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PADDACK, SETH                     FREDERICKSBURGH, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)         1-AP-50
PAGE, JOHN                        BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY (1763)                 1-AP-16
PAINE, EPHRAIM                    AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)                  1-AP-56
PAINE, JOSHUA                     AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY (1778)                  1-AP-33
PAINE, JOSHUA JR.                 NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)                     1-AP-23
PALMER, EPHRAIM                   CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)               1-AP-31
PALMER, JAMES                     HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1776)                1-AP-35
PALMER, SILVANUS                  MOMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY (1741)           1-AP-7
PALMER, WILLIAM                   CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)               1-AP-29
PARHAM, THOMAS                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY  (1760)          1-AP-14
PARIS, ISAAC                      STONE ARABIA, MONTGOMERY, NY (1778)          1-AP-37
PARKER, JOHN                      HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1784)                1-AP-32
PATES, GILBERT                    NTL, ULSTER, NY (1783)                       1-AP-40
PATTERSON, JOHN                   WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1786)                  1-AP-55
PATTERSON, JOSEPH                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1765)           1-AP-15
PATTON, WILLIAM                   NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1786)               1-AP-52
PAUL, JOSHEPH                     HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1762)                1-AP-22
PAWLING, CATHARINE                RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)               1-AP-12
PAWLING, HENRY                    MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1691)                1-AP-1
PAWLING, LEVI                     MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1782)                1-AP-51
PEARCE, NATHANJR.                 PAWLINGS, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                1-AP-44
PEARSALL, HENRY                   HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY (1775)                 1-AP-34
PEARSON, SILAS                    GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1779)                    1-AP-43
PEEKCAM, REUBIN                   CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)               1-AP-28
PEELEN, PETRUS                    KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1760)                  1-AP-11
PEET, WILLIAM                     NTL, ULSTER, NY (1769)                       1-AP-24
PELL, SAMUEL T.                   NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY (1790)                  1-AP-47
PENNY, T. P.                      LANGSINGBURGH, RENSSELAER, NY (1806)         1-AP-61
PERKINS, ABIJAH                   NEW MARLBOROUGH (1784)                       1-AP-36
PERKINS, OLIVER                   LITTLE HOOSICK (1782)                        1-AP-48
PERROW, RICHARD                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1760)           1-AP-4
PERRY, ROLAND                     SARATOGA )1787)                              1-AP-59
PERSEN, ABRAHAM SR.               GREAT IMBOUGH (1785)                         1-AP-45
PERSEN, CORNELIS                  KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1769)                  1-AP-27
PERSEN, JOHN                      KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1756)                  1-AP-10
PETERS, GEORGE                    CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)               1-AP-41
PETTER, JOST                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1762)           1-AP-18
PEYPHER, PETER                    GERMAN FLATTS, MONTGOMERY, NY (1786)         1-AP-57
PHILEP, NICKEL                    NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                     1-AP-21
PHILLIP, CHRISTIAN                EAST CAMP (1786)                             1-AP-53
PHONIX, JAMES                     SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY (1760)                1-AP-17
PICKERD, BARTHOLOMEW              FORT PLANK, MONTGOMERY, NY (1784)`           1-AP-49
PILLEY, JOSEPH                    CLAVERACK, COLUMBIA, NY (1787)               1-AP-20
PINE, JOHN                        FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)                1-AP-25
PITSIER, ADAM                     NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)                     1-AP-19
PLESE, JOHANN EMMERICK            CLAVERACK (1757)                             1-AP-8
PLOEGH, PAULUS                    KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1773)                  1-AP-30
PLOEGH, WILHEHMUS                 KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1734)                  1-AP-3
PLOUGH, HENRY                     KINGSOTN, ULSTER, NY (1754)                  1-AP-13
POFFIE, ANTIE                     ALBANY (1757)                                1-AP-9
POGER, THOMAS                     RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)                1-AP-38
POLHEMAS, CORNELIUS SR.           RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)                1-AP-54
POLHEMUS, GEORGE                  HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1786)                1-AP-58
PORTEOUS, JOHN                    NTL, HERKIMER (1799)                         1-AP-60
POTTER, JOB                       NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)                     1-AP-42
PRAA, PETER                       BUSWICK, KINGS, NY (1739)                    1-AP-5
PRATT, JACOB                      BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)                 1-AP-46
PRESOTN, DAVID                    NTL (1782)                                   1-AP-39
PROVOOST, ABRAHAM                 CLAVERACK (1767)                             1-AP-6
PROVOST, JOHANNIS                 LONENBURGH (1787)                            1-AP-62
PUIROE, MARTHA                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1719)           1-AP-2
PURDY, ABIGAIL                    NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY (1770)                  1-AP-26
QUACKENBOS, JOHANNES              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1775)           1-AQ-1
QUACKENBOS, MARGRITJE             NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1786)           1-AQ-3
QUICK, JACOBUS                    ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1782)                 1-AQ-2
RALEIGH, WALTER                   CAMBRIDGE, WASHINGTON, NY (1804)             1-AR-61
RAMSEY, SIMON                     SEE: RUMSEY, SIMON                           1-AR-21
RANDALL, MARIANNE                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1783)           1-AR-54
RAVEAU, DANIEL                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1760)           1-AR-27
RAYNOR, JOSEPH                    SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY (1678)              1-AR-47
RAYNOR, WILLIAM                   RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, N Y (1783)                1-AR-43
READE, JOSEPH                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1771)           1-AR-34
REDDING, JEREMIAH                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1761)           1-AR-13
REED, JOHN                        NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1771)               1-AR-31
REEDER, JOSIAH                    GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1782)                    1-AR-32
REGNIER, DANIEL                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (NO DATE)        1-AR-63
REICKHERT, DAVID                  RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)               1-AR-57
REITSER, CONRAD                   LIVINGSTON (1782)                            1-AR-48
REMSEN, GEORGE                    HAVERSHAW, ORANGE, NY (1748)                 1-AR-14
REMSEN, JAN                       FLACKBUSH, KINGS, NY (1696)                  1-AR-2
REMSEN, JORIS                     HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1741)                1-AR-15
RENNE, JAMES                      NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY (1774)                  1-AR-25
RENNE, PETER                      RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1774)                1-AR-39
REYERS, ANNATIE                   ALBANY (1712/3)                              1-AR-7
REYNOLDS, ELIZA                   FLORIDA, ORANGE, NY (1759)                   1-AR-23
RICHARD, ELIZABETH                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1783)           1-AR-45
RICHARD, STEPHEN                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1773)           1-AR-38
RIDER, JOHN                       NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1774)                     1-AR-41
RIDER, WILLIAM                    HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1784)                1-AR-58
RIEHBLE, ANN                      MARRONACK, WESTCHESTER, NY (1700)            1-AR-3
RIKER, ABRAHAM                    NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1787)                     1-AR-46
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                 SCHENECTADY (1707)                           1-AR-4
ROBINS, ZEBULON                   NTL (1783)                                   1-AR-52
ROBISON, JONATHAN                 UPPER DUBLIN, PHILADELPHIA, PA (1768)        1-AR-29
ROCKEFELLER, DIELL                NTL (1770)                                   1-AR-33
ROCKEFELLER, WILLEM               EAST CAMP (1786)                             1-AR-49
RODMAN, JOSEPH                    NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY (1758)         1-AR-24
RODMAN, THOMAS                    FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                1-AR-50
ROE, NATHANIEL                    GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1785)                    1-AR-36
ROE, WILLIAM                      PHILLIPSE PATTON, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)        1-AR-26
ROGERS, ISRAEL                    WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1785)                  1-AR-30
ROGERS, JOHN                      NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)                     1-AR-42
ROKEBY, PHILLIP                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1749)           1-AR-6
ROOSA, HIYMAN                     HORLY, ULSTER, NY (1708)                     1-AR-5
ROSA, ISAAC                       SCHENECTADY (1782)                           1-AR-51
ROSEBOOM, AHASUERUS               ALBANY (1774)                                1-AR-35
ROSECRANTS, DANIEL                GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1782)                    1-AR-55
ROSEKRAUS, ELIZA                  ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1785)                 1-AR-56
ROSENKRAUS, SARA                  NTL, ULSTER, NY (1726)                       1-AR-9
ROSIE, JOHN                       ALBANY (1737)                                1-AR-12
ROSS, JAMES ISAIAH                NORTHEAST, DUTCHESS, NY (1763)               1-AR-28
ROSSET, FERDINAND ANTOINE HENRY   NTL (1795)                                   1-AR-60
ROTTENBOURG, ERNEST GUILLAUME DE  NEW YORK CITY (1789)                         1-AG-59
ROUSBY, SARAH                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1765)           1-AR-10
ROW, JOHN                         LITTLE NINE PARTNERS, DUTCHESS, NY (1771)    1-AR-37
RUMSEY, SIMON                     GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1753)                    1-AR-21
RUNSHAW, MARTHA                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1774)           1-AR-40
RUTGERS, ANTHONY                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1746)           1-AR-17
RUTSEN, JOHN                      NTL, ULSTER, NY (1725)                       1-AR-8
RUTSEN, MICHAEL                   POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)            1-AR-44
RUTTERY, MARGARET                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1757)           1-AR-22
RYCKMAN, ALBERT                   ALBANY (1739)                                1-AR-11
RYCKMAN, HARMANIES                ALBANY (1756)                                1-AR-20
RYCKMAN, PETER                    ALBANY (1750)                                1-AR-18
RYCKMAN, PETRUS                   KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1750)                  1-AR-19
RYERSE, GERRIT                    ALBANY (1712/3)                              1-AR-1
RYPELE, JOHANNES                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1761)           1-AR-16
SACKETT, RICHARD                  DOVER, DUTCHESS, NY (1746)                   1-AS-30
SALISBURY, ABRAHAM                CATSKILL (1757)                              1-AS-59
SALISBURY, FRANCIS                CATSKILL (1756)                              1-AS-43
SALISBURY, SILVESTER (CAPT)       ALBANY (1629)                                1-AS-1
SALISBURY, SYLVESTER              KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1786)                  1-AS-160
SANDERS, JOHN                     SCHENECTADY (1783)                           1-AS-136
SANDERS, ROBERT                   ALBANY (1765)                                1-AS-96
SANDES, BARENT                    ALBANY (1758)                                1-AS-26
SAWYER, JAMES                     SEE: SAYER, JAMES                            1-AS-142
SAYER, JAMES                      NTL, ORANGE, NY (1782)                       1-AS-142
SAYRES, JOSEPH                    GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1767)                    1-AS-100
SCARS, CHRISTOFFEL                BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY (1755)                  1-AS-34
SCHEMERHORN, JACOB                LIVINGSTON (1761)                            1-AS-81
SCHEMPMOES, WILLIAM               KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1750)                  1-AS-44
SCHEPMOES, DIRCK                  KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1734)                  1-AS-12
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN                SCHENECTADY (1767)                           1-AS-46
SCHERMERHORN, REGER               RYNBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1770)                 1-AS-72
SCHERMERHORN, RYERT               SCHENECTADY (1726)                           1-AS-9
SCHERPE, PITTER                   CAMP (1782)                                  1-AS-137
SCHERTZ, JOHANNES                 LIVINGSTON MANOR (1774)                      1-AS-119
SCHOOLCRAFT, WILLIAM              SCHOHARIE (1761)                             1-AS-80
SCHOONMAKER, ANTIE                ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1761)                 1-AS-66
SCHOONMAKER, BENJAMEN             ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1779)                 1-AS-118
SCHOONMAKER, FREDRYCK             MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1779)                1-AS-124
SCHOONMAKER, GODFREY              CLAVERACK (1782)                             1-AS-138
SCHOONMAKER, JOCHIM               KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1730)                  1-AS-14
SCHOONMAKER, JOHANNES             ROCHESTER, ULSER, NY (1783)                  1-AS-135
SCHOONMAKER, JOHN                 ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1774)                 1-AS-120
SCHOONMAKER, TYRICK               KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1749)                  1-AS-33
SCHRAM, WILLIAM                   LONENBURGH, (1785)                           1-AS-153
SCHRYVER, NICHOLAS                RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1770)               1-AS-106
SCHURRIE, JOHANNIS                RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                 1-AS-154
SCHUYLER, ADONIAH                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1762)           1-AS-83
SCHUYLER, CORNELIA                ALBANY (1762)                                1-AS-67
SCHUYLER, DAVID                   ALBANY (1691)                                1-AS-3
SCHUYLER, DAVID                   CANAJOHARIE (1764)                           1-AS-74
SCHUYLER, JOHN                    ALBANY (1747)                                1-AS-27
SCHUYLER, MARGARET                ALBANY (1711)                                1-AS-169
SCHUYLER, MARGRET                 THE FLATTS (1783)                            1-AS-143
SCHUYLER, MYNDERT                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1773)           1-AS-109
SCHUYLER, MYNDERT (COL.)          ALBANY (1756)                                1-AS-25
SCHUYLER, NICHOLAS                SCHENECTADY (1748)                           1-AS-35
SCHUYLER, PETER                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1762)           1-AS-82
SCHUYLER, PHILIP                  ALBANY (1766)                                1-AS-41
SCHUYLER, PHILIP                  ALBANY (1683/4)                              1-AS-2
SCHUYLER, PHILIP JOHANNISE        SARATOGA (1747)                              1-AS-24
SCOT, JAMES                       KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1735)                  1-AS-23
SCOTT, ADAM                       WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1766)                  1-AS-98
SCOTT, JAMES                      HURLEY, ULSTER, NY (1755)                    1-AS-53
SEAL, ANTHONY                     LONDON, ENGLAND (1757)                       1-AS-65
SEAMAN, JONATHAN                  NEW HAMPSTED, ORANGE, NY (1755)              1-AS-40
SEARS, BENJAMIN                   SOUTHEAST, DUTCHESS, NY (1787)               1-AS-158
SEBRING, CORNELIS                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1775)           1-AS-121
SEBRING, CORNELIUS                NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                     1-AS-131
SEELY, EBENEZER                   GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1763)                    1-AS-91A
SEELY, EUNIS                      NEW CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY (1769)              1-AS-104
SEELY, EUNIS                      NEW CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY (1770)              1-AS-91
SEGENDORPF, JURIE                 NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1775)                     1-AS-125
SELYNS, MARGARETA                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1712)           1-AS-8
SEMPLE, JAMES                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1754)           1-AS-51
SERVICE, PETER                    NTL, MONTGOMERY, NY (1783)                   1-AS-143A
SHAFER, ADAM                      RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)               1-AS-116
SHARP, THOMAS                     ALBANY (1773)                                1-AS-115
SHAW, SAMUEL                      CANTON, CHINA (1794)                         1-AS-166
SHERMAN, DOROTHY                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1737)           1-AS-21
SHOECK, MARTINUS                  LIVINGSTON MANOR (1786)                      1-AS-134
SHOW, JOHN                        NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1696)           1-AS-168
SICARD, AMBROISE SR.              NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY (1733)         1-AS-16
SIMPSON, ISABELLA                 GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1763)                    1-AS-88
SIMRALL, THOMAS                   WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1775)                  1-AS-122
SIMSON, ALEXANDER                 NTL, ORANGE, NY (1768)                       1-AS-101
SIMSON, JOHN                      NTL, ORANGE, NY (1761)                       1-AS-87
SIMSON, JOSEPH JR.                NTL, DUTCHESS, N Y (1781)                    1-AS-139
SIMSON, PETER                     BATEMAN, DUTCHESS, NY (1748)                 1-AS-22
SIPKINS, REBECCA                  NEW YORK CITY (1755)                         1-AS-37
SKIN, ROBERT                      COXSACKIE (1801)                             1-AS-167
SLECHT, ANTHONY                   KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1760)                  1-AS-58
SLEGHT, CATLYNTE                  KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1762)                  1-AS-86
SLEGHT, HENDRICUS JR.             RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1762)               1-AS-56
SLEGHT, MATEIS                    RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1756)               1-AS-57
SLINGERLAND, ABRAHAM              RENSELAERWYCK (1786)                         1-AS-156
SLOSS, JOHN                       FAIRFIELD, FAIRFIELD, CT (1721)              1-AS-11
SM ITH, LAMBERT                   HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1764)                1-AS-94
SMEDES, BENJAMIN                  SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY (1749)                1-AS-32
SMEDES, PETRUS                    KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1783)                  1-AS-149
SMIT, JORJE ADAM                  CLAVERACK (1764)                             1-AS-38
SMITH, ARTHUR                     HIGHLANDS, ULSTER, NY (1758)                 1-AS-62
SMITH, AZARIAH                    AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                  1-AS-157
SMITH, CALEB                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1732)                    1-AS-18
SMITH, CALEB                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1784)                    1-AS-155
SMITH, DANIEL                     SMITHTOWN (1769)                             1-AS-105
SMITH, DANIEL                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1762)           1-AS-42
SMITH, ELIZABETH                  WETHERSFIELD, HARTFORD, CT (1785)            1-AS-128
SMITH, HANNAH                     NTL, ULSTER, NY (1770)                       1-AS-108
SMITH, HENRY                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1757)                    1-AS-63
SMITH, HENRY SR.                  NTL, ULSTER, NY (1767)                       1-AS-102
SMITH, JAMES                      MONTGOMERY, ULSTER, NY (1787)                1-AS-145
SMITH, JAMES                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1783)                    1-AS-145A
SMITH, JAMES                      NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY (1748)                  1-AS-39
SMITH, JEREMIAH                   NTL, ORANGE, NY (1783)                       1-AS-127
SMITH, JOHN                       RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1787)                 1-AS-123
SMITH, JOHN                       GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1779)                    1-AS-133
SMITH, JOHN                       CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY (1784)                  1-AS-151
SMITH, JOHN                       NTL, ULSTER, NY (1767)                       1-AS-95
SMITH, JOHN                       NTL, ORANGE, NY (1782)                       1-AS-85
SMITH, JOHN                       NTL, ULSTER, NY (1761)                       1-AS-55
SMITH, JOSEPH                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1755)           1-AS-5
SMITH, JOSEPH                     NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY (1759)                  1-AS-70
SMITH, NATHAN                     CROM ELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)              1-AS-75
SMITH, OLIVER                     GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1763)                    1-AS-84
SMITH, REUBEN                     NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)                     1-AS-61
SMITH, RICHAR DR.                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1758)           1-AS-64
SMITH, SAMUEL                     WASHINGTON, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)              1-AS-164
SMITH, SAMUEL                     CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)               1-AS-161
SMITH, WAIT                       GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1753)                    1-AS-45
SMITH, WILLIAM                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1795)           1-AS-165
SMITH, WILLIAM                    GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1733)                    1-AS-15
SMITH, WILLIAM                    NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY (1752)                  1-AS-47
SMITH, ZOPHAR                     HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, N (1759)                1-AS-73
SMITHREM, ESTHER                  NTL (1744)                                   1-AS-29
SNEDEKER, ABRAHAM                 HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1771)                1-AS-114
SNEDEKER, GERRET                  HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1787)                1-AS-129
SNEDEKER, THEUNIS                 HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1774)                1-AS-117
SNUR, BARENTIE                    KINDERHOOK (1775)                            1-AS-110
SNYDER, WILLIAM                   RYNEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)                1-AS-78
SOMERDICK, EXBARTH                RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1765)                1-AS-97
SOULE, GEORGE                     GREAT NINE-PARTNERS, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)     1-AS-126
SOUTHERLAND, DAVID                NEW CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY (1779)              1-AS-103
SOWLE, JAMES                      SARATOGA (1786)                              1-AS-162
SPARHAM, THOMAS                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1758)           1-AS-69
SPENCER, BENJAMIN                 BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)                1-AS-159
SPRINGSTEEN, HERMANUS             POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)            1-AS-147
STAATS, BARENT                    NTL (1752)                                   1-AS-48
STAATS, JACOB                     ALBANY (1735)                                1-AS-17
STANTON, JEREMIAH                 NTL, RICHMOND, NY (1771)                     1-AS-99
STATT, JOHANNES                   RYNBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)                 1-AS-92
STEEL, THOMAS                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1763)           1-AS-89
STEPHANSON, ROULOF                HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1761)                1-AS-77
STEPHENS, ABRAHAM                 HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1784)                1-AS-150
STEPHENSON, STEPHEN               PORT ROYAL, JAMAICA (1713)                   1-AS-7
STEVENS, AARON                    NTL (1784)                                   1-AS-146
STEVENS, TIMOTHY                  NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)                     1-AS-71
STEVENS, WILLIAM                  PAULINGS, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)                1-AS-148
STEVENSON, JAMES                  ALBANY (1769)                                1-AS-90
STEVENSON, THOMAS                 NTL, BUCKS, PA (1719)                        1-AS-10
STEWART, JOHN                     GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1770)                    1-AS-112
STILLWELL, ELISABETH              JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY (1753)                   1-AS-19
STILWILL, NICHOLAS                OLD TOWN, RICHMOND, NY (1756)                1-AS-60
STJOHN, ABRAM                     FREDERICKSBURGH, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)         1-AS-163
STOCKER, HUGH                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1802)           1-AS-170
STORM, THOMAS                     PHILLEPSE MANOR, ULSTER, NY (1778)           1-AS-93
STOUTENBURGH, JACOBUS             CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1773)               1-AS-107
STRAIGHT, FREDERICK               RYNBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)                 1-AS-140
STRAING, ELISABETH                RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY (1744)                  1-AS-28
STREAET, JACOB                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1786)           1-AS-111
STRONG, BENJAMIN                  GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1761)                    1-AS-79
STRONG, NATHANIEL                 CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY (1779)                  1-AS-130
STUART, ROBERT                    SCHOHARIE (1755)                             1-AS-54
STURGIS, NATHAN                   NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)                     1-AS-152
STYTS, JANNETIE                   ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1746)                 1-AS-20
SUTTON, BENJAMIN                  NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY (1759)         1-AS-76
SUYLANDT, HUYBERT                 HURLEY, ULSTER, NY (1756)                    1-AS-50
SUYLANDT, JOHANNIS                HORLY, ULSTER, NY (1754)                     1-AS-49
SWART, JOSAIAS                    SCHOHARIE (1782)                             1-AS-141
SWARTWOUT, JACOBUS                FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY (1749)                1-AS-31
SWARTWOUT, JACOBUS                SANDEOHQUON, ORANGE, N Y (1761)              1-AS-52
SWAWRTWOUT, RDOLPHUS              RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)                1-AS-113
SWEZY, DAVID                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1779)                    1-AS-132
SWITS, IASACK                     SCHAGHTICOKE (1707)                          1-AS-6
SYLVESTER, NATHANIELL             EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY (1705)              1-AS-4
SYMES, LANCASTER                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1729)           1-AS-13
TABER, THOMAS                     OBLONG, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                  1-AT-67
TALLAMAN, TUNIS                   NAYACK, ORANGE, NY (1739)                    1-AT-13
TANNER, WILLIAM                   BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)                1-AT-79
TAPPEN, TEUNIS                    KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1726/7)                1-AT-9
TAREPENING, HENDRICK              SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY (1785)                1-AT-70
TAREPENING, TEUNIS                KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1748)                  1-AT-22
TAVEAU, ISAAC                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1755)           1-AT-16
TAVO, ISAAC                       SEE: TAVEAU, ISAAC (1755)                    1-AT-16
TAYLOR, EDWARD                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1701)           1-AT-2
TAYLOR, ISAAC                     BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)                 1-AT-77
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                    ALBANY (1801)                                1-AT-81
TELLER, ANDREIS                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1730)           1-AT-10
TELLER, ISAAC                     RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)                 1-AT-69
TELLER, JACOBUS                   SCHENECTADY (1785)                           1-AT-72
TELLER, JOHN                      NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)                     1-AT-32
TELLER, WILLEM                    SOUTH, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)                   1-AT-26
TENBOECK, CATHARINA               RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)               1-AT-65
TENBROECH, DIRCK WESSELSE         ALBANY (1717)                                1-AT-4
TENBROECK, CATHARINA              RHYNEBEECK, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)              1-AT-60
TENBROECK, CORNELIS               ALBANY (1773)                                1-AT-41
TENBROECK, DIRCK                  ALBANY (1768)                                1-AT-24
TENBROECK, JACOB                  KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1746)                  1-AT-20
TENBROECK, JOHANNIS               KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1782)                  1-AT-46
TENBROECK, PETRUS                 RHYNBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)                1-AT-45
TENBROUK, DIRCK                   ALBANY (1780)                                1-AT-35
TENBROUK, WESSELL                 HOXHALL, ULSTER, NY (1744)                   1-AT-17
TENBRUCK, JOHN                    POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1751)            1-AT-19
TENEYCK, ANTHONY                  RENSELAERWYCK (1775)                         1-AT-54
TENEYCK, DIRCK                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1767)           1-AT-18
TENEYCK, GEERTIJE                 ALBANY (1736)                                1-AT-5
TENEYCK, JOHN                     KINDERHOOK (1758)                            1-AT-25
TENEYCK, MATHYS                   HURLEY, ULSTER, NY (1742)                    1-AT-12
TENEYCK, TOBIAS                   SCHENECTADY (1785)                           1-AT-51
TENHOUT, SEVERYN                  SHAWONKONCK, ULSTER, NY (1719)               1-AT-3
TERBOSS, JACOBUS                  ROMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                1-AT-52
TERBUSH, JOHN                     NTL, ORANGE (1760)                           1-AT-36
TERBUSSH, JONAS                   RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1771)                1-AT-43
TERNEUR, JACOBUS JACOBUS          HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1773)                1-AT-49
TERNEUR, MICHAEL                  HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1775)                1-AT-40
TERRY, WILLIAM                    SCHEGIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)                 1-AT-42
TERWELLEGE, AB RAHAM              SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY (1784)                1-AT-50
TEUNNISSE, EGEBRT                 ALBANY (1716)                                1-AT-7
THEW, JOHN                        HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1784)                1-AT-73
THOMAS, JACOB                     RYNBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)                 1-AT-62
THOMPKINS, EDMOND                 SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER, NY (1719)            1-AT-8
THOMPSON, GEORGE                  GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1782)                    1-AT-64
THOMPSON, JAMES                   GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1781)                    1-AT-57
THOMPSON, JOHN                    GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1739)                    1-AT-14
THOMSON, JAMES                    GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1740)                    1-AT-15
THOMSON, JOHN                     SEE: TOMSON, JOHN                            1-AT-59
THORN, JONATHAN                   BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY (1787)                 1-AT-58
THORNE, ISSAC                     CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1770)               1-AT-37
THURMAN, SUSANNAH                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1758)           1-AT-29
TIETER, HENDRICK                  RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)               1-AT-61
TITSON, SAAH                      POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)            1-AT-39
TITSOOR, WILLEM                   NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1722)                     1-AT-6
TITUS, HANA                       NTL (1679)                                   1-AT-1
TITUS, TIMOTHY                    NEW PERTH, WASHINGTON, NY (1783)             1-AT-63
TOBIAS, CHRISTIAN                 CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1776)               1-AT-53
TOL, DANEL                        SCHENECTADY (1748)                           1-AT-23
TOL, SIMON                        SCHENECTADY (1782)                           1-AT-56
TOLLY, JOHN FREDERICK             CONSAXIE (1800)                              1-AT-82
TOM, NATHANIEL                    PAWLINGS, DUTCHESS, NY (1789)                1-AT-75
TOMKINS, SAMUEL                   STILLWATER (1773)                            1-AT-47
TOMSON, JOHN                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1778)                    1-AT-59
TONGUE, JOHN                      HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1771)                1-AT-34
TORBOS, HENRY                     ROMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1762)                1-AT-31
TOTTON, JOHN                      RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1773)                 1-AT-48
TOWNSEND, NATHENNEL               JERICHO, QUEENS, NY (1754)                   1-AT-27
TOWNSEND, ROBERT                  SOUTHEAST, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)               1-AT-66
TRACY, ISAAC                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1786)                    1-AT-76
TRAPHAGEN, JOHANNIS               KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1726/7)                1-AT-55
TRAPHAGEN, WILLEM                 KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1732)                  1-AT-11
TRAVES, NATHANIEL                 PIENPACK, ULSTER, NY (1785)                  1-AT-74
TREMPER, JOHN GEORGE              RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1770)               1-AT-38
TRIMBLE, ALEXANDER                MONTGOMERY, ULSTER, NY (1785)                1-AT-78
TRUIX, SARA DE                    SEE: DEFOREEST, ISAACK                       1-AD-2
TRUMPBOUR, JOHANNES               NTL, ULSTER, NY (1785)                       1-AT-71
TRUMPOVER, ANDREW                 MONTGOMERY, ULSTER, NY (1784)                1-AT-68
TUTHILL, DANIEL                   GOSHEN, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)                  1-AT-33
TUTHILL, FREEGIFT                 NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1765)               1-AT-30
TUTHILL, JAMES                    NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1756)               1-AT-28
TUTHILL, JOHN                     WALKILL, ULSTER, NY (1787)                   1-AT-80
TUTHILL,  MARY                    GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1747)                    1-AT-21
TUTHILL, SOLOMON                  GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1771)                    1-AT-44
UPHAM, JOHN                       NTL, ALBANY (1781)                           1-AA-4
UPHAM, JOHN                       CLAVERACK (1773)                             1-AU-3
URQUHART, WILLIAM                 JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY (1710)                   1-AU-1
USECHLY, PETER                    SCHOHARIE (1769)                             1-AU-2
VA NDYCK, CORNELIUS               ALBANY (1768)                                1-AV-31
VAIL, BENJAMIN                    GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1784)                    1-AV-137
VALENTINE, JACOB SR.              ORANGE, ORANGE, NY (1772)                    1-AV-109
VANACKEN, GIDON                   KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1774)                  1-AV-116
VANALE, SARA                      KINDERHOOK (1746)                            1-AV-25
VANALEN, ABRAHAM                  KINDERHOOK LANDING (1800)                    1-AV-151
VANALEN, ADAM                     KINDERHOOK (1748/9)                          1-AV-39
VANALEN, JACOBUS                  CLAVERACK (1770)                             1-AV-101
VANALEN, JACOBUS                  KINDERHOOK (1785)                            1-AV-56
VANALEN, JOHN                     CLAVERACK LANDING (1785)                     1-AV-134
VANALSTYN, SANDER                 KINDERHOOK (1757)                            1-AV-46
VANANTWERP, WILHELMUS             CANISTAGAUNA (1784)                          1-AV-132
VANANTWERPEN, GERRIT              ALBANY (1753)                                1-AV-51
VANANWERPEN, JOHANNIS SR.         SCHENECTADY (1763)                           1-AV-63A
VANBEEKHOVEN, CLAES JANSE         SCHENECTADY (1712)                           1-AV-4
VANBENTHUYSEN, GERRIT             RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)               1-AV-70
VANBENTHUYSEN, JACOB              RYNBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1769)                 1-AV-95
VANBENTHUYSEN, JACOB              RHYNBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)                1-AV-125A
VANBENTHUYSEN, PIETER             RHYNEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)               1-AV-117
VANBERGEN, GERRIT                 CATSKILL (1759)                              1-AV-66
VANBRUNT, CORNELIS                NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY (1754)                1-AV-38
VANBUNSCHOTEN, TEUNIS             RHYNBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)                1-AV-121
VANBUNSEHORTON, ELIAS             POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)            1-AV-142
VANBUREN, MAES                    RENSSELAERWYCK (1784)                        1-AV-141
VANBUTHUYSEN, MARYA               RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)               1-AV-125
VANCORTLANDT, EVA                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1760)           1-AV-155
VANCOURTLANDT, PHILIP             SECOND RIVER, ESSX, NJ (1798)                1-AV-152
VANDENBERGH, CORNELIS             ALBANY (1713)                                1-AV-9
VANDENBERGH, GYSBERT              KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1773)                  1-AV-58
VANDENBERGH, WILLIAM GYSBERTSE    ALBANY (1732)                                1-AV-7
VANDENBOGERT, MARGRIET            SCHENECTADY (1787)                           1-AV-122
VANDENBOGERT, MYNDERT             POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1754)            1-AV-44
VANDENBOOGERT, JACOBES            NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)                     1-AV-32
VANDERBEEK, JOHN                  NTL, RICHMOND, NY (1754)                     1-AV-54
VANDERBURG, WILLIAM               POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1771)            1-AV-94
VANDERBURGH, HENRY                POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1753)            1-AV-17
VANDERBURGH, RICHARD              POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1769)            1-AV-99
VANDERCOOK, MICHAEL               SCHAGHITOKE (1786)                           1-AV-149
VANDERHEYDEN, DAVID               ALBANY (1770)                                1-AV-105
VANDERHYDEN, JOHANNES             ALBANY (1772)                                1-AV-107
VANDERPOEL, ELIZABETH             ALBANY (1725/6)                              1-AV-13
VANDERVOLGE, CORNELIS             SCHENECTADY (1735)                           1-AV-16
VANDERVOLGE, LOWRENS CLASEN       SEE: CLASEN, LOWRENS                         1-AC-16
VANDERVOLGEN, CORNELIS            SCHENECTADY (1787)                           1-AV-133
VANDEUSEN, TOBIAS                 CLAVERACK (1782)                             1-AV-111
VANDRIESEN, EVA                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1761)           1-AV-42
VANDRIESSEN, PETRUS               ALBANY (1738)                                1-AV-19
VANDRIESSEN, PETRUS               SCHENECTADY (1762)                           1-AV-47
VANDURHEN, SARAH                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1769)           1-AV-92
VANDUSSEN, MARTIN                 PAWLINGS, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)                1-AV-114
VANDWAUTER, JACOBUS JR.           BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)                 1-AV-76
VANDYCK, ARENT                    KINDERHOOK (1769)                            1-AV-73
VANDYCK, CORNELIS                 SCHENECTADY (1759)                           1-AV-67
VANDYCK, FRANCIS                  CRUM ELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY (1753)              1-AV-48
VANELMENDORP, GRIETJEN            KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1699)                  1-AV-5
VANELMERDORF, GRIETIE             KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1714)                  1-AV-8
VANEPREEN, CORNELIS               KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1713)                  1-AV-10
VANEPS, ABRAHAM                   SCHENECTADY (1775)                           1-AV-78
VANEPS, ALSANDER (ALEXANDER)      SCHENECTADY (1758)                           1-AV-60
VANETTEN , JACOBUS                KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1767)                  1-AV-93
VANFLEET, CORNELIUS               SHATOTY (1764)                               1-AV-86
VANGAASBEEK, JOHANNIS             FOXHALL, ULSTER, NY (1760)                   1-AV-69
VANGEYSELING, MYNDERT             SCHENECTADY (1772)                           1-AV-108
VANHOESEN, CATHARIENA             CLAVERACK (1782)                             1-AV-126
VANHORNE, CORNELIUS GARRIT        RICHMOND, RICHMOND, NY (1775)                1-AV-115
VANHORNE, DAVID                   NTL (1801)                                   1-AV-154
VANHORNE, JAMES                   MIDDLESEX, EAST NJ (1761)                    1-AV-75
VANJEVEREN, MYNDERT               ALBANY (1773)                                1-AV-77
VANKEUREN, TYRCK                  KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1742)                  1-AV-22
VANKEVREN, MATTHEUS               POUGKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)             1-AV-128
VANKLECK, LAWRENCE                POUGHKEEPSIE (1719)                          1-AV-79
VANKLEECK, ELIZABETH              RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)                 1-AV-110
VANKLEEK, JOHANNES                NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1754)                     1-AV-33
VANKLUCK, LEONARD                 POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)            1-AV-140
VANKORLAER, ELYSABET              ALBANY (1757)                                1-AV-43
VANLEUVEN, ANDRIAS                MARB LETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1770)               1-AV-98
VANLOON, FRANCIS                  NTL (1747)                                   1-AV-30
VANLOON, JAN                      LOONENBURGH (1743)                           1-AV-23
VANLOON, KLAS                     SEE: VANLOON, NICHOLAS                       1-AV-36
VANLOON, MATTHYS                  NTL (1783)                                   1-AV-130
VANLOON, NICHOLAS                 LOONENBURGH (1748)                           1-AV-36
VANNERSTRANT, JOHN                HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY (1749)                 1-AV-41
VANNESS, GARRIT                   ALBANY (1718)                                1-AV-6
VANNIEWENHUYSEN, MOURITS          NTL (1709)                                   1-AV-11
VANNORDENWESSELL                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1765)           1-AV-91
VANPETTEN, ARENT N. N.            SCHENECTADY (1786)                           1-AV-148
VANPLANCK, ABRAHAM                RENSSELAERWYCK (1785)                        1-AV-146
VANPLANCK, ISAAC                  HACKETOCK (1783)                             1-AV-144
VANRENSELAER, ELISABETH           RENSSELAERWYCK (1757)                        1-AV-62
VANRENSSELAER, JEREMIAH           NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1765)           1-AV-87
VANRENSSELAER, KILLIAN            RENSSELAERWYCK (1687)                        1-AV-1
VANRENSSELAER, STEPHEN ESQ.       RENSSELAERWYCK (1775)                        1-AV-104
VANRESELAER, JOHN BABTIST         NTL, ALBANY, NY (1769)                       1-AV-89
VANSANTVOORD, CORNELIUS           SCHENECTADY (1752)                           1-AV-35
VANSCHAACK, CORNELIS ESQ.         KINDERHOOK (1784)                            1-AV-119
VANSCHAAK, MICHIEL                LANENBURG (1762)                             1-AV-68
VANSCHAICK, ANTHONY               RENSSELAERWYCK (1783)                        1-AV-131
VANSCHAICK, WESSEL                ALBANY (1784)                                1-AV-136
VANSCHELLUYNE, JOHANNES           ALBANY (1751)                                1-AV-26
VANSLIJCK, TEUNIS                 CATSARKIE (1748)                             1-AV-27
VANSLUK, JOHANES                  SCHENECTADY (1752)                           1-AV-45
VANSLYCK, PETRUS                  KINDERHOOK (1749)                            1-AV-21
VANSTEENBERG, BENJAMIN            NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)                     1-AV-28
VANSTEENBERGER, ABRAHAM           KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1770)                  1-AV-106
VANSTIENBERGEN, MATTY             KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1768)                  1-AV-20
VANTASSEL, WILLIAM                PHILLIPS, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)                1-AV-129
VANVALKENBURGH, LAMBERT           COSEHACKY (1782)                             1-AV-139
VANVECHTEN, TEUNIS                CATSKILL (1785)                              1-AV-138
VANVECKTEN, BENJAMEN              ALBANY (1757)                                1-AV-37
VANVEGHTEN, DIRCK                 LONENBURG (1784)                             1-AV-90
VANVEGHTEN, GERRIT TEUNISSEN      RENSELAERWYCK (1703/4)                       1-AV-4A
VANVEGHTEN, JOHANNIS              RENSELAERWYCK (1707)                         1-AV-4B
VANVEGHTEN, JOHN                  ALBANY (1763)                                1-AV-85
VANVEGHTEN, NEELTIE               ALBANY (1766)                                1-AV-84
VANVETTEN, ANTHONAAY              GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1779)                    1-AV-123
VANVIET, AURY                     POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1778)            1-AV-102
VANVOERDT, ARIANTIE               RENSSELAERWYCK (1776)                        1-AV-113
VANVOORHEES, JOHANNIS JR.         RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1752)                 1-AV-34
VANVOORHIES, JOHANNES JR.         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1756)                     1-AV-61
VANVOORHIS, JOHANNES              ROMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1758)                 1-AV-57
VANVORHIS, ZACHARIAS              RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                1-AV-143
VANVORST, CORNELIUS               NEW BARBADOES, BERGEN, NJ (1795)             1-AV-150
VANWAGENEN, NICHOLAS              CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)               1-AV-100
VANWORMEN, JOHANNIS               POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1753)            1-AV-49
VANWYCK, CORNELIUS                RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1763)                 1-AV-63
VANWYCK, JOHN                     NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY (1758)                  1-AV-65
VANWYCK, THEODORUS                RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)                 1-AV-118
VANWYCK, THEODORUS                RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1754)                1-AV-157
VANWYCK, THEODORUS                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1784)           1-AV-120
VAUGHAN, DAVID SR.                BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)                 1-AV-80
VEDDER, ALBERT                    SCHENECTADY (1753)                           1-AV-52
VEDDER, HARME HARAMANES           SCHENECTADY (1763)                           1-AV-81
VEDDER, JACOBUS                   SCHENECTADY (1762)                           1-AV-82
VEDDER, JOHN                      SCHENECTADY (1785)                           1-AV-145
VEEDER, CATRINA                   SEE: VEEDER, GERRIT SYMONSE                  1-AS-36
VEEDER, GERRIT SYMONSE            ALBANY (1755)                                1-AS-36
VEEDER, JOHANNES SCYMONSE         RENSELAERWYCK (1746)                         1-AV-29
VELEN, JOHN                       SCHENECTADY (1770)                           1-AV-74
VELLER, PHILLIP                   RYNEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1768)                1-AV-88
VERNOOY, CORNELIS SR              ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1727)                 1-AV-14
VERNOOY, CORNELIUS                ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1768)                 1-AV-96
VERPLANCK, PHILIP                 RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                1-AV-124
VERVEELEN, GIDEON                 RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)                 1-AV-59
VERVELEY, HESTER                  RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)                 1-AV-112
VIELE, CORNELIS                   KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1783)                  1-AV-135
VIELE, ELIZABETH                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1752)           1-AV-50
VIELE, LODEWECUS                  SARATOGA, SARATOGA, NY (1801)                1-AV-153
VIELEE, PHILIP                    KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1761)                  1-AV-71
VIELIE, MYNDERT                   NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)                     1-AV-147
VISCHER, JACOB                    ALBANY (1763)                                1-AV-83
VISSCHER, BARENT                  ALBANY  (1785)                               1-AV-103
VISSCHER, JOHANNIS                ALBANY (1753)                                1-AV-24
VOLKERTSE, SYMEN                  SCHENECTADY (1713)                           1-AV-2
VOSBURGH, JACOB                   KINDERHOOK (1784)                            1-AV-53
VOSBURGH, JACOB D.                KINDERHOOK (1769)                            1-AV-98A
VOSBURGH, JOHN D.                 KINDERHOOK (1783)                            1-AV-127
VROMAN, PETER                     SCHOHARIE (1772)                             1-AV-97
VROOMAN, ADAM                     SCHENECTADY (1760)                           1-AV-72
VROOMAN, ADAM                     SCHENECTADY (1730)                           1-AV-15
VROOMAN, WOUTER                   SCHENECTADY (1757)                           1-AV-40
WAAREN, WILLIAM                   FISHKILLS, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)               1-AW-11
WACHTEL, GEORGE L.                RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)               1-AW-67
WAELDERON, WILLEM                 ALBANY (1774)                                1-AW-46
WALDRON, GERARDUS                 NTL, ULSTER, NY (1737/8)                     1-AW-8
WALL, ELIZABETH                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1761)           1-AW-35
WALROM, RESOLVERT                 HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1761)                1-AW-28
WANBOME, PIETER                   KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1733)                  1-AW-4
WARD, JOHN                        CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1775                1-AW-52
WARNER, JOHN                      NTL (1785)                                   1-AW-86
WATKINS, EPHRAIM                  WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1786)                  1-AW-89
WATKINS, EPHRAIM                  NTL, ULSTER, NY (1751)                       1-AW-17
WATKINS, HEZEKIAH                 NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1765)               1-AW-42
WATKINS, JOSEPH                   WALKILL, ULSTER, NY (1775)                   1-AW-62
WATTS, ROBERT                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1750)           1-AW-20
WAUGH, JOHN                       NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1786)               1-AW-92
WEBER, ALEXANDER                  NTL, ORANGE, NY (1754)                       1-AW-22
WEESNER, JOHANNIS                 FLORIDA, ORANGE, NY (1744)                   1-AW-5
WEIR, ALEXANDER                   PAISLEY (1790)                               1-AW-72
WELLS, A BIGAL                    NTL, ORANGE, NY (1783)                       1-AW-82
WELLS, ABEL                       WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1779)                  1-AW-59
WELLS, JOHN                       NTL, ORANGE, NY (1783)                       1-AW-68
WELLS, JOSHUA                     GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1780)                    1-AW-64
WENDELL, ABRAHAM H.               ALBANY (1793)                                1-AW-93
WENDELL, EVERT                    ALBANY (1750)                                1-AW-18
WENDELL, EVERT J.                 ALBANY (1764)                                1-AW-37
WENDELL, HARMANIS                 ALBANY (1771)                                1-AW-48
WENDELL, HARMANUS                 SHELBY (1763)                                1-AW-25
WENDELL, MARIA                    NTL, SCHENECTADY (1782)                      1-AW-83
WERTH, JOHN JACOB                 SCHOHARIE (1784)                             1-AW-75
WESBROECK, JONATHAN               ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1761)                 1-AW-32
WESTBROECK, JOHANNIS              KNIGHTSFIELD, ULSTER, NY (1727)              1-AW-3
WESTERVELT, ROELIF                POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)            1-AW-43
WESTFAEL, JACOB                   GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1784)                    1-AW-66
WEYGANT, WILLIAM                  NEW MARLBOROUGH (1781)                       1-AW-73
WHARREY, JOHN                     WATTKILL, ULSTER, NY (1760)                  1-AW-47
WHEELER, ELIJAH                   NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1780)                     1-AW-66
WHEELER, SAMUEL                   KINDERHOOK (1772)                            1-AW-53
WHEELER, VELENTINE                NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)                     1-AW-85
WHITAKER, EDWARD                  KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1768)                  1-AW-44
WHITE, ANTHONY                    NTL, MIDDLESEX, NJ (1780)                    1-AW-77
WHITE, BENJAMIN                   CRUM ELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)              1-AW-27
WHITE, HENRY                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1784)                    1-AW-87
WHITE, JOHN                       ROCKINGHAM, CUMBERLAND, NY (1775)            1-AW-61
WHITE, JOSEPH                     ALBANY (1765)                                1-AW-40
WHITLOW, JOHN                     GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1757)                    1-AW-26
WHITMAN, ZEBULON                  HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY (1759)               1-AW-31
WHITNEY, DAVID                    WORRICK, ORANGE, NY (1785)                   1-AW-78
WHITTAKER, EDWARD                 KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1745)                  1-AW-2
WICK, JOHN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY (1718)              1-AW-1
WICKES, DANIEL                    CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)               1-AW-88
WICKHAM, DANIEL HULL              NTL, ORANGE, NY (1783)                       1-AW-80
WICKHAM, SAMUELL                  GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1779)                    1-AW-58
WIDDERWAX, ANDREAS                TAMBANICK (1784)                             1-AW-79
WILBEECK, JOHANNIS LUGKASE        RENSSELAERWYCK (1750)                        1-AW-15
WILEMAN, RACHEL                   NTL, ULSTER, NY (1760)                       1-AW-13
WILLBORE, ROBERT                  CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)               1-AW-74
WILLBOUR, ABIJHAR                 WASHINGTON, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)              1-AW-91
WILLET, ISSAC                     WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY (1774)          1-AW-65
WILLIAMS, CHRISTIAN               OBLING, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)                  1-AW-76
WILLIAMS, GILBERT                 NTL, ORANGE, NY (1770)                       1-AW-51
WILLIAMS, MARGARET                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1775)           1-AW-96
WILLIS, RICHARD                   RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)                1-AW-84
WILLSON, JUSTUS                   AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)                  1-AW-81
WILSON, ALEXANDER                 NEW YORK CITY (1771)                         1-AW-54
WILTSE, JAMES                     BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)                 1-AW-65
WILTSE, MARTINE                   RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1752)                1-AW-12
WINCHELL, JAMES                   LITTLE NINEPARTNERS, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)     1-AW-70
WINCKEL, LYDIA                    NORTHEAST, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)               1-AW-55
WING, JEDEDIAH                    BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)                1-AW-33
WING, JOHN                        BATESMANS, DUTCHESS, NY (1766)               1-AW-45
WINKLER, HEMAN                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1735/6)         1-AW-6
WINNE, PIETER                     ALBANY (1765)                                1-AW-23
WINSLOW, JOSEPH SR.               FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)                1-AW-34
WINTER, JOHN                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1758)           1-AW-24
WINTHROP, FITZ JOHN, ESQ          NEW LONDON, NEW LONDON, CT (1708)            1-AW-98A
WINTHROP, JOHN, ESQ               BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA (1676)                   1-AW-98
WIRTH, JOHANNIS                   ALBANY (1759)                                1-AW-29
WISNER, JOHN                      NTL, ORANGE, NY (1779)                       1-AW-71
WITBECK, LUJCAS                   LUTTENHOOK (1772)                            1-AW-56
WITBEECK, ABRAHAM                 RENSSELAERSWYCK (1784)                       1-AW-41
WITBEECK, JOHANNIS LUYKASE        RENSELAERWYCK MANOR (1750)                   1-AW-16
WITBEEK, JONAS                    NEULENHOEK (1771)                            1-AW-36
WITTBECK, LEENDERT                WAGKETOCK (1785)                             1-AW-49
WOERTERDYCK, FREDERICK            TAPPAN, ULSTER, NY (1771)                    1-AW-14
WOHLEBER, NICOLAUS                BURNETS (1773)                               1-AW-60
WOOD, ALEXANDER                   NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1764)               1-AW-38
WOOD, DANIEL                      FLORIDA, ORANGE, NY (1774)                   1-AW-57
WOOD, JOHN                        LITTLE WORTH, ULSTER, NY (1751)              1-AW-19
WOOD, TIMOTHY                     GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1780)                    1-AW-94
WOST, WILLIAM                     KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1738)                  1-AW-9
WRAXALL, PETER                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1759)           1-AW-30
WRIGHT, JORDAN                    FLUSHING, ORANGE, NY (1836)                  1-AW-95
WRIGHT, THOMAS                    NTL, ORANGE, NY (1758)                       1-AW-97
WULFFEN, GODFRIED                 NTL (1749)                                   1-AW-7
WYGANT, JURY                      NEWBURGH (1778)                              1-AW-39
WYNKOOP, CORNELIS                 HURLY, ULSTER, NY (1747)                     1-AW-10
WYNKOOP, TOBIAS                   BLUMOUNTAINS, ULSTER, NY (1786)              1-AW-90
WYTT, JOHN                        NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1751)           1-AW-21
YALE, BENJAMIN                    PAWLINGS, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)                1-AY-12
YALVERTON, JOHN                   NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1767)               1-AY-3
YATES, CHRISTOPHER                SCHENECTADY (1786)                           1-AY-13
YATES, JOHN                       RENSSELAERSWYCK MANOR                        1-AY-11
YATES, ROBBERT                    SCHENECTADY (1748)                           1-AY-2
YELVERTON, ANTHONY                GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1783)                    1-AY-10
YELVERTON, ANTHONY                NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1784)                 1-AY-10A
YEOMANS, JONATHAN                 HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1785)                1-AY-9
YEOMANS, NATHANIEL                BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)                1-AY-4
YOUEN, BENJAMIN                   NINEPARTNERS, DUTCHESS, NY (1770)            1-AY-7
YOUNGS, ABIGAIL                   NTL, ORANGE, NY (1770)                       1-AY-8
YOUNGS, ABIMAEL                   WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1787)                  1-AY-14
YOUNGS, HENRY                     NTL, ORANGE, NY (1760)                       1-AY-6
YOURKSE, JOHANNES                 FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)                1-AY-5
YUNGS, HENRY                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1743)                    1-AY-1
ZUNICHER, JOHN                    HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1784)                1-AZ-1

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