HORACE           NICHOLS                       NY-54-18-214
LOUNSBERRY, JOHN             NICHOLS                       NY-54-28-325
LOUNSBERRY, LOUISA O.        NICHOLS                       NY-54-19-377
LOUNSBERRY, MARY             NICHOLS                       NY-54-25-165
LOUNSBERRY, PLATT            NICHOLS                       NY-54-20-283
LOUNSBURY, JAMES             NICHOLS                       NY-54-19-265
LOUNSBURY, WILLIAM           NICHOLS                       NY-54-21-101
LOVEJOY, LYDIA A.            OWEGO                         NY-54-12-562
LOVEJOY, MARGARET A.         CANDOR                        NY-54-23-69
LOVELAND, HENRY B. SR.       NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-23-413
LOWERY, EDWARD               OWEGO                         NY-54-14-181
LUM, LYMAN S.                TIOGA                         NY-54-15-499
LYKE, RUFUS F.               OWEGO                         NY-54-25-129
LYMAN, ELEN A.               BARTON                        NY-54-12-383
LYMAN, SARAH B.              BARTON                        NY-54-24-241
LYNCH, THEADOR               BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-21-361
LYNCH, WILLIAM               RICHFORD                      NY-54-12-229
LYON, GEORGE                 OWEGO                         NY-54-28-513
LYON, JAMES                  UNION                         NY-54-2-172
LYONS, ADALINE S.            BARTON                        NY-54-27-513
LYONS, HULDAH E.             BARTON                        NY-54-24-137
LYONS, ISAAC                 CATHARINE                     NY-54-4-66
LYONS, JONATHAN C.           BARTON                        NY-54-18-409
LYONS, JUSTUS                BARTON                        NY-54-11-329
MABEE, MARTHA ANN            SPENCER                       NY-54-19-317
MADDEN, ELIZABETH            WINDHAM, BRADFORD, PA         NY-54-18-490
MAHER, JOHN                  NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-21-385
MALLERY, ELLE                VETERAN                       NY-54-4-352
MALLET, PHILLIP              CATHARINE                     NY-54-4-34
MALONE, EDWIN                OWEGO                         NY-54-21-197
MALONEY, JEREMIAH            OWEGO                         NY-54-27-557
MANDY, BENIAH                OWEGO                         NY-54-2-127
MANLEY, GEORGE S.            SPENCER                       NY-54-25-477
MANNERS, WILLIAM             BARTON                        NY-54-19-133
MANNING, BARNABAS            BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-12-107
MANNING, ELIZA               OWEGO                         NY-54-18-130
MANNING, JOHN E.             BARTON                        NY-54-25-21
MANNING, LOUISA M.           SPENCER                       NY-54-15-247
MANNING, MARTHA J.           OWEGO                         NY-54-28-493
MANNING, MARY JANE           BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-19-577
MANNING, RIPLEY              OWEGO                         NY-54-8-320
MAREAN, MIRANDSA             OWEGO                         NY-54-19-229
MARQUART, SIMEON             OWEGO                         NY-54-23-497
MARSH, CHARLES H.            OWEGO                         NY-54-14-211
MARSHALL, TIMOTHY B.         NICHOLS                       NY-54-23-129
MARTIN, AMOS                 OWEGO                         NY-54-8-36
MARTIN, GEORG W.             SPENCER                       NY-54-19-57
MARVIN, ARCHIBALD            SOUTHPORT                     NY-54-4-173
MARVIN, MARY JANE            OWEGO                         NY-54-16-61
MASTIN, JAMES                OWEGO                         NY-54-15-295
MATHERS, JAMES P.            BARTON                        NY-54-22-253
MATTHEWS, STPEHEN P.         NICHOLS                       NY-54-21-509
MAYNARD, DELLA               OWEGO                         NY-54-25-169
MAYOR, EDWARD E.             OWEGO                         NY-54-27-433
MAYOR, THEODORE              BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-22-457
MCCARTY, JOHN                CANDOR                        NY-54-13-121
MCCOLLIC, CHRISTINA          NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-28-529
MCCONNEL, MATTHEW            ELMIRA                        NY-54-3-170
MCCORMICK, DANIEL            OWEGO                         NY-54-27-41
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM          NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-20-91
MCDAVED, DANIEL              CHENANGO                      NY-54-2-132
MCDONALD, DAVID              WAVERLY                       NY-54-22-189
MCDONALD, DENNIS             OWEGO                         NY-54-19-549
MCDONALD, DUNCAN             BARTON                        NY-54-26-373
MCDONALD, OWEN               BARTON                        NY-54-28-157
MCDOWELL, ELEANOR            WAVERLY                       NY-54-19-453
MCHENRY, SALLY JANE          OWEGO                         NY-54-22-369
MCHENRY, THOMAS              OWEGO                         NY-54-17-257
MCKEE, ROBERT                OWEGO                         NY-54-25-117
MCKINNEY, STEPHEN            BARTON                        NY-54-19-297
MCKINSLEY, STEPHEN           CATHARINE                     NY-54-4-277
MCKNIGHT, WEALTHY            NEWARK                        NY-54-12-360
MCKONE, MAGGE                SPENCER                       NY-54-21-669
MCMAHON, PATRICK             BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-25-249
MCMASTER, FERRIS             SPENCER                       NY-54-19-137
MCMILLAN, JOHN               NEWARK                        NY-54-4-284
MCNEIL, MINARD               NICHOLS                       NY-54-14-55
MCONNELL, DANIEL             NEWTOWN                       NY-54-2-85
MCQUIGG, JOHN                TIOGA                         NY-54-2-66
MEAD, AMOS                   OWEGO                         NY-54-11-156
MEAD, EBENEZER               ELMIRA                        NY-54-8-80
MEAD, EZEKIEL                OWEGO                         NY-54-12-127
MEAD, HEZEKIAH               BIG FLATT                     NY-54-8-21
MEAD, ISAAC                  OWEGO                         NY-54-17-81
MEAD, JOSIAH                 OWEGO                         NY-54-22-61
MEAD, LEVI                   NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-22-265
MEAD, MARTIN                 NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-23-381
MEAD, NANCY                  NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-16-355
MEAD, PETER                  BIG FLATS                     NY-54-4-105
MEAD, ROGERS D.              NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-26-187
MEAD, RUSSEL J.              CANDOR                        NY-54-25-517
MEAD, SALMON                 CANDOR                        NY-54-15-349
MEAD, TABITHA J.             BARTON                        NY-54-26-133
MEAD, WILLIAM H.             OWEGO                         NY-54-28-553
MERICK, JOHN                 OWEGO                         NY-54-22-233
MERICLE, HENRY               CANDOR                        NY-54-27-533
MERRILL, ELISHA B.           BARTON                        NY-54-20-121
MERRILL, LUCINDA B.          NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-25-361
MERRIMAN, DANIEL             TIOGA                         NY-54-11-285
MERRITT, ABEL                NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-20-43
MESSEREAU, DAVID             OWEGO                         NY-54-12-299
MESSEREAU, JOSHUA            UNION                         NY-54-2-69
METCALFE, AZEL               OWEGO                         NY-54-16-391
METCALFE, GEORGE W.          OWEGO                         NY-54-13-309
MIDDAUGH, ABRAHAM            *                             NY-54-4-8
MIDDAUGH, ELIAS              CHEMUNG                       NY-54-4-38
MIDDAUGH, JACOB              NICHOLS                       NY-54-8-108
MIDDAUGH, MEHITABLE          OWEGO                         NY-54-21-449
MIERS, JOHN                  TIOGA                         NY-54-4-35
MILLEN, ELISHA               NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-27-525
MILLER, ABRAHAM              ELMIRA                        NY-54-3-138
MILLER, ADELINE              BARTON                        NY-54-23-433
MILLER, CHARLES H.           TIOGA                         NY-54-27-377
MILLER, DANIEL H.            NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-27-49
MILLER, DANIEL S.            CANDOR                        NY-54-21-433
MILLER, EZRA                 TIOGA                         NY-54-4-6
MILLER, HENRY                SPENCER                       NY-54-12-133
MILLER, JOHN                 NTL                           NY-54-4-392
MILLER, ROBERT B.            NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-15-43
MILLER, SARAH P.             NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-24-77
MILLER, WILLIAM              BIG FLATTS                    NY-54-4-203
MILLER, ZIBA                 TIOGA                         NY-54-11-24
MILLIOUS, ALBERT             RICHFORD                      NY-54-23-541
MILLREA, THOMAS W.           OWEGO                         NY-54-28-373
MILLS, CORNELIA C.           NICHOLS                       NY-54-12-626
MILLS, ELIZABETH A.          OWEGO                         NY-54-15-445
MITCHELL, MARY               OWEGO                         NY-54-28-357
MOE, PLUMA B.                OWEGO                         NY-54-25-197
MOFFITT, ROBERT J.           OWEGO                         NY-54-27-221
MOLLET, PETER                NICHOLS                       NY-54-16-247
MONIGAN, MARY                NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-22-113
MOODY, CHARLES               SPENCER                       NY-54-22-533
MOON, MAGGIE A.              OWEGO                         NY-54-26-43
MOONEY, MARGARET             CANDOR                        NY-54-20-253
MOORE, ELIZABETH             NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-14-175
MOORE, HANNAH MARIA          OWEGO                         NY-54-23-165
MOORE, HAZELTON N.           NICHOLS                       NY-54-19-257
MOORE, L. AUGUSTA            OWEGO                         NY-54-26-1
MOORE, RICHARD               NICHOLS                       NY-54-16-73
MOORE, SOLOMON               VETERAN                       NY-54-8-56
MOORE, WILLIAM H.            BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-11-195
MOORE, CHARLES H.            NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-16-49
MORGAN, MARY T.              WAVERLY                       NY-54-12-588
MOROE, ELIZABETH C.          OWEGO                         NY-54-28-281
MORSE, NEWELL                OWEGO                         NY-54-22-469
MOSHER, SETH                 BARTON                        NY-54-11-451
MOTT, ELCEY LOUISE           OWEGO                         NY-54-25-33
MOTT, MARY K.                WAVERLY                       NY-54-14-139
MOWERS, HARRIET W.           SPENCER                       NY-54-19-53
MUIR, BETSEY                 CANDOR                        NY-54-13-31
MULOCK, DAVID                TIOGA                         NY-54-22-141
MULOCK, GEORGE               BARTON                        NY-54-17-37
MULOCK, LEWIS W.             BARTON                        NY-54-24-197
MUNGER, ALANSON              OWEGO                         NY-54-15-211
MUNGER, CYNTHIA A.           OWEGO                         NY-54-25-373
MUNRO, JOSHUA                BARTON                        NY-54-11-280
MUNSELL, FRANK B.            OWEGO                         NY-54-22-21
MUNSELL, JONATHAN            OWEGO                         NY-54-20-1
MURRAY, JOHN HARRIS          WAVERLY, BRADFORD, PA         NY-54-18-486
MUZZY, HENRY M.              NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-19-489
MYRICK, HORACE E.            CANDOR                        NY-54-19-309
NASH, JAMES H.               BARTON                        NY-54-18-106
NEATT, DAVID                 OWEGO                         NY-54-15-127
NELSON, CALEB                CANDOR                        NY-54-12-54
NEMIRE, SARAH ANN            OWEGO                         NY-54-24-505
NEWMAN, ABRAHAM              CANDOR                        NY-54-21-161
NEWMAN, EZEKIEL              TIOGA                         NY-54-8-138
NEWMAN, GEORGE               NICHOLS                       NY-54-26-205
NICHOLS, CHAUNCEY S.         BARTON                        NY-54-24-561
NICHOLS, GEORGE              OWEGO                         NY-54-24-37
NICHOLS, JOHN A.             SPENCER                       NY-54-19-393
NICHOLS, ROBERT T.           BARTON                        NY-54-12-100
NICHOLS, SIMEON              OWEGO                         NY-54-15-1
NICHOLS, THOMAS M.           OWEGO                         NY-54-15-277
NICOL, ELIZABETH F. R.       TIOGA                         NY-54-26-175
NIEFER, PHILIP               NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-17-245
NIXON, ALLEN                 CANDOR                        NY-54-11-131
NOBLE, DELIA A.              BARTON                        NY-54-12-574
NOLEWARE, DANIEL             OWEGO                         NY-54-15-331
NOONAN, MORRIS               BARTON                        NY-54-24-521
NORRIS, ALONZO               SPENCER                       NY-54-24-361
NORRIS, SAMUEL D.            SPENCER                       NY-54-28-441
NORTH, ASA                   CANDOR                        NY-54-11-107
NORTH, THOMAS                RICHFORD                      NY-54-11-110
NORTON, CHAUNCEY W.          NEWARK VALLEY                 NY-54-23-505
NORTON, LAURA J.             OWEGO                         NY-54-13-315
NOTEWARE, GEORGE W.          OWEGO                         NY-54-17-369
NOTEWARE, HARRIET            OWEGO                         NY-54-23-149
NOTEWARE, WALTER R.          OWEGO                         NY-54-25-581
NOTWARE, HULDAH              OWEGO                         NY-54-11-11
NYE, FREDERICK               OWEGO                         NY-54-12-50
OAKLEY, PRUDENCE C.          OWEGO                         NY-54-26-385
OBRIEN, MARY                 OWEGO                         NY-54-21-129
ODELL, JAMES                 SPENCER                       NY-54-18-122
OGDEN, ISAAC                 OWEGO                         NY-54-14-235
OGDEN, MARGARET              OWEGO                         NY-54-11-316
OGDEN, PRISCILLA C.          OWEGO                         NY-54-21-105
OGDEN, SARAH A.              OWEGO                         NY-54-17-425
OGDEN, SUSAN E.              OWEGO                         NY-54-27-465
OGDEN, WALTER                OWEGO                         NY-54-15-481
OLIVIER, LOUIS               BERKSHIRE                     NY-54-24-405
OLMSTEAD, JOSHUA             NICHOLS                       NY-54-11-310
OLMSTEAD, MARIA S.           OWEGO                         NY-54-27-521
OLMSTED, AVERY               OWEGO                         NY-54-14-37
OLNEY, ASA                   RICHFORD                      NY-54-12-329
OLNEY, CALEB B.              BARTON                        NY-54-27-85
OMARA, JOHN                  OWEGO                         NY-54-20-25
ORCUTT, ISAAC D.             BARTON                        NY-54-23-437
OSBORN, MARY                 BARTON                        NY-54-26-55
OSBORN, SARAH J.             NICHOLS                       NY-54-22-281
OSBORN, WILLIAM              NICHOLS                       NY-54-21-693
OSBURN, WILLIAM              NICHOLS                       NY-54-12-200
OSE, RODNEY S.               CANDOR                        NY-54-28-97
OSHAUGHNESSY, EDMOND         OWEGO                         NY-54-13-247
OSHAUGHNESSY, LUKE           OWEGO                         NY-54-27-257
OWEN, ABEL                   CANDOR                        NY-54-11-79
OWEN, HANNAH                 RICHFORD                      NY-54-23-17
OWEN, JOHN D.                CANDOR                        NY-54-13-1
OWEN, WILLIAM                CANDOR                        NY-54-27-501
OWEN, WILLIAM P.             BARTON                        NY-54-13-193

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