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MACCREARY, JOHN              DIX                           NY-49-11-7
MACKEY, JOHN                 HECTOR                        NY-49-16-125
MACREERY, WILLIAM            DIX                           NY-49-15-55
MAGEE, GEORGE J.             READING                       NY-49-14-61
MAGEE, JOHN                  WATKINS                       NY-49-2-361
MAINE, URI H.                ORANGE                        NY-49-13-361
MALETTE, MARY A.             DIX                           NY-49-13-67
MALLORY, AARON E.            HECTOR                        NY-49-12-445
MALLORY, ELISHA B.           DIX                           NY-49-2-329
MALLORY, WILLIAM P.          MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-415
MALONEY, PATRICK             DIX                           NY-49-14-313
MALTBY, CAROLINE W.          ORANGE                        NY-49-9-205
MALTBY, ERASTUS              ORANGE                        NY-49-17-269
MANDEVILLE, POLLY            MONTOUR                       NY-49-14-97
MANN, DUNCAN C.              WATKINS                       NY-49-4-331
MANNING, AUGUSTAS W.         HECTOR                        NY-49-15-157
MANNING, JOSEPH              HECTOR                        NY-49-16-10
MAPES, HESTER                ORANGE                        NY-49-12-25
MARCHANT, ENOCH              CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-34
MARGESON, BENJAMIN           WAYNE                         NY-49-17-177
MARING, ANDREW               TYRONE                        NY-49-4-241
MARSH, EMMA J.               CATHARINE                     NY-49-15-523
MARSHALL, MADISON            READING                       NY-49-12-337
MARTIN, ELLEN A.             HECTOR                        NY-49-7-55
MARVIN, NATHAN               HECTOR                        NY-49-1-181
MASON, WILILAM               MONTOUR                       NY-49-4-439
MATHER, INCREASE             MONTOUR                       NY-49-4-319
MATHEWS, AARON K.            HECTOR                        NY-49-3-36
MATHEWS, ANGENETTE           HECTOR                        NY-49-8-337
MATHEWS, DANIEL              HECTOR                        NY-49-8-13
MATHEWS, DAVID               READING                       NY-49-2-74
MATHEWS, DAVID               HECTOR                        NY-49-3-54
MATHEWS, MARY E.             TYRONE                        NY-49-8-379
MATHEWS, WILLIAM             ORANGE                        NY-49-10-277
MATTHEWS, AURELIA            HECTOR                        NY-49-14-469
MATTHEWS, JEREMIAH E.        HECTOR                        NY-49-13-433
MCALPINE, WALTER T.          ORANGE                        NY-49-2-302
MCCALL, MARY ANN             WATKINS                       NY-49-1-101
MCCARB, MATHEW               WAYNE                         NY-49-17-197
MCCARTHY, MARY M.            DIX                           NY-49-15-121
MCCARTY, CHARLES             CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-82
MCCARTY, CHARLES             CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-311
MCCLURE, MARY B.             TYRONE                        NY-49-15-517
MCCONNELL, ALFRED            TYRONE                        NY-49-2-78
MCCONNELL, ASA               TYRONE                        NY-49-17-291
MCCONNELL, PETER             TYRONE                        NY-49-17-179
MCCRARY, ELIZABETH           HECTOR                        NY-49-4-355
MCCREERY, ALEXANDER          HECTOR                        NY-49-16-55
MCDOWELL, ANDREW             READING                       NY-49-17-277
MCDOWELL, PHEBE              DIX                           NY-49-10-217
MCELHENEY, THEODORE          HECTOR                        NY-49-4-265
MCEWEN, JOHN                 CAYUTA                        NY-49-15-43
MCFAUL, ROBERT               CATHARINE                     NY-49-15-553
MCFEARSON, WILLIAM           FREDERICKSTOWN                NY-49-17-140
MCINTYRE, REUBEN             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-26
MCINTYRE, WILLIAM            HECTOR                        NY-49-15-433
MCKEEL, JESSE                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-42
MCKIGGAN, JOHN               HECTOR                        NY-49-15-373
MCKINSTRY, MARY A.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-10-391
MCLAFFERTY, FRANK D.         HAVANA                        NY-49-10-529
MCLAFFERTY, MATILDA          MONTOUR                       NY-49-12-391
MCLUSKEY, CHARLES            DIX                           NY-49-3-134
MCNEIL, FANNY T.             READING                       NY-49-1-140
MEAD, ENOS                   TYRONE                        NY-49-5-175
MEAD, JOHN C.                HECTOR                        NY-49-9-67
MEAD, PHILINDA               TYRONE                        NY-49-8-487
MEDBURY, ORSON               TYRONE                        NY-49-1-49
MEDDICK, GEORGE              HECTOR                        NY-49-4-445
MEDDICK, MARY A.             HECTOR                        NY-49-13-481
MEKIEL, JOSHUA               HECTOR                        NY-49-5-103
MESSIG, CARL                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-13-115
MICKEL, MARY E.              HECTOR                        NY-49-2-350
MILLER, AARON B.             HECTOR                        NY-49-9-55
MILLER, AYRES                HECTOR                        NY-49-12-253
MILLER, BARNABAS             CATHARINE                     NY-49-3-109
MILLER, CHARLES              MONTOUR                       NY-49-4-307
MILLER, DANIEL               HECTOR                        NY-49-3-121
MILLER, DAVID R.             ORANGE                        NY-49-15-1
MILLER, HAMPTON              READING                       NY-49-1-258
MILLER, HIRAM B.             HECTOR                        NY-49-11-73
MILLER, ISAAC                CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-443
MILLER, JAMES V.             HECTOR                        NY-49-13-157
MILLER, JEDEDIAH             ORANGE                        NY-49-17-290
MILLER, JOHNSON A.           READING                       NY-49-9-349
MILLER, LEVI                 ORANGE                        NY-49-4-25
MILLER, LYMAN J.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-12-523
MILLER, MATHIAS              DIX                           NY-49-12-55
MILLER, NATHAN               ORANGE                        NY-49-8-403
MILLER, PHILANDER            ORANGE                        NY-49-11-175
MILLER, SAMUEL B.            CATHARINE                     NY-49-13-91
MILLIMAN, CAROLINE H.        HECTOR                        NY-49-11-37
MILLS, AGNES                 HECTOR                        NY-49-8-271
MISINER, ABRAM               CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-431
MITCHELL, CATHARINE          CATHARINE                     NY-49-8-67
MITCHELL, JESSE              MONTOUR                       NY-49-2-118
MITCHELL, JOHN               CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-114
MITCHELL, JOHN               CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-37
MITCHELL, ROBERT             DIX                           NY-49-10-373
MIX, SYLVESTER               READING                       NY-49-10-211
MIX, TITUS F.                CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-42
MOORE, ERASPUS               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-135
MOORE, JAMES H.              DIX                           NY-49-11-439
MOORE, JOHN                  HECTOR                        NY-49-15-379
MOORE, LEBBEUS               HECTOR                        NY-49-12-409
MOORE, PAUL                  HECTOR                        NY-49-9-493
MORAN, JAMES                 WATKINS                       NY-49-8-427
MOREHOUSE, SILAS             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-139
MORGAN, ALEXANDER            HECTOR                        NY-49-12-343
MORGAN, JANE                 CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-301
MORRIS, EPHRAIM              HECTOR                        NY-49-8-205
MORRIS, ROBERT               HECTOR                        NY-49-9-133
MORROW, JOHN                 TYRONE                        NY-49-7-301
MORSE, STEPHEN               ORANGE                        NY-49-11-205
MULFORD, SABRINA S.          CATHARINE                     NY-49-1-285
MULLOY, JOSEPH               TYRONE                        NY-49-9-91
MURRAY, PATRICK              HECTOR                        NY-49-11-67
NASH, LEVI                   NTL                           NY-49-17-204
NEVINS, JOHN W.              MONTOUR                       NY-49-7-217
NEWBURY, ANDREW J.           HECTOR                        NY-49-15-37
NEWCOMB, SARAH A.            ORANGE                        NY-49-8-415
NEWMAN, ABIJAH               READING                       NY-49-2-406
NEWMAN, MARY JANE            HECTOR                        NY-49-13-457
NICHOLS, ABIJA               DIX                           NY-49-2-344
NICHOLS, HARVEY              HECTOR                        NY-49-15-241
NICHOLS, JOHN H.             READING                       NY-49-10-265
NICHOLS, MARIA               READING                       NY-49-7-337
NICHOLS, MARY                CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-19
NICHOLS, THOMAS R.           HECTOR                        NY-49-3-119
NIVISON, NELSON              HECTOR                        NY-49-12-481
NOBLE, LYMAN                 WAYNE                         NY-49-17-285
NORTON, W. LEROY             DIX                           NY-49-14-211
NYE, BARLOW                  NTL                           NY-49-17-52
ODANIELS, ELIJAH             WATKINS                       NY-49-2-292
ODELL, MARY                  HECTOR                        NY-49-7-319
OGDEN, GEORGE                ORANGE                        NY-49-10-553
OLMSTEAD, ELEAZAR            ORANGE                        NY-49-2-177
ORR, JAMES                   DIX                           NY-49-13-589
ORR, ROBERT                  TYRONE                        NY-49-7-127
ORR, WILLIAM                 ORANGE                        NY-49-11-169
OSBORN, JOHN I.              HECTOR                        NY-49-13-511
OSBORNE, ANN                 HECTOR                        NY-49-8-481
OVERHISER, COSPER            ORANGE                        NY-49-9-391
OVERHISER, JAMES             ORANGE                        NY-49-1-110
OVERHIZER, ELIAS             ORANGE                        NY-49-17-271
OVERHIZER, JAMES             ORANGE                        NY-49-17-273
OVERTON, ISAAC               READING                       NY-49-14-133
OWEN, ALANSON                DIX                           NY-49-4-139
OWEN, AMOS                   MONTOUR                       NY-49-7-139
OWEN, DINAH                  HECTOR                        NY-49-16-133
OWEN, HENRY W.               NTL, ELKHART, IN              NY-49-16-132
OWEN, JONATHAN               DIX                           NY-49-2-126
OWEN, LUCY                   CATHARINE                     NY-49-9-175
OWEN, STEPHEN H.             ORANGE                        NY-49-2-499
OWEN, WILLIAM B.             ORANGE                        NY-49-15-229
OWENS, THOMAS                DIX                           NY-49-11-295
PALMANTEER, OMERA            HECTOR                        NY-49-9-61
PALMER, AVERY M.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-253
PALMER, CAROLINE             READING                       NY-49-10-25
PALMER, GARDENCEY            ORANGE                        NY-49-12-583
PALMER, JANE                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-259
PALMER, ZIMRY                DIX                           NY-49-4-121
PALMONTIER, GILBERT          HECTOR                        NY-49-16-148
PANGBURN, TRUMAN F.          TYRONE                        NY-49-13-13
PARISH, PHEBE                READING                       NY-49-11-367
PARKS, JAMES                 ORANGE                        NY-49-3-116
PARMENTER, STEPHEN           CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-17
PATCHEN, KATE                DIX                           NY-49-11-529
PATCHEN, RACHEL              DIX                           NY-49-13-223
PATERSON, ARCHIBALD          HECTOR                        NY-49-8-367
PATTEN, ALEXANDER            WAYNE                         NY-49-17-248
PATTERSON, SAMUEL            CATHARINE                     NY-49-8-85
PEARCE, MARIAH               DIX                           NY-49-12-211
PEARSALL, ALICE W.           DIX                           NY-49-14-43
PEASE, CHARITY               HECTOR                        NY-49-5-247
PEASE, ISRAEL                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-99
PEASE, ISRAEL                HECTOR                        NY-49-15-31
PECK, CAROLINE S.            ORANGE                        NY-49-13-151
PECK, DANIEL                 HECTOR                        NY-49-3-33
PECK, ERASTUS                READING                       NY-49-17-200
PECK, JASON W.               READING                       NY-49-2-47
PECK, MARTIN H.              TYRONE                        NY-49-15-463
PECK, MARY E.                MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-187
PERICH, WILLIAM H.           DIX                           NY-49-14-337
PERRY, ELIZABETH CORYELL     MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-571
PERRY, JAMES                 TYRONE                        NY-49-12-91
PERRY, LOUISA M.             ORANGE                        NY-49-17-286
PERRY, MATTHEW               TYRONE                        NY-49-7-211
PERRY, THOMAS                HECTOR                        NY-49-9-193
PERSONIUS, ANDREW            ORANGE                        NY-49-12-295
PHELPS, ELIJAH               DIX                           NY-49-2-289
PHELPS, HECTOR G.            MONTOUR                       NY-49-14-289
PHELPS, JOHN F.              MONTOUR                       NY-49-10-283
PHINNEY, DAVID               DIX                           NY-49-2-57
PHINNEY, ELHANAN             ORANGE                        NY-49-2-470
PIKE, DAVID                  DIX                           NY-49-9-295
PIKE, SAMUEL                 HECTOR                        NY-49-1-265
PIKE, SEWALL                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-14-277
PIPES, LYDIA ANN             READING                       NY-49-9-451
PITCHER, LOTTIE S.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-12-283
PLATT, BREWSTER              DIX                           NY-49-8-385
POPE, CHESTER D.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-5-145
POPE, JAMES                  READING                       NY-49-10-97
POPE, TIMOTHY                WATKINS                       NY-49-3-186
PORTER, THOMAS               TYRONE                        NY-49-4-403
POTTER, JOSEPH               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-89
POTTS, ANDREW                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-21
POTTS, DAVID                 HECTOR                        NY-49-2-358
POTTS, EMMA M.               HECTOR                        NY-49-15-313
POTTS, JAMES                 HECTOR                        NY-49-5-428
POTTS, JANE ELIZA            HECTOR                        NY-49-10-289
POTTS, JOHN                  LISNAWARD, DOWNS, IRELAND     NY-49-2-281
POTTS, MATILDA W.            HECTOR                        NY-49-5-421
POTTS, WILLIAM               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-123
POWELL, JOHN T.              TYRONE                        NY-49-7-187
POWERS, MICHAEL              CATHARINE                     NY-49-9-463
POYER, ELIZA                 CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-91
PRATT, DANIEL R.             DIX                           NY-49-17-33
PRATT, GEORGE W.             CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-379
PRENTISS, ETHAN W.           TYRONE                        NY-49-12-121
PRICE, ELIPHALET             TYRONE                        NY-49-10-145
PRICE, HELENE C.             TYRONE                        NY-49-17-253
PRICE, SAMUEL                DIX                           NY-49-17-45
PRINCE, CHARLES              MONTOUR                       NY-49-12-517
PRINCE, HEBER                CATHARINE                     NY-49-3-16
PRINCE, JAMES N.             CATHARINE                     NY-49-7-61
PRINCE, SUSAN H.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-12-61
PROBASCO, HANNAH             ULYSSES                       NY-49-16-62
PROPER, ALBERT E.            HECTOR                        NY-49-11-31
PROPER, ALBERT W.            HECTOR                        NY-49-4-55
PROPER, JOHN                 HECTOR                        NY-49-16-145
PROPER, PERMELIA             HECTOR                        NY-49-8-259
PROPER, PETER V. S.          HECTOR                        NY-49-2-460
PROPER, SOPHIA C.            HECTOR                        NY-49-11-307
PROPER, WILLIAM P.           HECTOR                        NY-49-7-115
PURCELL, EDWARD              DIX                           NY-49-14-283
PURDY, JULIA E.              DIX                           NY-49-14-517
QUICK, PETER                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-5-397
RAFLEE, MARTHA               DIX                           NY-49-13-499
RAND, MARY G.                DIX                           NY-49-11-403
RANSOM, CATHARINE            DIX                           NY-49-3-175
RANSOM, MARY                 NEWFIELD                      NY-49-16-58
RANSOM, MILO M.              CATHARINE                     NY-49-2-262
RARRICK, WILLIAM *NTL        ORANGE                        NY-49-5-301
RATHBORNE, BRADLY            HECTOR                        NY-49-16-12
RAYMOND, THOMAS B.           READING                       NY-49-3-163
REA, JAMES                   CAYUTA                        NY-49-1-193
REED, MARVIN                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-13-325
REYNOLDS, CLANCY             HECTOR                        NY-49-11-355
REYNOLDS, GIDEON             HECTOR                        NY-49-4-205
REYNOLDS, JAMES              HECTOR                        NY-49-16-50
REYNOLDS, JEROME             CAYUTA                        NY-49-15-283
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM H.         HECTOR                        NY-49-13-31
RHOADS, MARY CATHARINE       HECTOR                        NY-49-8-325
RHODES, GEORGE               HECTOR                        NY-49-2-60
ROBBINS, MARY E.             HECTOR                        NY-49-10-487
ROBBINS, SARAH A.            READING                       NY-49-14-373
ROBERTS, ADALINE             READING                       NY-49-1-252
ROBERTS, DANIEL              CAYUTA                        NY-49-8-397
ROBERTS, FRANK C.            WATKINS                       NY-49-2-133
ROBERTS, JAMES               READING                       NY-49-1-185
ROBERTS, JOHN                READING                       NY-49-1-136
ROBERTS, SARAH               READING                       NY-49-10-541
ROBINSON, CHRISTOPHER        HECTOR                        NY-49-11-127
ROBINSON, FRANK D.           HECTOR                        NY-49-13-85
ROBINSON, MARY A.            DIX                           NY-49-15-493
ROBISON, CATHARINE           HECTOR                        NY-49-2-467
ROBLYER, ANDREW              DIX                           NY-49-2-438
ROBLYER, GEORGE              MONTOUR                       NY-49-13-73
ROBLYER, MARGARET            ORANGE                        NY-49-8-457
RODGERS, WILLIAM D.          HECTOR                        NY-49-16-156
ROE, ALTA BERTHA CRAWFORD    DIX                           NY-49-11-565
ROGERS, CHARLOTTE            HECTOR                        NY-49-11-1
ROGERS, DANIEL               DIX                           NY-49-14-205
ROGERS, EMERSON W.           TYRONE                        NY-49-12-7
ROGERS, JOHN G.              HECTOR                        NY-49-10-547
ROGERS, MARGARETH            DIX                           NY-49-14-157
ROLFE, JONATHAN              JERSEY                        NY-49-17-176
ROLLINGS, JANE               HECTOR                        NY-49-14-301
ROLLINS, BENJAMIN            HECTOR                        NY-49-14-1
ROLOSON, HARVEY              TYRONE                        NY-49-9-229
ROLOSON, NOAH                TYRONE                        NY-49-9-325
ROLPH, MARY JANE             BINGHAMTON, BROOME, NY        NY-49-2-386
ROMER, GEORGE                ORANGE                        NY-49-2-458
ROONEY, JAMES                DIX                           NY-49-8-97
ROOT, WILLIAM J.             CAYUTA                        NY-49-11-301
ROSENKRANTS, ALEXANDER       CATLIN                        NY-49-17-7
ROSENKRAUS, GARRET           TYRONE                        NY-49-11-217
ROSS, SAMUEL                 READING                       NY-49-7-193
ROSS, TERESSA                READING                       NY-49-10-571
ROWLAND, LUKE                DIX                           NY-49-15-235
ROYCE, AMOS                  DIX                           NY-49-8-247
RUMSEY, BRADFORD             HECTOR                        NY-49-14-175
RUMSEY, CAROLINE D.          DIX                           NY-49-12-13
RUMSEY, ELNATHAN             DIX                           NY-49-7-67
RUMSEY, RICHARD S.           WATKINS                       NY-49-2-221
RUMSEY, WILLIAM H.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-457
RUSCO, JAMES                 ORANGE                        NY-49-3-66
RUSSELL, ABIGAIL             DIX                           NY-49-2-501
RUSSELL, BENJAMIN            DIX                           NY-49-13-373
RUSSELL, TUNIS R.            HECTOR                        NY-49-5-362
RYAN, JANE                   TYRONE                        NY-49-2-472
SACKETT, ELIZABETH           TYRONE                        NY-49-2-20
SACKETT, JOHN C.             HECTOR                        NY-49-13-409
SACKETT, SAMUEL W.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-7-13
SALSBURY, WILLIAM            ORANGE                        NY-49-2-309
SANDFORD, EPHRAIM            WAYNE                         NY-49-17-233
SANFORD, DAVID               WAYNE                         NY-49-17-250
SANFORD, JOHN H.             WAYNE                         NY-49-17-217
SANFORD, LEWIS               DIX                           NY-49-17-62
SANFORD, MORRIS              DIX                           NY-49-1-36
SANFORD, MYRA                DIX                           NY-49-7-265
SANFORD, WILLIAM             WAYNE                         NY-49-17-258
SARGENT, BARTHOLOMEW T.      TYRONE                        NY-49-13-259
SARGENT, IDA M.              TYRONE                        NY-49-13-469
SARGENT, WATSON              TYRONE                        NY-49-13-505
SAVORY, WALTER C.            DIX                           NY-49-11-409
SAYLER, HENRY                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-8
SAYLER, HENRY                HECTOR                        NY-49-2-316
SAYLER, JOHN SR.             HECTOR                        NY-49-2-338
SAYLOR, ANN                  HECTOR                        NY-49-2-446
SAYLOR, SAMUEL               HECTOR                        NY-49-15-193
SCHOFIELD, NANCY             DIX                           NY-49-4-145
SCOBEY, ANN MARIA            WATKINS                       NY-49-2-278
SCOFIELD, JOHN               DIX                           NY-49-2-441
SCOTT, ELIZABETH             ORANGE                        NY-49-11-463
SCOTT, JAMES A.              ORANGE                        NY-49-14-349
SCOTT, JANETT                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-76
SEARLES, JANSON A.           HECTOR                        NY-49-8-103
SEARS, MARIA                 HECTOR                        NY-49-2-449
SEARS, ORIN                  HECTOR                        NY-49-9-385
SEARS, THOMAS B.             HECTOR                        NY-49-3-158
SEBRING, CYRUS               TYRONE                        NY-49-10-43
SEBRING, HENRY B.            TYRONE                        NY-49-15-451
SECHER, BENJAMIN             NEWFIELD                      NY-49-1-197
SECORD, CHARLES              HECTOR                        NY-49-11-132
SECORD, ELIZA                HECTOR                        NY-49-15-73
SECORD, SUSAN                HECTOR                        NY-49-10-583
SECORD, WILLIAM              HECTOR                        NY-49-1-152
SELLEN, CHARLES W.           DIX                           NY-49-12-559
SELLEN, THEODORE B.          DIX                           NY-49-5-253
SELLON, SAMUEL               READING                       NY-49-17-212
SELLON, WESLEY               READING                       NY-49-2-123
SHARPSTEEN, SMITH H.         HECTOR                        NY-49-15-277
SHAW, WILLIAM K.             HECTOR                        NY-49-13-265
SHEA, ELIZA                  TYRONE                        NY-49-7-151
SHEAR, NANCY                 CATHARINE                     NY-49-15-175
SHEARER, GEORGE C.           DIX                           NY-49-12-427
SHEARER, SYLVESTER B.        MONTOUR                       NY-49-12-361
SHEAVER, WILLIAM A.          DIX                           NY-49-14-187
SHELTON, AGER                CATHARINE                     NY-49-3-173
SHELTON, EVERETT             CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-151
SHELTON, JAMES M.            READING                       NY-49-15-499
SHELTON, LEMUEL              NTL                           NY-49-17-27
SHEPHERD, MARIA              DIX                           NY-49-11-427
SHEPHERD, ROSWELL            READING                       NY-49-10-481
SHERER, HIRAM W.             HECTOR                        NY-49-10-115
SHERMAN, JOHN                MILLPORT, CHEMUNG, NY         NY-49-1-333
SHERMAN, LYDIA               VETERAN                       NY-49-17-21
SHERMAN, ORRA                DIX                           NY-49-13-475
SHERMAN, ROBISON             ORANGE                        NY-49-13-439
SHERRER, JAMES P.            MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-19
SHERWOOD, ELIJAH W.          HECTOR                        NY-49-2-191
SHERWOOD, MINOR L.           MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-235
SHERWOOD, PHEBE B.           NEWFIELD, TOMPKINS, NY        NY-49-3-89
SHOEMAKER, ABIHIAL           HECTOR                        NY-49-12-301
SHOEMAKER, LEWIS             HECTOR                        NY-49-3-191
SHOUL, ROBERT                TYRONE                        NY-49-2-211
SHULMAN, HENRIETTA           DIX                           NY-49-12-187
SILSBEE, AMANDA              DIX                           NY-49-14-421
SILVERNAIL, ELIZABETH        ORANGE                        NY-49-5-85
SILVERNAIL, MARGARET         HECTOR                        NY-49-16-14
SIMMONS, ALONZO              READING                       NY-49-4-271
SIMMONS, AMELIA              WATKINS                       NY-49-1-83
SIMMONS, CHARLES             READING                       NY-49-7-121
SIMMONS, NANCY ANN           READING                       NY-49-14-235
SIMMS, WILLIAM               MONTOUR                       NY-49-5-373
SIMPSON, JOHN                DIX                           NY-49-12-397
SIRRIM, HORACE               HECTOR                        NY-49-4-295
SKED, JOHN                   HECTOR                        NY-49-2-413
SKELLENGER, WILLIAM H.       AUSTIN, MOWER, MN             NY-49-2-422
SKELLINGER, MARY A.          MONTOUR                       NY-49-4-421
SKELLINGER, WILLIAM P.       MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-199
SKIFF, RUSSELL               READING                       NY-49-4-373
SLATTERY, ELLEN AGNES        DIX                           NY-49-12-319
SLATTERY, MARGARET           DIX                           NY-49-15-409
SLOGHT, ELIZABETH M.         DIX                           NY-49-5-169
SMITH, ALVIN                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-7-175
SMITH, ANNANIAS              CATHARINE                     NY-49-5-217
SMITH, BENJAMIN              TYRONE                        NY-49-17-189
SMITH, CATHARINE W.          HECTOR                        NY-49-12-325
SMITH, CHARLES               ORANGE                        NY-49-11-505
SMITH, CHAUNCEY W.           HECTOR                        NY-49-3-188
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER C.        HECTOR                        NY-49-4-253
SMITH, DANIEL C.             ORANGE                        NY-49-3-103
SMITH, DAVID                 HECTOR                        NY-49-4-391
SMITH, ELIZABETH             HECTOR                        NY-49-5-241
SMITH, FRANK M.              DIX                           NY-49-13-145
SMITH, GEORGE                HECTOR                        NY-49-1-58
SMITH, GROVER                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-64
SMITH, ISAAC                 WAYNE                         NY-49-17-181
SMITH, JABEZ S.              HECTOR                        NY-49-1-69
SMITH, JAMES                 READING                       NY-49-5-31
SMITH, JANE                  DIX                           NY-49-14-139
SMITH, JONATHAN              TYRONE                        NY-49-1-268
SMITH, JULIA A.              DIX                           NY-49-11-547
SMITH, LEWIS                 HECTOR                        NY-49-13-163
SMITH, LEWIS B.              HECTOR                        NY-49-7-181
SMITH, LEWIS WILKIN          CATHARINE                     NY-49-4-337
SMITH, LOVINA                HECTOR                        NY-49-11-139
SMITH, MARIA                 DIX                           NY-49-12-499
SMITH, MARY L.               HECTOR                        NY-49-11-91
SMITH, OLIVER D.             CATHARINE                     NY-49-15-67
SMITH, PERLEANOR A.          HECTOR                        NY-49-15-421
SMITH, PHEBE E.              DIX                           NY-49-8-319
SMITH, RICHARD E.            HECTOR                        NY-49-11-271
SMITH, SAMUEL                CAYUTA                        NY-49-14-199
SMITH, SYLVESTER C.          CATHARINE                     NY-49-4-229
SMITH, THOMAS L.             HECTOR                        NY-49-2-102
SMITH, WILLIAM H.            HECTOR                        NY-49-16-6
SMITH, WILLIAM L.            TYRONE                        NY-49-14-169
SMOCK, JOHN                  TYRONE                        NY-49-17-237
SNYDER, GEORGE               CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-55
SORTER, JESSE                NTL                           NY-49-17-144
SOULE, ELI S.                HECTOR                        NY-49-14-493
SOULE, EMILY                 HECTOR                        NY-49-14-355
SOULE, JAMES G. B.           HECTOR                        NY-49-12-157
SOULE, SENECA                CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-46
SPARROW, GEORGE E.           DIX                           NY-49-12-265
SPAULDING, PHINEAS           MONTOUR                       NY-49-2-455
SPEAR, BARNEY T.             TYRONE                        NY-49-2-40
SPEARY, SAMUEL               ORANGE                        NY-49-10-235
SPENCE, ISABELLA M.          HECTOR                        NY-49-8-511
SPENCE, WILLIAM A.           DIX                           NY-49-12-205
SPENCE, WILLIAM W.           HECTOR                        NY-49-3-56
SPOONER, SELECTA A.          ORANGE                        NY-49-15-337
SPROUL, ANDREW T.            TYRONE                        NY-49-15-307
SPROUT, WILLIAM              ORANGE                        NY-49-1-143
SPROWLS, DANIEL S.           READING                       NY-49-9-145
SPROWLS, WILLIAM C.          READING                       NY-49-8-409
SQUIER, ANN E.               MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-217
SQUIRES, THEODORE            HECTOR                        NY-49-7-229
STAFFORD, ELIZA              TYRONE                        NY-49-8-175
STAMP, NANCY                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-481
STANLEY, CORA B.             CATHARINE                     NY-49-15-49
STARKEY, WILMER W.           DIX                           NY-49-2-202
STEED, WALTER                CAYUTA                        NY-49-1-65
STEVENS, CHARLES             HECTOR                        NY-49-12-259
STEVENS, EDWARD R.           DIX                           NY-49-11-433
STEVENS, OSCAR               HECTOR                        NY-49-4-103
STEVENS, SAMUEL              HAVANA                        NY-49-2-231
STEWART, MARY E.             DIX                           NY-49-15-325
STILWELL, IRA                HECTOR                        NY-49-12-73
STILWELL, J. WESLEY          HECTOR                        NY-49-13-187
STILWELL, JAMES              HECTOR                        NY-49-16-44
STILWELL, LEWIS              HECTOR                        NY-49-4-217
STILWELL, MARVIN D.          HECTOR                        NY-49-13-313
STILWELL, THOMAS             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-14
STILWELL, WILLIAM A.         HECTOR                        NY-49-10-451
STONE, WILLIAM               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-151
STORM, JOHN B.               DIX                           NY-49-9-139
STOUGHTON, JUSTUS L.         CATHARINE                     NY-49-10-337
STOUGHTON, MARY              CATHARINE                     NY-49-4-73
STOUT, AARON                 HECTOR                        NY-49-2-106
STOUT, FRANCIS               CATHARINE                     NY-49-8-217
STOUT, LYDIA MARIA           READING                       NY-49-12-289
STRADER, LYDIA               DIX                           NY-49-11-283
STRADER, PETER               WATKINS                       NY-49-4-343
STRADER, PETER               CATHARINE                     NY-49-15-109
STRONG, GEORGE               CATHARINE                     NY-49-15-97
SULLIVAN, MARGARET           DIX                           NY-49-7-163
SUNDERLIN, ALONZO W.         TYRONE                        NY-49-7-19
SUTTON, AARON                READING                       NY-49-11-85
SUTTON, NATHANIEL            READING                       NY-49-7-133
SWAN, HANFORD J.             CATHARINE                     NY-49-9-433
SWARTHOUT, DARIUS            TYRONE                        NY-49-10-31
SWARTHOUT, EZEKIEL           WAYNE                         NY-49-17-276
SWARTHOUT, JOANNA            TYRONE                        NY-49-12-241
SWARTHOUT, MARY E.           HECTOR                        NY-49-4-433
SWARTWOOD, ELIZABETH         NTL                           NY-49-17-40
SWARTWOUT, HANNAH            HECTOR                        NY-49-16-119
SWEZEY, WILLIAM              HECTOR                        NY-49-2-135
SWEZY, SAMUEL H.             HECTOR                        NY-49-15-535
SWICK, GEORGE W.             HECTOR                        NY-49-7-373
SWICK, GEORGE W.             HECTOR                        NY-49-7-7
SWICK, MATILDA A.            HECTOR                        NY-49-14-193
SWITZER, CORNELIA M.         ORANGE                        NY-49-9-283
SWITZER, HENRY               WAYNE                         NY-49-17-141
TABER, CHARLES E. M.         DIX                           NY-49-13-535
TABER, JOHN B.               DIX                           NY-49-9-427
TAILOR, FRANCIS              WAYNE                         NY-49-17-215
TEED, JOHN                   HECTOR                        NY-49-14-115
TEEPLE, JOHN                 WAYNE                         NY-49-17-174
THATCHER, AGNES              CATHARINE                     NY-49-13-547
THATCHER, DAVID              CATHARINE                     NY-49-12-505
THAYER, MARY E.              DIX                           NY-49-14-127
THOMAS, CHARLES              HECTOR                        NY-49-2-17
THOMAS, DARRAH               ORANGE                        NY-49-14-73
THOMAS, ELIZA C.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-14-37
THOMPSON, ABRAHAM K.         CATHARINE                     NY-49-9-379
THOMPSON, ANN JANELLE        DIX                           NY-49-5-277
THOMPSON, ARCHIBALD          HECTOR                        NY-49-16-137
THOMPSON, DANIEL D.          CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-38
THOMPSON, DAVID M.           HECTOR                        NY-49-15-583
THOMPSON, DEBORAH A.         HECTOR                        NY-49-11-373
THOMPSON, DEMETRIUS B.       DIX                           NY-49-9-511
THOMPSON, JAMES              HECTOR                        NY-49-16-70
THOMPSON, JOHN W.            DIX                           NY-49-9-163
THOMPSON, MARY E.            DIX                           NY-49-12-133
THOMPSON, PHINEAS            READING                       NY-49-17-156
THOMPSON, SAMUEL             TYRONE                        NY-49-7-169
THOMSON, DAVID               READING                       NY-49-17-143
THYRM, POLLY O.              HECTOR                        NY-49-9-439
TICE, ARCHELAUS              CATHARINE                     NY-49-12-541
TICE, LOUISE T.              CATHARINE                     NY-49-11-199
TILFORD, ARCHIBALD           DIX                           NY-49-1-217
TILFORD, HANNAH JANE         DIX                           NY-49-4-427
TILLEY, MARY ANN             WATKINS                       NY-49-2-353
TOBIAS, HENRY                HECTOR                        NY-49-16-31
TOLLER, TOBIAS               TYRONE                        NY-49-2-346
TOMPKINS, CHARLES            ORANGE                        NY-49-14-319
TOMPKINS, DANIEL D.          WAYNE                         NY-49-17-198
TOMPKINS, JOSEPH J.          TYRONE                        NY-49-12-109
TOMPKINS, LEWIS A.           CATHARINE                     NY-49-13-463
TOMPKINS, LORENZO            TYRONE                        NY-49-15-541
TOPPING, BENJAMIN W.         MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-349
TOWER, DANIEL N.             DIX                           NY-49-17-50
TOWER, SARAH                 DIX                           NY-49-2-30
TOWER, WILLIAM N.            HECTOR                        NY-49-8-139
TOWNSEND, ABIGAL G.          HECTOR                        NY-49-14-433
TOWNSEND, JONATHAN           TYRONE                        NY-49-17-282
TRACY, EBENEZER              DIX                           NY-49-13-133
TRACY, ELIJAH                DIX                           NY-49-9-499
TRACY, ISAAC J.              MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-499
TRACY, MARANDA HALL          HAVANA                        NY-49-2-158
TRACY, SYLVANUS H.           READING                       NY-49-10-205
TRACY, THEOPHILUS            HECTOR                        NY-49-8-61
TRAVIS, SYLVANUS             NTL, SENECA, OH               NY-49-2-23
TREMAN, ALIDA E.             HECTOR                        NY-49-8-373
TRIPPS, SARAH D.             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-43
TROUGH, MARYANN              ORANGE                        NY-49-14-217
TUM, HATTIE                  MONTOUR                       NY-49-10-109
TUM, MICHAEL                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-8-343
TUTTLE, ADRIAN               READING                       NY-49-8-151
TUTTLE, DANIEL               READING                       NY-49-4-385
TUTTLE, GEORGE W.            TYRONE                        NY-49-4-163
TYLER, DANIEL                HECTOR                        NY-49-10-19
TYLER, MARY ANN              HECTOR                        NY-49-13-271
UPDIKE, CLARK A.             HECTOR                        NY-49-8-421
VAIL, SAMUEL                 MONTOUR                       NY-49-14-307
VANDERVEER, JULIA M.         DIX                           NY-49-7-199
VANDERZCE, MARTIN F. E.      HECTOR                        NY-49-8-265
VANDEUSEN, DAVID             DIX                           NY-49-11-553
VANDIEW, ISAAC VOORHEIS      ORANGE                        NY-49-5-151
VANDUYER, JAMES              HECTOR                        NY-49-4-235
VANDUZER, AMY                DIX                           NY-49-13-445
VANDUZER, HENRY C.           DIX                           NY-49-13-355
VANDUZER, MILTON             TYRONE                        NY-49-17-234
VANGORDEN, JOHN D.           TYRONE                        NY-49-13-127
VANGORDER, JOHN              TYRONE                        NY-49-14-379
VANHORN, BETSEY              DIX                           NY-49-3-170
VANHORN, NATHANIEL           CATHARINE                     NY-49-14-451
VANHORN, OLIVER              HECTOR                        NY-49-14-55
VANHORN, SIMPSON             HECTOR                        NY-49-8-355
VANLOON, MARTHA M.           CATHARINE                     NY-49-7-79
VANNESS, BARNARD             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-121
VANNESS, MARY                HECTOR                        NY-49-3-166
VANOSDALL, SUSAN             HECTOR                        NY-49-2-54
VANVLEET, GEORGE             HECTOR                        NY-49-10-463
VANVLEET, MARANDA M.         HECTOR                        NY-49-13-517
VAUGHAN, DANIEL              HECTOR                        NY-49-7-361
VAUGHN, ALBERT               TYRONE                        NY-49-8-145
VAUGHN, WILLIAM              HECTOR                        NY-49-10-331
VIBBERT, WILLIAM             TYRONE                        NY-49-13-103
VICKERY, EBENEZER            CATHARINE                     NY-49-4-169
VINE, ELIZA                  ORANGE                        NY-49-7-259
VOORHEES, CORDELIA IDA       HECTOR                        NY-49-7-343
VOORHIES, JONATHAN O.        ORANGE                        NY-49-1-92
VOSBURGH, CHRISTIANNA        STARKEY, YATES, NY            NY-49-2-322
VOSBURGH, EVERT              READING                       NY-49-17-182
WAKEMAN, DAVID               DIX                           NY-49-12-31
WAKEMAN, ELIZABETH           DIX                           NY-49-11-187
WAKEMAN, WILLIAM             DIX                           NY-49-5-368
WAKEMAN, WILLIAM             DIX                           NY-49-5-355
WALES, MARY A.               READING                       NY-49-10-49
WALLING, PETER               READING                       NY-49-17-178
WALSH, MARIA                 TYRONE                        NY-49-15-259
WARD, MARION A.              READING                       NY-49-2-188
WARNER, MARY                 READING                       NY-49-9-25
WASHBURN, SARAH E.           CATHARINE                     NY-49-14-553
WASHBURN, SHERMAN            CATHARINE                     NY-49-11-535
WASSON, ANDREW               DIX                           NY-49-12-355
WATERHOUSE, CHARLES          READING                       NY-49-13-97
WATKINS, SAMUEL              JEFFERSON                     NY-49-17-1
WEAVER, JAMES                READING                       NY-49-11-469
WEAVER, JAMES                READING                       NY-49-2-4
WEAVER, LEWIS                MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-343
WEAVER, MYRON H.             MONTOUR                       NY-49-15-487
WEBB, JULIA A.               ORANGE                        NY-49-13-385
WEBSTER, ERASTUS             TYRONE                        NY-49-10-565
WEBSTER, ISAAC               TYRONE                        NY-49-17-256
WEDGEWOOD, JAMES             DIX                           NY-49-4-79
WEED, HORACE V.              MONTOUR                       NY-49-12-511
WELCH, JONAS                 ORANGE                        NY-49-2-180
WELLER, HENRY R.             ORANGE                        NY-49-14-571
WELLS, JESSE W.              TYRONE                        NY-49-2-163
WELSH, RACHEL                HECTOR                        NY-49-11-445
WENTZ, WILBUR F.             DIX                           NY-49-12-127
WESCOTT, AMOS                HECTOR                        NY-49-10-421
WESTBROOK, ISAAC             TYRONE                        NY-49-9-277
WESTBROOK, MAHALA            ORANGE                        NY-49-3-126
WESTCOTT, SOPHIA ANN         READING                       NY-49-12-463
WESTERFIELD, JOHN            ORANGE                        NY-49-9-265
WESTERVELT, JASPER           DIX                           NY-49-2-128
WESTLAKE, JOHN E.            MONTOUR                       NY-49-7-313
WHEELER, ELIZA J.            MONTOUR                       NY-49-13-319
WHEELER, EPHRAIM             DIX                           NY-49-17-54
WHEELER, JAMES M.            ORANGE                        NY-49-1-271
WHEELER, MARTIN              MONTOUR                       NY-49-11-349
WHEELER, SPENCER             HECTOR                        NY-49-14-13
WHITE, ELNATHAN              HECTOR                        NY-49-11-229
WHITE, ESTHER                ORANGE                        NY-49-8-493
WHITE, IRA A.                TYRONE                        NY-49-2-374
WHITE, SAMUEL B.             READING                       NY-49-13-79
WHITNEY, EZRA                CATHARINE                     NY-49-3-97
WHITNEY, ORRITTA             CAYUTA                        NY-49-3-178
WICKES, MARIA                DIX                           NY-49-9-85
WICKHAM, CHARLES             DIX                           NY-49-2-70
WIGHT, PHILIP M.             DIX                           NY-49-13-349
WIGHTMAN, ANSON              WATKINS                       NY-49-2-475
WIGHTMAN, JOHN               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-5
WILBER, AMOS C.              ORANGE                        NY-49-11-61
WILBER, ENOCH                DIX                           NY-49-3-139
WILBER, LYMAN                DIX                           NY-49-3-62
WILBER, MARY A.              DIX                           NY-49-7-289
WILLCOX, JOHN B.             HECTOR                        NY-49-12-223
WILLCOX, THOMAS              HECTOR                        NY-49-1-24
WILLETT, JAMES J.            ORANGE                        NY-49-2-355
WILLIAMS, GEORGE             CAYUTA                        NY-49-10-385
WILLIAMS, HARRIETT A.        HECTOR                        NY-49-12-457
WILLIAMS, HENRY S.           TYRONE                        NY-49-17-208
WILLIAMS, NICHOLAS           ORANGE                        NY-49-17-192
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM            HECTOR                        NY-49-14-253
WILLIAMSON, DELOS            ORANGE                        NY-49-14-241
WILLMER, CHRISTOPHER         TYRONE                        NY-49-1-74
WILSEY, WILLIAM HENRY        ORANGE                        NY-49-15-145
WILSON, ALANSON W.           HECTOR                        NY-49-14-499
WILSON, MARY L.              DIX                           NY-49-12-535
WINTON, NELSON               HAVANA                        NY-49-2-97
WINTON, SAMUEL               CATHARINE                     NY-49-17-29
WITHIAM, ANDREW C.           HECTOR                        NY-49-11-109
WIXOM, ELIZABETH C.          HECTOR                        NY-49-13-301
WIXOM, ELNATHAN              HECTOR                        NY-49-12-553
WIXOM, PARKER                HECTOR                        NY-49-15-151
WIXSON, HANNAH               DIX                           NY-49-15-19
WIXSON, SANFORD              DIX                           NY-49-9-445
WIXSON, SOLOMON              WAYNE                         NY-49-17-146
WOLVERTON, SAMUEL U.         BRADFORD                      NY-49-17-255
WOOD, JARED                  HECTOR                        NY-49-5-433
WOODWARD, ELIJAH             DIX                           NY-49-1-215
WOODWARD, GEORGE             HECTOR                        NY-49-16-1
WOODWARD, HIRAM H.           DIX                           NY-49-11-151
WOODWARD, JOHN               HECTOR                        NY-49-16-106
WOODWARD, RICHARD R.         HECTOR                        NY-49-1-318
WOODWARD, SARAH M.           DIX                           NY-49-15-91
WOODWARD, TIMOTHY M.         DIX                           NY-49-8-163
WORDEN, GABRIEL              HECTOR                        NY-49-10-73
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH C.         HECTOR                        NY-49-5-265
WRIGHT, ROBERT W.            HECTOR                        NY-49-5-13
YOST, JOEL H.                TYRONE                        NY-49-14-547
YOUNG, MARTHA                CATHARINE                     NY-49-12-67
YOUNGS, WILLIAM              READING                       NY-49-5-1

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