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LABBY, JOSEPH                WILSON                       NY-32-16-205
LACKER, EMILY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-28-481
LACKER, SELDEN W.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-15-193
LACKER, SMITH                ROYALTON                     NY-32-11-427
LADNER, ABSALOM              NEWFANE                      NY-32-8-109
LAFEVRE, ANTHONY             NEWFANE                      NY-32-11-61
LAFLER, JACOB                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-31-144
LAHEY, DENNIS                ROYALTON                     NY-32-23-511
LAHEY, PATRICK               ROYALTON                     NY-32-53-29
LAKE, GEORGE                 PORTER                       NY-32-8-193
LAKE, GEORGE CLINTON         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-533
LAKE, JANE A.                , WINNEBAGO, IL              NY-32-26-59
LAMB, MARTHA                 WILSON                       NY-32-35-37
LAMBERT, JOSEPH              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-55
LAMONT, JAMES                NEWFANE                      NY-32-33-19
LAMONT, MARY                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-25-523
LAMPMAN, STEPHEN             GEORGETOWN, OTTAWA, MI       NY-32-31-151
LAMSON, JONATHAN             NEWFANE                      NY-32-33-397
LAMSON, MARIETTE             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-349
LANDERS, BENJAMIN J.         SOMERSET                     NY-32-48-277
LANDRIGAN, MARGARET          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-357
LANE, JONAS P.               ROYALTON                     NY-32-8-487
LANE, WILLIAM B.             PENDLETON                    NY-32-20-235
LANGDON, THOMAS              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-28-217
LANIGHAN, BRIDGET            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-477
LARKIN, JOHN                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-373
LAROCHE, THOMAS              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-32-145
LAROSH, JAMES                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-105
LASHER, DAVID                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-253
LAUER, HENRY                 NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-97
LAUGHLIN, ELLEN              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-25-583
LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM            NEWFANE                      NY-32-8-565
LAUGHTON, JOHN               NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-51-465
LAUR, ADAM                   NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-229
LAURENCE, ASAHEL             ROYALTON                     NY-32-24-307
LAUTENSHLAGER, CATHARINE     SOMERSET                     NY-32-18-181
LAUTENSLAGER, JOSHUA H.      SOMERSET                     NY-32-16-313
LAUTERBACH, HERMAN           NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-54-181
LAUX, ADOLPH                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-237
LAVALLETTE, ELI A. F.        PHILADEPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-32-26-222
LAVELLE, CATHERINE           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-199
LAVERICK, NATHAN             CMABRIA                      NY-32-8-505
LAVIN, MILES                 NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-81
LAVIN, MILES                 NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-101
LAWLER, JEREMIAH J.          NORTH TOWAWANDA              NY-32-47-57
LAWRENCE, LOUIE M.           ROYALTON                     NY-32-48-193
LAWSON, HARRISON             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-5
LAYDEN, CATHERINE            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-345
LAYTON, BETSY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-415
LAYTON, JOHN A.              ROYALTON                     NY-32-4-106
LAYTON, WILLIAM              SOMERSET                     NY-32-49-305
LEA, GEORGE                  NIAGARA                      NY-32-34-397
LEANEY, ANN ELIZA            LEWISTON                     NY-32-13-193
LEAP, WILLIAM E.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-20-283
LEE, EMILY J.                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-79
LEE, JULIA ANN               NEWFANE                      NY-32-33-595
LEFFMAN, LEWIS               PORTER                       NY-32-32-181
LEIBRING, JACOB              ROYALTON                     NY-32-45-37
LEINBACH, DANIEL H.          PENDLETON                    NY-32-6-67
LEINBACH, JOHN E.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-511
LELAND, ELIZABETH S.         PENDLETON                    NY-32-32-343
LELAND, LUTHER               PENDLETON                    NY-32-15-391
LELAND, THURMAN              HARTLAND                     NY-32-2-191
LEMBACH, HENRY               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-171
LENAHAN, MARY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-403
LENERD, MARY                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-557
LENNON, JAMES                NLOCKPORT                    NY-32-51-293
LENNON, MARGARET             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-52-337
LENT, CALAHAN                NIAGARA                      NY-32-33-7
LEONARD, CHAUNCEY            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-8-151
LEONARD, DEWITT C.           NEWFANE                      NY-32-49-453
LEONARD, FREDERICK W.        LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-151
LEONARD, HENRY B.            NEWFANE                      NY-32-46-433
LEONARD, JAMES H.            NEWFANE                      NY-32-25-379
LEONARD, MARY                NEWFANE                      NY-32-19-487
LEONARD, RUFUS               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-5-286
LERCH, DAVID                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-25-85
LERCH, ROSA K.               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-153
LEST, EPAPHRAS NOTT          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-15-487
LESTER, LAURENCE             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-4-600
LEVAN, ABRAHAM               CAMBRIA                      NY-32-44-133
LEVAN, DANIEL                CAMBRIA                      NY-32-2-350
LEVAN, HANNAH                CAMBRIA                      NY-32-46-259
LEVAN, MARTHA S.             LEWISTON                     NY-32-54-481
LEVAN, MARY                  CAMBRIA                      NY-32-39-145
LEWIN, ELLEN B.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-21
LEWIS, CHARLOTTE K.          WILSON                       NY-32-48-121
LEWIS, DANIEL G.             NEWFANE                      NY-32-18-217
LEWIS, ELNATHAN W.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-7-19
LEWIS, ESTHER J.             SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-44-529
LEWIS, JAMES C.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-3-296
LEWIS, LUCRETIA L.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-18-223
LEWIS, MARY C.               WILSON                       NY-32-23-211
LEWIS, MERRITT B.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-48-547
LEWIS, OLIVER                NEWFANE                      NY-32-8-163
LEWIS, OLIVER B.             SOMERSET                     NY-32-23-121
LEWIS, THOMAS L.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-471
LEWIS, TOBIAS                SOMERSET                     NY-32-19-109
LEWIS, TRUMAN D.             PENDLETON                    NY-32-28-259
LEWIS, WILLIAM ARNOLD        LOCKPORT                     NY-32-16-157
LEYDEN, CATHARINE            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-48-109
LEYDEN, MICHAEL              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-28-343
LEYDIN, THOMAS               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-33-331
LILLIS, BRIDGET              NIAGARA CITY                 NY-32-17-147
LILLIS, JOHN                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-45-505
LILLIS, MICHAEL              NIAGARA                      NY-32-8-301
LINDEKE, WILHELM             ROYALTON                     NY-32-51-5
LINDENBERGER, CHRISTINA      LEWISTON                     NY-32-46-553
LINES, MARY ANN              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-165
LINES, WILLIAM               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-301
LIPP, LAVINIA                SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-33-421
LITTLE, ALFRED W.            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-51-73
LITTLE, JOSEPH R.            NIAGARA                      NY-32-8-265
LOBBETT, JOSEPH HALL         HARTLAND                     NY-32-33-55
LOCKWOOD, ALLEN              NEWFANE                      NY-32-8-451
LOCKWOOD, HENRY              WILSON                       NY-32-2-225
LOCKWOOD, HENRY              NEWFANE                      NY-32-32-391
LOCKWOOD, HENRY A.           NTL. CLOUD, KS               NY-32-18-446
LOCKWOOD, MARY               WILSON                       NY-32-13-337
LOCKWOOD, SAMUEL             NEWFANE                      NY-32-19-277
LOCKWOOD, SILAS C.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-5-527
LOCKWOOD, SUSAN ANN          NEWFANE                      NY-32-28-289
LOEFFEL, PHILIP              WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-18-85
LOFLER, PETER                NEWFANE                      NY-32-10-397
LOGE, PETER                  WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-38-469
LONG, CONRAD                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-20-487
LONG, JACOB                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-8-433
LONG, JANE                   LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-529
LONG, REUBEN                 ROYALTON                     NY-32-49-193
LONG, SAMUEL R.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-445
LONGMATE, FANNY              CAMBRIA                      NY-32-22-235
LONGMATE, WILLIAM P.         PENDLETON                    NY-32-22-49
LONGSTAFF, HUGH              WILSON                       NY-32-32-433
LONGSTAFF, MARY              WILSON                       NY-32-23-361
LOOSEN, FREDERICK            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-20-169
LOOSEN, SALOME               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-139
LOUNSBERRY, ARZA             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-31
LOUNSBURY, ELIZABETH         NEWFANE                      NY-32-7-25
LOVELAND, JOSEPH D.          WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-25-7
LOVELL, MERCY C.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-38-295
LOVELL, MOSES                NEWFANE                      NY-32-20-301
LOW, JAMES                   LEWISTON                     NY-32-11-217
LOWNSBURY, JOHN R.           NEWFANE                      NY-32-8-211
LUDWIG, HANNAH               ROYALTON                     NY-32-32-397
LUEDERS, CHARLES             WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-10-283
LULL,  JOHN H.               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-5-606
LUM, JAMES                   SOMERSET                     NY-32-3-326
LUNDY, CATHARINE             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-445
LUTH, HENRY JR.              ROYALTON                     NY-32-51-29
LUTHMON, HENRY               WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-22-295
LYKE, ELIZA A.               NEWFANE                      NY-32-18-271
LYMAN, JAMES                 ROYALTON                     NY-32-4-172
LYNCH, BEEZIE G.             NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-54-85
LYNCH, DANIEL                NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-54-281
LYNCH, FRANK J.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-313
LYNCH, MATHEW                NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-49-425
LYNCH, WILLIAM               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-401
LYON, DANFORTH W.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-44-559
LYON, GEORGE H.              LEWISTON                     NY-32-53-225
LYON, HESTER M.              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-52-343
LYON, HESTER M.              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-477
LYON, MARIA D.               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-535
LYON, RALPH VINTON           NIAGARA                      NY-32-44-589
LYON, SETH                   LEWISTON                     NY-32-24-397
LYONS, JOHN                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-2-3
MABEE, POLLY                 ROYALTON                     NY-32-23-163
MACDONALD, MARIA             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-19-355
MACK, ERASTUS S.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-75
MACKEY, ELIZA JANE           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-127
MACKEY, JAMES                ROYALTON                     NY-32-49-17
MACKEY, RICHARD              ROYALTON                     NY-32-4-1
MACY, ROBERT W.              NEWFANE                      NY-32-52-293
MADDEN, JOHN                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-267
MADDEN, THOMAS               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-34-517
MADDEN, THOMAS E.            WILSON                       NY-32-46-223
MADIGAN, MARY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-27-175
MAGORIEN, THOMAS             CAMBRIA                      NY-32-28-577
MAHANEY, JOHN C.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-417
MAHANEY, MARY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-385
MAHAR, DARRELL               SOMERSET                     NY-32-47-53
MAHN, JOHANNA DORTHEA        PENDLETON                    NY-32-46-56
MAHONEY, JOHN                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-34-199
MAHONEY, MARGARET            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-309
MAHONEY, MARY                BUFFALO, ERIE, NY            NY-32-34-181
MAHONEY, MICHAEL             NIAGARA                      NY-32-33-91
MAHONEY, MICHAEL             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-175
MAHONEY, TIMOTHY             NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-52-139
MAIR, WILLIAM                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-2-219
MAKER, WILLIAM               NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-18-25
MALCOLM, RUTH                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-389
MALEY, THOMAS O.             PENDLETON                    NY-32-46-73
MALONE, JOHN                 NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-19-253
MALONEY, CATHARINE           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-169
MALONEY, EDWARD J.           NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-51-173
MALONEY, MICHAEL             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-337
MALONEY, MICHAEL             SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-24-529
MALONEY, MICHAEL             NIAGARA                      NY-32-34-421
MALONY, JOHN                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-24-451
MANCHESTER, CLARISSA         ROYALTON                     NY-32-27-265
MANCHESTER, JAMES H.         HARTLAND                     NY-32-47-453
MANGAN, BRIDGET              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-15-289
MANN, GEORGE                 NEWFANE                      NY-32-19-361
MANN, IDA K.                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-397
MANN, THOMPSON               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-313
MANNING, BENJAMIN            CAMBRIA                      NY-32-32-115
MANNING, JACOB               PENDLETON                    NY-32-33-205
MANNING, JOHN                CAMBRIA                      NY-32-16-25
MANOR, MOSES                 PORTER                       NY-32-11-181
MANSELL, FANNY               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-24-283
MARCHANT, HERBERT            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-51-9
MARKHAM, MICHAEL             NIAGARA                      NY-32-10-313
MARKS, FREDERICK H.          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-405
MARKS, HEZEKIAHM.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-2-321
MARKS, OLIVE                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-15-151
MARKS, SILAS H.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-375
MARONEY, MARGARET            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-12-421
MARONEY, MICHAEL             LEWISTON                     NY-32-38-163
MARSH, CALEB                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-10-79
MARSHALL, DAVID S.           NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-49-429
MARSHALL, HENRIETTA M.       LOCKPORT                     NY-32-33-187
MARSHALL, JAMES P.           YOUNGSTOWN                   NY-32-34-253
MARSHALL, PATRICK            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-439
MARSHALL,  WILLIAM           WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-15-427
MARTIN, AARON                WILSON                       NY-32-52-535
MARTIN, ELLEN                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-21
MARTIN, HENRY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-181
MARTIN, JOHN                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-193
MARTIN, LOVINA               ROYALTON                     NY-32-10-109
MARTIN, MARSHALL             CAMBRIA                      NY-32-47-461
MARTIN, PATRICK              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-445
MASON, ELIZABETH             NIAGARA                      NY-32-20-193
MASSEY, ISAIAH F.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-16-361
MATHER, ANGELINE             MIDDLEPORT                   NY-32-8-55
MATHER, DAVID                WILSON                       NY-32-7-85
MATHER, E. FRANKLIN          HARTLAND                     NY-32-33-67
MATHER, ELIJAH               HARTLAND                     NY-32-8-583
MATHER, POLLY                ROYALTON                     NY-32-4-377
MATHEWS, JAMES H.            SOMERSET                     NY-32-17-249
MATTHIAS, MARY ANN MILLER    PENDLETON                    NY-32-53-37
MATTHIES, LEWIS              NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-54-49
MAUER, JOHN                  PENDLETON                    NY-32-38-499
MAUTH, WILLIAM               NORTH TOWANDA                NY-32-54-349
MAVIS, GOTTFRIED             WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-34-523
MAXFIELD, JOHN               ROYALTON                     NY-32-5-142
MAXWELL, JAMES               NEWFANE                      NY-32-17-231
MAXWELL, THOMAS              LEWISTON                     NY-32-44-181
MAY, DENNIS                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-18-145
MAYER, ADAM                  PENDLETON                    NY-32-51-197
MAYER, MARTIN                PENDLETON                    NY-32-35-571
MAYER, MICHAEL               PENDLETON                    NY-32-32-553
MAYNE, ARTHUR F.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-52-217
MAYNE, JAMES S.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-397
MCARTHUR, CATHARINE          PORTER                       NY-32-32-61
MCBEAN, ALEXANER             NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-47-365
MCCARTHY, DANIEL             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-133
MCCARTHY, DENNIS             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-409
MCCARTHY, JOHANNA            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-31-211
MCCARTHY, MARIA              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-49-181
MCCARTHY, TIMOTHY            PORTER                       NY-32-48-361
MCCARTY, MARY                NIAGARA                      NY-32-11-379
MCCARTY, WILLIAM             WILSON                       NY-32-15-169
MCCHESNEY, HENRY S.          WILSON                       NY-32-16-263
MCCLELLAN, AGNES             NEWFANE                      NY-32-44-55
MCCLEW, CHARLES              NEWFANE                      NY-32-53-77
MCCLEW, JAMES                NEWFANE                      NY-32-49-393
MCCLUE, ELIZABETH            NEWFANE                      NY-32-6-288
MCCLUSKEY, JAMES             LOCKPORT                     4-295
MCCLUSKEY, JAMES T.          PENDLETON                    NY-32-28-487
MCCOAN, RICHARD              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-5-324
MCCOLGAN, ANNA               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-25-481
MCCOLLUM, HIRAM              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-20-499
MCCOLLUM, JOSEPH             PORTER                       NY-32-5-128
MCCOLLUM, PETER              NEWFANE                      NY-32-8-427
MCCOLLUM, WILLIAM            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-25-553
MCCOMB, GEORGE               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-24-517
MCCOMB, MARY A.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-24-511
MCCONKEY, JOHN               LEWISTON                     NY-32-12-427
MCCONNELL, ALEXANDER         NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-20-103
MCCONNELL, CHARLES           LEWISTON                     NY-32-45-571
MCCONNELL, DENNIS            LEWISTON                     NY-32-9-223
MCCOUN, OLIVIA L.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-409
MCCRACKEN, SAMUEL            LEWISTON                     NY-32-32-265
MCDERMOTT, PATRICK           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-27-499
MCDONALD, CHAUNCEY           HARTLAND                     NY-32-32-139
MCDONALD, HUGH               NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-33-457
MCDONALD, JULIA A.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-319
MCDONALD, MURDOCH            ROYALTON                     NY-32-33-451
MCDONALD, PETER              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-469
MCDONNELL, MARGARET ANNA     LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-421
MCDONNELL, PATRICK           NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-47-525
MCDONOUGH, CATHARINE         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-41
MCDONOUGH, CHARLES           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-379
MCDOWELL, LEWIS              LEWISTON                     NY-32-3-576
MCEWEN, SIMON                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-391
MCGILL, WILLIAM              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-33-139
MCGINNIS, MICHAEL            PORTER                       NY-32-19-91
MCGOWAN, BRIDGET             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-34-553
MCGRAW, PATRICK              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-47-405
MCGRAW, PETER                NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-52-319
MCGREGOR, FANNY              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-10-85
MCGUERN, WILLIAM             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-117
MCGUIRE, DANIEL              NEWFANE                      NY-32-24-181
MCINERNEY, JAMES             SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-22-55
MCINTYRE, JOHN M.            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-39-37
MCINTYRE, THOMAS             NEWFANE                      NY-32-54-393
MCKAIN, JAMES                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-10-367
MCKEE, ARCHIBALD B.          NEWFANE                      NY-32-20-373
MCKEE, CHAUNCEY              HARTLAND                     NY-32-19-145
MCKEE, THOMAS                NEWFANE                      NY-32-26-24
MCKENNEY, MYNDERT            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-117
MCKENNEY, STANHOUSE          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-12-13
MCKENZIE, DONALD             PORTER                       NY-32-27-1
MCKEOWN, JAMES               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-52-313
MCKINNEY, ELIZABETH          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-253
MCKINNEY, JAMES              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-139
MCKINNIE, JOHN B.            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-52-517
MCKNIGHT, AMY B.             WILSON                       NY-32-47-261
MCKNIGHT, ANDREW J.          NEWFANE                      NY-32-15-235
MCLAREN, THOMAS              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-54-229
MCLEAN, DOLLY                ST AUGUSTINE, ST JOHNS, FL   NY-32-2-432
MCLEAN, DOLLY                ST AUGUSTINE, ST JOHNS, FL   NY-32-3-535
MCLEAN, WILLIAM              LOCKPROT                     NY-32-25-271
MCLEOD, ELIZA JANE           WILSON                       NY-32-24-145
MCMAHON, CATHARINE           SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-39-325
MCMAHON, MARY E.             PORTER                       NY-32-22-67
MCMAHON, MARY V.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-34-145
MCMAHON, MICHAEL             NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-52-283
MCMAHON, THOMAS              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-52-499
MCMASTER, ISABELLA           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-32-583
MCNALL, FRANCIS JOSEPHINE    LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-25
MCNALL, JOHN                 ROYALTON                     NY-32-28-205
MCNALL, JOHN Q.              ROYALTON                     NY-32-51-353
MCNAMARA, PATRICK            LEWISTON                     NY-32-52-427
MCNEIL, FRANK B.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-389
MCNEIL, HIRAM                CAMBRIA                      NY-32-8-169
MCNEIL, ISAAC H.             CAMBRIA                      NY-32-39-253
MCNELLE, CATHARINE           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-13-19
MCNITT, LOUISA               CAMBRIA                      NY-32-15-265
MCPARLIN, BRIDGET A.         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-559
MCPARLIN, JAMES              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-319
MCRAE, CHRISTOPHER           NORTH TOWANDA                NY-32-54-421
MEAD, BETSEY                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-25
MEAD, EZRA                   SOMERSET                     NY-32-12-271
MEAD, EZRA                   SOMERSET                     NY-32-45-547
MEAD, EZRA C.                SOMERSET                     NY-32-12-373
MEAD, ISAAC B.               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-3-275
MEAD, SILAS                  SOMERSET                     NY-32-3-96
MEAD, STEPHEN                SOMERSET                     NY-32-51-501
MEAHL, PETER V.              NIAGARA                      NY-32-47-489
MEHWALDT, CARL F. H.         WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-34-493
MEHWALDT, JUSTINE            WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-51-473
MEIER, JOHN                  WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-51-213
MENTZ, ELIZABETH             LEWISTON                     NY-32-47-21
MENTZ, WILLIAM               NIAGARA CITY                 NY-32-15-181
MENTZ, WILLIAM P.            LEWISTON                     NY-32-53-601
MERCHANT, AMANDA M.          HARTLAND                     NY-32-25-175
MERCHANT, AUGUSTUS A.        HARTLAND                     NY-32-38-361
MERLEY, JOHN C.              NIAGARA                      NY-32-13-97
MERRICK, BRIDGET             NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-54-133
MERRITT, DELILAH W.          NEWFANE                      NY-32-53-545
MERRITT, REUBEN D.           WILSON                       NY-32-9-283
MERRY, JOHN                  LEWISTON                     NY-32-34-187
MERWIN, SAMUEL R.            WILSON                       NY-32-5-521
MESLER, ABSALOM              ROYALTON                     NY-32-52-409
MESLER, HANNAH               PORTER                       NY-32-27-601
MESLER, NOADIAH D.           COBDEN, UNION, IL            NY-32-46-343
MESSING, THEODORE            WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-22-325
MESSWELL, CHARLES            NEWFANE                      NY-32-3-83
MEURWIN, HENRY R.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-145
MEYER, HENRY                 WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-27-559
MEYER, JOHN HENRY            WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-39-133
MICHAEL, ELIZA               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-31-107
MICHAEL, JULIA E.            HARTLAND                     NY-32-27-211
MIDDAUGH, ANNIE              ROYALTON                     NY-32-34-433
MIGHELLS, CORODON            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-15-337
MIGHELLS, NELSON T.          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-161
MILBY, BENJAMIN              CAMBRIA                      NY-32-12-157
MILENDER, SAMUEL SR.         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-373
MILES, MARCUS W.             CAMBRIA                      NY-32-32-427
MILLARD, OLIVER L.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-20-403
MILLER, ALANTHA              LEWISTON                     NY-32-18-127
MILLER, BENJAMIN S.          NEWFANE                      NY-32-11-37
MILLER, CHRISTIAN F          PENDLETON                    NY-32-54-29
MILLER, DANIEL               NIAGARA                      NY-32-27-319
MILLER, ERNESTINE            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-445
MILLER, GEORGE F.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-33-253
MILLER, HARVEY               WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-32-373
MILLER, ISABELLA H.          LEWISTON                     NY-32-49-461
MILLER, JOHN                 ROYALTON                     NY-32-22-505
MILLER, JOHN                 PENDLETON                    NY-32-54-173
MILLER, JULIETT              MIDDLEPORT                   NY-32-53-505
MILLER, LUCY                 WILSON                       NY-32-27-397
MILLER, LYDIA M.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-295
MILLER, NATHANIEL W.         ROYALTON                     NY-32-46-295
MILLER, PALMER               WILSON                       NY-32-33-25
MILLER, PETER D.             NEWFANE                      NY-32-49-249
MILLER, PRISCILLA            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-32-133
MILLER, SAMUEL S.            WILSON                       NY-32-9-331
MILLER, SIMON                LEWISTON                     NY-32-7-341
MILLER, TOMKINS D.           PORTER                       NY-32-38-463
MILLER, WILLIAM              LEWISTON                     NY-32-5-30
MILLIES, F. C. THEODOR       NIAGARA                      NY-32-25-79
MINARD, ABEL                 MORRISTOWN, MORRIS, NJ       NY-32-6-492
MINEAR, HENRY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-199
MINOT, ALMIRA F.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-45-247
MINOT, EDWARD J.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-391
MINOTT, JESSE                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-3-47
MITCHELL, GEORGE             ROYALTON                     NY-32-2-311
MITCHELL, JUDAH S.           LEWISTON                     NY-32-16-499
MITCHELL, MARTIN             ROYALTON                     NY-32-7-403
MIX, AARON                   WILSON                       NY-32-13-85
MIX, JULIET                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-13-109
MIX, SARAH                   ROYALTON                     NY-32-49-269
MOAG, ROBERT                 PORTER                       NY-32-25-331
MOELLER, JOHANN              NORTH TOWANDA                NY-32-54-573
MOLL, CARL                   ROYALTON                     NY-32-25-595
MOLYNEUX, ELBERTINE          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-121
MOLYNEUX, JAMES              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-27-355
MOLYNEUX, M. ADELLE          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-109
MONTGOMERY, FREELOVE M.      HARTLAND                     NY-32-10-61
MOODY, ELISHA                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-44-187
MOODY, ORANGE E.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-67
MOONEY, FRANCIS              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-45-271
MOONEY, JAMES                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-24-13
MOORE, BENJAMIN S.           NEWFANE                      NY-32-46-49
MOORE, BENJAMIN W.           PORTER                       NY-32-51-417
MOORE, CHARLOTTE A.          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-44-403
MOORE, CHRISTOPHER           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-3-615
MOORE, ELIZABETH             NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-46-169
MOORE, JACOB                 NEWFANE                      NY-32-8-385
MOORE, JAMES J.              ROYALTON                     NY-32-49-257
MOORE, JOHN                  ROYALTON                     NY-32-25-301
MOORE, JONAS                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-521
MOORE, MARY                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-25-289
MOORE, MARY                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-209
MOORE, NANCY                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-201
MOORE, RALPH                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-47-17
MOORE, THOMAS                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-25
MOOTE, GEORGE S.             PORTER                       NY-32-54-169
MORAN, JOHN                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-165
MOREHOUSE, RACHEL H.         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-463
MOREY, ELIZABETH B.          MIDDLEPORT                   NY-32-53-473
MORGAN, JAMES                HARTLAND                     NY-32-6-180
MORGAN, JAMES                HARTLAND                     NY-32-25-367
MORGAN, JOHN                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-35-283
MORGAN, LAVINIA              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-13-433
MORGAN, WILLIAM              HARTLAND                     NY-32-49-525
MORONEL, JOSEPH W.           NIAGARA                      NY-32-22-331
MORRIS, ELISHA               PORTER                       NY-32-7-145
MORRIS, MARIA E.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-13-25
MORRISEY, TIMOTHY            ROYALTON                     NY-32-9-361
MORSE, ABEL J.               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-12-439
MORSE, DANIEL G.             PENDLETON                    NY-32-1-25
MORTON, CHAUNCEY             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-229
MORTON, JAMES W.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-52-475
MORTON, SUSANNAH             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-24-457
MOSER, MARGARET              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-34-373
MOSHER, HIRAM                HARTLAND                     NY-32-44-331
MOSHER, SAMUEL               SOMERSET                     NY-32-5-416
MOSHER, WILLIAM              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-9-187
MOSHIER, JACOB               NEWFANE                      NY-32-10-343
MOSLEY, MARY                 PENDLETON                    NY-32-12-181
MOSS, ELIZABETH ANN          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-125
MOSS, WALTER H.              PORTER                       NY-32-23-133
MOTT, IRA                    ROYALTON                     NY-32-3-560
MOTT, SALLY ANN              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-331
MOUNT, MARY                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-221
MOYER, ELIAS                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-9-277
MOYER, ELIAS M.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-369
MUDGE, LORENZO               HARTLAND                     NY-32-32-247
MUDGE, RHYLAND               HARTLAND                     NY-32-28-103
MUELLER, CARL                WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-53-409
MULDOON, JAMES               NIAGARA                      NY-32-11-349
MULHARE, SAMUEL              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-281
MULKINS, ALLEN               CAMBRIA                      NY-32-1-10
MULLANEY, CATHARINE          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-44-535
MULLANEY, THOMAS             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-157
MULLANY, CATHARINE           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-21-384
MULLIGAN, JAMES              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-69
MULLIGAN, OWEN               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-37
MULLOY, BRIDGET B.           NEWFANE                      NY-32-26-307
MULLOY, CELIA                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-33-409
MULLOY, THOMAS               NEWFANE                      NY-32-15-481
MULQUEEN, MARY               NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-54-397
MUMFORD, MARY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-3-201
MUNGER, NATHANIEL            HARTLAND                     NY-32-2-198
MUNSON, HIRAM D.             NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-52-19
MURDOCK, MOSES               ROYALTON                     NY-32-4-610
MURPHY, ANNA C.              LEWISTON                     NY-32-48-337
MURPHY, CORNELIUS            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-54-545
MURPHY, EDWARD               NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-47-253
MURPHY, JAMES                NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-44-295
MURPHY, JOHANNA              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-35-391
MURPHY, JOHN                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-6-174
MURPHY, LUCY M.              ROYALTON                     NY-32-39-487
MURPHY, MARGARET             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-7-317
MURPHY, MARY A.              ROYALTON                     NY-32-20-43
MURPHY, PATRICK              NIAGARA                      NY-32-18-7
MURPHY, PETER                ROYALTON                     NY-32-3-239
MURPHY, PETER P.             ROYALTON                     NY-32-23-325
MURPHY, SUSANNAH             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-457
MURPHY, TIMOTHY              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-517
MURRALL, ROBERT              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-32-325
MURRAY, ABBY JANE            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-25-469
MURRAY, ANNA                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-15-109
MURRAY, JOHN T.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-373
MURTAGH, MARY                SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-27-157
MYE, HENRY                   NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-49-589
MYE, WILLIAM                 NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-46-457
MYERS, THEODORE              CAMBRIA                      NY-32-51-357
NASH, JONATHAN               SOMERSET                     NY-32-12-7
NASH, OLIVER H. P.           SOMERSET                     NY-32-5-405
NASSORY, JOHN D.             NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-569
NAUTKE, CARL                 WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-33-553
NAVOCHEN, JOHN               SEE: NAWATZIN, JOHN          NY-32-46-199
NAWATZIN, JOHN               NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-46-199
NEADHAM, CATHARINE           NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-23-427
NEEDEN, JAMES                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-12-175
NEFF, MICHAEL J.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-12-37
NELLIST, HENRY               SOMERSET                     NY-32-45-223
NELLIST, WILLIAM             SOMERSET                     NY-32-8-367
NELSON, ANDREW               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-4-590
NELSON, BENJAMIN             WILSON                       NY-32-16-169
NELSON, FRANCIS N.           BEDFORD, BRISTOL, MA         NY-32-26-218
NELSON, JOHN                 PENDLETON                    NY-32-39-265
NELSON, RUTH B.              BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA          NY-32-31-215
NERBER, CHARLOTTE            ROYALTON                     NY-32-52-211
NESSLER, HENRY               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-19
NEVERMAN, JOHN               WILSON                       NY-32-51-517
NEWBERRY, SARAH B.           HARTLAND                     NY-32-54-261
NEWBERRY, WILLIAM            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-5-448
NEWBURY, SYLVESTER           HARTLAND                     NY-32-17-429
NEWHALL, DANIEL              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-19-157
NEWMAN, HENRY                LEWISTON                     NY-32-34-223
NEWMAN, JAMES M.             WILSON                       NY-32-28-121
NICHOLS, ALICE S.            LEWISTON                     NY-32-47-529
NICHOLS, ANDREW J.           LEWISTON                     NY-32-53-201
NICHOLS, ELI S.              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-85
NICHOLS, GAD P.              LEWISTON                     NY-32-48-97
NICHOLS, HARRIET             LEWISTON                     NY-32-15-241
NICHOLS, HEZEKIAH W.         CAMBRIA                      NY-32-47-597
NICHOLS, LUMAN H.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-9-205
NICHOLS, ROBERT              SOMERSET                     NY-32-22-43
NICHOLS, SAMUEL              HARTLAND                     NY-32-44-175
NIELSON, MARY                NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-245
NIESE, CHRISTIAN             NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-47-445
NILES, ORDELIA W.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-205
NITZSCHKE, FRANCIS A.        NIAGARA                      NY-32-19-421
NOAKER, WILLIAM              ROYALTON                     NY-32-45-289
NOBLE, AMANDA                HARTLAND                     NY-32-20-421
NOLAN, FRANK                 NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-49-509
NOLAN, JAMES                 NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-23-433
NOLAN, JOHN                  NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-46-247
NORMAN, THOMAS               ROYALTON                     NY-32-52-541
NORTH, CZAR P.               CAMBRIA                      NY-32-4-448
NORTHROP, EDWARD H.          PENDLETON                    NY-32-54-353
NORTON, ELIZA A.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-20-205
NORTON, HENRY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-12-325
NORTON, LUCIUS P.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-8-457
NYE, DWIGHT                  NEWFANE                      NY-32-18-321
NYE, JOHN FINLEY             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-45-511
OAKLEY, LUCINDA E.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-565
OATS, MARGARET               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-469
OBRIAN, PATRICK              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-12-385
OBRIEN, JAMES                NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-529
OBRIEN, THOMAS               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-34-7
OBRYAN, HENRY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-3-186
OCHS, GEORGE                 NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-52-43
OCONNELL, ANN                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-15-361
OCONNELL, PATRICK            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-317
OCONNELL, WILLIAM            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-4-403
OCONNER, DENNIS              PORTER                       NY-32-17-411
OCONNOR, CORNELIUS           LEWISTON                     NY-32-38-445
OCONNOR, MARTIN              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-577
OCONOR, PATRICK              PENDLETON                    NY-32-24-73
ODELL, ALANSON T.            ROYALTON                     NY-32-27-163
ODELL, JOSEPH                ROYALTON                     NY-32-4-121
ODELL, SALLY                 ROYALTON                     NY-32-19-415
ODONNELL, TIMOTHY            NIAGARA                      NY-32-44-547
ODONOHOE, JOSEPH V.          HARTLAND                     NY-32-46-415
OHAIRE, HUGH                 NIAGARA                      NY-32-44-523
OLCOTT, ABEL                 PENDLETON                    NY-32-11-175
OLDS, ALONZO                 ROYALTON                     NY-32-28-547
OLDS, GEORGE                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-11-223
OLIPHANT, JOHN               LEWISTON                     NY-32-18-423
OLIPHANT, SARAH              LEWISTON                     NY-32-24-175
OLIVER, ALPHONSO             CAMBRIA                      NY-32-5-380
OLIVER, EDWARD               WILSON                       NY-32-18-277
OLIVER, RICHARD              WILSON                       NY-32-34-295
OLLINGTON, JOSEPH            SOMERSET                     NY-32-32-19
OLMSTEAD, MARY A.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-157
OLMSTED, ARDELIA W.          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-217
OLMSTED, LOUISA              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-477
OLMSTED, NATHANIEL           CAMBRIA                      NY-32-15-73
ONAIL, PHILA                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-24-277
ONEILL, PATRICK              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-48-343
ORTH, HENRY                  NIAGARA                      NY-32-54-81
ORTON, MYRON                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-16-307
OSTERMEYER, GEORGE           WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-23-517
OSTRANDER, MARGARET          LEWISTON                     NY-32-12-121
OSTRANDER, NATHANIEL S.      ROYALTON                     NY-32-6-90
OTIES, THOMAS                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-385
OTIS, ANNA                   PENDLETON                    NY-32-4-459
OTT, JOHN GEORGE             CAMBRIA                      NY-32-38-409
OTTERSTEIN, ANNA W. R.       WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-9-325
OTTLEY, JAMES O.             LEWISTON                     NY-32-16-445
OUSTERHOUT, AUGUSTA A.       LASALLE                      NY-32-46-271
OUTWATER, HARMON             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-355
OUTWATER, JOHN               WILSON                       NY-32-3-101
OUTWATER, JOHN J.            NEWFANE                      NY-32-13-175
OUTWATER, MARY ANN           NEWFANE                      NY-32-47-105
OUTWATER, PHEBE JANE         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-583
OUTWATER, TUNIS              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-25-325
OWEN, HUGH                   LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-585
OWEN, JAMES W.               NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-48-595
OWEN, ROBERT                 PORTER                       NY-32-22-373
OWENS, JAMES                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-32-289
OWENS, JOHN                  HARTLAND                     NY-32-38-283
PACKARD, AMBROSE JR.         NIAGARA                      NY-32-12-343
PAGEL, FREDERICK             ROYALTON                     NY-32-24-547
PAGEL, GOTTFRIED             ROYALTON                     NY-32-24-91
PAIGE, JACOB                 HARTLAND                     NY-32-11-19
PAIGE, MARY M.               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-26-9
PAIGE, TIMOTHY               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-577
PAINE, ROBERT T. SR.         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-289
PALMER, CHRISTOPHER          WILSON                       NY-32-22-217
PALMER, DANIEL M.            ROYALTON                     NY-32-48-169
PALMER, LIVINIA N.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-48-151
PANKROW, WILLIAM             WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-38-97
PARDEE, JOHN                 NIAGARA                      NY-32-2-156
PARKER, ABIGAIL B.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-52-553
PARKER, CHARLES R.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-34-115
PARKER, CORNELIA             LEWISTON                     NY-32-20-337
PARKER, EDWARD               CAMBRIA                      NY-32-48-481
PARKER, ELIJAH               CAMBRIA                      NY-32-11-277
PARKER, GEORGE               PORTER                       NY-32-24-79
PARKER, HARRIET W.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-48-577
PARKER, JANE S.              ROYALTON                     NY-32-5-328
PARKER, JOSEPH               PORTER                       NY-32-8-259
PARKER, JOSEPH               LEWISTON                     NY-32-7-235
PARKER, LUCRETIA             WILSON                       NY-32-34-499
PARKER, MARY A.              LEWISTON                     NY-32-51-229
PARKER, POLLY                NEWFANE                      NY-32-15-175
PARKER, THOMAS E.            LEWISTON                     NY-32-33-151
PARKER, WILLIAM              NEWFANE                      NY-32-12-367
PARKINSON, ISABELLA          LEWISTON                     NY-32-53-433
PARKINSON, WILLIAM           LEWISTON                     NY-32-47-269
PARKS, WILLIAM               LEWISTON                     NY-32-22-25
PARMELEE, ALMIRA             WILSON                       NY-32-15-307
PARSONS, AMOS P.             ROYALTON                     NY-32-54-417
PARSONS, ANNE                NIAGARA                      NY-32-28-469
PARSONS, CHARLES A.          NIAGARA                      NY-32-2-342
PARSONS, HORATIO A.          NIAGARA                      NY-32-16-379
PARSONS, KIRK P.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-24-439
PARSONS, LEVI                PORTER                       NY-32-25-55
PARSONS, SYLVESTER           WILSON                       NY-32-20-145
PARSONS, WILLIAM             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-5-509
PARTINGTON, JOSIAH           PORTER                       NY-32-9-109
PARTRIDGE, SARAH             CAMBRIA                      NY-32-15-115
PASCO, CATHARINE             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-20-91
PASSAQUAY, MELAINE           NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-35-469
PATCH, MARTHA A.             HARTLAND                     NY-32-10-241
PATTERSON, ANDREW            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-253
PATTERSON, ARTHUR            NEWFANE                      NY-32-12-151
PATTERSON, JULIA A.          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-457
PATTERSON, MARY ANN          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-45-559
PATTERSON, STAKES            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-28-421
PAYNE, AHIRA                 SEE: PAYNE, JAMES            NY-32-6-222
PAYNE, JAMES                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-6-222
PAYNE, LEWIS S.              NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-52-55
PAYNE, MARY                  NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-54-341
PAYNE, SETH                  CAMBRIA                      NY-32-6-49
PAYNER, MARY                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-18-91
PEARCE, ANN                  MIDDLEPORT                   NY-32-47-357
PEARCE, HARVEY               PORTER                       NY-32-51-209
PEARSON, FRANK L.            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-38-427
PEARSON, THOMAS              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-3-178
PEASE, ABIGAIL V.            WILSON                       NY-32-51-225
PEASE, ENOCH                 WILSON                       NY-32-28-325
PEASE, LUCY R.               SOMERSET                     NY-32-44-25
PEASE, MARY J.               SOMERSET                     NY-32-54-153
PEASE, NATHANIEL             NEWFANE                      NY-32-10-31
PEASE, WILLARD N.            SOMERSET                     NY-32-46-511
PECK, ABIGAIL                LEWISTON                     NY-32-47-133
PECK, FRANCIS B.             NEWFANE                      NY-32-45-367
PECK, THOMAS                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-245
PEET, CYRUS                  PORTER                       NY-32-12-79
PEIRCE, JOB                  HARTLAND                     NY-32-44-349
PEIRCE, ORSAMUS              HARTLAND                     NY-32-2-232
PEIRSON, MARTHA              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-20-295
PEIRSON, THOMAS              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-15-439
PEIRSON, WILLIAM             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-379
PEISCH, MICHAEL              ROYALTON                     NY-32-7-265
PENFOLD, ELIZA               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-18-241
PENFOLD, MARY A.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-21
PENLEY, JANE                 SANBORN                      NY-32-49-25
PERIL, MARGARET              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-493
PERRIGO, ASENATH             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-16-19
PERRIGO, HARRY B.            HARTLAND                     NY-32-13-163
PERRIGO, ISAAC H.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-19-169
PERRY, HORATIO N.            NEWFANE                      NY-32-7-121
PERRY, RALPH                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-35-343
PETERSON, NATHAN B.          CAMBRIA                      NY-32-11-247
PETRIE, ANDREW               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-153
PETTIS, FRANK S.             SOMERSET                     NY-32-27-139
PETTIS, TAMA                 SOMERSET                     NY-32-47-313
PETTIT, ALEXANDER            WILSON                       NY-32-28-91
PETTIT, CLINTON              WILSON                       NY-32-53-253
PETTIT, CURTIS               WILSON                       NY-32-48-493
PETTIT, ENOCH                WILSON                       NY-32-54-21
PETTIT, NANCY M.             WILSON                       NY-32-49-41
PETTIT, THOMAS               WILSON                       NY-32-53-589
PFEIFFER, BERNARD            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-297
PFETSCH, JOHN                NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-51-33
PHARO, STEPHEN               WILSON                       NY-32-32-229
PHELPS, EDMUND               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-229
PHELPS, ELIJAH               PELHAM, NIAGARA, ONTARIO     NY-32-3-250
PHELPS, RANDOLPH             ROYALTON                     NY-32-39-151
PHILLEO, JOEL                SOMERSET                     NY-32-7-421
PHILLIPS, ABRAHAM            NEWFANE                      NY-32-10-199
PHILLIPS, CATHARINE M.       NEWFANE                      NY-32-24-151
PHILLIPS, DAVID              NEWFANE                      NY-32-17-123
PHILLIPS, HOLDEN             WILSON                       NY-32-17-309
PHILLIPS, MARGARET           NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-49-361
PHILLIPS, MARIA H.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-511
PHILLIPS, OTIS               NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-48-217
PHILLIPS, SARAH              HARTLAND                     NY-32-31-87
PHILLIPS, THOMAS             PORTER                       NY-32-34-481
PHILPOTT, JULIAETTA R.       NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-35-55
PICKARD, RACHEL              NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-45-241
PICKARD, SYLVENUS            WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-35-127
PICKLES, HENRY               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-16-415
PIER, JOHANNA                NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-48-199
PIERCE, ASA                  NIAGARA                      NY-32-24-499
PIERCE, GEORGE H.            NIAGARA                      NY-32-23-487
PIERCE, GEORGE W.            CAMBRIA                      NY-32-54-145
PIERCE, HENRY F.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-34-85
PIERCE, HIRAM M.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-10-127
PIERCE, MARY                 NIAGARA                      NY-32-8-439
PIERCE, MARY ANN             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-19-61
PIERCE, SALLY                LEWISTON                     NY-32-7-241
PIERCE, WILLIAM              HARTLAND                     NY-32-4-355
PIERCE, WILLIAM              MIDDLEPORT                   NY-32-47-129
PIKE, JARVIS B.              NEWFANE                      NY-32-12-313
PIKE, RUTH                   CAMBRIA                      NY-32-28-403
PIKE, THOMAS                 WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-9-103
PINDOM, THOMAS               SOMERSET                     NY-32-54-141
PINNEY, HARRIET              CAMBRIA                      NY-32-12-55
PIPER, ARTHUR                LEWISTON                     NY-32-53-257
PITTS, JOSEPH                NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-53-93
PITTSLEY, ESTHER C.          PENDLETON                    NY-32-31-207
PITTSLEY, ESTHER C.          PENDLETON                    NY-32-39-469
PITTSLEY, LUCIUS             PENDLETON                    NY-32-22-157
PIXLEY, JAMES                ROYALTON                     NY-32-4-131
PLACE, CHARLOTTE             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-27-379
PLAIN, JOHN                  NEWFANE                      NY-32-53-365
PLAIN, SARAH                 NEWFANE                      NY-32-48-91
PLANE, ROBERT                HARTLAND                     NY-32-26-266
PLATE, ARNOLD                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-7-97
PLETCHER, DAVID              LEWISTON                     NY-32-35-301
PLETCHER, JACOB              LEWISTON                     NY-32-49-397
PODGERS, JAMES               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-27-169
POMEROY, ARIETTE             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-133
POMEROY, NARCISSA            MIDDLEPORT                   NY-32-33-535
POMROY, HOPKINS C.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-235
POMROY, JABEZ                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-451
POMROY, MARY C.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-225
POMROY, SETH                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-253
POOL, ACHISH POOL            LEWISTON                     NY-32-12-349
POOL, ALFRED                 PENDLETON                    NY-32-13-7
PORTER, A. AUGUSTUS          NIAGARA                      NY-32-34-607
PORTER, ALBERT H.            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-34-505
PORTER, ALBERT H.            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-52-181
PORTER, AUGUSTUS             NIAGARA                      NY-32-4-140
PORTER, AUGUSTUS S.          NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-15-457
PORTER, CLARRICY R.          LEWISTON                     NY-32-16-139
PORTER, ELIZABETH            HARTLAND                     NY-32-54-365
PORTER, ELIZABETH L.         NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-19-247
PORTER, GEORGE F.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-65
PORTER, JOHN R.              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-49-505
PORTER, JULIA                NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-39-451
PORTER, LAVINIA E.           NIAGARA                      NY-32-8-517
PORTER, PETER A.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-9-115
PORTER, PETER B.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-13-361
PORTER, PETER B.             NIAGARA                      NY-32-3-209
PORTER, SARAH                HARTLAND                     NY-32-7-115
PORTER, SARAH E.             LEWISTON                     NY-32-20-73
PORTER, SARAH GROSS          NIAGARA                      NY-32-31-205
PORTER, SARAH GROSS          NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-39-43
PORTER, STUART R.            NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-47-437
PORTER, VINCENT M.           NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-597
POSSNER, HENRY               WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-22-499
POST, RHODA ANN              NEWFANET                     NY-32-53-605
POTTER, JEREMIAH             LEWISTON                     NY-32-32-547
POTTER, LURA                 HARTLAND                     NY-32-5-345
POTTER, ROBERT               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-15-355
POUND, CATHERINE L. W.       LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-569
POUND, LYMAN J.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-421
POUND, THOMAS                LEWISTON                     NY-32-49-409
POWELL, CLARISSA             PORTER                       NY-32-34-601
POWELL, STEPHEN              LEWISTON                     NY-32-25-31
POWELL, THOMAS               LEWISTON                     NY-32-48-235
POWERS, ANN                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-34-109
POWERS, HEMAN                LEWISTON                     NY-32-9-163
POWERS, JOHN H.              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-46-235
POWERS, MICHAEL              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-33-463
POWERS, THOMAS               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-32-13
POWLEY, EDWARD               PORTER                       NY-32-24-127
POWLEY, JOHN                 PORTER                       NY-32-32-307
POWLEY, SARAH                PORTER                       NY-32-28-361
PRAHL, SUSANNA               NIAGARA                      NY-32-27-133
PRAMISSING, HENRY            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-28-433
PRATT, CALVIN                WILSON                       NY-32-35-19
PRATT, GEORGE W.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-12-415
PREISCH, GEORGE L.           CAMBRIA                      NY-32-16-31
PREISH, HENRY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-19-193
PREOFKE, FREDERICK           ROYALTON                     NY-32-49-373
PRESTENN, JOHN               SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-19-133
PRICE, DORCAS S.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-5-574
PRICE, ISAAC                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-4-84
PRICE, ISAAC JR.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-3-15
PRIME, ALFRED                ROYALTON                     NY-32-23-349
PRIME, FRED                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-5
PRISCH, MARTHA M.            ROYALTON                     NY-32-33-487
PROCTOR, MARY A.             ROYALTON                     NY-32-27-235
PROEFROCK, CHRISTIAN         WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-51-233
PROFROCK, JOHN               WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-13-43
PROSSER, MARY                PENDLETON                    NY-32-47-41
PRUDDEN, PETER               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-18-139
PULLEN, EDWIN                WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-38-559
PULMAN, BELCHER              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-353
PULTZ, MARY E.               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-533
PUTMAN, HENRY V.             SOMERSET                     NY-32-19-151
PUTNAM, HENRY S.             MIDDLEPORT                   NY-32-2-389
PYLE, AMOS H.                LEWISTON                     NY-32-48-265
QUADE, CHARLES               PORTER                       NY-32-15-415
QUADE, CHRISTOPHER           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-523
QUADE, MARY A.               LOUISBURG, MIAMI, KS         NY-32-35-145
QUILHOT, MARIAH              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-195
QUINLAN, MICHAEL             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-39-223
QUINN, MARGARET              NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-141
RABB, ADAM                   CAMBRIA                      NY-32-48-271
RACE, ALVIN H.               NIAGARA                      NY-32-5-460
RADICAN, MARY                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-27-361
RAIL, MARGARET               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-57
RAINER, AMELIA HAMES         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-48-421
RALSTON, ALEXANDER           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-319
RALSTON, ELLEN B.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-265
RAMMING, CONRAD              ROYALTON                     NY-32-47-289
RANDALL, ASA                 WILSON                       NY-32-7-181
RANDALL, POLLY ANN           CAMBRIA                      NY-32-5-258
RANSOM, ALFRED               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-451
RANSOM, CORA                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-11-325
RANSOM, HARRIET              LEWISTON                     NY-32-25-199
RANSOM, HERBERT M.           RANSOMVILLE                  NY-32-51-129
RANSOM, JEHIEL C. S.         PORTE                        NY-32-12-217
RANSOM, JOHN G.              BRANTFORD, YORK, ONTARIO     NY-32-32-67
RANSOM, MARTHA B.            PORTER                       NY-32-25-439
RANSOM, OSCAR C.             PORTER                       NY-32-5-338
RANSOM, PELEG                WILSON                       NY-32-28-463
RANSOM, SABRE A.             HARTLAND                     NY-32-46-85
RANSOM, WALTER J.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-373
RASKOB, JOHN                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-105
RATH, PETER                  NIAGARA                      NY-32-28-13
RAUSCH, MARY ANN             SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-45-379
RAWLINGS, JAMES              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-285
RAYMOND, AUGUSTUS E.         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-381
RAYMOND, EDMOND W. JR.       LOCKPORT                     NY-32-5-221
RAYMOND, EDMUND W.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-8-529
RAYMOND, ESTHER              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-475
RAYMOND, GEORGE P.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-7-211
RAYMOND, WILLIAM C.          CAMBRIA                      NY-32-33-373
RAYNOR, ELIZABETH            ROYALTON                     NY-32-23-49
READ, WALTER S.              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-449
RECTOR, ANN P.               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-28-271
REDMAN, MINDART              NEWFANE                      NY-32-12-25
REED, MARGARET E.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-38-187
REED, OLIVER T.              NEWFANE                      NY-32-53-137
REED, PHOEBE                 NIAGARA                      NY-32-28-529
REESE, JACOB                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-13-235
REGENHARDT, FREDERICK        NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-49-213
REHM, JOHN                   LOCKPORT                     NY-32-48-55
REID, JAMES                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-21-303
RENNETT, JANE                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-19-265
REUTSCHELER, JOHANNAS        PENDLETON                    NY-32-7-199
REYNOLDS, ANDREW             NEWFANE                      NY-32-13-61
REYNOLDS, BETSEY E.          NEWFANE                      NY-32-19-139
REYNOLDS, ELIJAH B.          WILSON                       NY-32-34-313
REYNOLDS, MABEL              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-27-145
RHINEHART, JONATHAN          ROYALTON                     NY-32-49-417
RHOAD, DANIEL                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-2-129
RHODE, MARY                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-33
RHODES, DANIEL               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-2-112
RICE, BETSEY                 TINMOUTH, RUTLAND, VT        NY-32-21-248
RICE, DAVID W.               NEWFANE                      NY-32-25-529
RICE, JERUSHA A.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-125
RICH, HARRIET                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-25
RICH, JANE                   LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-165
RICHARDS, MOSES              PENDLETON                    NY-32-18-19
RICHARDS, PULCHERA           PENDLETON                    NY-32-52-301
RICHARDSON, AMOS T.          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-12-247
RICHARDSON, ELIAS            ROYALTON                     NY-32-13-391
RICHARDSON, GEORGE E.        PORTER                       NY-32-11-211
RICHARDSON, HIRAM            CAMBRIA                      NY-32-39-577
RICHARDSON, IRA S.           HARTLAND                     NY-32-39-283
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH K.        NEWFANE                      NY-32-19-241
RICHARDSON, LORENZO D.       LOCKPORT                     NY-32-33-289
RICHARDSON, MARGARET C.      LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-61
RICHARDSON, THOMAS           ROYALTON                     NY-32-5-391
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM          CAMBRIA                      NY-32-7-259
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM B.       LEWISTON                     NY-32-13-217
RICHMOND, EXPERIENCE         WILSON                       NY-32-24-121
RICHMOND, JAMES              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-87
RICHMOND, JOHN               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-46-493
RICHMOND, MARY               NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-121
RICHMOND, WALTER T.          WILSON                       NY-32-32-109
RICKABAUGH, JOHN             WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-3-585
RICKARD, HENRY               PENDLETON                    NY-32-51-485
RICKHOFF, CATHARINE          SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-24-427
RIEGER, BONIFACE             CAMBRIA                      NY-32-49-173
RIEMER, AUGUST               ROYALTON                     NY-32-51-441
RIGNALL, JOHN                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-329
RILEY, ELLEN                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-53-317
RILEY, FRANCIS               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-19-499
RILEY, MARY                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-47-429
RILEY, THOMAS                CAMBRIA                      NY-32-44-421
RILEY, WILLIAM               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-5-395
RINGNEBURG, NICHOLAS S.      LOCKPORT                     NY-32-32-415
RINGUEBERG, JACOB            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-13-313
RIPSON, CYNTHIA E.           PORTER                       NY-32-47-377
RIPSON, HIRAM                PORTER                       NY-32-12-463
RIPSON, WILLIAM              PORTER                       NY-32-47-413
RISING, SAMUEL S.            SOMERSET                     NY-32-23-253
RITZ, AGNES                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-257
ROACH, MARY                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-33-385
ROBARDS, THOMAS              ROYALTON                     NY-32-7-409
ROBARDS, THOMAS W.           ROYALTON                     NY-32-9-7
ROBBINS, HORACE              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-13-67
ROBERTS, PHILADELPHIA        ROYALTON                     NY-32-15-271
ROBERTS, POTTER              WILSON                       NY-32-31-213
ROBERTS, POTTER              WILSON                       NY-32-47-137
ROBERTSON, EMILY C.          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-49-93
ROBERTSON, MARY JANE         MIDDLEPORT                   NY-32-34-511
ROBILLARD, VELMA E.          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-24-109
ROBINSON, ANDREW             LEWISTON                     NY-32-19-379
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH          NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-47-293
ROBINSON, EVE ANN            CAMBRIA                      NY-32-53-593
ROBINSON, FLORENCE L.        NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-53-177
ROBINSON, HIRAM              CAMBRIA                      NY-32-9-265
ROBINSON, JAMES              LEWISTON                     NY-32-17-177
ROBINSON, LYDIA ANN          NIAGARA                      NY-32-27-553
ROBINSON, MARY A.            CAMBRIA                      NY-32-28-241
ROBINSON, ROBERT             WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-6-135
ROBINSON, SAMUEL             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-10-67
ROBINSON, SUSANNAH           LEWISTON                     NY-32-49-473
ROBINSON, WARREN W.          NEWFANE                      NY-32-3-168
ROBINSON, WILLIAM            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-24-139
ROBINSON, WILLIAM H.         PENDLETON                    NY-32-5-253
ROBINSON, WILSON             LEWISTON                     NY-32-12-1
ROBSON, KENDRA               HARTLAND                     NY-32-16-277
ROCHE, HANNORA               NIAGARA                      NY-32-20-307
ROCHE, WILLIAM               NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-47-401
ROCKWOOD, JOSHUA             NEWFANE                      NY-32-3-271
ROGERS, AMOS                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-8-601
ROGERS, HELEN E.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-54-37
ROGERS, LORANA               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-23-187
ROGERS, MARTIN F.            CAMBRIA                      NY-32-10-259
ROGERS, NATHAN B.            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-247
ROGERS, RYLAND J.            NIAGARA                      NY-32-46-19
ROLLER, CHRISTOPH            SUSPENSION BRIDGE            NY-32-44-361
ROOD, JONATHAN               NEWFANE                      NY-32-21-272
ROONEY, JENNIE E. B.         LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-77
ROONEY, MARY                 NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-45-301
ROOT, ELIAS                  LEWISTON                     NY-32-2-41
ROPERT, JOSEPH               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-27-577
ROSE, ALEXANDER              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-207
ROSE, ALEXANDER C.           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-523
ROSE, GEORGE P.              CAMBRIA                      NY-32-48-319
ROSE, ISABELLA               LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-541
ROSE, JAIRUS                 CAMBRIA                      NY-32-1-36
ROSE, MARY                   LOCKPORT                     NY-32-28-109
ROSENBAUM, JOHN              WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-12-241
ROSS, ELIZABETH A.           ROYALTON                     NY-32-22-427
ROSS, JOHN                   WILSON                       NY-32-1-8
ROSZMAN, GEORGE              LOCKPORT                     NY-32-19-349
ROTH, JACOB                  LOCKPORT                     NY-32-17-279
ROUND, ROBERT J.             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-16-109
ROUNDS, HARRISON             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-34-265
ROURKE, JOHN                 LOCKPORT                     NY-32-18-73
ROWE, GEORGE                 NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-20-517
ROWE, GORDON                 HARTLAND                     NY-32-44-43
ROWE, SUSAN E.               NIAGARA                      NY-32-13-307
ROWEN, CATHARINE             NEWFANE                      NY-32-33-1
ROYCE, SARAH H.              NIAGARA                      NY-32-15-79
RUBBERT, ELIZABETH           WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-51-281
RUDERT, LOUISE HENRIETTA     LOCKPORT                     NY-32-52-91
RUDY, GEORGE B.              LEWISTON                     NY-32-27-541
RUHLMANN, ARBOGAST           LOCKPORT                     NY-32-45-181
RUMBOLD, LORETTA MAUD        NORTH TONAWANDA              NY-32-54-137
RUMERY, JONATHAN             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-8-571
RUMERY, JONATHAN D.          LOCKPORT                     NY-32-35-277
RUNGE, CHARLES F.            WHEATFIELD                   NY-32-49-441
RUSHMORE, JOSEPH             LOCKPORT                     NY-32-10-223
RYAN, BARTHOLOMEW            LOCKPORT                     NY-32-22-289
RYAN, DANIEL                 NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-47-361
RYAN, ELLEN                  NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-54-117
RYAN, JAMES E.               WILSON                       NY-32-51-349
RYAN, JOHN                   NIAGARA FALLS                NY-32-49-197
RYAN, MICHAEL                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-51-217
RYON, PATRICK                LOCKPORT                     NY-32-2-102

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